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Powerstop Extreme Z36 Brakes! | 50k Miles Later | Final Review

whats going on everyone welcome back to,the channel and today were gonna be,talking about the power stop extreme I,believe is there the Z 36 is there the,tow packet or the pads and rotors that,were made for the tow like specific like,hauling and towing anyways Ive put,about 50,000 miles on these brakes since,I installed them when I put them on the,truck had 45,000 ish miles now Im,currently sitting at ninety four ninety,five thousand miles and little backstory,if you want to fast forward go for it,but this is sort of important to it when,I bought this truck it had 19,000 miles,on it it was four years old,19,000 miles om everything never even,had a hitch in the receiver the thing,was still factory painted so nineteen,thousand miles of this truck was very,easy driving miles must have been just a,grocery getter to someone they didnt,really use it or abuse it or really haul,anything with it when I got it and then,put the other twenty six thousand miles,on it within two years not even within a,year I destroyed those brakes there was,nothing left on him no padding it was,even wearing into the metal it was metal,on metal so within 26,000 miles,I really destroyed the brakes and what I,was hauling it wasnt mean like I was,always slamming on him I was hauling my,work trailer that had electric brakes on,it I was hauling our old boats I was,hauling an equipment trailer before I,even had my work trailer theres a B and,I always was hauling mulch or,landscaping material or rocks,I would scrap metal I always had,something behind me towing something,sometimes even trailer said David have,electronic brakes or hydraulic brakes,like the jetski trailers or the Polaris,RZR like stuff like that four-wheelers I,was always hauling behind me and I blew,those brakes to Kingdom Come and thats,why I end up going with the power stop,extremes,so when I got these or when I put them,on I painted my rotors everything like,that and Ive never had an issue with,them they never made noise there was,never a crazy amount of brake dust up,until sorry my like thing is broken here,up until a few thousand miles ago this,one side started to create more brake,dust than normal as you can see there,and this side is starting to have a,little brake dust as well you can see,here but its nothing nothing like oh we,the OEM brakes were creating brake dust,like nobodys business,they it was like this this is how much,brake dust the OEMs were creating every,few thousand miles the fact that this,just now started to happen towards Im,guessing the end of the life of these,guys because there we are as you can see,we are towards the end of the life of,this pad right here but theyre still,pad and I like I said about 50,000 miles,later there is still padding on these,pads and the OEM ones had nothing they,were metal on metal at 45,000 this is,uneven wear which tells me I have to,bleed my brakes which I was planning on,doing at some point so stay tuned for,that video so this is uneven wear but,theyre still pad here thats still good,maybe not so much down here but thats,way better than the OEMs way better so,lets go take a look at the rear,as the rear as I kind of already checked,out is uh not as well as the front this,one pretty pretty good some pad left but,definitely need to replace it Im gonna,set this here for right now,and this guy is almost completely gone,so still a little bit pad but not a,whole lot its down to its down its,basically I need to get new brake pads,so thats that with the brake pads,actually I think I might do this again I,still have to bleed the brakes for the,uneven wear thats on me nothing with,the pads themselves however the rotors,have been holding up very well theyre,very I mean theyre a little rusty but I,live up in Illinois youre gonna get Im,pretty sure I just touch my face with,this glove which means now my face looks,like this does my face look like that,maybe not maybe a little smug anyways,this isnt a crazy amount of Ross now I,do put a nice ease kind of on the,flanges here so the wheel doesnt stick,to it and as far as the back wheel goes,little little dusty but that could just,be road dirt not even so much brake dust,and honestly Ive been very happy with,these brakes from power stop and the,fact sold the razor I had on the back of,this truck coming from Pennsylvania no,no problems whatsoever I think the truck,had like 80,000 miles on it at that,point yeah I was like eighty thousand,miles on the truck at that point and,with a thousand pound razor in the bed,of the truck its still handled like a,dream was still able oh stop Ive been,so happy with these brakes Im probably,gonna order another set of just the pads,dont have to get the rotors the rotors,are still good so Im gonna get another,set of pads probably gonna order that,today seeing as how low these are now,someone did comment and one of my older,videos of it of let me know what what,happens when they reach sixty thousand,miles,unfortunately I dont think these are,gonna reach 60,000 miles,50,000 miles is what I got out of them,but my driving habits are gonna be,different than your driving habits and,[Music],it that kind of that that goes into it,the fact that these lasted a little bit,longer than the OEM ones Im very happy,with so the main reason why I wanted to,bring up that kind of backstory is I,feel its necessary to bring up when,talking about the brakes because the OEM,ones yeah they lasted me $45 they lasted,on the truck for forty five thousand,miles doesnt mean they would have,lasted with me for forty five thousand,miles in twenty six thousand miles I did,more dry or yeah and twenty-six thousand,miles in a year I did more driving then,that guy did for the four years that he,owned it I did more work with this truck,than that person probably did because,again hitch was never touched the bed,was almost undamaged he may have hauled,some things like from the store but,nothing crazy like Ive done where I put,pallets of pavers back here and hauled,it thats the other thing Ive had 2500,pounds of pavers in the bed of this,truck on these brakes and they handled,it just fine if anything better than OEM,so if I had the truck from dealership,with the OEM brakes I dont think they,would have even lasted forty five,thousand miles I think at 35 maybe 40 if,not maybe not sooner but definitely,sooner than 45 they would have died,which means these way outlasted the OEM,brakes and my honest opinion and thats,why Im gonna order another set so if,you guys are looking to get really good,brakes for a pretty good price I would,recommend the power stops now in no way,is this paid for by them or did they,sponsor me I bought these brakes with my,own hard-earned money but power stuff if,youre listening maybe we can work,something out Ill put a big gold,sticker on the windshield but anyway,like I said really like these brakes I,know this is a lot of talking it seems,like a pretty long review but I want to,give those back stories of everything,and if you follow the channel up to this,point youve seen some of the things,that Ive hauled in this trucker toad,with this truck when Im at the boat,ramp with our old boat that weighed,11,000 pounds that boat trailer aint,holding it the truck is so yeah I like,my vehicles granite they do get used,like a work truck however its I try and,take care of my things and I want to put,good quality products on them where,theyre going to last me a while and,take care of me and protect me on the,road and keep me safe because if,somebody cuts me off when Im hauling,something I cant stop as fast as some,people but with these I can stop pretty,quick so hopefully you guys enjoyed this,review if you did go ahead and give it a,big thumbs up and if you havent done so,already please consider subscribe to the,channel I greatly appreciate it this way,I can bring you guys more videos with,reviews on like the brakes probably I,dont know if Im gonna do another one,on the airlift because I honestly have,not had any issues with it Ive

Powerstop Z36 Extreme! 20k Mile Review!

[Applause],whats going on everyone so todays,video it is you can probably already,tell were gonna be talking about my,brace now I did do an install video Im,going to try and link that up above and,possibly down below and then I did a,review video of these brakes about 3,000,miles after I put them on now were,gonna do 20,000 mild review I believe,its 20,000 miles I put them on when the,truck had about 48,000 45,000 ish miles,on it now its got just over 69,000,miles and so far the brakes have been,action performing very well so you guys,have been following the channel you know,I told and closed seven by 14 trailer,pretty much every day for work and yes,my work also includes weekends so,sometimes that trailer never leaves this,trucks hitch during the week it just,stays on there if I know Im not going,out at night I just Park it leave a,hitch so I can leave the next morning,but these brakes have been on the truck,when I pulled our 10,000 pound give or,take a thousand – 500 ish pounds Rinker,280 in and out of the water down the,street these brakes were on the truck,when I have stuff loaded in the trailer,I mean even when I had 2,000 pounds of,mulch in the bed of the truck plus,another two thousand nine a little,trailer behind it it did not have brakes,these brakes performed ever so smoothly,and even when the truck is empty my,stopping power I can tell is greatly,greatly smaller like its not okay let,me back up here my stopping power is,greatly improved and my distance is,smaller thats what I was trying to say,there so as you can see the brakes well,Ill get you guys a close-up here in,just a second but honestly Ive been,very happy with these brakes even after,20,000 miles on the truck theyve held,up very well now I believe its 20,000,miles because I think I did put them on,when the truck hit 48 thousand miles,4548 thousand and the,originals they were dead they were all,the way to the metal they were dead and,I was already towing a trailer with this,truck and I depleted the brakes rears,and fronts were the fronts for sure were,all the way to the metal the backs were,maybe had another eighth inch but you,shouldnt you should have changed I,should have changed my brakes well,before I got to that point but I didnt,realize how bad they were all right let,me get you guys a close up here on the,front brakes and then were gonna go,ahead and move on to the back brakes so,so yes these are the power stop extremes,Z 36 theyre the ones meant for towing,and hauling and yes they are drilled and,slotted as you can tell they are rusting,a little bit I live in Illinois near,shook out well the south south suburbs,of Chicago but a little bit of rust here,and I did paint all of this when I did,have my brakes off and as you can see,the paint is well starting to come,through the rust is starting come,through again and I did pay my calipers,calipers sorry I cant speak and these,are actually still good theyre really,dirty but the main thing we want to look,at here is how much brake pad do we have,left and honestly thats quite a bit Im,very happy with that the inside one,still has quite a bit as well as you can,see there theres a metal plate right,here and then the rotor and then all,that in between is the pad itself and,these are the front brakes which means,theyre holding up very well,I meant had any vibrations or shimmies,or weird squeaks coming from these,brakes since I installed them which is,fantastic and honestly Im very pleased,with them but lets go ahead and check,out the back brake alright so here we,have the back brakes caliper looks to be,rusting a little bit or thats the brake,itself I cant tell but we take a look,at the pads here still got quite a bit,of pad there,and you cant really see that pad but oh,well we can see it up here and you guys,cant really see it but there is quite a,bit of pad left with the rears which is,awesome again got a little surface rust,here but the main main thing that I,dont want rusting is right here which,is awesome the because this is where,its going to touch the back of the,wheel and then the wheel gets stuck to,it and we dont like that but I did put,any Cs on the front of here when I did,my brakes and did the rotors and,everything honestly if we inspect the,rotor all the way around I dont see any,cracks or anything like that which which,is a good sign because we dont like,cracks look at that nice new shock and,airbag oh wait theyre covered in salt,and dirt already like I said these,brakes have performed fantastic Ive not,had a single issue with them I I mean I,trust them enough to leave them on my,truck especially when Im throwing a,trailer and some jackwagon decides to,cut me off in traffic I know I can come,to a stop now if they really cut me off,and there is no stopping well theyre in,for it but I people just have no remote,people have no respect for someone,towing a trailer semis trucks SUVs and,it just bugs me but I just want to do a,quick video reviewing the brakes I,havent talked about them in quite some,time before I do review on the shocks,and air ride system or air lift system I,want to get the brakes out of the way,because these have been broken in way,longer than the shocks have been and you,can see the Bilstein shock behind me as,well,and that guy has been used for a little,bit now so as you can tell next thing to,come will be me talking about the shocks,and then there will be a video on the,airlift system how to like operate it,and my review on it because Ive had the,shocks on for about 5,000 miles ish now,Ill just end it off these brakes the,power stop extremes I was kind of,skeptical of them because I never heard,of them before Ive usually used the,auto parts store brands whatever they,had and I figure Ill pull the trigger,on these guys so I havent had a,complaint with them Ive I mean they,stop they they stop the truck you spread,even when the truck is empty and Im,just on the road and something runs out,in front of me or I just need to make an,invasive stopping or the light changes,what-have-you,I can stop and I trust these brakes,wholeheartedly yeah theyre getting a,little surface rust but I mean when you,live where I live and they salt the,roads they chemical the roads and its,just its bad thats why I dont drive,that in the wintertime because I dont,want that rusting away I would I mean I,actually drove it today but if its like,snowing and stuff like that I dont like,taking out but anyways I hope you guys,enjoyed this video and yes I do have a,band-aid on my forehead because I saved,a puppy yeah thats thats a story Im,going with I split my forehead open by,saving a puppy dont ask for details,anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this,video if you did garden give it a big,thumbs up if you didnt go ahead and,give it a dislike but let me know what I,could prove on for next video and as,always if you havent done so already,please consider subscribing I greatly,appreciate it because Im almost at that,2000 mark and thatll be awesome to see,two thousand subscribers honestly I owe,it to you guys for watching and,subscribing to the channel and give me,the likes and the comments and,everything like that

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Power Stop Z36 Performance Brake Kit on our $1000 Project Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ [Is it Worth it?]

thats meant to go on first,were missing a part,[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up guys joel with voters of,mischief welcome back to the channel,we are still working on our awesome,thousand dollar jeep grand cherokee that,we bought for,my daughter um it is running and driving,and doing fantastic,uh for those of you who are new to the,channel um we picked this up for a,thousand dollars um it had a bad,transmission,and a few other things were wrong with,it so we have put a new transmission in,it weve done a new front cover weve,done new water pump actually complete,new cooling system,uh you can check out those videos uh,before this one but today,because its running and driving so well,um weve been driving it all over town,its been doing fantastic,but since its running so well and,driving so well now we need to stop well,so we have,a complete new uh power stop uh brake,kit its an upgraded suv kit for uh,vehicles that go off-road,um which this will so were gonna put,that in its not a sponsored video even,though i feel like it should be because,we buy so much power stuff stuff for,this channel,um but were gonna go ahead and get,those installed so uh sams gonna jump,in the jeep were gonna go ahead and,pull it inside the garage,and uh well show you what were gonna,do,all right guys so we are going to go,ahead and install,powerstops z36 kit it is a,upgrade kit for suvs and actually we are,right here check it out,so this is the kit comes with,front rotors and rear sorry front pads,and rear pads and front rotors and rear,rotors,it comes with all new um goodies for the,sliders but check these things out they,all right so this just like uncle jakes,uh raptor that we showed you when he,upgraded his,rotors these are these are the rears so,theyre a little thinner,but notice cross-drilled and vented,and then weve got the pads matched to,them so we will go ahead and,install all new front and all new rear,uh rotors,and pads and the calipers seem fine so,were not going to be replacing the,calipers we did really,bleed the brake system just a little,while ago so we know those are good,um but were gonna go ahead and get,these installed so we got to get the,front of the jeep jacked up get the,tires pulled off of it,lets start putting these pads and,rotors on,right here underneath the uh that hole,on that lower control arm,[Music],i think youre gonna need to go up like,two,[Music],[Music],jeep,all right guys um we are ready to do,this uh drivers side break um first,thing you do,is take the caliper off and were to,hang that out of the way,so that we can get to the rotor and,well pull the rotor off um,this front also has blown cv boot,so while weve got the rotor off and,while weve got the caliper off which is,a big part of what you need to do to,replace the cv boot,were going to go ahead and replace the,cv boot on that so well show you when,we get to that but,um first things first we got to get this,caliper off we got to get this rotor off,so,two bolts in the back right here well,pull this caliper loose youll see us,work a pry bar and well get that pulled,out of the way,just to loosen it up because its got a,pretty good bite on it otherwise its,tough to get it off,and we need to squeeze it back in for,the um new pads,anyway and that gives it a little bit of,a head start so,you can see these rotors are not,terrible,and again a lot of rush because theyve,been on there for a while but,um but the actual thickness is good,theres no scoring theres no bad spots,these rotors are,are totally fine if this was a flip we,would absolutely,not be putting brakes on it these are,good um and theres,plenty of pad material left too so um,totally safe totally functional would,not have a problem but,since this is sams not only do we want,it to stop really well but we want to,upgrade the brakes so that it stops even,better than it did from the factory so,pull this caliper in this rudder,[Music],is,[Music],i keep,[Music],you know my body never knows,[Music],moving on,[Music],babylon,[Music],[Applause],[Music],,[Applause],my body,this just slides over the end of this,there we go and then this,just installed itself so thats,excellent,okay now we take our band clamps,i dont have a band clamp tool and ive,never owned a band clamp tool,so were just going to the same size,were just going to use a pair of uh,pliers and,a straight bladed screwdriver,there we go,guys our new cv joint boot is on,all packed with grease looking awesome,we cleaned up the,wheel speed sensor ring and cleaned up,all the grooves and everything so,everythings ready to go back together,um on a jeep um,at least on the zjs theres no c-clip on,the end of this so it just slides into,the end of the axle,and the bearings hold it on the other,side so there is a steel,on the other side and we want to be,careful not to damage that so were,going to slide it in really gently,there we go,thats it now we just need to put our,bearing back together and i checked our,bearing its super nice,i believe sam found um,uh repair uh tickets uh the canyon,receipts that came with the jeep that,showed that this had been done so i,dont see any reason to do it again,because its in great shape so were,just gonna go ahead and reinstall this,and then well jump onto the brakes,[Music],okay we got the uh we got the axle uh,installed its looking good um were not,gonna torque this until we get the,brakes back on because we need the,brakes um on the uh jeep to keep it from,spinning so,well go ahead and put that back,together and well still be able to,reach this,and well get that all tightened up and,torque to the right specs so that the,bearing preloads right,so um lets go ahead and put the brakes,on this side,[Music],[Applause],[Music],gotta get it right now,[Music],lets go,[Music],right now,all right guys uh quick update we are,working on the brakes,that ones stuck cant get the uh the,rotor off of that side and beat me with,a hammer and,sprays and all that kind of stuff and it,doesnt want to come off and yes we did,remember to take the e-brake off,um although not until after the first,hit to be honest um but we did remember,this side came off just fine that side,stuck so were working on that,in the meantime we are,getting ready to take this thing for,wheeling tomorrow and i,i want to check and make sure that the,differential fluid is good um,we pulled the rear differential cover,and,it was fantastic fluid was practically,new,so um that is super cool,because it means that um this,this vehicle being a fleet vehicle has,had all its maintenance i mean,you guys have seen every time we go to,take something off it had,top-of-the-line spark plugs it had a,top-of-the-line air cleaner it had,um see its got good fluid,all the fluids been good when we pulled,stuff out of it so um its been really,well tang maintained and thats,fantastic now,i feel a little bad because we wasted,perfectly in fluid but there wasnt,really any way to tell,um otherwise plus i dont know if this,is straight 90 weight,um and i want to put once uh sorry 75,140,synthetic in it so we kind of need to do,that anyway,um plus just you know good idea to get,eyes on it make sure everythings good,so,anyway thats good um were very happy,about that and,uh yay that the jeep has been uh really,well maintained so,um we are going to go back to beating on,those rotors if we get this thing off of,here so,lets get to it,[Applause],okay guys finally got it off uh that was,a fight it turned out that the,parking brake shoes were staying engaged,um i i dont understand why,um it was we had a little bit of,movement but it was kind of grabbing it,the jeep doesnt seem like its been,having issues with the,with the parking brake but it was,definitely holding it so,we ended up screwing the parking brake,adjuster or adjusting the parking brake,adjuster all the way down which caused,the,parking brake shoes to pull in and then,we were able to knock this thing off,from the back,um it was rusted into place uh also,weve got some rust mark

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2009-2021 Challenger PowerStop Z26 Street Warrior Brake Rotor and Pad Kit Review & Install

جاستن: ستكون اللوحة الأمامية Power Stop Z26 ومجموعة الدوار التي لدينا هنا اليوم وسيلة ميسورة التكلفة,لاختيار مالكي تشالنجر 09 والأحدث لزيادة قوة الإيقاف بشكل كبير,مع تحسين المظهر أيضًا خلف مجموعة العجلات المفضلة لديك.,الآن ، ستشمل هذه المجموعة الدوارات المشقوقة والمثقبة ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع,منصات السيراميك الكربوني ، وجميع أجهزتك مقابل نقطة السعر المتوسطة إلى المرتفعة التي تبلغ 200 دولار.,لذلك إذا لم تكن على علم ، فإن Power Stop هو خيار شائع جدًا هنا على الموقع عندما يتعلق الأمر,بترقيات الكبح بأسعار معقولة.,وأنا حقًا أحب حقيقة أنهم يمنحون مالكي موبار بعض النكهات المختلفة عندما,يتعلق الأمر بمدى العدوانية التي يريدون الحصول عليها.,على سبيل المثال ، لديهم عظامهم المجردة للغاية مجموعات استبدال المعدات الأصلية ، على طول الطريق وصولاً,إلى عناصر المسار العدواني للغاية ، وفي الحقيقة ، كل شيء بينهما.,الآن ، ستوفر مجموعة Z26 التي لدينا هنا اليوم مركب وسادة سيكون خطوة واحدة,أسفل لوحة تتبع Power Stop فيما يتعلق بالعدوانية في المركب.,وهي تقوم بإقرانها بمجموعة جديدة تمامًا من الدوارات المشقوقة والمثقبة في المقدمة.,ولكن نظرًا لأن الوسادة فريدة من نوعها في هذه المجموعة ، فماذا تقول أننا نتحدث عنها أكثر قليلاً؟,الآن ، هذا خيار سيراميك الكربون ، مما يعني أنه سيكون لديك بعض ألياف الكربون الممزوجة,بهذه المادة الخزفية.,سيكون الأمر أكثر تطرفًا قليلاً فيما يتعلق بالمركب في اللدغة ، وبالتالي ،,سيكون أكثر عدوانية قليلاً من مجموعة Z23 من Power Stop ، والتي ستستخدم,مادة أقل عدوانية قليلاً للوسادة.,الآن ، تدعي Power Stop أن لوحة Z26 ستكون خالية من الضوضاء والغبار ، ولكن,تجربتي على مر السنين أن مركبات سيراميك الكربون الأكثر عدوانية,تنتج عادةً أكثر قليلاً من الاثنين عند مقارنتها بأعلى ، على سبيل المثال ، وسادة السيراميك ،,على سبيل المثال.,الآن ، في الواقع ، لدي نوع مختلف من هذه الوسادة على سيارتي.,وعلى الرغم من أنني سأقول إن قوة الإيقاف مثيرة للإعجاب إلى حد ما ، إلا أنني أقوم بالتقاط المزيد من الغبار قليلاً,على وسادة نمط المصنع ، ويصبحون صاخبين قليلاً حتى يتراكم عليهم,القليل من الحرارة.,بعد ذلك ، رائع تمامًا ، ومرة ​​أخرى ، اللدغة رائعة.,الآن ، في الواقع ، يا رفاق ، لا تأخذوا كلامي فقط.,يعد هذا وقتًا رائعًا لقراءة بعض تقييمات العملاء مرة أخرى على صفحة المنتج ،,فقط لمعرفة ما يقوله مالكو موبار الآخرون حول تشغيل هذه المجموعة في رحلتهم في المنزل,وتجربتهم مع المجموعة بمرور الوقت.,لكن الفوط ليست سوى نصف المعادلة هنا مع Power Stop kit.,أنت أيضًا تتلقى ، بالطبع ، مجموعة جديدة تمامًا من الدوارات مع مجموعة Street Warrior,أيضًا.,الآن ، يمكنك أن ترى أنهم قد حصلوا على تلك المعالجة المشقوقة والمثقبة للمساعدة في مكافحة,بعض الحرارة والتلاشي بينما تبدو رائعة أيضًا خلف مجموعة العجلات المفضلة لديك,في نفس الوقت.,الآن ، تم موازنة الدوارات المصبوبة ، وتم اختبار نفاذ الدوار ليكون ضمن,مواصفات المعدات الأصلية ، مما يعني أنه لا يجب أن تواجه أو تواجه أي اهتزازات سيئة أو تناقضات,مع الدوارات نفسها.,أخيرًا ، يا رفاق ، أنتم تنظرون أيضًا إلى طلاء الفضة بالزنك.,هذا موجود للمساعدة في تقليل أي تآكل أو صدأ قبيح في المناطق غير الاحتكاكية.,الآن ، مجرد تنبيه سريع هنا ، عصابة.,يوفر Power Stop مجموعة من المؤثرات المطابقة لرحلتك ، والتي ، بالطبع ،,نحملها هنا في AM إذا كنت مهتمًا بتحديث جميع الزوايا الأربع في نفس,الوقت.,الآن ، سيكون السعر أرخص ببضعة دولارات لتلك المؤخرات ، حيث أن الدوارات أصغر قليلاً.,لكن ، إجمالاً ، أود أن أقول إنك تنظر إلى حوالي 500 دولار ، ربما,أكثر قليلاً ، لاستبدال مجموعة Z26 وترقيتها في جميع الزوايا الأربع.,من المؤكد أن هذا أرخص بكثير عند مقارنته ، ربما ، بخيارات مجموعات الفرامل الكبيرة الأخرى,التي قد تجدها هنا على الموقع.,بقدر ما يتعلق الأمر بالتثبيت ، حسنًا ، الأشياء الأساسية هنا ، أيها الرجال ، ولهذا السبب,أصبح الموقع ناعمًا ، واثنين من ثلاثة مفاتيح على مقياس الصعوبة ، وبضع ساعات,أو نحو ذلك لإكمالها من البداية إلى النهاية.,فيما يتعلق بالأدوات ، حسنًا ، من الواضح أنك بحاجة إلى حمل السيارة في الهواء ، لذلك,ستكون حوامل الرافعة والرافعة أو المصعد ضروريًا ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع مجموعة مقابس ، وبالطبع ،,سقاطة أو مفتاح ربط.,ولكن لإعطائك فكرة أفضل عن كيفية سير الأمور في رحلتك في المنزل ،,إليك أحد عملاء AM لإرشادك خلال الوظيفة الآن.,العميل: أول شيء تريد القيام به هو خنق العجلات الخلفية.,ضع فرامل اليد الخاصة بك على.,ثم ستمضي قدمًا وترفع السيارة لأعلى.,سنستخدم الآن مقبسًا طوله 22 ملمًا.,سأقوم بسحب كل هذه المكسرات.,اسحب العجلة.,ضع هذا جانبا.,حسنًا ، أول شيء نريد فعله هو أننا نريد إزالة مسامير الانزلاق ذات الفرجار.,إنها 13 ملم أو نصف بوصة ، مهما كان لديك.,الآن ، هذه ستكون مريحة للغاية لأن لدي بعض خزانة الخيط من,المصنع.,إذن ما تريد فعله ، ضع الصندوق تحت مفتاحك هناك ، ضع مفتاح الربط الآخر عليه,لبعض النفوذ.,الآن ، هناك صمولة على الجزء المنزلق نفسه والتي ستدور عندما تنكسر المزلاج,.,تريد المضي قدمًا والحصول على مفتاح ربط لمنعه من الانقلاب,عليك.,هناك نذهب.,بمجرد كسرها ، يمكنك فقط الدخول باستخدام السقاطة التي يبلغ قطرها 13 أو نصف,بوصة وإنهائها.,حسنًا ، لا تريد إخراج هذا المزلاج بالكامل.,تريد أن تفسدها وتتركها.,أريد أن أفعل نفس الشيء لهذا المزلاج العلوي.,كسرها فضفاضة.,ضع مفتاح الربط عليه ودليل الانزلاق لمنعه من الحركة.,احصل على السقاطة عندما تكون فضفاضة بدرجة كافية.,الفرجار غير مفكوك من القوس الآن.,ما سنفعله ، هو هذا الخرطوم هنا ، لا نريد فقط ترك الفرجار معلقًا ، ونضع,ضغطًا على هذا الخرطوم ، لأنك ستخلق مشكلة كاملة لنفسك.,لذا ما ستفعله هو أنك ستفشل الفرجار.,فقط حركه ذهابًا وإيابًا.,حسنا.,وبعد ذلك ، سنأخذ ربطة عنق مضغوطة ، ونضعها في فتحة المزلاج هذه ، وسنقوم بربطها,بأعلى التحكم في …,حسنًا.,الآن ما يمكننا فعله هو سحب الفوط القديمة.,هذه مخدوشة قليلا.,وبعد ذلك ، تسحب الواحد من الداخل.,ليس سيئا جدا.,الآن ، إذا كنت تستبدلهم بألواح مخزون ، فهناك مؤشر تآكل واحد فقط لكل,مجموعة ، لذلك عليك أن تتذكر مكان مؤشر التآكل هذا.,تحتوي الوسادات الجديدة من Power Stop Extreme على مؤشر التآكل هذا بدلاً من مؤشر التآكل هذا فقط ، بل,تحتوي على مؤشر التآكل في كل زاوية.,الآن ، يجب أن نزيل دعامة الفرجار هذه.,لدينا صاعقة هنا وبعد ذلك لدي مسمار هنا.,أعتقد أن هذه هي 21 ملم.,مرة أخرى ، إذا كان لديك مفتاح تصعيد 21 ملم ، فستكون هذه العملية أسرع كثيرًا,بالنسبة لك.,الآن بعد أن قمنا بإيقاف كلا المسامير ، يمكننا فقط سحب قوس الفرجار.,ضعه على الجانب.,سنفعل بعض الأشياء مع ذلك لاحقًا.,الآن ، نقوم بسحب هذا الدوار.,ليس سيئا.,ليس لديهم حتى الكثير من الشفة.,كانت مكابحى صرير.,ربما كان من الممكن أن تفلت من تنظيفها بمنظف الفرامل وإعادة ظهورها ،,لأنها لا تزال تتمتع ببعض السماكة.,لكنهم ما زالوا مجرد بعض الأسهم الدوارة.,الجانب الخلفي من هذا الدوار ، رش جيد لأسفل مع بعض منظف الفرامل.,ثم يمكننا المضي قدمًا وإلصاقها بمسامير العجلة.,وبعد ذلك ، سنقوم برش المقدمة.,هناك واحد.,اثنين.,هناك نذهب.,وتلك قمامة.,الآن ، سنأخذ هذه الشرائح الجديدة.,سوف ندفع في نفس [غير مسموع].,وضعها في الحفرة بشكل مباشر قدر الإمكان.,الآن اضغط عليه حقًا لأنه ملائم بشكل مريح.,لذا علينا دفعها للداخل.,أنا أستخدم …,تعال.,ها أنت ذا.,أستخدم [غير مسموع].,واحصل على مطرقة واضغط عليها هناك.,تريد أن تأخذ شرائح الفرجار وامسحها ، اجعلها نظيفة وجميلة.,فقط في حالة وجود أي أوساخ أو رمال أو حصى أو حطام طريق أو أي شيء اختلط مع,ذلك.,أنت لا تريد أن تمزق الأختام التي وضعتها للتو.,امسحها وخذ حزمة من زيوت تشحيم الفرامل السيليكونية التي يوفرها لك Power Stop,مع المجموعة.,تريد وضع البعض هنا.,فقط افركه بشكل صحيح …,تريد التأكد من أنه يتحرك بحرية.,الآن ، نفس الشيء مع هذا.,بعض مواد التشحيم عليها.,أنت فقط تريد أن تحصل عليه على الشريحة.,لا تحتاجه هنا.,فقط على الشريحة.,اضغط عليه وتأكد من أنه يتحرك بسلاسة.,الآن ، لقد انتهينا من قوس الفرجار الخاص بنا.,سأمضي قدمًا وأعيد تشغيل هذا.,الآن ، سأتأكد من أن هذا مربع الجلوس حتى لا يتم تجاوزه أو أي شيء.,لذا تأكد من أن قوس الفرجار الخاص بك لطيف ومربع.,ابدأ الترباس الخاص بك.,والآن ، [غير مسموع] هذا.,هناك نذهب.,دفنها.,الآن ، ضع أداتك على واحدة وقم بتثبيتها هناك.,وبعد ذلك ، سنقوم بتدوير هذين المسامير اللولبية ذات الفرجار إلى 74 رطلاً.,هناك واحد.,الآن ، بالنسبة للجزء التالي ، سنقوم بفتح الغطاء.,سوف تسحب هذا الغطاء من القلنسوة.,وستقوم بتنظيف هذا الغطاء لخزان سائل الفرامل.,وستقوم بفكها.,ما سنفعله الآن ، هو أننا سنضع بعض الشحم على قوس الفرجار ، هنا على,كلا الجانبين ثم هنا على كلا الجانبين.,لا تحصل على أي منها على الدوار.,لا تريد شحم على الدوار.,فقط أريده على قوس الفرجار.,قليلا فقط.,الآن ، سنأخذ هذه المقاطع الجديدة وسنضعها داخل قوس الفرجار.,ويذهبون فقط …,إنهم يتناسبون مع الاحتكاك.,فقط ضعهم,…,] غير مسموع [على القمة.,تناسب الاحتكاك فقط.,ثم نأخذ وسادات الفرامل ، وننزلقها للداخل.,ستدخل بالتساوي ، لذا عليك أن تبدأ في نفس الوقت ،,على الحافة هناك ، ثم حركها للداخل ، نوعًا ما يمينًا في نفس الوقت.,هناك نذهب.,إن

Power stop Z23 Evolution brake pad review

Hey guys, Andrew Esquivel here back with another review and today were going to be reviewing,something thats a little outside my comfort zone, simply because Im a computer technician,not a car mechanic, but I can still feel and tell when something is askew with the car.,Im going to be reviewing the Power Stop drilled slotted vented rotors with their Z23 carbon,fiber ceramic brake pads.,A little bit of backstory, Ive been using Power Stop for the last five years and for,the last of five years theyve actually been pretty good, but five years ago the brake,pad formula was known as the Z16 formula.,Those were just ceramic brake pads and there was no information about the friction coefficient,rating for those pads, but I will tell you this, they were really good pads.,They performed way better than my stock pads which is why five years later after the rotor,started to warp.,I thought, “Alright Ill go with the brand that I know because they got to be still be,good.,I mean theyre still in business and theyre getting more well known.”,I went and bought a new set of rotors and pads.,These pads are the carbon fiber ceramic Z23 formula brake pads.,Once again with the same style drilled slotted vented rotors.,For reference, these things are made in China.,That doesnt necessarily mean theyre terrible, but I take that for what its worth.,Immediately, right away after I replaced the pads, I noticed something was very wrong.,The brake pads or when I pushed on the brakes it was extremely spongy and I thought, “Well,,maybe air got into the brake line somehow.”,I flushed the brakes once, tried it again and still really spongy.,I thought, “Well, maybe I should just replace all the brake fluids just to be safe,” so,I flushed out the system, replaced it with some dot three formula and I tried it again.,Really, really spongy and Im like, “This is not right.”,The problem started to really compounds a little while afterwards because I went on,a little bit of trip saying thinking myself maybe this need to be broken in a little bit,before, and yes, I did do the bed-in procedure that is specified on the box to the tee.,I had people block off part of the road to make sure it was safe to do it because you,got to speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down and then you got,to let the brakes cool off by driving a little bit.,I did that.,It didnt really help.,I decided, okay, lets give it some more time.,I took 1 to 200 miles on these pads.,Thats it.,No more than 15 days, no more than 1 to 200 miles.,Something really bad started to happen soon afterwards where when I pushed on the breaks,,the car wanted to veer to the right while the back end wanted to keep going straight,and Im like this is not good.,I took it to my mechanic.,He took one look at it and said, “Yes man, you got what we call peanut butter pads.”,Im going to take these pads out right here and give you an explanation of what I mean,by peanut butter pads.,You can see, these are worn overly pretty badly and they are not worn evenly at all.,What they mean by peanut butter pads is when you apply pressure to them, instead of the,material simply just fading away, it splays outwards.,They push down and splay out and you can see whats going on here and the pads are just,flaking away.,Let me get a good footage here.,You can actually see them splaying outwards.,Sorry, Im trying to get my camera focused.,Theyre crumbling.,Theyre just crumbling apart and some pads are worn really bad, completely uneven where.,This one you can still see the line and some of them the line is almost completely gone,and theyre just brittle.,See it, theyre just falling apart here.,I dont think thats pretty typical, especially of pads that claim to be better than OEM.,They just keep falling apart.,I decided, “Okay, thats not good.”,See the impression from the brake piston on this one, too.,I say, thats not good, I dont like that one bit.,These have a friction coefficient rating of GG which is relatively higher up there and,my suspicion is they require a little bit more heat to produce friction than some other,pads out there.,Im replacing them with Akebono pads that are ceramic and those have a rating of FF,but you can see on the brake material, its lodged inward here.,I dont like that.,What can we take away from this?,For one, we used all new hardware too.,Came with new hardware, little shims, grease, new little boots here.,The pads are terrible.,They dont last long at all.,Theyve got this weird splaying out issue and they do not bite.,They are spongy, like Sponge Bob Squarepants spongy.,I dont like that at all so Im swapping out.,My new rotors are going to be from Brake Performance, those are made in America and Akebonos those,are made in America too.,These are all made in China.,Something happened with Power Stop over the course of the last few years.,They changed their formula.,They changed manufacturers or something but theyre not good anymore.,That doesnt everything they make is bad.,Ive seen people talk about their race day pads which has a friction coefficient rating,of HH but they require an immense amount of heat to really grab, but thats a different,situation entirely.,Were just talking about the Evolution Series which have evolved into something garbage.,Long story short, Im going to stay away from these for a while and just go with more reputable,brands.

⚙ The Best Power Stop Brakes Reviews of 2021: The Complete Guide | Drive 55

whats up everyone when it comes to your,cars braking system,high quality parts are vital thats why,you should turn to power stop for your,next pads brakes or rotors,with a fresh set of brake parts from,power stop you can turn squeals,brake dust and other problems to rest,there are a number of options in the,market which makes it difficult to,choose the best one,in this video we compiled a list of the,top 5 best power stop breaks on the,market today,be sure to watch till the end for our,best recommendation if you want more,information or updated pricing on the,products mentioned here check out the,links in the description below,if you have another product youd like,us to review let us know by leaving a,comment down below,so without further ado lets get started,[Music],first we have runner-up power stop brake,pads,power stop z26 1405,drivers dead set on performance are the,ideal customer for these brake pads,more specifically powerstop has,engineered these pads for muscle cars,giving drivers more precision and,stopping power at high speeds or when,cornering,their pros are they have improved,braking even at higher speeds,there is no degradation of pedal feel at,high speeds,theyre made specifically for high,performance vehicles they have very,little brake dust compared to,competitors or oem,and users report better performance in,rain or wet pavement,however theres some noise reported by,some buyers,and theyre not available for some,popular sports cars bottom line is,they offer performance strong braking,power under demanding conditions on the,street,their pad type efficient heat,dissipation due to the chamfered and,slotted pad construction,and their wear life lasts longer due to,protection against rust and corrosion,from coating,next we have runner-up power stop rotors,power stop crk,206 these rotors are similar to original,equipment manufacture options making,them versatile,for everyday drivers those who own a,luxury vehicle or people who want to,eliminate squealing or other noise,these rotors are a sound choice their,pros are,they have an easy installation process,there are low dust ceramic brake pads,included,they have a geomet coating that prevents,rust and corrosion,theyre machine finished to fit just,like oem rotors and brake pads,and the rotor coating pairs well with,most paint jobs and wheel finishes,however the smooth and blank rotor may,not be the best aesthetic some want,bottom line is their performance smooth,breaking 100,mill balanced replacement from oem,rotors theyre cooling,brakes run cooler due to swift heat,dissipation by cooling veins,their protection maximum protection,against rust and corrosion by geomet,coating,next we have best power stop brake kit,power stop k2822,with drilled and slotted rotors and,carbon fiber ceramic brake pads,this kit is a high-end choice for,everyday drivers despite being the,entry-level option in the power stop,lineup this brake kit outperforms many,other basic kits on the market,its pros are it comes with corrosion,resistant zinc plated rotors,its made from premium stainless steel,hardware the pads and rotors are,engineered together to improve,durability and stopping power,its a one-stop shop with the inclusion,of pads rotors hardware,and brake lubricant and it comes with,carbon fiber ceramic brake pads for,improved performance over regular,ceramic brake pads,however it may not fit european models,and some buyers report problems with,durability,bottom line is its performance sturdy,and powerful brakes upgrade from oem for,your car,truck and suv its pad brakes do not,fade at high temperatures due to a,carbon fiber infused pad,its rotor brakes run cooler thanks to,better heat dissipation by a drilled and,slotted rotor,next we have best power stop rotors,power stop ar,8654 xpr with zinc coating,these rotors provide unbeatable,protection in corrosive environments,such as coastal cities and towns,the zinc coating also provides a nice,aesthetic for drivers concerned about,the appearance of their vehicle,these rotors are most suited for,everyday driving due to their overall,durability,their pros are theyre super durable,theres no special tools needed for,installation,they have a zinc plated finish for,corrosion prevention theyre machined to,replace,oe without any modifications and theyre,drilled and slotted for great aesthetics,however some users report warping when,subjected to consistent heavy braking,bottom line is their performance,powerful and consistent braking credit,to cnc,machined rotors theyre cooling brakes,stay cooler due to quick to gassing,through drilled holes and slots,their protection long running life due,to anti-rust silver zinc dichromate,coating,finally we have best power stop brake,pads,power stop z23 evolution sport carbon,fiber brake pads,these pads are ideal for commuters and,daily drivers who want to improve the,braking power,and consistency of their vehicle whether,its a car truck or suv,in addition the pads come with dual,layer rubberized chims for squeal-free,braking,every time their pros are theyre easy,to install,they offer superb stopping power they,generate minimal noise or squealing,they generate low amounts of brake dust,and they offer consistent braking,regardless of speed,however the pads may not fit foreign,cars,bottom line is their performance,superior stopping power thanks to carbon,fiber infused ceramics,their pad type no noise from the brake,pads thanks to dual layer rubberized,chims,their wear life longer life credited to,an anti-rust powder-coated backing plate,there you have it our top 5 best power,stop brakes on the market,check out the links in the description,below for detailed information and,latest pricing,if you thought this video was helpful,please smash that like button and,consider subscribing,if you didnt let me know why in the,comments below thanks for watching,and ill see you in the next video,you

Best Brake pads on budget. Powerstop Z23 Brake Pads detailed Review.

[Music],hello everybody welcome to another,episode of car addiction today im gonna,have to hold the camera like that,because,broke the tripod and i was trying to fix,it the leg came off in my hand i,shouldnt be,fixing any cars so if this is your first,time in my channel what i do over here,is im a huge nissan enthusiast i have,an r32 skyline a couple of streams in,the,stream turbo and nmr2 and i do not have,an s55 amg anymore,i sold it oh my god i think i dodged a,bullet on that one because my wife used,it for a monthly vehicle and,see the link for the whole shebang of,amg related videos,now when she got back to her work she,got a work vehicle and that one just,sitting in my backyard and finally the,air suspension gave away and i wasnt,going to fix it and above the skyline,all my money is tied up,over here then i have an mr2 that i i i,need to address,and i just wasnt gonna get to the s55,so finally i,decided im just gonna pull the bandaid,off and im gonna get rid of the car,which i,did ah thank god now my backyard looks,so empty,usually i will have six to seven cars,sometime as much as i had,eight cars but now i got four,a word of advice is if you are under the,age of 21 years old stop watch a cat,video,go get a girlfriend thats not some,cocaine this is an expensive hobby right,being a car enthusiast is the same as,raising a family of crack addicts so,make your wise decision over here we,make bad financial decisions,we bleed money as if were made of money,were not we just increase our,credit card debt one day at a time today,well talk about brake pads its,sticking with the braking series so,first video i made was i reviewed the,stoptech brake fluid and right after,that,i reviewed a brake bleeder kit and how,to bleed your brakes today im going to,review my brake pads so the brake pad is,the burn toast looking thing that,eases your brake rotors and stops you,stops you from meeting your maker,so a little history with brake pads so,back in the day brake pads were made of,some sort of an organic material because,earlier the vehicles used to be a lot,slower and lighter so when you slam your,brakes,and it squeezed hard the vehicles didnt,really generate that much heat so an,organic compound a cork,kind of material would be just,sufficient but that was the 1920s,these days the amount of horsepower,weight and,shenanigans we do on the road these old,cork or some sort of a rubber is not,sufficient so when i was researching,what path should i buy for my uh skyline,project,and uh i didnt really have much money,and i was on a really tight budget,so you know the brembo package the,accubonos and even the nissan oem pads,where,out the window so i decided im gonna go,with powerstop,i have used powerstop in my santa fe in,my uh,nissan xera and prior to that uh,kia optima a couple of other reviews ago,so this is not the first time im buying,a powerstep pads but,previously all the pads that i bought,were entry levels so a,z17 or even theres another one cheaper,than that this time,i decided to go with more of a,performance level pads and i went with,the z23 pads there were one more pad on,top of the z23 but the major difference,between these two pads were,z23 pads needed to be broken in and the,other paths came,pre-broken and there was about a 20,price difference and,you guys know me it would take me five,minutes to break those pads so,i decided im gonna save that twenty,bucks i didnt buy two sets of pads,because my three energetics twin turbo,does need pads and rotors so,and so i installed one set of pad in my,skyline about two months ago,so far i drove about 1500 kilometers and,i drove,hard i drove i used them,lets put it that way and thats why,today i decided i have a wee bit of,experience on my shoulder to talk about,these pads,carbon fiber and serum high temperature,threshold to resist breakthrough during,extreme driving quiet low dust formula,shims made with dual rubber layers over,constrained steel to eliminate noise,premium stainless steel hardware kit,included high temperature ceramic,lubricant included with every set of,pads ive been driving like this and i,barely cleaned the rims but i do want to,let you know that just because these are,black,matte black rims you may not see the,brake dust as much,as prominent but you can see these brown,stuff on it theyre all brake dust so if,you can see brown stuff,on top of black matte black rims they,have,quite a bit of dust so uh and also i,make them work i really do so,um you know just because uh they have,their dusty and mine may or may not be,dusty in yours because i do make them,work on the other hand i did not use a,stop take a,slotted and drilled rotors i just used a,oem,rotor for this vehicle which is coated,so that these areas they look nice they,dont get rusty,the reason being oh money the reason,being i dont necessarily believe,in drilled and slotted rotors theres,another video why i dont believe in,them will be coming with a lot of,engineering stuff,wait for that in my opinion i did not,have any track days with it i daily,drive it i do,canyon roads and i drive them hard every,time i warmed up the pads these pads got,better and better all right so,by any means these are not a track day,pad but for a daily driver and heavy,duty pads they take my,tick mark these are not a track day pads,but for a daily driver application,i approve them these pads are super easy,to install if you see my skyline,restoration process,i think i had a four minute time lapse,which is about an hour to install the,both the front,and the rear pad so they go into the oem,slots,super easy without any shenanigans even,the hardware kit it comes with,they are made to perfection so theyre,amazing,one thing im going to tell you is when,these pads are cold so first thing in,the morning,if i slam the brake a little hard they,do squeak a little and,its just because they have they are a,little bit on the performance side of it,a high performance brake pad,squeals like no tomorrow these fats do,squeal,a bit when its cold but once they warm,up you wont really hear them theyre,actually pretty good,now i did mention these pads needs to be,broken in,it is a very important process okay how,you breaking these pads,first you install them after that you,pump your brakes if you dont pump your,brakes your brake is gonna be smooshy,and when you really need to stop and you,press your brake its not gonna stop you,and youre gonna meet,the guy upstairs and i dont know if you,are im not ready to beat the guy,upstairs,anyway how you breaking your power,especially on these pads you accelerate,to,40 miles an hour and then make sure,theres nobody behind you,slam your brakes slam your brakes and,come down to 10 kilometers accelerate,again,at 40 slam your brakes come to 10,miles im talking about miles im not,kilometers miles,do it three to five times your pads and,rotors will be super hot you may hear a,little bit of smell,from the brakes thats okay now what you,shouldnt do,is lets say youre coming to a stop and,you just did that cycle or you did,youre in the middle of the cycle you,come to a stop,thats bad because whats gonna happen,is the braking process when the pad,heats up it leaves a layer of,brake material on the rotors and if you,stop while,the pad is doing that job where the pad,bites and its holding that because,youre in a stop light it will leave a,lot of brake material what may happen is,next time when you impress a brake you,may feel a little bit of vibration on,the brake and you may think your braking,system is not performing as,good that my friend is a problem so,during the break-in process make sure,you go to a nice open road,earlier in the morning or around this,time of the day when theres less,traffic on the road take your chance and,get them broken in thank you for making,it to the end of the video if you like,what you see hit the subscribe button,and the bell notification,a lot more awesome stuff coming in and,the next video im going to make,is going t

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