1. Pittsburgh Steelers Busts: What Happened To CB Senquez Golson?
  2. Coach Tomlin Press Conference (Week 10 vs Saints) | Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Report: Lions Looking to Trade for Steelers QB Mason Rudolph
  4. Heres why the Steelers lost to the Washington Football Team…. Dec. 7, 2020 (Courier analysis)…
  5. Our Stories: Keana McMahon, ex-wife of late Steelers player Justin Strzelczyk
  6. Madden and Benz Unfiltered Aug. 29, 2022
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Pittsburgh Steelers Busts: What Happened To CB Senquez Golson?

throughout their history the Pittsburgh,Steelers have built the roster one way,through the draft the seventies dynasty,was created from within,including the greatest draft class the,NFLs ever seen 1974 taking Swann,Lambert Star Wars Webster shell that,philosophy has carried on through recent,years Ben Roethlisberger the 11th pick,of the 2004 draft to today with players,like you juice mushy stir and TJ watt,but like any franchise their track,record is far from perfect theyve had,their share of misses prospects who,never panned out thats what this series,is about highlighting the biggest busts,in Steelers history its not an effort,to make fun of those players but to,revisit careers weve tried to forget,remember why theyve never succeeded at,the NFL the Steelers drafted send Chris,Coulson with 56 pick of 2015 NFL Draft,for one primary reason to take the ball,away the year before Pittsburgh,secondary reportages nine interceptions,it was a changing of the guard,transitioning away from run stopping,cover three corners like William Gay and,Brian McFadden two athletic playmakers,golsons college tape proof he was a,ball hawk at old Miss he picked off 16,career passes including a whopping 10,his senior season his baseball,background helped a center fielder in,high school in college he was drafted by,the Boston Red Sox though he didnt sign,in the 8th round of the 2011 MLB Draft,one of his biggest place in school was,simply dubbed the interception a game,sealing pick tops at number one Alabama,moments like this got him drafted,Sams deep into the enzone,it is up for grabs,no its no its,well this will be reviewed sin quest,the Oni had the interception memories,5/9 he went and got that heres the call,after the ball was intercepted in the,end zone,though he was undersized at five nine,176 pounds he was a good athlete and,played bigger than his frame willing to,support the run with authority in short,the perfect lock cornerback Pittsburgh,made him their choice in the second,round to announce the Pittsburgh,Steelers selection please welcome from,Southern University selected in the,third round of the 1970 draft by the,Steelers Hall of Famer defensive back,male blood,thank you okay here we go still a nation,with the fifth or sixth pick in the 2015,NFL Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select,sync whiz Golson,defensive back Mississippi from a Hall,of Famer defensive back to ole Misss,first consensus team all-american pick,since Michael Oher in 2008 what do we,see on tape of goals youre racing the,fan you hate the pic if youre a,Steelers fan youll love thanks well the,best picks of the second round st. Wes,Golson is an interceptor supreme 16,career picks 16 okay 10 last year to is,it junior 3 as a software was a freshman,think about a kid whose pound for pound,when the best football players in this,dread 518 a at 176 pounds got wide,receiver hands if somethings White,House has his ball skills,theyd have been in the first round this,kid is a heck of a football player hes,spunky hell hit you and when theres an,opportunity get a turnover hes not,going to drop the football hes going to,come away with the interception he said,I get you to turn over catch your,possession of football I hate corners go,on second or third down drop a pick to,the next pass to the first man worth,touchdown hitch kick will not allow that,but this is one of the best picks of the,entire day,first or second round st. was Golson,lipids firstly it really is for all the,reasons you said hes a fall hawk the,Pittsburgh Steelers corners only on 11,interceptions last year they cant get,the ball they keep dropping it now how,does say identifies the guy in this,draft that could finish off a play in,the secondary I agree with you now and,for for a smaller corner he will support,the runner,I think hes tough hes physical hes,aggressive hes everything you look for,he was used a little bit bigger and,longer and all those things but he plays,to his potential and his ability and he,is not afraid at all to mix it up thats,where the highlights end thats where,the footage ends the next three years,were nothing but an injury-plagued,nightmare Golson had the dubious honor,of being one of only a handful of modern,era draft picks to never play in a game,I mean that literally three years no,games,none in the regular season none in the,preseason at the start of his first NFL,training camp in 2015 Golson was,surprisingly added to the Steelers,populace for a shoulder injury he spent,camp on the sidelines never practicing,before Mike Tomlin announced Coulson,would undergo season-ending shoulder,surgery on August 21st to repair a torn,labrum his rookie season was wiped out,but he wouldnt be the first player to,lose his rookie season to injury he,could recover for a sophomore year take,advantage of his mental reps and hit the,ground running in 2016 the next year he,made it till the trip LC he opened camp,that year as a starting slot corner that,didnt last long on day four a camp the,second practice and pads Coulson was,carted off with a foot injury doctors,diagnosed it as a Liz Frank sprain,requiring a second surgery in as many,years and another season completely lost,by 2017 the heat was on Golson was a,second-round draft pick the hadnt come,anywhere close to seeing action he was,off scholarship demoted the second and,third team work as camp open he worked,as the second string outside corner in,third string slot Corner bouncing back,and forth in order to maximize his reps,in the first part of practice the third,day of camp he made arguably his first,positive place as a Steeler he where to,start his first tackle tripping up,running back Terrell Watson before he,could cross the goal line followed by a,pass break up later in practice but the,day ended as it had to many times before,during the final special team session of,the day near the end the practice Golson,served as the left gunner running down a,punt,he made it 10 to 15 yards down the field,pulling up grabbing his left hamstring,Olson was carted off never practicing,again as a Steeler was cut out right on,September 2nd to recap your the number,of training camp practices he suited up,for a year-by-year,0 and 2015 4 and 2016 3 and 2017 and he,never made it anywhere close to,preseason action thats why this video,lacks any game footage it simply doesnt,exist if also would make two more brief,nfo stops in mid-november Tampa Bay sign,him to the practice squad only to,release him a week later in April of,2018 John boutté and the Raiders briefly,carried him on their offseason roster,but cut him after six weeks well before,training camp that was the last of his,NFL career if you can even call it that,Olson isnt a bus in the traditional,sense its impossible to say if he was a,good player or not because he never took,a snap he had the worst injury Luck,imaginable and had he stayed healthy,perhaps he would have proved in the,Steelers investment in college look like,an all-star but a bust is any high draft,pick who willfully misses expectations,and Golson fits that bill

Coach Tomlin Press Conference (Week 10 vs Saints) | Pittsburgh Steelers

[Music],thank you,good afternoon everyone welcome to UPMC,Rooney Sports Complex Im Bob pompiani,soon to be joined by Missy Matthews we,get you set for a Tomlin Tuesday the,Steelers coming off a buy looking,forward to a game against the Saints,Sunday at acresure Stadium last night,New Orleans lost to the Ravens 27-13 one,quick note the league has flexed next,weeks game the Cincinnati Pittsburgh,game was supposed to be a Sunday night,game it is now a 4 25 game on kdka-tv so,make a note of that the Steelers looking,to start the second half with a win,against a team that has been up and down,this season so well talk about that,with head coach Mike Tomlin Im sure,here shortly also TJ watt will he play,this week Damonte KZ these are two guys,who can really help this defense Mike,Tomlin is standing by lets go upstairs,to hear what he has to say,stupid,good afternoon really excited about,getting back into the competitive world,this week in accosture Stadium versus,New Orleans Saints Im excited for a lot,of reasons,um its a hall of Honor weekend get an,opportunity to honor some Steeler,Legends within that group my man Heath,Miller so excited about that component,of it excited about getting this group,back into a stadium we made really good,use of our bye week as we talked about,last week and you know bye week there,are a lot of things going on on bye week,usually from a player perspective man we,like to give players whatever it is that,they need in some instances because of,health is resting recuperation in some,instances is that because of uh age if,you will sometimes we give guys,additional work developing players we,work on components of our game that we,that we feel like require our attention,oftentimes its situational football,weighty Downs possession down football,two minute Red Zone we had a good week,in terms of some of those things from a,health standpoint Ill outline some,player availability and some things,going on with some of those things miles,Jack got minimized last week with the,knee well let his participation be our,guide Kuntz experience the rib injury,well let his participation be our guide,it could limit him at the early courses,of the week but dont have many,reservations about his uh availability,with a spoon with a hamstring Jackson,will Jackson who would just require,acquired with the back might be limited,some in the early portions of the week,some existing things that were managing,and and will let their availability the,amount of availability and the quality,of that work be our guide Levi Wallace,as he comes off his shoulder ogan Joby,as he comes off his knee and Boswell as,he works off of his growing so some of,these guys worked in in in some,capacities yesterday as we get on the,clock Wednesday and getting our normal,flow,um well let their participation be our,guide and the quality of that work in,terms of us making decisions about,whether to utilize them or how often we,utilize them I got a couple of guys,working their way back,um off of ir TJ and Casey both guys,um have been participants and like the,others who are managing some injury,circumstances well continue to monitor,those guys weve been optimistic about,their inclusion this week but again,weve got some work ahead of us and got,some reaction to that work how they feel,coming off of the work and Etc and so,well well just continue to monitor,those guys and make appropriate,decisions regarding them as we get,closer to game time,specifically about New Orleans uh,starting first with their defense,um you know I see some some evolution in,these guys that that thats a,dramatically different from the last,time we played them theres still a a,four down front they play a lot of,people up front they do a great job of,getting pressure on their quarterback uh,with Cam Jordan and Company,um but but I see,um some some end of the line awareness,and some Edge play some Evolution some,hybrid things evolving in their defense,Cam Jordan and Company are oftentimes,playing in the two-point stance and I,think quarterback mobility and some of,the Jet Sweep things that are in Vogue,in todays game is really,um probably pushed them toward that but,um theres some schematic changes to,deal with from that perspective and and,theyre much more versatile group maybe,than they used to be in terms of the,amount of fronts and things that theyre,willing to throw at you and I think the,utilization of those Edge people,particularly as stand-up guys with,Davenport and others um is new and,different cant say enough about their,linebacker tandem their second level,guys Davis uh as a Green Dot is an all,situations player,um its a sideline the sideline tackler,um its very good in the Blitz game,um they they make a lot of plays on the,second level,um the honey badger and the secondary,has been a significant addition to them,I think he leads them in interceptions,hes got two but versatility is it,always has been his calling card he can,play in deep defense he can play down,around the line of scrimmage as a down,safety he also plays some nickel hes,really comfortable covering receivers,and and hes and hes always been good,as a Blitzer,um just his location and the mirror the,ways that they utilize his talents or,something that that has our attention,and things that we need to get familiar,get familiar with as we lean in on game,time theyve had a variety of people,playing at corner due to availability or,lack thereof,um obviously Lattimore is a top-notch,guy whos whos bump capable all their,guys are a bump bump capable theyre,good on the line of scrimmage they get,in your face they they work to destroy,the normal flow or the rhythm of the,offense with those techniques,um they get after the quarterback,um like I mentioned uh with Davis,theyre theyre theyve been really good,in the Blitz game and you saw some of,that last night uh oftentimes we deal,with quarterback Mobility it requires,that you bring more than four people and,they put that on display last night on,the offensive side of the ball,um you know I Id be remiss if I didnt,talk about Hill and the challenges that,he brings his versatility,um he plays in the game at a variety of,positions quarterback among them,um they got some schematics that are,really challenging when hes playing,that quarterback but hes also capable,as a as a tight end or H back and they,can do some more traditional things some,play action passing some misdirection,passing some Run game uh so we gotta we,gotta put a thoughtful and intentional,plan together regarding his usage in the,effort to minimize his impact on the,game and then of course they get Andy,Dalton and Andy is a veteran guy whos,highly familiar with us uh are familiar,with him as well and so therell be a,cat and mouse component of us,reacclimating ourselves to to that,element of the competition uh hes,always been a good and prudent decision,maker he makes fluid decisions he gets,rid of the ball uh rather quickly,um he utilizes all his eligibles and,theyve got a nice group of a collection,of eligibles theyve had some attrition,throughout the journey you know with,Mike Thomas being less than available in,Jarvis Landry but theyve had some guys,uh really evolve and step up like the,young receiver larave from Ohio State,um is proven to be mature Beyond his,years not that were really surprised by,it and studying him and draft prep man,he was a guy that probably was under,consideration to come out a year ago and,and chose to stay so its probably not a,surprise that hes showing the,maturation of someone who made that,decision some 12 months ago hes making,quality plays for him but they got a,collection of guys they spread the ball,around very well not only to to their,wide receivers but they got a nice uh,tight end group as well and and Kamara,is a running back is dangerous in and,outside the backfield they supplement,him with Ingram and others they just do,a really good job of of personneling you,uh moving in and out of personnel groups

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Report: Lions Looking to Trade for Steelers QB Mason Rudolph

[Music],uh,mesa rudolph to the alliance andrew,philipponi reported it the other day you,got to take that with the grain of salt,like i said,is theyre asking for a third thats,what ive heard,do you think at this point,theres real conversations that mason,could go,maybe omar khan went on the pat mcafee,show today and said he doesnt have any,intentions of,trading in quarterbacks when obviously,if youre a general manager youre not,going to come out and,whats at least viewed in the public as,an open quarterback competition and say,hey like yeah well trade one of these,guys dont worry,i think if mason continues to,carry himself and play like he has and,you know through training camp in the,first preseason game theres got to be,some value there like if if a,quarterback and eddy team barring any,injuries like we saw with zach wilson in,new york,theyre theyre gonna want a veteran,quarterback who has proven,that they could win at the next level,not consistently but proven they could,win,and i mean if its just depending on,what the steelers are willing to willing,to give away i mean you hear general,managers talk about it all the time,theyre not listening uh sorry theyre,not doing their jobs if theyre ignoring,offers and theyre not listening to,other teams and you know talk about what,they want to give up for him um,i find it very hard any of these guys,are going to be moved though,see i did,find it very hard but i think at this,point,like whats the point i mean i dont,think its going to happen until the,first week of september lets say come,the first week of september youve,agreed with the rest of everything else,that mitch trubitsky is your starter,kenny pickett is your number two and,youre comfortable with chris olidokan,sliding his way out of the practice,squad,whats stopping you from saying okay,lets,lets ship him out of here for something,because teams are gonna call like i,believe that the detroit lions have made,a phone call to say hey is mason,available i believe that that has,happened,i i do why why does stop teams from,doing that i mean its not like masons,a bad quarterback hes not a starting,quality quarterback but if youre a team,like the lions who just cuts their,backup quarterback so now theyre,looking for somebody,what i i dont know i dont know whats,stopping you from saying well mason,rudolph is probably on the table,sure but like i think this boils down to,like the price point like what are the,detroit lions willing to pay what are,the steelers willing to kind of like,negotiate down for themselves on because,if if were talking about the steelers,initially wanting a third round pick for,him if im detroit im telling them to,go take a hike you know where and im,trying to find a quarterback and,somewhere else on another team,all right,what team like where where are you,looking,theres a lot of quarterbacks out there,yeah feel the lines if youre looking,for a backup theres a lot of backups,out there but how many are actually,going to be up for a trade how many are,how many teams are actually going to,listen to you to say okay yeah maybe,well talk about this guy for a backup,quarterback i im sure you can find a,backup quarterback in the nfl who can,produce similar results and can do,similar things on the football field,like mason rudolph does for a much,cheaper cost,i dont agree with that i think that,itd be very difficult where are you,going to find a quarterback that has 17,games of nfl experience a winning bro,theres like theres 35 year old,quarterbacks out on like 30 year old,quarterbacks out on the market just,waiting to be signed like the pool i,dont think people understand the pool,of like,veteran quarterbacks who have started,maybe like 10 or like 16 games or maybe,even a couple years dude,the pool of guys waiting for another,opportunity is limitless you can find,somebody else like i i i dont think,theyre trying to find anybody else,thats going to try to unseat jared goff,i dont think masons trying to unseat,jericho i dont think they look at him,like mr rudolph is currently trying to,put himself as a starting quarterback in,pittsburgh yeah he is and when that,doesnt happen thats what i mean its,not going to come until september so,when it happens in september and hes,not a starting quarterback you cant,walk into detroit heading into week one,and be the starter that would never,happen so at that point hes got to,accept his role as the backup and i,think he will because whats his other,option to be a third stringer here with,where everybody hates you i i think that,if they do if they did call if they,continue to call,i like hes not stepping on anybodys,toes,and hes probably,one of the best options for a backup,quarterback,in the nfl and on top of that name a,quarterback who is going to replicate a,a completely motionless jared goff like,mesa rudolph,there is no he is he is the poor mans,jared goff,he yes yeah i i dont know man,whats the difference between them they,cant run neither of them are mobile,both of them,took his team to a super bowl no he did,not sean mcvay took his team to a super,bowl thats like saying jimmy garoppolo,shannon took yeah no,no that was sean mcvay,he was on the ramps youre right that,was jimmy garoppolo thats like saying,jimmy garoppolo took the 49ers to a,super bowl no he did not,aaron donald took a team to a super bowl,really quick,five quarterbacks tyrod taylor ryan,fitzpatrick,andys on the team cam newton,is he,youre not you are not signing cam,newton get that name on colin kaepernick,youre not signing colin kaepernick get,that name out of there too be realistic,with these,tyrod taylor ill give you but im,pretty sure hes on a team andy dalton i,will definitely give you i think ann,daltons a good one brock osweiler nice,no no,no,no,i dont think the options are out there,ryan fitzpatrick retired,aj mccarron,aj mccarron thats thats about it to be,honest yeah,no theres not see its not out there,its not like masons expensive there,its not masons three million dollars,you could pay your backup quarterback,three million dollars hes young so he,you know hes gonna learn an offense a,lot easier than,a guy like you know andy daltons gonna,come in here and try to adapt to a new,offense again he is a poor mans jared,goff very average football player who,cant do anything else,why i think it works i think i didnt,think of detroit i think in detroit now,i think that he,i think he would fit in well as a number,two there this is a better opportunity,for a report from andrew phillipone who,you said take with a grain of salt i do,say take it with a grain of salt do i,think its actually going to happen,no but i think that it its much,more likely to happen now than than it,was two weeks ago i mean like,because theres no point in keeping them,you have right now the steelers are,trying to decide between,six between eight wide receivers what,six to keep they have an undrafted,running back whos fighting his butt off,for a roster spot whos probably worthy,of one youre gonna keep five safeties,which has never happened in the history,of football you got six inside,linebackers like,a dozen defensive lineman to pick,through,i think i like where you why would you,keep a third quarterback,that just doesnt you know just sit to,be inactive,you know like its just like if youre,gonna make a roster spot,thats where it rudolph seems like,pretty easy choice to me,[Music]

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Heres why the Steelers lost to the Washington Football Team…. Dec. 7, 2020 (Courier analysis)…

the luck ran out for your,pittsburgh steelers hi everybody its,rob taylor with the new pittsburgh,courier i am,live on this cold blustery 25 degree,night on this monday night december the,7th were outside of heinz field,right there on that field is where the,steelers fell to the washington,football team yeah thats their name,these days the washington football team,defeated the steelers 23-17,and if youre a steelers fan did you see,this coming,i certainly did after the way the,steelers played against baltimore on,that wednesday night a couple of weeks,ago,i mean come on all the drop passes the,inability to run the football,it all caught up with the steelers on,this night,for me the biggest problem has to be the,running game because you got to,understand something here,i understand that ben roethlisberger,steelers fans is,your savior youve been in love with him,for,17 years however theres no reason,why he needs to be throwing the football,51 times against baltimore,and 53 attempts,on this monday night against the,washington football team,the steelers dont need to be passing,the ball that much they need a more,balanced offense,of course it starts with a running game,dont come to me and say that,oh because james connor wasnt available,he has coven,the steelers need to pass the ball pass,the ball past the ball uh-uh-uh,when it comes to that offensive line,that everybody talks about,it almost shouldnt matter whos in the,backfield whether its anthony mcfarlane,benny snell or me or you,or your uncle it doesnt matter this,deal has got to get more than 21 yards,rushing i dont care if chase young,is defending for washington i dont care,if bruce smith is over there i dont,care,who it is the steelers gotta,rush for more than 21 yards in a ball,game an,undefeated team looking to go with and,have,super bowl aspirations its got to get,better thats the first thing that the,steelers,have to correct number one,without a doubt now we move to,the receivers okay,much has been said in a positive manner,about this receiving core when it comes,to the rookie,chase claypool and juju and how hes the,leader of james washington and deontay,johnson,and okay hes going to throw eric ebron,in there fine but heres,the real deal there are no,veterans when it comes to this wide,receiving core,juju is the oldest hes 24 years old,chase is,claypool hes a rookie deante johnson,hes barely been around,james washington he hasnt been dropping,passes,hes played well of late but steelers,fans what you got to understand,is that this steelers receiving corps,okay,theres no deandre hopkins here and i,know you cant stand antonio brown,but when the going got rough and tough,ben knew where to go to,so now as these opponents get tougher,and these defenses get tougher,will these young receivers be able to,come with their a game or will they,falter just like young players do,thats a question youve got to ask,yourself if youre a steelers fan,even though these receivers have played,well through the first 10 11 games of,the season yes theyve had drop passes,and i dont think theyre going to,continue dropping passes,but when you get into the playoffs will,they show up,or will they be nowhere to be found,all right so now the steelers are 11-1,theyre tied with kansas city,in the afc even though the kansas city,loss was to the las vegas raiders and,afc loss,and for the steelers their losses to an,nfc team now we look forward to this,sunday,the steelers taking on the buffalo bills,out there,and orchard park new york the bills won,on monday night football here on this,december 7th,over the san francisco 49ers so the,bills are coming,with a nine and three record theyve got,a red hot quarterback and josh allen,theyve got,a good receiving core you got cole,beasley,in there as well so this is a very,talented buffalo team,do not sleep on the bills if you see the,steelers taking an,l on sunday night football this sunday,december the 13th,dont be shocked because right now,buffalo,they can run the football they can pass,the football theyve got a good defense,and whats most important is that in,this game,the steelers and the washington football,team it was kind of a grind it out it,was kind of a tough matchup,you know tough defense tough defense and,all that,and what i want to know is it seems like,the bills they play that same,grinded out type of game as well if the,steelers are having trouble,um you know winning with uh tremendous,points on the board,are they also having trouble in grinding,out ball games,uh you dont want to be a steelers team,they cant beat you,uh you know in a high octane game,along with being a team that cant beat,you in one of those grinded out,tough last possession ball games i think,buffalo can beat you both ways,and i would not be surprised if the,steelers fall to buffalo on sunday night,im rob taylor with the new pittsburgh,courier

Our Stories: Keana McMahon, ex-wife of late Steelers player Justin Strzelczyk

my name is Kenny McMahon and I was,married to Justin strelzyk of the,Pittsburgh Steelers one of the first,football players to be diagnosed with,CTE CTE is a progressive brain disease,thats caused by the constant blows to,the head that most football players,obtain during their careers and Justin,was diagnosed with it in early 2000 and,I felt Sundays dont exist to me anymore,I probably you know a few people in,Pittsburgh but they have a very,different meaning and its its hard,because they I mean you had such a great,life on Thursday you know our Sundays,were filled with family and friends and,call it roommates visiting and other,players kids coming to our house after,games and we would have Alan bean,parties and you know barbecues outside,and his friends for main would come and,bring lobster and those were great days,but I cant I cant watch it anymore I,dont I you know I it doesnt exist I,usually do other things what anybody,does on Sunday whether its clean up my,house circle running or you know take,the kids to the you know pumpkin patch,its always fall and its a hard time of,year because he died the last day is,September so its always during football,season so you know there is that kind of,you know connection there but I dont,its not on my TV unless my husband,might have it on but I dont sit down,and watch because to me Im just looking,at a bunch of guys that are gonna die,soon and I think thats what kills me,the most is but I have to sit here and,watch my friends a little bit are now,retired and dont play anymore possibly,go through what I had to go through and,theres nothing that they can do but,watch the person they love die because,thats whats gonna happen theres no,cure unless you lock the person in a,padded room and keep them away from,everybody else theres nothing you can,do and its very hard for me to watch,because I still have friends that,I know that coach or play or somehow,connected to the NFL and usually their,husbands have played now that then,theyre now coaching I watch you know,players that Justin played with our,coaches now summer train it went on,college trains in Im just looking at,them thinking Im gonna get a phone call,someday from my wife or see in the,newspaper that the same thing happened,to them because I mean a very high,percentage of especially the linemen and,thats who you were closest to you know,we were closest to other linemen theyre,the ones that are gonna deteriorate like,Justin did and thats why its hard for,me to watch because I just I feel like,Im just looking at guys that are gonna,die I dont feel like it its not,entertaining to me its sad and thats,like its I cant I just dont its hard,I cant watch it its not something I,want to do on Sunday,you

Madden and Benz Unfiltered Aug. 29, 2022

madden bends unfiltered here on trip,live thank you for joining us here on,the video stream mark madden from 105.9,the x and the tribute review tim benz,here from breakfast with benz,mark id like to start the conversation,today with something you touched on in,our madden monday podcast when we were,talking about the starters and how long,they played how long should they have,played in that final preseason game,against the lions the students won 19 to,nine yesterday um you had mentioned that,the injuries sustained by deonte johnson,and tj watt that youre not going to,believe what mike tomlin says about,injuries and certainly rightfully so,even more augmented by what naji harris,said after the game yesterday we didnt,talk about this in the podcast but naji,harris revealing that hes been dealing,with a liz frank injury for the past,month thats way beyond just getting,stepped on and obviously that was,something that was hidden by the,steelers for a month well if he was,dealing with the liz frank injury whyd,he play at all yesterday,exactly,that i mean that i will criticize the,deontay,and tj watt injuries you know stuff,happens when you play football and i,think it was important for the steelers,to get some continuity and some cohesion,by playing some of their guys you know,getting some of those units out there,as a unit but i mean naji,harris for him to play,when there was any risk to further,injury that said we dont know that im,not sure i believe him either but in,terms of whats wrong with deontay and,tj i dont think tomlin knew,at halftime definitively about either i,think he just said it to say it,i think he said it to pacify to mollify,any concerns and he knew that you know,so long as they werent being carted off,or walked off with significant injuries,or breaks that he could get away with,saying that because well they dont play,again until september 11th theres a,buffer there well right uh,but,the naji thing i mean,i dont know tim what do you think do,you buy into what naji is saying is he,exaggerating wouldnt be the first time,an athlete did that would it,uh wouldnt be the first time um but you,cant believe he played with the liz,frank injury i cant believe the,steelers would do that i dont know i,mean i i cant believe that being,stepped on lasted a month,yeah theres probably,truth in there somewhere,i i dont know you know with injuries,even though theyre mandated to tell the,truth the club is,i believe they they very often dont,well theyre not mandated during camp,but i think thats why tomlin abuses,that whenever possible,right because he likes to do it he likes,to get one over on us thats for sure,but yeah i i mean ill be honest i dont,care i mean you know whoever plays plays,well find out right,yeah i just thought you know to your,earlier point i just dont think it was,necessary to play him if hes dealing,with something thats a liz frank,related problem like you know if this is,hey you got stepped on and it was really,bad for a month and you wanted to get,some contact so you dont fumble the,first time you get hit okay but if its,a liz frank thing dont bother screwing,around with it either that or maybe naji,saw somebody on tv had a liz frank,injury and said wow that sounds pretty,cool,figured hey thats better than being,stepped on it sounds like a big deal,well is that short so wait are we saying,that maybe naji as we get to know him a,little bit more is going to go down the,bend path like remember when he had the,oh i hope so,stabbing him in the heart,from your lips to gods ears,all right mark well how about uh tj want,deontay johnson them getting hurt in the,game how big of a problem is that in,your eyes,uh depends how long theyre out but i,mean i dont have a problem with them,playing,you know that cut block on tj was kind,of you know over the top by that tight,end and dont put it back in after that,yeah yeah and you know what like i want,to know a little bit more about what was,talked about between campbell and tomlin,in advance because campbell did say that,they spoke like did they have an like a,real iron-clad unwritten agreement that,they were gonna play these guys for a,certain amount of time because i didnt,see it like i didnt see some of the,detroit defensive starters in there what,he said they spoke,campbell said that i talked to mike,tomlin the week before the game i think,thats a bunch of crap too i dont think,coaches,collude on whos gonna play how long,whats it to the other coach what,difference does it make,i didnt know if it was standard,practice we just dont hear about it or,not whatever the case they shouldnt,feel obligated to put a guy back into a,game after hes been cut blocked by the,opposing tight end and may have hurt,himself in the process like that was,what i thought about stuff like this it,reminds me how much i hate football,you know how much crap there is that,goes on to just so petty tom petty,uh what about how they played and how,they wrapped up the preseason how do you,feel about them going in the regular,season now i have i have no feel at all,based on how they did in the preseason,because they played three crap teams,and the backups for those teams as i,wrote in my column,if there was a quarterback competition,trubisky won it i thought he played very,well i thought that two-minute drill,yesterday was sublime,um,i think devin bush looks terrible but i,saw afterwards didnt tomlin say that,miles jack and devin butch are the,starters it inside backer,i wasnt there for tomlin i didnt get,that,tweeted that uh,you know i mean if thats all you got,thats all you got but i thought devin,bush looked terrible he whiffed on that,third and 17 conversion on that draw,play the lions made,its just uh,its just a team with so many flaws,and we can look at the strengths,uh real or perceived we can dwell on the,quarterback goal which never really,existed but it doesnt cover up their,flaws,in particular i think that offensive,line ive said this repeatedly but it,bears repeating,i think that offensive line makes it,impossible for them to have a winning,season and when i say impossible i mean,it cant be done,i want to hear from you steelers fans i,picked them to go eight and nine so i,looked at the offensive line and deemed,that to be the biggest problem,by the way tim heres stuff about that,you know that pro football focus the,grading site,yeah,you know they they graded out dan moore,as having played well yesterday because,he kept the quarterback clean yeah,except for those two holding penalties,dont they figure in right and those,plays if hes not holding then maybe the,quarterback gets smushed and were not,were not talking about a quarterback,controversy we have found so many ways,in all the sports,to take the focus away from winning and,losing and to come up with with,pseudometrics that enable us to say,anything we want about any player if you,can look at yesterdays game and great,dan moratas having played well that is,absolutely insane,mark do you think that and this is,clearly a hypothetical but i guess ill,ask you would trubisky being the starter,although he wasnt officially named with,trubisky being the starter whats their,record after 17 if he plays the full 17,and what would you say the record would,be if pickett was the guy to get 17. oh,i think itll be about 7 and 10 either,way so you dont see much of a,difference then between either,quarterback starting no i well in terms,of the winning in terms of the record no,i dont i just want trubisky to start,because i think this team needs a bit of,a veteran presence i think it makes no,sense to throw picket to the wolves in,those first six games i think you can go,from,trubisky to pick it but you cant go,from picking to trubisky because then,your first round draft pick failed,you know i i think it was close i think,pickett played fine in the preseason i,just think it was pre-ordained that,trubisky was going to get the job he did,nothing to lose it if there would have,been a compet

Ryan Shaziers INCREDIBLE Recovery | How GAMING Is Part of His Training ????

[Music],rainbow 16 is a team game you have to be,challenged your teammates,theres no way that you can win anything,if youre trying to do by yourself,victory is not possible at all every day,we get up and,we get to it we start grinding from day,one meet michelle and jerome we started,focusing in on training just taking care,of our family,and then you know i could get online and,have a good time with my team online too,and play some rainbow six,seeing him wanting to get better every,day so it motivates me okay well hes,getting better,hey hes my teammate im going to do,better im a huge advocate that success,leaves clues and i think,a lot of those things goes back to,ryans mindset,his work ethic to just his disciplines,in his everyday life,i wouldnt be nowhere close to who the,man i am or the person i am even when,im from jerome by michelle as my,teammates,my name is ryan schazier and im a,professional football player,oh lets go lets go lets go,hey i see you mike oh yeah somebody had,that oh man somebody over there,uh behind that behind that wall i might,have blow this wall up because if we go,through there were gonna get uh,were gonna get messed up,my parents always said growing up you,have to do what you have to do to do,what you want to do,you start off getting everything done,and then you get to,have fun at the end,[Music],you know the day-to-day i normally wake,up me and michelle,we decide you know whos gonna cook,breakfast sometimes we dont eat,breakfast we have cereal,um you know spend time with the boys,after youre in the pool you guys can,come in if you want to go,we are gonna go and you know why because,the kids are gonna watch you in the pool,and theyre gonna be like especially,this one hes going to want to go in and,if this one goes in,hes going to want to go in michelle she,allowed me just to really focus,in and just dive into my work that i do,we normally get the boys out of bed i,cook breakfast,ryan figures out what he has to do for,the day he trains with jerome,in 2017 when he came in training i,always try to stay positive,i always try to give my best foot,forward but you know you always got to,have a teammate to lean on when you have,rough times and jerome was,somebody that i knew i could trust on,and lean on a great start to the week,lets get it,even in high school i can lean on when,we played football together when it came,to just trying to get healthy with,somebody that was,there for me and im truly glad hes my,attainment some days,i have to be almost like a big brother,and lead other days i have to be the,divisional manager like hey youre two,minutes late why are you late how you do,something thats how you do everything,you can continue these terrible habits,now youre going to continue to carry,those habits into the real world so im,reiterating some of those things,four you feel the difference my main,teammate at home,is my wife jerome is his teammate while,hes training however,i am his main teammate captain,of this ship of the team at home and in,life,so i have to go to the grocery and you,do what,bring money to the house amen,communication is so important our,household to make it run smoothly,its very balanced to where he has to do,what he needs to do,throughout the day and then i handle the,boys like with the cooking cleaning,running behind them,we both understand our roles we both,understand,what value we bring to the team i,wouldnt ask for any better teammate,[Music],these days im at home a lot so i get to,spend more time with my family,jerome comes to the house and we work,out here,we assess his physical its mental hes,emotional similar to how we did back in,2016 we first started but now of course,with the injury,we had to do that once again and just,working every day with him to,create what would be his new normal see,how my arms are behind my body,when i go to rafnic this is the farthest,i can go here we do strength training we,do,array of recovery modules to help,increase his mobility his flexibility,communication we work with the trainers,is key if you constantly just let them,know whats going on they can adjust,things for you so,you can just do better face pull is just,another variation to work with those,middle and lower traps,communication is imperative i may have,this game plan for today and i see ryan,and im like hey,that exercise i had today it isnt going,to work today,you should always work hard play hard,thats the best way to live life,by the end of the day i won jump in the,game with my friends we play some,rainbow six,he likes to play the game because he,gets to play with his friends,it also helps him like just really,escape from the world hey praying when,yall started school bro,he dropped me he dropped on me hey chill,out mike,mental health is uh becoming a widely,talked about topic and someone such as,ryan,him playing the video games thats his,getaway and thats what keeps his mind,sharp and thats a form of self-care for,him so im all for it,no i walked away with zero bro that was,terrible,i really do think it kind of like,translates to like if he was,playing on the field teamwork when it,comes to just that team aspect of any,type of game i always love that,rainbow six siege as a game you know,its a 5v5 game,its definitely like football you know,you have to communicate with god this is,our objective,we have to communicate and get this,objective and whenever you do get it you,know its overwhelming and just,i had that breach i was just about to,blow it open friendly last operator,standing,my biggest goal is just you know to be,healthy happy trying to get back to 100,with his mindset his fortitude to work i,think the countless hours that he puts,in towards his craft,we just watch it study ryan and the,things that he does you see,why hes having the success that hes,had as his wife as his life partner,he does what he needs to do i do my part,and,we come together as a whole we go at it,every day i feel like when it comes to,teamwork you have to,understand how to compromise on how to,work together and i feel like most of,the people,they made it really easy for me,you

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