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Proper Cloth Double Unboxing – Measured In Store & At Home | My Experience Review

hey gents this has been a long awaited,one but it takes time for these,made-to-measure shirt companies to send,me stuff and so today were taking a,look at proper cloth and what I did with,this one is I measured myself at home,for a shirt and I sent it in got the,order and its been sitting here in a,box but then also I found myself in Soho,a few weeks ago and I went in and got,measured as well so that I could have,the feel of being at home and getting,and measured and then also getting,measured by a professional who does this,see which one has the better fit,obviously Id hope itd be the in-store,one but then also talked about the,experience of doing both and then as,this is part of them trying to cover the,made divider shirt and dress shirt,companies but this is just a slow,process so if you want to learn about,the best mens wear on the internet and,support doing more videos and,experiments like this please subscribe,to more viewers and subscribers I have,the more I can find cool small companies,like this shirt is from batch they just,launched some of these van collars they,sent over its and very lightweight,fabric it feels great and so Ive done a,few videos on them in the past as well,so check out other videos that Ive done,and why dont we dive into my proper,cloth delivery I also preface with this,not being my first brush with proper,cloth this was the shirt that I got from,them in 2015 early 2015 and Ive been,saving it here because I have been ready,to throw it away but I wanted to save it,just to show you in this video that I,had a proper cloth shirt from 2015 and I,was not very impressed with the fabric,overall I feel like it hasnt stood the,test of time very well you know what I,did my off rack shirt round up I really,talked about how its important that I,want to have shirts that will last a few,wears you can get the dry clean and,taken care of and this shirt just didnt,do well so Ill be looking to see how,the fabric has been updated since doing,this shirt and it fit pretty well but,Im looking forward to having a shirt,that was measured by one of the proper,cloth specialists so that I can have,really the best fit thats available so,this right here is the shirt that I had,when I got measured in store,I got a nice clean white shirt this is a,white quilt and,is a non iron wrinkle-resistant shirt,here with a nice spread for a cutaway,collar and then the shirt that I had,done from my at-home measurements comes,right here this is in a lavender twill,with a French cuff and another full,spread collar and so I had I try to get,basically the same fabrics and the,similar fills of the shirts but I want,two more white shirts I love white,shirts Ive been really fall in love,with those right here I went to their,office in Soho it is more of an office,building and not like a storefront which,was interesting but they have beautiful,offices upstairs a lots of people that,are there to help you I had an,appointment already so is able to walk,in just get measured and then they told,me that I couldnt record and so thats,basically where the footage ends but I,was measured there and then you,basically just use the website in the,store you log into your own proper cloth,account they update your measurements on,the site and so if you get measured once,in the store and you nail the perfect,fit then you just keep ordering shirts,from them again which is really what you,want out of these made-to-measure,companies as part of the trial process,they have you wear a few of their sample,shirts which allow you to get the right,fit and then what the tailor told me,there is that hes able to do within a,quarter inch variance of the,measurements that they give and so you,can get a very good fit with this method,they went in they updated a few my,measurements they tweaked each of them,by a little bit and one of the things,that are able to talk to them about is,that I am asymmetrical if you if you,look at my videos and youll notice in,the future one is one of my shoulders as,longer than the other and it ends up,causing this tugging right here that you,can see in most of my shirts especially,off-the-rack shirts and so I wanted to,try and account for that I also have a,very slim torso and long arms as you,know I am 170 pounds I am 64 and so I,always have trouble to try and get,shirts that fit me really well in the,body and in the arms so made-to-measure,is a perfect option especially because I,need to have the length in order to get,these things tucked in because I do wear,dress shirts everyday and obviously they,have casual shirts and everything else,but with all that being said lets get,shirts unboxed opened up try it on keep,in mind you they do offer the fit,guarantees so if one of these shirts,really doesnt sit,you either send it back you go back to,the store they remesh Earl a remake into,these major vendors two companies we,really have the benefit as guys and,early adopters that these companies want,to make sure you get the right fit and,they have you know generous return,policies free shipping both ways and,this fabric definitely feels like a nice,upgrade from what I previously had and I,think their prices have gone up a little,bit but not considerably from what they,used to be so the purple one feels,pretty nice and another thing with this,white shirt is that I did have them add,an extra I think one inch on the left,cuff because I have this dive watch this,Luminox which is a pretty good size and,I wanted to have a little bit of leeway,in the cuff for that so this would not,only fit me very well because I was,professionally measured all over but,then also they will talk to them about,some of the tweaks that they can do and,accommodate in the shirt and then you,can see it from the detail here like,very similar fabric I did a double,button on the sleeve here and then I did,a little monogram a jjs nice and subtle,a little gray on the side and so I also,did a pocket on here and no pocket on,here but largely its a material and now,lets get these on alright so I was,trying to get these nice and presentable,I steamed this shirt and then I came to,the purple shirt and I think this is,some kind of sick joke there has to be,QA Quality Assurance it says this is way,too short for human beings arm so this,is my at-home measured shirts I can take,the blame for why it is so short because,I obviously mesh measured myself but,theres no way that they would why would,they make a shirt why would they even,manufacture this so yeah this one falls,on me theyve got free returns at free,remakes so Ill contact their customer,service but via all things aside that it,fits okay and the shoulders if its okay,in the body and so it came out alright,but Ill be sending this one back lets,just focus on the one that I got made in,the store the you store shirt fits,super blades and I do like the fabric,that was chosen on a year in the store,they have swatches you can choose,through I really wanted something was,like a rich oxford but you know a twill,is better for everyday wear and the way,that this shirt contours to my shoulders,is very unique to what Ive had from,other companies and then also just the,way that it fits around the chest and,around the waist and then also perfect,sleeve length I like that it has the,additional room for my watch so that it,goes over top of a watch and then it has,exactly symmetrical lines on my arms and,theres not much fabric left over when I,tuck my shirt in which is what you get,on a lot of immunity I like trim or slim,fit shirts with somebody in my physique,I still end up getting a lot of material,that kind of sticks out and doesnt look,very good,whenever youre tucking the shirt in and,they have plenty of customization,options on this shirt I did a rounded,pocket I also did my favorite style,placket I did mother-of-pearl buttons,and I did subtle little initials on the,cuff you can place these and thinking,place them on the chest or other places,but to me the cuff is the perfect pl

Proper Cloth Shirts and Oni Aizumi Denim

everybodys Shawn from well many things,and I know its been a while so my,apologies I just havent had content,that I thought was was worth your time,but thats thats all changed today Ive,got a couple of things in the mail that,I want to share with you and were gonna,learn a little bit fine so let me start,out with this package this is from,Malaysia and its from a company called,proper proper cloth and they make dress,shirts looking for shirts you know in,the quality of like the get Minh vintage,if you see my videos you know I love get,Minh vintage but they are expensive you,know these shirts range anywhere from,165 to 205 dollars so not something I,can always afford to have a new fresh,rotation of but proper cloth is a little,bit cheaper not a whole lot but they do,allow you to customize the fit so if you,know a shirt can fit you well if you,know your measurements you can really,customize the fit of the shirt so thats,what were gonna check out today so,lets see if presentation in a company,as you can see here pretty nice box here,on the inside we have a nice thank you,note with our receipt great weve got a,catalog some proper cloth that shows all,their shirts and suiting options is,youre gonna have made-to-measure suits,as well but they offer a lot hundreds of,different fabrics so I was really,impressed that you have some Japanese,fabrics some Italian fabrics and you can,really customize the type of shirt you,want what you can do you can actually,customize the collar you can customize,the sleeves of the shirt the fit of the,shirt so anyway these are my first two,selections here lets take a look,you know me you know that every shirt I,buy for work is blue yeah that is,absolutely beautiful report back to you,on on the fit I cant try it on right,here but as you can see I got this type,of cuff here just a single button,corrupt cuff I think this is the soft,president spread collar so Im really,impressed with this fabric its got some,real texture and quality to it so very,initial impressions are very good with,that this shirt was 85 now this next one,here was a little more expensive I think,this was somewhere around there,and it all comes down to fabric in this,case so this is the same design of shirt,again single button cuff here we went,with that soft president spread and,weve just gone with a kind of a plaid,fabric here I dont have the actual name,for you also looks to be exceptional,quality so Im gonna report back to you,once I get a little were in on those,this is something Im really excited of,course we have our Spyderco knife,everyday carry and by the way you know I,got a comment the other day someone,saying that I was a shill for some,companies that I was being paid by,companies to review their product nobody,this is from Japan this is a company I,havent ordered from before this company,called anemia demon but theyre famous,for slub denim so the denim has a lot of,texture to it,it wears unevenly the fibers are long,and short fiber see its its denim with,a lot of character they released this,denim here its called the eyes Umi its,actually black on indigo so its,actually got like a black ink almost,over and indigo dye,and the nice thing about oneís are they,have a strong taper in the bottom this,is their relaxed high-rise so its got a,higher waist you know like a traditional,waist its not some low-cut thing that,young people would wear that I cant,wear Im a little bit fat its got,beautiful black buttons as you can see,here the construction is impeccable and,again its got a strong taper so if,youve got bigger thighs like me but you,still want a taper at the ankle you can,buy a pair of jeans like these these are,in a 1 wash so Im not sure I feel like,the ark shoe its here but you can see,that these are handmade theres a little,bit of a regular stitching here and this,denim,Im guessing its probably some around a,16 ounce dont quote me on that but,pretty heavy denim not as heavy this,your iron hearts and your samurais some,years you know super heavy denims but,still nonetheless nice,so were gonna break these into the next,couple months and Ill report back to,you on them just a little word on some,upcoming content Im going to be doing,these videos call it what I call the,reboot or the revisit Im gonna go into,some of these products after Ive used,them for a number of months and let you,know how they worked out you know did,they turn out right did they meet my,expectations whats the construction,like Im doing that now with my Alden,snuffs wait I have these the cap toe,boots I reviewed earlier Ive definitely,got some feedback on those Im gonna,give some feedback to the companies that,theyre watching as well on ways that,they can easily improve their product,call it free consulting advice but in,cases where theyre really an obvious,change is necessary Ill give them that,advice anyway thanks for watching

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The Best Oxford Cotton Button Down Shirts (OCBDs) | Casual Shirt Roundup

hey gents today were talking about the,venerable oxford cotton button down,shirt or ocbd if i interchange between,those two words so you know,and were going to talk about them from,brands that could range down to,20 up to the multi hundred dollar shirts,but if there is one shirt that needs to,be in your wardrobe it is the oxford,cotton button down,for many different reasons is a shirt,that can look good on anybody whether,you are big or small,or short or tall it is also one of those,shirts that has been around,forever its a classic but also looks,just as modern today,depending on the fit and thats what i,want to talk about as we dive in here so,i do want to talk a little bit about the,history,of the oxford cotton button down and,then im going to run down the brands,in the roundup style where im going to,cover the wide range of prices that are,out there and tell you what to look for,as you are shopping,for one of these shirts brooks brothers,is the company that brought the oxford,cotton button down to the world,in 1896 at a time when shirts,had removable collars they were,extremely stiff and brooks brothers,brought this,to polo players whose collars used to,flap up in the wind,and thats why this button is right here,to keep it buttoned down so the shirts,were really made for sport they were,also a much more casual,but as the popularity grew especially in,the 60s with the,preppy ivy league looks and now it is,just a staple in modern wardrobes and,especially,as we move into more business casual and,smart casual looks,the oscar cotton button down looks,better than ever when building your,shirt collection it is absolutely worth,having at least one if not,three shirts in your collection thats,going to be a light blue is probably the,one that i would start with,and then a white and then a pink is a,really easy one to go with thats like,the holy trinity,of oxford cotton button-down shirts and,what makes the ocbd,so adaptable and ralph lauren is a great,example of this,is that it can be used in so many,different colors but then on top of that,it can be worn from totally casual just,untucked button down even,short sleeve shirt up to a completely,formal look sands buttons,and you can have a nice point collar on,there so you can have it go from the,most casual looks,to pretty formal looks pretty easily as,part of the,oxford cloth the button is what you,usually would break from as you go into,the most formal,shirts but even then i think an oxford,cotton button down with a nice tie,looks really good maybe just not with a,tuxedo heres what you want to look for,as you are shopping for oxford cotton,button downs,you want to find something that is at,least a medium or a heavier weight,oxford cotton button down,the best part about these shirts is that,they get better with each wash theyre,kind of like denim in that way,the more you wash them the softer they,get and they just feel more comfortable,and kind of break in,what i find from a lot of fast fashion,brands whether thats,top man or h m or or some of the like,low end shirts that you find,for twenty dollars is that the cloth,isnt substantial enough to withstand,multiple washes,thats really what you want and to me,thats what its all about is having a,shirt that looks good now,can wash really easily and then continue,wearing beyond that unfortunately there,is no standard way to say like a garment,weight or its not really publicized on,a lot of these websites,so its really more about the fabric,feel but a really good indicator is the,price,what ive found across the board here is,that youre probably going to get a good,one for about,60 now you can find brooks brothers ones,marked down to 50,same thing with ralph lauren thats,really a sweet spot for where youre,going to find a shirt that has,a nice enough fabric thats going to be,substantial last long and look good so,now youre ready to buy an oxford cotton,button down where do you go from there,well theres a few categories to start,with theres really the starter brands,that im going to mention,then theres what i would consider like,the value so shirts that are a little,bit more expensive but,they use a really nice fabric and they,also have really good fit options,then i want to run down some custom,options for you because theres a ton of,custom options that are,not much more than those value brands so,youre looking,just around 100 maybe a little bit less,and then i want to talk about some of,the more formal some of the really nice,ones,and each of the brands especially in the,custom space will offer,you know a casual roll button-down,collar as well as a formal one,so its really about doing a little bit,of shopping here and im also putting,these in order,by category by my recommendations im,going to give you a list,of a couple of them to look for in each,category and my top recommendation is,the first one that i mentioned,as i go down the list as youre looking,to shop for new clothes well begin with,the,starter groups if you want a great,oxford cotton button-down shirt price is,your biggest component,lets start with spear and mckay spirit,mckay makes some amazing clothes,whether its their suits but their oscar,cotton button downs are some of the best,value out there,bar none they also have a great fit ive,had this one for a couple of years and i,think its one of the best places to,start the next one is a really easy one,its uniqlo,especially if youre a smaller shorter,guy they have really nice slim fits,and their prices are excellent and then,i would start with lands end lands end,especially when theyre discounting they,have some really nice cloth and i also,have a ton of available styles,lands end uh is one that i have slept on,for too long,so i check out lanzand brooks brothers,you can definitely find a lot of deals,on but depending on which line youre,shopping whether its like the red,fleece,or their main line theyre one of those,traditional retailers that i find can be,hit or miss,these past few years but just given the,heritage of the brand itself i wanted to,put this in one of the top recommended,and then kamakura shirt makers,this is a lesser-known brand i think,its more known in like the reddit,groups that im in,as far as being like a really cool niche,brand but i have a couple of their,shirts,and these are also really nice slim,fitting ones so if youre a smaller guy,looking for a great slim fit and a great,deal then kamakura shirt maker is a good,one,now for value this is kind of the middle,market of the dress shirts,and part of this is that these brands,end up discounting a lot so even though,you know ralph lauren has a 89 or 98,ticket price you end up finding them for,cheaper and ralph lauren,as well as brooks brothers are also two,of the brands that you can really get,away with having a logo on the shirt,i would avoid that for most of the other,ones everlane at 62.00 in their uniform,makes one of the best oxford cotton,button downs out there especially for,the price,the one that ive had ive had for,several years watched it many times,and i think its just a great value,overall this one here is from,mac weldon mac weldon actually,integrates 37.5 technology into the,shirt,which helps with odor control and,temperature control and this is one,where ive washed it a couple of times,and i find myself just wearing it a lot,as a very comfortable shirt on the daily,and i like it so much that its the,shirt that im wearing for this video,now this is the mac welding shirt,then the other places bonobos especially,if youre looking in this price point,for,multiple fit options whether its trim,fit slim fit,standard fit bonobos always has you,covered on there and then the last,couple to always check out is gap j,crew banana republic they run so many,sales and you can end up getting the,shirts for a really good deal and i find,that theyre nice enough that,you know if youre just trying to get,like a 50 or 60 shirt then youre gonna,be covered,now for the custom group and this on

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The Only 5 Dress Shirts You’ll Ever Need | Menswear Wardrobe Basics

– You want to do more with less, be ready for any situation,and get the most value out of your purchases.,But there are so many options out there,,especially when it comes to dress shirts,,that it can be hard to narrow down,what those basic pieces are that you really have to have.,I always focus on versatility,,and in this video Im gonna show you,the only five dress shirts you will ever need.,(upbeat music),Im Brian Sacawa, and youre watching He Spoke Style,where we give you the information and inspiration,you need to dress well,,have more confidence and unlock your potential.,Now, if youve been paying attention,over the last couple of years on the channel,,youve probably noticed that I wear pretty much,the same five shirts all the time.,Every once in a while, I might throw in a different one,,like this gingham shirt, for example,,but in general, Im not really stepping outside,those core five shirts that I have in my wardrobe.,The reason is because above all else,and one of the things I believe in most,is building a wardrobe that is focused on versatility.,You want pieces that you can plug in easily,to a variety of different situations.,Now, of course, there are two big details,you need to pay attention to,when youre thinking about your dress shirts:,what type of collar are you going to have,and what type of cuff are you going to have.,A lot of this boils down to personal preference,,and my personal preference is to choose a classic collar,and a one-button rounded cuff.,These arent the most unique styling details,,in fact, you might even say theyre kind of boring,,but if were talking about really leaning,into getting the most out of these shirts,,a classic collar and a one-button rounded cuff,is a really safe bet.,I mean, full disclosure, I like a French cuff shirt,,I like a turnback cuff as well,,but those have a very specific look and feel.,Like youre not gonna be able to style a French cuff shirt,in a more casual setting.,A one-button rounded cuff, however, slides more easily,between dressy, business casual and casual scenarios.,Same thing with a button-down collar,or a more aggressive spread collar shirt.,Those have their place,,but again, if youre looking for maximum versatility,and you only wanted to have five shirts,then the styling I suggest is a good way to go.,Now, the way were able to get a little more,out of these shirts is by considering the fabric.,And as I go through each of these five shirts,,Im going to talk specifically about the fabric choices.,And I think youll really see how far that will go,to add versatility and range to the collection.,Essential shirt number one is a white shirt,in a poplin fabric by Thomas Mason.,100% cotton with a weight of 150 grams.,Poplin weaves, because of their construction,,are an ideal choice for shirts that are thin and cool.,And that will also maintain a sturdy appearance.,Poplin also has a great natural luster,which makes it perfect for more formal or suited looks,,but it can also lend a bit of elegance to an outfit,with chinos, for example, or even when paired with jeans.,For this outfit though,,I wanted to highlight the poplin shirt,in a classic dressy and suited way.,This is a dark navy suit that has,a subtle herringbone pattern in it.,Brown patterned tie to kind of take,the formality down just a little bit,,simple white pocket square and brown Oxford shoes.,I spent so much time talking about the collar style,I recommend so I want to point out,why I do really like this style.,And the main reason is that I love how the collar,interfaces with the lapel of the jacket.,Because of the length of the collar,,you dont see the point, which I think just looks very clean,and very polished.,Essential shirt number two is one of my favorites,,an ice blue Oxford cloth shirt.,This fabric is by Thomas Mason,,100% cotton in a weight of 180 grams.,You know, you always hear about the OCBD,,or Oxford cloth button-down,,certainly a staple, more casual style shirt,,but with a classic collar like this,,you get the added versatility of being able to style it,in a more dressed up way.,Which is what Im doing here,,pairing it with a brown sharkskin suit,,which seems to have become one of the fan favorites,in the shop.,I chose a Prince of Wales check or a Glen Plaid tie here,to keep it more in that in-between, not super formal,,dressed up styling,,where I feel like an Oxford shirt like this really shines.,And then again, to keep things on the more relaxed side,of dressed up, Im anchoring this look,with a pair of tassel loafers.,Essential shirt number three,is also an Oxford cloth shirt, but this one with a stripe.,Fabric is by Thomas Mason again.,Its 100% cotton with a weight of 150 grams.,A striped shirt is a must-have,,and I particularly like the size of the stripe.,Its not too thin, its not too wide,,but its different enough while still being classic,and, therefore, very easy to style.,I always think of a striped shirt like this as kind of fresh,and lending itself to a more relaxed approach,,which is why Ive paired it here with a hopsack suit.,Hopsack, as you know, great choice for a suit,with a more casual feel, ditto on the patch pockets.,I chose a medallion tie with a lighter tannish color.,Again, playing into that relaxed,and not super buttoned up and formal vibe.,Sunglasses are by Oliver Peoples,and the derby shoes are by Enzo Bonafe.,Essential shirt number four,is gray with what you might call a reversed pencil stripe.,Its in a poplin fabric by Canclini.,100% cotton and lightweight at 110 grams.,This is going to be your dark horse,,kind of underdog shirt in the collection.,But one that gives you just an incredible amount of range,and really deepens your entire collection.,This shirt for me kind of feels like low-key elegance,,and Ive paired it with the same dark blue suit,with a subtle herringbone pattern,that you saw in the first look.,Totally on purpose, because although the looks are similar,,what you can see here is that the richness of the gray,with the addition of the stripe,,although still more or less on a formal side,,just has a completely different feel.,And for a shirt to be able to transform a suit like that,,thats what were looking for,when we talk about versatility.,Essential shirt number five is a denim shirt.,The fabric is by Canclini.,100% cotton, 210 grams.,This is such a great sportier shirt to have,,and one of my favorite things about it,is how easily it can dress down a suit,or more business casual looks.,And business casual is what Im doing here.,Ive paired the denim shirt,with our brown Donegal Tweed sport coat,,pair of navy cotton trousers, classic pocket square,and some derby shoes, which are again by Enzo Bonafe.,Now, I want to let you know,that all of these shirts are available in the HSS Shop.,And the best part about that is if you, you know,,want something different,,like a different color style or a different cuff style,,you can completely customize those parts of the shirt.,And add to that that youre going to be going,through our measuring process,so you can be really confident,that youre going to get a shirt that is fit,perfectly for you.,If you havent checked out our shirts in the shop yet,,theres a link right over there.,So click there, head over to the shop,and start filling your wardrobe,with some great menswear essentials.

Revealing my new Proper Cloth Suit | Double-Breasted Suit

all right guys so I got a brand new suit,from proper cloth and today Im going to,show you guys exactly what that looks,like because it is wow,and Im excited to shoot with it so,first let me make some breakfast,[Music],pancakes with normal pancakes but,theyre,wait,a second,I thought he I thought these pancakes,were normal pancakes but she made the,lemon zest pancakes,bro lemon belongs in ceviches I watch,this maybe a carne asada or something,but not in pancakes you know like leave,the lemon zest,for the,I watch you lets run,so Im trying to eat these but theyre, lemon zest and they I,probably put some Tapatio on it but yeah,well see well see what happens,um,I literally just shot this and there was,no audio guys zero audio,uh all right its all good lets go,lets go ahead and restart this so I got,my first suit I didnt get my first suit,so I just got a brand new suit from,proper cloth this is a double breasted,pinch stripe wool suit that I am,absolutely in lava with I almost have my,accent come out but check it out guys,this suit is amazing its super nice Im,gonna be wearing it for a photo shoot I,think either in New York or in Los,Angeles next week it depends on the,weather and it depends if I get my,second brand new suit from proper cloth,so if you guys want me to do a review,and showcase what that suit is let me,know down in the comments right now so I,can prep for that and schedule you guys,in let me let me check my let me check,my um my yeah I think I have time but,alright guys so let me show you guys,exactly what that suit looks like and,honestly what I absolutely love about uh,proper cloth as you guys know is that,everything is fully customizable you,could customize the sleeve length the,shoulder the slope the back length the,front length the body the pockets the,button ends the lining the lapels,how many buttons you want if you want,single double-breasted if you guys want,to do a tuxedo whatever you guys want,you guys could definitely do it at,proper cloth for their suits which is,amazing because first of all theyre,under a thousand dollars for the most,part dont call me on that their suits,are might be a little bit more expensive,especially depending on what you guys,want to do but for the most part let me,make sure the audio is okay,sorry for the most part everything is,fully customizable so for me that just,takes the cake for everything because,the way that the the quality of the,material that they use and the quality,that they make to structure these suits,are insane for that price point and its,very its really hard and Ive gotten,suits honestly from their competitors I,dont want to say who I dont want to,say what it is but honestly for me the,best experience has been a proper cloth,their customer service is excellent if,they need to make a change theyll send,theyll make the changes send a suit,right over no questions asked whatever,you need to discuss afterwards its not,really important when youre going to,get your brand new suit regardless so,the conversation always goes very,smoothly and they just say sure youre,right whatever you need well send you a,brand new suit and thats insane and,then send it to you pretty fast so this,is the suit that I have right here this,is a nice,um wool suit its a double-breasted wide,lapel wide Peak lapel I got this as an,option uh you could get either,a standard one you could get a standard,lapel you got a notch lapel you could do,whatever you want like I said fully,customizable this is lined inside as,well just because I wanted to get the,suit line for a better structure and I,think the way Im going to be wearing it,I just wanted to have that,um extra bit of lining for me,particularly because I usually get,online for my summer,um for my summer suits but for winter,fall its just lined and Im going to be,going to cold areas so I want to make,sure that I have that extra little layer,of protection for my for my box let me,go ahead and just get undressed but like,I said guys um Im gonna wear it without,a dress shirt just because uh you guys,could see if you guys want me to do like,a fully put a dress shirt on I can but I,mean ah do I want to put a dress shirt,on,ah no lets just do this so what we have,is the Blazer lets just continue with,the Blazer so as you can see the Blazer,fits amazing on the shoulders it is,perfect guys it doesnt have a lot of,these suits I actually didnt even take,in consideration my slope that I have in,the front because Im not too sure,exactly what the shoulder slope is if,you guys want to go get a precise,measurement you guys could go to a,tailor um or but the beautiful thing is,that you guys could find a suit that you,absolutely love or if you have a suit,that you enjoy how it fits in the,shoulders but you wish the sleeves are a,little bit shorter uh and if you guys,vice versa if you have pieces to the,puzzle you guys can go ahead and take,those measurements and just add those on,and also feel free to reach out to,proper cloth for support because theyre,amazing,um but yeah its a beautiful thing so,you guys could go ahead and get your,measurements from a tailor you have to,go to an alteration shop and see if they,can take your measurements and yeah you,guys could figure it out but,as you can see the slopes fit nice right,over the shoulders boom,um and I absolutely love the wide lapel,uh just because for me I do have a,little bit broader shoulders so I am,able to get away with a wide lapel uh,and yeah I mean it doesnt have to,necessarily do anything with shoulders,but sometimes,um you know people just enjoy a standard,lapel and I like a wire all right for,the trousers before I put them on these,are the all right guys so these are the,trousers right here we have an extended,waistband with the button we have side,tabs and we have the double pleated uh,trousers they are slightly high waisted,we have a two inch uh,cuff which I think for me just works,best for this style of suit and what Im,gonna do rocking this with,um the pants are all made to measure uh,the beautiful thing also is that all,these pants come with a profile tag,attached to them so like lets say if,you order a pant and you,um want to change the sizes you know,exactly where like your your size,profile is and also you get to keep,different size profiles on proper cloth,website if you make an account so youll,have like a variation so all you have to,do is name them correctly to make sure,that you know thats the size that you,want and,um could order accordingly so these so,this is the suit right here I absolutely,love it I feel fresh is wearing this,lets go out good go ahead go out so the,front of the suit here is just a little,bit longer just because I wanted to have,more of that sartorial look this is a,little bit more old school especially,with the high-waisted trousers I think,that once I wear it open like this it,just makes my body look longer,um and it just looks sick like youre in,the first surprise you think that Im a,little shorty but when this closed but,when you open it you have some legs on,you but I absolutely love the extension,on the seat because it is high-waisted,and it fits really well uh very,comfortable as well and I could sit down,and you know its not going to go inside,my stomach so yeah high-waisted is the,way to go for me as you can see the,pleats look very nice it sits and it,falls very well the material is very,comfortable as well cant complain and,for me this is just the perfect suit to,just do anything this season,um,so as you can see the closure of the,suit fits nice I absolutely love it I,love the fit I love how it falls I love,that this suit is very versatile for,this winter as well and you could wear,it with a t-shirt as Im wearing it with,a tank top but also obviously with dress,shirts youre going to kill it in any,color dresser you want you can just,throw it on so yeah I absolutely love my,new suit from proper cloth and yeah Im,excited to wear it guys so thats what I,have for you guys today and

Best Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts for Travel | Mizzen and Main, Proper Cloth | Review

hey gents this is the Cavalier,checking-in from verse burg Germany and,as I was packing my trunk stir you can,check this out in some videos Ill link,this up above as Im packing up my bag,to go home I thought a little experiment,I brought three dress shirts with me on,this trip I have a purple 100% cotton,dress shirt from proper cloth this is,one of the companies that Im testing,out for the custom clothing video I have,mine visited Maine spinnaker shirt which,you would have saw a few weeks ago and,then this is just a plain blue shirt,from Holland Madden which is very,similar to Charles through wit shirt,where its more wrinkle resistant versus,wrinkle free and every time I get to a,hotel,i iron on my shirts to make sure the,nice cleanly pressed so all of these,shirts have been ironed and worn once,and Im going to you right now use this,kind of fold up packing system to put,them into the bag this packing system is,said to reduce the amount of wrinkles,but what Im going to do is Im going to,pack this up tomorrow morning at 7:30,central central Eastern European time,Im going to throw them into my suitcase,and then Im going to make my long trek,home which i think is a total of theyll,probably be in my suitcase for about 18,to 20 hours and then Im going to wear,them when I get home to show you how,well the wrinkle resistance works in a,typical dress shirt and especially,looking at the mizzen and main shirt,because this one I dont think were,gonna have to do anything and its going,to be ready to wear out of the box,so when pack these up now and Ill see,you when I get back to my office,for anybody curious this is the LAT 560,TPS torso protection system I find this,to be the most efficient and also the,most considerate of clothing packing,method for either just dropping this,thing into a regular suitcase but I also,have their kind of overnight bag it,encompasses the whole thing with this,test I kind of buried the lead because I,already know that mizzen in Maine,are the best shirts to travel with but I,just wanted to give a real-life example,any time I have long flights or long,travel it is the best for just kind of,temperature control as youre wearing it,for moisture and sweat wicking but also,because it doesnt look wrinkly after,you kind of slouched over for a few,hours on a red-eye the Tryon video might,not capture just how wrinkly and unfit,for a meeting that either these shirts,are so while them isnt a main shirt,isnt 100% wrinkle free it is 90 percent,less wrinkled and crumbled than a,regular dress shirt there you have a,gents want to do a quick video on some,dress shirts for you if you have any,questions about holoband visited main or,proper cloth you can comment below or,reach out at the underscore Cavalier on,Twitter and Instagram Ill link to each,of the companies in the description if,youd like to check them out below I,will give you my referral code to mizzen,in Maine if you choose to buy from them,that will let me know that Im doing a,great job and let them know you came,from my video but quite a few videos,coming down the pike and Im excited,bring them to you make sure to subscribe,thumbs up all that good stuff share this,with somebody that you know that travels,and is looking for great dress shirts,and until next time Jess this is,Cavalier,you,you,whats the point of saying sorry now Im,sorry Im sorry lost my voice am I,you

Best Dress Shirts of 2022

in this video i am on a quest to find,the best dress shirt in the market today,ive got 20 different shirts from 20,different shirt makers,all the big brands from butter cloth to,mizzen and main eaton and more im going,to try them on rate them for you and,tell you what is the best dress shirt,for your money,[Music],this is not a normal video for me im,usually doing something with travel,something with my family or maybe im,sharing an opinion but im not usually,reviewing anything let alone dress,shirts,however if there was something i was an,expert on or connoisseur of it would,probably be dress shirts over the course,of my career ive gotten hundreds of,them and im always on the lookout for,something comfortable and something that,travels well,i travel a lot for work and its,important to have a nice shirt that i,can pull out of a suitcase that is going,to look good and i dont have to iron,the next morning,i will tell you im not being paid to do,this video nobodys sponsoring me nobody,even gave me a free shirt to do this,video im just going to give you my,unbiased opinion without any agenda im,going to give you the pros and the cons,here,so what criteria,am i using,well first would be comfort comfort is,extremely important if you dont have a,comfortable dress shirt its just going,to wind up in the back of your closet,and youre never going to use it,also non-wrinkle performance,all these shirts advertise as being,non-wrinkle but some do so much better,than others im going to tell you which,ones,fit and feel is also very important,if i were six foot three and 170 pounds,with an athletic build all of these,shirts would fit great,as it is im a middle-aged guy ive got,a little extra weight in the midsection,and not all of these fit perfectly some,are more flattering than others im,going to tell you which ones,truth in advertising is also important,a shirts got to do what it says a lot,of these shirts if you go onto their,website or into their store,they talk a big game if a shirt,advertises as being performance and has,a lot of stretch im going to hold them,to that,in one case theres a shirt that,advertises itself as the perfect shirt,im going to see how it holds up to a,little bit of scrutiny,finally is value for the money,most of these shirts range between,thirty dollars on the low end to a,hundred and sixty hundred and seventy,dollars on the high end,and with all things being considered is,a shirt a good value for the money im,gonna find out,to introduce these shirts i think its,important to know the different brands,the different shirt makers and im going,to start with an analogy,shirts are a little bit like automobiles,youve got to know the different brands,you got to know the different automakers,for example if you were looking for an,economy car youd probably consider a,brand such as chevrolet or kia,with dress shirts you might be looking,for something inexpensive in the 10 to,30 dollar range and there are a number,of options out there such as van heusen,lands end,amazon essentials,stafford which is a jcpenney brand,old navy,and george which can be found in walmart,stores,now say youre looking for a mid-range,car youre probably going to consider,something like a honda accord or,volkswagen passat,cars in that range a little bit nicer,more features a little easier to drive,likewise in dress shirts there are a lot,of different shirt makers and,manufacturers that fall in this,mid-range youre going to find better,fabrics a little better non-wrinkle,performance,shirt makers include charles terwit,penguin,nordstrom smartcare,gold label from roundtree in york,joseph a bank,and the nordstroms rack line which,probably represents the lower end of the,mid-range shirts,looking now at upscale with an,automobile that might be something like,a cadillac a mercedes-benz or a bmw,with a dress shirt in this range youre,looking for superior quality youre,looking for higher end fabrics youre,looking for better workmanship on the,shirt you want unique styles and,features such as contrasting collars and,french cuffs,upscale shirt makers include eaton,woodys which is an online brand,paul frederick,brooks brothers,peter millar,lorenzo omo,and untuck it,now theres quite a range here not all,these shirt makers are alike some of,them are more upscale than others but,generally in this range youre going to,find retail price of a shirt between 70,all the way up to 200,when you think of a performance car or a,sports car youre probably thinking of,something like a tesla or a porsche,and these cars have fast acceleration,they have superior handling,likewise with a dress shirt youre,looking for performance these shirts,should fit and feel like athletic wear,they should be stretchable they should,wick moisture away they should keep you,cool and they should be really,comfortable performance dress shirts are,going to cost between 80 on the low end,up to 150 dollars,and youre gonna find shirt makers such,as true wear,mizzen and main,butter cloth,johnston and murphy and specifically,their xc4 lineup,bonibos,twillery,also a brand called and caller which,advertises a performance shirt that is,substantially cheaper than all the other,ones in this category well see how they,hold up,finally you have the luxury brands with,automobiles thats bentley and rolls,royce,and with shirts youre looking at a,starting price of around 200,upwards to 700 or even more brands such,as turnbull and asser,ralph laurens purple label which is not,to be confused with the regular ralph,lauren which youre going to find at,your local department store,ketan,cesar atellini,and these four in particular are focused,on,kind of a bespoke experience they kind,of blur the lines between a true,off-the-rack shirt and a made-to-measure,or bespoke shirt where there is a lot of,customization going on,you also have some high fashion brands,such as tom ford or louis vuitton which,produce really high-end shirts,or really,interesting shirts kind of designed for,the avant-garde,wealthy class ive seen some louis,vuitton shirts go for over a thousand,dollars which is really just kind of,ridiculous,for this video were really not going to,dive into the luxury shirt makers or the,economy brands,if youre the kind of person who is,spending 20 bucks on a dress shirt just,go do it youre probably not watching,this video anyway,likewise if youre spending three and,four hundred dollars on a luxury shirt,you arent going to care what i have to,say,however we are going to deep dive into,the mid-range the upscale and the,performance brands were going to go in,and talk about each one of these shirt,makers in depth,first up is a shirt from nordstroms,rack which you can pick up for 35,dollars,this shirt fit me pretty well and i,think it looks good,so whats wrong,well its not that comfortable its a,mediocre quality material the buttons,are really cheap,the non-wrinkle performance is not that,great youre gonna have to pull out an,iron if you want this shirt to look good,now i have this shirt as my lowest,ranked mid-range shirt in reality,nordstroms rack could probably be an,economy shirt however for 35 dollars you,get what you pay for and i think you get,a little bit better shirt quality from,nordstrom rack than you would with a,brand like van heusen or landsand,this shirt is joseph a bank you can pick,it up online or in their retail stores,for less than fifty dollars,now i like this shirt its a casual,style and joseph a bank has a lot of,different casual styles as well as more,business attire something youre gonna,wear with a suit a white shirt blue,shirt thats something to be said about,joseph bank you get a lot of different,styles and selection,now this is part of their travelers line,they do have a higher end line called,their reserve line thats 10 to 20,dollars more what i dont really care,for with joseph a bank is the material,and fabric that they use,it feels just inexpensive its thin its,not especially comfortable it doesnt,stand out,so i think that

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