1. DIY Testing a Polygel Nail Kit from Amazon Prime – Leafu by Modelones
  2. How To: Polygel Nails + Saviland Polygel Kit Review
  3. Product Review Paddie Nail Gel Kit
  4. Dual Form Nails – Common MISTAKES
  5. PolyGel: Acrylic Artists Review
  7. How Long Does Polygel Last? | An Update On My Modelones Nails Review

DIY Testing a Polygel Nail Kit from Amazon Prime – Leafu by Modelones

this is the intro its a long hair,pretty nail show,yeah give it up for the notification,squad these were the first three,comments in my last video if you want a,chance to be featured and make sure you,hit that notification bell and come show,your girls some love when i drop a new,video hey yall whats up and welcome,back so in this video im going to be,trying out the leaf food polygel kit,from model ones this one is available on,amazon,and it comes with seven polygels yes,seven different colors,it also comes with a case of dual forms,base and top coat a nail file and your,tool that has your spatula on one end,and brush on the other,and it also comes with instructions,step-by-step instructions on how to do,poly gel nails all right so im going to,be showing you guys the color so this,one is the pink,all of the bottles are 15 grams and they,do come sealed and the polygel is really,easy to get out this is a really soft,poly gel not super soft but its soft,enough and its easy to work with,so here is that pink color,and this is pearl pink,soft pink,[Music],deep nude,[Music],apricot,white,and clear and i am surprised this clear,is pretty clear,so these are all the colors side by side,all right so for my nails im going to,be doing some natural nail prep and i,start off by pushing back my cuticles,[Music],and then i use the opposite end of the,cuticle pusher to scrape up any of that,dead skin on my nail plate,this is really important because if you,dont get this up your nails will lift,next taking the nail file on the 180,side which is the finer grit side im,just gonna file down my nails,[Music],and then im also going to lightly file,the surface of my nails,a lot of people cringe when i do this,but trust me its not that bad,i am not applying any pressure i am just,lightly removing the shine from the nail,you have to do this as well or your,nails will pop off,for my slip solution im using 91,percent alcohol,[Music],these are the dual forms now i thought,they were going to be just like every,other dual form that ive tried but,these actually shocked me they are not,super curved,they have a really slight curve to them,thats one thing i hate about all the,other dual forms is that they are just,like claws like this is one that ive,used in the past and look at that curve,on that one like its so curvy,but this one is not so needless to say i,am super excited to try this out and,when youre picking out your dual forms,you want to make sure it fits from side,wall to side wall,and you also want to have some room,between your natural nail and the dual,form because you need room for the poly,gel,ill be applying this base gel coat to,all of my nails and just make sure that,this coat is nice and even and smooth,[Music],and i went ahead and cured that in my,led lamp for 60 seconds,all right so im taking the pearl pink,and im just gonna get a glob of that,out and apply that to the dual form this,pink is so pretty its like a bubblegum,pink,so im pretty much just tapping this in,place,like i said the model ones polygel is so,easy to use its like butter so once i,get the polygel in the form the way that,i want as you guys can see im not going,that long this time,im just going to place it on my nail,you dont want to push too hard because,youll push out all the products so just,place it on your nail and lightly push,and make sure to get up all of the,excess poly gel that squeezed out and,dont forget to smooth the underside as,well,[Music],so after carrying that for 60 seconds,you just pop it off and voila,[Music],oh and look at this slight curve this is,how i like my nails to be,moving on to my pinky nail i am going to,try to do,a,so ive been practicing doing this and,doing ombre with dual forms is really,hard so,um yeah im just gonna place a little,bit of that pink inside and trying to,thin it out towards the end if you grab,too much poly gel you got to scoop it,out,[Music],[Applause],and so i flip it over to see if its,blended the way that i like and its not,so,im just working with the brush a little,wetter to kind of thin out the polygel,to create that fade,so once i like that i went ahead and,flash cured that for about 10 seconds,and now im going in with the white poly,gel and were just going to form the tip,of the nail and i take the white poly,gel down the full length,just so my nail can stick to this what i,should have done was put more of the,pink at the end and the white at the tip,but its all good it all worked out,[Music],all right so once that is to my liking,im just gonna press that on my nail and,it looks pretty good so make sure to,clean up all of that excess poly gel and,i cured that for 60 seconds,and this is what it looks like when i,pop it off so this was the only form,that didnt quite fit my nail perfectly,and the size up was just too big so,dual forms arent perfect everybody,nails are different you know theyre not,going to have a dual form for,everybodys nails so,sometimes you will have to do a little,bit of patchwork,[Music],so after fixing that up and curing im,going to move on to my ring fingernail,and i want to try the milk bath design,someone asked if i can do this and i,dont know so im just going to try,so im starting off with a very small,amount of clear,and just bringing that down the length,that i want,and then im going to press the flower,pieces into that clear,[Music],and once i get a few of those pieces in,there im gonna go in with the soft pink,polygel,and when i saw this color i was like oh,yeah i could probably definitely do the,milk bath nails,um so what i do is go ahead and apply a,very thin layer of that,[Music],and then im just going to push more of,those flower pieces inside of this soft,pink gel,and what this does is kind of give the,illusion that the flower pieces are kind,of like,floating in a milk bath,so once i have the final flower pieces,in there im just going to cover that up,with a little bit more of that soft pink,and then apply that to my nail,[Music],wiping off the excess and then curing,after a 60 second cure just gonna pop,this one off,[Music],and i think that turned out so well,so this is after all of the nails are,done this one turned out a little bit,longer but im going to fix that dont,worry,so now im just going to do my shaping,and filing,the thing with polygel is that it is so,soft and easy to file that you do not,need a nail drill so i think that it is,perfect for people who are just starting,off,because,its easy to file,[Music],and people do ask why do i file even,though the top is shiny and that is,because you have to clean up your sides,you have to clean up around the cuticle,area so you got to file the nails,[Music],so this is after my nails have been,filed shaped and buffed and your girl,want to add some bling so im just going,to apply some bling gel to all of my,nails and im just applying it to where,im going to apply the crystals,[Music],and then without caring im going over,top of that with the top coat,and im just going to stick my crystals,on,and i repeat this for all of the nails,[Music],once all the crystals are on i went,ahead and cured in my nail lamp,after that im applying cuticle oil,and this is the finished look,i love how these turned out,these do not look like i use dual forms,at all they are so pretty and i just,love that it has a slight curve and not,an eagle claw curve,and i love how the milk bath nail turned,out that soft pink color is the perfect,polygel to try out this look these dual,forms are now my favorite so,yeah i said it if you want this kit head,over to amazon i will leave the link,down below and a big thank you to model,ones for sponsoring this video,this is the outro its a long hair,pretty nail show

How To: Polygel Nails + Saviland Polygel Kit Review

hi everybody welcome back to my channel,so in todays video ill be sharing a,polygel kit with you guys,and this one is my all-time favorite,because it is affordable,it is easy to use very manageable,because a lot of polygels can be super,sticky and this ones actually pretty,nice the texture is amazing,so i had to share with you guys it is,going to be the savvyland,polygel kids so if you guys want to see,how i use it and you guys would like to,know what i have to say about it,please keep on watching mwah,the first thing i want to do is show you,the kit itself which comes in a simple,but beautiful box and it is from the,company savvyland as i mentioned,when we open the box the first thing we,see are the duo forms that are necessary,for this type of work,the only thing that i dont like about,these kits is that it brings very little,forms,but usually i clean them and reuse them,until i literally cant reuse them,anymore,and i mean they can also be obtained,separately at a very comfortable price,from the internet,so this is really not a deal breaker for,me,this liquid is the special solution to,work with polygel and i love that this,company includes it because,many other brands that i have tried do,not include it in the kit,they sell okay so here we see the brush,with the special spatula on the other,end,to grab the product in this kit we also,find the base and the ceiling gel,a 100 to 180 hand file,and seven colors inspired by pastel blue,and glitters with similar shades,to start working i am going to pour a,little bit of the slip solution in a,small glass,and again this is used to mold a polygel,before starting this video i remove the,shine from my natural nails as i do when,i work with acrylic,and now i am applying primer this,product is not included in the kit,but it is the same primer i use when i,work with acrylic,and this product is going to add,durability to this type of manicure,so i recommend this step a hundred,percent,i decided to do my nails with glitter,poly gel so i am going to use this color,with reference dp05,as you guys can see i squeezed the,bottle and with the spatula i grabbed,the product and brought it to the dual,form,now with the brush and a little bit of,solution on it i am going to start,molding the product in dual form,with a light but firm hand if the,polygel is too sticky you can dip the,spatula in the solution first before,grabbing the product,and this is going to make the process a,lot easier,before applying the polygel on the nail,i am going to carefully apply the base,making sure i seal the cuticle area very,well and i am going to cure this layer,under my led lamp for 30 seconds,after curing i am going to apply the duo,form with the polygel right onto the,nail,and for this part of the process i,recommend having a very light hand,because if you press too hard,the product is going to come out from,the sides and create a mess around the,cuticle area,and we definitely want to avoid that at,all costs,after applying the dual form and making,sure it looks good on the surface and,underneath the nail,i am going to cure under my led lamp for,60 seconds,after curing i am going to apply upward,pressure to remove the dual form and,reveal the polygon nail,to accentuate this design i am going to,use this blue color on the ring,fingernail,and i am going to repeat exactly the,same process the only thing is that as,the sizes of the nails change,i am also changing the amount of,products that i use to form the nails,so keep that in mind you guys while i,finish this part of the process,i wanted to tell you why i have been so,absent on my social media lately i have,literally been missing in action and it,is because my whole family and i had,cobit 19,we were quite sick especially my father,but thank god,we got over it and we came out,victorious and everything is slowly,getting back to normal,we honestly dont know how we caught it,because we are really careful,so i recommend you guys take care of,yourselves because kobit is,very intense thank you all for your,unconditional love and support i love,you guys so much and i missed you so,much and needless to say i am very happy,to bring you more videos,back to the subject here i applied a lot,of pressure and the product came out,from the sides near the cuticle area,so before curing i am going to use the,brush with a little bit of the slip,solution to avoid lifting,for those of you who are sensitive to,heat with these lamps i recommend curing,for 80 seconds in low heat mode,as the heat penetrates more than usual,with this type of products,and it can sometimes cause an,uncomfortable and sudden burning,sensation,okay guys so on the rest of the nails i,am going to repeat the same process,applying the glitter poly gel,by the way in case any of you are,interested in the description box i am,going to share the link and a discount,code,in case any of you would like to try,this product that i absolutely,love,i accidentally made the tip of this nail,a little thinner than i wanted it,so i am going to take a little bit of,the poly gel and i am going to apply it,to the bottom of the nail,molding it with the solution and curing,it upside down for 60 seconds,[Music],[Music],after finishing the application i am,going to remove the viscosity with 99,alcohol and i am going to cut the nails,and shape them,with my hand file and my e-file machine,the texture of the polygel is softer,than acrylic so to remove the excess i,am going to use a sanding band,instead of a metal carbide bit,after removing the excess and shaping,these nails i am going to clean them,again with 99,alcohol and i am going to apply a layer,of sealant gel which i am going to cure,under my lamp,for 30 seconds,to give this nails a special touch i am,going to make a crown of swarovski,crystals near the cuticle area of the,ring fingernail and for this part of the,process,i am going to use regular nail glue,to finish off i am going to apply,cuticle oil to nourish the area,and my loves this is the final product i,hope you all enjoyed this video,please let me know in the comments what,you guys think and please dont forget,to like share subscribe and click,on the notification bell so you guys,dont miss out on any of my videos,i love you guys so much ill see you,next time may god,bless you,[Music],you

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Product Review Paddie Nail Gel Kit

hi everyone,um welcome and um,uh let me uh just start off by saying,that I usually do reviews on my starsy,dragon Channel,um but that channel is a rather,spiritual Channel and so Im going to be,doing reviews of other items,on my dragon craft Channel,because you know I want to keep the,spiritual stuff separated obviously so I,dont have my measuring stick with me,right now but I had ordered this I had,seen this on my Facebook feed and its,for nails and I dont I dont obviously,usually do my nails or wear makeup or,anything of that nature but this kept,popping up on my,um,on my Facebook feed so I thought you,know what I think Ill get this and,because I know that nails are a really,popular thing with all the cool kids,right,um,and there are nail salons everywhere,well I had ordered this and its usually,49 or 44.95 and I got it on sale for,um,1995. now its taken nearly a month to,get to me because it did come from China,and it is the Patty,uh Professional Nail,jail,poly nail gel its first of all it is a,tiny little bottle it is let me get my,readers on,it is,proxy lets see,what does that say,0.53 ounces so its like half an ounce,lets see,Focus,Focus,there you go,0.53 ounces,are 1.5 grams,um I got the clear kind they do come in,um,different colors and whatnot,um black blue red green all kinds of,different theyve got glitter ones and,everything but I got the clear ones,because well I wasnt sure and I thought,that I would review this,so here we go with instructions easy to,apply recommended steps by a manicurist,Nails preparation,so I guess you gotta file your nails,number two apply a layer of nail primer,air dry for 30 seconds,okay so Im assuming thats top coat I,can find some top coat,uh poly gel application onto the nail,tip,which Im gonna I havent opened all of,this stuff Im gonna assume its in,there,um poly gel design,and then apply to your nail,and then cure for 60 seconds under one,of these thingies which I have one of,these thingies I use it for my UV resin,hmm no judging and,um apply top coat,remove nail mold,um,she probably remove the nail mold before,you apply the top coat,I Im just thinking,um cure for 45 seconds under one of,these light thingies lets see what,weve got,okay,prepping is always the first step to any,application simply push back your,cuticles with a cuticle Pusher and use a,nail file to achieve your ideal shape,and remove shininess,number two apply primer and a base,follow up with a coat of primer or nail,dehydrator and a base coat to help the,Dual forms stick more easily and for a,longer period of time,find the right size poly gel nail dual,forms,find the dimension that fits your nail,bed if you cannot find the perfect size,for you its okay if they are slightly,wider,number four add the poly gel to The Nail,forms start by adding a DOT of poly gel,to the duo form or directly to the nail,if you are spreading the poly gel on the,duo form dip your poly gel brush in a,slip solution then spread the poly gel,across the nails okay,uh number five apply dual forms to the,natural nail once prepped apply the Dual,forms to your natural nails push on them,gently to ensure they fully adhere to,the nails,number six,place your fingernails under a UV lamp,for 60 seconds,remove dual forms file and shape after,curing remove fingernails from under the,lamp and remove the nail form,uh,voila gorgeous nails with little to no,work on your behalf all that is left is,for you to use your nail file to shape,the edges to your liking and add a,design on top if you wish to do so,apply a gel polish top coat finish off,with gel polish remember to cure the,whole nail under your UV lamp for 60,seconds to make sure it becomes a hard,gel ready to be used,okay lets see what else we got here,so we got,I guess this is a cuticle thingy,okay what else do we have in here,we have a,variety of nail thingies lets,lets just,unsheet all of these shall we okay,so these must be all of the the little,forms theyre talking about for the,nails,let me just and and do all of them so we,can take a gander at them,they have little ridgy things can you,see them,let me see if I can focus,focus focus,Focus,can you see them,theyre little ridgy,Ridge things okay well its not focusing,all right,you youre gonna have to trust me on it,because I cant I cant get that focused,can you see it no you see those ridges,see them there they go all right,okay so we have all of these different,sizes,just like that what else do we have in,here,we have a,oops,well we have a brush thats,comes apart quite easily,see what else we have Im kind of really,disappointed,first of all in the fact that I,I paid twenty dollars I mean if they,really do sell these for 45 dollars,regularly,thats just disappointing,I if I had paid 45 for this instead of,20 I would probably be three kinds of,pissed off right now,but also I dont usually do now so Im,not quite I dont know what this is for,it its a little clippy thing,I dont know I dont know what its for,is it to hold your nail in place or,something I dont know,well find out a little clippy thing,um,yeah I would be really pissed off if I,had paid more than twenty dollars for it,Im already kind of irritated at the,fact that I I paid twenty dollars for,this and I had to wait nearly a month to,receive it,so,um I will get all my things together go,do my file my nails,and push back my cuticles and get the,base coat and Ill get my little UV lamp,and everything get all of that situated,and prepped and then I will come back,and we will attempt to do a nail,how does that sound we want to see how,this product works I will be right back,okay so here we are so I filed my nails,and I put a base coat on,and they are dry I picked out the nail,forms,for all of my fingers,and I have this and it says here,um where are we at number four,add the polygel to The Nail forms start,by adding a dart a a dart a DOT of poly,gel to the Dual form,um or directly to the nail if you are,spreading the gel,on the Dual form dip your poly gel brush,in a slip solution then spread the poly,gel across the nails now I dont know,what a slip solution is so I have over,here my nail polish remover,because I I dont know why and I have,some warm soapy water here so were,going to start with that as a Slip,solution because I dont I dont know I,just dont know okay so here we go,um this bottle is just really really,small so were gonna start,how about if we start with this nail,um,right here,there,I dont know maybe we should start with,the pinky,because its a long nail,so,I obviously want to keep it the same,length,now when I get over to these shorter,Nails Im going to want to bring them up,a little bit higher right,but for this one its already long,because I I just let my nails grow,so right there okay,so well try that one first pinky first,okay so here we go,okay let me take the thingamajig off,at least its sealed,so thats good,now,um you know I dont know if,this is going to work or not,but Im Im already telling you right,now,having artificial nails is what I,personally would consider a luxury uh,treat yourself kind of thing and I,personally,would think that this would be something,that falls under a luxury item,that is a big Dot,oh its sticky,so we got that going on,okay,so slip solution,so lets see here,this is um,daunting at best,I I dont know if this I mean now again,I dont usually,and I dont know why this came up on my,feed but I dont usually partake in,these uh Beauty rituals that others,partake in,here we go,putting this on,and this is,way too long but thats okay I can file,it down right,um but like I said I dont usually,partake in these types of uh Beauty,Endeavors so,um,I dont I dont really know what,the uh,the going rate is for nail salons or,anything Im going to assume its,probably about let me stick that in,there for,um,play Duo forms once prepped apply the,duo forms to your natural nails,push on them gently to ensure they fully,adhere to the nails,place your fingers under UV lamp for 60,seconds I probably should have

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Dual Form Nails – Common MISTAKES

dual Forms is a great technology that,allows us to create beautiful extensions,within one hour but sometimes the result,is not as we expected nails look sick or,bulky they break have cracks on the,sides in this video we are going to,review the most frequent mistakes and,what you should do to avoid them,hello Im Anastasia and the first,mistake is choosing the dual forms that,will not bring you the expected results,you need to make sure that they are,flexible and they have enough curve to,build the apex and the proper structure,all you need to do is just to look on,them from the side view so this dual,form on the top is too flat it will not,allow you to create the apex that you,expect when you will do the nails you,will see that they always turn out flat,make sure it looks like this and it will,allow you to create a good enhancement,those ones that I liked were by Rossi or,Madeleines also are pretty good next,mistake is not as dramatic but still can,make your life easier before applying,the product on the dual form whether,its poly gel or hard gel you need to,apply a thin layer of the base coat and,I recommend you to clean the sticky,layer afterward so the product will not,slide or run all over and you will place,it exactly where you need it next,mistake is choosing the right size of,the dual form and this one is crucial if,you choose the dual form that is smaller,and not as white as the natural nail,plate you will definitely get in trouble,as you might see the cracks on the sides,that will end up with nails simply,breaking so it is even better to choose,the one that is bigger and file it,afterwards if you are concerned that the,nail might turn a too wide you can pinch,the nails but make sure that the dual,forms is as wide as the widest part of,the natural nail plate I see many,mistakes while application so when,applying product into the dual form you,need not just slap it right there but,just imagine that youre actually,building the structure of the nail if,you will apply it too much you will end,up with excessive product squeezing from,the dual form as you apply it and yes we,can clean it with a brush but if there,will be too much product you will still,not get the result that you expect try,to apply the exact amount that you will,need next mistake is the opposite,applying not enough product sometimes we,apply it into the dual form and it looks,so beautiful,and we also flatten it out to get a,beautiful smooth surface and it looks,like this it looks great,no doubt but it will not be durable,after a couple days the nails will,simply break because we do not have Apex,in the right spot and the nails are,simply too flat so make sure you have,the apex on point next mistake is when,you apply not enough product near the,cuticle or along the sidewalls and it,also may lead to bubbles I decided to,use black follow gel so you can clearly,see it here near the cuticle there is,not enough product there is no black so,usually what happens here the nail,technician start to squeeze it even more,and we will end up with the flat nail,with no apex if you notice this problem,I recommend you to take of the forum and,start over sometimes the product might,be missing on the sidewalls as well now,we can clearly see it because it is,black Paula gel but with clear or pink,you might not notice it if you will cure,the nail like this the sidewall will be,extremely thin this nail is likely to,break within the next day so make sure,you have enough product on the sidewalls,as well next mistake may occur even if,you did the perfect application and,perfect floor fitting but sometimes if,you will squeeze or press on the dual,form too much the product will squeeze,out and you will not get the structure,that you need so once you set the,product and the dual four on top of the,nail you need to squeeze it a little bit,now take a look from the side view and,once you see that you have parallel,sidewalls just cure it right away next,mistake is applying product too close to,the cuticle and the sidewalls,sometimes we want to make this cuticle,work so perfect that will squeeze in too,much remember the product cannot go,under the cuticle so make sure you will,always leave a tiny margin between the,skin and the product if you will apply,too close you might not even be able to,file it off later and you will end up,with product lifting if it happened I,recommend you to take the product off,clean everything,start over next mistake is when you,avoid working with the product,underneath the nail when we apply the,dual form basically it creates the,perfect surface on the top for us so we,only need to even out the product,underneath some of my students are,saying like well Im going to file it,with a bit anyways why should I do the,work with a brush well first of all some,clients have really deep grooves some,clients will not really let you to go,deep there and trust me its so much,easier and faster to do all the work,with the brush rather than with a beat,if you will not do this this is what,will happen after a couple of weeks the,nail will be too thick underneath and it,will be most likely to break or the,cracks on the sides may appear the last,but not least mistake happens during,filing normally when working with dual,forms we are not supposed to file a lot,only do the shaping but sometimes if the,product squeezed into the cuticle we,need to file this area as well so make,sure you file it carefully that you are,filing only the product not the natural,nail also when filing the product,underneath sometimes we really want to,make the nails thin so make sure they,are not extremely thin and youre only,evened out the surface hold the clients,nail with your opposite hand firmly and,hold the drill bit flat so it will not,over file the product if you would like,to learn more about sculpting with dual,forms I have an online course that,covers basically everything you need to,know how to fit the form how to cut it,how to set it how to do the application,square and almond shape train style,in fills and more your assignments will,be graded by a live teacher and you will,get a certificate of completion at the,end on the links will be in the,description box thank you so much for,watching if you happen to be first-time,here on my channel consider subscribing,as I post new tutorials and,troubleshooting videos just like this,one every week and I will see you in my,next one,goodbye

PolyGel: Acrylic Artists Review

Hi, Im Suzie from Nail Career Education and your votes are in. You guys want to see polygel.,Lets get started.,So I have this beautiful box of polygel. Lets go through it together.,Okay. So this is, I understand, the slip.,So the idea behind polygel is that theyre putting like a hybrid between gel polish,and acrylic.,So all the things we like about acrylic and all the things we like about gel are in this one product.,Actually youve got a really nice…You can see this finish here. Oh,Theres something on here. “Additional contents are inside.” More stuff! Okay, so this looks like a cleanser,and these are probably your bonders and dehydrators and hopefully top coat. And then this, this is the spatula and the brush.,Okay, so it says here theres something on the inside.,So theres more stuff. I like stuff. Everybody likes stuff.,Dont need that.,This is a very holo box.,Its like Christmas. Just rip this stuff out.,(Camerman) I think you did it the hard way.,(Gasp) I know what it is!,When you get near the end, maybe, to squeeze it through maybe, I dont know, maybe Im crazy.,okay, and this is sticker!,And…oh,You can just register your salon.,So the first thing you want to do is when were doing any product is we want to buff the natural nail first.,And Ive got a file here, and thats what were going to do.,So Ive got all these nails buffed, and I just saved one to buff. So Im just going to lightly buff it.,Ive got all the other nails prepped and ready to go.,I want to follow this step-by-step of how they say to do it.,Dont want to miss anything.,So Im just making sure my nail is completely buffed. You can wash your hands first too, to get all the germs off.,Okay,Now weve got our slip here, and weve got the brush. Oh, whats in here?,Oh, another little spatula. Okay. Just keep that in case we need it. Now weve got four colors here: Weve got light pink.,Weve got cover pink.,Weve got bright white.,And weve got natural clear.,So what we have here is the ProBond, the pH Bond, and the top coat.,So this top coat looks like were going to use it near the end.,And this one is the dehydrator. So were going to use it now.,Like any dehydrator, you just want to gently coat each and every nail.,And then will be the primer.,Now primer, you dont want to get it on the skin, and be very gentle with it. Dont over saturate your nail with the primer.,Okay,Now this is also a nail surface cleanser.,So well probably be able to wipe off the dust when were finished before we do anything else.,So now this is a slip. Now if you work with acrylic, its a liquid and powder.,So thats what gives this a feel of having a… its not monomer,But its giving you the feel of working with the, the bead, and then working with a monomer. Feeling like that.,But this is not a monomer!,This is called slip, and I would suspect that its some type of alcohol solution to make it so that the,gel doesnt stick to the brush so you can actually mold it and shape it like an acrylic. So I got a form here.,Now this is so different because,what Im really interested in about it is because it just stays there.,It doesnt move which is really great. So lets start with the clear.,This is the first colors. Basic simple color. So lets just pick one of these nails and do a clear.,Im just going to put a form on it,cause Im going to extend these.,I want to be able to see through it. Once I do the clear I can see through it and see how it looks.,And I also want to see how it extends out, right?,Okay, where was the clear? The clear is here.,Okay thats so different about this stuff. It doesnt come in a pot like gel does and it doesnt come in a pot like,acrylic does. It comes in a tube! I dont think anything Ive ever worked with, ever, has come in a tube.,Oh, theyve got the little sealers.,And so this is where your spatula comes involved,Look at this.,So were just going to squeeze it out of the tube,(Suzie giggles),Now Im not sure much I need but,Im just going to pretend,Its like a bead on putting on. And it slips right back down there. It doesnt come out at all.,Just goes to right back down inside. Which is good.,Okay so Im gonna,put that guy on there.,It aint movin. okay,So Im going to clean off the spatula cause I dont want to get any stickies on it. Thats one thing,I do hate about gel is that it can be so sticky.,But this,is not sticky at all. Oh one thing they didnt supply was a little dish.,But I do have one. I knew I needed one so I thought Id have one just in case we needed one.,So this is just a dish that Im going to be able to put my slip inside.,Okay,Im just popping off this plastic, and Im just going to pour my slip inside here,There we go.,Im gonna put this on here. Because it is an alcohol base, I assume, I will… wrong lid… I think thats what this is,Smells.. actually smells really nice.,(Camerman) Are there ingredients on it? (Suzie) Yeah but I dont read ingredients.,Ohh. You know what?,That is, if its alcohol based or whatever it is it…,It actually smells really nice and in this industry I cant say that,about a lot. Because acrylic has a strong smell. some clients just love it,I dont mind it at all. But some people dont like it. But this smells actually really good.,Focus Focus Suzie,Okay, look at that. Its still in the same position as when I did this right?,It hasnt moved!,Even if I lean it on the side would it move?,It might have moved a little bit.,But it just goes right back if I just hold it that way. its just with like gravity, right?,But (Suzie laughs),Its not going back.,Its like solid.,(Camerman) Well, what happened if you use regular gel?,(Suzie) Most gels that Ive worked with would just roll right off and roll into the cuticle,and you couldnt do that. (Camerman) Hmm.,(Suzie)Which is kind of cool. K, you know what I do need a little thing just to rest my lazy arm.,Here we go!,Im so excited! okay, so this is a new brush. You know what? Its probably,Yeah. Its a new brush that just needs to be worked in a little bit.,I like the shape of the brush,totally.,And the reason why, I should explain,,the reason why I like the shape of this brush. You see how its quite nicely shaped to the shape of the cuticle?,See how it just fits right in? Look at that. Just you can almost sit it right inside there and just polish it out.,It just, its got a nice shape for the actual cuticle. Okay. Here we go!,Im so excited!,Okay, so I got some slip on my brush, and Im just gonna,Oh…,youve gotta press a little harder than I thought… you would yeah,Okay, it is like an acrylic in that…,When you gather your bead, cause this is, for me… I love acrylic. Thats my thing, right? For me…this is like my bead of acrylic.,Except with acrylic,I gotta waste no time. Ive gotta, Im on the clock… for shaping that before it cures.,Where as gel…,you have all the time in the world.,to shape before it cures.,Which is a plus,,but its sticky and sometimes it runs a little. Now they are coming out with some gel that are actually,being a little stiffer. Which is great. But its so sticky still. This doesnt have any stick to it. I imagine… Yeah, okay,thats what I thought…. I imagine the more I play with it the more the alcohol,I assume… whatever this stuff is, the slip evaporates a little it gets a little sticky.,Not sticky like other gels, but sticky. So once I put the slip back on, it makes it…,now I know how to call it slip…,makes it very easy to manipulate this beads that Ive thrown down here,,Very easy to manipulate em without being sticky.,Thats why this is great for acrylic artists like myself.,One thing I hate about gel is because its so sticky, but this is not! It feel very acrylic-like.,Its actually very cool.,And it doesnt smell. Cameraman do you find theres any odor?,(Camerman sniffs loudly),What… What are you doing?,(Camerman) Im smelling.,(Suzie) Well you can smell without…,(Camerman) Well…well nope.,(Suzie) Well, thats you dont smell anything? (Camerman) I dont smell anything at all actually.,Look at


hey its sandy welcome back to,cutepolish today april and i will be,testing out the mccart polygel kit which,is the best-selling polygel kit on,amazon well have a direct link for you,guys in the description box below so the,first thing that we noticed is that it,came in this nice big box and inside,there was a dual ended nail brush and,spatula six tubes of poly gel in,different natural pink shades plus clear,and white a nail file a base and gel top,coat 60 dual forms in 12 different sizes,and an instruction booklet that will,show you exactly how to use these,products on your nails with both text,and photos so now were going to test,out how the product applies see what the,finished nails look like plus were,gonna wear it for two weeks to see how,it holds up and finally were gonna show,the removal process so lets get started,the first step is to prep your nails for,the polygel application were going to,start by gently pushing back our,cuticles next up were using the nail,file from the kit this file is double,sided with a 240 grit for natural nails,and a 120 for using on the hardened poly,gel so with the soft 240 side were,going to make the nail matte and file,off any extra length its important to,make sure that your nails are matte so,the polygel adheres properly to your,nail bed,next remove any dust from your nails,with rubbing alcohol,next take the base gel from the kit and,apply a thin layer over the whole nail,cure it for one minute in an led lamp,now its time for the poly gel were,going to be using the shade called,natural pink were also going to need,the brush which has the spatula on the,other side,and the dual forms,now you need to choose the right size,dual form for your nails youre going to,be looking for the one thats slightly,larger than the size of your nail,for the slip solution which will help us,shape the poly gel were just going to,use some rubbing alcohol squeeze a good,amount of the poly gel from the tube,and then slice it off using the spatula,side of the brush,transfer it over to the dual form,next dip your brush into the rubbing,alcohol,and begin forming the polygel into a,smooth nail shape,you dont want it to be too thick nor do,you want it to be too thin this,thickness is perfect,press the dual form onto your nail and,then flip your hand around to smooth out,and lengthen the tip,now youre ready to cure the nail for,one minute under an led lamp,we get a lot of questions asking if this,step is necessary and if you have to,have a nail lamp and the answer is yes,if you dont cure the poly gel it wont,dry,after that you can carefully pop off the,form this moment is so satisfying to,watch,this macart poly gel looks great its,crazy guys how fast and easy it is these,days to have nail extensions by using,poly gel,to finish off and perfect the nails you,need to first remove the sticky layer,from an under the nail using rubbing,alcohol,then with the hard 120 side of the nail,file shape the tip and the sides,you can also remove any excess poly gel,from the cuticle area if necessary,once youre happy with the shape clean,off any dust with rubbing alcohol,and then apply the top coat that comes,in the poly gel kit,cure it in the lamp for one more minute,and you are all done,now you can apply some cuticle oil to,perfect your manicure if you like,overall we thought this polygel kit from,mccart was awesome it was super easy to,apply the finished result looked,absolutely gorgeous and its a great,price on amazon for all the products and,the tools you get in it guys theres six,whole tubes of polygel in this kit i,think thats just so much,it also held up and lasted perfectly,here are the same nails two weeks later,well have a link for you guys in the,description box below in case youre,interested in checking out this polygel,kit for yourself,now youre probably wondering how to,remove polygel so we also have a quick,demo on that for you,begin by cutting off the excess length,of your nails,next you have two options,first if you own an electric drill you,can speed up the removal process by,using it to file off most of the poly,gel,but be sure to leave a thin layer of the,poly gel over your nail to soak off,later,you wont want to go all the way down to,your natural nail because that could,damage it,the second option is to file off the,majority of it manually with a regular,nail file,this will take a little longer but it,works too,now were going to soak off the,remainder of the poly gel using acetone,cotton and tin foil,so set a timer for 15 minutes,and then wait for it to soak off,once the timer is up you can push the,rest of the poly gel off your nails,buff your nails to smooth them out and,clean off any dust with rubbing alcohol,then add some cuticle oil to moisturize,your nails and the removal process is,complete,we hope you guys enjoyed this video if,you did be sure to give it a big thumbs,up if youre new to cutepolish click,that subscribe button for a new video,every week and be sure to check out,aprils personal nail channel itll be,linked below take care and well see you,next time

How Long Does Polygel Last? | An Update On My Modelones Nails Review

hi everyone my name is Kippy and thank,you so much for joining me in this video,all right so a couple weeks ago I posted,a video on poly gel nails and how to use,polynomials to create at home acrylic,love without actually using acrylic and,so I figured in this video I would do an,update for anyone who was interested and,Im curious to see how long poly gel,nails lasts so as I mentioned in my,apology ONeil video poly gel nails are,kind of like a hybrid between acrylics,and gels poly gel is able to form more,like acrylic where its a lot thicker,and its more malleable without losing,its structure but its able to be cured,similarly to gel nails so you dont have,to work as fast as acrylic since I curl,likes you pretty much have just until it,dries before it hardens so I feel like,in that sense its a little bit more,forgiving than acrylic nails and once,you cure the poly gel with a curing lamp,it hardens up very similarly to acrylic,I would say its not as hard as acrylic,but its still really really hard and,really sturdy,another thing that says poly gel nails,apart from acrylics and jela is that,they come with these dual forms you get,a box of different sized forms that you,actually put the gel in and then you fit,it onto your fingers and so it pretty,much creates a mold for females and so,thats how youre able to create the,fake nails without really using a tip or,anything like that and thats what kind,of makes it unique so I originally did,my nails on August 5th it is now obvious,19 so its been exactly two weeks since,I originally did my nails and to be,honest theyre actually holding up,pretty well theyre lasting a lot longer,than I thought they would if this was,applied properly I can definitely see,poly gel nails lasting it three to four,weeks easily so lets talk about the,cons I have noticed a few issues with,these nails with this particular,manicure however this is my first time,ever trying poly gels Im pretty sure my,technique was not correct and I have a,lot of learning to still do with this,particular product so one of the first,things I notice,that is after about a week of having,these Ive noticed that there was a lot,of lifting close to the cuticles and I,think the reason for that is because,these dual forms are pretty flats and my,nail beds are actually pretty curved and,so it just not fitting onto my nails,perfectly I feel like the dual forms,kind of its supposed to be like a,one-size-fit-all but its not normally,the case like you cant have one size,fit all when everyones know beds are,different and there are shapes,differently and I feel like because of,that one of the issues was just the,cuticles not looking really neat and I,feel like a lot of it is because of the,dual forms because of just how flat they,were I wasnt able to get it to go down,and create like a gradual incline on my,nails and away from the cuticle and if I,did do that then it would just lift it,like super far off of tip and it just,wasnt I dont know it was almost kind,of like a teeter-totter effect I think,to better explain this I need to like,draw this for you guys okay so lets,pretend this is my finger its a very,very ugly drawing off my finger um,actually thats not my finger this is a,normal meal my nail bed is more like,this and so my tip is like down here and,my cuticles are right here and the dual,form is like this okay so lets just,pretend that this blue thing right here,is the dual form as you guys can see,since my nail bed is so curved it makes,contact with the top of the nail right,here but it leaves a little bit of space,on the cuticle and a little bit of space,at the tips so if I were to press down,on the cuticle part its going to lift,this up and not really attached to the,tip of my nails but then if I do the,tips then the cuticle is an attached and,so I kind of have to just like rest it,in the middle here which means that,theres not really great adhesion on the,cuticles nor on the tip of my nail bed,so thats kind of where,my problem is almost gonna create this,like teeter-totter effect where its,kind of just tipping back and forth and,I think its for that reason why my,nails were lifting so much any time that,I would apply pressure onto the tips of,my nails this would lift up and another,thing is as you guys can see it like,does not look really pretty because you,can see my natural nails peeking,underneath the actual poly gel layer and,so its not its just not a very pretty,look from underneath no there are a few,solutions to beat this if you have,curved nails like I do and those are one,to find dual formats actually fit your,nails Im sure there are more rounded,dual formers out there that I could also,buy and eventually I will find some that,fit my nails another thing that you can,do is you can use more poly gel in the,dual forms so if the blue here is the,dual form and then of course this is my,ugly nail bed in between youre supposed,to apply the poly gel into the dual form,and for me this is about how much I,applied because I dont like my nails,being super thick but if you wanted to,Im sure you can apply more to have it,fill in all of this other space but then,thats gonna leave you like a really,really thick now if you have an electric,file I can see going in and filing the,excess thats you know on the tip here,and rounding it out yourself but if,youre just doing it with like a manual,nail file like I was doing its just,gonna take a really long time but yeah,so thats another solution if you do,have curved nails and you want to try,poly gel nails with the dual forms but,personally for me I already think that,fake nails are thick enough I cant,imagine having it any thicker than this,because Im like ready struggling to,pick stuff up from the ground and from,tables and stuff and lastly what you can,do is use a nail form to actually apply,the poly gel directly onto your nail,its one of those nail forms that you,stick onto the tip of your nails and,then it wraps around I personally never,tried it before but I feel like poly gel,is not actually horrible to mold and so,I can actually see sculpting the gel,onto a nail form working,now since the job doesnt really dry,until you cure it so its not like,youre like working on a time constraint,like you would with acrylic and by using,a nail form youre able to really work,with your nail bed and a custom scope,the poly gel to that nail so I really,like that idea again I havent tried it,yet Ive never been a fan Im glued on,tips in the past and so thats one thing,that really appeals to me with poly gel,and is that you dont have to use tips,and I think if youre able to find the,right dual forms or if youre able to,master applying the poly gel with a nail,form,its almost seamless theres not like,that little bit of nail thats sticking,out like what mine are doing right now,and so I think in that sense its really,nice and although this is my first time,trying it and there are flaws in my,application this time I definitely can,see this being like my go-to if I want,longer nails and Im too impatient to,wait for my nails to grow and then,lastly this kind of goes back to the,college Im not really fitting properly,onto my fingernails because its only,adhering to part of my nail the nail tip,down here its kind of like sticking out,like this and this is the poly gel on,top the poly gel is only sticking to,like the middle part of my nails and so,anytime I go to like push something it,kind of lifts the poly gel up from my,nails and since its not like even like,this where it like the entire nail is,moving with the poly gel its putting a,lot of pressure on just the part thats,touching and adhering to the nail so,this part right here on my nail is,getting a lot of pressure anytime I go,to push a button anytime I like like,bang it against something I feel like,its just not as secure and not as,sturdy unless the poly jaw has really,good at each into the entire nail bed,again this could be user error and most,likely it is user error and I will n

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