1. Pray Obey Kill (I Blind Tro) | Trailer TALK | Murdering in the name of God
  2. Pray, Obey, Kill: Death at a cult compound
  3. “The Judging Process” | Sabbath School Panel by 3ABN – Lesson 13 Q4 2022
  4. Hypnotised Man Does Everything to Satisfy Her Lover Mermaid
  5. British Priest Reacts to Christian TikToks!?
  6. The Ugly Truth About Mother Teresa
  7. Judge Destroys Convict Caught Pretending to be Crazy..

Pray Obey Kill (I Blind Tro) | Trailer TALK | Murdering in the name of God

ja aan de grote tussen miste de storen,trafassi natuur,reis met jas came out of de trailer voor,een pre oké kill or iets wie is knippie,blind to do what did you think of it,cool,amrut dollar januari blik esthetische,builenpest store of course in je worden,de sunnah van peecher manager maar haal,en de mens minder dokkum theorie fout,linnen band simpele kees de merken waar,de ghettos colts,het en de naam killing al lang,committing suicide dus met dit akkoord,met onze dat phoebe vibe en en en hem,grote schaal is,jawel want die je nodig worden van de,stentor kent recorden orie lekker dik en,of koolvis willy willy lekker lekker,special cult yes omvang maar hij werd,het s nachts by region,connector 2 die zwemmen de groep vinken,en we zien dat de twee der is voor mij,niet meer bit of dus dutch,nieuw story that when globe lest you to,oh ja de familie of ruinerwold,ja de ruinerwold van leeuwen en father,eeh de,is stiller en ook echt xlii in a farmer,onder de vol live en als we beest als,kanarie sector vision,ja en al is het soms impaired is voor,mij feeling met wat a doubt about is dat,is 5 fysio zo lang iphone dit mostly bit,too much pret ja pink is is het kanaal,de sensational juni story which is not,really something that we could jullie in,volzin is like normal people who are not,into this can of small corners of the,world,fortunately zoals ik 5 en peultjes quite,spread en je ziet het moeras en wit is,een merk control,hoi is een seks liekens zelfkennis is,een lelie gebouwd dus dat was het voor,you too much that spreekt die heb ik,zijn mossel documentaire dat het is,vrolijk,moet je wat mee ja ja er was thinking,about this deze google documenten riri,als zo freaked out to know and give you,an eye for simple simon de am interested,in this one minutes in sweden bad en,voor zijn rol aan netflix je je kat die,show still other people a crazy about,lijkt is joe ik zal ik k en qua graphics,driver voor families zo is lijkt mij,kende documentary familie zoals like and,our one of the founders brief liv beanie,heiligs documentary and find a,documentary of two hours mostly to lang,heivinken documentary familie de perfect,level nauwer van 11 our de ribozyme,humeur netflix,nou we hebben net zo thats because it,is in this way the museum wie zo de,juiste series and its like its,heeft two seasons men vindt er precies,met een liefst aan het persoons wordt,iets,briefje van de tros mogelijkheid meer,regen ja ik zal zo net als en dat zette,de de dus decision of dus voor de jurys,is not fair enough to do whatever wat is,de feeling aangeven bid voor hen die er,miljoenen share a long day harde,episodes heeft een lekkere heel van hoor,nou we reach paar brouwer iets je moet,er wat kaas en maar het my turn oude bit,too lang van bar naar binnen breathing,intuïtief en is er veryfast en ene kees,maar een review,family can not sure if i can feel 5,hours for example if it to stay a,fascinating,whateer sam fermi plek voor vak senpai,je kan dingen into de murder hetzelfde,dress zoals waarbinnen live press,coverage afterwords gebouwd effect het,de woman that actually kill the other,woman and shut de neighbor she got quite,light afwas je stil en persen met chic,and faster modderig en het yes love,not much lower sentenced en de guy dit,en,meter doe het zodat zij het dat dit,controversiële,over over heer en wat er zo een vesting,de that we didnt get really in de,trailer ssd voor frans zo,this for people en wie er wat spoilers,jetske houdt met de de woman het de,commissie meurders indiaans je was frans,weer te warm en bommen shirt en de war,machine murder that was the wife of de,pester en de ware friends to gather the,rent a vacation zijn allen het zijn one,point,she came to live is een nanny in their,house and then they started to have seks,together de de de pester en danny en dat,het bidden dat het huis reed en dat het,to be done becaus dat was toen de drive,oud de tafels ot,exec zo ja deze wedges des quite some,thing to this story that im interested,to hear about zullen dan lekker zetten,is it is of course a very je notes for,use case with living in sweden hij ving,kastje en douwe more wat is kees het,liefst dat is al zon reason for meat,hoe,to watch it ja alright guys dit is pre,ook bij kill mix mbar vinken bit about,that move heeft julia roberts dat serie,met marie rose hij ving de twee videos,zones bit less keuzes zo net voor de for,the people watch inge letters know what,you think about this documentary if you,looking for to which if you watch dit,lijden zoals er nou in de comments wat,je voelt,bouw dit dove katten subscribe to reach,en of je dat subscribe je hebt en je,moet stay updated aan series move is een,document ries van over de nordics,platform all over the world of course en,geef ons een like if i like this then en,was een a from sweden to you to your,eyes,hedel

Pray, Obey, Kill: Death at a cult compound

welcome to todays edition of the show,podcast,you cant get much more nordic or more,than the five-part swedish docuseries,prey,obey kill 8pm hbo tv 14.,directed by henrik jorks in the bridge,the series revisits allured swedish,murder case from 2004,complete with period footage and,interviews with officers at the time of,the crime,and in the present day kill makes great,use of recorded calls to the swedish,equivalent of 911 conversations that,betray a certain lack of alarm in the,face of grisly and bloody events,the calls bring police to a peculiar,compound housing members of a tightly,knit religious section,a ministers wife is found dead and a,man wounded,the minister himself is not present in,his wifes bedroom and claims to have,been unaware of her death,until informed hours later by police,their physical distance offers hints to,the social and sexual dynamics that may,have contributed to the murder,kill offers many panoramic views of the,remote setting but they are not the,standard aerial drone footage weve come,to expect,when the camera pulls back we realize,that were looking at a tiny model town,created by the police to explore various,scenarios,the miniature village has been created,with a love of detail that director tim,burton would envy and admire,even the toy-sized police cars have,flashing blue lights,its one of the odd cinematic touches to,this haunting series,the police were spooked by the cult-like,setting even before they discovered,blood or bodies,as one officer explains in subtitled,english the place gave off a twin peaks,vibe,acorn streams the third season of the,welsh melodrama keeping faith,eve miles stars in the title role as a,lawyer forever struggling with the,disappearance of her husband,treachery at the family law firm further,organized crime elements,and a gaggle of young children faith is,hard as nails yet continually on the,verge of some emotional storm,putting on a brave face one moment and,then tottering on high heels and,squeezing her no longer youthful shape,into some party dress the next,the formula gets tiresome but it has,nothing on rebel 9 pm,abc our tv 14 the preposterous abc drama,repeating its pilot tonight,based on the life of activist aaron,brockovich rebel stars katie seagal as a,continually ticked off,and provocatively dressed crusader like,seagal,much of the cast including adam arkin,andy garcia,john corbett mary mcdonnell and sam,palladio are familiar from earlier,series,independent lens 9pm pbs tv 14,check local listings presents the 2020,documentary down a dark stairwell,exploring the reaction of two different,communities after an asian american,police officer shot and killed an,unarmed black man in brooklyn,you

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“The Judging Process” | Sabbath School Panel by 3ABN – Lesson 13 Q4 2022

hello Im Shelley Quinn and we are so,glad you are joining us for 3ab and,Sabbath School panel we are students of,the Bible we study so we can share with,you you are what its all about today we,will be looking at the judging process,let me introduce you to the three ABN,family sitting at the table with me,brother James Rafferty good to be here,Shelly I have Mondays lesson which is,the pre-advent Judgment amen and amen,and brother John dinzi thank you its a,blessing to be here I have Tuesday the,millennial judgment that sounds great,nice Ryan day I have Wednesdays lesson,entitled The Executive judgment oh this,is going to be good and my precious,sister Jill Marconi thank you Shelly Im,excited about this lesson Thursday is,the second death oh its going to be a,beautiful study thank you for joining us,I hope you have your pen your paper and,your Bible but lets start with prayer,and James would you like to open it sure,would Father in Heaven just thank you,for our audience thank you for the gift,the promise of your holy spirit thank,you for your word were studying a very,important subject all the aspects of the,judgment and the final,decree of the second death we just pray,that you will give us words to share and,that youll touch the hearts of each one,thats listening we pray in Jesus name,amen amen and amen okay lesson 13 the,judging process and our memory text is,from second Corinthians 5 and verse 10.,second Corinthians 5 10 for we must all,appear before the Judgment seat of,Christ so that each of us may receive,what is to us for the things done while,in the body,whether good or bad,you know the Bible told us tells us and,we looked at it last week in Hebrews 9,27 it is appointed for men to die once,yes and then the Judgment goddess love,God is righteous thats his character,and because he is a righteous and loving,God he has a system of justice it is a,perfect system of justice and it is so,lacking in our world but the Bible is,clear both in the Old Testament and the,New Testament that we are saved by grace,through faith but we are judged,by God in accordance with what weve,done while were in the body so,Ecclesiastes 12 14 says God will bring,every work into judgment,including every secret thing whether,good or bad,Jeremiah 17 10 this is the Lord speaking,he said I the Lord search the heart I,test the mind even to give every man,according to his ways according to the,fruit of his doings,did you know that we cant run we cant,hide from God he is everywhere present,and hes not only Transcendent above and,beyond our Physical Realm but hes an up,close and personal God he his imminent,presence is with us at all times listen,to this Psalm 139 David wrote this and,its such a beautiful Psalm I encourage,you to read verses one through seven we,wont take the time to read that all now,but listen how he begins,oh Lord you have searched me and known,me you know my actions you understand my,thoughts you know my words and then in,verse 7 Psalm 139 verse 7. he says where,can I go from your spirit where can I,flee from your presence God knows,everything about us he even knows what,were thinking afar off before it even,comes to our mind so he knows the life,of every individual and I have to tell,you he doesnt have to review our cases,for judgment God already knows what the,judgment is all about is to accommodate,the Curiosity of his other created,beings those in Heaven and Earth who,need to understand the history of,Lucifers Rebellion how it spread to all,the world and theres three main phases,of Gods judgment there is a pre-advert,judgment and thats obvious even in,Genesis there is the millennial judgment,and then there is an executive judgment,so the process,of judgment,is,it is let me put it this way,it is well for us who are in Christ the,process of judgment ends with,Vindication thats right of those who,are in Christ but it ends with the,second death of the wicked so lets look,at Sundays lesson the final judgment,it has a result of judgment before we,begin let me just say this lets,remember were saved by grace through,faith Ephesians 2 8-10 says not of works,that any of us can boast theres nothing,you and I can do to save ourselves the,Bible tells us we are just about,justified by faith we know that Abraham,was justified by faith thats Genesis 15,6 and then Romans 5 1 Paul repeats that,and says just as he was so are you,justified by faith but we are judged,very clearly by God appraising our works,why works are the external evidence of a,true experience of Salvation when God,converts us when we are born again when,we have his holy spirit into our killing,us were going to be motivated to love,the Lord and motivated to walk in,obedience to our god so when God,executes his Justice,in judgment,judgment is a,two-sided coin,the judgment will bring condemnation on,those who never repented or turned to,God thats one side of judgment thats,the scary side,but on the flip side judgment brings,Vindication yes Vindication to those who,are made righteous by faith so First,Kings 8 32 is talking about God judging,his servants,condemning the wicked bringing his way,on his head get that,its the wicked who hath determined what,happens to them in judgment,what happens is it brings his way on his,head and justifying the righteous by,giving him according to his,righteousness,I guess my favorite,text on all of all the Judgment texts is,Daniel 7 21 and 22. thats my favorite,when Daniel says I was watching until,the Ancient of Days came and a judgment,was made,in favor of the Saints of the most high,if youre in Christ Jesus you dont have,to fear judgment he says and then the,time came for the Saints to possess the,Kingdom so lets consider Matthew 25 we,dont have time to read the entire,passage but its Matthew 25,31-46 you might want to note that and,what we see here this is not a parable,but Jesus is describing the judgment and,figurative language hes talking about,the condemnation and the Vindication for,those who did to the least of these or,did not do to the least of these,essentially the figurative language that,he uses to describe humanity is sheep,and the goats the Sheep are the,Righteous the goats are the unrighteous,the wicked,so this is a literal description of,whats going to happen at his second,coming the son of man the King has,already made his investigative judgment,his before his second coming the,pre-advent Judgment Christ has made and,hes ready to separate the sheep and the,goats based on how they treated the,least of these he says that if weve,walked in the humility of love,with a commitment to Jesus and were,compassionate,toward the least of these providing them,food or drink or shelter clothing the,naked visiting them while they were sick,or in prison he says,that you did unto me now the goats the,unrighteous,ignored the needs of these brothers they,walked in Wicked selfishness and pride,and Jesus says in verse 40.,this is Matthew 25 verse 40. and the,King speaks and he says assuredly I say,to you in as much as you did not do it,as in as much as you did it to one of,the least of these you did it to me but,in contrast if we ignore,the needs of others Jesus says were,ignoring him,isnt that scary,when we turn a blind eye to the needs of,people Jesus says were turning a blind,eye toward him so he says in verse 46,that the goats will go into Everlasting,punishment but the righteous into,eternal life so John 3 18.,Jesus said that he who believes in him,and by the way,believing in Jesus means to be living in,Jesus thats good he says that he who,believes in Him is not condemned but he,who does not believe,is condemned already because hes not,believed in the name of the only,begotten son of God,and then he tells us in John 5 24 most,assuredly I say to you he who hears my,word and believes in him who sent me,has ever lasting Life by the way here,means to put it into practice,and then he says these shall not come,into judgment but have passed from death,into life,so what is that say

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Hypnotised Man Does Everything to Satisfy Her Lover Mermaid

hello everyone and welcome back to our,channel movion today were going to do a,recap of the movie called killer,mermaids and this movie is from the year,2014. the film opens with a couple going,out of the city and making out near the,sea,while romanticizing with each other the,man hears the sound of a tune which the,girl does not hear,the man asks his girlfriend if she heard,a sound his girlfriend says she did not,hear anything maybe it might have been,coming from some clubs near them the guy,moves his girlfriend out of his way and,jumps right into the ocean without,saying anything his girlfriend does not,enter the water but yells at him to stop,messing with her but when he doesnt,come out of the water she starts to get,worried and starts crying for help,suddenly a man appears from behind her,she asks for his help he comes near her,with a big trouble in his hands he jabs,the girls neck with the treble hook,spilling her warm blood on the ground,and she eventually dies,the man grabs the girls hair and takes,her with him and disappears,a few months later we see two friends,lucy and kelly who hang out with each,other they both are on vacation and are,traveling together kelly asks lucy if,she recently talked with alex she asks,lucy if alex is coming with them on,their vacation or not alex is basically,lucys ex-boyfriend,lucy assures kelly that alex is on his,way,then alex arrives and were introduced,to him,alex greets them and alongside alex,yasmin arrives with him alex introduces,yasmin to lucy and kelly and tells them,that yasmin is his soon-to-be wife,lucy acts cheerful but it bothers her,upon hearing this they all sit together,and chat about their destination where,they plan to stay and spend their,vacation alex tells them that theyre,going to a resort called rose and there,are not many people or homes around or,near that area they all get on a yacht,and head towards roads they arrive at,the resort and they notice an old man,staring at them the mans name was nico,callie asks them whats wrong with that,old man and why is he staring at them,alex tells her to relax and ignore the,old man because hes just some crazy,wacko they arrive at their hotel suite,where they stay in the suite they plan,where they will head tomorrow to enjoy,their time,at night lucy heads out of their suite,and drinks beer alone a few moments,later alex approaches her he sits with,her and catches up with her he asks her,how her life has been going on since,they broke up and how she has been,holding herself up,she hesitates and tells him that she,doesnt want to talk about it and leaves,alex stops her and insists she should,stay,he starts telling her about his life,while they were separated and then he,kisses her then later at night we see a,guy sitting on the side of the road near,the resort drinking alcohol he gets up,and goes near the spa to pee but then he,gets attacked by the same man who killed,the girl in the opening of this movie he,kills the guy exactly like he killed the,girl the next morning alex and the rest,of the girls get on the yacht and head,towards the destination they were,planning to visit last night they,reached their destination halfway and,alex tells them that the place theyre,going is an old tunnel which was used as,a military base in the time of world,wars,kelly sees a small island on the corner,of the sea and asks alex what that place,is,alex explains that its an old island,called mammal and it has an abandoned,military fortress,kelly asks alex if theyll visit that,island as well alex tells them that they,will not visit that island because its,very creepy and suspicious,then they all start diving in the water,and spend a bit of quality time together,in the sea,kelly notices that theres another old,man that is staring at them he stops,staring at them and goes away,meanwhile yasmin feels like something is,trying to grab her feet in the water she,gets scared and climbs back on the yacht,but then a man rises from the water,laughing and its yasmins childhood,friend bob he meets the rest of the gang,and climbs on the yacht with them kelly,asks him how he appeared all of a sudden,out of the blue,he laughs and tells them that he saw,them from far and so he arrived here on,his own boat to surprise them this time,alex gets a bit jealous and doesnt,appreciate bobs arrival,bob tells him that hell meet them again,but now he has to go so that he can,catch some fish for dinner so he dives,back in the water and leaves,alex and the rest of the ladies also,head back to their hotel room later at,night bob joins them again and they all,sit in the cafe to grab some drinks,kelly asks bob if he knows about the,mysterious island mammal,bob tells them that he is very well,aware of mammal island he tells him that,mammul is a very interesting island and,they should certainly go there alex,tries to shut him down and says that,they should definitely not visit mammal,island because its not a safe place and,its literally full of nothing but rocks,and snakes,bob makes fun of alex and calls him a,coward he tells kelly not to worry,because hell take her to mamul cali,searches the island on google maps and,finds nothing like the entire island,didnt even exist in the first place,then nico appears out of nowhere sitting,behind them and tells them that a real,place never exists on these internet,things and he warns them about the,island he tells them that it would be,very wise of them not to visit that,island because that place is like a,bloodthirsty beast,he tells him that the island was created,during the first world war and the nazi,soldiers buried people alive there nico,tells them that six of his comrades were,devoured by that island and those six,comrades of his were very brave and,courageous,nico hands him a picture of his lost,daughter and tells him that hes looking,for her and if they find her then please,alert him,nico leaves and kelly asks bob who this,man is,bob tells her that his name is nico and,he met bob yesterday,the next morning we see all of them on,bobs airboat going to mammal island,they stop almost near the island and bob,tells them that they cant go further in,the boat so theyre going to have to,swim the rest of the way towards the,island,one by one all of them swim their way to,the islands but kelly gets scared so bob,ties a rope to the boat and pulls the,rope towards him while kelly remains in,the boat,they all begin their journey on the,island kelly checks her phone for,signals and sees that shes not getting,any service on her phone which is going,to create a problem for them later,lucy tells her that theyre on an island,in the middle of nowhere so thats why,shes not getting any service,they roam around the island taking a,bunch of pictures,kelly again notices the same man that,was staring at them near the tunnel,bob tells them not to worry and lets,follow him they all resent his idea in,the start but he forces all of them and,they all secretly observe the old man,doing his chores,they see that the old man is holding,buckets and is heading towards the well,the man goes towards the well but,instead of water he disposes human limbs,and blood,yasmine gets terrified and screams,before alex covers her mouth and they,all hide,the man hears yasmin scream and realizes,that hes being watched by some people,but he pretends that hes not aware of,them and leaves,after the man leaves they all head,towards the well and try to see what the,man was unloading in the well they dont,see anything so bob tells kelly to take,a picture with her phones flashlight on,kelly takes a picture and sees that,theres a live lady in the well,they all get petrified and run away,kelly drops her phone but they tell her,to forget about it because they need to,run from this place for their safety,meanwhile the man shoots bobs airboat,with a gun and punctures it when they,reach the boat they see the boat has,lost all the air and the man starts,shooting at them,they all panic and flee the scene,the man keeps

British Priest Reacts to Christian TikToks!?

Hi, Im Josh.,Im Ollie.,And today were reviewing Christian TikTok with a real priest.,I tried TikTok for a while.,Yeah.,I cant keep up with that its too much.,The AI once it knows you it freaking sucks your soul out into the app.,And you just every day your just providing more data points to the Chinese government.,Oh no, wow.,Can we say that?,People have been sending us some stuff, so we thought lets review it.,Eden.,Oh gosh, that was terrifying!,Wow, this guys got moves.,Oh, so theyre doing it through…,Is this interpretive dance?,Interpretive dance of the fall of man.,Oh no!,Brilliant.,Wow, these people are really creative.,Or this person, its one person.,That is the story of the fall of man, made on TikTok.,Yeah biblically accurate?,In as much as that is the story of you know, the snake tempts Adam and Eve and they fall yeah.,Historically accurate?,There are different interpretations that you can hold.,You could see it as a metaphorical interpretation of pursuing ones own desires and interests above God.,Or you could say this is a literal story but still, the meaning is the same and either,way, it doesnt really shake my faith.,So it might not have actually been a dance battle between the snake and…,Yeah I mean I think the snake only has one move.,Okay!,So surely he would lose.,And he stole it from the worm!,I mean exactly!,One of you will betray me tonight.,Is it me Jesus?,No.,Is it me Jesus?,Its not you either.,Is it me Jesus?,Is it me Jesus?,Wow, wow!,Isnt that in the bible isnt that a thing?,Judas doesnt ask directly.,That makes sense.,Thatd be a major double bluff.,Moving on to Adrian Bliss.,He was on youtube hes been big on TikTok.,Yeah, back in the day he was a youtube legend.,What about like, a Rioja or,,Oh, Id have a Rioja.,No, I cant do Rioja.,I mean I’d settle for like a Chateauneuf-du-Pape.,The idea that theyre asking orders.,Just drink it.,I could probably do a Shiraz.,So hes kind of taking like humour that we would understand and applying it to the kind,of biblical stories, which is quite funny and creative.,Yeah, its less funny when you explain it.,Yeah sorry sorry.,Queuing for Noahs ark.,Hi, one elephant, please.,Oh, weve already got two elephants Im afraid.,What!,Yeah, they got here about half an hour ago.,Thats, no I was told six oclock.,Its first come first served.,But Ive got a ticket.,Oh, ticket doesnt actually guarantee entry im afraid.,I gonna need to speak to the manager actually.,I mean Im literally Noah.,So what im supposed to just go off and drown am I?,Youll have to make alternative plans.,Absolutely ridiculous!,I wont forget this!,Next.,One bald mammoth, please.,No.,The story of Noahs ark, theres not a very obvious moral like I think everyone was bad,,God then killed everyone and thats why we have rainbows.,Rainbows are nice.,You know like, even as a child I remember being like that surely didnt have to happen.,Depends how you look at it really I mean definitely, there is a side which is quite hard to take.,For me, it symbolizes the way that God brings all that is good into a safe vessel,,And then even in the midst of the waves and the storms and the destruction around it he,brings them to a safe place.,You may all look and see a rainbow but actually the way the light refracts through those raindrops,,Each rainbow you see will be perfectly unique to you and that speaks to me of the way in,which salvation is for all and yet it is also personal.,Lo, Ive made enough bread and fish for exactly 5 thousand people.,Enjoy,Thank you, Jesus.,Here you go.,Oh Atlantic cod, lovely.,Bon appetit.,Sorry, have you got any vegan options?,Vegan options?,Yeah, I dont eat fish.,Just have bread then.,Has it got gluten in it?,Well yeah.,Oh, I cant have then.,Well, I dont really know what…,Could you do a gluten-free loaf?,I wouldnt even know where to start.,What about some like tofu or something?,No…,I do eat eggs.,Right.,But only from chickens that didnt mind.,Look its just, Ive just got bread and fish.,Ill just have bread then.,Right, take it.,Sourdough.,Would Jesus be vegan?,I dont know, ask him.,He would be concerned with the way that we treat creation.,That its not an industrial warehouse for us to just take what we want from and throw away.,But dont get on a high horse about it.,No one wants, chill out.,We all have our issues.,And if a priest is telling you that, wow!,No, you did not know that.,Yes, I did.,But you didnt think for a second that I was gonna feel that dagger in my body.,Like that was gonna hurt.,Thats real tough.,Your gonna have to let it go.,Im all for the whole father of faith thing you got going on.,But that was, that was intense man.,It would have been a bit awkward.,A bit awkward!,I think that a lot of people misinterpret what God is doing in this situation.,So up to this point, there was a lot of people who believed killing your children for god,or for a deity was a good thing.,So I think hes saying to Abraham as he begins the Jewish faith.,Right now youre going to do that Ive seen that your faith is strong fine.,I do not want this for the future.,Bad news for goats everywhere.,That is a staple at the beginning of Judaism like dont sacrifice your kids.,The most memorable way possible.,Yeah exactly.,Especially for Isaac, I bet he didnt forget that day.,Hes like it nearly happened to me its super traumatic.,Hey God, whats up.,Hey angel did you give the dinosaurs more muscle like I asked.,What?,I told you to make them meatier.,Make them a meteor.,Meatier.,Meteor.,Meatier!,Oh my gosh, that was so good.,She was brilliant.,Um, excuse me.,Yeah.,What animal are you again?,I just, I cant seem to find you on my list.,Oh, Im, I should be on there.,What are you?,Do you see the elephant moving away from him?,Im a lizard…,A lizard?!,What kind?,A big one.,A big lizard…,Yeah.,Your a dinosaur arent you.,Yeah.,You know what we have to do, dont you?,Walk the plank!,Hang on!,What are you?,A serious question.,Youre going to ask me about dinosaurs?,Well, I feel like weve covered this before.,We can joke about this because I know that it just doesnt bother you at all,,But it does really bother some people.,Right.,Why do you think that is?,Gosh, its really hard to put words on onto it I suppose.,As a Christian, its not like heres a book that gives you all the answers for everything.,Its like here is a book that communicates to me,,About the love of God which I have experienced in my life.,And I know is true in the deepest part of who I am,,And thats what I want to give my life to.,So yeah I dont know.,I have no idea what happened to the dinosaurs but I dont really care.,Yeah fair enough.,I mean theyre cool and I like Jurassic Park.,All right next up.,He’s got skills.,Never did I think I would be a priest or even,,My dance moves would come in handy.,The joy of the lord.,Why do I feel like this is you, Chris?,Thats pretty much how I rock and roll.,In the club.,Bless you!

The Ugly Truth About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, or should now we say, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, for decades was seen on,TV screens around the world tending to what she called the “poorest of the poor.”,From San Francisco to Sydney people’s eyes filled with tears as the wizened old woman,held infants in her arms and proclaimed that through the power of God Almighty she would,address the many wrongs of this world and help millions whose lives had been blighted,by poverty.,And yet for some, their eyes only glistened with anger, their hearts were filled only,with the beat of injustice, as they saw only too clearly a dark shadow cast by a woman,who was far from the angel of the gutters she was said to be.,Today we present the ugly truth.,We imagine that introduction has already nettled a few of our viewers who could and still cannot,see anything like a dark side to the person who was called the patron saint of missionaries.,Maybe they are well aware that this woman was outspoken about the abject poverty that,certain residents of India were faced with back in the day.,They can recall the devastation of the 1943 famine and how millions died of starvation,and disease.,This was a woman who in the name of God promised to live among the poor and never falter from,that path.,Like a martyr, she would suffer her own series of illnesses, and yet she would never turn,her back on the slums.,Through her “Missionaries of Charity” she would tend to the people whose home was,the streets and whose daily bread were the scraps people threw away.,She would hold out a hand to the blind, to the lepers, to the people that society had,for the most part made pariahs.,And it is true, we don’t question it, that she and her fellow missionaries held their,arms out to the poor.,They did indeed offer succor to people on the edge who felt helpless and lost.,For those in the last throes of life, besieged by diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis,,Mother Teresa and her sisters opened their home.,For those at the start of life but without parents to care for them, she built much-needed,orphanages.,In her own words, Mother Teresa said, with her unlimited love she would make it her life’s,work to protect, “the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the,lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people,that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone.”,Maybe some of you are now thinking, hmm, Infographics Show, you’re sure walking on thin ice if,you’re going to start throwing digs at this paragon of human virtue.,We’re not even done.,Teresa and her sisters, with the help of funding on tap, opened hospices and orphanages and,more all over the world.,By the time she was done, her Missionaries of Charity consisted of 4,000 sisters and,300 brothers doing good at 610 missions that covered much of the globe.,They were helped by over a million workers who did anything from giving hope to orphans,to handing out free soup to the homeless.,So really, why should such an apogee of humanity have to take any flak?,Let us now transform into the devil’s advocate.,As all you viewers will know, nothing in this life is cut and dried.,Every story has countless other narratives running through the main narrative, or as,we’re told when we are children, there are always two sides to every story.,One of the first people to start talking about chinks in Mother Teresa’s gilded armor was,the critic Christopher Hitchens.,In fact, while she was still alive, he co-wrote and hosted a documentary called “Hell’s,Angel.”,Soon after that, he wrote the book, “The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory,and Practice.”,This man certainly had a bee in his bonnet when it came to the lady of the light.,The overarching critique was that Mother Teresa and her sisters received millions upon millions,of dollars to do God’s work and didn’t do a very good job.,It’s important we say, “God’s work” and not just volunteer work.,In fact, many people criticized her charities, saying that even with untold millions they,were run by people who could not provide adequate care.,Pain relief was seldom given to anyone and professional medical personnel were not often,seen in the thrum of volunteers who really didn’t know what they were doing.,Still, for the public in the West who watched her on TV, they only saw a saint.,For those who donated money, it was like doing good in the eyes of God.,That can of course have certain benefits come judgment day.,You see, during the medieval period, there was something called indulgences.,In short, a person could buy their way out of hell or at least get a few of their sins,scratched off God’s ethereal chalkboard.,Critics believed Mother Teresa was selling indulgences and to them, it was a kind of,con.,Here’s what Hitchens said about that: “This returns us to the medieval corruption,of the church, which sold indulgences to the rich while preaching hellfire and continence,to the poor.,Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor.,She was a friend of poverty.,She said that suffering was a gift from God.”,Hitchens said he once got to talk with her face-to-face and she told him outright that,she wasn’t trying to get rid of poverty and that she was certainly not a social worker.,Her mission was to create more Catholics in the world and expand the Catholic church.,He and others argued that she was never trying to fix poverty or lessen some of the pains,that come with it.,How could she be, they said, her facilities were badly run and they did not focus on methods,of poverty reduction in terms of education or the empowerment of women.,In 2010, long after the so-called “Angel of Mercy” had passed away, a writer for,Forbes visited one of the Missionaries of Charity and said what she found were volunteers,and other people questioning what exactly was going down in there.,The article said those places had always been resistant to change and things had to be done,the way Mother Teresa wanted them done, which most of the time meant volunteers doing the,jobs that they were not trained to do.,The writer said, “Missionaries has always kept change at bay.,But in a world where it is very difficult to hide behind secrecy, the number of disillusioned,followers is increasing.”,She interviewed one of the volunteers, a guy from the United States who went over to India,to do some good.,It should be mentioned here that the volunteers don’t get any say in the running of the,places nor do they have any idea about all the money coming in and where it goes.,This particular volunteer expressed surprise at what he first discovered over the first,few days.,In his own words, he said, “I was shocked to see the negligence.,Needles were washed in cold water and reused and expired medicines were given to the inmates.,There were people who had a chance to live if given proper care.”,So, again, people have asked about how so much cash can do so little, but that volunteer,said in no time at all he witnessed someone needlessly dying.,He said another volunteer without any medical training had tried to feed a paralyzed person,,but he did it wrong and that person died.,He said he also saw someone having a toe amputated and not being given any kind of anesthetic.,Yet another volunteer said she saw in one facility, “syringes run under cold water,and reused, aspirin given to those with terminal cancer, and cold baths given to everyone.”,Mother Teresa allowed no criticism of such practices.,People countered such criticisms, saying hey, these places are home to the sick, the poor,,and the dying; they are not a hospital.,Ok, state the naysayers, fine, but why not offer some real medical expertise with all,that cash?,As you’ll soon see, the money donated was not exactly pennies.,And what about the ones who recovered, surely there should be some sort of rehabilitation,going on to help them when they were ready to leave?,One European volunteer said sometimes people left of their own accord, but other times,they were

Judge Destroys Convict Caught Pretending to be Crazy..

convicts get arrested and sometimes they,act as if theyre crazy or unstable to,make it so they get lesser of a sentence,today is an informational video and,hopefully you can take away,something from this but with further ado,lets move straight on to the first,convict,this man has something very strange,going on with him hes holding this,growling look the entire time,and its almost as if hes pretending to,be a vampire and a werewolf combined,its super strange to see and he also,bites down,i genuinely felt like he was gonna let,out a howl or a bark or,i dont know try to suck on someones,blood or something i have no idea you,guys,these just continue to get more,interesting so stay tuned,please,[Music],today january the 30th 2012. mr jones,im here to set your bond this morning,i dont know anything about your,individual case if you do not understand,the law that youre charged under ill,be glad to explain the law to,you questions,are you currently employed no,do you want me to screen you for an,attorney,no youre going to hire your own i dont,need one,mr jones i never advise anyone to go,into court regardless of the charge,without,i dont care,you stated this time you are currently,unemployed,i am going to pre-qualify you for a,court-appointed attorney,someone from the public defend mr jones,someone from the public defenders,office will come over and speak with you,about,your case,well that was super interesting i dont,know you guys like,maybe we have a real vampire and,werewolf im honestly not quite sure,but next up this man is having to be,wheelchaired into this courtroom,and he has this interesting look on his,face and he just begins to scream in the,courtroom,this is very interesting way of going,about things and,this didnt really work out for him,because he was denied bond,and just looked like a fool when damon,kemp,was wheeled into the courtroom this,morning for his bond hearing he started,screaming and the victims families,couldnt handle it news 6s jerry askin,is following the,bizarre developments jerry havent seen,anything like this in a while,eric yes bizarre for sure and ill tell,you his reaction to his charges and to,his bunch that is some say was pretty,dramatic tonight,damon kemp is sitting behind bars in,volusia county on no bond,in court today we saw tears all the way,around from friends,and family involved there is no answer,as to why or how,marissa carter had a front row seat,today in court grieving days after her,19 year old son,trey ingram was it got so tough at one,point she had to walk out,and like any mother whos forced to,grieve you wont get a chance to hear,her voice anymore,meantime back inside the courtroom we,watched as damon kemp was wheeled inside,screaming and calling on a higher power,god,his facial expressions and his mood,seemed off as a judge read his charges,and his fate i do believe that there is,probable cause,for the arrest kemps family and friends,in court today [ __ ],what did you guys think of that scream,was this worth it for him and,that that look im really confused on i,i dont really know like,was his was his lawyer telling him to,act this way,im im not quite sure but now you guys,we have the first,female convict of this video and she,literally goes crazy in the courtroom,starts trying to get out of her,handcuffs and is lifted into the air by,the police officers,and continues she tries to kick and get,out completely lost it inside a nevada,courtroom the whole thing was caught on,tape,the woman got upset after a judge,sentenced her to jail time and heres a,listen,to what happened i got kissing,let me go i got kids of responsibilities,let me go no let me,let me let me go,well at one point she catapulted herself,into the air and wrapped her legs around,a marshalls neck,in the end it took four marshals to,restrain her one of them did suffer some,minor injuries during,that outburst i did not think this,helped her at all with her case nor will,this lesser a sentence,if anything this made everything worse,by a lot,sometimes acting crazy doesnt,necessarily work,you guys probably couldnt really,picture what i was talking about but,they literally had her lifted in the air,and she was kicking and trying to get,out,im im not quite sure what she thought,like you have handcuffs on youre not,going anywhere,now we have this teen who is crying out,during his sentencing,begging for mercy from the victims,family and for the judge to try to make,it so his sentencing is less,this doesnt really work for him and i,really wonder,does he genuinely feel bad or is he just,doing this try to get not sentenced for,as long in prison,is this a tactic the lawyer set him up,to do or is this genuinely how he feels,well you guys the judge doesnt care,very dramatic day in court as a young,man learned his fate,he because he wouldnt stop crying,britney smallwood has more on todays,sentencing for us hi brittany,teresa it was intense at sentencing the,courtroom was packed with family and,friends,supporting the defendant dylan shoemaker,and the victims family,as soon as the case was called,schumacher walked into the courtroom,and started crying telling everyone how,sorry he was,dylan shoemaker walked into a state,supreme court room pleading his case,telling his victims mother and the,court hes remorseful for what he did,shoemaker was sentenced friday,austin smith last march before the,sentence was handed down,shoemaker and his defense attorney,fought for the minimum sentence,15 years to life i cant take back what,was done,i wish i could i would give my life for,austin,i loved him a lot austin smith was,completely defenseless,thats a given but there were other,dynamics at work there,including my clients inability to,either control his anger or frustration,and his inexperience in babysitting,based on his short life now,what is to say he wont do this again,well we dont know that,i think its completely unlikely it was,a situational,circumstantial thing in judge m william,bowlers last words to shoemaker,he told the now 17 year old that in his,short life hes caused so much despair,to so many people,bowler said he listened intently to,shoemakers testimony during trial,and called him a manipulator who,minimizes his actions,the record will show that you admitted,until that on july 23,2013 and a phone call to your mother,from the holding center you stated,and i got a quote from the court,reporter i am a 16 year old blonde,probably all i have to do is cry in,front of the jury,and theyre going to feel sorry for me,afterwards shoemaker was sentenced to 25,years,to life behind bars shoemakers defense,attorney joseph terranova says,he plans to immediately appeal the,sentence both say the death of often,austin smith was not intentional,reporting live in the newsroom brittany,smallwood news 4.,that right there was very interesting,same with all of these in todays video,you guys if you enjoyed tap on another,video on the screen right now to,continue watching more videos just like,this one,and also drop a like and subscribe and,ill see you guys in the next video

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