1. Princeton Review LSAT Prep Review 2022 (Is It Worth It?)
  2. Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course Review (MUST WATCH)
  3. Kaplan vs Princeton Review LSAT 2022 (Which Course Is Better?)
  4. Kaplan vs Blueprint vs Princeton Review LSAT (Which Is Best?)
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Princeton Review LSAT Prep Review 2022 (Is It Worth It?)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testrepinsight.com today im going to be,reviewing the lsat prep course from,princeton review im going to break down,what features you get with this course,how it works a cost comparison and of,course my thoughts on whether i think,its worth it and who it might be best,for so if youre ready weve got a lot,to cover lets hit it,[Music],all right welcome back so to kick things,off i just want to mention up front here,that since ill just be sort of limited,to talking about the major highlights,and low lights in this video today if,you find you need more detail at any,point you can always check out our full,detailed written review over on our,website this way to get there is just a,google test prep insight prints and,review lsat review its a quick way to,find it okay so lets kick this review,off with a quick price comparison that,way you get the lay of the land for the,course formats the princeton offers and,how this course compares to other lsat,prep providers and the short story is,that princeton review offers three,different options theyve got a,self-paced course which runs for around,800 bucks a fundamentals course that,runs for around 1100 and their lsat 165,plus format that runs for around 2100,they do sometimes offer a bootcamp style,immersion course depending on the season,but those three that i just mentioned,are your standard offerings so stacking,princeton review up against competitors,theyre right in line with kaplan test,masters and blueprint but more expensive,than budget providers like magoo,shellsatlab and sevensage theyre,squarely in the middle of that more,expensive bucket of lsat courses though,i would just note that princeton does,frequently earn sales and special,promotions and a lot of times you can,find their packages on sale so do be,sure to check the description below,before buying ill do my best to keep,that description down below the video,screen updated with the most current,discount codes that might be out there,maybe you can save yourself some coin if,you decide to go with princeton review,in my experience you can usually save 50,to 100 on their fundamentals course and,250 or more on that 165 plus course,and on the point of that 165 plus course,i do just want to quickly touch on that,yes princeton does offer a package that,guarantees youll get a score of 165 or,better which is something i have not,seen with any other prep provider though,i would just know to watch out for the,minimum starting score thresholds there,are some fairly strict requirements to,qualify for that promise ill link those,down below in the description if you,want to check those out,okay so with that quick price comparison,out of the way lets break down how the,princeton review lsat course works and,what you get before moving into my,thoughts lets start with the high level,look at the organization,so you can attack the material in the,princeton course in one of two ways,through their syllabus or by subject,essentially the study material is all,broken out into these little chunks and,you can tackle it by following the,recommended approach i.e the syllabus or,one at a time by subject grouping if you,go by subject grouping the material is,broken out into four buckets one for,each of the three sections of the exam,plus an overarching bucket for test,taking strategy,but assuming you follow their suggested,study plan heres how that works there,are 24 units to complete in total each,of which contains one to four lessons,and its these lessons that are the,basis of your daily studying where you,should aim to complete one or two,lessons per day and heres what they,look like every lesson is basically a,gated module you open up the lesson it,pops out into a standalone box in your,browser and you work through a series of,videos exercises and drills and id say,the best way to describe them is,segmented with checkpoints or gates you,watch a video lesson then you can move,on to a series of practice problems you,complete those then you move on to an,ordering drill complete that then you,move on to some true false questions etc,etc its actually a pretty cool,integrated approach to teaching that,ill talk about more here in a minute,but in any event you keep tackling these,lessons one at a time until you finish,all the units and thats about it finish,the units finish the coursework and,wrapped around this primary set of,coursework you also get access to a,qbank which allows you to build custom,quizzes filtered down by a number of,factors full length practice exams which,you can take at any time hardcopy prep,books which are integrated into the,coursework as part of your assignments,and some other resources like,performance analytics but of course that,really only describes the self-paced,on-demand course if you opt for either,princetons fundamentals course or 165,plus course you also get live online,classes if you go with one of these,packages the classes actually become the,basis of your coursework not those gated,modules those online lessons will still,be there for you to work if you want to,but your focus will instead be on the,live classes and in short the classes,basically follow the material in those,lesson modules but with much greater,depth the instructors add a ton of,detail and side tips and really slow,things down to work sample problems,answer questions and work things out on,a whiteboard and thats pretty much it,in terms of how the princeton review,lsat course works and i know i covered,that really fast so if you do want to,see a more detailed breakdown of exactly,how this course plays out be sure to,check out that full detailed written,review that i mentioned ill have it,linked down below in the description i,have more detail over there so you can,get a better feel for what to expect,and by the way if i could just say we,work really hard to produce honest,helpful and informative content all,totally free so if princeton does end up,being the right choice for you wed,really appreciate it if you use those,links listed down below in the,description thats how you can support,our channel and it allows us to keep,creating these types of helpful review,videos and if it turns out that,princeton review is not a great match,for you its no problem at all i just,want to make sure you get matched up,with the right prep course and we have a,ton of other helpful review videos that,you can check out,okay now that ive covered how the,prints review course works the features,that you get in pricing lets get into,what i like and what i dont like about,princeton and whether i think its worth,it lets start with the things that i,really like and the first thing that,really jumped out at me is the course,design i love this structure that,princeton review has created with these,gated learning modules its really,streamlined and efficient they smartly,organize the material in each learning,module so you progress from learning the,basics to watching examples to testing,your knowledge with drills to applying,them in practice with real problems and,when combined with this cool kind of,gated approach its really effective,all right so number two the live classes,basically i was a big fan of princetons,live classes i think because princeton,review has been at it for so long,theyve really got these classes down,they know exactly what they can get,through in a set amount of time you,never have one of those classes where,theyre rushing to squeeze a material in,the last five minutes before everyone,walks out the door because they,overestimated how much they could get,done the classes are organized efficient,and the instructors do a great job of,teaching the material and keeping,everyone on track,okay so my third pro is the prep books,if youre the type of student that loves,hard copy prep books princeton review is,going to be your best bet in else at,prep except for maybe kaplan these books,are well written and concise and i,personally think they make really good

Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course Review (MUST WATCH)

whats up guys john ross here from,testprepinsight.com and today we are,here to talk about the princeton review,lsat prep course,now as we do with all of the courses we,review our team of test prep experts has,actually purchased this course,used it to study and play around with,all the features it has to offer,so now were ready to bring you our,final opinion and verdict on whether we,think this course is worth the money,but real quick before we get down to it,if you guys could do me a favor,subscribe to the channel,like this video and drop us a comment,below that would be hugely appreciated,were only able to bring you guys all,this awesome content totally free,through the support of you guys our,viewers so thank you now if youre ready,lets get to it,[Music],okay guys lets kick it off by talking,about pricing and course options,now princeton review gives you three,different course formats to choose from,each with its own features and price,points,these are the one self-paced course,two fundamentals course and three the,lsat 165 plus,so lets start with the self-paced,course its princetons most basic,self-study package and will run you,right around 800,this option will give you access to,on-demand video lessons practice,questions some simulated exams and,the other standard essentials that you,get with any diy course,next up the fundamentals course this is,princetons flagship offering and will,cost you just about 1100 bucks,this course is basically the same as the,self-paced but with 30 hours of live,class time lastly if youre targeting,stanford or yale or another top tier,school,princeton review is looking out for you,with their lsat 165 plus,this course guarantees a score of 165 or,better,noting some restrictions and it really,amps up the level of prep time and,material,it comes at a high price though and will,cost you almost 1700 bucks,if youre looking to save some money,here make sure to check out the,description below,princeton is always running promos on,these packages and we do our best to,round up any discounts and codes we can,grab,and always put them down below for you,to save you guys some money now that we,got the lay of the land with pricing,lets get into the weeds and talk about,quality of prep materials specifically,our thoughts on them,guys ill kick it off by saying by and,large we were very impressed with,princetons coursework,their curriculum is comprehensive it has,a great flow to it,and you just get a ton of resources,specifically youll get,150 plus hours of on-demand video,lessons,a hefty stack of prep books thousands of,practice problems,official practice tests problem,explanations,and live class sessions except obviously,for the self-paced course,guys as compared to other courses this,is a ton of study material,especially on the video lesson front,which can be a huge benefit to visual,learners,and in terms of pure volume this is,really only rivaled by kaplan and,blueprint,now in terms of the quality of these,features lets kick it off with the,video lessons,if youre the type of student that likes,to watch an instructor on screen work,working practice problems on a,whiteboard and getting that face-to-face,interaction,you might not love these videos you,never actually see a person on screen in,the princeton lessons,instead what you get is a more dynamic,type learning module than a true video,lecture,this lesson rolls through on-screen text,to notes practice problems and drills,all while an instructor voice is over,with their commentary,so while not a true video lesson we,found it to be highly effective,you can probably tell by now this is a,video review so im moving pretty,quickly here,if you want to see some samples of these,video lessons or maybe a deeper analysis,of this,make sure to check out the description,below ive got a link over to our full,website,testprepinsight.com where we have a full,written review of the princeton lsat,prep course and there we go a lot deeper,and provide a ton of detail for you guys,alright the princeton prep books so when,you sign up with princeton for their,lsat prep course youre gonna get a,hefty stack of books,and when i say hefty i mean it youre,gonna get five hardcopy books,each packed with text lessons sample,problems drills test strategies more,with these books youre definitely,getting your moneys worth theyre,detailed analytical and extremely,comprehensive,im not sure these books alone would be,enough to help you score what you want,but,when used in combination with the online,content in class sessions they are a,killer study resource,and speaking of live classes as i,mentioned at the top of this video if,you decide to roll with princetons,fundamentals or 165 plus course,youre going to get to attend a number,of live class sessions to be precise the,fundamentals course revolves around 30,hours of live class time,while the lsat 165 plus course is going,to give you 84 hours of class time,in either event we found the live,lectures we attended to be extremely,helpful,the princeton lecturers were generally,very smart and seem to be pretty,approachable as well,if youre the type of person that needs,a live class to keep you focused or,maybe you just want the extra juice you,get with live class time we were,definitely fans of the princeton classes,okay guys before we jump into the,analysis of the practice materials i,just want to real quick tell you about,the test prep insight monthly giveaway,club,every month we give 300 in amazon gift,cards to one of our lucky subscribers,just as a way of saying thank you for,the support now if you want to be,eligible for the 300,you just have to do four quick simple,things one subscribe to this channel,two like this video three drop us a,comment below,and four share a link to our website on,one of your social channels like,facebook or twitter,thats it you can do it in literally,less than a minute youre gonna get 300,in amazon cash that you can use for,whatever you like,i use it for prep books study materials,or,an ant farm i dont care whatever you,want now lets just get back to it,now at this point you might be wondering,about the quality of princetons,practice material,fear not princeton provides nothing but,official previously used lsat questions,and exams thats right,every practice question you see with,princeton whether through their online,platform,prep book or diagnostic exam has,appeared on a real lsat in the past,this is a huge benefit and it doesnt,get more realistic in terms of practice,material than what theyre offering,that said this feature is not unique to,princeton as just about every prep,company out there today uses these same,questions from elsac the makers of the,exam,just a few more quick hit points that i,want to cover before we wrap this video,up,one while we didnt find princetons,user interface to be anything special,they do offer a cool split view of their,online content that allows you to work,through the material in their suggested,order,or you can proceed through the content,based on subject which covers material,and groupings generally based on,sections of the exam,two princeton review does have a score,increase guarantee,their guarantee only promises a score,increase of at least one point,but its still a guarantee at the end of,the day and on a related note if you,take their lsat 165 plus course,as mentioned they will guarantee you a,score of 165 or better,but do note the strict terms around that,next,in terms of content access period youre,going to get 120 days of access to your,material with princeton,this is roughly 4 months it should be,plenty for most students unless youre,planning for some prolonged study period,finally on the topic of mobile apps,princeton interview doesnt have one,at least for their lsat course whether,this is a big deal to you will totally,depend on how you like to study,but i would just note that their online,platform is mobile friendly,okay team lets get down to the verdict,on princeton reviews lsat prep cours

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Kaplan vs Princeton Review LSAT 2022 (Which Course Is Better?)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be comparing the lsat prep courses,from kaplan and princeton review i did,this identical comparison back in 2020,but since then both companies have,revised and updated their study,materials so our team recently,re-evaluated and retested both of these,prep options and now its time to reveal,which one i personally think is better,this go round so if youre ready lets,get to it,[Music],okay welcome back i should just mention,up front here that since ill just be,hitting the major highlights in this,video today if you find you need more,detail at any point or if you really,want to dig into either courses,features you can always check out our,full detailed written comparison over on,our website an easy way to get there is,just to google test prep insight kaplan,vs princeton review lsat thats probably,the quickest way to find it,all right so a quick outline for this,video first im going to quickly compare,course options and pricing so that you,can get the lay of the land then from,there ill cover the areas in which i,see princeton review being better than,kaplan and vice versa before ending with,the final verdict of which company wins,and which course i would personally,choose so lets start with that pricing,both companies offer multiple course,formats for self-studier types kaplan,offers an on-demand course and princeton,offers their self-paced course both of,which cost right around 800,then for people wanting live classes,kaplans live online course costs around,1300 and includes 32 hours of live class,time while princetons fundamentals,course which includes 30 hours of class,time costs around 1100,from there both companies actually offer,a number of higher level packages based,around small class sizes personalized,instruction one-on-one tutoring and,score guarantees those packages start at,around 1500 and go up to north of five,thousand dollars but in terms of your,standard packages self-paced or live,online both of these companies are right,in the same ballpark in terms of price,however its definitely worth mentioning,that both kaplan and princeton review,regularly offer sales and special,promotions so be sure to check the,description below for coupon codes ill,drop any current discounts and deals,that i can find down there for you ive,seen these different course options,discounted by up to 15 before so make,sure to check that out before purchasing,all right so with pricing out of the way,lets briefly cover how each lsat,program generally works and the study,materials that they come with and ill,start with this both courses are very,very similar and they offer the same,general roster features they both give,you pre-recorded video lessons live,online classes a structured study plan,practice problems practice tests etc etc,basically from a 10 000 foot view the,packages look nearly identical but there,are some subtle differences and i think,those are probably best explained by,looking at where each company wins over,one another and lets start with prints,and review i have them winning on,practice problem explanations prep books,score guarantees instructor support and,a hidden built-in cost savings so lets,break those down the practice problem,explanations so in case you didnt know,just about every lsat company on earth,leverages a subscription to lsac to get,access to past official lsat problems so,the playing field is more or less level,in terms of quality of practice,questions thus the big difference,revolves around the answer solutions,that each company crafts for those,problems and i think prints and reviews,are really good every problem comes with,a detailed explanation including a,breakdown of the optimal way to approach,the question type as well as analysis of,both the correct and incorrect answer,choices i think this is super important,by analyzing each component of the,question and accompanying answer choices,itll help you start to recognize,patterns and keep you from falling into,potential traps on future problems so,overall princeton gets two big thumbs up,in this department,okay the next advantage for princeton,review are their prep books with your,princeton course the company includes,five super detailed and thoughtfully,written print books and whats cool is,that the prints and books track with and,supplement the online lessons and,materials just nice that the books are,aligned with the course rather than,purely acting as a supplemental resource,the books provide well-designed drills,practice problems lessons tips,strategies and a bunch more so bottom,line if youre more of an old-school,type of student that prefers a physical,study tool where you can highlight key,points and dog your pages then prints,review is a great option,all right so advantage number three is,the princeton review score guarantee as,i noted with a couple of their courses,prints review actually promises that,youll score 165 or higher which is,pretty crazy this is something i havent,seen with other lsat prep providers,except for maybe blueprint as you,probably know that kind of score should,be good enough to get you accepted into,some top tier law schools so thats a,pretty big deal,but with that said there is some fine,print you should definitely check out,prior to enrolling for example youll,have to meet princetons minimum,starting score threshold to qualify ill,link those details down below in the,description if you want to check them,out but still its hard to argue with,the 165 score promise just a nice,insurance policy for those of you,targeting an elite score,next up i like that if you opt for one,of princetons live class packages,youll get access to your instructor,outside of class you can email them or,set up a call to discuss difficult,problem types review homework or just,ask general strategy questions its a,pretty awesome feature not all lsat prep,companies offer this type of access so,its nice knowing that you do have your,instructor there as a backstop in case,you ever find yourself confused or stuck,on a particular question or topic,alright so last up here is that lsac,subscription that i just mentioned in a,minute ago which gives you access to all,past official lsat exams,long story short here is that princeton,review gives you access to this lsac,program for free while kaplan students,are required to pay a 99 fee in order to,get access to these practice tests so by,building in this cost it means that,princeton review is actually more,affordable than kaplan since they dont,require their students to pay an,additional hundred dollars its already,included its a small but important,point,okay so those are the pros in favor of,princeton review now lets flip the,script and cover the major advantages in,favor of kaplan and i have three of them,for kaplan volume of study material,video lessons and user experience,okay so advantage number one in their,favor is the sheer quantity of study,resources that they offer kaplan beats,princeton review when it comes to the,total video lessons in online content,180 hours vs 150 live class time 32,hours versus 30. thats comparing,kaplans live online course versus,princetons fundamentals course,and kaplan offers 300 customizable,quizzes throughout its coursework its,just a lot and while overall volume of,study materials isnt the end-all be-all,if you do plan on absolutely immersing,yourself in lsat prep over the next few,months kaplan is a good option they,offer a ton of content to keep you busy,alright so advantage number two for,kaplan is the format of their video,lessons i just like them a little more,than princeton reviews the kaplan video,lessons include an instructor in the,bottom corner of the screen a digital,whiteboard where the instructor,annotates his or her points and a chat,feature so you can ask questions and,answer live polls this is in contrast,with video lessons from princeton review,which generally do not feature an,instructor on screen

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Kaplan vs Blueprint vs Princeton Review LSAT (Which Is Best?)

hey everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be directly comparing three of the,biggest names in lsat prep,im talking kaplan vs princeton review,versus blueprint,now i personally use princeton review a,few years ago myself when i scored a 170,on the lsat,but luckily since then ive had a chance,to get under the hood of all three of,these courses,and really test out and evaluate all,their materials so i could break them,down for you here today,so i think if you keep an open mind this,video review should be all you need to,make an informed purchase decision,so if youre ready lets get to it,okay lets jump right in so let me just,start by saying that the prep courses,from kaplan princeton review and,blueprint,are all top-notch i mean honestly thats,probably why youre watching this video,in the first place,and they all generally provide the same,study materials right,like live online classes on-demand video,lessons practice tests prep books,you know the works so instead of,covering each minute detail,i think its going to be much more,helpful if i discuss the major,differences between the three companies,and what makes each one unique so you,can settle on the prep course,that best fits your personal study,preferences then at the end ill circle,back for a quick,recap summary and then ill tell you,which prep course i think,is the best overall but if at any point,during this video you want a little bit,more information or detail on kaplan,princeton review or blueprint,youve got a couple options ill drop,links down in the description below over,to each companys website which will,give you more information on those,courses directly,as well as links over to our website,where i have full detailed written,reviews on each course,or you can always just google test prep,insight best lsat courses thats a great,way to get there too,okay now lets kick off this mega,comparison by talking about blueprint,and if you leave this video with one key,takeaway regarding blueprint,it has to be their top-notch video,lessons they are the,best in the industry and its not even,close in these lessons your instructor,appears on screen,and as they break down a concept or,problem various notes,graphics and cartoons appear around them,as you can see blueprint actually tries,to make these lessons fun,which is kind of refreshing these,dynamic notes images and diagrams,when combined with a handful of,naturally funny instructors make for,some seriously interesting and engaging,lessons,but beyond the video lessons i was also,super impressed with the structure and,quality of the blueprint course,each student is provided a personalized,study plan which lays out exactly what,to study,and when which is super helpful for,staying on track,but essentially this is how the,curriculum is structured you watch a,video lesson or two,then youre given a quiz to make sure,you were paying attention and understand,the concept discussed,and then you move on to a batch of,homework which consists of drills,problem sets and more and the homework,actually adapts to your skill level as,you progress,making it easier to work your way up to,the harder concepts and from there its,rinse,lather and repeat until youre an lsat,master so all in all if youre the type,of learner who prefers super engaging,video lessons over dense textbooks as,the basis of your curriculum,and youre looking for a streamlined and,effective course structure,its just hard to beat blueprint all,things considered okay,next up is princeton review but before i,forget make sure to subscribe to our,channel,like this video and drop us a comment,below no other company does this much,research to make sure youre making the,right test prep choices,so any support you can show us really,means a lot okay so as compared to,blueprint,princeton takes more of a traditional,approach to lsat prep whereas blueprint,relies heavily on their cartoon style,on-demand video lessons and sleek new,age digital platform,princeton relies on their tried and true,learning experience that consist of live,instruction a hard copy prep book to,follow along and take notes,and group engagement this method has,worked for decades and makes princeton,review one of the safest prep options,around,and for me one of the highlights of the,princeton course is their live online,instructors,theyre really what make the princeton,course tick most have scored in a 98th,percentile or better on the lsat,themselves,and know the test inside and out which,combined with some,super strong communication skills and a,passion for their students,and the subject matter youve got a,recipe for success,and not only that your princeton review,live online instructor is also,accessible to you by phone or email,outside of class,which is a feature i personally tested,and found to be extremely beneficial,and i should also probably mention that,when comparing pricing between the,flagship courses,from princeton kaplan and blueprint,princeton review is actually the most,affordable,not by much theyre all in the same,general ballpark,youre looking at around 1100 to 1400,but princeton review does land near the,lower end of that range,with that said all three companies,regularly run discounts and special,promotions,so chances are you wont end up paying,full price anyways ill do my best to,update that text below the video screen,with any coupons or codes that might be,floating around out there to help save,you some serious cash,so make sure to check that out okay the,last course up today is,kaplan but the big takeaway here is all,about the sheer amount of lsat resources,they provide,kaplan gives you stacks on stacks on,stacks of work to do,and i mean this in the best of ways they,provide hundreds of hours of video,lessons,thousands of practice problems drills,prep book material,problem explanations and much more but,ultimately,kaplan takes more of a one-size-fits-all,approach to lsat prep,and i just wouldnt put them in the same,tier one category along with princeton,and blueprint,it just kind of feels like they havent,kept up with the times like the other,two,okay so now that ive covered the key,highlights of each course lets take a,step back so you can see each one side,by side,i think thats really going to help you,make a final decision but before i,forget i should also mention,every single month we give away a free,prep course to one of our subscribers to,help them prep,theres just three simple things you,need to do to be entered to win ill,toss those up on the screen right here,and ill also have all the details down,in the description below,its super simple really easy will take,you less than 30 seconds and you have a,chance to win a free lsat prep course,okay now lets kick it off by talking,about blueprint and the two key,takeaways,are awesome video lessons and an,effective course structure,if youre the type of student who needs,to have a little fun you know stay,energized,you want constant quizzes and homework,assignments to keep you engaged and,productive,then theres no question blueprint is,right for you with princeton the two key,takeaways are traditional course,structure,and top-notch instruction pretty simple,if youre an,old school type of student who prefers,live instruction and following along and,working problems in your prep book,then princetons going to be your jam,and finally theres kaplan,who provides a mountain of lsat,resources if youre the type of student,who prefers hours upon hours of lessons,and practice problems,and other resources then kaplan may be,right for you,but for me after testing each course i,have to give the nod to blueprint,i just think they offer the most,effective and well-rounded lsat prep,course on the market,period and honestly knowing what i know,now if i could go back in time,i would choose blueprint over princeton,review for my own lsat prep,alright thats all i have for you today,i hope this video review has been,helpful,if you learned a little something or we,

Kaplan vs Princeton Review LSAT Prep Courses (#1 GUIDE)

whats up guys john ross here from,testprepinsight.com and today we are,here to compare the kaplan lsat prep,course and the princeton review,lsat prep course now both of these prep,companies have been around for decades,offer tons of tried and tested study,material and have nearly identical price,points,so how do you decide which one to go,with well thats why were here today,as we do with all the courses we review,our team of test prep experts has,actually purchased both of these courses,gone in there and prep with them studied,used all the features,and now were ready to give you our,final verdict on which one is better,but real quickly before we get into that,i would just like to quickly ask you,please subscribe to the channel,like this video and drop us a quick,comment below were only able to bring,you guys all this honest helpful content,with support from you guys our viewers,so thank you very much now if youre,ready lets go,okay guys so for comparing these two,courses i think it probably makes the,most sense to take a side-by-side look,at the most important features of both,courses,so lets start with the easiest category,pricing for students taking self-paced,or diy versions of either course,this is going to be a dead tie both,kaplan and princeton price out at around,800,for these packages but as you bump up to,the course options with live class time,you start to see a little difference,princetons go to fundamentals class,comes in a couple hundred dollars,cheaper,than kaplans directly comparable online,but,princeton also offers a more expensive,option with its lsat 165 plus,so i think the takeaway here is that if,youre going with a standard course of,either company,princeton is a tad cheaper but we also,dont see this as a deal breaker,if youre looking for a discount here,make sure to check out the description,below,kaplan and princeton are always running,deals on both of these packages and we,do our best to round up those codes,constantly updating the description,try to help save you guys some cash okay,now the next section which is probably,the most important,quality of the prep materials for both,of these courses were talking video,lessons drills practice questions and,all the other core lesson work in your,online platform,this is a very close call both kaplan,and princeton provide,excellent and very similar lessons and,coursework,between the video content problem,explanations drills and everything else,in between,there just isnt a huge difference,between what youre getting with both of,these courses,starting with the practice material you,get roughly the same 8 000 plus practice,problems and,60 plus practice tests with each company,the practice work for both kaplan and,princeton is official practice work from,lsac,so theres no difference really at all,here and in terms of video lessons,kaplans lectures use an on-screen,lecture in the bottom corner of the,screen,while princeton uses a more dynamic,learning module that rolls through,interactive screens,so the two are different in format but,honestly are about equal in terms of,quality,what i think this one comes down to is,what type of learner you are and simply,which type of video lesson you prefer,and guys if you want some samples and,screenshots of these two video lessons,from both companies,make sure to check out the description,below ive got a link over to our,website testprepinsight.com,where we do full written reviews of both,prep courses and we have a,ton of detail about every feature okay,now lets talk about the prep books from,both of these companies,like the category above this was another,fairly close race but we ultimately give,princeton the nod on this one,while kaplans books are solid in their,own right princetons were just,a little better we found their prep,books to be very comprehensive with a,ton of great detail,and some awesome takeaway strategies so,for those of you that love a good book,take note of this alright next up the,live classes,like everything else with these two test,prep giants this was another close race,to call,and our team actually even had some,disagreement over this category the,instructors for both courses impressed,us and we couldnt really find fault,with either,both were clearly lsat gurus and we,found them to be friendly and responsive,so it was hard to draw a winner based on,this so where this category really turns,is on the underlying curriculum and,number of hours,and based on that we have to give the,nod to kaplan but again this is just by,a hair,we like the general structure of their,classwork better and you get a whopping,two more live class hours unless of,course you take the princeton review 165,plus course,which is a whole different ball of wax,if youre aiming for a tier 1 school id,give that course option my full,attention,next lets talk about the extra,resources you get with both of these,companies,now to be honest the extras are a little,weak,which is kind of surprising given the,size of both of these companies and the,price points that they charge,that said the one key exception to this,is kaplans lsat channel,this feature provides extra video,lessons which take a deep dive into a,particular subject,this isnt your surface level coverage,im talking about here kaplan chooses a,narrow topic and goes way into the weeds,but of course this really only helps if,youre weak on a subject if youre not,it doesnt really offer much value but,either way this feature is generally the,difference maker here and kaplan gets,the edge,before i jump into the next section i,want to quickly talk to you about the,test prep insight monthly giveaway club,every month we give away 300 in amazon,gift cards to one lucky subscriber just,as a way of saying thank you,so if you want in on this chance for,winning 300 in amazon cash,all you have to do is four simple things,it wont take you long at all,one subscribe to this channel two like,every video we put out in a month,three drop us a quick comment below,maybe about whether youre a first time,lsat taker,and four share a link to our website on,one of your social channels,like facebook or twitter thats it itll,take you less than a minute and you have,a chance to win 300,in amazon cash that you can use for,whatever you want prep books,video resources pet rock i dont know,use it for whatever you want,now lets get back to it okay guys weve,got three categories to go so lets run,through this quickly,first user interface this one is,basically a tie,with perhaps a slight edge to kaplan,neither companys dashboard or user,experience blew us out of the water,theyre pretty par for the course with,clean interfaces and intuitive menus,but nothing that blew our teams socks,off so id say these platforms are,serviceable which is all you really need,at the end of the day anyway,second content access period this one is,a dead tie,both courses give you four months of,access to their online materials which,should be plenty of time to study for,most students under normal circumstances,finally score guarantees in terms of,promises for a higher score,both companies do provide a higher score,guarantee meaning,they promise youll score at least one,point higher on your real exam,than you do on your initial diagnostic,with them whoopee right,this just isnt a huge promise and it is,way off from what you get with other,courses like magoosh,who offer five plus points but this is a,kaplan vs princeton comparison,so this is generally going to be a tie,but where this category does get,interesting is with princetons 165,plus course for this course option and,this course option alone,princeton guarantees youll score at,least a 165 on the lsat,now there are some limitations around,your initial baseline score but this is,a pretty optimistic promise that you,should consider if youre going for a,top tier school,okay so weve seen every feature side by,side now now what is the final verdict,guys this is a really close call and the,best i can say is each course tak

How I Scored 170 On The LSAT (+5 Study Tips YOU Can Use)

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Best Online LSAT Prep Courses 2022 (Reviewed By 170+ Scorer)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be covering our list of the best lsat,prep courses on the market weve tested,out and reviewed over a dozen lsat,courses at this point today were going,to run down our top four so if youre,ready lets get to it,okay let me just start by saying that if,you find you need more detail at any,point during this video since ill just,be covering the major highlights we also,have a full detailed written guide on,our website that further breaks things,down the easiest and fastest way to find,that is probably just to google test,prep insight best lsat prep courses,alright so since i hate those type of,best list videos that start at the end,and count their way down to the best i,want to get straight to our number one,pick for best overall lsat course and,for our team that is without a doubt,blueprint basically when you weigh all,the critical factors when comparing lsat,prep companies video lessons problem,explanations books customized study,schedule tools and everything else they,just stand head and shoulders above the,competition and for me it all starts,with the video lessons theyre,interactive highly digestible and the,instructors are legitimately engaging,not only do you actually get to see your,instructor on screen which isnt the,case for all lsat companies but theyre,also stuffed with cool graphics cartoons,and visuals to hold your attention and,help demonstrate points honestly these,video lessons are next level and if,youre a visual learner these are the,best on-demand lectures youre going to,find in the space and if you want to see,some screen grabs or examples of these,videos make sure to check out that full,detailed written review ill have that,linked down below for you theres a,bunch of sample shots in there,but beyond the cool videos the rest of,blueprints lesson work is also detailed,and very effective their prep books are,rock solid in terms of instruction and i,personally think their practice problem,explanations are thorough and well,written plus one of my favorite features,of the blueprint course is their,personalized study schedule it keeps you,on track and tells you exactly what to,do and when,all together it is a really powerful,prep package that should work well for,most everyone especially visual learners,okay second up on my best list is lsat,max and i really like lsat max for a few,reasons theyre modern flexible platform,top-notch practice problem explanations,and intelligent coursework structure,lets start with that first point the,digital platform essentially lsi max,built their entire course around their,mobile app so your interface is the same,across your laptop phone and tablet you,can switch devices and pick up where you,left off pretty seamlessly i personally,think this is a cool feature especially,if youre a pretty on-the-go person and,trying to squeeze in studying around,work or class,but likely more importantly im also a,huge fan of lsat maxs practice problem,explanations so in case you didnt know,every lsat prep company out there,licenses their practice material from,lsac the makers of the exam this creates,a totally level playing field with,respect to the quality of practice,material and the real difference maker,is the problem solutions that each,company crafts and frankly i really like,lsat maxs their concise weaving smart,strategies and are very easy to read and,digest this is an often overlooked but,highly important point to your lsat,studies and lastly i like lsat maxs,core structure compared to other lsat,companies like kaplan for example lsat,maxs course curriculum is lean,streamlined and hits the highest yield,topics without wasting your time on game,types or concepts that arent going to,be tested often,bottom line i like lsat max as a,slightly cheaper alternative to,blueprint,and on that point of pricing lsat max as,well as blueprint and the other two,companies that ill get to here in a,second frequently run sales and special,promos so make sure to snag a coupon,code if theres a sale on before buying,ill do my best to keep that description,below updated with the most current,discount codes and promos that are out,there so make sure to check that text,below the video screen maybe you can,save yourself some coin on one of these,courses if they end up being a good fit,for you,alright so blueprint and lsat max are,rated as my number one and number two,courses but they are on the pricier side,each running close to a thousand bucks,so if thats not in your budget luckily,the next two courses on our list are,more of a value or budget nature and the,first of these is lsat lab this is a,pretty new lsat company but the team,behind lsat lab isnt basically a few of,the big brains behind manhattan preps,lsat team broke off to do their own,thing and lsat lab is what you get and,the beauty of them being a young company,is that you get the killer experience,and study materials but for a great,value as they try to make a name and get,established and thats where ill,actually start rather than selling their,course for a fixed price like everybody,else else that lab is subscription-based,you sign up for a monthly membership and,start or stop your service whenever you,want and the pricing is super reasonable,the base package costs just fifty,dollars a month the mid-grade package,with live online classes is a hundred,bucks a month and even their deluxe,package with weekly tutoring sessions is,just three hundred dollars a month,but beyond the value and subscription,model pricing that i like this is also a,very quality course the video lessons,are really good in their own right with,cool digital effects and solid,instruction the problem explanations are,solid and the online classes are awesome,those are definitely my favorite part,lsat lab offers classes pretty much,nightly and theyre more of a drop-in,dropout nature rather than following a,strict schedule and meetings say on,tuesdays and thursdays every week from 4,to 7 pm like you do with other companies,you attend as many or as few classes,with lset lab as you want each nightly,class covers a different topic tested on,the lsat and you can kind of move your,study schedule around with the online,materials to follow the classes and the,classes themselves are great each one is,taught by one of lsat labs founders,matt and patrick and im not sure youre,gonna find much more personalized or,better live instruction,okay so finally rounding out our top,list of lsat courses is magoosh but,before i get to that if i could quickly,ask you to subscribe to our channel like,this video and drop us a quick comment,below no other company does as much,research and analysis to ensure youre,making the right test prep choices so,any support you can show us really means,a lot,okay magoosh so i mainly love magoosh,for one thing bang for your buck value,pricing the magoosh course costs 300,total all in yes thats it honestly,youre gonna be hard pressed to beat,this price now ill be the first to,admit that the magoosh package isnt as,robust or comprehensive as blueprint or,lsat max or even lset lab but its still,pretty respectable while the video,lessons are sort of dry and have a,lacking delivery format you do get a,deep roster of them with full coverage,of all the king concepts that youre,going to need to know plus one thing i,really like about magoosh is that they,offer their explanations for each,practice problem in text and video,format so if youre more of a visual,learner or maybe you just dont want to,read a bunch of problem solutions after,having just taken a full length practice,exam you can sit back and watch an,explanation of where you got a problem,right or wrong,this combined with their email support,and suggested study schedules makes,magoosh hard to beat especially at that,price point,okay so those are our four top rated,lsat courses but before i dive straight,into my final thoughts i would just like,to give a quick shout out

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