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  2. Primewell tire review
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Primewell Tire review

[Music],here step or night in the building baby,[Music],kill Todd I just bought this crime well,tire the ps90 touring and the tread wear,is actually let me show you guys,hopefully you guys can see its kind of,sunny out here I have it in my trunk the,Treadway is 580 and this is the size 215,55:17 because my tire size the 17-inch I,just love doing how the treading look,good tire I bought it at a tire tire,plus actually he came to 100 bucks,because they put it on the rim and,everything in the balance and and of,course the fees and the taxes everything,they charge but all stay I think they,met it in the other tire that I bought,at Walmart which is the the dog list and,theyre better than the douglas tires,because the douglas tie is basically,wear out support make them alas just,because I rotate them like every every,like 10,000 miles I would change all the,two times from the front and put them in,the back cause my car is a front wheel,drive I just want to give you guys a,better a better look at the tread try to,wear how it looks its real good guys,brand new prime well as I said well,its 2:15 5517 show you guys the receipt,of it I bought it it is uh more than a,tire plus and as I said the tread wear,for the prime well is 540 and the,Douglas that I had Treadway is like 4,for 20 so I know a lot of people be,saying I Robbie is rubber but thats not,that is true Robbie is rubber but,certain certain on tires they take a,long time to wear out especially if the,tread wear its just the way I did the,way how to make the tires the tread wear,the Treadway is more it takes a long,time to to eat up the tire if its less,the tire will eat up real fast,especially if you do highway miles so as,I said about this attire Plus and this,is prime well tire prime well PS 890,touring and this have 5 540 tread wear,and so far so good I bought it before I,used it before so I know it lasts a long,time and as I said this is teach you,guys um – if you want your tires to last,longer you gotta rotate your tires,especially if you have like a front,wheel drive or real-wheel drive if its,all-wheel drive is it dont make no,sense unless if you bought all four,tires brand new it dont make no sense,because once its all wheel drive all,the powers is coming from all wheels to,move the vehicle itll make no sense for,no rotation but if you have a,front-wheel drive vehicle or real rear,wheel drive vehicle is I recommend you,guys to rotate them every I rotate much,like every 10,000 miles it could be less,you could do it like around 6,000 miles,so basically every – oil change,you could you could do that depends on,your driving style because your tires,will eat up and make sure you look for,the tread where the Treadway is,basically on the tire it tells you if,its more than 540 or more than 420 that,means this is real good its good thats,why they have different brands to tire,and what the tire is capable of all,tires is not the same sometimes its,good to be in snow sometimes its just,run bad sometimes so I mean do you guys,homework thank you guys for watching,please like and subscribe once again and,tired that I have is prime well you guys,could check it out my tire size is 215,54 5 or 17 thank you guys the total came,to like one actually got a discount,really came to 173 bucks,so not bad at all the guy said all,original price it would have been like,117 with everything with the,installation and the balance and,everything but he did it and he broke it,down to 173 so not bad at all guys thank,you guys once again for watching hope,you guys enjoy your Memorial weekend,stay blessed stay safe enjoy enjoy,yourself with your friends and families,peace out bye bye,take care I am out

Primewell tire review

[Music],i just bought this uh,prime well tire is the ps 890 touring,and the treadwear,is actually let me show you guys,hopefully you guys can see its kind of,sunny out here i have it in my trunk,the treadway is 580.,and uh this is the size 215 55 17,because my my uh tire size is 17 inch,i just love the way how the treading,look,a good tire i bought it at a,tire tire plus actually,it came to a hundred bucks because they,um put it on the rim and everything in,the balancing and of course the fees and,the taxes,everything they charge,but um,stay i think they better than the other,tire that i bought at walmart,um which is the the douglas,they theyre better than the douglas,tires because the douglas tie is,basically you wear out,but i make them last just because i,rotate them,like every every like 10 000 miles,i would change all the two tires from,the front and put them in the back,because my car is a,front wheel drive,just want to give you guys a better,a better look at the tread tread wheel,how it looks,looks real good guys brand new,prime well,as i said,show you guys at the side just prime,well,its 2 15 55,17.,ill show you guys the receipt of it,well i bought it,here it is uh bought a tire plus,and as i said the treadwear for the,prime well is 540.,and the douglas that i had the treadway,is like for,420 so,i know a lot of people be saying uh,robbie is rubber but,thats not,that is true robert is rubber but,certain,uh certain,tires,they take a long time to wear out,especially the tread wear its just the,way how the way how they make the tires,the tread wear if the tread weight is,more it takes a long time to to eat up,the tire if its less the tire will eat,up real fast especially if you do,highway miles,so,as i said i bought this at tire plus,and uh this is prime well tire,primewell,ps 890 touring and this have,five 540 treadwear,and so far so good i i bought it before,i used it before so i know it lasts a,long time and as i said this is teach,you guys um,to if you want your tires to last longer,you got to rotate your tires,uh,especially if you have like a,front-wheel drive or or,rear-wheel drive if its an all-wheel,drive it will make no sense unless,if you bought all four tires brand new,it dont make no sense because once its,all wheel drive all the power is just,coming from all wheels to move the,vehicle itll make no sense for no,rotation,but if you have a,front wheel drive vehicle or real rear,wheel drive vehicle,its i i recommend you guys to rotate,them every,i rotate myself every 10 000 miles it,could be less,you could do it like around 6 000 miles,so basically every two oil change,you could you could do them depends on,your driving style because your tires,will eat up and make sure you,look for the tread wear the trade way is,basically on the tire it tells you,if its more than 540 or more than 420,that means its real good its good,thats why they have different brands of,tire and,what the tire is capable of all ties is,not the same sometimes its good to be,in snow,some tires is just,run bad,sometimes so,i mean,do you guys homework thank you guys for,watching please like and subscribe,once again the tire that i have is prime,well you guys could check it out,my tire size is 2 15 55,or 17,thank you guys the total came to like,one actually got a discount really,uh it came to,173 bucks,so,not bad at all the guy said the original,price it would have been like,117 with everything with uh the,installation and the balance and,everything but he did it and,he broke it down to,173.,so not bad at all guys thank you guys,once again for watching hope you guys,enjoy your memorial weekend,stay blessed stay safe,enjoy enjoy yourself with your friends,and families peace out bye bye take care,i am out,getting to the money getting to the,money,getting to the money getting to the,money,getting to the money getting to the,money

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Stay the Hell Away from These Tires

rev up your engines,matthew hoggins says do you prefer,skinny tires with big sidewall more,conventional shorter wider tires one you,want to have,the wide enough tires so you dont get,stuck but you also want tall tires,because,you dont want low profile tires,off-road theyll get flats when you hit,potholes thats the problem with cars,years ago i had a ton of customers in,houston start buying these bmws those,stupid low-profile tires they kept,getting flats from hitting potholes in,houston roads and then when they found,out how much those tires cost and,nothing else would fit on those rims,except them,some of them went out by different rims,and tires still to get once bigger,sidewalls on them,flex in the potholes wouldnt eat their,tires up and break the expensive rims,dtv says im a huge chrysler voyager fan,dodge caravan i live in the uk i dont,know why you dont like them compared,with what i have available crappy french,and euro stuff,is it still so bad well if youre,talking about crappy french and euro,stuff maybe its not all that,bad you know i mean yeah you got to,understand,one of the late vans that volkswagen,used to sell,it was just a rebadged dodge caravan,they were just buying it from dodge and,calling volkswagens but,let me tell you something the toyota,sienna vans blow them away,all the toyota events my brother-in-law,went from texas to london,talk about the uk and he taught at the,american high school there for four,years he brought a toyota preview van,had no problems and he sold it some,english painter under the table of,course because youre not supposed to,sell american cars over there and he got,cash for it and he came back without the,van im sure that guy,that english painter is probably still,driving that preview van around,they are killers and they stopped making,the private events and then made the,siena vans in their excellent vans too,so if you ever tried a toyota van,you would not think that those chrysler,vans are good vans yes sir zeiden said,scotty im trying to purchase a vehicle,but everyones asking so much money what,should i do,well you could walk at a bicycle get an,electric motorcycle do whatever you want,you know,unfortunately the price of new cars has,gone up parts of used cars,follows thats just the way that it goes,its like mary had a little lamb,follows you everywhere the price of new,cars go up so they use ones,everybodys asking too much money for,stuff thats just unfortunately the way,that its gone nowadays go to estate,sales stuff like that,bank repos because those guys arent,pros that selling stuff and they never,know theyll take whatever they can get,theyre not,professional salesmen or ask your,neighbors see if a kid got thrown in,jail theyre selling this car or joined,the army theyre selling this car,you never know what youre going to run,into but if you go to any of the car,lots yeah theyre all sky high theyre,ridiculous with their prices i agree,caleb oh marrero says scotty are hyundai,genesis coupes good,car if youre looking at a young,digenesis its an older one i would not,buy an older one they do not hold up,over time,i made a video on that where i showed a,genesis,that had 140 000 miles on it and i,showed how all four cams inside the,engine were worn using the data from my,scan tool then i showed them a lexus,that was the same exact year,but it had 185 000 miles and it had,almost,zero wear on any of its four cams much,better quality with the lexus,now you can buy a brand new genesis and,you might not have any problems but then,again tiger woods got a free one to,drive around it almost killed them so,i dont know im not impressed by them,they are fun to drive theyre fun and,zippy but when they break,and they do break when they get older,and they cost a fortune to fix you to,wish you bought a lexus in the first,place if you wanted a luxury car,chasey-hoe says scotty,what do you think about junkyard,alternators well you like gambling what,the heck a lot of cars in a junkyard,because they got wrecked if you see its,on a car thats all wrecked what the,heck it was going fast,alternative probably works pretty fine,on the other hand if it was one that was,towed in and its not wrecked maybe it,doesnt work anymore now they gotta,guarantee you somewhat,you know if youre really short of funds,lets say you go to oreilly or autozone,and they want a hundred and thirty,dollars for an alternator if the,junkyard will sell you one for 50 and it,works and you like gambling go right,ahead,but a lot of times the junkyards they,want fifty percent of what a new one is,and the new ones are actually so,expensive that half of that,is two or three times what a,remanufactured one is in a place like,autozone or rally where you get a,lifetime warranty so depending you want,to get a good warranty check out what,the discount auto parts stores do they,give you a lifetime warranty its cheap,enough go ahead,if not you got a really oddball car and,you can find one in a junkyard and lets,say the best you can find is a 500,one and you can get one for 50 or 75 and,junkyard go ahead if you like gambling,they got to give some kind of a,guarantee tallboy 100 says scotty any,thoughts on remote starters for manual,transmission vehicles yeah well if,youre gonna get one,make sure you leave your car in neutral,with the brake on,whenever you decide to start it remotely,anything can be done i mean you can have,anything set up if you want they would,have to have more electronics because to,start a modern manual you got to step on,a clutch so the clutch switch is turned,on so it allows the starter to engage so,youd have to have electronics on the,remote starter that would bypass all,this stuff anythings doable if you want,im not a fan of remote starters anyways,i mean if somebody,gets your number they might steal your,car if they got a little thing that can,grab your signal from the house,and if you add it on a car that didnt,have it before they can often have,problems with not starting,im not a fan of putting on myself but,anybody can do whatever they want its,their money alex oliveira says turbo gdi,engines are they good,or are they bad well theyre both,theyre good because theyre more,horsepower they get better gas mileage,you get a little bitty one liter engine,put out a couple hundred horsepower,two liter engine you put out three 400,horsepower a lot of power but bad,because,all that power makes your engine wear,out faster if you have a small engine,i have a mitsubishi out here i was,working on the other day this one had,the turbocharger on it so i put out 271,all that extra horsepower gonna wear the,engine out faster,all that extra pressure of the turbo air,creates more pressure inside the,cylinder,and the gdi injectors some of those are,14 1500 psi pressure,more pressure a normal fuel injector say,take on a toyota might be 55 pounds,per square inch a lot less than you know,over a thousand psi,all that pressure added together makes,them wear out faster they get better gas,mods,they got more power but believe me they,will wear out,faster youre not gonna get three four,five hundred thousand miles out of the,engine or the turbo charger they claim,the average turbo charge is supposed to,be good for 10 years or 150 000 miles,but they generally dont warranty them,that long they say well thats how long,they should last then you say well,whats your warranty,well our warranty is three years or 50,000 miles if it breaks you got to pay,for it so,case closed on that one mgb013 says are,air ride suspensions more trouble,than theyre worth well you know it,depends on what you want now when i was,a kid i put them,on my ford maverick i put air shocks on,the back because i scuba dove and i put,the scuba diving tank in the trunk so i,could pump it up so it didnt sink down,when friends had their tanks,and so it didnt sink and then when i,didnt want it id let the air out and,they go back down to normal and the real,fancy modern ones really ride like a,dream but they cost

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[Music],yeah,so these tires here theyve been bald,for a while we got this with you and,theyve been kind of losing pressure,especially the one in the one that went,flat on the drivers side here Ive been,having to fill it up like Im gonna say,probably over the last six months,periodically fill it up so I knew,something was up,go ahead and replace them but just kept,pushing off pushing up pushing off,figured you know what keep rolling on,and yesterday happened to go to the,store and when I got out of the store,again notice they were real low,again the drivers side front and I said,oh my holy crap it look really low so I,ended up driving two up to a gas station,and fill them up and when I filled them,up I heard that hiss and even the,obviously theres a hole and get a mom,just cap it real quick and drive home,luckily it wasnt very far away it was,probably like two blocks so got home and,by the time I got home they were just,running almost flat and hook up the jack,got the donut on there and really just,been waiting for my appointment which is,today so ahead an entire plus and again,gonna get the two front tires replaced I,dont want to spend a lot of money you,know its a Hyundai 2007 I got two,hundred and fourteen thousand miles on,this thing my cars a little rickety I,know at some point I got to do an,upgrade hopefully get a truck again from,my long business so I dont want to,spend a lot of money on definitely dont,need four tires the two rear tires look,pretty good they got decent tread I,think I replace those Im gonna say,probably two years ago so all the two,fronts gonna just do that today and I,think tire plus had like some special,brand Id never heard of I think its,called like crime plus I think theyre,like 56 bucks each and once they do they,install I think its like a buck fifty,so anyways heading over there now get it,done I had to push back my lawns that I,had to do tonight its got to push those,back for tomorrow and later in the week,so at any rate hope you guys are,enjoying your day again if you havent,done so already its lightning lawn,service Im coming to you from st. Pete,my name is Martin were heading to the,store and well see you there,yeah so here we are were at tire plush,its late in the evenings about 6:15 got,my appointment and again theyre gonna,be working on that tire there,we picked out the prime well his name of,the brand of the tire you guys know that,tire Im not too familiar with it,chopper comment below let me know what,you guys think but anyways its like 60,bucks for the tire done on the front,were about ready to get it done here in,a minute,[Applause],[Music],check them out,at the prime wells,and got some good treads on those bad,boys freakin nice,theres 16-inch prime wells really,freakin nice,got a lifetime rotation on those and not,good for like 60,000 miles so a pretty,decent I think all in all it costed me,$180 to uh to get that done and Im back,in business so anyways lets get home,and get something to eat and call it a,night I hope you guys have a good one,again if you havent done it already hit,the subscribe hit the like and if you,got any comments what have you if you,ever had these prime wheels before from,tire plus let me know how they did,[Music],another cheek but you know what its,gonna get me going so anyways Ill catch,you guys later all right guys were,heading home at the tires installed and,man what a difference some new tires,make especially on the front is a front,wheel drive car and again the tires Im,happy for were bald bald bald really bad,I knew they need to replace it and any,time Im driving even especially slow,speed around corners just always felt,like I was slipping,felt like I was just kind of well I,dont know I felt like the tires,agenting again just wanting to grip it,and it felt like the car we roll it a,little bit so I can tell a big,difference with these these grip real,nice feel great obviously theyre you,know theyre filled up to whatever the,right theyre supposed to be these are,16 inch prime Wells rated for 50,000,miles five years basically I dont know,if you guys have ever had these prime,Wells let me know drop a comment below,Ive never heard of the brand and I,basically just bought them because one,they were inexpensive,I think theyll run about 65 bucks and,with the installation and everything and,I was out the door $180 and like 68,cents 63 cents something like that again,just for two front tires anyways guys,like the video again hit that like,subscribe today and again drop a comment,below let me know what you guys think,especially about these prime wells and,well catch you next time

These Tires Will Last Forever

do all season tires grip wet roads,better than summer tires are winter,tires more expensive if you have a,four-wheel drive do you need winter,tires today were looking at tires and,some common myths,tires help your car to move stop and,steer but many drivers take them for,granted because they dont understand,the engineering and science behind them,car tires can be classified into two,categories based on tire construction,and features to understand this lets,talk about plies plies are the layers of,different fabric that make up a tire the,most common ply fabric is polyester cord,a tire strength is often described by,the number of plies it has most cars,have two plies compare that to a large,commercial jet tire which have 30 or,more plies a bias ply tire is made with,the plies laid out diagonally its layout,causes the tire walls to be a bit more,rigid and therefore less flexible bias,ply tires generally has the advantage,when it comes to load carrying capacity,in other words theyre generally better,at hauling heavy loads thats why you,can see this type of tires on loaders,excavators and mining trucks they really,dont care how they ride on the other,hand a radial tire is the standard when,it comes to the average passenger car,and truck radial tires feature radio,plies that run perpendicular to the,direction of travel the advantage of,this layout is that the side walls are,more flexible than biased by tires so,you get more stable grip and contact,with the road less vibration and most,importantly a softer rod theres also,less heat buildup with the radial tires,so it has a longer tire life radial,tires usually have steel cords or a,blend of polyester steel and fabric,which are coated with rubber the,downside to radial tires includes,handling because the low lateral,stiffness causes tire sway to increase,as the cars speed increases also since,the side walls are more flexible they,can bulge if your tire is overloaded or,under inflated this can lead to damage,and puncture the tires the radial tire,is also more expensive to make than a,bias by tire but remember it does last,longer and this can result in cost,savings in the long run ever notice the,code on the side wall of your tires its,a bunch of letters and numbers what do,they all mean the code indicates the,size type and performance ratings of the,tires lets break it down usually the,code starts with a letter if thats the,case the first letter tells you what,class of tire it is if its letter p it,means its a passenger car tire and a,suitable for cars suvs crossovers,minivans and small pickup trucks the,letter lt indicates its a light truck,tire and designed for vehicles that are,towing trailers or have 3 fourth or one,ton load capacity st is for special,trailers like boat trailers utility,trailer or trailers with fifth wheels,but if theres no letter at the,beginning of the code this means you,have a metric tire in other words its,european metrics and it might have,different load capacity after the first,letter youll see a set of three digits,thats the tire width from side to side,when you look at the tire head on its,usually the measurement taken from the,outer side wall to the inner side while,in millimeters next you see a forward,slash number following that is a set of,two digits this indicates the aspect,ratio the bigger the aspect ratio the,higher or taller the tire sidewalk or,profile the ratio is a percentage,basically its the side wall height,divided by the tire widths for example,if the aspect ratio is 65 it means the,sidewall is 65 percent as high as it is,wide next is a letter which refers to,the internal construction of the tire,normally youll see either the letter r,or d here the letter r means the tire is,a radial tire which is the industry,standard for most passenger cars the,letter d means its bias constructed or,diagonal plot the next set of digits is,the wheel diameter in inches in other,words its how wide the wheel is across,the center the next set is the tire load,index basically its how much weight the,tire can support and last set is the,speed rating usually its a singular,letter the code represents the top speed,its safe to drive for a sustained,amount of time a higher speed rating,means the tire can handle heat and also,provide more control at faster speed so,which came first the tire or the wheel,well its not the chicken or egg,question its much clearer than that of,course the wheel came first an entire,second the story of the first tire,starts with charles goodyear in the late,1830s a self-taught american chemist,charles goodyear was engaged in the,production of rubberized footwear and,fabric at his enterprise he produced,rubber toys clothes shoes and umbrellas,however the properties of this material,didnt allow the products to be of high,quality the rubber melted from high,temperatures was quite fragile and had,other disadvantages goodyear took this,problem seriously and started,experimenting the story goes that he,accidentally heated a mixture of rubber,and sulfur in a kitchen stove and,thereby created a recipe for rubber that,didnt soften and heat and didnt become,brittle in the cold at that time he,didnt even suspect that vulcanized,rubber he just developed would become an,integral part of the automotive industry,he fine-tuned the chemical process to,create and manufacture pliable,waterproof moldable rubber and padded in,its technology in,1844. the goodyear tire and rubber,company was incorporated in the u.s in,1898 but it wasnt by the inventor,charles goodyear actually it was founded,by frank sieberling who named the,company after the inventor the first,goodyear tires became popular because,they were easily detachable and required,little maintenance even a ford model t,came equipped with goodyear tires in,1846 just a few years after goodyears,experiments robert william thompson a,scottish engineer patented the,air-filled tire he didnt succeed,commercially because the idea was too,early for its time then in 1888 john,boyd dunlap a scottish veterinary,surgeon and inventor reinvented the,pneumatic tire for his childs tricycle,he made wide hoops made of water hose,put them on the wheels and inflated them,with air a little later he attached a,rubber tube to the metal rim of the,spoked wheel with rubberized canvas to,form the tire frame dunlops invention,caught public attention the timing,worked in his favor since bicycles were,becoming very popular and the lighter,tire provided a much better ride,experience dunlap claimed not to know,about thompsons earlier invention and,he sold his rights to his pneumatic tire,to a company for a small cash sum and a,small share in the business later this,business endeavor came to bear his name,dunlop pneumatic tire company and today,dumlap is currently one of the largest,tire manufacturers in the world in 1890,the englishman bartlett and frenchman,didier invented methods of mounting and,dismounting tire all this made the use,of pneumatic pirates or cars more viable,around that time two brothers eduard and,andre michelin who ran a rubber factory,in france became enthusiastic about the,pneumatic tire and they worked to,develop and patent the removable,pneumatic tire they would go on to,further develop key innovations in the,tire market eventually designing and,commercializing the radial tire in 1946,so whats the difference between summer,winter and all season tire summer tires,have a specific rubber compound for,excellent grip and handling on dry and,wet road in warm condition summer tires,have reduced rolling resistance provide,more fuel efficiency and produce less,road noise the tread pattern on a summer,tire is simpler with less grooves but,when the temperature drops to below 45,degrees fahrenheit the compound becomes,hard and brittle and the tread cannot,properly handle snow or ice thats why,if you live in an area with extreme,winters its prudent to get winter tires,winter tires provide better grip for,roads covered with snow and ice as well,as

Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022

[Music],if you are looking for the best cheap,tires,here is a collection you have got to see,lets get started,number one most popular westlake rp-18,touring radial tire,when you are looking for the best budget,all-season tires you will probably get,to come across the westlake,rp-18 tire it is one of the best sellers,all-season budget tire,the tire comes with an asymmetric tread,which ensures steady and high traction,on both dry and wet surfaces,its tread pattern ensures that the tire,easily removes water from the tire,improving its handling capabilities,while also reducing the chances of,hydroplaning,the tire comes in a variety of sizes,including 13 to 16 inches,and t h and v rating,number two hankook h-737 kinergy pt,all-season radial tire,the tire comes with impressive features,that will blow your mind,the new han cook kinergy pth 737 uses a,specially formulated compound that helps,to increase traction while still,reducing rolling resistance saving you a,couple of dollars on gas money,it also comes with a new tread design,that allows the tire to retain maximum,traction on dry surfaces its wide,grooves also help the tire to maintain,high traction on wet surfaces,for a more comfortable ride the tire,uses a joint less belt and highly,strengthened bead filler which also,helps to improve its handling,number three milestar ms 932 sport,all-season radial tire,when it comes to the best budget,all-season tires the milestar ms-932,takes the number one spot,it is the best seller when it comes to,budget all season tires,it uses advanced technology to enhance,overall performance on wet,dry snow and ice conditions it uses a,tread compound that is long lasting,its wide grooves allow the tire to,easily evacuate water allowing the tire,to retain traction even on wet surfaces,available in 66 sizes in t h,and v speed ratings the ms-932 sport,performance touring tire,is sure to cover your high performance,needs,number four summit gta all-season radial,tire it uses high-quality material which,not only ensures durability but also the,value of every dollar that you spend,the use of advanced tire construction,enables the tire to give your ultimate,performance,its lateral grooves and tread design,help the tire to retain maximum traction,on wet surfaces,while also maintaining high traction on,snow surfaces,the tires also come with a rigid,construction increasing its handling,capabilities even at high speed,the symmetrical four-rib pattern,provides superior ride and stability,number five kumo solus ta-11 all-season,tire,the kumo solus ta11 is one of the,cheapest tires on this list,grip and traction are excellent on dry,tarmac and the tire is also very,responsive,wet performance is another area where,the ta-11 scores highly,it isnt on the level of the best in the,category but its still completely safe,one of the best things about this tire,is that it is very quiet on the highway,and comfortable over uneven surfaces,the 75 000 mile tread wear warranty is,pretty good for the price,too,thanks for watching the video


guys whats going on your boy a Marmee,removing another tire topic today not a,review per se but a topic so todays,topic is going to be brand name tires,versus no-name tires what is the,difference why should I buy them and all,these questions being answered today so,right off the bat here weve got four,firestone winter force tires okay,firestone brand name tire weve got four,infiniti snow tires here and weve got,for sale in ice plays retire sir first,tire firestone american company but made,overseas and in finding him sailing both,made in china now mr i could ask all the,time right off the bat should i buy,brand name should i buy no name now this,is fact this this topic im talking,about has facts and it has personal,facts personal fact lets get that out,the way,budget are you on a budget can you,afford brand-name tires can you afford,no name tires this firestone tire here,for example is gonna cost one hundred,and forty dollars this tire here,infiniti now chinese tire is gonna cost,you one hundred and six dollars sale ins,gonna cost you a hundred bucks now,thats the biggest thing that drives,everything like its price now quality,every single tire has to meet Transport,Canada safety rules and regulations ok,so right off the bat every every tire,here is certified to be on the road,driven in Ontario ok now a mark 40 bucks,difference now are these two companies,putting $40 worth of less material and,safety in these tires or this company,putting more in well every single tire,here is up at quality and at par and I,sell every single tire and I can sleep,well at night telling you that Im,comfortable selling this $140 Firestone,this 106 dollar infinity and this,hundred dollar sale a nice blazer so no,doubt in my mind I can sell you any tire,and I will feel confident that Im,giving my customer a good product now,brand name tires what youre gonna find,is every brand-name tire is 25 to 44 35,percent more than any no name part,because youre paying for branding,youre paying for this big corporations,youre paying for the big plate glass,windows almost high-rise towers in the,USA Rock,sitting on his ass in an office looking,out the window alright flying on bluer,jets two different manufacturers so,youre paying at thirty five forty,percent where you have a Chinese term,here which the tire distributor here in,Canada goals first class he goes to the,Chinese tire factory they sound one guy,and that one guy goes to infinity and,says hey listen I need fifty thousand,these tires pumped out can you do it,whats my points if not Im gonna go see,mr. salient here at the Qingdao Qingdao,whatever Chinese tire rubber company in,China,okay so qualitys all the same Chinese,are putting on great tires now you got,to make sure you got to see what fits,your budget now I always recommend dont,go for the cheapest you can go for the,best the best is always best but you can,always go mid grade but that being said,brand-name tires do have more some more,technology and a little bit more,craftsmen not better crafted but more,technology built into the tires and,these tires then these are now youre,looking at these tires to aim on this,tire and this star look the same,actually this tire looks better because,its got a better tread pattern well,guys Bridgestone owns Firestone so they,have put their Bridgestone technology,into these tires where infinity is,infinity itself so now a more you sell a,lot of stuff in three and a half minutes,now what should I do,should which one should I buy okay,listen I got 500 bucks from my grandma,for my birthday which tire should I buy,well you know what like I said comes,down to a personal topic but if you can,afford one hundred forty dollar tire,plus tax I see you go for it but if you,cant theres nothing wrong with these,$106 tires theyre safe theyre winter,certified they got that same snowflake,stamped in there test up a coffee sorry,as these fire stones so like I said you,got to make sure which one suits your,needs now also another thing to keep in,mind is the vehicle youre driving worth,putting on these one hundred and forty,dollar tires you may have a used car,that you want to dump get rid of,trade-in or get rid of this here so do,you want to put these hundred and forty,dollar tires on or do you want to put a,hundred our tire on and blow that car,out the door and run it to the auction,so thats something a lot of people do,are you repair shop,are you Dhiraj are a used car,are you just a cheap guy and you or you,or you want to give a cheap tire to your,kids or somebody not and those are,completely perfectly fine reasons to buy,cheaper tires that are still safe and,itll still perform and still handle as,good as just hard now sorry Im moving,the camera out a lot because Im getting,excited when I talk about tires so,thats something that you got you got to,memorize and you got to know that major,tire companies and wheel companies your,pain that 25-30 percent strictly for,branding,I remember hand cooked tires 10 years,ago hand cook was like Wandy tires,you said handcuff the guy with all the,tire of your face now hand Cook has,stepped up their game hand cook in Korea,borrowed a couple million bucks from his,uncle and went to the NHL and said to,mr. NHL Gary Bettman,that bobblehead idiot sir Im gonna pay,you 1 million dollars cash you put hand,Cooke everywhere on this boards on your,commercials on your pamphlets on your,tickets on your stickers a hand cook to,be the official tire of the NHL where,the NHL dont know know jack about tires,but youre paying for their branding,sold that 1 to 2 million dollars what,theyve advertising make up the NHL,every year theyre gonna built that,price into every tire 25-30 percent what,you may only cost some 15% but if,theyre gonna be given make an extra 50%,off you know Im not talking smack,because Im authorized either for every,single tire company out there and they,may be watching to say look at this guy,this guys a jerk hes frickin talking,about us what hes selling our tires,were gonna shut him down,no thats not gonna work that way,because I gonna give my customers here,the unbiased opinion thats been stand,and tested why rim Lions has been in,business so long because Im telling you,the facts because Ive been to these,tire companies Ive been to these big,meetings Ive talked to him Ive talked,to mr. Hankook himself were good,friends we shoot this we have,cigars we drink coffee and hes okay,with that hes an AMR you tell the,people what you want to tell him because,theyre gonna listening to you theyre,not gonna listen Hank oh do you think we,can cut back came down here I started,talking to his hand cook t-shirt on,people in Irbil you know people could,say this guys full of crap he just,trying to push his product so you got to,do what fits your needs best and todays,topic like I said brand-name tires,versus no-name tires which one should,by a more addicting amps and all your,guys questions if you have any questions,comment below following a Facebook,Instagram YouTube and Twitter at,Hilliard reminds all my personal count a,Marcia baby this is what push in seven,minutes I know I ranted on but I like to,cover every aspect of every part of this,tired video thanks for watching baby you,know what time it is

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