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Porsche Taycan RWD review: 0-60mph, 1/4 mile & drift test!

this,is the new entry-level porsche tycoon,rear wheel drive and its very purple,now in this video were going to find,out if its the pick of the thai khan,range you see its a little bit like the,house of lords compared to the houses of,parliament its the same kind of thing,its just got less power so in this,video what im going to do is talk you,through the changes of the other tycoons,in the range im also going to take it,for a drive of course im going to,launch it and because its rear-wheel,drive im going to see if itll skid now,before we get into all of that please,make sure you subscribe to this channel,and hit the bell icon to turn your,notifications on that way you will not,miss a single upload anyway im matt,watson and youre watching,car wow and a very purple car buying a,new car then head to car wow and my team,will help you find your next car at a,fair price car wow your one-stop car,buying comparison site lets start off,by talking about the price because this,entry-level rear-wheel drive version of,the tycoon starts from just over 70 000,pounds which is thirteen thousand pounds,less than the next level up which is the,4s model which has four-wheel drive,however this particular car is a lot,more expensive than that because its,fitted with loads of options ill tell,you about the options a bit later in the,video and exactly how much this,particular car costs anyway if you want,to check out the latest deals on leasing,for porsches just head to carway a lot,weve got loads of them there and if you,click on the pop out button up there it,should just be popping out now you can,go straight there theres also a link,below the video if you want to use that,instead alternatively if you want to do,a later date after youve watched this,video all you have to do is google help,me carl wow and my team and ill help,you choose the right car for you and get,it for a fair price from one of our,trusted dealers lets talk about the,design so the tycoon is a great looking,car and this entry level version is no,different what do you think about this,paint scheme though its called frozen,berry metallic and its an 800 pound,option,i like it though i dont know if my,balls are big enough to spec it in this,color imagine turning up at home im,going hey dear look heres a new porsche,ive got it in violet now the entry,level tai can has contrasting black,lower part to the bumper as a result it,makes this part look like its,protruding sort of reminds me of the,bottom of a baboon when its on heat now,you cant unsee that now can you one,thing i like about the taika being the,entry level version is that the name is,simple tycan no taikan turbo s with the,name just spreading across the back,however this badge here is upgraded,believe it or not its got gloss and,black paint on it 150 quid extra for,that,moving down the side as standard the,entry-level tycoon has 19-inch alloy,wheels though these are upgraded ones,these are 1800 pounds if you want these,20s this lower sill here is in,contrasting black rather than body,coloured this car also has black accents,round the windows thats a 200 pound,option normally itd be silver here at,the front oh well ive spotted something,which is unusual on a porsche let me,just get the car my twiglet of truth,i think this is a fake vent,yes it is it is the only fake vent on,the cob something else i want to show,you is this look so as standard the,entry-level tycoon has black brake,calipers but you can upgrade them to,white calipers i dont know why youd,want that because you cant see them,behind these aero wheels anyway but as,well as the white calipers you get a,special disc coating so you get,performance brakes but that setup costs,2 000 pounds its nuts so whats nuts as,well that tycoon there thats 150 grid,as well theres a lot of options on this,car ill come to more of them later here,at the front once again you got that,thing going on with black plastic,contrasting to the rest of the paint,work its not body colored like on the,turbo turbo s but it still looks good,and thankfully these vents at the front,theyre real i do like the look of the,front of this car its such a great,looking thing anyway lets check out the,inside now were gonna have to switch,around because this is a left-hand drive,car because its german so youll go,around there and ill meet you inside,so,the tycon is a lovely place to sit its,a very nice car the design of the dash,is simple but very porsche and it feels,high-tech because youve got screens,here for your climate and stuff youve,got a really nice digital drivers,display here which is curved,the infotainment system itself is,relatively easy to use to flip through,different menus and it responds quickly,this cars got an extra display for the,passenger that cost you over 700 pounds,wouldnt bother with that because why,would you want your passenger being able,to funnel around with the infotainment,system and change your channels and,whichever radio station youre listening,to anyway,quality in here is far from dreadful,its absolutely,solid as you like,look at it and the materials feel,expensive though i should point out that,the options continue here on the inside,this extended leather which you dont,get on the entry level tycan or the 4s,cost two and a half thousand pounds this,one has the upgraded,seats as well 1500 pounds you want the,panoramic glass roof which of course you,do because its blooming lovely its,evergreen if you want the acoustic glass,as well to make it nice and quiet thats,over grand as well few on auto dimming,rear view mirror thats part of a pack,with the mirrors on the outside as well,thats 300 quid theres so many options,on this car so many im going to reveal,the price eventually its definitely,worth waiting for lets talk about,storage in here because even though its,a porsche its sporty it should still,have some practicality cupholders here,deep enough grippy enough but not too,grippy good work you can fit flasks in,there as well the door bins are large,enough for a flask in fact look you can,even fit larger bottles like this in the,door bin so thats nice and practical,under here you get a little bit of extra,storage theres not much space however,you should be able to squeeze your,wallet in there once porsche has removed,some money from it for options such as,the wireless charging thats almost 800,pounds,anyway you do get 12 volt socket into,usbcs as standard in there theres a,little bit of extra storage through here,look woohoo,check that out as for the glove box,feels posh but its very small the,driving position this car cant fault,though look its absolutely great and,its,got lots of adjustment in it and the,steering wheel and this car electrically,operated yep thats perfect,now we can check out how much room that,is in the back of this tycon,so,lets kick off,with,knee room,thats actually all right head room,well its a little bit tight because,this part of the roof,arcs in so you end up hitting your head,on it a little bit anyone who thinks,this car is as big as a tesla model s is,sorely mistaken in fact i think its a,little bit smaller in the back than even,a tesla model 3. now if you want to see,my full in-depth video review of the,very latest tesla model 3 performance,put a little link up there shell be,popping out in the top right hand corner,screen click on that you can watch the,video alternatively there is a link,below this video now lets continue by,talking about some of the options back,here i love this digital display for the,47 climate control but if you want forzo,talking over 400 pounds you want heated,seats in all four seats thatd be nice,thats over 300 pounds then you see this,its a two plus one seater here in the,back thats not standard normally its,just got two seats in the back of the,taikan for this extra bit you have to,pay an extra 300 pounds and what is it,really like if you get to sit here,its no good,its not good at all,still oh look you can fold this down use,the armrest theyv

2022 Porsche Taycan review – my FIRST electric car experience!

foreign,thats not an iPhone is it thats right,Im reviewing an electric Porsche,[Applause],[Music],[Music],foreign,this job does have its perks Ive wanted,to review an EV or electric vehicle for,quite a while now I just never thought,the first one would be a well I never,thought it would be a Porsche sorry,firstly lets get the name right Porsche,I will try I promise Ill try and get,through the rest of this review by,pronouncing Porsche correctly but I do,want to say a huge thanks to Porsche in,reading for well for basically putting,their trust in a guy who normally,reviews laptops and iPhones but bearing,in mind this is my first ever EV Ive,never driven an EV before and the fact,that this particular tie can well Ill,tell you the price of it in a moment but,the fact that this particular car is a,very expensive EV leaves me with lots of,questions so in this video I want to see,what you get if you spend a shed load of,money on an Eevee also what is the Eevee,experience actually like and crucially,what sort of tech do you get in these,kind of cars right lets reel off the,specs so this is a 2022 taikan it,features a two-speed automatic power,unit that delivers 380 horsepower or 476,horsepower with launch control its,rear-wheel drive with a permanent magnet,synchronous PSM motor on the rear axle,its got Porsche recuperation management,theres also a range mode when you want,to get more out of the tank or the,battery and in this particular car there,is a 79.2 kilowatt hour battery its got,a 22.5 minute minimum charge time and,you get just over 300 miles from a full,charge the boot space is 407 liters and,theres also a second boot or a front,boot whatever you call it which has 84,liters now this particular spec youll,have noticed the color for starters that,is the frozen berry metallic this one,also has the performance battery plus,its got the sports Chrono package 20,inch taikan turbo Aero wheels and loads,and loads of other stuff the PDF they,sent me is just absolutely huge and the,price of this particular car completely,configured and on the road is 86,235 pounds so I really better be careful,with it right lets talk about tech,because thats what Im all about is,what youre probably really interested,in just like most brand new cars the,Porsche taikan has Android auto and,carplay compatibility but the best thing,as an iPhone owner who has always had to,plug his phone first of all problems,into his car to get carplay working this,one has Wireless carplay having said,that the Porsche on board in-car,entertainment system is actually pretty,good and you get three screens to play,with which is quite nice the first one,is this great big curved 16.8 inch,screen behind the steering wheel and as,youd guess that gives you all the,important stuff like your speed and how,much battery charge youve got left and,the speed is housed within what they,call the power meter which gives you,your miles per hour obviously or your,kilometers per hour and to the left of,that you get the recuperation I love,that name its the word that Porsche,uses for regeneration so when the car,breaks which either you do manually or,you can set it to do automatically it,regenerates some of the battery and,thats one of the things that you learn,quite quickly about these EVS everything,within the car well not everything but a,lot of the things that are built into it,from a tech perspective are designed to,get as much battery power as possible,and crucially help reduce that forboding,sense of battery anxiety and the cool,thing about this Dash screen is that you,can change all three elements to display,the information you want so on the left,you can have your assistant systems,traffic signs G-Force which is really,cool and where that power meter is in,the middle you can change that to be the,map an extended map or a reduced map and,thats where the integration with Google,Maps is really smart you get this very,nice detailed sharp image from Google,Maps and then to the right of the power,meter you have another section that you,can customize so you can have more,navigation detail in there and then,information which I think is the thing,that most people will set that to,because crucially it tells you how much,battery charge you have remaining the,other screen that we have is a more,standard recognizable screen in the,middle of the dash which gives you your,currently playing media the map for,navigation below that we have another,screen this is the third screen which,sits beneath the heater and it mainly,controls the climate control system and,then theres this kind of weird trackpad,type thing a bit like a track pad that,you on a laptop which is intended to,give you control over the main screen,Ill be honest it feels a bit strange it,doesnt feel particularly intuitive its,also got cameras all around the car so,you get your rear parking camera as,normal which is fantastic but you also,get a kind of birds eye view of your,car when youre parking which isnt a,gimmick it sounds gimmicky but when you,start using it its just it just makes,sense straight away so big fan of that,big fan of the wireless carplay stuff,the interior its nice its not like I,say knock your socks off but its a nice,place to be incidentally this exact car,set an unofficial world record this,summer when what car magazine traveled,through 14 countries in 24 hours Im,just going to look at this from a normal,blokes perspective so lets get on with,it,now its time for a new experience Ive,got a petrol car so normally I,completely ignore charging stations but,now I need to find one and actually,charge this thing and I wont lie Im,slightly nervous about it,like most EVS the taikan has built in a,dedicated charger finding thing into its,Sat Nav so lets give that a test now,Im in the middle of nowhere in,Warwickshire so this is the first time,Ive done this its completely off the,cuff its a very good test of the taikan,navigation system but I guess if we go,into here and then into fine destination,yeah it looks like weve got a little,icon here for charging so go there that,will give us all the charging stations,nearby Im not sure how theyre ordered,thats interesting its not by distance,because weve got 5.3 4.5 5.1 I dont,think its by the power either because,yeah weve got 50 kilowatts 2550 so Im,not sure how this is ordered there are,quite a few around here I know that this,little thing here where it says two out,of four thats the number of charging,stations currently available Im just,going to pick one Im going to pick a,random one here lets just go for the,top one for some reason its listed this,one esbe cars in De Montfort way in,Coventry as the first one so lets,assume thats the one to go for so,according to the sat nav it is 5.3 miles,away and 12 minutes so lets get driving,[Music],[Music],[Music],so it did successfully get me to a,charging point and its a rapid electric,charging point that you can see here,however Ive never charged an electric,car before so Ive got no idea what Im,doing so the Tiger has two of these,charging ports on either side of the car,but this one on the passenger side has,two so its got the main AC one here but,also if you flip this down a DC charger,and that is the fast charger so thats,what Im going to try and use now,welcome okay start to start press any,button okay,and I wanted to contactless please type,your card on the reader below I can use,my Apple watch,no there maybe ah no thats actually for,a charging card ignore that okay so,lets start again oh is it not accepting,cards are you joking no so its not,accepting cards okay is the other one,accepting cards I cant use it because,someone else is using it so okay plan B,I know theres a card somewhere theres,some kind of charging card aha I do have,some kind of card all right press any,button here we go try again tap your,card there checking the card we want CCS,which is the fast one so lets choose,that plug in the cable okay please reach,please reach please reach,okay

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Audi RS e-tron GT v Porsche Taycan Turbo – which is best?

if youre after a big posh electric car,that feels sporty,should you go for the new audi e-tron gt,or the porsche,tycan its a tough choice this you know,these are effectively the same car,underneath the skin same batteries same,motors same architecture,but they have a slightly different,flavor you can think of this one as,being like a breadfirst,that one is more like a curry first a,bit spicy,you can rely on me to get the german,reference in there yeah its very clever,watson,yeah its embarrassing do you know what,weve actually got a german car wow,and they must think im a complete over,there in fact,if you want to check out our german,channel put a link there popping down,the top right hand corner of the screen,click on that you can go see it,presented by proper german none of this,nonsense,anyway mark watson youre watching car,wow buying a new car then head to car,wow and my team will help you find your,next car,at a fair price car wow your one stop,car buying comparison site,right lets start this video by talking,about the price so the audi,e1 gt starts from just under 81 000,pounds it rises,to about 112 000 pounds if you want to,go for the sporty rs model the porsche,tai can that starts from around 71 000,pounds which makes it cheaper,than the audi but thats because you can,get an entry-level version of this,tycoon with a single motor rear wheel,drive and a smaller battery,like for like it does work out a little,bit more expensive so this turbo version,is comparable to this rs version of the,e-tron,and thats 116 000 pounds porsches,always a little bit more expensive,arent they now it can get a little bit,confusing so if you want to figure it,out,just go to car while you can compare the,cars you can also compare deals on them,check out leasing on the porsche check,out the prices on the audi and if you,get an electric car through car wow,well give you five months free,subscription,to bp pulse and 500 free miles of,electricity so,why not go check it out and if you want,to do that after the video simply google,help me car wow my team and ill help,you choose the right car for you and get,it for a fair price for one of our,trusted dealers,im going to compare these cars designs,now and obviously what i say will,carry a lot of weight because im so,very very,fashionable right for me back end,the porsche the porsche wins it look at,that back end its beautiful isnt it,thats good looking as well but,oh yeah im leaning towards that however,when its dark you cant really see that,yes its got a nice big light bar but,the audis light signature is just that,bit cooler also when you get in and out,of it,at night it does this kind of like light,dance and that just makes you feel good,about your life,overall though the porsche it has the,best bum,check out these cars from the side,profile and have a really good,look at them can you see that the,dimensions,are identical and thats because they,are the same underneath the skin,however theyre wearing different,clothes so this is sort of like,jennifer lawrence in the hunger games,and that would be her in x-men,because its blue maybe this is a bit,low to the ground to be sporty but the,overall shape,similar though they identify them with,different wheel designs and different,creases in the body work,both very good looking cars but once,again i think im erring on the side of,the porsche,finally we come to the front and the,taikan benefits from the fact that its,look,is inspired by the 911 which has its,engine in the back so its got a nice,low slung bonnet so this can have that,as well and i do like these lights,then the e-tron though it has to wear,audis,big grill so people recognize it as an,audi which means it has to have this big,front which it doesnt really need being,an electric car its like to call,and they do that dance like the rears at,night which is nice another thing that i,like about the audi over the porsche is,this look,this vent is real on the audi whereas,this one on the porsche is,fake a fake vent on a porsche also the,audi is available,with a carbon roof which is really cool,whereas you cant get one,on the porsche but still overall i,prefer the front of this,and i think it is the best looking car,but what do you think what ive done,ive actually put a little poll,on my instagram account and i got some,cars go there and find out what everyone,thought was the best looking out of,these two,see if everyone agrees with me or not,ive jumped inside the e-tron now and,audi makes brilliant interiors and this,is their best,interior to date the design is awesome i,really like the different,materials theyve used the structure of,it its great,and the infotainment system its classic,audi im used to this because ive had,an rs6 so i know my way around its,pretty simple to use to be fair all i do,anyways plug in my phone and use android,auto on it i like the fact that theyve,separated out the climate control,buttons so theyre physical buttons,which is great when youre driving you,can just quickly change temperature dead,simple by pressing an actual physical,button,other things i like you can get like,this carbon fiber is really nice on this,carbon fiber edition this has got the,extended leather so youve got leather,absolutely everywhere,still feels sporty because youve got,this this console between you and the,front passenger and its all very,solid and your gear selector is there so,its easy to use youve got your digital,drivers display very clean,got all the information you want you can,slide through different menus very,easily,using the physical buttons on the,steering wheel,i like it and the sport seats theyre,comfy and theyre supportive audi,interiors are great and theres a little,bit of practicality so,a small storage area in there with like,wireless charging for your mobile phone,youve got the area where you can keep,your key there always important,decent-sized glove box well an average,size glove box,and the door bins are big enough for a,normal size bottle,to win well ive jumped into the tie can,now and after the audi its just a,little bit more,minimal a bit cooler in its design i do,really like it also feels even more,sporty however,once you start touching stuff it doesnt,really feel any more expensive in fact i,think the materials in the audi perhaps,maybe a bit better a little less hollow,sounding and while i,do like this clean look its more of a,faff to use when youre driving for the,climate control you have to go through,this screen here yes it does like,vibrate like your mobile phone when you,press a button so you know youve done,it but still youre looking all the way,down there and,its a bit of a faff the screen isnt so,high up as in the audi either so youre,once again taking eyes a little bit more,off the road to look at it,and i just dont like the infotainment,system quite as much as in the audio i,find it a bit more fiddly to use and,swipe through but the biggest problem,with it,no android auto,anyway another thing i like about this,car is this digital drivers display but,yet again theres a problem with it,the steering wheel blocks some of the,information which is really really,annoying i know why theyre doing it,like that its like classic 911 look,its just not that easy to use neither,is the location of the gear selector,its here so you end up going like that,to get to it just having to look around,you shouldnt have to so i said the same,problem with the power button which is,hidden behind the steering wheel,i cant fault the seats porsches good,seats and i love this look,check this out i love the way the,headrest does that,thats cool i always like the glass roof,that you get on this car but you get it,on the audi e-tron gt as well its just,that has the carbon roof upgrade as for,storage pretty decent so,youve got some decent-sized door bins,some decent-sized cup holders theres,space under here and look,who look yeah an iphone cable because,the owner has no choice but to have an,iphone,if he wants to use i

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I’ve Owned My Porsche Taycan RWD For Almost 1 Year! Here’s What I Love & Hate

hello and welcome to another outer spec,video you join me back on my driveway,its actually like six a.m in the,morning its kind of chilly but,um i wanted to introduce myself because,we have noticed in the section comment,below that theres a lot of people like,who is this lady so i would like to,introduce myself my name is jennifer i,actually live in california i work as a,coalition blueprinter advisor i work in,the automotive industry for almost 90,years,uh before i was working at a collision,shop that it was mostly for american and,japanese cars and since the last,since 2020 ive been working at this,coalition place,high-end,shop for audi bmw tesla and recently we,actually just got certified with volvo,so,thats pretty much about me,um i started just like you guys watching,this channel because its great content,and then kyle reached to me hey like,you guys do you want to make videos for,us because it would be good to have like,the female feedback on this industry,that is mostly,dominated by guys so thats basically,what im doing right now and i hope you,guys like my touch of course,so,behind me,of course the beast but behind me you,have my my,my tycoon which i love,but i mean there is feedback good bad,and this is what this,video is about ill tell you,what is it on what is it to own this car,ive had it for almost 10 months,and,theres no perfection in the world so,ill give you all the good and all the,bad,ready,lets go,so were gonna start with the good and,to start with some details lets go,inside the car because this cabin is,just the most comfortable thing ever,so lets start with the most basic thing,looks,looks are subjective and every person,likes different things thats the beauty,of having different options in the,market but in my opinion this is the,sexiest ev,right now,the e2t is which actually say it shares,the same chassis the j1 its a close,second in my opinion but i think this,vehicle looks better than the audi,e-tron gt,from every angle where you see this car,is just amazing the quarter panel is so,wide the fenders are so wide with that,air vent whenever you dont have that,automatic um,the opening for the charging port i just,love it i love the way it looks i used,to have a tesla model three,i was so in love with that car i still,love the brand i would totally go back,to tesla in a heartbeat but then i saw,this car and i drove it and it was just,like yeah im sold i need to i need to,save some serious money so i can afford,this car,and so far its actually pretty,intimidating when you see it,from the distance and i can see,every person when im driving by it just,everybodys looking at it its just like,very,attractive vehicle and i love it,so i work in the collision,industry so that means that i get to,work a lot of vehicles,all sorts of brands and,i get to experience new drives and,different vibes so,um,next up topic is actually the,drivability,what is it like to drive this car lets,go on a little drive so i can explain to,you,what do i love about driving this car,first of all im gonna turn on the,little,electric motor sound that is actually an,option with porsche for 500 so,listen to it,so im gonna drive,well,so some people dont like that,and you can turn it off so im gonna,turn it off right now,nothing just natural motor sound,or you can turn it on,so the beauty of porsche,as you know because you guys are,watching our videos and its all about,automotive industry,and how v how vehicles are different the,drive train the the motors the engines,in the case of petrol engine vehicles,porsches are known for the weight they,handle they weigh the especially on,corners when youre driving on curvy,roads these vehicles are fun,you will have the ability to change the,suspension the stiffness of the dampers,and it just,dries and handles,like a dream and that is the biggest,thing that i love the most,the beauty of this vehicle also comes in,comfort you can go,either super sporty or go on a,comfortable ride where you dont feel,nothing and youre just,driving on a cloud or something and that,is a known thing for german vehicles,mercedes-benz audis porsches bmw is not,so much bmx are more sporty but if you,were to buy an x7 or something more,focused for,for people that love um,a more comfortable ride for their family,you could probably experience that but i,mean that is the biggest thing about,buying a german vehicle the way they,drive,its not the fastest vehicle this is a,rear-wheel drive,as you know,um in 2020 this vehicle was launched and,the 4s was the cheapest uh,available model uh ever since 2021 they,were like okay lets were gonna release,a real wheel drive which thank god they,did that nobody wants to drive a,four-wheel drive so they released a rear,wheel drive which is this model,um,then theres a 4s,then they decided to also release a gts,then the turbo and then the turbo s and,of course we all know theres uh,variants with the crosstarismo sports,turismo its just all sorts of things,this vehicle as option was 105,105 000,i wish 105 dollars maybe for the little,replica from hot wheels um,and thats the thing about porsche as,you can see i have the little logo and,the headrest thats an option thats,like 500. um i have the panoramic roof,they call that the premium package it,comes with the ambient lights it comes,with this electronic uh electric sports,motor sound which let me turn it off,again,there you go nothing lets go lets go,in silence,um so theres a lot a lot of options,that you can add and i know im gonna,get a lot of people commenting like yeah,you can buy two teslas for the price of,that and theres way its way faster,its not about the zero to 60 at least,not to me as a consumer its about the,experience this vehicle feels wide this,vehicle feels safer um,and its just theres no sound coming,from anywhere no windows its just a,nice place to be this seat is so,comfortable and its not even the,highest,option,in the whole porsche system its,actually a decent one one of the,freebies um i just wanted beige ive,wanted anything but black,but its so comfortable and theres so,many options you can extend your,your little seat especially for tall,people,theres so many options so yeah at the,end it was 105 000,plus taxes,and that was the msrp and all that good,stuff,but if you were to order it with no,options whatsoever you can totally buy,this car for like i think 84 i think,they just increased the price it was 79,and they just increased it just because,thats the market that we live at,everything is going up due to the,inflation,uh but yeah i mean you can option this,vehicle or you can order this vehicle,with no options at all,and you could probably buy it for less,than 90 000,plus tax of course we cant forget about,sales taxes,so lets talk about speed,yes this vehicle is a two-speed,transmission its so rare in the evs,but,it has a two-speed transmission which is,fine im used to it,when it comes to speed its slower boy,is lower than a tesla dual motor tesla,model 3 thats what i had,ah when i drove it i was just like very,disappointed because i was expecting,better acceleration even though i,already knew in paper that it was not,going to be,the fastest but yeah for sure it is,slower,i think 0 to 16 5.1 seconds versus tesla,which is like 4.2 of the dual motor and,all the performance,uh,its fine its still,plenty fast i wish it was faster for,sure but,theres more options theres different,models the 4s probably the gt is the,sweet spot it just its way out of my,range i dont have that kind of money,just for to get,a,second less of speed uh for for that,zero to 60. its still plenty fast its,still plenty fun,and when it comes to range,[Music],this is a beauty so this is a beautiful,surprise,german vehicles are known to offer,under promise and over deliver so,i option for the normal standard battery,there is a way that you can order the,big battery but i optioned with,just the basic one,i wanted to save my money whatever and i,know how german vehicles are ive been,wo

Porsche Taycan Turbo: I Almost Switched! [Auto Focus Ep 6]

all right so theres about two types of,people in this world apparently people,who see this picture and think oh wow a,red tesla,or people who see this picture and think,whoa what a uneven paint job panel,gapped swirly quality control nightmare,so if youre the first type of person,ive made other videos about tesla and,their competitors theyre linked below,just check them out but if you are that,second person well maybe porsche tycan,is for you so this is the porsche tycan,turbo,it starts at well over a hundred,thousand dollars but this is it this is,porsches all-electric car their,four-door sport sedan so lets see 670,horsepower,250 miles of range,zero to 60 in three seconds,93 kilowatt hour battery,but theres a lot more to a car,than just the numbers,like a lot more,continuity,so i have to see,what this car was all about for myself,like anytime you hear about porsche,tycan this is the car that always comes,up about,porsche and the best electric cars and,the most hyped electric cars,and the best,tesla competitors,and i gotta say after living with this,car for the past,two weeks or so,i think im actually a believer,but i have to show you what i mean,so ive talked plenty about electric,cars before this one follows the,familiar battery in the floor between,the wheels for the low center of gravity,thing that the rest of them do but,theres a whole bunch of stuff including,the porsche design stuff that make this,car,a little bit different obviously,porsches look i happen to think the,front end of this car with the,headlights looks really sweet of course,the whole shape isnt as sporty as some,other models obviously its a four-door,so its a little bigger and these arrow,wheels i think look kind of lame hiding,the massive brakes um but overall the,porsche is a good looking sedan even,better looking in white which the the,mission e has always been shown in i,think thats the spec i would want to go,for but besides just the porsche design,stuff there is some stuff that this car,does the way it works that is,fundamentally different from the way,tesla does,an electric car,and im using tesla to compare because,thats what i know the best thats what,most people are familiar with,but,yeah its its its closer to the,traditional car world which i think,makes sense coming from porsche but for,one,this interior and look i was one of,those people who didnt really care so,much or think too hard about the,interior of the car and people would,always say teslas interiors are bad and,im like its fine youre exaggerating,but then i sat in this car,and i will say theres a difference,between interior quality,and interior layout i still prefer the,layout the interior layout of a tesla or,even you know ford uh mustang machi or,some others,but there is no doubt that the quality,of materials with this layout theyve,chosen the quality of the interior,is amazing but instead of instead of,just saying that because everyone always,said that to me the porsche interior is,amazing instead of just saying it let me,let me actually show you,so the ti-can interior has screens and,buttons everywhere surrounding you this,spec im showing you is actually the,vegan interior but theres a bunch of,different trims you can go for most of,which include all of the following so,the 16.8 inch curved screen dashboard,back there the reachable touchscreen,controls on the sides of that dashboard,for things like the headlights air,suspension height traction control etc,the metal not plastic piece on the door,sill that says tycan turbo these really,really nice firm bolstered seats,alcantara vegan leather precise,stitching everywhere as youd expect but,also fully adjustable in every dimension,including the headrest which can go,forward and backward and the actual,length of the seat itself which for,taller people is pretty sweet physical,buttons for the three different driver,profiles and then a second touchscreen,in the middle with a lot of the controls,thats pretty responsive but also,impressively has really solid haptic,feedback so it kind of replicates the,feeling of pressing another real button,which is nice a huge physical power,button to turn the car on and off the,physical metal drive mode knob of course,the panoramic glass roof that also,conveniently adds about four inches of,extra headroom to the front seats this,super extra 360 degree camera view which,has a bunch of these views that are like,third-person views of the car which is,also always the white one for some,reason uh lots of controllable ambient,lights throughout the cabin including,the cup holders,huge air vents that are controllable,from the touchscreen like model 3 and,model y so you can choose between,diffused blowing air into the cabin,focused which blows air focused to,actually driving positions of my hands,on the steering wheel or individual,which lets you choose exactly where you,want to blow the air this little motor,inside of the seat belt that actually,pulls it snug across your chest for the,people in the front seats as you start,to drive and get over a certain speed,the lighted powered usb c ports in the,front and even two more between the rear,back seats one for each passenger,and that touch screen in the back lets,them each control their own heated seats,and air conditioner airflow to the same,precision as the front,this little button on the bottom inside,of the steering wheel that turns on the,heated steering wheel and this super low,key wireless charger inside the center,console you slot your phone in there,connect it to the car via bluetooth and,it just starts wireless charging in,there and you can hide it away and it,wont slide around when you start to,drive fast and yes there is apple,carplay,so hopefully that illustrates for you,the point that people have been trying,to make to me for so long its not just,saying that quality or tolerances are,better,but once you like sit yourself in the,middle of all of this theres even this,little button in the bottom of the,steering wheel all this stuff,its pretty next level its great,and now i i kind of hope someday tesla,gets to this level for their interiors,all right lets talk batteries and,charging for a second its an electric,car so,the tie can over here behind me has on a,good day with a 100 battery a spec of,250 miles but two notes on that number,one the tie can is significantly less,efficient than the tesla,so what that means is you guys all know,miles per gallon for cars for gasoline,for electric cars we measure efficiency,in watt hours per mile or,how much energy it uses to go mile the,lower the better so one of the teslas,specialties is efficiency all the,millions of miles of driving and,research they have put into powertrain,for electric cars has my average watt,hours per mile number in phantom anyway,usually around 350. on a good day a,little under 300 with some spirited,driving it can be up over 400 right and,thats why they have a long range,version of the model s that can go over,400 miles but the thai can on the other,hand its very sporty obviously but i,cannot for the life of me get it under,consistently 400 watt hours per mile,typically the way i drive in normal mode,400 to 500 and uh with some more,spirited driving its easily over 550,600 and youll see even higher numbers,and so the 250 miles that its rated for,in the sportier modes can feel a lot,more like 210 220 so number two thats,when you got to talk about charging them,so you can slow charge either of these,at home they both have their own little,charging kits although the porsches,home charger is a bit bigger and i guess,has a pretty big box that sits on the,ground in your garage but thats fine,but for longer road trips and this,varies depending on what part of the,world you live in but at least here in,the us teslas supercharging network is,still a pretty big advantage now the,tican uses whats called the electrify,america network of chargers and its,almost as big,and you can charge just as fast on any,of those fast c

Heres Why the 2020 Porsche Taycan Is the Best Modern Porsche

this is the 2020,porsche tycon and it is the most,important car of the year thats because,its the first electric car to generate,as much hype and excitement as tesla,which has dominated the electric car,market for years,today im going to review the tycon im,going to show you all of its quirks and,features and im going to find out if,the hype is justified,first a quick overview now tesla,launched the model s back in 2012 and,quickly became an overnight sensation,suddenly everybody who got the newest,high-tech smartphone and laptop wanted,the newest high-tech car,over the years other electric cars have,come out but tesla fans have barely even,noticed the arrival of the audi e-tron,or the jaguar eye pace they just dont,bring as much excitement and hype as,tesla commands and then,the taikan,porsche first announced the taikan as a,concept car called the mission e,back in 2015.,there was a lot of interest in the car,then but when porsche announced it was,going into production it was a mad rush,to porsha dealers to place orders,suddenly there was a new electric car,that everyone was interested in the,design of the production tycon is,remarkably similar to that mission e,concept and right now you can get the,tycon in four versions it starts with,the 4s which has 520 horsepower then,theres the 4s with a battery upgrade,and 560 horsepower then theres the,turbo with 670 horsepower and then,theres this the king of the hill the,ticon turbo s with,750 horsepower this car also has 775,pound-feet of torque and itll do 0-60,in,2.6 seconds of course all this comes at,a price,a hefty one the base level ticon 4s,starts around 105,thousand dollars with about 250 miles of,range the ticon turbo s starts around,185,000 with similar range now the other,taikan models offer more range but it,never really gets up there it doesnt,cross 300 miles which means it doesnt,get close to tesla the long range model,s currently offers about,370 miles between charges but theres,more to this car than numbers so today,im going to review the tycon and im,going to show you all of the interesting,quirks and features of the most hotly,anticipated car of the year then im,going to get it out on the road and,drive it and then im going to give it a,dug score and for more of my thoughts on,the tycon click the link below to visit,autotrader.com,oversteer,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the tycon with simply,getting inside now when you walk up to,the car you can see the door handles are,kind of pushed in flat against the door,so you cant really get your hand in,there and open them up so how do you do,it well it turns out if you have the key,in your pocket you walk up stick your,hand underneath the door handle they pop,right open and then you can open the,door right up take a closer look you can,see i walk up to the car door handles,flat stick my fingers underneath and,then it opens up and you can open the,door in basically one motion its pretty,cool now when your door handles are up,like this that basically serves as an,indication that your ticon is unlocked,if you want to lock it just walk up to,the door handle tap it and then it,pushes back down into the door the car,is locked and you can walk away of,course you can also use your key fob to,lock and unlock the doors as you can see,pretty standard looking porsche key fob,you press unlock the doors unlock you,press lock they lock the thing i like,about the key fob though is theres a,little light around the porsche crest at,the base of the key fob and every time,you press a button it kind of blinks to,confirm that it got whatever button that,you pressed which is kind of a neat,little look but when it comes to opening,stuff in the tycon the door is nowhere,near the coolest item that honor goes to,the charge port the charge port is right,here and youre thinking right how do,you open it do you push on it,slide open no it turns out this little,black piece protruding next to the,charge port is a sensor you slide your,hand underneath the sensor and the,charge port pops open and goes into the,fender instead of just swinging open and,looking ugly like a fuel door or the,charge port in most cars you want the,charge port to close same process the,other direction just slide your fingers,back under the little black sensor and,the charge port door closes right up,this operation is by far the slickest of,any charge port door ive seen in any,electric car and next up moving on to,the interior of the tycon there is a lot,here so im going to walk you through,all of the interesting quirks and,features now when you get into this car,if you want to start it just like all,porsches you can do that to the left of,the steering wheel porsche has some,racing history around putting the,starter to the left of the wheel and,that continues in to the futuristic,electric car age in this car though its,a button like an on off computer button,thats how you start this thing were,certainly in a brave new world compared,to an old school key you turn at the,start of the le mans car race but maybe,the more interesting item in terms of,getting in the car and driving off is,the gear lever which is to the right of,the steering wheel you can see its this,very tiny little lever that you can use,to move between reverse neutral and,drive you go up for reverse down for,drive neutral is in the middle and then,park is a button off to the side now i,recently reviewed the new porsche 911 it,has this very same weird tiny gear lever,but its mounted in the middle in this,car its over to the right of the,steering wheel near the windshield wiper,stock very unusual but this is a,futuristic different kind of porsche so,you might be thinking okay theyve moved,the gear lever up there what was so,important that they wanted to stick in,the middle of this interior,and the answer is cup holders you have,one cup holder in the center and then,you have a second cup holder thats kind,of off to the right and thats what you,have in the middle you also have a,little center console storage area you,press this button on the drivers side,it pops open and then you can put stuff,in there theres also a wireless,charging pad in there pretty simple,stuff thats the center of the ticon now,the other item you have in the center of,this car far more important than the cup,holders in the storage area is this,center screen this screen has some of,your more basic more frequently used,vehicle commands you can see at the top,you have your climate controls you can,adjust the temperature the fan speed the,heated and cooled seats unfortunately,this screen is not just a simple little,touch like tesla and other automakers,you have to tap it pretty hard and kind,of get feedback from the screen it moves,down as you press it and thats how you,know youve tapped something not exactly,my favorite type of screen but its what,they went with here now to me the bottom,half of this screen is more interesting,than the top half even though it might,look kind of blank to start you have a,little button over to the side that has,a battery and a car on it if you press,the battery part of that button it tells,you what percentage charge youre at and,your current range so you can always,know by tapping that little button if,you press the car side of that button a,little car graphic pops up and then you,can use it to start opening stuff if you,press over here for instance you can,open up the ac charger there is an ac dc,charger over on the other side you press,that and it pops open the same way as,the one i just showed you you can also,use the screen to open the front trunk,press this little button and the front,trunk will pop open then you can go,around and put stuff in it and you can,use this screen to open up the rear,trunk you press the button and the rear,trunk will pop open automatically its,power operated the cool thing here is,you can also use this screen to close,the rear trunk you press this button on,the screen and then the rear t

Porsche Taycan GTS 2022 review

this is the porsche tycoon sport turismo,and its a little bit like,the tip,of your tongue,its not because its red its because,the tip of your tongue has all the taste,buds on it so its a sweet spot and this,is the sweet spot in the thai can range,because youve got that state body style,from the cross turismo but the sportier,look of the normal tie can also this is,the gts version which is probably the,sweet spot in the actual model lineup,itself as well because youve got a bit,more pad than the 4s but its not as,expensive as the turbo or the turbo s,anyway in this video im going to review,the car im going to talk about the,exterior the interior im going to take,it for a drive im going to launch it to,see how quick it is from north to 60,miles an hour because im matt watson,and youre watching car wow and if you,havent done so already please make sure,you subscribe to this channel and hit,the bell icon to turn your notifications,on that way you wont miss a single,upload,buy sell car wow,lets start this video by talking about,the design of the taikan sport turismo,so youve got that swoopy sporty,hatchback rear end because its an,estate model and depending on which,model you go for obviously this is the,gts you got your gts badging you get,different badging you get slightly,different rear bumper and this one has,the upgraded carbon pack so you get a,extended carbon diffuser and some other,carbonyl bits i love this porsche light,bar here with porsche logo in there its,a really good looking car wheel sizes,start at 19 inches too small these are,the 21s which is what you need i love,the line of this car its really nice i,like the cross turismo but this,definitely looks better without like the,cladding and stuff like that once again,this common fiber is part of that carbon,pack ive just mentioned yeah in front,of the titan its very very characterful,very porsche with like the low low,bonnet because obviously theres no,internal combustion engine very 911 e,really isnt it once again this is more,of the carbon pack there its nice good,looking car this very good looking car,here on the inside the tai can sport,choice knows like the normal tycoon so,great design i love the curved digital,drivers display all the dials you get on,there the infotainment screen is nice,and crisp and now you have android auto,look as well as apple carplay finally,porsche did it now this particular car,actually has the display for the,passenger as well with lots of other,information and dials that they can look,at so they can see how quick youre,going to tell you offer breaking the law,and putting too many gs and all that,kind of stuff theres another screen,down here for climate control and stuff,like which has haptic feedback so it,vibrates when you press it,i want to turn it off still not quite as,easy to use as dials yeah and this whole,central column here it actually makes,you feel real sporty because its,separated out from your passenger and oh,im loving the quality and the alcantara,on this gts model just makes it feel so,sporty it is so well built this car,feels very expensive but then it is,expensive isnt it the tycoon sport,turismo starts from 74 000 pounds so if,youre thinking about buying one youre,probably gonna have to sell your current,car and you can do that through car wow,all you have to do is upload some photos,of it give some brief details and add,dealers will bid on your car to make,sure you get a great price for it and,then theyll come and take your car away,your convenience and put them in your,account now if you want to find out more,about that now just click on the pop out,button in the top right hand corner of,the screen for the link in the,description below alternatively after,this video you can just google whammy,car wow and we will wow you,yeah this guys wearing me as well its,lovely actually so much i forgot to tell,you about practicality door bins are,decent couple of holders there youve,got a glove box which is tiny,didnt show up properly and the seating,position is lovely low slung and sporty,as it should be in a horse,here in the back of the ticon sport,turismo theres a decent amount of room,look knee rooms good head room thats,all right as well love the seats theyre,all very nice you do seem to sit quite,upright in them and the foot wells,arent the largest either now you can,actually get a third seat in this car,which this has its an option,but you dont really want to travel here,because youre really having to,yeah,legs are kimbo because of this pump in,the floor also ive got to be careful,not to kick the climate control for the,rear seats thats all right youve got,some isofix anchor points there so you,can fit a baby seat and theres some,door bins and look,you have an armrest or some cupholders,which end up in your arm and through,loading,there,it does feel a bit more spacious than,the standard tycoon however i do think,that our tesla model s plaid theres a,bit more room in the back and if you,want to see my full in-depth video,review of that car click on the pop-out,button up there ill follow the link in,the description below now lets check,out the practicality starting with the,front boot which i call the fruit 85,liters of space which is more than,enough room for your big hefty charging,cable bloody hell this is heavy listen,to this,then theres the rear boot which i like,to call the root and ill continue,calling it that until it catches on so,we have 446 liters which is 40 more than,the standard saloon version tie can and,its therefore more practical look,especially as youve got that hatchback,tailgate theres a little bit of extra,storage under here for another cable if,you need it youve got your 12 volt,sockets youve got your strappages,youve got your hookses now if you want,to you can fold down the rear seats,but you really have to lean in ah,im gonna have to get in,oh,yeah,oh look,then youve got a big flat load area,there which is good but why they just,have some release handles here come on,porsches an expensive car and that,brings on to five annoying things about,the porsche thai can sport charisma,this car can make your eyes water not,just talking about the acceleration nor,the price but fits if it can hurt you,for instance this area here protrudes so,if youre not careful when youre,getting in you can just bang your leg,like and then you get a dead leg then,theres the handle,here its on quite a strong spring,and you can get your fingers caught just,there just a little bit in your skin,down there to your finger and you can,pinch it and that hurts as well im not,being a wash not at all,look how small the rear wiper blade is,look at that so im really going to,clean much of that back window is its,going to be like looking through the,porthole,the design of this center console cubby,means that its very awkward to operate,one-handed and get something out of it,look at this so i dont want to get,something out of that no,i cant quite see it sort of like im,going to go like,the outermost dials are blocked ever so,slightly by the steering wheel rim,the load cover is a little bit of a,puzzle,thats that,and then,this bit here,come on,so what putting it back together is even,harder,and theres nowhere really to store it,in the car where its out of harms way,because if you load this boot up that is,going to get crushed and youre going to,scuff your,anyway its not all bad heres five cool,things about the porsche tycoon sport,turismo,the optional panoramic glass roof gives,you the ability to shade out certain,sections or all of it look ive got a,pattern going on here but i can change,it if its a slightly lock,there we go,yeah yeah,or i can go,fully blanked out,or,clear,thats freaking me out,another way you open the charge port on,this car look oh,so satisfying now look weve got ac,charging there dc charging theres,actually another charge part on the,other side which does ac only,wonderful,the optional surround view cameras you,get with this car blooming lov

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