1. Pluto Pillow – Post 2 Week Assessment and Final Review
  2. Pluto Pillow Review | The best pillow in the universe
  3. Shark Tank US | Pluto Pillow Company Get An Offer!
  4. Pluto Pillow Review – The Best Pillow On The Planet?
  5. Comparing the 5 Most Requested Pillows! Purple Harmony, Coop, Sleepgram, Pillow Cube, Angel Sleeper
  6. Pluto Pillow Review | Personalized Pillows!
  7. The customizable Pluto pillow will give you the best sleep of your life

Pluto Pillow – Post 2 Week Assessment and Final Review

this pillow is probably the best bang,for your buck pillow,that ive gotten because if someone,comes in my house at night ima whack em,with it and theyre down,out for the count love this pillow im,gonna go to sleep,[Music],hey everybody welcome back to an episode,of rantas reviews this is part two of,the review video for the pluto pillow,and lets see a few things on the,outside that it says,i want to focus on personalized,this pillow was definitely personalized,for me because not only did i take a,quiz,asking me all the questions about how i,sleep what my sleep cycle is like if my,mattress is firm or if its too soft or,what my current pillows like,they ask a lot of questions to see if,youre a,perfect pillow that they can build for,you so i answered a bunch of questions,and then they took it a step further,i reached out to their customer service,team and i basically gave them some,notes some information on me,they build like a sleep profile for you,that allows you to,pretty much have all of your information,its like your facebook profile,of your pillow sleep second one being,hybrid design,its definitely unique in the way it was,designed there are 35 variations of the,pillow,so being that its so many different,versions that you can,create of it i definitely think its a,hybrid design that theyre able to,pretty much build you the perfect pillow,so ive had pillows that are too soft,and ive had pillows that are like too,hard and too heavy,this pillow does have some heft to it,but its not to the point where its,like,wow this is insane i cant handle this,much pillow,its actually a good enough weight to,where its like it stays,the same place at night you dont wake,up halfway on it and like your neck all,messed up so,bounce back the pillow does actually,maintain its shape very well,its a good support nice and firm but,again thats how my pillow is built,i guess you can have really like thick,and really like fluffy pillows and you,can have like,i guess thin or like harder pillows or,you know whatever your,need is but this one was firm enough to,the point where it didnt have like a,weird you know,indent to it it did bounce back so it,says temperature controlled i didnt,really get the full effect of that i put,it on a pillow sheet as soon as i got it,through that pillow sheet right in the,washer got some fabric softener on it or,a fabric sheet,made it smell fresh and i just slapped,that on so,that might be getting in the way of the,temperature control,but um honestly it never overheated on,me so i called that a win,and here it is folks the pluto pillow,again its really nice i think its the,perfect pillow,to either have an epic pillow fight,where you actually might do some damage,to somebody or,i think this pillow is great for if you,are an individual that has,neck pain at times my neck pain got a,lot better after getting this pillow,could be the cloud effect could be the,fact that its just made with some,really high quality material see that,bounce back,so for this pluto pillow king size,i award it the highest of rantas,reviews honors,a 10 out of 10. the fact that theres 35,variations,and they customize it and custom make it,for you i think thats just a really,innovative property for a company to,follow with their product,its not a oh you dont like it too bad,its like,no let us know how we can help make the,best pillow for you and then again the,fact that they have,all those variations and their pillow,profile i will call it,they have their pillow profile which,helps them in building you the right,pillow,and its not like oh i took the test you,can add notes later,as long as its within the right,timeline and the you know,get it made the way you want it and when,i reached out to their customer service,they told me that they have a 100 nights,of sleep guarantee,meaning you have a hundred nights to use,it try it like it,and if youre not satisfied with it if,youre not happy about it,they can replace it try to get you one,that works better for you maybe the,first one wasnt exactly right maybe,theres some details you need to include,for them,you know to get it exactly right but,hundred night sleep guarantee,and if youre not happy in general,theyll replace your pillow,all i know is their customer service,very on point the only two,comments that id make as far as,something i didnt expect on the pillow,theyre not really,you know disappointing factors but,theyre just i didnt expect them one is,the pillow is quite heavy,so thats just something to keep in mind,um if youre looking for like,light as a feather pillow this thing,does have some weight to it,could make interesting for a pillow,fight ill tell you that much ill tell,you what,and then the smell of the pillow when it,came it you know how you get a new car,smells like new car,this smelled like new pillow i just put,a clean freshly laundered,pillow case on it and it smelled great,and the last factor why i give this a 10,out of 10,is because even though the price may,seem expensive for repo because theres,a lot of different price ranges on the,market,for what you get i think 115 dollars for,the king size and 95 dollars for the,regular size pillow is more than worth,it,because this things gonna last me if,youre willing to invest money into,your mattress you should definitely be,willing to invest money into your pillow,because,the mattress is where your body lays but,the pillow is where your head lays,so your heads as important as your body,you should have a nice pillow for it,customized if there was anything that,upset me about it id definitely,communicate it,but i couldnt find anything wrong with,it i like the heavy pillow some people,might not like how heavy it is,dont pillow fight with it i was kidding,about that before you dont want to,knock your friend across the room,overall very happy with the pluto pillow,i recommend it to anyone whos trying to,get a better nights sleep,and i recommend it to anyone whos had,the same pillow for the past year or,even couple years or even,even six months i dont know some,pillows if you buy it for 20 bucks,its a 20 pillow so again i was very,happy with this pluto pillow,so pluto pillow was so excited about my,excitement in the pillow that they,actually asked if i wanted to,you know partner with them through my,youtube channel rantas reviews,uh so they provided me a link im gonna,copy that link in the bio but that link,can get you ten percent off of your own,pluto pillow,so that link is in the bio below if,youre going to buy a pluto pillow,use my link get 10 off 115,on this pillow save you 15 bucks thats,lunch,so choice is up to you i like saving,money,i imagine most people do too so go ahead,and click that link,check out the pluto pillow build your,own get the best customer service,pillows can buy,and ill see you on the next review,[Music],you

Pluto Pillow Review | The best pillow in the universe

hey welcome to my channel I am here to,talk about the Pluto pillow,you may or may not have seen this on,Shark Tank this company was actually on,Shark Tank so what they do is they ask,you a series of questions that you fill,out online and then they will create a,special pillow for you based on how you,answer I said what I said and heres the,recap of my answers the letter goes hi,Stephanie Burke lets recap your answers,you are 56 and currently weigh 159,pounds your current pillow is filled,with zero to three inches in height in,super soft furnace you rate it your,current pillow as a three of five you,think your current pillow feels is just,right and height is too low you seem to,prefer plushy and melt in you generally,settle into bed on your side and wake up,on your side our algorithm determines,the height of your Pluto pillow using,your body stats and sleep positions for,proper neck alignment since you rated,your current pillow a three of five we,will also take this into account and,create something better suited to you,based on the data you provided your,Pluto pillow form core and plush cover,will combine to give you that plushie,and melt-in feeling you prefer,I got to tell you the first two nights,definitely I noticed I did sleep really,really nicely but I wanted you to see,the construction of it so you can get an,idea of what this pillow looks like,you can unzip it,and I havent had to wash it so I dont,know what it was was going to act like,if its get if it gets washed and it,will get washed because I do wash my,pillows but for the purpose of this,review I dont have that answer yet but,as you can see they have this little,holes up in here now I actually sleep,with no less than five or six pillows so,this is just the one this will be the,one that I would definitely I sleep on,with my head you know use it for my head,position,uh and then of course I still have my,pillows that are from my arm my back my,legs I just surround myself with pillows,but I did love the way it slept like I,said Ive been on it for two weeks and,Im one of those people that I go to,sleep on my side thats always,I dont always wake up on my side I,dont know because I toss and turn if I,were to buy another one,which I didnt buy this when they sent,me this but if I were to buy another one,um my guess is I might get it a little,bit firmer for me just a little bit,and I would still keep this one you know,and probably just switch off at,different times you know because you,just never know what you feel like but,for now like I said Im very pleased and,happy with this one they gave me a,special discount code to give to you all,so you can use the link that Ill have,in the description area and go ahead and,save yourself a percentage when you,place your order pillow,look for him on Shark Tank hi sharks Im,Susannah Im Kevin while shopping online,youre faced with an overwhelming number,of options that can be hard to compare,with one another,Pluto pillow you guys,Pluto Pluto Pluto pillow,at the time I recorded this video I had,only used the pillow for about two weeks,now add another three and a half to four,weeks to it in total were looking at,six weeks or so that Ive been enjoying,this pillow Ive gotten used to the,softness and Ive noticed that Im not,really hot and sweaty by sleeping on it,so that is an additional plus so I want,you guys to have the opportunity to save,when you purchase your pillow go ahead,and use my link below save yourself 10,and until then you guys stay blessed and,stay happy see you at the next video,so check out my description down below,and you will see a link to use to save,yourself 10 when you purchase this,pillow till then I will see you guys at,my next video

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Shark Tank US | Pluto Pillow Company Get An Offer!

[Music],first into the tank is a customized,version of a bedtime essential,[Music],hi sharks im susannah im kevin and,were seeking four hundred thousand,dollars for a five percent equity stake,in our company pluto pillow now i know,what youre all thinking another pillow,company well yes but thankfully here at,pluto we do things differently see,finding the perfect pillow can be so,amazing but finding the right pillow for,you can also be super hard heres how it,usually goes while shopping online,youre faced with an overwhelming number,of options that can be hard to compare,with one another and with tens of,thousands of search results how do you,know which would work best for you,in stores is it better to squeeze,pillows with your hands or should you,awkwardly place your head on the dirty,display pillows the answer is both suck,well with pluto theres a better way,pluto is a custom pillow company that,custom builds pulls to you based on your,body stats how you sleep and what you,like,heres how it works simply visit our,website fill out a quick questionnaire,tell us about your current pillow what,you like what you didnt like about it,then answer a few questions about your,personal preferences then all of your,data runs through our algorithm helping,us create the perfect pillow for you our,modular design allows us to create over,35 possible variations through our,innovative process,the best part while there are a ton of,pillows out there nobody else does this,even better our customers love us so,sharks before you hit snooze which one,of you will join us in helping everyone,get a good nights sleep,all right sharks um right in front of,you in those really cool boxes are your,very own custom pluto pillows,now we have to do some research to,figure out what we should craft for you,we think these make great starting out,points so mark word around the league is,that you prefer fill pillows over foam,pillows and you like your pillows to be,really soft so we made sure to craft,that squishy squishy squishy i like my,pillow squishy daniel we heard how,important it is for your sleep products,to be hypoallergenic the good news is,all of our pillows are we crafted a,pillow for you thats both light and,soft,mr wonderful we heard that you prefer,fill pillows over foam pillows so weve,made one for you thats just that but,one that never flattens,laurie you tend to heat up at night and,you like more of a medium firmness level,and lastly robert lucky you youre,exactly the same as mr wonderful folder,that you love thick plushy filled,pillows yours is a quilted cover while,kevins is a smooth so sharks enjoy your,out of this world pluto pillow suzanna i,have a question i always assumed that,there was actually,a better pillar for everyone are you,saying that thats not the case that,really truly there is no scientific best,for everybody there isnt so we take,your body stats sleep positions and,preferences so we know that like lets,say if youre a side sleeper you need,that like neck support for the neck to,shoulder tip ratio whereas like a,stomach sleeper its better if you sleep,on a flat pillow but besides that we,also have empirical evidence we have,over 1.5 million data points that we,take into account of like what makes a,great pillow for you what do you mean by,those 1.5 million data points so we have,an algorithm on our site that every time,anyone goes on our website orders a,pillow we store this information and,then we look at other people who answer,similarly to that person,and then we see like exactly what kind,of pillow would be best for them with,this data point and this has actually,led to a very low return rate compared,to the industry average the industry,average is 12.95,while ours is sub 8 and we did this in,two years break down the numbers for me,2018 197k when we first started 2019,473k and this year so far is 490k there,you go wow whats the average sales,price we saw our standard sizes for 95.,how are you manufacturing so how this,works is if you guys open up your,pillows inside theres actually a foam,core and its surrounded by a plush,outer cover so theres these two main,parts and through our questionnaire when,it goes to our algorithm the computer,actually decides like hey this person,needs this foam with that plush cover so,someones in the facility picking yes,they just,put it together just two components and,variations of those two components two,components make over 35 variations that,feel really different one pillow you,sell it at 95,and then what does it cost you including,fulfillment and what is your what do you,have left so 95 18 shipping and it cost,us 25 to 30 dollars to make the pillow,so 43 so you only have about 50 margins,yes so with that its 50 or 60 just cost,of goods sold so thats not a big ratio,it sounds like youre normally gross,margin structure is not so good is there,a reason why because no matter how much,you grow if your gross margin out the,gate is bad youre just compounding the,problems why are your gross margins not,healthy and thats why with like if we,could have a bigger size warehouse to,order more materials we could get that,down to 20 to 25 instead of 25 to 30.,youre talking about a few dollars like,18 of your cost to shipping right tell,me a little bit about the back end,operations how big is the team so before,this year it was actually just us two we,boxed every pillow we answered all the,customers you guys did all the boxing in,the warehouses,and now we have we hire two pillow,builders um we have pillow builders yeah,and we have someone who is full time on,customer service i want to share with,you a few things my thoughts well youre,picking something smart because pillows,are great and everybody needs pillows,its also an extremely competitive space,and i just think the combination of that,along with your valuation,just not the right investment for me im,sorry im out,thank you very much,yes guys you guys are super impressive i,think lori makes a really good point,about how competitive that,industry is but nobody does what were,doing in terms of taking body stats,sleep positions and preferences account,and we have a utility patent penny we,have over one point five years,pending on what on the way we make the,pills combined with the algorithm,and we have over 1.5 million data points,that no other company has in terms of,like evidence on like what makes a good,pillow we did all the hard work already,right we already established the brand,we already created a product guys you,have it so here im guessing youre,using machine learning because its,linear right 1.5 million data points is,nothing,but you actually have kind of dropped,the ball and i can tell by your answers,because the better approach is to say,based off my data points including my,orders i can build in anticipation of,what will be ordered and where theyll,be ordered from because you already know,based off your machine learning,algorithms how many orders are going to,take place from this part of the country,that part of the country this part of,the country that part of the country im,saying all this because i dont think,youve gone through that whole process,yet right and i dont think youre fully,aware of all the things youre going to,have to go through yet to get there so,for those reasons im out,i love pillows im obsessive about,pillows,but you know this world of algorithm,everybody talks about how they have an,algorithm and im not 100 sure that,nobody else can do that,i dont think this is where im going to,sleep comfortably so im out,thank you very,much this had been,for a lower amount of capital,risk,i would have probably done it just for,the talent,but you guys are too small for 8 million,bucks,im out,thank you kevin,i have to tell you when you came out,here and you started talking about,pillows i was born out of my mind i,couldnt have been less interested,but you sold me,and,i think theres a couple of big problems,to marks play your algorithm its not,predictive youv

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Pluto Pillow Review – The Best Pillow On The Planet?

Katie: Hey, guys, its Katie from Mattress Clarity.,Today Ive got an out-of-this-world pillow review because weve got the Pluto Pillow.,Thats right, I like a good space pun.,Anyway, this pillow is customized, personalized, just for me.,Thats because Pluto gives you a questionnaire to fill out online.,You give them all your stats, and they use their fancy algorithm to basically design,the pillow thats perfect for you.,Now, theres about 25 different variations that they work with.,Ill have, basically, a hybrid design.,Were talking a solid foam core and a plush outer cover.,Now, if you want to know more about the process and whether or not I like my pillow, hop on,the rocket ship, because were heading to Pluto.,[music],Katie: Before we talk about how they make the pillow for you, I just want to know how,many of you are into this, “give your information, have someone create a pillow for you,” idea.,Comment “yes” below if youre all about it, or “no” if youre like, “Im not so sure,,I kind of want to see how this goes.”,Definitely let me know.,Im curious what you think about it.,Now, lets talk about how they make this pillow.,First of all, go to Plutos website.,Theyre going to have a questionnaire for you.,Its very thorough.,They ask you your basic stats, your height, your weight.,Theyre also going to talk to you about your sleep position, what you like and dislike,about the pillow you had before.,They leave a box at the end where you can basically give them all the information you,want.,I do want to mention that their customer service is great.,They reached out to me to clarify some things that I put and ended up helping me decide,to tweak my answers a little bit.,Im so glad they did.,I really like my pillow, so much, in fact, that I want to talk to you more about it right,now.,I want to do a deeper dive into this pillow and show you all the design components and,the materials that they use.,I do want to remind you that your answers to the questionnaire are going to be different,than mine, so your individual sleep profile will look different.,As a result, your pillow is definitely going to look different than mine, unless were,the same person, which were probably not, so just keep that in mind.,Theyre all going to have a hybrid pillow in the pillow idea or design involved.,Theyre all going to have a foam core and a plush outer cover.,Theyre just going to look a little bit different.,For me, this is a polyethylene polyester blend on the outside.,Now, the polyethylene is there to help you sleep cool.,It has a coolness to the touch.,Its got a little bit of a slippery feel to it.,Thats because I told them I sleep hot.,Now, you can access the inner core with this zipper.,You can unzip this outer pillow and reach the inner one, which is essentially a piece,of solid foam.,Mines ventilated for breathability.,I believe this is a piece of memory foam, although it is really responsive.,Its got almost a little bit of a bounce to it, but it is on the softer, plusher side,,and it is on the thinner side.,Now, the rest of this pillow has got polyester fibers in here.,This is going to give me that feel, that down alternative, but Im not going to lose any,support because Ive got this foam core.,Now, this outer cover is machine washable and dryable, but youre not going to want,to wash the core.,Right now, the pillows just come in one size, and theyre $85.,There are so many things I like about the Pluto Pillow.,They do a great job of asking you the right questions, to begin with, all the things that,they really need to know to help design the right pillow for you.,I do think its going to be a great fit for those who are looking for that best-of-both-worlds,,hybrid feel.,Youve got that solid foam core thats not going to go flat.,Its going to maintain its shape and give you support.,This polyester outer cover, the outer pillow, is soft.,It gives you that softer, down alternative feel overall.,Of course, its nice that you can remove this cover, machine wash and dry it, as well.,I cant speak highly enough about the customer service.,They did a great job of contacting me and reaching out when they read my answers to,my questions.,They wanted to see if I want to tweak my pillow.,You know what?,Im so glad I did, because I got a pillow that I actually really love and sleep with,every night.,Here are a few things to consider about this pillow.,First of all, youve got to be on board with this hybrid pillow and the pillow design.,Although it is customized to you in terms of firmness and loft height, outer fabric,,it is always going to have that solid foam core and this plush outer cover, no matter,what.,Also, this polyethylenes cool-to-the-touch cover is a little bit slippery.,Sometimes, especially with softer pillowcases, it can slip off at night.,If that bothers you, its something to think about, as well.,Right now, the pillow only comes in one size and it is about $85.,That may not be in everyones budget.,I want to talk to you about how your sleep position affects what kind of pillow you end,up with.,In the questionnaire, theyre going to ask you what your primary sleep position is and,what position you wake up in.,For me, for example, I told them I tend to fall asleep on my side.,Sometimes I roll onto my back, but I mostly always wake up on my side.,They designed my pillow accordingly.,Now, the one nice thing is that you could unzip this pillow, take out that inner foam,core, and I could just use that plush outer pillow to sleep on my stomach.,It would create a flatter, probably softer, surface.,Overall, I had a really good experience sleeping on my side and my back with this pillow, which,is great, because thats what it was designed for.,Well, if you cant already tell, I really like my customized Pluto Pillow.,The whole process was seamless for me.,I really appreciated that extra customer service.,I also really like the packaging.,They gave me a cool box with a little piece of candy in it.,Thank you.,Also, they gave me a little recap of all my answers and basically reminded me of what,I asked for.,Now, it does come with the 100 Night Sleep Trial.,I would recommend giving it at least two weeks of that sleep trial to try it out, especially,if youre getting a pillow thats very different from the one that youve been sleeping on,before.,Now, definitely comment below.,Tell me if youre into this personalized idea or not, and check out my full review.,The link is in the description below.,Now, Im going to go take a nap, so Ill see you later.,Thanks.

Comparing the 5 Most Requested Pillows! Purple Harmony, Coop, Sleepgram, Pillow Cube, Angel Sleeper

– Welcome back everybody. Now, today Im here,with my twins, Brandon and Noah.,And the three of us have just finished,six weeks of testing out the top five requested pillows,here in Freakin Reviews.,Thats todays video.,(introduction music),All right. So this is… These are all the pillows,right here.,No preliminaries.,Were just getting right to it.,Were going to go from the least expensive,to the most expensive just as a quick overview,and get into the details.,So lets get all the pillows out of here.,All right. The first contender,is the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper.,And this was $39.99.,Next up is the Coop Home Goods adjustable loft pillow,,$59.99.,This big boy is the Sleepgram. This was $68.09,That extra $0.09 makes a big difference, does it?,- Always.,- $68.09 for the Sleepgram adjustable pillow.,This one youve probably seen advertised,on social media. This is the Pillow Cube.,Very interesting.,And this one was $69.99,(laughs),And finally, the most expensive of the bunch,is the Purple Harmony Pillow. This was $159,,and they added two Nevada taxes to it.,They added Nevada state tax and Nevada county tax,which Ive never seen before so I ended up paying $172,for it.,But, maybe itll be worth it. Lets find out.,So, first up weve got the Angel Sleeper.,Now, this was kind of an interesting one.,As Seen on TV. The only As Seen on TV,of the bunch.,If you put your neck this way, youre supposed,to be good for side sleepers.,And, youre supposed to put your neck here,if youre a back sleeper. So, its an interesting concept.,Oh, it also has these cutouts where you can put,your arms if youre a side sleeper.,So, its some interesting features Ive never seen before.,So the way this video is going to go is Im…,They didnt do this, but I actually recorded,my progress for the last six weeks.,So Ill show you my initial reaction,,and then my reaction after one day of sleeping on it.,And then, well come back and talk about it.,So lets go to my initial reaction,of the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper.,Wow. It looks small in that bed.,Here we go. First impression.,First impression is kind of hard.,That really contours my head and neck quite well.,Its funny. Like, thats a lot of memory foam pillows.,It feels really nice when you push down on it,,but when you put your head on it, it feels a lot harder.,I think itll soften up like a meat tenderizer.,I guess Ill see how it goes tonight and over the next week.,So it should be fun.,But tonight, Angel Sleeper, day one.,(snaps),All right. Its time for my day one check in,of the Angel Sleeper.,I have it in a pillowcase, but lets take it out of there.,All right. I did not get a good nights sleep,with the Angel Sleeper last night.,In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night,with a backache and this morning with a headache.,I dont know about this one. Im going to keep trying though.,But heres my initial observation.,This is how its supposed to be for a side sleeper,,your neck here, your head here.,This is for back sleeper, your neck here, your head here.,Im a side sleeper, so I slept with this configuration.,And even though it looks kind of thin right there,,it feels like a shelf that my neck goes off of.,Its because its not really that forgiving.,It feels soft to your hands, but not to your head.,So I dont know.,Im kind of dreading the next six days,,unless somehow I get used to this,,because this is not,a pleasant sleep at all for me.,But, hopefully one of my kids actually gets a better,experience than I did when they use it.,But for now, day one, not happy.,I should point out that we took turns each week,,sleep on a different pillow, and then there was a sixth week,that we each kind of did a refresher and just went back,to revisit all the different pillows we tried. So…,By the way, we all had to take notes here,,because in my case, I tried this one six weeks ago,so I…,I do have some notes. So, hopefully you dont think,thats cheating.,You had it five weeks ago.,So, youre…,Its been a while for you. – Yeah. Its been a while.,- So… So, what were your initial thoughts,of the Angel Sleeper?,- Well, at first I thought it was really firm,and all the pillows I have in my room.,Theyre not firm.,So I thought, okay, I might like this one.,Its pretty thin. – It is thin.,- Im a side sleeper so, you know,,the indents would be nice.,But, when you put a pillowcase on it,,it takes away half of the features on this pillow.,- You mean the indents?,- Yeah. – Yeah. Cause when you put,a pillowcase over it, then its like,you really cant find them.,- Yeah.,- You have to like stick your hand into the pillowcase,and like finagle your arm.,- Finagle.,(giggles),- Oh, I actually found that…,Not to interrupt, but I found that, that I wanted,my hand to go in more. Its like it wasnt deep enough.,- Because I have skinny arms. Look at this.,And, I still needed to like go in more.,- Yeah. And I think your, your…,the skinniness of your arms are upper 90th percentile.,- At least. At least 98.,- 98lbs for 98th percentile.,The skinny arms. Thats right.,(giggles),So, what did you, what did you think about it, Noah?,- I thought that it was…,Well, obviously its very firm and stiff and…,the way that I sleep, I take to the corner kind of,I like shift slowly to the corners of the pillow,in my sleep.,- Yeah. I do too, actually.,- When I was trying to use this,,because my head would be more like here,,but I felt it was almost too stiff for my liking.,The thinness also was a bit weird.,Like, I like my big fluffy pillows usually.,- Okay.,- It didnt feel very cloud-like to me.,- No.,(giggles),It was the opposite of a cloud.,- What clouds are floating around like that in the sky.,- Its a thick cloud.,But, I think I would, I would agree that like,if you sleep right in the center of the pillow,and you like a firm thin pillow, this is a really nice one.,But…,- 100%.,- I end up gravitating towards the side as well.,And I felt like my head was being kind of,maneuvered towards the center and I didnt want to be.,And It was just way too hard for me.,I actually had…,I had a headache the first night.,- Yeah. That… Me too.,When I used this every single night,,I just had a really bad stiff neck and a bit,of a headache too.,- My headache only lasted the first night.,I mean after a couple nights, I kind of got used to it.,I mean I…,It got better over time, and I, I just dont think,that the three of us collectively like this type,of pillow. I mean if you like a firm thin pillow,,it definitely would be a good contender.,I just…,I wanted to like it more, you know? But, I didnt.,So, just out of curiosity, anybody…,Were going to rank these from five to one,at the end, by the way. So, anybody rank this number one?,- No.,- I dont think so.,- I would have a hard time doing that.,All right.,All right. So next up is the Coop Goods Home…,Home… Coop?,(giggles),Next up is the Coop Home Goods.,What is it called?,Next up is the Coop Home Goods premium adjustable,loft pillow.,It sounds…,Thats a lot. But what they do is they give you,extra foam filler.,And they pack it pretty full.,And you can adjust it by taking out or adding,however much filler you want.,So lets first flash back to my initial reaction,to that and then well give our opinions of it.,Brandons done with the Purple Pillow.,Noahs done with the Pillow Cube.,So, Brandons going to get stuck,with the Angel Pillow next.,I shouldnt say stuck. He might like it.,But Im moving on to the Coop.,Thats where Im heading right now.,Im not sure if Im just excited to be done,with the Angel Sleeper or excited to try this one out.,They said to prep your pillow by putting in the dryer,,which I did.,They say for side sleepers, to try it as is first,which I will do.,But if I find it to be too thick,,i can just take the foam out.,Its too thin? I can add more foam to it.,They do allow pretty access to the foam here.,And I dont know what Ill do with that,if I take any out, but its just like a shredded,memory foam.,All right. Let m

Pluto Pillow Review | Personalized Pillows!

ira told me i should make this review,about how good this is for pillow,fighting,and now im single oh my god,[Music],so hello and welcome back to whatever,this is today i am very excited,because were gonna be reviewing,something that probably doesnt speak to,everyone,but definitely spoke to me because,i believe in betting you spend so much,of your time,in bed or at least i do 20 20 has been,rough im just saying i went to sleep at,8 30 last night that is a,childs bedtime but regardless if youre,getting adequate amounts of sleep youre,spending a lot of time in your bed,so why wouldnt you prioritize your,bedding,so when pluto pillow reached out to me,if you did not know pluto pillow is an,entirely,customizable pillow that is specifically,made for a jew yes,you heard me right and now i am deceased,[Music],and how this works is very easily you,just go onto their website you fill out,a form this asks you a series of,questions such as what is your age your,weight your height do you sleep on your,side on your back,do you like a firm pillow a soft pillow,once you are done filling out your,questionnaire they are going to make,your customized pillow,ship it off and within a few days it,will arrive at your home in a very,pretty,box so i as im sure some if not many,would say,im a little neurotic i,if i dare say would label my last pillow,as very expensive this is going to sound,absurd to some of you and i respect that,but i,also just ask you to kindly remember,that at the time that i purchased this,pillow,i was working very long days to put my,little bony butt,through school so it was all my,hard-earned money,that spent like 150 on this pillow,now you can find pillows that are more,expensive than that but i do understand,if youre used to like a tj maxx,uh pillow and trust me im a maxinista,i get that spending 150,on a pillow is very expensive,but this is also something that i got my,junior year of college,so this has lasted me a while,i am getting old and at the time the,thing is too,is that i spent a lot of time,researching what i thought was going to,be,my perfect pillow this pillow i chose,specifically,because of its firmness this is,basically a rock,and thats how i thought i liked it also,it is a nice classy,memory foam and it is a cooling pillow,and what im getting at here is,you had some work to do my friend but i,do want to preface this portion with i,was,sent this pillow and also mamas being,sponsored,but these are all truly my thoughts my,opinions but i just want you to have the,full storkel package,in case that makes a difference for you,so when i filled out my,quiz i put in basically all the same,things that i felt like i had already,known about my previous pillow that i,wanted something firmer i do get really,hot when i sleep at night so i like,things cooler,i will say i was a little hesitant,because this my friends,this is very squishy which if youre,into that is great but when i was kind,of comparing,my current pillow that i had been using,to my pluto pillow,things just didnt really line up,especially when i felt like i was quite,happy with my previous engagement but,obviously i hadnt actually used it i,didnt really know anything about it so,i was like im gonna give this a try,but i wont lie to you i kept the,shipping box that it came in because,i was a little bit suspect but something,that i think is really cool and,important to note is,all the pluto pillows do come with a 100,day trial,so if you do end up getting this and,youre like i dont know,about this and you try it for a couple,weeks and it doesnt work out for you,you can always return it and you can go,back to your previous,brick but i did find out later on that,they actually do recommend that you,obviously give your your pillow a chance,obviously if you dont like you dont,like it but they do recommend that you,give it about a two-week trial period,because what they find is a lot of the,time that you end up actually loving the,pillow,it just took a couple days and thats,what happened to me,it has now been over a month since i,have been exclusively using,my pluto pillow im proud to say we are,very happy together so like my last one,this one does have a cooling cover,which is what i want in life i see cool,just like my hair,another thing that i really appreciate,which is like i feel like this could go,either way for people is,this is a very like sleek cover,and i dont know if that makes any sense,but the reason why im bringing it up is,i like it because i hate,typical pillow cover textures i cant,handle it,so this ideal my last one was okay this,one didnt bother me but it doesnt like,i dont want to touch it and i know,thats not the reason why you get a,pillow but im just saying iras pillow,i will not call me a drama queen,i dont care i will not touch that mans,pillow like when i change the sheets,im holding on to the corners of his,cover shaking the pillow out it just,feels like if i ever have calluses on my,hands if its gonna get stuck in it it,disgusts me,this smooth as oh ho ho ho,but i do think because of this its,easier,for your pillowcase to come off of it if,that makes sense again i,like this better i would rather have,something im cool with touching,when i change my pillows and its not,like a huge deal like theres only been,one time where ive been like oh,this has kind of slipped down but also i,sleep very aggressively,another thing is i do believe that all,of their pillows,are memory foam so if you are someone,that just hates,cannot do memory foam this might not be,the option for you but if the reason you,dont like memory foam is because you,feel like its too hard,or its not like gushy enough this,this is like a medium pillow and look,look at her bend look at her move,a really big difference actually that i,noticed between my pluto pillow compared,to my other one,is i used to and ive said this before,ive always kind of slept like partially,on my pillow partially under the pillow,usually i would find myself,doing this while i slept like you know,when you like kind of half wake up at,night and you rearrange yourself and you,fall back asleep,thats when i would be doing it and i,realized recently that i wasnt doing,that,because i was sitting in bed watching tv,probably was a saturday night getting,crazy and i was texting back and forth,with my friend,because she lives in new york and as new,york does,she has cockroaches in her house and,oh you know when you hear a story about,a bug or a spider or something and,youre not cool with that like,that was the first time that i jammed my,head under my pillow because i was like,oh no,like oh bug on my face and then it,dawned on me,i havent actually done this other than,like security purposes,since i started changing my pillow and i,was like actually it kind of makes sense,because since my previous pillow is much,thicker,i kind of realized when im sleeping on,this like im a side sleeper and i think,this ones a little,too high necessarily like like for my,body that what ends up happening is i,was kind of like having my neck,at more of an angle than it probably,should have been because the reason why,i would often go underneath my pillow is,because it felt better,to kind of like relieve it like i was,kind of switching back and forth of,having it up a little,to completely flat and now i havent,really done that,and this one is a lot smaller i was like,oh,the more you know high five so overall,final thoughts,i think theres a lot of pros to getting,a pluto pillow from my experience with,using it i found that changing my pillow,up and kind of like,letting my fate be decided for me,actually fixed a lot of things that i,didnt even really know that i,needed so ordering with them does take,all the guesswork out of it also you,dont have to leave the house to get it,and overall i think this is something,that similarly to my last one i will use,for a really really long time the care,on these is really easy all you have to,do is unzip and remove the cover,dont

The customizable Pluto pillow will give you the best sleep of your life

[음악],아,to myr 뭐,영상,예 이율리 데 살 많이 해,two,[음악],콩 밝게 친분을 비바 서서 팝업 어린 놈의 1 와 이야,서브 w 스카우트 마의 수 qu,[음악],부르는 먹다가 큐슈 pope row row 합니까 말씀,나원 치아 고 2때 from every 암초 cw 수입 부터 숙소 무리한,베이징 땡큐 발이 왈 분 충원에 필요도 unwrap 나선 참 살아보니,바르게 다 있고 이 붕어 소스 disc q 컴퓨터에 대한 짜리 나은 wr,착수 유비 숲은 카다피 감추고 않나 소개 터 컴샘 그렇게 때문에 4 시프,카스트 말씀 5 제알 2 세포의 손이 것을 더불어 퍼가 3 소아 매일,내가 죽어 빕 수불 콕 와인과 전력 배우긴 허락 나의 무지 도미에 따서,좀 해 아내가 아이디어 아아 처럼 이 철저히 미인 치우,카네코 scoliosis 이프 발전기 짝 마셔 ui i see some,앞 스포 리퍼 고 쏙 빼고 있어 써대는 갯수 이불 커 쉽게 미우 스코어의,아무래도 한방 3배 뽑을 와 그밖의 스타 그래서 사라진 # 50평 와우,방어 볼 때 는 편곡 – q 에센스 엄마 비스듬히 인사이더 뭐라 긴거,ie 뭐 아오바 보나르 3 대학 으스스 볼 서버 폼 일어 인텔로 비스타,미까 살아서 수분 오워 슈스케 와 10화 우아한 미항 박사 핀코 악기 얀,거운 시간 빈 연하 아예 안 됐어 소유격 붓도 붓도 거야 어 있어 거,아닌 머슴이 카스파 셔터가 반납해 바른쪽 my web 10,었소 원해 집에 댄스 사례 타석 안 좋은 게임 spout 그들을 외출 뺌,out once 티샷 아닌 합쳐 규리하 해킹의 선고 초속 골드 달 브리딩,업소가 토마스 보다 인기 감싸 안으 데코 악,bof cpo 육수 불펜 지금 결크 앓게 우고 점차 or 봐 너 아예,모든게 좋았던 모습으로 뵙게 정말 날려 추격 위한 악한 따르지 1 2,뼈가 꼬물이 by powers 빚고 있어 미 와 너무,yoon 알아주고 owl 차원의 아예 그 또한 주체 크므로 내 앞에,주임으로 바닥 품행,와우 체르마트 애써 아니니깐,더 없이 스기 나한테 짠 앞서 그 5c 약산 1,1위 esto max repel 으 으,암스 파악할 수 있습니다

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