1. PLEXUS BIOCLEANSE Ingredient Throwdown. @guthealthisabigbigdeal
  2. Plexus Bio Cleanse & ProBio5 Review
  3. How to Start Your Plexus Products
  4. What my oncologist had to say about Plexus
  5. PLEXUS BIOCLEANSE….. the misunderstood product explained
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  7. Plexus ProBio5 and BioCleanse

PLEXUS BIOCLEANSE Ingredient Throwdown. @guthealthisabigbigdeal

[Music],whats up everybody,thank you again for joining me on,another episode of ingredient,down and what i mean by that we are,going to throw down the ingredients we,are not going to spend a lot of time on,the ingredients but we are going to,cover a plexus product one by one by one,till we get through the entire line so,my hope is that you can actually pick up,some of these things that were throwing,down and you can put them to practical,use in your health picture,so our product today we are talking,about is bio cleanse and i think this,can be so misunderstood just because of,the name itself right and then when we,go over that it is a magnesium,supplement in essence,not milk of magnesia right we hear that,biocleanse and magnesium and for some,people that will freak you out but i,want to explain this in a simple fashion,why this is so important to have on,board for so many different reasons,so lets start this out with the did you,know did you know that magnesium is the,fourth most abundant mineral in our body,next to calcium phosphate and sodium so,also did you know that in a recent,article that the pharmacy times,published,they predict that up to 50 percent of,our population is deficient in magnesium,just due to our poor diet because we eat,too much sodium we eat too much fat we,have too many refined carbs meaning,grains and sugars so all these things,are going to be a detriment to our,magnesium levels and did you also know,vitamin d and it being metabolized in,our bodies magnesium has to be present,for that to happen so lets circle on,that a little bit so if magnesium has to,be around,for vitamin d to be sufficiently,absorbed into our bodies when it is not,around it can cause an increase in,calcium phosphate in our bodies and,excessive calcium phosphate can cause,vascular calcification so without having,sufficient magnesium in our system,vitamin d can actually be dangerous and,just not safe,and the last did you know did you know,that you can carry up to 20 pounds of,waste in your body 20 pounds,and i would venture to guess that has,got to be a miserable feeling so now,lets get into how this thing works this,is where we are going to throw down,those ingredients in quick like fashion,and just go over what is included in,this product bio cleanse so obviously,magnesium,magnesium is the big player thats the,power player in this product which we,already talked about is an essential,mineral now magnesium is super important,in our bodies for such a variety of,things so enzymatic reactions,protein synthesis healthy muscles and,bones just to name a few now in the,biocleanse product the magnesium is,found in the form of magnesium hydroxide,and this magnesium hydroxide is an,alkaline form of magnesium and that,promotes a gentle cleanse,and it accomplishes this by retaining,more water in our colon so waste is,easier to pass it promotes a gentle,regularity and a daily cleanse that our,body desperately needs the next,ingredient in this lineup is sodium,bicarbonate and yes that is simple,baking soda but its better than that,what it does is alkalize our system,another alkaline source and of course an,alkaline environment its going to,neutralize that content in our acidic,stomachs and it just so happens that the,detrimental microbes that live in our,gut,thrive in an acidic environment so we,want to keep that a little more neutral,to get those out of there so yes this is,important in our gut health and why do,we care about our gut health why tell me,tell me why because god health is such a,big big deal you guys it is huge and,again google gut health and,fill in the blank put anything in there,you will find stuff you will find,solid studies on how everything is,related to our gut and the health of our,gut all right the next thing vitamin c,in the form of ascorbic acid pretty,simple one there right so vitamin c is,an essential water soluble vitamin and,we all know that vitamin c is an,antioxidant in nature and why is,antioxidant important because it keeps,our cells healthy we want things,combating free radicals in our system to,keep our cells healthy and keep them,multiplying healthy cells vitamin c is,essential for energy production skin and,wound healing connective tissue health,and another big one immune health and,thats just for starters the fourth and,final thing were going to touch on is,the bioflavonoid complex in this bio,cleanse which consists of orange and,lemon peel and quince and again heavy,duty antioxidant properties polyphenols,phytonutrients call it what you want,theyre a fantastic addition to this,product all right time to talk about,what this thing does practically in our,body what are the benefits well i think,by the name alone its gonna imply,cleansing our system right its going to,refer to cleaning out waste in our,systems by cleansing our gi tract,and when we take that magnesium,hydroxide,paired with that ascorbic acid or,vitamin c we get a gentler form of a,daily cleanse,without the gas without the discomfort,and without the bloating and again by,alkalizing our system that has,everything to do with our gut health,and you know im gonna say it because,gut health is a big big deal and adding,those antioxidants in there brilliant,all right now lets get into dosing this,thing a little bit now this comes in,bottles of 60 120 or 180 okay so,depending on where you end up on your,maintenance dose is going to be,dependent on probably what size bottle,you want to keep around your home now,when we start this out and its going to,say this on the label for a day youre,not going to be starting it for a day,trust me on that one you need to work,with your sponsor you need to work,slowly introducing this product into,your system,so lets say that we decide were gonna,take one in the morning,and one at noon,and thats not doing it for us so were,gonna add maybe one maybe two maybe,three at bedtime maybe were going to,move all this later in the day,so what happens in the morning is when,you can get your system cleaned out do,you understand what im saying this is,going to be completely individualized to,your system so its really important,that again you work with your sponsor,and the more we put in one dose,versus spread out,because your body only absorbs so much,magnesium at a time,its going to give you more of that,cleansing,if you can take them all at one dose but,maybe thats not your jam maybe thats,not what your needs are maybe this is,all you need to keep you regular and get,your magnesium supplement in okay does,that make sense,all right lets talk on a couple,precautions pregnancy and breastfeeding,again run it by your doctor run up by,your naturopath,more just as a courtesy so they know,what you are using and again children,that are less than 18 years of age,because this is formulated for adults,and the needs of adult bodies now it,does not mean that children do not,benefit from magnesium at all and if,this is something that your child needs,to be on you just need to talk with your,upline about how to dose this,appropriately all right you guys thats,about all there is to the bio cleanse,its a really simple product but yet so,brilliantly put together thanks for,joining me on another ingredient,throwdown and again if you are curious,about all these products we talk about,and all these ingredients that we talk,about and you are not on the plexus,train yet i want you to check out the,description box ive got my link down,there to the website where you can nose,around and read more about these,products and i would love to help you,get started on your road to health and,happiness im also going to list the,previous video i have done on bio,cleanse again that would be more my 1.0,and i think this is more my 2.0 so,thanks again have a wonderful week and,cheers to your health and happiness,[Music],you

Plexus Bio Cleanse & ProBio5 Review

Hey I just want to talk to you,sorry Im outside walking and I just,trying to get some exercise before the,Sun Goes Down,but I wanted to talk to you guys about,the Bayeux clans and the probic Phi,which is the other two supplements that,are in the Tri flexes I talked about the,slim previously but now I want to talk,about the other two so those who have,mainly the bio cleanse is a magnesium,supplement with some other added,ingredients so its kind of like a,glorified magnesium and so basically it,has something like lemon and orange,extract and grape seed extract,I think its grape seed theres a great,back strap I cant remember which one,was I dont have it right with me but um,so the magnesium if youve ever taken,magnesium you know it might cause loose,stools because magnesium is a muscle,relaxant and so basically the magnesium,is gonna help to be able to flush out,your system to kind of help especially,if youre constipated to get things a,little bit more regular to kind of help,move things along because your stool is,whats a huge carrier of toxins out and,waste obviously out of your body and so,thats the idea of trying to get rid of,junk thats in your system out of your,system and so the the bio cleanse is,basically like I said its magnesium and,some other things in it most people are,deficient in magnesium and so so taking,that supplement can help with a lot of,different functions I can list them on,the so as you can read over them because,I dont have them right in front of me,but but basically they can help not only,with constipation but if you think about,a muscle,accent to help so if you know like,Russs leg or c have you have your eye,twitching,thats basically what magnesium can help,to do even helps with heart function and,so theres a lot of things just besides,train to creat movement inside your,bowels that magnesium can do for you so,this is a basically the bio cleanse so,there is a possibility that people might,have some GI upset or have diarrhea and,like I said previously if you start,having symptoms your help like I said it,it may be a side effect of whats going,on and so you might need a back off of,it or slow down or stop it altogether or,talk with a practitioner about it,preferably someone who knows supplements,not like your regular primary physician,who doesnt know anything about,supplements I would never recommend a,supplement because theyre just probably,gonna tell you to stop taking it and,dont take it ever again they dont know,the mechanisms or the actions of the,actual supplements and so mainly because,its just a knowledge deficit there but,so I would go to the more like holistic,practitioner natural path an integrative,functional practitioner someone who,knows supplements when youre taking,plexus and you start to have issues or,questions or just need more help,obviously women dietitians know about,supplements and so just from that kind,of standpoint but also the the,probiotics it has enzymes in it which,help to break down your food help you to,digest absorb more of what youre eating,and so the besides just having good,bacteria the probiotics have the enzymes,and them too and anytime Ive ever told,someone that theyve never taken a,probiotic before and theyre going to,take one I always suggest to them to,take it slow,just start with a lower dosage and then,work your way up for some people that,maybe every other day maybe every three,days it might be,once a week it just depends so these,products are meant to kind of get rid of,junk in your system all three of them,and I didnt mention like the slim the,other day but it has a prebiotic and so,thats the food that helped with the,good bacteria is what they eat is what,they love and so its trying to feed the,good bacteria would also inoculate your,system with the therapeutic dose of of,probiotics of good bacteria and so,thats the the one benefit about it,because most people dont have enough,good bacteria and what when youre,putting good bacteria in your system the,bad bacteria and dont like it because,if you have a higher amount of good,bacteria versus bad bacteria then that,bad bacteria is going to start to wreak,havoc and cause problems as is getting,pushed out and your system is trying to,create a balance in the system and so,usually I will let people know that,especially if youre taking a probiotic,there possibly be side effects again you,might have diarrhea you might have,bloating or upset stomach headaches are,another symptom or even skin issues I,notice some people have had acne before,because theyve taken probiotics or,gotten skin rashes because of probiotics,and so just being aware of these things,UTIs are another one again your bodys,trying to get rid of the bad bacteria to,create balance get rid of extra junk,like home like toxins in the system,because youre so inundated with,environmental toxins that you breathe in,every day – whether its food chemicals,that are in in your and your food and,your liver and your kidneys and your,skin do a great job of it but if you,have a higher imbalance of these things,then your system gets overwhelmed and,good bacteria helps to rebalance the,system and thats the main the main,thing behind plexus is just trying to,heal the body from the inside out until,with that I would also suggest just,being aware like I said if you start,having symptoms or issues talk to,someone,dont do this alone dont dont go,through something and just think its,normal and think youre gonna push,through it like if youre working out,pain or or something like that because,thats not the same thing I mean its,not the same thing no pain no gain so I,just wanted to kind of give you some of,that information but also theres a huge,amount of good benefits to taking,probiotics I mean like I said I,previously have taken it and try to take,it all the time I have been recently not,and so but this is something I was,wanting to get back on anyway and just,thats one reason why I was going to see,how plexus because its not just the,slam thats their big big thing that,they do but they also have probiotics,and they have a couple of different,supplements for probiotics and they even,have a kids version in so just to see,their quality and how they do and the,system that was one thing I wanted to,look at but I just wanted to let you,guys know about that information again,if you have any questions or if you want,to talk to me 101 you can feel free we,can do that or if you have comments just,feel free to do that as well all right,thanks hope yall are having a wonderful,day Ill talk to you later

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How to Start Your Plexus Products

hey Im so excited for you to try plexus,I am Megan goth diamond ambassador with,plexus worldwide the health and,happiness company and today Im going to,share with you how I coached people to,start their plexus supplements so I,thought I would start off with a story,and I will say first of all plexus has,been one of the biggest health blessings,in my life I worked with the natural,path before I started plexus and she,really gave me a perspective on,supplementation and I thought that you,would appreciate and that was she told,me she said Megan unless you stay on a,quality multivitamin high amounts of,probiotics in a good quality Omega she,said yours your symptoms are going to,end up returning and that was my,perspective with starting plexus thats,my perspective with supplementation and,why its important I was dealing with,autoimmunity a lot of toxicity and one,thing that my health journey has taught,me is that when one thing is off on your,body it can cause a snowball effect of,health issues and so I really believe in,replenishing what is lost our,environment is full of toxins our food,supply isnt as healthy as you know as,we want it to be a lot of times we eat,too much sugar and so replenishing and,nourishment is so important in the,healing root issues is the name of the,game core health is so important and,thats really what plexus addresses its,got Health nutrient absorption reducing,inflammation and glucose stabilization,blood sugar balance is so important it,has a lot of far-reaching effects,especially in hormone balance so you,know research that is so so exciting so,fun I did want to share really quick a,couple of encouragement so one of the,things I always want to tell people that,plexus is not a quick fix remember it,takes 90 days for your cells to,replenish and to rejuvenate and,regenerate and so I encourage people to,stay super super consistent for a good,90 days but if you can give it a 6,months I dont give your body time to,rebalance regroup reboot and remember,when youre dealing with health issues,or just annoying symptoms like it took a,while for you to you know accumulate,those,health issues and so its going to take,time for those things to balance as your,body nourishes itself and all those,things as you absorb these good things,so work with your sponsor give yourself,time listen to your body,ask a lot of questions and stay,consistent thats the one thing I would,really recommend is stay religiously,consistent with your supplementation so,that you can get the most out of it and,remember healthy food choices exercise,all of those things are so important and,they will help you have better success,as you start your supplementation,regimen so a couple of things I wanted,to go over you probably starting with,the triplex combo thats the most,popular combination I recommend to,everyone and thats what I started with,and so Im gonna go over the triplex,first and then well talk about a couple,of other products and so my,recommendation is definitely to start,slow you want to ease in anytime you add,in a lot of probiotics enzymes herbs you,want to give your body time to adjust to,those so starting so is the name of the,game you probably started either with,them the microbiome slim or the hunger,control slim that came in your welcome,pack and the microbiome slim really,deals with gut health and it has a lot,of prebiotics most of these have,chromium that helps to regulate blood,sugar and the micro so the hunger,control Slim helps to helps you feel,full helps to really curb those crazy,cravings and so one thing that weve,noticed is some some people need to even,slower than a full pack so if youre one,of those people that has a lot of health,issues or you just are super sensitive,consider is starting with 1/4 or 1/2 a,packet if you dont tend to notice you,know issues with starting new things go,ahead and do the full packet make sure,you drink it down within 30 minutes you,can mix it with 10 to 20 ounces of water,if you need to add lemon go ahead and do,that I like my import of our ice and,remember even if youre not diabetic you,will see wonderful things happen a lot,of people notice enough taking in their,energy that our sleep and reduced,cravings thats always a win so um its,recommended to take slim 30 minutes,before,but this is not medication so theyre,supplements you can take them whenever,it fits your lifestyle if you work a,night shift maybe take them before your,night shift time or you can take it,midday,I take mine usually mid-morning,mid-afternoon you can take two sometimes,I take two if I need an extra boost of,energy if Im getting money in the,afternoon Ill do the hunger control,slim people that are truly diabetic they,have a lot of weight to lose or theyre,really struggling with cravings those,are the people that I recommend doing to,but still you want to even slowly before,you up to do alright so the next two,things well talk about are the other,parts of the triplex combo which is our,bio cleanse and our pro bio five and bio,claims I call it the scrub and the,sweeper and the pro bio five is the,scrubber and these two things work,together to help you detox your GI tract,and when I say detox Im not meaning,some sort of harsh cleanse this is very,gentle but what happens is a lot of,times were not um were not feeding our,gut with what we need and so theres an,overgrowth of bad bacteria and so pro,bio 5 helps us see the gut with good,bacteria theres for beneficial strains,of bacteria plus a beneficial yeast and,theres an antifungal so thats super,cool theres also an enzyme enzymes in,here which help to get rid of the bound,stuff so you dont want to just add and,good but you want to keep getting rid of,the bad stuff so this is the scrubber,it also helps this thing the gut with,good things this isnt a sweeper that,helps to sweep out anything that we,dont want in there and really you,should be eliminating one to three times,a day and so that just helps that,process along so these two arent,together you want to be consistent with,taking them but I would recommend only,three with one to two on both and if you,struggle with constipation start with,bio cleanse first if not you can go,ahead and do the pro bio five I will say,a lot of us are magnesium deficient and,so my outlines is a huge helper in light,of you know things related to magnesium,deficiency and it has one of the things,that its helped me with is my restless,legs especially during pregnancy its,been a godsend so I would say that,theres also something called candida,overgrowth and what that is is,yeast overgrowth and they got and,thirty-two point forty percent of the,population has that even though they,might not know it and so what what that,does is a lot of times causes us to,crave stuff we shouldnt be eating it,also develops a film on the inside of,our intestine so were were not,absorbing nutrients from our food like,we should and so these two things work,together to help rid the GI tract of,unnecessary things and really your mouth,is so important its a root of so much,and its also our second brain its if,you havent researched the gut brain,connection and how imperative good,health is there research it youll be,astounded by what all relates back to,the house and so the trunk collects,combo is helping to regulate your blood,sugar its helping to rebalance your,microbiome and your gut and so that your,tummy is happy and youre happy so one,thing that I will say really quick is,Ive been on the triplex three years,strong and it has been a huge lesson to,my health I feel 100% as a mom as a wife,and so I personally I taste I take my,Slim either mid-morning mid-afternoon,and I take these two at bedtime,you can take them in between meals if,you want or with a meal for promo five,but for me personally I work it just,works the best for me at bedtime,I make sure and get it in my body and,inconsistent with that I did work up to,four of each for the first six months of,my triplex I had a lot of issues t

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What my oncologist had to say about Plexus

hi everybody I just want to give you an,update I just got back from my,oncologist on my three-month checkup Im,going on my been cancer-free now for two,years but they still have me coming,every three months to check I dont,think they can figure me out so they,keep checking me and keep doing scans,and blood work but today when I went in,um sitting there talking with my doctor,and she pulls up my my PET scan that I,had remember I told you how sick that,made me feel because of the sugar and as,I was telling her I said you know that,made me feel really bad I felt and shes,like well how did it make you feel and,Im like I said I said I felt like I was,back on chemo again I felt horrible and,everything and shes like well why do,you think that and and I was like okay I,just went for and thats like I said,because Ive been taking plexus for a,year now and Ive gotten my gut healthy,and Ive been trying my hardest to,eliminate a lot of sugar out of my diet,and I said when you injected me with,that radioactive sugar I think my body,just freaked out and did and she just,looked at me and smiled and she said,plexus I said yes and she said have you,heard of plexus and shes like as a,matter of fact I have heard of plexus,and um and we started talking about,plexus and shes asked me what Im,taking so Im telling her about the,probiotic Im talking about the Klans,Im talking about the multivitamin Im,telling her about the smell and she goes,you know I have a friend on my facebook,that post about plexus all the time and,Ive been looking at it and actually she,posted these opportunity things and,theres this person I said yeah Deborah,Medina shes like yeah Deborah Medina,yeah that person and shes theres,another lady with dark hair that she was,I said Kelly Norman yeah,Kelly Norman and shes like yeah Ive,been reading a lot of their post and and,read a lot of things that she post about,plexus and shes Im interested and and,so she started looking at my numbers and,shes like you know your numbers are,awesome shes like you are youre,healthy and then she pulled up my were,looking at PET scan and shes looking at,me and shes like you should youre,clean youre so clean on the inside,theres nothing there full you are so,clean and and she goes so what do you,think,what products do you think if I wanted,triplexes what products do you think I,should try and I said I would recommend,you go with the triplex and shes like,okay shes but I cant buy from you,because you know my friends already been,posting so I have to buy from her Im,like thats great and she started asking,me buy stuff and I gave her a sheet and,had all the ingredients for all the,products Im taking the slam the,probiotic and cleanse him all about him,I say heres all the ingredients I said,look him up I said do some research on,your own and check him out and she,started looking at it and shes like,this looks good she that didnt theres,nothing here and I said so I have your,blessings and shes like yes you have my,blessings she theres nothing shes like,just make sure shes like good one thing,she says just make sure when people are,getting healthy she said they have a,tendency to not have enough iron in them,shes like just make sure youre having,enough fire make sure you eat enough red,meat you getting some iron in you thats,no problem Ill take care of that but,needless to say that is so awesome,heres my my cancer doctor is on board,and checking out plexus and and going to,be ordering a triplex to try it out and,give it a shot and then thats,encouraging to me because that just,tells me that more and more doctors are,getting on board with what we already,know,plexus is simply awesome and amazing and,incredible and when I started telling,her about the house educated myself,about 1931 Warburg won a Nobel Peace,Prize and she just looked at me and she,just smiled and just kind of like okay,you know something and it was awesome,its an awesome awesome time and oh by,the way Im cancer totally cant totally,totally cancer-free,and shes like you are so clean youre,youre inside you are so clean and that,is all to the credit first of all God,gets all the glory and gets all the,credit for the healing of cancer I said,by plexus gets all the credit for,getting my insides clean and getting me,healthy and the cool thing is I just,checked my blood pressure from the last,time I was there my top number is down,13 points telling you this plexus stuff,is pretty amazing and now I have the,blessings of my doctor and my doctors,getting on board my cancer get on board,and the great news is I dont go back,now for six months shes okay you,graduated youre going to six months and,and so everything is just awesome,everything is just Rocking and so it is,just I just wanted to update everybody,because may I know you,you guys are pray for me you think about,me and I just want to share that that,Im cancer-free,my insides are clean I got pictures now,to show that my video to show it Im,clean and its just awesome and my,doctors on board plexus so plexus rocks,go plexus hey Kiki Shaunie hey heres a,great thing keep posted on Facebook,because thats where she saw and thats,where checking it out hey love you guys,thank you again for everything take care,bye

PLEXUS BIOCLEANSE….. the misunderstood product explained

happy tuesday everyone,today is a day im going to talk about,the third and final product,in the triplex combo which is,bio cleanse all right now first of all i,dont want that word to scare,you okay cleanse its not a scary word,when it comes to this,im gonna tell you why its so essential,for everyone to be using this,especially if youre using the other,products in the triplex combo okay,so the ingredients in this are pretty,simple but im going to explain why it,was so,genius to put these together and why you,dont find anything like this,in your pharmacy in my pharmacy i cant,buy anything like this,okay so its vitamin c its magnesium as,and the form is magnesium hydroxide and,sodium bicarbonate,and then a bioflavonoid mix so that,would be lemon peel,orange peel and quince pretty simple,right some of these other products ive,gone over theres just a lot and its,all,like not normal things okay lets just,put it like that,its not simple things its not vitamin,c magnesium we all know what that,is but heres what is so cool so first,of all okay magnesium,the number one ingredient in here,magnesium hydroxide and i know youre,all thinking,magnesium cleanse yep thats milk of,magnesia yeah im not doing that,but im im gonna explain why it is so,much different and its not like that at,all its not,okay so first of all lets just go over,the benefits of magnesium so ive got a,little list here,that im going to read on how essential,this mineral is in our bodies,so first of all it there are 300,enzymatic,reactions that that magnesium has to be,there for that to happen,so thats thats a lot you know just,enzyme systems in your body that,for your body to function well magnesium,has to be there,protein synthesis muscle contraction we,all know that magnesium is big in your,muscle function,blood glucose control blood pressure,regulation,and nerve function thats just a few,things that magnesium is essential,in having your body carry out these,functions normally,okay however two-thirds of our,population,are deficient in magnesium and part of,that again its processed foods,when we make food and make it into a,processed food it takes that out it,sucks the nutrients out which is why,its really important to supplement,sometimes even when you think you eat,well our foods grown in our soil,are not what they were 100 years ago,that soil is depleted,its depleted from the micronutrients,that our body needs,every day to function well okay,so also youre gonna have a decrease in,absorption of magnesium if you have,things like ibs leaky gut,other gi disorders youre not going to,be absorbing it like you ought to,okay so symptoms of magnesium deficiency,nausea or vomiting decreased appetite,headaches to the point where they can be,migraines clinical migraines,magnesium deficiency how about,if youre unable to think clearly,fatigue and muscle weakness,fibromyalgia so those are some symptoms,that how that can,present itself when youre deficient,okay so now lets talk about vitamin c a,little bit again im going to list,some things of how its beneficial in,our body and we have to have it there,okay so its essential in collagen,formation,who knew i didnt know until i started,reading that,how about neurotransmitter biosynthesis,again how our neurons are functioning,and working in our body huge antioxidant,okay we all know that but do you really,understand what an antioxidant means we,all know theyre important right weve,been told that for a long time,but let me talk a little bit about what,that really means when it comes to your,body and its cellular,functioning okay so we are exposed to,free radicals,from sunshine environmental sources,alcohol smoking processed foods fatty,foods were,exposed to these free radicals so,antioxidants,well free radicals will be in your body,and what they do,is they will feed on your good cells,they will take little bites out of your,good cells,okay well if we have a good,antioxidant load in our body,vitamin c is one of those things,that will feed those free radicals,rather than those free,radicals feeding on your normal cells,because when they feed on your normal,cells,then they are going to be you know,defective so they have they will either,destroy in your body,or else theyre going to mutate and,theyre going to reproduce themselves,as a defective cell and thats what we,call a cancerous cell,okay its replicating but its not a,healthy cell,so thats why antioxidants are such a,big deal okay,okay the other things it does would be,boosting your immune system and again we,knew that thats not a secret,thats pretty common knowledge has a lot,to do with your healthy skin,keeping it healthy and decreasing your,blood pressure,so those are the benefits of vitamin c,and again having it in this on a daily,basis is really important now vitamin c,deficiency,can present as inflammation in your body,and we all know that thats one of the,three biggies right of whats wrong with,us,glucose metabolism if we cant you know,stabilize,our blood sugar if weve got excess,inflammation in our body and gut health,those are three big determining factors,on our health as an overall picture,okay if youre having slow wound healing,you could be deficient in vitamin c dry,or split hair,dryer rough skin how about a weak immune,system,and painful joints swollen or painful,joints because its important in that,collagen formation right so that makes,sense,okay the bioflavonoids that they put in,there,and again thats lemon peel orange peel,and then quince which is another fruit,that is not real common,okay so huge antioxidant potential,for those as well bioflavonoids as a,general group,okay so thats a you know to neutralize,those free radicals,to feed so we dont have them eating,ourselves our healthy cells,okay sodium bicarbonate thats another,ingredient in there and what that does,okay sodium bicarbonate baking soda you,think of that as,alkalizing your environment and it does,the same thing in our body,so our gut flora will flourish if we,have that alkaline environment,but if we have an acidic environment,that is when you get an overgrowth,of the bad bacteria so its important to,keep your system alkaline okay,so it helps with that and also it has,kind of,you can think of it as a scrubbing,action for your bowels,when we take this product thats what it,does it oxygenates that environment,and creates that alkaline environment,which is really important,okay so we went over those now i want to,talk about a little bit about why this,is different and this should not be a,scary product for you,so i know you see cleanse and youre,like yep im not doing that,ive had a colonoscopy im not doing,that if i dont have to on a daily basis,are you kidding me okay heres the deal,yes magnesium does get things moving in,your system and you,need things moving in your system so,when you take the form of magnesium they,put in here with the vitamin c,the way thats absorbed into your body,it changes it into a,chemical structure called magnesium,ascorbate,okay ascorbic acid vitamin c magnesium,hydroxide you combine them and you get,this magnesium ascorbate,okay which is a much gentler form,so its gonna give you a nice daily,cleanse,its not gonna be like crazy like coal,and blow right i dont know if you,remember the colon blow cereal from the,saturday night live days,its not like that okay so yes it does,move things out of your body so you if,you struggle with constipation,if youre not going every day lets just,think about this,that is scary you need to be going at,least once a day,really if youre going like once a week,not healthy okay that stuff is building,up in your system in your intestines,you can carry up to 20 pounds of waste,in your intestines thats craziness okay,think of like a car wash if you have,cars going in,you need cars going out again one to one,should be one to one so you should be,going at least once a day,so its important to be and this will,get you there this will get you there,okay so also its very bio-available,so

My Favorite Plexus Product is BioCleanse

okay so Amy asked a really hard question,and I am struggling answering it the,question is which of the plexus products,is your favorite and since I know every,single one of the products intimately,down to the level of the ingredients I,value them very much I take most of them,as a matter of fact but Im going to,approach this question as if somebody is,sending me to a deserted island and I,have to pick one product to bring which,would really devastate me actually but I,would probably say that I would bring,the plexus bio cleanse supplement and,the reason is is that supplement really,significantly changed my life I was born,with whats called sluggish intestines,we really realized that as young as,three years old I was chronically,constipated straining a lot my bowel,movements were very hard and difficult,to pass and my first colonoscopy was at,age ten because my mom and the doctors,wanted to try and figure out why and,nothing resulted from that no one could,figure it out the intestinal tract,looked fine and my second colonoscopy,was done when I was in my 20s again,still struggling all of my life,struggling with the concept of going to,the bathroom to the point where it,really ruled my my existence where was a,bathroom when I had the urge if I had,the urge oh my gosh you know you,definitely want to take advantage of it,and theres a lot of people out there,living like that and its a shame,because I thought for 40 years that it,was just me I thought for all four of,those decades that this was a struggle,that only I was undertaking and,it really affected my entire life then,one day when plexus came out with the,bio cleanse I really began to educate,myself like I do whenever they release a,product on all of the ingredients and lo,and behold came to find out that,magnesium is our muscle mineral and what,that means is all of the muscles in our,body including our heart and our,intestinal tract by the way requires,that mineral in order to function,smoothly and I began to take that,wondering if it was going to positively,impact my intestinal movement and lo and,behold it did within two weeks my world,changed my my intestinal tract started,to smoothly push waste through and it,became easier to to pass waste in part,that was because the waste wasnt,building up in the in the sluggish,intestinal tract and and becoming hard,packed so I never want to live like that,again so my vote has to be on,maintaining healthy digestive and,elimination processes even on that,deserted island with my plexus bio,cleanse my favorite product so hope that,helps you guys I look forward to hearing,which products are your favorites as,well

Plexus ProBio5 and BioCleanse

hi everyone and welcome to our second,video in our product training series i,thought it was only fitting that we move,on to probio5 and biocleanse after,beginning with our core supplement lexus,slim,being that also,uh our triplex system just got a huge,upgrade in the packaging and our,marketing material uh its just the next,two most,uh ordered and most used products the,three make up triplex and so we are,gonna dive into all things probio5 and,biocleanse today,so probio5 and biocleanse kind of go,hand in hand i do not believe in the six,years that ive been an ambassador that,i have had one ordered and not the other,because truly they are like,created to work synergistically together,and as i explain things youre gonna,hopefully see,that that truly is the case so im gonna,start with probio five theres actually,three different mechanisms of action,here um one initially starts with probio,five,then the next one is actually an action,of biocleanse and then thirdly is the,final action of probio5 so hopefully it,doesnt get too confusing theres going,to be a lot of big words um im not,gonna get into the specifics of what the,five active cultures in probio5 do,i do have resource materials on those if,you do want those um files but um were,just going to talk as a whole because as,were speaking to our potentials and,then its us as ambassadors trying to,learn about these products we dont have,to be the scientists and the doctors,that are part of plexuss team for us,we are to just get,like a,a laymans grasp of how these products,work and share the benefits the amazing,benefits that we experience because of,using them,so first section of probio5 probio5 not,only has five active holsters in it it,also has a enzyme blend so im going to,talk about those that those enzymes,first what they are and what they do in,our probiotic so,this enzyme blend and again i have notes,over here because i want to be as,accurate as possible,so the enzyme blend weve got protease,weve got cellulase we have serpeptase,and weve got noise okay crazy,words here but when youre thinking of,those words what they actually do kind,of makes sense to the names,so these enzymes when we,take antibiotics when we uh expose,ourselves to alcohol and we um,let the uh overly processed foods things,like that we disrupt the natural balance,of flora in our gi tract um we want bad,bacteria and we also want good bacteria,but we want to balance and we dont want,that,the ratio of the bad bacteria going up,here that is where we get overgrowth of,fungus and yeast and the most common,overgrowth is candida yeast so,what happens with this fungus and yeast,and not to be like gross but the outer,shell like the membrane that makes up,functions is so hard its made of,chitinin c-h-i-t-i-n,and thats actually the beginning,of the word genoase,here we go,so its like a cockroaches shell like,its that hard so the way these four,digestive enzymes work is that,the chitinoist starts first and it,begins breaking down that outer shell of,chitinin,that the fungus and yeast have,protecting it,also inside that fungus and yeast,theres protein so weve got protease,protease breaks down protein so the,protease is going to get to work on that,overgrowth of fungus and yeast once that,outer shell is broken its going to,start getting in there and breaking it,down,also in that outer shell and making up,this fungus and yeast is,cellulase so our cellulose and the,enzyme helps to break that down is our,cellulase okay so hopefully i didnt get,too tricky there,the last one sir peptase what it does,its kind of like the end-all be-all,enzyme once weve broken down the outer,shell the chitinin the cellulose and the,protein sir peptase comes in and goes,and just completely breaks down the,entire thing so totally destroyed,bad bacteria overgrowth thats where,were sitting right now in our gi tract,okay,so,what do we want to happen well we want,natural,peristalsis action thats like the,movement of food i dont know if youve,ever seen you know like,back in high school or middle school,like the videos that would show you how,like your esophagus muscles work well,that goes all the way through digestion,and these little muscles and theyre,kind of like you know they go like this,and help everything move through,well sometimes in our large intestines,that peristaltic action,isnt up to par and so it needs some,help but also because there tends to be,buildup of plaque and waste and other,bad bacteria in there that can also lead,to buildup so weve got constipation,all sorts of bad things happening here,in the large intestines so this is where,biocleanse comes in,biocleanse is an amazing product and it,does get a little bit technical weve,got bioflavonoids and weve also got,magnesium what i im actually going to,refer to what i wrote down,years ago about how biocleanse works,because,literally i cant explain this any,better than what i wrote here so here we,go,as bio cleanse,material reaches the stomach acid in the,environment and continues into the,bloodstream the vitamin c which is the,ascorbic acid,and the bioflavonoid,complex,breaks down the magnesium peroxide bond,okay magnesium peroxide has a bond and,that vitamin c and the,bioflavonoid complex break it apart,break the magnesium apart,it releases,ozone,and peroxides,what these do,is soften,the inter,intestinal,and arterial plaque,so were helping with promoting,good blood flow through the vessels as,well as through the intestinal system,and kills pathogenic microbes throughout,the body,the ozone and peroxides further break,down so this is like at the molecular,level,into oxygen and this is where,athletes benefit so much from violence,because i mean and everyone everyone,benefits from bio cleanse but um lets,talk about at the cellular level here at,the cellular level when it is highly,oxygenated it has less likelihood to,mutate,and turn cancerous,an oxygen-rich environment is what we,want to perpetuate in our health so,that ozone and peroxides further break,down into oxygen which continue to,purify,and energize all the cells of the body,and thats why we love it as athletes,because it just helps our circulation it,helps our energy it helps with our,respiratory system,as the liquefied plaques now were back,into the intestines here the liquified,plaques and dead pathogens so the,enzymes with the enzymes in probio5 just,broke down,they move towards leaving the body okay,large intestines that peristalsis action,the magnesium creates a colon flushing,reaction,increasing bowel activity and preventing,the reabsorption of the toxins,now if someone is lets say using,just probio5 and has terrible bathroom,habits like their regularity is not good,what happens were breaking down all the,bad but i dont know if you knew this,but our intestinal tract our large and,small intestines are highly vascularized,theres like gazillions of capillaries,the reason in the small intestines is,because foods being broken down and we,want those nutrients absorbed and being,used by the body passed around well in,the large intestines its still highly,vascularized and if these toxins if this,broken down you know um the protein the,cellulase like the chittenin of these,um overgrowth of fungus and yeast now,are broken down,and theyre sitting tiny inside of the,large intestines next to all those,capillaries those toxins are going to be,absorbed into the vessel system and,circulated through the body,hashtag detox and die-off symptoms,because now you have,circulating toxins going throughout your,whole body so when someone is,experiencing those things you can kind,of give them a little bit of the,scientific reason like,what probio5 is doing its got these,enzymes and its breaking down all the,bad but theres a lot of blood vessels,there and if you dont have bathroom,regularity if youre not going i mean,best case scenario this is like in a,perfect world situation,um i like to explain going to the,bathroom kind of like,a big long line of a car wash so a car,

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