1. Porsche Macan SUV 2021 in-depth review.
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Porsche Macan SUV 2021 in-depth review.

this is the porsche car and its,designed to combine a sports car with an,suv so you dont have to go and get a,divorce now in this video im going to,tell you if its any good,buying a new car head to car wow to get,offers from the uks top dealers,car wow dot co dot uk the car buying,comparison site,lets kick off this video by talking,about the price and being a porsche,obviously this is quite expensive but,then so is getting a divorce,unless youve got a prenup so the range,kicks off at 48 000 pounds but if you,want the macan turbo the range topper,that starts,from 69 000 pounds now if you click on,the pop-out banner up there you can,check out the lease deals weve got on,them card,through car wow and if youre just,looking for a new car in general and,need to check out reviews and compare,cars,just google car wow its your go to car,buying comparison website,the mccann originally came out in 2015,but porsche has recently given it some,mid-life,updates including some slight styling,tweaks so you get some bigger more,aggressive bumpers at the front with,larger air intakes and depending on,which model you go for whether its just,the normal mcconnell the macan s the gts,or this turbo you get a slightly,different look to it so this turbo has,some extra,led lights there as well as the led,daytime running lights in the headlamp,in fact the headlamps themselves are,actually all led the turbo gets,this bigger more aggressive bumper than,the other cars because obviously youve,paid more for it so you want people to,know that its more expensive,from the side the machine does have,quite a coupe ish,suv look to it with that sloping roof,line once again depending on which model,you go for you get,more kit on it the wheel sizes start at,18 inches but the turbos come with 20,inches though these wheels are actually,the optional 21s,which have this gloss black paint which,will be horrible when you curve it,the turbo also gets special unique door,mirrors look with these two slats there,for added aerodynamics,another thing that the turbo has is body,colored side skirts here and this panel,here this has the upgraded,carbon fiber on the lesser macan and,macan s,these areas are just black on the gts,theyre color-coded as well actually,normally the turbo should have chrome,window surrounds but this one has the,optional black,surrounds it just looks me and i guess,with black especially with this crayon,paint,i love this crayon paint the most,obvious styling change that porsche has,made to the rear end of the macaron,is this light bar here which does look,really nice and the way it says portion,big letters there which,kind of physical 3d lettering youve got,the macan turbo,telling you which model it is and all,cars have quad,tail pipes apart from the inch level,macan which has a single pipe each side,and obviously being a porsche theres,nothing fake,no fake vents no fake exhaust as ill,illustrate with this,chunky car log slash,stick of truth yeah okay well done that,another thing that the turbo has that,the other,cars dont have is a dual layer roof,spoiler it also has this area,colour coded as on the lesser models,this bit around the number plate,is black it just doesnt look quite as,nice theres one last design feature i,want to show you which,isnt you its the cool clamshell bonnet,and that brings me on to the engines so,the entry-level macan,has a two-liter four-cylinder turbo with,245 horsepower you obviously dont want,that car you want one of the six,cylinders and thats the macan s which,has a three liter v6 turbo with 354,horsepower then theres the gts version,with a 2.9 liter,v6 with 380 horsepower then theres this,2.9 liter v6 turbo in the,turbo which has 440 horsepower and 550,newton meters of torque,hmm porsches car can do naught to 60 in,4.3 seconds so im going to see if,theyre telling the truth of my,specialist timing gear so im going to,put into its sportiest setting thats,sports plus,gearbox just until automatic let it do,it itself,left on the brake brought the throttle,come on do you wanna catch gearbox do,their business,[Applause],oh my god that launch is and the gear,changes as well,this feels very very quick lets see,what we got,right this car does not 60 in 4.1,seconds,as you move at the macan range you get,bigger more powerful brakes so you,obviously get the best on this turbo so,at the rear the disk size,is 356 millimeters whereas at the front,its 390 millimeters and at the front,you get six pot calipers now this car is,actually fitted with the optional carbon,ceramic brakes for improved braking,performance,they will set you back an extra 600,pounds,i want to check out the performance of,these brakes yet again im going to use,my specialist timing gear,and see how long it takes this car to,stop from 70 miles an hour the home line,down is going to be my breaking point,ill do four emergencies stop there and,hopefully ill stop before the end cone,because thats 50,meters away from it well find out lets,get up to 70.,there we go here we go break in,ive been late on the break-in certainly,lost my specialist timing,it says 48.3 meters registered when i,came to a halt and then this code im,moving,maybe the point three was the distance,it traveled inside the car,so it did in 48 meters lets give it,that come on it was still moving after i,stopped this thing was and it,measures movement obviously im boring,one of the big changes here on the,inside is that porsche has updated the,dash design and now you have this huge,central touch screen now more on that,later as before,though quality is impeccable porsches,feel really solid and well made and the,materials are lovely as well,being a turbo this has some extra,loveliness so you get leather,here on the door tops and on the dash,and alcantara,for the roof lining which is lovely it,does have a very sporty feel to it this,the way youre separated from your,passenger with this big center console,and you can get the seat quite low so it,feels more,sports car like than suv like though if,youre a short arse you can of course,jack it up and the seats are,comfortable get eight-way adjustable,seats as standard these are the upgraded,18-way adjustable seats far too much,adjustment for my brain really nice,sporty steering wheel with plenty of,adjustment as well,its electric on this car look at that,love it thats all good one thing that,is quite interesting though is that,theres lots of buttons going on here,which is quite unusual on a modern car,most things are now done through the,touchscreen but it does mean things are,just easier to prod when youre driving,a long,productive prod you get the idea,especially with the climate controls,theyre nice and easy to use,the back seats of the macaron are all,right if youre an average size adult,such as me so im 179 centimeters tall,and ive got decent amount of headroom,the problem is with knee room im okay,but ive got really short legs im all,tall so me someone with lanky legs are,gonna have their knees like that so they,wont be so comfortable,at all its just not as roomy in the,back as an audi q5 and you dont have,features such as seats you can slide or,recline how you can in that car either,in fact if youd like to see my full,in-depth video review of the audi q5,click on the pop-out banner up there,to watch it if you need to carry three,in the back at once in this machine it,is,do a ball but the central seat is a odd,perch still enough headroom though look,at that,its okay i can just about get away with,it the body isnt the widest though so,it can be a bit of a struggle with,three big blokes in the back youve got,isofix anchor points here which are,quite easy to get to those covers that,youd snap off and then you eventually,lose if you want to fit one of those,rear-facing seats youre gonna have to,push this,passenger seat forward a bit to get it,in fall down this,you have an armrest with some cup,holders there seem to put your arm in,there so its not so restful,pull this down though youve got th

2022 Porsche Macan Review: Performance for a Price

porsche first introduced this generation,of macan way back in 2014 giving it,tweaks here and there to keep it current,but has that been enough to keep up with,rivals from bmw mercedes-benz audi and,alfa romeo whats up folks im dave,undercoupler editor-in-chief of,autolist.com a sister company to,cargurus the macan is a compact,crossover and its been the baby brother,to the larger cayenne crossover since,porsche introduced this six years ago in,that time its given it some updates in,2019 and again for this 2022 model year,trying to keep things current but just,how current and are those updates enough,to justify this versions 85 000 price,tag lets go find out but before we go,any further be sure to like and,subscribe to this channel so you can get,updates on all of our future videos so,for 2022 there are three trim levels of,the macan theres the base then theres,the macan s which were testing today,and then the makan gts and that actually,replaces the makan turbo for 2023,another one will join the lineup and,its makan t think of it as like a bass,makan with a few more features added to,it while the biggest changes for 2022,happen inside the macon porsche did make,some updates to the exterior the key,change is the redesigned front bumper,and clip youve got a larger opening,here for the radiator and then back here,youve got some active grille shutters,sort of hidden behind this section,for this model year porsche also added,new wheel design so now theres a number,that you can choose from our model has,21 inch spider design is what theyre,calling them and theyre a 2 300 option,so thats kind of pricey but i really,like the way they look,at the back of the macan this bumper has,also been redesigned for 2022. i like it,and i really like the quad exhaust it,really gives a hint as to this vehicles,performance capabilities,otherwise it kind of looks like the,model year before it one thing i like is,this horizontal light design thats part,of the 2019 updates but it gives the car,a modern feel that really fits into the,rest of the porsche lineup but what do,you guys think does this design fit into,the rest of the porsche lineup let us,know in the comments below,one last thing to note about the,exterior back here is the button to open,the hatch is really well hidden its so,well hidden it actually took me im not,even going to admit how long it took me,to find it but guys its right here,hidden underneath the windshield wiper,push that and youre good to go,so my favorite upgrades for 2022 and the,macan is power more power for everyone,the base model has a turbocharged four,that gets more power this is the macan s,which actually gets the previous,versions gts output so this is 375,horsepower 385 pound-feet of torque from,a 2.9 liter turbocharged v6 thats,awesome itll do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and,then what used to be the turbo is now,the gts and that has 434 horsepower 405,pound-feet of torque regardless of which,macan you choose all of them have a,7-speed dual clutch transmission and,standard all-wheel drive,so as i mentioned some of the biggest,changes for 2022 happen inside the macon,and the first thing youre going to,notice is this new screen this is a 10.9,inch touchscreen handles all the,infotainment duties has wireless apple,carplay wireless android auto and its,really nicely set up its intuitive the,screen is responsive to your touch,everything is sort of set up where you,would expect it to be and i like that,other nice touches you have physical,buttons for the volume and then to,control the menus here i love that i,hate it when its all just touch screen,another thing that i love is that the,climate control is not part of this,touch screen its getting more and more,frustrating when automakers do that no,everything is down here in the center,console its nicely laid out you have,physical buttons for the fan speed and,for your temperature both for the driver,and for the passenger and then these,buttons down here have sort of a haptic,sound when you touch them if you listen,real carefully you probably cant hear,that but you do have that feedback so,you know youve hit the button while,youre driving without taking your eyes,off the road thats a really nice touch,one thing i dont like is that this flat,plastic actually reflects a lot of glare,so if its overcast and youre driving,during the day it can be really hard to,see some of these buttons even though,theyre well illuminated right now,so as i mentioned earlier our tester is,an 85 thousand dollar macan s now this,car starts at 65 grand so what do you,get for that extra 20 well let me point,out some options that this tester has,for one it has a two thousand dollar,leather package so you can see weve got,stitched leather here on the dashboard,with contrast stitching youve got a,leather wrapped steering wheel and then,these seats these are really comfortable,seats and this is bordeaux red which is,what porsche calls it really nice color,but not everyone likes red seats inside,a car like this so what do you guys,think yes or no to the red let us know,in the comments below,finally the interior is really nicely,laid out everything is where you would,expect it its within easy reach but the,one thing it doesnt have going for it,is storage space theres not a lot of,place to put anything youve got this,sort of awkward storage compartment here,a pair of cupholders and then a pretty,small storage spot down here in the,center console inside here you do have,two usbc charging ports and a wireless,charging station for your smartphone but,dont worry porsche charges extra for,that wireless charging its 580 that,should be free,and heres a fun little easter egg we,just discovered underneath the pad in,this little storage area is a hidden,accessory charger so if you have one of,the old school chargers for your phone,or any other device there it is,all right so heres a quick tip dont,buy the macan if you need a lot of,interior space certainly plenty of space,up front but once you get in the back it,gets a lot tighter now im 61 ive got,the drivers seat adjusted to where i,would have it anyway so im basically,sitting behind myself my toes have some,room but my knees are definitely hitting,the back of this seat my head will hit,if i sit up really tall so its tight,its cramped i could spend a little bit,of time back here but for maybe long,road trips youre gonna get a little,claustrophobic there are some nice,amenities back here because ours has the,optional package we do have the,panoramic moon roof that opens things up,quite a bit back here otherwise without,it itd feel pretty claustrophobic we,also have heated seats back here again,part of the optional package you have,usbc charging ports down here a pair of,those and your own climate control so,there are some things to make life a,little bit better back here one final,note about the space back here dont,plan on having anyone really sit in the,center seat thats because you have this,massive center tunnel down here theres,really nowhere for their legs to go if,theres someone sitting on either side,of them,in terms of the cargo area back here the,macan is 53 cubic feet of space now,thats good but not great an audi q5 is,about 54 cubic feet a bmw x3 has quite a,bit more its like 63 cubic feet so you,dont have a ton of space back here,again this is more of a sporty vehicle,not one built around practicality there,are a few nice practical features built,in though you have a 12 volt outlet back,here youve got the seats which are,split 40 20 40 and those do fold flat,and finally because our macan has the,optional air suspension there is a,button back here to lower the height of,the car in case youre loading in,heavier items,all right drive impressions is this the,porsche of suvs yes absolutely,emphatically this is one of the most fun,crossovers you can drive thats on the,market today 375 horsepower in the macon,s thats new for 2022 more than enough,itll do zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds but,again it

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BMW X4M v Porsche Macan Turbo v Alfa Stelvio QV: DRAG RACE

hi how are you matt watson from carway,so im sitting,in an alfa romeo stelvio quadrophoto,next to me is a bmw,x4m competition and next to that is a,porsche mccon turbo and we are going to,have a drag race,before i talk you through the cars lets,speak to the driver of that bmw because,he owns it,can you guess who it is yes you know who,it is of course it is him,it is hi matt im good im really well,how are you,yeah im all right so youve brought,along your x4m normally youre being a,nurse but you bought that,why because you asked me to as simple as,that,okay so do you know the stats on your,car or do you want me to go and do it,for you,really do you really need to ask me that,question of course,i dont know the slats feel free lets,try lets play a little game,what engine is in the car two liter are,you just taking the piss,i dont know was it 4.4 4.2,how many cylinders does it have four,and what horsepower does it have 420,and how many wheels does it have three,some of that youre probably joking some,of that you werent joking ill let the,viewers decide what you knew and what,you didnt know anyway,ill crack on so this alpha it has a 2.9,liter twin turbo,v6 with 510 horsepower and 600 newton,meters of torque it weighs just over,1800 kilos got an eight-speed,automatic gearbox with a torque,converter that drives all four wheels,that bmw,it has a three liter straight six engine,twin turbocharged again 510 horsepower,again 600,meters of torque again its a little bit,heavier than this it weighs getting on,for two tons finally that porsche it has,a 2.9 liter twin turbo v6,but with only 440 horsepower and 550,newton meters of torque,now that drives all four wheels via a,seven speed automatic gearbox with dual,clutches so its got the sportiest,gearbox because its a porsche in terms,of weight it comes in at just over 1900,kilos,as for the price well the porsche is,actually the cheapest here,i mean who ever said that it starts from,69 000 pounds then its this alpha,which is 73 000 pounds that bmw 83,000 pounds what a coincidence that yanny,is driving the most expensive car,anyway lets get on with the drag race,but before we do please make sure you,subscribe to this channel hit the bell,icon to turn your notifications on that,way you wont miss a single upload if,youre thinking about buying a new car,such as one of these performance suvs,or any car for that matter click on the,pop-out banner up there to get a car,where,and check out all the different deals,offers and stuff like that alternatively,at a later date simply google help me,car wow my team and ill help you choose,the right car for you and get it for a,fair price from one of our trusted,dealers,right enough of that spail lets get on,with this buying a new car,then head to car wow and my team will,help you find your next car at a fair,price,car wow your one-stop car buying,comparison site,okay before we race weve got to do the,obligatory car wire sound check so im,going to start off with this alpha,italian v6 oh,i bet it sounds better than that bmw,and finally porsche over there can you,rev up your engine,[Music],nice pop pop ping comment below click on,that,to vote which one do you think is under,the best are you ready to race ready,im ready i dont know why but i think,im going to lose,even though terry drives this car one of,my staff drives,and he reckons its really really quick,so lets see you know the entry in that,car is mighty so it might surprise you,but lets find out,three two one,between me and the porsche you had a,crap start in that bmw,oh this is quick,[Applause],i didnt change gear,[Music],yeah and what happened in that race mate,launch control issue typical bmw,didnt say launch obviously i launched,it wouldnt change gear,ive just tested it and obviously,straight away it shows launch control,so lets try that again okay so now if,youre in manual mode but you launch it,it will change gears for you and people,wonder why i dont drive this car,you dont drive it because youve got an,error switch is worth twice the money,thats why,twice and then some mate yeah three,two one,oh,come on alpha see that looks really well,im taking the porsche but that bmw is,flying,[Applause],im very surprised did i jump the start,though please dont let me jump the,start,[Applause],oh he had that he had that so good,please please i didnt jump the start,please,[Music],so i dont know whether you jump the,start or not but if you want to run it,again,you can if you dont you can take the,win i dont want to win,by jumping the start even though all the,comments going to be like he always,dances out,lets do it again i want to be fair will,he regret his decision,this it just launches so quick this,reaction is bang on this i need to be a,little bit delayed,three two one,oh its closer this time and it was,edging four and i still held it back,that porch just rocketed,oh this is quick come on alpha,[Applause],yes come on,come on,[Applause],wow wow wow wow and it was edging,forward and i tried to hold it back,but man this is quick that was such an,even start i actually think the porsche,might have got off first,we were so close i thought oh i might be,in here i might be in here but,i wasnt in there at all you went thats,got to be a,a mid 11 second i would say car its,less than 12 seconds this car you know,whats coming next guys,so then what exactly happened well the,bmw crossed the line first with a,quarter mile time of 11.7 seconds,even if in the last race yanny was a bit,naughty heading forward slightly at the,start,the alpha was second with a time of 11.9,seconds,and the porsche finished last completing,the standing quarter mile in 12 seconds,exactly,now we have a rolling race from 50 miles,an hour the cars in comfy relaxed,automatic motor to the gearbox all that,kind of chilly stuff,you know the four right get there come,on,youre level right here we go three,two one go kick down kick down,bloody yell lets talk forever wow in,comfort,i can see that porsche just pitching its,nose at once,that bmw is going though and its,pulling,its gapping me this is,quick man yeah i can just see youre,heading off youre gonna hit a limiter,then i might come past before the mile,heres the mile no i wont,well that bmw is bloody quick isnt it,hit 160 as well it seemed to kick down,really quick this alpha was really lazy,at kicking down in comfort how was the,porsche,well the kick down was pretty good but,not as good as that bmw that thing,actually shot off didnt it,that it did next challenge okay were,gonna do that again a rolling grace,with the cars in their sportiest setting,locked in third gear okay im gonna,count it in here we go,three two one go,come on gotta hit these shifts,now i can look right,and see him just coming past damn,picked up so well such a responsive,engine ah,this is this is the daddy this is,amazing,i like bmw guard that engine in that car,which you also get in the m3 and m4,is just brilliant,this is awesome but thats insane the,porsche,oh there it is,this is the daddy do you know what ill,be interesting,that against your urus because its,probably,quicker whats quicker this or an x6m,oh yeah a good point an x6m will be a,bit quicker than that and the x6m is,fractionally quicker than yours,because you cant drive it properly,mug oh burn just a sore lose thats all,i am,okay last challenge so two nil to me,yeah,sorry whats that i didnt catch that,to me yeah no i still like getting that,ah sorry right now we have a brake test,from 70 miles an hour when,we reach the line full emergency stop,lets see which car stops in the,shortest distance,everyone loves on the brake test when i,look over at you here it comes guys the,bit youve been waiting for,yeah yannys famous aggressive dimet,die look you cant see my face when im,like breaking and whether im aggressive,because im looking that way what ill,do is show you,what my face is when im break testing,okay ill turn around ill freeze my,face,and turn around so you can see what i,look like when im

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Heres Why The Porsche Macan BASE MODEL Is Actually GREAT!

all right well its safe to say most,base models cant do that,oh my gosh,whats up everybody my name is elliot,but you can call me the motory notary,and look its short season here in,kansas and you know i feel like meghan,trainor because todays video is all,about that base and thats why i have,this 2021 porsche macan thats right no,letters or numbers following it it is,just a macan which means it is a base,model and today i want to talk to you,about how sometimes the base model isnt,actually that bad,now its worth mentioning that i do have,some experience driving porsche macans,except the last time i was on film,driving one of these cars,well this is what happened,[Music],oh my god yes that was me sitting in,that white porsche macan taking the,brunt force of a 50 mile an hour,corvette impact but that was like five,years ago and this is now we have an,undamaged porsche macan in front of us,but more importantly what it represents,when you tell somebody that youve,bought a porsche it implies a certain,amount of speed prestige and that youve,bought a very expensive car but to car,people they know that theres quite a,bit of difference between this 52 000,base model and the 100 000 gts top of,the line model so what do you get if you,opt for the bottom of the barrel base,macan i didnt know until now so lets,take a look and walk around this thing,and see what you get now the difference,between this model and the 2016 model,that got met with the horrible corvette,fate was that 2016 is a first-gen macon,now this isnt necessarily a second gen,macon it is whats called a refresh,design now what exactly did they refresh,well not a whole lot now there are some,differences between the turbo and the,base model like the intake gills and,stuff like that are a little different,but fundamentally they only changed a,few things one of which being these,headlights instead of four dot running,lights you now get four dashes for,running lights but other than that,everythings very similar the doors are,the same the mirrors are the same the,roof line all of that stuff is unchanged,until you get to the back of the car,that is how you can really tell a,refreshed macan from the first,generation makon because you have this,huge continuous brake light bar which is,all the rage now and something that,youll find on 911s and other porsche,models but it makes a huge difference,seeing this light bar versus the two,separate brake lights that they used to,have but other than that if you were in,a whole foods parking lot you are really,not going to be able to tell the,difference between this base model and,like a top of the line gts model and i,think that thats not such a bad thing,if youre looking to get into porsche,ownership but speaking of porsche stuff,lets talk about the most important,stuff whats underneath this massive,clamshell hood,pop the hood here,all right now this is interesting you,cant pop the hood,unless the door is open the door,physically blocks,the hood pop ive ive never seen that,must be some sort of anti-theft measure,that they put in i cant imagine why but,look at the size of this hood it is the,very definition of a clam shell it is,not only the entire top of the car its,also part of the fenders and theres big,headlight cutouts and stuff if you get,in an accident with any part of this,involving this hood,good luck to you and your insurance,company this must be an expensive piece,but thats not important what is,important is whats underneath here and,remember this is the base model but the,base model doesnt get the monstrous,twin turbo v6 like the gts does with,more than 400 horsepower no no the,regular macan gets a two liter,turbocharged four cylinder making 248,horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque,in fact it is the same motor that is in,the volkswagen golf r but unlike in the,golf r this ones in a porsche which,means it is also paired to a seven speed,pdk dual clutch gearbox which is in my,opinion the best dual clutch or any,gearbox on the market today not only,that but it is also all-time all-wheel,drive which is really cool for anything,let alone a base model other than that,plastic cover and over here you can see,this teeny tiny turbo that is really,doing a lot of work to make that kind of,torque figure lets move on to the,interior and see what kind of luxury,features you get when you spend porsche,money,now climbing in,to the base model makon the first thing,that i notice is that it feels exactly,like climbing into a pecan s or macan,turbo those are the upper trim level,cars that should feel a lot more,expensive but this base macan feels,really identical everything you touch is,very premium and feels expensive as it,should youre greeted with real leather,almost everywhere you touch and a very,impressive center stack here with a lot,of buttons but not too many that are,overwhelming although doug demiro would,definitely have a problem with the,amount of blank panels that you get in,this particular one but like with any,porsche the amount of blank panels you,get are up to you depending on how many,option boxes you take other things,looking around you get your centralized,tac which is very race car ish a really,cool adjustable digital display on the,right which tells you all sorts of,information and over here you have the,newer infotainment system which is a lot,bigger than it was in the first gen,model and a lot more responsive than it,was as well it also does this cool,proximity thing when you reach up it,gives you more menus but it detects that,youre about to touch it which is pretty,cool but yeah looking around you get a,lot of other stuff including,a totally panoramic sunroof which i,guess at this price point you probably,should get but it does make quite the,big difference in a car like this now,for all you moms in the group lets take,a look and see what the back seats like,climbing back here,well its surprisingly roomy um i have,this adjusted to where i would sit so i,guess if somebody was a little bit,taller it might be a little bit more,cramped ill tell you it looks a lot,more cramped than it actually is and,again identical to the back seat of an s,or a turbo and those cars cost twice as,much the other things you get back here,you kind of get your own climate control,heated seats and two usb-c ports now,thats not us before christ thats usb,type-c charging ports which is still,pretty nice for your backseat passengers,lets go see what you get for cargo,space though,now when you go to buy your macan the,first thing you might want to do is open,up the tailgate and see what kind of,groceries and stuff you can put back,here but to that i ask how do you do it,because theres no handle,anywhere and doing it from the fob is,pretty impractical but the people at,porsche thought about this and instead,of putting an unsightly handle here they,hid the liftgate button,here below the base of the wiper which,is very weird and very non-intuitive but,click it,and it beeps and opens up and youre,greeted with a pretty standard amount of,cargo space nothing impressive about it,but its obviously more than enough to,handle everything and you get this,optional little privacy cover of course,you can lay the seats down flat to get,even more room but there are a couple of,other cool things back here that i,wanted to show you namely this spare,tire which is really cool and orange and,youll also notice the tire itself is,collapsed so you actually inflate the,spare before you put it on which is,pretty cool and also space saving also,worth noting i think that those wheels,would look great if they were like 20,inches and all the way around on this,white car that would be really cool it,looked like a rally car but the other,thing i noticed about this particular,macan is it has this mystery compartment,up here that uh seems to hold nothing um,now a lot of german cars put their tools,and stuff up there and this one looks,like its got a slot for something but,uh well its just not there i guess

2022 Porsche Macan S – POV Review

foreign,the 2022 Porsche Macan s this is my,first time testing and reviewing a,Porsche Macan so were going to give you,guys some First Impressions on what this,has been like to experience in the first,couple days uh well talk about some of,its features well take it for a drive,and see how it does on the road,so some information first this has a 2.9,liter twin turbo V6 gets a bit of a,power bump for the 22 Model A year it,now makes,375 horsepower 383 pound-feet of torque,that picks up where the previous GTS,left off and now the new GTS gets even,more power well be testing one of those,a little bit later this year lets walk,you around this real quick well show,you what it looks like outside and then,well delve into the interior here,pretty nice looking spec love this blue,20 inch alloy wheels,295 40 r20s in the rear wrapped in,Michelin Latitude sport threes actually,a pretty sticky tire for a performance,SUV massive six piston Porsche calipers,up front 265 45 r20s,Ive always thought the Macan is one of,the better looking SUVs on the road,it has pretty nice compact proportions,its spacious enough on the inside,practical enough,what you lose in uh outright interior,volume you gain in driving Dynamics and,enjoyment Factor,trunk release button is right under the,rear wiper which is kind of cool,nice amount of cargo space back here,loading floors a little bit on the high,side but you do get an inflatable spare,tire back there which is very nice I,appreciate that rear seats fold down but,you do have to fold them down from the,back two buttons here to lock and close,the vehicle,foreign,exhaust tips,again pretty cool spec on this Macan I,like the seat material too the middles,are a little bit rough but the sides,feel nice and soft and supple super easy,isofix latches there for car seats,pretty easy to get into the back Im,five foot ten seated by myself I have,enough legroom back here not a ton of,room to stretch out but its cozy,I have some rear temperature controls,heated rear seats two USB C ports,theres the armrest with a couple cup,holders,pricing on the mccon S starts at around,66 000 with destination this has a few,options on it as the sport Chrono,package which enables launch control,Porsche torque vectoring plus and the,premium package,price is tested is about seventy to,seventy three thousand dollars,its also painted in Grecian blue,metallic which is a gorgeous color,thats an optional extra too,love the new Porsche headlight design,with these four LEDs,lets take a look under the hood,again 2.9 liter twin turbo V6,its rated for 17 miles to the gallon on,the city and 23 on the highway and this,engine of course is mated to a seven,speed dual clutch transmission which,just shifts amazingly well,look at this Hood,its kind of like the Mini Cooper where,it wraps around the headlights,wow,big body panel,nice looking engine bay,all right lets hop inside well show,you around the interior and then well,take this for a drive,all right very classic Porsche interior,you notice when we started up the,vehicle keys on the left its not,actually a key its just kind of a stock,that you turn while you have the Porsche,key,in your pocket,here that is looks pretty nice,the first thing I noticed when I got,into this is all of the gloss black,haptic touch controls here,for our settings I purposefully didnt,clean it for this review so you can kind,of realistically see what its going to,look like after a week of use a few,fingerprints a little bit of dust youll,basically just want to keep a microfiber,with you in the glove box my only main,complaint with this system everythings,pretty well laid out its easy to,operate and touch things maybe slightly,less convenient than an actual physical,button but the problem I have with it is,that it reflects sunlight on bright,sunny days like crazy so youre going to,be wanting to wear polarized sunglasses,or have a big forearm that blocks that,light while youve got both hands on the,steering wheel we have a nice looking,Porsche infotainment here nothing too,different from anything else that weve,tested from Porsche recently Apple,carplay integrates nicely screen is,responsive beautiful display color,contrast ratio all that stuff carplay is,a little bit tiny in the screen it would,be nice if it filled up everything but,maybe well see that in a future update,we do have a very clever place to charge,our phone just slip it right in there,with a screen facing out and weve got,wireless charging though it doesnt seem,to be activating right now maybe I need,to flip it around,there we go that should do it,very simple and well laid out controls,for climate you can easily adjust your,temperature your fan speed,heated seats air Direction damper,stiffness turn off traction control your,parking brake is right below this,shifter I like that Porsche gives us a,traditional shifter here feels great in,hand has a really nice action to it,paddle shifters behind the wheel no,shifting control from the gear selector,here,this Macan s isnt equipped with the air,suspension but we also do have an,off-road mode very typical Porsche gauge,cluster well turn on the headlight so,you can see that a little bit better I,love that theyve stuck with analog,gauges,it just looks a little bit higher,quality and more special I think than a,fully digital gauge cluster you still,get this digital pod over here to the,right you can see a bunch of different,information there from navigation what,music is playing tire pressures various,vehicle information well just leave it,on this temperature display here,lighting controls over here to the left,cruise control stock down there as well,and you get this drive mode selector you,can choose between normal sport Sport,Plus and individual and uh heres your,button to turn off automatic stop start,Sport Plus this actually makes pretty,good noise,[Music],all right I think its time to take this,for a drive oh just wash the car rolled,the window up that was a mistake rookie,error right there,nice looking reverse camera pretty high,res super wide angle,parking sensors all around but no 360,Cam and this my honest,well start off in normal mode,steering has a really nice weight to it,at low speeds,is pdk is very smooth off the line,almost imperceptible shifts,[Music],you do also get a drive mode where you,push this button it puts you to sport,response for 20 seconds,[Music],all these Drive modes ramp up various,systems in the car,the biggest thing youll notice is,just the transmission programming and,engine response between normal Sport and,Sport Plus,lovely resistance for the turn signal,stock there,Porsche just gets all of their inputs,right in their cars and that carries,over into this Macan,supposed to be might as well even enable,stop start,system starts up immediately pretty,seamless but it is something that I have,been turning off pretty regularly this,week,all right sport mode,E6 makes a pretty good noise too,handling,dynamically I think this is one of the,best SUVs Ive driven in a long time it,just feels great on the road its so,sharp so immediate,so grippy,a little safe understeering the limit,but once you get on throttle,more neutral,tons of power to,very meaty torque curve,and I love how easy it is to switch,between Drive modes here just a flick of,this toggle,brakes feel excellent tons of bite,really a positive nice firm pedal too,ride quality is pretty nice on the,standard suspension no complaints there,where Im really impressed with this,pecan is just its handling capability,abilities,lets even switch into manual mode shift,this pdk ourselves,it feels so stable so planted,decent steering feel for an SUV too,and on power it just rotates beautifully,here with the paddles,pretty good response from everything,Sport Plus itll drag the clutch just a,little bit to give us more aggressive,shifts,and then it will not hold back on,letting you shift up to redline on your,downshifts thats pretty cool,theres also a button here to switch,into full

Porsche Macan SUV 2014 review – Carbuyer

this is the new Porsche Macan and I,apologize in advance if this is one of,the most glowing reviews Ive ever done,but dont blame me you can blame the car,its just that good in fact its that,good that I deal with its negative,points first and just get them over and,done with an out of the way the obvious,one is the price being a Porsche the,makaan is more expensive than the Audi,q5 which it shares its platform with,however its heavily sloped tailgate,means its boot is a touch smaller then,theres the options you have to pay 271,pounds extra if you want bluetooth you,hidden right Porsche oh it appears that,youre not as for the design while the,Mekons certainly looks good but it does,lack some of the wow factor of the Range,Rover Evoque speaking of which the,Porsche cant quite match the Evoque,off-road either though to be fair its,more than capable enough for most buyers,needs,lets face it though most people who buy,a mic on and never going to take it,off-road anyway and thats why Porsche,has set the car up to be absolutely,awesome on road and believe me it is,absolutely awesome on road,the steering sharp body any leap at all,when you go around a corner and youve,got oodles of grip from the excellent,four-wheel drive system in fact this car,can behave like a total hooligan if you,want it to as you can see now in this,little clip of a video I did for our,sister title Auto Express Co UK,I know what youre thinking and yes of,course it absolutely writes here even,less likely to do that kind of driving,than going off-road but what it does,illustrate is that this makan is,genuinely good fun to drive,in fact its this sport ystem all the,sports utility vehicles actually its,its sporty than quite a lot of sports,cars have actually driven and you can,actually think of it as a sports car,just one that gives you a better view,over the traffic traffic you soon going,to be overtaking and that brings us on,to the engines theres the three litre,v6 turbo in this makan s it has 340,horsepower and will hit 62 miles an hour,in 5.2 seconds which is very fast but,its not as fast as the 400 horsepower,3.6 liter makan turbo which can do,nought to 62 miles an hour in just 4.8,seconds for most people the three litre,diesel will be the Pick of the range and,thats because its reasonably,economical itll do 46 miles per gallon,yet can still get from nought to 62,miles an hour in just 6.3 seconds and,its actually got so much in gear shove,that when youre on the motorway you can,just blast past slow-moving traffic like,its standing still speaking of which,the standard fit 7-speed automatic,gearbox is excellent whether in auto,mode or if you change gears yourself,using the paddles shifts for super,smooth and this is generally the theme,with the rest of the makan,the sound insulation thats excellent to,Holly know youre moving when youre on,the motorway then here in town kept,nicely isolated from the ruckus at the,outside world cars fairly maneuverable,too as Ill illustrate now with a,classic car by a circumnavigate a mini,roundabout until you annoy other road,users test so here we go Ive annoyed,anyone yeah there we go yeah sorry sorry,about that Im trying to do a car review,here its very important scientific,stuff you know there we go so thats,maneuverable also the card is very well,going over bumps its extremely,comfortable its especially good if you,go for the adaptive suspension now that,is a seven hundred and eighty five pound,option on the S and diesel models but,its well worth it because in comfort,mode the makan just wafts along like a,limo but if you stiffen things up a,press of a button itll play sports car,again if you want you could also greater,air suspension for an even comfier ride,this also allows you to raise the car,for off-roading or more lightly for,traversing speed humps or lowering it if,you want to pretend you in a Cayman,obviously theres some very uncommon,light things about the Mekons such as,well youve got rear seats and compared,to some other SUVs you dont have to,intrusive wheel arches so its easy to,get in now this passenger seat is level,with my drivers seat and you can see,Ive got lots of knee room Headroom its,a little bit tight but I should point,out that this car has the panoramic,sunroof and that does eat into head,space if you dont have that six footer,should be fine back here and you can,also fold the seats down when you do,they lie completely flat so if you need,to you can use your Mac on for taking,rubbish to the tip to be fair you wont,want to carry any trash for fear of,sullying the Mekons beautiful interior,the materials feel robust quality is,exemplary and even though theres have,been wildering array of buttons on the,centre console everything is easy to,operate on the move we even get some,decent in-car storage too which,obviously please this greatly here a car,buyer so there we go then the Porsche,Macan its the best premium midsize SUV,you can buy however like I said at the,beginning its not quite 100% perfect so,to see if youd be better suited to a,Range Rover Evoque you can see our,review of that by clicking up here or,maybe the Mekons sister cart the Audi q5,by clicking down here click here you can,watch our very latest video and dont,forget click on our logo to subscribe to,the car buyer youtube channel

2021 Porsche Macan review – the ultimate sports SUV? | What Car?

the Porsche Macan was one of the first,SUVs to show that this kind of car can,genuinely be fun to drive and since its,launch in 2014 its been a massive sales,success for Porsche in fact its become,its best-selling car not the 911 not the,Cayman the Macan the manufacturers,announced that the second-generation,model is going to switch to electric,only power when its launched in 2021,which is an incredibly bold move and on,its march towards electrification the,first generation model has just been,given a facelift,dropping its diesel option and getting,tweaked inside and out to freshen it up,so is it still the handling benchmark,for SUVs and whats it like to live with,keep watching to find out but before we,get started please make sure youre,subscribed to our channel because were,going to be doing lots more videos like,this in the future,and remember if you want to buy a new,car then what car is the place for that,so on Whatcom go to the new car buying,section and there you can browse through,our list of deals from our trusted,dealer network,[Music],so the facelift has brought some,exterior changes to the makan which you,might expect and the most notable of,those is the full-width LED light bar at,the rear of the car,you also get revised suspension and a,couple of engines that you do get have,been tweaked inside is slightly,different too so the infotainment system,has been updated and the instrument,cluster is slightly different to back to,this infotainment system its a new ten,point nine inch setup which is far,better than the previous Mekons seven,inch unit that you got so now this,infotainment system has a really simple,clear layout of menus its super,responsive with beautifully crisp and,clear graphics and its loaded with,features so you get Bluetooth DOP Radio,and sat-nav,all as standard and on top of that you,get an 11 speaker sound system apple,carplay phone mirroring and various,online services are also included but,Android auto annoyingly for some is not,now the layout of the interior does,actually feel like a bit of a throwback,compared to modern new car interiors so,the reason for that is if you just look,around the gear selector here there are,dozens of buttons arent there and,thats something thats quite rare with,new cars especially if you compare it to,the more sleek and minimalist virtually,buttonless,Panamera and k.n in the Porsche range,but here,tons of buttons which is actually no bad,thing because the touch sensitive,buttons that lots of other car interiors,get are quite fiddly to use on the move,but here all the buttons are solidly,separated and have a nice solid action,but you do want to press them there is a,real high quality feel throughout the,interior so nice materials on the dash,is brushed aluminium accents here even,the damping of the switches is very nice,and it all feels premium and worthy of,the badge and also worthy of this price,tag – as for the driving position well,you do sit noticeably lower than you do,in an F pace but really thats up to you,whether thats better or worse however,what isnt particularly great in the,makaan is the visibility because out the,front youve got quite thick pillars,here and youve also got pretty thick,pillars out the back as well so thats,not brilliant something else that is a,slight issue with the join position you,can see down here theres quite a big,bulge,in the transmission tunnel and what that,does is just push your left leg slightly,further in than it might naturally sit,so I can take a little bit of getting,used to when you first get into the car,wed also suggest upgrading the seats,because the standard 8 way electrically,adjustable seats dont get adjustable,lumbar support so you go for the 14 way,electrically adjustable seats for a,fairly pricey 1044 pounds and then you,will get adjustable lumbar support and a,general higher level of comfort with,those now as for storage in the makan,well its okay but its not that,brilliant in the central armrest here,you can see if you lift it up youve got,space for a phone youve got two USB,ports but the space itself is fairly,shallow and not that big in front of,that he got two cupholders and you can,see you can actually slide this forwards,which means you can rest your arm a,little bit higher up or hide whats,underneath the cupholders and in front,of that youve got another little,compartment which is hiding a 12 volt,socket but again its pretty small its,not really that usable just its big,enough for your keys really but then,theres no other kind of clever storage,spaces under the center console or,anything however the glove box is a,decent size and the door bins are deep,as well you cant stretch out in the,back of the makaan as much as you can in,an FP so you can see long-legged,passengers will find their knees,brushing up against the driver seat,certainly and Headroom is okay but not,brilliant especially with this panoramic,sunroof fitted if youre sat in the,middle seat then you can see here the,transmission tunnel is very high and,very wide so youll have to find room,for your feet either side it is though,useful that youve got these two USB,ports and in the middle you can pull,this down and have two cupholders or,very handily you can pull the entire,seat down which allows easy access to,the boot the rear seat split in a,helpfully practical 40/20/40 arrangement,but you cant recline the rear backrest,or slide the rear seats backwards and,forwards the Mekons boot isnt the,biggest in the class but its square,shape so well easily swallow a couple,of big suitcases the boot floor is flush,with the load lip making loading easy,useful practical touches include a 12,volt socket in the back and this,recessed area with a storage net which,is perfect for smaller bottles you also,get a really good amount of underfloor,storage however its worth bearing in,mind that if you spec the space saver,tire then that will take up most of the,room down there its also good that,every model gets an electrically powered,tailgate and I will just point out that,the Macan has one of the best disguise,the boot buttons ever and thats under,the rear windscreen wiper at the back,but what about the costs these are the,key things you need to know about buying,and owning a Porsche Macan all mcaren,models are fairly expensive compared to,their rivals and Porsche doesnt really,offer any discounts resale values are,among the best in class though and PCP,finance deals are very competitive,servicing and insurance costs are also,slightly higher than those of other,premium SUVs and with no diesel in the,range dont expect particularly great,fuel economy from any engine its worth,bearing in mind that despite the,difference in performance there wasnt,actually much to separate the two,available engines for fuel economy but,really it feels like a bit of a waste,just going for the 2-liter engine in,this car its still a decent sports SUV,but if you go for the 3 litre v6 then,its an incredibly special car and the,extra pace that that engine brings just,means that this unlocks an extra level,of performance in the car,but co2 emissions are high and costly,list prices bump up the benefit in kind,tax payments for company car users all,my cons gets six airbags but automatic,emergency braking isnt standard,considering some city cars get this as,standard its really disappointing that,its just an option on the makan but you,do get lane departure warning and a,system that senses if youve just had an,accident but are still moving so it will,automatically apply the brakes to stop,you rolling into another accident,the makan proved to be one of the most,reliable luxury SUVs and our latest,reliability survey it finished above,everyone apart from the bmw x5 but,Porsche as a brand finished in the lower,half of the table overall it was 23rd,out of 31 manufacturers while the Mekons,three-year warranty might look average,it is at least an unlimited mileage,policy you get a fair bit for your money,with the microRNA

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