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so always exciting time with ping,release and new products and this time,weve got the i 5 2 5 so this is,replacing the i 500 and first,impressions looking and they look so,much better so were excited to hit this,ive got a five a seven and a nine nine,were going to hit all three weve got,trackman provide you with some numbers,of the performance of this new iron okay,so i five two five as i say replacement,to i 500 and looks tons better on first,impressions so players distance thats,what ping is saying this iron is all,about is creating high ball speeds as,you would expect but in that players,maybe packaged look and sometimes the,the feels that maybe that better play or,that lower handicap player is really,sort of looking for i think this will,probably suit a wide variety of golfers,its hollow construction its tons of,forgiveness theres tongues in there,were going to talk a little bit more,about that so providing lots of,forgiveness yet kind of create that sort,of ball speed so this i think throws a,net over a large of different types of,golfers in a way you know probably that,mid handicap all the way down to that,even that scratch golfer so lets say,ive got a nine nine seven nine five im,gonna hit some with or maybe focus on,that seven nine but well show you the,numbers on them all so ive got the 99,to start off with and,you know in this short time what im,sort of looking for is a nice sort of,blade length i dont want to see loads,of offset and im not seeing that so i,put that down and theres virtually zero,offset there if anything that leaner she,just sat like sat slightly forward at,lea of that hosel which is um something,i wasnt going to expect maybe from this,its a sleek head its it looks to be a,finished top line its not mega thin but,in that play position better mind this,is 99 its obviously bent back a little,bit more the loft it its quite,disguised that top head so it doesnt,look too chunky at all uh white groove,on that,bottom groove which i think ping ive,always done and it creates that little,bit of that alignment age i quite like,okay nice shot to start off with so,distinctive sound as we tend to sort of,see with a ping iron you know,and dont be fooled here you know it,says the word forged on the back of the,club head okay its not fully forced we,have a forged mirage and steel club face,the rest of the body of the head is a 74,stainless steel so for me and with it,being uh hollow youre not going to get,that force feel you might associate with,that pure,single bodied forged iron maybe from,other brands forged face okay so the cue,sticks are,not soft,dull its its a little bit of a click,to it bought what i am going to say is,that is so much better sound the i500 i,was a massive fan of the i500 the looks,of it didnt tick a box for me and it,was very very hot it was very very loud,i thought and and it just didnt i just,didnt really like it this,definitely sounds better it looks so,much better the shaping of the head,you know it feels very solid you know,the flight is sort of nice and high this,is a nine-nine its locked in at 40,degrees of loft for a nine-nine so,obviously its also going to be on a,slightly stronger side you know at the,end today its a distance iron as well,as trying to hit a sort of nice package,and a look so its trying to tick both,boxes here so youre always going to see,those lofts be a little bit stronger but,obviously theyre not ridiculously,strong you could maybe see that spin,number theres around that 66 000 mark,okay a little bit of cut on that a,little bit peely to the right well see,a little bit of a higher spin with that,now thats just through my a little bit,my delivery there we go sort of nearly,eight uh,8 000 just eased off that little bit,weaker shot thats obviously more me,than the club itself dropping off a,little bit of distance,okay thats better nice smooth one good,feel very consistent on that launch and,that window that ball comes out of as,you expect with a sort of 99 and thats,probably a very typical number for me,okay so switching into the 7i now so,this is lofting in at 30.5 degrees of,loft so very much a competitor now to,say for instance the taylormade p790,obviously a massive iron for taylormade,same sort of loft profile obviously got,that um hollow design in the head now,internally in the i-525 weve got some,tungsten happening obviously we can see,that tungsten screw in the toe section,but weve also got some tungsten in the,bottom of the shaft,as it obviously goes in so bottom that,hosel so extreme perimeter weighting is,what ping are sort of saying here which,is going to spread it increases that moi,that sort of forgiveness level knows,miss hit stability and everything like,that but keeping that real high ball,speed off this club face you know with,that sort of hollow head a little bit,that spring effect off the club now 79,sitting down by the golf ball ill tell,you what this is a really good look for,uh again its we know its a players,eye its not going to be the smallest,head out there you look at the,blueprints from ping absolutely minutes,its virgin on the point of being,absolutely too scary but,again offset is very little if anything,at all really to be honest thats a,really nice sort of front profile the,head lovely shape on there a decent size,blade length he just looks very very,tidy good looking iron medium top edge,oh wow just going to test a little bit,of that forgiveness in that bottom of,the golf club a little bit clean wasnt,the most perfect strikes,but a decent sort of return from that,low hit so to help with that sound ping,ive put like an eva polymer insert into,the head and thats slightly positioned,in different locations per the iron that,we sort of see and thats going to,really sort of help a lot with the sound,and the feel and just dampening those,sort of sound waves in around that sort,of hollow head,thats a nice shot thats a lovely shot,lovely ball flight better ball speed,there through that little bit of that,better connection okay see 186,thats a good,distance now obviously thats been a,little bit on that low side okay and,were probably going to see a little bit,of that lower spin characteristic,because of that loft at 30 and a half,degrees having said that louie look at,the height of that ball flight 110 feet,loads of height,and coming in at a really good land,angle just shot that 49 degrees so,nobody got an element of that stopping,power when that ball comes and its not,like its coming in really really flat,is it,again nice ball flight,feels really good im really enjoying,hitting that i think the look of it is,as i mentioned before its so much,better than what weve seen in the i-500,for instance so as always we see with,the ping now weve got that hydro pill,2.0 finish so thats water repelling,trying to reduce any chance of sort of,flies when obviously balls damp or,dampness between,club face facing golf ball when youre,out in those playing conditions got four,extra grooves on the club face so really,helping to control spin in those short,irons and really sort of retain some,spin in those longer rounds as we,obviously lose a little bit of that loft,its lovely really nice ball flat good,feel you know were getting the,responsiveness off that club face it,doesnt look like its absolutely flying,out there sometimes with those small,power lines we just just go out and you,think oh my god thats just not going to,stop when it lands again im really,confident yes the spin number is not,huge but its not going to be with that,loft but weve got that look through,that land angle as we mentioned before,so im confident got some stopping power,these irons so i think its a forgiving,iron you know youve got that help with,that tungsten its the great look what a,lot of the maybe lower handicap golfers,might want to sort of see they dont see,loads of offset especially weve got a,left miss happening dont want to see,too much of that thick chunky top line,so it is as i mentioned with a lot of,t

PING i525 IRONS REVIEW // Testing the newest PING Iron

okay guys welcome back to the channel so,last week,ping released the new iron,really not been many irons released,early 2022 it feels like more of a wood,release here um but nice to nice to see,something fresh that we know will get a,lot of use in our drawer yeah its its,a category thats obviously very popular,like kind of the larger players distance,category i know mike and i we reviewed,them we kind of touched on that category,last week in another video but this is,kind of blending of the the i series the,i-210,with the very popular i-500 yeah i mean,its a shame it is a week too late for,you guys because this would have been,part of the test last week wouldnt it,um it would have been interesting to see,how they they kind of compete and how,they they sort of would uh stack up,against the other good ones in the,market uh youre right i-500 was,you know was a a popular iron,performed well but there were a few few,criticisms of of the the sound of i,dont think it was ever the look it was,never the performance but the sound was,was certainly a little clicky to some,peoples ear its definitely one of,those things for ping wear i think you,know designers always have leverage to,pull right you know with a golf ball,theyve got spin or distance and they,try and fine tune that with irons and,woods its you know distance spin feel,all of these things are kind of packed,in ping seems to always pull the lever,really hard on technology which they,deliver on right tons of ball speed tons,of moi a lot of things that really not a,lot of other companies are offering,but you know this one theyve really,focused on trying to improve the feel of,that original i-500,yes uh its a trade theyre not willing,to to make isnt it you know theyre not,really willing to uh to sacrifice max,out performance for some of those other,you know more subtle uh preferences that,people like the sound you know,and i would say you know the feel but i,think they they have talked a fair bit,with this iron rb about theyve,addressed some of that stuff the polymer,in there the sort of waiting the extreme,weighting in the toe,we are likely to to feel a slightly uh,softer sound and iron experience a,little softer sound yeah and they,have really taken a look at the,internals of the iron so theyve added,some internal ribbing which comes from,the i-59 yeah and then the other part of,it is is polymer so unlike other irons,like say the you know 770 or the p790,its not completely polymer filled what,theyve done is theyve kind of put,stuff around the head to really help,with the sound but not affect the face,flexing at all which is a big thing they,didnt want to sacrifice the face,flexing is a big part this miraging,steel face giving it this metal wood,performance its literally designed like,a little little you know fairway wood,thats the kind of idea uh behind the,iron um and as the,the loft progression goes you do start,to see some pretty impressive distances,as you get into those middle and long,irons,what will be interesting is you know,they have five degree gaps as standard,from you know eight nine and wedge,that generally does offset a little bit,of that kind of hot speed um by going,that extra degree of loft um so itll be,interesting to see mikey what your your,gapping is like with it yeah i mean,hitting a few and to start its its a,little bit different than you know the,normal distance i would have but im,excited to test it i like the i like the,look of it very i-59 but just a little,bit bigger yeah nice little kind of uh,big brother to that okay lets set a few,uh wedge shots mikey boy okay lets see,what its got,are the gates could it be a one,it could be a one,oh,start throwing the beers,where are the beers,swing there michael nicely done what,would you say your normal stock distance,is with your pitching wedge,like 135 easily yeah,stripy,get away with it,yeah it was a wee bit clunky wasnt it,yeah,behind the head,toy yeah,pin hi toei,all right michael,first impressions on the miss you know a,little toe or even a little pie in the,face it still goes for sure which is,which is nice i think thats the biggest,thing with an iron like this when you,miss it a little bit you you still get,away with it yeah weve got a little,selection of toe strikes low strikes so,were kind of using uh,using the face,its kind of when we would pick this,type of iron as if we do have some,variance and strike the one thing that,stood out to me though is as the time,went on was the the,wed go back to always talking about,these i feel like were talking about,standard deviation a lot these days but,very very tight ball speed spin rates,you know and those are some of the key,sort of design characteristics with uh,with this new iron yeah super consistent,really really good what is it that when,you look down on it obviously you know,youve got the most loft that you would,have in your iron set and you see those,additional grooves did you notice that,theres the four extra grooves on there,it looks like the uh,you know the old razor irons yeah an old,nike eye,really compressed grooves i love the,look of that i would id play set irons,that have grooves like that all day long,it just it looks classic it definitely,looks a bit more compact um which is,nice yeah definitely leaning into the,the kind of uh,its not its not so much a friction but,its more its more the the consistency,on the flyers lack of flyers yeah trying,to kind of you know make sure we talked,about i think it was the video last week,wasnt it with uh with the kind of,flyers but um youre trying to kind of,keep the,you know the the ball and and the,grooving together trying to keep the,moisture away from the face yeah uh is,very important all right jump into your,seven michael,okay mikey so this is where as an iron,its,its gonna become a little not,challenging but its gonna its gonna,probably start to look a little,different in flight for you right now,sevens pretty strong,right so the pitching wedge is 45 your,pitching wedge is 45. yeah those are,fairly stock standard numbers few but,this seven comes down to 30.5 and its,starting to get stronger,i know that wasnt your best strike in,that last one but the spin is dropping a,little bit yeah and for a player like,myself i you know i struggle the whole,greens at the best of times so the,minute we start to drop that spin and,obviously you know launch is gonna come,down a little bit thats uh thats a,fear for me but there are players that,need it,yeah i mean obviously ping talks a lot,about power spec retrospec you know that,that option is is in there for you,should you need to to weaken these when,you can get that seven on retro up to 32,five which is you know pretty standard,yeah you know that would be that would,be fine by todays,you know standards anyway um okay lets,see a few more,better,so theres its quite an interesting one,mikey if we look at those last two right,so the spin is actually identical for,the most part like 200 rpms of,difference youre relying on the ball,speed to get the apex up uh to where you,need it to be the previous one was 77,feet that went at 97 feet um,you know launch and speed yeah we saw,the angle of descent which is something,we always stress for being able to stop,it on greens went from around i think,was,just around 41 to over 45 which doesnt,seem like a lot but for almost every,degree youre talking about two to three,more yards of rollout depending on your,green thats the difference between,staying in the middle of the green and,rolling you know,15 feet 20 feet past yeah,its important to stress because you,know they there are a lot of people who,still think spin is the is the the you,know main,you know factor that makes the ball you,know climb or not,and it really isnt you know here we,have a 20 foot difference and the spin,has effectively stayed the same theres,just four miles in our ball speed,difference and two uh degrees in launch,angle difference so you know i think,where we do obviously want to

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hello everyone welcome back to this,particular chilly day here at eccleton,golf club you may have seen a video uh,probably last week now where I was down,at the Golf Tech Studio doing some,testing with Mr Pete Marsh we were put,into to the test the Ping r230 and the,Ping I25 we are now out here on course,Im going to play three holes from,around about 170 175 two balls with each,Club lets see which one performs the,best lets see which one goes the,closest lets see if the test that we,did indoors stays true to form lets see,if we are squeezing a little bit more,distance out the r525 were here real,world conditions now lets see how they,hold up lets get into it,thank you,so hello everyone welcome back to the,channel my name is Jack this is Jack Lee,golf if this is your first time on this,channel please make sure you are liking,the video if you like what you see so,far make sure youre subscribing we are,now over the 4 000 subscribers Mark I,cant thank everyone enough for that and,were making a,um a real,indent a real Siege onto the 5000 Mark,so again thank you very much and be sure,to subscribe if youve not done so,already so i525 r230 lets first get,yardies lets see how far away we are as,ever he was in my how far Rangefinder,Link in the description chat legal five,percent off from this very point where I,am stood where Ive got were too close,from this new point where I am stood now,we have got weve got one six six plain,one six four now it is a chilly day on,Pawn the evidence and testing that we,did with the clubs in the studio Id,expect part of me it used to go a little,bit further than that but you know its,cold its wet its damp so Matt just,beat roughly the right distance so balls,that were using for this test we are,using my seed golf balls these ones for,the i-230 its going to be number one,and a number two for the i525 its going,to be number three and a number four,well then get up to the green see how,far away each shot has gone and maybe,determine a winner there are no real,winners in this sense I just want to see,how they perform on course and give you,guys a good indication as to what is,happening between these two golf clubs,right then so up first from 100 65 where,Ive got the i-230 remember on testing,this was the slightly highest spinning,uh slightly lower launching and slightly,shorter iron of the two so,lets see if we get that Target Front,flag today as well,Struck it really nice just pushed it out,to the right of touch lets see what,its like for distance,bunker green side I do believe so well,give that a quick wipe try and make sure,that I actually get it in shot this time,what a nugget all right then shot number,two,oh almost the exact same shot just push,both of them be interesting to see how,far theyve gone didnt necessarily seem,as though a face Twisted open that time,more so on me pushing those so next up,weve got i525 if the shots with the,i-230 were a little short from what we,saw with the i525 these could,potentially go a little bit further and,maybe get us to where we want to be on,that green so,it is decent but werent great that,first one just a little bit heavy just,foiled out to the right again lets see,if I can hit Target all three of those,have gone over there so and this is spec,wise of these two golf clubs its my,shaft its a Project X 6.0 and it is the,Ping blue lie angle one degree upright,so no excuses me being Pony so far,that were a bit better,right hand side of the Green Oak fully,yes right outside of the green right,lets head up there lets go and have a,look,right now inspection time lets see what,weve got remember one and two was,i-230 three and four I five two five,right then so Im not the four greatest,shots definitely got a bit of a push,bias going on with that one that is all,me and not necessarily too much to do,with the club the i-525 that is ball,number three I do believe is right there,on the green this one right here number,four is also the i525 a heavy on that,occasion so I seem to think if I had to,struck that one have it it would have,been all right one of those in there is,the i-230 so great distance not too,dissimilar to that other i525 but just,pushed and again thatll me and we have,one here because of face opening just a,fraction thats the other one from the,i-230 so short right was the tendency,with both just on one occasion managed,to get the i525 on the green uh looking,at that one there if I didnt push that,one that would have been on the green as,well lets finish a couple of these out,lets just see what scores we get just,because why not,that were good in white Matrix,I think theres a bit of ball on that,mud,and I shot right and finally lets see,if we can finish that put out and make a,birdie with that second shot with the,i525 not a bad selection of Chip shots,there look at that ball there love,England in the winter me what ball,oh youve got to hit him now,oh dead in line as well,Okay cool so kind of much of a muchness,there we noticed that on one occasion I,managed to it one heavy with the i525,and it did retain quite a bit of,distance r230 is if I enter pushed him,might have been very similar in,performance as well so on to the next,now fourth hole were gonna do exact,same again 165 out see you there,and is it by Magic here we are on the,fourth now so weve got 170 playing a,fraction downhill but its not much Im,going to mix it up a little bit Im,going to go i-525 first lets see this,pin by the way as well,I dont know if you guys can see it its,very much tucked over that bunker there,so its going to require a very precise,shot and hopefully not a pushed ones,getting close to that flag lets not,push it i525,first,right at middle at Green that one youre,a little bit thin if anything lets see,what the distance is like,pretty good back Edge at Green so,everything considered uh kind of,expecting that my two thirties to be a,bit shorter it could be perfect for,these I dont have to go Alpha leather,on this seven iron to get it all the way,there,that were a way better strike that time,again right in the heart of the green,pretty good shot,yeah I could be good then too I think,theyre really good for distance almost,identical shots then two minus uh one,with a good strike and one were a little,bit thin so uh 230 now from the exact,same spot,again really good strike very straight,in flight to a very similar part of the,green,could be a little bit shorter its hard,to see with it being a little bit foggy,Misty today and getting darker by the,minute but I think that might be a,fraction shorter well see when we get,up there on this occasion as well Ive,messed up with the balls Ive got one,and two I five two five and three and,four out of two thirty it gets very,confusing these on course tests you know,but so remember that whichever goes,second thats three and four,foreign,just a little bit pushed on that,occasion strike was pretty good,my either just be over the bunker or in,the bunker on the right hand side right,four shots again thats gonna have,another inspection right then inspection,time and on the,on the hole four good shots there so,that was the last one that I hit with,the i-230 Ill go and have a look what,number the other three are now but all,in all pretty good from that distance I,will be happy with any of those four,really its in the green having a fairly,lengthy put a birdie but from 165 170.,youre not really expecting to make,birdie every time so this one here,number,three that was the i-230 that one there,will be number four thats also the,i-230 can we see it,there it is pretty steady camera work,for you there ladies and gents uh this,one cant quite see it yet but this is,going to be i525 number one so like we,saw and look at that pitch mark there as,well by the way ladies and gents like we,saw on the indoor testing i525 perhaps,does just go that little bit further,does spin a little bit less but all in,all accuracy wise thats always going to,be on the golfer and uh yeah yeah F525,maybe ju

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lets check out these new pings i five,two five i game an iron like this so a,hollow body but classy looking club,lets see how they feel compared to mine,like these are right in my wheelhouse,[Music],cool yeah,that does feel nice like really nice,[Music],so thats the nine iron just a little,nine-iron run there when its wet like,this actually its a good shot to play,for lots of you dont have to actually,do much if you think about it and the,shape of it is delicious its compact,its got a relatively,medium top line obviously the back of,the club you get this real kind of,almost bladey look really but you know,in theory theres going to be a lot of,help in there the loft feels quite,strong so when i felt the first shot,with the five iron is it did feel closer,to almost like a four iron like it did,feel but i mean i guess were all,getting used to that now its where,irons really are what we do get is a,superior looking iron with arguably,pings help,so i think ping are calling it a,players distance iron so what theyre,gonna mean by that is here looks playery,like really playery theres minimum,offset on this five iron theres a,little bit it is a beautiful top line,for something that in theory is,helping its almost got that blade curve,almost this way appearance when you look,down at it it is absolutely,inverted on almost looking too thin for,where i want this club to be almost,but it feels super super solid off the,face like that feels absolutely,delicious,and it is cold here this morning that,was a groove low and it still felt not,bad what ping actually saying about this,so a new ballistic face design that,increases speed distance control,combined combined with targeted polymer,insert to provide better feel and sound,all packaged in a compact style forged,steel miraging face strength and,variable thickness from the miraging,face improved feel and sound targeted,placement of a eva polymer in precisely,controlled amounts in every iron theyre,saying which gives a pleasing sound,micromax grooves a precision milled,groove pattern allows for tighter,spacing and geometry that results in an,average of four extra grooves to reduce,flyers in the short irons and preserve,spin in the long irons and extreme,weighting tungsten toe shaft tip waiting,combined with a dynamic face structure,to expand the perimeter weighting while,preserving ball speed through greater,face deflection at a distance and,improved accuracy,i mean theres a lot going on in them,ballistic face,oh man,i want my face to be ballistic,my face my clubface has never been,ballistic ever,oh come on give me some ballistic face,like i hit this one relatively bottom,groovy and i think its done very well,so weve got inside numbers as well,coming just to see how ballistic this,face is but they do feel relatively,strong now the data they send me when,they launch these clubs i have a list of,three different lofts on it so you can,get like retro and then like ballistic,they dont call it that and then,standard loft so i think you could make,them as ballistic as you want but,remember loft basically is like what,delivered loft comes out is generally,what we get from irons to be fair the,nine iron here i mean its,i wouldnt be able to tell much,difference between like youre getting,down near the eye blade when you look at,that its an amazingly round nine iron,its really quite stunning,in its looks,thats a nice flight that should be up,there thats not a bad shot at all i,feel like with 99 controlled the flight,nicely felt good i mean i would maybe,well test inside the sound as well,because its really cold out here today,well test inside the feeling of the,sound as well because its interesting,out here when you got the wind and its,cold like those sounds play out often a,little bit more whats the best word for,describing what it sounds like maybe,i mean they feel quite firm to kick us,off like they feel nice,but they feel on the firmer side they,certainly dont feel at the moment like,uber uber soft anything like that,par and it,doesnt matter how close i had it,so just finishing up some data here with,the seven iron numbers are looking,strong its definitely got that sound,that ive thought i was hearing out,there im hearing it in here its not a,problem my lines make this sound as well,but its its its like a clip it makes,a good crack off the face which is fine,i mean its a distance iron in effect is,what its saying,you know it feels fine good but if you,want that like forward soft feel that,might go with the look of this this,isnt going to give you that sound,right last one and well look at the,numbers,so 119 ball 20 launch four six spin im,hitting a seven iron so outside thats,gonna be around five and r five thousand,in 176 i mean its a low spinning,relatively slightly low loft as you see,from the lower launch high speed 7 iron,from the low lofts and that its,delivering numbers exactly where id,expect the distance iron to be you dont,want to whack this number up too much,but descent angles and peak heights are,probably in place as well they look good,you know averaging 48 degrees descent,angle its gonna stop you know 175 out,im going to be relying on a descent,angle to stop that ball as much as,anything spin really is it going to do,that much its revs per minute that so,you know if that goes up an extra 500,revs im not sure how much its going to,stop burning my land angle is going to,dictate now lets go out onto a really,challenging hole to stop it and put it,at a challenging distance because this,is a distance iron,and see if it beats the challenge im,not sure if youre seeing that are you,seeing that on the camera theres a nice,little all there it is see that little,oh,striker player right were 1a out 70,andrew tucked,pin over road whole bunker and its,beyond my distance im going to have to,give it a wallop,as well as it direction and see if we,can stop it,or i can hit a big high flail out to the,right and be nice and safe or it might,go over the back actually sit,land angle thank you,oh i just toe turned it thats a shame,so we can make the distance look if i,can get it online well stop it or see,if we stop it one eight four carry on,that seven iron thats distance and this,is a player its ballistic and,now i didnt get all of that,but i got enough of it possibly go hard,oh strike its just king isnt it 173,carry see how much it dropped off lovely,arrow straight i just towed it a little,not a bad shot slightly drifting away,from flag but itll kick left and lets,see how it stops thats only on a down,slope but its just doing fine thats,nearly 5 000 revs of indoor spin because,remember your indoor numbers subject to,what youre hitting off or a map numbers,subject to what map youre hitting off,theyre not all the same wont be the,same as grass and,saying for grass not all grasses will,produce the same spin as well which is,why i think its so interesting when,people talk about certain shafts and,stuff which have such tiny tolerances,and change of the data and then theyre,doing it in situations where actually,the situation can throw it higher than,the shaft i always think that ones,quite,interesting,ah stop,flailing again its the right flail to,do on this hull,pretty average hit,middle of the green i mean i would take,most of these shots so you can see when,im pushing,my distance,and the ballistic face is trying to do,its thing,the stronger loft the simulated,performance is good isnt it i mean that,just is a really solid,players distance iron undoubtedly one,of the best looking players distance,irons i think out there like that is,just beautiful,oh i turned it a little,not a bad effort that little kick up,there,oh,id pop that one right two more lets,see if i can get one landing by the flag,there we go that felt like,everything was aligning just yet here we,go in,this could go stay right,yes blues so you see that hit the down,slope so its ran on that little bit,more and this is whats really,interesting look at the differences in,the

PING have NAILED IT with these NEW IRONS! | PING i525 Irons

okay im gonna be totally honest,i didnt sleep very well last night i,got quite early because well weve been,waiting such a long time to see the new,irons from ping,so without any further ado lets do it,and lets do it now,[Music],hi everyone my name is james robinson,and welcome to this youtube channel guys,thats right we have pings brand new,i525 irons now if youre a big ping fan,you will know that the ping i 500 irons,were pretty good in fact they were very,good they were probably about the only,iron that did rival the taylormade p790,at the time it just didnt feel very,good so with the new i-525 iron,ping claimed to have rectified that so,in todays video were going to put that,to the test out here on the golf course,at woolly park and i have already been,in the studio this morning guys i told,you i didnt sleep to test these irons,for forgiveness for speed for spin for,everything you want to see,four iron off the floor to start with,because i havent got any t-pegs with me,and that is delightful,oh,ping yes please now you see i always,think its a bit of a problem when a,company like ping released the i-500,because,it was perfect,almost you almost couldnt make a better,iron especially for a ping fan i always,think with ping irons they dont really,need to feel that good because the,people who buy them know that they dont,really feel that good and by that i mean,subjective isnt it ping have always,made cast irons we all know that and we,all know that cast irons dont generally,feel as good as forged irons but if,theyre going to perform,as well as these ones have in the studio,spoiler alert guys were going to show,you the numbers in a few minutes time,doesnt matter and do these feel any,better,because the technology thats in these,clubs isnt to be shaking a stick at um,okay that ones gone too far off the,first tee,um that never,really ever kind of happens for me,too far,now luckily enough ping have sent me a,half set to try of the i525 irons and,thats perfect because one of the huge,criticisms i generally have of these big,powerful hollow bodied irons is that you,cant really there it is ive lost my,glove then you cant really play half,shots with them out of the rough,so were gonna hit half shot out the,rough guys weve got about 140 yards,here im just going to chip a little,eight iron hopefully we get enough spin,to stop it around the flag,another spoiler alert guys in the studio,these things arent exactly,spinning that much im going to talk to,you about some new grooves in a second,as well micro max grooves,oh that was low,that was low and full of non-confidence,of it being a good flight,its on the green though so well take,it,the micro max grooves as youll see here,its a bit of a,pain i was going to say something else,its a bit of a pain because theres,more of them that you need to clean and,keep tidy that basically is because they,are tighter spaced and it means theres,an average of four more grooves on each,club now thats designed to stop flyers,from the roof and also maintain a better,spin rate on the longer irons which all,make sense and actually look really nice,down at the ball as well paired with,that white bottom groove,i think it addressed these look almost,as good as anything,ive said it right so weve gone quite,long there it pitched short and ran all,the way through something which i would,be worried about if i were to game these,irons lets have a little chip off see,just how,these irons feel around the greens if,youre going to try and,chip with them because for me this is,important and its something which often,gets way overlooked when youre going,and getting fitted friends when youre,testing irons you need to know how they,feel,on these little finicky shots because if,they dont feel right,they may not be right for you,go on man go on man,oh,okay that felt fine,that felt fine,okay part four iron only right,were going to go for iron again,and,pin claim that these feel better they,feel more like a players eye and you,see they have evenly distributed polymer,in there not that guys i dont really,know what that means but its meant to,make them feel softer and sound better,theres loads more technology in these,as well i think its foreign,when it comes to off the tee the lofts,arent too bad you can get these in,power loft and in retro loft,and im going to tell you what they are,actually because as you can see there if,we go power loft this 4 iron is 19 and a,half degrees,wow,easy,so easy to hit that wasnt even a good,strike,that felt so easy to hit and that wasnt,even a good strike,ill put the ball flight on screen again,for you,4am that was so you see some of the,technology that is in these ping i-525,irons if youre taking some getting used,to that after the i-500s being current,for so long they have are you ready for,this a ballistic face missile um wait i,think thats more a ballistic face,insert so what thats designed is to,generate more ball speed where is the,iron there it is it is a ballistic face,design and that is designed to increase,ball speed distance and control and that,combines a targeted polymer insert to,provide better feel and sound all,packaged in a compact players design,with excessive perimeter weighting as,you can see for more forgiveness we also,have the miraging steel face which isnt,new to us ping fans and thats designed,for something quite similar a bit more,flex on the face and i must say im a,huge fan of this hydro pearl 2.0 finish,thats not just for looks though that is,designed to,get rid of any excess aqua or excess,liquid such as water on the ground,because that reduces spin as well right,another half shot,how versatile can these clubs be,well that felt better,still firm,although that stopped is it really its,run through i thought that was gonna,stop but it didnt still quite firm im,not gonna lie,i would have hoped for the felt just a,little bit softer but thats from me,coming from using forged irons pretty,much all my life and whenever i test,irons im always looking for that,forged feel or listening for that forge,feel i suppose you could say see when i,was in the studio this morning with,these clubs,issue reaction was a bit,nah,and thats obviously nothing to do with,the look of them because i think they,look phenomenal i think the i-500s look,phenomenal,and these are like a nice gradual step,up,how do they perform guys im going to,play a little bit more golf out here and,see what theyre like real world testing,on a february morning on the golf course,and then were going to jump in the,studio im going to talk all things,numbers this is where they might impress,you,or not depending what impresses you,right that is another miss green its,just run on a little bit that could have,stopped more i think but the good news,is we get to test these ions around the,green once again now another thing that,designs feature is excessive weighting,so you see we have a weight in the toe,theres also a weight in the shaft and,thats designed to bring that perimeter,weight into the next level so its going,to give you more forgiveness than,potentially ever before who knows,pitched here so with a kind of little,down shot,thats,could have been better this is a tough,chip as well,ah,now ive got to say they actually feel a,lot better than i would have anticipated,around the greens and thats something,which has to be down to that new,improved feeling sound because the,i-500s,without being rude um,werent as good as this i can say,right so were going to have a little,bit of fun that before we jump in the,studio and have a look at the numbers,for these clubs you see i like playing,stingers but are these clubs too,forgiving to play a low penetrating golf,shots or can we get that nice stinger,out there even with the standard loft,not the power loft or the retro loft,you get what i mean because i honestly,think that for the demographic this,clubs designed for,ping might have absolutely nailed it,oh yes please,that is the turf interaction you want,fo

VERDICT: My new Ping i525 irons VS my old Ping i500s

have i just wasted two thousand seven,hundred and twenty dollars or can new,clubs actually make you play better,could not be more excited new clubs have,just arrived the ping high five two five,couldnt resist jumping out here for a,couple of holes before it gets dark to,have a go with them and see how they,feel,really happy with that,so what have ping done with the i525,thats different from the i500 well,theyve got the hydra pearl finish on it,which is the same as the wedges thats,designed to help performance in the rain,i think it does work well on the wedges,on the clubface micromax theyve gone,for four more grooves on the face to,help with the ball flight and help avoid,those flyers and if you did play the,i-500s like i did youll know that they,were prone every now and then to a flyer,i wouldnt say it was every round but,maybe every couple of rounds youd get,one that suddenly jumps on you about 20,yards and can be quite costly along with,that theyve changed the weighting in,the toe and the heel to make it more,stable and theyve done some work on the,face which they think is going to change,the sound so less tinny which the i-500,was a little and more solid at impact,all things that make it sound,like the ideal club,maybe they have done it so for me just,testing them out tonight first time on,the course this is a good example of,where id be wondering with the i-500s,youve got the slightly flyer lie at the,front and then youve got the deeper,roof if the i525s have done what they,said theyll do,they should have reduced the chances of,the flyer from this lie,and they should be more stable more able,to get through the rough on the right,straight at it,that looks close that looks like its,got right back there,not the fly it felt solid but can we get,it out of the deeper roof this is a,heavy light its been raining in sydney,a lot so this isnt a pretty one,well i took that a little bit but it has,got there has got looks like its got,pin high just off the green to the left,so here we go as we get up to the green,weve got the ball out here on the left,that was the heavy rough,that admittedly have not been my best,shot but it has got up there pretty,close to pin high even with that said,and then the one that was in the classic,fly-alight perfectly pin high left me,with a really good look at birdie,really happy with that,okay both of these are at seven iron,distances so were just gonna see if you,can pick up any difference on the sound,go with the i-500 first,that was a good shot that might make me,feel bad about switching,then well go to the i525 see how that,one goes,thankfully a good strike as well for me,i can definitely tell the difference in,the sound slightly more solid with the,i525 so its getting a bit dark out here,but my very first impressions and its,literally just from playing a couple of,holes with them,i thought the i-500s were a great,looking golf club but theyve definitely,improved them really a big fan of the,look of these golf clubs theyre a bit,more like the i5 9s than the i500s from,a distance theyve still got that sort,of blade look about them which i think,is a lower handicap players out there,theyre going to look for but it does,give them in theory the performance of a,more game improvement type of item the,next thing for me will be to get it onto,the range and test the numbers see how,it compares against the i-500s,unfortunately since filming that ive,had to do some home isolation so that,range sessions become a session in the,garden with the mevo plus,looking at the numbers im definitely,not at my best energy wise but i was,tested in the seven iron and the nine,iron there is some promising signs in,there heres a comparison between the,two clubs first of all in the nine iron,and youll see the i525 is highlighted,in blue versus the green of the i-500,and straight away theres a better,dispersion with the new clubs moving,into the sevens and the same thing is,seen again blue for the i-525 green for,the i-500s interesting i actually caught,one of those i-500 flyers on the radar,you see the club speed doesnt change,too much but the spin number drops way,way down and suddenly the ball jumps out,there 20 odd yards further thats,something that you will see with that,golf club from time to time on the golf,course with the numbers and the nine,iron was pretty similar from both sets,of clubs other than the tighter,dispersion for the i-525s,in terms of the seven irons and once i,removed that flyer from the records it,was just in favor of the i-525 its two,and a half miles an hour ball speed more,off pretty much the same swing speed so,thats a promising start it was 200 rpm,less on the newer clubs and i was seeing,on average five yards further with the,seven iron versus the i-500 on the day,but interestingly the distance that i,was seeing was what i would normally hit,with a seven iron so i dont know if,health-wise plays part in that im not,really looking at these clubs for a lot,of extra distance itd be nice if there,is some and well see over time but what,i am interested in is that dispersion,thats a good thing and also if it can,be the removal of the flyer theyre the,things that are going to help,performance the sound and the look,theyre a benefit for me if youre,interested in finding out more the next,video i release is going to be every,shot of my first round with the new,clubs on the course so make sure you,subscribe tune in for that one and,youll see how i get on

PING OR COBRA who Makes The BEST golf irons

picking b cobra today ford tech in the,cobra and the ping i five two five,thanks for all the questions comments in,other videos asking me to compare these,two if you want me to compare other,clubs just post in those comments down,below and ill try and get to as many as,i can lets hit these two up and show,you how similar they are but at the same,time they might feel quite different so,if we look at the two clubs what we see,is definitely a bit more of a thinner,appearing top line on the ping so the,ping just has more slender design i,would say than the forge attack none of,them are massively chunky when you look,down but this one definitely,in the ping reflects much more of a,bladed feel even though the other end,and the kind of moi ideas of the both of,these clubs are going to be so so,similar the actual shaping of the club,so toe ends and what have you are very,similar and both very nice looking pings,have ive not counted the grooves but,they look like they have more grooves on,it you can really see how tight the,grooves are a bit more spaced out on the,cobra and you do see that when you look,down at the ball the ping is kind of,more of a,like all the grooves start to blend,almost because theres so many of them,where the cobra you do see the more,score lines thats not a positive or a,negative its just a point that i see,definitely a little bit slimmer looking,in the cobra cobra also has archos in,the top i know ping also worked with,archive so i dont know if these come,with free sensors or not or something,youd have to go on the website and,check archos allowing you to collect,data with your new clubs in fury weve,got the forge tech up first so both of,these clubs really are following a,similar brief trying to look good but,good deliver i mean theyre going to be,strong and powerful lofted but at the,same time delivering a little bit of,help lets see how forge attack comes,out when it sounds and feels,it does feel great this club its a,medium sound so its not as soft as all,your forging kind of ideas but its,certainly not,loud and tingy you know for all intents,and purposes this is a power bat its a,game improvement club but it does trick,the eye because youve got this solid,back you know its hollow in there which,well talk about the tech of the two,clubs soon um you know theres lots,going on to try and help you but from,here and in your bag theyll look quite,classic and from here they look medium,classic not huge amounts of offset blade,length is nice like reasonable its not,too long sometimes these clubs the blade,length can get,super super long making them look a,little ugly,a little bit towie that one slightly,pulled but again doing okay considering,where i hit that and i can see the,distance is flicking up as we go like,these are strong and on the indoor mat,which ive done a video showing indoors,theyre outdoor testing if you want to,look that one up maybe well put that in,a link i know some of the numbers are,slightly exaggerated compared to what i,might get outside which well talk about,it does amaze me how good this one feels,like it is its verging on soft-ish like,you know if youre really turned on by,something that sounds a certain way,lets say youre transitioning from a,classic bladed set that youd love but,you just want a bit more help,this sound and feel is definitely not,going to be the biggest jump like i,think cobra have done really well with,the acoustics then in turn how that club,really does feel lets compare it up to,the ping,whats interesting with the ping where,it wins i think for anyone who wants,slim damn really good looking like this,has to be the best,game improvement iron in its shaved off,looks so for something thats packing a,punch in moi to look the way it does i,dont know theres anything better like,if you but thats subjective to what you,want to see if you want really slender,lines classic looking clubs but you want,help,i think this is a winner but what,contradicts that which is quite,interesting is the sound is not as good,as the forge tech if you want,that 4g kind of softer feeling sound,this one does make a more of a clip off,the face so this one does make that kind,of more game improvement sound i guess a,little bit more in line with what ping,do possibly looks wise the ping is,fantastic if you want that style of look,but it does feel firmer like its that,firmer sound for definite feels nice,like it feels great,but its got more of,that kind of harder face feel all right,let me hit a few more and get the data,weve got a fun game at the end because,i can see the numbers on this these,clubs are go in so if you definitely,want you know seven irons that go like,six irons which i do,this is kind of these is with this both,of these where you want to be lets have,a look at the tech as i just try and,collect a little bit more data,and give you a fair representation of,what these clubs can do so the ping to,start us off has a forged miraging steel,face so they strengthen it variable face,thickness theyre trying to get ball,speeds up with that extreme weighting,tungsten toe and shaft tip weights,combined with dynamic face structure,expand perimeter perimeter weighting so,it looks classic but theyre giving it,the full ping moi treatment pleasing,sound and feel they say polymer,precisely ejected into inside of the,face yeah i mean they feel great i dont,i think they the next generation of,these will sound better i would guess,micromax screws which i mentioned,precision mill groove pattern allows for,tighter spacing and geometry resulting,in the average four extra grooves reduce,flyers so theyre trying to keep the,spin consistently different lies,preferred styling which we definitely,see so theyre talking about how good it,looks cobra hollow body design playable,distance so similar kind of brief so,its a classic muscle back shape,concealed an unassuming hollow core that,delivers low center of gravity control,distance for maximum playability is what,cobra is saying so hollow cavity its,infused with foam microspheres that,fine-tune acoustics and create a softer,feel i agree i can hear that its got,tungsten toe weighting center of the cg,behind the hitting zone to maximum,distance and precision even on off,center hits theyre saying obviously,youve got the archos in the top as well,giving you the stats so forged for speed,the first time in a players iron forged,pwr shell face expands the sweet zone so,theyre working on their face as well to,expand the sweet soap so both clubs,packed with tag so all the tech there,seems to kind of play through as what i,can see um,well show you the delivered loft in a,second thats where the distance,basically is coming from if the,delivered lost both of these clubs,is the same unless theres some crazy,different spins i i cant see them going,a different distance to each other,personally,i think whatever theyre doing in the,cobra here,for the sound like i can hear it,it work like its in there and its,definitely playing through in the,acoustics of the shot,which i would agree feels nice and good,a little bit of a loose strike that one,well with the ping i would say,everything theyre saying in their,buff there theyre guff theyre,advertising their marketing kind of,plays through if youre a sound and feel,junky i reckon they could do better with,the sound and feel of these,if you want your sound and feel to be a,little bit more like the forge deck so,again remember its very subjective to,what you would want out of your iron,sound and feel,you know i get lots of comments as well,from people saying well i dont care,what it sounds like and thats cool if,you dont i wouldnt care what it sounds,like if its target as well its just,something that some people will talk,about and like they put it down and say,i dont like the feel of that where,actually its the audible tone penguins,on looks cobra wins on,sound stroke feel i reckon were going,to be getting very similar numbers out,of these and a fun game to end i

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