1. One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews
  2. Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Analysis
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One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews

writing a review is like a Donald Trump,to eat anybody can say anything three,oclock in the morning let me show you,this this is a copy of the lawsuit,against bad news we have deep pockets,and deep resources to go after each and,everybody so Ive been an advocate for,natural beauty pretty much my entire,life not at any point thinking I need to,rebrand to my face in any certain way,but to be honest Ive been looking in,the mirror pushing 30 getting a little,wrinkly especially on the forehead I,dont know if its all the stress or,just getting old but I think its time,to go get a second opinion,today the plastic surgeon all right so,Im seeing a five a four a four and a,half I just came across Botox Juvederm,thats pretty lowly rated I will be,hearing from my lawyer I repeat do not,allow this man Im gonna dive a little,deeper and do a full search for dr.,Mirza and see what comes up so now Ive,just come across another establishment,called Mirza esthetics that uses no,other than dr. Mirza he travels all over,the place,shady doesnt even begin to describe,this office was a briefcase of supplies,operates under many aliens showed up,with an entourage of about four people,suitcases and of course a handheld,device to swipe your credit cards come,from little bags practice Mirza operates,out of a gym bag this was the worst,experience ever so one person says,briefcase another says gym bag either,way like I dont want my doctor,operating out of a small like you know,any sort of luggage so not feeling great,about this will tell you to give him a,Yelp and Google reviews so you can get,$50,view for him he will take my voice all,right a five-star yelp review and Id,get $50 off now Im starting to read,that any of his like highly rated,readings are lies so not only is he,going office to office but hes also,like persuading people to write good,reviews which basically goes entirely,against what this show stands for this,show is really all about honest reviews,and finding out if they are true for,myself honestly so this is a first so,were gonna go track them down and I,guess let him operate on my face,[Music],every floor get more nervous the beeping,is not helping either,[Music],she looks quite perfect which i think is,definitely a good sign and then show,them the product Im sorry right so look,in the mirror okay theres nothing to,become fair our products here we have a,lot of products we just got a fresh,batch of products camera can look into,that in the back this is top of the line,right there,show them the receives we just got it,this is our fresh batch up in the spring,that batch we order some Juvederm and,theyre always like stored like this,its its safe for them how they are,this is radius its also a very good,fuller had done a thorough job at,showcasing his variety of products but,to help me decide what to get we need to,do a quick consultation so lets make it,happen lets do a quick consultation,looking at your face what gives you most,age are these lines what we are doing it,is we are putting laser to show you your,volume loss you have volume loss here,here here here you have volume loss here,here here,okay and so I was thinking I guess like,definitely the forehead just you know a,little there if you can and then I,didnt really know that I had an issue,like with this in my clinical judgment,well that all sounded good to me but,what about the side effects from all,this Botox and fillers I was about to,have lumps can happen boozing can happen,eyelid skin group these things can,happen thats all part of you know,anytime you are doing Botox these things,can happen all right,whoa make it happen I yeah lets do it,do we shake hands what do we do now we,do a little and is there still I noticed,um theres like a $50 off coupon you,offer so maybe lets make it bounce up,with a coupon before I start whats,going on with that the coupon is after,that you know once you write the city,but thats fine let me review Hockley,and do I just sit here sit back and,enjoy that ice,were doing some cleaning as dr. Mirza,cleaned my old face all there was left,to do was sit back and let the artist,paint his picture up head up please,raise your eyebrows on its not going to,hurt you you are a trooper I was up,small pinch small pinch one two three, beautys painful bloody and costly,so far so good but my face needed a,break so I decided this is a good time,to bring up some of the reviews I,noticed theres a few reviews online,like you have a lot of 5 stars and then,you got a bunch of ones,let me will discuss that it was once a,Cleveland yeah,already yeah maybe like one of them,sorry pardon my language check it in,terms of telling people if they write a,positive review and youll give them a,discount,what would your defense be if someone,said that thats bribery no we just tell,them to and could we encourage them to,write the review the more they engage,socially the better it is for us so like,Ive had a pretty solid experience with,you you dont really seem like youve,been trying to trick me you seem like,these are legitimate products you showed,me them you know out of the out of the,box do you know why some of these people,would be telling ok theres a dress that,was easy to write reviews but when I,take them to the court they all cry so,let me show you this I can argue there,because writing a review its like a,Donald Trump to eat anybody can say,anything 3 oclock in the morning this,is the copy of the lawsuit you are a,lawsuit hi-fi law so you file the,lawsuit against bad reviews we have deep,pockets and deep resources to go after,each and every bad review if somebody is,claiming that Botox is coming out of ten,year I will make sure I will take them,to the court,these are the two copies of the two,recent lawsuits I have filed this,patient we filed a summons he has no,money to offer to get a counsel and now,shes crying Im a licensed medical,doctor and I have the capital I have the,resources I will make sure they all cry,I mean I trust you I believe so you,dont have to trust everything is here,all the products are here all the,services are here,you cant just light up things anybody,writes a false if you that Botox is,false is fake I will take them to the,court I have the legal team to make it,happen and Im doing it as we speak up,then you made yourself clear with that,thank you any questions I enjoyed myself,[Music],its certainly more nervous on my way to,dr. MERS has been usual and some of the,reviews they mentioned that he works out,of a gym bag however I saw at least five,in the grand scheme of things dr. Mirza,actually seems quite rational everything,from the great measures who goes through,to prove the authenticity of his,products to his numerous patents as well,as meticulous something that I honor,when it comes to putting needles in my,face when challenged on his negative,reviews he was quick to compare them to,3:00 a.m. Trump tweets perhaps he is,right and the Internet has become a,haven for temper tantrums,however the lawsuits against negative,reviewers was certainly a bit unsettling,at times I even felt like hed get cried,during the procedure but I sure as hell,was not going to cry in front of him all,in all the results look very nice when I,look in the mirror but cannot feel my,face cannot move it much but I guess,that is just what you pay for,I suppose this is the scientific,literature that the manufacturer sends,you know when you order the supplies but,in terms of like worst case scenario in,general like its been its been pretty,positive Im just telling you theres a,higher chance of this little falling,than anything going on,[Music],you

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Analysis

were going to do a facial analysis and,a reveal of certain plastic surgeries,that ariana grande may have had at the,end im going to summarize all the,procedures and the approximate,prices and so youll see that summary at,the end of this talk and also please,check out our new merch we have hoodies,that are all about body positivity and i,think you guys will enjoy it well have,more items in the future but for now we,have this one hoodie and so we want you,guys to check it out let us know what,you think partial proceeds go to charity,so please check it out thats in the,description below of course its a 2009.,so ariana is 16 at this point and what i,want to highlight here are her sort of,beautiful features of youth right and,then well see how things may have,changed over time obviously this was,before any kind of surgery i just want,to point out a few things here so one is,that if you look at her eyebrows the,tail of the brow and the head of the,brow so the lateral aspect and the,medial aspect are on the same horizontal,plane and thats a very useful thing and,thats something that we look for when,deciding whether or not to do a surgery,the lateral canthus of the eye which is,the outer corner of the eye lives,slightly higher than the medial corner,of the eye not much higher but slightly,higher its another youthful feature and,actually theres a functional aspect to,it which is that when tears are made in,the eye you want them to flow towards,the nose and so thats partly the reason,for that cant of the eye that we have in,youth you look at her nose she has a,very natural shape to it theres a,slight bulbosity to the to the nose tip,but its a very soft natural nose,theres a heart-shaped aspect to her,face the lips have very natural,proportions where the lower lip is,actually larger than the upper lip which,these days that aesthetic principle has,kind of been distorted a little bit but,in classic beauty and just the way that,most of us are born that is a very,natural feature of the bottom lip being,slightly bigger than the top lip again,its different across different,individuals genders ethnicities but at,least for her thats a very natural look,also look at the contour of the jawline,just keep in mind that contour compared,to what we see a little bit later so,2010 age 17 looks about the same not,much has changed 2011 age 18 again,fairly unchanged has some different kind,of makeup on whatever but a very normal,18 year old girl without any plastic,surgery that i can see 2012 age 19 again,doesnt look like shes had any work,done,2013 at the age of 20 im starting to,see some changes i think that shes had,her first rhinoplasty at this point if,you look at arianas nose here the,bridge is narrower the tip is less,bulbous the tip is slightly raised and,theres a bit more nostril exposure,which is another giveaway for a,rhinoplasty doesnt mean its a bad,thing it just means that thats,oftentimes what happens when you adjust,the tip cartilages you get a little bit,more nostril exposure and so thats what,were seeing here guys please make sure,to subscribe to the channel if youre,not subscribed already we have lots in,store and this is just the beginning,were doing a lot of these celebrity,videos because you guys are asking for,them so turn on your notifications like,the video lets keep going 2014,age,the angle of the mandible which is this,area here its called the gonial angle,it appears more defined to my eye so,possibly this is the result of filler or,maybe even at this point an implant into,that area and a lot of people online,will talk about a chin implant that you,may have had even though she already has,a prominent chin but just to kind of,equalize the the sides here or the wings,of the chin i think possibly theres,been an extended implant that has also,improved the gonial angle also at this,young age 21 im seeing signs of a brow,lift most likely performed,endoscopically inside the hairline one,of the giveaways here is the positioning,of the eyebrow the left one looks like,it was lifted more than the right right,so theres this asymmetry the left,higher than the right and youll see,that play out for a number of years,until some of the more recent photos,that we have of i think just within the,last year where she likely got that,corrected as youll see keep watching,2015 age 22 it looks to me like ariana,may have had a canthoplasty because the,tilt of her lateral canthus is even more,elevated despite this the makeup that,she has but its even more elevated than,what i was seeing prior and thats kind,of turned her eye shape into something a,little bit more almond shaped that some,people like so that looks to me like it,was likely done at around that time 2016,age 23. it looks to me like the lips,have been filled with some filler likely,a hyaluronic acid based filler now the,upper to lower lip proportions are,closer to a one to one ratio and it,looks like shes had some cheek filler,as well age 24 im seeing,a pretty stable image not too much has,changed 2018 age 25 also about a stable,type of image 2019 age 26 ariana i think,has,gotten even more lip filler so now,theres probably some of the filler from,before and shes added to that with an,additional syringe or more of h a filler,so youre seeing that here you know i,was wondering about that tooth show that,im seeing and maybe if she had had a,lip lift i looked back at some of her,original photos when she was younger and,when she opened up her mouth on a pose,that we call repos actually like this i,could also see tooth show and the shape,of her teeth especially those central,incisors i think is pretty stable from,when she was younger sue i do not think,that shes had a lip lift by the way in,case you were wondering 2020 age 27 i,think you can really see the outline,because youre so thin right so you can,really see the outline of that of that,jawline implant and i think its an,extended type of implant thats not just,augmenting the sides of the chin but,also stretching on to this angle as well,thats what im seeing at least in these,pictures its a very very clean jawline,but it looks to me like theres some,surgical work thats been done there now,in,2021 at the age of 28 this is just this,year i think that shes had a revision,rhinoplasty so the tip of the nose looks,even more refined than it did after her,first rhinoplasty and now theres an,even more obvious what we call a supra,tip break and thats that area right,over the tip of the nose and we have a,whole rhinoplasty modeling video that,talks about that in more detail make,sure to check that one out so the super,tip break,right then goes into the bridge and it,looks like that division has been more,refined with this second rhinoplasty,surgery it looks like she likely had a,revision brow lift because now the brow,height is a lot more symmetrical and,she may have combined this brow lift,with a ponytail facelift its possible,because if you look at the nasolabial,folds they look more effaced and some,you can do that with filler but it,starts to take on a natural type of,appearance over time especially if,youre doing large quantities of,nasolabial fold filler so i think just,based on the tightness of her face and,the way that it looks stretched back and,again the shape of the eye and the the,brow repositioning i think she may have,had a ponytail facelift which is a very,young age to get something like that so,again i could be wrong but thats just,an educated guess we dont know for sure,of course so i wanted to then kind of,give you guys just like a general,warning and i know for ariana its,different maybe because shes you know,this huge international pop star and,theres a huge huge you know following,so maybe maybe different she needs it,for her job or at least she feels like,she might need all this stuff for her,job i would hope that she wouldnt need,it for her job but you know that could,be some of the pressures that,some of these top stars are under but,just like a warning in g

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[Plastic Surgery Review] Episode 2: My Full Face Makeover at DA Plastic Surgery Korea [Vlog]

سابقا في عيادة جراحة التجميل DA ….,استغرق الأمر حوالي 9 ساعات !!,لقد كانت عملية جراحية كبيرة كبيرة,يا إلهي ،,سيكون وجهك قريبًا جدًا حقًا ~,بالنظر إلى أن هذا هو اليوم الأول,وقمت بتجميل الوجه ، تبدو جيدًا ، وجميلًا بالفعل …,إنها مؤلمة للغاية ㅜㅜ,ما الذي يؤلم كثيرًا؟,داخل فمي …,الآن عادت مع الحلقة 2,مرحبًا ~ اسمي DoHyun واليوم هو أسبوعي الثاني!,هل يمكنك أن تظهر لنا جانبك؟,إذن أنت تقوم بإزالة الغرز اليوم ، أليس كذلك؟,لقد مر وقت وأنا هنا!,كيف تنام هذه الايام؟,أنام ​​أثناء الجلوس!,يا إلهي .. أنت تبذل قصارى جهدك بالفعل لتقليل التورم,الذي أردت فقط أن أكون سريعًا جدًا …,لقد انتهى العلاج!,سأعود في المرة القادمة مع تورم أقل!,بعد أسبوعين …,مرحباً بالجميع,المدير: لماذا اخترت إجراء الجراحة؟,كنت أرغب دائمًا في إدارة تحديد,الوجه : لماذا؟,ليس لدي الكثير من الدهون على وجهي ، وبما أن,خدي غائر ، لذا فإن عظام وجنتي تبدو أكثر بروزًا ، لذا أعتقد أن عظام,وجنتي تبدو بارزة جدًا.,المدير: ماذا عن الآن؟ هل لاحظت الارتجال؟,أعتقد أن محيط وجهي قد تحسن بشكل ملحوظ.,بالنسبة للأنف ، كان لدي جلد طرف أنفي رفيع وأنف منحرف.,خاصة ، قبل الجراحة ، كان الأمر سيئًا للغاية.,المدير: ماذا عن الآن هل تم حل كل شيء؟,المدير: ما هو نوع التغيير الذي تعتقد أنه حدث لك بعد جراحة نحت الوجه؟,خط وجهي الآن أكثر سلاسة ويبدو أكثر أنوثة.ذكر,الطبيب أيضًا أنه لم يحاول التغيير,. حاول للحصول على نتيجة طبيعية,مدير: لم تعد بحاجة إلى Photoshop بعد الآن ، أليس كذلك؟,حسنًا ، لم أستخدمه كثيرًا حتى قبل الجراحة ،,فأنا لا ألتقط الكثير من صور السيلفي أيضًا,، لذا ، في الغالب ، أنا فقط ألتقط صورًا عادية غير مصفاة.,ما هذا الفيديو غير المخترق ؟!,هذا!,هذا .. قالوا لي أن أستخدم كاميرا غير مصفاة,لذا استخدمت كاميرا غير مصفاة,لكنني أخذتها من هذه الزاوية. مثل هذا!,لكن لماذا يختلف كثيرًا عن الشخص الحقيقي؟,إنها الزاوية (زاوية الكاميرا !!),المدير: بما أنك أجريت جراحة الجفن المزدوج بدون شق,مدير: ذكر الطبيب أنه سيكون هناك حد أدنى من الندبة بعد الجراحة,مدير: ما رأيك؟ هل هناك حد أدنى من الندبة كما وعد الطبيب؟,المدير: حسنًا ، كما ترى فإن الندبة هي الحد الأدنى.,المدير: ماذا عن خط أنفك؟ كيف تغيرت؟,لم أطلب جسرًا أطول ، أردت فقط إصلاح الانحراف.,المدير: ما هو الشيء الأكثر إزعاجًا بعد الجراحة؟,كان التورم. منذ أن أصبحت بشرتي حساسة,شعرت بألم من التورم.,بخلاف ذلك ، لم يكن لدي أي مشاكل.,المدير: الآن هل يمكنك أن تخبرنا كيف اعتنيت بنفسك بعد الجراحة؟,لقد قمت بالكثير من تمارين الإطالة,وارتديت ضمادة ضاغطة طوال الوقت الذي,ما زلت أفعله!,المدير: حتى يومنا هذا !!؟ تلبسه؟,نعم!,يبدو وجهي أصغر بكثير إذا ارتديتها قبل النوم.,المدير: ماذا عن الرضا؟ سمعت أنك تحب نتيجة تحديد الوجه أكثر! صحيح؟,نعم أنا أحب ذلك أكثر! ثم الأنف والعينان بالترتيب.,لأنها حسنت مظهري أكثر.,أنا أحب خط وجهي !!,إذا أحببت هذا الفيديو …,أجمل! افعلها أجمل بكثير!,من فضلك !!,اشترك وأعجب بهذه القناة!,(خجول خجول)

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Dallas woman who went to Mexico for plastic surgery returns on life support

a Dallas real-estate agent is on life,support with brain damage this morning,after traveling to Mexico for plastic,surgery Laura Aviles family says she,went to a clinic in Ciudad Juarez last,month for several procedures including a,nose job and breast implant replacement,but before those procedures actually,began there were major complications and,a Warner is here with the risks Aviles,family is now warning others about and a,good morning good morning we spoke to a,prosecutor in Mexico who is now handling,an investigation into the Rhino center,or Laura Avila was treated no formal,charges have been filed but the clinic,has been raided now Lauras family is,back in the u.s. and they say they want,justice we dont want this to happen to,anybody else,andrey k cruz says he was at the rhino,center in Ciudad Juarez last month when,his healthy fiance Laura Avila went in,for plastic surgery eight hours later,doctors said there was a problem the,only thing that they told me was that,they had to take her to the hospital,because that the anesthesia wasnt,wearing off and they did not know why I,just said to myself this this isnt,happening like this cant happen,Angie Avila is Lauras sister she says,doctors at the Mexican hospital where,her sister was transferred told them the,Rhino center put the anesthesia in the,wrong place in Lauras spine that her,brain swelled her kidneys failed and she,went into cardiac arrest,because of the damage her brain suffered,shell never be our Laura again Lauras,fiance says he had researched the clinic,and found positive reviews online and,Angie says they have family in Mexico,and often crossed the border to visit,from El Paso growing up it sounds crazy,to say oh they went to another country,but to us you know it its its home,its familiar a 20-17 study estimated,nearly one-and-a-half million Americans,were expected to travel outside the US,for medical care in Mexico procedures,can cost anywhere between forty and,sixty five percent less than in the u.s.,Lauras family estimates her procedures,were somewhere around $8,500 people are,speaking alternatives Joseph Woodman is,the CEO of patience Beyond Borders the,oversight in countries like Mexico isnt,up to the same standards as it is in the,United States text messages provided by,Lauras family allegedly between her and,a doctor at the Rhino Center show Laura,did have reservations about the,procedures on August 25th dr. Judith,Hernandez wrote you will get a mix of,sedation and blocking Laura later,responded Im sorry but I dont,understand what sedation and blocking is,and Im concerned because Im very,nervous,its sedation Hernandez responded dont,worry,never in my life did I imagine that we,would get to El Paso and they would tell,us she suffered severe global brain,damage last week Laura was transferred,from the hospital in Mexico to El Paso,where she is currently on life support,her family says they want the Rhino,Center to be held responsible as long as,my heart is beating I will make sure,that they pay for what they did you know,and and this cant happen to anybody,else and her family has to decide very,soon whether to pull life-support and we,tried calling the Rhino center several,times asking for comment but as soon as,we said we were from CBS News they hung,up on us click yeah it so sad to hear,her sister say shell never be our Laura,again so what can people do to ensure,that a medical procedure abroad will be,safe well I think its very difficult,the second story weve done on plastic,surgery in Mexico you know they will,tell you for one thing the American,College of Surgeons recommends that you,go to an internationally accredited,institution it does not appear the Rhino,Center was internationally accredited,they also recommend that you see a,surgeon and an anesthesiologist who are,certified through a process equivalent,to whats in the US but I think its,very tough to figure that out really in,Mexico thank you Anna

Patients want answers, refunds after clinic accepted their money but cancelled procedures

a south florida plastic surgery clinic,is under investigation after several,patients claim they paid for procedures,they never received and the clinic kept,their money,local 10 news investigative reporter amy,vittieri spoke with several women,who say theyre out thousands of dollars,and no one will return their calls,it was a total of ten thousand dollars i,had paid a total of twenty five hundred,dollars on it,i am owed six hundred by silhouette,and i have spent over 3 000 out of my,pocket,just a few of the women who tell local,10 news they paid,toward procedures at silhouette plastic,surgery but got nothing in return,no return calls no returned emails,ive been completely ghosted they do not,take your phone calls they do not return,phone calls,it turns into emotional distress at this,point joni camden flew to south florida,from georgia in december to get cosmetic,surgery at the clinic on southwest,8th street but once there camden says,staff told her the doctor she chose,wasnt available,everyone wanted he was being overbooked,she says the clinic tried to push her to,have surgery with a different doctor who,she later learned,recently had a patient die there ended,up being,a serious situation that took place the,death of,a client that had bbl bbl short for,brazilian butt lift,in september a patient of silhouette,doctor stephanie stover died,from the procedure the department of,health alleging stover improperly,injected fat,too far in the patients backside,causing her death,camden refused to make the switch but,says silhouette kept her money,i want my money back this got cancelled,through no fault of my own,local 10 has learned at least 16 women,have filed similar complaints with,floridas attorney general,many of them citing unethical practices,related to refunds,those complaints now under investigation,and many of those women,are finding and warning each other on,social media,i feel scammed like its embarrassing,amy lighter said silhouette stopped,answering her calls and,blocked her from her patient account,when she asked to remove one of her,scheduled procedures,at the time she had paid 25 hundred,dollars,its money i worked for i work hard and,im a single mom,a refund and cancellation policy on,silhouettes website states patients can,reschedule your procedure a month prior,to your surgery date at no cost,but theres no mention of what happens,when the clinic cancels,we reached out to silhouette by phone,and showed up in person when no one,returned our calls,were with channel 10 were trying to,see if we could speak to someone about,the number of patients who have filed,complaints,do you guys have to weigh outside is it,a private book sure,you got nobody we can go outside is,someone going to come outside and talk,to us,because a lot of these women say no one,will return their calls so were just,trying to get some answers,no answers from the clinic that day but,we learned some people have received,refunds,mariana mata says silhouette canceled,her surgery after she flew here from,california,and only returned her calls after she,posted bad reviews,and she said in order for you to get,your money back i need you to delete,both,reviews and i will be emailing you a,waiver from our lawyer stating that you,will not say anything negative about,silhouette,mata is still waiting for the paperwork,but some patients say theyve been asked,to sign a form like this one,promising to delete all negative,statements about silhouette to get their,money back,it is modern day thievery in the guise,of medicine attorney andres borregovic,says it often falls on the patient to,try to sue a clinic for,breach of contract and its something,that ultimately,the state of florida needs to to witness,and perhaps uh legislate because at the,end of the day,you know this is a haven for medical,tourism amy,vitteri local 10 news at least one of,the women we spoke with says silhouette,reached out to say they will be,refunding a portion of her money,the office for floridas attorney,general says it has since received four,more complaints,the office fined two other south florida,clinics earlier this year for similar,practices

[ID Hospital Review] Best Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic for Foreigners

[Music],todays my birthday and going through my,internal plastic and facial contouring,surgery I just I will have to discuss,and tram and I think it would give me,the best treatment and I believe in,Madonna that they were belong defect I,hope she were trying staff and I hope,everything is custom designed after that,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],how was your last night,I checked x-rays you took the today,morning and everything is okay we will,get there soon and soul and youll be a,much more better you make money in,todays day one but three doors,hello 3po properly but what tomorrow,will be factor,[Music],were surprised very just along the door,to the shoulder Im going to discharge,today,the nurse was explaining on how to read,a bandage myself it took me quite some,time to lay as my face was so solid,[Music],[Music],enough my the courier company and,special our hotel and she also helped us,to get the medicine from the drugstore,with the prescription given by doctor,because the stitches of the facial bone,surgery was inside the mouth in order to,avoid the infection I had to continue,googling every two hours for two weeks,under the stitches are removed so I put,off the power of the swelling drinking,pumpkin juice so glad that the father,Cora has provided a each hole pair of,pumpkin juices that Janet is yelling oh,[Music],thats why dont move for secreting,disorder yeah okay breathe through your,mouth breathe through your mouth okay,okay one more three tree tomorrow good,job how do you feel now you can breathe,better right,I went back to hospital on the second,day of the surgery for routine checkup,finally I could breathe after removing,cotton inside the nose I couldnt sleep,on the first day because I need to,breathe by using mouth and this was so,difficult than I imagined,[Music],[Music],remarkable,so good okay its going to give to,injection for you a one is to protect an,infection and then the other one is to,reduce your sewing pin up to now,oh no I found a tire body okay you just,didnt care,okay after we can look to you again,good job I was so thankful to Emma from,dot finder Korea was there to translate,and accompany me she gave me a lot of,positive energy so I was about to do,this joining treatment after that,[Music],I stood in state 2 after surgery I,todays the time for selling so I cannot,talk now but just now they remove my,cotton that so I can breathe normally,and they did some intensive treatment,for my face laser math to help for this,earning I feel much better now because,apples I can be normally even though,today is very swollen and they need more,repeaters here and after that this well,done,Ill see you guys tomorrow,hi guys today is day 3 after surgery Im,very much better today and hunting my,fish started this well I can see from,the fish is still very swollen,I told you to hit time in state 2 & 3 so,I think the tree is aspect of me because,its not to do this well I eat a lot,the other in college these days I eat,something else this morning eggs and I,basically stolen everything because I,want to make my stick dirty beside a key,so when I draw is repeat so I cannot,well because I think it would type into,the new surgery so I true is very,beautiful,Ill see you guys tomorrow sign,hi guys today is day four of the,Saturday I think my face is not so,British I dont mean my forehead you see,from the day one I dunno you can see a,lot changes I mean not so scary I think,a lot of bruises around my face so I,stress why like but likewise is getting,better so its a good thing tomorrow I,was not using hot pack to destroy this,area so see you tomorrow bye,and Im todays day 5 after surgery,today Ill start using a hot pack to,dispel the roller,part of my applying jawline,I didnt you go every night to be honest,because its really hard for me to sleep,because I keep coughing I think my true,test with hurt so I cannot I cannot,sleep during their tackle so I dont,know why do this tomorrow bye,yesterday basic after surgery and film,are stressed again today but I slept,quite various a night scene but today,Im feeling good because tomorrow Im,going to remove my nose pictures and I,finally can wash my hair as you can see,I didnt wear my [ __ ] today,because actually I can remove under this,behind us right and we are aware that I,can som wear it sometimes so I feel much,better,if I dont find it but I have so temple,I really hope I can wash my head planted,and I will see you tomorrow,[Music],this is a very hostile action but we got,back everybody and I think they want,addressed with the paid sick time for,the shoulder everything after that it,was ok also I refused they were thinking,and we are finish it is like getting,back to Nam,I be feel much better it is the cleaner,life yes yes yes we will reload the,teaching pressure washer so yeah day 7,was the day that I finally could remove,my no stitches Im not gonna lie it,hurts that was the only part I could,feel the pain for the whole process so,the surgery was a success we have,nothing to worry about,we were single get any questions of a,doctor at all voices inside yes its,very soft and very very lonely so should,be with the other vision it would be,very good,I know sticks a nose is not so high,overall these are when year when the,swelling goes down youll notice that,the line becomes a more defined,after removing no stitches we went to,IDd the mythology center to get our,facial,[Music],the fisher intensive treatment was,mainly for the swelling and coming,purposes i fell asleep during the,patient treatment and then shrimp up,from the undercover brought us to get,something that Ive been longing to do,since day one after surgery a hair wash,Jensen was just feel blocks away from,the hospital and special care services,were provided by the salon for people,who had surgeries my hair was so much,better now I dont have chemicals on my,hair and I dont know light strikes wife,anymore hi guys today is phase seven,after surgery so as you can see I,removed my nose itches and finally I,wash my hair my face as you can see its,still very swollen I think I look like a,fish now I look like some kind of fish,now and everything if they were sold on,the first golf cart and the nose area,and gene the jaw everything there so,doctors say its going to take longer,time for me to this well because I I did,after prostitute and I just cant wait,and but I really can see the different,issues are a bit different and my notice,I think its symmetry now I mean it is,quite naturally competitive or so but a,math teacher skill has been removed,because they said to wait for another,week before I live in Korea so Im just,gonna wait and I still have to continue,eat my porridge so I cant eat,by something else but I just have to,clean my mouth every night and at the,state more I can start doing my makeup,so obviously how do i solid so Im not,going to make up yes I think its,mindless for me also but yes I have a,clean hair and I can go on now I won,meet later I was led to add a hospital,to get my mouth to just remove we went,to visit a lot of places during this two,weeks and a lot of nice photos taken,because it was cherry blossom season I,have heard from some online reviews,saying that removing math teachers was,the most painful process ever and let me,tell you mine it was not people at all,guys I still think that removing nos,teachers was the only painful process to,me yes it was not painful guys,[Music],yay and are looking through the before,after up the x-ray I still couldnt,believe that part of my bone has been,shaved off and then we went back to I D,dermatologist center to get our final,facial intensive treatment thats all,for my part 2 I will be sharing my,feelings advices and some tips of,plastic surgery on my part 3 so dont,forget to subscribe comment and like,this video remember to check out my blog,or the other cover for more information,bye guys,[Music],[Music],you

[Plastic Surgery Review] Double Eyelid Rhinoplasty and Facial Contouring DA Plastic Surgery in Korea

5 10월 대 수수료 이렇게 윤거 코모도 전원 치고는 숫자,붓기도 없고 튀고 그리고,[음악],원한 그걸 뻔 차장 하겠단,정보 이사한 했구요 너네 라,소탈 소설의 닿아 영광 5,눈뜨기 근데 또 질서 쓸께요 안녕 또는 암 와봐야 굉장 파싱 캐러 타고,얘기를 고창 말이 둘다 주죠 놓고 잊지않고 는 좀 상황 방송을 마에다,가지고,싸가지 없다고 있어 깨 컵 그리고 또,들어가게 되고 싶어 폰 으,뭐 그러면 돼 예비 친다 봐 따라서 우리 급식 어떻게,통영시 5분께 취하 정 가 옆에 살짝 카메라의 안 잡힐 수도 있겠는데,살짝 행 게 있어요 그리고 윤곽 가서 앞에서 를 내세운 육아의 되요 테테,18 때마다 딴 마음이 없어서 구축이 벌지 못하고,그럼 이 스타가 진짜 이뻐요,축이 끝나고 따면 악질의 분은 없으시죠,오늘 제가 계속 보셨군요,아 두지 말고 빨리 말해 줘 보여도 만들어 줘 퍼옴 삶입니다,좀 해서 마우스 가 봅니다,해양 사상을 더해야 표정의 갔을 거에요,물리 속하거나,순위 할지 지만 오랄 꺼라,5 2 3 4 5,[음악],안소영은 벌컥 0 타이밍 거야 아,일단 쪽에 나은지 좀 더 크니까 년에 맞춰 가지고 같지 않게 편 3랑,위치가 많이 간다던 제크 라 고맙습니다,[박수],흉터 같은 경우는 내 머 작업도 이거는 자지 구멍만 뚫려 거 기 때문에,사실 뭐 흉터는 크게 걱정 안하셔도 나중엔 거의 한 보니까,원래는 우리가 마치 조사 할 때가 좀 불편하기 때문에 그 때는 잠깐 채워,드릴 수 있는데 원칙적으로는 자신을 안 자는게 조 그때만 잠깐 자꾸 수술,중에는 아픈건 없이 3월 눈떠 그 제안은 좀 넣어 주시는데 사실 좀,감았을 때 모양도 중요하지만 떨어질 때 모양이 중요하게 게임에서 좀 떠봐,뭐 긴장하지 말고 목욕시 궁금하신거 있어요,으 쌍 경우 상 좋습니까,도착 입장했습니다,또한 바로 러 가야 타고 좋겠어,너 먹을거 될 뭐랄까 뉴 같은데,있을 보아도 네 친구들의 토 서술하는 됐고 또 그런거라고 4,안녕 얘기 안 보이 수 2b 서둘러 오더,와있고 공유와 같 되고 봤냐 특성 상 해주셔요 이루세요,에 아 심각해졌다 r,요 국제 어 커 파도 파서 섞여 써 예,d 가 2시에 끝났어요 생각한 시에 도와줘서 정신을 놓쳐 진짜 좀 있기,때문에 러 리 바이스 피지나 보고 정확도 없기 때문으로 도 거기서 했어요,아 쎄씨 가져갑니다 아,아 또 잘 빠졌구요,[음악],2 타고 생각한 참 청심 트랑,음 좀 사정상 만나보세요,무심함 먹어줘야,분해 쉬야 세워 갖다 드릴 거에요,표준 나야 훨씬 쯤,[음악],뭔 말을 들었어요,굉장 업종 들어 들고 없어 예,래퍼 돼지,더 씽 원래 죄로 보았고 스러워서 태보 켈리 야 정도 하는거,* 역 누드 춤 들어왔고,보기 없었어요,widi 쉬는,모교 않은 상태고 이 배와 앞에 상태였고 를 뭐랄 3 1시간 반 입장,뭘좀 머미 만들어줘 되게 고도 하고,뭐야 지내게 됐습니다 왜 내가,저것들이 기뻐해 딱 있잖 싸워 이제껏,톡 할수도 없고,저희 또 켜니까 쌌어 예,옆동네 봄 잎 아닌,방금 뭐 회사 아 더불어서 아 아 포 커 스 텀 로켓 part8,거의 모두 보기 이쪽 옷 앞섰고 지금 피도 봐서 2 다음 짧고 고장 애써,저희 네 번째 주님께서 휘어져 됐습니다,굉 진짜 발사 하세요 그럼,해야 돼 왜 3 나서 지대로 그렇게까지 말이 좋게 서울고법 아아아,tour 쫓아 첫째 5,ou 왔어요 봤구요 써 제가,꽃의 저렇게 컴퓨터 쪽 셰퍼 코콤 의 2 토 9,별에서 모습으로 볼게요,카메라 3 장 차이 9,병원 갔다와서 특히,깐 top 럼 여기 이쪽 아니다 마땅 뜯고 뚜루 많은 특기가 줍니다 이,fr 때만 좀 더 싼 써봐요,[음악]

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