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Positive review examples: It’s all in the response

studies show that Shoppers typically,spend around 14 minutes reading reviews,and review responses before making a,purchase decision when it comes to,online reviews a five-star rating isnt,enough to set your business apart from,the competition a star rating no matter,how high will fall flat without a,written customer review,as a result responding to reviews can,help your business make a five-star,review even more powerful and minimize,the damage of a negative one,in this guide well walk you through,what makes a good review why positive,reviews are important how to respond to,reviews and more now lets dive in first,what makes a good review the answer to,this question may seem obvious a good,review is when a customer leaves a,five-star rating of your business,but in reality a good review is much,more than just a star rating here are,three specific elements that can make a,customer review particularly valuable,first you want positive reviews from,your customers to be detailed though,its always nice to get high star,ratings a detailed review explains why,the customer enjoyed your business this,helps prospective customers understand,what sets your business apart from the,competition,next a good review should describe the,customer experience and my answer these,questions,did the customer receive fantastic,customer service was an employee,particularly helpful and did the,customer leave the employees name in,the review,these details wont just be appealing to,prospects theyll help you know what,your business is doing well finally a,review should include specific feedback,about your business,did a review give you a high star rating,but mentioned some negative experience,this is a valuable opportunity to show,how your business responds to feedback,thank the customer for their response,and tell them about how youre working,to improve your response will likely,make the customer even happier and show,your prospective customers that youre,always working to improve your business,positive reviews can bring in new,customers and help increase sales,reviews can also help potential,customers feel more confident about,choosing your business over your,competitors and once theyve had a,positive experience theyre more likely,to leave a positive review,positive reviews can also help to build,trust and credibility especially if,youre a new business if customers see,that others have had a good experience,with your company theyre more likely to,take the leap themselves,you may be asking yourself why should I,respond to positive reviews well when,you respond to a positive review the,customer who left the review feels,appreciated which increases the chance,for repeat business review responses,also show that you value customer,feedback and care about improving your,customer experience this can help you,attract new customers and set your,business apart from the competition now,that you know what to look for in a good,review lets talk about how to respond,to them well take a look at five,different examples,example one be creative and personal a,chef uses his restaurants YouTube,channel to respond to reviews of his,restaurant by posting these videos the,chef can reach a broader audience videos,are also a form shared more often than,any other form of media so this can help,increase visibility for the restaurant,responding to his restaurant reviews,through video establishes the,restaurants credibility the chef is,proving that he actually reads his,reviews and values customer feedback,because viewers can watch it happening,for themselves,plus by responding to reviews on video,the chef is giving a face to the,business when customers and Prospects,feel like they know the chef they are,more inclined to return time and time,again to the restaurant,example two respond quickly a timely,response goes a long way it shows,customers that theyre truly the,priority and responding to customer,feedback doesnt need to be long-winded,even a quick thanks for your review goes,a long way,example three use humor how can you turn,a negative review into a positive one,use humor in your response for example,instead of getting discouraged by,negative reviews a sandwich shop,actually used them for marketing content,they put a sign in front of their shop,that read come in and try the worst,meatball sandwich that one guy on,Facebook had in his life,using humor when responding to both,positive and negative reviews is a great,way to show your businesss personality,and grab customers attention,example four recognize your staff,positive reviews are a great way to,boost employee morale and keep your team,motivated to deliver awesome experiences,every day,when reviewing a local cafe One customer,mentioned the Fantastic server they had,by name the cafe responded to the review,by thanking them and letting them know,the server that they mentioned was,really happy about the review,example five dont shy away from,personality when you respond to reviews,dont be afraid to embrace your,companys brand this will make customers,more excited to engage with your,business for example the hair dye,company overtone is great at using its,brand personality in every response,every employee is free to use emojis and,includes their favorite shade of hair,dye as a sign off signature,need help getting started with your,review responses look no further,here are some templates you can use when,responding to positive reviews negative,reviews and everything in between,template one the customer is happy and,they have no complaints,this is the easiest kind of review to,respond to a simple thank you should do,the trick such as thank you for your,review were glad you had a good,experience and hope to see you again,soon,template 2 the customer is happy but,there is room for improvement,start by thanking the customer for their,feedback then apologize and explain what,youre going to do to make the,experience better next time something,like thank you for your feedback we are,happy that you had a good experience,overall but we are sorry to see that you,are upset about include the complaint,customers made we are addressing your,concerns by your plans to fix the,problem we hope that you come back to,see how weve implemented your feedback,thank you again for your review and we,look forward to seeing you soon,template 3 the customer is upset but,they provided no details responding to,this type of review can be tough without,details it can be difficult to know how,to respond start by asking if the,reviewer could give more details about,their experience then switch to email or,direct messaging to finish solving the,issue something like we are so sorry,that you had a negative experience with,us can you please provide more details,about what went wrong by contacting me,at phone number we will do what we can,to make it right thank you,template 4 the customer is upset and,they provided details as to why this can,be upsetting to read this type of,negative feedback can be very helpful to,your business in the long run negative,reviews with specific examples can show,you exactly where your business is,missing the mark when responding to this,review address each concern the customer,has take ownership of where you went,wrong and explain how you were planning,to improve try something like this we,are so sorry to hear about your negative,experience please know that we strive,for all of our customers to have a great,time when visiting name of your business,I see that your main concerns are list,of specific complaints the customers,made here is how we are planning on,correcting these issues list how you,plan to improve again my deepest,apologies for your negative experience,we hope that you come back to see how we,are improving thank you for your,feedback we will use it to grow our,business and correct our mistakes all,the best,responding to every customer review is,easier said than done when youre busy,running a business you might not have,time to respond to every review

10 Business English Phrases – Positive Performance Evaluations

ten business English phrases for,positive performance evaluations from,espresso English net a performance,evaluation is an evaluation of an,employees work skills and attitude on,the job it can also be called a,performance review or performance,appraisal during a performance,evaluation an employee may hear both,positive and negative feedback comments,about his or her work the employees,manager will often praise the employees,strong points and identify some areas,for improvement positive phrases stays,up-to-date with developments in the,field up-to-date means current so this,phrase means that the employee keeps his,or her knowledge about the field area of,work or study current is conscientious,and detail-oriented someone who is,conscientious is very careful in their,work carefully checks to make sure their,work is correct and is of good quality,and detail oriented means pays attention,to the details,is proactive and resourceful a proactive,person takes action to make things,happen,they dont just react to events the,opposite of proactive is passive someone,who is resourceful is able to use,resources well and in creative ways,especially in difficult situations has a,positive outlook the word outlook means,attitude or point of view is disciplined,and punctual,if you describe a person as disciplined,it doesnt mean that they were punished,instead it means that they have,self-discipline the ability to control,their own behavior and follow the rules,someone who is punctual consistently,arrives on time is an excellent team,player someone who is a team player,works well with other people this,employee is good at collaborating with,his or her coworkers,shows a lot of initiative and takes the,lead on projects the word initiative,means the power to begin things and work,on them energetically it is similar to,the word proactive a person who is,proactive has a lot of initiative is a,seasoned professional with versatile,expertise a seasoned professional is,someone who has been working for a long,time and has a lot of experience and is,therefore good at their job the word,expertise means skill or knowledge in a,particular area and if someones,expertise is versatile it means the,person is capable of doing many,different things well is driven to,succeed and strives for maximum,effectiveness describing a person as,driven means they are extremely,motivated and ambitious to strive means,to try very hard with lots of effort,never fails to capitalize on,opportunities to capitalize on something,means to use it for your advantage,to learn business English for your,career take the business English course,at espresso English net youll learn,practical English for phone calls,interviews negotiations meetings,presentations letters and emails and,much more visit espresso English net to,take the business English course

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The secret to giving great feedback | The Way We Work, a TED series

المترجم: Mustafa Hosin المدقّق: Shimaa Nabil,إذا نظرت إلى النجار فلديه صندوق أدوات،,ولدى طبيب الأسنان مثقابه.,في عصرنا ونوع العمل الذي يقوم به معظمنا،,أكثر أداة نحتاجها تتمركز في الواقع,حول القدرة على إعطاء وتلقي النقد بشكل جيد.,[الطريقة التي نعمل بها],لقرون كان البشر يتحدثون عن النقد.,في الواقع، كونفوشيوس، في 500 ق.م،,تحدث عن مدى أهمية قول الرسائل الصعبة بشكل جيد.,لكن بصراحة، لا نزال سيئين للغاية في ذلك.,في الواقع، مؤخراً وجدت دراسة أجرتها جالوب,أن 26% فقط من الموظفين موافقون بشدة,أن النقد الذي يحصلون عليه في الواقع يحسن عملهم.,هذه الأرقام سيئة للغاية.,إذاً ماذا يحدث؟,أسلوب معظم الأشخاص في تقديم نقدهم,في الواقع ليس ودياً.,يتواجد الناس في أحد المخيمين.,إما أنهم في المخيم غير المباشر للغاية والمتساهل,ولا يتعرف الدماغ على الانتقاد المقدم,أو يكون فقط مشوشاً،,أو يتواجدون في المخيم الآخر المباشر جداً،,وبذلك، يُجبر الشخص الآخر أن يكون دفاعياً.,يوجد هذا الجزء في الدماغ الذي يسمى اللوزة،,يقوم بالفحص في جميع الأوقات لمعرفة,ما إذا كان للرسالة تهديد اجتماعي.,مع هذا، سنمضي قدماً إلى الموقف الدفاعي،,نتراجع إلى الانسحاب،,وما يحدث هو أن مقدم النقد يبدأ في الانهيار كذلك.,يضيفون المزيد من ممم وأها والمبررات،,ويحدث كل شيء باضطراب وبسرعة.,لا يجب أن يكون بهذا الأسلوب.,أمضينا أنا وفريقي سنوات عديدة بالعمل في شركات مختلفة,واستفسرنا عن من هنا الناقد العظيم.,أي شخص تكرر اسمه مراراً،,نأتي به إلى مختبراتنا لمعرفة ما يفعلونه بشكل مختلف.,وما وجدناه هو أن هناك معادلة من أربعة أجزاء,التي يمكنك استخدامها لقول أي رسالة صعبة بشكل جيد.,حسناً، هل أنت مستعد لذلك؟ لنبدأ.,الجزء الأول من المعادلة هو ما نسميه نعم-الصغيرة.,يبدأ الناقدون العظماء انتقاداتهم,عن طريق طرح سؤال قصير ولكنه مهم.,حيث يهيئ الدماغ للنقد.,على سبيل المثال:,”هل لديك خمس دقائق للتحدث عن كيف جرت هذه المحادثة الأخيرة”,أو “لدي بعض الأفكار عن كيف يكمن تحسين الأمور.,هل يمكنني مشاركتها معك؟”,يتيح سؤال نعم-الصغيرة أمرين.,قبل كل شيء، سيكون أداة منظمة.,يتيح للشخص الآخر معرفة أن النقد على وشك أن يطرح.,والشيء الثاني الذي يفعله هو أنه يخلق لحظة تقبل.,أستطيع الرد بنعم أو لا لسؤال يحتمل هذين الردين.,ومعه أشعر بالاستقلالية.,الجزء الثاني من معادلة النقد هو إعطاء نقطة بيانات.,هنا، يجب عليك تسمية بدقة ما رأيته أو سمعته،,والابتعاد عن الكلمات غير الموضوعية.,هناك مفهوم نسميه الكلمات الضبابية.,يمكن أن تعني الكلمة الضبابية أموراً مختلفة لأناس مختلفين.,الكلمات الضبابية ليست محددة.,مثلاً، عندما أقول: “لا يجب أن تكون دفاعياً جداً”,أو “بإمكانك أن تكون أكثر استباقية.”,ما يفعلة الناقدون العظماء,هو أنهم سيحولون كلماتهم الضبابية إلى نقاط بيانية فعلية.,على سبيل المثال، بدلاً من قول:,”أنت لا يعول عليك،”,سنقول: “قلت أنك سترسل لي ذلك البريد الإلكتروني بحلول الـ11,وما زلت لم أستلمه بعد.”,الدقة مهمة أيضاً عندما يتعلق الأمر بالنقد الإيجابي،,وسبب ذلك أننا نريد أن نكون قادرين على أن نحدد بدقة,ما نريد الشخص الآخر أن يزيده أو ينقصه.,وإذا تمسكنا بكلمات ضبابية،,لن يكون لديهم في الواقع أي فكرة محددة,عما يجب القيام به لمواصلة تكرار هذا السلوك.,الجزء الثالث من المعادلة هي بيان الأثر.,هنا، تحدد بالضبط كيف أثرت نقطة البيانات هذه عليك.,على سبيل المثال، قد أقول: “لأنني لم أتلقى الرسالة،,تأخرت في إنجاز عملي ولم أتمكن من المضي قدماً.”,أو “لقد أحببت حقاً كيف أضفت تلك القصص،,لأنها ساعدتني على فهم المفاهيم بشكل أسرع.”,هذا يمنحك الشعور بالهدف,والمعنى والمنطق بين النقاط،,وهو شيء يتوق إليه الدماغ حقاً.,الجزء الرابع من معادلة النقد هو السؤال.,يغلف مقدمو النقد الرائعون رسالة النقد بسؤال.,سيسألون شيئاً ما مثل:,”حسناً، ما رأيك بذلك؟”,أو “هذا ما أفكر أن علينا فعله،,ولكن ما أفكارك حول ذلك؟”,ما يفعله هذا هو أنه يخلق الالتزام بدلاً من مجرد الامتثال.,لا يجعل المحادثة أحادية،,بل تصبح موقفاً مشتركاً لحل المشكلات.,ولكن يوجد هناك شيء أخير.,لا يقوم الناقدون الرائعون بقول الرسائل بشكل جيد فحسب،,لكن أيضاً، يطلبون تعليقات نقدية بانتظام.,في الواقع، بحثنا عن القيادة المميزة,يُظهر أنه لا يجب عليك أن تنتظر حتى يوجه لك الانتقاد -,ما نسميه دفع النقد -,ولكن بدلاً من ذلك، ينبغي أن تطلب تعليقات نقدية بشكل فعال،,ما نسميه تلقي النقد.,يُرسيك تلقي النقد كمتعلم مستمر,ويضع القوة بين يديك.,أصعب المواقف,في الواقع هي التي تتطلب نقداً أكثر مهارة.,لكن لا يجب أن يكون الأمر صعباً.,الآن عرفت المعادلة ذات الأربعة أجزاء،,يمكنك مزجها ومضاهاتها لجعلها تنجح في أي محادثة صعبة.

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Performance Review Tips

Hey Ambitious Professionals! Its Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a,career and life youll truly enjoy. And in todays video Im going to teach you my,five steps on how to prepare for a one-on-one meeting with your manager or,boss especially if its a performance review meeting and youre wanting to,request either a salary increase a promotion or a special project to work,on,now as a career strategist Ive had the honour of being able to help numerous,professionals land their dream job offers and if this is something that,youre interested in working with me one on one I can give you details about that,at the end of this video now when it comes to a performance meeting with your,boss or manager there are several things that you need to be aware of before the,meeting during the meeting and after the meeting so here are the things tip,number one before the meeting prepare your value and accomplishments stories,ahead of time in order to convince your boss or manager that you are a strong,performer at your work and that you deserve whatever it is that you plan to,request of them you need to have clear quantifiable achievements to be able to,articulate to your manager in the meeting and so to help you with this,process some questions that you can ask yourself involve what have I done in the,last year or six months that have been beyond my typical daily duties and tasks,then ask yourself what was the situation surrounding those events what was the,problem or issue that people were having to deal with how were people in the,company feeling about this situation including yourself then ask yourself,what action steps did I take and dont be overly detailed talk about it from a,high-level perspective what were the key phases or the key steps that you,implemented and then finally ask yourself what were the results be clear,hopefully theyre quantifiable results that actually show a vast difference,from the situation before to what you ended up helping to achieve tip number,two before the meeting is to make sure that you are clear on what you plan to,request now this is pretty obvious but if you plan to ask for a raise or you,think you deserve a promotion or you want to ask for a vacation or you want,to ask to work on an important project just be clear about whatever that thing,is that you want to request obviously before you go into the meeting now lets,get into the steps that youll do during the meeting step number one listen to,what your boss or manager has to say generally theyll start off the meeting,with an agenda or purpose of what they want to discuss with you so dont be the,first to speak let he or she say theyve planned to say and you can just,sit back and listen now step number two is to assess whether its the right time,to move forward with your request or stop to ask for constructive criticism,where some professionals go wrong in these performance reviews is that they,have a complete opposite perception of their own performance compared to what,their manager has of them depending on their personality for some of you,professionals either you think that youre doing way better than what your,manager is perceiving you to be or you feel that youre doing way worse than,what your manager perceives you to be doing now depending on whether the,feedback is positive or negative you want to adjust your game plan,accordingly if your boss or manager had nothing but good things to say about you,and gave you a great review then you can proceed to step number three which is to,articulate your value and accomplishments now if you just got a,negative performance review then you want to pause for a second and you want,to ask your boss to explain and give specific examples or circumstances that,prove what theyre saying and that justify your performance review and this,isnt a time to argue its a time to listen intently and even take notes if,you can so heres the thing if you are in a performance review meeting and,youre getting negative feedback from your manager then instead of making your,request which you had planned to initially you want to put that on hold,and instead be able to walk away from the meeting with a clear plan of action,ask your manager to provide you with his or her expectations for what they want,of you over the next six months for example and make sure that you,understand exactly what those objectives are what you need to do to achieve those,objectives or exceed those expectations so that you can get your performance,back to a level that is positive so that then at that point in time you can make,your request now for those of you whove gotten positive performance reviews then,step number three is to articulate your value and accomplishments so youll,start out by saying something along the lines of as you know over the last year,or X number of months Ive been able to demonstrate my value and accomplished,several achievements that have been above and beyond my role and from there,go into your exam so start describing the specific,instances where you have gone above and beyond the situation the action and the,results from those make sure that your brief and concise and really only bring,about the accomplishments that are the most important so dont go overboard and,start talking about more than four or five accomplishments in a row and,finally step number four make your request youll then say as a result of,the value that Ive been able to demonstrate to the team and the company,Id like to request link and state your request there then the next thing you,want to do is be silent just look them in the face with a pleasant expression,on your face and see how your boss or manager responds and then after that,step number five is to ask for next steps and their expectations of you so,your boss will likely have said okay well let me get back to you on that and,then your response will be okay so can we talk about next steps and,expectations for the future you want to leave the meeting with clear,expectations of what your boss or manager has for you for the near future,so do you dont want to leave the meeting without having an understanding,of what those are that way in order to maintain your level of performance,youll be able to create goals and targets for yourself that match to the,expectations of what your boss requires of you also you want it ask them for the,time frame for when theyre gonna get back to you on your request just so that,you have that in mind and that you can hold them accountable to to make sure,that they get back to you after the meeting you want to do a few things one,thing is to send a follow-up email detailing the items that were discussed,in the meeting and thanking your manager for their time you can start it off by,saying thanks for meeting with me today and for providing my performance review,I plan to implement the steps and achieve the targets we discussed and I,look forward to hearing confirmation for my request so there you have it those,are my tips and steps on how to prepare for a performance review meeting with,your boss or manager now if youre someone whos been on this path of,searching for a new position you want to make a career change youve been looking,for awhile but you just havent had much luck and youre ready to get one-on-one,professional help then feel free to reach out to me head on over to my,website lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired,read through the page fill out the application form and if we feel that,we are a match then one of my team members will reach out to you directly,if you liked this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with,your friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

How to Give Employee Feedback with Examples: 3 Key Steps

Diplomacy Dojo with Dr Anne Hsu. Do you struggle  giving feedback to employees or colleagues?  ,Would you like to know how to give corrective  feedback in a way thats supportive?  ,Im going to show you how to consistently  transform feedback from things that sound vague  ,and judgmental such as, “You came across really  dismissive and arrogant when answering questions.”  ,to things that are specific and supportive  such as, “I think itll help people connect  ,with your work if you maintained eye contact and  elaborated for longer when answering questions.”  ,Im going to give you the three key steps along  with many examples that will allow you to give  ,useful feedback that improves performance while  building trust with your team. The first step is  ,to use non-judgmental language to describe their  behavior. We all have part of our brain thats on  ,alert for detecting social threat. Its the same  part of the brain that detects physical danger.  ,When we think were being judged or criticized,  this part of our brain lights up and gets us  ,ready to defend ourselves by either fighting  back or running away its the risk of setting  ,off the social threat alarm that makes it hard  to give corrective feedback. We can practice  ,non-judgmental language by describing things  as they would be registered by a video camera.  ,These are words describing only what you can see  or hear. A video camera doesnt recognize someone  ,is acting dismissive aggressive or cutting people  off it can only capture that someone rolled their  ,eyes spoken a louder tone of voice or started  speaking before someone else finished. So instead  ,of saying “you always shoot down ideas” you can  say “youve pointed out many risks and drawbacks”.  ,Instead of saying “you dominated  the conversation at the meeting”,  ,you can say “I noticed that you spoke  more than others at the meeting”.  ,Instead of “you are very timid  when giving your presentation”,  ,you can say “during your presentation you  spoke in a quiet tone and often looked down”.  ,While you shouldnt use subjective language to  describe peoples behaviors what you can do is use  ,a direct quote of what they said. A direct quote  is something that a video camera can capture.  ,So for example instead of saying, “you are very  argumentative”, you can say “you describe someone  ,using the word idiot “. Studies find that  employees really want the honest feedback that  ,will help them improve and managers really dont  like to give it. This is largely because we tend  ,to equate giving corrective feedback with telling  someone that theyre not good enough. We need to  ,get beyond seeing positive versus negative  feedback as being good versus bad. Feedback  ,is not about being a good or bad person, were all  people that deserve care and respect. Feedback is  ,about objective behaviors that can be affirmed  or adjusted in order to achieve more effective  ,outcomes. The second step is to frame the feedback  with positive intentions. Research finds that the  ,threat response is greatly reduced when people  are reminded of support and care. In one study  ,researchers showed participants photos of hostile  angry faces and then measured the social threat  ,response that was activated in their brains.  Here is a graph showing the average level of  ,threat response in peoples brains when they saw  the photos of the threatening faces. In another  ,condition before showing the threatening faces  some kind caring photos were shown on the screen.  ,Nothing was said, the photos were only shown  on the screen but the participants who saw the  ,carrying photos first and then the threatening  faces had their threat responses greatly reduced.  ,You can see on the left the average threat  response, when they only saw the threatening faces  ,and on the right you can see the threat response  thats greatly reduced. after they saw the caring  ,supportive photos first. This means youll greatly  reduce the chance of triggering a threat response  ,if you motivate your feedback with a supportive  frame. This means that you believe on the inside  ,and you communicate on the outside that your  feedback is a gift wrapped with positive  ,supportive intentions. For example imagine you  had an aggressive team member instead of saying,  ,”Stop shouting youre never going to get people  on board that way.” you can say, “I want people  ,to hear what you have to say. When you speak  an allowed tone of voice people could feel  ,intimidated and not take in the content of what  youre saying.” Or imagine if you had a member of  ,your team that was always asking other people for  help to the extent of interfering with their work.  ,Instead of saying, “Stop bothering everyone, you  need to learn to figure things out on your own.  ,You could say, “I want to help everyone  develop their ability to problem solve.  ,Can we talk about some approaches that you  could use to solve problems on your own?”  ,The third step to giving effective feedback  is to seek understanding of their perspective.  ,This is your chance to understand what they think  of the situation and really understand whats  ,going on underneath. Studies find that were  wrong in our assumptions about what we think  ,others are thinking and feeling up to 80 percent  of the time. The only way to address issues  ,effectively is if we understand whats going  on underneath. So for example, if someone is  ,completely preoccupied with their phone throughout  an entire meeting they could be thinking the  ,meeting is a stupid waste of their time or  they could be trying to handle an emergency,  ,these same outer behaviors have very different  underlying situations that would be addressed  ,in very different ways. This means we ask  open-ended questions to understand whats  ,going on for someone else inside and never  assume that we know. We can use questions like  ,how do you see things? What are your views  on this? From your perspective what happened?  ,In summary, the three steps for giving effective  feedback are: 1) to describe the situation using  ,non-judgmental language. 2) to motivate the  feedback with supportive intentions. 3) to use  ,non-judgmental curiosity to seek understanding of  what underlies behavior. Giving effective feedback  ,is a skill learned over time. The best way is  to keep practicing giving both affirming and  ,adjusting feedback using non-judgmental language  and a supportive frame. Remember feedback is  ,not about being good or bad and its never about  the person themselves. Instead feedback is about  ,objective behaviors that we can affirm or adjust  in order to achieve more effective outcomes.  ,For more tips and tools to practice effective  feedback please visit diplomacydojo.com

Mastering the Performance Review Conversation

hi everyone Im Erin Im the community,and Events Manager here at lattice and,welcome to our webinar today,todays topic is mastering the,performance review conversation its one,that were really excited about and,were were presenting with torch so,this is a lattice and torch webinar a,few things on zoom just to talk about,before we get started please mute your,microphone if its not already muted you,can also use the Q&A function which,youll see down in the bottom of your,screen to submit questions that youd,like our panelists to address at the end,you could also use the chat function to,chat either me or the panelists and all,sort of be moderating the chat on the,bottom right hand side last technical,thing this webinar will be recorded and,sent out later to everyone who has,registered so if you cant stay for the,whole time thats totally okay itll be,sent out this week and besides that,lets just jump right in so today were,gonna talk about why performance reviews,are important were gonna start and set,the scene that way you know everyone,does performance review so were gonna,talk about why they matter second were,gonna talk about setting the right,environment for that review and then,were gonna dive into giving and,receiving positive feedback giving and,receiving negative feedback and then,creating a follow-up plan from that,performance review so everyone is on the,same page so just to get started were,gonna Ill intro our speakers today,first is Jack Altman hes the CEO here,at lattice and we are at people,management platform that helps companies,align grow and engage employees we have,over a thousand customers including,slack reddit crews we work and more and,yes thats a good one for Jack to speak,and I think yeah great and our other,speaker today is Cameron Yarborough the,founder and CEO of torch torch is a,leadership development platform and it,combines software and experience coaches,to empower high performers reach their,full potential and torch was founded by,senior team,preneur executive coaches and,psychologists to sort of disrupt,traditional leadership coaching by,incorporating both tech and data,analytics,weve also actually done a workshop with,torch on giving feedback and there was,such great advice there so were really,excited to partner with them today and,with that I think were gonna hand it,over to Jack to kick off sort of the,meat and bones of the webinar awesome,well thank you Aaron and thank you,Cameron and torch,were actually besides just partnered,with torch were also customers we love,using it coaching has been super,effective for us so were really,grateful to be doing this webinar with,such an awesome partner who does so much,so Karen Im excited this with you today,thank you Im excited to be here with,with you and the flatus all right so to,get started were gonna talk about why,performance reviews are important like,why should we do them at all whats the,value obviously any of us who have,worked at a company been through,performance reviews we know they can be,difficult they can be challenging,conversations they take up a lot of time,so whats the point why should we do,this so the first thing to acknowledge,is that these take these take a lot of,hours your managers who have very,limited time already are gonna spend a,lot of time on this and its important,to see if that time is well spent its,important to to use these reviews to,their full potential so you want to make,sure that if youre gonna go through the,process of doing performance management,which of course you should its,extremely high blood you know but well,sort of argue today that wasnt in fact,critical if you want to run a great,company you need to use that time that,time wisely because its gonna be a lot,of time for your managers for the,employees and even for for your team to,administer so its really important that,you do it and it is the case though that,performance reviews do drive performance,so you can you know theres statistics,that show this obviously we have a,couple here that that support it but,reviews are an important part of,performance because they set goals they,help you sort of set the time where,youre setting expectations where youre,looking back in what youve done at the,past where you have a moment to sort of,reflect and not just be caught up in the,day to day and you know if you think,about sort of the quadrants,urgent but important urgent and,unimportant and you know the sort of,just like long-term important things and,sort of how pressing these are,performance reviews are one of these,things that are not urgent were all,pulled into so many more things in our,day to day but theyre so critical to,our growth to our development that we,need to do this its a lot like going to,the gym we talk about this a lot but,this is one of those things where in the,moment its difficult in the moment it,takes time and effort it can be,uncomfortable but we do it because its,good for us we do it because in the long,run it breeds a healthy culture,it helps employees grow it keeps people,aligned and so its worth it and so some,of what we need to do as people ops,practitioners is to sort of champion the,value of it we need to with our,companies with our leadership teams to,get people bought into why this is such,an important thing to do so one of the,things we always recommend when were,sort of only on performance management,companies is even more important than,the actual process in the structure is,the cultural understanding that feedback,cultures matter that theyre valuable,that theyre not just what make,companies successful theyre not just,what making employees successful but,theyre also what make cultures healthy,and vibrant that make it a pleasant,place to work and so if you get that Buy,and the rest becomes a lot easier so now,I want to switch over to talking about,how to set the stage for these,conversations which can be difficult,which can be emotional so Cameron I want,to I want to ask you how how should we,go about setting the stage to have,productive feedback conversations so I,think whats most important is to really,is how you frame it to yourself I like,to frame a performance conversation as,an opportunity for transformation right,this is a concert this is going to be a,conversation that is a tremendous,opportunity for personal growth so,whether youre the manager or whether,youre the direct report what you bring,to this conversation is going to,determine what you ultimately get out of,it so you know whether its if Im,receiving feedback I want I want to work,on being non-defensive for example I,want to be work on being defensive but,Im also I do have boundaries meaning,Im not,open to being abused by my manager Im,not going to be a recipient of personal,criticism for example but what I am,gonna be open to is constructive,feedback back thats going to help me be,a better person in the workplace and a,higher performer right so as I prepare,for a performance review conversation,whether its the manager or the employee,really its about my personal work of,being of being psychologically prepared,for the moment,ultimately being a great manager means,that you need to be a great people,person you know Ive seen it all the,time in my career where you can have an,incredible software engineer what you,know take the best software engineer in,the world and that person may not have,great people skills and and he or she,will have to work on it right so being a,great manager is very different from,being an individual contributor even if,youre at the very very top of your,craft in the world as an Icee right,being a manager is a new skill it,requires that you motivate people to,positively positively perform at their,best in the workplace it also means that,you have to set very very high standards,without alienating people right these,are very very hard things to do on an,interpersonal level so yes being a great,manager actually means being a very very,skilled people person,totally a

Homeostasis and Negative/Positive Feedback

التسميات التوضيحية قيد التشغيل! انقر فوق CC في أسفل اليمين لإيقاف التشغيل.,يمكنك متابعة Amoebas على Twitter (AmoebaSisters) وفيسبوك.,هل تعلم انه بمجرد وجودك هنا فأنك تقوم بأمر مذهل داخل جسمك؟,حسنا… انه جسمك… خلاياك… انسجتك.. اعضائك…تقوم بأمر مذهل,مستويات التنظيم — كلهم ​​يعملون نحو شيء يسمى التوازن.,إنها حالة توازن.,نعم ، الاستتباب يعني أشياء كثيرة في حياتك الجسم: على سبيل المثال ، يبقى الدم داخله,نطاق معين من درجة الحموضة.,هذا يعني أن جلوكوز الدم لديك يبقى في الداخل نطاق معين.,هذا يعني أن درجة حرارة جسمك الداخلية تبقى ضمن نطاق معين.,انظر ، لقد ذكرنا أنظمة الجسم الرئيسية من قبل ، وأنهم يعملون معا — و,اليوم سنتحدث عن كيف هم العمل معا — باستخدام شيء يسمى إيجابي,وردود الفعل السلبية.,وأيضًا ، كيف يرتبط هذا بالاستتباب.,منذ سنوات عديدة ، كان لدي تنين ملتح الحيوانات الأليفة.,كان اسمها ديبي وكانت أفضل سحلية أبدا.,كانت ديبي تجلس معي على الأريكة عندما كنت أشاهد التلفاز.,وكانت تحب خدش ذقنها.,حتى حصلت على مقود التنين الملتحي لذلك أنا يمكن أن يأخذها إلى الخارج … نعم ، يصنعون هذه … على أي حال ،,أحبّت ديبي مصباحها الحراري.,كانت تجلس تحت المصباح الحراري على صخرتها.,وعندما ترتفع درجة الحرارة ، تنزل صخرة لها وخارج نطاق مصباح الحرارة و,اذهب إلى مكان آخر.,كان لديها ضميمة ضخمة أيضا لأنني أردت ديبي لتكون سحلية سعيدة ، حتى تتمكن من ذلك,ابحث عن درجة حرارة مثالية.,حسنا لماذا كل هذا الحديث عن ديبي؟,حسنا ، ديبي مثال على ذلك الحيوان بعض الناس يشار إليهم بالدم البارد.,أو مصطلح مربي ، otherotherm.,نحن في الواقع نحب المصطلح المحبب أفضل قليلاً مع ذلك ، لأن دمها ليس بالضرورة,البرد.,يمكن أن تتقلب درجة حرارة جسمها مع بيئة,لكن ليس أنت.,أنت من ذوات الدم الحار ، أو مصطلح مربي الحيوانات ، ماص الحرارة.,يعمل جسمك بجد للحفاظ على الداخلية درجة الحرارة التي تحافظ عليها.,إنه أيضًا مثال جميل على شيء ما دعا ردود فعل سلبية.,قبل أن نحددها – دعنا نظهر لك ذلك مثال.,لنفترض أنك في بيئة شديدة الحار.,مثل … أن تكون بالخارج في حرارة الصيف في تكساس.,عادةً ما يكون الجو حارًا.,بفضل الأعصاب التي يمكن أن تعمل كمستشعرات ، يلاحظ الدماغ هذا.,سوف يرسل إشارات لحساب هذا المتغير.,تفعل الغدد العرقية أفضل ما تفعله: العرق!,يتم فقدان الحرارة مع تبخر العرق من بشرتك.,قد يكون لديك بعض الاحمرار أيضًا لأن هذا من أوعيتك الدموية تزداد اتساعًا (اتساعًا) — في,من أجل المساعدة في التخلص من تلك الحرارة.,النتيجة ، سواء أدركت ذلك أم لا ، يساعدك على خفض درجة حرارة جسمك.,لكن انتظر!,ماذا لو ذهبت الآن للداخل و AC يتفجر.,سوف تتوقف عن التعرق.,قد ترتجف.,يمكن أن تتسبب تقلصات العضلات في الارتعاش الحرارة.,وستنخفض هذه الأوعية الدموية الآن في قطر (انقباض) لمساعدتك على الحفاظ,الحرارة لأن ذلك يجعلها أكثر صعوبة للحرارة للهرب.,يمكن أن تزيد درجة حرارة جسمك بعد ذلك.,هذه ردود فعل سلبية.,إذن تعريف مبسط: ردود فعل سلبية هو عندما يتسبب بعض المتغير في حدوث عكس,استجابة — من أجل العودة إلى مجموعة ما نقطة.,إذا اعتبرنا أن هذا الأمر كله في الواقع حلقة ردود فعل سلبية ، يمكننا أن نرى ذلك,ردود الفعل السلبية تعيد الجسم إلى النقطة المحددة ، وهي في هذه الحالة ، أ,درجة حرارة ثابتة. حفظ التوازن.,ردود فعل سلبية تجري أيضا في تنظيم الجلوكوز (سكر الدم).,حسنا نحن حقا تبسيط هذا هنا ، كما نفعل غالبًا ، ولكن عندما يكون الجلوكوز (سكر الدم),مرتفع للغاية ، هرمون واحد يتم إطلاقه هو الأنسولين.,أتخيل دائما الأنسولين مثل هذا الهرمون يجعل الخلايا تقول ، “أطعمني!” لان,لديها القدرة على جعل الخلايا تأخذ الجلوكوز.,على الجانب الآخر ، إذا كان الجلوكوز منخفضًا جدًا الدم ، يمكن أن يكون هرمون يسمى الجلوكاجون,صدر.,يمكن أن يكون لهذا الهرمون العديد من الآثار وواحد منهم أنه يمكن أن يسبب الكبد,الافراج عن الجلوكوز في الدم.,هناك المزيد لتنظيم الدم السكر من هذا ولكن يمكنك أن ترى كيف ذلك,ردود فعل سلبية – لديك مواجهة الردود هنا من أجل الحفاظ على التوازن.,فماذا عن ردود الفعل الإيجابية؟,ردود الفعل الإيجابية هي ، بدلاً من الحصول عليها استجابة مضادة لبعض المتغيرات ،,بدلا من ذلك تكثف المتغير.,يمكن أن تكون الملاحظات الإيجابية مثل “المزيد المزيد “بدلاً من” لنقابل هذا “.,المثال الذي تمسك به دائمًا عندما كنت طالبا هو المثال عن الإنسان,ولادة طفل بشري.,في فصول علم الأحياء في كل مكان ، إنه مثال كلاسيكي.,عندما يكون الطفل البشري جاهزًا للولادة ، هناك هو الضغط على عنق الرحم.,وهذا الضغط والهرمونات المعنية تسبب تقلصات الرحم — لأن,هذا جزء كبير حول كيف يكون الطفل سيولد.,المزيد من إفراز الهرمونات يساوي المزيد من التقلصات والضغط الذي سيسبب المزيد من الإفراج,من الهرمونات.,والمزيد من إطلاق الهرمونات يعني المزيد من التقلصات والضغط.,تساعد الانقباضات على إخراج الطفل ، لكنها كذلك أيضا جزء من التوضيح الجميل لما,يمكن أن تفعل ردود فعل إيجابية.,فلماذا نهتم بالملاحظات؟,غير ذلك ، كما تعلمون ، أهمية السلبية التغذية الراجعة في الحفاظ على التوازن والتوازن,دور التغذية الراجعة الإيجابية في العديد من عمليات الجسم؟,حسنًا ، نحتاج أيضًا إلى فهم التعليقات حتى نتمكن من فهمها,ما يحدث عندما تكون هناك مشكلة في أنظمة التغذية الراجعة.,أحد الأمثلة: ربما سمعت عن Type 1 مرض السكر.,إنه اضطراب يمكن أن يعني أن لديك البنكرياس ، وهو عضو متورط,مع بعض الهرمونات مثل الأنسولين لا يعمل بشكل صحيح.,لا يتم إنتاج الأنسولين ، وبسبب ذلك ، إحدى القضايا أنك لن تتمكن من الحصول عليها,الجلوكوز (سكر الدم) في خلاياك.,لا يمكن استخدام الجلوكوز خارج الخلايا في التنفس الخلوي — الخلايا تحتاج إلى,خذ الجلوكوز IN لصنع طاقة ATP في التنفس الخلوي.,لذلك ، يجب أن تكون خلاياك قادرة على أخذها في الجلوكوز من أجل البقاء.,لذا ، يحتاج العديد من مرضى السكري من النوع 1 إلى إعطاء أنفسهم الأنسولين ومراقبة نسبة السكر في الدم بسبب,قد لا تعمل الملاحظات السلبية كما يجب.,حسنا ، هذا هو لأخوات الأميبا و نحن نذكرك بالبقاء فضول!

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