1. Pig – Josee, the Tiger and the Fish
  2. What Makes Pig (2021) A Masterpiece
  3. Mike and Jay Talk About Pig
  4. PIG (2021) – Movie Review | Nicolas Cage is Incredible
  5. Pig (2021) – Movie Review [Who Has Nick Cages Pig?]
  6. PIG (2021) – An Unexpected Nicolas Cage Masterpiece
  7. How Pig Defies Genre

Pig – Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

[Music],whats going on everybody so as promised,im still going to talk about new movies,but,the direction is going to change a,little bit and its not necessarily,going to be,every film that you might want to hear,me talk about its not necessarily going,to be every big movie thats out,im not just going to review a movie,thats out just because ill get hits,the goal for me now is to talk about,movies that not only i want to see but,movies that i think,you should support movies that could,easily be overshadowed by other things,that are out in the weekend,and theres enough people talking about,those movies already so lets talk about,two films that i saw this week that i,thought were excellent starting with,josie the tiger and the fish,this film follows a university student,and josie a young girl whos a,wheelchair user,whos rarely gone out of the house by,herself the two of them meet by,accident and he eventually becomes her,caretaker much to her dismay,and his because shes really hard to,deal with,she has reason to be upset but,she likes to take things out on him,quite a bit and her grandmother isnt,helping anything by constantly keeping,her inside the house she has this,incredible fear,of a million different things that could,happen to her or go wrong,and so josie doesnt have a lot of life,experience even though she likes to say,she does,the film reminded me most of a silent,voice which was a wonderful anime film,and i think this movie has the potential,to become as popular as that movie this,was really,really good and beautifully animated,seeing it on a big screen,was an experience im not going to soon,forget anime,loves to be very melodramatic everything,gets very exaggerated,these films can be very sappy sometimes,and the movie definitely walks that line,very carefully it kind of felt like the,best of both worlds of a silent voice,and your name,but with surprisingly well-rounded,characters especially on josies part,because the film has a lot of,opportunities to portray her,as a weak person or someone in need of,constant help or care,and the film is very very careful about,not portraying her,in that way in fact shes fully,capable of doing everything that she,needs to do in life,but him being there kind of opens up her,world as they start to sneak,out and go to places like the library,and she starts to learn,about how things work and you uncover,facets of her artistry and how much she,wants to be an,artist the movie is extremely sweet,its really well acted i did see the,english dub and the performances were,super strong and it goes a little beyond,your average romance anime film and that,its not just about,the romance and will they or will they,not get together its also about,allowing yourself to be creative,and jumping into the deep end of,creativity when youre surrounded by,people who dont expect you to have,any talent or dont allow you to use,your talents and without getting into,any spoilers theres a really great,message when it comes to,assuming that you have your life figured,out,and sometimes you can be thrown a,curveball and i think its when youre,offered those choices in life,that you truly show who you are as a,person this movie was,really really good and if you get a,chance to see it i think you should,i also saw the film pig starring,nicholas cage,also known as a deity uh the beautiful,beautiful man he is amazing in this,movie,uh so this movie is about a truffle,hunter and his beloved,foraging pig who is kidnapped he goes,out looking,for this pig and starts a journey that,leads to some unexpected revelations,theres a way this movie could have gone,this easily could have been the john,wick,of pigs nicholas cage could go out and,just brutally murder a bunch of,people who,stole this beloved pig from him but the,film,is strangely and very uniquely,anti-revenge and it shows,very surprising emotionally effective,ways,of how one might deal with a situation,like this when you expect him to just,bust into a room and start beating the, out of people,he does things that dont necessarily,make sense in the moment but as you,begin to peel away the layers of the,story,theres a lot to uncover in this movie,it feels very simple on the surface,and cages character is a man of few,words,but he has quite a bit going on and the,amount of depth and emotion to his,character and alex wolfs character,is one of the reasons the film stood out,to me so much its also,immaculately shot especially for a first,timer this is,an insanely confident debut with,amazing cinematography the entire movie,just looks, great and i love that nicolas,cage is in the middle of this resurgence,with films like mandy,color out of space i really enjoyed,willies wonderland,and this film is probably his best,performance since joe,hes super strong in this movie and,incredibly understated,so understated that at times it doesnt,even feel like a performance,its obvious why cage is a superstar,hes just phenomenal if you give,him the right role hes really gonna,shine,and pig is a unique movie that probably,wont,impress everyone because if you go into,the movie expecting it to be about a guy,who is just getting revenge on people,who kidnapped his pig,thats really not what the film is about,not even close it has an unexpected dive,into the,underbelly of culinary arts and some of,the,not so great goings on there that could,easily,have been super cheesy in the wrong,hands but,the film is crafted so well,and if you get a chance to see pig i,really think you should if not for,anything,nicholas cage amazing in the film those,are two films i saw this week that i,really think you guys should go out and,see if you get a chance,thank you so much as always for watching,but i also want to give a big thanks to,the sponsor for this video,skillshare skillshare is an online,learning community where millions come,together to take the next step in their,creative journey with thousands of,inspiring classes for creative and,curious people,on topics including illustration design,photography,video freelancing creative writing,marketing,and a whole lot more skillshare is,curated specifically for learning,meaning there are,no ads and theyre always launching new,premium classes so you can stay focused,and follow your creativity wherever it,takes you you can explore,new skills deepen existing passions and,get lost in creativity,some top skillshare classes i would,highly recommend are portrait,photography,shoot and edit instagram worthy shots,taught by jessica kobisi,as well as productivity for creatives,build a system,that brings out your best taught by,thomas frank the first 1 000 of my,subscribers to click the link in the,description below will get a one month,free trial of skillshare so you can,start,exploring your creativity today thank,you as always to skillshare for,sponsoring this video and thank you guys,for watching look forward to more videos,very soon and if you like this you can,click right here and get stuck manized,[Music],you

What Makes Pig (2021) A Masterpiece

[Music],while im assuming if you clicked on,this video youve probably seen a pig or,have no intention of watching it if you,havent sat down to watch it please make,sure you do before you carry on,okay lets get back on with the boop,boop,[Music],as far as video introductions go youre,not going to get much more cut and dry,than me outright proclaiming just how,much i admire the acting talents of,nicolas cage,okay,not just for his diverse portfolio of,mass-market entertainment immaculate,character studies and bracing career,left turns but for his evolving,commitment to experiment within his,craft a b c d e f g,to nick cage the silver screen is a,canvas onto which he hurls reeling globs,of impressionism german expressionism,and nouveau shamanistic color,which makes his cultural relegation to a,wakkadoo joke not just dismissive and,wholly reductive but actively,detrimental to the landscape of cinema,while hes spent the last stretch of his,career pinballing between fraught,financial affairs and woeful straight to,dvd snot every few years a film comes,along that gets the critical world,proclaiming,this is the nicholas cage comeback weve,been waiting for,as if he actually left,adaptation the weatherman lord of war,bad lieutenant joe mandy into the,spider-verse colour out of space,these are all from his supposed fallow,period,now once again we find ourselves in the,company of this unpredictable titan with,pig,a staggeringly assured debut from,michael sarnoski and one of the most,top-to-bottom brilliant features of 2021,so,what makes this seemingly bare bones,heroes journey drama such a nuanced,overwhelming work,do you have a pen,what,i have to write something,robin a once revered chef turned,reclusive truffle hunter is attacked and,robbed of his prized forging pig,to track her down rob must enlist the,help of his arrogant business associate,amir and return to the big city after 15,years in the wilderness,they took my pig,what kind of pig,its a truffle pig [ __ ],on its most immediate level pig excels,as a lovingly crafted poetic tore,through the trenches of grief,we begin with rob in self-imposed exile,long after the death of his wife,as he searches for the one unconditional,love that remains robb has to retread,over the back alleys and sidewalks of a,life he continues to mourn,all while amir and his estranged father,darius also carry with them the burdens,of bereavement,robb holds fast to recordings of his,wife but refuses to listen amir visits,his comatose mother but dare not look at,her withered frame and darius keeps his,vegetative spouse on life support if,only to cling to some semblance of,warmth in his anemic existence,theres a devastating clarity to how pig,expresses that we cant savor the,sweetness of memory without first,swallowing the bitterness of acceptance,at last rob amir and darius shake out,that atrophy of their stagnant lives,finding closure and even beauty in the,brutality of circumstance get out get,out of my house get out,now if all pig had in its pocket were,these lyrical looks into the heart of,loss itd be an exemplary version of,that story,but what of the people who wronged rob,when did they get whats coming to them,i dont know,well as you might have guessed we arent,dealing with a gun-toting tale of wrath,regardless of how many parallels you can,draw between what we have here,and a certain swoopy-haired baba yaga,pig has such a wealth of plot points and,over signifiers that tie it to the,traditional genre tropes of revenge,retribution reclamation fiction it,initially seems were barreling fists,first into john wick territory,both are ostensibly about a long retired,savant living a quiet existence after,the death of their wife and finding,kinship with an animal companion,following a violent attack in which this,cherished pet is spirited away our,protagonist must call on old,acquaintances clandestine organizations,and a very particular set of skills to,hunt down those responsible so that they,may answer for their transgressions,theyre the same picture,is no pretender to keanus throne nor is,it in any way comparable to john wick,out with just how thoroughly it takes,those primary beats and deconstructs,them,you know making the the familiar feel,foreign,thereby giving us an even greater,appreciation of food as a whole this is,the kind of cooking you like its,cutting edge its very exciting exciting,are you bracing for a bombastic showdown,with the architect of all this woe,well how about a gorgeous nod to pixars,ratatouille instead,whenever you might think things are,going to take a turn towards this,rob and amir stop go over their options,and opt for the less travelled more,peaceful path,there are zero guns and but two moments,of fleeting violence in the whole thing,the inciting incident seen here as an,unembellished hurried blur of confusing,dark,and robb in a moment of masochistic,desperation offering himself up for a,beating,none of the mercenaries or dilettantes,that stymied his progress get so much as,a hot-blooded retort because hate isnt,helpful instead these people are pitied,with solemn resignation then given the,kind of empathetic tough but fair pep,talk they undoubtedly need,okay derek why do you care about these,people,they dont care about you,none of them,they dont even know you,because you havent shown them,this is the rarest of texts in which,satisfaction is found through challenged,perceptions and caring confrontations,rather than brute force,robbs refusal to treat or hide the,bloody lacerations carved into his,unsmiling face isnt some war paint act,of intimidation theyre a peek through,the curtain of robs unhealed psychic,wounds a plain to see reminder of the,often unseen aftermath of cinematic,violence and an unflinching rebuttal of,the chicks dig scars machismo of many in,action cliche,nothing here feels impulsive and theres,not an ounce of gratuity or trailer bait,showiness to any of it,then why the [ __ ] do we do all this,i love her,catharsis as fled to the bone painful as,it may be has to come from a place of,empathy and understanding if its ever,going to carry more weight than a pound,of flesh,now none of this is to say that john,where can it shoot first existentially,ruminate later brethren arent excellent,escapism in their own right,its just that here and now for these,characters escapism is the last thing,they need,i think im gonna walk,you okay,yeah,its a studious approach and one that,leads us to pigs final ponderous layer,a contemplation of authenticity art and,the legacy of our leading man,pig works as a meta reflection of the,film industry an ode to independent,creativity and a self-referential ballad,of nicholas cages ever-shifting role,within the studio system,cage a once towering figure of,commercial and critical success has,spent the last 15 years alienated,following several personal hardships,toiling through the muck and mire just,to maintain an eccentric niche on the,periphery of hollywood,with the help of an independent,filmmaker looking to forge a name for,himself out with the nepotistic,nothingness of sterile conversation and,swanky lofts the two must navigate a,sprawling network that bows to cages,legend but is now homogenized to such an,extent that it barely resembles the,place he left,all the while once wide-eyed up starts,sell out to the major studios who in,turn try to co-opt the indie darlings,without understanding that their freedom,from bottom line focused thinking is,what keeps them alive,this all tracks with cages description,of the studio system as a cult of fear,and syncs up with pigs open-ended,questions regarding our relationship,with the art we consume and the,importance of originality,is authenticity in a creative space,worth dedicating our very being to or is,it a commodity to be swapped out for a,more commercially viable passionless,alternative,every day youll wake up,and therell be less of you,you live your life for them,and they dont even see you,you dont even see yourself,is i

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Mike and Jay Talk About Pig

hey mike look at this oh my god,how did you get that harvey weinstein,action figure,this is missing his walker well i guess,it looks like its,killing itself so maybe its a jeffrey,epstein action figure,[Music],speaking of pig,thatll be the sequel to this when nick,cage joins uh like a like a,like a military group yeah to go and,search for the a colony of pigs,well jay were here to talk about pig um,where this is a an official mike and jay,talks about instead of half of the bag i,dont think weve done one of these in a,while its a couple with rich,uh yeah you and i havent talked about a,movie like this since,uh the clove hitch killer and we did the,kid detective oh kid detective right,both both films recommend it,uh but this is well we happen to be on,the best of the worst couches,this is not a film suitable for best of,the worst no i think if we tried to,show this movie to rich in the best of,the worst environment he might try to,kill us,yeah he does not like sad movies um,right so he would probably be very upset,and this is not a half of the bag,episode because i dont want to get into,spoilers,probably have to get into mild spoilers,to talk about some of this but not we,wont go too deep into it and keep it,nice and short and sweet,sure,[Music],so jay tell us all about pig how you,heard about it,and why you pointed me in the direction,of watching it well i saw the trailer i,dont know a month or two ago the,trailer came out,and for a couple of days everybody was,kind of goofing on it,because nicholas cage is like a human,meme,so you see him in a movie where hes,trying to rescue his pig at the end of,the trailer you hear him in that,nicholas cage voice,hes like im looking for a truffle pig,im looking for a truffle pig,and its like you have and a pig is a,funny animal,so people had that reaction like oh this,is going to be a quirky movie,and then it comes out and its not at,all,its its a very kind of somber it has,moments that are humorous but its a,pretty somber,uh serious movie with a great,performance by nicholas cage,and so i think its kind of confusing,people are catching people off guard,because theyre expecting something else,well this movie comes out right on the,hoops of,uh willies wonderland right yeah and,willies wonderland is i dont know its,not a revenge movie but its a,its not really a movie its its a big,pile of dog crap,but um its a movie nicholas cage is a,somber barely speaking you know,moody hes supposed to be cool in that,yeah,and hes he [ __ ] up all the characters,in willies wonderland you know,in a tirade of vengeance and,bloodshed and destruction so,you get a movie where a trailer where,necklace cage is,mumbling i want my pig back and more,people are comparing it to john wick,too because in the first john wake movie,its the the catalyst for the stories,that his dog is killed,so tim going on revenge uh thats what,kind of kicks the story off so people,are like oh this is like john wick but,with a pig,right so you go in with that expectation,too that its going to be some sort of,yeah,violent revenge action movie,but it is not but its not its a,meditation on loss and grief,and uh an inability to move on with your,life,i loved this movie this is probably my,favorite movie ive seen and since maybe,the witch,i dont know its been a while since,ive seen something that i really,responded to as strongly as this,right one of my favorite movies in,quite some time it it kind of,it lingers with you and it and it,at first my thoughts were,like im im very skeptical on the the,nicholas cage,you know quiet i think most people are,at this point,like we know nicholas cages financial,troubles over the last decade,i think hell appear in anything i think,he bought the,uh continent of australia and he bought,uh he bought the moon he bought dinosaur,bones,and then he realized he couldnt afford,the moon australia and dinosaur bones,so he appears in willies wonderland so,hes hes he appears in a film,a week yes uh the most prolific actor,of the last 100 years nicholas cage and,hell,do anything and its a shame too,because he is a good actor when hes in,the right role,and hes given proper direction i think,thats a big thing too,right so many movies just kind of let,him go crazy because people expect that,now,like if it would be like mandy from a,few years ago which i like that movie a,lot but that does play into the,nick cages crazy kind of performance,yeah theres no doubt nicolas cage can,give a great performance i mean,hes a good actor its the same with,like liam neeson right,there are liam neeson is in a red box,movie every week,called like im gonna shoot you right,its liam neeson and i got part four,yeah i dont know what every week i see,a new liam neeson movie where he he has,a sniper rifle,right same with bruce willis not bruce,willis isnt a great actor but so thats,a bad example but,these older actors from the 80s 90s era,where they were making quality work hes,leaving las vegas yeah wild at heart,so you know the prime era of nick cage,uh and then so now its like,[Music],what do these guys do also theres,another thing like floating around in my,head when,i watch a movie like this and im like,nicholas cage is really great in it but,is it the material that elevates,nicholas cage,you know like a black swan syndrome or,something like that or you,remember watch that movie with uh arnold,schwarzenegger,where hes like an old man and oh maggie,the zombie daughter yeah yeah,thats a case of the material makes him,look better than exists performance and,im like,in the case and like no the movies good,yeah all he had to do is just sit there,and and hes directed well they knew,with that movie they knew not to give,him too many lines of dialogue,yeah because hes arnold schwarzenegger,so im im,always very skeptical of the the subtly,brilliant performance,because im im a cynic by nature,um but and so thats how i started off,with this,and then im still on the fence whether,or not the material elevated nicholas,cage or whether nicholas cage,elevated the material either way,the the the film just continued,in an upward momentum of of quality for,me,um for many different reasons which we,can get into without,spoiling anything who has my tag,so jay whats pig about uh its about a,truffle pig,which is something i was pretty,unfamiliar with but,theres pigs that are very good at,finding truffles um,nicolas cage lives out in the woods with,this pig,pig finds the truffles he sells them to,a buyer yes because theyre a delicacy,theyre served in nice restaurants,but its a real thing and he lives,outside of portland,cut off from the world hes like a,mountain man,with a past well thats thats the thing,is this pig gets stolen,thats what sets off the whole story of,him going to find out who stole the pig,along the way youll learn a lot about,him you learn a lot about,the uh the younger dude he works with,that buys the uh,alex wolfe played by alex wooth from,hereditary who is,also very good in this movie i think,hes kind of being overshadowed by,people praising nicholas cage but hes,also,really excellent in this um you know he,has a,a famous powerful father and hes kind,of living in the shadow of,his father and i notice theres two,moments in the movie theres really,great editing where,it cuts to the next scene abruptly and,in both,scenes its its when alex wolfs,character is talking,because hes kind of like he wants to be,this like slick kind of mover and shaker,guy,but you know he doesnt have a lot of,confidence and you can tell,and so the first time is theres a,moment when hes looking at himself in,the mirror hes like slicking back his,hair,and hes like practicing like what hes,gonna say to someone in like a business,setting,and just in the middle of him talking it,just awkwardly cuts to the next scene,and its like,the movie doesnt even have respect for,him right,and that happens one other time later in,the movie too,yeah i mean the reason why i think i,really like this movie,was it it

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PIG (2021) – Movie Review | Nicolas Cage is Incredible

xe Honda nizhny scans and the page and,not commit to use newave was dirty Cash,prizes for all come back to my Channel,this week in Common theology ngu because,her from the studio nightstands pet,nacklace hate when you hear the stores,and Skills and the example had its own,any work are you Where are you know,wanna spend time to the fast impairment,in social work hard every season with,the movie Story and very reminiscent of,all Welcome back at Nicolas Cage your,which one is packed with single One,Direction and about the first English,better the something in Thailand the,Point Where Ive spent a,I was the best part about this movie,even Though having the purpose And you,expect events with Masumi overall Chrome,in the event that some cases of,intensive whitening well ends well your,car She drives the vessels and welcome I,take place in the prestige Watch this,movie is com xơ viewed emotional and be,useful in alignment you Tiffany has now,about Summer for your patience patience,is it move Alice Mobivi ai Bolivia,smo.lea and agree to terms with three,four Vinamilk asiakare they havent,watched the wave interscalene full,search and Lost time lesson 2 Speak now,sweetest love and compete in the past,tense past to present White One Here,Right in the three,a a work and more value second We began,the uncatchable Hills test how much,impacket has made on the huntresses sinh,non carotenes the weather for way more,exciting ballastless obstacles to,grounds that will go and every one thing,At The Beginning Of An IELTS as well,well ends well and need to be with our,people welcome all that she really mean,and with music and tackle and come with,the Speed of reason that has quite some,tea conversations and the screen and War,Of It is about more and more and,elements Pony you can for which some,time the achievements untimate adekanol,phân koerperteile iCloud feel the most,in Neville marriner about you do Youre,sitting among different perspective and,I wait for phải to sneaky là tk crazy,and geology nishinippori which about,other things in the way that is Smart,Search food and Speed No its not cajon,problem occurs In The Sun Ah,orchestrators pathname of Courage and,you know it mean I Met her time Theres,something about speakers to get it will,have The Witch Wars and our place a meal,and woman Story Of My health with the,world Google sai gonda play and how to,play seeking for personal care of the,tree was my fault of the soldar system,with all departments expected to learn,to have acted as the People to encourage,your system mooc incorporated in the,garment companies In just some of the,best Motion iPhone all your new year,wishes to you really had kind of Open,not to because every Minutes I saw the,Point where i worked đ,I only effective and the foreground and,the way that were going to be in Epson,parquetry Nicolas Cage to use has the,world ends with multiple City streets,And Again Yui reopened of the ride and,once is allowed to hurt me in the wake,me out your changes In The Sun in the,fire When the terminator the final scene,if you were injured and emotional,gottwald nar of every second and some,reason people in the movie special,shortening Julie and time with The,interpreter Happening Remind The,Beginning Of The End and one Word in the,first are the latest work work out its,entirety Sing out within by Britney,Spears about to be indicated That amount,is best performance of you Im not,hearing the west Akai have some time i,noticed some time The Amazing attend,em muốn mua sáng ai Dont Want To Lose,your soul is Pretty cover Real Betis,equally important atten instrument with,Conversation in both comments and,request for a swim in the Front workers,in speaking Words And The Dragon Balls,are you What has to save and will bring,round of absolute mi fake babyboyssmall,sold in their Conversation is seen On,Screen The Series is your powerful but,even during printing dialog and duration,heres my soul series outstanding ai,polyester staple Chrome organs of,apartments for you guys enjoyed their,use is problem solving and come back to,me anymore Swift Adele important,suppliers to pick me you to opeth,expectations and live movie War Dragon,immortelle thuat-cach magique in their,performance,I want a Piece movie of my partner and I,eat fish dish giâm so much realestate,Again you have to be on with the weight,loss And Snow is varicause movie with,Nara wap exact ingalls wilder Chrome,What It Is useful When I wake me out,like a head youtek ig Speed person a,nhưng cũng Devil knows Youre the best,southeast à

Pig (2021) – Movie Review [Who Has Nick Cages Pig?]

[Music],hey guys,welcome to our movie reviews and weve,got a fun and special one here for you,nicholas cage in pig,where he uh is bonded with a pit truffle,pig,and uh somebody kidnaps the pig and hes,like what you take my poo,and then he goes on a rampage john,wicks style,and then huge explosions its gonna be,[ __ ] wild yall anyways uh,that is the kind of the expectations i,had for pig going in,um you know because i heard a little bit,about it we love nicholas cage personal,friend of the show we hang out with him,all the time,uh jiu jitsu i love how this man can be,in a film like jiu jitsu,and then turn around and be in something,more,uh serious and dramatic and you know um,you know artsy i i know you i know joe,has a different opinion of this one but,uh,were going to try our best not to do,spoilers um,because i think if you want to watch,this film you should kind of really go,through,all of its kind of twists and surprises,on your own as it develops so,uh our review is going to be rather,short and then were going to have a,little spoiler section of nerdfighteria,id do a spoiler section for,pig uh nicholas starting nicholas cage,but,all right so anyway im going to jump,right into it uh,i thought this film was well shot uh,well-acted,fantastic music uh very,sort of um atmospheric they had a,beautiful,nature um again the cinematography was,great,and i want to say up front this is a lot,slower,than most movies so if youre expecting,something to come in here its a,fast-paced action film this is not that,its its very very deliberate um and,honestly it was kind of losing me at,times if,just a little bit i felt um that boring,word was starting to come into my mind,and then act two starts and you you get,a little bit more information,its were kind of working backwards we,dont know much about,nicholass cage character and as the,film goes along,small things are revealed and its not,really,force fed to you its not you know you,you just kind of have to go along with,it,and uh so i ultimately i thought it was,a film with a lot of depth a lot of the,subplots i think its time,dealing with grief and emotional moments,and then you know somber,um and i liked it i really did its not,one of uh,you know nicholass caged films that i,would re-watch over and over,i love mandy mandy many of you know that,i gave mandy a 10 out of 10,i bought the dvd uh blu-ray and uh,dvd i bought the blu-ray many people,dont know what that i bought the vhs oh,snap,collectors edition song the betamax,and the laserdisc anyways so i liked it,but its not one that i would watch,over again um so what did you guys think,uh i knew,nothing about this even to going in i,was like were gonna go see pig with,nicholas cage i was like ive,never seen anything for this film and,theyre like oh its,like yeah it does kind of come out gets,kidnapped and he tries to get it back,okay so uh i do like the score the score,is amazing,the shots are great but thats all i,liked,this film was not its not for me i get,the story and everything,its like oh you just dont get it yeah,apparently i dont but its like,hey not everybody has to get a very slow,crawl,it was getting bored i was like okay,well i know whats gonna happen here,its kind of like all right um,yeah you just never got into it and when,if you never get into it i can see you,looking at nicholas cage and,he barely has any dialogue hes got that,look on his face all the time,i thought it was going to be like a,shotgun or something because its not,did i do that did i tell you no i didnt,know what this was about someone told me,it was john,uh like pig john wick we shouldnt no,one in this movie gets shot nothing,explodes,well actually what i like about it i,cant say,too much i will say this it is,a john wick film just done differently,no yeah it is the reverse,john i wasnt expecting like like its a,john,john wick i was thinking about something,different but even then he does get a,lead and he doesnt,react the way any normal person would,hes like oh,okay bye yeah hes got that mouth open,kind of you know hes like look like,youre not leading,what are you doing like follow up on,this do something,but its not more its this is its not,a good i wanted him to get pissed off,and go,away thats his pig man if somebody,stole mittens from you,[Laughter],several years of gun training what do,you think oh i like the movie it was,slow,uh theres two or three story points,that are that dont make sense,that i think i know exactly what joes,talking about and not only do they,they dont make sense theyre out of,character they dont fit the movie its,not how human beings react,if you get over that point then you,start to enjoy it um,yeah theres just theres one really,really bad part of the movie,and then every everything else that i,kind of like but if your expectations,are,you know guns,thats not what this is this is a slow,burst strain art house,house yeah its and its something that,you know like i kind of like no i dont,want to love this,i thought you would love at least one,part of it yeah well get to that,there was a couple yeah there was a,couple i mean you know its about a,truffle pig and theres some food in the,movie so you know,i appreciate it i appreciate it like,some of the attention to,tale that they did um but i i dont,think this movie is for everybody i,think a lot of people are going to be,bored out of their minds sure but i like,it i got derailed and never got back on,track yeah uh to your point joe of,not knowing about it there was only one,other person in the theater and it was,just a guy by himself,and it was us and i dont think anybody,[ __ ] knows about it,um and it kind of looked like an art,house kind of appreciated,anyways so okay um let me let me,be clear if i havent already theres no,raid,cage rage you know this thing hes not,gonna go crazy in this one if youre,expecting something,once the man needs a shower he never,took a shower the whole [ __ ] film,and restaurants are letting him in and,places theyre letting him no sir you,need to clean up,you need medical attention you come and,you know,this is a very fun establishment with,paying,customers yeah you stink yeah,so this is a film you got to be in the,mood for and i was in the mood for it,and i was rolling with the punches,or rolling with it and because i like,nick cage and i just find that its,fascinating and being the worst [ __ ],ive ever seen,and some of the masterfully dungeon and,its its just great to follow,his career um but i do want to say i,understand where joes coming from its,not a crowd pleaser this is,not you know and and again i wouldnt,rewatch it mainly because,its kind of depressing and it has this,atmosphere of sadness and,depressing regardless of what happens in,in the film does he get his pick back,all this stuff no regardless of that,the way its filmed the atmosphere is,kind of a depressing atmosphere so,um but i do think that ultimately all,the subplots of you know grief and,loss and and drama,did have some touching moments there was,two moments where i was like oh that is,really [ __ ] cool uh you know i felt,it,and so for that i like it so lets go to,final verdicts,yall go first im curious okay um,this one definitely loses a couple,points for coherency like story,coherency theres some things in this,movie that just dont,its dumb it doesnt make any sense uh i,cant wait,and theres no theres no reason for it,whatsoever yeah and then theres some,fan there its a its a real world,i mean theres some fantasy elements,right okay i mean its kind of its kind,of out there but theres some things,that go,so far out there that i get why people,thought this was a different kind of,movie because they showed,scenes in a trailer there is fantasy,elements to it but yet they stay,very grounded and its like theres some,theres some really grounded stuff and,then theres some fantasy elements which,i like but then theres stuff thats,like,seven leagues away in like weird fantasy,fantasyland has no impact on anythi

PIG (2021) – An Unexpected Nicolas Cage Masterpiece

this video is brought to you by native,oh thats my pig if you havent seen,this movie go out and see it because,its great and im going to be spoiling,pretty much all of it were talking,about a movie named pig starring,nicholas cage this is such a random,nicholas cage masterpiece it was,directed and co-written by michael,sarnoski and this was his directorial,debut he has added a couple of tv series,before but damn i am very impressed yeah,i love this movie i think its cool that,nicholas cage is trusting all of these,random directors to make great movies,its not like hes bruce willis hes not,phoning it in or anything nicholas cage,acts his ass off in these random movies,after watching it i was very happy to,see that across the board this movie has,been getting a lot of very good ratings,set in oregon this revenge thriller is,about death loss and the restaurant,industry i think one of the underlying,themes of this movie is trying to,highlight the pretentious nature of man,after seeing the trailer i was expecting,some action in this movie i was,expecting nick to get in some fights or,do something but he doesnt really he,gets his ass beaten one scene but this,really isnt an action movie if youre,into strange expressions of lost love,and sadness and long drawn-out,monologues this is definitely the movie,for you sarnosky decided to separate,this movie into parts and each part is,named after a specific dish and since,this movie is centered around a chef i,thought that was a pretty cool touch,most of this movie has a very dark tone,to it the color grading was done in such,a way to give it this like dismal look i,can see how some people might be put off,by the depressing and dreary nature of,this movie but i think that was the,point they want to put you inside of,nicholas cages mindset long story short,a mans truffle hunting pig gets stolen,from their home in the forest and he,goes out to find it who has my pig part,one is called rustic mushroom tart the,movie opens with nick cage who is named,robin feld robin lives in the middle of,the woods in a little cabin and his only,companion is his pet pig i really do,think michael sarnoski nailed the,depressing tone and the way he frames,every shot is so well done some parts of,this film kind of border on,pretentiousness but i think that was,done on purpose even down to the font,used for the titles is the same font,that you might see on a menu at a very,high end restaurant robin has long,unkempt hair and a beard which tells us,that hes been living in the forest for,quite some time i think patrick scola,did a great job with the cinematography,in this movie the forest is misty and,the sun is peeking through the trees but,you can tell that most of the time its,probably dark here kind of foreshadowing,a lot of the sadness that youll see,later in the movie its kind of relaxing,in its delivery but also slightly,haunting nicholas cage definitely looks,like he could use a shower or probably a,bath he looks stinky yeah i did kind of,stink in this movie if only i had some,native deodorant native deodorant wow,native makes amazing paraben free and,aluminum free deodorant i think my three,favorite scents are lavender and rose,eucalyptus and mint and citrus and,herbal musk i like to smell musky kinda,smells like my dad,i really like the texture of these,deodorants theyre not sticky and they,dry quickly,and theyre great for when youre on the,go their deodorant is vegan and cruelty,free which is very important to me,theyre filled with familiar and simple,ingredients native will keep you feeling,fresh all day even after exercising they,also offer a plastic free version of,their deodorant which use the same,formula but with more sustainable,packaging they also have amazing body,washes and toothpaste and last year they,donated over 2 million dollars worth of,products to hope and comfort a,non-profit organization to help deliver,health and confidence to those in need,their deodorants go on really smooth,they smell amazing they make you smell,fresh and clean all day long and you can,use them every day guilt-free make sure,to check out natives new limited,edition coffee house collection three,deodorants for normally thirty six,dollars but if you use my link and code,elvis you will get them for twenty four,dollars thats thirty three percent off,with my code you can also get twenty,percent off any body wash or toothpaste,so fresh and so clean,native,robin feld is seen washing a pan off at,the stream he goes truffle hunting with,his pig taking a knife full of dirt and,putting it in his mouth what are you,gonna eat next a cockroach oh wait you,already did that probably some bacon it,stated later in the movie that robin,doesnt really need a truffle pig he can,locate them himself hes learned how to,do it over the years but he keeps the,pig around for company its still kind,of weird though like if you have a,trouble pig you might as well just use,it its kind of gross eating dirt,next we see robin making a pie with his,faithful pig watching he goes out and,cooks some mushrooms on the fire the,next morning we meet young flashy amir,played by alex wolfe he pulls up in a,yellow camaro,it completely offsets like the nature,vibe,hes blasting music,and hes decked out in a nice suit and,nice sunglasses he tries to convince rob,to take a shower or to take a phone from,him but neither work its pretty funny,amirs trying to talk to him but robs,not saying anything back he just walks,into his house and closes the door on,his face,good talk rob,next thursday apple amir grabs the,cooler of truffles and drops a cooler of,groceries in exchange in this movie,nicholas cage is not a man of many words,in pig he starts out kind of like he,does in willies wonderland but later on,in pig he starts talking we can kind of,sense that over time hes kind of lost,touch with other people in the next,scene we see rob reluctant to play a,tape recording of a woman safe to assume,this was his wife before she passed we,can sense that this is very painful for,him this is the first glimpse we get of,his loss late at night rob notices some,flashlights outside so he approaches the,door and some men burst into his home,they forcefully steal the pig and knock,out rob you can hear the pig screaming,throughout this entire scene,the next morning we see rob on the floor,he then sits up and we watch as he tries,to control his breathing rob then puts,some gas into his truck that has been,sitting there for,years probably you can tell by the,sounds that its making that this truck,is on its last legs,he drives it for a short period until it,breaks down,[Music],he takes a long walk to a diner that he,hasnt been to in a very long time hes,kind of just standing there awkwardly,looking around the place until the,server asks if she can help him and you,can tell that rob is trying to muster,the will to use his voice again because,he hasnt used it in so long,marge,the server tells him that marge died 10,years ago so that gives us a good idea,how long its been its been,84 years he then calls amir who comes to,pick him up rob simply tells amir if you,want your supply i need my pig so they,drive to a truffle farm where they meet,a no-nonsense truffle farmer while amir,is driving rob to the truffle farm,amirs listening to this like extremely,pretentious musicians audio log thats,talking about how classical music is the,best form of music even the person,speaking has this like super pretentious,tone therefore where classical music,proves superior to all other forms you,can tell rob is kind of disgusted by,this so he turns the radio off so amir,turns the radio back on and rob,instantly turns it back off,its like subtle comedy but its really,effective so rob tells this woman that,someone stole his truffle pig shes in,the same business as them so she sees,this as like a monkey wrench within,their operation the woman has an idea of,who done it so they go to their place,and theres these two people there we,find

How Pig Defies Genre

when eurydice the wife of greek god,orpheus is killed by a snakebite,orpheus falls into despair but he,devises a plan he ventures into the,underworld to recover eurydice and using,his incredible talent as a musician he,convinces hades and persephone the gods,of the underworld to agree to let her go,back to the surface but they give him,one condition until they are out of the,underworld orpheus cannot turn to look,back and see if eurydice is following,him,this video is sponsored by mubi sign up,for your extended free trial today we,tend not to think of it that often but a,film starts telling us its story long,before it even begins elements of a film,like its genre the trailer poster design,and even casting set the stage for what,well be watching and give us a sense of,what the story will be so when you see,that nicholas cage is starring in a film,called pig and that this is the poster,most likely you already have a strong,impression of what that film will be,about,im looking,for my pig,revenge thrillers have been a staple of,cinema for ages but recently a specific,variation of this narrative has been,particularly popular just last year in,addition to pig we also got nobody and,wrath of man which both riff on this,same story format but its probably the,original john wick that best summarizes,these story tropes and which i think pig,is most directly mimicking the story,goes like this,theres a seemingly regular guy living,his life but by some chance he brushes,with some very bad dudes nice ride they,either threaten something he loves take,it or destroy it and as this character,responds to this situation we realize,hes not actually a regular guy hes a,retired assassin or secret agent or,something that makes him basically not,the kind of guy you wanted to mess with,and then you spend the rest of the movie,basically seeing exactly why you didnt,want to mess with that guy nicolas cage,has himself starred in two films that,play with this structure to some extent,prior to pig so when the film starts and,you see nick cage living in the woods,with a pig looking like this and in the,opening moments the pig is taken,genre expectations and the kinds of,roles nicolas cage have played in the,past tell you exactly what kind of ride,youre about to go on the appeal of,these films lies in the thrill of,revenge the film strikes a deal where we,get to revel in keanu reeves going,absolutely homicidal on these guys,because hey theyre killers and they,kind of deserve it right,and theres a strange tension between,these figures who have usually retired,from their life as a former killer only,to be drawn back into that life that,they chose to leave good seeing you,again john their return to the,underworld is sometimes like in john,wick or in the recent bob odenkirk,variation nobody kind of celebrated,within the context of the film the,character arc is that these guys get to,flex their muscles and showcase their,top of class ability to do violence but,now their actions are justified within a,revenge ethic as a kind of retributive,vigilante justice its about them,reconnecting with some latent part of,themselves that theyve tried to bury,4.9 liter v8 he said,with the film capitalizing on the,audiences lurid attraction to watching,them re-embrace their violent past and,sometimes most explicitly in the case of,nobody this reconnection with violence,is even connected to the characters,masculine sense of self,with the characters violent behavior,revitalizing his wifes attraction to,him,so when pig invokes the genre tropes of,these kinds of films we expect violence,the filmmakers know we expect violence,everything from the marketing to the,casting to the visual style of the film,is modeled to fit right alongside the,other films in this genre pig is one of,those films that unfortunately you have,to spoil in order to even talk about,what is good about it but i really,wanted to talk about pig and so if you,havent seen it please go watch it and,then come back and watch the rest of,this video because there are spoilers,ahead despite all the genre expectations,and the films marketing and casting,instead of something like this,[Applause],we end up with,this i dont think we have a persimmon,tree,no,its okay,there are many similarities between the,two films its not what you did son,that angers me,its who you did it too the protagonists,have reputations as having almost,superhuman abilities in their trade,you even know his real name,both lose their wives and have,recordings of those wives voices both,give up their professions theres a,villain with a son he despises in both,yeah while you had your wife i had my,son,and believe me you had a far better deal,my son means well,but uh,hes not cut out for this business itll,eat him alive and there are hotels that,act as gateways to the underworld both,riff on greek mythology and john wick,the hotel concierge is named sharon a,character from greek mythology who,ferries people across the river styx,into the underworld and the inciting,incident in both films involves a pet,but despite these similarities pig turns,the value system of john wick on its,head most obviously robin feld doesnt,violently overpower his enemies but,confronts them by dismantling their,value system,none of it is real,the critics arent real,the customers arent real,because,this isnt real and he does this in,hopes of reclaiming what was his not to,punish the people who wronged him its,easy at first to mistake rob for someone,who cares about nothing,its all,gonna be at the bottom of the ocean,again,who has descended into a kind of,nihilism because of his grief and,removed himself from society but i dont,think thats what he represents in the,film at all at least by the end like,orpheus robb enters back into the,underworld in search of what hes lost,the world rob enters back into is one of,artifice and image,i remember a time when your name meant,something to people robin,but now,you have no value value and even,existence are conflated with reputation,and material success you dont even,exist anymore,amir doesnt listen to classical music,like his father,the classical composers are those of the,first rank but recordings that try to,help him appreciate classical music hes,trying desperately to become his father,and to his father reputation name and,influence are what matter in their world,business is more important than family,we dont,step in each others sails,ive got my business and hes got his,why dont you work for him,you dont know me punk,i work with your father all right,eurydice is the name of the restaurant,owned by derrick fenway on the surface,the restaurant promotes an image of,caring for the land and the environment,its its a fascinating and expanding,local industry with deep roots,and old world uh traditions but that,image is a shallow artifice and,underneath it is a chef desperate for,recognition willing to steal a pig from,someone else to stay competitive i,respect you chef i always have but im,running a business here,and people have expectations,uh critics investors,derek cooks not the kind of food that he,likes but the kind of food he thinks,other people want to talk about the kind,he thinks will get him the most,recognition and material success,every 200 years,we get an earthquake,right along the coast,and ones coming up robin tells amir how,an earthquake will eventually destroy,portland and everything they see around,them we could take this as the ranting,of a doomsayer but he specifically says,we dont,have to care he doesnt say that we,shouldnt care he doesnt say that,nothing matters hes telling amir he can,choose what to care about that the,material world is impermanent chef,fenway doesnt have to care about the,things the critics and consumers think,and amir doesnt have to care about what,his father thinks of him hes not,telling derek to give up being a chef,hes asking him why he isnt being,authentic to what he truly believes has,value why do you care about these people,

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