1. Pittsburgh Marathon Course Preview
  2. Living in Downtown Pittsburgh: A Firsthand Account
  3. Report: Lions Looking to Trade for Steelers QB Mason Rudolph
  4. Patriot of the Republic Talks about the PGH Monsanto Protest March! 6/1/13
  5. Wrestling Fans becoming too sensitive
  6. Last Chance Trolley: Tranforming Western Pennsylvanians Into Pittsburghers
  7. In the Garden: Planting cool weather veggies, a beautiful accident and sprouting dandelions too

Pittsburgh Marathon Course Preview

[Music],theres absolutely nothing like the,start its just a mob scene dark early,the gun goes off it starts chances are,youre going to be back from the,starting line and to take you a while to,cross that state line but the energy is,just awesome there so for me the hard,thing is just in that not get caught up,in all the excitement and stubborn about,my pace the nice easy start everybody,should really be taking it easy at the,beginning sign up with a pacer we dont,start too fast thats one of the,problems with a lot of new runners is,they they get excited and they want to,stay with the crowd and they may go,faster in the first part than in then,pay for it on the second part so thats,a significant deal when you come through,the Strip District here its kind of,weird because this is empty of the,statistics ever will be all the,businesses are closed theres no cars or,anything then you turn onto the 16th,Street bridge and thats when the,spectators really begin the bridges is,completely lined with people,[Music],coming around the common there is a,pinch point as you come back down into,the North Shore so just be aware roads,are imperfect and unfortunately we cant,make them widened once theyre both so,we had to bring you down the common and,theres a little bit of a pinch point,but it really doesnt last more than,about 200 250 feet and youre free to go,and thats where the center point in and,the West End bridge really represents a,decent incline so youre really going to,want to think through how you want to,watch that West End bridge the turn left,influence stage right there and its,a really magical moment because you turn,the corner you see all these people,dancing and the spectators are,everywhere and it means you a huge,adrenaline rush and thats where the,race begins now youre doing the half,here at the halfway point to do both,youve got this long desolate isolated,stretch on East Carson Street where,theres nobody there theres nothing,there this is really the next three to,four miles here from West End to the,Birmingham Bridge this is where you,really just put your head down and run,if youre running the half marathon you,want to break two hours youve been on a,nine minute pace up to that point,now you need to bank some time and run,some 830 miles the thing I remember most,is the smell of bacon because all these,restaurants as youre coming through or,getting prepped for brunch or breakfast,so you really get this strong stone,bacon as you run down East Carson view,Birmingham Bridge here we go another,incline and its actually a hill that,you can kind of work in stages and its,just really getting starting off with a,slower pace working the hill towards the,top,[Music],[Music],now going through Homewood represents a,nice mostly flat I mean there are some,grades here and there that youll find,but nothing like what you found in your,first 13 miles so its kind of another,great way to experience the city check,out what happens in East Liberty and,Highland Park its really amazing the,transformation has been taking place and,kind of use this as an opportunity to,enjoy the tour youre on running through,Homewood and there was a woman in a,purple robe on her front portion she was,banging a pot with a wooden spoon,yelling out numbers runners saw me and I,see you work in 1432 I looked up instead,Im talking to you baby,thank you oh it excites it helps me a,lot,[Music],[Music],the people in Bloomfield have been,fantastic theyve come out every year,they celebrated the marathon theyre,really proud that the marathon comes,right through their neighborhood so,theyd really like to do a lot of,different things in Bloomfield youll,see neighborhood people just coming out,off their Porsches to watch you run so,take advantage of those crowds take your,mind off whats happening to your body,at this point because youre beyond mile,20 the first time that I ran it my legs,were cramping I had this big blister,forming in my foot everything hurt and I,was just miserable and I wanted to cry,when I saw that we go and they were,handing out little Dixie Cups full of,beer and I looked at them I said you,guys hanging out beer they said yeah one,night actually I want to and I drink,them both and then told myself thats,right this is fun were doing this,because this is fun at this point you,may have been meaning to start walking,which is fine,theres a medal at the end just for,everybody who finishes the event so,dont feel bad if you need to walk take,a walk breaks if you need to and keep,going because you can do this,[Music]

Living in Downtown Pittsburgh: A Firsthand Account

downtown living is a growing phenomenon,in Pittsburgh despite the age-old,question just where do you buy groceries,a journalist from Beaver County got to,find out firsthand what its all about,during the month of October when he was,the winner of a months free rent in a,furnished apartment at River View a,newly converted apartment building,overlooking Point State Park the drawing,was sponsored by imagine Pittsburgh calm,a talent attraction and retention,initiative of the Allegheny conference,on community development which of course,co produces this program fresh off his,month of living downtown Bill Vidonic is,here with us today Bills a reporter,with the Pittsburgh tribune-review,welcome good to see ya thank you Bill so,how was Beaver County native right so,youre obviously no stranger to the,region and even and even to Pittsburgh,but did living downtown for a month,change your perceptions at all he did,actually in and I was very surprised,because Ive worked in Pittsburgh for,about three and a half years now at the,Tribune review and you dont you dont,quite always get a feel for the city,living because youre running from place,to place you know youre on an,assignment you dont have a chance to,really stop and look around and I was I,was very very surprised by many things a,lot more people living downtown than I,thought a lot more activity at night you,know the joke about sidewalks folding up,after six oclock I dont agree with,that really so you really seen that,change cuz that was the yeah that,certainly been the line for many many,years about pizza its not a 24-hour,city someday it has to become a 24-hour,city there has to be stuff to do after,6:00 yeah absolutely I I was lucky I got,in on the Pittsburgh playoff Peretz,playoffs oh well yeah you were here at a,good time but yeah and the rubber duck,Rock miss the duck enormous leap but,that also obviously brought in hundreds,of thousands of additional people that,wouldnt have been there but there was a,lot just an energy a lot of activity,downtown,Market Square to arguably now I think,the focal point of downtown Pittsburgh,in downtown living a lot of nice,restaurants a lot of bars really,interesting to see like any time of the,day or night people sitting out on the,table theyre sitting at the tables you,know just hanging around playing chess,catching up with friends it was just it,was very nice to see a lot of people,around,well and yeah become a gathering point,you especially see it at lunchtime,youre even seeing that in the early,evenings now people still know if the,weather is nice and the restaurant scene,has improved quite a bit yes and I can,attest to that over the past couple,weeks a lot of selection some yes it can,be expensive but there still are a lot,of plate moderately priced priced places,that you can go to for a quick bite so,definitely expanding cuisine many many,selections so it sounds like oh I,thought the restaurants standing in lieu,of the grocery store yes funny when you,said that to earlier I laughed you,definitely do still need a full-service,grocery store I think thats the biggest,piece of the puzzle thats still,laughing within walking distance because,you can jump across the Allegheny or you,can jump across the Mon right there,grocery stores supermarkets on the,Southside and over kind of in the East,Allegheny area absolutely but its this,business of just nothing everything else,is in walking distance right yeah thats,right everything else is you know,restaurants movies shows bars anything,really in there are places where you can,pick pick up one or two food items but,yeah I think I I think a full service,would be nice to be able to walk there,grab some things and then head back to,your apartment yeah nice about the,apartment building itself its the old,state office building for people who,kind of remember that that structure,next to whats now the Windham it used,to be the Hilton but a completely,renovate absolutely yeah how was it a,view very spectacular view I had friends,stopping over very jealous of the view,just stand there and go wow it was,beautiful view,very nice renovations,youd never know it was a former office,building in many respects very nice,people a nice mix of professionals,always folks are very friendly always,saying hi a lot of dogs too its a,building that youre allowed pets and,there were a lot of folks that had dogs,but they were never a problem either so,its a little more and more of a,neighborhood feel Pittsburgh and in that,area absolutely so what do you think I,know youre a beaver county board and,bred happy living out there but what,would you say to folks that are,contemplating moving downtown,I would definitely would encourage it it,especially for single people you know I,always heard the complaint you theres,nothing to do downtown and if theres,nothing if you can say that youre not,looking hard enough,thats all there is to it there was,always every night every day every night,I was there there was something for me,to do and I was on vacation one of the,weeks that I stayed there and just,explored the town and saw things Id,never seen before even though it worked,here for more than three years and lived,here for more than 40 years Wow well,pretty terrific glad you had a great,time had a great testimonial for the new,downtown Bill Vidonic from the,Pittsburgh tribune-review appreciate it,thank you,next up small business owners take out,their crystal balls and well find out,what they see ahead when our regions,business returns stay with us

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Report: Lions Looking to Trade for Steelers QB Mason Rudolph

[Music],uh,mesa rudolph to the alliance andrew,philipponi reported it the other day you,got to take that with the grain of salt,like i said,is theyre asking for a third thats,what ive heard,do you think at this point,theres real conversations that mason,could go,maybe omar khan went on the pat mcafee,show today and said he doesnt have any,intentions of,trading in quarterbacks when obviously,if youre a general manager youre not,going to come out and,whats at least viewed in the public as,an open quarterback competition and say,hey like yeah well trade one of these,guys dont worry,i think if mason continues to,carry himself and play like he has and,you know through training camp in the,first preseason game theres got to be,some value there like if if a,quarterback and eddy team barring any,injuries like we saw with zach wilson in,new york,theyre theyre gonna want a veteran,quarterback who has proven,that they could win at the next level,not consistently but proven they could,win,and i mean if its just depending on,what the steelers are willing to willing,to give away i mean you hear general,managers talk about it all the time,theyre not listening uh sorry theyre,not doing their jobs if theyre ignoring,offers and theyre not listening to,other teams and you know talk about what,they want to give up for him um,i find it very hard any of these guys,are going to be moved though,see i did,find it very hard but i think at this,point,like whats the point i mean i dont,think its going to happen until the,first week of september lets say come,the first week of september youve,agreed with the rest of everything else,that mitch trubitsky is your starter,kenny pickett is your number two and,youre comfortable with chris olidokan,sliding his way out of the practice,squad,whats stopping you from saying okay,lets,lets ship him out of here for something,because teams are gonna call like i,believe that the detroit lions have made,a phone call to say hey is mason,available i believe that that has,happened,i i do why why does stop teams from,doing that i mean its not like masons,a bad quarterback hes not a starting,quality quarterback but if youre a team,like the lions who just cuts their,backup quarterback so now theyre,looking for somebody,what i i dont know i dont know whats,stopping you from saying well mason,rudolph is probably on the table,sure but like i think this boils down to,like the price point like what are the,detroit lions willing to pay what are,the steelers willing to kind of like,negotiate down for themselves on because,if if were talking about the steelers,initially wanting a third round pick for,him if im detroit im telling them to,go take a hike you know where and im,trying to find a quarterback and,somewhere else on another team,all right,what team like where where are you,looking,theres a lot of quarterbacks out there,yeah feel the lines if youre looking,for a backup theres a lot of backups,out there but how many are actually,going to be up for a trade how many are,how many teams are actually going to,listen to you to say okay yeah maybe,well talk about this guy for a backup,quarterback i im sure you can find a,backup quarterback in the nfl who can,produce similar results and can do,similar things on the football field,like mason rudolph does for a much,cheaper cost,i dont agree with that i think that,itd be very difficult where are you,going to find a quarterback that has 17,games of nfl experience a winning bro,theres like theres 35 year old,quarterbacks out on like 30 year old,quarterbacks out on the market just,waiting to be signed like the pool i,dont think people understand the pool,of like,veteran quarterbacks who have started,maybe like 10 or like 16 games or maybe,even a couple years dude,the pool of guys waiting for another,opportunity is limitless you can find,somebody else like i i i dont think,theyre trying to find anybody else,thats going to try to unseat jared goff,i dont think masons trying to unseat,jericho i dont think they look at him,like mr rudolph is currently trying to,put himself as a starting quarterback in,pittsburgh yeah he is and when that,doesnt happen thats what i mean its,not going to come until september so,when it happens in september and hes,not a starting quarterback you cant,walk into detroit heading into week one,and be the starter that would never,happen so at that point hes got to,accept his role as the backup and i,think he will because whats his other,option to be a third stringer here with,where everybody hates you i i think that,if they do if they did call if they,continue to call,i like hes not stepping on anybodys,toes,and hes probably,one of the best options for a backup,quarterback,in the nfl and on top of that name a,quarterback who is going to replicate a,a completely motionless jared goff like,mesa rudolph,there is no he is he is the poor mans,jared goff,he yes yeah i i dont know man,whats the difference between them they,cant run neither of them are mobile,both of them,took his team to a super bowl no he did,not sean mcvay took his team to a super,bowl thats like saying jimmy garoppolo,shannon took yeah no,no that was sean mcvay,he was on the ramps youre right that,was jimmy garoppolo thats like saying,jimmy garoppolo took the 49ers to a,super bowl no he did not,aaron donald took a team to a super bowl,really quick,five quarterbacks tyrod taylor ryan,fitzpatrick,andys on the team cam newton,is he,youre not you are not signing cam,newton get that name on colin kaepernick,youre not signing colin kaepernick get,that name out of there too be realistic,with these,tyrod taylor ill give you but im,pretty sure hes on a team andy dalton i,will definitely give you i think ann,daltons a good one brock osweiler nice,no no,no,no,i dont think the options are out there,ryan fitzpatrick retired,aj mccarron,aj mccarron thats thats about it to be,honest yeah,no theres not see its not out there,its not like masons expensive there,its not masons three million dollars,you could pay your backup quarterback,three million dollars hes young so he,you know hes gonna learn an offense a,lot easier than,a guy like you know andy daltons gonna,come in here and try to adapt to a new,offense again he is a poor mans jared,goff very average football player who,cant do anything else,why i think it works i think i didnt,think of detroit i think in detroit now,i think that he,i think he would fit in well as a number,two there this is a better opportunity,for a report from andrew phillipone who,you said take with a grain of salt i do,say take it with a grain of salt do i,think its actually going to happen,no but i think that it its much,more likely to happen now than than it,was two weeks ago i mean like,because theres no point in keeping them,you have right now the steelers are,trying to decide between,six between eight wide receivers what,six to keep they have an undrafted,running back whos fighting his butt off,for a roster spot whos probably worthy,of one youre gonna keep five safeties,which has never happened in the history,of football you got six inside,linebackers like,a dozen defensive lineman to pick,through,i think i like where you why would you,keep a third quarterback,that just doesnt you know just sit to,be inactive,you know like its just like if youre,gonna make a roster spot,thats where it rudolph seems like,pretty easy choice to me,[Music]

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Patriot of the Republic Talks about the PGH Monsanto Protest March! 6/1/13

hi this is Patriot of the Republic Mike,former and the topic that Im going to,speak about right now its going to be,about the Monsanto protest march here,that took place here in Pittsburgh PA it,was also a worldwide protest march,against monsanto and Monsanto is a,company that makes genetically modified,processed foods we the people of,Pittsburgh Pennsylvania why not and took,and took and a piss in the worldwide,march against monsanto monsanto is,responsible for processing and making,poisons like ancient orange that was,used heavily in the Vietnam conflict in,Vietnam and theyre also responsible for,making poisons another poison known as,round up to kill the weeds Monsanto,started at in the chemical company and I,just mentioned that they were,responsible for processing and making,ancient orange but for the Vietnam,conflict and also making improv the,chemical round up to kill the weeds then,they decided to get into a food but this,is the type of food that would not be,healthy for you and in it will kill you,they basically genetically modified,seeds for him for an example they,modified they figured out how to way to,modify and genetically modify,seed to put poison into a see the corn,seed they made they had a bunch of corn,crops a few years ago back a few years,ago they had genetically modified corn,crops with the poisoning the bees the,honey bees were trying to pollinate and,when they got to the monsanto,genetically modified corn poison corn,crops they died and Monsanto came up,with the reasoning for their death that,it the it was kind of cold that season,and and the bees came out too early and,they died because of the vast coldness,they just came out way too early to,pollinate and that was their excuse but,Im going to get back to the the protest,march against monsanto that took place,in pittsburgh pennsylvania and it was,part of part of a worldwide protest well,the pit Im going to Kent Im going to,mention about the Pittsburgh,publications one of the Pittsburgh,publications news media publications,they reported that there were only three,hundred people that attended this,Monsanto protest rally March thats,thats totally not true there was at,least a thousand that well at least a,thousand well over 1,000 people that,attended the the Monsanto protest march,here in Pittsburgh PA I did attend it,there was there wasnt no 300,it wasnt 300 people that truly attended,it was 1088 people that attended the the,protest march against monsanto here in,Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and,some of the news the news media like the,TV and radio one of the media,publications for the television radio,only gave a 30-second take on the UH,Monsanto March and that was it it should,have been covered it should have been at,least a minute or maybe at least five or,ten minutes on the saw the reason why,the people were marching in this protest,against monsanto so they could come up,produce the real reasons why monsanto is,bad the genetically modified processed,crap its it the nutrition value its,its nothing they do that with the,chickens they basically Monsanto clones,chickens and they have a perfectly grown,chicken clone chicken and about five,days and its also unhealthy and not,good to eat and they also genetically,modified seeds and the people behind,that fun the funding mechanism of the of,Monsanto they this funding mechanism,that I would to say the Rothchilds the,Rockefellers the Warburgs JP Morgan and,people like that they have special,genetically modified seeds,that are heavily illuminant aluminum,resistant and well you know those,eliminated well a lemon lemon aluminum,resistant seeds is supposed to combat,the the chem trails that are putting a,lot of aluminum in the air and whenever,you put the chemtrails they just hover,up there for hours theyre just trying,to manipulate the atmosphere and create,a UH a greenhouse effect and then just,blame it on global warming but these,elitists they are they built a private,seed vault with eliminate a lemon heaven,they created a genetically modified seed,thats actually healthy that could,resist a vast amount of aluminum and,they put it up in the north pole or in,the Arctic I see a big giant seed vault,but I just wanted to touch base the,Pittsburgh tribune-review one of the,Pittsburgh publications reported that,two or three hundred people that,attended the so-called protest march,against monsanto here in pittsburgh PA,that is not true there was about at,least a thousand or over a thousand,people that attended this march against,monsanto here in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania and a lot of administrators,that hell administrate a dis march,against monsanto here in Pittsburgh,there are requesting the Tribune ravine,review and other Pittsburgh newspaper,publications to print a retraction,giving the true numbers the true nature,and the real truth to why we the people,of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania took part of,the world,wyd protest march against monsanto on,May twenty-fifth of 2013 and i would,like to also touch base with the,administrators of the Pittsburgh,Monsanto March i would like to invite,them for a dialogue speak to gary vee at,true central to open up some kind of,dialogue for the up the next upcoming,march would probably take place in 2014,i know thats the administrators are,working on that very diligently and very,hard i hope we could at least to open up,some kind of dialogue with the,administrators or anybody else that has,a lot of knowledge on Monsanto we could,open up a dialogue and maybe have you as,a speaker at true central any of the,administrators that help administrator,the the Monsanto march here in,Pittsburgh PA maybe we could have you as,a speaker or anybody else that its an,expert on Monsanto maybe we can make,arrangements open up open up a dialogue,and create a healthy and good flourish,abul relationship at true central i will,have the contact information down below,the definition box of this video the,contact information of gary vee the,telephone number the email addresses for,true central and also my contract,contact information well this is patriot,of the Republic saying so long and,goodbye for now and God bless everyone,have a good day bye

Wrestling Fans becoming too sensitive

so the labor day raw is over,and the number one thing that im taking,away from it is a sensitivity and,ridiculousness,of that sensitivity from much,of the wwe universe,okay i wont lump everybody maybe its,not even much,but its sure enough to annoy the hell,out of me,sasha banks called dana brook miss piggy,cue the outrage,do people forget this is a show,its entertainment its not real,you know the pro wrestling scene wwe,specifically its either too fake or too,real,either you cant say that you cant do,that whoa,whoa impressionable and young kids,or,this stuff doesnt matter its scripted,its fake fighting,why could it never just fall in the,middle,where the beautiful unique art belongs,not as real as it could be,not as fake as it could be you know and,never mind this,miss piggys an iconic muppet,a beautiful blonde she stole the heart,of kermit a timeless frog whos an,entertainer,anyhow this is all done,towards the end of sasha banks who gives,us emotional,almost without even saying it teases,like retirements gonna happen everybody,just sees flashbacks of daniel obrien,its come to the end of this very,well-performed speech oscar-worthy i,might say,i think all the sensitivity and boo-ha,over the miss piggy com is all just,deflection from those who dont like to,be worked they hate to admit theyve,been worked i like to be worked i like,it in this day and age and im so,consumed in this product when i can get,work when they can pull my my heart by,the strings or they can play puppet,master all right isnt it amazing that,the the those that are so that everybody,is so invested in that are such,favorites to talk about sasha banks,kevin owens like last week isnt it,amazing that they can get us the most,riled up and believe that everything is,going to be real thats a rare special,thing for talent to do in this day and,age,when i hear all this sensitivity all i,can ask myself at the very end of it all,is are these people are they part of the,same group of people,that clamors that they need tv 14 to,return that say raw and wwe is no good,because its gone too family-friendly,its not enough ads not enough attitude,because if they are i dont think they,can handle the attitude,reality check if this were 1998 in wwf,sasha banks forget the miss piggy,comment she would have accused dana,brooke of having some kind of a sexual,relationship with charlotte thats after,dana brooke of course is being accused,of having a sex change operation if you,dont like that did i just offend you,well turn it off because this podcast,has got more coming its trib live radio,dont go anywhere

Last Chance Trolley: Tranforming Western Pennsylvanians Into Pittsburghers

imagine being in a rural field or small,town 20 miles or so from the city of,pittsburgh in the distance you hear the,rumble of grinding steel the sound of an,industrial era gone by,followed by the ringing of a bell that,fills you with anticipation theyre,dinging bells and the sparks that,sometimes flew i love the way it sounded,i like the way it clacked the sound that,the wheels made on this steel rail and,then you see it,a brightly colored trolley car ambling,down a track,today your life is about to change the,the wind is blowing in off the,iacogainey river and here comes the,streetcar and i knew it would be warm,and cozy inside youll make friends on,that trolley you might meet your future,husband or wife for sure you will be,transported from that empty field to the,big city probably was always the way to,get to something special but it was,special in itself to a world of lights,and ideas live theater and movies and,food youve never tasted before it,connects you to everything a pirates,game a romance coming home from work or,going off to war,the trolley transformed a region and its,people many of todays thriving,communities owe their existence to the,trolley and the trolley transported an,industrial city into the modern age with,each stop,until its final ride its a revolution a,transportation revolution i love the,trolley i love them i still love,trolleys you just go catch that trolley,and ride,[Music],in pittsburgh the trolleys or street,cars got their start in 1859 when they,were pulled by horses and went very very,slow,in those days well i guess the best way,to say it is to paraphrase orson welles,from the movie the magnificent ambersons,the only public conveyance was the,streetcar,a lady could call to it from an upstairs,window and the car would wait until she,came forth from the house,[Applause],but it was a beginning the beginning of,something that turned smaller towns into,bigger hubs in those early days of the,mid 19th century,most people,worked and lived in the same area same,neighborhood you had to live close to,your work because you walked to work the,trolley was what enabled people to live,more than walking distance from their,job,that made the town the suburbs thats,what grew the suburbs the private homes,and so on and it just seemed like the,way to go you didnt have to walk,through muddy streets,you didnt have to saddle your horse or,or get a ride from someone else so it,became public transportation truly,public transportation but by the turn of,the century around 1900 electric,streetcars replaced horse-drawn cars and,things really speeded up boy electricity,was big and of course westinghouse,right here in pittsburgh with its,electrical,motors that could drive wheels,that was a huge invention once,electricity,was readily available with these power,stations and trolleys trolley is that,springy rod on top of the,the streetcar that touches an electric,wire,those things were everywhere now and it,was the utility companies that really,pushed the streetcar business because,they already had the rights of way and,they had the utility poles that could,then power the trolley cars the horse,cars had helped to some degree but they,werent all that much faster than,walking the trolley doubled and tripled,the speed that was probably the biggest,jump in speed,more so than jets replacing the,propeller planes really and as the,trolleys sped up so did pittsburghs,population growth 60 000 people in 1859,1860 right before the civil war,by,1920 there were nearly 600 000 people in,pittsburgh tenfold,increase and whole neighborhoods,grew up as a result of the trolley lines,they followed where the trolley,would bring people,as,trolley lines expanded as they were,electrified,people could go farther out and,the 90 neighborhoods of pittsburgh were,connected by a trolley,the trolley was reaching its heyday in,pittsburgh complementing the beauty of,the city the predominant streetcar,operator in western pennsylvania was the,pittsburgh railways company at its peak,in 1918 it operated 99 trolley routes,using 2 000 trolley cars running over,600 miles of track,in 1925,there were over 370 million riders,counted that year,youre looking out the front window of,the ardmore trolley on your way to,forest hills,theres a slow rhythm to the trolley as,it rocks back and forth but dont let,that fool you because the trolleys were,picking up speed propulsion and control,equipment had made possible the,expansion of city streetcar systems,pittsburgh suburbs were now being,connected via trolley lines including,latrobe home to future childrens,television star fred rogers,but those were the days when there were,very few cars in latrobe but there was,that what they called the tunerville,trolley which was sort of a train that,went through la trobe and went out to,ligonier went out to idlewild and we,used to go on that for the school,picnics is that where you got your idea,of a trolley that basically,it may have been,i just love trolling when fred was,creating the program he was thinking,exactly of the neighborhood and you know,the bakery the,the music shop,creating a neighborhood and,and the trolley,was,the means of getting getting around the,neighborhood it is that,connection,and thats what,trolleys did here in a larger area of,pittsburgh connected pittsburgh once,that trolleys became more available then,average people could come to the city,center to shop and to,socialize your life revolved around the,streetcar pittsburgh is a classic,example of that you took the streetcar,to work you took the streetcar to school,to the movies to go shopping everywhere,we traveled it was either by trolley or,by train,wed catch a trolley go downtown,would end up either going to the zoo or,the museum,we would do a lot of shopping in,downtown pittsburgh,and the way to go,would be,either by train or by trolley i only,used the trolley when we were going,somewhere special when we were going to,take the trolley to go down to forbes,field to watch the pirates play,or when we were going to downtown,pittsburgh my grandfather would take me,to see a movie or a play downtown,pittsburgh people were going,somewhere and there was addition and,they they dressed up because they were,going,to downtown pittsburgh you would you,would dress up,i wore my fanciest dresses,i wore my patent leather shoes,we always wore white gloves it was a big,deal to go to downtown pittsburgh we,didnt go to downtown very often and we,would go downtown,and my mother and i would go downtown,shopping we would go into coffmans,and then come back and go to mcrorys,and have lunch and that was a special,treat,and just as trolleys were bringing,people to commerce the placement of,advertisements on the trolleys were,bringing commerce to the people and the,ads on the trolley cars were a feast for,the eyes,some of the ad slots had,this week,visit the ice capades at the new king,gardens theyd have starring so and so,and so and so the heinz ads were,particularly eye-catching after all the,home of the 57 was a clean spot in,pittsburgh a city where at the time you,could go blind as a bat from the smog as,the saying goes,nothing like a delicious can of cooked,spaghetti i always say,and its nice to know youre buying,ketchup that contains no benzoate of,soda,and what about heinz pure cider vinegar,those apples look like theyve just been,pulled off the tree,and its interesting too i wonder why,theyre up so high but you know when,people stand in a trolley if the seats,are all gone,youre at ad level you can you can just,read all the ads,in the early days of the trolley in,western pennsylvania many folks lived in,neighborhoods where the people were just,like them,italian-american neighborhoods irish,polish african-american neighborhoods,once you were on the trolley you were,with people who were like you but also,people who were different from you and,that inspired a term for the trolleys,rolling melting pots well look at,pittsburgh and you look at all the,differen

In the Garden: Planting cool weather veggies, a beautiful accident and sprouting dandelions too

this is a place for planting for digging,for harvesting for relaxing its a place,to get your hands dirty but most of all,its about having fun and thats what,youll always have when youre in the,garden with Doug coaster you want a,green thumb too dont you spring is here,the birds are singing and when we can,smell the hyacinths this is awesome and,before we plant these cool weather crops,and you should be planning cool weather,crops we have to take a look at a,beautiful accident and thats the best,kind sometimes you just never know what,its going to look like when youre,planting bulbs in the fall but check out,these new glorious snow with the yellow,daffodils blue and yellow that works,based and again beautiful accidents Ive,got lots of them in the garden but now,weve got to get to work follow me well,fellow trip columnist and radio partner,jessica walliser is a bug expert and she,has told me to leave up all my,perennials and grasses to help the,beneficial bugs but its given me to go,ahead its time to cut this stuff down,clean it up so were going to remove all,this old brown stuff to make the garden,look better and its going to go right,in the compost pile so lets get to work,its funny all those years that I left,this stuff up just because i was lazy,was actually a good thing for the,beneficial insects the irony Ive waited,long enough to that a lot of the stuff,just coming out real easy hopefully,everything its hatching out supposed to,hatch out did its thing I put these,supports up for my peonies last year,just gotta fix them up here a little bit,and theyll go right through it and they,wont flop over in May when theyre,blooming all right looks pretty good,there we go perfect,alright well in my clean up I found,something amazing these are alliums from,the onion family and the deer have,started to eat them I hope its just a,browsing thing but theyre not supposed,to do that alright Im going to finish,up here this bed looks so much better,and then if were going in the veggie,garden and getting some planning going,thats going to be awesome im sure most,gardeners know its too early to plant,tender crops like tomatoes or peppers,those go in at the end of may but there,are lots of things we can plant right,now and something i just love planting,right now were all these cool weather,crops weve got lettuce and mixed greens,and spinach all sorts of stuff here and,ive got a bed here a really nice,compost I know youre probably tired of,me saying this but if your soil is too,wet dont work it it sticks to the,shovel its too wet this is good compost,what do you think of the compost and,nothing to this were just going to get,these plants in and give them a right,amount of distance between each other to,make a nice carpet here after just a few,weeks and were going to start with,something called tat SOI tat SOI is from,the mustard family it has to have cool,weather as soon as it gets warm its,going to both its going to go to seed,were not even going to split them up,too much thats about right and like I,said those will grow together to make a,nice carpet in here think about tat so,its its a very mild green and when you,throw it in the salad nobody knows the,difference theyre going to love it,this is Red Sails lettuce and i got,these transplants from DJs greenhouse,and transfer PA Dennis James is the,source of my upcoming story this week,and everybody gardens all about cool,weather crops and weve been dodging,raindrops all day and this is the,perfect time to plant because then you,dont have to water thats why I love,planting on rainy days rains coming I,can smell it my wife thinks Im crazy,when I say that but I can smell it,alright I am going to finish planting,and then I have one more thing to show,you before we finish up hooray the,dandelions we started from seed have,come up cant wait to harvest them and,theyre good for you I told you I,smelled the Ray I love spring though,send out some radishes here that we,started in January actually these will,go into a cell this is a garden bed,filled with tulips and garlic its the,only place I can plant tulips because,its fenced in the deer cant get to it,now check me out in line for lots more,information about gardening and how to,join my seat of the month club till next,week Im going to do a little bit more,planting to the rain comes out in,earnest well see you that cool weather,thats tables are growing for your,dinner table that is all business teach,you how to grow beast internet Aram,[Music],cuz its crazy,you

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