1. CAKE CHALLENGE! Baking and Decorating a cake
  2. GIANT Size Christmas Cookies Baked for Santa with Princess Squad
  3. I Switched All Her Slime Ingredients with Different Ingredients! Slime Joke!
  4. LOL Surprise Dolls in Real Life with Makeup + Dress up play at Pretend Play Hair Salon
  5. LOL Surprise Dolls in Real Life MERBABY Make Up + Dress Up Play at Pretend Hair Salon
  6. BIRTHDAY PARTY: DIY Paw Patrol Cake with SURPRISE Inside Cake Smash Vlog with Ryan & Princess T
  7. Trading Fidget Toys Challenge!

CAKE CHALLENGE! Baking and Decorating a cake

yo,princess toy review,hi prince and princesses its princess,tea,hi prince and princesses princess pam,today were going to be doing the cake,challenge,so here i have blue red velvet cake,and i have strawberry cake,so how we do this challenge is were,each gonna take turns picking out a,secret ingredient from olafs head so,these are all our secret ingredients,that were gonna have to put inside our,cake,ew theres a hot dog yeah and pepperoni,ooh thats gonna,and then at the end well see,which cake you would like to eat,princess tease or mine hopefully its,mine because im gonna have to eat it,too,[Music],okay first were going to put all the,ingredients in this bowl and then well,drop an olafs head,and put the extra good ingredients some,bad ingredients inside,all right so lets open up the box,hey mine looks white,hey mines white too,i thought its supposed to be blue lets,dump it in,next im going to need to add,one stick of butter to mine mmm butter,favorite to fill it up,[Music],okay,and then were gonna each add three eggs,one,one,two,two,and three,im gonna start by mixing first,lets put it in,and turn it on low speed,whoa,i wonder if its going to turn pink,i think its turning pink,and then it smells like strawberry,[Applause],okay i think im all done,[Music],whoa,all right its my turn,oh its turning blue,all right i think its all done,[Music],oh look at this blue,[Music],okay lets rock paper scissors to see,who gets to pick an item first rock,paper scissors rock paper scissors rock,paper scissors rock paper scissors,scissors,[Music],i yay pepperoni no hot dog oh no,i got hot dogs,oh its even dripping,[Music],okay,[Music],not in your cake,[Music],please be rice krispie or a banana or a,raisin,pepperoni a bro you need some meat,[Music],oh look at these kids theyre just,swimming and my cake mix,[Music],pepperoni,[Music],bad i guess compared to hot dog,i think my cake is ruined already,all right lets pour you in,oh its pink too,what are the chances im gonna give it a,mix so i dont see the hot dogs anymore,its kind of grossing now,okay that looks better,i still see hot always there,lets see what else,lets see,corn corn oh,i normally like corn but,not in my cake are you putting in the,whole can no ill put in,three spoons of corn,we got my corn here,one,two,be careful sour patches raining corn,three and im gonna eat a spoon too,all right i guess its my turn,get again bears,all right theyre so cute theyre small,theyre really small,all right,awesome,your turn,lets see,i want some raisins oh,banana,i guess thats okay can you hear me the,banana please,oh thank you this is a baby banana,mmm looks good,i dont know about my cake,but,i guess im making banana,bread,cake,well there you have it kids,its a healthy cake all right here we go,pepperoni pepperoni rice krispies,here you go,thats a big box thats a really big box,lets dump it in,youre putting a lot in there whoopsie i,think thats good,all right,all right my turn,marshmallows whats this,skittles,taste the rainbow,all right come on skittles,look at that,go ahead princess fam okay,pepperoni raisins ooh i like raisins no,all right,go on then,come out come out,come on raisins,there we go,all right lets see what i get,marshmallows,life savers,lifesaver gummies,this is one of my favorites i got a,green one and,a red one and a pink one,and,orange one and red and red and one for,me,all right were going in again,[Music],pringles,i get more crunchy stuff,ew honey mustard though,are you gonna like squeeze it in here,yeah im gonna have to,im gonna have to break it apart,here we go,all right lets see,[Music],uh-oh,you got pepperoni didnt you,my cake is ruined you are doing so good,i was doing so good,why,why,why,its like a pizza now,why,i got fruit snacks thats yummy,[Music],why is it so dark oh there,there you go some color in my cake,all right lets see,maybe some marshmallows please,oh,bunny crackers oh rice i like these,these are chocolate bunny crackers,and let me add a whole bunch in there,to make up the pepperoni,im gonna add one more,all right thats good,nice youre gonna get cool i know,theyre so good okay and i got,swedish fish i like swedish fish,here we go,there you go,thats it and then i think theres one,left there sure is,marshmallows,marshmallows,really yummy these are yummy,i think everything in here is pretty,good mine is the pepperoni,i dont know where that came from,all right i think im good,so we have my cake,you look at those hot dogs,yuck,and then we have mine here so yummy mine,is the pepperonis,all right lets mix it together okay,oh forgot about this corn,hey mine looks pretty i mean for the,most part mine looks crazy,oh my goodness im really scared to eat,this,oh this is a lot of cake mix yup,flatten it out,make it beautiful,yours is so smooth yeah and it doesnt,look bad at all because its hiding,everything including the hot dogs,okay were all done,[Music],okay and then were gonna put it in the,oven for 25 minutes,all righty im gonna stick mine on this,side and princess fans on this side,all right cake well see you in a little,bit,its almost done yay,lets get it out,there goes my cake,and,[Music],here goes princess cheesecake,all right well just leave it here and,let it cool down,i think our cake is ready i know i smell,it,it smells good ah except i see a,pepperoni right here look at that do you,see a hot dog on yours,nope it looks pretty normal actually so,oh oh,oh im gonna put this pink icing on mine,im gonna put this little icing on mine,open it up and see,oh look at this pink i love it oh this,blue is super blue,princess finger cake is so much prettier,than mine,well mine just looks weird its okay,just ice it itll look much better,cover up all your flaws,put this hot pink icing on,right here are you gonna add sprinkles,to yours i sure am,im gonna add some of your sprinkles and,some of my sprinkles all right lets,throw them on,oh pretty,oh this looks pretty,okay i think its time to taste it all,right lets cut our cake im gonna cut,you slice and mia slice,kinda scared though me too,[Music],all righty,so far so good,yeah i think i got a gummy or something,please dont have a pepperoni on my,piece,whoa,be careful it went sideways,all right now lets try your cake first,okay okay im gonna get a bite of this,should i try the piece with the hot,chocolate piece of the hot dog what is,this i have something weird right here i,dont know what it is in this corner,hmm,all right im just gonna try it,i didnt get anything you didnt get,anything no,i have a piece of hot dog,online oh my goodness,how is it,its kind of,its like,a corner,give me a hot dog,all right here you go oh my goodness,okay lets try this,[Music],its like,eating a sweet,corn dog yeah its actually corn its,actually pretty good but its like a,sweet corn dog yeah okay lets try mine,i dont know what this is theres,something brown right here its probably,pepperoni it might be my pepperoni im,gonna try that i found a pepperoni in,mine,yummy i found it and corn,oh my pepperoni okay,all right lets try this,no that wasnt pepperoni,mmm,it was a chocolate bunny cracker,what did you get,the core is so weird,and i got,something punchy oh my gosh its so,nasty,[Music],i think you won,this one i really think your hot dog,cake tastes actually pretty good,compared to my pepperoni yeah,kids let us know what you think and let,us know if you tried this challenge and,what was in your cake if youd like more,challenges please give this video a,thumbs up and subscribe bye,bye,[Music],you

GIANT Size Christmas Cookies Baked for Santa with Princess Squad

I think my snowman is gonna have a lets,see a purple hat yeah lets do that,Oh to Sarah loved princess toysreview oh,look at these cookies in fact I review -,some provisions its princess team-high,Prince of princes and says damn hi,Prince and princesses its princess,granny its the night before Christmas,and were gonna be baking some cookie,wheres Anna step one were going next,were going to add our eggs one and two,were gonna be adding butter we got two,sticks and we kind of pumped it in the,microwave for a bit to make it a little,bit softer so were just gonna put it in,there next for the water so I have one,that tablespoon here Im gonna need two,so Im gonna measure out one more and in,it goes angry and he gets to mix mix mix,make sure youre asking a dog for help,and youll make it you mix it and you,mix it till late start is it done yet,yeah me see ya Mixy Mixy is done so,were gonna make some giant giant,cookies for Santa so were just gonna,kind of share our dough here now we are,going to work in our dough squeeze,squeeze squeeze,powdery still you dont know how to do,it then I dont have a problem because,grannys a baker I think I got my dough,[Music],you will see when its done Im gonna,make a square all right so lets see we,have some Andes mint here I love these,this is white chocolate M&Ms,marshmallows and this is milk chocolate,over here I think Im gonna make some,chocolate wine Im gonna make some more,Im gonna make some marshmallows in my,belly,Im just gonna sprinkle some on ah Im,gonna roll mine in like so in the middle,work it into the dough oh Im just gonna,add up you know Im just gonna push him,in my nice creamy Im doing kind of,something similar to granny since mines,already in a nice square and then were,just gonna Pat you in like next I got me,a perfect circle cutter over here and,just awesome now lets put it all right,lets go,[Music],thats where youre going to frost it so,we have lots of colors here,theres green purple red white pink and,blue Im definitely gonna have to go,with white but we could share if you,guys need white – I definitely have to,go with green we cant share the green -,Im definitely gonna go with purple so,if a notice from me,were going into the purple Im gonna,grab a bunch and Im just gonna school I,love love the color it makes me super,happy so I got my whole bunch yeah I,think my strategy is just making a whole,bunch on and then Ill spread it out,there we go,and now were just gonna spread it in,circles yeah I wanna put some green all,over way I spread it in circles like,princess here I think shes on to,something I think my snowman is gonna,have a lets see a purple hat yeah lets,do that,[Music],now Im gonna do the hot but I think I,changed my mind I think Im gonna go,with pink instead so here Dan was open,her up and I got pink on the inside,and were just gonna make hot pink so I,put some white frosting in it and Ill,put some chocolate frosting in the bag,awesome so online Im just gonna draw in,some lines and this is gonna be kind of,like my ribbon you know were gonna do,three more lines in total,oh my grannys gonna put some chocolate,on her top secret cookie oh oh here we,go,I know what your top secret is you do,yep but Im not gonna ruin it for our,friends oh dont figure it out Vince do,you know already you dont just stay,tuned okay gonna put some eyeballs on my,snowman and I think Im gonna make it,some big jumble eyeballs like so,[Music],all right right now you probably know,what Im making here here you like it,present a theory that gorringe,next for some lipstick and so lets draw,like so and Im just gonna go away Im,gonna put some gold sixlets in ah and,now Im gonna make sense of a bowl Im,gonna use these pearls here and Im,gonna use the pink in the blue and Im,just gonna alternate on the colors okay,Im gonna put pink sprinkles on my snow,bunny hat so here we go and Im just,gonna sprinkle all of this in this,pretty pink color,[Music],alright Im finishing up on my bows okay,Im gonna add a fill on my snow woman on,the side,here and then were gonna come out this,way and come out,okay I think were gonna add some blush,here in here with this sprinkle so were,just gonna put some blush there and some,blush here,grannys just adding a little bit more,chocolate to make it all more visible,now I must write then Im gonna add some,chocolate sprinkles right up here in his,hair,Wow its he just the cutest gal time to,put it on a plate for Santa so be very,careful all right,oh I think its nice and hard here be,careful granny I can help you play ID,were all done we have our milk and we,have our note to Santa I think its like,go to sleep now,[Applause],right and this one is for fences pretty,cookies – Sara love Princess toysreview,oh look at these cookies theyre,gigantic,this one is from Princes fam and look,at that nice bow she made me its the,first gift I got all year and is this a,snow woman this must be from princess T,and the Grinch that was fifo princess,granny lets try it,hmm princess fear makes a great cookie,lets try the snow woman and lastly,grannys humongous Grinch,granny makes a good cookie and lastly we,have to have our milk all right,tired of delivery the rest of these,presents,[Music],[Music]

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I Switched All Her Slime Ingredients with Different Ingredients! Slime Joke!

check that out shes never gonna know,princess toy review,hey bruises fam buy orange for you enjoy,Ill see you school bugger this BAM,unpause give me this orange whoa I need,to prepare class for today not a good,good morning princess Sam,Apple got something for todays class,you go get food colouring to make our,favorite color flag then you go in and,make me some activator while Im gone,Ill be right back yeah sure okay so in,activator we usually have baking soda,and we have to contact lens solution so,a minute theres two sets of glues and,it looks like princess gray already made,one,Ill be right back,luckily I always have my funny jokes bag,ready and since princess T played the,pot chalice and ate my chips,were gonna play a little bunny funny on,her just gonna switch out some Oprahs,mime ingredients that way her slide,never gonna become high alright since,princess granny asked me to make the,activator Im gonna start with fat and,instead of our baking soda which is,super important for slime sugar Im,really curious how this is gonna turn,out okay so lets go ahead and put,another really matter how much I put in,here but yeah I think thats good and,then instead of contact information Im,just gonna use water because its clear,too lets pour some man kind of similar,to how much,oh wow this looks really similar guns,okay maybe a little less bubbly but Im,gonna go ahead and put this up in the,key size so I dont mix it up next Im,gonna do a switcheroo on the glutes so,luckily I have two hand soaps that are,very similar in color were gonna start,by putting our glue and these beakers,because I dont want to be wasteful,so I lets go ahead and pour the white,check that out shes never gonna know,this looks almost identical okay here,homemade and next whoa,I couldnt have matched the color better,even if I tried putting on the cap on,this one sliding it over on this side,and,now its time to dispose all of our,yourself,I also need sugar and water and Ill,have time to go home so Im just gonna,hide it under the table just grannies,granny spit I got the food color and I,do the activator oh thank you so much I,think we can start class today were,gonna learn how to make color slime and,welcome to makeup save half hours not,thats what we got food colouring oh my,mothers blue doing a blue we do have,blue but first we have to make our smile,with our slime ingredients okay each,have activator you have white blue and,green blue and you have glitter,let me get your balls from underneath,the table Oh Oh No for this granny I got,it Im your assistant today Ill get the,bowls,yeah welcoming so today our green blue,is very light so it is not going to make,much color were gonna cover this with,food coloring dont worry our Halloween,water colors yes your favorite color,begin our Sun it afford is it yes you,pour it in your bowl,well lets super bubbly hmm,this ones kind of pearly check out my,whoo,I cant wait to put the time in it sure,look on a pearl heres your food,coloring,we cut yellow pink green and blue so go,ahead and add it to your white blue and,make the color you love them all,what about you princess BAM theres no,purple so Im just gonna make it,yep good next Im gonna add a few drops,to one drop Ill go ahead and mix mix me,okay I learn make some blue blue super,blue like the sea blue all right now Im,gonna mix mine and oh lets check out my,pink I actually really love it so now it,is time to put in princess green tea,green whoa its so pretty,Im gonna go ahead and put in my glue,and I,really hope this doesnt take away from,my pink my clues awfully bubbly today,new glue in melted 200 so mine is,getting a little bit orange me Edward,food coloring I I think you youre,mixing too hard,yes yes yes Ill go silver cant go,wrong with silver gonna pitch in whoa,check that no make it pretty solid I,know you dont master and sprinkle some,in good princess bamboo and now its,time for a kit up a little bit out of,time you guys yeah why well get,thickened I think Im done mixing here,so lets go ahead and add my activator,Im gonna put a little in and Im gonna,mix,as we go yes yeah,oh okay,what did I do wrong I mean I added my,glue and my glue and my glare and more,glitter and the activator but mice life,is so winery I dont understand oh this,is so watery I dont get it,oh yes please not a good day princess,Pham since you did such a great job with,your slime why dont you go ahead and,help princess T fix her slide and make,it nice like yours oh if I do that Id,be your assistant for the rest of the,week,yeah I can use a good assistant okay,first of all youre gonna need to add,some glue I did I added some white glue,oh youre gonna need a new bull or,activator its not no remember earlier,we plan upon challenge and then you ate,all my chips yeah lets just go early,and then I was asked to help to make,activator and then I decided to play and,my hands are all clean I guess I wont,be needing this city of our princess BAM,know what kind of funny no I got you,good mom yeah I guess you did because I,took your chips were even now,oh okay okay this is my glue are you,sure this is real activator or not,sugar water yes you just got to take my,word for it because you cannot taste it,cuz its not safe you just have to try,it out okay you know s me I put this,clear globe in going to add my balloon,up and Im gonna mix it Im gonna use,princess Pams mixer oh look at this,blue Oh,five grand it looks like the ocean,looking better already no bubbles or,anything yeah thats really be glue all,right gonna add my clear green in time,to mix and Im gonna sing the mix it,song makes it makes it Nick look look,how pretty its like that mermaid color,oh its not quite submit blue Bob take,it now I gotta add my glitter in right,princess granny,yes glitter and then activate youre,gonna go with my silver glitter just,like earlier I can still smell my hands,it smells super silky still and now you,add activator not too much lets make,sure it see if its real activator,because if it is it will start,thickening up hey which it did its,starting to get thicker already oh,thats so pretty what happens when you,use lime ingredients well I thought,wasnt using slime ingredients earlier,yeah we didnt know didnt know shes a,slime master my Inglewood was wrong,there and I you think yeah okay lets,examine princess Ts favorite colors why,so it is,teal and it has silver sparklies and now,lets check out Princes fans line that,she made perfectly the first time,alright so its a nice coral color its,kind of pink kind of orange II and you,can see my gold glitter which song do,you like better,princess T slide or princess fan line,its time of our experiment Im gonna,take a little piece of your slack and a,little piece of yours I dont know I,think yours might take over little – I,might lighten it just a bit Im going to,put together anything oh I like it,all right this concludes todays lesson,and it is the end of our video make sure,you follow us on instagram at princess,pipes review if you like more slime,videos give this boot a thumbs up and,subscribe

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LOL Surprise Dolls in Real Life with Makeup + Dress up play at Pretend Play Hair Salon

princess vampirina spam whatd you,decide can you make me look like queen,bee,break oh i get to be gold and glittery,yes its a new product and im gonna,guess that it works really really,awesome all right are you ready glitter,me up,princess toy review,have you ever dreamed of being a lol,doll i know i have come on into princess,spams toy salon and i can make it come,to real life,make sure you call us now our phone line,is already going crazy at 777-777-0000,right yes i have you down for tomorrow,at ten oclock ill see you then thanks,wow were getting super duper busy oh,this is awesome,princess van princess pm oh hey what is,this see what im doing here i saw your,commercial the other day you did what,did you think it was awesome oh yeah and,you know what i thought what i want to,be at lowell surprise in real life too,you do,okay you have some time right now to,make me over i have i always have time,for you havent you have a seat who,should i be how should i be okay i have,my,portfolio here okay lets take a look,ooh i want to be her too shes super,cute i really love her tiara but lets,look around and see what else we have we,have,leading baby you look awesome as leading,baby thank you queen bee,mer baby no no no you know what i,definitely want queen bee,vampirina,whatd you decide can you make me look,like queen bee,of course thats an easy one and its so,appropriate youre gonna go from a,princess to a queen,im gonna put it right here so i can,make sure i make you look just like her,im excited for my makeover im super,excited i know youre gonna be beautiful,or even more beautiful so im gonna get,started by putting this cover on you to,make sure we dont get your clothes,dirty im a princess you are a princess,before we get started would you like a,haircut and a trip yes please all right,so lets go ahead and turn you around,here,awesome,and were just going to brush brush,brush a little bit,wow you have really nice long hair,princess tea thank you i grow it myself,oh nice you must water it a lot i do,okay so were just gonna comb it a bit,here good and im going to take my,scissors where is it up right here,and im not gonna cut much off because i,know princess tea likes her hair nice,and long,im just gonna cut off the ends here all,right were gonna bring some up like so,and were just gonna give princess tea,a few layers here,hows it look hows it look it looks,wonderful so this part youre not really,gonna notice yet but were gonna make,some big changes real soon okay okay all,right all done all right now the back is,nice and cut im just gonna trim your,veins just a little bit because that lol,doll does have just a little bit bangs,all right now lets get started were,gonna need to make,two buns on the top of your head all,right lets do it first things first,were going to need to split princess,teas hair,right down the middle like,so,and im going to take one side,and were going to bring it up,as high as we can,and then were just going to,spin her hair like so,its a good thing your hair is really,nice and full,because i think,itll make some really nice buns ooh im,excited,all right and then once we have it up,here,all i have to do is oh sorry i gotta,kinda,move on over like that were just gonna,take this hair tie and were going to,loop it around,twice,i definitely have a bun on my head what,do you think i think its really cute,awesome all right now im gonna do the,same thing on the other side,were going to take the other half bring,it up as high as we can,and then again,were going to,twist,and were just going to twist it around,like so im loving it already its super,cute i think you should do this do more,often all right im all done,whoa,check out the buns on my hair,and my new bangs what do you guys think,i like it so far oh thats looking,wonderful but now its time for the best,part of your hair whats that,were going to spray it with this,glitter gold spray oh i get to be gold,and glittery yes its a new product and,im gonna guess that it works really,really awesome all right are you ready,glitter me up all right make sure you,close your eyes,and ill just cover you like this and,were gonna spray,[Music],how is it how is it it is,beautiful i cant wait i cant wait for,you to see it too its so pretty lets,spray the rest of your hair to make sure,its evenly glitterified,oh my gosh princess tea,i adore it right now time for the bangs,im gonna put my hand here and were,just going to spray spray spray all,right thats the finishing touch how,does it look how does it look it looks,beautiful,all right so im going to put this away,and well turn you around just so you,can take a look okay okay let me see,take a look closer whoa,check it out its really glittery and,gold and super shimmery i love it,whoa i love love love it,now its time for the next part whats,that were gonna do your makeup lets do,it i think im gonna need this handy,dandy palette here because it has all,of the colors,what color are you gonna do with my eyes,well i think for queen bee were gonna,go something neutral were gonna do some,gold and were gonna do some brown okay,lets do it were gonna start on the,inner corners were gonna take some of,this beautiful gold thats gonna match,her dress,and were just gonna apply it inside,like this,okay,and then well do the same to the other,side all right im done with the gold,now lets go in with this brown right,here,i really like it its a nice neutral,color and then im gonna add it,to the edges like so all right i think,her eyeshadow looks beautiful what do,you think how does it look it looks,great now we just need to add on the,eyeliner lets see wheres my eyeliner,oh here it is,all right princess tea again youre,gonna need to close your eyes chin up,for me,and,were going to draw real close to her,lash line,like so and then were going to draw a,little wing like so,awesome it looks very dramatic,im gonna go ahead and give you this,little mirror so you can take a look,whoa,it looks just like the lol eyeliner that,they have on their eyes next are your,cheeks were going to need to put on,some,blush color,so i have these colors here on the,bottom,i think im going to go with a little of,a darker tone here and im gonna have,you make the kissy face,yep,and were just gonna add on some,here,right on your cheekbone and were gonna,go to the other side and do the same,thing over here you have some nice,cheekbones princess tea thank you ah and,now for the lips,all right what color well i have all,these colors here but i think queen,bees color is very similar to this one,here im gonna take some of this pretty,pink here its a little darker of a pink,and,pucker up,were just gonna add it right on,top perfect,im loving this lip color on you,amazing work all right so now,we need to get you into your queen v,outfit oh im so excited yep and its,really great how i do it how,but,you gotta turn around princess tea you,cant see my magic whoa,lets see thats odds right here,all right,you ready,bippity bop turn princess tea outfit,into queen bees outfit,look at my dress its black and gold oh,my goodness it looks beautiful and it,fits you perfectly wow princess man,thats amazing,i absolutely love it too,but were still missing a few things,what are we missing i think youre,missing your magic shoes oh i need some,shoes all right ill be right back,oh my god this is so adorable i love it,im so glad i came here here we go some,shoes,lets finish tying your shoes i,definitely feel like a queen all right,whoa,all right so now lets compare all right,my,lol surprise queen bee on paper and my,in real life queen bee what do you guys,think but but what wait,because youre very very special i want,to add a special touch for yours what,special touch all right here we go,i feel super special what do you guys,think,all right lets take a look,whoa,check this out i definitely look like,queenie,welcome to our fashion show we have,queen bee in real life,[Music],okay prince and princesses thats the,end of todays episode

LOL Surprise Dolls in Real Life MERBABY Make Up + Dress Up Play at Pretend Hair Salon

were going to put you to the test today,what are we doing youre going to trans,me into an lol surprise doll hopefully,it turned out good let me take a peek oh,is it purple very very purple,princess toy review,i just got done putting on this lol,surprise wallpaper here weve been,having lots and lots of calls since our,commercial its getting way too busy for,me working by myself so princess tea is,about to get here and were going to,train her how to do a little surprise in,real life,where is she she was supposed to be here,like 10 minutes ago,[Music],im here im here i made it you made it,to your first day there was a little bit,traffic and then there was a train and,then there was an accident and then and,then the lady was crossing the street,very very very very slowly but im here,now,and now youre taking up a couple more,minutes of our time,okay well im here for my first day of,the toy hair salon okay all right so,were going to put you to the test today,what are we doing youre going to trans,me into an elo surprise doll oh which,one,lets see we have queen bee,oh we also have a winter baby,we have a mer baby sis swing,wait a minute wait a minute i think,were gonna go with mer baby shes super,popular,okay lets do it first things first we,must take our pitcher and we put it on,our mirror okay so make sure that we,have a good guide right here merv baby,im gonna make princess vm into you we,gotta dye your hair but what what what,one step at a time okay we must be,patient because we have to do a good job,first i must give you my apron here for,you to use,okay let me put this on,look at me i look so,professional,now that im all set lets start your,hair yeah,wait a minute,i forgot this,we gotta put,a cape on you so that you can become,even more of a princess,awesome good job take your hair out okay,now lets look for the color purple oh,there it goes we got purple,close your eyes,get right here and we get on the other,side of you,bring,it evenly okay i think were good now,next youre going to grab this hair,towel here and youre going to wrap all,of my hair,okay,so here we go and im going to put this,here,all right and then im going to make,sure your hair is all the way in here,tuck it under so it can activate the,purple dye and,all done,wow this is a nice fit here good job im,a professional almost almost you almost,forgot to add heat to my oh okay let me,get the blow dryer and,oh it feels so nice to get pampered,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],keep smiling keep styling sonny says now,what,now while we wait for the hair to change,color i usually move on to the makeup,okay close your eyes,okay so we gotta go over to the makeup,over here,okay theres this palette and like a,shoe palette lets open this up,oh,check this out,let me see what color this other giant,palette has,thats sheila she oh this one has a lot,of colors okay i think im gonna start,with lets see over here,her eyebrows are purple so i need to get,a brush here and lets see if i can find,a tiny tiny brush,to put on your eyebrows okay so she has,like a light purple i think were gonna,go with this light purple right here let,me get good,color on there there we go tap tap tap,all right close your eyes,okay lets see over here we have your,eyebrows let me just add some purple to,it oh yeah let me add some more were,gonna get more purple right here tap tap,tap and,there we go theres some purple on there,let me blow,okay well i i dont think you should do,that to to,yeah to people they may not like that oh,okay okay next time i wont okay let me,do the other eyebrow,see what do you guys think do i look,funky with purple eyebrows oh you look,super cool okay now lets do your under,eye next i dont know if my baby has a,color under there but im just gonna go,with,lets go with this brush and were gonna,put some,mermaids or blue so were gonna put a,blue underneath which blue should i pick,princess fam,lets see well maybe we could match her,eyes so probably one of these would be,good okay im gonna go with this blue,right here,im just gonna get it on the tip and,then im gonna put it on her under eye,look up,okay and let me just,put it right here,and then were gonna do the other side,whoa so pretty,lets see oh i know eyeliner is next,okay so i have my brushes and oh,here we have the eyeliner so,lets draw it on there close your eyes,she has like a cat eyeliner so ill put,that on you,[Music],okay i think i got it but you cant look,okay what do you guys think did i do a,good job open your eyes,[Music],whats next,oh blush okay oh okay so here we have,some blush,colors let me see its kind of more pink,so we have the blush brush,and lets go with this one here and,cheese or actually go like this,like a fish there you,go im just gonna put some blush right,here on the apples of your cheeks and,then were gonna do the other side,dab dab dab there we go,soften it up a little bit and then well,do the same to the other side okay,hmm whats missing now,i know lipstick okay,so we have lots of colors to pick from i,actually like,this in this palette this frozen palette,here,and then if you open it there are some,lip colors and i think this ones mer,babys lip colors,all righty and then let me put it on,there,[Music],lets see,i think we may be all done with your,face,what do you guys think so far,how did princess tea do,all right now that my makeups all done,you could probably go ahead and check,out my hair i think its about ready too,okay lets see,lets,take it out,hopefully it turned out good let me take,a peek,very very purple,whoa,oh my goodness it looks so good,princesses,it really does the color is perfect but,wait a minute she has braids in her hair,she has four in the bottom and two on,top so were gonna start like show and,then im gonna divide this into three i,have one,two,and three,sections,and then were just gonna braid it,so we got half the head done and im,gonna spin you around,to do,the other half,okay lets turn you three two one,[Music],wow,it looks,absolutely amazing i mean the hair color,is perfect the styling is perfect the,makeup is amazing,my eyebrows match my hair,but theres still more whats missing we,need our outfit,where did i get that at do you have like,a closet full of lol outfits that we,could pick from or what,nope i actually have a little magic,trick magic trick,but come here ill show you okay okay,all right so,its actually in this brush set here,where is it where is it ah its right,here its this one that looks like a fan,and this is what i use,and what you do is you point to me and,as long as you start with bippity,boppity boo,whatever you say after that happens,so i can wish for lots of toys,[Music],you could but you want to save the magic,for all of our lols and real life,transformations oh okay can i try yep,bippity boppity boo turn princess spam,to mer baby,[Applause],check out my fin,and i even have a pink top with some,seashells whoa,whoa,it looks like my babys outfit did i do,a good job you did a wonderful job yes,am i hired am i hired well youre almost,hired i think you may be missing,something what are we missing look at,the picture,lets see lets see,i know im missing some pearls on your,head,i found the pearls,okay im gonna put it on your head,so theres two of them,okay and then,throw it on,oh check out its so pretty,i love it,what do you think,do you guys know what time it is i know,what time it is time for our fashion,show lets go lets go,welcome to princess teas first lol,surprise in real life fashion show,im gonna present you with,mer baby,[Music],okay thats the end of todays episode,of the toy hair salon with princess fam,as an lol surprise in real life dont,forget to follow us on instagram at,princess toys review if you like more,lol surprise in real life give this,video a thumbs up and subscribe bye,present princesses,bye,[Music],[Music]

BIRTHDAY PARTY: DIY Paw Patrol Cake with SURPRISE Inside Cake Smash Vlog with Ryan & Princess T

princess toy review – in princess Jackie,today were gonna bake a cake for a,birthday were just using some yummy,yellow Kay,[Music],and then it calls for three egg,[Music],and lets turn it on,[Applause],[Music],I think its ready,lets check so good then were making a,small cake I have these small cake pan,lets fill them up okay its ready lets,make our cake,[Music],Oh well come back and check out in 30,minutes okay while were for the cake,lets start on our design,[Music],it smells really good,lets check out our eight,[Music],while I wait and I keep the cool lets,make our buttercream first were gonna,add the butter,[Music],lets add the sugar,[Music],I think its ready lets put some blue,food coloring in there,[Music],[Applause],lets get them root rot see the cakes,are done lets get them out of the pan,[Music],lets carve the cake into it HT wish me,luck,[Music],lets add the third layer Ive had a,hole in it because were going to,surprise right and put it on a plane,this is a toy we got earlier its not,Hot Wheels car here we go Oh bye-bye,lets cover it up lets put the designs,on here it is lets put some rats on,were done lets go to Ryans party its,easy cheese were gonna get it for Ryan,cause he knows cheese and cracker,[Music],lets grab this car it looks really cool,its black ankle,I can drink color,well hello member you for the jeez,yeah I want this Marvel Avengers look,Im Batman maybe we should get this for,Ryan

Trading Fidget Toys Challenge!

[Music],three items for one you guys totally,ripped her off,[Music],hey princess squad its t and sparkles,and today were going to be playing the,fidget trading game challenge,so we saw this viral game on tick tock,and they have a whole bunch of apps that,you can play this fidget training game,challenge but were going to play in,real life yes so here i have my fidget,box i got all my fidget goodies in here,i have puppets a pineapple one,lots of dimple this is a dimple fidget,spinner we also have lots of stress,balls,i even have this super stress ball right,here but we cant show how we have you,guys,calm down i have,better things look at this pop tube,right here its super cool i need to,have some poppets check out,this i dont even want to say what it is,i dont want her to know,all right lets walk paper scissors to,see whos gonna put stuff down first,and rock paper scissors oh thats gonna,be me oh my goodness okay lets see what,do i have my goodie bin,put down something good lets go whats,this,hold on you guys let me show you guys it,pops,and it spins oops,ive been wanting that i know she,doesnt have it,oh i know im gonna trade you something,youve been wanting,[Music],lets see what you got in there a monkey,noodle,just one,this is so cool what am i gonna do with,one monkey noodle like hey,like seriously another monkey noodle at,least one more i mean look theres three,puppets on,you know you here it its a fidget,spinner and,a puppet like a dimple like in one of,these things i mean you know you want i,know i know what youre okay here you go,oh a squishy,mochi its a cute little dinosaur,but i cant play with like two monkey,noodles and a squishy yes you can,okay,i give you,another one a little cute one,what do you guys think would you accept,leave a comment let me know yeah okay,all right,yes yes we get to trade i got me some,monkey noodles and some little squishy,mochi i think i got the better deal you,guys i dont know,well i was too cheap to buy this at the,mall so,it works out,all right let me open this up okay lets,see what i can give her,one of these,[Music],okay lets start lets start with this,were going to start with this all right,forgot for the stress balls,and,one of these,see im not being cheap im giving you,two items,what you got to offer,you know ive been wanting those two,like that,oh its so cool you cant touch but you,cant have you no,oh i know,i will trade you,this i just think,[Music],in,your favorite colors oh man,i dont have one of these,i will also throw,this,oh my goodness,oh my goodness i think,and then i got this little guy,interesting,cant be any better than my cold so,satisfying look at this,i know,i,will trade you this,trending,puppet oh croc,but,just just one croc,hey if youre gonna do that its worth,some value youre gonna have to throw,down something for this one,what do i have in here that you might,want,what about a slime liquor,you know what ill give you two slime,liquors,for another,youre gonna have to do better if you,want that other shoe,agree,you know what i already played with this,i already made,my chocolate fidget pop it with this im,done with it so here i will add that in,for you too,for another crop,because i cant just have one,you got yourself uh oh let me make sure,theres nothing else you got yourself a,deal yes,were cheating oh my goodness you guys i,got me some new,croc inspired pocket shoes lets try it,out,lets see here,oh,all right my turn you guys i think im,done with this like ive been playing,with it for about a week now and this is,like that super stress ball with like,some kind of like snow or something on,the inside,you can like bang on it if youre super,stressed stretch it out just,you listen,oh i want that im gonna offer you this,item what are you gonna offer something,good,i know,ill offer you,this are you serious i gave you that,item,[Music],me more,i know you got better stuff in the box,seriously,its cute,seriously its cute but almost like an,ultra rare look you cant even like this,is so much bigger than that like,seriously,okay,oh,this rainbow pop it,oh literally and brian who knew i dont,have a rainbow puppet yall you do not,would you take the deal i mean,for this dress ball,or,this this is kind of cool,this cute little octopus and a rainbow,poppet hmm,its a hard one,you know i would be nice ive been,playing with this all week long,three items for one you guys totally,ripped her off,all right so lets see,i think ive played with this like a,bunch of times already,i will offer you my,jumbo,top tubes oh,i dont have jumbo pop dude you do not,what would i give her i mean better be,some bingo,i know ima do,what about,a monkey noodle,two monkey noodles two monkey noodles,for two jumbo pop tubes,i mean look at it,so cool,like,so fun see,[Music],well finally i get to put the eyes back,in my box,i lied i mean when i was putting it down,i was like yeah im gonna,trade it but,i cant let this,way to rub it in,[Music],all right so its my turn now let me dig,in my little bin,[Music],i know this is like has to be the,coolest pocket ever its like a tie-dye,pop-it its like my favorite pocket it,works so wonderfully,and its in this beautiful tiger color i,know shes been eyeing it i know im not,gonna lie it really does pop really well,like really well,a little bit,for this,beautiful tie-dye pocket that pops so,well,you know,[Music],ill offer you,my giant pop tube,just one nose,hey that one goes a long way,im gonna need something else,like,something else to spike up the view,okay but i really got what i really,really wanted i thought that was a fair,deal what are you guys doing,since i have this,jumbo rainbow one,i guess ill trade this,rainbow,popsicle toppings but does it even pop,well um yes im about to show you,see oh it actually does pop well,im gonna have a little bit that i dont,want let me see,[Music],oh i know,she doesnt have these you guys its a,wacky chat,i know you dont have these so you cant,even tell say that im ripping you off,because its two for one,ice cream popping for me you guys,hey this is pretty cool though,oh my goodness that was like so much fun,so much fun and got tons of new goodies,doing business with you,likewise now lets dig in our bin and,see which collection you guys like more,okay so for mine i got,these beautiful puppet crocs that,actually pops,we also got,not one,but two,jumbo,beginning to think it was and you can,connect them,so,i got that part of my collection,i got my puppets that i got from her,rainbow ice cream and a rainbow you guys,i also have,this little guy here,a pineapple puppet,i got these dress squeeze ball i gave,this to her but she gave it back but you,know this one was my,favorite tell how i did that,i dont know,yeah,what else do i have i have these monkey,noodles,also got some fidget spinners jeans what,all do you have in there this is my,collection okay,oh yeah we got these from here too you,guys check these out,these cute little mochi squishies,oh oh and this you can play with it for,hours,infinity cube,and i didnt even show her this one this,is like super cool this is like my,origami cube its kind of like an,infiniti well why didnt you throw that,out to trade its too late now,what you got in the open well,these,tracks right here,a jumbo squishy stress ball,nice size almost,a jumbo puppet,two,very hard to find slime lookers,you dont have these,some different texture,monkey noodles totally different from,you didnt even show me those i didnt,because these feel so much cooler,my tie-dye super loud puppet that i,really like,my squeeze ball,it just gets better and better,my,pop it,fidget spinner thing here,just wait you guys see how i feel youre,pulling stuff out there forever,one mochi,two,three,four,five,six super cute mochi you didnt even,show me that cute one right there,because i like this cute little fella is,that all you have or is there more in,there thats all i have,oh man she really got some cool stuff,that she didnt offer,maybe next time,okay you guys which coll

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