1. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review 2021
  2. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review – 2021 Model
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  4. Treadmill Comparison – Sole F80 vs ProForm Pro 2000
  5. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review: Is It Worth Your Money?
  6. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review: Everything You Need To Know
  7. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review [3 Year Follow-Up]

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review 2021

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hey guys welcome back to treadmill,review guru today were going to take a,look,at the proform pro 2000,so this has been updated in 2021 theres,lots of changes that well go into with,you,uh one of the things i really like,theyve upgraded the screen size so you,now have a 10 inch touchscreen which is,very nice,this is a compact treadmill has a,slightly smaller footprint but its,great for,all round use its good for walking,jogging hiking running,it comes integrated with ifit which,comes free for the first year,you get a 12 percent incline a negative,three percent decline and a 3.25,horsepower motor,so lets dive in and take a closer look,at who its best suited for,[Music],all right so lets take a closer look at,who this is best suited for,so as i mentioned they did make quite a,few changes in the new 2021 model,and now the pro 2000 is a little bit,smaller,which really is nice because it doesnt,take up as much room in your house,it does fold up it only weighs 220,pounds,so youre getting a lot of functionality,on a relatively,compact machine so we recommend it for,people who are looking for,something compact they need something,that folds maybe your space,con just got a little bit of a smaller,room its great for that,its also a really good all-around,treadmill so the 3.25 horsepower motor,will give you enough motor power for,walking jogging running things like that,maybe not longer distances but pretty,much general use its great for,also the 10 inch touchscreen really,brings those ifit videos to life,so if you like subscription content if,youre looking for something with,engaging videos this is a really good,option we probably dont recommend it,for exceptionally large or taller users,it does have a 300 pound weight capacity,but because it is a little more compact,it doesnt provide quite as much room as,some of the other treadmills,so if you go long distances maybe youre,training for a marathon or something,probably not as much cushioning as you,would maybe want,taller users may find the deck to be,just a little bit constraining,and that 10 10 inch touchscreen even,though its really nice if you have,limited vision problems,some of the buttons can still be pretty,small,[Music],so lets take a closer look at,construction and dive into some of the,changes on the 2021 model,so the footprint is just slightly more,compact than it was previously,its only 35 inches wide so it doesnt,take up much space,the length is 76 inches when its fully,open,and its only about 65 inches to the top,of the console,the deck does fold up and its,relatively easy you just reach down here,grab this bar underneath and it will,lock into place,so its not heavy and its not difficult,to fold to release it just press the,foot bar,and it does have hydraulic assist so it,will drop,just gently back down onto your floor,you do get the rebrown pro cushioning,which is nice,shock absorbent cushioning on this and i,really do like the texture of the belt,i always kind of pay attention to the,texture of the belt because it really,makes a difference as to how it feels,underneath,this isnt going to get slick if it gets,you know,some sweat on it or something you just,should be fine and,the side rails are not super wide,theyre only about three and a half,inches wide,but it does provide enough uh,space just for you to step aside if you,need to the,walking surface itself is 20 inches wide,and 60 inches long,so youre getting full length on a,folding treadmill,and really the widest that we see is,about 22 inches so this is,this still gives you some pretty good,room it has a 3.25 horsepower motor,which as i had mentioned is good for,pretty much all round use,maybe longer distances or if you have,multiple high intensity users you might,want something a little more powerful,but for most people that motor is going,to be adequate,and the rebound cushioning does provide,quite a bit of shock absorption,so that helps as well on this one,change on the 2021 model it now inclines,to 12,so it used to incline to 15. now,inclines to 12 but it drops to negative,3,which actually is really nice on a,treadmill this size,so youre still getting that same,variability um just,12 to negative three is your incline the,step up height,from the floor to the side rail is about,10 inches,and when its fully inclined the top of,that deck lifts to 15 inches,so its not going to be too much of a,problem with ceiling height,most users should be fine the one thing,to be aware of with this machine because,it does have ifit,it does require an internet connection,and even if youre not using ifit,they regularly update the free content,and classes and things like that that,are,on the touch screen so you still need,wi-fi,even if you dont pay for ifit and that,is something we want people to be aware,of,just a quick word that we wanted to add,about assembly of the pro 2000,uh as weve as all of us have kind of,dealt with some of the issues with kovid,its harder to get service people in,your house to help you put things,together and so we get a lot of,questions about,assembly how difficult it is what it,requires things like that,so we do find that the higher end,machines surprisingly are a little bit,easier to assemble,because more of the machine comes,pre-assembled,on the mid-range and lower-end,treadmills youre putting more pieces,together,so on this the deck comes fully,assembled,you need to attach the uprights and you,need to attach the console,it does work best with two people simply,because you can have one person hold the,console,while the other person tightens things i,do recommend,somebody that has enough arm strength to,really be able to tighten those bolts,really nice and securely,and it does come with some tools but if,you have just,a standard wrench set on hand and maybe,some allen wrenches you should be good,so proform covers the pro 2000 with a 10,year warranty on the frame,you get two years for parts and one year,for labor they also advertise,a 30-day free return policy,[Music],all right lets take a look at the,overall console layout,the new touchscreen and kind of the,overall redesign,so you can see theyve upgraded all the,touchscreens on the pro4 machines in,2021,so it has an android uh oh lets see,android 9 os,so it is just the higher end and it,really is reflected in both,the graphics and the crispness the,brightness is,is better so i feel like the touchscreen,is,really bright and easy to see some of,these buttons are still a little small,so you know if you have limited,visibility youll just kind of have to,pay attention to those to kind of get to,know what they are because they can be a,little bit hard to see,but ill kind of go into that in a,minute down here you have all of your,quick touch incline buttons on the top,and your quick touch speed button,buttons just underneath that and,everything else is integrated into the,touch screens,also down here youve got your bluetooth,audio button so you can sync your music,to play through the speakers it also has,bluetooth,for heart rate chest straps and it will,sync with wireless headphones,so you can also listen to both the music,and the ifit program on your,personal headphones if you want to down,here you can see your lower display,panel youve got your incline buttons on,the left and your speed buttons on the,right,um your fan is located down here and the,only real concern i have is the fan on,this,is just a little bit noisy so im going,to turn it on,its not terrible but you do get just a,little bit of found noise it has four,speeds,so thats low and then youve got medium,and then high thats as high as it goes,and then the fourth setting is auto,which syncs it with whatever youre,doing,so if i hit that its going to actually,turn it off because im not doing,anything,and then you have your start start stop,buttons and the only other thing ive,noticed with this is because your,your safety key is located down on this,kind of,fan panel and not up i think iv

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review – 2021 Model

[Music],hey guys welcome to treadmill,reviews.com im raleigh and today were,going to be reviewing the proform pro,2000 treadmill,if you havent already like and,subscribe to our channel so you can,check out all of our latest videos,theres many things that we love about,this treadmill its a decent price,especially for all of the features that,it has to offer has ifit a nice size,touch screen thats new for this year,that well go over later,has pretty good cushioning and a great,incline and decline range so this is,going to be a good treadmill for those,who are looking to save space at home,because its foldable,anyone who is walking or those that,value the extra motivation and tech that,comes from the 10 inch touchscreen so,lets dive in,okay lets get into the model overview,of the pro 2000 so the footprint of this,machine 35 inches wide about 77 inches,long and 60 inches tall,to me it feels compact its nice and,sleek i really like the look of this,machine it has a steel frame and some,plastic components but it is pretty,stable and ill show you that in the,performance section of this video it,does fold which is nice if youre,working out at home and want to save,some space or want to keep it safe from,little kids,it has a,3.25 chp motor which is going to be good,for light jogging and walking,the running area is a little bit smaller,on this new model it used to be 22,inches wide now its 20. a little bit,more compact but it still has that 60,inch length which is great for longer,strides,has a weight capacity of 300 pounds,and it has a,speed max speed of 12 miles per hour and,then one nice feature is that it does,have an incline and decline range starts,at negative three percent goes all the,way up to 12 percent the cushioning on,the new pro 2000 is new it has rebound,pro cushioning which i really liked i,found it to have a nice bounce and kind,of give to allow it to be feel a little,bit nicer than running on the road so it,does provide some extra cushioning,finally it has a 10-year frame warranty,two-year parts and one-year labor,lets get into the features and,accessories of the proform pro 2000 so,proform really,went all out with the features on this,treadmill they swapped out the 7-inch hd,touchscreen to a 10-inch which i think,makes a huge difference its really hard,to navigate on anything smaller than a,10-inch screen so we like that its,really crystal clear and easy to,navigate if you havent used ifit before,its a really great app youll be able,to track your daily stats here over on,the left you can join any on-demand or,live workout,at any time if you click on the create,button down at the bottom it will pull,up,google maps and right now were in san,francisco cisco california but you can,type in anywhere throughout the world,and create a personalized route wherever,you want to run up here at the top,youll have your list so if you find a,workout that you really liked with an,instructor that you like then you can,save that workout and repeat it anytime,that you want,they also have tons of challenges,different sceneries you can go to the,beach city forest mountains they have,series to do,trending workouts that are popular,new workouts so theyre constantly,adding to their library and then you can,choose different type of workouts for,beginners running walking hiking,mindset etc,and then if you click on live thats,where youll see the daily calendar of,live workouts that are happening so you,can,join in with instructors in real time,theres also a manual start button if,you click on that then,a track will show up and it will just,show your time distance speed and,calories burned this treadmill also has,quick speed control buttons which i,think are a must so that youre not,having to hold down an up or down button,you can just quickly choose the speed,and incline that you want to go at,it doesnt have necessarily a tablet,holder but it does have a ledge right,here thats big enough for a tablet or a,phone,it has bluetooth so you can connect your,wireless headphones and your heart rate,monitor in order to track those things,it has it also has another incline and,decline and speed buttons down here at,the bottom with your start and stop,button and then you can also adjust your,fan speed and volume down there as well,and then it has an emergency stop key it,has two good sized cup holders two,speakers and a fan here down at the,bottom,okay lets get into the performance of,this machine so im going to get on and,show you the decline in incline ranges,so you can see what that looks like and,then ill also take it through different,speeds walking running sprinting so that,you can just see how stable it is and,how it sounds so well start with,incline,or sorry decline,im going to take it to negative 3,which is the max decline,if youre going to be training outdoors,or for hiking,and you want to get comfortable going,downhill,this will be beneficial for that,so thats negative 3,and then well take it,all the way up to 12.,and i like that it has these cross bars,to hold on to as youre inclining,so,okay now ill take it through some,different speeds so that you can hear,what that sounds like and see the,cushioning as well,so ill just start at a walking speed,at three miles per hour,then well take it up to seven,and well go all the way up to 12.,bottom line we really like this,treadmill we think that the price point,and the features that youre getting on,this machine match really nicely we do,really like the fact that it has that,upgraded 10 inch touchscreen that makes,a pretty big difference,as far as navigating and viewing your,workouts we love that it has the incline,and decline range and a nice motor size,and some decent cushioning so if you are,looking to work out at home want a,folding treadmill that is high in build,quality and has many of the features,especially the ifit has to offer then,this is going to be a great treadmill,for you thanks so much for watching this,video today im raleigh and this was the,proform pro 2000 treadmill for more,information check out our full written,review at treadmill,for current pricing click that link,below and of course please like and,subscribe,you

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Sole F80 vs NordicTrack 1750 vs ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Comparison

hey guys its Sydney at treadmill review,Guru today were comparing the soul f80,the NordicTrack 1750 and the ProForm Pro,2000 these are three of the top,mid-range treadmills on the market and,they can also be found on our best,treadmills list at treadmill review,guru.com but how do they compare and,which one is right for you lets jump in,and find out,[Music],foreign,now lets dive in and check out the,construction on each of these treadmills,so for their footprint the sole f80 and,the NordicTrack 1750 are most similar in,size,the ProForm Pro 2000 is going to be your,compact option its just a little bit,smaller with its footprint and all of,these treadmills fold up to save space,so that deck folds up and they have,transportation wheels so you can move,them around if you need to I will say,the sole f80 is a little bit easier to,move around it has four Transportation,wheels so you can just push it around,where you need it to go with the,NordicTrack in Pro Form you do need to,tilt back the deck to engage those front,Transportation wheels and then move it,around so it can be just a little bit,more a little bit more challenging but,if you need to move them around theyre,all able to do that,and they all have free uh steel frames,and they all have the steel uprights,that keep them really uh stable and,solid when you use them we dont really,experience uh really any shaking of the,console or the screen which is really,nice,they all uh have pretty nice weight,capacities so with the Nordic Track and,ProForm they have a 300 pound weight,capacity so they can handle users up to,that size with the sole f80 it does have,a 375 five pound weight capacity so we,recommend it for larger users is really,great for that and feels really solid,and can handle handle heavier users in,that sense,with the handles so the sole f80 has,these uh,added buttons on the side rails that I,really like so if youre going I find,when Im on it Im constantly you know,using these right ones to adjust the,speed the left ones to adjust the,incline and they also have these pull,scripts which are fine for checking your,heart rate if you want to just check in,its a little bit better to plug into a,heart rate monitor to keep a consistent,heart rate uh check that way but they,just have those pull grips overall I do,think that the 1750 has my favorite the,handles so on the side handles they have,this nice texture that just feels it,just it feels really nice doesnt get,slippery when you get really sweaty and,it also has this horizontal bar that I,can grip anywhere so for balance issues,its really nice to be able to just have,this one continuous bar to grip from,the ProForm has you know plenty of of,grip options as well and the plastic,coating doesnt get slippery when uh,youre using it when you get sweaty and,those handles are just they connect just,on either side of the fan for the front,and offer plenty of grip options that,way,so moving on to the motor this is where,these three treadmills differ a little,bit so with the Nordic Track and the,sole they both have 3.5 horsepower,motors and this is a great size to be,and to be able to handle all levels of,use and a lot of miles so if youre,looking to run a lot these motors are,able to handle this,the ProForm Pro 2000 does have a 3.25,horsepower motor so its a little bit,smaller than the other two and we,recommend it more for walking jogging,and light running so you wont be able,to get quite as much use especially,running wise,um on the pro form as you do on these,other two so just something to keep in,mind however with the ProForm it is a,nice budget option so its a little bit,more affordable than these other two so,if youre looking for a treadmill within,a certain price point this is a nice one,to check out,and with that motor so each of them all,have a 12 mile per hour max speed which,should offer plenty of training options,for most users,and with the Nordic Track and the sole,they both incline up to 15 to offer uh,that extra bit of of incline and then,with the ProForm it has a 12 incline so,you just get a little bit more options,with these two,its not a huge difference but if you,like say those hiking uh hiking type,workouts these two are a nice option for,that just to give you a little bit more,options with your training,however with the Nordic Track and with,the Pro Form they do decline to a,negative three percent it might not seem,like much but that can offer a lot of uh,different options with your training,Works your muscles differently so really,glad that these two offer that decline,function,the sole f80 doesnt offer that at only,incline so just something to be aware of,with that,moving on to the deck so with the Nordic,Track and the sole f80 they both have 22,inch wide decks and 60 inch long decks,which we found that this size is plenty,sufficient to do all sorts of training,all sorts of different uh movements and,it should be great for users of most,sizes,the ProForm has a 60 inch long deck so,its great for All Stride lengths but it,does just have a 20 inch wide deck so if,youre maybe a larger user or you like a,little bit more uh room when youre on a,treadmill,this is just something to keep in mind,it can feel a little bit more smaller,and condensed for some users we found,that we can do everything from walking,jogging running sprinting on this,um just with with the length but if you,want a little bit more room 1750 and the,f80 might be a little bit a nicer option,and with the cushioning,so,they all offer that nice shock,absorption that you want out of a,treadmill to be able to lessen the,impact on your joints however I will say,the Nordic Track offers uh some of the,softest cushioning that we felt,underfoot its just really comfortable,to use in NordicTrack in general weve,kind of known them for having some of,the softest cushioning,the ProForm is kind of its not quite as,soft its a little bit firmer underfoot,and then I will say the firmness out of,the three is the sole just feels firmer,underfoot does provide plenty of that,shock absorption that you want however,it just does feel a little bit more firm,so you have made maybe joint issues and,you want to lessen that impact and have,something a little bit softer the Nordic,Track is definitely one to consider,and with the warranty so in order to,track and ProForm offer pretty standard,warranties for,um their treadmills so for these two,they offer a 10-year warranty for the,frame two year warranty for parts in a,one-year warranty for labor,with the sole,they offer a really impressive lifetime,warranty for the frame the motor and the,deck and they offer a five year warranty,for parts and a two year warranty for,labor so you just get,more coverage and were really impressed,with seouls warranty,so now Im going to let you see and hear,how each of these treadmills perform,so here I am on the Seoul f80 at three,miles per hour,six miles per hour,and nine miles per hour,foreign,inclined up to 15 percent,foreign,on the Nordic Track 1750 at three miles,per hour,six miles per hour,and nine miles per hour,heres the NordicTrack 1750 inclined up,to 15 percent,and here I am on the ProForm Pro 2000 at,three miles per hour,six miles per hour,come on,and nine miles per hour,here is the Pro 2000 inclined up to 12,percent,if youre liking this video and find it,helpful give it a like And subscribe to,our Channel we create these comparison,videos for you guys so you can see how,this Equipment Works before you take it,home all right so lets check out the,content options on each of these,treadmills so with the NordicTrack in,ProForm theyre enabled with iFit and,iFit comes free for the first month when,you purchase either of them and iFit,youll have access to it on these touch,screens iFit offers over 16 000 classes,they have indoor classes that are in a,studio setting as well as outdoor,classes that are filmed on every,continent on the planet and you can,explore all sorts of different places,that way we really prefer the

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Treadmill Comparison – Sole F80 vs ProForm Pro 2000

hey there welcome to treadmill review,guru,today were going to take a comparative,look at two of the most popular,treadmills on the market,so we have the sole f-80 and pro forms,pro 2000,these are both priced very comparatively,with each other usually within around a,hundred dollars,theyre just a mid-grade all-round,treadmill so good for,walking jogging a little bit of running,they both have a good,incline variability and a nice,horsepower motor,so lets dive in closer and take a look,at the specs and the features and how,they compare,[Music],all right so lets take a close look at,the construction of both machines and,how they compare,so first of all the footprint the sole,f80 is a slightly larger machine,because it has the tablet holder its,about 65 inches high,its 37 inches wide and its 82 inches,long,so the sole treadmills tend to be a,little longer than comparable machines,even if they have the exact same walking,surface so thats just something to be,aware of,the footprint on the pro form its much,lower so its only 59 inches high,its 35 inches wide and about,72 inches long so its a full,10 inches shorter which is significant,both of them fold up however so you can,fold that deck up it collapses down to,about 44 inches long on both sides once,theyre folded,so thats just something to be aware of,you dont always have to have that down,motor size so the motor on the sole f80,is a 3.5 horsepower motor,on the pro 2000 youve got a 3.25,horsepower motor,that .25 youre not really going to,notice it right,we always recommend looking for a,treadmill that has the largest motor,possible simply because more motor power,means more longevity it can support,longer training multiple users in your,home,so that is something that we really do,recommend looking at when youre buying,a treadmill is make sure and take a look,at the motor power however,0.25 between these two machines youre,not really going to notice,unless youre like training for a,marathon or something another,significant difference,is the soul f80 inclines to a 15,grade so you get a quite a bit of,incline there but then it does not,decline,the pro form pro 2000 does incline to 12,but then it also declines to a negative,three so you do get,a little bit of a decline here and,ultimately the variability is the same,so thats something else to be aware of,the sole f80 does have cushioning,in the deck now on seouls website they,claim that the cushioning reduces,impact by like 40 percent compared to,outdoor surfaces,we dont feel quite that much cushioning,but it is it is cushioned i mean its,definitely better than running outdoors,there is a little bit of travel under,that deck so it does provide some,cushioning,the proform pro has the rebound,cushioning i would say it has a little,bit more give,as you run on it and well demo that in,a minute so you probably got just a,touch more cushioning,on the pro form the walking belt,the size is the same theyre both 60,inches long,proform 2000 is 20 inches wide,and the sole f80 is 22 inches wide so,you get about two inches more,lateral width on the sole f80 the weight,capacity,so this machine only weighs about 220,pounds which makes it easy to lift and,move,folding up the deck is really pretty,easy it does have wheels underneath,and it will support up to 300 pounds on,the proform,2000 the sole f80 is a little heavier,it weighs about 280 pounds but it will,support up to 375 pounds,so this machine actually we would,recommend for larger users because that,weight capacity is actually really,impressive,even some of the high-end incline,trainers the nordictrack x32i or x22i,they will still only support 300 pounds,of user weight so youre getting a lot,of weight capacity on the sole f-80,so we really like that about seoul the,biggest differences youre going to find,are going to be in the console,and the overall functionality of the,machine so well jump into that a little,bit more in just a second,but the proform pro does require wi-fi,so in order to be able to access the,ifit programs and content you have to,have an active wi-fi signal,if you dont none of the programs are,actually downloaded theyre streaming,and so you you need to be able to do,that you can only use manual mode,without wi-fi,the sole does not require wi-fi you got,to plug them both in but once youve,plugged this one in,you can put it in a basement an upstairs,room a garage and you dont need,internet access so thats something else,to be aware of,so lets just take a closer look at the,console and the overall functionality,all right so here we have the proform,pro 2000,console one thing i really like about,the proform machines is the way that,they have simplified and streamlined the,console,its very clean and it doesnt feel,cluttered so as you can see youve got,the touch screen in the middle,and then down under here you have your,quick control buttons there is one,button for every metric,so for your grade you can go all the way,up with each button and then all the way,down,and then the speed is the same so you,can quickly touch your speed or your,incline right here,and jump where you want to go you also,have manual buttons that are down on the,lower panel that will incline you,by 0.5 and you can do a 10th using the,speed so itll give you like 6.1 miles,an hour 6.2 miles an hour that sort of,thing,so down here this is your lower console,and you just have fan,volume start stop and your speed so its,very simple,it is bluetooth enabled so it will sync,with wireless headphones it will sync,with the chest strap,you can even sync your phone and play,your music through the speakers,the fan is a little loud but it is nice,to have it and its right down here,chest height,so it provides nice airflow when its on,and you have three different settings,all right so here we have the sole f80,console and you can see,its just a little i dont want to say,simpler but youve got,your lcd screen and you just have a,digital display,none of these metrics moves or changes,so theyre always there,thats what they show you i do like the,numbers in the middle,thats your time elapsed so i like that,thats right there and easy to see,your incline distance speed and calories,is also there,and then itll tell your laps and stuff,down here so right here,these are your user programs it only,comes pre-loaded with 10 programs,so you just hit the button and each time,you hit that button its going to bring,up the exact same program so,its not like itll bring up three,different strength options you just get,one program per button and then heres,your manual incline and decline,so if i want to manually adjust the,incline or decline i can do that there,now a difference on this one,you dont get a 0.5 option so it wont,go from 3 to 3.5 it just goes from 3 to,4 to 5. so,you only have those whole incline,adjustments speed however will adjust,by just a tenth just like it does on the,pro 2000 so that is something thats,similar,unlike the pro 2000 console where its,really been streamlined and all of these,features are,embedded in the touch screen this is all,out and these are tactile buttons,some people love the tactile buttons,because its actually a button that you,can press,and its responsive which is nice,theyre more likely to get dusty sticky,dirty,things like that thats something to be,aware of its a little harder to keep it,clean,and then down here this is flat which i,like but,it doesnt include a touch button for,everyone or even every other one,it kind of jumps a little so for incline,you have 1 3 5,7 9 12 and 15 and then if you want to,get those,intermediate levels you either have to,adjust your incline here or they do have,buttons on the handrail so thats,something else and then speed is the,same,so speed you have two three four five,seven nine and twelve,and then to find that intermediate speed,you have to use the,speed buttons one thing to be aware of,so lets say im at five miles an hour,and i want to go to six miles an hour,i 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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

hey guys this is alex from fit lab and,welcome to our review of the proform pro,2000 treadmill youll find the links to,the product in the description and you,can use the link to check the latest,price and other user reviews watch until,the end to know our final verdict on,whether its worth the purchase proform,pro 2000 treadmill overview the proform,pro 2000 comes equipped with an upgraded,10 inch screen and offers improved,visuals of the various fitness exercises,from the free one year ifit program,athletes dont have to strain when,reading their fitness metrics that are,provided in real time the new updated,proform pro 2000 is now more compact and,will occupy a very small footprint in,your home the unit can also fold up for,storage thereby occupying less space,underneath the treadmill is the,hydraulic assist feature that,facilitates easy dropping of the,treadmill during use the deck features a,rebound pro cushioning that minimizes,impact on the joints during extended use,the walking surface is pretty huge at 60,inches long which means it can suffice,for use by different categories of,individuals what we liked features a,powerful 3.25 hp motor the rebound,cushioning provides the needed,cushioning offers free fitness content,has a 10 year warranty on the frame what,we didnt like has not incorporated an,accessory tray does not come with a,heart rate strap specifications from the,table above you can tell that the,proform pro 2000 is a high capacity unit,equipped with a powerful 3.25 motor that,suffices for use with different types of,fitness activities features rebound pro,cushioning the deck of the proform pro,2000 is equipped with a reliable shock,absorbent cushioning that helps to,reduce impact when walking running or,jogging on the treadmill the elimination,of stress and impact on your bodys most,sensitive parts also enables you to work,out for extended hours and recover,faster even after engaging in strenuous,exercises 1.9 inch precision balanced,rollers the proform pro 2000 has,incorporated huge precision machine,non-flex rollers that work to decrease,tension thus minimizing the treadmills,overall wear and tear this feature is,also known to minimize the noise,produced by the treadmill during,workouts while also enhancing its grip,cool air fan the proform pro 2000,features an inbuilt cool air fan that,will ensure that your body temperature,remains cool even as you engage in,longer fitness sessions the fans go off,once you begin working out and will stop,when you step off the treadmill the,advantage of this feature is that it,obliterates the need to necessarily,place your treadmill closer to the,window spacious tread belt the,incorporated tread belt measures 20,inches by 60 inches thus offering enough,room for trainees to stretch out their,strides as they work out while the huge,20-inch width enables comfortable elbow,room meaning that you can engage,different workout styles without,experiencing restrictions in-home,efficiency booster this is a feature,thats meant to minimize load on the,electricity used by the treadmill while,the powerful 2.35 chp motor will,effectively cater to speeds of up to 12,miles per hour needless to say that the,incorporated quick speed buttons allow,you to adjust the intensity of the,treadmill almost instantly verdict so is,the proform pro 2000 an ideal treadmill,yes the proform pro 2000 is an ideal,treadmill that comes with a free 30-day,ifit membership to get you started the,incorporated powerful motor enables,fitness enthusiasts to engage in,strenuous fitness exercises without,compromising the functional integrity of,the treadmill who is it best suited for,the proform pro 2000 is best suited for,individuals who love jogging running and,walking to keep fit individuals who also,dont mind paying a premium to stream,fitness workouts can invest in this,treadmill important to note is that this,treadmill is best utilized by petite,bodied individuals are there,alternatives bluefin fitness kick 2.0,oma treadmill for home sharewin folding,treadmill for home if you like this,video give it a thumbs up and consider,subscribing to this channel also let us,know what you think of the proform pro,2000 treadmill and if youre planning on,getting one or if youve already tried,it let us know in the comments also,which other reviews would you like to,see next from us let us know that as,well

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review: Everything You Need To Know

hey guys this is alex from fit lab and,welcome to our review of the pro form,pro 2000 treadmill youll find the link,to the product in the description and,you can use the link to check the latest,price and other user reviews watch until,the end to know our final verdict on,whether its worth the purchase proform,pro 2000 treadmill overview this is one,of the modern treadmills that has a lot,of impressive specs its an affordable,model that you can save your money on,and help you work out from home the,treadmill comes with a 10 inch,touchscreen thats bright and updated,you can use this screen to access ifit,workouts this program has more than 16,000 workouts for different activities,such as jogging hiking and walking you,can fold it since its designed to lock,into place easily like most models in,its price range proform pro 2000 comes,with a 3.25 hp motor which is powerful,enough for light exercises the inclusion,of the incline decline feature allows,you to vary your workouts so that you,never run out of options it comes with a,deck that measures 60 by 20 which offers,enough room for most users to work out,wood we liked its well made the,treadmill does not produce a lot of,noise offers incline and decline,settings has numerous workouts long term,warranty what we didnt like after the,first year you have to pay for ifit,specifications as per the specs you can,tell that the screen size is a bit small,for people with limited vision the motor,is not powerful enough for super intense,workouts features,incline decline incorporating,variability in your workout regimen can,promote muscular balance and prevent you,from injuries this is what the,manufacturer of proform pro 2000 tries,to achieve by including the incline,decline feature in this model it gives,you the chance to run on a hill or even,sprint downhill you can set the decline,up to three percent and incline up to 12,this treadmill is unique since not many,models in its price range offer the,decline option decline training is,important since it can strengthen your,quads and knees and help your body,recover quickly after intense sessions,incline training on the other hand can,strengthen your hamstrings and glutes,design,proform pro 2000 is also designed to,fold with ease after use to fold it you,only need to hold the steel bar at the,deck then lift it the deck latches in,place when folded to give you more floor,space this treadmill also comes with two,wheels that make it easy to roll it out,and move around frame most users are,also impressed with the frame of this,treadmill its made using steel which,makes it long lasting proform pro 2000,also features steel side beams as well,as a cross beam that boosts stability,during use the frame of this model is,sturdy and it does not shake as you run,deck this treadmill also comes with a,deck that measures 60 inches long 20,inches wide this offers enough room for,working out even people with longer,strides find this deck comfortable,enough the manufacturer of this,treadmill equipped it with rebound pro,cushioning under its deck to promote,impact absorption motor apart from that,proform pro 2000 makes use of a 3.25 chp,motor which enables it to support,lighter workouts this treadmill can,maintain the same speed even when you,adjust the incline since its horsepower,is continuous console this treadmill,also has a streamlined console that has,easy to see buttons it comes with a 10,inch hd touch screen that can give you,access to the ifit program this program,contains different types of classes such,as studio based classes and off the,treadmill classes verdict so is proform,pro 2000 an ideal treadmill yes this is,a high quality treadmill that you can,choose for your home though simple its,an efficient model that offers excellent,features for light workouts who is it,best suited for its suitable for,beginners who would like to try jogging,or walking on a treadmill proform pro,2000 treadmill is also ideal for people,with small spaces for fitness machines,are there alternatives nordictrack 1750,soul f80 xterra tr 150 if you like this,video give it a thumbs up and consider,subscribing to the channel also let us,know what you think of the proform pro,2000 treadmill and if you plan on,getting one or if youve already tried,it leave us a comment and let us know,what you think also which other review,would you like to see next from us

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review [3 Year Follow-Up]

hey there and welcome back star 77,Productions bringing you a follow-up,video to my review on the Proform pro,2000 treadmill Ive reviewed that about,two years ago Ive been using it about,three years you guys had a lot of good,questions and comments on YouTube about,this treadmill I tried to answer his,best I could it seemed like you guys,were quite interested and purchased some,of these and then I was just asked to do,a follow-up video now that its about,three years later and what I still,recommend it and how is it holding up,and yes I would still definitely,recommend this model I think it is a,great middle of the line treadmill and I,really havent had any issues with it,over these last three years and I put it,at least one run a weekend on this and,really the only issues that Ive seen,with this are the same issues that I,brought up you know in my original,review but I didnt quite think these,speakers were really powerful enough to,get music to be loud enough as youre,running that you can really hear it you,know it works alright for that but if,youre watching a slightly softer video,or something of that nature its a,little bit harder to hear so I usually,hook it up to my surround sound or Ill,hook it up to some earbuds its held up,really really well actually I really,like quiet machines it kind of annoys me,when you got a squeak going on or you,got a click or a tick here and there and,this one is still just as quiet as it,was three years ago and the motors are,still very quiet as you can hear,when youre doing your incline and,decline it still works perfectly and,then the belt is holding up quite nicely,I really havent had to do any,maintenance on it whatsoever in fact it,says you shouldnt even really lube,these belts that theyre they dont,really need it and its just nice that,Ive been running on it for three years,now and theres been no sounds or,squeaks or anything like that and this,one is kind of middle the pack so its,not going to have that really nice coil,Dakshin spring cushioning system that,some of those very very higher-end,models have this just has a light little,bit of cushioning inside of it so yeah I,would not recommend it if you kind of,have knee problems bad knees or maybe,youre a little bit overweight but for,my body size and once a week running at,about maybe 6 miles I do the cushioning,is totally fine here and its been well,planted and well leveled this whole time,so thats gonna really help with a,little bit of cushioning that it does,have and then the only other issue they,have the fans a little bit separate over,here on the outside of the speaker so,you know it doesnt have like a direct,blowing effect on you but I know that,the model right after this the 2015 or,16 I want to say does have the fan,system down here and then the the newest,model like the 2018 which Ill talk,about kind of at the end has way more,features and it kind of addresses all,the issues that I found in this one so,then kind of continuing on this 2015,model one other issue was that there was,just a little bit of squeaking with the,tablet holder so like I said in my,review I just added a little bit of,cushioning insert to stop that and then,the tablet holder is just a little bit,small and really would only take a thin,smaller tablet so I would just recommend,getting some sort of case that kind of,has a strap on it,that allows you to kind of strap it on,there so its much easier and doesnt,move around because its really kind of,hard to fit a medium to large-sized,tablet in a little bit of space that,they give you here and then of course,like I said the workout features are a,little bit limited as well I think you,get about thirty of them you can update,that by getting the separate I fit,module and adding that there and,unlocking some of these features I never,did it wasnt needed plenty of stuff for,me to do on here especially because I,can just do incline and decline and then,a pace that I want and that seems to be,enough for me and like I said I would,still definitely recommend this I,havent had to do any maintenance on it,no squeaking I havent had much joint,pain from it and really the only issues,are the ones I just kind of listed in,there theyre all kind of minimal for,the price and for what you get it,definitely holds up and it definitely,gives you plenty of workout capabilities,and then now to talk a little bit about,the newest model that I was just seeing,they kind of address some of those,issues what theyve done is they brought,the fan system down lower and put it in,one module here so that you get a direct,fan they brought all the speaker systems,here in the middle and kind of expanded,on those a little bit and you get a,colored touch screen here which I,believe has quite a few more,pre-programmed built workouts than this,earlier model I think they said they had,50 pre-programmed workouts as well in,your tablet case is a little bit more,robust and they added more speakers into,the speaker panel kind of addressing,most of the issues that I had so yes I,would still definitely recommend this 15,even the 16 model but the 2018 if you,were just going to be getting one right,now I would probably go that route so,yeah still recommend the Proform 2000,and if you have any questions and I will,try to get to those as well thank you

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