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Poppy Playtime | The Best and Worst of Indie Horror

[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],i feel a certain level of responsibility,in making this video land i tend to stay,away from what is popular and in the,mainstream especially with these kinds,of momentary spikes involving indie hits,the closest thing ive gotten is,deltarune which really was just made due,to my excitement for the game its,arguably one of my least important,videos but still its something i wanted,to make many of you may be scratching at,your heads that i have yet to bring up,my hello neighbor video and while yes,the argument could be made that i,covered a popular trendy indie horror,hello neighbor was well dead at that,point with helen neighbor 2 coming out,the,is slightly less dead but when the video,first came out the original and the,franchise in general was very much dead,this then leads us to poppy playtime now,why i made this video may not be,satisfying to you all i felt a lot of,pushback when announcing this topic and,i can understand why what is there left,to talk about and heck with only two,chapters why even bother talking about a,40 completed game while i cant answer,all those questions i at the very least,want to provide a straightforward,analysis of the game because at least in,my opinion from a gameplay perspective,this game completely slipped under the,rug anytime i had heard anything about,the game it might have been a cheap,rampage explaining some of the,controversy involving one of its,developers and then im watching just,staring at these two hands on the side,of the screen now this sounds dumb but a,lot of you might be in the same camp was,it just me huh so today let us dive into,the inky dips,wrong game let us dive into this,abandoned factory and see what mob games,has in store for us,chapter one,[Music],we start off puppy playtime with a vhs,intro which i know this may not be the,most original or even gripping of starts,but they did a fantastic job the vhs,look is so overdone and i have been,seeing the same kinds of tricks being,applied i.e something that was super,impressive five years ago well to me,its just a basic vhs effect however mob,games really spent the time to perfect,the look and i think it looks quite,convincing now im not gonna beat around,the bush here guys this game has so many,things going for it and against it lets,start off with the setting visually the,game looks great thats been a pretty,defining characteristic it seems with,most popular indie hits having a,distinct art style is definitely,something that seems to attract a crowd,the lighting and general composition of,the rooms feels great for now were only,talking about chapter one and while they,couldnt really get too creative,especially with the short length still,the general presentation looks nice like,look at this shot how the glass panes of,the building are letting light seep in,drawing emphasis to the middle with mr,large and in charge over here speaking,of great in the same scene you might,have noticed the little blue monstrosity,well this my friend is poppy,despite being on the face of all the,marketing and being the freaking,antagonist of this chapter and likely,one of the main baddies in this game he,is not the titular character of the game,no my friends this cookie monster reject,is named huggy woogie which is just such,a fun name to say multiple times im,calling him herbert so hubert is a fine,name oh wait i mean huggy woogie,but more importantly the design is,actually quite good the blue fur like,material paired up with the balloon-like,mouth and wide eyes is a unique,combination works quite well some of the,best character designs have some of the,simplest design choices and seeing such,a lovable fluffy thing paired with the,head biting beast we see him as later,creates some nice juxtaposition which i,was not expecting to piggyback off of,talking about the presentation a bit mob,games uses both huber and the setting of,the game expertly to present an,atmospheric experience take hubert right,here in the center now look very closely,and while it might seem hard to tell,through the compression of youtube and,the natural slight camera shake the game,employs hubert right there is moving,ever so slightly and at first when i,looked at it again i thought it might,have been the wind brushing up against,his fur but its an enclosed building,please just trust me on this one this is,further aided by when hubert is seen to,go missing and the addition of the toy,blocks kicks in when first walking into,this room most players including myself,will have been so taken aback by hubert,and when he leaves the player,immediately knows whos on the move,hubert this is undeniably what surprised,me the most when playing this game not,hubert slightly moving when he is still,but the small design decisions that go a,long way in guiding players in the right,direction alright this is where my,praises come to a screeching halt the,rest of the chapter kind of sucks the,general gameplay of puppy playtime,revolves around puzzles which sure,puzzles and horror have gone hand in,hand quite well in the past but all,these games security breach hello,neighbor bending the ink machine they,all fall under that cam i would have,really liked to have maybe seen a,different direction to distinguish,itself from the crowd most of the,puzzles revolve around this thing the,grab pack reserve which consists of two,hands that can extend out to grab and,interact with objects this is a really,cool idea just in the wrong game the,entire gameplay of chapter one revolves,around these puzzles requiring players,to wrap wires around certain poles to,divert power to certain parts of the map,i wouldnt mind this but it just doesnt,fit in the game something about how they,implemented these puzzles in the game,has me thinking these were just two,ideas made for two different games they,feel boring the general composition of,these puzzles just doesnt interest me,now i would like to preface something,that when someone says gameplay is,supreme i dont actually think thats,the case after playing the new stanley,parable remake i realized that what we,should really be looking toward is the,fun of a game i know this may seem,obvious and while the gameplay is,supreme saying is a good rule of thumb,heres what i mean by that the stanley,parable at its simplest is a walking,simulator however people like myself,derive fun from the game through its,witty dialogue and quirky character,moments for a more controversial example,slender is extremely dull from a,gameplay perspective but the horror is,what drives it whether its good horror,is up for you to decide but games like,slender fnaf on the topic of fnaf heres,a really good example take bonnies,guitar mini game and help wanted all you,are doing is pressing a couple of,buttons and playing a game of finding,the off note oh no we music here or,something but the towering bonnie,instills fear into the player the,simplicity is what keeps players,attention its a simple point a to point,b but getting to that point is spooky,for some smaller horror flicks work,because fear and horror are what drive,the gameplay and tension it becomes part,of the fun now i mention all of this,because puppy potentially has the,opportunity to use some other aspect in,the base gameplay to enhance the,experience but they dont do any of that,really chapter one and still some really,cheap scares with a pipe valve going off,here or just a loud unidentifiable noise,there this is the bare minimum and its,such a lazy design decision the best,part of this game is the last five,minutes okay so after pissing around for,a bit right before youre going to enter,a spooky dark hallway hubert shows up,the fact that hubert is so towering over,you is once again some nice,juxtaposition in how usually toys are,smaller and the humans are the ones that,struggle,then the next bit involves a scripted,chase sequence which there is nothing,wrong with this having variability,especially with a budget indi

Poppy Playtime – Game Review – MGN TV

oh my god,jesus sweet titty,its toasty its toasty,oh toasty,oh god,where did that come from,welcome everyone to the mgm channel im,your host cornish today were going to,keep this quite short because this game,was incredibly short,and uh as much as that intro was pretty,cool the entire game was nothing like,that,poppy playtime is a horror puzzle,adventure game i would say which will,have many chapters to come,from jump to one you are i guess one of,the previous co-workers who used to work,there until everybody suddenly,disappeared you yourself have to go back,and investigate what happened and with a,grab pack which you can pick up things,and wire things you have to venture,throughout the whole game and figure out,whats actually going on now,its really theres not much to say,because,unfortunately its one of these games,that do a ridiculous chapter where you,have to pay,uh some money uh for each chapter like,bendys ink machine and uh another few,other games like that but the problem is,with this game,is,the one chapter was literally,if you if youre a veteran players of,games,30 minutes 13 minutes for three pound 99,i i gotta say right as much as that,intro was uh was pretty fun of what i,was doing then the game itself i lacked,its uh excitement and adventure and,puzzles i gotta say there was a few cool,puzzles uh where you have to,use one hand to power up the electricity,and use the other hand but youve only,got a certain reach amount of wire for,the hands unfortunately the grab pack,you got is pretty uh buggy,for instance i tried picking up an item,and my hand was stuck and i couldnt,progress through the game i had to,restart it and that was a bit horrible,have my hand back,the game is so buggy i cant even remove,my hand,dude i cant i cant,oh look at,give me my hand back,end of,okay well can i have my hand back please,because,is there any way to get my hand back im,not even kidding look im clicking it,well well get my hand,that dole that talks,i will eat your soul,i cant do nothing because it wont give,me my puffy im back,can i have my hand back please,um second of all there is no sense of,direction of where youre going um,i i guess like certain places uh,especially the uh building a toy was the,worst for me because,i believe it was also buggy as well so,the problem is its the bugginess of,this game and,for it being short unfortunately what,they should have done is made the first,chapter free than the rest paid for,because,for about 30 minutes is not a good ride,honestly it was not a good ride at all,so the game currently includes the first,chapter any future chapters will now,cost 4.99,and it will be form of a dlc,um,so,i i can understand bendys ink machine,did that and dark deception did the same,thing where however with dark deception,they made it free i remember bendys ink,machine also free um,those games were right because they gave,you an idea of what that game was,poppys play time for their first,chapter youd had to pay for only 30,minutes of fun i guess if you want me to,say anything good about this game i,think that the chase sequence which i,had was absolutely amazing,but,again everything else was,playing i can understand people giving,this a very good positive review and,you know justified with that little uh,chase sequence scare was very rewarding,but,after that i thought oh this is going to,be the great you know the first bit of,the game but it turns out once i got to,the location i needed to be um they,closed down that chapter and that was,mega disappointing,and overall,i i wouldnt i wouldnt touch this yet,uh go if you want to watch youtubers,play thats fine but,i i would say save it until the chapters,are done because you know theyre,offering property play time for three,pound 99 or,4.99,um thats only chapter 1 30 minutes of,game time,but with this game its not worth it at,the price right now or its not even,worth it because of it being so short,and thats my little review on this game,i do hope you enjoy it i do apologize,this was a short video but theres not,really a lot to go through with this,game and that is cornish signing out,dont forget to hit the subscribe button,to see some more awesome content,happening soon and i will see you guys,soon you take care and have a wonderful,wonderful day,really,[Music],really,no,no,no,[Music],for gods sake,well that was uh,that was um,[Music],that was uh,something

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Cà Khịa Game: Poppy Playtime Phiên Bản Ấn Độ – Scary Toys Funtime | meGAME

Nhớ ấn ĐĂNG KÍ cho meGAME nha

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New Poppys Playtime Made Me Pee Myself

all right lights off pants unshitted,lets go ahead and change that i bet,this will be real scary,and they also tried to release nfts at,one point so anythings possible,lets go,dont go to the playground at 3am,holy [ __ ] its poppy,oh this isnt poppy wait whos this,whats this guys name,its not like freddy fazbear or anything,who is this,its huggy wuggy oh my [ __ ] god jesus,christ,okay,youre right i actually do remember it,being huggy woogie because of all those,youtubers,dont summon huggy wuggy with a ouija,board at 3am and [ __ ] like that,god i hate the names oh my god,theyre toys,theres so many toys that have cool,names that arent [ __ ] huggy wuggy or,squirmy bingos like it could have been,like cool names like,beef cleaver,or like,officer danger,and then the danger bros or something,cool,oh my god its a hooky woogie,sorry,i didnt mean to scare you,i was just oh hey,oh yeah how does this work again like,this i think,im a genius,actual [ __ ] galaxy brain,do i just go back the way i came or like,uh,this is how i got here i i dont think i,just go back do i,i thought i was supposed to like join,okay ill just go back,all right perfect,not that big geronimo action,listen,im going to need you to trust me,oh i was oh [ __ ] i wasnt looking can,you do it again i missed the jump scare,oh man oh geez what in tarnation,ah golly all right,its just these two right,oh i can oh wait i can go around this,one i i didnt even realize that wasnt,against the wall,is what it is,which way does this touch,easy,holy [ __ ],instead,why dont we make a game out of it i,love games lets go,noodle,still lady,oh my god,uh,im so [ __ ] scared im needing mommy,to pop a titty out for me,wheres huggy wuggy,[Music],oh man that guy loves it,oh,boy,theres bad girls squirting,i know when your birthday is,june 28th,no,that was wrong,dude sucks terrible fortune teller,it would have been really cool,if they used like some kind of api in,order to look at the birthday of each,player that was here and had him just,say whatever birthday the player put for,their steam profile,memory would have been cool,with longer patterns in quicker,succession,thats all,good luck,hey thanks,lets ride,[Music],im nuts,[Music],[Music],blue green,red yellow,[Music],[Music],lets go,oh were still going what the [ __ ],oh i see it,oh they changed the position,[Music],oh,wait what was it blue,oh pie,oh i blew it,oh my god bunzo got me,fine,[Music],yeah really slam on it,round five,[Music],i beat it,thats like a little rage quit button,i flipped the table it broke,your time is up,youre going straight to hell,can i break it and stay up there,yep,oh my god this games too [ __ ] easy,i dont even know why they try or i,dont even know why theyre selling nfts,this game is clearly for six year olds,i am at least twice as smart as a,six-year-old,hey whack-a-wuggy,whack-a-woogie,whoopee,youre right [ __ ] come,wheres that,wacky little wuggy,im about to get him,a little wiener time with the woogie,oh theres one,gotcha,i see you,gotcha oh theres a lot of wuggies,man im popping off right now,thats a three kill streak uav inbound,oh my god,its like im playing kovacs aim lab,right now,im just flicking on them,so easy,oh,what a pop-off oh wait,damn i just heard one leave,unlucky,tunnel vision too hard,really hope we have to start over from,the start,jesus theres so many,thank god,hey we did it,hey thats what i said,mommy is,heres some more,more more,oh weve got room you got this little,bastard,okay no more candy not just too bad,is still room in that little tubby,oh jesus christ,i thought theres gonna be like a secret,jump scare,i expected too much,no,its wonky,i think,okay,is that this that doesnt feel like it,was supposed to be the solution,uh,i guess so,okay,well im a [ __ ] genius i solve that,no problem,cool,thatll be the uh charles tech right,there for the speed run dont forget it,that was all me baby two statues,you may move again once i saw this in,crab game,the lovable pj pillar will fall oh pj,i cant do the scooby laugh,[Music],oh my god pjs coming,[Music],oh hes really [ __ ] zooming,[Music],why are you so fast,well im probably [ __ ] here i keep,getting stuck on these blocks,never mind hes confused himself,[Music],okay never mind hes a genius he took a,shortcut,[Music],holy lord hes got the high ground,im going to hard,because im not a [ __ ],can i i feel like i could probably move,in here with the lights on,but im not going to risk it well play,by the rules,pj pjs a real stickler for the rules,[Music],this was the wrong way,thanks recent perch,okay pjs here,but hes just as confused as i am,is this right,this is the way it came from,[Music],okay im stuck,really thought i could jump over that,where am i supposed to,go uh pj help me out im a little,confused oh my god its over there,just wait,i can actually almost reach,okay see if i can take a good pick damn,i thought i could maybe take a path,around him unlucky,i thought i was supposed to keep going,straight i thought there was going to be,like blocks to climb thats unlucky,thanks recent karmic for,subscribe to start the whole run over,oh my god damn you pj,[Music],[Applause],okay,i was wondering if that counted as,movement clearly it does,what if i break the sound barrier,theres no way pj can catch me,[Music],were good,what a speed run,pjs going to report me for cheating,things are you said,totsuko,[Music],theres no way he caught up to me,as he gets absolutely,wrong,man i could hear the little pitter,patter how did he catch up,dudes cheating,[Music],another speed run strat ill just go off,to the side,im too smart for this game,[Music],here i come,oh whoops wrong one,whoa,im [ __ ] trapped,[Music],honk on her titties,just [ __ ] slapper,[Music],four,i gotta get the [ __ ] out,moms been drinking,things the resub,we gone,oh no,somebody help,i just wants to run,as far as i can go,lets go,holy [ __ ],shes everywhere at once,theres a recent shinji,and shelbster in showerhead,sleep well ethan,if you can sleep with this kind of,scariness,[Music],oh theres webs there now,oh god everythings falling apart,maybe shell forget about me,no [ __ ] way what,wait no way so if i dont look at her,she cant she cant spook me,man get out played im nuts,im such a [ __ ] genius,i wonder if i can move around like this,its working,[Music],its gonna be hard to navigate [ __ ],oh wait she vanished now,run,im out,son of a [ __ ],the swinging makes me so sad,hurry up,shes gonna eat my ass,oh,how did that even have oh my god,oh here ill help,i really actually didnt want this to,happen thats [ __ ] up im sorry,unlucky now shes like chewed bubble gum,im sorry about that i dont even know,how that happened,all right well im going home,thats enough fun for me,a beautiful birthday party spent here at,the poppy emporium,huggy woogie and the boys were so cool,everythings right,terrible things have happened,but i know that whatever i need you to,do,you are,oh my god theres a jump scare on its,way holy [ __ ],oh my god,ah could happen at any moment,oh my god,the trains going straight to hell,oh my lord,pull the emergency brake,im trying captain,im cranking,no,man this facility is huge,that was fun,hes a prime fled,that was a lot better than part one

Lets Talk About Poppy Playtime Chapter 2… (Review)

poppy plate type chapter 2 is finally,here and lets just say it was a crazy,release leading up to the crazy chapter,so up to the point of chapter 2 poppy,playtime had seemingly already,solidified themselves as competitors to,games like bendy and the ink machine,even mimicking their popular chapter,based system and similar to bendy after,the first chapter the game had garnered,unbelievable hype for a multitude of,reasons the game was scary the graphics,were incredibly good and overall the,first chapter developed a great concept,but the only problem is just that it,only was a good concept and it didnt,play into the games obvious potential,very well so with that being said i,along with millions of others were,really looking forward to this new,chapters release the only problem is,after all this hype the game would end,up seeing a lot of controversy that,honestly probably played a big effect on,the games performance i wont go into,all the controversy but theres just a,ton of allegations for pretty much every,bad thing that can be done in video game,development theres alleged stealing,manipulation harassment just everything,in terms of this controversys full,effect the developers ended up releasing,multiple apology statements about these,issues and as of right now theres been,a really big divide that youll most,likely see just by looking at the,comments of some of my videos and this,divide exactly is between people who,forgive these actions and are okay with,the game now and theres other people,who believe this game is unforgivable,and should no longer be supported at all,im very much mixed in these aspects on,multiple sides with this controversy but,in this video its not going to be about,whether or not you should support the,devs with chapter 2 but rather if the,second chapter is actually any good and,after playing through it a couple times,i can confidently say that its really,good and in fact you could even say its,too good for reasons ill explain later,follow me on instagram and dm me there i,respond to most messages link in the,description so basically heres the,premise of poppy playtime chapter 2.,when you first start the game youre,exactly where you left off in chapter,one and upon re-exploring the,dollhouse-esque building the door that,was previously locked in the first,chapter is now actually able to be,opened upon entering this room theres a,few teases and such in terms of war and,secrets that ill leave for matpat to,discover and speaking of matpat and his,theories the first character we would,end up encountering in this game would,be the ass predicted poppy playtime doll,herself as she has seemingly became,friendly to the player and helps guide,them through the factory upon doing a,couple basic puzzles with the doll we,actually see poppy yourself get dragged,into a hole that upon exploring leads us,to the main room of this chapter being,the train station basically from this,point forward the chapter divides into,three separate branches or mini-games,and in all these theres usually a,puzzle to get inside of the room a,mini-game we must end up surviving and,then theres another puzzle to actually,escape the room all of which one,successfully completed granting us three,separate clues as to how to activate the,train in the train station and escape,the only problem is throughout this,chapter we are being followed by the,main antagonist named mommy longlegs and,we basically just have to survive,everything she puts us through while she,rewards us with the first two codes for,the train but to get the last one we,actually have to do one final puzzle in,the last room where we escape mommy long,legs hide from her run from her and,eventually even trick her into,accidentally shredding herself into,pieces where afterwards a spider,promptly takes her head off to end the,deal anyway after all this is done we,get the final code and were able to,ride the train while running into poppy,herself once again however also relating,to many popular theories at the end she,actually reveals her real intentions to,use us to help her escape and after she,says this the chapter abruptly ends with,us crashing the train leaving a,cliffhanger for chapter 3. anyway the,initial reception for this chapter was,actually quite mixed and the reason for,this was because out of the gate there,were multiple game-breaking bugs that,made it almost entirely unplayable from,my experience i noticed too the first,game breaking bug was a glitch that made,the car puzzle basically impossible as,the card itself would get stuck and,couldnt move and the other game,breaking bug that was by far the most,annoying was the bug that would take,away all of your audio every single time,you died and for reasons ill mention in,a moment youll die a lot so this was by,far the worst the moment i heard about,all these bugs i was already super,disappointed because these kinds of,things cannot happen when launching a,game its just going to ruin it however,luckily enough instead of taking,something like a month to fix these game,breaking issues i couldnt even finish,the game before they rolled out a patch,that fixed both of those problems now,those two werent the only bugs ive,noticed but the thing about this is that,these bugs are pretty few and far,between besides the first couple i,mentioned and the developers were,heavily encouraging everyone to report,these bugs to specific people to solve,them as soon as possible and while i was,at first disappointed with these bugs,especially after how well built chapter,one was seeing this amount of effort,being put into fixing game issues is,really making me happy because i can,definitely forgive the bugs as long as,they fix them because this new chapter,is so freaking big and speaking of which,lets talk about this games design and,atmosphere because pretty much all of,these factors are done incredibly well,every single room in this game is just,so large and visually appealing and even,though were guided down certain paths,in the game the rooms that we walk,through are so massive that im almost,overwhelmed at the amount of stuff that,they put in the game besides all the,atmospherical stuff theres also a ton,of animations and voice acting in this,game which is really in-depth it should,come to no surprise that the animation,in this game is incredibly good and they,really went through a lot to show it off,and if you were looking for a lot more,in terms of gameplay from poppy playtime,i actually think youre 100 in the right,place here the gameplay elements of,chapter 2 in terms of puzzles are pretty,solid most of them are still revolved,around powering parts of the map,battling different physical obstacles,keeping you from turning everything on,for example theres walls that race,whenever turning the power on and off,and theres a bunch of temporary power,buttons that can only stay on for a,short period while these elements are,really cool i actually think the main,treat here are the mini games put inside,of the puzzles so basically inside of,the subsections of the factory that we,enter we end up playing three mini games,simon whack-a-mole and red light green,light at first i thought these modes,were actually a little bit corny but,they are by far the best and most scary,parts of the game in simon the game,starts off pretty normal with you being,told what to memorize and then having,you press the buttons after however as,we go on we start getting random colors,and symbols to memorize which makes the,game so much harder and while even then,simon itself isnt really that intense,of a game what i didnt mention was that,above the player is a symbol slamming,toy that procedurally gets closer to you,the more time you spend playing the game,and lets just say that when you get put,under so much pressure as you hear the,symbols grow closer and closer its,borderline reminiscent of a sawtrap and,its done really effectively as for the,whack-a-mole game its basically just a,bunch of huggy w

I dont support Poppy Playtime (and neither should you)

The story behind Poppy Playtime is a strange one.,A popular indie game that seemingly came out of nowhere.,Claims of plagiarism.,An NFT scandal and accusations of being a cash grab.,There’s darker stuff though.,Allegedly, the people behind the game took advantage of young, up-and-coming animators,,resulting in one YouTuber checking themselves into a psychiatric facility.,Obviously some of the allegations in this video are pretty serious, so viewer discretion,is advised.,Also, note that all of these are just allegations, and I will be providing citations and quotes,when applicable.,A few hours ago, MOB Games, the company behind Poppy Playtime, announced that Mob Entertainment,had partnered with Studio71 to develop and produce a film based on Poppy Playtime.,Unlike the FNAF film, I fully expect the Poppy Playtime movie to come out.,Scott Cawthon cares a lot about his franchise and what is done with it.,He’s stumbled before, and he knows it.,Scott went through at least ten different scripts for the FNAF movie, and likely many more.,He wants it to be good, and as I’ve discussed, making it good is really difficult.,Poppy Playtime gets compared to FNAF a lot, but they’re fundamentally different franchises.,Five Nights at Freddy’s was an indie game created with no budget while Scott Cawthon,was working at Dollar General.,It was his last-ditch effort in games before he’d likely have to go get some office software,developer job (like I have).,However you feel about the FNAF series, it’s undeniable that it started out as a true indie game.,Poppy Playtime is… a little different.,Between putting lore-critical information into pricey and environmentally-hazardous,NFTs, as well as the rapid  and vast commercialization ,of the property, it feels like a cash grab to me.,MOB Games (the people behind Poppy) presumably funded the whole project using substantial,resources that they acquired through their incredibly popular animation YouTube channels.,EnchantedMob’s channel has over 3.2 million subscribers, and they produce a staggering,amount of content.,Furthermore, they appear to run a network of other animation channels, including ZAMination,,which boasts over 4 million subscribers, and ,in fact uploads the exact  same videos as EnchantedMob!,Sure, they change the titles and thumbnails, but these are the exact same videos.,Same length, same everything.,I believe this is against YouTube’s terms of service, and I think it’s kind-of nefarious.,On one hand, publishing the same videos to two very-popular channels gets you double,the impressions that you’d get from a singular channel, but I suspect this might be even worse.,Considering these Minecraft-style animations from the Poppy Playtime people are clearly,targeted towards kids, I can’t help but wonder if they’re posting the exact same,content with different titles and thumbnails for the sole purpose of tricking kids into,watching a video that they’ve already seen.,Again, YouTube considers these  to be two completely-separate ,videos, and it’s very likely that someone,who watches one will have the other suggested.,This is kind of grimy practice, sure, but it speaks more to the character of “the Mob”,than it does about Poppy Playtime.,Were gonna do something special if we hit 100k, so please subscribe!,One of their affiliated channels is 3A Display, which also produces these similar Minecraft-style,videos that utilize the trendy characters of the day.,I did some digging and uncovered that this channel was primarily the work of FaintTurnip,and Isaac, the latter of whom would go on to apparently play a key role in the development,of Poppy Playtime.,I spoke with FaintTurnip, who explained how they ended up with EnchantedMob’s network.,“So I met Emob though their old Patreon Skype chat.,I didn’t really know them until I collaborated with another channel called Isacx and the,video we made together started getting a significant amount of views.,Both Isaac and I were in the Emob chat, and one day they posted our video and asked if,we made it.,We told them yes, and they started talking to us about making a new channel with them.,Long story short, Isaac and I made 3A Display, with Emob as owner because neither Isaac,nor I were 18 yet.”,For some reason, at the time, these channels needed to be part an MCN in order to monetize,,and you needed to be 18 or older to do that or whatever.,“3A was owned and is still owned by Emob and was used as a quick cash grab for them.,Each month, Emob, Isaac, and I would each get a third of what was earned on the channel.”,According to Turnip, he and Isaac did basically all the work, whilst EnchantedMob collected,a third of the channel’s revenue.,Turnip eventually got fed up and quit 3A Display.,“When I quit, I tried to find the contract because I wanted money owed to me, but when,I opened the email the contract was in, the contract had been deleted.”,To be clear – while Isaac is the director of Poppy Playtime, everyone I spoke to while,doing research for this video said that they’re a cool person.,Nobody has any problems with Isaac.,I think it’s important to remember that while EnchantedMob and ZAMination appear to,be the people behind Poppy Playtime, the people who put most of the money up, and the people,who earn most of the reward, there are a lot of people working on the series now, and most,of them are just regular, talented, hardworking people trying to make the best game they can.,So, while this video is very critical of Poppy, and I don’t support the franchise, it’s,important for people to understand that there are a lot of people involved, and this story,is only about a couple of them.,So, it looks like EnchantedMob had a pattern of reaching out to these starstruck young animators,,getting them to sign contracts that prohibited them from uploading to their own channels,,and having them work as part of EnchantedMob’s network.,In exchange, “the mob” would take a portion of the channel’s revenue.,And it worked!,I spoke to lots of people who were up-and-coming animators in that period, and according to,them, “if you weren’t with EnchantedMob, you weren’t shit.”,After Poppy Playtime Chapter 1’s release, a twitter user named Ekrcoaster put forth,claims that Poppy Playtime had been plagiarized from their indie horror game Venge.,I’ll be honest – when I first saw these claims, I basically just dismissed them outright.,Yeah, the premise of the two games is really similar, and some of the character designs,are alike, but… it’s not plagiarism.,This childlike-horror or twisted nostalgia aesthetic has become really popular in recent years.,In particular, both of these games feel really derivative of Bendy and the Ink Machine, and,it’s well known that Coaster is a fan of Bendy.,However, when you dig deeper into this story, things become a lot more suspicious, and I’ll be,honest – it makes Poppy Playtime and Mob Games look really bad.,I spoke to Coaster extensively, and the following is their account of what occurred.,I warn you, the following  includes some potentially ,triggering topics, so please use your discretion.,Like FaintTurnip, Coaster  was a young, up-and-coming ,animator heavily inspired by the style of,animation popularized by EnchantedMob and ZAMination.,Coaster was also in this Patreon chat, and when their own animation took off on YouTube,,Emob reached out.,Coaster was ecstatic.,Emob and Zam were like heroes of the animation community, and getting recognition from them,was no small feat.,According to Coaster they negotiated for a bit to see if they could work together, but,ultimately, things didn’t pan out.,Coaster explained to me that the contract would’ve stipulated that they were no longer,allowed to upload to their own YouTube channel, and instead could only upload to the channel,created as part of EnchantedMob’s network.,Coaster was a 15-year-old at the time, and they loved their channel more than anything.,While they couldn’t make money from it due their use of copyrighted mu

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is SHOCKINGLY Bad

in one of my recent videos i said that i,wasnt going to review poppy playtime,chapter 2 because i didnt enjoy it and,i dont want to make a video thats,super negative i definitely still feel,that way but i still want to make this,video for two reasons one i just want to,put my opinion out there i reviewed,chapter one and i cover indie horror,games i might as well do what is,basically my job two if i make this,video i can reasonably never talk about,poppy playtime again the reason i made,my video why security breach ruins five,nights at freddys which is one of my,most negative videos of this year was to,give my reasons for disliking security,breach and therefore explaining why i do,not want to revisit it in this video i,will be able to explain why i dont like,poppy playtime and why i dont want to,talk about it beyond this point i had,such high hopes for this project but if,youve been following me since the,games release you know that im not the,biggest fan of this new chapter most,people seem to really like this edition,of poppy playtime and thats great,i dont understand it but thats great,people seem to think this is a really,great improvement from the original once,again if you enjoyed poppy playtime,chapter 2 thats cool,but i just have so little good to say,about it lets not waste any more time,and just get into the review,starting with the game being broken hell,yeah baby i will say apparently there,was a soft lock that a lot of people ran,into apparently it was meant to be,unavoidable uh that mob games had to,address it like immediately but i didnt,experience it so im not even sure what,it was some of you may recall that when,i played poppy play time chapter one i,experienced two soft locks so going into,chapter 2 i was unsure if the game would,have any problems or bugs it wasnt that,bad but i did experience one soft lock,and some questionable issues,in this section of the game youre,supposed to mess around with these,conveyor belts and get a plushie to come,towards you you pick up this plushie and,take it with you to progress when i,picked up the plushie with my green hand,i guess i accidentally used the blue,hand at the same time,i just misclicked and it got in the way,of the plushie heading towards me this,caused the plushie to hit my blue hand,and it just went limp and fell through,the floor i couldnt wind the hand back,up it was just stuck below me i lowered,myself with the green hand i guess i,thought i might be able to get closer to,my blue hand but the arm just stayed,where i was standing and then i then,went towards me so my blue hand was just,gone and the arm was in a triangular,shape i had to close and reopen the game,here there was nothing i could do to get,my hand back,now what,oh why didnt that work why didnt that,work when i,what,my hand is clipped,this games so well made,and in statues youre supposed to make,it to this window on the right and break,through it but i didnt notice that when,i was playing it and just kept going,forward the enemy followed me and simply,clipped through the rocks that i was,standing on causing a stupidly hilarious,result,what do you want from me,hey,youre clipping,im just gonna let myself die i guess i,dont know all of this is like clipping,together,hes just going straight through it,hes just infinitely hes gone,but hes just gone,[Music],ive beaten the system,theres no longer an enemy,wait hes coming back,what the is this,okay lets see if he kills me this time,maybe its just a one-time thing it,definitely wasnt,laughs,[Laughter],oh game of the year baby,while i was on these rocks there were,also just objects clipping into each,other just meshed together i also,clipped into a rock and that caused a,weird sound to constantly play,[Music],well what the,do you hear that,where the what,rocks,uh rocks im clipping in a rock,help me im stuck,im stuck in a rock,i cant get out i wait am i actually,stuck i think i might be stuck forever,oh no am i stuck no please,i understand i wasnt supposed to reach,these structures but the developers,definitely should have taken into,account that someone might so aside from,one soft lock caused by my handbraking,and the hilarious imagery of the,caterpillar monster clipping into rocks,the game was at least functional the,gameplay of this game was just so empty,and it didnt feel like it had anything,to offer i thought that the introduction,of the new hand would at least spice up,the mechanics but this just showed me,that poppy playtime is a one-trick pony,the puzzles are essentially the same as,the first chapter it doesnt really have,any fun to offer thankfully this game,has more sequences that dont completely,revolve around puzzles but i just simply,didnt like how many puzzles there were,because theyre straight up not,interesting dont get me wrong theyre,not easy puzzles and by that i mean im,bad at them ive always had a hard time,with certain types of puzzles and this,game was not easy for me to get through,im really good at tetris and snake but,actually figuring out how to get from,point a to point b is not a skill of,mine mostly due to the fact that i,cannot pay attention to my surroundings,um im very ill this is a cry out for,help,please save me however it still wasnt,exciting it was still just the same,stuff as chapter one that was already,only decent at best the main part of,this game consists of three games that,once again are different from the lame,puzzle games the first one is musical,memory which is simon says i hated simon,says in security breach and i dont care,for it here either i dont even really,know how to review this because it is,literally just simon says it gets a,little more interesting because more,colors are introduced and eventually,symbols are introduced to make it a,little more challenging you could argue,it gets tense but its just so,unoriginal and uninteresting and the,next one is called wakawagi and i almost,like this one but i have one major issue,with it the room is,unbelievably dark you could have already,made this game challenging by forcing,the player to have fast reaction time,and making them look all around the room,but the real challenge is just being,able to see anything i cranked the,brightness of the game up to maximum,which made the game look terrible but i,could at least get a better idea of what,was actually happening there are audio,cues to know the general direction of,the movement of the characters but there,are so many entry points and you can,barely see some of them in this case i,can appreciate the idea and id say this,is one of the more fun parts of the,overall game but it just bothered me how,little i could see my surroundings it,felt borderline unfair at times then,theres statues which is mostly okay,once again i think its weird that the,game has no idea what to do with the,enemy if you miss the escape but i dont,have any major problems with this one,its fairly tense and it offers,something thats different for most of,the game,its its fine i guess but out of the,hours worth of play time this game just,has so little,anything thats the other thing this,game is just way too long i,guess the devs saw that chapter one was,judged for being too short and thought,hey what if we make everything take way,too long theres this part where you,have to move a crane over to a toy,dinosaur to move it out of the way what,is the point of this you have to use,this cart to break these pieces of wood,why,i just hate how many times this game,comes to a standstill for no reason by,the end of this i didnt even want to,have to think about the puzzles because,i was just so tired of doing them i,dont dislike puzzle games but one can,only do the same thing over and over and,over again for so long it was just same,puzzle after same puzzle,just over and over again like thats not,fun thats basically all there is to say,about poppy playtime chapter twos,gameplay if you played chapter one,youve already played a lot of chapter,two and two of the three minigames,

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