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Project Hail Mary Review — Brandon Sanderson

BRANDON: Hey, guys!,I actually have something different for you.,I have a book review.,I normally do these on my Goodreads.,But I’m here in front of the camera.,I just did my weekly update.,And I thought, what if I just did a vlog version of this.,It’s going to be a little less thought out.,It’s going to be a little less produced than my normal Goodreads reviews.,But the same sort of standards hold.,I only recommend things if I like them.,So basically, I give everything five stars.,This is because you shouldn’t be coming to be for an in-depth look at a book because,the last thing an author needs is Brandon Sanderson trashing their book.,If I don’t like a book, I’m just not going to recommend it.,If I do like a book, I will recommend it, and I will talk about it, and I will give,it a five-star rating, mostly to indicate you should listen to the review, or watch,the review, or read the review, and see if it’s a book for you.,In this case, I want to talk about Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.,This is my favorite book that I read last year.,I really liked The Martian.,I liked Artemis.,And I liked this better than either of those.,This is more a Brandon book.,I mean, I really loved The Martian, but who doesn’t love The Martian?,This one has a little bit more science fiction to it.,This one has a bit of a more complex narrative and a bit of a more interesting, complex character.,And yet it has all the stuff I loved in The Martian.,This is the stuff that Andy Weir is really good at.,What can we learn as writers from Andy’s writing in this?,Well, what I love that Andy does is he shows that optimism can be compelling as a narrative.,I don’t mind the grimdark movement.,I think there’s lots of great books that have come out of it.,And I like dystopian science fiction quite a bit.,Some of my favorite stories are very depressing dystopian stories, such as Harrison Bergeron.,But there is a certain electric fun to optimism.,And Andy Weir writes optimistic science fiction, optimistic hard science fiction, even when,terrible things are happening.,Because this book, in this book there are certain crises that are pretty terrible.,But the idea behind them is the characters are likeable.,The story has got its eyes forward instead of backward.,And it involves a lot of interesting problem solving.,It does hard science fiction in a way that is not off putting, that I feel like I could,hand this book to my mother and she, let’s just say is not big on science fiction at,all, and I think she’d have a blast with it.,Same with The Martian.,You don’t have to view hard science fiction as this thing that is this deep, impenetrable,genre that people can’t enjoy if they don’t have a Ph.D. And I really enjoyed this book.,It is a–.,I’m not sure what the actual official term is.,It’s what I call a white room novel.,White room novels or stories are stories that start off with a character not remembering,who they are or how they got where they are, and part of the narrative is figuring that,out.,And a lot of times you wake up in a white room in these.,His you actually do.,A lot of them you don’t.,The Bourne Identity is a white room novel and it’s one of the best examples of this.,The Original, that I did with Mary Robinette is one of these.,If you haven’t watched that, you might enjoy it.,Or listened to it.,It’s an audio original.,But I just happen to really like this trope.,I think it’s fascinating and interesting, particularly when you do what he did, which,is a nonlinear narrative, kind of showing you how the character got where he is at the,start.,And so I highly recommend it.,I really loved the book.,As for a content rating, I think there is an F-bomb somewhere in it, but I do not see,anything else in it that would rate it beyond a PG.,It is an uplifting, exciting, and well-written novel that I think all of you would enjoy,,and I recommend it to you.

???? PROJECT HAIL MARY: When “Interstellar” Meets “The Martian” | Book Review

Andy Weir, the author of “The Martian” has a new  book out, so of course we have to talk about it!,Hey everyone! Im Marianna,  this is Impression Blend,  ,and today I am so excited to be  talking about Andy Weirs new  ,sci-fi novel, “Project Hail Mary”, which  just came out earlier this week, on May 4th.,I have been dying to read this book  ever since I heard it was coming out,  ,and I was so lucky to receive a copy from the  publisher, so I already finished it and I am  ,going to tell you why YOU should read it as well.  Stay tuned for a giveaway later in this video.,”Project Hail Mary” is told  from the perspective of  ,Ryland – a man who wakes up in a spaceship without  any recollection of who he is or how he got there.  ,Trouble is, hes on a last chance mission to  save humanity and the rest of the crew are dead.,Now, I usually dont like describing books  (or movies) through other books or movies,  ,but in this case the easiest way for me to explain  what this novel is like is to say that this is  ,”Interstellar” meets “The Martian”, but  with amnesia. The stakes are extremely high,  ,the main character is alone, tasked  with cancelling the apocalypse…,”Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!”,…but he cant even remember his own name.  Thankfully, his memories are slowly coming back,  ,and he finds some much needed  help where he didnt expect it.,I had so much fun reading this, and I  think fans of “The Martian” will not be  ,disappointed. If youre looking for an outer  space adventure, a story of survival and hope,  ,filled with science and humor –  “Project Hail Mary” is the book for you.,The story is told in two alternating  timelines: one is present day,  ,with Ryland trying to figure out whats going  on and what to do about his situation, and the  ,other is a string of flashbacks  leading up to his mission.,Now, flashbacks can be a tricky thing  in books – they can feel like disjointed  ,scenes that just throw additional pieces  of information at the reader. However,  ,I think in this novel they are used really well.  Combined with the main characters amnesia,  ,they not only fill us in on what led up to this  situation, but also provide some much needed  ,insight into what Ryland is like as a person, and  eventually that develops into a character arc.,Plus, there are some fun secondary  characters in those flashbacks as well.,And, while we are on the topic of Ryland,  I have to say: he feels a lot like Mark  ,Watney from “The Martian”, minus the swearing.  Its not just the similar setup with the whole  ,”a man alone on a mission in space” thing  – its the way his personality feels.  ,Andy Weir has a very distinct sense  of humor when he writes his character,  ,and theres a lot of irony there, so when I was  reading the book I kept hearing Matt Damons  ,voice in my head because Ive seen the movie  adaptation of “The Martian” so many times.,This is going to get particularly interesting when  we see the film adaption for “Project Hail Mary”.,And yes, they are already in early  stages of making this movie happen.,Apparently, the actor attached to this adaptation  as the lead is Ryan Gosling, who is of course  ,no stranger to the space suit, and also  can absolutely pull off comedy very well. ,And, we have Drew Goddard writing  the screenplay which is exciting  ,not only because of his impressive screenwriting  credits in general, but specifically because he  ,is the one who wrote the screenplay for “The  Martian”. I really hope this movie gets made  ,soon. If they do it right, its going to  be so much fun, and theres a specific  ,element of this novel that I am VERY interested in  seeing visualized on screen. Which brings me to my  ,next point: I want to talk about something  that could be considered a mild spoiler.,Personally, I dont think knowing this information  is a big deal – this is something that happens  ,about a third into the book. A little bit  earlier actually, but in that general area,  ,and I actually think that if people knew  this was part of the story they would be even  ,more excited to read the novel. But, if  youre someone who doesnt want to know  ,any details going into the book skip to this time  (6:05) in the video. OK? Are we good? Alright.,So, the thing Im referring to is Rylands  unexpected ally – an alien. I am SO happy  ,this ended up being a part of the novel  for multiple reasons. First of all,  ,this is just something that is exciting to read  about. First contact with an alien, if done right,  ,is a very fascinating sci-fi trope,  and Andy Weir absolutely does it right.,Second, I love that the author went  for something completely different  ,from the traditional idea of what an alien might  be like. There is so much detail and explanations  ,involved here – this was easily the best part  of the novel for me. It was just so interesting  ,to read about all of that, and to see how it  eventually plays into the rest of the story.,And third, the interactions between the two  are priceless. The way they study each other  ,and try to figure out a way to communicate – it  is all so, so interesting, but also hilarious.,Alright, sorry for that quick mild spoiler section  to everyone who skipped over it, but it is my  ,favorite thing about the novel, so it would  have been so weird not to mention it at all  ,in this review. But, if you skipped and you  have no idea what Im talking about – I am sure  ,youre going to know exactly when you get  there, and youre going to have fun with it.,Now, when it comes to the negatives, the main  thing that I want to bring up is that I can  ,see some readers having a hard time with the  science. Personally, I really enjoy reading the  ,scientific descriptions – they make the world  more real for me. But I remember seeing this  ,complaint about “The Martian” in the past,  that the novel had too much science in it.  ,Well, this novel has MORE science in it than  “The Martian”, but it is presented the same  ,way – it is explained to the readers in a way  that everybody should be able to understand.  ,I am not a scientist, but I never felt lost or  confused by any of this. I actually thought this  ,was really interesting, and it led me to looking  some things up and learning something new.,Plus, this IS sci-fi – I think explaining the  science adds a level of realism to it. The guy  ,is in space, trying to save humanity –  yes, he is going to be someone who will  ,access his scientific knowledge and skills  pretty often to solve problems that come up.,But, if this is something you struggled  with while reading “The Martian” – youre  ,going to have the same issue here.  And I will admit, sometimes these  ,science-filled sections were really close to  each other – not all the time, but on a few  ,occasions. And, because theyre essentially  a stream of information and problem solving,  ,I did on a few occasions feel like I wanted to  get to the actual story a little bit faster.,My other negative is a small nitpick, and allow  me to take a second to complain about something  ,most readers probably wont care about, but  the “crazy Russians” stereotypes need to stop.,I will say, these parts are brief and not as  silly as they could have been (and usually are).,Im just tired of the stereotypes.,Its not a huge deal in this book, but as an  Eastern European, every time I see these things  ,I just get more and more tired of them. But,  as I mentioned, its a minor, minor complaint.,So, to wrap this up I want to say that I really,  really enjoyed the novel – its something that  ,I wanted to keep reading, I wanted to know what  happens next, and I did not want to put it down.  ,This is definitely a treat for sci-fi fans who are  looking for something fun and fast-paced, but also  ,still rooted in science. I had so much fun reading  it, and Im going to be giving “Project Hail Mary”  ,a very well-deserved 8 out of 10. Obviously,  I highly recommend you read it as well.,And, if youre one of those peopl

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Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir Is The Early Favorite For My Book of The Year

hey guys no clever snappy little,one-liner from me in this one i just,want to let people know up front that,this is not a spoiler review i wont be,going into the plot excessively and,talking about plot points things like,that what i call it is kind of,spoiler-ish in that if you have not read,the story there are certain plot,elements basic plot elements basic,character names things like that that i,have to talk about to be able to review,this book so i want to wait a little,while to give more people a chance to,read this but i just wanna let you know,if you havent read it id recommend,bookmarking this and coming back because,this is a book youre not gonna want to,miss and i dont think youll want to,have this plot element spoiled for you,so again its going to be a spoiler-free,discussion except for that one thing i,hope that makes some sense to you lets,go ahead and talk about it now,[Music],hey whats up bookworms welcome to,sci-fi september its not really a thing,like we did with spooky season or not,something we call action we call it uh,theyre calling spooky season this year,called fright fest last year and that,the whole months not gonna be sci-fi,stuff im just gonna be reading a lot of,sci-fi books this year and kind of,putting a spotlight on it because i felt,like i really neglected it neglected it,again,this year after i said i wasnt going to,do that but you know what the malazon,read-along just changed some things but,today guys were going to be talking,about project hail mary by mr andy weir,the follow-up to artemis which was the,follow-up to the martian but you know,what i dont think they thought too,highly of artemis because then here it,says like the from the from the author,of the martian fake stickers theyre the,worst arent they uh this is a book that,was published this past may but it,wasnt even on my tbr at the time i,wouldnt have considered uh andy weir an,automatic author or automatic read or,anything for me i read the martian last,fall really really enjoyed it uh so much,so that i was going to pick up artemis,and like everyone warned me do not read,artemis you are going to be bummed out i,mean like almost damn near unanimous,everybody had problems with artemis and,it really got me wondering hey was this,guy a one-hit wonder you know it does,happen sometimes i i know he wrote,things before the martian but that was,kind of his big breakthrough i think,its called the egg or something like,that but as far as i know it was it,wasnt even like released officially i,dont know im not this big andy weirs,scholar or anything like that but i i,did kind of start to wonder maybe it was,maybe it was just a one-hit wonder it,does happen you kind of get that fine,line here where its like everybodys,saying hey why cant you write something,more like the martian and then when you,do write something more than martial,like why cant you write anything,different so i was kind of leery about,this one when it came out the,description i was like that sounds,awfully similar to the martian doesnt,it but again guys thats why i want to,get that warning before i start this,video in that im going to have to spoil,some plot elements for you because,this is not like the martian its quite,different and the only thing that has a,common with the martian is that theres,some outer space in it thats about it,you guys so uh the overwhelming praise,for this book is what made me decide to,go ahead and pick it up i mean just,everyone was saying its his best book,its better than the martian youve got,to read it right now its the best book,of the year and im like holy crap all,right so i went ahead and picked it up,while i was at the airport on vacation,in jamaica so did it meet the hype guys,well were going to talk about it but,lets begin as usual by talking about,what is this book about now ryland grace,is the sole survivor on a desperate last,chance mission and if he fails humanity,and the earth itself will perish,except that right now he doesnt know,that he cant even remember his own name,let alone the nature of his assignment,or how to complete it all he knows that,hes been asleep for a very very long,time and hes just been awakened to find,himself millions of miles from home with,nothing but two corpses for company his,crewmates dead his memories fuzzily,returning he realizes that an impossible,task now confronts him alone on this,tiny ship thats been cobbled together,by every government and space agency on,the planet and hurled into the depths of,space its up to him to conquer an,extinction level threat to our species,and thanks to a very unexpected ally he,just may have a chance in doing that,guys that leads us into project hail,mary,now lets talk about,what makes it good or bad thats why,were here right well good here,the relationship between ryland and,rocky now who is rocky you might ask i,never expected this to be a first,contact book,the spine or im sorry the dust jacket,does not tell you that this is a first,contact book you have no idea what this,book about is except what i just read to,you a minute ago and i didnt even,mention that thing about the unexpected,ally when i read it so uh its something,that i think is i didnt want to kind of,bring up if i wasnt doing a spoiler,review but i just i have to i have to,talk about rocky for this review to make,sense because uh the relationship,between rylan and rocky is just amazing,its superb it is magnificent the way,that it grows the way they get past,their differences and theyre unable to,understand each others language and,stuff like that i love things like this,where two different cultures have to,work together you know by their inner,species or not its just such a neat,neat idea and i think he just hits a,home run with this by building on this,this relationship between these two,characters the building is just,phenomenal because it starts as like i,dont know youre kind of like,standoffish youre like i dont know the,way that were describes this thing it,sounds kind of scary you know i dont,know but you know you grow to really,really admire,this growing,relationship that goes from like okay,this is just like a partnership were,working towards this goal and then it,grows to just being straight companions,and you think about the solitary space,what do you want more than uh some,companionship you know so its a really,really heartfelt book in that regard it,really really just grows that,relationship between those two,characters and you can feel their,frustrations you know lots of stuff they,say is lost in translation and a lot of,things,that that rocky says is just like,butchering of the english language its,hilarious its its very very funny to,read but you know you also uh not just,their frustration but you get to feel,their their need for one another just,for you know just being able to talk to,someone else you think about it,what else what what is more lonely than,space you know so uh you can be a,solitary lost on a strand on an island,on earth or you could be lost in outer,space billions of miles from home you,know thats i cant think of anything,more lonely so i think whereas the,martian kind of struggled on the the uh,the the struggles of,solitude this is really about more the,need for companionship,you know not getting to that point of,solitude now im not going to try to,compare those two books together its,going to come up a lot obviously because,its a very very popular book by this,author so a lot of people are always,going to kind of make that comparison so,im going to try not to do that a lot,but i love that ryland is kind of in,every man kind of in that michael,crichton way its never you know the,action stars i mean this guy isnt even,an astronaut sure hes smart hes wrote,some papers and things like that just,like a cried novel whereas you have the,you know these characters are scientists,usually theyre very very smart this guy,is a schoolteacher you know he has a,past obviously that you get to unwrap,slowly in

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so i would say that about 90 of my,youtube subscription box is just,booktubers the other 10,is people either playing animal crossing,or building robots but,i dont want to talk about it the point,is i love hearing people talk,passionately about books its the best,thing and the books that people talk,about here on youtube are always so,varied and so i decided to do some,research to see which books are most,frequently recommended and therefore,which books i should read and very,luckily for me at the end of the year,pretty much every booktuber,ever makes a video about their favorite,books that they read in,that year myself included um im quite,new to the booktube scene i joined about,a year ago because i think i used to be,considered more of a study tuber um,honestly if you can stick a tube at the,end of it im there,sounded better in my head anyway i spent,the beginning of 2022 watching 101 yes,101 of these videos i was in my cruella,de vil era 101 videos and i started off,by trying to tally the books on paper,honestly it just got so confusing for my,little brain to handle because people,were recommending its so many different,books so i needed a spreadsheet and out,of the literal hundreds of books,recommended on booktube these were the,top 20. these were the most frequently,recommended books on booktube in 2021 in,order you may notice that taylor jenkins,read makes three appearances on this,list she has booktube in a show called,we are in the palm of that womans hand,truly and the top choice was malibu,rising which almost a quarter of the,booktubers that i surveyed recommended i,think its taylor jenkins reads world,and were just living in it she laces,the pages of her books with crack i,swear also just for full transparency,this is the list of the booktubers that,i surveyed in alphabetical order thats,right you may be wondering what bill,gates is doing on that list listen he,made a video on his favorite books of,2021 dont hate the player hate the game,now the next job was to take that list,and cross out all of the books that ive,already read so that left 11 books i,then selected five books from the list,to read for this video but before we,jump into those books i am absolutely,thrilled to let you know that todays,video is very kindly sponsored by book,of the month this is now officially the,ultimate booktube video because book of,the month is the backbone that keeps,this community going and so i got in,contact and i was like book of the month,please work with me on this video and,they pulled through book of the month is,an online book service tailored for,readers they can help you find your next,favorite read by vetting hundreds of,books and promoting emerging authors,which you might not have picked up,otherwise and so every month they curate,a list of five books like so you can,then pick which of those five books,piques your interest and they will send,you one of them in this snazzy blue box,so lets give you a little taster the,books for this month are peach blossom,spring a river enchanted dont cry for,me the golden couple and vladimir ive,heard so much good stuff about this book,whats really cool though is the book of,the month is completely risk-free,because if in any given month the books,theyve chosen dont tickle your pickle,you can just skip that month completely,for free and the book of the month gets,you some banging bargains on new release,hardback fiction in fact if you use the,code jack you can get your first box for,just 9.99 theres also add-on books,which you can pick from and actually,thats what i did this month to get the,anthropocene reviewed do you see it all,ties in im going to be reading this,book for this challenge i even got a,little bookmark so if you want to spend,less time researching and more time,reading get involved the link is down,below and a huge shout out to book of,the month before working with me on this,video thanks guys and now on to the,first book that i read for this,booktuber challenge to see if we can,truly trust the booktubers that we love,and the first book is it ends with us by,colleen hoover,guys look its a uh,its a colleen hoover i just finished,this book and it is powerful stuff what,i want to start by saying is that,colleen hoover is a fantastic,storyteller shes really really gifted,because it is such a gift to be able to,write such a page-turner such an,engaging story with so much momentum and,i think thats because of two things,firstly the frequency of twists and,turns and big reveals and secondly by,her use of motifs so everything is done,so deliberately everything that is,mentioned is there for a reason for,example a magnet that is mentioned in,passing on like page 12 will suddenly,have huge relevancy on page 212. so,theres lots of moments that i can only,describe as oh,moments you know and i liked that i,thought it was clever that aside i did,find the writing sometimes like,borderline cringeworthy and my,conclusion is that its down to the,overly frequent use of italics italics,are used quite regularly to emphasize,something or to do a little aside to the,reader but i found them a bit annoying,after about the halfway point i was like,please someone wrestle the italics key,out of this womans fingers theres also,very little subtlety when it comes to,how the narrator is feeling um its,quite didactic in that sense because,weve just told things over and over,again and i think anyone with any,emotional intelligence could probably,pick up most of those things without,having to be spoon-fed it i mean the,character is a florist and her name is,lily bloom so that tells you how subtle,this book is and i dont think this is,really a spoiler because it happens in,the opening pages but she meets a man on,a rooftop in new york city and just kind,of instantly falls in love with him but,like this man is awful from the get-go,in that scene in every scene afterwards,he is a walking talking red flag and,suddenly lily bloom is colorblind,suddenly fifi and the flower tots over,here are seeing all those red flags as,little tiny red lovehearts you know what,they say you cant see a red flag when,its waving in your direction but,seriously come on this man is a big red,siren hes clifford the big red dog and,if that red is not taylors version,were not interested also i mean this is,a small quan but his name is ryle,ryle that riled me up whose name is ryle,in the book his only real redeeming,quality is that he just wears scrubs all,the time like medical scrubs from a,hospital as in like outside of work now,i dont know that much about the medical,profession ill be the first to admit,that but even i know that its quite,unhygienic to wear the scrubs youve,just been wearing for surgery out about,on the streets of new york city like get,changed i mean correct me if im wrong,but surely youre supposed to take off,the scrubs before you leave the hospital,right while lily bloom was getting all,hot and bothered by this man i was just,bothered i was bothered change your,clothes you dutty pig so anyway the,story evolves to so much more than that,and its really really impactful i dont,want to give too much away but i thought,it shed so much light on the,psychological impact of gaslighting and,abuse and what its like to be a victim,of those things and why its so much,more complicated than people being like,just leave just get yourself out of,there it is so much more nuanced than,that for someone who is in that,situation and the blurb sort of sells,this as a love triangle story but i i,really think its so much more than that,this was a great introduction to colleen,hoover ill definitely be reading more,of her books but,i do still hate ryle anyway moving on,[Music],okay on to the second most recommended,book of the year on booktube and that is,people we meet on vacation this is by,emily henry and its also known by the,uk title which is you and me on vacation,but honestly i just prefer this cover,and,i am superficial so thats why i bought,this one

Project Hail Mary/A Natural History of Dragons: Dual Review

okay so today im going to be doing a,review on two books natural history of,dragons by marie brennan,and project hail mary by andy ware both,of these are going to be,spoiler free reviews ill dip into,spoilers very briefly,for project hail mary but the majority,of this video is spoiler free,i really really enjoyed both these books,so i hope youll stick with me,to talk about both of them but there,will be time stamps in the description,if you dont want to im going to start,with a natural history of,dragons which i really really really,loved,this book felt like in most ways it was,basically written to my taste so a,natural history of dragons is a,kind of sci-fi fantasy if its in both,categories,we follow lady trent who im gonna use,the,description that was used to sell me on,it because its so accurate,it the main character lady trent is,basically like,a protagonist in a jane austen novel the,setting,it feels like regency era england,at least at the beginning in england,its that regency era,is how it feels even though its a,modern book and our protagonist,is someone who is fascinated by,the science by the biology of,dragons now im a huge fan of,classic dragon fantasy you know these,mythical creatures that are really rare,on the earth and you know you have to,summon them,or you stumble on them you want maybe,maybe your protagonist is going to get,to ride a dragon like i love,classic dragon fantasy,i this is not it um at all,not even a little bit so dont go in,thinking that thats what were doing,here,but ive actually never read a book like,this this is completely,unique to anything else ive read which,i read a lot of books so finding,something that is totally fresh and,completely new,and fits into all of what i want out of,a book,its just its so rare it was amazing,so i love this kind of this setting and,this era that,the author is is recreating that shes,placing her story in,this is written as a memoir to our main,character so,i guess that could kind of eliminate,some of the stakes because we know she,makes it out just fine from all of her,endeavors,but its written as a memoir so our,protagonist is,old when we meet her but shes,reflecting on,where she began in this book so we start,with her as a child and her fascination,in biology in animals in general and,understanding the way animals work and,her,obsession with dragons and the different,obstacles and hurdles that she has to,face,as a woman in this era that just wants,to,wants to be a naturalist that wants,to understand the science uh,and biology of these creatures but there,are,societal expectations on her in this,first book we follow her as a child we,follow her growing up a little bit,and then the majority of the book thats,just the beginning the majority of the,book is,that we follow her and her husband and a,few others on her very first,expedition so whats really great about,this world something that i really,really,enjoyed is is that the dragons of this,world,arent necessarily these these far-off,mythical creatures that,you know are they real arent they real,or we know that theyre real but its,rare to actually see one,theyre commonplace um this is this is,something thats just accepted about,this world,dragons are around there are these these,creatures,sometimes a lot of times for people like,farmers sheep farmers,theyre a menace because the dragons are,hunting their sheep you know theyre,just,a part of the world they just exist here,um they have theyre these exotic,creatures,where our protagonist is they have a,menagerie where you know you can go and,you can see,them on display um anyway,we start with our protagonist and all,her different hurdles growing up as well,as,in you know when shes very young and,then we get to go with her on her very,first expedition of,finding dragons and studying them with,this group of other people,and i i enjoyed it so much i love,this era and the setting im a big jane,austen fan these white books right here,are my jane austen collection,um im im a big you know i read a lot,of classics and this definitely feels,like a classic so i guess if you dont,like classics then,maybe maybe this book wont jive with,you it also has,the pacing of a classic which you know a,lot of modern books are written,to be a lot more punchy a lot more,fast-paced a lot more,um thrilling adventures and and this,book has those thrilling adventures,because it is a memoir,a memoir except that kind of funny so,our,our main character you know is,recounting,the big events in her life and so,because of that theres a lot of crazy,situations that she gets in sometimes by,her own,um illogical thinking or her own,impulsive behavior,she kind of winds up in these situations,but shes in,very exciting and and fun situations to,read but its also just not an,a really fast-paced story um it,it reads a lot slower at times uh,so i guess go into it expecting that,but i i felt like it flowed really well,you know i was i was invested in this,in this story our protagonist lady trent,is oh my goodness i,adore her i love her so much in fact i,got attached to her,in the very beginning i think in the,prologue itself,i fell for her uh the the narrative,voice,like i said is is her as an as an old,lady,and shes reflecting on herself so were,seeing her young,in this first book but she still pauses,sometimes,to give her own commentary and her own,wisdom,in her age now which i really really i,love that dynamic,but also her as as you know a young,adult her,being younger i i love her in this stage,of life too,um corey i i started this book and the,day i started it corey walked in on me,reading and,i was crying and he was like youre not,very far in that book to already be,crying,but but i just i i got attached to her,so quickly,and and the real life stuff that she,went through,very early on in this book just i heard,for her,and it wasnt the only time i cried in,this book there were several really,intense emotional,um exciting and devastating moments just,in this,short little part of her life im,definitely continuing on with this,series if you cant tell,the prose is beautiful the setting i,think that i think that she,i think that if there were a story about,dragons,in this era that shes trying to,replicate,this would be it you know it fits it,feels like it belongs,there and i love that i would say the,one the one complaint,or the one thing that didnt fully work,for me about this book is with it being,a memoir,you know fictional memoir uh she does,she,she takes us on the important moments of,her life she takes us through,uh the things that she deems important,which means that every now and then,there are,there are things that are being set up,and then and then were,just there and its like no i wanted to,get there with you,i wanted to see it happen um and and so,some of the skipping around that just,happens with this format,sometimes i was like slow down even,though its not even a fast-paced book,but i was like show me that part too,i guess just because i was so invested,in her i wanted to see all the details,and not just,not just the highs and the lows which i,guess is a pretty good complaint to have,um its not a fault in the book by any,means because its just the,its the nature of the format and and i,i think that the,the format was handled so so well i just,wanted,more thankfully theres four more books,in this series and then theres a,spin-off series after that,so im really happy about that okay,project hail mary so again this ones,also going to be,spoiler-free for the most part but ill,dip into spoilers a little bit there at,the end,another book that i really recommend,this is the author of the martian,and he wrote another one the martian is,the really popular one,that he has written this is actually my,first andy ware book i have not read the,martian or,the other one obviously since i dont,even know the name of it and i really,enjoyed it so this book has two,timelines that were following,we follow our main character rayland you,

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir HAD ISSUES ????????‍???? Book Review SPOILER FREE & FULL SPOILER Sections

hello beautiful bookish family welcome,or welcome back to coffee over apples my,name is steph today i have a very,polarizing,gush slash rant for the book that i,finished very recently project hail mary,by andy weir,now i am going to go,non-spoilery and then spoilery but a,majority of the stuff that i want to say,is going to be in the spoiler section i,dont know how long this video is going,to be im just going to ramble you grab,a snack and sit tight because,this is a very,popular,science fiction book from 2021 it won,like goodreads choice awards i won so,many awards im pretty sure its going,to be adapted into a movie because it,feels like its been written for the,screen,but um,i got some issues i have,some issues so much so that i originally,rated this four stars and im,considering knocking it down to either a,three or three point five because the,longer i sit with it,the more,something just doesnt feel right,it could change the world,all right giving you the gist of this,in the non-spoiler section first,theres a reason that not much is told,to you on the back of the book because,even understanding what the thematic,uh,sub genres of science fiction that this,is is going to be very spoilery so,essentially were following ryland grace,who is an astronaut,and woke up in space in a pod the other,people,who were in pods next to him are all,dead he doesnt know what hes doing,there hes trying to figure it out,theres a lot of flashbacks the world is,at stake everything is resting on his,shoulders for him to figure out how to,stop,the dimming of the sun,okay,um,listen i,dont,think andy weir,knows how to write people the strong,suit of this book and the reason why i,believe its so popular and partly the,reason why i originally i really liked,it,is because its so easily,readable its so,streamlined,and,trope-heavy and,stereotypical,that,all of the magic in here comes from,the science it comes from the biology,comes from the chemistry it comes from,the physics so even if youre somebody,who,is not a scientist or has a science,background,this is easily digestible for you,everything is broken down its very plot,heavy this is a plot driven book,and,i typically define myself as a plot,driven reader so,i was eating this up like candy,as were going along our main character,is,explaining why theyre doing what,theyre doing how these,equations function,how it is that the experiments that,theyre doing work,and,why its the only alternative or what,other situations there could be so,theres a lot of time in this book that,is spent,justifying itself meaning,i felt really comfortable like after the,first couple experiments i mean,trying to think about using the bit of,science knowledge that i have being a,science buff and having taken some,physics classes in undergrad which was,like,eight years ago or something at this,point so god if i can remember what that,was like um,but,at a certain point theres just so much,science that,unless youre really gonna sit there and,research and,look into every single thing,it becomes pretty evident that okay the,science here is pretty solid up to a,majority believable degree even though,considering that were in space were on,a mission to another solar system and,all these things are happening and,theres so many hypotheticals but,im like all right i get it i trust you,youve backed it up im not even going,to keep questioning it anymore so,whether you want to dive deep into the,plausibility of the science in here or,not i think that its,its fine um,so the latter half of this book i feel,like it could have been a bit shorter,because,the,last like 50 pages they read like a,conversation between andy weir and their,editor where someone found loopholes and,he was trying to plug in those loopholes,so,okay i was like i get it youre plugging,in your,loopholes fine the science is solid all,right moving on to the next thing but,i really enjoyed that aspect i love,learning about the science it set me,down rabbit holes of studying neutrinos,and relativity and all these amazing,things which,are great right so i learned a lot while,reading this book because it brought me,to wanting to research other things,fine,when it comes to characters people are,so,poorly written and thats the part that,is sitting with me that i dont feel,comfortable with,now,how do i say this,okay,how do i say this without ruining,anything,andy weir,is,a white male,and it reads,like a white male,that being,the main character feels like a,reflection of the author and someone in,the discord brought up that point and,im sticking with it because that makes,total sense to me because this main,character is easily interchangeable with,the main character from the martian if,youve read the martian also by andy,weir which is like super popular,um,they,are both almost one in the same person,and,they have no personality theyre just,the driest people,i mean if you asked me to pick them out,of a crowd i probably couldnt because,theyre just that bland,theres no description other than,they are a cis white male,so,from that,every other person that was written in,this book is also from,a very stereotypical place so,i dont think this is spoilery so im,actually going to talk about this here,and here are the problems major problem,heres one of the major problems that i,have in this book that is not,a spoiler,im going to talk about the different,characters,being the,other astronauts and other teams who are,also dealing with things im not gonna,yet say what those things are but,also the woman who was in charge of,all of the plans to put this team,together for what they were doing,the russian,astronaut,was,addicted to alcohol,stereotypical,portrayal of a russian person just cant,live without alcohol fine,the woman who was in power,was power hungry,and,had,dark and or morally gray ethics,was on a power trip,and their power was used as a means of,discussing,whether that is a cause,of,their,gender,i dont like that i dont like that at,all why is it we couldnt have a female,lead,character,high in government,high in military,with multiple degrees,that doesnt have implicit bias and that,doesnt reinforce the same misogynistic,systems that are preventing women from,garnering these positions in the first,place because our,woman,said things about how,certain people,on exploratory teams,have to be heterosexual males,because,otherwise you risk fraternizing and you,risk,the mission,no,absolutely not completely disregarding,any kind of,lgbtqia representation and im also,going to get into that later in the,spoiler section because that happens,again later on with our main character,um but also that not trusting that,people can be professionals and kind of,insinuating that women,poison any expedition or kind of,professional place by bringing in,emotions and,sex and,are not able to conduct themselves in a,professional manner,thats kind of gross that she would,insinuate that and just because our main,character,had a short one-line retort against that,does not mean that the author was,subverting that by any means,so,heres the other character that i had a,serious problem with the,asian character,is like stoic,quiet,only speaks when they have something to,say,stereotypical quiet asian,[Music],tv personality,so,again reinforcing these civic tropes,theres another white male character who,talks a lot about the beatles i think it,was the beatles um so,it is also a bit more aggressive in,their manner in speaking with the main,character so,again reinforcing a stereotypical white,male trope,and then,and then,there is the one black guy the one black,character,and,there is a scene,in which our main character is talking,to the woman that is in power,and she says the misogynistic thing that,she says about,having opposite sexes,on,missions,and our main character,makes a comment i cant remember what,the exact words were and i didnt have,it and thats a mistake that i should,have made i should have been tabbing,this as i went along,but um says someth

Project Hail Mary/Ship Of Magic -Review

hello everybody and welcome to another,duel review here on the channel where i,will be tackling,two extremely different pieces of,literature,within the sci-fi and fantastical realms,and that is going to be,project hail mary by andy weir,and ship of magic by robin hobb,i also want to say ship of magic won the,patreon poll of what i should review,next by,one freaking vote good lord so,yeah your votes matter over there you,can go ahead and jump into the timestamp,down below if you want to skip and go,ahead to ship of magic review,but for now lets go ahead and talk,about project,hail mary from andy weir one of the,better,known modern sci-fi authors getting into,this was,curious because andy weirs reputation,is interesting,the martian is one of the biggest,critical and commercial successes of the,modern sci-fi genre the book,and the film adaptation are loved and,artemis unfortunately doesnt have his,second book as,nearly a welcome reception a lot of,people found the characterization that,would be weak,and upon revisiting it i agree that my,review of that book was,way too nice uh i was just not as,critical back then,im more so now project hail mary though,feels like a,very safe play from andy weir and lets,get into exactly,why we have our main character ryland,isolated on a ship,and through flashbacks we understand,exactly why he is there how he got there,and he is trying to solve a world-ending,scientific problem i wont get into,anything more than that due to spoilers,but that is the setup of project hail,mary and some people,are go that sounds a little similar to,the martian the issue comes in with that,main character ryland feeling extremely,similar,to mark watney and the structure and,pacing,of project hail mary to me,is nearly identical to that of the,martian to the point where even the way,the main character is approaching,tackling these problems the hurdles of,the narrative,its the same as the martian which is,fine i have absolutely no,issue with an author having a type of,story they like to tell,and going through it again ive just,never seen it,be this close before in my own personal,reading,overall i still really enjoyed project,hail mary because i liked the martian,and this just felt like a more,experienced,more mature andy weir coming back and,telling a better version of it so yeah i,had a really good time i would recommend,this book,to people who liked the martian i would,recommend this book to actually some,people who didnt because its not as,grounded sci-fi its a bit more high,concept grander ideas bigger technology,and i know some people are very,interested in that they dont,necessarily like the martian because it,lacked that,so i think this could have appealed a,new audience i think its still,definitely going to please andy weirs,fans,its just wow that was very very very,similar yeah getting into the review,i think the structure is great because,its a proven tried structure i think,the pacing is snappy and the character,helps it move along with his strong,personality,well i would say the jokes within this,story landed a bit better than those of,the martian for me and the execution,of the sci-fi concepts andy weir is,so good at clearly doing his research,and walking you the reader through,understanding the problem,and the solutions maybe better than,anyone else writing sci-fi today that,was,why a lot of people loved his previous,work and its on,full display once again here you feel,like youre genuinely learning,here in project hail mary in fact i,would actually give project hail mary,the additional praise that i felt less,like i was being handheld walked through,things and more like i was just,learning alongside the character due to,the nature of the problems hes trying,to overcome not being as so,uh based in the real world and some of,them being,more alien the narrative itself i found,to not only be compelling as i said but,the conclusion very cathartic i was,satisfied,and i cared about the stakes the,emotional beats hit i feel like they,could have,used a bit more ruminating at times for,example theres a scene where ryland is,trying to deal with some bodies and,while there is emotion,being conveyed i just wasnt connecting,especially in a first-person book as,much as i felt,should have been there though this is,entirely a subjective personal opinion,there is definitely the andy weir,continued something happened ah lets,just move along our character is really,good at getting over stuff though,uh ryland does show more frustration at,times,than i would say mark watney did in the,martian sorry for the continued,comparison its just,its needed with stuff this similar so,thats actually a continued matured,growth from the author as well where i,think,uh ryland feels more realistic well mark,wadneys great sometimes it felt like,his humor was just overpowering,or a coping mechanism that he didnt,have under control which is,fine characterization if youre going,for that but rylan to me feels,as hes discovering himself and you know,the solutions and we the reader are,figuring things out with him,he felt a bit more human to me for some,reason in my brain i looked to some of,the earlier dresden novels where dresden,has a formula he goes through for a,while,and how much i enjoyed just the ride,with the character there,and because the character is also so,humorous and were following in first,person,and i found the pacing to also be,aligning somewhat so im wondering if,the audience overlap would be as strong,as my gut tells me it might be,because its a similar vibe in some ways,there of course this being not,fantastical and much more about,overcoming science fiction problems,theres other elements that within the,meta that do,mash up its definitely a tremendous,improvement over artemis which is a,shame because i feel like artemis had so,much potential with concepts and,characters,it just was not written in a way that i,feel like was,on the bar was anywhere near the bar,andy weir had set,and now he is returning to form and,especially if in artemis you missed the,deep deep rich exploration of real,scientific conversation,you will be satisfied with that here in,project hail mary,no doubt okay one final cut in and this,has been bugging me and its something i,couldnt figure out to put into words,until i was in the middle of editing,this video the themes actually might be,where i am most disappointed in this,book because,thematically it walked almost the exact,same path the martian did and i can,excuse a lot of the same storytelling,beats,but for the ideas covered to feel,repetitive,thats more of a foul and it just took,me a,stupid amount of time to finally realize,yeah thats thats the problem it feels,like its the same themes being covered,overall though for project hail mary im,feeling a very solid eight,out of ten it might be lacking in,originality but,not everyone even really cares about,that or needs it and i respect the,hustle of being able to pin,something that makes me feel like im,learning while being entertained,and just showing improvement on a,technical level,theres nothing wrong with that and im,happy as a reader ship,of magic is a book by robin hobb and the,first one,i am picking up after finishing the,farseer trilogy,and liking it a lot more than a lot of,people said i would theres a continual,thing on the channel where people are,telling me daniel dont worry push,through this first thing,then it gets good i read the first thing,the first thing is good,the question comes up though was how,well can,the ship of magic be when robin hobb is,trying to approach it in,a whole new way and the answer is,damn good ship of magic was extremely,jarring for me as a reader getting into,because,i assumed it would be a continuation of,farseer directly,no its in the same world but the uh,events of farsi are you really barely in,this or relevant at all theres a few,references of like yeah this is the same,world but youre not like,caring about that right now and were,a

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