1. Understanding Public Administration
  2. ???? Subject Review: Public Administration (লোকপ্রশাসন)। ক্যারিয়ার গাইড লাইন। NEURON PLUS
  3. What is Public Administration? what is the meaning of Public Administration?
  5. CSS Public Administration Demo Class with Mishal Akram
  6. How To Approach Public Administration for IAS by Ashutosh Pandey Sir | Best IAS Coaching in Delhi
  7. Choosing Public Administration as an Optional Subject | Israel Jebasingh (IAS 2004)

Understanding Public Administration

[Music],in this course we focus primarily on the,role of career public servants rather,than election officials and for the,purposes of our discussion a public,servant is a government official or,employee the career public servant or,public administrator plays a critical,role in the delivery of public service,there are four primary reasons to,differentiate career public employees,from elected officials lets take a look,public servants otherwise known as civil,servants are subordinates and our,governing systems and confusion often,abounds concerning their relative,position in the hierarchy in an,organization of divided and checked,powers public servants have many bosses,this places career officials at the,center of politics and policymaking and,holds them responsible for translating,an often conflicting mix of policy,intentions into agency actions at all,levels they share in a big way with,their political superiors the task of,creating public value and building,legitimacy for government policy and,action,career tenure gives public,administrators some advantages over,their elected counterparts who often do,not or cannot make public service a,lifetime calling this tendency in turn,bolsters the power of career public,officials in determining how our systems,of democratic governance work career,public officials help design organize,implement and maintain our public,programs in the process they contribute,to and may also detract from the,engagement of citizens in democratic,life the influence of public employees,in shaping democratic government is,significant at local levels of,government which are frequently governed,by elected bodies of part-time officials,who have no staff third career public,officials greatly outnumber elected,officials and their political appointees,in all of the United States there are,only several thousand elected and,appointed officials compared with,several million career officials finally,career administrators play a pivotal,role in creating and maintaining an,appropriate balance among private and,public,sectors within communities in doing so,its incumbent upon public officials to,understand the rationale underlying each,sector and how the work in these sectors,can be harnessed to serve the greater,good of the community all in all public,servants play a critical role in the,equitable delivery of public services to,our communities to begin a democratic,republic is a country thats both,Republic and a democracy common,definitions of the terms of democracy,and Republic often overlap suggesting,that many democracies function as,republics and many Republics operate on,democratic principles a republic is a,state in which supreme power is held by,the people in their elected,representatives where a democracy is a,system of government by the whole,population or all the eligible members,of a state typically through elective,representatives public service is a,politically neutral and responsive field,of administration which involves,questions of how to get things done,while politicians determine what things,need to be done in the first place,the founders shared a healthy respect,for the diverse opinions about democracy,in general and the elements most crucial,to securing Liberty in particular toward,that end they stressed a common belief,in the need for balancing contending,principles and interests public,administration treats the governing,principles embraced by the founding,fathers as meaningful obligating and,enduring but also ambiguous unsettled,and conflicting the Constitution they,design embodies these principles and,their inherent tensions and public,service must inevitably reflect the,resulting controversies public services,thus mired in politics at all levels for,career public servants we have,restrained partisan influence in favour,of preserving independent professional,judgment and technical expertise,politics is channeled through legal,organizational and institutional,processes that tend to slow down,decision making and provide a forum for,varying degrees of public input and,scrutiny public input deliberation and,accountability are high principles of,democratic governance but they are also,the source of delay read,tape an occasional gridlock this results,in an aggravating trade-off with,efficiency and effectiveness we commonly,hear politicians claiming that they want,government to run more like a business,but of course they cannot abandon,deliberation accountability and a,concern for fairness as a consequence,frustration ensues they run straight,into a central dilemma faced by the,founders how to confer enough power to,govern effectively without it becoming,excessive the ultimate purpose of a,public servant is to sustain a,democratic republic dedicated to the,principle of ordered liberty lets,define ordered liberty in public,administration as the balance of public,good and individual rights though,democracy is vital to our culture and,models of governance it remains,problematic in a reality dedicated to,protecting individual rights the,founders shared a common concern for,both individual rights and the common,good accordingly,weve subjected both the influence of,individuals and the government to a,system of elections and appointments,that have become a progressively removed,from direct electoral accountability yet,retain representativeness over time,weve modified our national and state,constitutions to increase direct,democratic rule and accountability and,increased our expectations that,political leaders should avidly embrace,majority will rather than temper and,resist its influence ordered liberty is,an end fraught with conundrums and,tensions its helpful to consider the,nature of the relationship between order,and liberty Americans are passionately,committed to individual liberty yet,divided on how to best achieve it should,we minimize the role of government in,order to maximize freedom or should we,increased the power of our governments,in order to protect and enhance our,liberties within various spheres of life,the implications for public,administration changed significantly the,more we favor one approach versus the,other in the 21st century these two,approaches inform the basic ideological,differences between our two major,political parties and,implicit in each is a different sense of,how we should live our lives together,the Declaration of Independence asserts,that all men are created equal and they,are endowed by their creator with,certain inalienable rights and among,these are life liberty and the pursuit,of happiness the declaration has served,as a standard by which we measure our,democratic success so the principle of,equality has remained a core national,value to which administrators hold the,responsibility there are three,dimensions of equality that have,implication for career public,administrators first equality is often,thought of as a quality of social,condition or a measure of income,disparity and all of the consequences,that follow from being poor a second way,these equality issues arise for public,administrators is through their,leadership role in addressing disparity,and equity of opportunity administrators,have enhanced responsibilities,advocating for equality and social,justice a third way in which equality,issues arise for administrators is,through their leadership role in,embracing and promoting various kinds of,social racial gender ethnic and,religious diversity in their communities,all in all career administrators play a,vital role in shaping both the processes,and substance of public service and,implementing the rule of law the rule of,law refers to a principle of governance,in which all persons institutions and,entities both public and private are,accountable to the laws that are known,equally enforced and independently,adjudicated the rule of law is the,principle that law should govern as,opposed to being governed by decisions,of individual government officials it,primarily refers to the influence an

???? Subject Review: Public Administration (লোকপ্রশাসন)। ক্যারিয়ার গাইড লাইন। NEURON PLUS

do you have nuclear weapons what was the,question do you have nuclear weapons,sorry Ocotillo are you developing,nuclear weapons no I literally cant,area Im going to another question I,came here rather hotel bar Sasha cooter,Tao pahala Tamaki JB shut up atop a city,hotel public administration but local,possession a subject of the parade to me,child a portable TT admincat array join,Korean this is efficient cooktop Arba,equal to me even know Jota Barbra even,power would lead to me Shruti Parvati,Barba shake a tree to me rusty Oh onyx,we Dakota Barbra data hi topa on the,pocket total – AHA jobina,at which he won 14 gold medals,I could a public administration subject,at a key keeper on oh hi,normally rusty Im poincaré they die to,the pollen correct terawatts a member of,parliament by in pia todd normally,Rosetta convictive all go high into the,Angulo rush to pull turns oh no – nakuru,hi Russ – John – okay perfectly the,uncooked I tally a protector component,cheetah which everyone who said at,omahas pocket hope she Kakaako sitter,to marat/sade Johnno possession ho but,tick tock hot key to deep hollow away,run code Tata holy gee ma new strategy,he to Rikers Bulow quarry that I could,say Luke oppositional student-run he she,cut today XO my business pública de,aventura a admin cutter a transfer for a,rush to polish on a mule cos goloka RIT,hockey money mule Otto Schalk mulatto a,admin Karev Manish a geraci public,administration taking Tommy to ditch our,shuttle coat a lasted system Alberto de,duque system Da Capo a boat incorrect to,determine cannot eat shitake down to,meet again tomorrow not perfect subject,shall be considered kota bharu a public,administration para so much arbitrate,amok a port a hobby La Porta hobby,Tamaki economics poor topic to report a,hobby Sangre de semana santa Habiba a,constitution from proteomic aids on,table a posthumous atomic a business,related on Acadia October last operation,rocketry raster satay on Laura station,pro quo by international relations ah,Sarah Kate emergent a hobby among roster,of Boone Turing on equation proc a,tomato idea facto be Karen tomorrow,Futaba judicata or a Bible codes reactor,osto court of Halawa be ranked on tape,arm a guru traitor circle by mu star,Hippolyta bobby flota on a conscionable,corey a public administration aid so,nobly operable OG&E Cooper a tragedy,docume Peter Ostrow police lockup are a,tourist oh hello Bobby you notice upon,ETA equal to vdd tell Tamar a public,administration a para no less tacky,roster mentally casualty siete,at kuba table you are most welcome to,public administration how many public,administration related information below,methionine catered c/bb knows omegas,take a full college energy she can take,it in a to-go booster Paula is subjected,on a classic view subject cannot say it,can take it to me porridge – who DAmato,shark Annette Im not on tour mr. duct,tape are batana to me Charlie we win a,bank job to be Corte Barbra Ottawa to me,we will no multinational company they to,me join Cote dIvoire be able to me a,charitable join cut Ababa by human,resource management a died – to me,Parenthood ababa zero to be with no,discipline jump rocket Omar idea or,another ticket to the moon look below,but multidisciplinary student Hall,should we die to me,haruka so extra facility Papa Ziegler Oh,Nora – no moola compa be a compost not,say a public administration to me,kota-kun convinced with the Leppa be I,mean none glue directly Nabiullina me at,least needed see – I can take additional,it by location for even we should be,dalehite of a future public admission,Edward apart a public appreciation,horribly shape or not amo actively put a,subject Amiga take a public admission,opera masters kuraha SATA cable hi mph,a Amica public as mr. John of jockey,Bala – a hotel Woodrow Wilson Woodrow,Wilson oops under curry,there a public admission collected,through technical accuracy NZ Rostova,vostok duty to me is mostly uncoated,sau duty – what – from put que trata de,Guiche on Boudreaux a tarmac see mommy,used to cook the chow amongst the,efficiently who scooted out Tom lay a,dog Cujo no possession it cannot be,called Pony to be Bangladeshi Joe no,professional operate a website a web,page or possession mantra Nilayam,she website a visit could abolish a,Connecticut – Mickey so ideally the,power to determine shot not a key a,Carrera Saba is subjective power I mean,we do description ratio of settling DDT,I cannot say to me a journo possession,power pony do the target corralejo Sammy,all know the get shipped hobo chic a,took into my hollow act Adventist,a Connecticut to me Pascoe report to MU,0 comma colon in distract a deity,even on who shall join CORBA we you know,who lead this idiotic in the Tamaki do,de la cebolla hi Eric into vulva la,Habana come shake hand it to me Jonah,gonna cast is a hollow Vasa they respect,to Papa,SATA ho tuba last Ajanta no solo show,will industry via tape Abena a boom to,me second a bangle Oh Papa short,Caligari Papa overshoot to bet on Baba,vicious crash from multi connect on,Iqbal hectometer to through the Tao,Jonathan a shaman tepee de Malaga,zappity a quick shot a raster graphic,novel physics with a petty family public,administration too much you know Im not,a public as we shown demo tamati Janet,try :,- homage to the samurais curry the,Hollywood say the ones who did main,target tacit this is da WA Taala to me,bottom so easy with this subject I,lacked Apollo shutouts a loco possession,ba public registration a boom do we do,did sell short Callie chuckles to do,Schwinn de icon heist put him on a walk,or tape album Jonah Bonnie Booker could,take the holy to me a public,administration a master borrow to each,other and in distress subject puddin is,a key at the goal will be to the above,the coroner act a towel to be public at,the station Astor borrow as I could,public administration but locomotion is,subjected from Monday to me minimum Z,knowledge to go to Mars track approach,your neck zone general student he shall,be but immunity thought will carry,attack indicator Arjuna ye subject a,poor are to La Perla to be she to go,already – what equality between,Jeannette Rowe apology to me particular,information center towel towel Jota,Tamaki wiki be late to her table a,another neuron plus a whip cycle,catch-all shaped Oh mother,kami bullets Elam German the new cluster,Webster ban on orchids,I mean courtesy I maybe go to quite a,Dean I mean we do one at apparently a,website any it to visit Selim Pasha why,she would say next boy in my life,everybody time elected boy publishes a,cheetah to no casket Salam,inshallah FK take a try Calvo put it in,octa-core hallo domme are subjective you,Ottawa book preview October Kuno ideally,you need one – omnia charger no the,mother Judy we do de Valera gataki,together already subscribe to lecture,thank you very much and there I wanna,subscribe colony please consider to,subscribe our Channel,ima try cool both general say to me,they show me the bakery we do guru deco,the autumn our protector so my to my,life a whole lot of value at cook,peppery I make she tried to cook or book,among eat oh gosh a cold boot to one day,put up to support a McCain next video,Goulet a Arab hollow-core ours oh no oh,no plane Adam a portable TV duty Altima,shattered a kebab a good result oh sure,why Politico elephants,[Music],[Applause],well of medea I come before you today to,tell you that the world shall kneel,before our great nation we are two,months away from enriching weapons-grade,uranium to be used for peaceful purposes

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What is Public Administration? what is the meaning of Public Administration?

[Music],hello friends and welcome to school of,political science and today our topic is,what is public administration before,discussion about public administration,we have to clear about what,administration is the word,administration has been derived from,Latin word add and ministry which means,to serve or to manage in simple language,it means the management of affairs or,looking after the people administration,is thus concerned with proper,organizations of men and material to,achieve desired ends it consists of,doing the work or getting the work done,by the others administration is a,necessary activity of every human,grouping it may be called technology of,social relationship it involves rational,organization and management of men and,material types of administration,administration is a universal process,and occurs in diverse institutional,settings based on its institutional,settings administration is divided into,private administration and public,administration when it refers to,activities of the household club,corporation or company which are,basically private organizations it is,called private administration when it,refers to activities of the state,performed by the central provincial or,local government it is called public,administration so what is public,administration public administration is,an aspect of the larger field of,administration it exists in a political,system for the accomplishment of the,pool and objectives formulated by the,political decision,it is also known as governmental,organization because the adjectives of,the public in the world public,administration means governments,administration hence the focus of the,public administration is on public,bureaucracy that is bureaucratic,organization of the government,definitions of public administration,according to Edo Wilson public,administration is detailed and,systematic execution of public law every,particular applications of general law,is an act of administration 4ld wide,public administration consists of all,those operations having for their,purpose the fulfillment or enforcement,of public policy,Waldo defines public administration as,the art and science of management as,applied to the affairs of the state,according to Luther colleague public,administration is that part of the,science of administration which has to,do with government and thus concerns,itself primarily with the executive,branch where the work of the government,is done public administration has been,used in to sense that is wider sense and,narrow sense in the wider sense public,administration includes the activities,of all the three branches of the,government that is legislature executive,and judiciary this view has been taken,by Wilson LD white Marshall eg more if a,Negro and Tiffany in narrow-sense public,administration,includes the activities of only,executive branch of the government this,view has been taken by Simon garlic cord,waited Phil and Willowby nature of,public administration there are two,divergent views regarding the nature of,public administration integral view and,manage really in the integral view,public administration encompasses all,the activities which are undertaken to,accomplish the given objectives in other,words public administration is sum total,of managerial technical clerical and,manual activities l divided and team of,are in this category in managerial view,public administration in this context,encompasses only the managerial,activities and not the technical,clerical and manual activities which are,non managerial in nature Simons need,Fergs comes on and Luther a colleague,are in this category scope of public,administration several writers have,defined the scope of public,administration in varying terms and,varying linked Luther College sums of,the spoof of the subjective isolators of,the word whose form by which he means,before planning over organizing is for,staffing day for directing co4,coordinating and our court reporting and,P for budgeting,public administration also deals with,the organizational theory and behavior,public personal administration public,finance administration comparative and,development administration public policy,analysis etcetera these also call,subject-matter view of public,administration,nificant of public administration public,administration is the operative and the,most obvious part of the Kerman it has a,very important place not only as an,instrument of governance but also as an,important mechanisms for preserving and,promoting the wilfer of community in the,era of Wilfer state it has a great,impact upon the life of the people as,well,it is the vital process charged with the,implementations of great objectives,thank you friends for watching this,video,for more video please subscribe our,Channel,[Music]

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have you ever wondered about how public,administration in the philippines have,formed into fury,and practice or have you ever thought of,the foundations of public service here,in the philippines,well today were going to give you a,starter on the definitions of public,administration as according to famous,filipino political scientists,the emergence of public administration,here in the philippines,and its significance in our society my,name is kyle dongpalan and this is,theory and practice and philippine,public administration in three minutes,administer came from the latin word ad,and ministrare which means to serve or,to manage from this we take the meaning,of administration which is management of,affairs maybe public or private,but since we are specifically talking,about public administration,lets take a look at how it is defined,by other important personalities in this,field,in 1887 woodrow wilson wrote public,administration is a detailed and,systematic application of law,another definition from a broader view,rather than a traditional one,was given as according to willow public,administration in the broadest sense,denotes the work involved in the actual,conduct of governmental affairs,and in narrowest senses denotes the,operations,of the administrative branch only two of,the most famous filipino political,scientists have theorized about the,philippine public administration,lets take a look at what crystal has to,say alright,so as proposed by alex brilliantes and,marisol fernandez,philippine public administration will,operate as long as,institutions which addresses its,specific sexual concerns,exist hence there is a massive role of,bureaucracy,and the presence of three major,institutions which are,education politics and government,meanwhile in 1950 public administration,was,introduced as an intellectual discipline,meaning,it can be taught in universities and,colleges,well in 1952 public administration at,the university of the philippines,was established with the americans in,order to strengthen philippine public,administration,as a field of study thanks crystal,finally lets talk about why this is,important,first this helps us understand the,importance of leadership and governance,second it helps us connect different,global perceptions of development in,todays contemporary era,and lastly it provides solutions on how,to improve the competency,and efficiency of public administration,here in our country,and there you have it fury and practice,and philippine public administration in,three minutes

CSS Public Administration Demo Class with Mishal Akram

Assalamu alaikum I hope ,everyone can hear me right now. ,Well wait for like a minute ,and then well start. Because I ,want to wait for all the other ,students who want to join. and ,then we can start the session ,so my name is Misha Akram. Im ,from for Forbes and Forty-seven ,CTP I got allocated to railways ,Group RCTG, which is which is ,called RCTG in Forty-four CTP ,and then I reappeared in 2018 ,and I got allocated to IRS ,Group. Im currently posted as ,AC gu. I scored eighty plus ,marks in my first attempt in ,public administration and then ,I scored eighty marks in my ,second attempt, which was in ,2018 and the first attempt was ,in 2015. So this is like a ,small introduction. Ive done ,my bachelors from the school of ,economics. in marketing and ,finance. It was a double majors ,and then I appeared for my CSS ,papers initially in 2015 and ,then I give another attempt ,after serving in railways for ,like two 3 years in 2000. ,So well just start and if you ,have to. ,people. if you want to get ,seventy or eighty above marks ,just in our, I scored 84 in my ,first attempt and eighty in my ,second attempt to rocket ,science. to get out there ,strategy of the question. or ,Inshallah youll be. ,It is. just give me a minute. ,So I hope everyone can see the ,screen right now. ,Time management or GT. share ,your way of attempting to a ,paper we will discuss ,everything in detail just be ,patient. Well go through these ,slides and then we can see. ,it please. a basic public ,Administration. thats 100 ,people. ,tks. objectives. ,To get ,not irrelevant. ,two to three. 2000. 2018. so ,psychology marks. the issues we ,face. it wasnt worth it so ,much. ,Reproduce ,they learn or be aware of the ,requirements of the scenarios ,being given in the question ,paper similarly, few aspirant ,of dramatically so that they ,could even not write a single ,sentence correctly occupants ,knowledge. ,so you need to be grammatically ,correct. ,Policy making in Pakistan ,discussed. ,new management reports. ,marks. ,Part one by one so basically. ,the abs. I will be covering all ,the aspects of the question and ,it would be easier for the ,examiner to understand because ,the answer would be very ,coherent. Just a question. it ,would be easier for the ,examiner to comprehend and ,understand your answer the ,answers. ,to make an outline of each ,question not compulsory depends ,on the amount of time that you ,have if dont have time dont ,make an outline is an outline. ,The examiner. ,and it would be easier for the ,examiner to understand it ,because you wouldnt have to go ,through the entire answers. ,Or conclusion or introductions. ,you have to conclude it ,properly. ,It is above. above. so this is ,the procedure how to attempt ,the paper of attempting paper. ,Actually, this is the reading ,material that Ive used. ,and I had a question. reading ,material. in the. ,It in my second attempt for me, ,I was allocated to I wanted to ,improve the group so I gave ,another attempt to 2018 and I ,got allocated to IRS in revenue ,service. ,Maam I found business ,administration, more secure and ,more structured in public ,administration. so I went for ,that. but now its taking a lot ,of time in the I feel Ive ,achieved business ,administration kaira business ,marketing. ,but busine,ss. or public ,administration with a business ,administration. is a public ,administration. ,Public Administration for and ,it is somehow. ,Or slide. ,links to articles related to ,make sure we get up. ,Civil engineering background. ,Public Public Administration ,leadership management ,They can be. ,so it is better. ,by now. ,with practice. ,The political science. even ,though political science is a ,lot more than I. but. the. ,political move on. so is or ,scoring trends. other ,important. ,examiner Reporting. ,I would always go for the ,public administration if I have ,an option to select between ,these two subjects to ones ,writing, style and impression ,in a systematic way. imitate ,pros that you cannot imitate ,anyone. ,imitate. abnormal. ,Grammatically formation ,sentences ,so confused. so keep your ,sentences short take it. ,Knowledge ,books and other. daily basis. ,articles. ,internet websites. ,We. ,heading up. ,so this is the way how you can ,improve your writing style. I ,will be subject be cured. but I ,think it. ,70%. ,of. ,Your energy because you wont ,have that much time. ,to get through. ,articles. ,but that is a part of your ,syllabus so it has been coming ,in your parts. a tray on campus ,also recommends us to do. God ,has you. ,on campus. ,in on campus. PA? ,The newspaper to get. ,on top of the ,editorial. ,page. ,newspa,pers articles. ,You. ,dont remember. ,Newspapers newspaper. ,Guardian Guardians and you will ,get up to international news. ,editorial opinion with ,different. ,online newspapers. ,Elusive ,is up to you. ,that ,would help you a lot. ,and CSS is all about smart. is ,smart. ,because we go out of the. ,Bureaucracy. ,bureaucracy ,advantages disadvantages ,recommendations ,Its. ,Current world. situation. ,political situation and not ,only in Pakistan but all around ,the world, so you have to stay ,updated. ,or articles. ,check paper exam. ,One and a half hour. ,sessions. ,online. ,where your questions. ,questions.

How To Approach Public Administration for IAS by Ashutosh Pandey Sir | Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

[Music],hello everyone,uh this is ashitosh and,[Music],todays,brief,video would be on,how to study public administration,[Music],there are obviously lot of,myths,a lot of dilemmas,in fact lot of i would say,guess work regarding how to study a,particular optional,different optionals obviously have their,own essence,and they may have,different ways probably and different,methods to prepare them for example i,cannot compare mathematics with pabad,i cannot compare,probably,a biology with,public administration,right or electrical engineering with,public administration but i can,definitely compare paul signs with,public administration or sociology with,public administration,and they have,a lot of commonalities lot of,similarity in terms of preparation,uh preparation,uh there are two ways how which by which,you can interpret this world preparation,one is whether you have the adequate,resource and material to finish,the desired,slivers given by upsc,right that is the one part,or first part the second part is,probably more,tricky the tougher part,is that whatever i have done whatever i,have completed whatever i have studied,is it actually the relevant study fine,so i would like to bring this,very brief discussion into two parts,right,let us say we talk about how,to,approach,right p,or public administration is optional now,it will have two parts one,is the coverage,fine,the second would be the relevance,now,somewhere there is a,collaboration between the two,the both should come together,to give what you call as success,or marks,or the edge the advantage that youll,have using this optional,find so very briefly id like to tell,you,that when you see the mains paper,right when you think of public,administration in the mains,you have two papers one,right and paper,2,paper 1 as people believe is obviously,more theoretical,and paper 2 is more,applied,related to basically indian,administration,right this is more related to you can,say american,or,western,study,right,if i want to use a simple term,which most of you will become familiar,with when you start studying the,optional right as you know it has been,one of the most popular options still it,is one of the most popular options,very scientific,very dynamic,uh in fact very interesting,the way it should be studied and,generally we make it a very boring more,fact and information based study it is,not like that,right it is a discussion based,analysis based,interactive subject which requires lot,of participation from the students,right and somewhere you can say a,dynamic interaction,a dialogue between,the teacher the mentor and the students,fine so never feel that this subject is,boring no part of the subject is,actually boring,fine it will keep your it will ignite,your interest in many things around you,right,so that is the beauty of pabad so you,have now these two so obviously how you,start studying so i will just try to,uh answer fundamental question here how,to start study right the first thing,is to understand,your syllabus,like i said you have two papers,and you have around,let us say 26,breakups given by the upsc which can be,right reduced to somewhere,18 to 20,because lot of overlapping is there,between various topics right if you,start you can take one thread and from,that one link you can keep going on keep,moving forward and include the other,chapters or topics as well which will,give you a better sense of understanding,that is what im coming to so how you,start so you just have to first,understand these labels,break your syllabus,into,common or similar aspects,right,so you need to break it,i would use the word,deconstructed,right deconstructed,as per your own important understanding,right so once you understand each and,every,word or term used in the syllabus,you will now be able to link them,together make a sense out of this that,okay if im reading unit 1 evolution of,public administration,then the evolution of public,administration has lot of elements of,organization theory,right organization theory has lot of,aspects of,human resource management,financial administration,it has various impacts or you know under,currents or links related to,administrative reforms,it is somewhere also related to the,bureaucracy or indian civil services and,we can interpret that also right so you,have to break the syllabus first thing,right use a good dictionary,right in fact you have google but,dictionary would be more,easy,because google will give you or create a,problem of plenty,excess meanings excess information,probably not needed for you when youre,starting it so kindly take the syllabus,deconstruct break the syllabus,understand each and every word or the,vocabulary that is given in the syllabus,right use a dictionary you may have,numerous dictionaries are there,right,uh,by maheshwari,by,vijay singh a lot of dictionaries are,there youll get take pick up any good,dictionary,right try to now understand these,various terms and then make a note of it,so lets say your syllabus is four pages,three pages right when youre studying,now this entire thing probably you will,end up making 20 pages out of that but,that will be the most fundamental and,basic concept basic content that you,will have which is going to help you,throughout your preparation of this,optional and this strategy is not just,for this optional it is for all the,options in fact most of the humanity is,optional like im saying,right so you can just break it create,make a 20 page of that and now once you,read it once or twice you see,youll start feeling that you are so,familiar and comfortable with this,subject,youll start getting a feel of it,whenever youre reading newspaper you,will understand that okay why probably,this news uh,or what does this actually this news,mean and how this news or how this news,item or this particular event can be,linked to my subject right so this is,the most fundamental way of starting it,and then obviously after once you do,this,right i would not suggest you to go to,the question paper question paper will,not make any sense to you the only thing,that question paper will help you is to,somewhere uh,understand or you can say at least no i,would not say understand but somewhere,just to have a glimpse of what is the,nature of question paper how many,questions are there short questions are,there 10 markers are there 15 markers,are there 20 markers there are there so,this classification can be understood,from the question paper but if anybody,says that go and check the question,paper before you actually know what,public administration is is basically uh,making a fool of you right and in fact,you yourself will make a fool of you,start reading the question paper and,somewhere you may be demoralizing the,question paper itself unless you have a,background in that subject and then,probably you see the question paper you,can compare it with your university,papers or graduation papers so they may,give you some sense of that right but as,public administration you know is,does not have any academic baggage,people who come to this study of this,subject right they come from diverse,backgrounds and hardly there is anybody,from public administration background,right so it gives you a lot of,competitive advantage,it gives you,a level playing field with the other,players or competitors or aspirants it,also gives you a whole spectrum a,totally new page where you can start,writing your own conceptual,understanding,right uh probably the best recipe for,success is,not to know the rules right but to play,by the game right play by the process of,the game so just by knowing certain,pointers certain dos and donts,probably is not going to help you you,have to somewhere get into this process,right so this will help you getting into,the process youll get a feel of the,exam right you will become very,comfortable once you go through this,process right so,we will talk about uh in detail what,should be the strategy for paper one,what should be the strategy for paper,t

Choosing Public Administration as an Optional Subject | Israel Jebasingh (IAS 2004)

hi friends I am Israel Jabbar Singh the,director of officers Academy now like,you I was also a civil service aspirant,few years before and I cleared this exam,twice first time 294 rank again wrote it,all India 59th rank and both times I had,a Public Administration optional so I,teach public administration optional in,Officer Science Academy now what is this,Public Administration optional who can,choose public administration optional,what are the reference books and how you,can score first oh who can choose when I,came out of my college that was not that,confident in my engineering I had areas,I thought so it was not confident of,taking engineering optional so I was,bringing it down two to three options I,selected in that public administration,was also there then I saw the previous,days papers also the Jesus relevance,before a lot of public administration,areas are also there no MGS and you know,we have to read it for Jesus so with,this in mind I chose public,administration optional and fortunately,I got both times I got very good marks,in public administration optional know,what I read or what is required for you,to read this public administration,optional so if you go with a last three,years trend just if you read ignore,material with understanding then that is,more than enough,plus some current of us also know I,always tell the students at officers,Academy my first puppet class I in fact,tell I put a disclaimer always even,without attending my class myself,reading also one can,score very well in public administration,option that is the beauty of this public,administration option even you can go,for self reading also basic in no,material is most important for you to,score very well now this public,administration option has 26 units the,first part paper one and paper to paper,one if you see how administration should,be whereas what is paper to how,administrators,so what ministration what is expected,how administration should be how to,recruit how to control if people are,corrupt,if civil servants are correct how to,control them there is a unit but control,over administration whose civil servants,are recruited how they are trained in,National Academy Ill go to Shastri,National Academy so recruitment training,all these things are there in the,personal administration like this the,first paper is totally how,administration should be this is the,second paper how actually administration,is what is the actual thing ho president,is their prime minister the district,collector SP much I encourage urban,local bodies so these are all the paper,so that made this public very,interesting to read and very easy to,score also in the public administration,optional one good thing about public,administration optional is C it has a,lot of GES irrelevance so for general,studies means in thousand marks there,are four papers all of you know the,paper to if you see the total the,governance pot Constitution governance,is totally public administration area,paper three if you see internal security,disaster management law on order,management then some economic areas like,economic development fiscal discipline,all those things again public,administration area paper for if you see,the ethics paper,50-person I get ethics in public,administration conduct ruled that which,we read in personal administration so,that is also public administration area,so almost three hundred and fifty marks,out of your total thousand mom is thirty,five percent of your general studies,gets covered in public administration so,you know you have to read it for general,studies so that theyre puppets public,administration students have this,advantage one more thing is Union,general I see one topic every year a,public administration related topic is,asked so that way when you choose its a,smart move always say when you choose,public administration says smart because,you know you have to cover it for your,general studies and it also gets covered,in your yes so this that way public,administration has certain advantages no,apart from that yes during interview,also during your personality test also,they always as if you are a collector,what youll do if you are a SP you have,what you are expected to do so certain,conduct rules you have to keep in mind,certain foundational values you have to,keep in mind when you answer that,question so those things are the bases,there in the public so that way it will,help you in your interview also and at,the end of the day once you get selected,once youre there when we went to,Missouri I was trained in public,administration modeling because I,probably do public administration so,that way this public administration,option has a lot of advantages,now who can choose as I already told if,you dont have already if you have in,mind I am going to choose my own,engineering or I havent interested,towards say anthropology sociology say,geography say history then better choose,that option now like me if you are not,confident of any particular area then,better come to public administration,which is very easy mostly self,explanatory and how to score good marks,approach this the main thing the scoring,nature for any optional and public,administration since I am day teaching,public administration of so I always say,to score well make it very simple dont,complicate the answer answer to that,question many of us when we approach the,optional paper we think we have to,impress the examiner,yes you have to impress the examiner but,dont complicate the question how when,the examiner will be impressed the,answers are very simple he has to spend,as less time as possible to correct your,paper so the point should be simple for,that question so I always say dont,complicate me even if you want to score,very well across the entire public,administration paper very simple,approach it with simple words direct,questions are asked last three years,friend if you see 2015 16 17 all three,is direct questions from ignore that is,you know so ignore material is required,and answer to that question directly any,other whoever comes to officers Academy,me always DJ since I teach public,administration officer in the weekly,test of Public Administration officers,me I have weekly tests for public,administration that thing we say how to,write and also what Ill be saying at,that time also simple directly answer to,that question rather than complicating,to it so complicating that answer so,this way I always say public,administration if you are inclined to,take always say one of the popular,option easy optional and very scoring,optional also thank you

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