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Persona Review / Nutritional Supplements

hello everyone this is tim reviews,everything i welcome you to the channel,if youre new i subscribe to the channel,hit the notification bell so you know,when i post remember guys i do carry on,do two different subjects on this,channel so whatever the thumbnail says,thats what im posting for that day uh,leave comments and give me a thumbs up,so today im going to be talking about,persona nutrition this was brought to my,attention at the time that i started,this i was not taking any supplements so,i needed something uh you know this day,and age with everything thats going,around why not start making yourself,healthy you know and start changing your,ways and start becoming more healthier,so,persona nutrition what is it,well first and foremost youre going to,go online youre going to take a quiz,this quiz is going to last about 10,minutes long,and its just basic questions that are,going to start uh you know,here for example,whats whats your reason for starting,to take supplements all right so thats,you know just give you guys examples of,some of the questions how many fruits,and vegetables do you eat a day all,right uh you know what are your health,concerns,stuff to that nature so youre going to,take that quiz at the end of your quiz,its going to give you a total its,going to give you the supplements that,the dietitians recommend for you,and you are going to get a total and,youre going to have the,the option to add some stuff on at the,end if you want to,so im going to go right into my kit,guys so i took the quiz,and this stuff all came so i got the box,you know it came real quick,shipped really fast you get a 28-day,supply,and heres all your nutrition facts all,your supplement facts for all,uh all the supplements they have so if,youre curious on how many milligrams,everything is thats coming in your kit,you could look right on there to see,that and then you got this this is your,personalized,uh,you know thing this has your name on it,this is personalized for me,uh because of the way i filled out my,quiz so its very important that you,fill out that quiz accurately so i got,an appetite supported daily probiotic a,vegan dha vitamin d vegan found a,foundational multivitamin and quadricep,that i take in the morning now i wake up,at 4 20 in the morning so when i get up,and i make my stuff for work and i eat,breakfast i take that with my breakfast,and then at bedtime i was on night shift,for 12 years im back on daylight again,i struggle sleeping at night now that i,got this youtube channel i sincerely,struggle because im just constantly,thinking,of stuff i want to go to bed and i cant,stop just my minds constantly racing,and i must say that this bedtime formula,is working for me i sincerely appreciate,it it has calcium magnesium with vitamin,d herbal rest it has turmeric,vegan dha melatonin three milligram and,another foundational,uh,multivitum that i take at night,it helps i love it and thats that,so guys this is the box that you get,i got bedtime hanging out because i,already took my morning supplements,its the box you get like i said 28 days,it tells you whats in there all right,theres everything thats in there it,tells you whats in there these rip off,youve got perforated lines they rip off,real easy and another thing i love about,this is uh you know its just the,convenience where it says open guys it,rips very gently i mean like you could,put no pressure on it its going to rip,this open so these packages and youre,not fighting with them you dont have to,go look for scissors they rip open very,easily so the convenience of this,package right here,its very nice uh so thats the box,all right so what did all that cost me,so your first month is 50 off and if i,were to continue this which i am not uh,for right now and im going to tell you,why,im not going to continue it but this is,me im speaking about me so i feel,people should do this but im going to,tell you why i am not going to continue,doing this for now,so,with that being said my total was forty,four thirteen so if i continue on the,month two its going to cost me 144,dollars and 13 cents but everybodys,thing is going to be different,everyones price is going to be,different because it all depends on how,you fill out your quiz,so you could be eighty dollars ninety,dollars a hundred dollars 120,144.13,uh so why am i not going to continue,with this if its working for me and i,love it i,i went out and priced all the,supplements that theyre giving me,i went out and priced them myself with,uh some of the,popular brands out there natures bounty,natures made sundown and the,multivitamin for men i put centrum down,and,you know so i said their total was,144.13,and,if i were to do this all on myself my,total would be 85 18 with a difference,of 58.95,now with that being said,what value does that 58.95,have it has a value,to me i feel like the value is not there,but for other people,that value might be there for you so,whats that value for 58.95 wow,you get,seven days a week access to dietitians,you could either call them or email them,if you have questions about anything,you know with the way youre eating or,whatever give them a call,thats priceless there right i mean you,get to access these dietitians any time,you want i personally feel like i am a,pretty good healthy person i work out i,exercise so i just dont feel that im,ever going to call these dietitians,thats why i dont feel like thats one,reason why im not going to continue,with this,the second thing,that that 58.95 is benefiting you is the,convenience now that part i am going,gonna miss uh so what im gonna have to,do is im gonna go out im gonna have to,go out and buy all these supplements,because i feel theyre working for me,and then im gonna have to sort them out,every day and make sure that im taking,these things,but you know as convenient as this thing,is uh because im not gonna lie to you i,put that thing on my counter and its,right next to everything that i do with,my,uh you know my getting my stuff ready,for work in the morning and those are,right there i just ripped the package,open them up and im taking them with my,breakfast and taking them before i go to,bed,now what am i going to have uh,12 bottles laying all over the place,that i got to do myself,so the convenience part of it i am,really going to miss,i may come back to persona if the,convenience part gets on my nerves,so that is a huge part so who do i think,this benefits the most is people that,are just starting to,change their lives around and theyre,taking zero supplements and they want to,start getting on track,to have the convenience of this,and being organized,you know its convenience and,organization i mean i think thats,priceless for someone that is just,starting to get healthy,and the second person that i think this,is,really good for is someone that is just,on the run non-stop,very busy person you know and does not,have a lot of time to be sitting there,and sorting out multivitamins and,vitamin supplements for today so,you know like i said and another thing i,want to say too is that,some of the reviews i watched even,though they sort of let on about a,little bit of negative things about it,they were always complimenting the,quality of supplements in there i also,work with somebody that is a big health,nut who call uh complimented the,quality of the supplements in here and,the fact that he takes that a lot of,these supplements so i know that the,supplements that theyre giving you are,good so with that being said uh you know,i want to say that some people be like,oh my 144 dollars a month,uh or 80 a month i cant afford that,and i i laugh you know a little bit,because what do we spend thats bad for,us per month,between alcohol cigarettes,fast food,we spend hundreds and hundreds of,dollars a month on stuff thats,unhealthy for us so why would you not,spend a little bit of money to get,yourself healthy in my opinion,so,i love persona,i think they gave me a really good uh,group of supplements

Nutrition Expert Reviews: PERSONA NUTRITION

all right whats going on everybody cam,here and as you can tell by the,thumbnail on the title and whats on the,screen right now im gonna check out,persona today and uh these companies are,huge right now theres a lot of them,theres persona care of routine ritual,vitamin packs vitality there theres a,lot of these,personas probably one of the most,popular um so i wanted to check it out,and do it live because when i was,looking for reviews i couldnt find much,online so i thought im going to do it,myself im going to give you my thoughts,along the way im going to take the quiz,but first lets look over and ill be,honest i am skeptical right from the,beginning im familiar with these,companies i understand how their quizzes,work,i dont think theyre really getting a,sense of your true health or true needs,i think its fairly superficial and,anecdotal im not going to go into it,with a negative mindset but im going to,be very honest so it says goodbye,guesswork get the right,vitamins okay thats key at the right,dose delivered right to your door so,thats the idea you take a quiz they,tell you what you need and they ship it,to you in like 30 days supplies,but you scroll down and look what it,says here all it takes is five minutes,thats where my skepticism begins,imagine you went to a nutritionist and,theyre going to say hell you know ill,look at your health history ill ill do,a assessment on you and ill tell you,what you need and itll only take five,minutes i would be like youre only,gonna spend five minutes with me youre,gonna know what my body needs im a,little skeptical to be honest but,in all fairness um,lets give it a try first and im gonna,set five minute timer,on the clock here see does it actually,take five minutes and what are they,gonna tell me that i need for someone,like me who takes a lot of vitamins,cares about their health works out eats,very healthy lets see what they come up,with and maybe im not their target,audience right that may very well be,true that theyre looking for people who,who arent vitamin users and this is an,easy introduction an easy way to get it,and its delivered to you so the ease of,use is is really great here and i think,thats kind of why theyre doing very,well but anyways lets take the,assessment im going to start the five,minute,timer and see what we got,okay lets get started,my first name,cameron,nice to meet you okay so trying to build,some rapport make it feel like youre,talking to a human um i get that,my birthday oh gosh dont do the math on,this if youre watching dont do the,math on this,um i weigh usually right around 200,i havent checked recently but usually,right around the 200 mark uh six feet,yeah six feet,thanks okay,my email address im just gonna put in a,backup one,now the junk theyre going to send me,lets get on to the quiz i want to,answer these questions,why would you like to start taking this,again so i was right why would you start,like to start taking so its assuming i,dont already take supplements im going,to say general health,what are your top three health concerns,i want to be honest here lets say sleep,i have a young son my sleep isnt the,best energy you know i dont really have,any health concerns thats also why i,might not be their ideal client lets,pick digestion uh my digestion is is,fine but i think this is uh big for a,lot of people so lets pick uh those,three okay so digestion sleep and energy,do you follow any of these special diets,i eat more or less keto yep i do i,almost do more or less a carnivore diet,i do put some fiber in there but its,more or less carnivore,never been diagnosed with liver kidney,disease uh no i have not,any severe life-threatening food,allergies no you have any sensitivities,that you want to avoid well i want to,avoid milk i want to avoid gluten i,would want to avoid latex regardless and,night shades i do have some arthritis um,and so i do try to avoid night shades,personally okay lets go with that,how many servings of fresh fruit and,vegetables eat in a day see heres where,theyre gonna get me for sure i dont,eat a lot zero to two i probably have,two servings of vegetables i dont eat,fruit,how many terms of calcium rich foods,do we eat a day,well its got to be the same as the,veggies thats the only source im,getting,how much red and dark meat you consume,per week,every day,every day i have red meat,how many servings of fish do you eat,more than three i eat fish almost every,day as well,how many days a week do you drink,alcoholic beverages uh none,do you currently smoke or communicate,with second smoke absolutely not,thats a no,have i done my genetic health testing i,never have im interested maybe thatll,be one of the other videos i do but uh,no,are you trying to lose weight i am not,to participate in intermittent fasting i,do actually i i love it i really think,its amazing do you regularly keep track,of your daily steps,uh no i dont i dont,what best describes my fitness or,activity level,im in great shape and i work out all,the time yeah i do,i mean hours per week do you do vigorous,or long distance cardio,not much thats for sure do you,regularly engage in other exercises one,yeah i do strength training four times a,week maybe five depending on the week,how sore am i after my workout,yeah a little bit no complaints ive,been ive been working out for,oh gosh 20 years so i do get sore once,in a while but its not like it was in,the beginning unless i take a lot of,time off,get limited sunspot or use sunscreen,daily,yes i do get limited im not in the sun,a lot i dont use sunscreen um ever but,im not in the sun a ton i work,inside so lets put no,get limited,well i guess actually the answer is yes,do i get limited signs yes i get limited,okay,would i like to support my hair skin,nails you know heres the,the thing they get you with these,questions what i like is one of them of,course i would like to support,my entire body my digestive my hair my,skin my nails my mood everything so the,answer is gonna be yes but now i know,theyre gonna recommend a product for,hair skin nails but yes of course i do,want to support it so lets oh theres,five minutes by the way,so five minutes is up,lets stop that im not done the quiz,yet but maybe i was going a little slow,do you have any of these skin conditions,no i dont,use any of the following,uh no i dont have any aches or pains or,adrenal fatigue symptoms,but heres the thing too like if i go,back what are the what are the adrenal,fatigue symptoms,like it doesnt really tell me what if i,want to know hey you tell me thats kind,of why im at the site you tell me what,i need but anyways lets go on,are you experiencing but im prostate,hyperplasia uh no absolutely not,and when your immediate family ever had,these conditions yes actually my dad did,have prostate cancer,do you often have any of these digestive,problems constipation no explains,diarrhea bloating um no i dont have any,complaints and again im a healthy guy,but,we got to be honest here,hows your mood and stress levels,ive no complaints i mean i i really,dont have any complaints i im im not,stressed out i work out all the time i,mean that helps right um im gonna say,no,on average how are your energy levels,okay lets say this i usually have an,energy slump theres no way around it,sometimes in the middle of the afternoon,yeah i feel a little tired this usually,when ill actually go outside for a walk,ill take a lunch break and ill go for,a walk um so i do bypass it but lets be,honest i do feel a little more down,in the afternoon for sure how well do i,sleep,my sleep is interrupted um like i said i,have a young son when it tries i do have,trouble falling asleep sometimes i do,have trouble falling asleep sometimes,lets say that lets just go with that,and i sleep is interrupted lets lets,do that i do wake up to urinate um,sometimes too i drink a lot of water,thats one of the downsides,give any of these conditions,were doing a migraine um nothing,nothing at all,do you have any of these conditions

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???? Persona Nutrition Vitamins – Unboxing and honest review!!! ????????‍⚕️

hey guys jason keyes here and today,were going to take a look at these,vitamins,theyre personalized for you theyre,designed for you they ship to you,monthly,and yes they have your name on them,lets take a look at persona vitamins,and see if theyre worth it,[Music],[Applause],whats up guys its your boy jason keyes,here and we are going to take a look at,persona vitamins this is the,modern solution to making sure that you,take your vitamins and your mom,doesnt yell at you i have had it,my mom never yelled at me for not taking,my vitamins but i am trying to take care,of my health if youve watched any of my,videos you look you see that i love food,i love tech i love modern solutions to,taking care of yourself and wellness,so persona is something that i stumbled,upon about four months ago,and im actually glad that i waited,about four months to make this video so,i can truly tell you,that i pay for this every month this is,not a sponsored video,now there is a link in the comments that,gives you 25 off,its a referral link so uh thank you in,advance for using it if youre going to,try this out and actually it benefits,you to do so youll save 25 bucks,and yeah you can try out these vitamins,whats super cool about this is theyre,customized for you,like literally you have to spend about,20 minutes answering,a very detailed questionnaire that will,understand your background your dietary,restrictions your allergies,your fitness level how shitty you eat or,lack thereof,if youre eating well or not you know if,youre on a heavy protein diet if youre,if you dont eat fruits and vegetables,like many people out there dont,you they will customize this to you if,youve had any kind of diseases,or any taking any kind of medication,theyll take that into consideration now,im not a doctor im not a fitness,expert so,of course before taking any stuff,definitely consult with a doctor if you,feel the need to,persona has nutritionists on staff so,even after you,fill out the digital automated,walk-through,questionnaire you can actually get on a,zoom call or a phone call with one of,your nutritionists at no cost,and theyll tweak it i actually did so,in my second month,because i was concerned with the fact,that im in front of a computer in front,of a screen all the time,and they added luton to my second round,and im still getting it of course now,here my fourth month,but without further ado lets unbox this,so this is the box that youre going to,get shipped to your door every 30 days,and you get a customized supply of,vitamins so,lets get our knife open it up,here we go there we go,and there it is this one says november,2020 and here we are in the first couple,days of december im running a little,behind,um you get a little pamphlet and there,its customized with your name on it as,you can see right here,this one says jason november 2020 it,shows you how it works,and which is really easy ill walk you,through it right now,rethink refill repeat recycle and reach,out so those are,kind of the guidelines for it but you,know its really not that many steps you,just open up the box and you take your,vitamins as its told to,it walks you through what you have in,your kit,and then for me ive got you know about,one,seven pills in the morning and five,pills at bedtime herbal rest formula,um they shift us around every month,because theyre designed for you so,i know every other month instead of,herbal rest i actually get melatonin in,there,and you know combination of all these,ingredients helps me sleep well at night,and helps me power through my day,running the multiple companies that i,run the content that we create for you,and it just keeps me going so inside the,box its super simple,you have two boxes that come in this big,box,there is a full nutritional facts if you,supplement facts if you ever want to,look at that,and take a look at exactly whats in,your vitamins and these are again,customized and printed for you because,this package and this box of vitamins,was designed for you,get rid of the box over here you have,two rolls of,vitamins now if its your first month,you might get them combined into one,but for my second month on its always,shipped in two separate boxes as you can,see right here,and it says persona only one you because,theyve designed this for you,now lets look at one right here you,literally take the,little self-adhesive thing thats there,and you pull out forward,and youll see thats when you get your,first pill pack this this first little,thing is just a little bit of,excess plastic its just trash theres,nothing in it right,but now you get to the second one and,going forward the third the fourth the,fifth,and so you keep it rolled up you,literally stack it on your shelf like,this,and uh and every morning you come and,pull one out,and you tear it off and i actually have,not taken mine today since i told you i,just ran out yesterday so im going to,show you how this works,you take it off there and if you look on,the back side youll see,those seven pills in my case it might be,different from you you may only have,three or four or five,or you might have 10 depending on what,you chose to add and,it will have your dosage right there you,look for the little arrow,you peel it left to right or right to,left depending on,how youre oriented you put them in your,hand,and you take your vitamins its that,simple,and you throw away the little piece of,plastic and thats it,now i dont have a glass of water,sitting next to me so im gonna im,gonna set these aside right here but im,definitely going to take them actually,even maybe before we end this video,and then like literally you set this in,your shelf i have it in my kitchen,cabinet,which is where i start my day every,morning i have my cup of tea,i have a glass of tall glass of water,and thats how i start my day so,my morning uh tablets are here now if,you end your day,somewhere else like geographically like,in your bedroom like most people,then you might want to actually keep,this second roll upstairs in your,bedroom or,down the hall in your bedroom wherever,your bedroom might be located and the,same thing,when nighttime rolls around this is,obviously the first one so well well,peel that off and throw it away,over here you see thats my bedtime,formula,nighttime rolls around ill peel one off,now that ive peeled it off ill set it,aside on my nightstand,and theres my tablets for the night,same thing tear it open pop them in,your mouth down with a glass of water,drinking eight glasses of water day is,always a good thing,and youre good to go so thats honestly,a super,simple unboxing of what you get with,your persona,a monthly vitamin subscription and were,going to walk you through real quick,on the computer im going to pull it up,right now and show you,a little bit of how that experience is,you go to keys.life,forward slash persona for that special,link youll find in the comments below,and you go through a question and answer,about all the different things we talked,about and they will personalize these,vitamins for you,all right so lets take a look at the,persona website real quick you go to,keys.life forward slash persona and the,link will be in the comments below or,wherever youre watching this video so,well type that into the browser up here,and hit enter its going to take you to,persona.com,and as youll notice at the very top by,using that special link you will get,an additional 25 off your order so,thanks in advance for using that and uh,good luck to you as you take your,persona journey ive already done this,as ive been using persona for the last,four months now and i literally its the,first time in my life that i actually,remember to take my vitamins morning,and night like twice a day like youre,supposed to based on how these were,set up so im going to show you a little,bit of the assessment on how that works,you answer a ton of questions and it,literally,helps personalize your journey and,your vitamin needs so well go with,jason on this one on

Woman Almost Dies after Taking Daily Supplements?

could taking the wrong daily supplement,be life-threatening in a doctors,exclusive a Texas woman says she,suffered dire consequences that could,have cost her life I have show the most,weird acne for years whenever I hurt one,with my friend suggested something that,Im excited to be able to try it out my,life seemed pretty normal for the next,two months and then around Thanksgiving,I had abdominal pain,I felt super fatigued and then the,following week my eyes turned yellow,thats when I knew something serious was,going on primary care physician decided,to refer me to a specialist he wanted me,to get an ultrasound off my liver and,then get admitted to the ER once I was,there the specialist wanted to air with,me to Dallas for the possibility of a,liver transplant they were watching my,blood and my liver enzymes very closely,they would tell me that Im a very very,sick girl on the inside after a few,nights I was diagnosed with acute liver,failure after being placed on the liver,transplant list,I received a potential donor match,within eight hours on Christmas Eve Iowa,into surgery and that came out on,Christmas Day with the new liver and a,new life,emily is joining us via Skype and Emily,I am just so very sorry for everything,that youve been through and yet Im,looking at you smiling how are you doing,today Im doing so good Im just happy,to be alive and Im so thankful to be on,the show so how did the doctors,determine what they believed to be the,cause of your acute liver failure I went,to my primary care physician and he took,roughly 28 vials of blood and we were,testing for jaundice because my Y,autoimmune hepatitis and the doctors,walls all of that out and it was,drug-induced and did they ever figure,out what they think maybe the ingredient,was that led to your liver failure so,currently the doctors are unaware what,ingredient in this couple but we do have,an outside party that is actually,testing the bottle that I had to try and,figure out what exact ingredient in the,supplement it was if there is a mixed,blessing here is that you had such a,cute fulminant liver failure that you,were able to move towards the top of the,transplant list joining us now to,discuss what acute liver failure exactly,is how can affect you via Skype,board-certified gastroenterologist and,hepatologist a chair,can you explain that to our viewers,acute liver failure is a,life-threatening condition this is,something where people have a normal,liver theyre completely healthy and,what ends up happening is they have some,sort of injury to deliver something that,affects the liver that causes massive,liver cell death and can be often fatal,if not treated how often you you see,cases like this and maybe not always,from supplements but people just being,unaware because some folks are just,incredibly susceptible to liver injury,yeah they are and in fact theres up to,40% even more I think thats an,underestimated number of Americans who,take these supplements and they live by,sometimes theyll take them more than,they take their prescription medications,and oftentimes Ill get people who come,in for consults for elevated,or enzymes theyre healthy theyre not,on any other medications and we can,assume that it might be from this and we,basically have them stop it and recheck,it now I think an important message is,not all supplements are bad you know Im,not all about prescription medication,Im into a very natural way of treating,patients but some people have a genetic,susceptibility some people have problems,with their enzymes in their liver that,can cause problems away they metabolize,these supplements too so I want to make,sure that people talk to their doctors,about what supplements are on because,supplements can interact with each other,supplements can interact with other,medications so its so important they,have that open discussion thats so,important that you know getting the,history we asked what always asked what,medications youre on and and patients,have the tendency not to list,supplements they dont think of them as,drugs where in fact they are and what I,do primarily elective surgery theres so,many supplements that have an adverse,effect on blood clotting fail to tell,the doctor before elective surgery and,its potentially a life-threatening,thing so you have to take supplements,serious,you

PERSONA VS CARE/OF | Which custom vitamin pack is MY favorite?? Pros & Cons of EACH! | Amber Dawn

hey everyone its amber dawn welcome,back to my channel,todays video im going to be featuring,persona,versus care of they are both custom,vitamin packs or vitamin companies,um custom tailored to your needs and,wants,for your nutritional gaps i have,personally tried,both brands and today im giving my,honest,review about the pros and the cons for,each brand,as well as which one i prefer which one,i like,best so the first one is care of,that i will be doing and im just,showing you the packaging this is how it,comes in,and then the other one is persona ive,tried,both of these so these are truthful,reviews these are my own reviews,and this one actually just came in the,mail so i will actually show you how,it um how it comes and unbox it for you,so this is the packaging for care of,and this is how care of actually looks,out on the counter,so i put an a on it because corey and i,both had,the packs and you know but both boxes,look like this,so i wanted to make sure we could each,grab our vitamins so put a c,on his and an a on mine so this is what,care of packaging looks like and before,moving forward i will show you what,personas packaging,looks like when you open up the persona,box,it looks like this and also these are,great because i double use these boxes,for shipping so thats great but when,you open,up persona it has a little um the month,for it amber august which actually these,are,like the end of august ill be starting,them um so its really for september but,paper and ill show you whats inside of,that and then here is the box,of vitamins so this is what they look,like they come,in this pack and again this is what,carob looked like,so two different sizes both of them you,get,out at the bottom and um,so personas i dont have to write a c or,an a on it because,when you actually open it up,it has your name on it so it says,morning amber and it says,morning because this is when you take,the vitamins,before moving on to the different um,whats different between the two and the,pros and the cons,i will show you whats in the book,so this shows you exactly,what youre taking everything is in full,color,what youre taking the total price that,you paid,um it tells you how many children youve,helped,so they partner with vitamin angels and,it says,youve helped six children so far,each of your orders provides two,malnourished children,an entire year of vitamin a to help,prevent blindness,thats really cool youre giving to this,company and theyre giving back,in your honor thats pretty cool it,tells you how to manage your,subscription,welcome to the persona pack and then,your new supplement so any time that you,try a new supplement that month,it will tell you whats new about it so,the daily probiotic is not something new,that ive,something new to me but it is a new,daily probiotic that theyre offering,so thats why and then the back of it is,the green tea extract,and then it tells you um see meet your,new,daily probiotic so ive gotten it before,but this is a,new daily probiotic and then on the back,of it it tells you,all paper packaging everything is,recyclable,the new vitamin packs are biodegradable,huge that makes a huge um that makes a,huge difference for,the world so lets go forward and,compare,the two so first off,when you do the whole logging on your,computer,and doing the assessment quiz i will,first start with,persona personas i love because,theyre they generally both are asking,you what,um you know about your lifestyle um,what you eat what you do not eat um,what your concerns are what youd like,to maybe improve,so at the end of persona it then asks,you,what pills or medicine you were taking,on the regular,whether its prescription or anything,like if you buy something off amazon to,take another type of supplement,not through persona its asking what you,take,this is to make sure that the vitamins,that,they are sending you go along with what,you are already taking so if you have a,prescription that you take regularly,every single day,they want to ensure that their vitamins,match up and go along with it at the end,of it,it then shows you the different doctors,that they have,that i guess you know pull together all,of their,knowledge and everything to make the,most beneficial suggestions,for you and your needs moving on to,care of care of is,similar and you know you take the,assessment it really doesnt take long,to take these assessments,but at the end of care of it does not,ask you any type of medication that,youre on,it just simply offers you supplements or,vitamins that,they feel that you should take based on,the answer to the survey that they have,asked you,it also does not show you who is,suggesting these so,you dont know where its coming from,even though persona you dont really,know the doctors but its giving you a,face,and their name to it so that kind of,makes it more personal in my opinion,in that aspect persona,wins so persona is my favorite on that,moving forward to shipping and packaging,so i started persona at the beginning of,the year,and i really really like it they do have,a discount code and,i will leave codes for both of these,vitamins down in the description below,they do have a discount code for your,first order of half off,and i think its free shipping or you,have to have a minimum,dollar amount to get free shipping but,its worth a try even if you only do it,for one month,try it out see if you like it sometimes,it takes longer than a month to see if,you can actually tell a difference with,the supplements,but still try it out ill leave those,codes down in my description box,but moving forward to placing the order,packaging shipping etc so persona,ships lightning fast they ship,from washington via fedex and i get it,in two days,i also on my second order,received a um like a thank you for,continuing to,get persona and it was a little travel,carry case,so i can rip these off and take them,with me on trips,take the exact amount i need on trips,which i thought was nice,care of to forever to ship,so and i understand theres a lot of,things going on with covert right now,but im just giving my honest review,care of took about a month to receive,when youre ordering vitamins,or supplements or anything of that,nature or anything really,youre wanting to get it sooner rather,than later now granted,when i placed the order i did get 50,off and then right before you check out,it says,there is a delay in ordering um we were,gonna,were going to give you an additional 10,off your order,you know as a thank you which i was like,oh thats thats nothing you know maybe,a week week and a half,no it was like a month before i received,them,so in this aspect again persona,is the winner so the next aspect that,im going to point out,is the actual vitamins available persona,has so many vitamins and supplements and,minerals and everything that you can,choose from and,again they only show you what goes with,your,prescribed medication or any type of,medication that youre taking,they only show you what is compatible,with that so be honest on these,be honest on the forms anyways um,care of they dont have as,much available but they did have a few,things different,that persona did not carry such as,elderberry,that is something that persona does not,carry but care of,does um and then care of i feel like,pushes more than just vitamins so they,try to get you to buy,protein powder and theyre quick sticks,for like,energy like you mix it into water its,for energy for sleep,for whatever um so i feel like theyre,just,trying to sell products where persona is,selling an experience and something that,you truly want,so again persona is the winner,moving on to the ease of access,to the pills so you can see right here,how persona is set up,um and you literally just pull it out,thats it so you pull it out so when you,go to rip it,to get the new one when you go to rip it,thats it,you just rip it like that the new one,comes,out and when you go to open it,its so easy to open like you saw how,easy that was,a

Do Personalized Vitamins WORK?? Persona Vitamins Review | Rutele

hi everyone and welcome back to my,channel this topic is going to be way,less makeup related and way more,health-related so I want to preface this,video by saying Im not a doctor Im not,a nutritionist I dont know what Im,talking about but this is just kind of,what has you know been going on in my,life and I want to tell you my,experience with it for the longest time,I know that I have been in need of,vitamins because I dont eat as much as,I should,Ive just been in this thing where,usually I get either too busy or too,caught up and I just dont eat enough,and obviously Ive been deficient I try,to eat as much veggies and as much fruit,as possible I tried to keep my meat,intake low you know sometimes life is,just not perfect and you end up snacking,on something then you shouldnt or you,just dont get your full nutrients for,the day and vitamins are the things that,kind of fill in these gaps now if you,are very serious about your health,I would absolutely go say see your,doctor goes to your nutritionist so they,can do a blood panel that tells you,everything that you could be possibly,deficient in but the route that I went,because I have no insurance and going to,the doctors expensive I decided to do,one of those personalized vitamins,online so personalized vitamins are,based on a quiz that you take online and,then they kind of fill in these gaps for,you so I did an extensive amount of,research to decide which personalized,vitamin company Im gonna go with,persona was the one that I ended up,choosing this had the best reviews,online and Im gonna pop on the screen,right here this survey that I did for,them so theres five different like,categories that they quiz you on its,your personal info your diet and,lifestyle your health and your wellness,your exercise and medical conditions so,for your personal life they ask,questions like your first name your,birthday how much you weigh your height,and then obviously like what sex you are,and then it goes into asking why you are,starting these supplements and I,selected from my general health so then,theyll ask you whether youre pregnant,trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding,they obviously want to tell your,vitamins to be the most efficient if you,are going that route and then it asks if,I have any special diets I was almost,going to select vegan but I did not,because I am not actually vegan yet,do try to eliminate as much meat as,possible but I cant say that Im fully,vegan so I decided to click none here,then Ill ask whether you have any,allergies to avoid I have to avoid,gluten and milk products so I selected,those too then it goes kind of into,asking about your diet about your fruit,intake about your calcium intake about,your fish intake and asks if you have,anemia which I dont how much alcohol,you consume are you around anyone who,smokes or do you smoke yourself how much,Sun you get in a day how are your nails,to skin and hair if you have any skin,issues do you get UTIs how often you are,looking at a screen how the energy,levels in your life are how your mood is,do you experience stress how is your,sleep have you had any genetic testing,done,do you have PMS problems have you taken,antibiotics in the last year do you have,any digestive issues do you struggle,with any of these specific health,problems and then it asks you about your,exercise if you have any joint pain and,then it asks if youre taking any,medication and then it shows you like,all the doctors that are associated with,this brand that are looking through your,results and deciding which vitamins are,best for you so then it shows you which,vitamins are the best for you and if you,dont want to do certain ones you can,obviously exit them out you dont have,to pay for them I will include and I,think the first time that I did this I,got a 50% off so I will include that,down below so you can get 50% off your,first order and then on certain days,like today when I did it it said that it,was 30% off if you order today now Im,gonna go and show you what the box comes,and looks like so this is what the,packaging where your vitamins actually,come in look like there is a little,little insert here where your vitamins,come out and they are distributed into,little packages its a separate pack so,you tear this away and then the next day,youll pull another pack out in a,turn-up so today I havent taken my,vitamins out so Im just going to rip,this out and theres like a,right a little line and it kind of just,rips right off and its nice and,convenient that everything is in this,little package instead of having like,Im taking one two three four five six,seven different things so if I had a,bottle for every single thing it would,take up a little way more space than,this so this is the little past you just,kind of care from the top and it comes,undone inside are your pills so I take,seven pills every single day and they,decided that I needed that inside the,actual packaging comes this little,pamphlet right here which has my name,and when I signed up for the vitamins,inside here is a little breakdown of,everything that I got assigned to me for,my health reasons whether I exited them,out or I did not yep so my subtotal was,6216 shipping was free sale tax there,was none I had a 50% discount with my,first purchase but for the first month I,paid thirty one dollars and eight seven,second month then I went on to pay sixty,two sixteenth theres another little,sheet in here that tells you every,single ingredient that is in every,single pill combined in here so for my,health specific reasons I needed a,foundational multivitamin which is like,one of their essential vitamins then I,needed omega-3 every single nutritionist,that Ive talked to has recommended,omega-3 then I got the hair skin and,nails formula because I said that my,hair nails and skin could use a little,more help then I got a probiotic and a,digestive enzymes kind of go under the,happy gut formula I take probiotics,every day but digestives I have not this,was specifically selected for me because,I do struggle with IBS so thats,supposed to help for female health,support I got barage with saffron and,then for energy support they did throw,in the green tea extract to kind of help,my energy levels a little bit I have,been taking these now for a whole month,and I wanted to fill you in on whether,Ive had results or have not or which,ones I feel like Ive felt in which ones,I have not I do want to start off by,talking about digestive enzymes because,this is the vitamin that has kind of,shown the most prominent,when it comes to results I take,probiotics all the time because I have,IBS and I struggle with digestion and,all that jazz and I dont eat any dairy,products so the probiotic was cool okay,sweet its there I need it cool but the,digestive enzymes made such a big,difference after I got the survey of,what vitamins are suggested for me I did,research on digestive enzymes and it,blows my mind that I have never decided,to take them before so the next one that,I was very very happy with was the,omega-3 because thats obviously,something that everybody needs and I,have noticed that I am sleeping much,much better my skin is doing better,definitely a little bit less anxiety,like just random anxiety I have a lot of,anxiety thats just like out of the blue,and my body then its just like okay wow,you have anxiety that you dont even,know about lets have all the symptoms,so that I feel like Ive had less of,that unless its obviously anxiety onset,by events happening in my life it cant,really control that so has helped with,that the foundational multivitamin I,feel like thats just essential to kind,of really fill in the gaps see barage,with saffron should over time help my,period so it says that barrage with,saffron should help regulate,inflammation decrease symptoms of eczema,and its also shown to alleviate PMS,syndromes by helping balance hormones I,am interested to see how much it does,help the longer I take it so maybe I,will update you guys i

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