1. Apple TVs Physical Review: A Surprisingly Dark Look at the 80s
  2. Physics – Basic Introduction
  3. Physical Review tutorial for authors: How to write a great scientific paper
  4. Jean-Michel Raimond and Cristina Marchetti – Co-Lead Editors of Physical Review X
  5. A New Journal – Physical Review Applied
  6. “Physical” Review | Apple TV + Original Series (NON-SPOILER) Starring Rose Byrne
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Apple TVs Physical Review: A Surprisingly Dark Look at the 80s

physical this is the latest show to come,out from apple tv,and i didnt know what to go in when i,saw the trailer for this i was like okay,yeah,aerobics 80s,its glow right were doing glow but for,aerobics and honestly,i think out of every like television,program ive watched this year and ive,watched a lot you guys know ive covered,a lot of shows,ive watched a lot of stuff physical,might be,one of the most intense programs to come,out this year,i went into this with no expectations,im like oh its gonna be cute its,gonna like look at the 80s in this,bubbly light some good music some cool,design,pieces but what we got from physical,might be one of the most intense things,ive seen in a long time,so without going too heavy into spoilers,the premise of physical,as we follow this housewife she was part,of like the 60s counter culture her,husband were like those classic hippie,types,theyve kind of matured in their,settings her husband just lost his job,and now they have to find a way to make,ends meet in order to do that her,husband is going to run for,like office or just like some some,political stance in the california town,they are from,and basically she is like we cant,afford to do this because of her eating,disorder and throughout the entirety of,the show and their lives,shes been taking money out of their,savings account to help with her eating,disorder because she cant stop it so,shes doing this in a,a pretty much horrific way that she has,this way set up,and im like this is very intense right,from the beginning,the first two episodes of the show open,up with like the depictions of eating,disorders in this film,may be intense for some viewers and,right there youre like,what is this going to be and from the,get-go it is insanely,scary just like the way the intensity,builds in this show,and the tension rises in each moment,youre just like whoa,i was not expecting this from the thing,thats supposed to be billed as like the,campy 80s dance number,so on top of having this eating disorder,trying to pay for her husbands,political career,even though its not really going,anywhere she needs this escape and rose,byrne plays the lead she needs to escape,and what she finds is aerobics in this,new mall outlet she finds this,like dance studio where she can finally,feel free and be herself and shes,trying to do,some career moves there while doing this,thing for her husband while,contributing to her eating disorder and,just like there are so many cogs in this,machine theyre just going off and,youre like,when is this going to take a moment to,breathe and let this woman just have a,second,to relax it never comes,like this show all 10 episodes are just,thing after thing after thing after,thing conflict after annoyance after,conflict after annoyance,for this character of sheila she is just,thrust into this world that she created,for herself she created all these,problems for herself its like do i,escape do i help this do i do that,and the entire time she doesnt get a,moment to breathe and youre just like,what is happening why i thought this was,supposed to be cute and fun,but no its like a really intensely dark,comedy,when i say dark comedy it is very weird,how how,the humor balances itself out because,this woman we spend a lot of time in her,own head,and its just like berating the people,around her like look at this fat ugly, and that kind of stuff youre just,like,what the hell is this comedy or is this,woman literally,insane by the amount of work shes put,into this entire career in existence,around her,its really intense and i know im,saying like intense,like a lot in this video but honestly,youre gonna go into this youre,thinking its glow its cute its fun,this is seriously scary like some of the,stuff that this woman puts up with and,does,just like the fast pace and the way the,music tracks that she goes from scene to,scene just doing all this crazy stuff,is frightening its amazingly intense,what she does here and rose byrne an,actress i have adored for a very long,time,she is perfect in this role like,just the way she is so quietly like,staying in the background for a lot of,scenes,just thinking in her own head in the way,that she could just see like she wants,to say the truth here but she cant,she puts on the brave face the way she,lies to everybody including herself and,then the moment so she lets it all come,out,it is very cool this is like a,career-making role,if it wasnt rose byrne whos already,had a story career and this was like a,newcomer,this would be the kind of role that,would put you on the map because you are,doing just so much just like,emoting and its not even like intense,emoting its just like the quiet,softness of this character,just thinking and feeling and,experiencing every moment,and its very intense that way also too,something i really like about this show,is just how it captures like that,generation of the counter culture,this is like a 40 year old woman who,obviously grew up in the 60s that era,when we had like the big political,movements and these pushes of power,and you just see like how that is kind,of like transferring in the modern times,over to like the california surf culture,and i,love the way the surf culture is,presented in the show im a big fan of,that atmosphere,i love the way that is presented here,just fantastic in the way like,the political parties are changing to,like that reaganomics era,i think its fantastic to see that this,show does a great job of presenting the,80s,and i think one of the things that a lot,of people just have especially like a,younger generation like the 80s its,like bright colors and neon and big,music and all this stuff,thats there theres also like a lot of,matted colors in the 80s where its just,like,browns and teals and just simplistic,coloring,and the show presents that perfectly,where its like we have our bright stuff,the aerobics,were in bright tights and all that,stuff but like youre looking at,someones home,its just a lot of browns and just basic,coloring and youre like that,seems very realistic to me and very,appropriate,i thought that did a great job and one,of the other things i really like about,this,is the way the music actually plays into,the story youre not using like the big,hits of the 80s youre using like the,simple one-hit wonder songs just like,those,classic beats that if youre familiar,with the time period you know,but its not gonna steal attention away,from the show okay this isnt just like,big songs its the quiet songs from that,generation that work perfectly for the,show,honestly this is the biggest surprise of,the year for me,because im like yeah i get it its,aerobics its fun and the aerobic stuff,is so intense and you just feel like,this girl needs this release the side,characters in the aerobic studio are,great i think bunny is a fantastic,character thats another role,im sorry i dont remember the actresss,name but that character is really cool,to see,her husband the actor who i think is his,name is rory scoville,he does great he does great as danny,this guy who is just so,in his own head and so arrogant in a way,that doesnt come across as arrogant,hes just like,its about me this is my story and how,he just lets the world tell it for him,like,its perfect this show worked on every,conceivable level and you dont get a,moment of rest in it its just like,lets go lets go lets go,heres the conflict that sheila is,dealing with its her fault this is,happening,now she does this thing to stop that,from happening with that down falls into,this and that rolls down the hill and,gets to this thing and now shes doing,this,and she just like goes to the aerobics,listens to some nice music,and she just breaks out of that funk for,a small moment,it is surprising how intense this show,is,its insanely good insanely creative,its probably one of the biggest,surprises ive seen in a long time when,it comes to a television program because,it just does so much with what its,given,and youre like what its giv

Physics – Basic Introduction

in this video were going to cover some,basic concepts such as,displacement velocity acceleration,projectile motion,newtons three laws,forces momentum and things like that,so for those of you who want a basic,intro into physics and just want to,understand some principle ideas,involving physics this video is for you,so lets begin the first thing were,going to talk about is,distance,and,displacement,now many of you out there are very,familiar with the word distance,when you think of distance when you hear,the word distance what do you think of,i think of,how far,something has traveled,so lets say the distance between,one city to another could be a hundred,miles and so is the the difference,between,two points,now displacement is very similar to,distance but,displacement,encompasses direction as well,direction is important for displacement,so let me give an example that,distinguishes distance and displacement,so lets say if you have a person,lets say john,and hes at this position right here,and he decides to walk lets say,eight meters east,and then,he turns,in the other direction and travels,lets say,three meters,west,the total distance that john travels is,eight plus three or eleven meters,however his displacement,is not eleven but rather his,displacement,is five meters,displacement,is the difference between the final,position,and the initial position,so lets say if we have a number line,and lets say this is position zero,so john traveled,eight meters east,so now hes at position,eight on a number line,so during the first part of his trip his,displacement was positive eight,then he traveled,three meters,west,so his displacement is negative three,so now hes at position five,and so his,net displacement,is five meters because he started from,position a and now hes at position b,which is located at position five,and so your net displacement is,basically,its the final position lets say pf,minus the initial position,his final position is position five,his initial position is zero,so his displacement is positive five,he went from a to b,and so thats the basic idea behind,displacement,the total distance is 11.,now distance is a scalar quantity,it only has magnitude,displacement is a vector quantity,it has both magnitude and direction,in the case of distance,in the first part of the trip he,traveled a distance of positive eight in,the second part he traveled a distance,of positive three and so the total,distance is 11 meters,now displacement has the magnitude and,direction,during the first part of his trip,his displacement was positive eight,the magnitude is,how far he traveled which is eight,meters,the direction is hes traveling east,and so we have a positive sign for going,in an eastward direction,anytime you go towards the right youre,going in the positive x direction,so the displacement is positive,now during the second part of the trip,hes traveling west,that is towards the negative x direction,and so its negative 3 in terms of,displacement but in terms of distance,its positive 3. keep this in mind,distance is always positive but,displacement can be positive or negative,if youre traveling east,or north,displacement has a positive value,if youre traveling west or south,displacement has a negative,value and so if you add up the,displacement for the first part of the,trip,plus the displacement of the second part,you get the net displacement of positive,five,positive eight,plus negative three will give you,positive five,now lets say a car,travels,200 miles,would this description,be related to distance or displacement,so if i say you travel 200 miles,am i describing distance or displacement,well this would be a description of,distance,because no direction was indicated,so you could be going east west north or,south,if you simply state 200 miles youre,describing distance,now lets say if the car traveled 300,miles,north,in this case,i have the magnitude which is 300 miles,and i also have the direction,which is in the norfolk direction,so in this case im describing,displacement,displacement is a vector quantity,it has both magnitude,and direction,whereas a distance,is a scalar quantity,it only has magnitude such as 200 miles,without any direction,so make sure you understand the,difference between a scalar quantity and,a vector quantity,a scalar quantity as we said before,has magnitude only,but a vector quantity has a magnitude,and direction,now lets talk about speed,when you think of the word speed what do,you think of,speed tells you how fast something is,moving,so lets say if,a car is traveling 30 meters per second,what does that mean,so that means that every second,the car,will have traveled a distance of 30,meters,so lets say this is the starter line,and im going to use a box to represent,a car,and the car is moving in this direction,with a speed of 30 meters per second,so one second later,the car will have traveled a total,distance of 30 meters,two seconds later,its going to travel,another distance of 30 meters so for a,total distance of 60 meters,so we can make a table,so lets put,t for time,d for distance,so if the speed,is 30 meters per second,so every second,the distance traveled will increase by,30.,and so thats what speed tells us,it tells us how fast the distance,of an object or the distance traveled by,an object is changing every second,so lets say if youre driving a car and,youre going 60 miles per hour,every hour at that speed you will travel,a distance of 60 miles,so lets say if you want to travel a,distance,of 300 miles its gonna take you five,hours to do so,in the first hour youre gonna travel 60,miles,in the second hour you have covered a,distance of 120 miles,so every hour youre going to travel an,additional distance of 60 miles,now theres a formula that you need to,know,and its d is equal to vt,in this equation,d,can be used as a distance,and v,represents speed,t,represents time,now sometimes with this formula,you could use the velocity in terms of v,and if you do so then d,will no longer technically be,represented by distance but its going,to be represented by displacement,and so you could use that simple formula,in many different ways,so heres a question for you,so lets say if you have an object,that is moving,at a speed of lets say,50 meters per second,how long will it take,for this object to travel a distance,of 1000 meters,so were looking for the time how long,so we could use this formula d is equal,to vt,so the distance is a thousand meters,v is 50 meters per second,and we need to calculate the time,so we can divide both sides by 50.,and so its going to be a thousand,divided by 50. if we cancel a zero,thats a hundred divided by 5,which is 20. so its going to take 20,seconds,for this object to travel a distance,of a thousand meters,now lets talk about speed,and velocity,so what is the difference,between these two quantities,because they both describe how fast,something is moving,but theres a difference between them,speed,is a scalar quantity,and velocity,is a vector quantity,speed is always positive velocity can be,positive or negative,now recall that,a scalar quantity only has,magnitude,whereas a vector quantity,has magnitude and direction,so can you think of some examples,that will distinguish,speed from velocity,so lets say if a train,im going to use a box again,is moving,at,45 meters per second,let me take away the arrow,so i you dont have any direction its,simply moving at 45 meters per second,in this case,this describes the speed of the train,because im telling you how fast its,moving but not where its going,now lets say if we have a train,moving at 30 meters per second,going,west in this case this is a description,of velocity,because,not only do you have the magnitude of,the vector which is the speed,but you also have the direction,and so when you combine magnitude and,direction,you have a vector quantity and so,velocity,is basically,speed with direction the 30 meters per,second tells you the speed,wes tells you the direction,and wh

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Physical Review tutorial for authors: How to write a great scientific paper

hello everyone and welcome to ApS,webinars the title of todays webinar is,physical review tutorial for authors how,to write a great scientific paper im,farah Dawood and Ill be a host for,todays broadcast thank you all so much,for joining us,ApS webinars are brought to you as a,service of the American Physical Society,connecting you with the expertise of,individuals who can offer insight into,physics careers educational programs and,professional development for students,working physicists and educators todays,presentation features dr. Matteo Rainey,dr. Rainey will be providing tips for,writing a scientific paper and also some,thoughts on scientific communication in,general after dr. Rainey finishes the,presentation the remainder of the,program will belong to you for our,question and answer session because of,the number of people attending this this,webinar we are only accepting text,questions so if you would like to ask a,question please type it into the,questions panel located on the right,side of your screen you may submit,questions through the questions panel at,any time during the webinar and we will,answer all of them at the end we will do,a best to cover all of your questions,that you submit but we want to apologize,if we are unable to cover everything,finally a link to todays recording will,be emailed to you after todays event,and will be made available on the,webinar home page please allow five,business days for video upload and so,with that lets get started,Mateo Rainey received a PhD in,electrical engineering from the,University of Pavia in Italy and a PhD,in physics from the Humboldt University,of Berlin in Germany he later worked as,a laser physicist at the Lawrence,Berkeley National Laboratory after 10,years in academic research he shifted to,science communication and policy,activities first joining the Directorate,for climate action of the European,Commission and then the American,Physical Society where he is now the,deputy editor of the online magazine,physics dr. Rainey has taught many,workshops on scientific writing and,institutions around the world and we are,very very excited to have him here today,all right so with that Matteo take it,away hello everybody good morning and,thank you all for being here so today we,will focus the discussion on something,that I feel its him maybe too often,neglected inside in scientific careers,which is writing as as you mentioned I,was a former scientist used to do,experiments with lasers but then at some,point I was sort of preoccupied about,the way science is communicated to the,society and to policymakers and I,decided to work on this issues and,thats what Ive been doing for about 10,years now I am the deputy editor of an,online magazine of the American Physical,Society which is called physics and you,can find it at this website and I will,tell you a little a little more during,my talk not to advertise it but because,its relevant to the suggestions that,Im giving about about writing so for,the sake of this talk we will focus on,writing papers but you cant take this,principles and use them in any kind of,writing that youre doing you know,writing cover letters very important,type of writing is of course writing,research but those are grant proposals,and so on and so forth before we start,Id like to mention that the APS is,organizing other webinars and this one,is occurring on July 14th so next week,and it will talk about quantum memories,for photos so you can find the,information here so you can register for,that webinar too if youre interested so,I will start my talks with a main,message with a take-home message and if,you were to go home you know after 5,minutes I think this is the most,important thing that I want to tell you,which is this fact that the,really condense about that if you are a,scientist you have to consider yourself,a professional writer as a scientist you,communicate your science you communicate,the importance the beauty the impact of,your science mostly through writing,writing papers writing grant proposals,so this is a an interesting part of your,profession you have to consider yourself,a professional in this field and you,have to act accordingly,and very often I see that scientists are,very you know willing to go to great,lengths to improve their skills learning,new programming languages learn how to,operate new machinery learn new,mathematical tricks and theyre ready to,spend a long time and a lot of effort to,learn the skills but more rarely I see,scientists thinking about their writing,skills Im not advocating for doing,classes or workshops necessarily,although they can be very useful I guess,what Im advocating for is a little bit,of shift in in the way you think about,these things and if you realize that you,have this Duty that you are a,professional right that you are in some,sense Nabokov then you will act,accordingly every time you write you,will think about how youre doing and,you will try to to improve it and if you,do this consistently you will improve,constantly and very quickly and in this,talk I hope I will share some thoughts,that will help you doing this so there,are many reasons I mean the obvious,reason for writing well is that you know,you you want to communicate what youre,doing and when I give seminars and,workshops especially to students the,number one reason that people have in,mind is to get published if you write,well your chances of getting a paper,accepted or higher which is probably,true but I think there are many many,reasons to to try to write well and Id,like to mention a couple that I think,that are sometimes neglected the first,one is getting sighted,an important metric of your scientific,impact is citations things like the age,factor Frances the number of papers,decide yours and I can definitely say,that having analyzed a lot the,literature the most cited papers are,papers that are well-written theyre,papers that you know when they get,picked up for instance by a PhD students,arent trying to enter a new field they,read them they get the message they,learn something new there would be more,inclined to cite your paper so this this,there is a very very strong Association,and then second reason theyre like to,mention is something that really is very,important inside science and that is to,communicate with scientists from other,fields I see that many of the,breakthroughs that are happening and,probably many of the breakthroughs that,will happen in the future depend on the,interdisciplinary exchange of ideas,between different fields of physics and,of science in general Ive seen theories,for condensed matter being used to,describe the early universe that same,string theory being applied to design,optics,that are used to manipulate signal,signals in communication schemes and so,on so forth all these exchanges are only,possible if your people are written in a,way that they can be accessed by,scientists in other fields so you really,have to think about who you want to,communicate to with your papers and then,it might be are the reasons proposals or,something that are initially examined by,program managers they need to be written,for a very broad audience you can arrive,them in a very technical way and finally,you might be a very young PhD student,you are not even sure whether you want,to stay in physics for the rest of your,career but if you work on your,communication skills written and oral,this will be useful no matter where you,go you go to marketing you go to any any,kind of field writing well and,communicating well and,well be useful to your career,so before I start giving you my,suggestion so let me tell you a little,bit about what Im doing because there,are two aspects of what Im doing the,sort of justify the comments Im going,to give you and and sort of put my,experience into context so I work for,this online magazine its called physics,so you can find it physics though it yes,the org with many types of articles in,in this magazine we have Q&A cu

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Jean-Michel Raimond and Cristina Marchetti – Co-Lead Editors of Physical Review X

absolutely delighted now to be joined by,Christina machete and John Michell Ramon,from physical review x first of all,welcome thank you very much indeed for,taking the time to talk to us I,appreciate that so lets kick off give,me a little bit of an insight a little,bit of an overview of you will on,physical review X what is it well let me,first of all say that you know birthday,Michelle and I are really excited and,honored to have the opportunity to serve,the community in these leadership role,and this is a fairly young journal as,you know it has been around only in five,years and actually in these five years,it has seen a remarkable brought in,state role and impact in the community,and this has really been due to the work,of the first lead editor which was,hardly pulling but also to really,amazingly dedicated work of the staff,editors that resided be at the APS,lesbians being really very impressive oh,yeah and and to present the John Allen,in a in a few key words its a,small-scale publication which typically,published 200 you are not 50 papers a,year but we dont aim to to grow that,much its for very influential very,pivotal papers in physics that we try to,identify for rather severe but,interactive selection process its and,it has no size limit which i think is,important because its only published,open access on the web so we dont need,paper and means that the offers can take,time to really explain their findings,which is particularly important all the,more so when the findings are really,knew how important is it that its open,access I think its pretty important of,course most institutions in the world in,physics institutions subscribe to the,APS Jonah so for the professional,physicist browse the differences,but first value very strong incentive,from the funding agencies to publish my,own mind open access journals and,certain epi X is the first step of the,APS two after that and then I think its,also important because as krishna,variety said we would like to attract,papers which ill beat out outside the,mainstream of physics with mesh,connections with other feet make,connections with our concepts and for,those who are interested in wisconsin,where might not have a subscription to a,PS at large and finally think its,important for students of the undergrad,students most probably we cannot in,access the aps for publications for an,institutional thing final question then,is whats your vision for the future of,the journal where do you want to take it,well firstly we want to continue you,know the kind of growth in in fact,invisibility the first dream very,quickly and as well in quality as a,matter of fact so we do not expect or,flying to make the journal a lot bigger,in term of number of papers published,and then it is now and we really expect,to try to maintain the you know the high,quality of the paper the other thing is,really important that we wish to,continue in spite of the increase of the,number of publication is this really,highly interactive and personalized,review mode that the journalists had the,editors actually have a lot of back and,forth with reviewers and with autos and,i think that has been very well accepted,and taken by it by the community oh,thank you very much for talking to us so,appreciate it thank you,you

A New Journal – Physical Review Applied

Im absolutely delighted now to be,joined by the managing editor and editor,of Physical Review applied Julian Troy,were welcome both thank you for having,us thank you very much indeed for coming,to talk to us up what must be a very,busy time for you yes it is so tell me,when did it launch it launched chappie,replied launched on December the 12th,and weve had a lot of enthusiasm as of,yesterday we already had – 272 papers,submitted to us and on February 27th we,actually published our first set of,research articles of seven papers and we,are thrilled its a very pleasantly wide,gamut of subject areas so were very,pleased with the first issue well well,done thank you and well sort of,responses the first issue had so the,response has been pretty enthusiastic we,spent a lot of time choosing papers that,we thought would appeal to a broad,number of people and that were very high,quality and we only have seven papers in,our first issue but everyone weve,talked to has been very supportive,whats the remit of physical review,applied the API started this journal,because I mean Applied Physics is a very,very big field and we had done some,surveys and members had indications that,they would like to have some place to,publish in the family of journals we,joined 10 other journals as we are the,11th Journal where the first,subscription journal to be launched,since 1958 I believe thats the day and,its with there are two ways that were,looking at this we would love to publish,all the very high quality traditional,quote/unquote Applied Physics papers but,were also very enthusiastic about,trying to venture into new areas,interdisciplinary areas physicists who,do engineering engineers who do physics,and try to bridge that gap and have a,forum a home for them to publish what,differentiates a physical review applied,from other journals I think that deals,with the question that Julie just raised,which is the cross between physics and,engineering so if I can give an example,or two I have a colleague who works on,ceramics and concrete,that sequester carbon dioxide so in the,normal course of events he would publish,in an engineering journal and engineers,would read about this but the physics of,how this occurs would not be studied and,physicists wouldnt be aware of that,kind of thing at the same time Im a,physicist but Im trained Im trained as,a physicist but Im in a bio engineering,department and so I have a colleague in,bioengineering who works on artificial,ligaments like the anterior cruciate,ligament that that gets damaged by by,athletes and artificial ACLs never,perform nearly as well as real ACLs,because they stretch over time and so,what hes working on is physical,approaches like braiding these,artificial materials that strengthen,them and prevent them from stretching in,that way and so this is the kind of,thing that we are very excited to,publish that doesnt have a venue,elsewhere currently things either appear,in engineering journals or in physics,journals and the other group just,doesnt hear about one well thank you,both very much indeed for taking the,time to talk to us today and well done,for such a great start so thank you very,much thank you very much for having us

“Physical” Review | Apple TV + Original Series (NON-SPOILER) Starring Rose Byrne

hello everyone and welcome to lost in,the episode,today well be reviewing apple tv plus,new dark comedy series,physical about the rise of an aerobic,star in the 80s,it stars one of my favorite actresses of,all time,in rose byrne who has proven that she,can pull off both dramatic,and comedic roles how does physical,compare to her past work,and is it worth tuning in every week for,lets talk about it,[Applause],[Music],the first three episodes of physical,premiere today,on apple tv plus and tune in every,friday,for a new installment the series is,created by annie weissman an executive,produced by craig gillespie,and liza johnson it stars rose byrne,deirdre friel rory scoville paul sparks,della saba and lou taylor pucci,a woman struggling in her life as a,quietly tortured housewife,finds an unconventional path to power,through an,unlikely source the world of aerobics,physical is created by television,veteran annie weissman,but the main draw here behind the scenes,will be that of craig gillespie,who just directed the emma stone vehicle,cruella,and the oscar-winning eye tonya his,flair for snarky dark humor,is alive and well in this new series and,just like in,itanya with marco robbie he has found,the perfect foil to deliver that type of,comedy,in rose byrne while this show will,certainly not be for everyone,as the season progressed i found myself,falling in love with physical,despite its flaws the series follows,sheila,a woman that has always lived in the,shadow of her husband,dany as he decides to run for local,election,she finds her life taking a tail spin,that seems to,never end she struggles with an eating,disorder,that causes her great agony and she also,cannot seem to ever speak her mind,especially when its most important one,day she comes across,a young woman named bunnys fitness,studio where a group of women,get together to do aerobics sheila finds,that this release of,fitness allows her to overcome her,obstacles,and gives her a whole new inspiration in,life,as her husband delves deeper into,politics she decides,to go behind his back to start a fitness,empire there is something so utterly,satisfying about watching an,underdog conquer their fears and to,trample everything that is standing in,their way,to finally find success in life and,while sheila isnt your typical,underdog it is still impossible not to,root for her,one thing that makes this series stand,out and what,might repel some viewers is that the,entire show is narrated with sheilas,thoughts,while she might be timid on the outside,her inner monologues are,filled with expletives harsh critiques,and self-deprecating humor,this makes sheila very unlikable at,times but also,extremely easy to relate to its also,refreshing to see her be able to,rile up the courage to say her thoughts,out loud,as the season progresses this series,reminds me a bit,of amcs new original program kevin can,himself in that both shows follow women,who are trying to reclaim their lives,from their bumbling moronic husbands but,while in kevin it was difficult to,relate to the protagonist alison,because she went off the deep end by,trying to murder her spouse,here sheilas plight to start her own,empire,despite her husbands political exploits,is,a much easier pill to swallow there is,something,so vindicating about seeing sheila open,up,find her voice and not stand in her,husbands shadow,any longer rose byrne is absolute,dynamite in this series she is,miraculously able to pull off,the self-deprecating humor and darker,aspects of sheilas personality,many performers would not be able to,make this character compelling,for the sheer fact that she is the,definition of a flawed human being,and her flaws are laid bare but i also,found that to be another very refreshing,aspect,of the series that they didnt try to,make this character perfect,rather they let sheila bask in her,weaknesses,the rest of the cast is also quite good,though,there are a few very unlikable,characters here,her husband danny for instance played by,rory skoval,can be a selfish sad little man much of,the time,hes also a bit gross and immature so,spending too much time with him on,screen,is not the most pleasant thing in the,world tyler and bunny played by della,saba and lou taylor poochie,are the couple that sheila works with to,start her aerobics journey,and they are both really endearing and,have a lovely chemistry,with each other i just hope that in a,second season,we get more of a story arc for the both,of them,however it is deirdre friel as sheilas,friend greta,who is the real mvp of the series for me,at least,she brings a genuine earnestness to the,show that is,much needed and it is also a joy to see,her journey,of taking back her life as well but,physical has an issue that many will not,be able to look past,its just not all that funny its hard,to mine a lot of laughs out of a show,about eating disorders and fitness,and if self-deprecating humor is not,your thing,well youll probably find the series,flat out laughless,i also must say that i was not sold at,all from this show by its first two,episodes,and it wasnt until the end of the third,where you can finally see where physical,is actually going,that i became invested lastly no,spoilers here but,i was really turned off by the season,finale,and wish they had just left it with the,ninth episode which i think,ended perfectly but despite some,unlikable characters a rocky first,couple of,episodes and a dark tone that was,initially off-putting,i became truly riveted by sheilas,journey in physical,and cannot wait to see her continuing,rise to the top,in lost in the episode i rate each show,in one of four,different tiers must watch watch if you,like the genre it exists in,watch if there is nothing else to watch,and skip it all together,i make that decision from combining two,different scores,one based on entertainment value how,bingeable or watchable a show,is and production quality the caliber of,the writing acting direction,etc physical was not the easiest show to,get hooked on,until the third episode but once,sheilas journey,really jump started i could not stop,watching this show,so i will be giving the first season a,score of 85 percent for entertainment,value,as for production quality the shows,time period of the 80s,the good and the bad is magnificently,brought to life,rose byrne is exceptional and i can,honestly see this being an emmy,nominated turn,for her the writing while not all that,funny and a bit off putting in moments,is still very compelling stuff and every,episode is brought to life with the,ferocity from the direction,that really added to the series vibe so,i will be giving that a score of 91,percent,for an overall score of 88,this is one of the highest scores i have,given to a first season,of a show all year and even though i do,know that this will definitely not be,for some people,you should watch physical if you like,dark dramedies,this series is one heck of a trip and if,you give it some time i have a feeling,that most of you will warm up to it and,be cheering for sheila,along with me thank you so much for,watching lost in the episode we will see,you soon,[Music],you

[Music],hello and welcome to the homepage for,physical review letters the flagship,journal of the american physical society,Physical Review Letters is one of the,many high-quality journals published by,aps its homepage along with the other,journal home pages have been designed to,make it easier to read and discover,content in this video we will,demonstrate how to navigate the journals,web pages and discover the numerous,features they have in common along with,pointing out some elements unique to the,individual journal web pages at the top,of every aps journal web page you will,find convenient links to other aps,websites the aps logo at the far left,takes you to a psg org the homepage for,the american physical society moving,right the journals navigation button,provides quick access to all of the,physical review journals remember this,menu button we will return to it shortly,the next button is the help feedback,button if you need help but would like,to provide feedback directly to aps,simply fill out the form and click,Submit on the far right we see the,journals quick search feature we will,explore the numerous search options and,features in another instructional video,concluding our tour of the top,navigation bar we come to the login,button for your aps journals account an,additional video will detail the,advantages of having an aps journals,account and how to register for your own,moving down we see the physical review,letters home page is divided into three,main parts the head of our is first all,journal home pages have a colored header,bar containing links to journal related,information below that the journal page,is divided into two parts the left side,of the page features highlighted,scientific content for that particular,journal including recent articles,editorials and research featured in,physics aps is online only publication,providing news and commentary about a,selection of papers from the aps journal,collection on the right side of the page,you will find a link to the journals,current issue upcoming meetings attended,by,editors announcements and journal,specific news in the colored header bar,you will see more useful links and,features beginning on the left the,highlights link gives you access to a,list of all the research highlighted in,the journal every journal header bar has,this link with the exception of reviews,of modern physics next in the header bar,is the recent link clicking this link,reveals all the recently published,articles for that particular journal,lets stop there for a moment and head,over to the journals navigation button,two of our journals physical review,applied and Physical Review X come with,a subjects link in their respective head,of ours this feature gives you the,ability to browse published articles by,research subject making it easier than,ever to find the article you want moving,right we now come to the accepted link,this link provides access to the,research papers that have been accepted,by the journal editors and are awaiting,publication clicking the title of the,individual papers allows you to read the,abstract for that particular paper the,authors link is next this takes you,directly to our information for authors,page here authors can find links to,detailed information concerning,manuscript preparation and submission,for the journal we now come to the,referees link this page provides access,to our information for referees each,link offers information to anyone with,questions concerning the policies and,procedures for a PS Journal referees the,search link gives you access to our,powerful search page searching the vast,archive of more than 550,000 Physical,Review articles and refining your,results has never been easier as,mentioned earlier a more detailed search,video will explore all the powerful,search and sort options available to you,clicking the about link will give you,detailed information about the mission,and scope of the journals as well as,provide details about editorial policies,journal metrics subscription information,and the dedicated journal staff the,final link in the header bar is the RSS,or real,Simple Syndication icon clicking here,takes you to the APS journals RSS feeds,page you can subscribe to any of the,feeds either within your browser or a,dedicated RSS reader these feeds are,updated automatically as new items are,published and make it easy to keep up,with ApS journal content thank you for,viewing this tour of the APS journals,home pages we hope you found it useful,and encourage you to continue exploring,all of the APS journal webpages as,always if you have any questions or,experience any problems dont forget,about the help feedback button at the,top of every APS journals webpage,you

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