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  2. Prey – Movie Review
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Prey – Movie Review

[Music],prey is directed by dan trachtenberg who,made 10 cloverfield lane and is the,latest film in the predator franchise,this is the origin story of the predator,in the world of the comanche nation 300,years ago where naru a skilled female,warrior fights to protect her tribe,against one of the first highly evolved,predators to land on earth predator is,one of the all-time greats its one of,my favorite action movies ever its one,of my favorite movies period i watch it,at least once a year alan silvestris,amazing score arnold carl weathers its,just too good to be true predator is so,great,and even though i really have a soft,spot for predator 2,the other predator movies never really,did it for me so every time i hear,theyre working on a new one i get,excited while also being simultaneously,terrified prey is very different and not,just because it doesnt have the word,predator in the title,i dont know what they would have done,after predator predator 2 predators and,the predator its like where else do you,go from there,but putting the focus on the comanche,nation taking guns for the most part out,of play taking technology out of play,this is just a brilliant idea and i,think that its exactly what this,franchise needed i really enjoyed this,movie i dont know if i liked it as much,as 10 cloverfield lane but as far as,predator sequels go this is probably the,best i mean the only competition it has,for me is a movie that im very,nostalgic for predator 2 and if im,going to be like kind of objective about,it its better than predator 2. its not,just about taking something back to,basics where that certainly is a,strength what makes this movie so,entertaining for me is the fact that i,do care about the characters and the,fact that dan trachtenberg clearly has a,love for the predator franchise or at,least the first movie and he understands,what makes that movie so great its just,about suspense and action and building,it properly and understanding where a,character is emotionally in a moment and,connecting with them while something is,hunting them or theyre hunting it and,thats really all you have to get right,and so many predator movies have not,understood that,and this movie gets it but its also,very clever in that you have a character,naru who doesnt have any of the,technology that the predator has and the,predator has things that she doesnt,have and you would think that that would,immediately make the predator be,superior and in many ways strength wise,of course it is but for naaru she,doesnt have any of the amazing,technology that predator has and she can,use that against the predator and so,that dynamic i thought was really,fascinating this movie has a great,message in that its not about strength,its not just about physicality and even,the first predator movie that movie had,the exact same message and a lot of,people dont realize that because they,see big oiled men with biceps shooting,in the woods for three or four minutes,and they dont realize that the whole,point and the whole reason predator is,so great and so scary is not just,because its really entertaining but,its also saying look all of these men,with their perfect athletic bodies are,just being killed one by one by a,superior being all of the macho in the,world cannot save them from this thing,so its no surprise to me this movie,works because it understands that it,understands that its not just about,showing someone who you would think,would be really good at killing a,superior alien intelligence in the first,film arnold has to ditch all of his,modern day stuff cover himself in mud,and,fight the predator with sticks and,leaves and [ __ ] and in this movie you,have characters doing the same its just,different and i really enjoyed it i,think its great theres a few scenes in,the movie that are all-time predator,scenes for me ive seen the movie twice,now and theres a scene,in a burnt forest with ash everywhere,you guys know what im talking about if,youve seen it that was one of the most,badass things ive seen in a predator,movie i loved it so much there were a,few times though where the rules of what,the predator was doing didnt 100 track,for me and theres also a sequence where,a character gets knocked unconscious in,the middle of something pretty tense and,someone else apparently,carries them all the way back to their,village and then returns to the fight,and the whole timeline of what exactly,happened there,doesnt really make sense to me theres,little moments like that throughout the,movie where it seems like theres a bit,of missing information i think this,movie is exactly what the predator,franchise needed it just had to do,something different and honestly this is,what i would like to see moving forward,i dont need to see a continuation of,various characters throw the predator in,various timelines just have that,[ __ ] tear through people and all,kinds of weird [ __ ] anything could,happen with this timeline and i really,really like what they did with this,movie it is unfortunately on hulu i say,that because i really wish i had seen,this in a theater,i have no earthly idea why disney chose,to not release a new predator movie in a,theater i feel like a new predator movie,would have done some business maybe it,just seems weird to me i dont,understand whats going on with people,now with streaming and the decisions,they make especially with like the whole,hbo max batgirl thing which is insane by,the way,thats a whole other topic jesus christ,anyway guys thank you so much as always,for watching and im really excited to,release a new video for you very soon,i decided for the 20th anniversary of,signs to go to pennsylvania and make a,video filming the locations where they,shot the movie and im really excited to,release that i had a great time making,the video it was very special for me and,thatll be up very soon guys thank you,so much as always for watching look,forward to more videos very soon and if,you like this you can click right here,and get stuck manized,[Music],you

Prey – Movie Review

hello again thank you once again for,clicking on my face you know i always,love you for that i appreciate you for,that sometimes i forget to say it but,its always true i feel it in here and,before we get started i do want to thank,the sponsor of this video this video is,brought to you by dr squatch dr squatch,is a longtime sponsor of this channel,because im a long time user of their,product dr squash is changing the way,men approach personal care with high,performance natural products that leave,you smelling great looking your best,feeling like a champion not only do they,have shower soap they have deodorant,beard oil the scent is crushed pine,otherwise known as happiness in a bottle,shampoo and conditioner and yes i do use,the shampoo and conditioner as well as,the soap they have really convenient,subscription plans with extra savings,you just never run out because lets,face it most of us know that weve run,out of something,when we run out of something and they,have a 100 satisfaction guarantee if,youre not satisfied with their product,you get your money back no questions so,click the link below and use promo code,dsq johns and new customers get 20 off,of your purchase of 20 or more and thank,you once again to dr squash for,sponsoring this video i do appreciate it,and now to quote a great epic badass,hunter from history i think he said it,best when he said,i might be paraphrasing,so prey is a predator prequel a film i i,put no stock in because what can i say,history has taught me frequent aside,history has taught me never to get,excited for new predator movies yeah,there have been some gems that have,shined through before i thought,predators was good predator 2 i like i,know i guess a lot of i enjoy it i,went through my phase of thinking it was,lame and then as i aged i just,appreciated it for what it was those,movies from that weird time where they,brought everything to the city i mean,jason took manhattan as for the first,movie of course it does go without say,it was quite naturally perfect it was a,work of art but pray takes place in the,1700s it stars amber mid thunder she,plays this young native american girl,shes a total underdog shes a great,tracker and shes like theres something,out here thats not a bear and we all,need to be prepared and now she has to,take on the predator because its an,underdog story a coming of age story,coming of age stories when theyre,executed well i always enjoy those also,i like rooting for underdogs this is a,formula that works for me i guess,because this movie is like they finally,recognized they got it this light bulb,went off in their heads after decades,this movie takes it back to a big part,of what made predator great and thats,the scale of it its smaller scale if,you look at the original predator its a,few marines in the jungle unbeknownst to,them theres a bigger badass in the,trees and theyre being hunted theyre,like we are not the apex predators on,the planet right now but it is smaller,scale and i appreciate the fact this,movie did that i dont know what the,budget for this movie did whenever i say,small scale people always they go on box,office mojo and start throwing the,budget at me like oh it costs 100,million dollars its not small scale im,not talking about budget im talking,about the scale of the film how it feels,like the personal,tone of the film itself i guess thats,what im trying to say is the the film,feels more personal in a good way like,the first one you have the predator,human beings and nature which means,actually for the first half an hour of,this movie its character development,youre getting to know this this girl,you get to know her and her brother the,relationship between the two how other,comanche view her some tension that,might be theres actually there are a,few moments of tension,a couple that have to do with the dog,shes her buddy she has a dog with her,and i was like i just anytime the dog,was in peril or running from something,im like oh its a predator movie hope,hopefully the predators like not a,threat this thing i always liked about,the predator 2 which is still enacted,here that dude has a code of conduct he,has a rule a rule of ethics its amazing,what a code of conduct can do for a,character i think thats one of the,reasons predators just stood the test of,time just as a creature as a character,in a movie you want me to talk about the,violence dont you you say this i know,its so much fun the violence in this,movie i thought was really satisfying,but not visually visually i was like why,do they keep cutting away is it supposed,to is are they trying to go for pg-13,because its clearly not pg-13 its,clear that its r but sometimes it,doesnt show everything happening,however violence and creative kills,those are two different things the two,are not equal this movie goes to,creative kill route and in that some of,these kills they were just downright fun,mortal kombat fan for life like super,fan judge me from that lens im saying,some of these i was like that,is straight up thats all the energy of,a fatality right there but where its,really satisfying was the sound design,the sound design,made the kills it actually made all the,hits its that satisfying modern mortal,kombat-esque sound design when,somethings getting ripped up slashed,gutted decapitated its amazing what,sound design can do for a movie,and death this is streaming on hulu so,if you watch it,watch it with a badass pair of,headphones you let me know how that is,and for more praise for pray there is a,gripe that i have for a lot of movies,where i say the movies too long or it,drags on too long could have trimmed 15,minutes off of it praise about an hour,and 40 minutes that includes credits i,feel like this movie was its in the,pocket i dont know why movies seem,afraid now to have a 90 minute good,times i was like no it has to be at,least two hours also personal gripe this,is me subjective just personal bitching,about things the predator creature,designs like as the movies go on doesnt,matter when it takes place past present,future whenever its like theyre,getting more and more monstrous i like,the simplicity of the original predator,design that i would love for them to,bring that back because thats just that,was perfect i did like how this predator,in this movie for a large portion of it,until he was like all right lets bring,out the big guns he just wanted to kill,things with his hands,i,thats badass usually in predator movies,they start breaking out the toys pretty,early this dude was like nah but you,know pummeling and kicking thats fun so,that the predator in this movie was kind,of deliciously savage and that was cool,there were some leaps i had to take im,not gonna say theyre not but it all you,know its all about the last act of the,movie i cant talk about it here i feel,like thats why a lot of movies have,their leaps in the last act like ha,people cant talk about it without,spoiling it,so theres that but in short i felt the,end was just too easy i didnt feel,too much payoff with it but regardless,for the most part this movie i thought,it was solid it was a solid good time i,liked the lead i like the underdog story,i like the coming of age story and i,like the fact this movie celebrates what,made predator great while making its own,story its its own movie in its own,right its not like it just emulates the,first predator and thats that ill say,it was a solid fun time no alcohol,required and you dont have to drive to,the movie theater so gas prices take,that in which case you have to pay for,hulu but one month of hulu is one gallon,of gas,so there you go all right so pray have,you seen it are you looking forward to,it or whats your favorite predator,movie i already said i like predator too,theres no need to hide anymore come to,the comments section its safe here its,okay whatever you think comment below,let me know and as always if you like,what youve seen here and you want to,see more click right here to see more,[Mus

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Prey – No Masterpiece, But Surprisingly Good

truly in the land of the blind the,one-eyed man is king and in this case,the one-eyed man happens to be prey yet,another entry in the long tragic decline,of a once awesome franchise but the,difference here is that prey is a,prequel you see a prequel about a young,native american girl who has to defier,tribal traditions in order to take on a,nearly invincible hunter from another,worlds because you know if elite special,forces operatives hard-boiled detectives,and entire squads of specially trained,government agents cant stop these,things then a hundred pound teenage girl,is definitely going to make the,difference,anyway for some reason people are going,absolutely nuts over this movie hailing,it is the greatest entry in the,franchise since the 1987 original which,is just,so cute,joking aside prey is definitely not a,bad movie in fact im pleased to say,its way better than i predicted after,watching the trailer so,colour me wrong on that one i guess its,got some good ideas a refreshingly,stripped down and streamlined plot an,interesting new setting and some,fantastically gory action scenes but,its also hamstrung by poor,characterization weak as [ __ ] dialogue,and a main character that doesnt quite,manage to break away from the tropes of,modern writing anyway the film stars,amber mid thunder as,uh,a female character i guess for the life,of me i cant remember what her name is,because its almost never spoken in the,film and shes got so little in the way,of personality that i genuinely struggle,to tell you anything about her the best,i can say is that shes a young comanche,girl living a simple tribal life in,early 18th century america she wants to,become a hunter and she practices every,day much to the disapproval of her,family and friends i mean as far as i,can tell there doesnt seem to be any,specific rule against women hunting its,just not really the done thing i guess,anyway when one of the tribe gets,attacked by a mountain lion she and her,brother head off to kill it,unfortunately she [ __ ] up and gets,injured and her brother makes the kill,insteads anyway she believes that,theres more at work here than just a,simple lion and so she heads out into,the wilderness to track down what she,thinks is a giant bear because i guess,its totally fine for her to just leave,her tribe for days on end and not do any,work being part of a hunter-gatherer,society is just kind of an optional,extra i guess well she eventually finds,the bear in question only for it to get,killed by something much more powerful,and dangerous and i have to admit this,is a pretty cool reveal of the predator,seeing it partially invisible and,drenched in animal bloods so anyway,female character does the smart thing,and runs the [ __ ] away only to bump,straight into a hunting party that was,sent to luke for her so that the rest of,the plot can happen well its lucky that,in all of these hundreds of square miles,of territory she just happened to run,into the very people that she needed to,find so she tries to warn them about the,predator but theyre having absolutely,none of it because they dont want to,listen to a girl but its okay anyway,because the predator shows up to take on,this horrifying display of toxic,masculinity and helpfully wipes out,everyone except female character but oh,no then she gets captured by a group of,evil white men who are also hunting the,predator and for some reason the action,seems to teleport into a devastated,world war one battlefields like what the,[ __ ] happened here was there a nuclear,war that i missed so i think you can,probably guess what happens next the,predator shows up and murders everyone,again and its up to female character to,put on her big girl pants and take it on,one on one prey is definitely a movie of,contrasts with both good and bad aspects,pulling it in different directions i,mean on the plus side is competently,directed with some beautiful landscape,shots and striking visual scenes the,towering forests and mountains of north,america are a decent substitute for the,claustrophobic jungles of the first,movie providing a decent backdrop for,the action although it does kind of,contradict the idea that predators show,up in hot environments to make the hunt,more challenging but whatever dont,think about it too much dialogue is kept,to a bare minimum which is definitely a,good thing because when people actually,do speak they spout the most inane,obvious dumb as [ __ ] nonsense imaginable,with a big side order of 21st century,idiosyncrasies that make absolutely no,sense given that this is supposed to be,happening 300 years ago but overall the,long spells of quiet at least give,scenes room to breathe and allow the,audience to infer whats happening and,make their own judgments the plot is,simplicity itself really theres no big,reveals hidden conspiracies unexpected,twists or stupid-ass attempts to tie it,into the weyland-yutani corporation its,just a straight up survival story for,the most part and im perfectly fine,with that because thats all it [ __ ],needs to be and holy [ __ ] theres even,actual examples of set up and payoff,environmental hazards weapon development,and even weaknesses in the predators,defensive systems that are encountered,early on all factor into the finale i,mean a lot of the time its pretty,clunky and contrived and the movie does,everything except give you an on-screen,prompt saying pay attention to this,stuff because it will be important later,but hey in 2022 even baby steps like,this feel like [ __ ] progress but,probably the biggest improvement over,the shane black movie is the overall,tone and feel this isnt some quirky,comedy masquerading as an action flick,its dark and violent and very much,takes itself seriously just like the,first two films the predator is actually,portrayed as a genuinely chilling threat,i mean the mystery and suspense that,came with the original is long gone,because at this point we all know what,predators are and how they operate and,if it was to be super critical id say,the creature starts to make some really,dumb mistakes towards the end so that we,can have our finale like getting taken,out by your own weapons is up there with,locking yourself out of your car also,im gonna have to take a moment here,just to vent about all the pointless,references to other movies that are,thrown in for no reason when i first,heard that this film was set in the,1700s i actually predicted theyd make a,reference to the pistol from predator 2.,if i was a chaotic neutral on the other,hand id say it was done entirely so,they could finally give the backstory to,this pistol from predator 2. and then,they could pat themselves on the back,for respecting the lore,and sure enough there it [ __ ] is,inherited by the main character near the,climax of the film wow how clever except,this pistol actually ends up in the,hands of the predators again next time,we see it which kind of implies that,once the credits are over the predators,roll into the village kill everyone and,take the pistol with them as a trophy,im not sure thats the angle you were,going for there and then theres this,line that comes out of absolutely,nowhere if it bleeds,we can kill it,honestly its really [ __ ] depressing,how many people applauded like mindless,seals simply because the guy said the,thing like that line actually made sense,in the original movie because it,followed directly on from the,realization that they had in fact,succeeded in injuring the seemingly,invincible predator,when the big man was killed you must,have wanted it,its blood was on the leaves theyd made,it bleed and so if it bleeds then,logically it must be killable if it,breeds,we can kill it but here its just,dropped in for no reason other than,because its an iconic line that,everyone remembers and it just feels,cheap and manipulative if they could,have found a reason to have someone,shout get to the chopper then they,absolutely would but where the script,starts to come undone for me is in th

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Half in the Bag: Prey

half in the,[Music],bag hey jay,i just read in the paper that hbo max,canceled the new batman movie is that,the one with the harry potter kid in it,no no they cancelled the bat girl movie,the batman is with twilight boy not,harry potter boy,so the twilight boy is gonna be playing,batgirl ah just forget it youre,confused about the new merger of warner,media and discovery plus,which caused them to either combine or,eliminate hbo max leading to multiple,layoffs and or cancellations,what,remember the old days when you could,just turn on your tv and,watch tv yeah now youve got to be an,expert in corporate mergers,acquisitions,ip,branding and quarterly income reports,just to know where to watch the new,reboot of your favorite 80s sitcom so,let me get this straight first there was,warner brothers then warner media,then time warner which was formerly,called aol time warner which is all,owned by a t,so warner media which owns hbo tbs,cinemax tnt etc,has now merged with discovery brands,which has hgtv food network tlc the id,channel a e,history channel travel channel science,channel etc,so now do i got to change the password,on my discovery plus app,and,the password on my hbo,max app no no there wont be those apps,anymore theyre going to combine into,one app called like warner discovery or,something maybe,youll have to cancel your old accounts,and then create a new account on the new,app so that you can watch your favorite,shows that will then be cancelled or,junked for tax write-offs by wealthy,media executives oh wait do you think i,should use my old password or should i,make a new one who cares all i know is,that the worlds a [ __ ] mess and i,hate everything and now my soup is cold,because ive been talking to you,hello,hey mike where do you guys keep your ci3,replacement circuit boards for magnavox,models 89 through 95,uh,what,never mind ill just use a replacement,board from an old 92 s895 47 samsung,what,hey you know ive been watching movies,while i work on vcrs have you guys seen,prey pray whats that every day i pray,for death huh,pray its its the new predator film,film,oh no sorry i meant the new corporate,owned streaming digital content product,that will someday no longer be able to,be seen due to a corporate merger buyout,or acquisition,what did you say about the spanish,inquisition,oh sorry i gotta go got a customer talk,to you later,who is that,i have no idea what that man was talking,about,uh i think that i know,i dont know how i could hear him from,way over there but i could thats enough,talking for today though lets just,watch a movie oh thats a great idea,lets see here i got the remote okay,oh,looks like its hulu is this a new,predator or something looks like,predator based on the font but its,called prey,[Music],get out of the way of the screen oh oh,oh sorry,[Music],oh,oh look the movies over,i got kind of like a frog in my throat,are you feeling the same way jake yeah a,little bit i got a little bit of a frog,maybe,oh yeah thats much better perked me up,a little yeah yeah im feeling very old,well we watched pray,and unbeknownst to each other we both,wrote intros for our review,so you know what that means,how when did we have time to write,intros we just finished watching the,movie,why do you want to hunt,because you all think that i cant,i i are we gonna have the same intros,are we gonna have the same cynical,little little dick at society jay go,ahead well see well see taking place,in the 1700s native american aubrey,plaza plays nauru a young comanche woman,that just wants to hunt but the men in,her tribe just want her to stay in the,kitchen and make them a sandwich but,everything changes when a predator comes,to earth and starts hunting all the cgi,animals and then narus own tribe but,dont worry nauru will be just fine at,all times,girl gets it done,its a new predator movie this time,called pray from the director of 10,cloverfield lane dan trachtenberg brings,us this new predator prequel it takes,place in the 1700s and the lead is a,female native american now great another,remake gender swapping piece of,propaganda made to appeal to the,feminazis and the neo matriarchy this,anti-male pro-woke piece of trash has,ruined the legacy of predator films,wait no,that was the predator from 2018. sorry i,take all that back you know its funny,both our intros had a little kind of,girls get it done joke,and i was looking around a little bit,and there is some of that like its woke,propaganda woke is a word thats lost,any whatever meaning it had is out the,window,so theres a little bit of that going,around people complaining about that but,what i was thinking of more than that is,like this isnt anything new this is,like 90s disney animated stuff thats,what the first half of this felt like to,be yeah i mean it was fairly,straightforward on the nose you know a,little too,this is what it is yeah and,well reverse reactions i really enjoyed,it um i dont really have too many,complaints,um,and,i actually kind of liked it a lot but i,give it an a for effort and maybe a b,minus or c plus for execution,yeah,yeah i mean you your intro poked fun at,the cgi animals i thought they looked,rather good until they moved,the bear especially like the way he ran,was really awkward weird things werent,quite right but you know what,i dont care anymore i dont care about,that stuff yeah no as far as like,especially compared to the predator to,make this so stripped down so simple i,think people forget,what that first movie was yes in the,wake of like you know the alien versus,predator movies and [ __ ] right um,the thing im trying to figure out i,havent decided yet is it too simple,because if you take away the setting it,is basically the same movie as the first,movie well its a reboot,all every fiber in my being says i,should probably not like this movie,um but i i because i im sick of like,reboots and,remakes and all that kind of stuff but,the fact that its like a native,american girl as her protagonist when,before it was schwarzenegger marine all,the,the fact that it takes place like so far,in the past in the 1700s and it ties in,the ending ties in with predator 2 yeah,where,they handed danny glover that old pistol,the the flintlock pistol which implies,that after the events of this movie the,predators came back and just murdered,everybody i guess they took the gun they,got their gun back somehow it was it was,a weird interesting way to do sql bait,yeah well did you notice in the there,was like over the end credits there was,you know like cave drawing backgrounds,and it was telling the events of the,movie but it went on one step further it,showed them at the end they have the gun,and then another predator ship cuts down,comes down and then it cuts to black so,i think its a little hint that yeah but,i dont want to see more of this like,this movie is fine yeah but i like that,its i like it as its own isolated like,this is just another time a predator,came to earth i think i just like weird,stuff like this because you have the,native americans fighting the predator,predator versus a bear,predator versus native americans,predator versus,french fur trappers,and its just like like just so out of,the element i read some kind of trash,novel in high school and i dont even,remember what it was,but it was like like a civil war,regiment the union civil war regiment,got scooped up sucked into a different,dimension,where theyre on an alien planet,and their,their civil war technology that they had,with them was superior,to this alien war that was going on they,had like they had like cannons and,muskets,and and they were fighting aliens like,the civil war and i was like that was,cool like it was like some kind of,dime,store trash novel but,i was like this is fun like i kind of,like the weird juxtapositions uh and and,like the proto predator,he wasnt quite hes still at some,technology obviously you have to have,technology if youre landing in a,spaceship yeah but he was still sort of,looked a li

Prey – Let Me Explain Predator

listen,stick around so pray has become the most,viewed thing on hulu since whatever the,last big thing on hulu was and sadly for,a movie thats worth the combo price it,didnt even get released in theaters,even though everyone was talking about,it did you not see the new predator so,to give it its praises i want to give a,quick look back at the predator,franchise leading up to prey to give you,the previous eon before the movie that,is all previously on so if you havent,seen it definitely go catch the first,predator then go catch pray because,were about to get into full spoilers,let me explain,so the first movie takes place in the,80s when a ship passes by earth in order,to drop off a little predator not like a,stork as a part of their big ritual,theyre called the yauchwa and to become,an elder uh clan member of the aushway,you have to start uh unblooded as a,youth as a youth you have to go with two,other young uh yau chua you have to kill,xenomorphs and then you get to be,blooded and then the way to get to the,top echelon is if you kill three,xenomorph queens,yeah it gets uh pretty extensive the,first one keeps it simple by just giving,you guns guts and grunts as arnolds,dutch gets deployed into central america,for a mission with a lot of cigars i,mean this man was just smoking so many,cigars on set that they had to add it to,the script i being the athlete that i am,and the clean living person that i am,never in a million years would let,tobacco touch my lips arnold eventually,gallie,you want one,sure why not,i was hooked it was all over hes joined,by billy who ill re-mention during prey,pancho who wont be re-mentioned again,shane blacks hawkins who spends the,whole movie making jokes that he wont,cut out mack who spends the whole movie,shaving only to get cut out and jesse,venturas blaine who was actually,spitting out his own tobacco on set,which was in the script they asked me,can you chew tobacco and i pulled out my,copenhagen and red man and said ive,been chewing for 20 years they all land,to find a bunch of skinned bodies,hanging from the trees which i think to,this day earned the oscar nomination for,effects because you know we dont have,the gusts to show practicals like this,now much less fire all the rounds they,did in this movie but even after the,team completes the mercenary mission,they come to find that,it turns out that they were tricked into,going in there for political reasons and,in order to stop an insurgency and since,the previous team couldnt hang carl,weathers dylan lied in order to get,them there i may not expend the ball so,before they even face a predator they,come to realize theyre ones too youre,bleeding man i aint got time to bleed,somehow they fire even more bullets into,the forest just to get a little gatorade,commercial puddle out of the predator as,he preys on them one by one,single-handedly anna the freed captive,who they had earlier is one of the,remaining ones whos there to kind of,show that the predator doesnt attack,the defenseless before shes told to get,to the chopper,leaving dutch to be the last action hero,the predator has a whole ritual that he,does just like arnold but arne calls his,a training montage and then they go full,out on their bra as the predator goes,full commando on him blowing him up so,badly that dutch realizes he cant take,him hand to hand but needs to set up a,double trap in order to dupe him and,once he does arnold goes dutch and,splits killing the classic movie alien,thats born right in front of us which,is kind of crazy to think that the,predator really does die in every single,one of his movies,now in order to count all of the kills,thrills and chills that we do on lme we,want to give a big shout out to our,channel sponsor factor im pretty sure a,lot of people arent training to face up,against the predator but uh nonetheless,i think were also trying to eat clean,so with all of the delivery options you,have out there for food i think that,factor is one of the best because youre,not just getting ready to go meals that,are prepped by a chef but its quality,ingredients meant to make you feel,better so be it breakfast lunch dinner,even their smoothies all of it is made,to give you the nutrients you need while,getting rid of all of that junk if,youre looking to get those apollo creed,games then you want to make sure youre,stacked up on that protein you get to,schedule your plan at your own pace,select your own preferences and have,food thats ready to eat in minutes all,while not having to make the trip to the,grocery store where youre worrying,about what ingredients to get will they,even have it did i even pump gas so if,youre interested head over to,go.factor75.com,let me explain 130 and use the promo,code let me explain 130 to get 130 off,across 6 boxes again i know some of you,arent looking to become the next,schwarzenegger you just want enough,energy to binge your shows so what,better way than with fresh never frozen,food thats faster than a drive-through,again thats,go.factor75.com,letmexplain130 use the code let me,explain 130 and get 130 off across six,boxes,the second one takes place in 1997 la,where its become a war zone while the,mayor is out on vacation it has not been,a nice day they have the goofiest,versions of a colombian cartel referred,to here as the scorpions who trade in,high fives for crack smacks,and then the jamaican voodoo posse who,roll up as they roll in this is not,about money,this is about power,its kind of like if dare got the rights,to predatory,danny glover plays mike harrigan whos,trying to take down these gangs not,realizing that another species is going,to be in the mix and im talking about,gary busey all,units francisco and fifth avenue be,advised federal officers will handle,investigation we didnt hear that bucy,plays keys whos a higher up coming in,with his undercover cops pretending that,they want to stop these crime rings when,in reality he saw predator one on cam,and wants to get his hands on that alien,technology a [ __ ] alien on mikes,team theres bill paxton who has zero,game but is good at surveillance until,he gets terminated yet again by another,alien we dont need any rush hour rambos,there leona is there to bust balls and,translate,theres even a night crawler going,around who knows why is keeping his own,live kill counts on whats going on in,the streets,the predator isnt as cool as the first,movie but it is dope to see him hunt in,the city and how its keeping its mp3,files of peoples voices just to use it,back on them [ __ ],[ __ ],creepy as one that has to be the the kid,with the candy like thats a predator,want some candy want some candy,the movie has a lot of interesting set,pieces like the train scene where all of,the civilians are packing it was also,cool to get a good look at the,predators collection of trophies thats,in his ship but i really love that,screaming head transition,in the end mikes the last one standing,to take out the predator obviously and,he somehow finds its ship buried under,housing where he pulls a b and d and,kills it and thats where another group,of predators come in to retrieve the,body as is their custom and they even,check a pistol at mike as a sort of like,trophy for acknowledging his win and,something that the studio can then make,a prequel for 30 years later,now after the release of two a bunch of,comics came out for the predator that,expanded on the lore and even had them,fighting the xenomorphs from alien how,even went up against batman so over a,decade later they decided to make alien,vs predator a movie thats in the same,vein as godzilla versus kong once the,studio realized that they uh yeah they,kind of own the rights to both,properties,its already written and they already,had an easter egg in the second so they,got the anderson who directed the,resident evils to come in and followed,in the steps of freddy vs jason,it is interesting to see how they,combine the lore of both predator and,alien with having the alien

PREY – Angry Movie Review

[Music],hey guys welcome to our review for pray,which is the fifth predator movie,surprisingly and the first from,uh disney after disneys acquisition of,fox and this is a hulu exclusive i dont,know if a lot of you know,even know about it uh,and uh its not released in theaters,its out right now you watch it right,now this is directed by duran uh dan,trettenberg tretchenberg,and uh starring amber mid thunder and,features basically uh a really cool,concept ive seen you know so weve seen,the trailers and basically pitting,american indians comanches versus the,predator,uh and uh so how is this film obviously,the predator sequels have not had the,best reputation,what the last one,used what was it joels autism predators,were searching for autism in the,predator 2018,just just awful you thought that shamed,i could pull it off unfortunately it,turned it more into a joke although it,had some good solid action scenes uh,weve seen the predator do battle with,the greats uh arnold schwarzenegger,danny glover,adrian brody even decided to to fight,some predators and uh so now we have um,amber uh mid thunder now im not,familiar with any of her work at all and,uh when you put her up against some of,those those others youre like,do i really buy that amber can come up,against a predator and by the end of the,film i was somewhat convinced and,surprisingly,um i have good things to say about prey,i liked it,its its probably i mean ive seen a,lot of [ __ ] on hulu and it kind of sucks,lulu kind of sucks and so this uh is,probably one of the best uh hulu,originals that they have right now uh a,hit in my opinion um,prey was exactly what i was hoping for,it stays very close to the original two,films uh plot line this is a predator,film through and through you have a,predator going and hunting and you have,uh humans kind of discovering whats,going on and then coming up with clever,ways to kind of close the gap between,how powerful strong and technologically,advanced the predators are uh and you,know,overcoming that and hunter vs prey and,and and back and forth so i thought it,was really good what did you guys think,actually did enjoy this film i didnt,expect that much gore,mm-hmm well its raining obviously yeah,yeah yeah,those tons what is already yeah yeah,its right around and i was like i,really enjoy the kills,like i didnt expect it to,go all out like that but,the gore was just amazing i loved it,yeah uh,ive watched a lot of really crappy uh,netflix movies recently even once they,spent like 200 250 million the great,guy,yeah and even though that one was fine,like thats not a great movie but like,this is so much good action in that one,yeah its like this was a better movie,like i feel like this almost deserves a,move like a theatrical release the,quality like honestly i dont watch a,lot of hulu someone will be like no,theres just like indie things on there,its probably great,from what i know now this is probably,gonna be the best thing thats on hulu i,was thoroughly shocked it starts off a,little slower so i think people may be,upset with that but i was entertained,pretty much the entire way it builds up,theres some really cool takes on some,things theres some annoying parts of it,so i mean i dont think this movies,perfect but like i was thoroughly uh,entertained the entire yeah stick,through it i also you know was like do i,really buy this you know hows this,going but it really does pick up uh,especially when you get some of the uh i,mean its running on all cylinders by,the time the trappers show up and thats,when you know uh at that point were,were doing really well so yeah hulu,original you know,i i cant think of a single thing on,hulu solar opposites is really good you,can check that thats tv show cartoon,its like made by one of the guys do,rick and morty i i do recommend that one,but as far as films go,this is a hit for hulu and i would,recommend if you have a hulu,subscription i think if you had a,spotify you also have a hulu thats how,i got it original i dont know if that,deal is still going uh but you could,always you know up it for a month or,whatever check it out and then cut it,off because then youre borrowing it,like you usually uh yeah i was about to,say that african joe,sharing passwords and stuff cause this,one is worth it and im like alex i i,cant believe weve had such [ __ ] of,predator in theaters and then this comes,out its on streaming and its better,than the ones that win in theaters uh,now obviously and every single time we,make a predator film peop you know,people,is it as good as the original no the the,original is a [ __ ] lightning and a,bottle thing its like ghostbusters the,original ghostbusters its its a,culmination of so many different aspects,and of the time and the actors and the,star power and the idea and the,freshness,and,the [ __ ] practical effects its just,amazing,uh is it a solid film yes,thats what matters does it pay respect,to the original yes,and i think that it works very well,um,so uh,what did you guys think did you guys buy,that amber mid thunder you know shes,not built like arnold she doesnt have,the training of a military veteran as,weve seen uh or a police veteran been,on the force danny glover for 20 years,im too old for this [ __ ] exactly,and adrian brody did you buy uh the fact,that she can maybe come up against her,dont want to spoil anything because,its a heavy spoiler when you talk about,like my justification for her being able,to do there are a lot of circumstances,that the predator finds themselves in,and other things happen that i buy at,the end of this movie that its,like look if its just her find the,printer [ __ ] no it would be totally,[ __ ] stupid and if thats what you if,youre thinking the movie is it is not,the case there are a lot of things that,happen,and,throughout the course of this movie that,i dont want to necessarily spoil for,you that makes a you know almost final,confrontation more believable that you,know,theres been theres been some stuff,happening so,no yeah i totally believe that too like,she uses her smarts her wits to overcome,yeah the obstacles yeah yeah theres one,she cant go toe-to-toe no no she cant,and and i think they handle it well uh,they do step on the gas for one,particular scene well talk about it in,spoilers and im like ah do we really,need to go that but i but by the end of,the film i really think she owns it she,earns it and,its not an issue you know uh and then,another thing here is she gets help,there is uh this is a character you know,if they ever do an action figure of her,or whatever you get some kind of,miniatures game shes gonna come with,her dog so her dog is in this film a lot,more than i thought because i didnt,really see it in the trailer so she has,a loyal companion that follows her,around and as soon as i saw that dog im,like oh no please,oh god i dont want to cry,i dont want to cry in a predator movie,do not be strong right be strong do not,make me cry do not make me [ __ ] hate,you and uh you know i thought they,handled it well okay thats all i said,a moment of of awesomeness there that,they use that effectively um also uh,they tie her into the tribe shes,basically um,wanting to become a warrior so you could,tell she does train you know shes not,just immediately excellent at everything,so they show us uh you know out there,throwing axes against trees improving,her aim and stuff and shes basically,out to prove herself in a uh type of,ritual to become a hunter um and her,brother theres like a lion thats been,stalking the tribe and her brother is,going to go out there and take care of,the lion and they dont think that she,can kind of live up to this so you know,you got it is a trophy yeah this is kind,of something that kind of dinged down,dang it a tiny bit you have like you,dont do we really have to do that we,dont like we get is like look we get it,you want to be a huntress okay just,theres absolutely some other way you,dont have to go over the top and be,bullied an


lets go,[Music],man i dont think ive actually done a,movie review,um in a hell of a long time at least on,at least on the main channel i do movie,reviews obviously with your video games,when we go out to see like top gun or a,marvel movie or something like that just,because its like the spot that we can,all gather and group together but over,the past weekend all the guys have been,out at evo and i stayed home for as a,baby and i got to see pray finally and,this is after like a week of everyone,having nothing but glowing good reviews,about the film so um yeah i got a lot to,say about it and its like why the hell,would i be talking about predator of old,things on a fighting game channel but,you like final fantasy or killer,instinct or anything that kind of stuff,for anybody thats anybody thats been,around for a while we made our own,predator movie we actually made our own,predator movie for anybody that hasnt,uh been aware since the,time period c24 thanks for the seven,gift subs man and um,yeah i was a huge homage to classic,predator with your video games as,characters and an actual you know,predator hes hes right back there hes,right off screen right over there so um,im a huge im im an absolute gigantic,predator nerd not as much as when i was,a kid but i read a lot of the novels i,had a ridiculous amount of comics,was obsessed with the movies uh obsessed,with the character predator one and two,especially and um yeah so,its been a hell of a long time is it,spoilers no spoilers yet i mean no,spoilers yet are the books good i dont,remember i read a lot of the alien,versus predator books they were mostly,like novel versions of the graphic,novels they were okay anyway so i,finally got the chance to see pray and,uh,i would like to put you know a stamp on,just which predator movies ive really,enjoyed over time obviously predator is,one of the greatest goddamn movies of,all time its easily re-watchable its,super fun its just the definition of,80s action star the movie and it does a,lot of really interesting things with,this direction and i studied a lot of,that so we can emulate it in our,fan-made predator movie which was very,fun to do it was very fun to see how,they effectively you know create,something thats mostly in the day and,actually make that scary so predator is,just incredible i have a really big soft,spot for predator 2. i really do because,i grew up with the movie as well i liked,how much more character we got to see of,the predator uh in that movie and i have,another big soft spot for like danny,glover and uh the supporting cast of the,movie its bonkers right its like its,like if predator was sort of thrown into,the world of robocop in some way and i,kind of really appreciate the uh the,entire like absolute hellscape heat,infested drug lord los angeles that they,sort of depict,the the future of la uh its sort of,like a crazy ass fantasy world its mad,cheesy right extremely violent as well,but theres something about like the,overall escalation of the film that i,really liked and uh i think is great,like they do they do things with the,predator that i think is awesome where,you get to see a lot more of the,predator as a character but its,essentially the same movie right its,like the only problem with predator 2 is,that you you know whats going to happen,right you get it,all its doing is the exact same thing,as predator 1 but its throwing it into,the mad futuristic hellscape of 1997,doing the same thing in a cityscape in,like downtown l.a is where the predator,is essentially hunting all these people,so uh i once again i got a soft spot for,predator 2. but if we move forward and i,guess i guess we can count the alien,versus predator movies i remember liking,avp1 a bit but i dont even know if i,consider these predator movies so i,might just,not include them you know because they,are crossovers i think i gotta move,directly to predators uh and thats the,one where uh its got adrian brody its,got morpheus its got its directed by,robert rodriguez its got a samurai,fight and,funny enough like hi,im not a huge fan of the movie either,right theres just something about,predators that i also did not like very,much and i thought it was okay,but i thought it was the most like six,out of ten kind of movie ever like,predator ones obviously ten out of 10,this movie is like near perfect in my,eyes,predator 2 is like an eight in many ways,uh at least to me and then,predators to me was like i dont know,man this is like a six its fine its,okay its its its,but it almost is like a one-for-one,remake with a slight twist of predator,one died straight down to just copying,certain scenes and i i feel like it had,the same goddamn music as well you know,nice for nostalgia but at the same time,it doesnt really give it much identity,its just like oh okay flash forward,several years later uh we all went to go,see the,prototype in uh 2018 and the movie was,[ __ ] trash um on like the same levels,of prometheus ii,alien uh assholitus what the hell was it,called,uh prometheus one im okay with covenant,yeah thank you alien covenant,goddamn trash like movie was [ __ ],awful i could not stand it the while the,characters in an alien or prometheus are,really stupid and they do really stupid,things its like were just gonna,amplify that by 50 times so were making,were gonna make the whole movie,annoying as [ __ ] and im like oh jesus,dude i am losing brain cells watching,this [ __ ] happen in front of my face so,i really dont like alien covenant and i,almost compare the predator to alien,covenant like i feel like id rather,just get kicked in the nuts than,continue to watch this [ __ ] i it was,really,really bad uh but at least predator 2018,was marred by crazy production [ __ ] like,i i tried i kind of like like shane,black as a director and uh that movie,just i heard they shot like almost the,entirety of the ending again you know,they they kind of changed the whole,[ __ ] film for a wide variety of,reasons so who knows what the actual,issue is its just that whatever popped,on screen i never want to watch it again,i remember hearing about prey a long,time ago from like simmons and this was,when it was going to be a theatrical,release and um crazy enough apparently,this movie,had some uh the coolest pitch ive ever,heard and the the pitch was they were,going to release like a native american,period piece um about uh well it was,essentially like a mystery,a mystery story and they were going to,cold release it to uh to audiences in,theaters this is like i think,pre-pandemic even or maybe very early,during the pandemic they werent going,to have predator in the title anywhere,yeah this was when it was originally,called skulls and then as you would,watch the movie youd pretty much find,out that theyre being hunted by,something and it would actually be a,predator so that the audiences would,discover that in theaters uh which,sounds like crazy and scary and like a,nightmare like you have no idea this,movies gonna do good it might it might,be terrible like just from uh the get-go,with prey um i,already had a deep amount of like,that could be really cool just already,before watching it you know just hearing,about before the good reviews came in i,feel like i already had a um a high,likelihood of enjoying the movie just,based on those sort of bold steps that,they wanted to take with a predator film,which is good because all the other,predator films have just been either,retelling or like schlock which sucks,because this is obviously a franchise,that a lot of people grew up with so,anyway yeah it was great like i dont,know what to tell you i i like the fact,that the movie has a slow build i like,the fact that it is in effect very,similar film to predator one in many,ways but you know the reason the movie,is called uh prey has a very specific,reason like it has a nice nice,storytelling thematic element to it and,weirdly enough i hate to say that i,actually actually have a big comparison,to like top gu

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