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Is Term Life Insurance Worth It?? + Policygenius Review

whats up guys welcome back to my,channel in todays video im going to be,talking about my experience getting life,insurance through policy genius i shared,in a video recently that i just got a,term life insurance policy and im,really excited i have a lot of peace of,mind knowing that i have good life,insurance in case something happens to,me my family is going to be taken care,of so todays video im going to talk a,little bit about insurance and like why,life insurance is important and then im,going to get into my specific experience,with policy genius some of you guys may,know that i am an attorney but what you,may not know because i havent really,shared it on here before is that i was,an estate planning attorney so i dealt,with,peoples plans for death and dying a lot,and have a good sense of why life,insurance is such a critical part of a,financial plan so just so you understand,the background that im coming from why,i have some authority to talk on this,subject before i get into it i just want,to remind you guys that this video is,for informational purposes only it is,not financial advice so if you have any,questions specifically about life,insurance,or taxes or anything like that i,recommend that you talk to a financial,professional who can answer your,questions for your specific situation so,i feel like life insurance is a pretty,commonly understood concept but just in,case anybodys unfamiliar life insurance,is exactly what it sounds like its just,insurance on your life when youre,insured with life insurance if you pass,away your,beneficiary gets a lump sum of money,based on what the policy terms are and,that money is generally tax-free meaning,its income tax-free to your beneficiary,um its possible that it would be,subject to a state tax like a death tax,but thats a more complicated topic that,doesnt apply to a lot of people its,really only for high net worth,individuals so generally speaking,life insurance gets inherited tax-free,and,it really helps out your family if,something happens to you while youre,younger and have a lot of working years,ahead of you so the way i think of life,insurance is i think of that as lost,income replacement so somebody who is,older and near the end of their career,um has probably saved up what they need,to save up for retirement and for their,spouse and family and kids for whatever,theyre gonna need to pay for for the,rest of their life because they are like,at retirement age so theyre not in the,wealth accumulation phase but if youre,on the younger side life insurance is,really important because lets say you,have young children and you pass away,and you make fifty thousand dollars a,year and you had another twenty years of,working left that would be a million,dollars of lost income because fifty,thousand dollars times twenty years is,one million dollars so you can see how,life insurance can really be,life-changing for your family if,something happens to you when youre,younger especially if you have young,children or at least that are like,minors and dont earn a lot of money yet,it can be really important the other,reason why life insurance is so,important is because,dying can be expensive final costs can,be expensive administering your state,can be expensive and the last thing,somebody whos grieving wants to deal,with is finances and not having money to,pay for things so thats another reason,why life insurance is so important,because it can really alleviate that,financial stress at a time when people,are grieving your loss so there are,different types of life insurance and,its really important to understand the,differences between them as an attorney,i,didnt sell life insurance so i am not a,life insurance expert but i have working,knowledge of life insurance so i didnt,really need to do any research to decide,what policy i wanted because i already,knew a lot about life insurance but ill,link a couple articles below in the,video description that kind of breaks,down the difference between different,policies but basically theres two main,types of life insurance policies term,life and whole life and theres a couple,really important differences between,them the first one is the length of the,policy generally term life is just like,it sounds its for a term so the policy,that i got is a 30-year term and that,means after 30 years the term expires,and if i want to renew it the company,has the option to change the premium,amount of the policy and as you can,probably imagine after 30 years when im,much older and statistically closer to,death that premium will go way up after,30 years whole life insurance in,comparison generally doesnt have an end,date it just you know goes on as long as,you keep paying the policy premiums the,other main difference between term,insurance and whole life insurance is,the cost and where the premiums go so,for term life insurance its kind of,like other insurance so its you pay the,premiums and if you dont need the,insurance then those premiums are just,gone kind of like car insurance term,insurance is just like that you pay your,premium you dont own it anymore after,you pay it and it just goes to the,company and its gone and the policy,doesnt have a cash value that builds up,in comparison whole life insurance does,have a cash value that builds up so when,you pay your premium the premium gets,you know a portion of it gets invested,and this is the part that i dont really,know all the details of how it works and,i have not really gotten a good,explanation before from a financial,advisor who really understands and can,explain to me the value that you get out,of the investment side of whole life,insurance but anyway it gets invested,and there is a cash value that builds up,in the policy so if you wanted to cash,out the policy you could get something,back from it or if you dont cash it out,it just adds to the death benefit that,you have on the policy so as you can,imagine term life insurance where the,premiums just disappear and dont add up,to a cash value is a lot less expensive,than whole life insurance so for example,when i quit my job i had an option to,continue my life insurance policy,through my employer and because i,thought that i wasnt going to be,eligible for life insurance which ill,get into in a second i looked into it i,i followed up and i was gonna roll over,that policy and take over the premiums,and i followed up with the company i,think it was prudential and i thought it,was gonna be a term life policy but it,was actually a whole life policy when i,called prudential they said okay the,policy has a death benefit of around a,hundred thousand dollars and the premium,will be 226 dollars per month and to me,i really didnt want to pay 226 per,month for a hundred thousand dollar,death benefit so i looked into term life,insurance the term life insurance policy,that i got is 29 a month and has a 500,000 death benefit so you can see how the,cost is literally one-tenth of what i,was going to pay for the whole life,policy and the death benefit is five,times as large so term life insurance is,way less expensive than whole life,youre just not getting that investment,piece okay so lets get into the,specifics of my policy genius experience,when i wanted to get life insurance i,thought i was not going to be eligible,because i used to be a smoker and ive,read a lot about qualifying for life,insurance and really youre,youre deemed ineligible for a period of,time for a lot of companies if you smoke,or you used to smoke so when i found out,my policy from my former employer was,going to be so expensive and it was a,whole life policy i did some math and i,realized i quit smoking more than five,years ago so i thought you know maybe,because im at the five year mark more,than five years since ive smoked,cigarettes that i may be eligible for,life insurance so i called policy genius,i got a person on the phone within i,think 30 seconds and they did an intake,and so they asked me a bunch of,questions about my me

PolicyGenius: Compare and Buy Insurance

my friends I get solicited a lot for,various life insurance companies to run,quotes and whatnot so this is one called,policy genius.com I figured Id share,with you I have my obviously I work for,USA for many years had a second a life,insurance policy a survivor life,insurance policy with tiaa-cref for a,few years I got mine with health IQ,right now because they did a little bit,preference for for weight lifters which,is nice if youre a runner or a biker or,weightlifter theyre gonna write,specific for you and I was pretty,comfortable I got from them but hey Im,always looking always looking life,insurance is commodity anymore for sure,but you cant just look at the price,versus each come to him you got to make,sure that theres things in there that,that can mean something ie not just a,term for it not just the price the,premium but yalls got a looking and,converted later on I was watching one,guys video the other day that was man I,tell you they Ive learned a lot from,that guy too and I was I was quite as,quite pleased Ill find the link Ill,put it in the show notes but lets tap,into this because its more than just,looking at price this company pays that,that kind of pays this Im going with,that company no no you get look more,into that but if right now is looking,policy genius.com and see how the the,underwrite for life insurance they got a,lot of stuff on here man I mean look at,this policy genius.com you go auto,insurance disability renters pet health,homeowners Auto see what they got here,health homeowners on a disability,long-term care vision prescription,discount I mean just I mean Im sure,these guys are brokered what that means,is they take various companies pay to be,on their platform here you know AIG,protective print maybe principles but,Ive been all these various life,insurance companies and auto insurance,companies will pay to be on here that so,basically theyre theyre just,consolidating is a resource of one-stop,shop the thing I can I get concern about,these kind of places its kind of like a,Lending Tree you put your phone number,in there and then you get tons of,solicitations I dont want anything to,do with that so Ive never used Lending,Tree before I dont want to get a bunch,of solicitations so lets see if this uh,what this does,so were gonna find out right so Im,going to up again policy James calm I,start with life and then we might go,into uh will go into long-term care be,kind of interesting,we found insurance in Georgia I did our,to put my zip code in there so basically,what they said is yeah as you can see,right here already put my date of birth,which is not my date of birth,but zip code is three thousand four I do,have a significant other yes and thats,what I put in so far so now lets go to,next pretty simple I havent had to give,up any private information,I set a five nine one ninety which would,probably make me a little bit on the,heavy side for some of these basic,insurers so well see theyll say I,think Im bordering out obese actually,obese and well say I have no I dont,smoke dont do any of that stuff maybe,well come back here and kind of mess,around with somebodys numbers here bad,way Im saying right now none of these,apply to me but got the other day there,just give me a basic quote I mean so you,can pull it ever you want here if facts,are if you have asthma or alcohol abuse,or heart attack or high cholesterol just,cuz youll put in here doesnt mean,anything but you can give it basic quote,thats for sure do I have any parents or,siblings who contracted cardiovascular,disease before theyre seventy nope have,I ever my license suspended revoked be,or had more than one ticket or acts in,the past five years negatory so were,gonna hit nothing there and I think it,wants me to give my email so they can,keep me in there theyre ghosts,here okay I guess not sweet all right,cool so thats kind of cool I like that,all right so lets see uh whos hit got,it here alright so lets see what we got,for here with this guy over at ad oh I,start off and said let me do it my own,where I want expert help and it looks,like the expert help people are up here,so you can see if you want to talk,somebody you can so when I was doing,health IQ you know I could do it all,myself but they still had to give like,an underwriting coordinator he was okay,I was a news okay its better than,actually it was at USAA because USA has,really dropped the ball for a long long,time but the guy had a how to do like,that form like two or three times and I,just kept getting lost in their air so,that Bobby but I was pretty pleased with,health IQ and there,underwriting and thats what their,specialty was was underwriting life,insurance policy genius again theyre,just taking the numbers theyre shopping,it with these various companies,heres AIG for instance and they were,saying hey you know well let you pick,what you want to pick through this,company and then theyre gonna basically,be the intermediaries from what I can,see which i think is pretty cool cool,that way you dont have to worry about,the questions are you gonna get TI a,probably not I can get us a probably not,whats the other big mutual company that,does a lot of term life by State Farm,anyway so heres a a IG so 126 a month,round which a guy forgot to be million,bucks I dont know if I put that in put,that in I cant remember I dont think I,put that camera to be on so maybe 126,four million guys just remember any time,youre doing for a life insurance its,such a commoditized product at literally,250 s be less expensive than 200,000 so,you always want to do it in just these,round numbers 250 500 750 billion,anytime youre in the seventh figure is,its gonna usually take an EKG a little,bit more complex underwriting so if you,dont need a million bucks stay under,the million dollar thing I mean if you,need a million bucks by all means get a,million bucks I mean thats for sure if,you dont need a million bucks,you dont just dont get a million bucks,something because its more intense,underwriting but remember 250 s can be,less expensive generally speak and the,200 on term life insurance just because,its come on die so I mean its,literally its almost like algorithm for,these guys anymore 250 500 750 and a,million dont you dont need to get 1.48,million and run any stupid insurance,calculators that you have a life,insurance needeth 89 million dollars how,did I get that well because we want you,to build pay for your kids to go to,Harvard and you have fun than the,dominant wanna make sure my mortgage is,paid off if I die and leave my wife of,two years of income okay I dont need,one point four eight million dollars I,need something nice around and simple,just keep it simple,keep it simple now heres whole life I,like they put that up thats kind of,cool they uh you got a one thousand a,month whole life thing and there you go,so whole life cost five hundred bucks,typically,five times as much more four to five,times as much as mortar man this one arm,sent rice look at that so actually lets,click on curious yeah there you go lets,see if they show thats whole life,protective so what okay thats okay I,see what theyre saying saying you can,click on this pretty cool you can click,on the stuff you want to get a quote for,my 4948 e14 I dont need 30 years Ill,tell that right now I need 25 years for,me coward till Im getting on Social,Security Ill be done I said 20 years is,perfect so 126 thats not bad I think,with health IQ I got 1.5 million if Im,not mistaken as a 20-year term as rings,a bell to me and I think Im paying,about that right there I took that out,three years ago,so this making up in a living I could to,be honest I cant remember,I got 1.5 million and then paying 150,Im paying about 1,300 bucks,yeah 1350 a year yeah one hundred twelve,twelve dollars yep thats one paying so,now the question is is this quote give,me the preferred rate or just a the,standard rate because remember standard,is kind of like the smokers alright so,he gets you got when

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Life Insurance | Information What to look | Policygenius | How To Get and What

hi Im Rebecca Brannon in this video Im,gonna talk about how you can compare,insurance costs for all types of needs,of insurance insurance is what you buy,just in case some catastrophe in life,comes in getcha and you cant afford to,bankroll it yourself so you need to have,an insurance company thats gonna bring,you the money to fix whatever calamity,just happened whether thats a car,accident or a health issue or a life,insurance to protect your kids and,people you love and take care of or your,house or the home your rent and unless,you have a zillion dollars in your bank,account you may not be able to cover any,of those thats why we buy insurance I,had been researching the internet,because I had some insurance things that,have come up and I need to get new,insurance and as I researched I found,this company policy genius Ive never,seen anything like it before it compares,all kinds of insurance policies for,whatever you need to make sure youre,getting the best value and showing you,what features you get with those,policies and life insurance was so,important to me as a stay-at-home mom,for children this is a painting I,painted I have two of my kids and my,puppy dog during this time I was much,younger and I got a policy that still,stays with me today you might be young,in life and starting out and maybe,youre having kids and at the point in,time you have your children thats the,time to get your policy and policy,genius can compare all the different,rates and the types of policies you,might be interested in,it was brilliant they never had that,when I was younger I had to trust that,one insurance agent would give me all my,best choices that was really tough for,me,and I got a good policy at that time but,little-known fact,I used to sell life and disability,insurance and I was licensed when I was,younger and I know that theres a ton of,stuff going on in that world and unless,you really know what youre getting it,can be scary so policy genius has,figured it out for you and Im thrilled,with all the versions of life insurance,that they offer like term life short,term whole life your whole life hadnt,even no medical exam life insurance I,like that one and theres even a,calculator in the program so you can,figure out what your costs are going to,be by how much you want to buy that was,pretty amazing too,yourself and a healthful resources is,also life insurance advice you can see,what youre gonna need with what your,circumstances are thats amazing you,dont have to rely on appointments with,people you dont know to get this,information its all there in policy,genius and they even have life insurance,company policy reviews so you can see,what people say about them and which one,do you feel most comfortable with after,all it is something thats going to be,with you a long time so you want to make,sure you get the right company thats,covering your life insurance they even,have homeowners insurance and well,compare those rates to across the board,so when shopping you can get all the,comparisons of the rates so you can make,the best value decision on what youre,looking to get I like that I want to,know what the rates are gonna be and I,want to know them against each other and,they have another category called the,insurance checkup and so you can go,through to see what kinds of insurances,you really do need and what you dont,thats super valuable too because you,dont want to waste money on something,you dont really need insurance is,important because its all about saving,you money and planning for things that,you may not have the bank account to do,yourself its for those big things in,life that you wouldnt be able to,finance but would need to fix click the,link below and check out policy genius,its free to check out you can compare,right away all the types of insurances,you might need in your life comment tell,me the things that make you worry the,most what kind of risks you want to,protect against and lets have a,conversation,ring my bell to get notified of my next,video and subscribe to my channel and,lets keep making great recipes in life,like recipes so we dont have to,bankroll a big catastrophe that might be,coming down the road see you next time,and if you like this video I have some,more on similar topics right over here,so click them

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How Life Insurance Providers Are Screwing You Over! – Dave Ramsey Rant

friend of mine sent me this article,earlier its very interesting lawsuits,filed against insurers in recent years,for their practices around Universal,Life Insurance highlight the risks that,these products can pose to unwary,financial advisors and their clients,Transamerica a AXA lincoln national or,examples of firms and the cross fire of,litigation raising the cost of insurance,in a certain universal for raising the,cost of insurance and certain universal,policies nationwide life insurance,company also privately settled a lawsuit,with two individuals in may relative to,variable universal life insurance cost,john hancock said a lawsuit related to,universal life insurance costs 491,million unlike other products like term,and whole life universal life which is,permanent cash value life insurance,allows buyers to make flexible premium,payments that flexibility allows buyers,to fund policies with a relatively low,amount of premiums to keep the insurance,going however a cost increase could,leave these clients with an unattractive,choice pay a much higher annual bill to,keep the contract to float or lapse the,policy altogether they dont know what,they can do says James Hunt a consumer,federation of Americas life insurance,actuary they paid a premium and they,thought they paid for life and now,theyre facing extremely high premiums,to keep them going the recent wave of,lawsuits which began cropping up around,2015 of targeted universal life policies,sold in the 80s and 90s insurers offered,an attractive guaranteed minimum,interest rate to policyholders of about,four to five percent supported by higher,interest rates set by the federal,government during this time but a decade,of rock-bottom interest rates in the,wake of their financial crisis hurt,insurers profitability reducing the,return on the bonds and underpinning,their products and so they jacked the,rates so heres what happens with the,universal life policy why these things,are happening why people are pissed off,about it,so youre told that if you pay a premium,youll have the policy your whole life a,portion of the premium goes to pay for,the insurance and a portion goes into,your investment called a cash value the,problem is these things are based on the,insurance inside of them is based on an,AR T which is an annual renewable term,if you think about it every year you,live youre more likely to die,statistically a forty six year olds more,likely to live to die statistically than,a 45 year old on average a 76 year old,is more likely to die than a 56 year old,on average statistically speaking so,they charge more it costs more because,of the probability of death to ensure,someone whos older everybody get that,and so if the lets say you had $100 a,month with $200 a month premium okay and,if it started out at age 35 and the cost,to cover you at age 35 was $50 a month,of the 200 then youd have 150 going the,investment that should be just fine,right but then what happens is over time,the cost to cover you lets say lets,get you up to age 60 might be two,hundred and fifty dollars but youre,only paying two hundred wheres the,other $50 come from its eating your,savings up that you put in and so your,insurance cost goes up every year to the,point that it passes the premium and,eats up the savings when the savings is,gone the insurance company comes to you,knocking on your door and says now it,costs $300 a month for you to just have,insurance no savings because not only,have as the increasing premium eaten up,what you were paying or the increasing,cost of insurance eating up your premium,but its also going over that eating up,your savings now theres nothing left,and were not gonna cover you anymore,unless you pay this new higher premium,for insurance only you just got screwed,by behind a bad badly designed horrible,financial product,and so when all these guys are if you,dont understand index Universal yeah,the flexible premium yes I do understand,it and Ive seen this happen Ive met,with these people and theyre 65 years,old and their insurance that they paid,into for 40 years has completely self,destructed and now theyre standing,there with nothing and they paid huge,premiums if they have paid one twentieth,as much theyd had term insurance over,all that same twenty year period of time,and they could have invested and then,nobodys going to tinker with their,investments and steal their investments,to pay insurance premiums to some dadgum,insurance company if it if youre if,your insurance product has if you have a,life insurance policy that has a savings,component to it its building up cash,value youre getting screwed the worst,of the worst are these things actually,the worst of the worst of the,old-fashion whole life policies these,things are right behind them but at,least the whole whole life policies,theyre bad as they are theyre,absolutely horrendous,its the payday lender the middle-class,but at least they dont self-destruct,and leave you standing there with none,of your money these things you can,affect flexible premium universal life,policy each you alive and then people,are so pissed off they sue and thats,whats happening 91 million dollars one,of those companies paid whoa baby,I bet that wasnt fun well he was a good,idea drop that crap and get you some,term insurance go to Xandar insurance,calm,[Music]

Case Study: Less is More: How Policygenius Maintains a Personal Touch

these are one of the things that we do,here sharing best practices thats one,of the things the email summit has,always been about,a policy genius built a reputation on,its highly personalized matching of,insurance shoppers,with the right broker and insurer but to,improve service and scale,policy genius had to take what had been,a manual process,and introduce more automation uh,messaging including email was,key to keeping the process as human and,intimate as it was efficient,and when i spoke to uh sarah yamamoto a,few weeks ago about this,they came up with some cool little,tricks little things and thats what,often happens in email the little things,that really matter including a major,redesign of all of their interactions,that were a part of this,sara yamamoto is the crm manager at,policy junior sarah how are you,hey stevens good to meet you guys um,thank you so much for having me here,today,im gonna turn it over to you so you can,dive right in,great so,one second here awesome,can everyone see my screen,cool okay perfect hi email marketers my,name is sarah yamamoto and im on the,crm team at policy,genius i help oversee lifecycle,marketing programs at policy units,primarily for the home at auto insurance,vertical uh,like steven shared with us today ill be,sharing a short case study on how policy,genius uses different email strategies,to really maintain a personal feel in,our email marketing,so who are we heres a quick intro,policy genius is an online marketplace,for all your insurance needs,our mission is to help people get,insurance right by making it easy for,them to understand their options,compare quotes buy a policy and get,advice,all in one place recently weve added,wills and trusts to our product mix with,our first ever mobile,app since 2014 weve helped over 30,million people shop for life insurance,and placed over 75 billion dollars in,coverage,but enough about us lets get to the,good stuff,we all know how effective email,marketing is to grow a business,like all other growing companies email,marketing is,very important uh is a very important,part to uh,the marketing strategy at policy genius,since our product is,mostly online we try to provide as much,information and detail as possible,in our customer emails really tailored,to their specific requests,we do this by personalizing our emails,based on individual customer information,to one connect the dots between the,product experience,and our customer lifecycle programs and,to,keep customers aware and reminded of,important upcoming actions,for example picking an insurance company,for your life insurance or home and auto,insurance needs,scheduling a medical examination and so,much more,our email strategy really incorporates a,healthy mix of template,templated emails and plain text emails,in our automated workflows,we typically use plain text emails for,important announcements,like coronavirus updates agent intros,and timely reminders and nudges and,for everything else we use templated,emails so heres an example of a plain,text email on the left side,left hand side and templated emails on,the right,the reason why we use a mix of both is,because we want to provide variety to,really capture our audiences attention,our primary goal is to get,our users to move forward with their,given quotes to secure their lowest,rates,for home and honor insurance,specifically the prices fluctuate so,often that your quotes can actually,expire within 20 days and so,we really try to solve this by using,different email types,and templates to really encourage action,and we like to cut to the chase by,keeping our emails short and sweet with,clear next steps,and these simple but effective reminders,really serve well for both our business,but also,most importantly our customers,so now ill walk you through our home,and auto product workflow and how we,personalize our emails using the,information,our customers provide,when you first visit our website to shop,for home and auto insurance youll need,to submit specific information based on,your request,if youre buying a new home,congratulations it will definitely need,your new home address,so we can find you accurate quotes if,you are bundling your home and auto,insurance,well likely need your more information,about who will be driving your vehicles,and the vehicle vin number,so on so forth um and then we ask for,your email address and contact,information,so we can send you your quotes and get,in contact with you,we then follow up with a confirmation,email to thank you for your request,and really line out next steps and later,we follow up with the plaintext email,from our agent fabio faschi fabio is one,of our licensed agents,for property and casualty insurance and,hes actually the face of most of our,home and auto emails,um this plain text email was a huge,success for us because,it not only provides a brief,introduction to someone on our,operations team,which really makes it feel a little bit,more real and authentic,but also gives the customers an,opportunity to respond and ask any,questions if they have any,then once quotes are ready we send our,estimated quotes to our users the next,step here is to schedule a review call,so our customers can move forward with,getting their property covered,and after our agents follow up with a,reminder email,to make sure that our customers receive,their quotes and this is,actually dynamically based on the agent,owner,thats assigned to each application,request,these are only a few of the emails that,we send but follow-ups continue,for 30 or so days from the operations,team,and the crm team,so as you can see we really like to keep,it simple here at policy genius,especially because,we can only assume many of our users are,getting a high volume of emails from,many different brands,and insurance is already complicated,enough to understand,so we really like to keep it simple so,that means,adding less fluff really making our,emails more substantial,and beneficial for our users having,clear calls to action,so we like to stick to one or two calls,to action whether its a,call to action button or a hyperlink,within the email,so our users dont get confused about,next steps,and we add more emphasis on how our,agents can help,and how our customers can get in touch,with them all responses to our,emails are visible by our staff,internally so theyre able to read and,reply directly,so it really makes it easier for our,customers to get in touch with us,so i know were all interested in the,numbers so by testing and iterating,we really refined our email marketing,strategy and streamlined our processes,for both,the crm team and operations team,so the follow-up emails improved,conversion rates by over 10 percent,uh to enforce customers,we also saved 2400 hours in just a few,months by automating,emails for the home and auto business,and really allowing,our team to focus more on engaging and,re-engaging with,our customers and cold leads working on,unique requests,and ultimately increasing client,retention,so if youre interested in shaking up,your email strategy,try incorporating different anal styles,into your workflows,by that i mean bringing plain text,emails into your email workflows,uh so first i would uh highly suggest um,identifying key areas in your existing,workflow to improve conversions,if you see a drop in opens or click,rates,try testing out a plain text or a more,simpler format of email,against what what youre currently,sending in your flows it could really,dramatically increase or improve your,conversions and engagements,number two choose a person to be your,brand rep for your emails,as you saw fabio is the face of most of,our home and auto emails so,try internally strategizing strategizing,who would be best to represent your,brand,and last but not least test test and,test again,its important to test your emails and,really see what works best for your,audience because one what works for one,email really might not work for another,um i always try to reme

Are You Making This $47k Mistake?

question is $47,000 this stage were,gonna get to this $47,000 mistake in,just a minute here but I want to take,you back to this Facebook comment I got,on a post about life insurance that I,put up its just I totally agree in 1995,my husband of nine years died and we did,not have term insurance I was left with,two small boys and very little money,when I remarried in 1998 that was the,first thing we purchased as husband and,wife thank God I have not needed it but,its nice to know its there just in,case this is one of those topics that no,one wants to talk about I dont blame,you like we dont really want to talk,about it either but yeah no one wants to,be thinking about you know yeah if you,what will happen if you needed life to,church and the truth is this happens a,whole lot more often than I think we,would all like to admit yeah and my,uncle died unexpectedly like just,completely out of the blue when he was,39 years old and left four little kids,and his wife he did have life insurance,and they were well taken care of so that,they didnt have to think about the,money side of all you know all of this,while they were grieving and they were,allowed space and time to grieve without,thinking about that its challenging,enough as it is but to add the expense,of everything at the same time and going,down to one income and having to you,know feed kids and funeral expenses like,its just something that we want to,avoid if at all possible,yeah and not to mention like I dont,think your aunt was working at the time,no so she didnt have any income at the,time and so this really carried her for,a while well she could grieve right all,right so Im gonna go over a few life,insurance and misconceptions that you,may have these are ones that I had,before we bought it okay so yes you,might be getting some sort of small,insurance policy through your employer,but its pretty rare when that actually,is the amount of life in straits that,you need so you need to figure out how,much you need and well have another,video linked up above and down on the,description below that shows you how to,determine how much life insurance you,need if youre trying to figure that out,but find that out get that number and,then figure out is your employer giving,you enough to make it so that you dont,need to buy any additional 11,most likely the cases no most people,find that they need about 10 times more,than what their employer actually offers,so if your plan is to keep pushing it,off and just you know Ill do in the,future and maybe Ill look at it next,year like you need to know that rates,generally go up about 8 to 10 percent,for each year that you age and I had no,idea that it made that much difference,but thats kind of like an average,increase per year that youre waiting,not to mention if you have a health,thing come up that would jack up your,rates as well like now is probably the,best time to do it rather than waiting,depending on your age it might be,cheaper than you expect so for example,if you were to get a $500,000 20-year,term life policy on a healthy 30 year,old youre looking at around 20 dollars,a month that is way cheaper than I,thought yeah but like I said every year,you wait it just gets more and more,expensive and so with a term policy like,this like you can lock in so if youre,30 years old you can lock in for 20,years and have that rate and its not,gonna adjust thats whats so nice about,term policies all right so youve had a,lot of people ask you though to like is,it kind of a lack of faith if youre,getting an insurance policy on your life,just like youre not trusting God with,your whole life yeah yeah and I mean and,the fact is is that anything can be a,lack of faith like we can create some,sort of barrier to keep us from needing,God you know and life insurance could be,that like it could be doing that but the,reality is is that its just another way,to kind of prevent catastrophe so you,know if you are locking your doors on,your house at night yeah if youre,wearing a seatbelt like those are just,you know you can make the same argument,if thats a lack of faith in reality is,I think its just wisdom just preparing,for something bad that could happen so,that its not a bad at the end of the,day life insurance is just another,financial tool just like a stock or a,mutual fund or you know a CD or a bank,account like its morally neutral the,attitude with which we use it determines,whether or not its right or wrong so,really we just want to encourage you,like maybe this is bringing something up,in you thats going that you know just,gets that panicky feeling and thats,something that you know you can grow,right now and you can start trusting God,with that yeah actually you can use this,as a tool to grow in your faith one way,you can go through this is to just,emotionally shut down and you know just,fill out the forms and do the things and,your money in bla bla bla and just not,really think about it but you could go,through this a completely different way,which is to as youre going through this,process to really see whats in your,heart and see if theres anything that,God needs to work on inside of you so,that you can do this with faith and can,use this as a financial tool and a tool,of wisdom instead of something that is,fear that youre fearful of alright so,now lets get to this forty seven,thousand dollar mistakes that you might,be making and this comes through,shopping for life insurance policies and,if you run the numbers from one life,insurance company to the next for the,exact same coverage over a thirty year,term policy if you add up the difference,it could be forty seven thousand dollars,so the point is is that shopping around,in comparing rates actually is really,really important and the key to getting,the best rate is actually finding the,right insurer for your personal,situation because the fact is that,different insurers have rates based on,different criteria and theyre theyre,just different so its not an Apple to,Apple comparison across the board and so,ex-smokers might get a better rate at,this company and people who are slightly,overweight might get a better rate at,this company while people with high,cholesterol might get a better deal over,here so its important to shop the,different places and so this is starting,to sound like a whole bunch of work that,I dont think anyone wants to do,especially on a topic that nobody really,wants to even think about much and I,found this website called policy genius,that I really like and weve used at,least two or three times that weve got,life insurance or updated it and I just,love it because they make it really,simple to shop a whole bunch of,different places and compare rates,between all these different companies,based on your personal criteria and its,just super simple super easy to use Ive,just really enjoyed this site will have,them linked down in the description,below or up above,yeah and Im always checking reviews on,sites like this make sure theyre legit,and up and up and they actually have a,really great rating on Trustpilot 4.9,out of 5 stars so that makes you feel a,little more comfortable about them but,regardless of where or how you get life,insurance is something that you need to,be thinking about if you havent done it,already so those are just some of the,factors you have to consider when,deciding where this falls on that,priority list for you now just to be,clear we are partnering with policy,genius to make this video,but you need to know that we very rarely,do this because we only work with,companies that we use and that we have,great experiences with and that we think,are really going to benefit you and so,we would tell you about it regardless of,whether or not were a partner with them,but we just happened to have used this,company multiple times and I offered the,idea of partnering its like alright,great this is great you know meanwhile,we turned down about 99% of those of all,the junk companies that we just dont,believe in

Policygenius Term Life Insurance Guide

hello my name is alyssa herbald and,today,i will be going over my blog post that i,have posted on,ensuredty.coms website which kind of,gives you a step-by-step guide,on how to shop for term life insurance,and today we will be talking about,policy genius so policy genius is,definitely different from,some other insurance companies that ive,already posted,videos about on how to get free quotes,on their website,so policy genius gives you the option to,actually,compare different quotes from different,websites,and they give you a stack overall of,different insurance companies,and their premiums so they just require,you to,fill out similar information to uh,what other insurance companies ask you,for,but in return you get more quotes,so the first step in terms of policy,genius is to,obviously go on their website and i,added the link right here for you,and youre just gonna go to their get,free quotes now page,so the first thing theyre gonna ask you,is your age,so i will just be putting im 35,and you just click on the get free,quotes now button,so the second step is to kind of figure,out where in the buyers journey youre,at,so for me im going to say comparing,quotes because,this helps you do your research all in,all instead of having to individually go,on different websites,um unless thats what youre keen to do,then you can go for it but,this just can make things easier,sometimes if youre in a rush and you,just want to do all your research in one,place,this policy genius website is definitely,for you,um so youll just continue with that so,its gonna go through,a lot of different questions since its,going to show you,a lot of different quotes from different,websites it really has to gather all of,the information,um so i will say that i am married,i have or planned to have kids i have a,home,or im buying one and i am employed,so i am a female i will be saying,um born in in 1986 making me 35,ill just put a new york zip code and i,am currently,a us citizen so,for your annual income obviously this,all this information is,completely based upon you um,just a hundred thousand as just an,overall average,uh annual income for a female,five four 140 pound woman,um and youve not used any tobacco,products in the last five years,so uh its obviously going to get a,deeper look into,any health issues that youve had,so were going to say none of these and,no you have not,had your license license suspended or,revoked,so it goes really into depth about you,and your information but this is just,again to get all the information for,all different um websites and all,different insurance companies so they,can,share those premiums with you um so its,gonna ask you to fill in your,information as you can see,and then uh your contact information,so this is purely just so that a policy,genius can,speak to you one-on-one so theyll,actually have their own licensed agents,reach out to you either that being um,through your email or,to call you so this is helpful just,because,theyre able to really just inform you,about different premiums,and talk to you with no bias they just,genuinely want to give you this,information,which is very helpful and they just,reach out to you,um so once you just filled out that,information you will most likely get a,call or an email from them,and just take it from there with them,so this overall is just a step-by-step,guide,i hope this video helped you visualize,how to do it,and now its your turn to go,get some quotes from policy genius and,start your buyers journey for term life,insurance,thank you so much for watching and be,sure to check out more videos for,insured ty

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