1. PGA Tour 2K21 Review
  2. PGA Tour 2K21 Review – The Final Verdict
  3. PGA TOUR 2K21 REVIEW – Better than Tiger Woods PGA Tour?!
  4. PGA TOUR 2K21 VS THE GOLF CLUB 2019 – Side By Side Comparisons
  5. PGA Tour 2K21 | REVIEW | Golf für jedermann
  6. PGA Tour 2K21 Is The Best Golf Game In a Long Time.. (Review)
  7. PGA Tour 2K21 – Review

PGA Tour 2K21 Review

when its all come down to this make,this putt,and win the event,this ones dialed in in she goes,thats another victory pga tour 2k is,the new name for the golf club series,which could have just as easily been,rebranded as dark,holes for its uncompromisingly hardcore,simulation of the sport,wow but with its latest evolution under,the 2k sports banner,pga tour 2k21 has layered on a raft of,more traditional video game guides and,aids to make it more approachable to a,wider audience,as a result pga tour 2k 21 facilitates a,members club that anyone can join,yet like all good golf courses theres,still some rough around its edges,this one is chewing fiber,a wonderful shot here at the seventh and,sets up another birdie chance,i opted to play pga tour 2k 21 in the,pro am,preset which effectively equates to a,medium difficulty setting,pro am certainly skews more towards the,gaming side of things with a host of,on-screen indicators,yet theres still enough of pga tour,2k21 simulation underbelly peeking,through to provide a challenge,youre still expected to nail the tempo,of your downswing lest you invoke a,nasty hook or slice but that didnt even,come close to resembling a golf swing,and adjustments to your aim have to be,made for whether the ball is lying above,or below your players feet,a significant amount of concentration is,required to make every stroke count,and playing pga tour 2k 21 on its medium,difficulty,ultimately felt like a really well,balanced and satisfying experience to me,well take notes folks thats how you do,it but its worth noting that all of the,guides and timing windows can be,adjusted or disabled according to your,personal preference or,aptitude level not only does pga tour 2k,21 present you with a very flexible and,satisfying game of golf,it also lets you put your skills to the,test across 15 of the best courses in,north america,these courses are as pretty as a,postcard although admittedly theyre,also just as static,yet in spite of the slightly sterile,atmosphere pga tour 2k21 certainly,provides some beautiful backdrops for,every round you play,going with the eight iron here,overall i enjoyed my journey through a,single 20-hour season of pga tour 2k21s,career mode,however i must admit that the methods,used to incentivize progression come up,shorter than a lazy chip,shot there is xp to be earned by,winning tournaments or successfully,completing course specific challenges,but the xp just levels up your character,in number alone rather than having any,actual impact on your attributes,and i felt the same level of investment,in my created player at level 1 as i did,at level 21. this play is certainly,making a habit of it,in between competitions you can sign up,for sponsorship deals with licensed,clothing and club manufacturers,but the contract requirements of these,deals can often be downright insulting,im the number one player on the tour,yet my contract with melbourne says that,i have to finish in the top five and two,upcoming tournaments in order to receive,a new,bucket hat who negotiated this deal in,fact pga tour 2k21 seems to put an,enormous amount of currency in,polo shirts and sunglasses as rewards,but personally im less concerned about,getting my hands on yet another pair of,grey slacks and more interested in,earning a green jacket,sadly due to the lack of a masters,license thats one piece of clothing you,cant,actually win well well played meanwhile,the rivals feature which measures your,performance against that of the 12,licensed pro golfers as you progress,through the season,ultimately proves to be almost as,arbitrary as the leveling system,rivalries arent formed dynamically out,on the course instead theyre,automatically assigned one after the,other in a predetermined queue,perhaps proving just how superficial the,rival system is by the end of my first,career season i had yet to technically,win my rivalry with justin thomas this,despite the fact i had almost,30 tournament victories to his one im,sorry exactly what,rivalry are we talking about here oh,what a great stroke,oh thats pure heart great fight to make,that part,its also disappointing that theres no,womens tour option in pga tour 2k 21.,while you can certainly use the my,player tool to create a female player,your only option for a career is to tee,off against the exact same all-male,field as the men since there are no,licensed women golfers or tournaments,included,it makes pga tour 2k 21 feel somewhat,out of touch compared with other modern,sports games,even the 12 male professionals that are,included in pga tour 2k 21,arent actually playable they simply,exist as opponents in the pga tour mode,which,seems pretty odd still at least they,have their faces in the game,every other non-licensed player on the,tour has their profile picture cast in,shadow,as though theyve been accused of some,kind of golf-related crime but i really,must stress that despite these,shortcomings the actual golf in pga tour,2k 21 is quite possibly the best the,virtual game has ever been,cool that was clinical,and despite the undercooked career mode,theres still enough golf crammed into,here to exhaust a sitting president,[Applause],unfortunately i wasnt able to test them,prior to launch but the online societies,should lengthen pga tour 2k21s tale,by letting you create your own,tournaments or participate in official,competitions curated by 2k,similarly the overhauled course creator,should generate more enticing links than,a geocities homepage,assuming pga tour 2k21 is embraced by,creative fans in the way the golf club,games have been in recent years,oh absolute stunner pga tour 2k 21 is,the most flexible and,enjoyable golf game since eas tiger,woods series was at its peak,while its career mode could have done,with some spit and polish to its,presentation and featured more,meaningful rewards,it still serves as a solid straight away,to what could prove to be the most,thriving part of pga tour 2k 21s dance,floor in the long term,the online societies as far as,establishing a new sports franchise goes,this might not be the strongest shot off,the t,but its definitely ended up in a very,playable lie for more of the latest,reviews check out our verdicts on mortal,shell and microsoft flight simulator,and for everything else stick with ign,are you kidding me and thatll be a big,boost to his standings on the,leaderboard,what an amazing shot,gamescom 2020 is the heart of gaming and,you can keep to the beat right here on,ign,weve turned the single biggest show and,gaming into five gamescom now is your,virtual show floor with up to the second,live coverage gamescom daily show,gamescoms first ever late night talk,show,our gamescom awesome indie show the,freshest deep cuts in indie gaming,and finally the gamescom best of show,including the gamescom,award gamescom 2020 is available on ign,and wherever you stream,gamescom now

PGA Tour 2K21 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],lets see what happens here on the,seventh,[Applause],well rich thats a shot theyd like to,have back again for sure,golf is a game of patience and skill,its about taking your time,choosing the right tools for the job and,lining up that perfect shot,it can be slow to watch sure but it can,also be exhilarating to play,pga tour 2k 21 seeks to step,onto the green with a game that delivers,on that experience,and while it succeeds some technical,issues and low production values,hold the game back pga 2k21 is the first,game in the series to bear the 2k,moniker,originally self-published by developer,hb studios under the title the golf club,the series was acquired by 2k a couple,of years ago,one might think this would be a boon for,the franchise after all 2k isnt exactly,a small publisher,they should be able to provide the,resources necessary to make a truly,state-of-the-art golfing simulator,unfortunately though despite 2ks,involvement pga tour still feels,distinctly low budget at times,visually the game is all over the place,the environments look decent enough,theres some nice water and lighting,effects and the graphics are distinct,enough to tell the fairway from the,rough,character models are well animated but,the models dont hold up well,especially faces the eyes open too wide,for too long,and the mouths are a frightening sight,this wouldnt be a problem if the game,didnt do frequent close-ups after most,holes,the game also suffers from a serious,anti-aliasing problem,sometimes it gets so bad that objects,actually appear to shimmer as a result,of the artifacting,in the audio department 2 the game is a,mixed bag the music is pleasant enough,but short and repetitive,theres only so many times i can hear,the same soft pseudo jazz piano riffs,before i start to get tired of them,the announcers meanwhile have good,delivery but their commentary can,sometimes feel out of place,it seems like not enough lines were,recorded to cover all the circumstances,on the green,there were more than a few times where i,would start a course with a poor,performance,coming in at one or two over par but i,would manage to pull it together in the,end,coming in well under par on the final,holes at the end of the game the,commentators would talk as though id,been,solidly under par for the entire course,making no mention of my rough start or,of my comeback,in the final few holes compared to other,games ive reviewed like mlb the show,and ufc 4,the commentary feels lacking it repeats,too often,and oftentimes doesnt match up with the,on-screen action the game also suffers,from some slow loading times between,matches,the duration was pretty inconsistent,sometimes a course would load fairly,quickly,but after matches it often took a long,time to return to the menu,im not quite sure why but after the,very opening match of the career mode,the game took over five,full minutes to load the career mode,menu after the match,the inconsistent low times are,frustrating and its actually made worse,that you cant count on them to at least,always take a long time sometimes,courses load quickly,other times the game seems to slow to a,snails pace,its a shame that the game still suffers,so much on the technical side of things,despite 2ks financial backing,its unfortunate because despite these,issues the game is actually a lot of fun,to play,the experience out on the green is an,absolute joy and really nails the high,skill,feeling of professional golf the,controls are smooth fluid and responsive,the game gives you plenty of options to,help you fine tune your approach,including a birds eye view that helps,you more precisely aim your shots,the swinging and putting mechanics are,simple to grasp and the game does a,great job of easing beginners into the,experience without sacrificing the depth,that more experienced players desire,oh that sounded absolutely flushed the,game offers plenty of assists,including a one-time aim assist during,putts the game will also help you pick,the clubs and stroke every time,meaning those with a more casual,understanding of the sport can rely on,the games assistance to help them get a,decent performance,but those who want to can ignore or even,disable these assists altogether,and if you do so the game is a well-made,golf simulation,the physics are realistic clear and,consistent the ball,always interacts with hills wind and,other hazards exactly as youd expect it,to,and the game does a great job of,simulating the differences between the,fairway rough and bunker,swinging in different situations,actually feels different,unfortunately while the experience out,on the golf course is excellent across,the board,even the rest of the career mode suffers,from the same lack of polish as the rest,of the game,there simply isnt much here to keep you,going if you arent totally invested in,the actual experience of playing golf,the career mode is fairly bare bones you,start off with an amateur match which,serves as your proving grounds for,entering the professional circuits,from there you enter the pga tour vying,for the top spot on the leaderboards,unfortunately thats really all there is,to it unlike other sports games nowadays,which implement things like social media,training and skill points to keep things,interesting off the field,2k21 simply moves you along from one,game to the next,with little in between to keep you,engaged you earn cash after each game,and from optional mid course challenges,but these rewards can only be used to,purchase new clubs and outfits,the new clubs do have some mechanical,differences but not enough to really,feel like they make a difference,i didnt notice much of a difference,between the default clubs and any of the,unlockable ones the cosmetics meanwhile,are just that,cosmetics the quality is pretty hit or,miss and aside from changing how you,look,they dont really do anything this is a,far cry from many other sports games,where your downtime can be spent,training upgrading your skills and,interacting with fans and rivals,the game does have a rival system but,even this feels outdated,unlike other games where your rivalries,grow organically based on your behavior,on and off the field,in pga 2k21 you simply progress through,a series of predetermined rivals,you can actually look in the career mode,and see your progress to,unlocking the next rival i suppose it,adds a bit of a goal to strive for,but compared to the organic way,rivalries operate in other sports games,this feels dated and uninteresting by,comparison pga tour 2k21,offers a decent golfing experience that,genuinely rewards skill and practice,the gameplay on the green is a lot of,fun and really makes you want to keep,playing,unfortunately its really the only thing,that drives you on as the rest of the,experience feels dated by several years,its a shame because with some more,polish put into the visuals and modes,pga tour 2k 21 could have been a,standout sports game,as it sits its only a decent one,a good stroke will hold,pga tour 2k 21 feels like the best,sports game released 10 years ago,unfortunately it just feels too dated to,truly compete with other,more modern sports games and that wraps,it up if you like what we are doing,please consider subscribing to our,channel and dont forget to switch on,the bell notification icon,that way you will never miss out on any,of our videos

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PGA TOUR 2K21 REVIEW – Better than Tiger Woods PGA Tour?!

hey guys welcome back to new 9 golf,where we review all things,golf related if youre new to the,channel make sure you hit the subscribe,button as well turn on post,notifications so you can see the new,content that we are uploading for you,guys,as you can see im wearing my justin,thomas inspired 2k 21,quarter zip and were gonna dive into,the game play were going to be playing,on an xbox one and its the exact same,gameplay on,a playstation so now lets take a look,at our review of pj tour 2k,21.,[Music],okay everyone welcome to pga tour 2k 21.,justin thomas with the cover great,looking shot there,one of the impressions that i had in,getting the pga tour 2k 21 is i thought,wed be able to play with pj tour,golfers,i figured justin thomas on the cover,wed get to use guys like rory and dj,and brooks,not the case when you get into 2k21 it,asks you to make your own player,so when you go into make your own player,you make your own avatar so if you want,it to look like yourself or look like,something totally outlandish,this is what my guy looks like so this,is my avatar i went with something that,i hope,tried to look a little bit like me i,maybe made it in 10 minutes didnt try,too hard,this is my guy so when you are playing,in the game you are going to be using,your own,avatar so thats one of the first things,i was a little bummed out that i didnt,get to be you know obviously my favorite,pga tour golfers,you can get in and change your skin tone,you can change your body build your,height your,width all that type of stuff so not,going to dive too big into that,something i will show you,is how to buy clothing you can see in,the top right of my corner there is a,little um,money sign so that is the money youre,allowed to use to buy,clothes and equipment so well take a,quick look at clothing just so i could,show you what im talking about,lets say i wanted to buy a new hat,currently i have a bridgestone hat,but there is shout out to our guys at,malbon,melbourne stephen malbon was obviously,on our podcast and he has his clothing,inside the game,so if i wanted this malbon hat for,example it will uh,tell me how much it costs and if its,unlocked,so i can scroll through take a look at,the hat see if its something that i,want to purchase,and if uh you know that one matches my,outfit right now,its 250 coin i got the cash for it its,unlocked im going to,purchase an equipped so you can do this,with your shirt your shorts,your pants your shoes all that good,stuff so,just to give you an idea thats what,youre looking at when starting to build,your avatar,all right one of the other things that,youre going to be buying with the money,is youre going to assemble your golf,bag,so you start out with kind of a no-name,set of clubs since ive been playing you,can see i have,the callaway mavic driver i got a,taylormade sim 3 wood,callaway hybrids and then some generic,irons what youll notice when youre,going to be,buying these clubs through either,unlocked or locked and ill show you on,the right hand side of the screen,what youre gaining or losing by getting,these clubs so red obviously means,youre losing some so for this,iron for example the distance it says if,i purchase these clubs,im going to be losing a bit of distance,but im gaining some shot shaping and,gaining some forgiveness,so youll have to take a look at all the,clubs that they offer and see whats,best for your game,obviously the more that you play the,more money you make and youll start,unlocking,some more clubs okay so once youre done,building your avatar youre pretty well,set to start playing so as we go through,the,main home screen theres the play now,function which shows,you can start building some local,matches if you want to just play say you,and a buddy,you can both play but youre using your,own avatar so like i mentioned youre,not using any pga,tour golfers before you get into playing,around i highly suggest getting into the,training section and doing a club,calibration,what thats going to do is the game is,going to get an understanding of how you,move,the joystick on your controller we are,using an xbox one,but itll be the same for the,playstation so im going to go into the,training just so i can show you what the,swing calibration looks like,theres our boy kevin kisner having a,pretty decent season just lost,in a playoff uh just last week if youre,following the,pga tour once we get into the swing,calibration theres other practices that,youre going to do but im going to just,show you,the driving range and how were swinging,and how that looks,all right we are on the driving range,and were going to go straight to,swing calibration theres bryson looks a,little thinner than uh,current dave bryson i think hes gained,30 pounds since then,so were on the driving range it wants,10 full swings im not going to go all,10 but im just going to show you what,its looking for so i use my left,joystick,to control the club the idea is you want,to bring it back to that little white,line and then swing forward and the club,will react,accordingly what this is doing is just,telling,the system how you swing your club so,its not too finicky once you get onto,the course,once you get into the red that is just,more power its,gonna give you itll show you on the,screen maybe one or two percent,extra power like i said im not going to,do all full 10 swings but before you get,on the course i highly recommend,doing the swing calibration,okay now that weve done the swing,calibration im still on the practice,that if i wanted to go into chipping,putting and driving,i could do all three im just going to,go to the driving range just to show you,some of the things that you can learn,before you head out onto the course,so weve already done the swing,calibration if i do a full swing,hopefully it will go,fairly straight one of the things that,youre going to want to learn as to how,to draw and fade the ball,that it will show you here so,what im doing right now is im holding,down my left bumper and im moving my,left,joystick which is what i swing with from,left to right thats whats going to,start the draw or the fade and then i,swing,straight up and down as i would when i,was doing my calibration and it should,fade or draw the ball whichever youre,setting up for,okay weve moved our practice from the,driving range now to the chipping area,chipping i find to be probably one of,the hardest parts of learning this game,because theres a lot of factors you,have to account for on the top right of,my screen itll show that im in the,heavy,rough so the heavy rough obviously,the ball comes out different as if you,were on a nice tight lie in the middle,of the fairway,whats nice about this game is it picks,the club that youre most likely to hit,as well as the type of shot so you can,see i have my lob wedge and it shows,that im doing a pitch,the way if i wanted to change my shot is,just using left or right on the d-pad,that if i wanted to do a flop you can,see where the flop is supposed to come,out as well,normal shot and a chip so it,automatically gives,you the type of shot that you are best,or most likely to use,all right it recommends this lob pitch,shot and im just aiming at the hole,the idea again to take it back to that,white line,and swing forward,just scared the hole that was actually,pretty decent i was hoping to hold it,for my first,try like i said we are in the practice,area so its going to give us a few,different places,to try you can see on the,circle that theres an arrow so what i,found in the game is that,you know if youre trying to make the,shot you can see,the green the way it breaks so this,screen has no break normally if he was,breaking left to right the lines,horizontal would be moving,fast or slow depending on the speed of,the green im expecting the ball to,release and im lining up that arrow,with the hole,so hopefully if i have a good chip it,should release towards where we were,aiming,like i said there are different types of,shots if you want to play a

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PGA TOUR 2K21 VS THE GOLF CLUB 2019 – Side By Side Comparisons

yo what is up everybody and welcome back,to the channel we got today a little bit,of a comparison video I can sit and talk,about what I see is different in 2k 21,comparatively to 2019 but I thought it,would be better if I actually put that,comparison to the test and a little bit,of a side-by-side so Im gonna be going,over today some differences that I,notice want to show all of you the,differences anybody who is new coming,into the golf world that HB Studios has,created I also want to show them how,much work this team has been putting,into the new game and I feel that these,differences and these upgrades these,changes that they have done is just,showing progress that HB Studios has,been putting into this golf franchise,and honestly I just see this going up,from here they just keep putting out a,better product every time that they come,out with one of these games so right,here we have the same exact course that,they played TPC Scottsdale dont have a,crowd as this is in play now instead of,career but just right off the bump you,can really see the differences that,theyve made graphically to the game I,bumped graphics up on my PC a little bit,almost up to Macs anything close to max,and I get some frame issues but running,at a near max quality you can really,just tell the difference that theyve,put into the game in textures and just,overall graphical quality not only of,the course but of the player model,itself I can see you can see on the left,and up the fairway the changes they made,to add texturing to the grass to the the,fairway to the light rough to the heavy,rough especially and the blending that,theyve done between the two looks so,much better looking at the shadows even,as I put forth in a couple of the,breakdowns that I did the shadows have,always been a little on the jagged side,but theyve actually worked to smooth,them out theyve blended them a lot,better as the lighting comes down to hit,the subject theyve done a lot of work,in the lighting department even just the,glare of the lights on the player model,itself and the crowd and the water and,really just everywhere in general,theyve put a lot of work into the,graphics especially if the course the,trees arent as jagged the foliage looks,better the undergrowth looks better just,everything looks better even out into,the distance theres a lot more quality,that theyve put in and overall the game,just looks better period it looks like a,more realistic representation of a golf,course 2019 comes off a little on the,flat side and theyve really just put in,the work into k21 just to make it look,more visually pleasing than its,predecessor but those are all things,that you can see just by really just,watching the video today I mean youll,notice Ill point them out when they,come up but youll youll notice I want,to jump into the overall swing mechanics,and the changes that theyve made to the,swing mechanics now if youve watched,any of my videos you would know that I,have always had a problem with swing,mechanics in 2019 its always seemed,slow clunky choppy theres this weird,hitch that occurs which Ill actually,show you here in a little bit and more,than likely this is tied just to the,tempo the backswing a transition into,the downswing,theyve fleshed that all out in 2k 21 it,has been improved so much that you can,just sit here and notice the difference,just by watching either in slow-mo which,Ill show or in full speed so well,start this off right from the moment,that the club is moved right from the,moment that the animation starts and,youll notice the difference right away,just of how much faster that theyve,made the swing I thought that they may,have just watching it and look like they,have but getting it everything side by,side actually shows the difference quite,a bit,already through before the downswing,even starts in 2019 2k 21 has pretty,much doubled the speed of the swing,itself which looks so much better so,much more fluid on the ball flights it,seems as 2k 21 is actually a little bit,slower 2019 actually even though the,swing ends a little bit later it still,hits at about the same time it seems,like theyve also worked on the physics,of the ball actually hitting the fairway,and rolling out a little bit more these,are on very firm fairways that I did in,2019 and I still didnt get the rolled,at 2k 21 head,even in full speed you can see that the,difference is quite substantial they,have made it look so much smoother so,one thing then is always been a sore for,me in this game is sometimes this weird,hitch occurs at the top of your swing,where it transitions from backswing to,downswing and youll see it in this,slow-mo of it its about a five to six,frame hitch that occurs and honestly,once you see it youll never be able to,unsee it because it happens quite often,in this game and it just kind of jars,you out of the swing a little bit maybe,its just me I get I get caught in the,weeds sometimes just looking at stuff,that doesnt affect the gameplay at all,but it just visually frustrates me,thats all so see you right here this is,on 2019 look at where the swing,transitions from backswing to downswing,and youll see this weird hitch in the,swing that occurs right there this weird,hitch its about a five frame hitch that,occurs in 2019 you can even see it when,the swing is running in full speed it is,very noticeable in 2k 21 I dont know if,its changing in transitions or if its,adding the power bar and focusing less,on backswing and transition tempo or,what it is but they have fleshed that,that transition out very well theyve,made the swing look a lot more fluid a,lot a lot a lot more fluid than it is in,2019 theyve not only sped it up theyve,made the transition cleaner theyve made,everything cleaner about the swing in 2k,21 it seems like theyve done a lot of,work in that department youll see its,just a little bit of a hitch not much,its one frame where it transitions from,backswing to downswing and when youre,playing it at full speed you cant even,notice it so theyve done a lot of work,in smoothing everything out especially,when it comes to the swing in 2k 21 it,looks miles better,than what it did in 2019 and in any past,Golf Club games honestly so next up we,have the wood shot slight draw wood shot,from the fairway mainly youll notice,here that again the swing much faster,like pretty much all of the swings,across the board in 2k 21 but the amount,of small details that theyve put into,the new 2k 21 comparatively to 2019 is,really nice its a very very small,details graphically but if you just look,right at the beginning of this where,they come down and swing youll notice,on the right that a nice little divots,taken theres actual like dirt particles,coming out of the ground as well it just,looks like you actually swung a club,threw the ball off the ground and on the,left as it finishes up youll see not,much happened theres a couple of spots,that came popping up no divot nothing of,that nature like just the amount of,small detail that has been put into this,new game is quite nice it just adds to,the realism overall of the game itself,and honestly just the overall quality,that theyve put just into the game,looking out over the course you can,really tell that theyve put in a lot of,work to make sure that the golf course,looks as good as it can or as good as it,place the grass is actually textured the,fairway to the heavy rough is actually,you know blended well it looks like,grass here it just looks like a bunch of,stripes on the fairway it doesnt,actually look like grass to me like,there isnt like patches of different,colors of grant nothing of that nature,it just it just doesnt look that real,and the only thing thats different,about the rough is its just a different,color and thats it,like theres that when youre out there,it actually looks like a golf course,theyve put in a lot of work to make,sure and I applaud them for it alright,so the next clip is the putt so I said,in the breakdown that they definitely,put in

PGA Tour 2K21 | REVIEW | Golf für jedermann

dieses video wird euch präsentiert vom,xmg neo 15,checkt die links in der beschreibung für,weitere infos und einen exklusiven,rabatt code,[Applaus],[Musik],viel zu lange gibt es schon kein,golfspiel mehr das realismus und,zugänglichkeit vereinigt doch damit ist,nun schluss denn tk games & age die,studios bringen mit pietro cage und,gewann einen titel heraus der mit vielen,offiziellen lizenzen und tief gängigen,gameplay glänzt aber auch anfängern ein,launiges einlochen bescheren soll,wir haben uns das spiel genau angesehen,und sind positiv überrascht,die spielerische prämisse von pc uk,twenty one markt zunächst erstaunen,schließlich entwickelte e p studios,vorher die wenig einsteigerfreundliche,hardcore simulation west golf club,allerdings geht der plan voll auf,absolute golf märz stellen den,schwierigkeitsgrad hoch und einige,hilfen aus und bekommen so das,spielerlebnis aus weg golfplatz anfänger,und fortgeschrittene hingegen werden mit,einem kurzen aber sehr gut erklärten,tutorial 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PGA Tour 2K21 Is The Best Golf Game In a Long Time.. (Review)

all right guys im about 18 months too,late but here we are with the review for,pga tour 2k 21. now i know im late but,i really enjoy doing content like this i,want to incorporate more stuff like this,on my channel and maybe do some more uh,early reviews like day one reviews um as,early as i can anyway i dont think with,these kind of games you can really do,day one reviews because theres so much,content involved that you really need to,have played it for a significant amount,of time like having played it for 18,months now ive deeply covered every,aspect of the game from career mode to,societies and even hosting my own,tournament so its given me a real deep,dive into what this game is all about so,lets jump in and discuss whether this,is the best golf game ever made,so im gonna be using the seven ps,method for this review its something,that my friend scott came up with and,ive been using it for any reviews that,ive done ive done a last of us part,two review i did a review for the golf,club games as well and ive done a,couple of others here or there not many,but as i said its something that i want,to do more so the seven ps are playing,plot people places picture phone which,is sounds basically and pop the pop,factor uh with like the wow factor and,now this isnt gonna strictly work for,this review well be changing it up a,little bit for the plane well be,talking about the gameplay of course for,the plot im gonna be discussing the,different modes the career mode the,societies all of that stuff um for the,people were gonna be talking about like,the pros the swings the animations uh,for the places well be discussing uh,discussing the courses uh for the,picture thats basically just the,graphics so that obviously will count,and the fun will be discussing the,sounds the commentary and the pop wont,really its kind of irrelevant so lets,jump on in we are going to start with,the gameplay the gameplay in this game,is well done in my opinion it has a,tempo system based on your backswing and,downswing rhythm with a swing plane to,go with it so you basically have to get,all of these things right together for,it to be a perfect swing and when you do,get them all right together its,actually quite satisfying especially on,the harder difficulties,now the tempo system at first was being,regularly manipulated by the best,players in the world with the red fast,technique im sure some of you remember,uh remember the red fast days i released,some red fast merch but i didnt do it,on purpose myself i was just super bad,yeah the red fast method was basically,where youd hit it red fast on purpose,because it was a consistent distance,which was easier to do than getting a,perfect tempo of course uh they fixed,this though and made it randomized how,far left and how far distance wise a red,fast will go also making black slows and,black fasts punish much more so this was,a change that made the long-term nature,of the gameplay much more respectable,and fun in my opinion,so fair play to 2k for getting on top,and changing that but overall the,difficulty levels in this game is what,makes it great if you want to have a,casual round then theres definitely,settings that can make this game,extremely easy where you can shoot minus,20 for 18 holes like you used to do on,the tiger woods games back in the day,but on the other end of the spectrum if,you want a real true challenge legendary,difficulty is insanely tough and you can,play without green grids you can play,without live grids anything you want to,do to make the the experience tougher,for yourself you can do that now pro,master and legends are the three,difficulties that i use and to be honest,theyre all enjoyable to play in,different instances,ive had tournaments with all of these,difficulties were currently doing a,legend all shot torment as it stands,which is the hardest difficulty insanely,tough and now you can customize each,difficulty setting,as well,but theyre each as fun as each other in,my opinion the love the level of golf,changes with each as well you know now,dont get me wrong this game can be,incredibly frustrating as well um no,round is going to be the same youre not,going to be on it every time you play,its very similar to real golf in that,regard its utterly satisfying when you,get it right and are playing well and,then its endlessly frustrating when,things are going wrong therell be,rounds where nothing goes right and you,have to grind it out and therell be,rounds where it feels like you really,cant do a thing wrong and youre,playing out of your mind but theres,always a bad shot around the corner a,mistake waiting to happen uh to bite you,in the ass and thats what makes golf so,great so thats the gameplay wrapped up,i think they found a really good formula,here im sure theyll fine-tune it a,little bit in future iterations of the,game uh but i think this is a system uh,that theyll be sticking with in terms,of gameplay but seeing as theres no,real plot to pga tour 2k21 im going to,replace this with the mode starting with,career mode now i do believe this is the,part of the game that is probably the,biggest letdown in my opinion uh theres,no cutscenes,or special feeling of glory uh when you,win a tournament theres no little,cutscene even just a little scene of,your guy holding a trophy and,celebrating a little bit would go a long,way theres not theres nothing in the,way of that which is quite disappointing,in my opinion and pga tour pros are used,to try and push a feeling of interest in,these tournaments uh but i would imagine,probably 95 percent of people turn the,highlights off after the first week,because theyre repetitive hold outs,from the bunker um and theyre glitched,the point where a lot of the highlights,really dont make sense at all theyre,putting for eagle on a 450 yard par four,and it just it just doesnt make any,sense whatsoever i think theres big,room for improvement in the next,iteration of 2k golf in this regard or,maybe this is something that the ea game,will look to capitalize within in-depth,career mode because theres definitely,um,its definitely lacking there ill say,that much the amount of licensed courses,and pros wasnt really a problem in my,opinion it was just the way in which,career was done was a letdown for me,personally i wanted a little bit more to,it than we got uh but now lets move on,to the next mode which is societies this,is one of the greatest aspects of the,game,and the golf club games before it as,well the sense of community togetherness,and competitiveness all in one is,absolutely awesome ive met some amazing,people through this game and the,societies is how i got people involved,in these tournaments i host as well,weve got a great group of lads and i i,i really am grateful,that they have these societies in these,games so so i can have a community like,this this is something that i feel like,every golf game should strive towards,being like in the multiplayer department,just having a community,aspect like that is is hugely important,in my opinion and that kind of tails off,into,multiplayer as a whole in this game i,guess now,this is a bit barren and bare theres,all shot matches and match play and,there is different modes you can play,but you can only do this,in nine hole matches on an official,course and it never really means,anything theres no ranked mode theres,no statistics to track how youve done,in these matches which i think,would be really nice i like the way,there was a rank mode in the rory,mcilroy game and i feel like thats,something that they definitely uh will,need in the future or hopefully ea have,that at least in their golf game so,theres a bit of everything in both the,golf games yeah just all feels a bit uh,pointless from a competitive aspect at,least its nice to go on and probably,just have a casual round with some,random people but in general pretty,unnecessary to even have that mode if,the if it was going to be the way it is,really and then finally theres divot,derby

PGA Tour 2K21 – Review

[Music],hello this is photography gamer welcome,back to the channel today im reviewing,pga tour 2k21 for the ps4 pga tour 2k21,is a golf simulation game developed by,hb studios so what is the game like to,play well you start by creating your own,unique golfer with a few options for,customization the first thing to talk,about is how you actually strike the,ball usually golf games they adopt a,power meter system you press a button to,start it moving press another button to,choose the power then press it again to,define the accuracy now that system is,present in a way but here instead of a,button pressed you use the analog stick,up and down to move the meter with the,straightness of that motion dictating,the accuracy,now does it work well yes and no at,times it felt very intuitive and really,perfectly suited to the game of golf at,others though it did feel a little bit,unresponsive and that brings me onto one,fatal flaw with this analog method its,flawed as almost all analog sticks,whether you think it or not have some,degree of drift in them so relying on an,analog stick for complete accuracy may,be a bridge too far for some gamers i,cant help but feel that the original,kind of standard power meter system in,other golf games is the vastly superior,model but then you do have a lot of,options here in terms of your shot,variety with each type of shot having a,different effect on the balls,trajectory,it doesnt quite strike the right,balance though between realism and fun,making most of the process of playing,this feel a little bit like hard work as,opposed to something entertaining there,are many game modes but one that youll,probably spend most of your time in is,the pga tour,you can start a career earn money buy,clothing clubs and watch your character,compete on a wide range of real and,fictional courses one big disappointment,was when you win a tour event you dont,see anything theres no presentation no,cutscene no nothing you literally just,get this jpeg image on the screen of a,cup its very poor,its really i dont really understand,why you would reward the players who,have to play quite a sort of intense,round or four rounds even of golf with,nothing other than a photograph of a,trophy its really quite rubbish you can,play locally with friends or online and,there are communities you can join the,game also features a course editor which,is a very nice touch and it definitely,adds replay value and longevity so in,summary its a pretty good simulation of,golf but a game that perhaps takes,itself a little bit too seriously,graphically the courses look very,picturesque and the shot animations are,nice and smooth however the menus have a,curious layout at times making,navigating to some very basic things,unnecessarily complex also the fans that,are on the courses are pretty shambolic,you know they look like cardboard,cutouts that literally do nothing at all,the sound effects are good but the,commentary sadly lets the game down the,commentary team are about as dry as you,could imagine its like listening to,your grandparents mumbled to themselves,going off on nonsensical tangents you,will end up muting them very quickly,because its just an endless stream of,cringy gems,okay whats good and whats bad whats,good pga tour mode is in depth and as,close to real golf as youre going to,get in a game the shot variety is,impressive and the course selection is,extensive whats bad the analog control,system is flawed the game takes itself a,little too seriously the amount of,effort you have to put in doesnt equate,to what you actually get in terms of a,reward,tournament wins felt pointless as you,get no awards ceremony at all the game,is littered with micro transactions and,advertising it every time you log in is,completely unnecessary,so whats the verdict pga tour 2k21 is a,solid golf simulation that replicates,the experience of golf in a pretty,believable way but that is one of its,major problems golf is a minority sport,for a reason its dry stuffy and elitist,the reason games like everybodys golf,and mario golf are so popular is because,they focus on making golf fun and,accessible for all this game goes down,the opposite path and for golfing,purists im sure it wont be a problem,but for most gamers this game really,wont hit the mark perhaps a lighter,touch might have made it more,entertaining or accessible as even in,victory i cant say that i ever really,enjoyed it think of it more like a,challenge than entertainment and if golf,is your thing and youre a super serious,person then youll probably get the most,from this but if its fun youre after,then i would avoid so my score for pga,tour 2k 2-1 is 7 out of 10. okay that,was the review thank you for watching if,you enjoyed the video please like and,subscribe this is photography gamer,signing off thank you,[Music],you

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