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POWER SWABS REVIEW Teeth Whitening! #PowerSwabs

[Applause],[Music],[Music],hello and welcome,my name is kathy a and today i thought i,would talk to you about,a little secret that some of us over 50s,have,and that is teeth whitening now i have,never been known for having bright white,teeth and,it just never and its actually been,kind of embarrassing as you get,over 45 50 years old your teeth start to,lose the enamel and they also start to,pick up on staining a lot more so you,get,a lot of older people have yellow teeth,and i was one of those folks who drank,coffee in the morning i had,red wine um on the weekends im not,like not every night maybe on monday you,know anyway,red wine coffee in the morning yellow,teeth,and as you get older it really can,make you look older than you are it can,make you look unkempt,unpulled together and actually,unhygienic so,having nice pretty white or bright teeth,is really a goal that we all should,think about,it really puts your best foot forward,and,im just going to show you some pictures,of my before so you can see how,yellow my teeth actually were,[Music],now in the past i have used things,like this which are like the the strips,that you you put them on your teeth and,you have to wait for like five minutes,then take them off and theyre gross and,its like slime all over the place,its very messy and it tastes terrible,or,you could use one of these pens that you,get like at the dollar tree,or one of those other places that you,paint on,tastes terrible once again and after,five minutes or so you have to rinse it,off,it doesnt really the effects are slight,and they dont really last very long and,the next cup of coffee you have,its gone so um you know and ive tried,this and you can do,things in the dentist too using a light,and all this but this is a goop that you,would put in a thing and then stick it,in your mouth,very uncomfortable five minutes there as,well,and again it has but not very long,reaching effects,so and im a cheapskate i mean i dont,want to spend a lot of money for,anything but,this is an investment if you have,something coming up like a wedding,or you know graduation a birthday party,a barbecue,family portrait you know um its just,something that you may want to think,about,having nice pretty white teeth will,really make a huge difference in your,appearance so,um the good people at power swabs,have sent me something and they did send,it to me so that i would talk about it,i did tell them i have to try this out,you know for the seven day period its a,seven day treatment,um and if it didnt work i was gonna,call them out,i was gonna pull them out on the roof,because ive seen the ads on tv for this,power swaps theyre called,now you get seven power swabs,and you get seven extra strength,power swaps and what you do is you get,one for each day,and you take the the power swab,and you just break break it apart so,its very hygienic and it is a looks,like a q-tip,thats soaked in some kind of blue stuff,and you just wipe it onto your teeth,for two minutes for two minutes and then,you wait 30 seconds,and then you get one of the extra,strength ones and put that over,and thats in white goop and then you,put that,over your teeth for two minutes and then,you wait 30 minutes before you can eat,or drink anything,and thats it once a day for seven days,okay did it work i want to show you my,before,and my after and i have to tell you,i was pretty impressed now it says it,can go up to,six shades lighter i think maybe it went,about three shades later for me,but thats a lot for me i mean it really,does make my teeth look so much better,they arent pearly white white and they,never have been but,you know they look so much better and,this is just a one-time little,investment,it costs about the same as these strips,do so its definitely worth it,if you have a cup of coffee in the,morning,dry off your teeth and then you can just,take this,this is another thing this is the uh,stain out quick stick,and you adjust,wipe that over your teeth easy peasy,put that in your purse you got it with,you and then you know after five minutes,its pretty much taken effect,and you can go about your day it doesnt,taste bad i think one of the main things,between this and those strips,is the taste i tell you it tastes great,it doesnt,and and thats big with me i dont want,something that tastes like a bleachy,mint you know and some of them taste,very chemical and strong,and if you use things you know like the,uh the reach thing and the and the,strips if you use them,all the time youre gonna wind up doing,damage to your enamel so,you really dont want to keep doing,those kinds of things its better to do,one thing that has a good lasting effect,than do a bunch of things all the time,that,you know just continue on they last a,little bit and then you have to do them,again and they last a little bit i know,there was an episode,of i dont know if it was ncis or one of,them where somebody just pulled a tooth,out of a corpse,and said this person was addicted to,teeth whitening because his teeth are so,weak so anyway,im pretty happy with the results i want,to show you the beginning,and the end and im going to get real,close right now,and show you my teeth,what do you think its i mean theyre,not bright white but they never were but,they are a lot brighter than they were,last week at this time,it did work and i have to give kudos,power swabs,great job im pretty impressed and ive,seen the ads i was skeptical,i had to try it for myself because i,know with my dream i have like three or,four cups of coffee every day,so i mean i really put this to the test,and i didnt change my diet i didnt,change my habits at all except for,putting those things on,once per day i have a quick little video,of me,actually swabbing my teeth each day so,you can see it,[Music],[Music],and im really impressed again it didnt,make it snow white i dont think it went,six shades up,but it did enough that im gonna make,this video and i,i give it a thumbs up ive got a link,below for you,to uh to think about ordering her to,have a look at it,its definitely worth it,anyway wherever you are right now i hope,you are safe,i hope you have a wonderful week and a,beautiful day,take care toodles,you

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening

today our friend Scott de Falco is here,to show us an easy way to look younger,healthier and feel more confident yes,please Scott if your teeth are yellowing,due to coffee tea red wine or smoking we,need to pay attention Scott says a,whiter smile can actually make you more,attractive and even take years off your,appearance so if you want whiter teeth,in five minutes Scott can help needless,to say we are happy you are we always,enjoy you are here and you know my,affinity for coffee wine you always grab,my attention but you have been able to,see the results from many people,especially when it comes down to like,even people you want to hang out with,people you want to romantically date,people you even want to kiss alright let,me tell you my wife told me the first,thing she noticed about me was my white,smile Natalie and I was taken aback by,that because my wife is drop-dead,gorgeous and Im no Brad Pitt so Im,living proof that a whiter smile cannot,just help me professionally but,personally as well and I brought a test,to sort of prove that there now if you,were a good test taker in school Natalie,yeah I think I kind of was I dont know,about anymore that was one or two years,ago lets see if you passed this one,its called the would you rather test,and we pedaled a hundred women and said,who would you rather spend time with her,kiss the guy in the left with the those,nasty yellow teeth or the guy in the,right with the bright white smile,Natalie uh pressures on I think its a,no-brainer I think its obviously the,the one on the right there okay good I,was a little worried that I wasnt sure,youre going to say but yes Im 90% of,the women said the guy in the right with,the whiter smiling we also put a,digitally pictured digitally altered,picture up of a woman with yellow teeth,and white teeth and we paneled 100 men,Natalie who we know are not nearly as,picky or choosy with who they will spend,time with her kiss lets be honest but,even a hundred percent of the men said,the girl with the whiter smile so the,lesson learned here is that you can look,in perfect physical condition but if you,smile in your teeth or yellow or stain,its gonna ruin your appearance but on,the flip side I dont care if youre,twenty or thirty pounds overweight if,you have a bright white smile thats all,people are gonna notice okay so we,touched on the dead very top you know,Im a coffee drinker Ive yes people,know here dont spill it Ive heard the,stories Ive got my coffee here again,this is something Im a busy person,Scott I dont have a lot of time to,spend on on teeth whitening and of,course that sounds wonderful,how easy can you make it yeah so this is,very easy in less than 5 min yes drink,that okay there you go and what if I,told you Natalie you could drink all the,coffee you want would you love me,forever oh I would yes youre probably,right about,welp our sauce is gonna counteract that,heres whats revolutionary Natalie its,clinically proven on average to whiten,your teeth two shades in less than five,minutes which is after the first juice,Im going to do a fast demo here in just,a second six shades over seven days I,told you this the last time I was here,it is completely changing the way we,whiten our teeth in this country and,around the world because its gone,worldwide Oh see so youre talking about,seven days here youve got six kids,right there I mean how are you able to,do such thing five minutes a day Im,thinking dentist appointments Im,thinking we got to do a lot of us any,reason to stay out of the dentists,office is a good one empower slobs,allows you to do that but it was created,by a dentist an award-winning dentist,dr. Martin Ginn agur and with your,permission Im gonna swap it out right,here in the morning blend go for you all,right its a quick process quick,two-step process and the first step is,the stain out swap so you gonna rub this,and your top and bottom teeth just like,Im doing here Natalie and obviously we,have TV time constraints but youre,gonna do this for two minutes okay and,over that two minutes we actually lift,the stains off of our teeth the other,products people use like you were,referring to not just the dentist but,the strips and the trays they whiten the,stain but they dont remove it and at,the same time this step hydrates our,enamel and thats really really,important because one of the biggest,advantages of power swabs is minimal to,no sensitivity and thats Ive had some,problems in the past to us sensitivity,when Ive tried to do whitening biggest,complaint people have I used to use the,strips can only get through two,sessions my teeth were paining me so,much everyone always asked me why does,that happen thats because they take the,moisture out of your enamel Natalie this,step in the process hydrates your enamel,so you dont get that and like I said,make or break for a lot of people so,that for two minutes now were gonna,waitin same thing just like this and,thats it less than five minutes on,average two shades whiter over seven,days six shades but heres the best part,results are gonna last up to six months,its really unheard of so how often do,we need to do this I mean this seems,like something you got to do every day,before you leave the house thats it,its less than I just did it right here,in the morning blend you can find less,than five minutes in your day to make,this dramatic and improvement in your,appearance so youre gonna do it less,than five minutes a day for seven days,and thats it results are gonna get you,through six months and another reason,why this product has been so popular the,last few years Natalie is that it,restores your caps crowns or veneers to,their original color that is a major,issue people out there have because they,get the procedure done the cosmetic,dental procedure as youre looking at,the Shay chart on your screen right now,it looks great when its done but,overtime though staying yeah and people,are stuck with that or at least theyve,been told theyre stuck with it unless,they want to invest another seven to ten,thousand dollars which nobody wants to,do but theyve been told theyre stuck,with it till now first product ever that,will do that good stuff well and I know,youre gonna also hook up our viewers as,well because we have a special offer oh,my god yes talk about good yes if you,call the 1-800 number well put up on,your screen thats eight hundred six six,four zero nine zero to R go to power,swabs comm Natalie 40% off with free,shipping so that you can drink all the,coffee you want but you got to stop,spilling it the crew keeps telling me,how you spell you cross Natalie know me,so wait 40 percent and free and free,shipping its time to call now thanks,again Scott thank you,[Music]

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Get CRAZY WHITE Teeth! | Best Teeth Whitening Products That Work | Chris Gibson

how do i get my teeth so white well it,doesnt happen,in a dentist office that much i can tell,you and today im going to be sharing,with you how you can get,safe effective teeth whitening,at home using the latest technology,and products even if you have the most,sensitive teeth,ever and no budget,well hey everybody welcome back to the,channel if youre new thank you for,stopping by i know you have a choice on,youtube on who,you watch so i really appreciate it if,youre not familiar with me,on this channel we help you find,skincare that will work for you,not into your wallet and not do more,harm than good today,were talking about teeth care i guess,instead of skin care so if thats your,thing,on youtube please be sure and subscribe,hit that little notification bell,so that you know when my new videos are,up every week now even though my channel,really focuses on skin care i get tons,of questions,about how i get my teeth so,white and because your teeth and your,smile are such a big part of your look,and your looks and they can add years to,the way you look,its fair game and a fair question okay,so right off the bat,i have never had my teeth professionally,whitened i am not the kind of guy,to spend 500 bucks every six months to,sit there and have those kind of,treatments,that being said i have over the years,many of them tried all sorts of products,you name it strips,gels pastes washes,even those lights that youre supposed,to use in your mouth never did anything,for me by the way,but i have figured out how to get,results from some of these,obviously in fact often i have been,asked about,my teeth even in public in the back of a,cabin ireland,on the airplane in a restaurant eating,dinner its really really odd to have,someone,ask you about your teeth and are they,real,and are how do you get them so white,even in a nightclub once someone asked,me that question and then,asked me if they could touch them im,not kidding even a little bit,so im going to give you five ways and,five products that you can use at home,that will help you get wider teeth,none of them by the way sponsoring this,video however i will put,links to every product i talk about in,the video description box below for you,to check out,and be sure and stick with me through,the entire video because,i have something for everyone regardless,of your tooth sensitivity,or your budget i promise and while were,on the subject,go ahead and tell me in the comments,below what you have tried to whiten your,teeth and if it worked or not now i also,want to point out that if you have,dental work bridge work,veneers crowns many times when you use,these over-the-counter whitening,products,they will not work on those especially,if its older dental work so,also be aware that your natural teeth,may be lighter than those after,whitening so its,really a good idea to check with your,dentist about,doing any of these first if they havent,told you already because often when you,have dental work you already know what,you can,and cannot do now almost all teeth,whitening products,really all of them use these same active,ingredients which are hydrogen peroxide,or carbamide peroxide salt and baking,soda this is what the,active ingredients are that help whiten,the teeth now if youve ever had,sensitivity,to like white strips the reason for that,is,when hydrogen peroxide is left on the,gum line for too long of a time,especially if you have sensitivity,issues it irritates the nerve endings,in your gums and boy does that hurt i,know for a fact because i used white,strips one time,fell asleep with them on overnight my,face hurt the entire,day the next day i really thought i was,gonna have to go to the dentist so its,really important,to follow directions on these products,because even if you dont,have tooth sensitivity if you overdo it,you will okay so lets start with the,easiest way,to start the tooth or teeth whitening,process and thats by using a couple of,items,in your tooth brushing regimen you got,your whats that your skin care regimen,your tooth brushing regimen the first is,to use a pre-rental dents that is,hydrogen peroxide thats what this is,right here its crest pro health,advanced,whitening its what i use every day its,very important,that you use these products correctly,and use the rinse for one,minute in your mouth you keep it in,there that allows the hydrogen peroxide,to work on removing the stains,especially,between your teeth and then you spit it,out after a minute,god thats glamorous were talking about,spitting on my channel anyway,thats what you do then you follow that,with a two-minute session of brushing,your teeth,with a tooth whitening toothpaste now i,use,total by crest ive used it for years,its one of my favorite toothpaste,it has whitening in this whitening,agents in this toothpaste you can also,buy,specially whitening toothpaste if you,have sensitive teeth and gums,sensodyne makes a wonderful whitening,toothpaste that will work just fine for,you and just as well as all the others,so there is a whitening toothpaste for,you,but thats what i do so i use the rinse,i,brush my teeth for the two minutes then,i use the rinse one more time to rinse,away any leftover toothpaste and give,my teeth an extra boost of whitening so,thats a very simple way,very inexpensive way can be part of your,daily life that will get your teeth,two to three shades lighter over about a,months time so,right there thats not going to be hard,on a budget and its going to be good,for most of you,but now lets talk treatments because,there are several that can work really,well for you again across,sensitivities and across budgets now,most everyone knows about whitening,strips weve seen the ads for them,theyve been around for a long time back,back in the day,it used to be those gel trays that you,put in boiling water and,fit them to your teeth and you fill them,with that gooey gel,and you put it in your mouth for 30,minutes and it was messy it bubbled out,and got everywhere,so really for the longest time it was,between strips,and gel trays and i think over the years,really we can say that the strips have,kind of won out theyre much easier to,use,and more effective on getting whitening,agents to stick to your teeth,and theyre not gross now with these out,in the marketplace there are a range of,different brands different strengths,i use one of the more expensive strips,when i use strips which is the crest 3d,white professional effects now theres a,reason i choose these over the others,one the price points not much higher,than the regular ones,i usually pay about 40 bucks for a set,of these,which is 20 enough to do 20 nights and,it also is an upper and lower in each,each,packet so for 10 to 15 bucks more i get,a professional,grade product now the other reason i,like these so much,is they stretch now weve all seen,people who have whitened their teeth and,used the white strips and the fronts of,their teeth are beautiful white,and the backs of their teeth are really,dark and its really obvious when they,smile,sort of like tan lines or what we call,that teeth lines but anyways,its a very unattractive thing to have,going on so these will actually stretch,to reach,your back teeth and they stick very well,and you only keep them on for 30 minutes,which means you dont have a lot of,contact with the gum line and less,incidence of irritation and sensitivity,so ive used these,for a very long time for that reason now,the good news is if you go to crest,website and i will be putting that down,below in the video description box again,you can get a double set of these for,like 40 bucks so if you go there they,got all sorts of coupons and specials,and ways for you to get these for much,cheaper if youre willing to be patient,and wait and get it in the mail now,thats not in your budget no worries as,i said i have something for everybody,theres another brand of white strips,that ive tested out,that have done very very well for me,its petrino,super fast whitening strips

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power swabs

we all want to look our best and many,times its your smile people remember,about you thats true so today we have,lifestyle consultant Melinda McKenzie in,the studio with us shes gonna share the,secret to looking good and feeling good,welcome Melinda thats something thats,obviously important to everybody and,youre gonna help us do that in five,minute in just five minutes it sounds,pretty good right yeah lets do it,well heres the thing studies have,actually shown if you have whiter teeth,you can look up to thirteen years,younger so who doesnt want that right,so lets focus on that power swabs has a,really great story created by a dentist,it was available in dentists office for,five years only tried to take it to the,public it was gonna be too expensive to,take it to the retail market so we just,promote it on television only to keep,the cost down what powr swabs does is,it alleviates the sensitivity tenth of,the cost of going in the dentists,office and whiten your teeth in just,five minutes,all right so how it works lets go for,it so I brought some swaps here so,everybody can see power swabs our swabs,there are two swabs in its five minutes,total first swab is the stain out swab,pop it open no measuring needed goes,directly on the teeth so what you,basically do here is you pull the stains,off while youre adding moisture to your,teeth thats the big issue with whiten,your teeth is that sensitivity it tastes,really good you can do it on the go no,rinsing no spitting then you put that,aside youre all done with that then you,go to the whitening swab now that your,teeth are prepped and ready to go you,whiten your teeth what I like about this,is you can really focus so lets say you,have a problem area like for me I drink,sweet tea so I have like the bottom,teeth get more stained for me so I,really focus a drinker so I am – right,and thats the thing with life you know,what your teeth are gonna get stained,over time but lets whiten them in a,healthy way we tell people take a,picture beforehand you can actually want,your teeth to shades whiter in five,minutes six and seven days tell us your,stories wed love to hear it so you do,this five minutes total then you dont,have to wait your teeth for about six,months or so depending on what you eat,or drink during the day and the five,veneers or anything caps crowns this is,okay yes great question because the,dentist that created it was listening to,that and people were complaining about,that as well saying you know what once,my veneers get steamed theres really,nothing that will take those stains off,power swabs actually does that for the,first time ever very exciting product,yes so it keeps like a nice consistent,absolutely yeah because you know what,over time whether you have natural teeth,or the caps the crowns veneers,everything is going to get stained with,the food or the drink even white wine,stains your,because it has dyes and compras in it,just its really frustrating right,special for our viewers yes absolute,they call in and say that they saw this,segment theyll get free shipping if,they buy to kids theyll get one free so,its a nice gift for somebody if they,participate in a special ABAI to get one,free theyll get three of these stand,out quick stick so which is a nice,maintenance in between you just pop it,open after you have your wine your,coffee and it takes the stains off as,the moisture in and youll get these,four purchases participating in that,special offer,all right so call 1-800 to zero 509 one,two you buy two get one free and the,three quick sticks and free shipping so,I mean go online and order them as well,the website is try-try power swabs com,yeah all right thank you

POWER SWABS PS WYR Cinderella Review

the following is a commercial program,paid for by power swabs the opinions and,views expressed belonged with sponsors,and are not those of this station are,their affiliates or employees,if your teeth are yellowing due to years,of drinking coffee tea,red wine or smoking lifestyle consultant,annette figueroa is here to explain how,a wider smile can actually make you more,attractive and take years off of your,appearance,whitening your teeth is an easy way to,look younger and feel more confident of,course,and it also makes us appear healthier,welcome annette,hi thank you so much for having me its,so good to be here,yeah we have an important test that we,want to show viewers,because what we did was we asked a panel,men and women who they found,more attractive who theyd rather kiss,and we have digitally altered photos one,to the left with the yellow and stained,teeth versus one to the white with the,whiter smile,what do you think they said wow yeah no,brainer,one of those looks a little icky yeah,well you know what a hundred percent of,the people yes said the one on the,right the right because they have a,wider smile and you know they smile more,and they exude confidence and confidence,is attractive but today im going with,the one on the left the one with the,yellow and staying teeth,okay the one with the yellow and stained,teeth,why yes because maybe shes not going to,the dentist because shes fearful,she has sensitive teeth or maybe she,just cant afford to whiten her teeth,well if i gave her power swabs literally,five minutes a day for one week last up,to six months,it would whiten those teeth and then it,would be a really,hard choice as to which one they would,choose,gotcha okay i was i was tricked for a,second but now,now i understand very cool and heres,another,video youve got an egg to show kind of,how it how it works,we do and we use an egg because it looks,similar to the enamel so if you can just,picture this egg being the teeth of the,woman that were speaking about,well power swabs is a two-step system,its a stain remover so the blue swabs,are the stain remover,and then a whitener and im going to,actually show you while im talking and,what the blue swabs do,is it lifts the stains and prepares the,teeth to be whitened so the stains are,gone theyre not just covered up,its also rehydrating your enamel and,rehydrating the enamel is the key to,avoiding sensitivity issues,so you get those two bonuses just from,this blue swab,if you can brush your teeth you can swab,you fall along that smile online,and if the tooths that set back are more,crooked no worries,thats two minutes then you followed up,with the whitening swab for another two,minutes,two shades wider after the first shoe,six shades wider in just,one week again lasting six months so if,you think about the lady that we spoke,to,shes has sensitive teeth but this is,actually hydrating her enamel,its a fraction of the cost and she can,do it in the convenience of her own home,so it checks all those boxes and its,amazing and i am sensitive teeth and,ive never had a problem with power,swabs,and obviously we just saw you do it,on tv so i mean its very very,convenient and very just quick and easy,and go with it,so really so question why does why do,yellow teeth make us look,older or unhealthy well studies have,shown that yellow and stained teeth,make you look older and unhealthy and if,you think about it we spend time on our,wrinkles,and dressing up and i dont know if this,has ever happened to you lauren but,you see somebody that walks into the,room they look so pretty they smile and,their teeth are yellow and its,all you can see because we all share,this strange curiosity to look at,unpleasant things and the last thing we,want to be remembered for,are a yellow and stained teeth well,power swabs can give your smile a boost,in just five minutes taking years off of,your appearance,i love it and youve got a special for,our viewers today tell us about that,we do so youre going to get seven of,the standout swaps seven of the,whitening swabs,five minutes a day for just one week and,then in between,those six months dr gineker who invented,this didnt want to take,away those guilty pleasures like your,coffee at work or your wine with your,friends,you just swab this on your teeth after,you have those and it lifts the stains,before allowing them to set in,maintaining that beautiful white smile,so youre going to get that as well up,to uh freeze shipping,up to 40 off of power swaps and all you,have to do is call that 1-800 number,1-800-701-9787,awesome i love it so convenient so easy,so important this day,like we could all use a little,pick-me-up and annette thank you so much,for joining us and for this information,again the information is on your screen,and you can go online to powerswabs.com,annette,thank you were gonna go get a wider,smile and well see you next time,thank you so much for having me

The Power Swabs Difference

[Music],well seeing our friends and families,up close and personal with video chat is,certainly wonderful,its even better when you look and feel,your best so how can you gain that extra,boost of confidence on your next video,conversation,well lets find out with amy vanderhoff,who is showing us how easy it can be to,have a great white smile and amy great,to have you on the show,i am so excited to be here and share,this true innovation,with you and your viewers well certainly,everybody nowadays is face,timing and of course we cant help but,look at ourselves as were looking at,somebody on the other end right,get real close look at our teeth yes,were taking our masks off in this,moment and we want a healthy bright,white smile its such a great,anti-aging boost it just makes you feel,better power swabs was created by a,dentist who,really listened to the issues of concern,when it came to teeth whitening in the,past you know it has to work it has to,work quickly and efficiently,it cant cause painful sensitivity and,we want to see dramatic results youll,see up to two shades wider,in the first application which is less,than five minutes,and up to six shades wider in just seven,days,and we love that instant gratification,of course and we also enjoy,when things are easy and i know with,power swabs certainly,easy to apply super easy were gonna do,live tv and do it at the same time so,we hydrate the teeth first thats why,youre not getting the painful,sensitivity guys,its just a swab youre putting it on,your teeth we are,lifting off the stains with this first,step not covering them up but lifting,them up,and hydrating the teeth you do that for,two minutes then you go in with your,whitening swab you can concentrate on a,tooth,that might be a little darker and heres,the huge,innovation here guys power swabs works,on natural teeth and it works on,artificial surfaces so think caps,crowns veneers once you finish that,two-minute,step there less than five minutes youre,gonna notice,up to two shades whiter after the seven,days up to,six shades wider its truly remarkable,it sounds remarkable how does it work,so its derived from coconut oil,pleasant taste so,no icky trays in your mouth no rinsing,no spitting its quite nice,kind of minty and refreshing so we,hydrate the teeth we lift the stains off,and then we go in with,the whitening swab and we whiten your,teeth after the seven day process,youre done you will enjoy this nice,bright healthy smile for,many many months to come and amy i know,and you go on your website a lot of,before and after photos,people really excited about their,results,its great again because of the,innovation it works on natural teeth and,also artificial services,its kind of a one-stop shop no matter,what your age men and women alike,something you can do and the privacy and,the comfort,in the safety of your own home you know,were all looking for beauty solutions,that we can do,with our own hands right now and its,something thats not only great for you,but great to give somebody who may need,that boost right now,in their life also with your order today,were going to include this quick stick,because youre going to enjoy things,like coffee and wine and chocolate,maybe youre having all three right now,hashtag no judgment i get it,were going to include this quick stick,in your order so that you can maintain,that right smile,for many months to come its like lip,gloss for your teeth you just glide it,on,no rinsing no spitting and it helps keep,your smile bright,and talk about convenient you can throw,that in your purse and,and have it on the go yep i always say,this thing is tsa approved when youre,ready to fly when youre ready to travel,you can take this with you no matter,what youre enjoying,and again its amazing the anti-aging,effect,of whitening your teeth how much younger,and healthier,and vibrant you look and again you dont,have to wait for results you know were,being asked to comply a lot right now,we want something thats going to give,us an instant gratification,and thats what power swaps provides all,right and i understand youve got some,great deals going on right now,yes we love specials and great deals and,were bringing it to you today,youre going to receive 40 off power,swaps plus free shipping because that,makes everything better,and also were going to include this guy,the quick stick i just talked about so,that you can maintain your new bright,smile,for many months to come all right amy,great to chat with you this morning,video chat with your nice white smile,always well give everybody the,information,dont forget you can whiten your smile,today in just five minutes,with power swabs look your best during,those video chats,you can find out more information or,take advantage of the special amy was,talking about,by going to powerswabs.com you can also,call 1-800-801-041,and visit powerswabs.com for more,the preceding portion of daytime,tri-cities was sponsored by

“Tide For Your Teeth” Power Swabs Easy Teeth Whitener

Oh your smile is the first thing that,people notice about you but if your,teeth are yellowing from coffee tea red,wine or smoking its very important to,give your pearly whites a little boost,and I recently learned about a powerful,way to remove stains and look years,younger,take a look joining me now is lifestyle,console and Allyson Spellman welcome,back to CT style Thank You Ryan,Ill be back yes its great to have you,as always now today were talking about,a whiter smile is it true that having a,whiter smile cannot just make you look,more attractive but feel more attractive,yes and in fact studies have shown they,can even make you look more kissable,yeah well we did a little test called,would you rather where we asked a panel,of people if they found a person with a,brighter whiter smile more attractive,and we digitally altered some pictures,to just really reflect the stains,happened to our teeth on a daily basis,with the things we love coffee lets,take a look at see some of these images,okay theres a surprise surprise but a,hundred percent of women said they found,the gentleman with a brighter whiter,smile more attractive and more kissable,and we have some results from the ladies,as well lets take a quick look at those,assuming similar results here okay,similar results a hundred percent,American confirm yes yes absolutely more,attractive and even studies have shown,that a brighter whiter smile,actually makes you look 13 years younger,come on so its like a no-brainer today,youre talking all about the solution,this is easy and we have some more video,right here take a look at this yes what,I brought you today I mean look at that,right there how much that just knocked,years off her appearance and thanks to,power swabs this revolutionary new,product developed by a dentist what it,does is lighten your teeth get this two,shades lighter in five minutes six,shades in one week with zero to minimal,sensitivity no system no sensitivity,thats really unheard of and it also,whitens caps crowns and veneers not just,natural teeth you dont say pretty,remarkable see this is cool because,oftentimes you see all those teeth,whitening products out there and its a,30 day a 60 day process people dont,have time you forget what youre going,to eat for dinner let alone,to apply the the teeth-whitening so this,is great its a quick simple solution,and and how long does it typically last,well you can hold your results up to six,months depending on what you eat and,drink I think a lot of times we went in,our teeth and we were say oh my gosh,were not gonna have the coffee the wine,the chocolate not gonna happen,thanks to this handy tool here the stain,out quick stick you can actually hold,that beautiful bright white smile after,youve done this a week I call this tied,for your teeth because its like were,just looking at the clinical results of,the product do you mind I mean its nice,to show photos and everything but can we,actually demonstrate it here live,I would love to in fact I brought you,some gifts talking through this right,now so youre gonna start with the blue,- yes and this is called power swab so,its a swab applicator I dont have to,pay for this right yeah you dont Ryan,here my friend,exactly all you have to do is just,gently put this on your teeth just like,this like a Bob Ross to me exactly,exactly,and what does its doing is its,actually lifting the stain so its not,going to come back its erasing the stain,and also whats important is that its,actually hydrating the enamel which is,why you dont get the sensitivity when,you move to step two which is the,whitening so youre just gonna do that,for only two minutes and was it taste,like I forget chewing gum I might just,start eating me no youre gonna see him,everywhere Beth so youre only gonna do,that for two minutes Im sorry to,disappoint yeah exactly its gonna lift,the stain step two is the whitening,youre gonna do the exact same thing and,again youre not going to have that,sensitivity because your teeth are,already hydrated that I love this,applicator too because you can actually,get in between the teeth where the,stains do hide you cant really do that,with the messy trays or the annoying,strips and also if you have a darker,tooth you can go in and get that little,TLC too,Im gonna brush my teeth this morning so,people at home you know I didnt have to,see see the bacon and lettuce no its,gone right before your eyes and just in,this five minutes that you do it youre,lifting the stain already two shades,lighter again five shades in one week,its really remarkable its pretty,incredible and also theres a special,offer for CT style viewers for teeth CT,style viewers which is buy two get one,for free plus free shipping and three of,the stain out quick stick so you can,have that cup of coffee after you do,this you simply go in and it lifts the,stains before it even settles in right,when youre watching CT style whether,youre at work at your cubicle exactly,you can use that so great stuff that you,brought here on the show any button here,let me steal a chocolate real quick and,with that you guys got a call one eight,hundred six five nine nine zero one five,or head online to power Schwabs dot-com,Allison thank you one more time for,joining us as always

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