1. TOP 5: Best Bluetooth Speaker 2022
  2. Best Bluetooth Speakers 2022 – Top 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  3. Why Is This Bluetooth Speaker So Popular?
  4. TOP 5: Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2022
  5. Better than JBL ?! Soundcore Motion Boom PLUS Review – BEST BUDGET BOOMBOX BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 2022!
  6. 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers 2022
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TOP 5: Best Bluetooth Speaker 2022

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Best Bluetooth Speakers 2022 – Top 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

the best bluetooth speakers in 2022 all,take three key boxes theyre portable,theyre durable and they offer superb,audio quality in all kinds of,environments,whether youre listening at home in your,local park or youve taken it on holiday,and youre enjoying the beach,hello guys welcome to gadget 10,weve got the top 5 best bluetooth,speakers in 2022 for you today,you can buy it at the link in the,description below the video,[Music],number five,bang and olusin bayasound a 1 second gen,there arent many audio companies with a,stronger design ethic than bang and,olusin enjoy bang and allisons,signature sound when youre on the move,with a peak power of 2 by 140 watts,contained in a sleek small speaker,share your soundtrack on the go with a,durable and wireless lightweight speaker,designed for life on the road at home or,by the pool,like other higher end portable speakers,it has an integrated voice assistant and,speakerphone too with 18 hours of play,time,in terms of design this speaker is,designed to travel the tough aluminum,dome is dust and water resistant making,it an elegantly self-contained portable,bluetooth speaker,lastly an intuitive user interface,combined with built-in voice control and,amazon alexa means youre always in,control sound comfortably outperforms,the speakers size and provides strong,bass and crystal clear treble,perfect for all the podcasts youre,missing without your morning commute,number four,tribest stormbox micro,its hard to imagine a home decor,backpack or personal taste that the,tribet audiostorm box micro couldnt,merge in with happily,tribet stormbox micro bluetooth speaker,may be small but it is both loud and,powerful making it definitely the life,of any party,adopt exclusive built in x-based tuning,dsp technology this outstanding wireless,speaker will reward you with more,extension base,ip67 means this portable speaker has,unparalleled water and dust protection,youll be pleasantly surprised by the,base cloth the tribet can deliver,if your budget maxes out at 50,the tribet is a splendid option,similarly if you only have a small zip,compartment in the top of your backpack,for a sonic travel companion this,speaker is worthy of that space,[Music],number three marshall and burton,a must-have for any martial enthusiast,and not just for its looks,this little treasure packs a punch with,its sound a quality youd expect from,the british amp experts,experience absolute 360 degree sound,where every spot is a sweet spot,by separating the spatial content of,stereo recordings in burton produces a,sound much larger than its size and,outperforms most speakers in its class,with front and back facing speakers,utilizing marshalls true stereophonic,system and a battery life of almost a,full 24-hour day it can be quickly,charged with 20 minutes giving it a play,time of 5 hours,its an impressively versatile product,its ipx 7 water resistance rating means,you can submerge in burton in 3 feet of,water for a period of up to 30 minutes,signature details such as the solid,metal grille and iconic marshall script,adorn the front of the speaker echoing,the legacy of rock and roll,it also plays a cool guitar lick every,time you switch it on or off which,arguably merits a purchase by itself,[Music],number two,sony srs xb33,the srs stands for sturdy really sturdy,well it doesnt but it might as well as,this strong assault water resistant bit,of kit is ready to fill a flat or beach,with party tunes,built to last with an ip67 waterproof,rust proof dust proof and shock proof,design,lasts all day long with up to 24 hours,of battery life x balance speaker unit,enhances sound quality and power boost,get things booming with party connect,and sync up to 100 speakers the,speakerphone function offers a,convenient way to talk hands-free,whether its a conference call for work,or a chat with friends,efficiently charge with usb type c and,use the xb33 to charge your smartphone,or other small devices via the usb,connection,the inbuilt light system pulses and,dances to the beat of any song with the,most variation of any of the speakers on,this list,number one jbl charge 5.,are you looking for a portable speaker,that can charge your phone while its,blasting music,check out the new jbl charge 5 that,launched in 2021 and is available now,around the world for 179,in terms of features the jbl charge 5 is,relatively basic compared to something,like the jbl pulse 4 which provides a,customizable light show for users but,for this 5th generation jbl has,incrementally improved sound quality and,volume while still offering all-day,battery life,physical controls remain the same with,slightly raised buttons on top of the,speaker,there are buttons to control playback,volume power,bluetooth pairing and party boost that,turns the volume up to 11.,long lasting battery delivers up to 20,hours of play time take the charge with,you anywhere due to its ip67 waterproof,and dust proof rating,the charge 5 drops support the 3.5 mm,aux jacked from the jbl charge 4 which,is a bummer for some who have legacy,devices they want to hook up,overall the jbl charge 5 sounds like a,bigger portable speaker than it is,it dishes out an impressive amount of,bass for its size without sacrificing on,the mids or highs,[Music],you

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Why Is This Bluetooth Speaker So Popular?

so this thing is been around for a while,right Ultimate Ears theyve been doing,this boom speaker different versions of,it for a really long time in fact this,was one of the first Bluetooth speakers,I featured on the channel once upon a,time well not this version not the new,version of it the original and then some,of the variations that existed at that,point in time crazy popular bluetooth,speaker youve seen this brand all over,the place youre gonna catch it at Best,Buy youre of course gonna see it on,Amazon and they just were able to,produce a pretty nice amount of sound,given the form factor and from a design,perspective theyre pretty nice-looking,in my opinion this is a new version from,them theyre calling it my boom 3,theyre still claiming 360-degree true,and balanced sound so theyve got this,cylindrical design Im sure youve seen,one of these things popping around a,barbecue in a back yard something along,those lines theres one button to kind,of control everything so anyone reaching,out for it can figure out what to do,with it if you need to pause it like to,have a conversation answer a phone call,or something theres this big button on,the top thats gonna behave that way,heres another cool feature party up you,compare two speakers for stereo sound so,you could just sort of amplify what,youre listening to if you have more,than one of these and you can do up to a,hundred and fifty plus what certainly,you could imagine three or four I dont,know youre in a college dorm and its a,popular speaker youre having a party,for the whole floor and youre like mmm,bring those ones and now you got a,bigger stereo its kind of cool 15 hours,of battery life they say its got,durable fabric customizable drop proof I,dont know about proof they also say,waterproof ip67 Id say resistant one,more time lets see what color we got,cuz typically these things come in,different colors theyve always had this,cool artwork on the packaging as well,right oh we got a camo pattern Oh baby,thats cool gigantic buttons on here for,volume part of the success of this,product is the fact that its so easy to,interact with got this loop on it so you,could attach it to something if you want,to it says unbox therapy on its customer,oh my goodness gracious,alright yours is not gonna say that this,is what theyre calling the magic button,play pause and of course advanced tracks,and then theres also an LED light for,power as well so a hundred and fifty,bucks,or a selection of seven different colors,or you can pay 30 extra bucks and,customize the color to what whatever you,want thousands of colors to choose from,so personalization of your Bluetooth,speaker thats pretty cool now look at,the size of this thing its like a you,know its like a beverage can or,something now unfortunately its a,microUSB it is not type C but there is,an LED indicator there now the cables,they include I always like them this is,the one upside even though I criticized,the microUSB connector the type of cable,they give you is foolproof so you know,this connector is somewhat flimsy like,on PlayStation controllers I hate this,connector on PlayStation controllers for,this particular device the way that it,fits in there since its recessed so its,protected because its recessed and,therefore if it gets yanked or something,its not gonna put all the pressure on,the connector itself so if youre gonna,go microUSB you have a nice cable like,this its flat too so its not gonna get,all scrambled up it does and of course,you have trademark sound effects all of,the features of your speaker now theres,an app that goes with it which makes it,easier to pair this thing up with other,devices as a couple of other extra,features but you know in practice in,most cases people just connect to this,like any other Bluetooth device and get,to the party so thats the way Im gonna,connect to it its a funny thing with,these speakers its always a benefit,drawback thing with portability versus,sound you try to figure out like what is,the optimal trade-off this I think for a,lot of people fits right in the groove,far as musics concerned this is where,Kirk tells me to shout out is boy,you see the volume controls working on,the slider into volume all the way they,say 360 sound of course is a little bit,less sound coming out the back if you,spin it around but like its most of the,way 360 pretty similar volume in each,direction I almost forgot because Ive,used these products in the past they do,sell accessories that utilize this on,the bottom here for little docking type,setups where it could charge on the dock,so you always have a charge of ready to,go I mean whats the worst thing youre,on your way out you need the Bluetooth,speaker its not charged because you,didnt have plugged in what can I say,about this particular product I mean,look theres a reason that you see it,everywhere and its not just the fact,that it shows up inside a Best Buy it,has to be a decent product and it keep,on sort of iterating without fully,changing the thing theyre kind of,implementing that dont broke aint,broke dont broke dont do it dont fix,it fix it dont strategy I can imagine,this being very popular I think it does,strike that balance for Portability and,sound its loud enough for a party its,not gonna knock your face off it aint,no dvla $3,000 speaker if you havent,seen that video go check it out but its,not meant to be its meant to be a,simple user interface that everybody can,understand and a speaker that youre,willing to take with you thats the key,if you dont have it with you it aint,much of a party

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TOP 5: Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2022

whats up guys in this video we break,down the top five base bluetooth,speakers on the market this year based,on price versus performance and,situations theyll be used in so whether,youre looking for the best speaker for,home use or something more rugged for,taking on the road well have an option,for you so if youre interested in,finding out which base bluetooth speaker,will be best for you stay tuned,all the links to find the best prices on,all the products mentioned in this video,will be in the description below the,products mentioned in this video are in,no exact order so be sure to stay tuned,until the end so you dont miss anything,first up the jbl xtreme 2.,jbl is well known for their outdoor,friendly bluetooth speakers and the,xtreme 2 is no exception this portable,speaker is very rugged and can,effortlessly pump out powerful bass,response can produce extremely high,volume levels and is completely,waterproof,constructed of hearty materials,including durable fabric and rubber end,caps that make it ipx7 waterproof you,can take the speaker to the beach or the,pool with confidence its not just,splash resistant it can actually survive,full immersion in water so its ideal,for practically any environment,the xtreme 2 has a cylindrical shape,that bulges in the middle rubberized,feet on the bottom panel keep it from,rolling around and dual 20 millimeter 20,watt drivers project sound forward,through the grill covered front section,while it may not have audiophile quality,sound it handles lows nicely thanks to,the dual 2.75 inch passive bass,radiators located on both ends of the,speaker enclosure that give it the right,amount of emphasis without overdoing it,the thumping bass kicks through cleanly,and the mid and high frequencies cut,through without sounding harsh,if youre loyal to jbl and want a more,balanced sound profile with even more,extended low bass check out the jbl,boombox 2 coming up later in the video,for wireless connectivity the xtreme 2,uses bluetooth 4.2 giving you around 30,feet of range with no stuttering or,skips,it also has jbl connect plus that lets,you connect other jbl speakers to cover,a larger area,the speakers battery will give you up,to 15 hours of playback and has a usb,connection concealed by a waterproof,flap that lets it act as a power bank,which can be really useful if youre out,at the beach all day and your phone,starts to run low,if youre looking for a portable,bluetooth speaker thats perfect for,outdoor use at the beach a backyard,cookout or even to take camping the jbl,xtreme 2 is a great choice its,waterproof build will stand up to wet,environments and the extended battery,life will keep the party going,next up the sonos move our pick for best,base bluetooth speaker for home the,sonos move may be a bit more expensive,than something like the jbl xtreme 2 but,its smart connectivity and room filling,sound make it worth every penny and is,one of the best base bluetooth speakers,for home use,the sonos move doesnt sound like most,portable speakers the high quality sound,starts with a pair of class d digital,amplifiers that drive a downward firing,tweeter for highs and one mid woofer,integrated into the cabinet to cover,mid-range and bass frequencies the,mid-range driver offers forceful and,space-filling low end even when,competing with the acoustics of a wide,open space it produces punchy bass,shimmering highs and a lilting vocal,that cuts through it all with direct,clarity with the speaker expected to be,moved around both inside and outside of,the house in areas with differing,acoustics the true play system kicks in,and is incredibly effective at reworking,the audio output to suit different,environments once the move detects a,change in the acoustic environment it,recalibrates to deliver the best sound,for the space the speaker is in,battery life is very good giving you up,to 10 hours of playback and when,recharging youll reach 100 in around 2,and a half hours the speaker can charge,over usbc but youll likely use the,included docking base ring theres also,a standby mode that kicks in to save,power when the speaker has been idle for,more than 30 minutes letting it conserve,power for up to five days without a,charge with enough in reserve to let it,be woken up,if youre looking for a premium portable,base bluetooth speaker with a build and,performance that justifies the,investment the sonos move is a great,choice,from on-the-go portable playback to,being part of a multi-room setup with,additional speakers the sonos move,offers a lot of flexibility,next up the vunex sound arc wave our,pick for best bass speaker for the money,the vunex sound arc wave is an,affordably priced bluetooth speaker that,delivers great sound quality with an,emphasis on low end and its features and,performance set it apart from other,affordably priced speakers giving you,the most for your money,the small simple design of the arc wave,lets you take it with you wherever you,go you can easily bring it along in your,bag or backpack and enjoy it while,hiking camping or partying with friends,its ipx5 waterproof rating isnt ideal,but not bad either it can handle some,rain but you would want to avoid fully,submerging the speaker underwater,sound is processed through the arcwaves,max dsp technology producing mesmerizing,sound through its high powered 60 watt,speakers youll enjoy clear highs and,mids that sit on a foundation of low,frequencies that are produced by the,acoustically engineered base diaphragm,and if thats not enough you can enable,the bass boost mode for even more low,end the audio quality really jumps out,at the sub 70 dollar price tag and truly,competes with speakers well out of its,price range on sound quality,the arc waves powerful battery keeps the,party going with up to 15 hours of,continuous playback and recharges in,about three hours with the included,usb-c fast charge system,play your favorite tracks over the,bluetooth 5.0 connection that gives you,a solid connection with your phone or,other bluetooth enabled device and up to,100 feet of range or for non-bluetooth,users you can connect up through the,audio jack or use an sd card to play,audio files,you can even link up two speakers using,the tws pairing feature for high quality,stereo separation and if your phone is,connected an integrated mic lets you,take calls and access your digital,assistant all without having to take out,your phone,if youre someone looking for a great,all-around speaker and dont want to,spend money unnecessarily the vuenex,sound arc wave might just be the perfect,speaker for you is the sound quality as,good as something like the sonos move or,does it get as loud as the jbl boombox 2,no but the difference for casual,listening is surprisingly small and,unless youre directly comparing the two,most people hearing it will just think,its a normal high quality speaker so,most people would be better off just,saving the money and going with,something like the vunex sound arc wave,if youre interested in updated pricing,on any of the items mentioned in this,video be sure to check out the links,below prices update on these products,almost daily with sales and general,price drops so if you want to find the,most updated information check the,description if you find this video,helpful please help out the channel by,giving this video a like and tell us,which product caught your eye in the,comments below,next up the jbl boombox 2 our pick for,best overall bass bluetooth speaker,jbls boombox 2 speaker pumps out even,more thumping bass and volume than the,jbl xtreme 2 and has a battery that will,keep the party going from dusk till dawn,while its classified as a portable,speaker the boombox 2 isnt the kind of,speaker you could just throw in a bag,its big and heavy and portable in the,sense that it has a built-in handle for,taking it to the backyard rooftop or to,and from your cars trunk,the boombox 2s dual 30 watt tweeters,and dual 40 watt four inch woofers,combine with two large passive

Better than JBL ?! Soundcore Motion Boom PLUS Review – BEST BUDGET BOOMBOX BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 2022!

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey whats up guys stephen here welcome,back to another video and youre looking,for a great outdoor bluetooth speaker,then have a closer look at the anker,soundcore motion boom plus alright so,before we go outside for a sound test um,lets have a closer look here at the,product and big thanks to anker for,sending this one over so well um this is,the soundcore by anker as you can see,motionboom plus its a portable,waterproof speaker so it has the ip67,rating that means for the pool parties,outside especially in summer now thats,absolutely no problem now when ive,unpacked it for the first time and i,took it i was like damn this is,lightweight for a portable boombox and,its only 2.4 kilograms with the strap,so even um if youre walking a lot,around um you dont need to carry that,much but still its quite powerful,so we have dual 30 watt titanium movers,and then we have those 10 watt pure silk,tweeters right over here theres one,over here and one over here this totally,equals to 80 watts of performance which,is quite impressive for such a light,case now um the whole thing looks quite,durable,plastic body we also have passive,radiators right over here um you will,see that later in action then lets talk,a little bit about the ports and,connectors on the back so while um you,can open up here this waterproof flap,and right over here we have an aux input,so even though if you dont want to use,bluetooth or if you have an older,smartphone you can just connect it via,the cable you can also use it as a,speaker for instance for your computer,just in case then we have an iq charging,port so im a fast charging port to,charge your smartphone because um this,here packs a huge battery of up to 20,hours of play time so during that you,can also recharge your phone and there,is a usb type-c input a usb cable is,also included inside of the box and,instead of the box there is also this,strap and the strap you can simply um,clip here to the speakers just like this,and then you can,start carrying it around but probably,now after all those features you will,say well its another bluetooth speaker,why should i buy it because essentially,if youre looking for such a huge,speaker to carry around like a party box,then those are quite expensive but,anchor was putting this one out for 180,um right now which i think is a good,price if you compare it to comparable,products in this size and category well,then lets have a closer look here at,the buttons and the features so here we,have party cars 2.0 you probably know,these features also from other brands um,this is basically to link different,speakers for instance if you have a,party with a friend he just brings,another one of those you can just simply,pair them up with party cars 2.0 you can,connect up to 100 speakers and after you,listen to this product just imagine 100,of those speakers,theres also a power button right over,here if you press it,it comes up here with the startup sound,we have a bluetooth button right over,here for pairing and also here a bass,button and here also to adjust the,volume but there is also an application,where you can um tweak the sound by an,equalizer and well show you that just,right now well guys the bluetooth,speaker is now connected ive downloaded,the soundcore app and ill show you here,on the screen um how it looks like so,right over here we have the soundcore,motion boom plus so um if you press the,button the first thing we get of course,um its brand new we have to update the,firmware so quickly do the firmware,update and then lets continue,alright firmware update is done and,lets continue to check out the features,so um first of all we have to reconnect,or actually you can see we are connected,to the sound core motion boom plus,and here it is already now first of all,you can adjust the volume right over,here thats pretty cool with that slider,the app looks quite beautiful um theres,a start and stop button so play button,and right over here we have sound core,signature thats basically the equalizer,thats really important if you have a,boom box that you also have an equalizer,so you can adjust the sound to your,needs and even if you dont know,anything about frequencies about,bluetooth speakers,its very simple first of all here you,have the add extra bass so as you can,see this raises the low frequencies a,lot up,also at the bottom we have presets so if,you dont know anything you can just um,press here voice preset which raises the,mids as you can see theres also treble,boost so for a bit better highs and also,here there is balanced sound which is,quite even all over um the frequency,range and with the bass boost as you can,see you can either lower the bass or,boost the bass up,then um we have also custom so as you,can see you have a several points here,from 80 hertz up to 13 kilohertz where,you can basically adjust the points as,you feel like as you need for um the,tracks you play and also um in here um,once you got your profile set up of,course you can save it and then,instantly load with one click so um,equalizer is looking really neat so very,easy to use,then right over here we have some more,um settings for instance here you can,turn on or turn off the voice prompts,theres also an auto power off just,imagine you leave this on then youre,not playing music for a while it will,drain the battery so theres an auto,power on power off um setting here from,5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes and 20,minutes,and as you can see theres all the,standby mode the device will not,automatically power off when its,plugged in so you can even use it while,youre charging,then um just as ive done before um,theres update firmware the tests were,doing right now after is with the,firmware 0.29,and last but not least you can unpair um,the bluetooth speaker from your,smartphone so as you can see pretty,simple theres also an on and off button,so to turn the speaker on and off,remotely and yeah thats the sound core,app from anker and guys i just forgot,something down there theres also a,discovery button and right over here,there is white noise which is pretty,amazing since two months i have a baby,and i usually play white noise from my,smartphone but here i can just play,directly from the app go to listen now,just place this next to the baby thats,an amazing feature yo chris we got a new,speaker right over here,nice,lets go well guys connection is super,simple just open it up connect here via,bluetooth and then you can already start,up the sound core application to tweak,um your sound and the equalizer,[Music],to my shadows,[Music],hows the sound chris,lets go,theres a bass button press it,now the bass is off,press it again,about to make it louder maximum volume,bro,[Music],we are here,[Music],so chris hows the sound i would never,expect such a huge sound from such a,lightweight this is like a feather its,crazy first of all i thought its a,prototype because it was lifting it and,it feels like nothing and it also has,this thing you can hang it around your,neck,so you can walk in the street so if you,walk to the beach,pretty cool thing,and what about the base,base is,surprisingly,huge,well lets now go to enjoy some beer in,the sun and lets test out the speaker,outside well thats the best spot i love,it just chill here in the garden listen,oh god damn such a beautiful day so,lets turn it on,bluetooth button,and some turbo beer,well guys the volume outside is just,crazy but i cannot turn it up too loud,because otherwise my neighbors would,freak out but you can throw your own,garden party its really crazy well i,just had to change my spot because the,pond is next to my neighbors and they,just have lunch outside and the music,was really loud and they said what can,you turn down the volume anyhow even at,lower volume um it sounds really clear,the maximum volume this thing puts out,is crazy so now lets do a little sound,test with the sony microphone its,pretty good and lets check it out,[Music],here we go,[Music]

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers 2022

this is the best portable speaker in the,world or is it this or this or maybe,even these i went out and tried a ton of,the best and most popular portable,speakers so you wouldnt have to and in,this video im going to narrow it down,to the top 5 best portable bluetooth,speakers in 2022. the issue with finding,the best speaker is that theyre not all,made for the same purpose even though,they might look very similar one might,be intended for a more specific use than,another take the ultimate ears megan,boom 3 and the jbl flip 5 for example,both have great sound quality,portability and durability but one can,be better than the other depending on,how you intend on using it for anyone,whos in the market for a portable,speaker thats meant to be used outside,and offers solid durability audio,performance and a lightweight compact,built the jbl flip 5 is the perfect,speaker for you the lightweight jbl flip,5 comes in a compact design and it,features a more robust ipx7 water,resistance rating like the voon x sound,arc wave were going to talk about later,in the video it has a basic and,intuitive control scheme thats,integrated along the grill which,includes a button to enable the party,boost function so you can pair,additional speakers but it lacks an,integrated microphone with speakerphone,capabilities voice assistant support and,a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack like the,arc wave it also only supports bluetooth,4.2 standards but the connection is,still reliable and offers a low enough,latency to stream videos the battery is,also another solid feature and its,rated to last around 12 hours per charge,it utilizes a single 44 millimeter,driver and a passive base radiators to,pump out quality sound with plenty of,bass it delivers rich warm mids and,crisp treble response that gives music,more definition precision and enhanced,dynamics although the sound quality,isnt quite as good as speakers like the,megaboom 3 or arc wave its capable of,an impressive volume output considering,the compact size and the audio remains,clear and distortion free at high,volumes,now the speaker i would recommend to,most people isnt the megaboom 3 or the,flip 5. its actually the lesser-known,voon-x sound arc wave its not a perfect,speaker but it costs significantly less,than other speakers ive mentioned with,very similar if not better sound quality,with a price range of around 70,the moon x sound arc wave has a compact,frame that only weighs around 3 pounds,and while its less portable than the,flip 5 it can still easily fit into your,bag or be carried around the ipx5 water,resistance rating is solid and allows it,to be safely be used outdoors or,poolside its noticeably less water,resistant than the flip 5 thats really,where this figure comes up short versus,the higher priced speakers its durable,and water resistant for the vast,majority of situations its just not a,tank or something that you can bring in,the water with you i like that it comes,with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which is,rare at this price point and delivers a,strong reliable and low latency wireless,connection throughout the entire 100,foot range it features an intuitive,phone assist function that can easily,pair your devices support your voice,assistance a 3.5 millimeter headphone,jack and a built-in microphone that,offers speakerphone capabilities the,battery life is also another high point,and it delivers a run time of up to 15,hours which is comparable to higher end,offerings it has two 30 watt speakers,that deliver impressive volume for the,size so its ideal for moderate sized,parties it utilizes a dsp audio,processing chip to deliver crystal clear,sound and eliminate compression,artifacts at higher volume it produces a,reasonably well-balanced sound profile,with respectable bass response rich and,clear mids for vocals or lead,instruments and crisp travels to add,details,[Music],it also offers solid versatility it has,multiple sound modes which includes a,pop mode a vocal mode and a bass boost,mode to optimize the sound although the,vunex sound arc wave isnt as durable,and that will put some people off it has,impressive audio quality thats,comparable to more expensive options for,a much lower price versatile audio,performance with most genres durable,enough for daily use excellent battery,life and better sound quality than the,flip 5 in my opinion but neither the arc,wave or the flip 5 are truly the best,speakers ive tested if youre looking,for a portable speaker with the best mix,of performance accuracy sound quality,and durability and dont mind spending a,bit more to get it the ue megaboom 3,might just be the perfect speaker for,you but before we get to that if youre,enjoying the video be sure to give it a,like it helps out the channel a lot and,if youre interested in updated pricing,you never know when these products are,going to go on sale so make sure to,check out the links in the description,the ue megaboom 3 has a cylindrical,build thats meant to sit vertically and,it features a rugged dust proof,waterproof and drop proof design with an,ip67 water resistance rating the battery,is a stand no feature and its ready to,deliver up to 20 hours of continuous,playback which is much longer than the,arc wave and the flip 5. i also like,that it has a small built-in hook so you,can attach it to your bag for better,portability it also has a useful,companion app that offers a customizable,graphic eq to dial in your sound preset,audio modes and the ability to pair two,speakers together the sound quality is,excellent and you get a balanced sound,profile with great bass thats not,overpowering rich mids that add some,texture and clear treble to enhance,vocals and lead instruments,[Music],it has an exceptional maximum volume,output thats ideal for filling larger,rooms even more the cylindrical design,lets deliver sound in a 360 degree,radius so youll hear the high quality,audio no matter where you sit in a room,overall the mega boom 3d checks all the,boxes for what youre looking for in a,bluetooth speaker most people would be,better off saving the money and going,with something cheaper like the arc wave,but if you want the best of the best,this is it another competitor thats,making its case to compete with the,megaboom 3 however and thats the sonus,row it comes in a similarly compact,design its relatively lightweight at,430 grams so you can comfortably lug it,around you get a well-made speaker that,offers the same ip67 water resistance,rating a robust plastic frame and,silicone end caps for impact resistance,and added durability it lacks,multi-point pairing to seamlessly switch,between audio sources but unlike the,megaboom 3 it has wi-fi connectivity to,enable your voice assistant and pair,with your smart home ecosystem which is,a big plus for a lot of people the,battery is also only rated to last,around 10 hours of playback which is,less than the megaboom 3 as well it,produces a wide sound with impressive,tonal accuracy the overall sound is,relatively neutral and has slightly,emphasized low-end responses thats,suitable for a variety of audio content,a warm mid-range and while the treble,lacks some presence its not overly,harsh it lacks a 360 degree design but,it still offers a solid overall audio,experience it has a customizable eq and,sonos true play room correction feature,that optimizes audio in your acoustic,environment i think the sonos roam smart,capabilities will make it a very,interesting offer for a lot of people,and a great smart speaker if youre,someone whos after maximum portability,the jbl clip 3 is the perfect speaker to,clip on your backpack or even keep in,your pocket for true portable sound the,newer clip 4 is available however i,think the clip 3 is a better deal and,has a very similar experience at a,cheaper price point the jbl clip 3 is,incredibly lightweight and only weighs,around 7.4 ounces so youll barely even,notice its in your backpack it also has,an integrated carbiner that can easily,connect to your bag or

My Favorite / Best Speaker Of The Year Out Of The Bunch

hey whats up speaker files wellington,here and im going to try and keep this,video short okay which means im not,going to sit here and tell you about,every single speaker that i have on this,table um but most of the speakers here,have been released either last year or,this year not every company releases a,speaker every year,um but also this looked good for the,thumbnail so this is how i usually,choose my favorite speaker its usually,based on how often ive been able to,sacrifice all the other speakers and use,that specific speaker it also has to be,a good sounding speaker and it has to be,looking good but i will also be giving a,shout out to some speakers that i feel,like they did good for 20 21,okay all right so without wasting any of,your precious time what has been my,favorite speaker in 2021,this goes to,the studio,7 i am uh a best head ive said that a,lot in my videos but i feel like,sometimes people just dont get it but,so this is the studio six right here,this is completely waterproof blah blah,blah and all of that they took that back,with the studio seven right here which,is,like i said thats a take back not cool,but,we got a nicer looking speaker at least,in my opinion compared to this,but the biggest thing for me i think was,going stereo they have two tweeters now,in here which gives you a stereo output,in comparison to a mono output that they,had on the studio 6 right here,but also in comparison to basically all,the speakers that we have here,this speaker has,great best if you are a best head as,long as they are in this size,size area,this has been very easy for me to,recommend to people because everyone i,recommend it to they buy it and theyre,like,you were right that thing puts out best,um the only downside to it like i,already mentioned is,yes,its not um,completely waterproof like this guy was,uh from the previous year and,battery life is not the best this is my,go to speaker i love what they did with,the studio seven and this is not,specific to this this has been going on,with the studio line of speakers from,the studio five six and the seven now,i just love the way they sound that best,is what gets me i feel like on these,speakers but they dont compromise so,much with best they also give you nice,stereo,um i mean nice highs but they also added,stereo back,on their,studio seven so,personally this has been my favorite,speaker enough about the studio seven,now this is the speaker i kind of wanted,to give a shout out to,this is the sony srs xb43,and this is a success of the xp 41,which did not sound the greatest to my,ears,but sony came back with this guy and it,was,it was a refresher to me two tweeters in,there they used not to have twitters in,their speakers and these showed up,pretty good the highs were good it is,very very very comparable to the sound,of the extreme three right here like,these are neck and neck,um and sometimes i feel like,recommending this to people over the,extreme three just because of how many,features that sony usually gives you,with their speakers well as jpl doesnt,really give you much features sony did,good with their speakers and this,speaker and i wanted to give them credit,for that because yes it sounds pretty,good very very comparable to the xtreme,3 here which is also a very good,sounding speaker,um but i feel like my second speaker or,the run up to the first speaker the the,studio seven is the extreme i mean the,the charge five right here a pretty nice,sounding speaker i think,i brought it more often to places than,uh any of these other speakers,and,this i mainly used home just because of,you know its not completely waterproof,and its big,so it only works home so i actually,ended up getting two,one for the kitchen,and one for me to use you know outside,or mainly stays in my studio for testing,and all of that,but one is dedicated to the kitchen,thats because i i do cook sometimes and,when im in there,you bet thatll be music playing and im,not about to use this,the like so,google they dont sound as good to me,they dont have as good bass so these,are my speakers i use in the kitchen and,pretty much everywhere but if im moving,traveling somewhere this is small enough,to fit in my backpack and ive been,using it this is what ive been bringing,with me pretty much places,and so this would be my second favorite,speaker,based on how often ive been using this,speakers but shout out to sony they did,good with the xb43,and,yes what else im gonna be probably,making a video about my favorite of the,big giant speakers and you see in the,back here the party box line of speakers,which will include probably their boom,box and some other speakers i dont know,but,i think thats it for this video sorry,about my voice,probably doesnt sound the best but im,my body is fighting something,and i just couldnt wait to make this,video so you guys can get to watch it,anyways thank you guys for watching i,will see you in the next video,peace

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