1. Googles Pixel 6 Embargo | Why They Did It | Hands On With The Pixel 6 Series |
  2. Pixel 6 Hands On | Reasons For The Embargo? |
  3. How Embargo Affects Tech Reviews : Truth about Embargo
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  5. Pixel 6 Embargo Madness is Hilarious ????
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Googles Pixel 6 Embargo | Why They Did It | Hands On With The Pixel 6 Series |

[Music],what is going on guys welcome back to,phones and drones for those of you that,follow the channel you guys would know,the last couple of days weve done a,bunch of hands-on video with the new,pixel 6 series thanks to best buy having,it on display on an end cap we didnt,get a device from google so we were,under no embargo or anything like that,and we want to give you guys a couple of,comparisons quick look especially for,those trying to get those pre-orders in,before those pre-orders really kind of,tapered off towards the end of november,december,and any sort of lengthy delivery delay,now that brings me to this next point in,this video,the embargo ive talked to,you know a number of different friends,some do youtube some are not some are,just tech enthusiasts and we all had,differing opinions on this including you,guys in the comments about what google,was doing with this embargo was it good,was it bad was this anything different,than what apple does or oppo or oneplus,or any of these other manufacturers out,there,and the answer is yes and no right its,not very definitive its not very clear,every manufacturer does something,different but the dual embargo what was,strange was that you couldnt see,anything on the software google wouldnt,even let you see a photo sample its a,pixel its known for its cameras we know,that that is its primary focus right so,when google said oh you can show the,hardware and the home screen thats it,it kind of raises red flags well what,about this new in display fingerprint,sensor what about these new cameras for,the first time in years that googles,using what about their new tensor chip,it was very strange from a company,wanting to generate buzz really talk,about marketing this year,and not tell the consumers everything,there is about this device and let you,see it on that first embargo date,instead a couple days before pre-orders,end on monday youre going to be able to,finally get a full breakdown when the,second embargo lifts and it was just a,little strange,nothing wrong with it but,from as a consumer for a new product,that hasnt been done before with a,brand new chip like i said and all these,new bells and whistle that google is,really,wanting to thrust in the spotlight it,was kind of strange right if everything,was a finished product done deal,they would want to show everything i,think that there is a couple of upgrades,still being done behind the scenes,software wise that is really not ready,for prime time that theyre hoping to,push out by monday,for everybody to be able to see,and that way when these reviewers do,their reviews go live probably over this,weekend for monday,theyll look a lot better than what they,would have,after the unveil last week so these are,just my two cents its what i thought,about this and im curious to know what,do you guys think does this make sense,do you think google is doing anything,um sketchy here or were they just trying,to get their numbers up pump up those,pre-orders,the weirdest aspect of it is that once,these embargoes lift fully theres still,a couple days to pre-order or cancel i,mean theres obviously a 14-day return,policy window so its just very strange,i think the products ready you unveil it,you let the reviewers do their thing,theyll be good to go,additionally though the only kind of,like silver lining here is instead of,reviewers rushing out to do a review,they kind of got forced to actually wait,a little bit and use the device for a,week or not even quite a week but in,that time frame to do a little bit more,research than they might have done,because in this business you know first,one out the gate has those views right,so,it kind of could be a good strategy i am,still super excited for those of you,that watch those other videos youre,seeing some of these the footage,recycled here as well,we love it there were some hiccups i,think a lot of that had to do with the,demo that was running because the first,day i used it i did not have that issue,at all with the hiccups with the camera,setup or anything like that there was no,lag,second go around there was definitely a,little bit of lag as well,on that demo mode it actually resets the,phone,so after every few minutes its wiping,what was done resetting it so you can,see where there could be some sort of,lag,in that aspect the actual,the whatever,production unit thats going to be,coming out if this is the production,build if theres gonna be an update we,dont know,but they are definitely on the right,track well find out in a couple days,drop a thumbs up on this video comment,down below let me know what do you think,about this embargo is it a non-issue is,this something google should have,addressed or not done at all im really,curious to see,thanks for watching guys well catch you,in the next one stay tuned well have,our own pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro in-house,in a couple days as well,peace

Pixel 6 Hands On | Reasons For The Embargo? |

[Music],what is going on guys welcome back to,phones and drones for those of you that,follow the channel you knew last week we,had a bunch of pixel 6 and 6 pro,hands-on coverage from best buy trying,to give you guys more information in,regards to that silly embargo they did,and all that and yesterday more reviews,were supposed to come out than what,actually dropped a lot of the bigger,names including mkbhd and all that,decided to wait on their review michael,fisher mr mobile they they all decided,to wait,very interesting the reviews that did,drop however after that second embargo,were very mixed a lot of people praised,some features that others dissed so im,gonna go ahead and give you our,impression of this device were going to,do the pixel 6 today stay tuned later on,in the week were going to drop that,pixel 6 pro review also lets go ahead,and do this unboxing and show you guys,where were at,here we go,so here it is the retail unit of the,pixel 6 in that sort of seafoam,for those of you that dont know if you,look in the specs this does not have,millimeter wave if you get it unlocked,or through t-mobile i believe you have,to get it through 18-t or verizon this,just comes with sub 6 5g says 6.4 inches,full hd plus display 128 gigs of storage,and uh yeah the more fun color patterns,i would say that come in this as opposed,to the pixel 6 pro,long story short lets go ahead and,actually open this up theres two little,tabs on the side to pull,and lets check this baby out,so first thing you can notice its a,very subtle almost like a concrete look,more so than a green or a blue hue,with sort of a yellow accent on top,i really like the way this feels in your,hand,you can see they have,those volume rockers separated like i,said from that actual power button here,you have a matte black rail which looks,really good,and obviously that hole punch display up,front,lets get this turned on and set to the,side,obviously its thinner box this year you,are going to get your usb,to usb type c cables,the transfer tool,and a little bit of a reading material,no power brick,as obviously everyone else is doing this,year,so youre going to need somewhat of a,faster charging power brick around to,get the max charging speeds out of this,lets go ahead and jump right into the,device,so one quick call out while getting this,all set up this in display fingerprint,sensor is optical and,if youre used to one of the older,pixels,with the actual rear fingerprint sensor,this is the first one with an in display,it takes a substantial,amount,of fingerprint,to get this to save,as you can see here i am still pressing,trying to get this finger registered,its not a big deal just something to,call out if youre used to another one,weve heard these optical sensors,instead of ultrasonic being a little,less reliable so curious to put this,through the paces here as well,but i just wanted to show you that how,many times it takes in order to get that,fingerprint,to register,all right so we are all done install is,still going through but the phone is,ready to go lets try this fingerprint,sensor for the first time,okay not too bad,i heard a lot of negatives about this,but no its definitely not the fastest,one around but i am having no issues,with it,at all,so as you can see the first call out,this is just not as premium,of a device as far as the,bezel look goes you are getting more,bezels on the left right top and bottom,of this than you are on that pixel 6 pro,but having said that by no means,does this look bad first thing youre,really going to notice actually as well,is just how good,this display looks on this phone its,very bright its very vivid and theres,definitely no issues to be had lets go,ahead and launch a video,lets turn the volume down so they dont,get copyrighted and see how good this,looks actually,oh lets turn on auto rotate for some,reason thats not on by default,okay,three two one,all right,so there we go as you can see here it is,a little video playing,and it looks great its very vivid on,this display but it really is magnified,by those borders that we were talking,about,but for this price point in this display,quality i think its going to be a,non-issue i just want to make sure you,guys can see how those borders really do,look,in a net everyday day-to-day usage,scenario,so beyond this,you are getting that,90 hertz display little step down from,the full qhd display on the pixel 6 pro,you obviously do have android 12. were,not going to talk too much about the,actual operating system in this video,well do it in another one,but,the camera is one of the other main,points of contention here that a lot of,people have been talking about,and lets go ahead and actually do a,quick,come on,launch on the app and see how quick it,actually is going to shoot,some photos for us,well leave this alone,all right,so literally zero lag,in this photo,and you can see the processing is still,going on,that is taking a little longer than what,it should could just be that one image,for some reason but,aside from that,everything else is quick,and looks really really good so you can,see some of the swipes arent,registering quickly enough there we go,it actually just finished rendering so,that was a little bit of a delay one,thing we didnt check out is to see,if there was actually any update,available yet for this so lets look,so no system update,this is actually what youre going to,get,right out of the box,as your retail unit comes in so im,assuming theyll be able to fix some of,that with software you can see my,feed isnt even coming up right now,either,very interesting as well,so this goes back to our original point,on that,embargo video theres always a reason,why,a company has those dual embargos in,place,there was rumors they were talking about,what to do and send out all these,updates theres been camera updates,theres been system updates,up to today as well on those other units,so keep that in mind it looks to me like,there is a lot of potential in this im,going to really reserve my thoughts for,the full review,but it seems like something doesnt seem,quite finished on these devices yet,im going to take a stab at it and say,its not unique to the pixel 6 it,probably is going to be the same on the,pixel 6 pro,again subscribe to the channel guys,thumbs up this video well be doing that,pro,review here in the very near future as,well as the pro unboxing,so let me know what you guys think,were we wrong about that embargo is,there something else still going on now,that these review units are actually,being put out to,or i should say theyre allowing,reviewers to actually give their full,reviews and that consumers are actually,getting their hands on the devices as,well,let us know in the comments down below,thanks for watching guys well catch you,in the next one,peace

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How Embargo Affects Tech Reviews : Truth about Embargo

embargoes in this video im going to,talk about what they are how they are,affecting the tech community and why are,they ruining it so stay tuned,before i begin let me apologize right in,front if there is a constantly,interrupting noise in the background,thats my neighbor already talking for,more than two hours on a phone call i,tried everything to get rid of her but,she just doesnt wanna give up if you,know any tricks let me know in the,comment section below now with that said,lets begin with the definition of,embargo embargo in easy words means,restriction that means prohibiting or,restricting someone to do something,for a specific amount of time like for,example usually this embargo terms comes,in between the countries and trade so if,usa has an embargo with uk,in terms of trade that means that the uk,will not be able to do any trade with,usa until a specific amount of time has,passed can be months can be days and can,be years as well but that term has been,taken up by these tech companies who,manufacture these phones and has been,implemented it now in sort of contracts,with every tech creator now the bigger,question is what exactly is this term,doing in tech community in easy words,when a phone manufacturer creates a,device it wants it to be sold as,positive as possible so basically its,going to send these review units to all,the big content creators so that they,can spend their amount of time in,reviewing and testing this device and,then make their full review videos and,then point out the things they liked as,well as they didnt like but most of the,companies often try to minimize this,effect on their sales which is the,reason why they put the first embargo at,the day that the phone officially,launches so no information is allowed to,be leaked before that even though these,content creators already have the phone,and theyre using it now this embargo is,often in a form of an agreement that you,have to probably sign or reply through,an email but its more like a bond that,you cannot break now if in case you do,decide to break this contract there,might be certain negative things to it,you might get fined or the company might,even blacklist you from future contacts,so usually these content creators stick,to it and they obey it and they only,post reviews right at the point when,their embargo ends which is one of the,reason why mostly one specific phone,pops up on youtube right at the same,time from all the different creators,because that is the point that embargo,ends now the second big question that,comes here is what exactly is this,embargo doing and how much is it,influencing the people like for example,lets take an example of pixel 6 as of,now google implemented dual embargoes,which means there are two restrictions,two phase restrictions first phase is,that what already has passed so now the,creators were able to unbox the phone as,well as talk about the aesthetics of it,now if you know that a phone usually,consists of three things one is the,aesthetics or the exterior second is the,hardware thats inside the phone and,third is the software and all of these,three things combines to make a phone,now after the first embargo which,already had stopped all these content,creators to talk about the device at all,they were able to show and showcase the,exterior of a device on camera which is,the reason why you could now see pixel 6,unboxing as well as the initial,impressions from some creators but the,second embargo means that you would not,be able to speak about the hardware as,well as the software of the phone now,with all this it creates a false sort of,graph in terms of any phone in the,market because every creator is only,allowed to talk about the aesthetics of,the device now officially pixel 6 for,example is already having nice hardware,and even the chip from google that is,tensorship is the first time that they,have ever launched now on the paper,itself they might be claiming in the,launch event as well that its going to,improve the efficiency as well as the,amount of processing that these ais were,doing before because now its more,compatible but how much of that is gonna,be true we have no idea even after the,first embargo of such phone we barely,know about anything like what kind of,software it is like how these software,are running and integrated and how the,camera is we have no idea now those,initial videos cannot really do anything,about a device because they dont really,have any information that they can share,with people that can help them know if,the device is really good or not take,for example these cameras of iphone 12,when they came out if there was an,embargo fixed that you can talk about,everything about the phone but the,camera,how many people would have thought about,that theres something gonna be wrong,and just because google has placed two,different embargoes its going to affect,all the people in such way that all,those pre-orders that has happened when,these people will start to see full,reviews or they will get the devices,themselves their opinion might change,depending upon how the experience of the,user is when they are sharing the,hardware and the software part of this,entire phone because a phone comprises,of three things as i said before and if,you exclude one you cannot really say if,a phone is good or not so if these big,creators already know that while signing,this embargo their review will be,restricted to provide only a specific,thing that the company wants why do they,even do it well its easy because even,if you are not signing the embargo you,will still get the device but the time,that this device will be sent to you as,a review unit would be the same time as,people will be getting it now you as a,content creator can decline it but all,the other hundreds of content creators,that are out there and have been,approached with this,will obviously take this chance as,taking the device because the moment,they are pushing the video of initial,impressions that would be the only video,present on the youtube and that will,gain them a lot of views so basically,even if 99 percent of content creators,decline it to accept this embargo and,force the companies to change it there,would be always one person of the,creator who would think that they can,utilize that and use that embargo to,feature exclusive content on their,channel which will help them grow as,well as get them a lot of views the,worst part of these embargoes has not,even come yet the way that this is,actually going in the future it seems,very prominent that these companies,would actually put five to six different,kind of embargos only for one device for,example they just send this device to a,youtube content creator and the way that,this would be implemented is day one you,would not be able to speak about the,device at all they do besides showing,the box you would not even be able to,show anything else day three you are,only supposed to unbox and say nothing,and then day four youre only allowed to,show the home screen of the phone and,nothing else day five youre allowed to,speak about everything but the camera,and then day 6 everything of the phone,you are willing to say by that time that,youll be following this embargo and,making all the final video people would,have already bought it and now no matter,how bad this camera would be they cannot,go back send this device and get their,money back because the way this looks,like,just like taxes every year this embargo,is also gonna be increasing well this,was my thoughts about embargo i just,thought of making a video because its,all over the social media right now and,i thought about putting a small video so,that a lot of people who does not really,know what embargo is and why exactly is,this happening and what is the change,that its doing can know something about,it if you enjoyed this video make sure,you click that like and let me know in,the comment section below what you,actually think of this and if in case,youre new to t

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Pixel 6 Best Buy Demo Videos Over Shadowed After Embargo Lifts ????

[Music],hey hows it going everybody welcome,back to the channel and if you guys hear,my dogs barking its because they are,five-star security alarm and it is,currently,midnight,so a little bit after midnight but,anyways,uh i had this idea for this video so i,wanted to put it together,so um officially today,right not right now well i guess right,now but mostly everyones asleep,but the embargo has lifted today,so we know that team pixel members are,going to be dropping some heavy,extensive video regarding the pixel 6,and we might see an unusual types of,videos we may see like like unboxings,leading right into,um a really in-depth first impressions,we may just see people jump straight to,first impressions it depends on the,creator and what they decide to do,but there has been this ever,so odd ongoing conversation about team,pixel members and their videos versus,creators who went to best buy and target,and,recorded video and uploaded it to,youtube,now shout out to all those who went,they went to a local best buy a local,target and found the demo unit on,display and,recorded themselves using as much of the,phone as they could in the allotted time,that they were allowed to record in that,store,to get that footage to put a video,together for those people who were just,so anxious,for a video showing as much of the phone,as possible shout out to you guys for,working the system however,um yes while you guys may have amassed a,huge amount of,views and,more than likely thumbs ups because,people were excited that you went into a,store and recorded that,theres this narrative that some of them,are talking about not every one of them,but some of them are talking about,and it almost seems like they have a,bit of an issue with team pixel members,in the in the upcoming days,as you know some of them have hit like,50 000 views,and thats pretty good,and thats way more than what i get,however,um,thats going to be,thats going to be trumped here in a,little in in a few hours,because team pixel members have gotten,the phone they were able to mess around,with the phone they were able to test it,out and do various things with it so,theyre going to have a much more,broader and a much more in-depth uh,presentation of the phone to all the,viewers out there who are interested in,the pixel 6 and 6 pro,thats the inevitable thing you gotta,remember these are team pixel members,they were selected by team pixel for,this specific reason and that is to save,on advertisement by putting a review,unit in the hands of a content creator,here on youtube who gets a good amount,of views and because of that,thats why they were invited,and,you cant knock that,they sat back patiently,a good amount of them sat back patiently,and,adhered to the embargo,and respected it and is doing things the,right way to maintain a great,relationship with google,for you know future help,and,tomorrow whether you like it or not,that embargo will tomorrow today the,embargo lifts so were going to get,slammed with a huge amount of videos,from a bunch of different content,creators,who are part of team pixel of course i,got my favorites picked who im going to,watch and give my view to,in support for them,and um yes while you,were able to find a loophole in the,system with going to best buy or going,to target and grabbing a demo unit and,recording as much footage as you can of,the pixel 6 and 6 pro,the thing that you have to understand,that you cannot provide at this time you,cant provide,a real in-depth um,point of view of the phone because you,dont own the phone you dont take it,with you you dont use it,for everyday scenarios,you dont have a lot to give in that in,that field your perspective is very,limited because youre only limited to,using the demo unit in the store you,snap a couple of photos you record a,video,and you find a way to like you know,share it to your phone so you have that,raw image on the raw clip on your phone,to be able to work it into some sort of,editing software and edit a video,together,it still doesnt put you in that spot as,someone whos had the phone since either,you know before the 19th of october to a,few days after the 19th of october,theyve had a good amount of time to use,the phone and since they were under,embargo they couldnt really just go and,rush and make a video,so that gave them time to pace their,usage with the phone to really kind of,put together a nice presentation for all,of us whos excited and waiting to watch,these videos on the pixel 6 pro and,pixel 6,so,yeah the only way that youre going to,be able to kind of get that that uh that,in-depth perception of the phone is if,youve pre-ordered yours and yours is,coming in either on the 27th or the 28th,um then you know youll,if you spend a couple of days after that,with it you should have something nicely,put together probably like the beginning,of november if you pace yourself,correctly,but this back and forth this embargo,really kind of caused,a a huge thing,its really im laughing because its,really funny i never would have expected,that google would get this this type of,attention so i have to hand it to google,the hype this year around the pixel six,and six pro is static its dramatically,huge and uh and they know what theyre,doing googles sitting back there,laughing right now hahaha look at all,them go at it you know but not in an,evil way just in a way of like you know,joy that they built something,and presented it unveiled it to the,world and the world responded mostly,positive about it gotta hand it to,google so shout out to google for that,um,but all the ones that shop videos and,best buy and stuff like that like look,you got your 50 000 views thats great,you know you work the system thats,awesome but you cant hate on team pixel,members because theyre about to drop,their videos,they theyre doing exactly what theyre,supposed to be doing and the reasons why,they were chosen for this task why they,were invited into team pixel,this is what they do,so lets lets not bag on them for that,okay anyways guys thats pretty much all,i have to say in this video i have an,important announcement tomorrow on the,live stream or today later today on a,live stream so be on the lookout for,that but ill see you on the next one,and as always,good night

Pixel 6 Embargo Madness is Hilarious ????

hmm,[Music],hey hows it going everybody welcome,back thanks for stopping by really,appreciate it and okay so tomorrow the,embargo lifts on the google pixel 6 pro,and those members of team pixel who have,it are going to be able to drop all,their videos now,if you are a part of team pixel and you,really kind of use this time wisely,good on you and what i mean by that is,is that this entire time that you were,under embargo you had every opportunity,to make as much videos as possible,about the pixel 6 pro so you really,could have just uploaded all those,videos and then scheduled them at a,timely release,and you would have like given yourself a,vacation from youtube if you wanted to,you could have like spaced it out over,like six seven days and giving yourself,time away from making videos because you,would have content uploading but thats,besides the point,um but it also has given you time to,actually use the pixel 6 pro and to come,to some real findings instead of this,rush stuff that we tend to get every now,and then from specific,creators and trust me ive been guilty,of doing this and when i actually got it,um,brought to my attention i kind of you,know kicked myself in my own rear end,but thats also besides the point,um a lot of people were very very very,upset with the embargo and i talked,about this in the live stream but i just,found it very absolutely just weird,because ive been a fan of google pixel,phones and you know ive been supporting,them for the longest time even when a,lot of people including the ones who are,now in team pixel at the very top tier,point used to run down google and their,pixels and give it an unfavorable review,or you know really not giving them a,pass on things that other companies did,as shortcuts that they were like,willing to accept,but,google they were like no no you cant do,that youre not big enough to do that,you know type of attitude,um,ive been ive been a fan of google,pixels for a long time its no secret,and,you know um,ive never seen so much hype behind the,google pixel phones until now,and,you know people have taken to social,media and theyre upset because other,people have worked the system right you,have a lot of creators,i want to say creators i say youtube,channels that went out of their way to,go to a best buy to record video of the,pixel 6,or the 6 pro and show like the cameras,and the in display fingerprint sensor,and all that stuff,it was quite funny,um but you cant knock their hustle i,mean they found a loophole in it so,first of all theyre not part of team,pixel so they never signed any embargo,or any nda so theyre good and they can,just go into a best buy and make video,about it but it did upset some members,who um signed the embargo agreement um,or an nda,and,you know theyre like i couldnt get my,video out so im losing views because,you know these guys are like walking,into best buy or target where the phones,are on display and recording video of it,and,you know uh making their videos and,theyre getting all the views right now,and i dont have to i have to sit here,and wait till,till um you know like like a like a,racing hound and wait for google to lift,the gate so i can take off and start,running,i get it,you know um,i have a different perspective and this,by far is not how you um,how you say it,this is,not how you gauge,everybody else but this is just my,perspective and in my perspective of,things,you know views matter i tell people that,all the time like if youre working on,your youtube channel like one of the,very very things youve got to do is you,got to work on your view count,you know for those who are aggressive on,youtube i guess you can say im not,aggressive on youtube at all not anymore,um views are views to me you know if i,get a low amount of views its okay i,im great,if i get a lot of views hey i got a lot,of views but its not something that im,aggressively like going after every day,um i just like making videos and,if im going to talk about something i,want to be able to talk in depth about,it and be able to present more and what,im saying,and hopefully cover as much of the bases,as they can like if you guys dont know,sometimes i get frustrated with myself,when i put up a video and i thought i,hit some good points in that video and,then as im uploading the video to,youtube after ive done all the edits,and everything like that and then i,think of something like dang i should,have said that in the video and its,like,you know its already like almost done,uploading to take it to stop it to go,back and do that,you know if i was aggressive on youtube,like chasing after the adsense money and,all that other stuff then yeah i would,have i would have stopped they uploaded,a video stopped it took it back to the,editor and cut in something just to kind,of bring that point in,but,you know it happens to the best of us,like you know we tend to forget things,or whatever so i felt like like this,embargo really gave time for people to,really,really use the pixel 6 pro,and really get an in-depth,like um,you know perception of it and also i,think its you know it played fair it,gave everybody a fair chance to,um make the content right so whether you,were,up here in the youtube world or youre,down here in the youtube world,youre all releasing your videos around,the same time the embargo list tomorrow,so tomorrow theres supposed to be some,sort of uh other meeting that team pixel,members are going to have and then um,yeah they can throw out all their videos,their in-depth first impression review,theyre you know,they can just completely jump and skip,it and say yeah this is our one week,later review because its almost been a,week since uh since the announcement of,uh,of the google pixel 6 and 6 pro however,um,people getting upset over something such,as an embargo googles not the first one,to do it,they wont be the last ones to do it and,while i could name a lot of good things,that come out of this just for this,actually being in place,um now there yeah there are some caveats,to it right obviously you know the,phones been out for almost a week and,still theres not a lot being shown,from your favorite,tech reviewers,because thats the thats thats where,the real frustration lies like people,want to see their favorite tech reviewer,cover the phone right,um so you might be a fan of josh vergara,you want to see his videos on it so,youre like aggravated because you want,to hear what he has to say about the,phone,um,you know same like for snead mobile tech,you guys may be very interested in,knowing his point of view and his,perspective on the phone because hes,approaching it in a different way but,you have to wait,you have to wait till um until tomorrow,so i get the level of frustration there,you know because youre finding like a,lot of different like youtubers whos,like hey you know what im,im going to get 50 000 views in the,next couple of days because im gonna do,something that they cant do im gonna,go and review the phone at best buy and,then you got other people whos like,you know they bought the phone they,pre-ordered it so theyre not,held under any embargo but obviously,their devices should be coming in this,week i do know like for like att att is,going to have the phones in store on the,27th,um,most peoples uh pre-orders should be,shipping tomorrow or the day after,tomorrow and they should be arriving by,october 28th,you know so,uh and then of course theyre gonna make,their videos and such and whatnot um all,i gotta say is this you know when youre,when youre part of team pixel you know,you have a good relationship there okay,because you dont have to spend 900 on,the phone almost a thousand dollars on,the phone depending on which variation,you get,and,knowing the fact that you know google,will send it in a very very unique,googly package,and you also get some insight from the,pixel development team,i mean thats the bonus there for those,who are itching to break the embargo i,say to you dont break the embargo y

Lets Talk About This Pixel 6 Pro Embargo Drama…

[Music],yo whats going on everybody trent tech,here and today,lets talk about all the drama,surrounded behind the pixel 6 pro,and the embargo im just going to talk,about everything that way we can figure,this all out because,people are really upset there are a lot,of people who are mad a lot of people,are like how dare you do a dual embargo,google what are you doing,and you got people on the other side,theyre like aha i can go to best buy,and record all this stuff youre stuck,on the embargo haha look were going to,talk about everything now lets lets go,ahead and back the all of this up first,off i am a part of team pixel,google did send out this phone to me i,did not pay for it and essentially i am,under an embargo,what is an embargo an embargo basically,says that,hey,if you agree to not say,specific things about a product,we will send it to you now you can,pretty much say whatever you want to,about the product you just have to wait,until a certain date,now let me tackle that first part okay,because everybodys running around like,theyre a victim of oh my god googles,manipulating me googles doing this,google is doing that,first off,if you read the actual embargo if you,read the email that was sent to you or,any other embargo,there are terms and conditions,of that embargo and if you agree,to those terms and conditions,well youre not really manipulated no,ones really twisting your arm,even in the embargo it specifically,states,that,if you do not want to abide by the,embargo essentially,we wont send you the phone early well,just send you the phone after the,embargo date so if you feel,like,hey i should get a phone i should be,able to say whatever i want to say,even though google is sending it to you,and youre not paying for it and yes,theyre you know youre getting access,to your audience then,shut up okay like stop complaining you,agreed,to the terms and conditions okay its,not like google just came out here and,just pulled the wool over anyones eyes,they came out and they told everybody,straight up and my phones going off but,i dont care im still go through this,they told everybody,now the other part like i said earlier,is,you dont have to get the phone early,you can always get it later and this,comes into the mindset of,youtubers and views and being first and,having access and all that stuff the,reason why im not upset that people are,going to best buy and recording the,videos is because,personally its not going to affect me,its not going to mess with me,at all that much,really im still going to make my videos,about the pixel 6. im still gonna have,content im still gonna continue to make,videos because i have the phone now if,someones going to best buy in the,recording videos,about the pixel thats what people want,to see and,thats where the views are coming in and,thats where a lot of other youtubers,are getting jealous a lot of other,youtubers are looking at these you know,quick gains and theyre like oh man you,know it really sucks because i really,want those views i really wanted this,and i really want that well after a,while its it sounds like me me me me me,and its not about the audience at that,point at that point you just want your,views because you either want them or,you want exposure or you want to grow or,you want money but then it becomes more,about you,instead of the audience in my opinion,what you should be doing is if you,already have this phone you should be,recording as much content as you can on,this phone if anything this is a good,thing i remember back in the day when i,was covering,the pixel 3 the pixel 3 xl i even talked,about the pixel 4 a little bit,you can you can get anything with a,pixel if you made videos about a pixel,your channel was doing this you had a,lot of people kind of give up on pixel,content and they just switched over to,samsung and apple because it wasnt,producing the views it wasnt producing,anything,now that essentially if someone can take,their phone and run the best buy and,record a video and get,20 30 40,50 70 000 views that means that there is,a lot of interest that means the,opportunity is wide open for everyone to,create the content because the people,who are running out and recording these,videos unless theyre buying the phone,theyre not going to be able to follow,up on the content and im going to talk,about some of the consequences of that,in a little bit but honestly theres,enough out there for everyone to eat so,i understand why everybodys upset,now,going back to this whole,dual embargo thing and why its a good,thing now i mentioned earlier that if,you have a dual embargo and you got a,wait then guess what youre gonna have,to use the phone,so many people,get upset when us as youtubers,drop a video on a phone day one and its,some stupid ridiculous hot take its,always about some pre-release software,or its oh how dare they send the phone,to us in this condition or whatnot,so now with this delayed embargo you,have a chance to,grow with the phone youre not gonna sit,there and take it out of the box and say,oh my god i hate this color one day and,make a video and then two days later,talk about oh my god i made a mistake oh,i was wrong stick my stick my you know,face and hands and a thumbnail to get,everybody to click there wont be that,inconsistency there will be,a lot more,polished i would say more accurate views,instead of someone saying oh hey my,pixel wont charge pixel what did you do,just to come to find out later it was,user error or something stupid right,so,thats the good thing about a dual,embargo is you get a chance to use the,phone you take your time with it and you,can build up content,instead of,rushing to put out content like ive,done in the past and other people have,felt pressured to do youre not,scratching for views and clawing for,views and all of that crazy mess so that,is the good part about the dual embargo,some of you may agree some of you may,not disagree or whatever but,whatever the other thing ive seen,which is absolutely hilarious and i,never thought i would see this is,people have gotten so thirsty,so ridiculously competitive to get views,that theres people stealing other,peoples people six videos,and theyre re-uploading them and,resurfacing them because theres so much,of a demand in them never in my life,would i have ever thought that someone,would have done that with pixel videos i,would have i would have expect that with,apple with samsung but pixel never,expected it so its actually kind of a,good thing because for the longest time,googles have had google has had issues,with their marketing and getting their,phone out there and generating interest,but now its generating interest so if,youre a pixel fan or if youre somebody,that was looking for another competitor,you got another competitor,now where am i going with all of this,where am i going with all this oh yeah,the reason why im going with all this,is because one i i cant i cant really,talk about the phone i want to talk,about the phone i want to go deep dive,inside the phone but to be honest i,dont want to ruin a relationship with a,brand,that essentially sent me this phone and,i didnt have to pay any money for it,otherwise you know if i ruined this,relationship i would have had to go out,and buy this with my own money and,you know what to be honest thats just,part of the game that you have to play,okay if someone told you,hey,go out and spend 900 on this phone and,guess what you can say whatever you want,and you can drop the video whenever you,want and you can upload content whatever,you want,you can right you can use your own money,and if that suits you if that fits your,belief system or ideology great,but theres a lot of you out there that,i guarantee if someone walked up to you,and said hey heres an iphone 13,that you get to have for anyone else you,just cant talk about it for a week i,guarantee you 99 of you will say yes,theres probably a one percent people,that will say no which is fine but most,people are gonna sa

Google Pixel 6 Review | Should you go Pro?

so googles fresh new pixel 6 smartphone,is one of the more affordable flagships,of 2021 thus far costing you just 600 of,your british pounds and thats despite,packing in a bit of upgraded camera,action googles snazzy new tensor,chipset and some serious ass action i,mean four crikey now ive been using the,pixel 6 as my full-time smartphone for a,week and a half now so here is my,in-depth review with thoughts on what,might be best for you this little,blighter or the significantly more,expensive pro model and for more on the,latest and greatest tech please do poke,subscribe and ding that notifications,bell cheers now i gotta admit i am still,rather gutted that the pixel 6 is a,bigger heavier handset compared with,last years flagship phone this 6.4 inch,google blower weighs 207 grams and,youll certainly feel it when its,stashed in your pocket but sizing aside,i do really like what google has done,here especially after the decidedly,cheapy look and feel of last years,pixel 5. its a smart design overall,despite the camera chassis segmentation,and the way that it effortlessly,attracts dust and fluff yeah that sure,is a big old camera bumper at least the,fact that it stretches all the way,across the entire width of the pixel 6,means that when it is laying down on its,back on a desk or table or something,youre poking in front of the screen it,doesnt rock about like a morpho i would,recommend grabbing the sort of c form or,the kind of coral models if possible,though despite the slightly wanky neyman,conventions because theyre certainly a,lot more exciting than this here stormy,black effort despite that dark design,the pixel 6 picks up plenty of smudgy,fingerprints as well so you should,definitely be expected to give it a good,old buffing every now and then but the,inherent greasiness aside the fact,youve got like gorilla glass 6 around,back and then gorilla glass victus up,front means that not only is it,reassuringly drop resistant but also not,a single scratch or scuff or gouge to,speak of on those glass surfaces so far,after a week and a half of rough,handling and the pixel 6 is also ip68,water and dust resistant to boot now,android 12 brings a fresh new design to,your desktops which looks proper bloody,lovely complete with app icons that can,morph to match your geeky anime,wallpaper and a more aesthetically,pleasing notifications tab but the real,joy of android 12 of course lies in,those fresh new features especially,those fueled by the tensor chipsets,advanced speech processing powers,possibly one of the best examples of,this i havent actually had a chance to,check out yet because its not actually,on here just yet but its the new call,screen feature which is coming to the uk,as well as the us and apparently youll,be able to activate this with just a,quick tap whenever some unknown caller,is bothering you the pixel 6 will learns,it or what do you actually want and then,it will feed you back a transcription of,what their response is at which point,you can then decide whether to hang up,on them or actually take their call i,really enjoyed testing out the type,voice command for dictating messages,when your hands are busy this is,brilliant when driving complete with,emoji support and accurate auto,punctuation that occasionally does get a,bit american thrown in pointless,exclamation marks that just make you,sound sarcastic but whatever apart from,that its really good and i know that,sounds sarcastic but i really do mean it,is proper good the pixel 6s camera can,also live translate any uh signs or,menus in a foreign language which id,imagine will come in really handy when i,actually go further afield for my,holidays than peng android 12 heralds a,big step up for security and privacy and,not just with a call screen feature,which i havent tried out yet the brand,new security hub also gives you easy,access to all of your privacy settings,and can point out any possible issues,that you might want to sort out rather,pronto i found this incredibly useful,especially the bit which points out any,devices that youre currently signed,into with your google account that you,might want to sign out of actually gives,you the option of doing that remotely as,well which is fantastic particularly,when your job involves reviewing an,awful lot of tech the tensor chipset has,a separate security core for and all of,your sensitive tasks well out of sight,those got that titan m2 security chip as,well for storing all of your,confidential data and of course google,is guaranteeing five years of security,updates you are set for the foreseeable,so if you happen to be constantly,concerned about scheming cocksocks,target on your smartphone or your google,account well this is one of the most,reassuringly well protected phones that,you can buy you can also completely kill,the mic in the camera from the pixel 6s,notifications bar while a handy warner,will flash up if any app starts using,the camera the mic so you know when,youre being watched or listened to that,is beyond the usual google assistant,shenanigans of course an android also,apparently now includes built-in fission,detection which can pick up on,potentially dodgy messages although im,bugging if i could get this to work may,just be a case of like the call,screening feature that little update,hasnt pinged through to my pixel 6 just,yet but that side i found that the,android experience here on the pixel 6,was just like slapping on three rubber,johnnies at once next level protection,just to be sure the pixel 6s optical,fingerprint sensor makes sure that its,definitely you poking the screen and if,your hands are a bit damp or mucky then,it usually does feel or require a couple,of extra porks certainly would have been,nice to have face and lock as a backup,but hey oh never mind as for the storage,well its ufs 3.1 youve got a choice of,either 128 or 256 gigs so a good bit of,space on there but of course if youre,gonna be shooting a lot of photo and,video it would have been nice to have,some micro sd memory card support on,this thing sadly no such looks youre,either gonna have to constantly back up,yourself otherwise rely on the good old,cloud now no complaints at all with,googles 6.4 inch oled screen which,lacks the quad hd plus resolution of the,pro model but it still pumps out crisp,crystal clear visuals with its 2400 by,1080 pixel setup you can expect natural,looking images when streaming hdr,content otherwise the pixel 6 can also,spaff out super vivid colors right at,your peepers when youre enjoying some,anime or some other bright and punchy,fare and the brightness levels are that,screen skill all the way from super,super dim for some nice comfortable easy,on the eye even in viewing experiences,all the way up to super super powerfully,punchy bright for when the sun finally,does poke its face out from behind,theres several layers of dark clouds,while the refresh range isnt quite as,strong as the pixel 6 pro you do,automatically get skilled up to 90 hertz,when youre playing around with a,supported app and the pixel 6s stereo,speakers are loud as,on top volume without any compromise to,that clarity its very impressive output,perfect for outdoors use and also,annoying the piss out of grannies on the,bus and no worries with that bit of,bluetooth 5.2 action either i found that,the bluetooth stream in here on the,pixel 6 was uh perfectly dependable no,cutouts or anything even in some,action-packed central london areas which,is just as well because theres bugger,all headphone jack action here so lets,move on to performance and of course the,fresh new google tensor chipset which,powers proceedings here has been,designed with the likes of machine,learning and image processing in mind,but how does it actually handle just,everyday shenanigans and a good bit of,gaming well i found that the pixel 6,coped perfectly well even with loads of,apps running at once flipping between,them all and also streaming audio while,browsing the web and messaging lots of

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