1. ProtonMail Review: is it the Most Secure Email Provider?
  2. Protons BIGGEST Revamp Yet! Heres Whats New.
  3. ProtonMail Bought SimpleLogin! – SR83 (Live @ Monerotopia!)
  4. Proton Mail and Calendar review featuring new unified look
  5. ProtonMail vs Gmail…is secure email worth the extra $$$?
  6. Can you trust Proton VPN and Proton Mail? [Bundle review]
  7. Is Proton Mail Really Private, Secure, and Anonymous?

ProtonMail Review: is it the Most Secure Email Provider?

hi im amy from cybernews.com a source,of cyber security advice for more secure,online choices,[Music],if youre looking for security and,privacy from your email provider then a,standard email service might not cut it,protomel is the worlds largest secure,email service but how secure,is it really and what features does it,provide lets take a closer look in this,video,first of all protomo has a pretty varied,selection of features that you might,find difficult to get,elsewhere pro toolmel has a feature that,marie kondo would totally approve of,custom labels,which you can add separately from,folders you can even add emails to,labels without it interfering with your,folder,categorization another feature is short,domain addresses what this means is,if your email address is,ham.protonmail.com you can shorten the,protomail.com pile and instead use pm,dot me domain,all users can receive pm.me emails but,the option of replying to these,shortened addresses is only for premium,users,who wants to manually copy paste,anything like,ever protonmail has you covered with its,great migration tools this tool lets you,export and import your data from other,inboxes,although this feature is for plus,professional visionary and,lifetime accounts only and my personal,fave a free vpn,which allows private secure internet,access through their virtual private,network of intermediary servers,curious about the security and privacy,level that comes with protonmail,not to worry with protonmail the,contents of your emails are safe from,the eyes of unintended,recipients another plus is because of,the way they encrypt your data,even people that work at protomail cant,view your emails,and when it comes to encryption,protonmail use m to end encryption for,much more secure service but you might,be wondering how this works with this,encryption its a really secure way of,preventing third parties,from being able to access data while,its being transferred,between systems of devices so,what this means in terms of an email,service provider is that your data is,encrypted,throughout the entire communication,process hence the name,basically the only people being able to,access the information will be,you and the person you send the email to,proto mail also adds an additional layer,of protection in the form of two-factor,authentication,just download the authenticator app on,your phone and once its all set up,youll use the unique six digit code,from your authenticator app to log in,and luckily for you access to your,account will not be granted until youve,entered that,code lets get real we all want online,anonymity in some shape or form and with,protonmail you can get complete,anonymity,a great bonus with this provider is that,you dont even need to give,any personal data when you create an,account meaning your privacy would be,super,protected and they dont even track your,ip addresses so without personal,information,tying you to the account an outsider,wouldnt even know,who it is similar to snapchats way of,deleting messages once the allotted time,has,passed protomail has a self-destructing,system which means your emails will be,automatically deleted from the,recipients inbox once they have expired,and you can set the expiration time,yourself impressively this is even the,case when you send an email to someone,using a different email provider,wondering if protonmail is safer than,gmail whats the case with your data and,law enforcement,theres more on proto-mails plan and a,whole faq section,in our comprehensive proto mail review,article the link is just down,in the description you might be,surprised to hear that storing your,emails,in a heavily guarded bunker under 1 000,meters of granite rock,can actually be done so free thats,right,protomel offers many security benefits,on a free plan shall i say it again,free protonmail does offer a selection,of plans but as ive given it such a,good introduction,lets look at what the free plan offers,this plan gives you 500 megabytes of,storage,sure this isnt a huge amount but if you,marine condo those emails regularly and,dont receive loads of large files,high-res images or videos then you,should be all right the free plan has,150 emails a day cap but theres always,the option of going premium if you find,this isnt enough for you,i should mention though with a little,drawback with the free plan there is,limited customer support there are loads,of faqs on their website for basic,issues,but if you need help with something,specific and you want to talk to,somebody,then the pay plan has more dedicated,support protonmail sits at a nice four,euros a month which is roughly 4.70,although they like to call it a donation,in the name of providing secure email,services to customers,monthly donation monthly subscription,tomato,tomato the paid version is priced pretty,reasonably when you look at,what features you will get but what is,the biggest difference between me paid,and free its the limits on storage and,the number of emails allowed,also the option to create a truly,personalized email address,with up to five aliases is it easy to,use,lets have a look setting up the,protonmail account is very,straightforward,visit the sign up page select the plan,you want then youll follow the simple,instructions,boom this process is made all the easier,because you dont need to enter any,personal information,how is the design and layout well pretty,similar to standard email providers like,gmail or outlook or yahoo,with this familiar layout its super,easy to navigate and find all the basics,protonmail has a user-friendly desktop,version but there is also a helpful app,which you can get on your apple and,android devices,with one million downloads on the google,play store and growing,its no surprise that navigating this,app is great to put it into three words,fast smooth easy having a built-in,calendar with your email provider is a,must for many of us,and just like most standard email,providers pro toolmo has this option but,in a more secure,sense with end and encryption to keep,your schedule completely,secure so the bottom line the big,difference between a secure email,service,lite protomel and a standard email,service like outlook or gmail,is that with a service like protonmail,youll get better security and privacy,as a user,its simple easy to use and features end,and encryption with a free version,or many other plans to choose from there,isnt really much to complain about,thanks for watching our video dont,forget proto mouse still isnt sounding,like your thing,check out our suggested alternatives or,complete guide to support email,providers,the link is just down in the description,like and subscribe for more,until next time,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Protons BIGGEST Revamp Yet! Heres Whats New.

proton the creator of proton vpn,protonmail all the stuff you probably,have heard of before just got a massive,update probably the largest single,update for their service ever that i,want to walk all of you through lets,not bs here lets get right into the,changes followed by some of my thoughts,on this so the first update youre,probably gonna see is theres a whole,new domain so instead of protonmail.com,and then proton vpn zone domain its,just proton dot me this is the new,central place to access proton services,you can still access protons ecosystem,via their old url but theres now a,pretty much non-removable pop-up at the,top so just go ahead modify your,bookmarks or your progressive web apps,or however else you interact with proton,to get to that new site for those,wondering your email will still be fine,as protonmail.com as its always been,but im sure most people would prefer to,use proton.me anyway since its shorter,and easier for people around you the,other immediately noticeable thing is,the new logos for all four of their,services like all logo redesigns im,sure the entire community is going to be,pretty darn split i have thoughts on all,of these changes later in the video so,well get to that but thats formally,all there is to share right now and to,finish out their branding updates,everything is just proton now its now,just a proton name which makes sense,given their recent direction to expand,into these other services not just,protonmail,a really good way to frame this that,they actually outline themselves is,rather than it being proton male in one,word its proton space male,proton space vpn so its proton,service x and this allows them to down,the road just add whatever they want to,it proton chat everything is now,formally under the proton name which,might seem like a minor thing as an end,user but i think thats a big deal on,their side of things and its also going,to be a big deal down the road the next,thing youll notice is some ui changes,it seems there are some updated icons,here and there like in the email client,some of the theming choices like the,colors used in different places have,changed but overall most of the ui,changes on the desktop side of things,are pretty minor,with that said the actual new proton,home page like their website went,through a massive redesign bringing all,their services together in a much,cleaner central web page id recommend,if you really want to see side by side,you can use the web archive machine to,compare the differences and like a split,screen window setup to continue on the,ui changes but on the apps it seems the,apps are supposed to have updated,designs but at the time of making this,video only proton calendar on android,and proton mail on ios have received the,new updates with that said it seems all,of the app listings have been updated,except proton vpn for ios so youre,going to see the new icons new,descriptions and a new screenshots with,those new interfaces on all of the app,stores but again none of these apps have,actually been updated to reflect their,preview in the app store with the,exception of again proton calendar for,android and protonmail on ios,my assumption is then making all of the,changes on the app store means the apps,are super duper close to going live for,all i know theyll actually be live by,the time you watch this video i,seriously think this might be like a 12,hour window type deal based on,screenshots theyre sharing the apps,will have a much more polished ui that,actually matches the desktop experience,and brings everything together much,nicer which is one of my biggest,complaints with the proton ecosystem so,this is a very welcome update but i,guess well have to see once the apps,are actually formally out and finally,one of the biggest changes is with the,actual plans that you sign up for with,the proton ecosystem,first now that everything is just under,proton you paying for proton means you,sign up for everything in the same place,free for example gives you limited,proton mail limited calendar limited,drive and limited proton vpn all under,the same account under the same,registration process plus has the same,thing but with more premium features and,the most exciting update is proton,unlimited which gives you full access to,everything in the suite from proton vpn,all the way to protonmail with 500,gigabytes of storage which is a massive,upgrade from their old plans that capped,out at only five gigabytes so thats,huge this also pretty much extends over,the same way for business plans for any,of you that have team or business,accounts if youre already paying for a,plan in the proton ecosystem proton has,automatically transitioned you over to,the closest new plan so paying customers,already receive all of these new perks,in the new plans without having to do,anything so if youre already a paying,customer go check out your settings to,see if you qualify for the 500 gigabytes,and lastly i did want to outline what,hasnt changed really nothing behind the,scenes internally seems to have changed,its still the same service same pricing,security practices same limitations on,the pricing security front just to,mention that and it seems like its,mostly cosmetic stuff for the most part,outside of that massive storage upgrade,and the plan differences these are a lot,of big things for probably protons,largest single revamp theyve ever done,especially in one go because normally,they just release one app over here,thats a little bit better and then they,exclude the other app for another three,years without doing anything to it but,they actually are pretty much,synchronizing everything on the same day,more or less,here are my thoughts on everything that,i covered,proton dot me,phenomenal uh when i go to a bank or i,have to give my email to someone in,person when i would say at,protonmail.com i have to spell it out,for them proton mail one word space,hyphen so its not a super familiar name,for people its not a huge deal but i,think proton dot me is,so much more simple for people to,understand and grasp so just saying,proton dot me super simple as for the,actual url i had to uninstall like my,extension progressive web app that i use,for proton stuff that i use and i had to,reinstall them with the proton.me domain,so it wasnt a big deal transition and,once it was done it doesnt feel any,different,as for the new logos oh this is the hot,take you can totally hate them i,actually like them a lot i think that,its much more modern i like how theyre,all very similar now because back with,their old logos like the proton vpn,looks nothing like the other three um,and the other three even kind of have a,similar theme but they have minor,differences that make you even ask if,its the same ecosystem my biggest,complaint with the thumbnails though and,actually my editor said this too its,just very white,you know like i wish it was more purple,it feels like when im in a dark mode,for something,its like that logo is just in your face,something else the progressive web app,icon is like horrid so thats just on,the progressive web app side of things,if you add it as an extension that is,pretty horrid but the logos look fine,everywhere else but that specific logo,does not look good and thats actually a,pretty common problem with a lot of,services i use so im not gonna be too,mad about that but id love to hear your,thoughts on the new logos personally i,think theyre nice as for the branding,update i kind of already talked about,this in the changes section it was the,one thing i kind of inserted my thoughts,on a little bit i think its very,important for proton to differentiate,things a little bit better i think for,them internally and how they view their,entire ecosystem grouping everything up,as just proton is going to help them,visualize their suite better and the,development of things so,its a very subconscious thing we even,deal with this on the teclar side of,things and how we have to brand certain,things bu

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ProtonMail Bought SimpleLogin! – SR83 (Live @ Monerotopia!)

hello everyone and welcome to,surveillance report 83. if you are here,for the simple login protonmail story,you are in the right place but i need to,give a really quick preamble to the,introduction so what you are about to,see is the episode that henry and i,recorded together in person at,monerotopia we recorded it thursday,night after the conference,go figure the very next day the simple,log and protonmail story broke and we,both agreed that it was a really,important story thats worth sharing and,not putting off until next weeks,surveillance report,unfortunately given that we had already,recorded the podcast henry is currently,busy out making the world a more private,and secure place so hes not here at,this exact moment so i just wanted to,let you guys know what you are about to,see in or here depending on where you,are viewing and or listening is the,podcast that we promised and recorded at,the beginning of the highlight stories,im going to go ahead and jump in with,this simple login story and then from,there things will continue on as normal,i also just want to go ahead and take,this opportunity while were here to,point out this was recorded,out of our usual element we had only the,gear that we could fit to bring in the,plane with us so the audio video may not,be quite as great as youre used to but,i think its still pretty good and i,think you guys will enjoy it so without,further ado here is that episode and i,will see you in a few minutes to cover,this story europe is building an,international facial recognition system,the trezor data breach quote unquote,trezor data breach a bunch of android,stories particularly an interesting,android vulnerability google play is,removing some old apps and much much,more welcome to surveillance report 83,the first surveillance report with henry,and i together in the same room since we,are at monerotopia,as you can hear we have team members in,the background who have permission to,comment along the way if they so choose,to use this privilege which it sounds,like they are this report will recap,some of the most notable privacy and,security events in the last week i am,the sunburned nathan from the new oil,and i am the i dont think very,sunburned henry from tackler no you look,alright cool,so this week were going to remind you,guys both of our current existing ways,to support us which are currently monero,and patreon monero of course is privacy,coin best way to pay its basically,digital cash and patreon we currently,have one tier its ten dollars a month,and it gives you access to our show,notes it gives you access to a ad free,rss feed so if you were listening on,patreon you would already be listening,to the story by now and um some other,things that i think im saying,yeah were tired its been a long trip,and were at the very end of it so,recording this after the whole day i,think the last thing is ad-free videos,as well so we get rid of these segments,for all of you okay so for those if you,dont like the segments you can just get,the straight,content and thats just 10 bucks a month,which again inflation oh man,thats like not even two coffees like,youre exaggerating im not exaggerating,a little bit anyways yeah check that out,for sure and for those of you who have,already donated and signed up thank you,so so much we appreciate it weve seen,each of you because theres not many of,you yet so we see all of you right now,so our actual highlight story i guess,were gonna go ahead and have two this,week because you know what can you do,our actual highlight story theres two,blog posts and it says simple login,joins the proton family thats one of,them and the other one says proton and,simple login are joining forces as the,first headline says simple login has,joined protonmail,what exactly this means is a little,unclear we dont know if they are,a subsidiary for example or if theyre,just some kind of contractual agreement,but heres what we do know first of all,both of these blog posts have adamantly,insisted that simple login will continue,to operate autonomously and it will,continue to work with all providers so,if youre using like 2 to nota or c,templar or whatever and simple login,dont panic it will still work youre,not losing anything what this does mean,however is that simple login will now,have access to protons resources as,needed for things like infrastructure,knowledge and development so hopefully,we will see leaps and bounds of growth,over the next few months in simple,logins development simple login has said,that they will also take advantage of,protons quote anti-abuse and anti-spam,technologies so i could see a world,where that causes a little bit of,unforeseen problems depending on what,exactly that means for example uh it,could signal that there could be issues,signing up in the future under certain,circumstances or,possibly even issues with the email,addresses being accepted which if you,use simple login you probably run into,that once or twice anyways already,thats just kind of how this constant,cat and mouse of privacy and people,trying to defeat privacy goes,unfortunately proton has said that it,will also integrate simple login into,their platform its unclear exactly what,this will look like but id imagine it,may be something in the settings that,allows you to create aliases on the fly,truthfully i do wish henry were here to,give his comments on this but i think we,can both agree that this is,optimistically probably a pretty cool,thing i dont think its going to,adversely affect most people and i think,if anything it will allow,proton users to have a more streamlined,experience this is just speculation,obviously were going to wait and see,what happens having said that,i like some of you im sure,immediately had some concerns about,centralization and companies becoming,too powerful and proton is already,i dont think this is necessarily bad,but just to be totally honest proton is,already a company thats trying very,hard to to become that all-in-one google,replacement you know theyve got,proton mail of course proton bpn and now,theyve got proton drive and contacts,and calendar and now simple login and,for the record i dont think thats,nefarious if you believe protons a,honey pot fine whatever,truthfully i dont know why youre,listening to us if you think that,because we dont and were just gonna,infuriate you but having said that the,point is i dont think its nefarious,but i do still think it is a risk to put,all your eggs in one basket like that so,uh i will be honest im a protonmail,user and i am a simple login user and,this makes me a little uneasy that,everything is now centralized or or at,least under one roof potentially so i,dont think this is necessarily at this,time this is necessarily something to,worry about but it is,something that moves the needle a little,bit its something that we do want to,keep an eye on and i just wanted to be,clear that,i dont think this is all rainbows and,butterflies and sunshine this is,could have potential downsides that are,worth talking about but at this point i,dont think these are huge downsides i,dont think this is anything that we all,need to freak out and run for the hills,so as this partnership develops and as,we learn more about,exactly what is going to change we will,of course keep you updated so with that,said we will go back to the monero topia,podcast which i hope you guys are,enjoying and well continue to enjoy to,the end europe is building a huge,international facial recognition system,like many places europe already has an,existing database for law enforcement,use which includes things like,fingerprints dna data and vehicle owner,data,they are now basically adding faces to,that system this system will allow,cooperation between countries,but if i understood the article,correctly its not going to be direct,data sharing so they wont be able to,just like for example spain cant just,hop into frances system and start,looking up faces theyre still going to,have to

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Proton Mail and Calendar review featuring new unified look

hey sun here im a privacy and a,security researcher and youre watching,the privacy guides uh today i am doing,kind of like a full on review of proton,male and proton calendar and its quite,coincidental that they have just,released a full unified uh look overhaul,that essentially looks amazing and yes,i like things that look good i really,find that there isnt enough of this in,the open source space so thanks,proton for this,now before you go ahead and subscribe or,whatever purchase proton mail or use the,free version please watch this all the,way till the end im going to start with,positive,feedback for once but i will definitely,talk about all of the caveats later,throughout the episode and im going to,be showing you how it looks and going,way down the rabbit hole about why or,why not one should use protonmail when,we are privacy conscious,um so yeah,first things first this is it this is,the new protonmail it just released,today this is how the calendar looks,both look amazing and,unified and i could not be more pumped,about this i was kind of sad when i,looked at the android apps this morning,and saw that they werent updated same,for ios i guess this will be coming,shortly i really cant wait for this,experience to be unified across the,whole spectrum from desktop to mobile,um,so,yeah protonml looks amazing and that is,one of the key differentiators between,this and other privacy conscious,alternatives,it really does behave kind of like you,would expect if youre coming from gmail,or from any other kind of mainstream,email provider and thats really one of,the places where proton,is unique,it is privacy conscious ish,watch till the end for caveats um,its based out of switzerland which has,amazing uh legislation when it comes to,privacy,um it has all of the bells and whistles,or many of which that we came to expect,of an email client,but,it isnt run by apple or google or,another company that is into data,harvesting uh proton also has free,versions which are pretty generous,uh i have upgraded recently i am now,using proton again watch till the end,for the caveats um but its been quite a,quite of a blast so far,so looking at the interface uh you do,have search which is pretty amazing to,search through emails uh you also have,conversations and that is something that,i am so happy of theres two features,that really did it for me uh none of,which are related to full privacy more,on this in a second but conversation,view is amazing so if i click on a,thread,i can then see the history of the thread,and that is really cool that is,something that you have when youre,using apple mail but it is not something,that you get when youre using tutanota,for example and i am not here to bash,tutanota at all there are many features,of tutanota that are very unique and,extremely,um,powerful for privacy and ill talk about,this in a separate episode but as you,can see here this is the same thread,its two emails,and the thing that really got me excited,about protonmail and that was the,feature that was not part of apple mail,and this is kind of like for nerds but,when you delete a thread,in apple mail all of the emails that was,that were sent,are not deleted that means that if,youre into keeping your mailbox tidy uh,more on why in a second well you have to,delete those and then go into sent,and delete the sent messages as you can,see i sent two theyre all individuals,theyre not,inside of this conversation view and,that is really painful so if i click,here,and i delete it and i can use t on the,keyboard this is another thing that i,absolutely love about proton it is super,power user friendly so i can just hit t,that will delete,the whole thing,now why it hasnt disappeared here is,interesting maybe its a little quirk,let me reload the page,um oh why,okay well that was a bug uh well give,them a little bit of leeway they just,released this whole overhaul but once i,did this if i go into sent,there are no more messages and i cannot,um,like show how excited i am about this i,really believe in leaving as little of a,footprint as possible on other peoples,servers and that is so important when it,comes to privacy,the data that is the most private is the,data that isnt laying on someone elses,servers so i usually delete as much as i,can if i dont need it anymore i delete,it im not a big fan of archiving,although you can do that in proton so,that just deleted the whole conversation,lets compare this to what im used to,when using other providers so if i go,here,i have to click on this and then delete,now i have to click on this and then,delete,and then if we go in sent,i also have to delete those and now,thankfully to nota has features where,you can click on uh capital and then,select a two and delete both at once,but nonetheless thats like a lot of,steps when i was here i just had to do,it once and it was done for you know all,of it now if i click on new message it,has this little thing that pops up and i,can start creating a message so if i you,know select my tutonota account,that is cool now i can go and say you,know test and write whatever i want when,you pay you dont have to have this,footer and then come all of the,encryption,uh options so,proton and tutanota really advertise,themselves as end to end encrypted what,they really mean by anti-encrypted is if,youre talking with someone that is on,the same platform so from proton to,proton or tutanota to denota,the messages are antenna encrypted,protonmail does it in a very pgp,compliant way theyre actually the,maintainer of,openpgp.js,i may be messing this up,openpgp.js is that it or is it,opengpg.js,yeah,openpgp.js so theyre the maintainer of,the official javascript implementation,so that is kind of cool um but that,really means that proton is,or has to deal with all of the,limitations of pgp so no forward secrecy,uh kind of quirky ux stuff like this,tutanota has gone down a whole other,path where they have implemented their,own end-to-end encryption that is not uh,that limitated by all of the pgp legacy,stuff,but nonetheless as you can see here im,writing an email and one would think,that it is end to end encrypted,especially given both providers really,advertise themselves as engine encrypted,uh but it is not so if i click on,encryption here i have to essentially,create a password so im just going to,put a really shitty password here,and set that there and now it is going,to be end to end encrypted but i need to,share that password with this other,person in this case its me to me but,you get the point and now theres this,little lock and to an encrypted so if i,go about sending this,were going to see how that looks when,were here at,tutanota so im guess guessing this,might take a little second to come in by,the way there is a feature in proton,which reminds me of features like in,office 365 or stuff like this where you,can have it send a message with a slight,delay so if you want to undo sending the,message i believe by default you have,like up to 10 seconds to do so so thats,super cool now,while were waiting for this to come in,you get all of those convenience,features that weve came to expect such,as starring a message which is very,useful,you can archive a message as well so,thats obviously by clicking here or,pressing a on the keyboard that is super,cool by the way right now youre seeing,this uh in the,uh what is this thing called this is the,carbon theme but you can also just,switch to the regular theme,ive came to really appreciate dark mode,its kind of much easier on the eyes so,im really happy that proton has made,this uh you know,integrated with all of the other apps,that they have such as calendar but ill,talk about calendar in a second,now obviously there are contacts by,default i think it will add everyone you,talk to,to the contacts this is really bad for,privacy ill be talking about why in a,second but again im starting with the,positive stuff,um so yeah the other really cool thing,with proton that is quite unique,is u

ProtonMail vs Gmail…is secure email worth the extra $$$?

– Is secure email like ProtonMail really more secure,than regular old Gmail?,I mean, worth paying for kind of secure.,If youre skeptical, curious, or just fed up,with companies like Google that survive off,collecting your personal data,,this is what you need to know about end-to-end encryption,and how it affects your daily email communication.,Hey there, welcome to All Things Secure.,My names Josh, if youre a first time viewer here,and let me start by telling you what this video is not.,This video is not my attempt to get you,to abandon your Gmail address,and open a secure email account.,I still use Gmail everyday,,and frankly it would be almost impossible,for me to delete it at this point.,I would bet that youre probably in about the same boat.,Also this video is not just for those conspiracy theories,to wear tinfoil hats.,Encrypted communication is a basic tenet of privacy,that I believe everybody should take seriously,and take advantage of including you.,So what I am going to do here is explain,how Gmails current encryption just doesnt cut it,and how secure email compares as an alternative.,There are a number of secure emails services,that you could use, very good ones,,but Im gonna use ProtonMail as the example here,for three reasons.,First, thats what Ive been using for the past few years.,Second, they have a good free option,that you could use to give it a try.,And third, well theyre sponsoring this video,,and as a creator, I just have to step back.,(claps loudly),Okay, lets start off with an important lesson,on email encryption.,Most email providers including Gmail use whats known as TLS,or Transport Layer Security to encrypt emails,as theyre being sent across the internet.,Its the standard and it works,but it falls short because it gets decrypted,once it reaches the target mail server.,Gee whiz, I hate using technical jargon.,So let me put it this way.,Imagine that Im sending you a top secret message.,It gets placed in a lockbox and delivered to your door,,but once it arrives at the house, the box is unlocked,and that message can be read by anyone in the house.,Its been securely delivered, sure,but once it arrives at your house, that security is gone.,End-to-end encryption works differently.,Using this method, I placed my top secret message,in a locked box and send it to your house,,but I also send you a private key to that box separately.,The box arrives at your home, but it remains locked,until you personally use that private key,I gave you to unlock it.,Let me give you a more practical example,for my everyday life.,A few weeks ago, a family member asked me,to send my social security number,that was needed to open a certain account.,Using Gmail, I can send this sensitive information,and be confident that it will arrive securely.,Thats TLS encryption at work.,However, once it arrives at the destination,,I have no guarantee that the message I sent,will remain private or available only to my family member.,Your email provider can see the message,even if theyve promised not to scan it for ads,,and the account were somehow hacked or compromised,so would my ID number, since I cant be sure,that my family member deleted my message.,So what I did instead was I sent,an end-to-end encrypted message using ProtonMail,to my family member.,I sent them the private key,,basically just a short passphrase that I made up,in a separate text message.,They received the email and used the private key,in order to unlock the email,and see my social security number.,Even if they never deleted that message,off the email servers, my ID will never be readable,by the email service provider,and it isnt at risk even in the event,of a hack because it requires that private key to open.,Does that make sense?,As many of you know, Ive had my email hacked before,and my identity stolen,and this wasnt Googles fault per se,,but it opened my eyes to the value of end-to -end encryption,for certain kinds of communication.,And thus, I began using Gmail for my general communication,and I opened a secure email account,for any sensitive information and for all of my finances.,And thats an important use that I wanna unpack,,but well get to that in just a moment.,For me, there were two primary reasons,I was reluctant to open a secure email account.,First, I didnt wanna pay for something,I could get for free, you know,,and second, I didnt want to downgrade my email experience.,So let me give you a peek inside my secure email inbox,,so you can see what it looks like.,This is my ProtonMail inbox, which is laid out very much,like youll see with every other email account,youve probably used.,I have all the folders for organization on the left,what the actual emails and all nested replies,taking up the majority of the screen.,I have the same ability to label organize mark as spam,,archive, and delete emails as I do in Gmail.,So far theres not much difference,between Gmail and ProtonMail,until we clicked create a new message.,The differences found in these two icons on the bottom,that look like an hourglass and a lock.,These allow you to set an email expiration,and end-to-end encryption respectively.,Remember that private key I was talking about,,this is where I create that passphrase,that Ill give to my recipient,in order for them to open the email.,So lets say I send an end-to-end encrypted email,from ProtonMail to a Gmail user.,What they receive is an email alerting them,of the new message and a button to view it.,This brings them away from Gmail,where they have to input the passcode to reveal a message.,The data is never stored on Google servers,and my recipient doesnt have to open,a ProtonMail account to view it.,Now, although this feels similar,to Googles confidential mode,,you have to remember that were still dealing,with two different types of encryption,and there is a difference like I explained earlier.,Even with confidential mode,,Google isnt providing stronger encryption,,theyre just really putting lipstick on a pig so to speak.,ProtonMail gives me access to encrypted cloud storage,called Proton Drive kind of like Google Drive,,and that allows me cloud storage,for larger email attachments.,Theres also an online calendar feature.,Both of these are still in beta as I record this video,but Ive been using them for a couple of months,without any problems.,The calendar feature extends my privacy to my calendar,which many of us dont realize we give up that privacy,when we tell Google everything were doing,and everywhere that were gonna be.,Using the ProtonMail calendar, I can still create meetings,invite outside users, set reminders,and work with different time zones.,Unfortunately, it hasnt replaced my Google calendar yet,mostly because there isnt a mobile app available,but Im still attracted to the idea,of more private personal calendar.,Last but not least, it wouldnt even be worth,talking about secure email like ProtonMail,if there wasnt a dedicated app to access your messages,on mobile devices.,The ProtonMail app is fast, its clean,,and its familiar to use.,The biggest difference between this and Gmail is again,,those two icons that offer full encryption,and expiration of the message.,My only complaint is that so far,Im unable to access Proton Drive files,from the ProtonMail mobile app if I wanna, you know,,attach those to the email.,Okay.,So the big question is,,is it worth paying for a secure email provider,like ProtonMail when you can get Gmail for free?,I mean, were talking about $50 a year.,But if youre looking for ways to create stronger privacy,and anonymity for your online life,,this is one really easy way to do that.,For me, I use secure email address as the primary contact,for all my bank and investment accounts,,and I dont publish this email address anywhere.,This minimizes the risk of anybody gaining access,to my finances through an email breach.,I also use the secure email address whenever Im sending,lets say tax documents to my CPA,or sending sensitive data anywhere,like m

Can you trust Proton VPN and Proton Mail? [Bundle review]

proton VPN and proton male should tick,off two privacy boxes at the same time,at least in theory were talking private,browsing with secure communication right,its a great response to how to stay,anonymous online or is it,oh,hey there Im Michael cyber news now,before we dissect the proton Suite if,youd like to see daily cyber security,content well then youre gonna need to,subscribe to our Channel alright lets,jump into this proton VPN plus,protonmail review as of now the proton,Suite has four tools a VPN a mail,service a calendar and Proton Drive now,Im not going to talk about the last two,but do let me know in the comments if,thats something you would like us to go,over I just figured that they were well,pretty self-explanatory now lets kick,this off with a protonmail review,jumping right into their privacy and,security evaluation so heres the,coolest bit that I found their main data,center is under a thousand meters of,pure granite rock seriously heavily,guarded bunker made to survive even a,nuclear attack I mean great to know that,in case the world ends my emails are,going to stay out there,but anyway theres something even cooler,from a private email perspective proton,is open source meaning anyone anywhere,can check their code and point out the,vulnerabilities and this email platform,has end-to-end encryption which means,your data is encrypted throughout the,entire communication process which,brings us to the inside of the app oh,but first things first its actually,super easy to use the protonmail,interface looks familiar sort of I mean,I guess all email companies kind of look,alike now which definitely Smooths out,any potential learning curves the only,thing you might need to get familiar,with are the more unique features that,it has now I was able to send an,encrypted email to a non-proton account,you just gotta click this lock icon to,apply the Email encryption set a,password and youre done also I found,some self-destructing messages oh yeah,you write it set the time and once it,runs out it will self-destruct uh with,no actual Mission Impossible like,explosions just the message goes into,the digital ether as it were this,feature is optional and if you want some,extra secure email communication it does,also work for non-proton users as well,so thats cool now hold up its not all,sunshines and rainbows here sure its,nice that protonmail has a free version,in the first place but everything is,super limited as you might expect like I,was able to import stuff from another,email but then I got the message about,full storage like five minutes later,yeah the one gigabyte limit is not a lot,and thats not all it limits limited,messages limited folders limited labels,etc etc so forth and so on so if youve,got protonmail versus Gmail well those,proton male limits can seem a bit,daunting by comparison so its really a,toss-up between privacy and,affordability now the proton plus plan,does improve on each one of these,aspects but its only the priciest,proton male bundle Visionary that comes,with a premium VPN that one is a bit,pricier but you can always use some,special discounts to save a few bucks,which yes we have left the best ones in,the description in case you need them,all right now comes the question is,proton VPN good short answer yeah I,often recommend it as one of the best,free vpns and the premium version is,also pretty solid but lets actually go,ahead and do a proper proton VPN review,as I mentioned before protonmail has,your email secured but a VPN is going to,safeguard your online browsing and yeah,your data so yeah both proton VPN free,and the premium versions have the same,level of security protons jurisdiction,does lie in the Privacy friendly country,of Switzerland plus they have an audited,no logs policy their encryption is also,up to standards either with the AES 256,or the more modern Cha-Cha 20 Cipher,depending on the tunneling protocol that,you use though and thats pretty much,everything I do need to see from any,good VPN provider now between the free,and the paid plan the VPN app is the,same its not the cleanest look out,there but it also doesnt take much to,figure it out either here I can connect,to a server that I want right away but,with the free version well youre gonna,see a bunch of servers with an upgrade,signed near them like yeah this one all,right now check this the experience,before and after upgrading is yeah quite,a bit different the free version of,proton VPN doesnt have much to show in,terms of features just your basic stuff,like a kill switch thats there and its,functional yay then I only found split,tunneling and that was exclusively on,Android and Windows so the app feels a,bit better to me there are only three,server locations and most of the time,the available servers are super crowded,which explains why the speeds well kind,of suck but hey at least they dont have,a data limit like some other free vpns,do winscribe,excuse me allergies the premium speeds,are much better though with the VPN,accelerator I can get blazing fast,speeds my Baseline is around 300,megabits and then the VPN speeds are,usually no less than 250 which makes,sense since the premium opens up quite a,few more servers which are way less,crowded Open Season now look this is a,bundle review so you cant exactly,compare proton VPN versus proton male,but its easy to see how the VPN packs,in more additional features like their,fancy named Double VPN functionality,secure core which I find myself using,more and more to be honest if you want,to take your anonymity above and beyond,then they also have their tour over VPN,feature just dont expect the best VPN,speeds through that one now streaming,support was something I wasnt able to,access with the free version but it does,work with the premium servers which,allowed me to unblock just five four,Netflix libraries two of which I,actually watch us UK but no Japan and no,South Korea they stayed locked other,streaming platforms werent a huge,problem for proton VPN with the,exception of the Zone who is sometimes,always a problem oh right and before I,forget my torrenting buddies out there I,dont have much to say here but proton,does support P2P I just didnt get the,best performance out of them since the,speeds were so inconsistent so I guess,torrenting is just not their primary,focus alright now as I said before this,is not a proton male versus proton VPN,comparison but rather a bundle review,since no cyber security tool is,foolproof using them in conjunction with,each other is actually a great idea but,which provider to choose is going to be,completely up to you alright I guess,thats all I can really say from my side,Ill see you in the next one or if I,dont either way youre probably going,to want to check out that special box,right there on the side because it hide,some of the special deals that I was,talking about alright till the next one

Is Proton Mail Really Private, Secure, and Anonymous?

today were going to explore a bit of a,controversial issue,which is claims that protonmail one of,the most,popular private email services acts like,a fed honeypot,and if you arent aware of what a fed,honeypot is its usually a service that,is illegal,like a dark net drug site or something,that criminals or dissenters might be,interested in,for their activities such as encrypted,phones encrypted emails,or anonymous vpns but the service is,actually run by the feds to try and,catch those criminals,or those dissenters now before we begin,there isnt any hard evidence that,protonmail is a honeypot im not going,to show you a picture,of some cia operative thats taking hard,drives out from one of protonmails data,centers,theres nothing like that but there is a,lot of suspicious activity,going on with protonmail and in some,cases its the same kind of activity,that we see with known honeypots so,lets take a look,at the claims that protonmail makes,about their service,this is their home page so we see its a,secure email,based in switzerland secure your,communications with protonmail,so protonmail claims to be secure swiss,privacy,data security and neutrality its,incorporated in switzerland and all our,servers are located in switzerland so,that means that all the,user data is protected by swiss privacy,laws end-to-end encryption,anonymous email open source easy to use,and they have a calendar and drive which,is just talking about their features,so these are a lot of bold claims,especially the ones,that are made up here about the,end-to-end encryption,and the anonymous email service,so lets compare this to another,supposedly,private email service cock.li,now you probably wouldnt want to use,this service for anything professional,because the email domains that you get,uh are a little bit wacky,but lets take a look at their privacy,claims uh down here where it says how,can i trust you,you cant cock.li doesnt parse your,email to,uh here let me actually zoom in a bit uh,it doesnt parse your email to provide,you with targeted ads nor does cock.li,read email,content unless its for legal court,order however it is 100 possible,for me to read email and imap slash smtp,doesnt provide user side client-side,encryption so youre going to have to,take my word for it,any encryption implementation will still,technically allow me to read email too,this was true for lavabit as well uh,well,your email was stored encrypted only if,you were a paid member which,most people forget email could still,technically be,intercepted while being received or sent,to smtp or while being read by your mail,client,imap for privacy we recommend encrypting,your emails using pgp,using a mail client add-on like enigmail,or downloading your mail locally with,pop and,regularly deleting your mail from our,server so,although you know they have kind of,funny domains and everything,this is actually an honest description,of what a so-called,private email service can do for you,nothing about email is inherently,private it wasnt designed to be private,sure you can throw encryption on top of,it but at the end of the day you still,have to put,your trust in the service provider this,is the same reason why i recommend vpns,like movad over,nordvpn because molved makes honest,claims about what their vpns can do,now i understand protonmail not using,this approach because theyre trying to,get people to switch from,gmail or hotmail to one of to their,service theyre trying to become,a major email service provider and if,they were to just come out and say,hey you basically just have to trust us,not to do spooky stuff with your email,obviously most people are going to say,well why should,i then switch to you why should i trust,you over my current provider that ive,already built up,years of trust with um so lets start,looking at,some of these other claims like the,end-to-end encryption,the hated one actually has an entire,video about this subject,uh so you could check that out if you,want more information on this,specifically but essentially the,encryption that protonmail provides,in their browser application uh which is,you know,this here like if youre going into it,through the browser uh it,isnt as reliable as the encryption that,would be on android ios or,a desktop app its more vulnerable to,man in the middle attacks,and its also easier to verify if your,version,of an app is the same as everyone elses,versus the login page that you get,for protonmail being the same as,everyone elses even protonmail,themselves,admits this on their threat model page,that the webmail is more vulnerable to,man-in-the-middle attacks than apps,but despite this most of their users are,still going to log in,through the web app um then theres also,the difference between,intra-domain emails and then enter,domain emails,so intradomain would be when one,protonmail user is sending messages to,another,proton mail user which can be encrypted,so long as the provider actually,implements it because,encrypted pop3 and encrypted imap they,usually arent the default protocols but,lets assume that they are,doing all of that um if you wanted to,instead,send an email from protonmail to gmail,thats going to be an inter inter-domain,exchange and it requires,two different mail transfer agents in,this case protonmail and gmail,to talk to one another and this,communication between the mtas is going,to use,smtp port 25 which cannot be encrypted,they have to communicate in plain text,so anybody whos sniffing the traffic,between these mtas,are going to be able to see the plain,text or maybe its going to be encoded,in base64 but thats,very trivial to decode anyone who knows,how to sniff traffic,knows how to decode base64. the metadata,of your emails is also,not encrypted and this metadata often,includes things like your ip addresses,the email servers ip address the name,of your computer,time stamps of when the messages were,sent the subject line of the email,and of course the email address of both,the sender,and the recipient so with all that in,mind lets,re-examine protonmails claim about,end-to-end encryption,we use end-to-end encryption and zero,access encryption to secure emails,this means we cannot decrypt and read,your emails,as a result your encrypted emails cannot,be shared with third parties,so the only way to try and interpret,this to be a factual statement,would be um when they say that zero,access encryption,two secured emails as in,the only secured email that you can use,is protonmail because any domain,outside of protonmail whether its,tutanota cock.li or gmail its not going,to be fully encrypted,um now it is possible to encrypt the,body,and attachments with pgp which is the,separate technology that protonmail,just makes easy for people to use like,theyll automatically try to do the pgp,encryption,but if your threat model includes state,surveillance or,possibly even private investigators or,hackers,they can still gather a lot of,information,just from your unencrypted metadata in,fact we know that this is the primary,data,that agencies like the nsa are after and,its really common sense if you think,about it so,lets say that you were to email a known,drug dealer on april 20th with a subject,line of,god any and then you go to the atm to,withdraw some cash,i know that you use that email to set up,a drug deal its obvious i dont need to,see the body,of the email i can just infer from the,metadata and your actions,of what youre doing it doesnt take a,genius to figure that out,and then speaking of drugs lets take a,look at protonmails,onion site okay so they do have a dot,onion domain on tour,and the way that this site is,implemented i think is,one of the biggest pieces of evidence,for protonmail being a honeypot because,their onion service,is designed to de-anonymize you using,similar techniques of,other known honeypot onion services so,let me show you,what im talking about you go to their,onion site,um theyre using a v3 address which is,good,theyre using https for

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