1. Phigolf review – Home golf simulator review – WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!
  2. Phigolf WGT Edition Full Review
  3. Review of PhiGolf | A Deep Dive into the The $250 Golf Simulator
  4. Can this Tiny Golf Simulator Actually Produce Accurate Results? Shocking Results!
  5. Golf Simulator For Home | Phigolf Review, Unboxing and Game Play | New Nine Golf Unboxing
  6. PHIGOLF Simulator | Watch BEFORE You Buy!! (FULL REVIEW)
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Phigolf review – Home golf simulator review – WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!

in this video i will do a review of the,fire golf home simulator golf system,um is it worth getting find out in this,video,oh thats a hook,this is the fire golf system,actually the sensor on top,here,is the most important part of the fire,golf system and then you have a club,with a regular golf grip,and a little heavy ball in the end here,so lets try it out on my tv here in my,living room connected to my tv through,the apple tv lets do this,[Music],i have my friend lars who you have seen,in other videos with me today he does,not play golf and we are here to try the,fire golf system together to see how,accurate and good it is,for real golfers so lars what do you,think so far,its great,actually wasnt that bad,well not as far as you uh,128.5 meter drive i need more practice,so how do you use this system well you,have to set it up as a normal club,and address the ball like if its,actually a ball there,and now it says ready swing so i should,just do my normal golf swing,thats a good shot im on the green come,on yeah,on the green,im happy about that,now lars has,89.2 meters to the green or to the flag,so what hes gonna do is dont swing yet,be ready but dont swing,what the fire golf does is it chooses,the right club for you so now it says,pitching wedge down on the screen there,and it says address the ball,so lars please address the ball,all right it says ready now lets go,a little short,now lets head to topgolf to see this,fire golf system in action with my real,clubs lets go,we are here at topgolf in the full swing,golf simulator and we are gonna put the,phi golf,sensor to the test i have my six iron,the wilson d9 irons,and i have put the fire golf sensor in,on top of my 6 iron so now were going,to put it up against,full swing lets see how it goes,thats a good shot actually,im very happy with that result its,167 meters long,in total uh thats uh after the rollout,carrie was 156.,lets look at the numbers,so shot distance,from full swing was 167 shot distance in,the fire golf is 162.1,thats pretty accurate i would say,lets try another one,thats good thats on the center line,oh look at that,oh,just right off center im very happy,with that shot that shot went,168 meters lets see the number on the,fire golf,155.5,look at the swing its a little bit off,i would say,okay,uh club path still minus nine face angle,minus 2.8 face angle on the full swing,simulator was 0.0,it was completely square im not sure,how accurate the fire golf is even with,a real club to be honest uh its,looks more to be a gimmick to be honest,yeah its like we from uh we go from,nintendo thats more like it,that was the six iron lets test it with,the driver lets go so lets take the,sensor off my six iron,just take it out from the hole callaway,big bertha b21 driver,lets try it put the sensor in,just it can be a little hard,twisting it is a good idea and then,you kind of align it,to,your,club head if all your shots go to the,right or to the left all the time its a,good idea to aim the club,and to do that you press the button once,and you aim the sensor the way you want,it if you want it more to the left you,aim it to the left and thats how it,works and you press press it again,and now youre aimed perfectly so thats,how you aim,the,sensor if its not correct lets do this,the drive goes to the left,more like a hook,but how long is it,total distance,its going to be,interesting im guessing 205,meters,216 meters in total,lets look at the phi numbers,thats pretty accurate actually 208,meters,oh thats a hook,thats a bad shot but,lets see how the,how long it went,206 meters lets check out the fire golf,oh,249 meters,that is completely off i dont think i,have ever hit that far in real life,the graphics it reminds me of a 90s game,on nintendo yeah i would say its,actually its really horrible yeah for,today isnt it for todays standard it,looks horrible yeah,its really bad actually,but,and the feel of it i mean the menus and,everything it feels like its from the,90s,and the music what can you say about the,music in the game horrible,its one of the worst music ive ever,heard its like uh music from uh sitcom,from the 90s yeah its uh they will use,this music,in torture im not kidding you yeah and,its the same one its the same one,looping and you can hear the loop yeah,yeah its really bad,so uh,would i recommend this uh system for uh,a pro golfer or for somebody serious in,golf,uh never never in a million years im,gonna sell it,the moment im done with this video its,not worth getting to be honest,its probably something youll try out,for an hour and then yeah,thats what i did i mean i tried it for,a couple of hours maybe yeah,its really not worth your time or money,if you have kids that want to play golf,at home and have some fun with the,family thats fine thats what its for,its like a nintendo system,back in the days,but for anything else to look at your,swing to get anything from your golf,game dont look elsewhere please stay,away if you like this kind of videos hit,the like button down below and please,subscribe and write a comment down below,if you want to,ask me any question about the fight,system or any other videos ive,i have done see you guys next time bye

Phigolf WGT Edition Full Review

hey fellow garage Gophers rolling here,with garage golf where we provide,extraordinary golf info for the,extra-ordinary golfer if you watch my,last video you saw that actually unboxed,the phi golf golf simulator with WGT as,well so what Im gonna do now is Im,actually gonna take you into some game,plan Im gonna show you two holes using,the Phi golf software and two holes,using the WGT software so you can get a,taste for it at home and let me know,your thoughts on everything Im looking,forward to bringing that to you real,soon stay tuned and check it out,[Music],alright thanks again for watching and,welcome back here garage golf we provide,information on golf products golf,simulators and info on pretty much,anything golf related so if youre new,to our channel please consider,subscribing alright so were gonna jump,right into this video now first of all,if youre interested in seeing something,like what I have here behind me for my,golf simulator set up reach out to me,anytime at rolling at my garage golf,comm I love helping people answer their,questions I can line you up with,different products and things that,youre looking for based upon your,budget and your needs it helps out the,channel a bit if you use some of the,products that we recommend to you but at,no additional cost to you at home so I,love that first opportunity like that,includes a skytrak buy golf anything,that you may be looking for I love to be,the person to go to if you have any,questions please consider me when youre,ready to explore your golf simulator,needs all right so lets jump right into,this video what were gonna do is were,actually gonna show you two holes again,with the fie golf software tools with,WGT I want to show you some of the,gameplay lets you know Ive been,testing this now for a few days I wanted,to have my basically my wits about me as,far as how to use this product and what,I like and what I dont so Im gonna,walk you through two holes one each,youll see everything set up youll see,the side video as well as long as it,doesnt mess up technology wise of,course and Ill show you everything that,you guys want to see so if you have any,questions after this just let me know,lets jump right in to the video all,right so were all ready to go ahead and,start playing again Im gonna play two,holes on the five golf software this,time on Pebble 72 Ill show you the,gameplay in action and then well go,ahead and skip over and take you to wgt,software and show you their courses as,well and Ill play two holes on WGT,software so right now were gonna start,with a par four and were going 329,meters now one thing is you can change,it to meters or yards Im gonna go ahead,and jump in real quick and change it to,yards just because I think its,automatically set at meters and,obviously here in America Im used to,yardage so let me go ahead and change,that well go ahead and take our first,shot okay and here we are in the,settings menu and youll see I here at,the bottom where it says shot distance,its clicked on meters right now Im,going to go ahead and click on yards and,well click apply and now,changed it to yards so were good to go,all right so now were ready to go ahead,and hit our shot so all were gonna do,is were gonna grip it normally like you,grip a normal golf club and were gonna,set it down at address once you set it,down at address is gonna be about one to,two seconds its gonna give me the,go-ahead to go ahead and swing and now,were good to go on our shot now,automatically its going to line me up,to the center of the fairway if you,wanted to adjust your shot without,having to go back to your device what,youre going to do is youre going to,click this button once and now youre,gonna see its going to change it to,aiming and if I were to rotate the club,left or right youre going to see that,its going to adjust my aim accordingly,so here we are so I want to aim right,there Im gonna click the button and now,Im going to go ahead and address the,ball again so youre gonna see you,really dont have to be going back and,forth to your device every time to,adjust things you can actually click on,your phone or your device and adjust,your aim as well but you dont have to,do that which is nice so Im ready to go,ahead and take my shot now now it says,that Im ready to go,so Im just gonna take a normal shot,there you see about 226 yards which in,all honesty somewhere between 225 to 250,range is what I would normally see with,my driver so not bad overall pretty good,you get a little click when you swing,which gives you some instant feedback,which is nice this is a pretty,heavy-duty Club so it feels the weight,is nice its not too light its not too,heavy I like that aspect of it as well,another tip that someone gave me as well,Im gonna do this for my shots from now,on is put a ball down grab a ball put it,at address and thats what youre gonna,target is gonna be when you go to take,your shot so thats gonna keep it very,familiar to you as far as hitting a,normal club so Im gonna set that down,now I mean if you see on the screen,youre gonna see the upper right-hand,corner of the screen youre gonna see,the green and youll see how the blue is,the low area of the green and the red is,the high area so it looks like its,gonna break from the left to the right,here so if you wanted to adjust your aim,you could right now it has me at 129,yards away Im gonna be using its gonna,auto populate the club for me as well,which is nice it has me at a 9-iron so,Im not going to adjust it were just,gonna swing and again this is measuring,all the data as far as your club speed,everything that youre doing so its,gonna give you a nice data for you to,get feedback and thats how its gonna,transfer to the actual simulator program,so lets go ahead and take a normal,9-iron shot which for me I could,probably get to the green with a 9-iron,at 129 yards so Im going to take a,normal shot and lets see how it does as,far as reacting to my swing alright so,we put down an address and again now we,have a ball to kind of aim at for our,shot it says Im ready,and there I am on the green so really,nice stuff I like that a lot,and pretty good feedback overall and,again maybe I may not be as good in real,golfing as far as hitting the green that,way but for you know actual,entertainment purposes and not being,able to have a simulator environment,like what I have here I like it a lot,its a really really cool product all,right so now were gonna be jumping into,puting and again this is where the,alignment sticks gonna work out a lot,before youre ready to take your shot oh,youre just keeping your club up like,this because if you do set it down it,does get a little finicky sometimes,where it may take a shot for you so I do,have Mulligans on in case that happens,but now what Im gonna do Im gonna put,my clip out like this and again Im,gonna click it once to aim so now youre,gonna see the greens breaking from left,to right so I want to aim left of that,hole here okay so Im going to go ahead,and rotate it a bit a little bit more,say about right there and Im gonna push,it,alright so now it has me lined up for,that putt so Im gonna take a putt now,putting is Im sure its very finicky,with this because its very gentle you,dont want to crush it you just barely,want to putt it and its gonna give us,the feedback that we need so Im 14 feet,away youll see that that circle is,going to give me my gimme range and I,think thats within 10 feet so Im gonna,try to putt it get as close to the hole,as possible if not making it so lets go,ahead and set it down says Im ready now,again very very gentle alright little,too gentle but Ive done this before,believe me and if I were to hit it much,harder than that it will be flying past,the hole so I did get a par in that hole,which is good we got one more hole to go,with my golf lets go ahead and jump,into the second hole now hole number two,par-5 537 yards its aiming me right for,the center of the fairway and again not,once other than havin

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Review of PhiGolf | A Deep Dive into the The $250 Golf Simulator

whats up everyone welcome back to golf,weekly where each week we dive into the,latest golf technology equipment apparel,and experiences and today,we take a look at fee golf and theyre,fun for all ages,golf simulator at a 250 price point,we want to find out is this a,full-fledged simulator or more of a fun,and entertainment system,lets dive in together before we dive in,we quickly wanted to remind you of our,golf weekly giveaway,entry is very simple subscribe to this,channel like this video and comment,giveaway entry in the comments below,we also really want to apologize for the,delay in pushing out new content as our,family is moving from minnesota to,arizona so we had to sell multiple,properties,but all this was taken care of in the,rearview mirror and we are back to our,regularly scheduled programming,now if you arent familiar with what,exactly the fee golf system,is lets talk about that quickly the fee,golf system is part simulator,part video game we want to give an,honest opinion about this,product and if its purely for fun or if,this can be a helpful tool to improve,your golf game,the fee golf system comes with a,shortened club with a blue sensor at the,bottom that is about the size of a,tennis ball,the idea is you sink the club and sensor,with your smart device,and then the real-time shot capabilities,will be displayed on your device,the fee golf system works with both the,shortened club thats included or a golf,club of your own choosing,just make sure to have enough room to,make a full swing when you open up the,box youll see there are just a few,steps you will need to get taken care of,before you are off and playing,you need to charge the fee golf system,and you can do so via a usb,you need to download the fee golf app on,your smart device either ios or google,play store,and then connect via bluetooth,technology to the device,once connected its time to start,getting some swings in,and lets take a look at what that,experience is like,the fee golf device works with both,right and left-handed,golfers and you can swap back and forth,within the settings,from our perspective its not half as,fun on your mobile,as it is projected onto a larger tv,screen,so make sure that you have the ability,to do so in your home,also make sure to keep this charge as,the battery will only last about four,hours on a single charge,you will have to download the fee golf,app and also you will have to download,the wgt,golf app to unlock the courses to play,you play,one course for free which happens to be,a course i have played,in mesquite nevada named wolf creek for,199 a month or 24,annually you can unlock all of the,courses i first headed to the range,within the fee golf app,to get a first few swings in and get the,feel for the experience,the first shots were surprisingly pretty,straight and when you use the shortened,included club you hear and feel a,clicking sound to represent the ball,contact,i then tried some chip shots as well to,get a feel for what it would be like,i found that the ball goes very similar,in distance to what i would expect a,live golf ball,would do based on how hard i swung the,club,the putting was a lot more touchy than i,expected i figured you would have to,take the shortened club back pretty far,to hit a 25 to 30 foot putt,but i was wrong as my first few putts,went screaming past the hole,as you can imagine the touch shots were,the hardest to convert successfully,shots out of the bunker putts with a lot,of brake and,short wedge shots are all pretty tough,to get the hang of,the fee golf system does provide you,with some basic data points as well such,as head speed,swing tempo club path face angle attack,angle and distance,now these shouldnt be taken too,seriously if your metrics are,much different than on a device like a,trackman or something similar,so please take that into consideration,now there are many different game modes,you can play,across the two apps there are putting,games,approach games on a par 3. you can play,multiplayer you can go to the driving,range,play stroke play and many others so,make sure to take advantage of those,different player game options,overall our take on fee golf is that,this is a great product to have in your,house to play on a rainy day or during,winter time,or when youre entertaining is it going,to make you a better golfer,we dont necessarily think fee golf will,drastically improve your golf game,but we do think it will at least keep,your tempo and swing rhythm,in sync for when you actually swing a,real club on the golf course,we see this as more of an entertainment,game than a training device,friends and family will have a blast,playing this game together so we,definitely recommend fee golf as a great,system for entertainment and fun around,golf,if youre looking for an in-depth data,and metrics around your golf swing,real-time tracking and shot metrics the,fee golf will do a decent job,but you might want to up level your,budget for that to another system,all in all we loved using the fee golf,system and we will be using this,whenever we cant make it to a real golf,course we would love to hear your,comments below,on what you think about this system and,if youve used it before,dont forget about our golf weekly,giveaway where entry is extremely simple,subscribe to this channel like this,video and comment giveaway entry in the,comments below

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Can this Tiny Golf Simulator Actually Produce Accurate Results? Shocking Results!

all right my friends in my hot little,hands here is the uh tittle,x strange name,title x micro,golf simulator,could this bad boy be,a huge game changer in the golf,simulator,business the industry lets check out,and see what we got,inside the package,like they say its a micro golf,simulator we have uh the swing,impact,stick,extendable,about the weight of a normal iron,we have the,magic device here which would attach,to the swing impact stick right there,these are your,codes for your pc or ios device or both,your package of goodies,additional title x connectors that can,go on different clubs,usb charging device,which you would charge up this unit here,like so and plug it into,usb,plug or port,and get this bad boy charging up and we,have these little rubber stretchy guys,so that you can connect it to the other,piece if you have a thicker club or,something youre just gonna,put it on like so and youre good,to go there,uh directions,help you get going now what this comes,with the standard just e6 license when,you buy the product which currently is,retailing for about two hundred dollars,u.s,and so in the review heres what i want,to know is for that two hundred dollar,price,is this thing worth it now if it was two,thousand 000,my standards would be much higher so for,a 200 product,my standards although not low,i dont necessarily expect it to really,blow me away we will find out how it,performs and,if its even worth the 200 or is it,worth way more so the first thing im,going to do is take my,card from my pc,instructions are right on the back of,this thing along with your,license code for your pc so you just,download the e6 software install it into,your pc enter your code create an,account and youre good to go also,you can use the ios,in the same manner just download the app,enter your code,youre good to go there so you can use,it on your ios device or,your pc device what im going to do,first is use it on my pc in my home,simulator studio and im going to,compare it to trackman to see if,its even accurate at all,and well get some numbers there then,im going to take it into the real world,at the driving range and im going to,hit balls and see if i get accurate,readings with the e6 on the ios device,and how it performs,compared to trackman and compare those,numbers just to see what were getting,is it even,somewhere in the ballpark all right here,we go we are at the driving range the,first thing im going to do is im just,going to use the swing impact stick,with the seven iron,were gonna adjust club here by pushing,the up and down arrows to select my club,sand wedge pitching wedge and over here,on the left three wood,its going to show me,six seven iron first swing with this set,up for a dress it vibrates you feel it,take your swing,that looks pretty cool,see what type of distance i got here,with a virtual club,hit its perfectly straight in the,bunker and okay it says carry 190,when i just pretty far for my seven iron,but,okay whatever a couple swings here,now i i will say,already the cool factor with this is,pretty good its going pretty far,compared to what i normally get with the,seven iron but the coolness to it is is,pretty awesome,so just comparing weight,its close close enough got head weight,there,i dont,feel like theyre totally dissimilar so,lets take this off of,the swing stick,so ill just put it on here,clip it on here,adjust it to my seven iron now this is,well see im gonna hit a shot,hit a ball into my screen trackmans,gonna pick it up give me some realistic,numbers and were gonna see what,we get on,the display here get ready,all right,everybody picked it up pretty good,trackman got me 158 carry 171 total,on the tittle x weve got 162 carry 167,total trackmans got me 158 carry,171 total so about a four yard,difference,and trackmans got me pretty straight,ball speed,it has it at 114 versus trackman 110.,thus probably the difference in yardage,variation so they both picked up while,going with a little side spin right now,thats going to be from club face,manipulation on this so thats pretty,accurate there im pretty happy with,that lets get another one,and when you have this on your club,youre just going to need to make some,adjustments,to line that up now if you have your,grip its a little easier to kind of,line it up if you dont,then i would just line it up so that,that kind of comes down the shaft line,in that orientation there,okay i purposely tried to play a little,draw there and pulled it and trackmans,got me good with a little draw 165 carry,trackman 166 carrie this gives me a,swing score and it tells me my club face,was slightly closed which i like because,i was actually,trying to play a little,draw and obviously trackman will tell me,my club face angle,face angle impact negative five four,which is closed,im im so far,somewhat impressed with this little guy,lets see what it looks like with driver,with the big boy and see how accurate,it can be there so although we have,different connectors its just easy to,to slide off,and slide on the driver,here,all right here it is did not strike it,very good,club head speeds 100 miles an hour,on track man here we have 105 club head,speed pretty accurate let me see carrie,distance was 254,trackmans got me 230 so thats a little,different,total is 269. versus 272. so the total,distance was pretty accurate on both,and,that went to the right and i definitely,hit it a bit right,on trackman as well a little bit,trackmans got me going right down the,middle good shot 101 mile an hour club,head speed,title,x exactly,101.9 to 101.5 241,carry 244 285 257 so the rollout is,different on the two,not a big deal as long as i know its,going in the direction im looking for,im im pretty happy with that,so i was worried that,it would work way better with the,swing apparatus it comes with than with,a club but actually in reality this is,performing more realistic,while hitting a real ball than i think,it does with the swing trainer it comes,with however if youre in the office or,something you,and you dont have something to hit into,not bad it gives you pretty accurate,results with this so far so good im,incredibly happy with the the display,the integration with e6,im happy with the results indoors the,numbers it gives me im very pleased,with however i know what youre all,asking you you all want,is this,going what is it in reality,i get it here you got trackman you got a,lot of technology going on but we have,to know we have to know no,now,what its about 200,products so we dont have to know that,much,like,lets uh compare it to the price,incredibly,affordable im already sold to be honest,with you,i would get it and be happy with it for,200 bucks ish,at the time of shooting this video,but how is it on,in reality land lets go to the course,and see,well bring trackman well be at the,course well have title axe and well,rock and roll and see,what the deal is,all right here we go we are outdoors i,am hitting an 8-iron now we are,connected ready to rock and roll,[Music],also whats cool about tittle x not only,can you use it here at the range but,theres also different range,integrations in the software so you can,have different looks its perfect for,outdoor or indoor at home or in the,office and there are four courses that,come with a standard package and you can,always upgrade and add additional,courses and games to your membership,[Music],all right title x strange name cool,little product for like 200 bucks i,dont think its the best thing to use,lets say outdoors,because its just its hard to see on,your phone and do everything but,indoors phenomenal and,im super impressed with the accuracy of,this little guy versus,uh trackman,so for 200 bucks i think its a totally,great deal for what it is its going to,give you some awesome practice indoors,especially during the winter time off,season whatever,craziness in the world you can get some,really good play,for 200 bucks,indoors i like it,so,as always i will leave a link in the,video description be

Golf Simulator For Home | Phigolf Review, Unboxing and Game Play | New Nine Golf Unboxing

hey guys welcome back to the new nine,golf youtube channel im your host,brandon cubit and today we are unboxing,the fee,golf fee golf is something ive seen,sponsored ads on facebook and instagram,and it definitely caught my attention so,kind of what the video showed me online,was that its uh,basically a simulator for your house so,its not a full golf swing i think it,has kind of like a half-length club that,you can hook up to your tv and play,almost like a video game so were going,to unbox it,play around with it and tell you if its,worth buying so uh check out this video,and i hope you guys like it,okay were gonna open up this fee golf,box so we bought it on,amazon and it uh,came to us in three or four days,[Music],okay guys we just opened the feed box or,the shipping container so lets see what,this guy looks like out of the box,there we go that looks a little bit more,familiar to what i had,seen on these advertisements so we see,right off the top i see,kind of what looks like a golf club with,a grip,it has some type of,data plug i guess im going to call it,looks very similar to like the arcos,tip and then a golf ball at the end so,what does it say it says theres world,famous golf courses around the world,tournaments and events online,multiplayer multiple game modes,it looks pretty cool im definitely,excited to get this thing out of the box,and,hooked up to a tv so lets open this,thing up and,well see what is inside the box,okay we got this thing out of the box,now were going to take a look through,what were seeing and kind of the,instructions as to,what we need to get this thing out of,the box,so lets take a look at this thing looks,like theres one two three four,five steps to get this thing to golfing,thats where we wanna be we gotta start,over here,this little guy will come out theres a,little instruction manual,but it looks pretty straightforward so,there is this little guy,this i think is what controls and,connects all of the data,so it says to take this little guy out,and put it in the end of our,golf club wow that is a lot heavier than,i was anticipating im not going to lie,so first step,is to put this in the top of the club,okay that uh that took some force for,sure,now it says weve got to hook it up to,our phone and then were good to golf,so lets see if this thing has a charge,all right now that our sensor is charged,were going to open up the fee golf app,so all we have to do is get it connected,youll get a notification right away,that it does say that youre connected,now youre pretty well set to golf the,app looks pretty cool looks like the app,has good graphics,what were going to do now is were,going to hook it up to our tv or how,we want to play in the living room and,trial out the,software all right welcome to my living,room,were just about ready to start swinging,the fee golf one of the things they give,us is this safety strap,so the safety strap goes on the club and,its got a little pulley that i can,tighten it close to my wrist,that way if i do let go of the club its,not going to swing into my,tv or swing at anyone around me so in my,living room i dont have a ton of space,but i have more than enough space,to give this guy a swing what we could,do is we could also take out,the sensor and put it into one of our,real clubs um ill plug it in just to,show you the difference but for the,space that i have im gonna swing with,their tool,now the first couple times ive played,around just swinging this its obviously,a little different than swinging a golf,club inside there is a little weight,that when you get to the top of your,swing and you come down,you can hear the weight transfer and,youll hear a click,as far as your swing goes so ive done,maybe 15,20 warm-up swings and im already,starting to feel it in the body that it,just has a different torque a different,motion than a normal golf club and im,starting to feel it in the body so,well see how it goes when we start,trying it on the app,okay so i brought us to the driving,range automatically it sets us up on our,driver so im gonna bring it just to a,pitching wedge just for a lower club,im gonna hit it a couple times and just,to see how far the ball goes and well,move up in the club so we get a better,idea of what the distances are,okay now im on the driving range and,you can see in the middle of the screen,theres kind of a dial,going back and forth what thats doing,is it wants me to keep the club,still before i hit well wait for the,dial to go blue,now that its blue i can give it a swing,and there we see the ball,release,so lets say it went about 90 yards and,that was like a half swing again or with,a pitching wedge and since playing,around with this i find the distances to,be,totally false and inaccurate so i dont,know if thats,a app thing or a sensor thing ill give,it a 100,swing and well see how far that goes,all right so its telling me that my max,distance with a pitching wedge is about,115 yards,you can see the driving range that it,instantly went right where i think im,swinging pretty straight,well try to manipulate it just to see,if we can do a purposeful slice,or a purposeful draw but first were,going to change our club up,so lets go to like a six iron all right,weve got the six iron and im gonna do,what i can to try to,move the ball left to right just to see,how responsive that is,lets try a slice,all right the ball did go to the right,side so i tried to push it to the right,and thats what it looks like that it,did now lets try to,hit it the other way well try to hit a,draw and see if its as responsive,so it looks like it did draw a little,that went down the line my normal shot,shape is maybe a little fade,so its tougher for me to turn the ball,over but it looks like it was pretty,responsive,one spring being like a slice swing the,other being a draw,its uh just trying to hit it straight,down the middle that seems to be the,problem lets try to hit something,straight with a six iron,it came out to the right but i want to,talk about distance again,so saying that my max distance with a 6,iron is 130,yards which is not even close my regular,6 iron is like 200 yards,as ive played through the range ive,played with the pitching wedge sand,wedge all the way up to a driver and i,noticed that the distances are totally,off so as far as reviewing this goes i,find the numbers,unrealistic even if it was at sea level,and im only losing maybe 15 20 yards,max,inaccurate so as far as a critique goes,i find that the distances,arent even close well get off the,range well go to a course so you can,see what that looks like,so inside the course list you can see,that theres hard,normal and then easy courses for,whatever reason i have a bunch of hard,opened up so lets just see what one of,those looks like,so while the course is loading ill tell,you how to aim in this thing this sensor,if you turn it,to the left or to the right thats how,itll aim you on the course,so ill show you once our t lines up,that now you can see me turning this,dial,is how ive been aiming so on the range,i had that,bit of a slice so im just going to aim,to the right to just start it there,and hopefully it comes back to the,middle,all right we made it to the fairway just,as i predicted we had a bit of a slice,thats just in using the,app a couple times to know that my ball,is going to the right it picks a club,for you,so unless that youve gone through the,driving range to get an idea of what,your club distances are,im just going to use the club that it,picked for me again im going to aim a,little to the left because my ball is,going to the right,and ill give it a swing,now sometimes it doesnt register a,swing so i dont know if thats a motion,thing or of movement,but i took a normal swing the lane went,blue it didnt work ill try it again,all right not bad i aimed left and it,actually didnt go to the right so,thats kind of shame on me for,aiming over there its just like real,golf you play for a slice and you hit it,dead straight,now were

PHIGOLF Simulator | Watch BEFORE You Buy!! (FULL REVIEW)

hey everybody im brett miller welcome,to my channel here where our goal is to,help you live your best lifestyle today,were going to be focusing on a more,recent hobby of mine,golf,okay just a quick unboxing,uh comes nicely packaged here,just have a little directions as to how,to set the sensor in the club here it,comes with a nice little charger for the,sensor and then just a wrist strap for,the club,um the club has some nice weight to it,actually,feels actually like a real golf club,weight,and its very well built very solid,material,on the end so it should,last a long time just come with some,literature on the product here,and then just a little how-to guide for,wgt golf which is another app that you,can download to use this product and,then of course the sensor which is,pretty much the,main thing youre paying for here,and its uh you know just kind of built,like a golf tee all plastic has a nice,little charging plug on the back of it,that,has a nice little rubber gasket and just,goes into the back and you just kind of,screw it in,and its very simple and when youre,ready to set it up well get into that,so if youre into golfing youre aware,of the ever elusive desire to be good,just good,and thats what im after here so i saw,a product online and i bought that,product and that is,fee golf p-h-i,golf,what this is is just a,sensor thats plugged into a club here,as you can see,all it does is reads your golf swing,its kind of like a golf simulator but,it connects to a app through your iphone,or ipad so were going to be going over,three things with the fee golf uh today,one if youve already invested your,money into this and you have this,product already were just gonna gonna,be doing a how-to tutorial how to set it,up,two i want to answer the question,can this replace a golf simulator and,im not talking a twenty thousand thirty,thousand dollar golf simulator that the,pros use or anything like that im,thinking more of just an entry-level,thousand dollar fifteen hundred dollar,uh golf simulator that you can put in,your garage and three i wanna figure out,if this really is worth the 250 dollars,that it costs,out of your wallet and out of my wallet,because i did spend that on this product,all right so were going to get into the,app store im using,apple here and just type in fee golf,thats the name of the app thats the,name of the product and its going to,pop right up here for you so you,download that,once thats downloaded well open that,up and its going to just kind of walk,you through how to attach your sensor,here,just you know,the general,basic terms of use,then well click ok on that itll,download some,courses and,you know just the programs within uh,youll have to create an account here um,ive already done that,and then heres where youre kind of,youre going to connect the sensor,its very simple just press and hold,that top button like im showing you,here,and then,itll,itll connect really quick takes a few,seconds,but itll,pop up here shortly,all right so we successfully connected,it and then this front the first screen,is just going to help you walk you,through just the basics of swinging,were going to skip that um now just for,times sake,all right once youre connected youll,be uh just brought to the main menu here,you can see theres all the different,options you can go through,were just going to go into the practice,range for today,all right so weve gone over the the,club here weve gone over the app lets,go take some cuts and ill show you how,this thing performs,okay so this is the practice menu here,you can see bottom left is your driver,is what youre hitting if you hit that,button there,you can switch to pretty much any club,you would carry on the course,bottom right with the yellow arrows,thats going to be the flag distance so,right now the flags at 220 yards out,and you can adjust that if youre,hitting a shorter club you can move that,in to uh whatever you desire,and just to help you kind of narrow in,your swings and figure out how far you,can hit different clubs,all right so were going to line up here,and address a ball like were about to,hit it,and youll see me doing that and once it,says ready swing well take our first,cut,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],ready,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],so if you press on that driver button,there it shows you a list of all of your,clubs you have here,as you can see there are,14 clubs in total,and you can you know just pick whatever,one you want and then you can go and,adjust the flag to whatever you need,[Music],after every swing you take in practice,itll generate this 3d model for you,that you can turn around and kind of see,the path of your,club and then theres a bunch of,information to the right that,it read throughout your swing and it,really is just a nice feature to help,you kind of get better at your swing,[Music],[Music],nice shot,[Music],[Music],nice shot,[Music],[Music],ready,[Music],[Applause],[Music],ready,[Music],[Music],ready,[Applause],[Music],nice shot,all right guys so,you know for the three things that we,were talking about earlier its its a,very easy uh setup for this,its pretty much just plug and play and,press a button and youre off its very,quick very simple um pretty much anyone,can do it if you know how to work an,ipad or an iphone,and you kind of just have a basic,understanding of,electronics,as far as the game goes it is fun i mean,but is accuracy and all that stuff,theres just too many factors i feel,like,that play into actually hitting the ball,that just the club sensor,cant read,um,you know for just like playing with your,buddies or and whatever i think its you,know its a fun game its a great game,but,is it worth 250 dollars i would say no,id say get an oculus and go and play,whatever golf game they have on that,and then you have you know many other,options as far as gameplay goes,but for just like golfing,i wouldnt say i wouldnt spend 250 on,this if i was that into golfing um you,know id probably just go out and save,my money and get a 15 2 000,simulator but if this is your only,option i dont i just dont see this,actually,fully helping your golf game i think it,is more just geared toward,a video game and it is fun i mean its,you know you try to hit the ball and get,it close to you know the pin golf,um,but,it made me way better than i am like,theres no way i would go,uh,you know three out of three putting it,you know three feet from the hole its,just not,this is not realistic im not that good,um so,but if you have extra money and you know,you like having something to swing and,you want to play with your buddies,you know it would be a great game to,drink and you know sit around and,try to see you could hit the ball the,furthest or play nine at pebble beach,so to answer my second question,this i dont think this can replace a an,actual golf simulator even the the,cheapest one that is 1500 or a thousand,dollars i dont think this thing even,comes close,because i think you need to actually,strike a ball i just dont think,uh swinging the club i mean i think,thats half the battle but the other,half is,um maybe its a little more than half,but its the majority of it but the,other you know 75 or 25 percent of it is,actually striking the ball correctly and,um,this just cant,really simulate that all it does is,simulate what youre doing on your top,side which is good i mean its fun but i,just i i hit the ball 300 yards with a,happy gilmore swing theres no way,uh that i would do that so,um but it is fun and if youre just you,dont want to spend 250 on the fun,factor alone then hey its worth it but,i think theres better options out there,as far as,um you know like an oculus or something,more along those lines where youre not,just using it for golf um,so but thats my take on it guys let me,know what you think of the comments,below and uh please like and subscribe,to this channel well be doing a lot of,things just on on my hobbies and,hopefully your interests as well if,the

Is Phigolf Worth the Price!? High Handicap Phigolf Review!

yo what up fam its phantom and in this,video we are going to be reviewing the,phi golf home simulator if you guys,dont know what this is this is a at,home simulator that you can use that is,more affordable than just trying to buy,like a trackman which can get into the,tens of thousands this product sells for,i think 250,or anywhere between 200 and 250 if,theres sales and im just going to go,over what this product is like as well,as tell you whether you should get this,product and who i think this product is,best used for and i will also say i got,this product sent to me but that in no,way is going to affect my review so im,just showing some footage of me hitting,the ball inside with the club that they,give you they give you about this half,length blue end club that you can use,thats actually pretty heavy its,heavier than my heaviest iron which is,really surprising to me i dont know why,exactly they made it so heavy so it does,feel a little awkward when swinging as,well as when you actually swing it,clicks through the middle of your swing,so its supposed to simulate you hitting,a golf ball i will say it doesnt feel,like that at all it feels very kind of,awkward and clunky so im not the,biggest fan of the club that actually,comes with the product but overall i,think its still decently accurate when,you swing it if you pull it or if you,push it you can really see it i think it,really helps when youre actually on the,green trying to line up your putts,because it can really tell you how well,you went back and forward because with,putting you obviously want to keep your,stroke as straight as possible also at,this point i want to let you guys know,im a pretty high handicapped golfer in,the mid-20s so i i struggle with this,and i was hoping that this product can,be something i can use when im not on,the golf course and be able to see what,kind of progress i can make just when,im at home i will say for the most part,the software is pretty straightforward,that you can use they have their own,software as well as it can hook up to,the wgt software which is his own mobile,game but i seem to have troubles with it,and it doesnt seem like it lets you use,all of the modes in wgt golf it has its,own like separate modes for the golf,club itself so i wasnt the biggest fan,of wgt golf software im never a big fan,of mobile gaming in regards to that,anyway but uh this product use the,program that it comes with its much,easier the fight golf program itself i,think its easier to use and its and,its more helpful and gives you more,data anyway so i would stick to that if,you guys are going to use this,as for those that want to use this if,you think you should buy the product,just for the in-home experience i would,say at the 250 even the 200 mark its,probably not worth it if youre just,doing the in-home the in-home club but,in regards to like if you want to use,this outside which well get to in a,second it might be a little bit more,worth it but i would say if youre,looking for an experience to play indoor,golf at the 250 price range this is,definitely not the product i think it,would make more sense if its closer to,150 even then its a little pricey if,youre just using it for indoor use but,what this really shines at is outdoor,use let me get into that so now you see,me im actually on the driving range and,you can see as i hit a ball i i what,doesnt simulate what this obviously,cant simulate is whether or not you,like duff the ball or if you skim the,ball they cant really see if you hit it,fat or thin or if you hit it off the,heel or toe that doesnt measure this,its obviously impossible from where,its measuring it really only measures,like your club speed and your club head,where its at and i think it does a,really good job at that because you can,see in these clips that my ball when it,goes straight it goes straight on the,screen when it goes right it goes right,on the screen when it goes left it goes,left on the screen which is really,really impressive for this kind of,product to really know where the ball,goes now obviously if i hit it and i,duff it and i go 40 yards with my 7 iron,its not going to show up on the screen,itll show it going the normal distance,because its assuming that youre,hitting the ball where you should be and,if you can hit the ball where you should,be its going to be pretty accurate but,obviously for me as a high handicap,golfer sometimes i duff it also its,frustrating because right when i turned,all of this stuff off and just started,being on the driving range and try to,fix my own swing i really started to,come into stride so its frustrating,that i didnt get a ton of good clips,here uh but this can give you guys an,idea of what its like to use this all,this does is just hook the little,computer into the back of your uh in the,back of your club and then you just,choose which club that you want to use,and then you can go swinging so uh its,pretty pretty accurate in that regard,im surprised at how accurate can,actually be even the distances are,pretty decently close i will say some of,them are off my driver seems to be a,little off but other than that,everything else seems to be pretty on,point i would say this product is best,used if you want to use your real clubs,and you want to hit into a net and you,just want to see where the ball goes,visually i think thats the best use for,this product and would be actually a lot,of fun if i had that but since i didnt,i was at the golf range so it kind of,doesnt make sense to bring to a driving,range because im already going to see,what im doing anyway and this product,doesnt really help that it just kind of,reinforces that but i guess in theory,you could play a few rounds of golf on,this simulator from the driving range if,you want to give yourself like an extra,incentive to be on the driving range,that you cant just go out and play i,have a struggle with that i dont like,going to the driving range and working,on my swing id rather just go play golf,if im gonna do that so this can kind of,give me an incentive to play at the,driving range i never really did that,but thats an opportunity to you to do,so i would say if you want to get this,product it is a little pricey i would,say its not the best for in-home use,but outside of your home if youve got a,if youve got a net to hit in or if,youve got a driving range and you want,to give yourself a better incentive to,go to the driving range this is the,product for you i think this is actually,pretty well done i will say again though,with the with the price tag thats on it,i wish they would come down with it,because there are other similar products,in this price range that i think are a,tad better but for what you get i think,if it got a little cheaper it would be,perfect so overall this product in my,opinion in home use isnt the greatest,its not very well done i dont like,this club very much but i will say when,you use your own clubs outdoors its a,really solid product and i wish they,could just come down to the price just a,little bit so it can be a little bit,more affordable for those that want to,use it in outdoor use thank you guys so,much for watching and ill catch you in,the next one

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