1. Interview with Pierre Meystre, Editor, Physical Review Letters (PRL)
  2. Physical Review tutorial for authors: How to write a great scientific paper
  3. This is True – A CAT has published a research article in Physical Review Letters
  4. Physical Review Journal Club: Discussing Turbulence with Martin Oberlack
  5. Physical Review Letters | Wikipedia audio article
  6. A Cat Who Co-Authored a Paper in Physical Review Letter (Prof. Dr. Binil Aryal / 29 August 2020)
  7. Amd Security गार्ड Physical Review 16/12/22 जाने आसाम में कैसा हो रहा है | सबसे हार्ड|सावधानी रखें

Interview with Pierre Meystre, Editor, Physical Review Letters (PRL)

well Im absolutely delighted now to be,joined by Pierre mr pierre welcome thank,you here to talk about physical review,letters did I know physical review,letters has been around for a while,Bradley tell us a little bit about where,it fits into the family of ApS,publications so some physical review,letters is is very unique in the sense,that first of all its a leather journal,so the articles are quite short right,then its it covers all of physics so in,contrast to let a physical review a or,physical review V which has more narrow,in the scope we cover all of physics and,and we really wanted to make a point of,that that we dont follow any kind of,fashionable topic of the day we already,want is the best papers and we try to,have extremely close communications with,with the community it is a community,generally we are on the journal and so,we have a board of divisional associate,editors for instance who are people who,are working in the field I respected in,the field and also superb referees,maintain high quality and this is how we,try to really maintain the highest,standards how do you wear you know its,quite competitive field you say to get,the best papers to get the best research,how do you go about to ensuring that you,do that so we cannot rest on our,reputation because nobody can ever do,that so what we are enhancing since I,became the leader data is the direct,contact with the community we really,want to have a conversation an ongoing,conversation with the community we want,the editors to go not just to meetings,like the large meeting better so visit,universities we want them to have,antennas in the field so that we know,ahead of time where the great results,are going to come and then we really try,to talk the authors of display,resulting to submitted their papers with,us thats really the way we do it and,nothing the best way to do it is to know,whats going on right head of time right,when you get your crystal ball out and,you look to the future for this very,respected publication what do you see I,think that the we will need to be,careful about maintaining very strict,standards because the publication world,is exploding and the signal-to-noise,ratio is becoming more and more of an,issue theres so many papers and not you,know not every paper is great so how do,we maintain our position as you know as,a hero as a flag waver for the highest,quality so thats one of the big issues,we have especially with Asia and other,parts of the world which are really,becoming more and more in you know,significant in research so we have to,deal with that and another thing we have,to really keep our eyes open for is the,fact that the publication world is,changing and everything is becoming,electronic for many years we had a,limitation for pages what does a page,mean anymore right the page on your iPad,is not the same as a page on your big,screen how do we take advantage of all,the extraordinary tools that we have now,on the web for instance could we have an,image which we can active imagine in a,fabrication where you can go and change,parameters and then do all kinds of,things yourself so the all kinds of,extraordinary opportunities that we have,to explore and I hope take a leading,role in developing and making available,to our community because thats our job,right to help communicate science and do,it as well as we can well thank you ever,so much d for taking time to talk to us,theres no pleasure best of luck with,the future thank you think,you

Physical Review tutorial for authors: How to write a great scientific paper

hello everyone and welcome to ApS,webinars the title of todays webinar is,physical review tutorial for authors how,to write a great scientific paper im,farah Dawood and Ill be a host for,todays broadcast thank you all so much,for joining us,ApS webinars are brought to you as a,service of the American Physical Society,connecting you with the expertise of,individuals who can offer insight into,physics careers educational programs and,professional development for students,working physicists and educators todays,presentation features dr. Matteo Rainey,dr. Rainey will be providing tips for,writing a scientific paper and also some,thoughts on scientific communication in,general after dr. Rainey finishes the,presentation the remainder of the,program will belong to you for our,question and answer session because of,the number of people attending this this,webinar we are only accepting text,questions so if you would like to ask a,question please type it into the,questions panel located on the right,side of your screen you may submit,questions through the questions panel at,any time during the webinar and we will,answer all of them at the end we will do,a best to cover all of your questions,that you submit but we want to apologize,if we are unable to cover everything,finally a link to todays recording will,be emailed to you after todays event,and will be made available on the,webinar home page please allow five,business days for video upload and so,with that lets get started,Mateo Rainey received a PhD in,electrical engineering from the,University of Pavia in Italy and a PhD,in physics from the Humboldt University,of Berlin in Germany he later worked as,a laser physicist at the Lawrence,Berkeley National Laboratory after 10,years in academic research he shifted to,science communication and policy,activities first joining the Directorate,for climate action of the European,Commission and then the American,Physical Society where he is now the,deputy editor of the online magazine,physics dr. Rainey has taught many,workshops on scientific writing and,institutions around the world and we are,very very excited to have him here today,all right so with that Matteo take it,away hello everybody good morning and,thank you all for being here so today we,will focus the discussion on something,that I feel its him maybe too often,neglected inside in scientific careers,which is writing as as you mentioned I,was a former scientist used to do,experiments with lasers but then at some,point I was sort of preoccupied about,the way science is communicated to the,society and to policymakers and I,decided to work on this issues and,thats what Ive been doing for about 10,years now I am the deputy editor of an,online magazine of the American Physical,Society which is called physics and you,can find it at this website and I will,tell you a little a little more during,my talk not to advertise it but because,its relevant to the suggestions that,Im giving about about writing so for,the sake of this talk we will focus on,writing papers but you cant take this,principles and use them in any kind of,writing that youre doing you know,writing cover letters very important,type of writing is of course writing,research but those are grant proposals,and so on and so forth before we start,Id like to mention that the APS is,organizing other webinars and this one,is occurring on July 14th so next week,and it will talk about quantum memories,for photos so you can find the,information here so you can register for,that webinar too if youre interested so,I will start my talks with a main,message with a take-home message and if,you were to go home you know after 5,minutes I think this is the most,important thing that I want to tell you,which is this fact that the,really condense about that if you are a,scientist you have to consider yourself,a professional writer as a scientist you,communicate your science you communicate,the importance the beauty the impact of,your science mostly through writing,writing papers writing grant proposals,so this is a an interesting part of your,profession you have to consider yourself,a professional in this field and you,have to act accordingly,and very often I see that scientists are,very you know willing to go to great,lengths to improve their skills learning,new programming languages learn how to,operate new machinery learn new,mathematical tricks and theyre ready to,spend a long time and a lot of effort to,learn the skills but more rarely I see,scientists thinking about their writing,skills Im not advocating for doing,classes or workshops necessarily,although they can be very useful I guess,what Im advocating for is a little bit,of shift in in the way you think about,these things and if you realize that you,have this Duty that you are a,professional right that you are in some,sense Nabokov then you will act,accordingly every time you write you,will think about how youre doing and,you will try to to improve it and if you,do this consistently you will improve,constantly and very quickly and in this,talk I hope I will share some thoughts,that will help you doing this so there,are many reasons I mean the obvious,reason for writing well is that you know,you you want to communicate what youre,doing and when I give seminars and,workshops especially to students the,number one reason that people have in,mind is to get published if you write,well your chances of getting a paper,accepted or higher which is probably,true but I think there are many many,reasons to to try to write well and Id,like to mention a couple that I think,that are sometimes neglected the first,one is getting sighted,an important metric of your scientific,impact is citations things like the age,factor Frances the number of papers,decide yours and I can definitely say,that having analyzed a lot the,literature the most cited papers are,papers that are well-written theyre,papers that you know when they get,picked up for instance by a PhD students,arent trying to enter a new field they,read them they get the message they,learn something new there would be more,inclined to cite your paper so this this,there is a very very strong Association,and then second reason theyre like to,mention is something that really is very,important inside science and that is to,communicate with scientists from other,fields I see that many of the,breakthroughs that are happening and,probably many of the breakthroughs that,will happen in the future depend on the,interdisciplinary exchange of ideas,between different fields of physics and,of science in general Ive seen theories,for condensed matter being used to,describe the early universe that same,string theory being applied to design,optics,that are used to manipulate signal,signals in communication schemes and so,on so forth all these exchanges are only,possible if your people are written in a,way that they can be accessed by,scientists in other fields so you really,have to think about who you want to,communicate to with your papers and then,it might be are the reasons proposals or,something that are initially examined by,program managers they need to be written,for a very broad audience you can arrive,them in a very technical way and finally,you might be a very young PhD student,you are not even sure whether you want,to stay in physics for the rest of your,career but if you work on your,communication skills written and oral,this will be useful no matter where you,go you go to marketing you go to any any,kind of field writing well and,communicating well and,well be useful to your career,so before I start giving you my,suggestion so let me tell you a little,bit about what Im doing because there,are two aspects of what Im doing the,sort of justify the comments Im going,to give you and and sort of put my,experience into context so I work for,this online magazine its called physics,so you can find it physics though it yes,the org with many types of articles in,in this magazine we have Q&A cu

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This is True – A CAT has published a research article in Physical Review Letters

let me ask you something have you ever,written a scientific,article for peer-reviewed journal its,tough right,i know what if i say a cat has managed,to be,a co-author for a scientific article,published in physical review laters by,american physical society,here im not saying a persons name was,mr or mrs cat,it was a cat and whose name was fdc,willard does that make you feel a bit,insecure,allow me to add a bit more later on the,very same cat even managed to be a main,author for another scientific article,published in french magazine research,okay before you become more jealous,about our fdc willard,lets jump into the history and see what,actually happened,it was the year of 1975. professor jack,ash hadrington from michigan state,university after finishing writing his,paper,sent it to his friend to have a last,look his friend,spot an error in it it was not a,scientific one,but it was something else professor,hadrian has used a royal pronoun,we throughout the paper and the journal,he was,about to submit physical review letters,prefer,we are our only when there are multiple,authors,and he was alone writing a paper i know,what youre thinking right now,its quite easy go to microsoft word do,find,and replace right well actually not,it is the year of 1975 and microsoft,board was not there yet,had brington has written his paper by,typewriter,so he has to rewrite or retype all the,paper,and its going to cost him a time and he,was in rush to publish the paper,or maybe he was kind of lazy so,as a scientist he come up with an,efficient solution to his problem,he asked his secretary to add a,co-author,and that was his family cat,hadringtons cats name was chester,and now he has to invent a full name so,what it did is,he added a scientific name in front of,it fellas,domesticals and for the family name he,choose the name of,chester the cats father before in the,family,willard so he got his full name,fellas domesticus chester willard,aka fdc willard,and then heatherington portrayed his fdc,willard as one of his colleagues in,michigan state university,and submitted the paper after the paper,was published,it didnt took long for fdc willards,true identity to be out in the public,as the story goes once there was a,visitor in the university,asking for authors since mr,heatherington was out of his office,he asked for fdc willard then everyone,in the university started to laugh,there you go thats how our cat was out,of the bag the story just gets,interesting here buying,once mr had rington has to submit or,send his research article to all the,researchers around the world but by,putting a signature on top of it,you know what he did it for his,co-author he actually,inked the paw of the cats and put the,mark on top of it and then submitted it,around,one of those paper ended up to the,physicists in grenoble france,and actually they were planning to,invite professor willard for,15th international conference on low,temperature physics,of course after knowing the identity,they didnt do that but thats how it,went in fact in november 1975,chairman of the physics department of,michigan state university,wrote a letter to heatherington stating,if willard could be pursued to join us,even if only as a visiting distinguished,professor,ever since willard has been cited being,instrumental to numbers of experiments,on angular,momentum gravitational force at michigan,state universitys physics department,by of course the colleagues of,hudderington,well but the major breakthrough for our,willards academic career came in the,year of,1980 when at the age of 10,he finally managed to be a main author,for another research article published,in french magazine,larry church yes you guessed it right,our,friend willard can now talk and write in,french,of course it was the act of mr,hedderington and his colleagues,one later asked to mr hedrington why he,actually,made his cat as a co-author he stated,like this,most of us are paid partly by how many,papers we publish,and there is some dilution of the effect,of the paper on ones reputation,when it is shared by another author on,the other hand,i didnt ignore completely the publicity,value either,world renowned fdc willard passed away,at the age of 14 in 1982.,on first april 2014 american physical,society made an announcement that,all the papers written by cats would be,made freely available to general public,well i dont know what you are thinking,at this end of the video but,i was thinking why all the physicists,are so,obsessed with the cats first solinger in,his thought experiment,then now this fdc willard publishing,papers,nowadays i even see sean carroll posing,pictures with cats in his profile,pictures,its made me thinking maybe i should get,a cat

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Physical Review Journal Club: Discussing Turbulence with Martin Oberlack

good morning for those uh in,the us and uh good afternoon good,evening to everyone else welcome to,todays physical review,journal club uh today we are just having,a special event we are teaming up with,physical review letters and physical,review fluids to discuss two papers,on wool turbulence that were joint,submissions to the two journals,before we begin please review our code,of conduct for today,please keep yourself muted during the,conversation youll have a chance to ask,questions after the uh presentation is,over,uh so my name is beverly mckeon im a,co-lead editor for physical review,fluids and as i said its a great,pleasure to be co-hosting today uh with,physical review letters,and id like to invite uh the lead,editor of physical review letters yuk,chate to,welcome us to the event and to introduce,our speaker,thanks beverly so this is uk from paris,im the lead editor of prl,and its a pleasure to be here because,its not so often we publish,papers on turbulence and suggested one,so were very excited by this joint,operation and i hope you will be too,and so without,no,having everybody waiting too long its a,very large crowd today uh let me,introduce martin oberlack from darmstadt,who is the offer,the main offer or the lead offer of both,papers we published recently,martin,can you share please,yes,okay i will give me one second here,is that okay can you see that perfect,wonderful well many thanks uh for the,invitation im very happy to be here,um welcome everybody in the u.s and,everywhere in the world,um so also i would like to acknowledge,my co-authors which is sergio hoyas,stephanie kraverga francisco,alcantara villa and jonathan loughs who,were all core authors of both papers,and i will be talking today on turbulent,statistics of arbitrary moments,of all bounded shear flows and it is a,symmetry approach,um,well let me just first give a very brief,intro i mean to to bring you on the,stage i mean essentially what were,looking at is a wall-mounted turbine,flow,and if you look into this new world,region here then we know since um from,carmen and prandtl of course,that there is a very good um its a very,good idea,to match data with what we call the log,law here is some data from a rusich,so this is in semi-log plot that means,if you find a straight line of course,this is a log region,and that is under the law that was,derived,almost some hundred years ago,the problem is that there is essentially,no real connection to navi stokes,equation whatsoever,and that is uh what we tried to change,um,let me so then the motivation for this,work was what we wanted to do is derive,scaling of us really from first,principles and using navi stokes in,particular also for moments higher than,one one is of course the mean velocity,what we just saw we want to look at the,log region scaling we want to look at,the center region so we look at log,which is new wall,and the center part and in order to have,some good data to compare to,we did a very large dns im really led,by sergio hoyas on reiners tall of 10,to 4 in order to really clearly see,the scaling behavior,just a few words to the dns that was,conducted its a pure personal flow that,means pressure driven we have a pressure,gradient here at that given reynolds,number the code is the lesser code that,was developed by euros and criminals in,2006. its fourier and x1 and x3 and,compact in one normal direction and,rumor cutter,is a timestamper and most of the,calculations were done on super mook new,generation,at lrz in munich and germany,just a few details to the dns or those,who are familiar with that this here on,the left hand side we see some older dns,that is the one also from hoyas and,criminess of about renaissance 2000 and,then it goes up for the the one up to,today numbers are all rather similar im,not going to details i would say the,major difference here is that our box is,slightly smaller,that is only two pie long and a pie wide,while others had slightly larger boxes,for us it means we had to do longer,simulations,this is just a snapshot we were not,interested in structured so far but you,can see this enormous resolution that,was needed,to to really capture these um really,fine grain defines,okay well as i said in the in the title,were looking at um symmetry ideas and,for that i would like to give you a very,brief intro the idea of symmetry,when we look at when we consider a,symmetric object like the cylinder here,we essentially mean as a symmetric,object means that we do a certain action,on the object for example we rotate this,cylinder here and the cylinder looks the,same,now mathematicians in the the made of,the of the 19th century,had taken this idea to differential,equations or two equations in fact so,suppose you have a differential equation,with the independent dependent variables,any derivative whatever order you like,and if you find if you find the,transformation,to new set of variables which we call x,star and u star and that can depend on,the old dependent independent variable i,know if if you design this,transformation as such,that,putting it into the original equation,you get out the same equation again and,that is what we call a symmetry or,symmetry transformation and usually,very often its just referred to as,group or league group well theres other,groups but we only dealing with lead,groups here,now let me just give a simple example,just consider the heat equation here,this is the unsteady term that is just,the,the spatial term the laplacian so to say,um and then we can just simply guess,some symmetries here im just showing,you what we call the two parameter group,that means we do rescaling of space,and we do a corresponding rescaling of,time,and independent of that and expressed,here with a different parameter we do,rescaling of of the temperature now if,you take this transformation,put it back into this heat equation you,can immediately see that you can just,cancel these factors,meaning you have a gas symmetry or,summit transformation here because we,have two independent parameters a1 and,a2 theyre of course real numbers um,that means we have a two parameter group,a second concept we need to understand,is what is an invariant so suppose,we take this group again here this two,parameter group we can construct,quantities that are become independent,other that yeah that become independent,of the group parameters so for example,this x tilde here is x over square root,of t put in the transformation here you,can see that the factor cancels that,means the quantity stays the same and,that is what we call an invariant,can do something similar here for the,temperature im not going to details,because now what you can do with this,invariance you can use this in variance,to construct what we call invariant,solutions,so if you just take x tilde and t tilde,as new,independent dependent variables we get,something what in flow mechanics very,often is referred to as symmetry,reduction that means you have made to,say,at least a partial solution from a pde,to an ode with this particular property,so what do we know in terms of symmetry,of navi stokes equation so this is what,we do what we use what we have used the,classical form incompressible divergence,and the first one is the momentum,equation,and now what we know is that we can find,if in the limit of very large reynolds,number we know that we have scaling of,space try to remember the a2 here that,is scaling of space,and the scaling oops the scaling of time,that is the a3 here that also appears,here in the velocity and also the,pressure,now we havent talked about turbulence,so far but what we can easily show,that all the symmetries that we know,um such as the scaling here also,galilean rotation groups they all,transfer to statistical equations so no,matter whether that is moment equation,or any pdf equation even the half,equation,is invariant under this,quantity under this transformation,now lets go to turbulence now so let me,just briefly define notation here

Physical Review Letters | Wikipedia audio article

Physical Review Letters PRL established,in 1958 is a peer-reviewed scientific,journal that has published fifty-two,times per year by the American Physical,Society has also confirmed by various,measurement standards which include the,journal citation reports impact factor,and the journal H index proposed by,Google Scholar many physicists and other,scientists consider Physical Review,Letters to be one of the most,prestigious journals in the field of,physics prl is published as a print,journal and as an electronic format,online in cd-rom its focus is rapid,dissemination of significant or notable,results of fundamental research on all,topics related to all fields of physics,this is accomplished by rapid,publication of short reports called,letters papers are published and,available electronically one article at,a time when published in such a manner,the paper is available to be cited by,other work the lead editor is huge chat,a the managing editor is Reinhart B,Schumann,topic scope and organizational format,Physical Review Letters as an,internationally read physics journal,describing a diverse readership advances,in physics as well as cross-disciplinary,developments are disseminated weekly via,this publication topics covered by this,journal are also the explicit titles for,each section of the journal sections are,delineated in the table of contents as,follows general physics statistical and,quantum mechanics quantum information,etc gravitation and astrophysics,elementary particles and fields nuclear,physics,atomic molecular and optical physics,nonlinear dynamics fluid dynamics,classical optics etc plasma and beam,physics condensed matter structure etc,condensed matter semiconductor,electronic properties etc polymer soft,matter biological and interdisciplinary,physics worthy of note as a section at,the front of the table of contents which,consists of articles that are,highlighted for their particular,importance and interest this section,contains articles suggested by the,editors of the journal or which have,been covered by the site physics,formerly physical review focus,topic historical overview,on May 20th 1899 36 physicists gathered,to establish the American Physical,Society at Columbia University in the,city of New York these 36 decided that,the mission of the APS would be to,advance and diffuse the knowledge of,physics in the beginning the,dissemination of physics knowledge took,place only through quarterly scientific,meetings in 1913 the APS took over the,operation of Physical Review already in,existence since 1893,hence journal publication also became an,important goal second only to its,original mission during the late 1950s,the then editor samgao Schmitt collected,organized and published letters to the,editor of Physical Review into a new,standalone journal this established the,Physical Review Letters volume 1 issue 1,was published on July 1st 1958 see,archives link as the years passed the,research fields in physics multiplied,and so did the number of submissions,consequently Physical Review was divided,into five separate sections after,December 1969 into Physical Review a B C,D and E which are distinct from Physical,Review Letters,topic abstracting indexing an impact,factor,Physical Review Letters is rated an,impact factor of 8 839 for 2017 and it,is indexed in the following,bibliographic databases,topic C also,first observation of gravitational waves,1964 PRL symmetry breaking papers,American Journal of physics an Allison,re Poincare a CRC Handbook of chemistry,and physics Physical Review e physics,today

A Cat Who Co-Authored a Paper in Physical Review Letter (Prof. Dr. Binil Aryal / 29 August 2020)

uh,okay so today i will discuss about a,paper,which was published in physical review,letters,in the year 1975,it was a paper,that proposed proposed a theory,to satisfy experimental results that,experiments,were carried out in the year 2000 in the,year 1974 and 75,and uh there is a very interesting story,regarding,the this paper,so the title,that i am going to discuss today,is a cat a cat who co-authored a paper,that was published in physical review,later you know uh physically,later later is uh one of the most,high ranked nature index journal,uh published by american physical,society,um if you,go to this page this is the home page of,uh,prl physical review later if you type,or name of the author or this title of,this paper you will get this page,you can download paper so,uh the author uh where authors were,jay h heatherington and fdc willard,and this was published,in the year 1975 and the date is 24,november,you see the dui is available so you can,download it,okay this is the paper this is the first,page of the paper this is of course so,this is uh,published in uh you know,later journal physical revelators thats,why its only three piece paper,okay the title was two three,and four atom exchange effects in bcc,uh this is some sort of crystal uh um,and this is of course helium three,so bcc uh three helium means uh,probably they are talking about the,solid helium,at extremely low pressure or low,temperature,heatherington,physics department michigan state,university united states,so this is the receipt date 22 september,1975 it was accepted,um on,24 november 24 november 1975 so,immediately after two months,my university of illinois is united,states for the phd government,uh while 35 years scam garner department,of physics and astronomy,faculty editor retired after 35 years,on this university,this was so since then he has become,interested in the artistic possibilities,of,representing mathematical functions in,graphs,recently one,[Music],temperature,obviously 1975 to calculation,uh some sort of computations i should,say,phase diagram proposed,interesting so this paper is well cited,by others they found two kinds of what,they found is,they found two kinds of,antiferromagnetic phases,uh as suggested by kumars experiment,kumar,experiment legion,effects in bcc helium-3,okay so for the beginners uh,i should explain what is uh,antiferromagnetism and ferromagnetism,paramagnetism therapeutic substance,in the regular pattern,[Music],authors have been able to able both to,fit,a high temperature solid,helium 3 magnetic data,with the help of mean field theory to,obtain a phase diagram,like that of course it helps when high,temperature and low temperature,for data line,correlates only your proposed,is,[Music],so i dont want to go to the details of,this paper,uh interested can go so they consider,only three,mechanism of exchange two atom,three atom rings and four atom rings,two atoms are flat or two dimensional,three atom rings,and four atom rings and exhaust their,strength to fit the data,they found a very rapid entropy change,which,so this was interesting result at that,time the physical reason for such a,rapid entropy change without an actual,phase transition,became apparent when the parameters were,adjusted slightly away,from the good food good fit uh to the,high tea data height,fluctuations,okay so this is all about the that paper,that paper was,not um the usual paper because it was,published in peril physical regulators,and it was based on experimental result,of a group,that was also published in piarial in,the year 2000,in the year 1970 74 75 there were two,papers two papers they published,on the basis of experiment so with the,help of,those experimental results and also,other experimental results,uh the author try to,develop a theoretical model that or,try to develop a concept so this is the,name of the this is,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],after giving the issue and evening,evenings thought he decided to decided,the paper was,decided the paper was so good that it,required rapid publishing,charlie published unwilling to go back,and replace the plural,in the document plural voice in the,document he did the next,best thing and just added a second,author,just added a second author uh,his shame is,of course just uh listing,um,this name is uh comes from chesters,father,okay so this is the name this is the,known for first cat to co-author a,physics paper in print,uh lets say something about this xiaomi,scat cms cat is one of the first,distinctly recognized breeds of asian,cat,comes from siam one of the most popular,breeds,[Music],this is social intelligent as well,and playful health happening into,adulthood,like are you expensive cattle same as,sick,human interaction and like companionship,from,other cats,feel,foreign,[Music],physics chairman truman woodruff wrote a,letter to heatherington,asking him if he could persuade,william to join the department full time,he said if you know,i think its interesting the later read,infor,can you imagine the universal jubilation,if in fact willard could be persuaded to,join us,even if only a visiting,so this is uh you can find this,all these things in internet now,[Music],foreign,[Music],um,on to publish another paper in 1980,this time being credited as a soul,author,so this is very interesting uh so,i end right now so next time i will come,with richard fenman,he was a artist and there is a very,interesting,event um when you made a portrait,so i discussed that,okay thank you

Amd Security गार्ड Physical Review 16/12/22 जाने आसाम में कैसा हो रहा है | सबसे हार्ड|सावधानी रखें

Yes, friends, I say once, friends, today I am a boy from Assam,who has passed the physical of MD security guard and he has,called me a message, then you would have,known the review of the physical that happened in Assam in Shillong. yes then friend first tell your name and tell when was your physical,i am talking from assam ok after that my physical test was on 16th in shillong,bsf ground ok [music] so tell me like people wale kabhi kabhi You can comment me,where did you stay, take it from the beginning, where did you stay in a little speed,,means where did you stop, where did you go and take the hotel,,and by beating, how much was the rent for a good room, and room means we have a,room . I took ₹ 400 over there gas is free and told me to stay son over,there we are,doing the,[music],your friends can go and stay in it,everyday means the meaning in which you stay what was the name of the place any idea,If you,do not remember the name, what should I,say, and the print which is,saying that bringing the print is called performance, then one admit rd checked checked a performance,that checked after that you were given entry inside han han yeh what happened after that then,went inside there everyone again there was a line line up line up go on telling quickly so that you can speak quickly Let it be done,and it is easy for people to watch the,video,. In which everyones photo was there, everyone wrote their name in it, they wrote their name na,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,If they have a little hindi problem,,then I am doing a relation with you, because during the training time, I had a special friend of mine who,was from Assam,. Those who come to your Assam are also exempted or as it was written on your performance,your height was being measured according to that ha ha Ye sar se mera channel hai,use 167 tha haan to aapki 167 aapki height thi to jitni aapki height hoti hai it is written in the performance whether,aapki height 173 ho hai na haan haan aapki height kitni thi mera 168.220 achcha achcha to ye aapka performance,I have written perform remains in your hand or you but good remains in hand remains in hand,good after that after height after height takes chest takes han han I want to ask,in height if someones height general Belongs to category OBC to S if his height is 167 minimum,asked if his height is 186.5 he is taken or excluded means he is general,then you come to chest the minimum in chest was 80 cm your For han,han so after 80 there is punch flower then you tell me whose less flower,chest is taken,seriously Need,means it is not in listening but the first time which will be you will be around 805 then only you,will be taken friends your minimum if not your flower Has been 80 means,minimum you have to be 80 cm C. This brother is going on live,review . Let,s go ahead with that, after that Sita will be the first setup channel,you have set up a person, he is doing it, you are going to set it up, then you tell me,how you setup the setups, as I tell in the video, the same setup Is there any other way,,there is no way, all are the same, what you were saying in the video, they,live there, friends, I have already made enough of all my video setups,,tell me the 4 mistakes that I made. It is a mistake, apart from them, they have added something because I,had given the physical, about one and a half years ago, nothing has been changed, it is a copy, so this SAM is running,there, if you had made any batch of how much your setups Tell me about the time, but that job job is selected,, isnt it? One by one , a,man stays there, well, that means the one whose chest is done, he will count you and he will,send you forward.,It is happening, they are pushing him forward,,if someone hits 24 seater, he will spread or pass him, he will spread means it is necessary to hit full 25, but if he gets up when he leaves his,hand, he will get up a little, then there is no problem, if he gets more, then it will come out,. If it wakes up, it will come out, wont it, Han,Han ?,Wont say sit up down up down wont say anything like this,you can apply whatever you want its done lets talk about the next event,Akbar did it right after that someone else okay I talked Well, you have done it nine times,,as you are getting eight, the one who is telling you too, if it is eight, then it will happen, is,nt he getting it fitted? E is putting it wrong by mistake then he is getting no if someone is putting it perfect,then he is finishing it in eight Tell me once there is a pole there is a pole which is,going well in your hand Any comfort at all very good that say good and,there is an upper grip so from inside as i tell in the video,you can do it from inside you have to do it from inside you can do both together well you can do both,there is,something kept there to climb I have kept it a little higher, well, it means that,you will have to jump and catch it, you will have to work a little bit,,I see, I keep saying, if you are not able to do the whole archanas, then you are doing hello and,bye, you left your hand and fell down, then the same I have spilled in that too it will be considered spilled you caught the,pole by mistake and you put two you fell down the third time you fell down so you hello there,ok han so this is what was going on then friends you dont have to leave the pole one Once you have,gripped, after that he will not even tell you like this, put you up or down,as per your wish. It will be your advantage but you,will have to die, today it is minimum, if you have made one or two mistakes, then they did not see it, like,you have to come down completely or with half hand, many comments will come that Sir, can we go with half hand or at all You have to come down,as I tell in the video, if you dont come,,you will have to come down, you will have to come down, you can apply it however fast or slow, but you will have to come down, your hands,should be very straight, okay, then this is yours. Gaya chance ki baat gaya uske jo chips,me hoga hoga mein long jump mean me in the process you remember how many people spread The sita abhi,chalo teen do three bande jaata achha chalo no problem these things we will do in the last,hitting 12 feet You will get three chances,means you are not digging from the height the,passing is doing and what was the fourth weight your fourth running will be running running 100 meters security guard,what was the process of running 100 meters how many boys ran together the timing complete,Is being given, is not being given and what kind of track was it, can be done by wearing shoes and by,walking with a fan say about them answer you first there 10 ran 10 tha to keep the,man 10 visited good 10 people will run together han han but that man was trembling so 5,men good means who is crossing in step chinas If there are only 5 left, then the punches ran to the people, then,one after the other, in this way you are running to the security guard,.,What is it, do they whistle or in what way,and whenever you have to run and have something in your hand to see the running, how many will come on time, how many will not come,,but I want to ask, chip etc. If there is no chip,,then how was the field, how was,the soil, road means there was soil in the road, good soil means,there will be no spill even in tight running, no, I have not seen even one,,one by one, you select,that paper and take it there. Have to give, well you are given something from there, when your complete physical,will go, your entry started at 6:30 in the morning, at what time did you,finish or at 10:00 Means your complete physical should be completed in 3 hours, I am asking this question,because I have a lot of comments, sir, if we want to book tickets, do you have,any idea how many total candidates were called and at what time al

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