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Persona 5 Review

[Music],in stark contrast to the epic length,cutscenes that greet you in previous,persona games persona 5 starts its long,journey with a bang introducing a,complex yet approachable turn-based,battle system with more depth and,variety to combat,this is the combination of everything,the jrpg series has been building to,with familiar elements dialed up to 11,and some welcome new surprises added,into the,take him mix joker,[Music],in whats by far the series strongest,story to date persona 5 puts you in the,capable shoes of a high school student,who spends his evening saving the world,by day youll attend class answer quiz,questions and live the life of a typical,teenager but after school youll invade,the minds of corrupt adults who are up,to no good in order to change their,hearts,these standout hand-built dungeons take,place in palaces created within the mind,of each target and developer atlas takes,advantage of this to set them in diverse,and outlandish places tied to the target,a museum for example has very different,security measures than a medieval castle,and drastically different puzzle types,make them feel like almost entirely,different games the sense of scope here,is staggering compared to the dungeons,persona 3 or 4 and each palace provides,some smart unpredictable story moments,and challenges,battle in persona 5 is a familiar,turn-based formula with melee attacks,ranged weapons and magic attacks based,on one of eight elements a bit like,catching pokemon each persona you,collect has its own unique set of skills,as well as strengths and weaknesses,collecting multiple personas with,different abilities and combining them,to create custom ones is a fun way to,tailor your playstyle to the type of,combat you prefer,[Music],persona 5 is a solid modern turn-based,jrpg first and foremost but it also,quickly becomes a captivating time,management simulator,when youre not saving the world youre,able to boost your skills by visiting,hub districts within tokyo for,activities like working a part-time job,batting practice seeing a movie or just,heading home to study play a retro game,or read one of dozens of books,on top of those social activities youll,also have 20 confidants to spend time,with forging bonds with fellow students,or other citizens in tokyo,as you level up these bonds youll learn,relevant stat increases and gameplay,advantages that are surprisingly robust,i found myself almost as interested in,some confidant stories as i was in the,main plot which offers even more,incentive for dedicating time to hanging,out with those people by offering so,many options and only a finite amount of,free time persona 5 gives every decision,a fantastic amount of weight,choosing to work a part-time job might,make you extra cash to buy better,weapons but it comes at the cost of,ranking up a confidant or increasing,your stats,even lamenting the opportunities you,missed adds a unique layer of,replayability that makes starting a new,game plus all the more enticing even,after 100 hour playthrough,[Music],aside from the dozens of activities,available the very act of exploring,persona 5s tokyo is a delight,from city lights at night to crowded,subways during your school commute every,part of this world is bursting with,vibrant color and every detail feels,meticulously thought out and eerily,accurate to real world tokyo,all of this is further enhanced by an,impressive sense of style,sharp design choices permeate even tiny,details of gameplay and i cant,overstate the number of times that i,marveled at the gorgeous effects while,ambushing an enemy or went out of my way,to explore on a rainy day to appreciate,small touches persona 5s dynamic acid,jazz inspired soundtrack also helps to,highlight everything from quiet moments,to bombastic boss battles helping to tie,together an overall experience that,feels truly special,persona 5 is a massive gorgeous jrpg,with well over 100 hours of gameplay for,completionists with more to do than ever,and the series strongest story to date,it stands out as an extraordinary,memorable experience and easily one of,the deepest jrpgs of the last decade,its sprawling dungeon design and stylish,fully realized world are an absolute joy,to explore and even after three,playthroughs in the platinum trophy i,find myself itching to go back this is a,new gold standard for japanese rpgs and,by far the best entry in the series yet,[Music],for more on persona 5 check out our take,your heart collectors edition unboxing,a lets play with atlass u-namba and a,look at some cool persona 4 easter eggs,[Music]

Persona 5 Royal Current-Gen Review – Masterclass

foreign,[Music],Royal was one of the best most,immaculately put together most perfectly,designed video games ever made when it,launched in 2020 on the PS4 an enhanced,to greatly Expanded Edition of an,already celebrated game Persona 5 Royal,essentially took everything that was,great about the original Persona 5 made,it better added more on top executed the,new stuff to Perfection on the first go,and also fixed the Litany of flaws and,frustrations that the original Persona 5,had in 2017 which had held it back from,the true greatness that the game was,always destined for its no wonder that,Persona 5 Royal ended up as very,literally one of the highest rated games,of all time and only further added to,the popularity of a game that has become,practically synonymous with jrpgs as the,years have gone on now that Persona 5,Royal is finally available on all other,systems that core Brilliance and the,overall package that represents an,entire genre at its very Peak is,accessible to an even broader audience,and that audience is truly in for a,treat theres a reason Persona 5 Royal,is as celebrated as it is and thats,because it does almost everything that,it sets out to do to near Perfection and,the great news is everything that was,great about Persona 5 Royal and Persona,5 has made it over to the switch steam,Xbox and PS5 versions of the game as is,so whether its the battle system which,probably represents the ultimate form a,turn-based battle system can take with,its incredible qol and speed and,dynamism and interlinking mechanics that,make it so quick not might as well be,real time or the incredible social,simulation whether its the,fantastically designed dungeons or the,amazing boss battles whether its the,excellent demon negotiations where you,try to recruit Shadows to fight for you,or the incredible whether its the,overwhelming sense of style dripping in,everything you set out to do whether,its the games incredible soundtrack to,its stunning UI from its gorgeous art,style to its core themes about rebelling,against the stack stagnation of a,society that is more interested in,upholding the status quo than anything,else all of those things that made,Persona 5 Royal one of the best games,ever made theyre all here as is these,new versions of Persona 5 Royal are much,identical to the version that launched,on the PS4 a couple of years ago in,terms of content the only difference is,that the DLC packs that had to be,purchased separately on PS4 come bundled,with the game now other than that there,really isnt much that is different on,the Xbox series PS5 and steam versions,of the game the game supports 60 frames,per second which is a great option to,have for those who care about it but,ultimately little more than window,dressing when it comes to a turn-based,RPG on the switch the game obviously,supports portable play which has been,the core appeal for why people have been,asking for Persona on the switch for so,long given that the franchise first got,popular in the West on portable systems,to begin with but other than that this,is pretty much the exact same game the,PS4 got all those years ago there are no,concessions no omissions no real changes,anyone buying into it now gets the same,brilliant experience that launched on,the PS4 in 2020 it helps that the port,quality is great as well this was always,a given Persona 5 is at its core a PS3,game remember the game was originally,designed for PS3 it was supposed to,launch as a PS3 exclusive and the PS4,version only got added to it very late,in its development cycle there was never,really any doubt it would be able to be,ported to any systems which included,even on the PS3 this was never a,particularly taxing game with Persona 5,achieving its stellar and stunning,presentation not through the use of,Cutting Edge Tech but just an incredible,sense of style and knowing how to use,its singular aesthetic to divert the,players attention from the relatively,rudimentary ticket otherwise employs as,a result it makes sense that the game,makes it over to switch with so little,in the way of concessions while Persona,5 Royal is absolutely not running at,Native resolution and on switch in,either portable or docked modes leading,to a softer looking image than the PS4,version had thats about the only real,difference you can glean between the two,versions other than that there are very,literally no downgrades the frame rate,holds at a rock solid 30 frames per,second throughout with zero dips or,stutters the loading times are pretty,much identical to the PS4 version the,transitions are as slick and stylish as,they were on the PS4 sound quality,appears to be on par and thats pretty,much it those who may be concerned about,the resolution or performance really,dont need to worry on both fronts,Persona 5 Royal on switch holds up,significantly better than shin Megami,tensei 5 which launched last year on the,switch exclusively and pushed the system,to Breaking Point with how ambitious it,was and Persona 5 Strikers which is a,far more technically intensive game than,Royal is and which definitely suffered,in the transition to Nintendos lower,powered hybrid while it goes without,saying that the other versions of the,game are better than the switch one when,it comes to those considerations this is,one of those games where it really,doesnt matter as much as mentioned,already Persona 5 was never a technical,showcase and even the PS4 version is,very obviously a mid-budget game with,some obvious cut Corners when it comes,to the tech all of which are covered up,by the art style and aesthetic that ends,up being the case on switch too it also,helps that the switchs OLED screen,makes the game look stunning with the,colors popping off the screen and making,it singular and striking sense of,Aesthetics stand out even more seriously,just watching the games now iconic,colors flying high intro movie play out,on the switch OLED screen is a thing of,beauty and it sets the standard for what,we can expect from the rest of the game,to come its also good to see that the,sound sampling quality does not suffer,as much in the transition to switch,Persona 5 has arguably the greatest,soundtrack any video game has ever,mustered so if it was going to take a,hit in the transition to switch that,would frankly have sucked thankfully,this sound quality appears to be very,near the PS4 version of the game so once,again those who are choosing to plate on,the switch have nothing to fear except,for slightly lower volume when using the,switchs built-in speakers though with a,game like this you should be using,headphones anyway to never miss the,music so yes we are looking at a great,Port here the lower resolution is pretty,much the only big difference between,this version of the game and the,original and even that doesnt really,matter as much when it comes to a title,like this one what were left with then,is a game that makes it over to the,switch almost perfectly bringing over,its incredible perfect rendition of its,gameplay to the platform as is a,platform that just so happens to be,fantastically well suited for what the,game is Persona 5 can almost feel like a,novel youre reading or an anime series,youre binging you want to be able to do,it in bed before you go to sleep or on,the bus you want the freedom to be able,to put five to ten minutes into it at a,time or lose yourself in it for hours on,end the games structure which divides,gameplay into discrete chunks of Time,Each with a clearly defined objective,and immediate feedback for engaging with,it feels like it was tailor-made for a,portable system like the switch to begin,with as well Persona 5 Royal almost,feels more at home on switch than it did,on the platform it was made for to begin,with given how perfectly Persona 5 lends,itself to portable play putting up with,a slightly softer image is easier than,ever to deal with for the opportunity to,be able to play this game in bed or on,the go which the structure and format of,the s

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Professional Persona 5 Player Reviews RTGames Bricking Throwing (and Gameplay)

its convenient that like every time we,have like a new tag or Palace like we,actually learn about them in school like,its always going to be someone that,youre just hearing about underground,mafia boss uh whos like like operating,out of here,how did he just he just called the the,next boss after this,what prediction was that that was,incredible hello everyone my name is,Jack and today Ill be having a look at,RT games content specifically his,playthrough of Persona 5 Royal now I am,your Persona 5,professional those of you who have,watched me before know how loose that,word is,just bear with me here so my credentials,to actually talk about this game here,Im the guy who managed to beat this,game without actually attacking at all I,then decided that was too easy and,decide to take no damage during it I,also followed that up with an smt5,version of that run so Im very familiar,with mega 10 and I know all the,mechanics in it for the most part anyway,I still cant pronounce any of the names,now I love RTs game content I should,like preface all of this with that hes,so much fun and entertaining that Ive,been a long time viewer of his for ages,but now hes playing a game that I know,about and Im going to critique the,living hell out of this which might be a,little unfounded I mean like this isnt,a challenge run or anything this is just,a man playing a game but I thought itd,be fun just to talk about some of the,things he does and also just some of the,mechanics in this game that people are a,bit unfamiliar with and how you can,improve your gameplay if youre,considering doing something crazy with,this I dont know the the point being,Ive got so much knowledge of this game,and I need to just tell someone,regardless I know a lot of the mechanics,in this and Ill be critiquing uh his,malarama playthrough of it I think,thats a fair enough standpoint to begin,with just because Connor Shiro hes,learning all the mechanics there he gets,apart everyone else does but I want to,talk about Mount arame and well see how,good he does the fifth party member its,the Reddit admin of course oh no,we go back to the present size like,you must have had a redditor on your,side,so I suppose we should stop there and,talk about mission is confident for a,second mission is Confidant is,fine in my opinion I dont think its,the best thing in the world obviously,the uh the first book that you get,automatically is really good we want our,backup members to earn XP um but theres,two problems with him first of all its,only XP and in this game Persona 5 Royal,its generally quite easy to keep,everyone at the same level at most,youll be out by,four or five the second thing is is that,his Confidant is locked behind the,Mentos regression so if youre not doing,side quest momentos you just dont level,them up which quite frankly theyre a,better confidants to have in this game,in my opinion youve got Sun youve got,strength youve got all of your party,members pretty much uh Fortune as well,the mission is fine its its a real,quality of life thing when it comes to,him if you just want to make sure that,everyones going to you know get the,most XP but quite frankly its not,really a major concern in this game,were going to prioritize ryuji I think,yes yes Hang on were going to,prioritize Muji,exactly thats exactly what we want to,hear ryichis Persona is just good,quality of life so yeah Im prioritizing,ryuji is definitely a good idea ryuji is,definitely one of the strongest,characters in the game Im a big fan of,him personally some people are more fans,of UK as their physical damage dealer,but hes such a Bruiser like everything,in his kit is just kind of amazing now,its changed from uh the normal game to,the Royal Riot some of his abilities,arent as powerful as they were in there,but they are still pretty good one of,the things you should do for all the,party members that you think youre,going to use is get them up to rank six,get Harrison recovery on all of them,status effects just wont be an issue,anymore and that frees up your healers,to be able to uh have some more,attacking skills on them generally we,dont want our healers to have to uh you,know fix up our characters ailment-wise,on their turns so having Harrison,recovery on your party with everyone is,really good and that means getting them,to rank six is pretty crucial ryuji,however bring him up to rank seven rank,seven you unlock insta kill probably,am I gonna say this best ability best,confident ability yeah I think I am its,mainly because Im a lazy bastard though,uh insta kill in this game essentially,makes it so that you can avoid doing,some combat encounters and just get,golden XP and personas for free theyre,great insta kill is amazing in this game,and later on when you have to do,ah spoilers Im gonna redo that yeah,later on in the game when there are some,required areas for you to complete,instacle just makes those really easy,especially if youre in even mementos,just going around you know clearing up,the quest list and everything insta kill,is awesome its such a Time save so yes,getting ryuigi uh as far as you can,early on is super good and this is what,I do in all of my runs getting maxed out,immediately yes go to McDonalds yes,hes doing it well good Big Bang Burger,is definitely the right place to go when,youre at the store into the game so,when you get to rank two three and four,in the stats that it requires you can,get to the next level of Big Bang Burger,and that just increases your status,Lacross sport thats one of the most,efficient ways to increase them actually,lets lets pause it here by the way,getting ranked to and everything,by month five I mean hang on what month,is that actually in like real life,mate,um pretty hes on a good pace for all,this now it does get harder to actually,level these up the further you go so,going from one to two is nowhere near,going from four to five it gets really,hard later on you need to actually,specialize for it a lot um but getting,ranked two and everything at this point,of the game yeah hes on pretty good,Pace you could I think Ive been one,Higher like Ive had a three in,something if you play it correctly,um but getting two and everything yeah,super decent hes on the right track to,just max out everything in this,playthrough right now can we just keep,him as like a bus now so like when we,come up against the next like uh Palace,Mastermind like more Canada just run,slip over holy [ __ ] look out,and hes just like doing like 120 miles,per hour like hes actually hes,actually not too far off one of the,attacks you unlock later in this game,Im not gonna,for us yeah,um,some of these fights momentos yeah Ive,actually had the problem before where,its like theres not really any content,here weve just hit them to the ground,and we allowed attack them and then we,won,Im not Im not Im not too surprised,that theyve really just skipped through,that immediately because some of these,fights are just that and that that thing,thats just Persona right the whole idea,is that we want a conserve RSP and we,want to finish these fights quickly,especially if were trying to do palaces,in one day itll be interesting to see,if he actually manages to do the,monorail only one one day first Jack,here what I said was completely wrong,mother Armys Palace is impossible to,complete in one day you need a minimum,of three still itll be interesting to,see if he does that it certainly becomes,easier later on uh to to do them all in,one day uh I think definitely kind of,share is the worst to get through just,because SP is such a challenge was worse,than the original game however the Royal,version has the uh the wheel seeds in it,now so you can restore a bit of it back,and just generally SP is easier to come,by for the most part but yeah a lot of,this game is just going to be you hit,weaknesses you all that attack them,because all I attack is just a its a,free hit youre gonna act on it unless,theres a very good reason as to why you,can actual

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Persona 5 Royal Review

persona 5 royal is a living masterclass,and how to take an already amazing game,and amp it up to the next level its not,just a standard game of the year edition,with some extra content thrown in on the,side just about everything in atlases,2016 JRPG magnum opus has been honed,polished and expanded in some meaningful,and positive way across more than 130,hours of adventuring through urban Tokyo,and the surreal realms of the human mind,the amount of love and attention to,detail hiding around each old and new,twist in the story left me in awe,[Music],if youre not familiar with persona 5,you should absolutely check out our,original review of it because Im going,to mostly focus on what makes royal even,better theres a lot of ground to cover,so having played through the original,version of persona 5 twice the most,immediately noticeable and impactful of,Royals changes come in the realm of,combat its hard to keep old-school,four-person turn-based battles,interesting in this day and age but,nobody in the business does it better,than Atlas in addition to some spot-on,rebalancing of abilities and enemies,across the board the role guns play in,your arsenal has been totally reimagined,bullets refresh after each battle,instead of only at the beginning of an,infiltration with the trade-off of being,able to hold less ammo overall this,feels almost game breakingly powerful in,earlier areas but as time goes on it,allows them to settle in as a much more,versatile and dependable tool rather,than something you just hoard for really,tough enemies Showtime attacks are,another excellent addition in which two,members of your party team up for a,devastating tag-team super finisher the,animations are deliciously clever and,over the top and they stylish ly,highlight your party members,personalities Ill never get tired of,watching Makoto and Haru double elbow,drop a harbinger of the Apocalypse and a,flashy hilarious nod to Pro Wrestling,show times trigger randomly but are more,likely to happen when your party is in,big trouble,or when youre just about to finish off,an enemy that adds an extra layer of,drama and unpredictability to especially,intense battles at just the right,moments,[Applause],[Music],the fantastic story has been majorly,expanded with a third semester featuring,one new palace a new area in the,mementos mega dungeon and a new heart to,steal its a bit longer overall in the,previous palace story arcs but not by a,lot and theres not a whole lot of it I,can show you here without risking major,spoilers but I can say that it pits our,team of phantom thieves against a really,fascinating new antagonist with very,very different goals and motives from,anyone theyve faced before personas,deep thematic exploration of human,society and the perils of the psyche,continues to ask challenging and,relevant questions about justice and,suffering that left me rethinking my own,convictions and its when a game isnt,afraid to go those places that it really,becomes a higher work of art the third,semester is only one part of the,expanded story though the main campaign,has also been significantly beefed up,with two new confidants joining the,already rich cast bubbly aspiring,gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa and calming but,dorky school counselor Takata Maru ki,each has a dauntingly deep tragic,backstory filled with its own impactful,twists and turns that were both painful,and compelling to uncover and one of the,returning confidants from the original,persona 5 has had their role in the,story significantly tweaked and expanded,but I wont spoil who aside from the new,area the whole of momentos has been,brilliantly fleshed out with new,collectibles and unlockables courtesy of,the mysterious Joe say he can sell you,powerful items in exchange for flowers,that spawn in the depths and unlock,perks like increased experience points,once you find enough hidden star stamps,mementos often felt like a slog in the,original version of persona 5 it was,definitely my least favorite part of the,adventure the fact that Atlas has made,it feel so much more alive adding new,rewards for exploration and a healthy,dose of personality is a massive,improvement by itself considering how,much time you spend down there theyve,also implemented a mercy kill rule where,you can run straight over monsters that,are several levels below you instead of,having to fight out a foregone,conclusion but you still get experience,money and item drops the amount this,cuts down on the feeling of endless,grinding is nothing,less than a godsend and it allowed me to,spend much more of the 130 hours of this,playthrough doing interesting and,engaging things instead I could,practically fill an entire documentary,with the long list of other small and,medium-sized improvements found in,persona 5 royal but here are a few of my,favorites the thieves den is a new,hangout area that will follow you across,multiple playthroughs here you can,decorate with statues of personas youve,unlocked listen to the absolutely superb,new and returning music tracks and,re-watch any cutscene incredibly every,single level of every single social link,has been expanded with new dialogue so,theres always something new to see even,in familiar scenes theres an entirely,new free roaming district of Tokyo to,explore kitschy Joji which includes a,jazz nightclub and the ability to level,up your party members powerful baton,pass ability with a new skill based,darts minigame all of the classic,palaces have been expanded with new,hidden areas and new collectables to,find every major boss fight has been,rebalanced and had new fun and,challenging mechanics added its almost,daunting how much extra cool stuff Atlas,was able to pack in here put together,its probably at least a full extra,games worth of content,[Music],persona 5 was already a strong,frontrunner for being the best jrpg ever,made and boyle really gets me wondering,what else could even compete the,excellent story and its lovable,multi-dimensional characters along with,the challenging tactical combat are all,refined and backed for another round,with new surprises and new friends in,tow there are new areas to explore and,new twists to leave your jaw on the,floor very little has been left,untouched and just about everything that,has been touched is better off for it,The Phantom thieves have stolen my heart,all over again and I dont really want,it back for more,watch our original persona 5 review and,check out the other recent 10 we handed,out for half-life Alex and for,everything else,stick with IGN,[Music]


warning the following video was rated M,for me if youre young you shouldnt,watch this so viewer discretion is,advised but hey I wont tell if you,wont,[Music],so persona 5 came out in 2014 2015 2016,2017 and everyone was like the game was,beyond highly anticipated and a lot of,people got hurt during the stampedes,when it was released in America since,personifies development has been what,the kids called travel since it was,originally set to release in the winter,of 2014,oh how naive we once were it was delay,after delay followed by endless snarky,this game is never going to come out,memes but even through all of the pain,and suffering personified finally came,out to overwhelmingly positive praise,since this was the first persona game on,the next generation of consoles both,PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 there,was a lot of expectations prior to its,release but the game managed to keep the,deep story quality and intricate nature,of past persona game while improving in,many areas and pushing the series,forward being a part of the Shin Megami,Tensei series as well persona 5 stayed,true to its roots while introducing new,ideas gameplay and theme basically think,a hundred hour-long Japanese read Sly,Cooper with hormonal teenagers running,around and then strap on maganda that,meant ni you got yourself a video game,kiddo oh its so pretty,but persona has quickly become atlases,most popular series do the previous,games in the franchise and its countless,spin-offs that dont make a whole lot of,sense because its like what bag you,guys calm down we dont need all this,who asked for this anyway oh my god do,you people have no shame that slowly,paved the way for persona 5 grand,entrance in my what an entrance it was,but the game was indeed worth the wait,and people finally got a chance to,immerse themselves in this fresh stylish,world with the new kids on the block and,also copyright claims by Atlas because,spoilers will actually kill you now,apparently Oh morning but anyway if,youre new to this game here are a bunch,of tips tricks and heads up for people,who dont know,about this game he plays the protagonist,also known as Joker a quiet handsome but,secretly a mega safe master high school,student who begins his second year of,school at a district in Tokyo called,Shibuya a vibrant bustling city in Japan,that has been experiencing a weird,phenomenon called mental shutdowns that,cause people to go just straight-up,crazy and homicidal and dog died but,other medicine lovely plays but after,being charged with a crime of being a,good person the protagonist is sent off,to live with his new guardian and,probation officer a coffee house owner,named soujiro a precious beautiful man,that need to be protected at all cost so,once youre in the city you receive a,weird needy app on your phone that,allows users to enter things called the,Metaverse an alternate-dimension that,allows people to enter the hearts of,those with twisted desires aka people,who have some serious issues and are so,cartoonishly evil that the only way I,can describe them without my poor mother,having a heart attack is with this,lovely illustration courtesy of the,Bible these are terrible bad people guys,just saying but eventually the,protagonist and his friends discovered,through the help of a talking cat,singing hell insist it is in the cat,but its totally very much a cat that if,they steal the treasures in the heart of,the trash people using the awakened,powers of their personas then it will,cause them to repent for their sins in,crime the friends you meet along the way,nyquil congee 2.0 hollaback girl art,fought anger ease the splatoon chick,pink poodle swap and the trash man a fan,together to form the phantom thieves,established troublemakers and fighters,for justice who feel hard to make the,living carnations of evil pay for their,crimes mainly because they can but also,because theres some weird existential,pressure from the powers beyond in your,dreams but for some reason also wants,you to steal hearts because like the end,of the world or some crap like that and,I dont know just roll with it you,complete your rehabilitation because,those colors look Aquilani oh my god and,its also the Phantom thieves to expose,the evildoers of society and help,uncover the mysteries of the mental,shutdowns well still hid in those books,and not getting thrown in jail because,youre supposed to be a good boy who,goes a Fed on time and he says,vegetables and come on guys you cant be,doing all this illegal crap you have one,job saying your freakin leg is gonna be,fixed if he finds out but along the way,youll need juvenile delinquents yo,mamas curry being treated like the,spawn of Satan band,the youtube comment section Breaking and,Entering really really shady stuff art,lots and lots and lots of knowledge,black magic people bursting in the plank,because of emotion good boy,lovely boy bad boy and actual boy not,being able to say the word girl power,hacking the system Alon knows velvet,gremlin who just wants to help good,sportsmanship bathing with old men oh,whoa Yahoo yuge yikes extreme data usage,and people who are shut up being subtle,fiends injecting copy strain to your,eyeballs trippy power fantasies getting,lot edgy Muppets your tax dollars at,work being screamed at to go to bed at,gunpoint loving and supporting,correctional officers sushi pancakes red,and some stuff that youll never see it,[Applause],this one is good now a few things you,should know about persona 5 and just,persona games in general is one the,games are not directly connected to each,other you do not need to know anything,from past games to enjoy persona 5 since,its a new story new everything it has,nothing to do with this this or got this,the only thing the games havent come,and heard some seems and journal,scenarios as in high school life of some,weird supernatural elements featuring,personas and killing God with the power,of friendship Terra the second thing you,need to know is that persona 5 is,incredibly story heavy as in like deep,fried chocolate shake heavy with a major,focus on character and also the fact,that its super duper mega ultra long,this game is at least an 80 hour,experience full of twists turns action,mysteries here is joy and hat people so,get down on that knee and pop out that,ring because this game requires,commitment till the very end but besides,that persona 5 plot does not pull any,punches and deals with many real issues,that affects society and individuals the,game does have dark stuff granted but it,still maintains this attitude of,rebellion keeping things grounded but,still up see which helps create a deep,bond with a vibrant and expressive cast,of characters and also have some weird,wacky anime stuff since this is a,Japanese game and it needs a certain,amount of what the heck to make it not a,massive downer the entire time so,theyre bad but persona 5 does feel like,a slice-of-life anime mixin woodsy key,thief action that just makes you want to,buy a leather jacket and sheva boot up,someone but its kind of intoxicating it,hey hey what you looking at hmm what you,want fight you want go,of course regardless of the overall plot,persona 5 does let you choose the tiny,details giving you the option to expand,the story and characters at your own,pace as there are so many people and,things to get to know in this world and,if you want to be a massive ding dong,throughout the whole thing in ruin stuff,the possibilities are endless oh my god,but because there are so many options in,this contained story chances are you,wont have the same experience twice but,be your first time through it specially,just take things slow follow your heart,sit some coffee,trust your friends and take down the,heathens of society electro so to,explain what the heck you personified,even is the game is a story focused,turn-based dungeon crawling JRPG with a,dash of the Sims Im a high school,graphic novel,basically the game is split between two,types of gameplay wh

Persona 5 – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of,before you buy the show we give you some,straight-up gameplay and some of our,thoughts and the latest games releasing,as usual its your old pal Jake badly,you know and today were talking about,persona 5 persona has been an explosion,of hype since persona 5 released in,Japan last September and the North,American release has seen some pretty,crazy high anticipation and high review,scores but this is not the huge triple-a,mainstream games some uninformed people,may have really been expecting persona 5,is a well-made game with hours and hours,of good gameplay to spare in that regard,its absolutely awesome its style its,presentation its story are extremely,unique but maybe not for everyone with,the game wearing so many hats I think,theres a lot to love and a lot to scare,people away I think itll take a lot of,work and investment on your part but you,might as well pull up a chair lets talk,about this firstly keep in mind Im,approaching this from the newcomers,perspective since this seems like the,biggest North American persona release,at least in a while just what the hell,is persona,its a JRPG its almost an anime you,collect and battle with party members,and monsters you go through dungeons but,then you also live out your normal life,through high school and manage your time,and schedule persona is extremely driven,by time management a little dash of,grind and lots of story and character,the basic setup here and Im gonna keep,it very simple two worlds exist in,persona the real world and the shadow,world in the shadow world people wear,masks as their personalities and remove,them to unleash their personas these are,these manifestations of their inner,psyche theyre also really cool,awesomely designed monsters you play as,a displaced quiet mild-mannered kind of,geeky teenage boy attending a new high,school in Tokyo who is suddenly thrust,into this new crazy mystical world the,whole setup here is about developing,connections with your friends who can,help you out in the real world and the,Metaverse strengthening you and giving,you more abilities for your personas and,stuff to battle with thankfully though,you dont have to have played the,previous games this is a fresh tale with,familiar tones but it is filled with,some surprisingly mature themes of like,stuff like rape abuse and sanity but,then theres talking cats and high,school drama Im probably doing an awful,job of explaining it its pretty tough,the game does do a better job but the,game also takes a long time explaining,things because its so complex thats,probably my biggest complaint here its,that persona 5 takes a long time to get,going I really didnt have a good time,with the first few hours honestly,at least the first six or seven,depending on your experience with the,series after that though the games,normal pace gets established and things,get moving and things get great but for,some people especially newcomers to the,series the early moments may be rough,and a bit too long learning the many,many systems of this game is absolutely,worth it because theres fun stuff here,I think for everyone maybe you like,visual novels and anime because you get,plenty of high school drama with,interesting characters maybe youre into,more time management sim style games,well youre in luck because you can get,lost in subway stations and streets of,Tokyo while eating cheeseburgers buying,stuff getting into high jinks trading,yourself reading studying all while just,making sure you attend and do well in,high school and then defeat all kinds of,evils in the Metaverse that is a,mouthful and its insane and it sounds,like a lot to handle and it is because,the game does kind of push you along and,give you deadlines at times but,thankfully managing your life and,upgrading your knowledge your guts your,kindness and proficiency levels while,also working a part-time job for money,to buy say something like potions on a,weekly basis actually becomes a pretty,addictive hook and thats probably one,of the main draws here for a lot of,people its good play but my favorite,aspect is where it gets JRPG like,because there are a lot of systems in,play and its just a good battle system,its turn-based through and through it I,think its pretty great,you have your own attacks and a cool gun,as well as control over your party,members but what are essentially your,magic attacks are reserved for summoning,those personas that you have not only do,they have various different attacks that,can be collected and traded in and,upgraded to put it kind of simply to get,better and cooler looking personas its,cool its a bit like other Japanese,monster collecting games these elements,of the game are strong because battles,are stylish fun and not overly long if,you know what youre doing and you learn,enemys weaknesses you can string,attacks along and stun enemies in a row,while handing off extra attacks to other,players embracing this whole one more,system and it just feels badass and,great doing this allows you to,interrogate down personas for items,money or you can even take them as your,own now stringing along attacks and,selling enemies in a row and continuing,your turn sounds like it makes the game,pretty easy but it goes both ways the,enemies can do this to you and,thankfully persona gets pretty damn,challenging but its a good fair and,nice challenge I like to really kind of,stick in my teeth into it these battles,usually go down in dungeons the dungeon,quote-unquote system are these story,based palaces these palaces are complex,dungeons that are like twisted,manifestations of a bad person you sort,of stealth your way around these,figuring out light puzzles finding keys,and battling enemies by getting the,first attack turn by getting a drop on,them these dungeons are long and a bit,of a grind but definitely not in a bad,way you can make some progress and then,return to the real world thankfully to,rest go to school and then gear up and,prepare for moving on in a dungeon some,more these are nice good old chunks of,RPG gameplay but they arent foot,controls and cover controls can feel a,little clunky and annoying at times at,least for me but thankfully its not,really the main focus theres also the,side dungeons that are NPC given side,quests these are procedurally generated,and theyre called mementos but theyre,still pretty great for getting stronger,and progressing through the game all of,these different gameplay mechanics fall,on the shoulders of the story heavy,focus and thankfully a zany and weird,and out there as it really is it works,pretty damn well a lot of this falls on,the characters theres a colorful cast,of supporting characters and while some,may not have the immediate love and,impact the persona for characters did,theres a lot to dive into here youre,gonna be spending a lot of time with,these people you know knowing their,dreams their desires their fears their,flaws et cetera and like everything in,this game the longer you spend on it the,more youll grow to love it Im glossing,over a lot here but Im trying to give,you an idea of how the game works and,what it does well cuz I could also sit,here and explain everything in the ins,and outs of all the mechanics but wed,be here all night and I do want to,acknowledge the over-the-top style here,while the in-game graphics honestly,dont look very great at all because,this is also a ps3 game you might not,know the animated cutscenes and all the,different types of music genres blasting,and the crazy insane menus and,interfaces make this one of the most,interesting looking games weve seen in,a while even the freaking paws upgrade,an item screens have more love in them,than some big triple-a games do and,thats refreshing as hell but also kind,of indicative of the game as a whole if,you think about it you know its weird,its confusing its sensory overload but,with so much charm that its worth,sticking around and youll definitely,stick around alright expect to sink at

Persona 5 Royal Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

[Music],hello everybody Zion over here from,Nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review of Persona 5,Royal on the Nintendo switch now this,review was originally written by Mitch,Vogel for nintendalllife.com but was,reworked into this video by me,[Music],well it finally happened after literally,years of pretending like it wasnt sure,there would be an audience Atlas has,brought Persona 5 to the Nintendo switch,and though this belated Port hasnt,brought with it any new major upgrades,or changes were pleased to report that,Persona 5 Royal is every bit as,magnificent and memorable in experience,as its always been if youre an RPG fan,and havent had a chance to play this,yet you should consider picking this up,as soon as possible especially now that,you can play it on the go Persona 5,Royal has a plot that feels like a cross,between Inception and a superhero story,placing you in the role of Joker a quiet,high school student whos become a,victim of circumstance while walking,home from school one day you witness a,woman being assaulted by a man and,intervene the man is accidentally,injured and sues you for damages which,results in you being slapped with a,Criminal fiction and sent into the city,to attend shujin Academy shortly after,you gain the ability to access the,metaverse an alternate plane of,existence born out of peoples cognition,within the metaverse are palaces bizarre,dungeons based upon the Twisted way that,certain people in Power view real,locations and people for example the,first palace is a castle ruled by a,physically and sexually abusive,volleyball coach who uses shujin Academy,students however he pleases the game,covers some incredibly heavy topics,so Joker slowly amasses a group of,fellow rebellious students and misfits,who come to call themselves The Phantom,thieves Each of which can command,powerful monsters called personas to,battle bizarre and shadowy enemies in,the metaverse given that the Palaces are,a physical representation of the inner,workings of their rulers mind the,Phantom thieves quickly learn that they,can manage to steal a treasure from deep,within a persons Palace and that person,will experience a change of heart in the,real world and effectively become a,different better person so the team sets,out on a quest to better Society by,targeting and changing peoples hearts,now those are the broad Strokes of the,narrative but suffice it to say theres,a lot to chew on in between in this 100,plus hour adventure and perhaps the most,important thing about Persona 5 Royal is,how effectively it manages to handle,pacing sure the game could be 20 hours,shorter if it trimmed back the dialogue,but it makes full use of its run time to,build out an incredibly varied cast of,three-dimensional characters that,interact with a plot that continuously,raises the stakes the depth of the,script is part of the appeal as,conversations feel natural and,developing relationships between all the,Phantom thieves feels like they progress,at a realistic and logical Pace this is,not the kind of jrpg that feels,contrived or increasingly out of hand as,it progresses though it can feel a tad,plotting if you binge the whole thing,end to end as we did for this review,this is the rare sort of game that we,feel absolutely justifies its length,gameplay is mostly split up into two,interconnected halves your normal life,and your life in the metaverse and much,of the appeal of Persona 5 comes from,how you balance the various activities,across both halves most of this comes,from the constant pressure youre placed,under as the narrative mostly progresses,via various arcs where you have to steal,the treasure from a characters palace,with a looming deadline or its game,over usually you have about two in-game,weeks to pull off the heist and what you,do with your time on the individual days,that lead up to the deadline is entirely,up to you on the ordinary side of your,life you attend school most days and can,participate in mundane activities like,studying at the library washing your,clothes or hanging out with friends,participating in anything will advance,time a little bit further from after,school to evening until you have to go,to bed and that deadline is brought one,day closer there arent really any wrong,things you can do as a student but,youre encouraged to set priorities and,work towards longer term goals since you,dont have enough time in a given day to,do everything that youd actually like,to do the gameplay element that really,pull pulls all of this together is the,social link system which tracks the,depth of your relationships with various,supporting characters not only do these,Social Links give you key insight into,the motivations and histories of each,character they offer up passive,abilities to help in the metaverse and,affect how quickly your personas can,level up for example if you get ryujis,social link skill up to level seven,youll have the chance of insta-killing,weak enemies as soon as you encounter,them using Social Links is as much,motivated by strategy as it is by your,genuine interest in the characters,story who you get closer with will have,a direct effect on certain aspects of,metaverse battles and youll have to,think carefully about who youre,choosing not to spend time with just,like in real life peoples schedules,dont always line up and if theres a,juicy new passive ability youre looking,to snag by leveling up a characters,social link you might need to move,around your own schedule for the week to,ensure you can hang out with them when,theyre available now when youre not,busy doing homework and working your,part-time job youll be spending time,fighting shadows in the metaverse here,gameplay most resembles a traditional,jrpg as you crawl through massive themed,dungeons packed with puzzles treasures,and enemies each Palace is custom made,and restricted to the chapter of the,story it appears in while you can also,visit a larger dungeon called mementos,that features several procedurally,generated floors of gradually more,difficult challenges both kinds of,dungeons are wide linear in their design,offering up a relatively easy to follow,path to the end that feature plenty of,rabbit trails to coax you into exploring,off the beaten path but combat is the,real star of the show here adapting the,mega 10 series press turn system into,the slightly more simplified and easy to,exploit one more system most enemies,will have a weakness to at least one,elemental attack of nine different,potential elements and hitting them with,that element will both stun them and,Grant the attacking party Member One,More turn they can then either use this,to take another action or they can Baton,Pass to another character which gives,them the extra turn and boosts their,damage and healing potential this Baton,Pass effect Stacks with each character,it passes to which can lead to some,serious damage output if you manage to,get the Baton through all four members,of your party plus if you manage to stun,every enemy by hitting their weaknesses,you then trigger a hold up sequence that,lets you demand things of the enemy like,their loyalty or their money or you can,activate an all-out attack that sees,your whole team joining into a high,damage Super Attack that hits every,member of the opposing team we,appreciated this thoughtful approach to,turn-based combat as youre encouraged,to plan out several moves in advance to,make the most of the bonuses you can get,from mechanics like baton passes in many,ways it can almost feel like a strategy,or puzzle game as you try to work out,how you can most effectively take down,your foes without exhausting your,limited resources too much and though,Buffs and debuffs are still important in,boss fights it feels like Persona is a,little more forgiving in this regard,when compared to its parent series there,are lots of ways you can game the combat,system and exploit its unique quirks to,your advantage but if you dont know how,or simply

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