1. Best FORGIVING golf irons of 2021? | Ping G425 iron review
  3. CLEAR WINNER! Titleist TSR2 vs Ping G425 Max
  4. I WASNT EXPECTING THIS! Ping G425 Irons
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Best FORGIVING golf irons of 2021? | Ping G425 iron review

one of the most common questions i ever,get asked is what irons should i buy,and ill be honest with you its a very,difficult question,however as a very broad answer,ive often recommended ping ions because,i dont think you can go far wrong with,a good set of ping ions and thats,because theyre reliable they look,pretty good theyre modern,i think theyre bringing out their new,lineup the g425 irons and ive got a,full set to test i want to see if these,are another set that i would recommend,to buy,lets go and find out,okay so ive got a full set of the ping,g4 25 irons here from four down to lob,wedge im going to hit a few here in the,home simulator first thing ive got to,say these irons look incredible pink,irons,in the last 12 months have really ticked,a lot of boxes in the looks department,sometimes theyve experimented with,colours and blues and oranges and reds,this year round is blacks its greys,its silvers these irons are super,classic so im going to hit a few on the,gc quad with pro v1s now the g lineup is,typically aimed for forgiveness for,consistency across the face and really,for your mid to higher handicapper,now what theyve done in the g425s is,put a weight in the toe and the hidden,weight in the heel to help with more,forgiveness now you might have seen from,the driver video i released i mentioned,how straight and forgiving the driver,was itd be really interesting to see if,thats the case with these irons as well,price wise the 900 pound for seven irons,so theyre not the most expensive irons,in the world but they are pretty pricey,and lofts the strong this seven iron is,30 degrees of loft the four iron is 20.5,degrees of loft and the pitching wedge,is 44.5,just to give you a bit of an idea,unlock-wise im expecting these to go a,fairly long way,finish wise,hydro pearl 2.0 finish supposed to be,more resilient its supposed to be,really good in wet conditions thatd be,interesting to test right lets give,these a hit behind the golf ball,theyre a nice looking gi and i would,say theyre a smaller headed g i and,ive seen in the past from toe to heel,really nice actually lets see how they,feel theres apparently theres a new,multi-material badge at the back to help,with not only feel but also sound,but lets not waste any time lets give,this a hit,ive got the green out there like 180,im expecting to be hitting these around,about that far that felt really nice,pretty much 180 bang on the nose carry a,tiny little push but nothing to be,offended by,two things i noticed felt good sounded,solid thats off the first hit set a few,more,[Music],oh,that was close very close,[Music],oh that was a bad strike,thatd be interesting because i didnt,hit that one well at all as you can see,ive missed the green by a mile,i lost about uh,probably about 15 yards of distance,there on a really miss struck shot,thats something to note so ive hit a,handful of shots with the 79 to start,things off a few things i know i do like,the look of this irons i mentioned i do,like the feel i do like the sound,very very promising signs i also felt,like a lot of the shots similar to the,driver that i tested were very forgiving,did go straight,but i didnt hit every single one of,them as sweet as a nut there was one,that hit very much low from the heel as,you saw from the footage it moved way,off to the right and i lost about 15,yards of distance thats a big drop off,it is and you want forgiveness with an,iron like this but just know if you do,miss strike it you are going to see,drop-offs now what i do notice with,irons like this certainly with strong,loft lofty enough for giving irons,something ive seen in the past and im,always scared of hot shots when you,absolutely crush one out the middle and,suddenly the ball goes much much further,thats really hard for when youre,trying to judge distances so because,ive got a full set lets do a gapping,session from four iron all the way down,to pitching wedge just to see if we,identify any big gaps that we dont want,to see,very interesting findings the two gaps,ive identified the first one that,worries me is between the pitching wedge,and the nine iron the pitching wedge was,carrying at one three one the nine iron,was carrying at one five one now we,ideally want 10 to 12 yards,if i had 140 yard shot lets say with,this set of clubs,what am i hitting like i have to do it,super soft nine or absolutely trying,bullets a pitching wedge thats a big,concern to me,on the other end of the spectrum there,was a club that felt like i absolutely,crushed and did come out hot which is,the five iron so the six to five iron,again theres an 18 yard gap thats too,big where the four iron is only nine,yards gap but i dont think six to four,is that bad i think that five iron came,out a bit hot its almost backs up some,of the concerns i have over strong,lofted power irons you just got to be,careful that youre not leaving yourself,in really tricky situations out in the,golf course and you just dont have a,club to play it with,the last test i want to carry out is,testing this hydro pearl 2.0 finish now,apparently the finish on these clubs,help move moisture away when the club is,wet and when the ball is wet why thats,important it helps consistent spin,control so im going to test it hitting,five shots with ball and club dry first,then ive been created with my coffee,mug and a squirter were gonna wet the,ball and club and see how much the spin,changes now i have seen other people do,tests like this before but ive never,done it myself ive got my sandwich in,my hand lets go dry first before we,move on to wet shots,[Music],okay ball and the club face has been,soaked lets see if theres much of a,difference,[Music],very interesting test,before each wet shot i sprayed the face,again i sprayed the ball again results,are amazing now id normally with a wet,ball wet face i would see a drop off in,spin and the carry distance could be,more inconsistent what i found with that,little test there was no difference spin,was the same ball speed was the same,launch angle is pretty much the same,carry distance was the same,theres something in that thats a cool,little piece of technology that works,also just something to touch on the g425,irons do feature archos in the smart,grip as well now this is great if you,play loads of golf because you can sync,it to your phone and after you round it,will give you loads of stats about the,game of golf that youve just played,so in summary are these set of irons,good,but yes they are theyre forgiving,theyre long theyre straight theyre,easy to hit and in my opinion they look,phenomenal i think theyre very timeless,they definitely look better than the,g410s and the g400s from previous,generations,but is the performance that much better,than the g410 and g400,no not really at all and if you didnt,want to pay top whack it might be worth,looking into the 410s or the 400s guys,thanks for watching stay tuned lots more,to come,well see you soon


all right guys mark crosstalk here with,the pink full two five irons the new,iron from pink pink and sent these to me,for testing just so were clear,these irons i dont really keep them we,send them back once were finished,and also they have no input on the video,they just asked me to test them because,what they say,is they value my opinion which i respect,from ping as well,thanks for the opportunity were going,to do this one slightly different were,still going to present some numbers,were also still going to,show talk about the tech but im going,to play a few holes got a 5i iron a,seven iron,nine and a u utility wedge and what im,going to do,is actually see if i can score on my,simulated round of golf,around pebble beach weve got auto put,on so you wont be watching me putt,and itll give us a score relative to,par should be fun i wonder what our,score,so lets use the utility wedge on this,one so were 90 yards and were 28 foot,down,utility wedge i actually dont know,after this im gonna really feel this,shot in there,its quite big and round for a chunky,addition to their iron set its not,crazy like they round the top end of it,off so when youre looking down you,dont get this massive chunk its like,its respectable like i say we will look,at the tech as we go but four two five,im just seeing these pings as,classic pings and are they really ever,changing this club much i kind of hope,not because it works ive got even ping,eye twos at home that i,tested in a in a lockdown just to test,some old irons against new out of,interest,and they perform like they over,engineered like i would put we could do,a test on them maybe the mvds,let me know in the comments what you,think because they perform brilliantly,so why would you change them almost,apart from,the good old branding world we live in,its a utility wedge have i eat it hard,enough yes i have ah thats a lovely,feely shot,didnt even know the loft what are you,doing hey come on,so ive got the five iron as my longest,eye and i do need to hit this ball,we look at the map here like i need to,be getting up here left about,225 this five iron is long,and almost crossover looking you know,the crossover,irons in pink so i reckon i can get this,out there,like that is huge down by the ball that,is so,pink a lot of people will pick that up,and think it looks just too big but a,lot of people would benefit probably,from as,much help as that can gift,didnt it great but its done far ive,gone way left,ive picked oh puffball,ive picked the wrong line there because,thats about 10 yards left,224 to the flag well have another go,shall i,i think its over there but we dont,actually know again,pretty average hit just stay left a,little,yeah not bad for an average hit what,carry did i get out of that 199 on a,five on,an average hit you know like theyre,theyre bombers and that is a lot of,club down by the ball,all right 15 yard chips are going to use,the utility wedge,again i need to sit a little or hit the,flag but was too,strong thats going to be a two-putt,all right lets give this five iron a,smash see if i can get it carrying over,the 200,and definitely having a head this size,down by the ball does make me feel like,i can stand there,and give it a whack if that is true or,not is it different but it makes me,feel that way,215 carry its a 215 carry with a five,iron these are bombers,its that massive offset medium line and,just,long blade 244 out makes me feel like,i can just hit it like a hybrid,it doesnt want that out of a long iron,just stay up the left i mean thats,downhill,so that will hit the green thats two,five i just stop,yeah its 213 carry move a five,its got five iron written on the bottom,is what i mean by that,right as i smash another five iron down,there to see if we can get a different,club than a five iron into a green,why dont we go have a look at the tech,the g425,irons have a wood like face variable,thickness face like youll find in woods,is what ping are saying theyre calling,that a speed generating,face so by using variable thickness in,the face,theyre able to generate faster ball,speeds and try and keep them up across,different parts of the face as you,mishit which is kind of everything these,clubs are,really aiming at people who are maybe,not hitting it in the same spot each,time,they also say theyve got a cascading,sole,and then a top rail that in turn with,its undercut in the top rail performs,like a hinge,giving you more stopping power so in,effect its going to get the ball,up in the air more which well see if we,find from the numbers they actually say,that the blade level is shorter than the,g4,tens like the five rn was pretty long,so g510s i cant remember them being,like feet down by the ball and also in,the back of the pings youre going to,find a multi-material badge theyre,using a combination,of materials to really try and fine-tune,the sound because obviously an iron like,this can get ridiculously clippy,if you dont control that and we also,got a tungsten screw,i think in the toe its expanding the,moi of the club moving the weight to the,outsides and,back of that club as much as they can,again all very gaming fruit,improvement ideas when it comes to the,ping g425 irons,so you can see with the tech its,everything i would expect from ping its,kind of where these irons have been,for a while in my opinion which is a,good thing,so this is the seven iron one nine six,out and i think the seven iron on these,kind of sets is a sweet spot you get a,bit of offset,medium chunky top line its just classic,pink and what i mean by that as in in,the older sets that i grew up using,the seven iron and the five iron didnt,look that different they looked like,this so this was like the sweet spot we,got,here and stayed very close to this a,little bit long but tiny,where nowadays you know the five iron,does look,considerably more aggressive than the,seven so for cosmetic reasons i think,that might offend you but obviously,performance should,really override everything hopefully but,i mean cosmetic still plays its part,right one nine six seven is gonna have,to be smashed,no ive not drawn it please carry,it has done ill get on the green what,did that carry,yeah 186. 18 yards little seven iron run,a week little seminar run again im,gonna hit a five iron up here then,should i have a short iron into this,screen,hit that nicely not like my fastest but,just,nice so 208 carry on to the nine iron we,got one four seven yards in again i,dont think,its 20 foot uphill so i can its a nice,its a 159 iron isnt it its a nice one,it couldnt be too off the metal with,that,hit the green stop ah just off the green,thats a one five six carry,for a nine iron so theyre definitely,healthy 28 foot to the pin and this is,quick down here,its gonna chip my nine iron down there,again pretty average chip so could i,play these,on a golf course yep youre hearing me,talk about what i feel but,im point four under point four and,thats point eight,stay at point eight under point two over,and then finishing at point seven over,using only irons,not really concentrating on the chips i,think theyre like classic,four two fives theyre junky and big and,doing everything they can to try and,help as many golfers as they can i think,theyll appeal to the ping,faithful if youve got a prior one or,two generations back of this will this,be a game changer i dont think so but,if youre,a lot further back or youre thinking of,stepping up to game improvement this one,should definitely be,in the test bracket i just think,sometimes as well ping with their irons,just not jazzy enough,and maybe dont shout enough to compete,against the other bigger shouters,performance wise as good as anything,right one,eight nine slightly downhill,seven im about 187 iron so i need to,not,kill this will i hit the green yes or no,in the comments and then after this,well have a look at some dry ball data,to see exactly what they do do what do,you reckon hit the green yes or no,tried to take speed off ha

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CLEAR WINNER! Titleist TSR2 vs Ping G425 Max

so ive recently seen the introduction,of the new titleist tsr lineup of boards,so ive got the tsr-2 and im going to,put it up head-to-head style in this,video against possibly one of the most,stable drivers of 2021 and also 2022.,and do stay tuned to the end of this,video because im going to go all out,fast swing see what we can get out of,both of these drivers oh i mean thats,just arrowed straight thats in here for,a long time okay so the driver im,referring to i feel is one of the most,stable drivers out there is the ping,g425 max weve seen some fantastic,results in my testing as well as,fittings through the studio so obviously,largest footprint from ping weve got,that tungsten weighted screw at the back,of the head similar to what we see in,the tsr-2 but this is obviously,adjustable in the pink so we can move,that into the heel all that toe nine,degree and were going to keep both of,these at the same loft so well start,off with a pin when we hit some shots,and as i mentioned stay tuned in this,video because were going to give a few,all-out swings see if we can keep the,accuracy and see which one we can get,the most out of,okay so theres a very distinctive sound,of the ping drivers were all probably,quite familiar with that very loud sort,of sound that wasnt a bad opening tee,shots if a good launch from a good spin,decent carry there 287 so maybe see some,differences between the looks of these,two clubs you know obviously ping again,distinctive with that turbulators on top,which theyre famous for youll either,love them or youll hate them the matte,black finish and black face sits good,its a large footprint as youd expect,in the max from the front to the back so,you know moving that cg as far back as,they possibly can just helps with that,stability,and that could be a tester straight away,because thats the heel strike thats,not a great strike there from me feel,that were going to see some drop off of,ball speed been its not bad is it you,know ive gone from what 280 odd carry,to what 270 carry ive obviously dropped,some speed there,and again that just didnt quite feel,flush touching that heel but the flight,there and this is the good thing ive,definitely found the g425 im expecting,that to have a little bit more of that,left to right gear effect with that heel,strike and it hasnt sort of done its,held its line quite nicely so this,tungsten weight at the back i think its,about 26 grams top of my head could be,wrong there but i know it is quite a,heavy weight in comparison to maybe,other drivers out on the market with,weights at the back so maybe it has a,sacrifice that its quite a heavy head,in comparison to other drivers so,sometimes maybe clubbed speed might just,suffer a little bit but obviously has,the advantage then itll be more stable,increase the moi in the back of the head,of those miss hits,thats a cracking strike ive just,pulled that a little bit of that left,hand side thats a such a better strike,that ball speed back up to that one six,seven mark just short off good launch,good spin theres a carry back up again,so thats where you know youre gonna,see that differences of that ball speed,just on that club face which is gonna be,really interesting because i saw some,interesting results with the tsr-2 on,those slight mis-hits so again im,excited to sort of see differences if i,get some of those heel strikes which is,sometimes a typical miss for me how the,drop-off is with a title if there is a,drop-off,oh again,super strike super flat just dont peel,up that left hand side consists on that,left side there right so switching into,the new tacx ts r2 so again weve got,that weight at the back its not as,heavy as we see in the ping but it is,obviously a situation situated at the,back of the driver so again helping with,that stability a little bit that higher,launch so in two in comparison to three,a little bit longer from front to back,as we typically would see,with the g425 max against maybe the max,lst now looks wise theres a big,difference for me and youll probably,agree with this the titus is just,beautiful looking and we saw some big,improvements the shape of the two,against the previous tsi too but you,know its,just a plain look you know weve got a,gloss black finish against the map we,see with the ping nothing else on the,top of drive apart from that tsr logo so,no turbulence no lumps no go faster,stripes no nothing just a very sort of,classic clean look sits beautiful black,face,great looking golf club in my opinion,oh thats good and a fantastic sounding,golf club as well you know the ping,again itll mix itll split people some,people dont like the sound of it some,people arent that bothered about it you,know for me again the sound is quite,important its a feel aspect that just,control sound muted solid sort of feel,to it some good numbers to kick things,off with and the column on the screen,here i just want you to maybe just pay,attention of and ive seen this in a few,videos now im interested to see how,again it stacks up as i keep testing,these tsl drives is the smash 1.47 there,maybe against the ping which was around,that sort of 145 maybe creeping up to,that but this will just keep an eye on,that number because i have found it to,be very very consistent,okay ill test it because thats a bit,of a towie one its flowing very,straight really good flight on that ball,speed is good 167 we know the toes,always a bit of a faster part of the,club again 147 that smash brilliant,carry 293 on that toe strike,i feel so solid,so solid just a touch pulley im gonna,get a pick on that but felt really good,off the face 168 ball 148 smash again,291 very controlled spin and thats on,that slight heel strike there,interesting numbers definitely something,weve seen now maybe this layered face,on the tsr-2 which is helping what tires,are saying is of keeping ball speed up,from the heel to the toe on your misses,a little bit pulled someones like what,ive hit with the pings to be honest,against strike phil felt really good a,little bit more ball speed there one,high 168 289 carry two three again smash,one point four and four eight look at,that number so were gonna hit one more,of the tights well quickly look at the,comparison numbers then lets get into,unleashing a few bombs with both of,these clubs,okay thats a low strike thats the bad,strike just look at that ball speed,167,smash 147 the spin went up that was a,low heel well expect that spin to climb,were going to lose some distance on,that but as a miss that ball speed is,amazing okay so quick look at the,dispersion rings quite similar to be,honest ive obviously got a little bit,of a favor up that left hand side both,ping and with the tightness there with,the orange a little bit straighter on,there and and probably a similar sort of,heel strike thats giving me two real,drop offs on that side of things up that,right hand side a little bit short right,and then we look at the numbers there so,you see club head speed absolutely,identical but look at that ball speed,now granted ill probably hit a couple,of better strikes or tight this will,give it that for that side of things but,still theres a good,just under four mile an hour difference,of that club head speed which is pretty,sorry ball speed which is pretty,impressive launch very similar spin,absolutely identical and because of that,ball speed there you can see theres six,extra yards of carry and six xrs a,total distance but again look at that,final column smash 148 very very,consistent you see when i miss it with a,ping the smash does drop off real good,hits got me up to 147 but as an average,at 145. okay lets have a little bit of,fun now so back in the ping g425 were,gonna go all out lets see what club,head speed we can get up to lets see,how the strike is direction as well as,that distance,okay thats well left to start off with,much that would be a couple just get,revved up got that club head speed moved,at 117 ball speed thats just shut the,face thats going a

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[Music],um,[Music],okay everybody welcome back to the,channel we are carrying on our theme of,the ping,g425 launch and were now going to take,a look,at the ions and these look really really,nice to be honest so,excited to hit these weve done the,reviews of the drivers fairways the,hybrids the crossover,and now the iron so all those videos,will be on there therell be a playlist,uh for you to go and have a look at all,those videos if youd like to do so so,this video im going to concentrate on,the iron,were going to talk a little bit about,the technology that ping are offering,were obviously going to test it weve,got chat man to provide you with some,numbers as well as my personal feedback,of the looks of feel and the performance,of this club,[Music],[Music],okay so new g series of ions and also,the g,series has been going for a number of,years now and probably renowned in the,golf industry have been one of the most,forgiving ions on the market,and this probably is no exception first,instincts,got these out the wrapper looked at them,and i thought thats,a quality looking iron the visuals of it,is is for me,are absolutely on point i have mentioned,this about the drivers under the rest of,the clubs,i think the colorway of this sort of,silver and the grey just just oozes a,little bit of class and a bit of quality,and it and that is no example,no difference with with this particular,on the on the iron,its got this sort of ping things that,we sort of uh are familiar with that,little notched out back on the hosel,weve got the weighted screw in the top,section so it does look like a ping iron,but when i put it down in that plane,position for me thats a better looking,club than the g410,its a little bit more compact from that,heel to the toe section so the length of,the blade is a little bit more compact,we obviously got the offset as youd,expect,in more of a game improvement iron and,weve got a fairly sort of medium to,thickish top edge but that top edge is,just chamfered off a little bit i dont,know whether you can see this on camera,youve got the sort of first half of the,of the top edge from the face and then,the back edge of it sort of chamfers off,so when you look down it doesnt look as,blocky,not as chunky from that visual as you,look down so i think thats a really,good,looking iron as you put it down so ive,got the 7 iron,its a 30 degree of loft so as youd,expect its a little bit on that,stronger side but not silly strong you,know we are seeing some loss out there,at sort of 27,28 degrees for seven iron which theyre,getting a little bit daft but,this is probably pretty much where they,are game improvement 30 degrees,okay thats a lovely high towering ball,flight as youre going to expect from,this,this type of club nice and neutral as,well which is lovely,and quite surprising spin number there,six,six nine seven two on that spin wasnt,expecting that for a 30 degree,lets see how those spin numbers pan out,for the rest of the shots,oh just a little bit skinny that just,peeling off that right side,again ive got to test a little bit of,forgiveness there that wasnt too bad at,ball speed there considering that strike,was,just a bit low heel again six and a half,thousand,one eighty one carry so very consistent,there those last two with,different strikes the first one sorry,against that last one were different,strikes but the,carry distance has been the same there,so maybe that little bit of forgiveness,just helping out a touch there,okay so lets talk a little bit about,the technology that ping are offering in,this,uh in this particular iron so weve now,got um weve still got the hydro pill,2.0 finish which is that gives that,satin finish that,water dispersing technology so any,moisture between clubface and golf ball,it disperses to try and keep the,friction there get the consistency of,that spin,and also the ball speed so hopefully no,sort of flyers when youre out,on the golf course weve got what pinga,called the metalwood vft so variable,face thickness that we typically would,see in in the metalwood faces weve now,got,a ping of now put it into the iron so,creates obviously that flex in there so,weve got some flex in,the whole body of the club can flex it,obviously creates that bit of ball speed,weve got the multi-material badge in,the back section now so this badge is,always the last thing in the production,line that goes on,into the club and can be also used as,swing weighting so theyll have,different slightly different weights of,these badges,just to finish off and get the perfect,swing weight at the club through that,production so the badge is added in,its a multi-material badge so thats,helping with a little bit of feel a,little bit of sound dispersing,to try and create a um you know a good,sounding golf club as well as a good,feeling club,and then the other thing to look at as,well is some extreme weighting so we can,visually see that weighted screw in that,toe section,theyve also added a weight inside the,hose so the shaft goes in,just before the shaft goes into the,weight positioning the hosel so that way,going into that heel and the toe,pulling it in that external part of the,golf club obviously can create a lot,more stability,higher inertia and less sort of twisting,the club on those miss hits,thats a nice strike that feels lovely,you know its not,its not very loud sort of brash sort of,sounds it comes off maybe that,multi-material badge doing a bit of a,job there,122 ball speed that was a little bit of,a lower spin you see thats just got a,tiny bit further there,five and a half thousand on that spin,thats a nice shot a little bit of that,left downside touch pulley,see it gets that little bit of ball,speed there to slightly close the face,on that particular shot ill probably go,a little bit further yeah there we go,theres that 190 there,we all know the pulls go a little bit,further dont we so theyre an important,thing to maybe just,go into when you go into the wedges and,now all all the grooves are machined,so theyre very sort of precise and,maybe so start see the grooves,be very similar to maybe what you would,see in the glide wedges,so theres sort of matching up the,grooves theyre trying to get that off,to that control as you move,into the wedges so availability wise in,the g425 youve got a four iron theres,no three iron as youd probably expect,expect because the four iron is around,that sort of 20 degree,21 degree mark and so it is pretty,strong obviously so theres no three,iron four iron all the way through to,pitch wedge theres a u wedge which is,your gap wedge,sand wedge and lob wedge okay so,obviously,plenty of choice there,oh its a nice strike good ball speed,there 124 on that ball speed,188 carry okay so,g425 looks wise big box ticks i think,that looks a very classy eye and that,would look great in the golf bag there,i think playing position wise a big,improvement from the g410,previous model just a little bit more,compact there not quite as big and in,your face,i like the way they chamfered that top,edge off there so it doesnt look as,blocky,and still plenty ahead there dont get,me wrong so its still confident,inspiring but just a nicer shape,uh feel looks good but lets go and look,at a few numbers and see how its,performing,okay so weve just checked a few numbers,out there so id say this was a 79 cc 88,club head speed,just a touch slower typically around,that 90 mark with my 7 iron so is a very,cold day,as im filming so maybe just not quite,fine ive got a few layers on so just,losing a little bit of speed as you,would expect but,um ball speedy c 120 3.4,you can see thats created me a smash of,1.40 which is,which is nice so nice and efficient,there launch angle,just shot that 17 degree mark typically,what to expect and spin was a little bit,surprising to be honest 6 200,as an average there for a 30 degree 7,iron i wasnt quite expecting that,typically well probably find it into,the,5 000 to 5 and a half thousand so um,good bit of spin there t

I FEEL SICK!! ???? | PING G425 Irons Review

so guys weve hit the ping g425 driver,in fairways,but now its time for the iron,hmm right the green is 200 yards away,i have a seven iron in hand,[Music],i wasnt meant to do that there it is,the ping,g425 iron not sure about this one to be,honest dont get me wrong,you just nearly slam dunked it but this,iron is not for me,it isnt its offset its,got a huge head profile i have a big,head,i dont need another one i like a soft,feeling and sounding iron,and this is the opposite,but it goes so ping a label in this iron,as a performance,distance iron it apparently has the dna,of a fairway wood yes thats right it,has,favorable dna in it,and what they mean by that is the,variable face thickness,designed to improve ball speeds all over,the face,right then lets play a little game,thats not doing the throw any justice,par three happens to be 220 yards,i have a seven iron so yeah weve got,stronger laughs but we need this thing,to stop so its all right,having crank lofts and can the,technology in this iron,get the ball airborne with a steep,descent angle,and get the ball to stop please right,three shots how close can we get,i think im gonna have to hit this quite,hard to get this there 220 yards,if i can even get it there,one thing it doesnt lack is oomph,that was uh that was not hard to get,that there,4.7 feet can we beat it,tell you what it works 11.9,can we be 11.9 feet,let me turn that over,this is going in the beach better than,the other side because thats i feel it,in my fingers,i feel it in my toes,wet wet,[Music],[Music],so like most manufacturers ping are,trying to make this as small as possible,whilst keeping all the tech inside of it,so if you have the previous version of,the sign you may notice that the blade,length is much,smaller probably that is these are all,about stability you lose moi,so to counter that theres a tungsten,weight now in the toe,and that whole thing in the heel i think,it looks super there,right i think it looks super there,not so much anymore looks like nearly,headless nick,nearly had us how can you be nearly,headless,theres no denying it still works,coming with a fade and stop soft is not,probably,what this iron is built for but can it,still do it is the question,that was a bad pull,everything about this whole iron is,telling me to go the other direction,that offset is extremely visible,down at the ball it just wants to close,up on me which,again for the slicer that is music,probably to your ears,so at the bottom of the blade hows it,going to perform,see that basically,it was a thin stopped very quickly,but id actually funny enough quite like,to make contact with the golf ball,so last one on this hole,high cut in,wow all right zippage is there,even though i didnt make the green,other tech includes a,feel-inducing cavity badge so this is,designed to,act as a vibration dampener and also,improve,overall iron acoustics so with this kind,of iron we usually get the story of a,higher launch,stupid descent to counteract,a strong loft so this is a seven nine,its at 30 degrees,one piece of credit ive got to give,with ping is,you can always tell from a dress 20,years,plus you know that youre looking down,at a ping iron there are many irons that,have,kind of lost that a little bit theyve,lost their dna,i suppose of what they used to be but,this you look down,its its a bloody ping you know it is,were getting the spin yep,solid so we still have some fun with,these eyes even though they arent for,me,and as you can probably tell with my,voice im not feeling 100,but its something i just had to hit and,you know have fun with,weve got cupboard speed of 94 ball,speed 130,carries 198 distance is 200 yards,and a pretty impressive backspin number,seeing as i pulled a few of them,of an average of 6030 rpm is this the,softest,higher handicapper distance sound i,never hit absolutely,not but it still works extremely well,i still wanted to hit this and review,this because its my job i love all the,innovations no matter who its targeting,i straight away know that this isnt for,me but it doesnt mean its gonna be bad,doesnt mean its gonna be good its,just a,overall look at the performance the feel,and the quality of the iron so if youre,the kind of golfer,that struggles with getting the ball,airborne lacks distance,need a bit more stability high moi head,forgiving,youre gonna have to give it a go nearly,headless nick needs to be in the arsenal,of irons to hit,might get into trouble for that one okay,final hole,were gonna have to hit this very hard,to get there if this can get there,im gonna be very impressed this has got,to go,with an uphill elevation 244 yards if i,hit the green,i pass simple as that,i pulled how far did that go on the fly,[Music],225 oh dear,come on it will have a failed challenge,[Music],last chance to make the green,the positive thing about this you get,quite concerned if that reaches,the fact that this has just popped,straight up in the air with spin,and hasnt made it is a very good sign,youre probably thinking however turn,that into a positive but trust me with,distance irons,it is thanks as always for watching guys,and dealing with me being not 100,but i still wanted to do the video if,youre not a part of tml make sure you,hit that subscribe button and the bell,notification,follow my social media the links are,below thank you,you

PING G425 Irons Review | Trackman Testing & Feedback

hey there golfers im jeremy holder,second swing golf im joined by thomas,campbell a master club fitter here,at second swing and today weve got some,new irons for 2021 the penguin,g425 falling into that game improvement,category,should fit a wide range of golfers out,there theyve been built to,add distance at launch add forgiveness,thomas ping g-irons have been fantastic,you know talk about g400 g410,now the g425 series kind of combines,whats,been in those irons but then theyve,added a couple new things theyve,changed a couple things,these look fantastic and i would imagine,the performance here will be awesome,yeah you mentioned the ping g-line in,general has just performed really well,over the last few years so im always,excited,when ping introduces the next series so,the g425,im definitely expecting this to still,go pretty far so,the lofts arent super jacked you may,mention the variable face thickness on,the irons,so that definitely is going to generate,a little bit more,bull speed off an iron that is maybe not,completely,super game improvement yeah yeah i think,thats where you know,you see you know huge iron distances out,there and a lot of thats because,the loft is jacked up you know you got a,700 like 27 degrees a lot,these ones are i mean its still,stronger than maybe normal,or traditional but its not kind of as,radical so to speak so,pings in terms of both the appearance,right its not a super large clunky,appearance,and also the loss are staying somewhat,traditional so theyre kind of,trying to stay there but with that said,they provide the distance they provide,the launch and the forgiveness,through a bunch of different,technologies that well talk about so,today weve got,the wedge i guess the pitching wedge the,seven iron and the four iron and thomas,its going to kind of hit some shots,were just going to discuss,thomas feedback and kind of what we see,on trackman,im interested in this because i know,the fitters have always been giving me,you know whether its you or any of the,fitters at any of the stores give,high praise super high praise for the,ping g irons out there so,uh im excited for this one yeah so,speaking of,fitting so today were going to be,testing with the true tamper dynamic,gold,s 300 but its important to come in,and get fit talk with the fitter about,what particular golf shaft that you,should be playing in the,g425 irons were going to hit five shots,with each club head,so this is i mentioned the stock,standard,black dot true tama dynamic gold s300,golf shaft,im excited to just kind of see the,performance differences between the 4,7 and pitching wedge before i do that i,do ask if you havent done so please,subscribe to our youtube channel we love,getting your comments and feedback so if,you could do that as well,we really appreciate it and weve got,some other great content coming your way,in the future,thomas im excited for this lets get,after it steal it okay thomas youve got,the pitching wedge,of the g425 irons uh at 44 and a half,degrees i believe,thats correct yep yep so 44.5 degrees,so thats kind of,where does that fit into maybe iron sets,today and theyre pitching wedges,so game improvement iron pitching wedges,theres a range,they some of them get close to 40,degrees so 40 to,44 45 is kind of the the area so its,still kind of towards the the higher end,of game improvement irons maybe its,still a little bit more traditional with,the lofts,yeah a little bit yeah something like,that a more traditional,loft for a pitching wedge this day is,probably 46 to,47 is more thats a really old-school,pitching wedge left right,yeah but this is its still hanging,around that more traditional side for,ping and theyre not,going all the way to kind of the,extremes that youre seeing somewhere,else maybe in the industry where you get,like a,seven iron for example at like 26,degrees but,you got the pitching wedge there um what,do you think about that just looking,down at it what do you think about the,appearance that it gives you is it does,it scream like max game improvement is,it super thick what do you see,i know this is brand new and tim have,been hit before so it looks clean very,very crisp right clean,um so i love still got that kind of that,white bottom line to help with,alignment club head alignment there too,but its,not super oversized i believe,the heads just been slightly trimmed,from heel to toe yeah,so its definitely looks a little bit,sleeker versus some other kind of game,improvement irons,uh still got their traditional you know,g-line,soles on the on the on the club so to,help regardless of forgiveness and turf,interaction yeah,theyre through the ball but its not,max oversized game improvement by all,means its just yeah theres a good,looking club with some,good hidden technology yeah so i think,one thing as as we hit shots here well,talk a little bit more about that,technology but,um i mean they had a new club face in,there theyve kind of like you said they,tweaked the shape a little bit so well,see how it performs here well hit,you know weve got the pitching wedge,weve got the seven iron we got the four,iron here so sounds good,so thomas first of all what is the,pitching wedge kind of that you,the loft on the pitching wedge that,youre playing and,based on that what would you expect,maybe this to travel so my loft on my,pitching wedge is like 47 degrees,okay and that usually for me,is about 138 to 140 carry distance so,should expect more distance,from a stronger elastic wedge here,expect a little more,more distance out of this id also,expect a little bit less,spin out of this too my pitching wedge,spins around about nine thousand,where we noticed the first shot there,was about sixty seven eight hundred,okay so,now with a wedge youre not you know,youre not aiming to curve the ball as,much,but i have noticed a little bit of a,draw there just a just a slight little,bit of,draw i wont probably see as much of a,drawer with this compared to,my blades that i play not going to be,turning over as much but,pretty straight overall i would guess,and one of the things about the wedges,in particular with the g425,iron set so this would be your pitching,wedge kind of what they call a utility,wedge,and then you know depending on what you,get with your set a sand wedge or lob,wedge,the grooves are kind of precision milled,like a traditional wedge,that maybe like for example ping like,the glide wedges,there the grooves are kind of machined,in there the same way,to give that control so that does add,another element of,um again the control for your scoring,clubs,that you would find in this set which is,something that you know theyre,youre seeing that more and more now,with iron sets where youre kind of,theyre shorter irons more control,uh like in this case the the grooves are,machine milled like wedges,but then you get up farther in the set,and then its more of your forgiveness,uh characteristics are built in yeah,thats very important because your,wedges that youre scoring clubs you,want to be able to feel like you can,control them,but i can control the spin and get the,ball to stop maybe a little bit faster,around the green,generate some good feel so i for sure,the way the grooves have been,designed is going to present that for,players,for sure,full speed drop there by about five,miles an hour but,carry distance only dropped by about,five yards so yeah kind of a big,difference there was the forgiveness,level,yeah yeah if this was my blade and i had,missed it like that,probably would have gone 15 yards,shorter maybe the,the hazards short of the green or,something but uh that one carried onto,the green,yep that was a better swing,all right so that was five swings,with the pitching wedge you can bring up,this dispersion,quickly here and then maybe bring up,these numbers alongside it,that is a pretty small circle out there,i think and,you know the like you said the spins a,little bit lower than maybe what you,would expect out of your pitching wedge,yep

Ping G425 irons – The ONE thing they got wrong!!!

[Music],being have an iron for every player,profile,are brand to be trusted with a loyal,following the g ranger club says one,thing to me,forgiveness in an iron that seems to,suit any and every golfer,but is the g425 the next go-to iron for,all you ping lovers out there,[Music],lets kick this review off with some,brutal conditions down on the links at,conway,[Music],[Music],all in one on camera be nice get in,well the first thing i want to report is,there was no hole in one but what they,did do is they got off to a great start,out on the course at conway and as you,can see it was pretty tough conditions,uh that these were,at their test um but what ive ping done,in terms of this new model uh dont,forget predecessor g410 how has this,moved on well its a slightly more,compact design,they say it is more forgiving they say,theres faster ball speeds all those,things we,we come to expect metal wood light,design,face which i find really interesting but,for me one of the big things like i said,with the driver is overall looks and,appearance of the club has been,toned down theres no colour in the sort,of black and chrome look,i think its really easy on the eye got,plenty of shelf appeal but what ive,done,ive collected dry ball data already,indoors on track man,im just going to hit a few shots out,here off the turf remind myself,familiarize myself about the sound and,acoustics of this thing,because its quite different from a,windy day that weve found ourselves,down here at conway so thats up next,a little bit of a shot with a bit of,feel,so 99 again looking for some kind of,response from the club,the short end of the bag,thats quite a nice clip thats not too,bad,what,thats the last ball ive hit outside,and probably whatever it was off a dozen,balls and i think the one thing that i,wanted confirmation on,is the metal wood light design on the,face and i think,when i say confirmation on i still have,a little bit of an issue with the sound,and thats because,i dont really want my irons to sound,like a metal wood,um i dont know why i dont theres,nothing necessarily,wrong with that but for me i want my,woods to sound like woods,and i want irons to feel a little bit,softer i want to be a bit more,responsive,and thats a bit of a bit of an issue,for me like i said,metal wood designed light face im not,really sure,the logic in that or why you would want,to achieve that,in irons thats got me beat a bit and,its definitely noticeable,definitely noticeable and for me its a,big deal as you know i like,i like soft feeding irons sound is a big,deal,and i dont know whether you can pick,that up,but its just a little bit too harsh,still on these irons for me,on a personal level right well if,sound is the only fault that i can find,with this irons then uh there with these,eyes then ping are doing pretty well and,ive got to say,spoiler alert it pretty much is and its,a minor detail as well,im very much dependent on what youre,looking for from a golf club and as you,know,i said in the uh the earlier clip its a,big deal for me,i will say say however that its a vast,improvement on what the g410 was,because again i criticized that from its,hard sound and it has moved on,a fair bit from there but moving on in,terms of everything else that the golf,club does it just does,everything very very well um,these are as i said in the intro um,theyre kind of a that theyre very,dependable,you cant really go wrong theres no,mistakes you can make in buying a set of,ping g,irons theyve always been um,very good at what they intend to do and,thats make the game,um all the clubs are user-friendly make,the game very enjoyable,as forgiving as you can possibly get in,terms of irons,they just do all of that very very well,one of the things that you would have,struggled with in previous,years with this type of volume was,things like spin,so were gonna go into the detail of the,data and start off with the seven iron,which is what you see in front of you,now,an average swing speed of 80.5 thats,not the fastest i would swing a 7 iron,but again,it just this tells a tale uh 6 000,almost in spin launching at 17.4,peak height of 99 feet ball speed 121,land angle really important 47.9,carrying 171 what else can we get from,an iron i mean to me that is,optimum performance there is not one box,within there that i would look at sort,of changing,it really is incredible theyve,performed so well and then move on to,the five iron,uh which i gathered from data four as,well and you will see,uh along the shaft a bit more club head,speed 84,4-3 spin off a five iron off a game,improvement,five iron incredible 14-1 launch pk 90,still a land angle of 43 um,193 carry honestly unbelievable in terms,of the performance they really did well,both on and off course in terms of,dry ball data what i would say case in,point there is that,um whilst theyre not really strong,lofted,in terms of what were seeing right now,you can adjust those i think its two,degrees either way in terms of their,retrofit,um and theyre strong right uh i cant,remember what the,other name they call it but you can,strengthen them further,for me 193 carry on a five round would,mean that thats,probably as long as i would go with an,iron and i think,more so in this range that ive seen um,is this need for golfers,to look at getting custom fit its,always the message but the reason i say,with this if i was,going and buying off the shelf a sort of,traditional pitching wedge to four iron,set,i would have an issue because if thats,going 193,in theory although we do lose a bit of,or we struggle to generate the club head,speed to get that extra yardage out of,four,irons in theory were going over that,tipping over that 200 mark,but what i would say i would even be,tempted to look at pitching wedge to six,iron in my case,and look at some of the g4 25 other,options in terms of hybrids and,fairway woods of which there are many,ive got some interesting videos coming,up in the next couple of days well show,you,uh just what they have on offer uh,in addition and to the irons to the g425,iron range,where i think the idea of blending um,hybrids and fairways into this mix,is is a real good option and i think,thats uh,again that message and i know its,always pings message,is get custom fit start really analyzing,that data and when youre getting down,to possibly six,iron five iron then maybe look at mixing,this up but were talking about irons,today,so im gonna leave it there theres not,a lot else for me to say i think theyve,done a great job in terms of visually,the looks are fantastic,theyve made it more compact its,forgiving,yes the negative for me would be that,harsh sound but its not going to be for,everybody,but the numbers the data the overall,performance is,second to none and for a game,improvement on incredible,stats really is impressive,thats it thats the uh so i think we,should be second one in youve seen the,driver from the 425 now youve seen the,irons,uh next up its going to be an,interesting video like i said because,im looking at,what else g425 is offering its range,and believe me theres one particular,club in that range which,throws up its incredible and i think it,should be in,every golfers golf bag thats how good i,think it is and i also think it would,blend perfect in with those irons,so make sure you keep an eye out for,that if youve enjoyed todays video,then please um,hit the like button consider subscribing,if you dont already,theres plenty of reviews that you will,see either prior,or post this which will mainly be from,professional golfers who do a fantastic,job reviewing product,this is a slightly different angle it,comes from very much an average golfer,and maybe some of the club head speeds,and the performance,will be a bit more similar to your own,uh thats what we try and do on this,channel so,uh yeah subscribe if you can and put,comments down below what are you,thinking of this g4,25 range so far i love to hear from you,uh so please yeah get involved thats me,im

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