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whats up you guys its steve here and,congratulations to a group of people in,one state where theyve announced,theyre gonna get backdated retroactive,pua federal unemployment benefits thats,right even though they expired back in,september theyre saying theres a lot,of people who missed it that should have,got it and now theyre gonna get,benefits and this is your unemployment,update now you might be thinking what,about the lawsuits what about other,people that were promised retroactive,back pay that missed it what about an,unemployment extension will you guys,stick with me throughout the entirety of,this video im going to get you caught,up on everything that has to do with,unemployment benefits now also in,addition to that if you missed my,previous videos on this stimulus package,negotiations be sure to check them out,as we have new updates on the arrival,time,of the stimulus provisions and the,package and stimulus checks check out my,previous videos as were getting word,that states still have tons of leftover,funds from the last stimulus package,theyre passing their own state stimulus,packages and a lot of them are including,stimulus checks i just did an update for,you on the state of texas another state,that provided stimulus checks of 285,dollars and another one that is very,close to passing two thousand dollar,stimulus checks so you guys be sure to,check out those videos if you missed,them right after this one on,unemployment but take a look at these,articles coming out around five thousand,ohioans congratulations to the state of,ohio may receive unemployment assistance,after eligibility updated heres another,article 5000 ohioans previously denied,pua may be eligible for redetermination,and one were going to be looking at in,more detail so you know everything going,on in ohio ohio adds unemployment,security features and says previously,denied pua claims may now be eligible so,you guys this is not the first time,weve heard about this those of you that,follow me here on the channel no take a,look virginia also got things caught up,with their backlogs and got benefits out,to people as well and also im gonna get,you caught up as to where things,currently stand with the lawsuits and as,more updates roll out ill keep you up,to date here on the channel and also you,guys thank you so much for all the,support on the second channel steve ram,finance if youre interested in personal,finance and growing wealth consider,joining that channel ill go ahead and,pin a comment down below all you got to,do is click the link hit subscribe turn,on the notification bell and when we,launch that im going to be releasing,tons of content on personal finance,really excited about it thank you guys,so much but lets go ahead and dive in,and get you caught up on the latest with,unemployment as of today november 16,2021 but before we dive in do me a quick,favor smash the like button for the,youtube algorithm just takes a second,thank you so much helps me out a ton,also leave your comments share this out,if this is your first time here and you,want to stay up to date hit the,subscribe button turn on the,notification bell and if you got any,specific questions for me shoot them to,me in the dm on instagram at steveram3,but with that being said you guys lets,go ahead and dive right in and get you,caught up on the latest on federal,unemployment benefits now link in the,description below to this article that,just came out today that reads ohio ads,unemployment security feature says,previously denied pua claims may now be,eligible and it says ohio unemployment,officials are implementing new security,features to their claims process this,week as they notify thousands of,previously denied applicants that they,may qualify for expanded unemployment,ohio department of jobs and family,services on monday yesterday announced,that it is contacting roughly 5 000,people who were denied pua claims prior,to february of 2021 odjfs is informing,them that they may be eligible for,benefits retroactively because of,additional guidance from the us,department of labor now the department,of labor in february expanded,eligibility for pua to include the,following workers listen to these three,previously receiving traditional,unemployment benefits who refused to,return to work or refused an offer of,work because the workplace is not in,compliance with health and safety,standards directly related to the,pandemic number two who provides,services of an educational institution,or educational service agency and are,fully or partially unemployed as a,direct result of the pandemic or number,three who are laid off or had their work,hours reduced as a direct result of the,pandemic now listen to this as we,continue to work through the,unprecedented level of activity caused,by the pandemic we now have the,opportunity to reach back out to those,who may have been eligible under the,expanded eligibility the ohio department,of jobs and family services director,matt dam schroeder in a release monday,now odjfs,has started notifying potentially,impacted individuals and sending them,worksheets to help them reapply congress,created and funded the pua program for,workers impacted by the pandemic who,were ineligible for traditional,unemployment benefits including,self-employed workers 1099 tax filers,and part-time workers the program ended,september 4th of 2021 meanwhile starting,wednesday november 17th any ohioan,filing for unemployment must use an oh,id account to access their unemployment,account online and that is going to be,the new security feature that is,available to them but you guys those are,the updates on new eligibility of,retroactive back pay thats going out to,a small group of people in the state of,ohio and again congratulations to you,now just wanted to recap for you guys,nearly every single day i get dms and,questions about is there going to be an,unemployment extension well just to,clarify currently the stimulus package,that theyre working on right now in,congress does not include a federal,unemployment extension p-u-a p-e-u-c the,300 per week boost all ended in,september and a lot of people are,wondering will those return well at this,current time its not in this stimulus,bill now we also though have received,word that there will be another stimulus,reconciliation bill in 2022 confirmation,from president joe biden and weve heard,this from the speaker of the house nancy,pelosi now they also have said that a,lot of the provisions that they wanted,to include in this bill that are not in,there theyre going to include in that,bill in 2022 now will unemployment get,in there will there be a fourth federal,level stimulus check now we will see and,i think its all contingent upon the,state of the pandemic and also,unemployment where do things currently,stand and how is the spread happening,now right now were kind of steady as,you can see in the charts but well see,if things start ramping up and getting,worse they might feel its necessary to,include a lot of those provisions and,get them back in there now whatever,unfolds ill be sure to keep you up to,date here on the channel now also a lot,of people are wondering about the,jobless aid cut off lawsuits and where,things stand with that as weve had,lawsuits in tennessee,ohio texas and a lot of people are,wondering where do things stand well i,covered this in more detail in a,previous video if you missed it be sure,to check it out as im just going to,cover this just very briefly with a,quick recap lawsuits contesting states,early shutoff of enhanced federal,jobless aid are likely to stretch into,2022 months after the federal programs,had expired nationwide potentially,testing the duration of the federal,offer to fund benefits retroactively so,as you guys know nearly a dozen,different states are challenging the cut,off as governors decided to end those,federal benefits early and were hearing,that this though is likely going to be,carrying on as appeals are taking place,into 20

I Asked Bill Gates Whats The Next Crisis?

看到自己当年的预测被所有人毫不在意的当作耳旁风,心里是个什么滋味?,我看到危机如我预言的那样爆发时,心里当然是非常难过的。,假设在未来几十年里有什么能消灭超过一千万人口的灾难,,那有高度传染性的病毒比起战争更有可能。,我现在回想起来,只恨自己的演讲不够有说服力。,我们对于防疫系统的投入真的太少了,我们根本没有准备好应对下次流行性疾病,你是怎么做出这么有先见之明的预测的?,你怎么知道这种事情会发生呢?,通过呼吸道传染的病毒数不胜数,时不时就会出现一种传染性很强、造成不少人丧生的呼吸道病毒,呼吸道病毒非常可怕,因为患者往往在患病时还在搭乘公共交通,,而反观其它类型的疾病,比如埃博拉病毒,,等病人能够传播病毒的时候,一般就已经躺医院病床上了,最近 借盖茨基金会年度公开信发布的机会,我有幸采访了比尔·盖茨,我会把公开信链接放在简介里面,我们讨论了不少东西,包括阴谋论和误导,不过 关于这次疫情 我想知道一点,如果有许多人能可以预知到这次的展开 ,并且防疫的花费相对比较小,为什么我们当时不多做防备呢,有些危机,比如说地震,几乎随时都会发生。,又比如战争、火灾、飓风的历史记录,因此我们不会忘记它们的可怕。,但传染病的发生是毫无规律的 以至于人们产生了虚假的安全感,人们假想近几年“大概”不会爆发传染病,那还投钱干什么呢,于是大家都不怎么买预防政策的账了。,这次疫情可以让人们明白,预防胜于治疗。,我感觉 当今的人们讨论起未来会认为这是最后一战,,我想说,如果我们想在关注疫情,这可能是以后几世纪都不会发生的了,,下一个我们不足以应对的灾难是什么?,我想说两点,其一是气候变化,每年死于气候变化的人数其实都多于这次疫情的死亡人数,其二跟传染病有关 很多人如今不愿谈及这个,生物恐怖主义,想破坏社会秩序的人可能有能力制造病毒,这意味着人造病毒爆发的可能性和危害,,要更甚于像这次这样自然形成的流行病毒,我感觉传染病跟气候变化、小行星撞地有点共同之处,它们都是那种我们没有什么办法,但是又能做出一些改变的类型,我不知道,但是感觉人类不擅长处理这类问题,唔 我喜欢的作家 Václav Smil 写过各种潜在的灾难,比如小行星撞击,黄石公园的火山大爆发,而他展示给我们的是,传染病很明显是,除了核战争以外最严重,我们最应该做足准备的灾难,那我们应该改变哪些东西,才能让我们更好的应对下一次疫情?,有没有可能让“新冠”成为最后一次全球性的传染病?,好吧,以后一定会有更多的流行性疾病,人类与其他物种的互动,会让病毒的传播跨越物种间的藩篱,病毒可能会来源于蝙蝠、猴子……,但你不觉得只要我们的准备工作足够完备,,就能阻止新生的传染病在全球范围爆发吗?,我们可以做更充份的准备来避免再次出现这次这么高的死亡数,毕竟还可能出现致命性更高的疾病,比如天花的死亡率超过30%,所以不幸中的万幸是新冠病毒的死亡率并不是非常高。,但我们可以将其扼杀在萌芽状态,病毒还是会传播到许多国家,但在合理的医疗系统下,死亡人数应该只有目前的 1/10,你理想的医疗系统是,,那种能把病毒扼杀在萌芽状态的?,那么我们目前还有哪些不足的地方,是未来应该进一步加强的?,我认为应该分成临床和研发这两个部分,对于研发方面,我们需要尽快让 mRNA 疫苗技术成熟 才能更快地制造疫苗,并在世界范围开设医药工厂,让疫苗更便宜、更耐热,还有很多可以使用的疗法,包括抗体,在诊断时,我们得拥有每天进行一千万次核酸检测的能力,至于临床方面,我们需要在世界各地准备大量的诊疗仪器,我们需要一支由流行病学家组成的团队,因此,研究、临床两个领域的投资同等重要,并且研究部门与临床部门之间要不停的交流数据,我感觉有个“元问题”凌驾于这所有问题之上,也就是人们如何将信息和现实生活联系起来,分辨信息的真假,找出可信的信息,我要说的是,在我小时候,信息时代刚刚开始,那时看起来互联网之类的工具,将会让获取真实的信息更加容易,带来一个建立在事实真相上的世界。,但现在看起来并不是那样的,不知道你是否有类似的看法,比如互联网能为我们做什么,以及我也想知道你对互联网的现状有什么想法,,以及我们应该怎么做来应对这种情况?,互联网起到的伟大作用在于——如果你想学习的话——,比如那些看你节目的朋友——能够有机会去理解科学和了解时事,这在以往是做不到的,因此很多人都获得了远超以往的信息,比如我的一些朋友问起我最近的病毒变种时,我会被他们了解最新资讯的速度所震惊,当今时代对想要了解事实的人来说是个黄金时代,但是我们往往关注的是负面的部分,比如阴谋论,假新闻等等。,又因为社交媒体是很新兴的事物,要弄清楚怎么遏制这些东西,给它们打上标签,限制它们的传播速度,我们不知道如何阻止这种可怕的现象:,反疫苗运动会阻碍大众接种疫苗的进程,使得疫情的传播无法停止 让成千上万人付出生命的代价,这感觉像是 你试图与美国伟大的言论自由背道而驰,我觉得你提出的有个观点很好,过去的问题是信息太匮乏 我们难以接触到,而当今的问题则是信息太多太杂,我们必须得辨别真伪,有些消息不言自明,比如关于疫苗的完全虚假的信息,但是(在完全正确/完全错误之间)还存在着一个灰色地带:,辨明规则 并划定解释规则的人,我们当今尤为缺乏这一点,你希望能有个专家组来权衡这些问题,你期盼专家们能投入其专业知识与能力 而非从中渔利,我希望过几年 我们能以更加成熟的态度来讨论,这条线应该怎么划定,很久以前 我在我的第二频道 2veritasium 上发了个视频《坚持原则》,这个视频是我当年关于回击谣言的想法,我觉得我们绝不能把社会上的谣言视而不见,我们还应该竭尽所能地打击谣言,所以你不应该讨好所有人,因为总有些人一肚子坏水,你应该坚决抵制这些人,这曾经是我的想法 但自那个视频发布后,我的观点似乎软化了一些,现如今 我觉得社会回击谣言的机制有点像免疫系统,免疫系统太弱 完全不产生应答的话 当然会出现问题,但免疫系统太强也会成为问题,在1918年大流感的死亡人群的年龄分布中,有个数据值得注意,小孩、老人的死亡率更高 明显是因为免疫系统弱,但25-35岁人群的死亡率也出现了峰值,因为这部分人群的免疫系统太强了,免疫系统过度活跃 导致这部分人的死亡率增加,我感觉我们回击谣言的力度也应该有个平衡点,你从来没见我视频谈及“地平说”的信众,因为我认为这是没意义的,做个讲“地平说”的视频只会巩固他们的世界观,他们根本不会开窍,这类似我这几天将“谣言”这个概念给具象化了,也有点像我们的“免疫系统”必须有针对性,因此我想关于“谣言”更深入地,我展示了我在推特上看到的一条推文,推文大体上说的是牛津疫苗的研发,牛津大学本来想开源疫苗的版权 ,但是“比尔及梅琳达·盖茨基金会”中途掺了一脚 说道,“不行 你们必须跟大型药企阿斯利康合作”,所以推特上的风向看起来明显是觉得,你们背地里有PY交易,但我想听听从比尔·盖茨嘴里吐露出来的真实情况,造一支安全的疫苗 比造喷气发动机要复杂得多,人们对疫苗又非常挑剔,其实 如果生产疫苗的工厂进行的质量控制不够严格,疫苗的声誉会被毁灭殆尽,生产过程中的任何差错 都可能使生产线停产数月,而其产品是需要用来拯救数百万人的生命的,所以疫苗工厂的建立,不能搞成开源代码那样随便分发,这就是为什么我们会对疫苗的产量有所限制,这基于的是 全世界有足够实力的疫苗制造厂的数目,我们保证 阿斯利康的这些疫苗都是在印度大厂生产的,并且我们不收使用费 事实上完全免费,现在得靠盖茨基金会注资,这些公司 是我们长期合作以提高工厂生产质量的,因此让它们来生产廉价疫苗绰绰有余,牛津大学固然非常优秀,但他们没有能力开展三期临床实验 也没有工厂,我们已经跟牛津讲过 他们应该找专业药企合作,然后阿斯利康参与了进来,我们盖茨基金会并没有控制他们的商谈,总之阿斯利康说 他们打算以非盈利的形式来合作,阿斯利康打动我的地方在于 它们投入了最顶尖的人才,其它没参与研发的药企——,可没有人去批评它们——,阿斯利康真正干了实事 奇迹般地研发出这些疫苗,(却遭受无端指责)我对此表示歉意,这些理由固然存在,但是我总感觉 社交媒体没有搞清楚个中的细微差别,这样的世界让我感觉很受伤,甚至连看到你——阴谋论者的众矢之的——,尽管你气定神闲 但这些阴谋论有点让我困扰,毕竟我希望大家所处的环境能充满真话(而非谣言),你在做着伟大的事情,你应该得到赞扬 而不是如今得到的指责,我坐的位子可不能老是抱怨,我有今天的成就 是一路上的好运气使然,我当然想让阴谋论统统滚蛋,不知道阴谋论以后对我还会有哪些影响,你如何看待当下疫苗的推行情况?,我们需要供应 需要物流 还需要需求,每个环节都面临着巨大的挑战,希望 3 月份 强生公司的疫苗能获批,因为他们的疫苗是一种单剂疫苗,廉价、便于扩大生产,所以(准备推出新冠疫苗的公司有)阿斯利康、强生、过几个月还有 Novobax,大部分发展中国家是会得到这些疫苗的,所以我们投入数十亿资金向发展中国家供应新冠疫苗,乐观预计可以在几个月内铺开

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Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Feb. 4, 2021 press call

so today we will have a number of,updates starting with,um the implementation of the continued,assistance,act the performance of our new,modernized ui benefits system,myui plus um an update on,customer service call center activity,which many of you have covered,throughout the week,as a result of implementing phase one of,the continued assistance act,and then a quick update on where we are,with integrity holds fraud,and addressing some of the payment holds,within,um the ui benefits system so i am going,to turn it over to joe and then phil and,i will add in throughout joes remarks,and well turn it over to ryan gidney,so joe if youre ready thank you sharon,good morning everyone just for,clarification do we want to take,questions as we go through this or do,you want to wait,until we get uh through the entire,presentation,lets uh maybe pause after each section,and take,questions as they come in and certainly,do our best to keep track of questions,as they,come in throughout the call excellent so,thank you again and everyone thanks for,joining us this morning,im first going to start off with a,update on the federal extension of,benefits in the continued assistance act,with my ui plus deployed in idme in,flight,we have been able to launch the first,phase of programming required by the,continued assistance act,unemployment assistance benefits we,began rolling out,phase one last weekend phase one allowed,us,to get benefits to the greatest number,of people cdle estimates that about 230,000 could access benefits in phase one,this number is the number of claimants,who had existing balances,on their pandemic emergency unemployment,compensation,or pandemic unemployment assistance,claims prior to phase one rollout,pua and peuc claimants who had benefits,available when the cares act expired on,december 26th were in phase one,f-puck or the extra 300 a week,was also made available to all these,claimants,for any benefits for the weeks from 12,27,through 3 13 of 21 and so the first,payment of regular ui,claimants including retro weeks back to,the week of 27th,if they were eligible were paid out or,can be paid out,we paid more than 216 million in,benefits,since saturday claimants who exhausted,all of their peuc,seb and or pua benefits prior to 1227,and at any time after will be in phase,two,this is i want to make very clear that,if people were eligible in phase one,for one week two week or three weeks,and exhausted what was available to them,in the cares act,they now will be moved into phase two,and when we roll out phase two,they can start claiming uh up to 11,weeks under the continued assistance act,uh want to make sure that if there is a,gap in benefits and there most likely,will be because phase two is,we we anticipate well give you an,update later in this,uh we will make them whole if theyre,eligible for any week in that 11 week,extension,uh the system will make them whole when,we roll that out,uh we will keep we will be keeping the,pua and puc exhausted claimants updated,on next steps um ending up coming in,communication so that they know what to,do and when to do that,any questions on federal uh continued,assistance act,this is katie eastman with nine news hi,katie,hi yeah um we heard that there were um,some denials that happened because of,the language of of how the department of,labor wrote the the question,about whether or not you were unemployed,because of covet 19. can you explain,that,sure and i know that the new,requirements with the caa did require,people to verify their unemployment,situation due to the the pandemic so im,going to let phil take that question so,he can give you the the detail that,youre probably needing,sure katie we had to change some wording,on some of those um,questions that individuals particularly,on who are asked,and particularly on a weekly basis too,that they have to continue to,self-certify,that the reason they are unemployed is,as a direct result of the covet 19,pandemic in order to qualify,for pua or the pandemic unemployment,assistance,so following exactly what u.s dole has,asked us to write,we have that question on there it is,about right now midway,through on some of the questions that,parties are answering,and we have found in general a number of,people were answering that question,as yes when what the question is really,asking is i am no longer unemployed as a,result of the,direct result of the covet 19 pandemic,so we are looking to,move that question uh to a different,space so its not in the middle,of all that we will be looking to place,some bold language on parts of that,language and we are looking to put in,parentheses for individuals to try to,assist them,that to only answer that question if,none of the above,apply we are currently looking at all,those individuals that have answered,that question that way to see if we,cant just assist them rather than,having them all try to contact us to fix,this issue,many individuals will have answered more,than one question there,if theyve answered more than one,question its clear thats an error so,we will look through those and look to,try to remove,those holds as quickly as we can we know,that its um,irritating and confusing and frustrating,for those individuals trying to,get their payments so they can meet,their financial obligations so we are,going to do what we can,to try to speed up parts of those,processes for them,do you actually have the amount of,people that,um were denied based on that question,im still awaiting those those numbers,at this point in time so we can review,them so,were waiting on those from the vendor,we will follow up again with the vendor,today so we can get those,those numbers thank you and youre not,able to,change the wording of that question we,have to follow some very specific rule,wording us dole has been very insistent,with us and very insistent with all,other states,that we need to follow some very,particular wording on those so,its unfortunate we have i think just,like other states tried to,explain the u.s dole we believe that we,understand what might confuse our,claimants a little more,and try to phase items so it doesnt,confuse them,and every state that did that katie,ended up being told nope you need to,rephrase these questions it needs to say,exactly this,so its its unfortunate um,and so the best we can do is try to be,communicating up front and see what we,can do within the context of that,language to try to make it a little,clearer for individuals,thank you appreciate it,joe we will drop the exact wording of,the question in the chat,and to circle back to question from,charles,i think its a reopen versus reapply,phil keep me honest on what exactly,somebody would be doing,from phase one to phase two once theyve,exhausted and now have to wait till,phase two,yeah correct charles they would actually,be reopening that current claim,um as as weve had it explained to us at,this point in time,and as joe mentioned we will allow those,to back date to whenever that last week,was that they were able to receive,payments,on the whether it was pua,or peuc to fill in that gap,but yes this is one of those other,unfortunate pieces phase two takes a,little longer,to roll out unfortunately because this,is where some of those,changes that congress made and us dole,made take take,effect on those additional 11 weeks so,there are other,items that need to be programmed in on,there too just to try to get ahead and,answer a question that in,invariably is coming,okay share uh can i move on or are there,other questions in regards to,continued assistance act i think we will,um probably have to circle back with,this joe maybe we can move forward and,then we can circle back,and cover all of the questions related,to theyre all theyre all tied together,so maybe we can move on to the,update so maybe ill give you some,answers to some of your questions,if not we can circle back thanks share i,want to give an update about the,deployment and introduction of my ui,plus,um really to

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EDD The Biggest Fraud In American History PUA GIG UI PEUC FED-ED| What Happened? KCRA 3 Documentary

[Music],okay,[Music],sometimes there will be packages at the,door well put them inside for the owner,but usually the name matches up with the,owner,i was at a vacant home,uh doing some pictures inside and,mail carrier came and dropped off three,envelopes and i thought well thats kind,of strange because nobodys lived here,for over a year,well we actually start getting multiple,calls and reports of people saying hey i,got edd mail showing up its my address,mailboxes across the sacramento area,have been stuffed with letters from the,edd through them i see ebv,edv some houses got 70 cards and all of,these crazy incidences of clear phone,you know all of a sudden i said there,was a lottery,this is,its easy money,[Applause],[Music],thank you everybody um,i have long believed that the future is,not just something to experience,its something to manifest,the governors office and the california,department of public health,the u.s preparing for a possible,proto-virus outbreak northern california,on heightened alert today this is a,moment we need to make tough decisions,its a recognition of our,interdependence that requires of this,moment that we direct a statewide order,for people to stay at home,that directive goes into force and,effect this evening,oh its so so heartbreaking these,stories that my staff are telling me,people that are completely reliant they,have nothing and they were,laid off through no fault of their own,completely because of uh government,direction that this is the way its got,to be for our own good right and,so they relied on some subsidy some way,to continue their life,im a freelance writer for magazines and,newspapers ive authored and published,about eight books so far ive got a,couple more in the pipeline,and um,when we dont have covid restrictions i,do a lot of public speaking because,businesses were shot down and restricted,thats the bread and butter to to,pay guys like me,to write for your publication,so thats what knocked out the wind out,of my sales for all of last year and,still going on today,what we saw was a simultaneous,wave,of two things one a wave of people who,legitimately needed their unemployment,every day across the state millions of,californians pick up the phone scour the,website and hope to get answers from edd,about their unemployment benefits ive,got hung up on,or,the systems down,and then theres times i call it its,not down,and its just so frustrating every time,i tried to reapply it said you cant,you cant so now i get into the phone,calls which never work welcome to the,employment development departments,unemployment insurance online assistance,center so kcra 3 investigates tried to,call edd2 we called the new phone line,several times today we are currently,receiving more calls than we can answer,and are unable to assist you at this,time please try again later,and they could not get it and could not,talk to people and get it resolved that,was one big wave,were hearing from,desperate constituents who,were having trouble putting food at the,table trying to decide whether to pay,the rent or pay the groceries or,depleting their life savings going to an,extreme debt and were incredibly,desperate,almost simultaneously we started seeing,a big wave,of these envelopes by the dozens,showing up in peoples mailboxes i put,out an email to a group of realtors that,i know and i said is this an unrelated,happening or have you guys seen it too i,was amazed at the response i got there,was quite a few agents that said yeah i,was in a home yesterday where there was,a stack of mail there from the edd with,various names when crystal campana,opened her mailbox tuesday evening it,was stunned pulling out all this mail,thats a lot of bills,and uh going through them i see edd edv,edv,ive been working on fraud and you know,mail fraud and bank crowd and wire fraud,cases for for 10 years now i know ede,benefits have always been one of the,things that are valuable in the mail um,and if male thieves come across the,benefits uh ive certainly seen those,get exploited for many years now there,was a case where an agent responded to,my email,and i asked him if he could go back to,the house and uh and get the letter so,we could turn him into the authorities,and when he went back there he said well,were no longer there somebody had,broken the window gotten into the house,and taken those letters about then i got,a call from assembly assemblyman,pattersons office asking,have i seen this happening,yeah im starting to see it happening,individuals at a single-family residence,who would have a dozen show up in their,mailbox the different names,at that address,and,people receiving them actually became a,bit,frightened and a bit concerned,because of the break-ins and such,just some safety precautions like taking,some pvc pipe cutting it to fit,placing it,there what was your first indication,with all these letters do you remember,when it all started for you guys yeah it,was late february early march of last,year we got some notifications people,said they were getting multiple letters,for people who never lived at that,residence and they want to know what to,do with the letters,we asked them to bring them to our,office so because we wanted to collect,them because we were going to follow up,on them,that was the very beginning okay so,youre youre saying i dont have access,i say read it,[Music],they wouldnt even let me go into access,to people the security people wouldnt,even let me in im an elected official,not that i should be treated differently,but i i represent half a million people,so,let me help you right communicate,amy brooks has been waiting on her own,unemployment benefits and so far the,only money shes received doesnt belong,to her im now holding three different,debit cards for somebody who may or may,not have a claim i dont know how,22 pieces of mail,all to the same address with different,peoples names on it i dont know how,that,gets past somebody we tried,didnt get a response or we heard that,edd was telling folks to just get rid of,the letters or to mail them back to edd,just answers that didnt make any sense,to us edds statement to us today also,mentioned that you can file a fraud,report on their website if youve,received one of these letters the agency,hasnt given us a specific number of how,many of these letters are out there so,we have no idea right now how widespread,this fraud is or how much money has been,lost some houses got 70 cars sent to,them,that should be a flag,that someone should have said oh this is,a problem we got 70 edd cards going to a,house thats only occupied by two people,and what did the governors office have,to say about this fine,nothing really just to give you the,short answer goes to nothing i reached,out,initially we would,follow proper protocol would be to say,hey you need to contact edd,they have their own law enforcement,investigations division they are the,custodian of records they have control,of all records that we would need in,this case then we started hearing people,werent getting anybody there the phone,would ring off the hook they just,werent able to contact anyone there so,thats when we started stepping in,at first just to kind of see what was,going on we made some calls over to edd,that,we werent able to get a hold of anybody,we actually had city residents riverside,residents that were being accosted by,people,so imagine,the suspect or suspects would show up at,folks homes,and say hey i think you got my mail uh,some meeting email,and if they didnt turn over that mail,the folks would get kind of loud almost,threatening at times and thats when we,said okay we need to intervene we need,to do something here because we cant,have our citizens being accosted by,folks a lot of burglaries happen in the,middle of the day,um,during the pandemic people been home so,we were getting reports of mail theft,you know throughout the day really,but the thing that the alarming,increases in the number of carriers who,are being sto

SHOCKING Sermon | Paul Washer | Inspirational & Motivational Video

Ill preach is a dying man the dying men,and women youth and I will preach as,though I will never preach again and I,will tell you things that you will,misunderstand and I will tell you things,that make you so angry with me and Ill,tell you things that you will deny,because if I correctly interpret this,passage of scripture that Im going to,give you it is as though God were,speaking through a man and your problem,will not be with me it will be with God,and its word so the only question really,has to be decided here this afternoon is,is this man before us false prophet or,is he telling us the truth,and if he is telling us the truth then,nothing else matters except conforming,our lives to that truth Matthew chapter,7 verse 13 jesus said enter through the,narrow gate for the gate is wide and the,way is broad that leads to destruction,and there are many who enter through it,for the gate is small and the way is,narrow that leads to life and there are,few who find it beware of the false,prophets who come to you in sheeps,clothing but inwardly are ravenous,wolves you will know them by their,fruits,grapes are not gathered from thornbushes,or figs from thistles are they so every,good tree bears good fruit but every bad,tree Bears bad fruit a good tree cannot,produce bad fruit nor can a bad tree,produce good fruit every tree that does,not bear good fruit is cut down and,thrown into the fire so then you will,know them by their fruits not everyone,who says to me Lord Lord will enter into,the kingdom of heaven he who does the,will of my father who is in heaven will,enter many will say to me on that day,Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your,name and in your name cast out demons,and in your name perform many miracles,then I will declare to them I never knew,you depart from me you who practice,lawlessness,[Music],I stand here today Im not troubled in,my heart about your self-esteem Im not,troubled in my heart about whether or,not you feel good about yourself whether,or not life is turning out like you want,it to turn out or whether or not your,checkbook is balanced theres only one,thing that gave me a sleepless night,theres only one thing that troubled me,all throughout the morning and that is,this within a hundred years a great,majority of people in this building will,possibly be in hell,and many who even profess Jesus Christ,as Lord will spend an eternity hell what,you need to know is that salvation is by,faith and faith alone in Jesus Christ,and faith alone in Jesus Christ is,preceded and followed by repentance a,turning away from sin a hatred for the,things that God hates and a love for the,things that God loves a growing in,holiness and a desire not to be like,Britney Spears not to be like the world,and not to be like the great majority of,American Christians but to be like Jesus,Christ,[Applause],I dont know why youre clapping Im,talking about you I didnt come here to,get amens I didnt come here to be,applauded Im talking about you you know,what the Bible tells Christians to do,examine yourself test yourself in light,of Scripture to see if you are in the,faith the Bible says in the prophets,that even our greatest works are like,filthy rags before God and because of,that you know what we deserve the wrath,of God the holy hatred of God is in a,wait a minute,God doesnt hate anybody god is love no,my friend you need to understand,something Jesus Christ taught the,prophets taught the Apostles taught this,that apart from the grace of God,revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord the,only thing left for you is the wrath the,fierce anger of God because of your,rebellion and your sin when I speak in,universities theyre always quick to,point out no God cannot hate because God,is love and I tell you God must hate,because God is love you see I love,children therefore I hate abortion if I,love that which is holy I must hate that,which is unholy God is a holy God thats,something that the Americans have,forgotten this is me youre saved here,tonight youre not saved because the,Romans and Jews rejected Jesus youre,not saved because they put a crown of,thorns on his head youre not saved,because they ran a spear through his,side and youre not saved even because,they nailed him to a cross do you know,why,if you are saying because when Jesus,Christ was hanging on that cross he bore,your sin the sin of Gods people and all,the fierce wrath of God that should fall,upon you fell upon his only begotten Son,people say the cross is a sign of how,much man is worth thats not true the,cross is a sign of how depraved we,really are that it took the death of,Gods own son the only thing that could,save a people like us son under the,wrath of his own father fatal punch,rising again from the dead powerful to,save this is the gospel of Jesus,[Music],conversion is not like a flu shot oh I,did that I repented I believe the,question is my friend are you continuing,to repent of sin are you continuing to,believe because he who began a good work,in you will finish it the Bible never,teaches that a person can be a genuine,Christian and live in continuous,carnality and wickedness and sin all the,days of their life but the Bible teaches,that the genuine Christian has been,given a new nature the genuine Christian,has a father who loves them and,disciplines them and watches over them,and cares for them Jesus indicates that,one of the principle signs of being a,genuine Christian is that you walk in,the narrow way,now Im am I saying that a Christian is,without sin no because in first John we,learned that Christians do sin and if,any man does not acknowledge a sin he,knows not God hes not walking in the,light so what is the difference what am,I really getting at what am I getting at,is this if you are genuinely a,born-again Christian a child of God you,will walk in the way of righteousness as,a style of life and if you step off that,path of righteousness the father will,come for you he will discipline you he,will put you back on that path but if,you profess to have gone through the,narrow gate and yet you live in the,broad way just like all the other people,in your high school just like all the,other people who are carnal in wicked,the Bible wants you to know that you,should be terribly terribly afraid what,we have forgotten to believe is the,salvation is a supernatural work and,those who have genuinely been converted,regenerated by the power of the Holy,Spirit is going to be a new creature the,Bible says if any man be in Christ he is,a new creature,beware of the false prophets who come to,you in sheeps clothing but inwardly are,ravenous wolves you will know them by,their fruits one of the greatest,distinguishing marks of false prophet is,that he will always tell you what you,want to hear,he will never rain on your parade he,will get you clapping he will get you,jumping he will make you dizzy he will,keep you entertained and he will present,a Christianity to you that will make,your church look like a Six Flags Over,Jesus you will know,[Music],[Music],if someone thought,did you pray declare because you believe,howd you know,because everybody says wrinkly how do,you know youre not like you know how,[Music],because your life is in a process of,being changed and your style of life is,one of walking in the path of Gods,truth and when you step off those paths,and disobedience as we all do God comes,for you and put you back on the map and,what is the fruit that youre bearing do,you look like the world act like the,world do you have an experience the same,joys that the world experiences can you,love sin and relish it and you love,rebellion and relish it then you know,not God let me take it a little further,lets imagine that I show up late and I,run up here on the platform and Ebro all,the leaders are angry with me said,brother Paul dont you appreciate the,fact youre giving the opportunity to,speak here and you come late I say,brothers you have to forgive me well why,well I was out here on the highway and I,was driving and I h

L&I provides update on PEUC, PUA programs

good afternoon and thank you for joining,us for todays call with department of,labor and industries acting secretary,jennifer barrier,im theresa deputy communications,director for l i,before we get started with opening,remarks id like to provide you with a,few quick reminders about todays,virtual media briefing,the purpose of todays briefing is to,provide your readers viewers and,listeners with information regarding the,recent implementations,of the federal cares act extensions in,pennsylvania,specifically todays call will provide,an update on the recently resumed,pandemic unemployment assistance pua,and pandemic emergency unemployment,compensation programs,for questions on these topics please use,the blue chat icon,located in the lower right hand side of,your screen to submit your questions,your name and your media outlet we will,then allow each participant to ask the,question live,you will receive a message that reads,the host will ask you to unmute,please click that button then i will,announce your name and media outlet,and you may ask your question at that,time in the interest of time,you will be limited to one question but,time permitting,will open up the call for a second round,of questions on todays topics,you may submit any additional follow-up,questions or general uc questions to the,press resource account,which will be provided in the chat box,and we will address them after the call,following the call we will provide,participating media,outlets with a link to the recording for,your awareness,this call is being recorded if you do,not consent to being recorded,please hang up now lets get started,with comments from acting secretary,jennifer barrier secretary,thank you teresa good after afternoon,everyone and thank you so much for,joining me on this snowy,monday afternoon im jennifer berrier,im the acting secretary for the,department of labor and industry,so during last weeks media briefing i,discussed some of the technical,challenges that our department was,facing,in distributing cares act extension,money to pennsylvanians,at that time i explained that we would,continue to work hard to identify and,fix,issues as quickly as possible and that,we would provide,regular updates to the public since then,weve made several announcements as,weve identified,and fixed issues one we emailed directly,to the pandemic unemployment assistance,claimants,also known as the pua claimants and,others we made on our social media pages,and on our of the departments website,just yesterday we completed a change to,our pandemic emergency,unemployment compensation or peuc system,that allows a small subset of claimants,who have been unable to file,since december 26 to claim their,eligible weeks,since the cares act extension went live,in late january,weve made more than 180 million,payments to,eligible claimants 32.1 million of those,payments were through the peuc program,and nearly 150 million of those payments,were through the,pua program however this doesnt mean,that were done listening to claimants,who are reporting,issues on our systems one of the updates,we provided last week concerned,claimants who experienced a u.s,citizenship and,immigration service issue while initial,investigations of these reports showed,that claimants had mistakenly,self-identified,self-identified as a permanent resident,instead of a u.s citizen,at an earlier point in filing additional,investigations were done based on,feedback that we received from claimants,and that additional investigation shows,that there are claimants who are,experiencing this issue who never,self-identified as a permanent,resident this means that we are now,currently seeing a mixed claimants who,incorrectly self-identified,and some who did not uh incorrectly,self-identify,so we are we are continuing to,investigate this,issue and and work on it and we will,provide another update as soon as we,have more information,i truly want to thank the claimants who,have continued to reach out to us,we hear you and take your reports of,issues,very seriously this past month has been,extremely,eventful for unemployment programs in,every state across the nation,from the uncertainty over whether the,former president would sign the cares,act extension to the rapid,implementation of the updated programs,and i personally want to thank all of,our unemployment claimants for their,patience,and their understanding through all of,this we still,have a few issues to iron out aside from,the uscis,issue and those include adding the 2020,base year for claimants who,who applied for pua after january 1st,so that their weekly benefit amount can,be based on their 2020,income and it also includes moving a,small segment of claimants were put,on the extended benefits program during,the december 26 cares act program pause,back to the peuc program we are working,to accomplish both of these,items id also be remiss if i didnt,mention what is currently going on with,our pua system right now,some pua claimants are reporting long,wait times in a waiting room,the vendor for for our pua program,created a waiting room page after an,initial surge in claimants caused the,website slow,slowness and page crashes the way that,the waiting room works is after a,certain number of claimants are detected,on the,pua program website the waiting room,page,automatically goes into effect the wait,time is typically,relatively short but on sunday which is,the most common day for claim is to file,we did notice some longer wait times as,a quick reminder,claimants do not have to file on sundays,or mondays,as claim weeks in pennsylvania run from,sunday to saturday,our vendor is very aware of the recent,long wait times,and the vendor also performed some quick,maintenance on the site a short time ago,to try and improve the situation,we will continue to monitor the waiting,room and provide,updates if needed i feel its very,important to let you know that we will,be looking into reports,of any issues we observe on social media,or receive from claimants for the pua,and peuc programs,we will continue to provide all updates,until all of these outstanding issues,are resolved,we will also continue to make updates on,our social media pages and websites as,we identify,issues and fix them we know that some,claimants are waiting for individual,eligibility issues to be resolved our,dedicated team,is continuing to work with claimants who,have individual,eligibility issues claimants with issues,or questions regarding their claims,should reach out through us,through email that is the best form to,reach out to the department,please help us help you more quickly by,including,in the email a short description of your,issue or question,along with your name exactly as it,appears on your claim in the last four,digits of your social security number,pull claimants should email ucpua,pa.gov peuc and other claimants,should email uc help pa.gov,and everyone should continue to watch,our social media pages,and websites for updates finally on the,subject of social media i just want to,take a moment to provide,provide a fraud update the availability,of new money through the cares act,extension,has attracted fraudsters who are seeking,to prey on claimants across the country,including here in pennsylvania this past,weekend,we issued a scam alert on our social,media channels,as well as a press release press release,with information,and important tips we have recently seen,fraudsters create facebook pages that,resemble labor and industrys real,facebook page,and then post our post on our page,asking pennsylvanians to send them,their personal and confidential,information,these scammers might also be reaching,out directly to someone who posts or,tweets about pennsylvanias unemployment,programs,falsely identifying themselves as an,illinois employee,and attempt to solicit information to,help them resolve their issues,we work with facebook and law,enforcement whether whenever we see this,happen,but i need to once again ask,pennsyl

The 208 for May 11: Gov. Little ends unemployment bonus in Idaho; fiery I-84 crash injures 3

[Music],watch this,if youre unemployed and enjoying the,extra 300 a week youve been getting,from the federal government,get ready for it to go away governor,hoping opting out,will help employers fill in jobs however,a couple of companies we spoke with say,ending that three hundred dollars a week,isnt all its going to take,its about making yourself attractive in,a competitive market,after a week away its back to the state,house for idahos lawmakers,but it could be a quick end to the,longest session ever,or could it continue,it was almost one full year ago when,governor little offered idaho workers,an incentive to get back to work we had,just entered the third stage of his,reopening plan,gatherings were extended to 50 people,bars and theaters were back open,so those businesses needed their,employees back however at,the time the federal government through,the cares act was paying an additional,600 in unemployment benefits to those,who are out of a job because of the,pandemic restrictions,six hundred dollars extra a week and,most people on,unemployment those days were making,twice or even triple,what they made on the job remember that,so as a counter measure,last june governor little offered,idahoans 1500,cash to get off unemployment and get,back to work,nearly 24 000 workers took him up on,that offer,however at only about 23 million dollars,it,didnt even account for half the 100,million he allotted for the program,so you kind of get the idea of what,idahoans thought of suddenly having tax,dollars put back in their pockets,on a weekly basis well the six hundred,dollars expired,at the end of july but an extra 300 a,week in federal unemployment benefits,has been,back in place since march thanks to the,american rescue plan,and a lot of people are saying thats,the reason were seeing a weaker jobs,report,and a proliferation of open jobs in,idaho,employers having to cut hours or,services because of a lack of workers,well that extra 300 a week for,unemployed idahoans,will now end on june 19th instead of in,september,governor little making that announcement,this afternoon the state will also end,federal unemployment assistance to those,who are self-employed,as well as the extended benefits that,are currently being offered on top of,the regular unemployment benefits,saying in a statement titled its time,to get back to work,the governor said employers are telling,me one of the big reasons they cannot,recruit and retain some workers,is because those employees are receiving,more on unemployment,than they would while working we see,help wanted signs,everywhere my decision is based on a,fundamental conservative principle,we do not want people on unemployment we,want people working a strong economy,cannot exist without workers returning,to a job,right now with that extra 300 a week,those who are receiving unemployment,benefits can make between 9 and 19,dollars an hour,far and above the states minimum wage,of just 7.25 an hour,the state also reinstated recently its,work search requirements for those,seeking unemployment benefits that was a,rule that was,suspended during the pandemic as the,state unemployment rate swelled to a,record high of nearly 12 percent,last april well as of last month that,unemployment number has dropped back,down to a pre-pandemic near level of 3.2,percent,idaho isnt alone either in this four,other states montana mississippi,arkansas south carolina,have also opted out planning to put a,stop to these federal payments before,the program ends in september,the governors cash incentive to get,back to work well that didnt work like,hed hoped last year,but maybe the incentive of taking away,cash just might,but maybe that three hundred dollars a,week wasnt it,entirely maybe that isnt the complete,picture of why were seeing so many,prevalent help wanted and perpetual now,hiring signs,maybe its more than that how can,unemployment numbers be almost as low as,they were before the pandemic if,business owners,are complaining they cant find workers,maybe its more about employers having,to do more,to get employees i mean its still about,money isnt that the key driver and why,we work,but its not the only reason i know but,its a pretty big one and maybe when you,consider all the people that have moved,into the treasure valley,in the past year and those people are,now opening up a business,that wasnt here before hoping to take,advantage of this tidal wave,and of this economy opening up in,society that is opening up more,and those business businesses are now,all pulling,from the same entry-level workforce pool,maybe its more about all the things,that employers can do,to make their jobs more attractive,thats how monique hutchins sees it,shes the human resources manager at,bluebird express car wash,a local company that just opened its,second boise location just two weeks ago,theyre a bit different sure she told us,they are your average car wash,theyre looking to fill full-time,positions with a starting pay of 14,an hour she told us she needed to fill,14 positions to get the fairview and,coal location up and running last month,she found seven monique says she has,been hiring retail employees,for more than 20 years so i asked her if,shes ever seen a situation like this,no no i have not and it has taken,a lot of creativity,to really be able to navigate this,market,weve hired photographers and um,a film crew to create tick tops so that,candidates can get a 30 second loop of,you know what the job is gonna entail,and and everything that we offer hi,welcome to bluebird how are you,we offer uh bonuses longevity bonuses,a 401k vacation guaranteed full-time,uh leadership development program which,can bench them to,running their own car wash if thats so,be their dream,so we offer something um,in thats different right um,i mean i interview seven days a week i,will,interview at eight oclock at night if,thats what you need,i think it just has taken a lot of a,collective effort,on our entire leadership team and myself,to um just,really drive towards um our goal,of opening this location and we have,plans of continuing to grow so,i will continue to strategize and come,up with more ways,have those ways worked for you yes um we,have been,very successful i i will say that um,i was just looking at the numbers this,morning when i was doing some recruiting,stats,and um i have interviewed for entry,level,over 400 people in this market in the,last,month and a half to two months and for,us to net,um just over 17,is um it really does kind of show you um,the struggles i think that we have all,felt,have you had to raise your pay we did we,did lift our pay,um two dollars an hour for our csr level,but,if thats one thing that i can convey to,individuals out there that are,are looking or struggling to hire in,this market um,its its really about um doing what you,can,to um differentiate yourself,from from the others to make yourself,more attractive you think that raising,your pay scale has helped i definitely,would say it has impacted,yes i know youre not an economist,monique but what would it take you think,to see fewer of these now hiring were,cutting back on ours because we cant,find the staff kind of thing,whats it going to take for us to get,there i know were kind of still in the,early stages of it,i think that it is going to take a,collected effort on all of our parts to,ensure that we are offering the very,best experience we can to those,candidates that are applying,offering them the very best benefits to,sign on,and to i really,feel its important to recognize that,everyone needs a motivational point,a motivational point yeah we hear you,monique,we hear you and 14 an hour is a pretty,decent motivation for a first job,i can only imagine if youre paying,minimum wage or just above how tough it,has been to find help,even those paying more than minimum i,spoke today with the manager of extreme,pizza in caldwell,starting pay there ten dollars an hour,but with tips,you can make fifteen to eighteen d

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