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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Review

[Music],be careful what you wish for what other,lesson can we take away from this second,season of star trek picard which lets,just say it up front here might just be,the worst season of star trek ever,produced next gen year one take the,party outside,what the hell is happening here,excellent question,jean-luc,season one of picard was a mixed bag to,be sure as the series sought to put a,parsecs distance between the title,character and his next generation days,no uniforms no starships no enterprise,crew these were more or less the,mandates that enabled stuart to return,to space sure there was some good stuff,here and there but the result was often,a dour dark and just kind of confused,affair and so season two seemed to be,attempting a course correction right out,of the gate with the opening scene of,the premiere set on a starship in the,midst of a battle the first seasons,cast the picard squad were mostly,reconfigured into more likeably,familiarly star trekian versions of,themselves even while jean-luc himself,seemed to have a new lease on life oh,and dng staples q and gainen were back,in recurring roles but again and q would,know this better than anyone be careful,what you wish for after that fun season,2 premiere things began to take a turn,for the trophy if still enjoyable its,as if the production in reaction to,season 1s distancing from the treks,that have come before slingshotted too,far around the storytelling sun to,accommodate all the things weve loved,about the franchise in the past,unfortunately as it unfolded picard,season 2 began to feel like nothing but,a greatest hits album and not just that,but one of those albums where its all,covers of your favorite songs it seemed,clear from the start that the writers,wanted to undo a lot of what they were,stuck with after the prior season core,characters like soji and elenor were,effectively written out of the,proceedings brent spiners fairly,unremarkable dr alton tsung was replaced,with yet another song this time the kind,of screechy hysterical and sloppy adam,soon and even the budding relationship,between rafi and seven that was hinted,at in the season one finale is in the,post-breakup stage when we rejoined them,here that said it was nice to see the,gang again as the new season began with,characters like captain rios and agnes,gerardi coming across as more likeable,versions of their season 1 selves but as,the characters time traveled to the past,and it became clear that they were not,headed back to the future anytime soon a,sense of running in place overtook,things this included some characters,heading out on multi-episode missions,that in the end accomplished nothing,picards arc this season certainly had,promise and it works to a degree as the,show digs into his childhood and the,mental health struggles of his mother,the show seeks to tie his budding,romance with larissa and apparent,inability to commit to that relationship,to the mysterious past that is slowly,revealed over the course of season 2s,10 episodes but it hits a wall in part,because larys herself is given such a,short shrift introduced in the premiere,as she is and then basically shoved,aside until the final moments of the,finale instead orla brady spends most of,her expanded role this season as talon a,romulan supervisor charged with guarding,renee picard a family member of,jean-lucs from the 21st century its a,lot and as the season wore on it,increasingly seemed like the disparate,story threads just couldnt be tied,together in any kind of satisfying way,in the end as far as gainen and q go the,younger gainen of the past played by ito,agayure brought a spark to the season,whenever shed show up but she also,never really felt like gainen,and q is just a drift throughout with no,clear direction it is qs overarching,story which is supposed to be the entire,reason why the events of this season,take place that seems to make the least,sense and hence the season itself ends,with a big shoulder shrug i think im,getting the hang of it,the card season 2 started off in a good,place looking to amend some of the,missteps of the shows freshman year but,in attempting to embrace and celebrate,the things that fans love about star,trek the show fell into the trap of,regurgitating old concepts picards,central arc had some interesting,developments but overall it never quite,gels meanwhile the majority of the,picard squad were seemingly doomed to,run in place throughout the season,biding their time until they were,written off the show entirely,i believe,you have one final frontier,for more picard check out our full,review of the season 2 premiere and for,everything else stick with ign,you

Picard Season 2 – How Is This Show Still Going?

you know determination really can be a,remarkable thing,its what allows us humans to push,ourselves beyond the limits of what,should be possible,overcome adversity that should be,insurmountable and achieve things that,should be unattainable,thats great and all but theres a fine,line between determination,and sheer [ __ ],humorous thats right admiral [ __ ],and truly few producers working in tv,today,have demonstrated quite as much hubris,as alex kurtzman you remember him dont,you the guy,responsible for writing such hits as,star trek into darkness,amazing spider-man 2 the mummy reboots,and more recently clarice a tv sequel to,silence of the lambs that doesnt have,hannibal lecter in it,its a total mystery why it got,cancelled after one season,but hes also the guy responsible for,overseeing the destruction,sorry development of star trek on tv and,wow,whats an impact hes made who else,could have given us diverse,female space jesus a charisma-free,fantasy insert character whose only job,is to recon the entire,history of classic star trek to the,point where literally anything good,thats ever happened can basically be,attributed to her,you go girl and when hes not reshaping,and revising the past deflate his own,ego,hes busy sabotaging the future by,hijacking a beloved legacy character,now played by a frail old man whos just,happy to get out of the house for a,while,and using him to belittle and berate,anyone who once looked up to him,star trek picard painted a bleak violent,depressing vision for the future of the,federation,i mean who can forget scenes like this,[Music],it was basically a dumpster fire of,cosmic proportions to the point where,most people were just relieved when it,was finally over,and honestly i figured that was pretty,much the end of it,i mean there was no particular appetite,for more of this [ __ ] in the fan base,added to this were rumors of budget,shortages problems behind the scenes,difficulty getting insurance for patrick,stewart and the delays caused by the,unspecified virus of unknown origin and,it really seemed like picard was dead in,the water,and i was fine with that to be honest,but hey i guess you cant keep,a uh good man down and the other day we,finally got to see the teaser trailer,for season two,so whats adventures away everyones,favorite bald space captain,well set phasers to [ __ ] once more as,we take a look,the trailer opens with a frail and,confused looking robot picard,wandering around his chateau looking for,his jolly irish romulan housekeeper,i guess he needs another bed bath or,something,cheeky [ __ ] but then his brain,spazzes out for some reason and hes,like,what the hell is happening here truly,ive asked myself that same question,so many times john luke but dont worry,because an old friend is here to show,him the way,one cappy turn oh ive missed you,q no way no you might think id be,excited about qs return,after all hes one of the most memorable,and unique characters in star trek,history and a big part of what made tng,so awesome and while it really is great,to see john de lancie on screen again,the moment he showed up my first thought,was oh jesus now they found a new,character to [ __ ] up,and if im being totally honest here q,was really at his best in the early,seasons of tng,when we didnt really know much about,him and he actually came across as,dangerous and unpredictable,able and willing to kill people and wipe,out entire planets with the snap of his,fingers,he was out to test and teach humanity,the hard way and he didnt much care how,many people died in the process,if you cant take a little bloody nose,maybe you ought to go back home and,crawl under your bed,its not safe out here but the more we,got to know him the more his mystique,gradually unraveled to the point where,he became,kind of mundane and by the time he,showed up in star trek voyager hed been,reduced to a [ __ ],goofy clown someone to be laughed at,rather than,feared and i cant shake the feeling,that something even worse is gonna,happen to him here,i mean for a start consider his race and,gender for a second,in a star trek where every major,position of command and authority,is occupied by women preferably diverse,ones the idea that an all-powerful white,man would be allowed to effectively,supersede all of them is just,well ludicrous i wouldnt be surprised,if he decides to take on a more,diverse physical form for the bulk of,the show or gets bust around and,belittled by a more powerful and less,masculine cue,call me a cynic if you want but ive,seen this particular game,played out enough times to know that it,pretty much always ends the same way,qs arrival here also begs the question,of why the [ __ ] did he allow picard to,die at the end of the last season,i mean you realize youre just talking,to a robotic facsimile of the picard you,used to know right this really isnt the,same man,nah [ __ ] it if the writers dont care,why should i the point is that qs here,to tell robot picard that the timeline,is broken and its up to him to fix it,damn man theres a lot more than just,the timeline thats broken in star trek,and its going to take a lot more than,picard to put it right,believe me theres also a quick montage,of the other pointless characters from,season one,that for some reason theyve decided to,carry over to this one,like raffy the alcoholic drug addict who,abandoned her son to go get high,or agnes the psychopathic murderer who,enjoys nothing better than a good spew,or dodge the genocidal android who,wanted to wipe out all life in the,galaxy before deciding,nah itll be fine or rios the empty,shell of a character without an arc,consistent personality or even a reason,for being in the show,you know i cant tell you how much i,long for the days when star trek was,able to produce,competent intelligent likable and,interesting characters,instead of these [ __ ] ridiculous,melodramatic charisma vacuums,the final stinger is a really baffling,one for me where seven of nine wakes up,looks in the mirror and realizes that,her borg implants are gone,oh no what a shock either her,consciousness has been projected into an,alternate timeline where she was never,assimilated in the first place,or jerry ryan was just getting tired of,having all that metal [ __ ] glued to her,face,ill let you decide honestly im still,trying to work out why shes even in,this show,considering her character has absolutely,no personal history with picard,and never even interacted with him until,now but for some reason she acts like,they have this deep and troubled,relationship that the audience should,totally understand,i mean this is the same show that turned,her gay for some reason despite her,clearly having romantic interest towards,men in star trek voyager so,your guess is as good as mine i also,dont really understand why this,is what they chose to cap the trailer,off with like youre bringing back,q for [ __ ] sake why not keep him a,secret until the last few seconds and,have him show up as the final image to,give everyone something to get hyped,about,no offense to seven of nine or anything,but i honestly dont give a [ __ ] what,happens to her in this show,this is all fair enough but theres one,little disturbing nugget carefully,concealed amongst the [ __ ] salad of,this trailer and its positioned right,here,and i will get us home together why is,this significant you might ask,well as nerd rottick rightly pointed out,that particular line of dialogue is,ominously similar,to the final line in the trailer for,season 4 of star trek diversity,i mean star trek discovery which going,against all commercial logic,common sense and human decency somehow,managed to get renewed for a fourth,season,despite the abysmal ratings disastrous,audience scores and general,fan hatreds now i would have recognized,this dialogue myself,if were actually bothered to watch the,trailer but quite frankly i just dont,hate myself that much,and this is coming from the guy who once,drank a pint of turpentine and red

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Star Trek: Picard Season 2, Episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9 – re:View

oh god,[Music],have a headache rich,yes,yes i have a headache my,ive got a [ __ ] headache from,watching star trek picard episodes six,seven,eight and nine no i was in an accident,on my bike and i fell off the overpass,landed right on my head,oh my god and then i had to watch star,trek ricardo got a huge headache,what was worse getting hit by a car,falling off your bike,or watching picard both have the word,car on it,joke,hit it johnny,[Music],so id like to remind you rich this is,all your fault but were back um,we took a little miniature hiatus,we had a special guest in town for a,best of the worst episode i was busy,editing,we had some important [ __ ] going on we,had some other things going on in star,trek picard that the weeks were flying,by it was all another one oh another one,like i know i know i grabbed like a,comical ice bag like haha rich rich has,a comical ice bag on his head the,headache is real,okay the headache is the headache is,real this is a this is a joke,this isnt,like i watched episode six,i had to stop,i actu i actually had to stop because it,was just,uh god i was,wrecked i i wanted to i dont know,i was going to say very briefly but i,wanted to do,a uh i think i referenced early on where,i said the phone game,the writers played a game of phone with,the scripts yeah,for our viewers uh refreshment course a,lot of them dont watch star trek picard,they just watch the show to listen to us,talk about star trek picard,id like to go back and you and i take,turns trying to say all the,important plot elements elements plot,points that occurred,from the beginning,uh to try to make semblance of uh this,mess okay,uh yeah touching moment with loris,because,loris was married last season,and her husband just died between,seasons he just died and i guess between,seasons we didnt see any of this picard,and her falling in love,next we established the graduating class,of starfleet academy and we discovered,that,rafi and,elmore,have have bonded over the course of the,last couple years and shes shes,encouraged him to join starfleet,normally i thought this was,kind of a laughable little bit but,does sort of come back in some way in,episode nine rios breaks up with agnes,he did yeah,seven of nines flying around on on,rioss old ship and rios is now the,captain of the stargazer they encounter,spatial anomaly um that appears to be,the borg and its sending out a signal,that it wants to uh uh board queen shows,up the star gazer starts waving around,your tentacles and picard blows up the,ship uh,everything blows up and picard wakes up,in an alternate,presence seven of nine is the president,and shes not a borg,and she has a board queen in her,basement wow thats a huge thing um,picard is is generally trying to travel,back in time to fix the timeline,because she knows how to do the,calculations to slingshot them around,the sun oh geinan has a bar we forgot,gainan has a bar gainan has a bar in the,regular normal present but gainan also,has a bar,in,the,alternate 2024 star trek,bad bad bad bad bad big bad bad bad love,bad love word,emotion feel full feel love love love,loss loss tragedy love love love lost,tragedy,emotional emotion ghosts of our past,blah blah blah blah blah,thats really really wonderful,rios gets captured by ice,science fiction great science fiction,has always existed in two levels of,storytelling like cool fun speculative,fiction storytelling and holding up a,mirror to our own world one of the,really direct ways that i thought this,season absolutely holds up a mirror to,one of the greatest problems and i think,tremendous moral failings of america is,the way that we treat immigrants,and specifically the way i switch i,believe is a gestapo like organization,yeah uh targets human beings for cruelty,and for punishment and for,dehumanization and for things that,i was taught are not american how do you,get into those scenes and keep,what i imagine is visceral disgust of,ice,from overwhelming your performance and,then rescued,by rafi and seven and then does nothing,about it wow thats really awesome i,love that seven of nine and rafi need to,rescue rios and they need to do it on,the downloads and then to avoid altering,the title,so they steal a cop car for no reason,and have a wild chase that would,probably broadcast the national,television helicopter footage and,everything all up,because theyve just made too much of a,mess out of everything and were never,going to mention this again its all,okay then agnes starts becoming a borg,queen and then we discover that picards,ancestor renee picard is this seems like,a thing that is entirely appropriate to,be emotional about i mean what your cue,shows up what youre so the reason i,asked you about this shows,that rambling q shows up again,and he doesnt do anything,oh oh,really q shows up and starts meddling,with dr,seungs experiments when hes raising,right daughter is a doctor from the 25th,century they built that robot soji who,had a twin sister,we thought,well you thought foolishly that soon was,a good guy just trying to help his,daughter what happened to renee picard,was created,but renee picard is the key to,everything where did she go,where where am renee,uh to mingle with a whole bunch of,strangers so she could catch covid and,then go into quarantine and then have,coveted brain when she flies a,spacecraft into the sun shes the most,vitally,important person in the storyline,we havent seen her anymore and he poses,therapists and shes just been gone for,three episodes shes too,scared or not good enough to go on the,europa mission because renee picard,depression much like we discover,picards mother has mental illness,picard the women in the picard,family have a history of mental illness,were talking about the part where guyan,has a magic potion bottle that she opens,that summons a cube its not a magic,potion bottle its part of a ritual,its a ritual because her people,have a truce,with the cube people,and every time that a a lorien drinks,from this one specific bottle,that guyan just happens to have a queue,will show up,and talk to them,why does it have to be a bottle with,liquid in it because shes a bartender,and thats the limit of their creativity,red alert,all are all eloreans bartenders i think,allurians are bartenders because they,love to listen eating and drinking is a,vital part of their culture,do you remember when gainan got sick and,vomited because of time sickness but,then it never happened again when she,was interfering with time,do you remember when dolores showed up,but shes not lara yeah,shes a gary basement of the fbi and she,follows,important people around in history but,it turns out no data she actually is a,romulan investigation and she looks just,like lyrics on earth because she looks,just like larry small boy just like,picard he also had an im so changeable,to have it in my hands and to play with,it that i ran the batteries out between,takes and got into the walls so much,trouble for the rest of the series the,prop department would take the props,away from me between takes because of,that one incident and,disguising her form to fit in with,humans even though she doesnt interact,with them ever and can jump around into,other peoples body why does everybodys,ancestor look just like them,casting,my dream job star trek universe will,wheatons dream job is to be on lower,decks and just putting that either into,the world there are a lot of things,that are happening,none of them tell a great coherent story,and they just kind of like,come in and out of the narrative at like,random times,you know what the result of that is,being extremely bored,thats what i was watching these i was,extremely bored,right because i i was like i was how,everyone just keeps talking and theres,no theres theres those little,sprinkles of mystery like picards not,you say mystery what it is its like,fake intelligent dialogue its,its,its extremely poetic and it says,absolutely nothing,say something real,one real thing,why do

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Star Trek: Picard Season 2, Episode 1 – re:View

it smells like sulfur yeah its warm in,here yeah yeah,oh my god were in hell,we must be talking about picard season,two,that new show produced by alex kurtzman,now rich,i was shocked to receive a text message,from you saying are we talking about,star trek picard,i was just completely ready to not watch,it i havent watched star trek discovery,season three or the beginning of season,four ive written all these things off,and i was about to write off star trek,picard and rich evans texts me at 4 30,in the morning it says mike,we do,star trek picard season two i was like,what is hes drunk,im like what,no were not do you want to i was just i,was just done with it and then you said,i think we should,and i said all right,well thats the first episode,uh but the surprising part is,i was shocked to discover i didnt,totally and completely hate it,what oh what,what oh my god oh my god its its cold,all of a sudden i i think hell just,froze over,because we absolutely 100 didnt totally,hate star trek picard and those that,phrasing is very important didnt,totally 100,absolutely hate star trek picard,were gonna talk about star trek card,season two on this episode of i,absolutely,hate myself,[Music],im sorry yes thank you,and were back oh my god that was a,credit sequence im glad i wore my,captain picard hoodie,i thought maybe this is a little too,warm for hell but now it worked out,it you know what hell just had like a,light frosting okay it is a light,frosting of hell heres the thing i did,not completely hate episode one of,season two of picard,but,the way they [ __ ] do tv shows now the,first episode of season two of picard is,like,judging a movie based on the first six,and a half minutes,sure sure sure its like did you like,titanic i dont know i only saw the,first six and a half minutes i,understand what youre saying however,oh you have paper yeah,i i wanted to note i i believe that,now,all everything we say here will be wrong,oh yeah because,this show,will eventually [ __ ] the bet,so the first thing i do is watch the,credits of course and im looking for,new names,new names and of course there are,20 listed producers thats not shocking,um theres 20 listed producers and im,looking for new names and i see a lot of,the same old names and so i was like you,know once they get to the final,19,17 18 19 producers and then you start,getting the big ones like kurtzman and,goldsmith im like okay all right its,the same team,this cant go right yeah but it seems as,if they may have taken some notes from,the backlash,because as,much as they tried to hide it,because it is the great the greatest,show ever all the feels,butterfly tears,thats what got me banned from the start,the official cbs paramount plus star,trek twitter account,was this tweet right here,[Laughter],where i where i mocked uh i said my,favor my favoritest part was,was when picard turned into an undead,zombie,and,david killed himself,i wrote all these like things and i said,it gave me all the feels butter hashtag,butterfly tears all the bots were saying,that yeah yeah the fake the fake uh,twitter accounts that that they uh they,generated in order to give the show,phony praise,um so i think i think the show in,general didnt perform as expected and,someone out there took some notes,because i have some adjectives to,describe season one and let me know if,you have any more okay to to throw in,the ring here,depressing,nihilistic,angry,disgusting,foul-mouthed hopeless,cold,sterile,ugly gross,mean-spirited juvenile,simplistic,blunt,and stupid,dumb okay oh go good oh good im glad,im glad we didnt miss that,its a less uh you know less complicated,uh word there but just just straight up,dumb cause thats really the most,shocking thing about modern star trek,isnt it the dumb the dumb the dumb and,so a couple of quick notes on the first,season right uh-huh and this is i think,what was so off-putting about it they,tried to tell some kind of epic story,they tried to make it very gritty and,because everything has to be a,season-long story arc now well of course,has to be thats thats thats set in,stone and they didnt they didnt tell a,good story,and they didnt explore picards,character in any meaningful way other,than these extremely superficial uh borg,bad thing happened made me sad yeah,yeah yeah so um they do but well talk,about because,sure,characters were trying too hard to be,tortured complex and dark,soji,our noir heroine trying to find out,about her dark past,raffy,drug-addled and carrying the baggage of,her past,rios alcoholic and carrying the baggage,of his past seven of nine psychotic and,carrying the baggage of her past those,are our main characters remember i had,the graphic where everyone was either a,murderer or a psychopath,and so,that that is the the dumb,the dumb person way of giving a,character,complexity yeah is to have a horrible,tragic event in their past that defines,them and the first season was filled,with that,you dont think theyre getting at that,with picard in this season thats what i,want to talk about i know thats thats,the big thats one of our big butts,but also mixed in with the flashbacks,for like look like horrible murder,scenes,so its gonna its gonna be dumb thats,where the big d comes in the big dumb,because weve weve explored this is,where they all sat around their writers,room their dry erase boards and their,fancy fancy shoes and pants,and their rich rich hollywood money and,they they said what do we know about,picards mother,oh we know about his father,right,his father was an [ __ ],even now,you managed to disappoint me sean luke,and he hated them,uh and and his brother was an [ __ ],what do we know about picards mother,well he hasnt really said much,having taken the time to have a a,complex uh character relationship i mean,first of all who gives a [ __ ] about his,mother picards almost a hundred years,old right i think any issues he might,have as a person with how he dealt or,grew up with his mother when he was nine,have long been put to rest yeah people,hold on to baggage hes 97 years old and,hes an undead android,its a bit late to be resolving issues,from your childhood,but its a valid thing to try to do with,his character he needs to be searching,for a grave plot okay not resolving,issues with what happened when he was,seven,um why is it important for jean-luc to,explore the road not taken at this stage,in his life,because,hes still alive,and his life is continuing,i had some major predictions last season,that were wrong,some major predictions that i completely,whipped i have i have a big prediction,for this season oh do tell rich this is,mike its going to be completely wrong,usually youre right but,picards mother is the borg,queen,yeah i was just thinking of that,picards mother is going to be the borg,queen,thats new,that is thats thats the thats the,traumatic accident that happened in,picards past,his mother was abducted by borg and she,got abducted trying to save picard from,the borg,and they took a mother his mother,instead and picard got like hit the head,he doesnt really remember what happened,and thats why he went into space mike,all this whole time he doesnt really,remember it but hes been searching for,his mother,you know im right,the queen is stunning them not killing,them,oh,oh its getting hotter in here yeah two,one,yeah so spoiler alert for the very first,episode of picard the ending,uh a big,borg ship comes through a spatial,anomaly,and theyre theyre asking specifically,for picard they want to have peace talks,and um,so they bring picard out and a creature,appears on the bridge,of the new stargazer,and it it it looks like a female form,its dr borgtypus,yes yes she has got shes got tentacles,that started shooting into everything um,but she has kind of like a weird like,chain male look why would they conceal,her face yes it does it doesnt look,like the classic representation of the,board queen,which is this,uh this is this is this is the the usual,look of the board queen thi

Star Trek: Picard Broke My Heart

star trek picard should have been a home,run a revival of the legendary star trek,the next generation mythology starring,one of treks most beloved captains but,after a shaky and i think thats being,kind season one picard became one of the,star trek franchises biggest,disappointments in season two this time,its an unintelligible jumble of time,travel cue magic mirror universe,quasi-alternate realities and,conflicting showrunner explanations,about how it all works picard season 2,isnt just disappointing its downright,negligent and its storytelling so lets,break down this show of a season why,its insulting to the star trek fan base,how any of it could have been fixed and,why im slowly losing hope that anything,redeemable will come out of this series,this thing youre doing to picard its,how youre,hoping to find,meaning in your life,as you can probably tell im a big star,trek fan and specifically im a massive,star trek the next generation fan your,resistance is hopeless,number one so when they announced a new,show starring captain picard back in,2018 jean-luc picard,is back i was excited but cautiously so,i hope its great and i love captain,picard but there is the uh,the,part of me thats,trekkadacious about,this show not doing um,what it i dont want it to be not good,and that caution turned out to be,warranted because i thought star trek,picards season one was as i said my,review at the time star trek at its best,and worst i thought that i looked,appropriately finished there,however one of my favorite things about,star trek has always been its until,recently lack of cynicism its a show,that embraces the idea that hope and a,brighter future are always just a star,system away and underneath it all in,season one struggling to break free was,that hopeful message i love so much the,past is written but the future is left,for us to write and we have powerful,tools reals openness,optimism and the,spirit of curiosity and thats how,season one ended for me i hoped we could,leave the grim dark of the first season,behind for a new series chock full of,hope and exploration oh you sweet sweet,idiot,part one picards secret so lets start,at the beginning of season 2 where we,find jean-luc picard not in space but,lonely in his vineyard picard is lonely,in his vineyard because the story,requires that he be lonely in his,vineyard even though at the end of the,last season he was rejuvenated and ready,to go on more space adventures this is,just one part of a larger trend that i,absolutely hate looking to bring back,legacy characters to your franchise be,sure to make their lives as sad as,possible like han and leia losing their,son to the dark side and becoming,alienated from each other in the force,awakens or luke skywalker becoming a,miserable bastard on an island after his,jedi school went up in flames in the,last jedi or sydney prescott being,menaced twice more by ghostface and,screamed for and scream not the original,scream but the new one or sarah connor,seeing her incredibly important son john,savior of humanity brutally murdered in,front of her and terminate her dark fate,i saved three billion lives,but i couldnt save my son all of these,are characters who were given perfectly,good satisfying endings that were all,undone in order to bring them back its,good for the reboot but it also makes,any kind of happy ending or ending of,any sort hard to believe in any movie or,tv show nowadays its a win-lose,situation where the studios win money,and the audience loses patience as weve,seen over nearly four decades captain,picard has had countless close friends,and meaningful relationships but he is,now apparently afraid to let anyone,truly love him because he cant forgive,himself due to a tragic secret from his,past first of all i refuse to believe,that picard wouldnt have told anyone,about this life-altering tragedy the,first episode even establishes that hes,never told this to his closest friend,gynon what happened in there,that you and i have never talked about,i can buy the picard never told his,secret to his first officer riker they,were close but like werent close i can,maybe buy that he never told beverly,crusher his series long potential,romantic interest though bonding over,loss would have been a huge step forward,in their relationship it begins to,stretch credibility that he was able to,keep this secret from his ships,empathic counselor deanna troy who would,certainly have picked up on this grief,and trauma in their years serving,together and was always very passionate,about the importance of confronting your,emotions its all right,these things,captain,its not all right but i do find it very,hard almost impossible to believe that,picard would never have told his closest,friend about this big part of his past,you know an awful lot about me,believe me in the future,the tables will be turned in order to go,forward lets reveal this dark secret,that jean-luc picard has carried for his,entire life because it is the key to,this seasons arc as it is as we find,out over several episodes jean-luc,picards mother was a huge influence on,her sons life but also suffered from,clinical depression picards father,tried to keep her from harming herself,by locking her in her bedroom but young,jean-luc unlocked the door because he,thought she was being held prisoner and,he wanted to help her picards mother,went on to commit suicide by hanging,herself in the family solarium and for,his entire life the starfleet legend has,blamed himself for his mothers death,and subsequently doesnt feel worthy of,being loved obviously it seems weird,that such a major life event and one of,star treks most iconic characters has,never been mentioned but we also dont,know a lot about captain picards mother,shes mentioned very few times on the,show and the most we really ever known,about her is that captain picard took,piano lessons to please her you still,play,no,i regret that i gave it up it used to,please my mother but she did make one,appearance in a season one episode,called where no one has gone before as,an illusion that only picard can see you,look tense jon,come and,have a cup of tea,this does seem to create a problem,because yvette picard commits suicide as,a young woman in this show but appears,on tng as an old woman picard does try,to solve this inconsistency i used to,imagine seeing her,older offering me a cup of tea and,asking for a chat,wow what a weirdly specific imagination,and it still doesnt explain why,picards randomly older imagined version,of his own mother speaks with a french,accent and not an english one promise me,you will ignore the coldness of a dying,star as what you say,is the end of the universe but this is,really systemic of a larger point which,is that the writers of picard could have,centered this season around any kind of,secret it could have even been a return,to the guilty feels at the deaths he,caused when he was assimilated into the,borg collective which the next,generation visited powerfully right,after it happened if you spit a kill,thats a destroyer i couldnt stop them,i should have been able to stop them,instead the writers decided to go for,the cheap and easy stakes of a dead,parent a broadly tragic event so heinous,that its the backstory of about 85 of,superheroes and its absolutely needless,why cause problems for yourself as a,franchise by involving picards mother,which raises inconsistencies with,previous canon and requires a major,character to keep a secret from even his,closest friends when you could have had,it be anything this also stands counter,to things picard himself has said and,done in the past this is from a tng,episode called the bonding which is,specifically about a young boy who loses,his mother it is part of our life cycle,that we accept the death of those we,love,jeremy must come to terms with his grief,he must not cover it or hide away from,it our time in this universe is finite,that is one of the truths that all,humans must learn but this kind of

Star Trek Picard – No More Reviews, Im Out

well [ __ ] after spending the past week,or so on holiday bouncing between bars,and waking up naked on the beach the,following morning with someone elses,blood on my hands I guess it was time to,head back to the miserable weather and,even more miserable people of Scotland,so I could get back to doing what I do,best organizing military coups and,unstable mineral-rich African countries,reviewing shitty movies and TV shows for,your Collective enjoyment in the slim,hopes of finding something that just,might be halfway decent and when it,comes to shitty entertainment theres,not many things that can top Star Trek,Picard the first season was roughly,comparable to watching someone spending,10 hours crudely scrolling a cartoon,propeller hat on the Mona Lisa and now,that season two has somehow been,Shattered by everyones favorite,purveyors of cultural vandalism Ive,been inundated by literally two requests,to review it a sure sign of how much,interest its generating but then an,interesting thing happened the more I,thought about actually sitting down and,forcing myself to watch 10 hours of this,absolute trash the more I ran smack Bang,into a simple and honest realization I,just didnt want to [ __ ] do it I,didnt want to subject myself to,something where the prospect of,compelling entertainment was as remote,and impossible as having a civilized,disagreement on social media I didnt,want to watch Once beloved characters,Twisted into ever more perverted and,pathetic versions of their former selves,or a once inspiring world and philosophy,Rewritten as a clumsy one-sided stand-in,for all our current year gripes and,insecurities I didnt want to be,bombarded by endless waves of the,message each one more patronizing and,blatant than the last I didnt want to,watch this ridiculous parody of a once,great franchise Shout Out by smug,entitled morons with neither the,motivation humility or intellectual,capacity to build upon or even,understand the incredible Legacy theyve,been handed basically what Im saying,here is Im [ __ ] done with Star Trek,I just dont give a [ __ ] about it,anymore because lets be honest here,Star Trek isnt even Star Trek anymore,and it hasnt been for a long time since,about 2009 by my Reckoning and Im not,just talking about the shitty careless,retcons of past events the characters,that have been shamelessly altered and,deconstructed in a desperate effort to,elevate the new products of lesser minds,or even that the ships uniforms and,equipment all look completely different,now those things are bad enough but the,real Rock goes all the way to the heart,of the matter the very core of what Star,Trek represents as a franchise has been,changed and not for the better a,universe that once offered up a hopeful,optimistic vision of the future where,reason curiosity and logic had won out,over greed hatred and bigotry has,instead regressed into a dark violent,gory depressing nightmare of brutal,experiments bloody torture corrupt and,isolationist governments ruthless,revenge and juvenile insults from a cast,of characters that are basically,children inhabiting adult bodies a show,that once exemplified the highest,aspirations of human potential helping,to reassure us that for all our flaws,and struggles theres still something,inherently good and Noble about the,human Spirit no acts as a dark,depressing mirror for all the worst,aspects of whatever passes for modern,culture and believe me future,Generations are not going to look back,on this time fondly our hubris and,nihilism are Petty gripes and imagined,injustices our obsession with with,identity and oppression our pathological,hatred of traditional Heroes and,authority figures are jealous,small-minded desire to break down anyone,who wants dared to Stand Tall shows like,Picard positively Revel in this [ __ ],taking some kind of perverse delight and,tearing down everything that previous,generations built up it all adds up to a,big old mountain of [ __ ] without any,particular redeeming qualities positive,ideas or most important of all a,compelling reason to invest in my time,or yours in reviewing it the only reason,Im even talking about it right now is,because of how good Star Trek once was,the cultural impact an incredible Legacy,it once forged the generations of fans,are inspired to be more than they are to,see further and dream bigger now dont,get me wrong Im not sitting here with,my big old Rose tinted Nostalgia goggles,on trying to pretend that everything,with the name Star Trek made before Bad,Robot and secret hideout came along was,pure cinematic gold because believe me,it [ __ ] wasnt there were creative,highs and lows to be sure and to be fair,there was definitely more of the latter,towards the ends Voyager turned out to,be a stale derivative walk down a,well-trodden path with only occasional,glimpses of the tense grip and Survival,Story it should have been the TNG movies,were basically dumbed down Sci-Fi Action,flicks with a scattering of more,interesting ideas an Enterprise stumbled,out of the gate without a clear sense of,direction taking too long to hit its,stride and ended up getting canceled,before it could reach its full potential,each of these shows and movies pointed,to a tired agent franchise in Decline,running low on new ideas and Creative,Energy but heres the thing Id still,watch any one of them a dozen times over,then suffer through anything made in the,past 10 years because for all their,faults and shortcomings they at least,preserved the spirit and ideals of what,came before them Star Trek today is,nothing but a bloated decomposing corpse,strung up on wires and made to go,through the familiar motions in the,desperate hope it will convince you,theres some kind of life left in it but,really thats all it is now a sham,perpetuated by professional con man who,somehow managed to keep failing upwards,in their careers the imagination,creativity and intelligence that made,Star Trek so special is practically,outlawed in modern Hollywood and it,certainly doesnt exist in the offices,of Bad Robot or secret hideout but you,know what Im fine with that once youve,made it past the confusion the anger and,the resentment the final stage of,franchise Destruction for fans is simple,dispassionate acceptance and thats,where I am with Star Trek now I just,dont give a [ __ ] about what its become,because what its become isnt worth,caring about anymore its not worth my,time and Im pretty sure its not worth,yours either and for that reason Im,gonna do a solo favor and give it the,one thing that it so richly deserves,complete [ __ ] indifference,anyway thats all Ive got for today,go away now

Star Trek: Picard Season 2, Episode 10 – re:View

[Music],whats up Mike,what did you think of Star Trek Picard,episode 10. lets take a closer look at,the incredible time-bending tear-jerking,mind blowing finale to an amazing season,of Star Trek Picard control room engage,[Music],well we finally watched the final,episode of Star Trek Picard,which is episode 10.,um we filmed ourselves in the screening,room,watching the program,and uh this is strange,because were just talking about one one,single episode last episode we did 789,what do we do the six seven eight nine,and now were just doing 10. well thats,right Gerard who was the board Queen,yeah,that was the idea,mister,my initial prediction,was his mother mother that was wrong,then we knew that after episode three,but,its all right Rich all right you tried,I did she,hung herself my mother hung herself here,in this place,what does that add to Picards character,what is that I mean,impression that that so there was some,traumatic event from his past and thats,why he kept people at a distance not,just because you know he was a,professional,because,hes still alive and his life is,continuing I I have I have maintained,that if youre doing a show about Picard,its called,the delving into picardo stop just just,stop just in a generic sense delving,into Picards past isnt a bad idea stop,why to stop why why are you even,bothering why are we here I dont know,we were wondering what to do with the,emotional through line of Picard and we,noticed that Picard seemed what,endlessly unable to stick with a partner,that was romantic wait wait wait wait,wait so we thought hmm interesting Brave,man absolutely out there,but maybe scared of something in there,so we built what he was doing oh wait,wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait,wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait,wait so what happened in this final,episode,uh you said you didnt remember what Dr,nuni and sung was doing,I know in a general in a generic sense,he wants to secure his future as the the,I I guess the grandfather of uh the,board Queen of the world the Borg Queen,played by Girardi told him Renee,Picards discovery,would invalidate all of his research yes,which is why he became the head of her,Borg special operative Squad so our,heroes in episode 9 fought the Borg,Special Forces and and one what is the,and then wait wait wait wait wait wait,wait wait wait wait wait they seem to,um we get to really um finish uh telling,a story and I think you guys are going,to really dig it did he hint that he was,going to like throw drones at the Europa,flight and try to murder Renee no he,said he said Im Im gonna stop Renee,because if she succeeds,shell make a discovery that invalidates,his work he will become a nobody and he,will have no Legacy if she fails and,doesnt go on the Europa mission he,becomes essentially a God in the future,that shapes humanity and turns it into a,nightmare world that he controls,basically the Earth is polluted yes and,they have to have space Shields,protecting the planet Earth from,pollution,I think Renee Picard finds a microbe,that they bring back to Earth which like,I said,cured the oceans or the environment and,they found a way to heal the ocean and,clean the sky using an alien organism,that his auntie Renee discovered during,the Europa mission,an organism cured climate change is that,what she said youre the oceans but that,doesnt make sense because hes a,geneticist,and he was trying to cure diseases so,they said that the might oh the micro,that doesnt matter the specifics of it,doesnt matter,it doesnt matter whatever uh the you,know the idea that we are uh talking,about connection and intimacy and why we,feel we can or cant get close to people,uh and those struggles in Picards life,really most primarily are the Journey of,the Season wouldnt it have made more,sense for,um or Renee Picard to find a microbe,that would cure uh humans of their,illnesses of the things they want to,make a point about the show is a global,environment environment or climate,change yeah but but Dr nooney and soon,wasnt a climatology it doesnt matter,he was a geneticist it doesnt matter,trying trying to cure the diseases that,his daughter was inflicted with that,doesnt matter so if an apricard failed,on her mission to Europa it doesnt,matter uh and and didnt go on it then,Dr noonian soon would live in a world,where there was tons of pollution maybe,he built the shields that protected the,planet and thats what made him a God,out of bioengineering I dont know did,he okay in the timeline what when you,know like does it does a does it does,does a does this a a 68 year old Brent,Spiner,so,Loris The Watcher,says Picard this is my mission its been,my whole mission my whole life to,protect Renee Picard I I still okay,would you not interrupt me you [ __ ],going to interrupt you because Im,confused about the opening of this Ill,ask Ill answer all your questions why,why,is Brent Spiner not in France at the,start of the episode how did he get back,to LA why would he be in France thats,where Picard Chateau is,what then were at Picard Chateau Brent,Spiner was he was part of the he was in,the Borg hit squad in episode nine blade,Chief just took a flight back,its not like the next day,its the morning time,it was at night in France,I dont think that women should wear,hats indoors,the card you copy we were wrong,thats because shes here at the lodge,damn it this entire [ __ ] scenario,was designed to draw us here and away,from Sun what if his voice is fake but,the drones on Ive got four heat,signatures,what behind here,[Music],whatever hes doing at the launch I,think we found his backup plan,Renee from boarding is going to use the,drones to take out the rocket itself,why did she need bread Spiner in the,first place,I dont know what to say wait wait lets,talk about the overarching plot right oh,no oh God no no no no no no no no no no,no no no no no no no no lets skip,everything but the very opening of of of,star wreck Picard is Picard and and and,all of his friends are on the Stargazer,and they encounter the board queen and,the board Queen appears hostile to the,point where Picard blows up the ship,that starts the cascading event of uh a,causality loop how does q get involved Q,saves them because he knows that the,board Queen is really Girardi whos,there to help not hurt okay we needed a,friend,okay and and qs final final gift to,humanity before he dies is to he is,leaving behind a gift to show Picard,that he needs to trust,his deepest and darkest enemy the Borg,would you talk about that,who needs to show her that he can open,up to other people you know kind of like,all good things just convoluted and bad,Picard realizes Girardi is there,to help she she instead of just taking,off her mask and saying hey Picard eye,contact remember she contacted and,wanted to speak this card specifically,yes however,the way she goes about it in the,beginning its perfect for a mysterious,TV show opening but it logically it,makes no sense the first thing she,should have done when she appeared on,the bridge of the Stargazer is take off,her her chainmail face and said Picard,its me Girardi,we went through a magical time travel,Adventure,and the thing is theres a about to be a,big space cataclysmic event and you need,to trust me because Im Girardi and we,need to stop it this is what it is,instead she starts acting very hostile,and she starts shooting around Dr,octopus tentacles and taking control of,the fleet,in a in an outwardly hostile action,which causes them to react appropriately,in with by being very defensive right,yes so what she doesnt do that for the,sake of Television mystery even though,it makes absolutely no sense for her,character not to just come out right,away and say we only have a few minutes,before a butthole in space shoots a,laser beam,out of nowhere to destroy most of the,quadrant,we have to act quickly,so her plan from the beginning was to,use her Dr Octopus arms to tap into all,the fleet the all the ships in the fleet,combine all their

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