1. 2022 Porsche Cayenne review // Still the best luxury SUV?
  2. Porsche Cayenne Coupe SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews
  3. Porsche Macan vs Porsche Cayenne – which SUV is the better pick? GTS comparison REVIEW!
  4. Porsche Cayenne FULL REVIEW 2018 all-new neu Cayenne V6 test – Autogefühl
  5. Porsche Cayenne Review
  6. Porsche Cayenne 2019 SUV in-depth review | carwow Reviews
  7. 2019 Porsche Cayenne Review – All New Base Cayenne

2022 Porsche Cayenne review // Still the best luxury SUV?

weve got the porsche cayenne and were,in our happy place lets go for a ride,put it in sport mode gideon here we go,all right we should probably come clean,and say weve owned three porsche,cayennes and right now we currently own,two of them but we dont have the,current model whats under the hood of,this one a three liter turbocharged v6,with an 8-speed automatic transmission,335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of,torque standard all-wheel drive and,youre going to have to put premium fuel,in this cayenne there are options you,can get the cayenne s the e-hybrid the,gts the turbo the turbo s e-hybrid and,the turbo gt horsepower ranges from this,base 335 horsepower all the way up to,670 combined on the turbo se hybrid,andrea what do you get with this base,model cayenne what are the key standard,features the base trim comes with a 12.3,inch touchscreen wireless apple carplay,and wired android auto 8-way power,heated front seats partial leather seats,heated steering wheel interior trim and,high gloss black 10 speaker audio system,a power liftgate led headlights and,three-dimensional led tail lights and,19-inch wheels,well the center console is different,than ours there are no physical buttons,but what can we put it in you got to put,it in s for subscribe and if you can hit,that notification bell youll be,notified when all of our reviews drop,and then you can watch them and we do,this the couple car review twice a week,the first one drops on wednesday we put,out another one on saturday so make sure,you hit the subscribe and the bell to,get a sneak peek of whats going on,behind the scenes dont forget to follow,motor mouth underscore andrea for me,its motor mouth underscore auto on,instagram and the links are below this,video is brought to you by carcass,canada get the dealers cost list of,rebates plus discounted interest rates,use the promo code motormouth to become,an expert member and get extra searches,the link is in the description below,so we have a cayenne gts and we have a,regular cayenne but its a diesel quite,rare now uh this one is different,because all of the cayennes now are,turbocharged and it is very satisfying,to drive right its a joy i mean a real,pleasure,who gets into a porsche and doesnt say,wow,this is quite something performance wise,it is tuned in my opinion,perfectly and the steering and the,feedback and the response you get,through the chassis is why you buy a car,like this i find that the suspension is,a little bit firmer than i expected but,i like it and the steering of course is,heavier and when you put it in sport,mode everything just tightens up what,happens wonderful what happens when you,put it in subscribe well you youre not,going to do that again are we all right,listen the thing is this car comes with,19-inch wheels and it comes with,staggered wheels which is new when this,model came out meaning the wheels in the,front are narrower than the wheels in,the back and this one is equipped with,21-inch wheels which is maybe why you,feel the suspension is a little firmer,than you thought however i find that,this latest model is a little smoother,than the one that we have because the,wheelbase is a little bit longer but it,but its all degrees of great now of,course if you go with smaller wheels,youre going to get maybe a smoother,ride these 21 inch wheels are almost 5,000 so thats kind of a bit of an extra,to add to this base model,spendy spendy yeah well get to that,later now on the outside not much has,changed since this latest model was,introduced there is going to be a,facelifted model coming for next year,but are there any changes for 2022 yeah,its got an updated infotainment system,so youre now getting wireless apple,carplay and wired android auto finally i,mean i know its not wireless but hey at,least weve got android auto theres,also a bit of an upgrade to the,navigation system its a little bit,quicker and also voice activation they,upgraded the software so its supposed,to understand instructions a little bit,more theres also a platinum trim now,thats available on the base model the s,and the e hybrid so that special trim is,always kept for the last year of the,current model which signifies there is a,face lifted model coming and you get,sort of a different look on the outside,with the smoked wheels you also get some,more added features of standard,equipment what do you get on the inside,yeah well one thing about the wheels you,actually get rs 21 inch spider wheels,which look pretty cool and then on the,inside you get some extra features like,the panoramic sunroof and the bose,premium sound system and also with the,exterior some black sport exhaust tips,so i think that if youre interested in,having kind of a different look its,gonna cost you twelve thousand dollars,more canadian on this base model and ten,in the us best value trim and a porsche,theres really no such thing but there,are some packages that we encourage you,to get if youre looking at this car i,think if you want the panoramic sunroof,and some extra features like that bose,sound system youve got to get the,premium package for almost 7 000,canadian almost 6 500,us and if youre looking for heated rear,seats and ventilated front seats its,the premium plus package and youre,getting up to you know 10 000 canadian,9000 us so it does add up quickly,especially if you get those 21 inch,wheels as well now one thing i always,encourage anybody for any porsche that,youre about to,purchase lucky you is to upgrade the,lighting system they offer a dynamic,lighting system its not inexpensive but,you have a performance car and when you,go to the upgraded lighting package it,makes a world of difference has,cornering lights and a bunch of other,things spend the money do that one first,before you get some other features and,also the led matrix headlights are on,that premium plus package so that might,be something that youre interested in,and you can get the panoramic sunroof as,an a la carte item just over 2100,dollars in canada and just under 2000 in,the us all right the inside is a very,simple look but very high quality,materials so this is quite different,than ours and were going to get into,more of this when we get into questions,coughing cars were not going to touch,too much on it just now but it is bigger,than our model the back seat is bigger,right the back seat is bigger it slides,and reclines so you get that little bit,of extra leg room and i think on a long,trip having seats that recline is kind,of nice for those passengers now carry,on in a cooler not a problem nope it,passed with ease not best in class this,cayenne offers,27.2 cubic feet of space 60.3 cubic feet,overall but something like the x5 gives,you 33.9 cubic feet of space and,72.3,overall cargo capacity now as you can,imagine we get a chance to drive a,hundred different cars a year and thats,year after year after year and our kids,have been in all kinds of vehicles and,this is the one car that everybody in,the family agrees is the best as a,family vehicle so take that to the bank,when we sold our cayenne v6 and we,bought an audi a7 our oldest son cried,andrea you cant say that poor kid,youre going to embarrass him,you want to put up naked baby pictures,too oh my gosh he was young most kids,cry when theyre young and its okay to,cry when youre older too zach all right,im shedding tears to make espresso,lets get at it,time now for questions coffee and cars,your questions from instagram does the,335 horsepower engine provide porsche,like performance competition in this,range appears to have more horsepower,true uh andrea,uh porsha they will sell you a more,powerful cayenne they sure will theyll,give you an ass a gts a turbo even the,e-hybrid yeah all joking aside this,feels,really rewarding to drive and its the,way that they calibrate the engine with,the transmission and all of these are,turbocharged,um so yeah its a very satisfying,vehicle weve owned other base model,cayennes we have and they are not like,this i said

Porsche Cayenne Coupe SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the new porsche cayenne coupe,and its a little bit like,a fiery scotch bonnet compared to the,normal k n pepper just looks a touch,hotter doesnt it so this is the kind of,car youre going to be considering if,youre looking at something like a bmw,x6 an audi q8 or mercedes gle coupe,now you do have to pay a bit extra for,those sporty locks over the normal can,so this starts from 62 000 pounds which,is about 5 grand more than the normal kn,now if you want to see how much money,you can save on a new car click up there,on the pop-out banner or follow the link,below the video to get a car by where,you can check out the best deals from,our trusted dealers we dont actually do,porsches yet but you can check out deals,on the od the mercedes or the bmw or,anything for that matter,okay lets kick off this review by,talking about the kn coupes design,because its all about this,more rakish back end you have two,spoilers one here another one here but,more on that later i love the light bar,that you get same as on the normal kn,and how youve got porsche in 3d letters,in there as well super cool then youve,got a rear diffuser as well and on the,turbo you get four exhaust pipes and,look ive already got a car my stick of,truth pre-installed on the normal car,you get two exhaust pipes but theyre,always real which is a great thing now,from the side here you can really see,that sloping roof line the rear door is,slightly different than on the normal k,n as well makes it look a bit more,aerodynamic and sporty as standard you,get 20-inch alloy wheels so the turbo,gets 20 ones at the front you got lights,a bit like a 911 and a big,huge grill to hoover up the road and the,front design is slightly different on,the turbo and the turbo sc hybrid than,on the normal kn but whichever one you,go for it is quite a striking looking,car,here in the front of the cane coupe its,pretty much identical to the normal kn,which is a good thing because this feels,like a very sporty suv almost like you,sat in a 911 but just like jacked up,its the flat dash makes you feel sporty,so does the position of the steering,wheel the layout of the dials a,particular s,on this car these sporty seats like on a,911 with this tartany fabric i also like,the quality in here brilliant quality,everything you touch feels expensive,theres leather pretty much everywhere,even the grab handles they are damp the,mirror looks expensive no piece of trim,wobbles are the paddles of the gear,selectors solid metal none of your,plastic rubbish the only cheap bit of,plastic i have found in here is just,this little bit here,houses the light for the door locks,thats it other than that,absolutely blooming lovely,and that brings me onto this cars specs,as standard orca and coupes get a 12,inch main infotainment screen and some,partially digital dials you also get a,powered tailgate,ow,adaptive suspension,front and rear parking sensors,and dual zone climate control then as,you move up to the kns and the k and e,hybrid theyre largely the same as the,normal kn but,they have six piston rather than four,piston from brake calipers whereas when,you move up to this turbo version you,get 10 piston calipers a bose sound,system,you also get 18 way into the normal,8-way adjustment on the sport seat only,heated in the front and the back and,adaptive air suspension,rather than the normal adaptive,suspension only if you move up to the,turbo se hybrid that adds torque,vectoring across the rear wheels for,improved handling and some bright,badging about the place there is of,course a massive range of options and,one of the packs that you might be,interested in is a lightweight pack so,what that does is reduce the cars,weight by 22 kilos and includes things,like 22-inch alloy wheels which are,actually two kilos larger than the,normal 21-inch alloys that you can get,on the turbo,also it features this lovely,carbon roof which actually lowers the,center of gravity as standard the car,actually its a paramount glass roof but,this,is just a little bit better for sporty,driving and with the carbon pack as well,you get some carbon fiber accents,throughout the cabin,right thats enough for that lets,continue this review by talking about,the infotainment system so youve got,this beautiful widescreen display super,colorful you can move through its,functions using the vertical menu on the,right hand side and its all easy to,navigate while the built-in sat nav,makes it easy to program destinations,and waypoints that said while apple,carplay is standard there is no android,auto so i cant connect my samsung to it,which does my heading also the system,small icons are quite hard to hit while,youre driving as they dont make the,screen click and vibrate to tell you,that youve hit the buttons correctly,like they do in an audi q8 still there,are some shortcut buttons lower down on,the center console which do click and,buzz when you press them also the cane,coupe gets some semi digital dials now i,say semi because the central rev counter,is actually mainly analog thats quite a,nice touch however either side there are,digital screens the right one is,controlled by the right swivel wheel on,the steering wheel and displays things,like the sat nav and trip information,then the left screen is controlled using,the left rival wheel and that shows,stuff like your active cruise control i,do think the system is pretty good but,overall i do prefer the system in the,audi q8 mainly because its got android,auto in fact if you want to see my full,in-depth video review of the id q8 just,click up there on the pop-up button on,the top right corner on the screen go,check it out in terms of connectivity,well lucky here we have a couple of usb,ports here then a place to put your,mobile phone 12 volt socket there next,to the cupholders speaking of which look,they are pretty big so you can fit large,bottles in them theres plenty of space,in the door bins as well and theyre,lined with felt so things dont rattle,about when youre corning quickly as you,will do in this car the glove box is,also lined with felt though its not,particularly large in terms of the,seating position really good you can get,it nice and low if you want to feel a,bit more sporty or jack it way up if,youre on the short side also theres,plenty of adjustment in the steering,wheel and you move it electrically which,is good,anyway lets hop into the back and see,what its like there,now it may have a sloppy roof line but,getting into the back of this coupe,version the k n is no harder than in the,normal car the doors open nice and wide,the only thing you do notice is that the,rear window isnt quite so big so it is,a bit darker back here but there is,still plenty of room now porsche has,loaded the seats slightly so you still,got decent amount of head space despite,the fact that it does have a sleeker,body and its not too bad theyve done,that because you still feel quite,comfortable in the seat and even with,the front seat slammed low you can,stretch out as well and look at the,amount of knee room ive got blooming,loads biggest difference is this youve,just got two seats rather than the,normal three seats in the back now they,do recline but no they dont slide like,in the normal car youve got this,storage area here which is pretty crap,really you know you put your mobile,phone in there but it does keep you,apart from your passenger you can pull,this down youve got some cup holders,there there if you want to wrestle it,you end up putting your blooming elbow,in it that hurts,now if you want to you can fold this,down and you have some through loading,which is handy but if you dont like,this arrangement do not worry you can,get a normal five-seater rear bench if,you want to that sloping roofline does,affect the person in the middle seat so,it wont be as good for carrying three,in the back as the normal ken if that,matters to you click on the pop-out,banner up there to watch my full-length,video review of that car,now back here yo

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Porsche Macan vs Porsche Cayenne – which SUV is the better pick? GTS comparison REVIEW!

Today, were going to answer the question,Porsche Macan or Porsche Cayenne,Which is the right Porsche SUV for you?,Lets take a closer look.,To compare these two SUVs today,,we have the GTS versions of both.,In terms of the Macan,,actually, the GTS is the top of the range.,Of course, you get the very typical,trademark Porsche headlights,which looks really nice,with these four LED strips.,As we go further towards,the middle of the bumper,,this black section with these,huge gaping air intakes is very unique,to the GTS in the Macan.,I think it looks quite nice.,It emphasizes the width.,I also like, for example,,some of the texture here,that you see right in the bottom.,Theres a lot of assistance systems,on offer for both of these SUVs.,And you can see, for example,,the camera and some sensors,over there right in the middle.,Coming to the Cayenne,,right off the bat,,we get a little bit more of that,air of sophistication and maturity.,Right here, even in the headlamp cluster,with all of those complex different LED units.,But in the middle of the bumper as well,,this is a much more sober,dark tone color similar to the body color,right across the middle.,I think, you know,,the Cayenne definitely looks,similar to the Macan,but it does feel like the elder brother.,What do you guys think?,The Macan GTS being the top of the range,for the Macan model,is actually quite well fitted.,It comes with a lot of,great standard features.,For example, you get the air suspension,,the Sport Air Suspension,,which drops the chassis by about 10 millimeters.,And then it also has things like,Active Stability Management.,With the GTS as well,,you get these really nice 21-inch wheels.,What is different, of course,,is you can get different designs,and versions of these wheels optionally,as well as those ceramic,composite brakes that youve seen the back,with that really bright yellow caliper.,Also options.,As you move along the side,,theres a dash of carbon fiber,towards the lower part of the door.,Very smooth lines overall,through the side of the SUV.,Up here as well, I do like,the glossy black window frame.,And this really bright red color,definitely stands out.,The Macan is about 4.7 meters long.,And as we make our way to the Cayenne,,youll see that first of all,,its much bigger.,Its 4.9 meters long.,But unlike the Macan GTS,,the Cayenne GTS does not get,a lot of the features as standard.,For example, you dont get,air suspension as standard,nor do you get the rear-axle steering as standard.,So you have to get all of these,things as options.,Also, 21-inch wheels with a nice design,but standard brakes with red calipers,,which I think are…,They look quite nice.,And of course, for most of the street use,that this is probably intended for,,those will serve the purpose quite alright.,None of that fancy carbon fiber work,towards the lower part of the door.,This is actually a dark olive color.,It might look black because,we dont have too much of sun here today in Rome,,but it is a very dark green.,If you come close to it,,you can actually see that.,And in the sun, it does sparkle.,Here you see the contrast,between that dark olive green color,and the black a little bit more clearly.,This of course, has the optional air suspension,,this particular model that we have here,,this particular SUV.,So this also has a lowered ride height.,It also has active stability management.,Both of these have the optional torque vectoring.,And of course, like I said,,this also comes with rear-axle steering.,The story continues as we take,a look at the back of the two SUVs.,The Macan still appeals to the boy racer in me,with a black spoiler,,dark black elements for the badging over there,,and a much more prominent rear diffuser.,Again, with that texture that we saw,in the front bumper.,Nice quad pipes.,And the diffuser also rakes up quite a lot.,So this is again, part of the new facelift.,So definitely looks a lot more athletic.,Some nice detailing as well.,For example, if you take,a look at the rare lights,,theres a nice pattern inside as well.,The Cayenne GTS appeals to the 30-year-old in me.,It also has the similar elements with the spoiler.,Blacked out badging,,diffuser and quad tailpipes,,but its a little bit more mature,,a little bit more sophisticated.,Heres the cool design feature of the Macan.,There are punch-outs,for the headlamps on the bonnet.,How cool is that!,So what do we have underneath here?,This is the 2.9L V6 bi-turbo petrol engine.,Weve seen this, of course,,in the S as well as this is also,available in lower trim versions of the Cayenne.,A very robust engine.,Here, it makes 440 PS or metric horsepower.,When you have the Sport Chrono pack,,it can do the sprint from,0 to 100 kilometers an hour,or 62 miles an hour in about 4.3 seconds.,The Vmax is 272 kilometers per hour.,This comes with a seven-speed,dual-clutch transmission, the PDK.,And of course, all-wheel drive.,So sports suspension,,which is the sports air suspension rather,,is standard,,which lowers the body by about 10 millimeters.,And theres optional torque vectoring.,Nice logo.,Same logo on both the cars.,Its the 3D of course, not a sticker.,You can see a little bit of the,dark olive color on this car now in the sun.,Inside the heart of the Cayenne GTS,is the 4L bi-turbo V8 petrol engine.,This makes 460 PS,,so just about 20 PS more than the Macan GTS.,But this is, of course,,a little bit heavier,,and it does the 0 – 100 kilometers an hour,sprint in 4.5 seconds,versus the 4.3 in the Macan GTS.,Of course, both with only,the Sport Chrono pack.,The Vmax is actually just a little bit,lower than the Macan GTS,at 270 kilometers an hour.,This has the Tiptronic S eight-speed auto box.,So not a dual-clutch.,With the optional air suspension, of course,,this can also be lowered by 10 millimeters.,This is their suspension also has,active roll stabilization.,And you get optionally,,also the torque vectoring,and the rear-axle steering.,Of course, this is also four-wheel drive.,Lets take a look inside the hatch.,We get an automatic tailgate,,which is great.,We also have the switches to,raise and lower the rear axle,with the air suspension that we have,fitted as standard with the GTS.,But funny to see that we dont get,switches standard to tumble the seats down.,But anyway, you get 490 liters of trunk space.,And to be honest, its a very long trunk.,So its a very usable space,because this is this is much more usable,on a day-to-day basis versus,the volume in terms of height.,Because you know, if you have a long item,,its easier to load them.,So in terms of practicality,,youre definitely not compromising,if youre going to get a Macan.,Theres even more space underneath in case,you dont have some of the emergency kits.,For example, you also see here,,theres the Bose…,Part of the Bose sound system,is also down here.,On the other hand, if we look at the Cayenne,,this is 645 liters of trunk volume.,So significantly larger.,It is wider, but the length honestly,is just about the same.,So sure, the volume really helps,when you have to load much larger items.,So again, this is a little bit more,of a family SUV, family-oriented.,But here as well, air suspension,which is optional in the Cayenne GTS,to raise and lower the rear axle.,But again, no switches as standard,to tumble the rear seats.,Here we have the key.,Door opens fairly wide.,You have some nice materials,with that red contrast stitching,,which looks really nice.,Matching with the exterior color.,Nice inlay of wood finished,material on the top,,and some brushed aluminum,or polished aluminum finish material as well.,This being the GTS,,you get Race-tex material for the seat,and well take a look at that in a moment.,But overall, Im happy to see,buttons for everything including,the rear hatch and the  automatic mirrors and windows.,Pretty sizable door bins as well.,As we make our way into the interior,,very familiar of course,,Macan, the interior is a very,friendly place to be.,A lot of black in this c

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Porsche Cayenne FULL REVIEW 2018 all-new neu Cayenne V6 test – Autogefühl

the Anya generation of the Porsche,Cayenne is today an ultra fuel the,number one resource for in discoveries,and dynamo on community to discuss cars,today with me with Thomas exterior,interior and the driving performance,will be today in our episode,biscaia blue the exterior color not,quite Thomas blue but already a very,attractive color for sure something,different in here with a lot of sporty,elements and the driving experience,already the base petrol engine will give,you a launch control we will show you,that the acceleration very powerful and,this engine will also be the most,relevant worldwide thats why I was,showing it to you today and beautiful,landscape together with this car,today on Crete in Greece very beautiful,place you can already see the sea in the,background and a lot of wind today here,but of course will ring a calm and,elements and of course really windy,crazy ones and everything of that input,see full screen and flanks lets go,[Music],[Music],[Applause],the front looks a little slimmer than,before a little more streamlined bigger,air intakes overall also little sportier,LED headlights from standard equipment,then option us you see here the matrix,LED which also have the high beam which,then can leave out certain spots not too,blind you know the the traffic that is,facing you overall from the exterior,should be more an evolution than a,revolution if you look at the previous,generation side or side you dont see so,many differences you know they really,tried to make subtle changes because the,week is already working pretty well so,you also not try to you know screw off,existing customers of course I would,like to hear your opinion if they should,have been more daring or if you think,that the small design changes theyve,made that they also please you forming,this 92 or 16-foot one is a total length,now that its about 6.3 centimeters,longer than the previous version so you,gain some more room especially in the,rear for the rear passengers and 100,litres more boot space you will soon see,that two rims 19 20 or 21 inch those,ones here the optional 21 inch and they,dont look too big on its huge SUV,actually we will soon show also 20 inch,rim that they are appear smaller even,though of course and look really really,small on the vehicle you can get the,wheel ours also as plastic finish we,will soon show you that also on a,different white vehicle here they are,painted in vehicle color again biscaia,blue is the color right there only the,lower part here is done from the black,plastic other than that its you know,not too much playing around with the,design round shades right here theres,no distinct design line and also upright,windows here the strong Porsche,shoulders as we know from a lot of,different other vehicles as well overall,big windows still I think thats good,that you can also can look from the,outside flow it from the inside to the,outside very well and classic see,roof rails again save me your opinion,about this design interesting also that,they now put the rear wheels wider than,the front wheels that is a technology,carried over from 911 and should bring,you more stability more sportiness while,driving and also new rear exit steering,is available going across in slow speeds,and parallel at higher speeds we will,also test this new technology when we,drive the car very soon,and by the way fine dust particles,especially in our cities they do not,only derive from the exhaust tip but,also from use of tires and also the,particles that derived from the brake,discs and actually theres here a new,coating that is reducing those fine dust,particles coming from the brake discs by,about 80 percent so this is one way we,can say hey Im driving a Porsche,Cayenne to save the environment right,Im reducing fine dust by this new,coating so something good for your,conscious definitely a very interesting,technology and this should also be,overtaking for other vehicles because of,course its makes sense if we reduce,fine dust as much as possible from all,different source at weight could come,from so when you look at this rear and,you might not think about weight savings,but Porsche engineers did and at least,they could lower the weight,approximately 65 kilograms depends on,the engine you pick overall from the,vehicle,visually it also looks you know a little,bit more elegant especially also with,this the last line running through is,also an LED elided is running through,than at night the moments too bright to,see it right now and in the lower part,you can see that the exhaust tip the,other parts are not exactly fake as we,see quite often in industry today,theyve just you know made it from one,piece it kind of widens to the outside,part I think thats also nicely done and,the top part he has an integrated,spoiler,there is also an adaptive spoiler,available for the higher trims or the,higher engine trims that is then also,flipping up,well above 160 kilometers now are all,used as an air brake when you break down,you know from 105 kilometers an hour but,then of course that its just a feature,which plays a role in you know basically,Germany where you can drive so fast and,only on the motorways where you actually,allow to end when you have the chance to,so for most markets this adaptive,spoiler will not really be effective,what do you think about the new RIA,[Music],[Applause],[Music],and now lets get inside we can use the,key of course open close and for the,hatch its a little bit slimmer than,before like in a new Panamera and,getting inside us of course also,possibilities Keiths entry and this,vehicle is equipped with the optional,soft clothes like this you see you dont,have to smash the door this is the,elegant way of closing a door get on the,inside a lot of shiny black elements is,used here but you can also replace them,those ones are prone to fingerprints and,scratches so I would probably go for,another option,then theres plenty of space on the,instant of the door overall the whole,door is pretty upright you have memory,seed function right there then the nice,K an entry cap right there and then,lets talk about the seats you get two,forms and the normal comfort seat and,this one here is the other optional,adaptive sports is you can see it here,has a stronger shoulder part so you have,more side support and also you could,control those bolts thats making,tighter make it a little bit more loose,like here with with those buttons so you,can control everything if youre more,sporty ride I would recommend those but,in general if you seek more comfort I,would recommend the base seats usually I,have more you know a better experience,of a seats because the sport seats well,they look better they are a little bit,spotted and in fast riding but usually,the base seats offer more comfort,unfortunately most of the times animal,skin is used and the insole inside parts,outside is in vase and leatherette but,inside is still animal skin we have to,wait for the GTS models I guess or you,have to go to Porsche exclusive through,this program and then say I want you,know high-class fabric I want the,high-class little red then you can also,get the real animal skin replacement but,just on a request that is missing still,with the bigger portion models seating,position as you know from a large SUV,its very upright if could move you to,all of the sides this one is still,really a very big SUV feeling,you sit even high in the lowest position,we have a panoramic roof here therefore,the Headroom is a little bit limit and,one meets eighty six or six with one if,you havent subscribed to ultimate fuel,yet it will be a little bit more without,the panoramic roof but do we have it,thats all the goofy live on tape we,have a lot of wind here today so you see,this was not the soft clothes this was,the hot clothes actually so Jonas is now,filming and blocking the tour at the,same time this is really enthusiasm by,our cameraman steering wheel can be,electronically controlled takes a 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Porsche Cayenne Review

whats better than buying a brand new,Porsche,buying a heavily depreciated one,[Music],[Music],[Music],so we have got our 2011 Porsche Cayenne,S hybrid its a bit of a mouthful to be,honest,and today we are going to review it for,you guys were going to be looking at,the engine and power of this Mighty,Porsche were going to have it looking,at the handling the overall build,quality interior as well as the exterior,stylistic choices and then at the end,whether or not we think that this is a,good car now right off the bat Im just,going to get it out in the open I do,have quite a bias when it comes to,Porsche I absolutely love them and I,think they are one of the best,manufacturers out there so that being,said take what I say with a grain of,salt because I do look at these things,through rose-colored glasses but without,any further Ado well jump straight into,it and let you guys know exactly what we,think about this Porsche Cayenne,all right so the Porsche Cayenne S,engine and power without further Ado,well see what it does,[Music],60 70 80 90 100.,not bad not bad,um,this car is a heavy car it is a bit of a,Big Bertha,um so it is quite surprising how well,this picks up for an SUV how big it,actually is now this does come with both,a petrol engine as well as a Hybrid,engine so you have the two systems,working uh together they combine make,279 kilowatts or 345 horsepower for you,Americans,um which is quite a bit now obviously by,modern standards its not youve got,your crazy in terms of Porsches youve,got your Porsche Cayenne gtss your,turbos your looks at Mercedes BMW they,make plenty of SUVs that have far too,much power that will blow this thing out,of the water but for some something,thats 10 years old its actually not,too bad,now its not like I said the turbo or,the GTS which again has more power but,its more than enough it is plenty,um and this one is rather unique when it,comes to even the Porsche brand because,you have a supercharged V6 under the,hood a three liter v6 and like I,mentioned before you do have the added,hybrid system which does jump in a,little bit not as much as Modern,Electric kind of petrol cars but it does,add a little bit of oomph to the start,as you can probably tell by Morgans,camera work and the gimbal getting,launched back its not too bad in terms,of delivery when you are part of me,already moving,kick down and where we go its not too,bad but youve got to remember that,this isnt a sports car its its a,Porsche really its its a Volkswagen,Audi group product its a Volkswagen,its an Audi SUV,um it is not a Porsche as much as people,like the badge,um it is just in a culmination of those,parts a good point in fact is the engine,itself the three liter v6 is a closely,resembled to the same engine that you,get in the Audi I believe its S four,and five of the similar Generation,Um,so it is there is quite a bit of Parts,sharing,um having said that we are just in,normal Comfort mode this car does come,with different driving modes we get,three actually I was about to say two,three driving modes you have currently,what were in now which is just your,normal everyday,um comfort mode I guess you call it you,have Sport and you also have e-power now,e-power basically is for economy itll,pretty much just turn off the,um petrol engine and youre only using,your electric motors and battery pack,um so its not that sport focused but,the sport button is so we saw before,probably like a one Mississippi delay,and then the car takes off and,downshifts and goes so were chucking,into sport,and a sport there we go immediately kick,down five so hes already looking to be,in the best gear now were just cruising,in sport and well go plant now,much better almost twice as quick as,what it was outside of the um,outside of sport just in Comfort mode,the response is straight away the power,is pretty similar its not like youre,getting a boost of power in the sport,mode its really just the gear changing,how aggressive that is what gear it,holds you in that kind of thing now like,my old Boxster 987 we do have paddles,um these are I dont know what Porsche,was thinking but for those of you who,dont know,um,each paddle is identical its not like,one left down right up like almost all,cars,um its both so you can push forward to,go up again into eighth or you can click,back towards yourself and thatll click,down the gears it doesnt matter which,one you press Thats just yeah so its,its a little weird Im not gonna lie,um but it is what it is if you really,want to shift gears manually you can,with those paddles so thats a bit about,the power its pretty good for the,weight of the vehicle and the way it,delivers it its pretty good,um youre not going to win any drag,races but if some P players beside you,in an MX-5 or 86 or even a Golf GTI,might be able to keep up with youre,probably going to beat them its its,when you start getting into those other,cars The Commodores Falcons you know,that kind of thing and car worked on a,heat heavily if youre gonna start,struggling but at the end of the day,this is a grocery getter this is you,know mums SUV going to soccer practice,effectively but youre just going in,style,all right how does a Big Bertha handle,um,quite well to be honest um I think part,in that is these seats now these seats,they dont look that hugging they,actually really are laterally so you can,come around corners and you have no,abdominal movement which is really good,means you can throw it through a corner,so were just upped here to just a,normal tintersection we just take it,normally as if we take it any other,corner,maybe a little power through,and not too terrible theres a slight,hint of body roll but,to be honest with the weight of the,vehicle how big it is as well as how,tall it is sitting off the road,um its far less than youd think,um its actually quite,impressive like its definitely floaty,we are currently in the comfort,suspension setting so this is a soft and,as uh malleable and I guess you can get,so well Chuck it into sport,we are there we go now lets oh so,its definitely stiffened the rider you,can immediately notice there is not as,much body roll anymore we are also get a,lot more vibrations through the butt now,these are quite plush,um,Supple leather seats,um so you,you can definitely tell that the,dampening has changed on the car we are,getting more information through your,butt,um,steering wheel is about the same but,its definitely far more planted this is,a far more planted car now itll be,interesting to see when we come up to,this chicane,what it feels like coming in very,normally,break early so we can carry some speed,through,and immediately not much body roll if at,all,wow okay,wow thats impressive just that that one,little touch in the setting changing it,to sport this car becomes very Nimble,nice and firm but then,keep dropping the kids off well Chuck,it back into comfort and now immediately,soft,can throw the car around a bit and you,immediately get that lofty body roll but,its not actually too bad so thats,actually pretty amazing I didnt think,it would have that much of an effect on,how,how the car handles so what well do,actually well just turn around,and well just take that the other way,and well see what it feels like with,the car in Comfort mode without it being,all hard and uh,I get the best way to say is um,playful,now obviously the engine was in Comfort,mode so that side of things the shifting,is kind of just doing what its doing,but the suspension thats what were,looking at and I am very very impressed,I think even Morgan behind the cameras,can you notice it,yeah yeah,so yeah were Comfort now now same,corner,were just going the other way,um,yeah you can you get that the top heavy,kind of weight transfer fall over off,camber going around yet same again the,cars tilting over but when we went,through the first time having the,suspension in the sports setting there,was none of that the car was planted it,wasnt moving around so honestly the,handlin

Porsche Cayenne 2019 SUV in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the new Porsche Cayenne now you,might be thinking wait a minute now,this doesnt look all that much,different to the old Porsche Cayenne but,it is all new bodywork all new interior,all new technology they might also be,thinking wait a minute Matt why are you,wearing a charging cable around your,neck,well thats to illustrate that this is,the plug-in hybrid version and if you,want economy this is your only choice,because you can no longer get a diesel,version of the Porsche Cayenne so this a,hybrid model,it starts from 67,000 pounds but if you,want something a bit less on your,Porsche cane you can get a normal,picture only version from 56,000 pounds,now if you click on the pop-up and Im,just up there in the top right hand,corner of the screen you can go to car,Wow just how much money you can save on,your car through our new cars deal page,the first thing you noticed when you,come inside this Porsche Cayenne is that,it has a distinctive sporty feel for an,SUV so youve got this flat – also this,big centre console which separates you,from your passenger its got this,wraparound effect of the dials look,quite a steep rate windscreen as well,and its kind of like youre in one of,Porsches 911 sports cars only jacked up,you can actually get this seat nice and,low to increase that sporty effect,although if youre smaller of course you,can raise it all the way up and theres,still plenty of room and you can then,get a good view out you can also alter,look at this the headrests if you like,to sit like with bad posture lets put,that back now a standard these seats,have eight way adjustment but you can,get them with eighteen way adjustment I,mean thats like car seat yoga hits,inside then theres a steering wheel so,this feels nice and sporty as well also,theres lots of adjustment in it so Ill,tell you you can easily get comfy,position in this car I start the way,that youve got the control for the,different driving modes here on the,steering wheel Closter hands and Im,going to look down there to change the,mode and yeah its there these days you,can just flip through the different,settings like that this one also has the,control for the heated steering wheel,here as well its really cool then,theres a buttons on the steering wheel,so the right bank controlled the right,side of this digital display and you can,go through different things like the,sat-nav you can look at the trip,information and stuff like that and,whats about the clock there the central,display is actually mainly analog and,thats for the rev counter and I like,the way theyve kept the rev counter,analog then the left side,the buttons control the left side,digital display here and he got all the,information for stuff like your active,cruise control then we come to the main,infotainment screen which is like some,huge cinema screen right here in the -,its absolutely massive and it looks,gorgeous,so just went through the different menus,its all quite easy to do and you can go,through the different functions by going,down the right-hand side here actually,lets just gone to the navigation,because yeah its a really nice crisp,display and its responsive one small,problem I do have with it is that unlike,the system you get an Audi q8 which,vibrates when you press a button it,doesnt so its a bit hard to operate,while youre driving and hit those small,icons fortunately though you have some,shortcut buttons down here and these do,click and vibrate when you press them so,you know where youre going with them,also you can use this with oil to go,through the different options if you,want to the only problem with that,though is that its a bit awkward to get,up because this gear levers in the way,same – with this volume button which is,there its like right behind its quite,hard to use so youre never really going,to do that youll just use the one on,the steering wheel now like the fact,youve got some physical controls for,the temperature and the fan and actually,as you move down so the buttons they,click when you press them even though,they arent physical buttons so you can,tell that youre hit in the right place,when youre driving along now for more,information on this cars infotainment,system click on the pop-up banner just,at the top right hand corner the screen,to go to our website to see more about,that and find out a bit more about the,interior this car sits just the,equipment you get a standard for,instance you get things like LED,headlamps 19-inch alloy wheels and,all-round parking sensors they come as,standard and really this is quite a,well-equipped car theres some stuff,thats missing for instance you have to,pay extra if you want to reverse in,camera you have to pay extra if you want,heated seats you have to pay extra if,you want this full leather interior and,I do think you should pay extra for that,and its a turn off grand but its well,worth it because it makes this feel like,a real premium car leather on the dash,is lovely you got leather up here,theres leather on the grab handles,theres leather everywhere and its just,great and that brings me on to the,quality of this car this thing is just a,glorious and machine in so Im really,well built everything you super solid,look I can shake the entire car using,these grab handles yet this centre,console will not move and every single,material pretty much is absolutely gone,just to touch I love the fact that these,paddle shifters for the automatic,gearbox a solid aluminium the Sun Visor,feels expensive and the way that slides,its damped and it feel solid and look,youve even got a two-piece Sun Visor,there so does my when theres some moves,around when youre driving youre,absolutely fine some leaves around I,mean the car moves around the Sun,obviously stays in the same place right,yeah its really hard to find a cheap,bit of trim in here though I have found,one little piece just here its not bit,of plastic which is where the light is,when you unlock the car but thats it it,all feels absolutely gorgeous me theres,even soft touch here on the door bins,and the line of felt and the door bends,a huge look I can fit my big tea flask,in there which is great theres some,more storage under the centre armrest,its not the biggest space but there is,a specific thats where you can rest,your mobile phone if you dont just,distract you when youre driving you got,some USB inputs there and if you do want,your phone to distract you you can,actually put in this cubby here because,I cant see any other reason for using,it as than this theyve got two,cupholders there and there are deep,enough to look once again hold my flask,and theres a 12 volt socket as well,its for the glovebox,all right yeah overall the front of this,car is Britain now lets move on to the,back seats one of the things I like,about this Cayenne is that the height is,just about right for me to sit in I,dont have to step up like I do in some,SUVs I dont have to flop down like I do,in a smaller car the door opening is,wide enough even wide people to get in,and look over absolutely loads of room,knee room is incredible also because the,front seats actually raised up even when,in the lowest position you can fit your,feet underneath them so look and stretch,out plus you can also recline the back,seats and slide them forward if you want,to maximize boot space look even though,I still got an all right amount of knee,room now this is standard this feature,wears on an Audi keyways if you want the,sliding rear seats you have to pay extra,for them but not here which is good now,you want to carry larger items and,people you can fall down but they sent a,seat individually and then youve got,some flu loading there now you can also,fold this down and use the Armus any,problem is because these cupholders are,fixed in putting your arm in them,its really uncomfortable as for,carrying through in the back there is a,bit of a hump in the floor but its not,too much of a problem because a foot,wells are massive also while this,central seat is

2019 Porsche Cayenne Review – All New Base Cayenne

[Music],Im Jacob areum go overdrive 2019,Porsche Cayenne Turbo it has a turbo but,its not turbo thats right and its not,the S its not the S its not the e,hybrid yep this is a base horsepower,torque,335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of,torque and this thing is very good for a,base what kind of motor 3 litre v6 turbo,so the S has a twin turbo and the Turbo,has a v8 turbo yes it does you know if,its a turbo on S or a base by the,amounts of cladding you can see on the,website how much they add per model but,you can also option different things and,make this one look almost like a turbo,so get into this one yeah this one ok so,what does Porsche always do Porsches,always handle well cliche corner they,always feel comfortable they always feel,like they can take on cliche corner,without a challenge and so Im gonna,send it in this feels like a car car,like honestly like I could go so fast in,this and its so much confidence like,Porsche SUVs Porsche cars are unreal,like this athlete doesnt make sense,yeah you can take this 10 times faster,than you think you can up to the speed,limit always but man is so good just the,handling like I cant get over it I did,feel like the GTS makaan handled better,yes of course the GTS and smaller,exactly but this is still like,next-level yeah for a base model and,its bigger so you dont think it should,handle as well as it does but it just,does you just go faster than you think,you can and everythings controlled so,well the suspension the steering,everything just feels like a Porsche car,I noticed that the gauges are very,Porsche yes they are I feel like they,got it right and theyre sticking with,it and like theyre so lucky to have,that because so many people have such,bad gauges yeah I love that they stuck,with the analog Center tach its just,its so good but Ill let you go in,depth into the gauges later yeah for,sure,but one thing that I noticed driving,every single Porsche always is just the,quality of everything everything just,feels so solid like always no matter,which one were in this is the base and,it just feels so solid and nice like we,still have metal paddles soft touch,everywhere yeah if this was an Audi it,would probably have plastic paddles and,it would probably bother me,okay every Audi has bad paddles so far,that weve driven we drove an RSI had,bad paddles I think I sat in a r8 and,the paddles werent like nice nice Im,looking forward to driving the q7 and,the q8 q7 would compete with this the,horas i sat on one of those that had,cooler paddles later yeah already same,paddle wise for Audis yeah okay let me,talk about this engine a little bit okay,because I wanted to ask you about the,transmission okay fine,weve got an 8-speed ZF auto it is not a,PDK i noticed when i was driving the,shifts werent like nice and crisp but,there werent other Porsches that weve,driven yeah exactly because its not a,PDK theyre still very good but if you,use the paddles you basically just have,to up shift a little bit sooner than you,thought you would in a 911 or something,like that yeah because I noticed when I,was getting to redline and paddle mode I,was about to hit the paddle write a,redline and it just bogged out and,didnt let me do that you need to shift,early early yeah but this is the type of,car that I would honestly just leave it,in Auto its just so good in Auto 100%,but I also want to mention something,else all right,so in the makan our shifter was up for,up down for down and I thought across,the whole Porsche lineup cars get down,for up up for down where SUVs got up for,up down for down this is down for up up,for down I know that sounds confusing,very confusing so this SUV has opposite,so maybe the makaan is going to get that,in the future too and all of Porsche is,going to be opposite maybe because,theres trying to synchronize the whole,lineup because now we have this interior,thats very similar to the Panamera that,weve driven yes and the makaan was more,similar to the 911s exactly so I wonder,what the next gen 911 is gonna theyre,refreshing that next year or the year,after I hope they just keep it the way,it is yes but hey theyve been like,refreshing it for the last 50 years and,it just keeps getting better,okay now the engine its so quick for,what this is for a base model theres so,much torque everything is instant,because you get torque at such a little,rpm but theres like no turbo lag in,this like this just feels like its,always on its great you dont have to,wait for anything I love it yeah thats,good and we do have some different drive,modes only sport so we press this gloss,black button and Ill get to that center,console later we also have individual,but I havent been able to find a way to,actually customize an individual mode,because theres no suspension options,thats right not on this one and this is,obviously all-wheel-drive,because it is a Cayenne SUV you dont,have understeer like it just,so well it just feels like like sure,yeah exactly I know we keep saying that,but its just you dont get that weird,yeah you dont get that sense in any,other car or SUV that you do in cars,like this like Porsches just theres,just something about them and they have,such a good traction control system,everything is always adjusting how much,power gets sent to every wheel like it,just its so cohesive Ive never used,that word to describe a car but it just,feels like it all works so well together,yeah it doesnt bog you down like the,Mercedes does exactly and what I also,noticed driving this around its so,quiet inside its so relaxing to drive,this on the highway that is true its so,nice like in traffic although this does,not have adaptive cruise but you can,just pay and get that stuff but its,just still so relaxed it bummed me out I,really wanted that but you can get it I,know you can get anything you want just,I just I just like adaptive cruise shes,got to pay I know so do i I think we,should talk about looks okay and then,Ill get into all the gauges and the,electronics theres a lot of really cool,stuff yeah when you drink when I Drive,it looks awesome,it does look awesome favorite part three,two one hey lights come on tail lights,are way better than the headlight yeah,fine I guess weve got that Porsche 911,Targa style going across yeah I really,like the bar cross I love it the bar,cross is great and when I did notice is,the Porsche letters are actually 3d in,there its like next-level I didnt,expect them to do that headlights,headlights are great the Panameras was,better why because when the headlights,were on it made more of an X pattern I,couldnt get that same looking X pattern,out of here because these are the base,headlights you can get optional LED,headlights and Xenons and whatever yeah,well theres different versions of,headlights and these arent my favorite,okay fair enough oh whats cool is you,can turn them off by holding the bun,down but you cant drive like that yes,we do have some gloss black buttons over,here do that but Ill get to all the,gloss bag later and we do have plastic,cladding all the way around because this,is the base I really like this bumper,the way it comes across its like so,open at the front yeah so thats been,updated as part of the 2019 refresh so,the first gen Cayenne that thing looked,like they just lifted up a Porsche yes,the next one looked like a little more,fine-tuned head like the cool LED lights,and this looks like its own thing I,agree but I kind of secretly liked the,look of the first one because its so,weird of course you do because it had,like the kind of runny egg a headlight,generation 996 but you know what Kyons,saved Porsche yeah I know I am,all four Cayennes because these allow us,to drive gt2 RS s and gt3 RS oh and then,Lambo is doing the same thing yeah an,Aston Martin just revealed their cool a,CB X yeah you know what Im all for SUVs,these are the best,exactly all winter yeah drive these,loves newbies we drive cars yeah thank,you people who dont have the stomach,for sports cars anymore ex

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