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Mushroom Gummies with UNCLE JOEY | JOEY DIAZ Clips

its so funny because I like those,mushrooms whenever I post them on,Twitter people lose their mind but,theres always the three Joe Rogan fans,excuse me if were doing the suicide but,make sure you shut the [ __ ] up shut the,[ __ ] up you know one oh two grams aint,enough listen shut the [ __ ] up theres,always people always got to say,something [ __ ] stupid on that let me,tell you something you take four of,those mushroom gummies five of those,things and two of those abxs,oh its not going to be here voices,though I had a bad experience about two,three nights ago I could not [ __ ],fall asleep I ate like three of those,mushroom gummies late at night like 11,oclock that was not [ __ ] good,because I ate the gummies because I was,taming down the ABX Edibles see I,havent eaten yeah I havent eaten ABX,Edibles in like two weeks I eat those,little 350s from uh,the stonersclub.com,like like once a month I get the [ __ ],true dose gummies theyre [ __ ],tremendous and the true dose chocolate,[ __ ] the common Joys youll be on a,different [ __ ] planet and they also,have the the power or whatever things,that are [ __ ] deadly tremendous so I,was eating those for I have ultimatum,you gotta ultimate you got to take care,of your tolerance but this week I got,back into the ABX bag,with those [ __ ] mushrooms those silly,mushrooms guys you dont know what,youre missing go online I dont have,the link but you have to go through a,vendor for those things that fifty,dollars a [ __ ] bang but let me tell,you something theyre well worth it guys,I dont like the taste of mushrooms I,got mushrooms and just thinking about,eating them none theyre dry they taste,like [ __ ] eating a splinter,but years ago,I was in a,I was in a writing wheel dog youre,always getting a writing rut especially,after you do a CD or you get dump your,material like when you dump your 45,minutes you have to start again and guys,I dont you know its hard to do,anything in life but if you have no idea,how hard it is,exactly you should a special,lets say like out of your 50 minutes,they cut a joke out so you get to keep,that one joke thats it,and you have to start over again that,first month is [ __ ] brutal its,brutal youre just going up the bomb and,you dont want to do all material you,want to put it behind you and start from,scratch that month is a [ __ ],nightmare,so you just gotta keep going up on stage,and talking [ __ ] so you pick places that,nobodys going to see you and you just,make little [ __ ] appearances and do,15 minutes whatever and look for another,hook you got to look for another hook,and once you have that one hook youll,find that one then its so weird you go,from having three minutes of material,and finding a hook and now you get up to,seven minutes of material so now for a,week you got to go out there do 15 20,minute spots with seven minutes of,material waiting for your next hook and,thatll take like another 10 [ __ ],days but once you have that thatll give,you thatll open up another [ __ ],router material so all of a sudden you,went from seven minutes to 12 youre on,to something and so on and so forth but,sometimes your creativity is [ __ ],null and void you cant,you know and listen guys its its not,youre not going to just open up a,notebook and write a [ __ ] uh you know,Eddie Murphy Delirious thats not gonna,happen its gonna take [ __ ] time its,gonna take a few years you know I really,respect Anthony jeselnick Anthony,jeselnick told me something once,Anthony jesmond prepares his material,one year he does it in the comedy club,then for a year he takes that material,and he goes through a theater and he,sees how it works,he makes changes and then after thats,that hour is tight hell [ __ ] do a,special,it takes Anthony jeselnick like two and,a half [ __ ] years to put a special,together when most guys it takes a year,these guys are pumping Out specials,every 12 months every 14 months Anthony,Jeselnik hits [ __ ] hard when he hits,he hits hard that [ __ ] and I,look at that and Im like thats a smart,way to do it but the agents A lot of,people are on Greed our own ego wont,set two and a half years Im telling you,Ive lived for years and when youre in,a comedy State of Mind trust me guys,youre churning out material everything,you see becomes a [ __ ] joke right now,Im halfway there where Im still,cracking myself up once in a while and,thats how you get the party started but,sometimes guys you just cannot find that,creativity and I was stuck in like 2001,I wasnt doing CDs or anything I was,just stuck I was trying to get to that,place,and I asked one of the best greatest,writers of all time I saw him at the,store one night and I go Paul I pulled,Paul Mooney a sign I go Paul I got a,problem man,Im having a hard time especially coming,down to a comedy store,and you know at The Comedy Store you,have sets every night some nights at,that time there was eight people some,nights thered be 30 people,so I didnt really care about bombing as,much but it starts to concern you after,a while youre like what the [ __ ] is,going on with me so I pulled them aside,like what do I do,do I start from scratch and he goes no,take a week off and go get entertained,go hit a few movies,go watch [ __ ] you never dreamed of,watching,I go like what he goes I dont give a,[ __ ],Chinese gymnastics a ping pong,tournament,just find [ __ ] that you could go sit,there and see people do something that,youre maybe not even interested in or,maybe you have a certain interest in,and see how [ __ ] you know a band,I gotta tell you something whenever I,was stuck in Boulder when I was first,starting there was a place around the,corner from my house like an Australian,band an Australian man it was a,restaurant bar called like the Outback,and I used to go there on Mondays and,there was like a little room in the back,with like 15 people for comedy,but it was a recording studio,it was a little real really it really,was a little recording studio,so I asked the guy he goes ah Tuesdays,Wednesdays we do local bands here and I,cant remember the name of this band,they were like a [ __ ] uh,whats that [ __ ] they rap a little,bit they were like uh uh hello,nah they were more like uh you know the,Red Hot Chili Peppers jumping up and,down and hitting themselves each other,in the head and they were kind of now,Im a comic,but I would go see these guys and two,days later I churn out five minutes of,[ __ ] material you know now what does,a band have to do with me you know how,can I get creative from watching a band,you watch the singer I would watch the,singer when I would when I first started,comedy I would go to see these local,bands but I would focus on the singer,because theyre just a conduit just like,me a singer is a [ __ ],tough job because youre a conduit,youre a condo from a band youre,you know the [ __ ] trumpets behind you,the cowbells behind you the two guitars,behind you the drums are behind you you,know and there youre the [ __ ],spokesman for the [ __ ] band,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music]


its a really yummy flavor too they oh,actually i havent tried it yes i dont,know hi my name is jasmine from same,days and today were gonna try mojo,micro dose gummies,so you might be wondering what is a,microdose so traditionally micro dosing,comes from using magic mushrooms i dont,know if im allowed to say that but for,mojo they are using a functional,mushroom without the psilocybin so think,like lions mane and cordyceps and they,essentially reverse engineer the kind of,effects that you would have if you were,traditionally micro dosing and they kind,of put it all together so you can get,better focus higher creativity and,better concentration just wrapped up all,into one they come in two different dose,sizes so this is the micro dose and this,is the macro dose the only difference is,that this one has a bit more of the,functioning mushroom dosage i guess and,then has a little bit less caffeine so,they are supposed to be like slow,releasing caffeine so you can kind of,sustain yourself throughout the day this,one only has 25 milligrams and the macro,dose has 62. and in terms of the,functioning mushroom properties this has,146 and this has 365 so you can choose,your poison they are both the same,flavor which is the wild strawberry and,zesty tangerine im pretty excited to,try it out,its like i feel like its gonna give,you know when youre a kid you used to,have like vitamins when youre younger,theyre like flintstones or whatever i,feel like now that were adults theres,so many like adult versions you can have,that are like acceptable to bring with,you,hmm,it definitely is giving like a a,multivitamin feels i feel like if you,want to like start the morning with it,it wouldnt be too weird its not as,like chewy as i thought it was going to,be like i was kind of picturing like a,behaved gummy or like a gummy bear type,of texture but its a bit grainy i would,say,but maybe that is actually better if you,do want to stir in the morning or,whatnot because youre you dont feel,like youre eating like a candy first,thing in the morning it is quite on the,nose in terms of the flavor though,a little bit on the sour side i do get,the strawberry and the tangerine theres,like a slight coating outside which is,really good too i dont taste any like,bitterness of the herbs or like the,roots that theyre using or like,definitely any like caffeine taste,its pretty good i think if i were to,like start the day im not like,instantly feeling anything i think i,will need to kind of like sit with it,for a bit to see how its gonna like,show up with the effects but i think,its a really cool product and a good,alternative to also just like get you to,be like a better version of yourself too,if you just wanted like a little bit of,a kick it does say since everybody is,different and how you might react,differently they do recommend only,having maybe a half of it to start with,sit with it see how you feel within an,hour and maybe have the rest or have,another one but definitely dont do more,than six in a 12 hour period is it,sticking to your teeth,not at all it like instantly dissolved,as soon as i like bit into it and,theres like no like sticky residue in,my mouth it generally just tastes like a,multivitamin oh another thing is with,the micro dosing you dont want to do it,every day because i think your body,would become kind of like immune to it,or build like a tolerance so find a,schedule thats going to work best for,you but it says maybe alternate between,five days and like two days off have any,of your friends,i do have a couple of friends that have,tried it actually i dont know if they,have like a lower tolerance but they,actually was like i was heads down for,like five hours just like working so i,think really does depend i personally,have a higher tolerance to,like a lot of things so i dont know if,i will be like a two gummy per person,versus just one but i guess time will,tell,well yeah i just like i dont know like,i cant things i cant say on camera i,have a higher tolerance its also vegan,and gluten free so like anyone can try,it out and i think it is the the first,of its kind of micro dosing where it,doesnt have psilocybin so everyone can,enjoy it,good question,i dont okay i dont think you need to,be any age group because there is no cbd,or thc in it so,its like safe for everyone to do yeah,no artificial flavors sustainable,packaging all the good stuff im gonna,wait like an hour and see how my body,reacts to it and then maybe well take,another one,okay so its been an hour,i did crank out some emails and felt a,little bit zoned in but i feel like its,wearing off a little bit so i think im,gonna go ahead and have another one but,i really suggest you like listening to,your body and see how you feel and see,how many youre going to need throughout,the day so if you want to try mojo,microdosing yourself you can get it on,samedays.com or if you live in miami get,it delivered in two hours or less dont,forget to like follow subscribe and,comment below on what we should try next,okay

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Joe Rogan on Micro-dosing Psilocybin

hello freak thats amazing you,know whats really incredible is that uh,people are using psilocybin these days,in what they call micro dosing taking,very small doses and seeing these,profound benefits ya know one of the,things that Im aware of his kick boxers,are using it and kick boxers are using,it a good buddy mind is using it says,that he can see things happen before,they happen like it was almost like hes,reading peoples minds when theyre,about to do something even on micro,tosyl yeah thats very interesting,in an intense environment of sparring,and in the the intense physical kinetic,interaction of kickboxing as any seeing,what people are going to do before they,do it in a way that hes never able to,do quote-unquote on the natch right no,Im not surprised at all I mean and why,are you surprised like what do you think,is happening because I think that these,things let you step out of your box a,little bit they let you step out of your,usual reference frame and notice things,going on in the environment that again,this gating mechanism we were talking,about were programmed to filter stuff,out psychedelics temporarily disrupt,that they let the background come,forward and you notice things about the,environment that were that normally you,would suppress because theyre not,relevant to immediate survival I dont,know if youve read some of the work by,Simon Powell he wrote the psilocybin,solution he writes very intelligently,about suicide them in this latest book,the magic mushroom Explorer he talks,about how psilocybin is a lens,essentially you can think of it as a,lens through which you can look at the,world you can look at natural phenomena,and you will notice things about that,those phenomena that you normally would,overlook because were programmed to do,it so in a sense he talks about how,psilocybin is a scientific instrument,you know its a lens through which you,can look at the world and see aspects so,that are always there but youve never,noticed them before because were,programmed not to for example you know,Kary Mullis is famous because his,discoveries in molecular biology he,attributes to his insights about,molecular processes that he got from LSD,that he could get down with the,molecules as he put it and see how all,this is working and obviously he,invented a polymerase chain reaction,which he got the Nobel Prize for so its,not like this is a delusion,its a real thing that he was able to,notice that no one else you know what,Im saying he was able to put himself in,a place where he could notice these,phenomena and I think I think thats,really true if you if you go to take a,walk in the forest with an indigenous,person you know who in some ways is in,this less of this sensory gating in a,more open place all the time they will,notice things about the environment you,know that you are completely oblivious,to until they point it out you know and,then thats it yes I never noticed the,leafcutter ants are behaving this way or,these different things their sensory,sort of experience of a environment like,the forest is very different than ours,you know because were used to were,just not out in nature the same way and,I daresay I think one of the things that,in some ways inserts a barrier between,us is literacy you know were all,literate right and we like being,literate its good that were literate,but in order to be literate you have to,have this separation between the self,and the external environments you know,you have to pick up a book and read it I,am here Im the point of view heres the,book you know so that creates that,relationship and you sacrifice you focus,on one particular sensory modality and,you sacrifice all the other input that,is coming in I dont know if I make it,say no yes absolutely but but thats,thats what these substances can do they,can essentially reverse this background,foreground relationship that were so,used to suddenly whats right in front,of you is not so important and you can,pay attention to the things in the,background that youre normally youre,programmed to suppress and ignore,because you know you have to be ready,for the saber-tooth Tiger to come across,you know over the mountain or whatever,you know what Im saying but its good,in that sense they teach different ways,of perception you know and I think,thats a very useful thing to learn you,know in business people call these,psychedelics plant teachers and they,call them teachers for a reason you know,much of the what you experience comes,directly from the experience but much of,it also comes from your change,perception and suddenly realize theres,a different way to be in the world,theres a different way to perceive what,you experience that normally you dont,you know were programmed to filter out I,dont know if youve ever read or had,Steven Buhner on your show now he writes,very intelligently about this stuff hes,written a book called plant intelligence,and the imaginal realm and its all,about this you know this essentially,what his rap is you can learn this you,know you can learn this way of,perceiving whether you do it with,psychedelics or not you can actually,learn it and its its an interesting,its a better way to relate to nature or,more an alternative way to relate to,nature in any way I feel like we have,these pre assumed definitions of things,that we rely upon instead of seeing,things what they really are,and you kind of yeah you box them up and,you package them and you go oh well,theres a car theres a sand then one,day you look at the car and you go,thats a box that has a controlled,explosion encased in iron that rolls on,rock higher thats exactly what were,talking about all right theres a,different way to look at things if you,step out of the box and yes it is all,those things and its also a car and,its if you did that all the time youd,never get anything done,thats right thats right,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

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Micro-dosing magic mushrooms | A growing trend among San Diego moms

studies have shown psychedelic mushrooms,can treat or even cure depression and,some san diego moms are turning to it,for help its called micro dosing its,not legal but a north county mom admits,she does it and it works cbs 8s shannon,handy shares her story and the local,push to decriminalize it,do you feel safe talking to me,talking in front of our cameras about,this i wouldnt be here if i didnt feel,safe michaela who asked so we not use,her last name knows what shes doing is,illegal but the north county mom feels,so strongly about the benefits of,microdosing magic mushrooms she wants to,share her story its so necessary for,some of us to be out and forward because,we need to move the needle,microdosing involves taking small doses,of the psychedelic drug in various,homemade forms including pills gummies,even chocolate a teaspoon depending on,how much you would want to put in here,so a dose that would give you like a,classic psychedelic effect would be,anywhere between a gram to,five six seven grams and so a micro dose,is a fraction,of a gram michaela started microdosing,about three years ago when she was,pregnant with her two and a,half-year-old son martin,she was struggling with alcoholism and,says microdosing helped her stop ive,heard that psilocybin mushrooms can help,combat,addictive behavioral patterns and so i,kind of wanted to approach it head on,following martins birth makayla,struggled even more saying the anxiety,and depression shes dealt with for,years intensify she now microdoses on a,regular basis what does it feel like a,glow you know an underglow it makes,those emotions to connect with my son,and toddler way more readily available,according to michaela her relationship,with microdosing is a unique saying,there are other local moms from all,walks of life doing the same whats,leading,people to want to dose is actually the,desire to be more present in their life,and i think that totally,redefines what we think about as a drug,user,the stigma behind psychedelics dates,back to the 1960s when mushrooms and lsd,were labeled as dangerous party drugs,that could melt your mind then came the,war on drugs during the nixon,administration when studies on,psychedelics were banned decades later,thats all changing as more and more,studies are being conducted showing,psilocybin the active compound in magic,mushrooms can help with depression and,even in cancer patients decreases in,both depression and anxiety matthew,johnson is the director of the johns,hopkins center for psychedelic and,consciousness research while he stands,behind the benefits of psilocybin he,cautions the majority of research,conducted is related to macrodosing,sparingly in controlled environments not,microdosing for long periods of time,its not that that were seeing them,like oh theyre less depressed when they,continue to take psilocybin its like no,you take psilocybin in two sessions,under monitoring,and youre feeling better,a week later a month later six months,later contrast that to micro dosing,we know,almost nothing about micro dosing,scientifically johnson worries if,psilocybin is misused it could be,harmful or lead to a so-called bad trip,he says education is crucial meanwhile,some question if psilocybin could open,the door to drug abuse still michaela,and others are pushing to decriminalize,it denver was the first city in the,united states to do so in 2019 followed,by others including oakland santa cruz,and seattle now entire states are,jumping on board with oregon voters,already approving a measure to do the,same theres also another bill being,pushed forward across the entire state,of california called sb 519. michaela is,hopeful saying if the state doesnt take,action she plans to launch an initiative,here in san diego for now shell,continue speaking out about how,microdosing has helped her being in my,body hurt so much she often posts about,it to her combined nearly two hundred,thousand followers on her instagram and,tick tock pages mama de la maico which,means mother of the mushroom i had no,idea that this level of happiness and,contentment in life would be possible,before i found the mushroom shana handy,cbs8


the first thing he said when he walked,in,can i say anybody got any mushrooms that,was the first,yeah no i said i have mushrooms okay,im not a beggar sorry i miss her yeah,i saw you have a mushroom guy i,recognize absolutely hes the mushroom,guy,i did your podcast yesterday yes you did,you did a wonderful job boxing thank you,thank you i had fun its a,really comfortable set made me realize,and get excited before the fact that,were gonna change our set,we look like were sitting in,spongebobs butthole you know,i think you and your brother should do,affirmations and see how much youll,love each other,just sitting across from each other,telling each other that we love each,other yeah in different ways,yeah id like to get involved in that as,well with jake okay its fine,yours is going to be a lot longer i,think i should i think we should too,i think we should i think itd be,healthy i healthy exercise oh beautiful,yeah what is it about the the shrooms,mike excuse me what is it about the,mushrooms that youve uh,that you found that you like about them,youre sc the way you look at me scares,me a little bit,oh no it makes you think it makes you,pretty objective have you ever done,mushrooms yeah many times youre really,pretty objective to whats really going,on and you know,mushrooms really tell you youre nothing,so,exactly 100 you feel more connected to,the earth you feel more,you know even the mushrooms in the,daytime you take in the earth start,moving you look at the ground the ground,is moving right,you look at the plants in the trees,theyre moving,theyre doing something its insane its,insane absolutely insane its crazy,it can open up a part of your brain that,you never knew existed,when i was on your podcast yesterday a,guy came up to me with a handful of,mushrooms,more than id ever seen in my life that,was my guy yeah,he said do you want to do mushrooms i,was like im good because i i dont,think i could do it,in front of with all these cameras,watching yeah i think i think id,embarrass myself,no i think um what you doing now is more,embarrassing i would say,look thinking some mushrooms in front of,people i i agree with him i dont know,why but those are the exact,words which part which sparks mushrooms,are gonna make you beautiful and feel,good i know,this is gonna take you to prison ill,get you a shot,yeah probably yeah yeah yeah but no i i,was just,i had never seen anyone face a handful,of oh there is i had never seen,anyone face a handful of mushrooms like,i saw you do mike,and uh you operated im an extremist,that yeah i can relate yeah im really,extreme,yeah i can relate and ive calmed down,that since you know my family i get away,from,family and its looking really good so,ive calmed down a lot,have you built up a tolerance though,like i like even like,im making direct eye contact with the,shrooms yeah right,as we see and do tell me about that,volume talk to me about that volume can,i get electric can i get a look i mean,what,what how do we work this exactly,right here explain to him how much it is,its probably you are speaking about it,eight or maybe four grams right there,about four grams of dried mushrooms its,got the gold caps with the blue spots on,it this is,this is a moon shot for the average,person like this is mike you would eat,this amount as a as a daily dose,im just getting ready to shove it down,mike this mike this is a lot of,[ __ ] mushrooms mike this is,like,thats what im saying,[Laughter],oh hes going to be chewing for a sec,now,the [ __ ] people put it on a peanut,butter sandwich it mixes together you,know what im saying but mike wants all,that those little particles,stuck in his teeth youll be digging a,gram out for the next couple hours,trying to figure out yo theres some,stuck in the back there somewhere he,used to do drugs,yep yeah he goes no [ __ ],bro did you see the look on mikes eyes,hes like yeah man hes like ill pick,your teeth when you,relax when i first heard about mushrooms,in la everyone would talk about the,taste they said they they tasted like,[ __ ],listen yeah you come from butter yeah,literally literally,you have to uh grow them down manure,correct so youre accurate yeah but,youre youre just completely,over it are you even gonna drink the,fiji mm-hmm but its um,its a fungus its what we made out of,it were made out of [ __ ] yeah yeah and,we die,were turning into mushrooms yeah thats,insane so a lot of changes going on with,the legality around these things,portland,denver a lot of places have completely,decriminalized your friend,our friend johnny shahidi yes has has,been already talking about how this,turns into a business its about to be a,huge business in the united states,the president elect now um,thats theyre gonna open it up make it,free critical federally make it,useful do you see any any problems there,like anything that could happen as a,result of that,that could be problematic i think its,gonna be the best thing since the 21st,century,and youre were seeing more and more,about that psilocybin with ptsd anxiety,depression what what do you,what do you tactically use it for in,your life like what does it help you do,better um it helped me be a better me,he said he trained on it he said he he,said he actively trains on it he,sharpens his skills hes sport on it,did you take some that day verse roy,well i mean it took him a couple days,before but i was training this stuff,um the chunkier is me was younger,yeah yeah is it stronger than psilocybin,is this so simple oh it is,and um this is why i didnt know its a,[ __ ] enhancer so i was in so much,trouble they kept taking my,blood and boom my oxygen and everything,was high,and that thing is enhanced now i notice,when i box my morning i dont feel the,[ __ ] punches,mike i gotta encourage you to have a sip,of that water im so sorry,i hate to beat its not ready yet okay,you know,take your time in no way am i forcing or,saying you have to do anything take your,time,here

Adam Eats An Entire Mushroom Chocolate Bar | Vital Educational Content

this passion fruit one contains three,grams of blue goba penis envy and look,how beautiful it is they use legitimate,gold,in making this,this is wild,that was one of the strongest if not the,strongest mushroom trip ive ever had in,my,life,welcome back to psych substance in,todays episode we are going to be doing,something that i have never done before,we are going to be exploring the world,as in,eating mushroom infused chocolates now,before we get started i have to make it,absolutely clear that i do not recommend,that anybody watching tries anything we,are simply filming this video for the,sake of documentary purposes and to see,what happens when someone consumes,mushroom chocolate these products are,becoming a lot more common these days,meaning its time that i do a safety,video um on it to show you guys how to,do it properly if youre gonna do it,again i dont recommend anybody does it,but through this video hopefully you,learn how to do it properly how to do it,safely and what to do in case something,uh you know horrible happens like a,potential bad trip according to youtube,videos of drugs both,safety guidelines and volatile,formulation the following video does not,glorify the use of drugs instead of,taxes beyond bias while theyre going to,information,of course before we dive into consuming,of the delicious chocolate bar i need to,let you guys know that todays video is,sponsored by surf shark they have been,awesome and theyve continued to sponsor,our content for those of you who dont,know surf shark is a vpn and what that,does is allows you to surf the internet,protected meaning if youre watching,videos like this that are still,unfortunately very taboo you enable your,vpn you can change your ip location so,it looks like youre from a different,country and your internet provider no,longer is privileged access to seeing,the sites that you visit it allows you,to truly surf anonymously it also as a,bonus allows you to visit websites like,disney plus and change your country,apparently in the states its all just,kids stuff whereas if you changed your,country to canada you get star,entertainment on disney plus and you get,a whole slew of adult shows if you use,the code psyched you are going to,receive 83 off surf sharks vpn that is a,massive massive discount its currently,the best price for vpn on the market and,youre also gonna get three extra months,surf shark have been beyond amazing to,me by again continuing to sponsor these,videos which allows me to hopefully hire,that editor soon im sure you guys are,tired of me talking about that so i,would greatly appreciate if all you guys,went and checked out surf shark follow,the link in the video description use,code psyched get that 83 off anyway now,that we got that sponsorship ad out of,the way lets jump into the actual,experience,now before we get started im going to,explain to you guys the materials that,you need in order to have the most safe,experience possible of course again not,to sound like a broken record well the,best form of harm reduction is quite,actually abstinence meaning just dont,take the damn compound which is what i,am recommending but again if you are,going to do so anyway im going to,explain and demonstrate how to do so in,a safe way so you dont hurt yourself,now this is not going to be an,exhaustive list were going to cover the,essentials the first thing youre going,to need is a proper good set in setting,how you feel where you are in your life,your current mental space what your,thoughts are like and the setting being,exactly what it sounds like where you,are having your experience a lot of,people think that mushrooms are going to,be fantastic when eaten in nature which,i agree but what a lot of people dont,realize is thats probably not an area,that you want to be in until you have,some experience under your belt the best,place to start is in the comfort of your,own home you want to be able to control,as many aspects of the experience as,possible which is ironic to say,considering the very act of taking the,psychedelic is kind of surrendering,control and you want to be with someone,that you trust and ideally love someone,you care about you want to be with,someone who you can actually be your,naked self with without having to put on,a facade so now assuming you got set and,setting under control the next thing you,want to do is make sure that you got,some headphones and a playlist ready not,just for enjoyment but you want to have,a relaxing playlist already picked out,in case the experience takes some scary,turns and these experiences theyre not,all scary usually and theyre not all,positive it takes you on a journey which,is why for the parts of the journey that,could be a little challenging its good,to have music that can help calm you,down and you know reconnect you with,your breath next shameless plug youre,going to want to have,a soft trip blanket you dont really,need a blanket you just need to have,very comfortable warm clothes on more,often than not its gonna result in you,feeling cold rather than warm and,everybody likes to be cozy when theyre,tripping,this is actually,our new pink and black im gonna open it,for you guys trip blankets that we have,finally gotten in stock ever since you,guys saw them in the video i did with,lauren you guys have been asking for it,and you know what its not that ugly i,actually i like the design its nice to,have something thats black obviously,you dont need my trip blanket to have a,positive experience but you want some,cozy clothes and some cozy blankets,nearby so that you know you can snuggle,up anyway you can pick up one of these,trip blankets by visiting the link to,psycsubstance.shop,and i do have to point out that i think,we only have 150 of these those 150 are,going to sell out really fast so if you,want to pick one of these up you do have,to head on over to psycsubstance.shop,immediately and um place your order we,might just you know do these 150 and,then move on next this is a,controversial item but i believe you,want to have an escape robe like youre,playing pokemon and you went into that,dungeon and for that youre gonna use a,benzodiazepine now there are other,chemical compounds that can be used as,trip killers antipsychotic medication,works too but benzos are really the most,easily accessible by most people now,what i have here is alprazolam and you,can really use any of them you can use,clonazepam lorazepam theres a whole,slew of benzodiazepines that can be,administered as trip killers um what you,would do is say youre experiencing,symptoms of a bad trip your thoughts,start to race you get really paranoid,say you try meditating for a bit you try,focusing on your breath and nothing,works youre just getting more and more,panicky panicky panicky you would take,the lowest effective dose you would chew,it so you want to dissolve it under your,tongue so it comes on as fast as,possible if its something like,alprazolam within 10-15 minutes youre,gonna calm down in fact some people,experience an instant calm down often i,find just knowing that you have,something like this on hand is enough to,thwart bad trips its better to be safe,than sorry theres a whole group of,people who say that its best to ride,out the trips and theres no such thing,as a bad trip and the bad experiences,teach you the most and while that is 100,accurate,there are instances where people have a,bad mushroom or acid trip and they go,and [ __ ] kill themselves so in that,instance wouldnt have been better to,just kill the trip and not everyones,ready for those kinds of experiences so,you really want to be cautious and,thats the next point is always start,with the lowest effective dose and when,it comes to psilocybin mushrooms,a good first timer experience would be,one to two grams i know a lot of you,guys that sounds like an abysmal amount,like thats nothing but if youve never,tripped before you just you really want,to start i think by getting your feet,wet at least with one to

“KAVA” | Live Experience + Overview

oh yeah there we go lose the most of it,alright give me a second while you lick,the table hello telophase does build up,you guys have to watch me suffer,we do not promote the use of legal or,illegal psychoactive substances this,video has been created strictly for harm,reduction purposes,the substance is universally legal,across the world its harvested from the,roots of a shrub strains through a,filter like tea and then drank out of,coconut shells and it is called kava,kava or in Latin Piper,mysticum wait a second just hold on,so kratom is called might regina,specioza which sounds like vagina to me,and kaveh is called Piper mystic come,spelled tomcee um my nine year old brain,finds this absolutely hilarious I last,talked about a psychoactive vagina,species and today Im here to tell you,guys all about some mystical cup just,like with the creative video in todays,video Im going to be telling you,everything that you need to know about,kava and I will also be dosing myself,with the effective dose of kava lives so,that everyone watching can see firsthand,what the effects of this mystical,substance feels like,kava is a member of the pepper family,the roots of the plant contains,psychoactive alkaloids known as have a,lactone Kappa has been drank,traditionally by the Pacific Ocean,cultures of Polynesia,for hundreds maybe even thousands of,years kava is commonly consumed by,grinding the roots of the shrub into a,fine powder as you guys can see here it,has been stranger water to produce a tea,light drink with sedative and aesthetic,efj Orient and anxiolytic like,properties traditionally cattle have,both used as a medicine and as a,recreational like psychoactive drink,similar to how your you know drank,alcohol during special events and,ceremonial regardless of how cabin was,used traditionally in todays day and,age Kappa has actually been getting more,popular as just a recreational like,substance in fact in California and,Hawaii in recent times Kappa bars have,been opening,in 2013 a study was published which used,kava as a means to treat GAD general,anxiety disorder the study found that,26% of those in the Kappa group,experienced a remission of their anxiety,versus 6% in the placebo group,concluding that cabba maybe a moderately,effective short-term alternative to,treat general anxiety actually more,studies are currently underway to,further evaluate the effectiveness of,Kappa,primarily works by potentiating GABA a,receptor activity both benzodiazepines,and ethanol effects via gaba receptors,Calva contains a total of 18 different,Cadillac shown the Cadillacs ones also,inhibit the reuptake of norepinephrine,and possibly dopamine as well as act as,a weak monoamine oxidase reversible,inhibitor also worth mentioning is that,one of these Cavill axons binds to the,cannabinoid,cb1 receptor which is similar to,cannabis it is believed that the effects,on the GABA receptor are responsible for,the anti-anxiety like effects whereas,the potential rise of dopamine is,responsible for these psychotropic like,effects which is only seen in higher,doses,in normal effective doses Cavett can,produce a calmness and just general,relaxation,you dont feel really walking although,in very high doses you can get extremely,debilitated off Cavett to the point,where you will lose your balance and,coordination,but in regular doses of Kappa you dont,usually become cloudy you remain clear,people often state that conversation is,a lot easier to be had low on kaveh and,they also state that if they suffer from,something like social anxiety that when,theyre under the effects of cattle,their social anxiety is lesson and,finally as with kratom the effects of,kaveh are going to heavily depend on the,strain,almost all of the calves that youre,going to find online is known as noble,katha what noble means is that its,simply a strain that you can consume,every day without any ill effects now to,de Calais though tu Dei is a strain of,kaveh that you cannot consume daily in,fact if you did consume it daily you,probably end up with a destroyed liver,an average starting dose for one person,is two tablespoons of kava mixed with,two cups of water so what that,translates into is about one ounce of,kava for 500 milliliters of water now,Ive tried cattle before at 1 ounce and,I dont know if Im just resistant to,this stuff but it really did virtually,nothing to me now granted some people,claim that you have to already have,calves in your system in order for it to,be effective it has like a cumulative,effect however Ive tried it many times,at 1 ounce and just really sell nothing,so for the sake of this video so that,you guys can actually see an effective,of this I have decided to take 2 ounces,or maybe 3 ounces and because Im a,stickler for making things accurate I,have decided to measure my ounces out,using this this is actually a tea,collecting cups that are still from,doctors office because I saw it had,ounces and I was like the lighting that,you also might be wondering why my water,looks more like milk than water that is,because I have added about 100,milliliters of almond milk into this I,have done that because the almond milk,will act as a fat source and some of the,cattle axons are more soluble and fat so,by adding a fat source we ensure that we,extract as many of the Cadillac tones as,possible which will yield the most,potent brew that we can use something,else I want to mention is you want to be,sure that you do not use boiling hot,water the heat will effectively destroy,the Cadillac no meals in your brew,incident so what I have done is I have,prepared my water food its warm you,dont want to use ice-cold water either,you want to use water thats warm enough,so if you put say 2 fingers in it youre,not like cause youre what so yeah just,kind of like lukewarm water is,sufficient enough and if you guys are,wondering why theres so many coconut,shells hanging out its because,traditionally they would measure their,doses in terms of one coconut shell,would be one go so I decided to stick,with tradition and use coconut shells,Ill also be mixing my Cabot in this,really heavy mortar however,traditionally they would use a big,wooden bowl I just didnt have a big,wooden bowl now what I do want to,mention is you want to be sure that you,do not simply take your cap of powder,pour it into a drink in just like,drink it powder and all what that will,do is cause a very upset tummy youre,going to experience a lot of,gastrointestinal distress and,furthermore it can also pose a serious,risk to your liver it can be damaging,anyway lets get on with preparing this,kapa,[Music],measure out about three ounces with our,collection come here all right thats,good got three ounces there shut up,later I really hope you get smell that,bad,so now that Ive drained most of the,water out Im going to take my bag of,squishy gunk here and Im going to knead,it like so through the water that Im,going to strain it out again and Im,going to continue this process of,kneading through the water and then,straining and kneading and then,straining for anywhere from five to ten,minutes just to ensure that I get the,most Cadillac tones out of this powder,and once Im done doing that what Im,going to do is filter it through a fresh,filter bag so that I ensure that all of,these solids are filtered out or at,least as many of them as I can get and,then Im going to drink it so yeah its,just fast forward to that point and now,its good to drink as you guys can tell,this literally just looks like mud it,looks like dirt and a lot of people say,that it tastes like dirt for best,effects it is suggested that you drink,it in as few gulps as possible you want,to drink it quickly so lets do lets do,just that I think traditionally they,would make a little prayer before,consuming so I am going to make my,prayer to the CAV of gods that they,blessed me with a fantastic experience,and hopefully they allow me to feel some,effects,cheers everybody a lot of people say,this tastes worse t

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