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  2. Public.com CEO on the social investing platform and company strategy
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  7. Public.com Review 2022 – UP TO $300 FREE STOCK – Pros/Cons

Public.com Review | UP TO $300 FREE STOCK | Walkthrough | Pros/Cons

all right everybody im logan alec im a,cpa and today im reviewing the public,investing app this is one of those apps,thats currently giving away free money,a free slice of stock for signing up and,opening an account if,after you watch this video you think,public is a good app for you,youre welcome to use my link in the,description below to get that sign up,bonus,this review is not sponsored by the way,public doesnt even know im doing this,yes i have a referral link,but this video is not sponsored it is,completely objective,and me just sharing my opinion on the,public app,as a user of it i will share with you,how the app works how to buy stock in,the app,and then later in the video ill provide,a summary of the pros and cons the,things i like about public,and the things i dont like so much,about public so be sure to stick around,for that,and just as a reminder if you like free,stocks you can check out the video i,made recently,where i tell you 11 places that are,giving away free stock right now,link up here at the top of the screen,lets get into this public review,what is public public claims to be a,whole new way to,invest in that it makes the stock market,social it says you can follow,other investors discover companies to,believe in and invest with any amount of,money,so what does this mean this whole social,aspect,of investing well lets start from the,top you download public,its pretty easy use my link in the,description below,click install click get started input,your phone number,they send you an authentication code you,input that you input your name,and username your email address you,create a password choose a profile photo,and then heres where the free stock,comes in unlike other investing apps,like weeble or robinhood or,first trade or doe that give you a,specific share of stock,right an entire share of stock publics,promotion is to give you up to,five dollars of a particular stock a,fractional share which public calls,slices,so when i signed up i picked tesla and,then you actually have to set up your,brokerage account,uh birth date citizenship status marital,status number dependence,these are all very typical questions,youre asked when setting up a brokerage,account,your employment address uh you know your,address your full name your social,security number and agreeing to the,terms and conditions,this is all very typical uh these,this is all required information to set,up a brokerage account in the united,states so dont be surprised by this,then public asks you about your,investing goals and experience your,annual income and net worth and then you,make your first deposit you can easily,link your bank account,they use plaid like many other platforms,i was able to link my,chase checking account within minutes i,made my initial deposit,of 100 which even though it hadnt,transferred yet,uh the public still gave me buying power,immediately of a hundred dollars,then public asks you to pick your,interest what youre interested in,this informs the news youll see on your,home feed in public im going to show,you that in a second,and then thats it now you can check out,the public app youre all ready to go,so here it is welcome to public on the,companies you believe in,in the middle of the screen there you,see ticker symbols for companies that,public thinks,based on what you said you might be,interested in,and then below that you see posts that,look um kind of a lot like tweets,honestly from people in the public,community,they even have this uh blue check mark,thing going on,although here it looks like a black,check mark encircled in blue,anyway that top one here is from katy,perry and no this is not katie with a y,perry this is katie with an ie perry,shes the vice president of marketing at,public um so basically these posts are,just people sharing their thoughts about,the market about investing about,particular stocks,you can click on their names and see,their profile in their portfolio here is,someone named nadia vanderhall,she owns a marketing company you can see,her portfolio these are the stocks shes,invested in in public you can see her,watch list,uh those watch lists are the stocks,shes keeping an eye on,themes are just broad general categories,shes interested in,uh that have you know stocks in them you,can click a theme like space exploration,and see all the stocks in there,and of course on peoples profiles you,can see all their posts that theyve,posted in public now,you probably have no idea of who katie,with an ie perry,or nadia vander hall were before he,watched this video but one cool thing,about public is that you know there are,celebrities on here,you can see what theyve invested in,through public if you tap the magnifying,glass,you can scroll through people to follow,here is adult contemporary sensation of,the last century michael bolton,um theres also shaquille oneal,now i dont want to imply that because,these people are celebrities,you know you should pay particular,attention to their investment picks i,mean come on michael boltons a musician,you know shaq is an athlete uh you know,i dont want to imply that oh their,stock put,their stock picks must be good just,because theyre celebrities but its,just interesting right i mean,obviously many people like to know,whats going on in celebrities lives,about their dogs or whatever uh well,heres an opportunity,to get a a glimpse into celebrities,lives in terms of investing and just to,be clear,the portfolio on peoples profiles in,public is just the stocks they own using,the public app,okay its not their entire uh stock in,order investment portfolio,i also saw a youtuber on here roberto,blake youtube is about youtube and how,to grow a youtube channel so its kind,of cool to see him on here,i watch this stuff a lot ill tag him in,the description below,if you want to check out his channel all,right what else if you click the little,present little gift icon at the bottom,of the screen in the center,you can get your invite link to invite,others to public,youre both rewarded with a free slice,of stock if someone signs up using your,link,next to the present icon is a little,messages uh arrow,little messages box because you can,directly message other users in private,then you have a profile icon at the,bottom right where you can click account,details and see more information about,your account,one more thing i want to mention is the,public account settings if you click the,gear in the top right,youll see a bunch of things okay scroll,down and youll see where you can,download your statements and tax,documents,where you can manage your you know your,cash transfers to and from public,you can click update account update your,account your profile picture,your bio and whatnot but the one i,really want to draw your attention to,is dividend reinvestment if you click on,that that is where you can tell public,what to do with dividends earned in your,public account,i believe the default when i signed up,was sent to uh,simply deposits dividends into your,public account the bottom one,and not invest them thats the bottom,option here but i actually prefer,to have my dividends i earned from a,particular stock reinvested into that,stock,right so my money is always making money,so i chose the auto,reinvest my dividends option here okay,so thats an overview of the public app,but now lets talk about how the heck,you actually buy a stock in public its,actually super easy,you just go the magnifying glass in the,search bar at the top you type the name,of the company you want to invest in,this case want to invest in amazon type,to amazon,it pops up you click trade in the bottom,right then click,buy and then you can choose how much you,want to buy,you can do a custom amount by choosing a,different amount,or you can just go with one of these,round options they suggest,uh i invested my entire 100 cash balance,into amazon,and the cool thing is with public and,with these fractional,shares now this isnt unique to public,by the way ot

Public.com CEO on the social investing platform and company strategy

public is the investing social network,um,and so we think the main reason people,havent uh historically invested in the,markets,uh more than anything else is lack of,financial literacy,uh which results in a lot of people just,feeling intimidated by the stock market,and so to solve that problem uh 15,months ago we we launched,public.com based on sort of two two key,technologies that didnt really exist at,the time the first one being,fractional shares so the ability to buy,any stock for any amount of money in,real time,and then to appoint a true social,network built within a stock brokerage,where people can learn from other,investors they can build their financial,literacy in a way thats,more engaging and therefore more,effective and doing so,inside the brokerage environment also,lets us build,a more um sort of quote-unquote safe,network,uh where people where we can have,different guardrails so our no day,trading policy is one of those,but we also have launched features like,safety labels,that help indicate um sort of to users,what stocks might be riskier than others,which we found very helpful certainly,during situations like when when hertz,kind of went bankrupt and still got,got traded up quite heavily,interesting and for people who are,wondering how you make money it looks,like a little bit of kind of the,robinhood pay for order flow type thing,but also you guys,involved in some short selling and lend,out shares and that sort of thing,um exploring a subscription model with,uninvested,cash balances so theres a number of,different ways that you can monetize,this,um i guess my question though is how do,you ultimately compete with robinhood,like do you think theres enough room in,the marketplace for a number of these,different platforms to exist or not,yeah certainly so on the revenue piece i,think,one interesting thing about uh being an,investing social network,is that we have the opportunity to,generate revenue from a diverse,set of sources over time and so it will,not only be,the the brokerage revenue streams that,everybody else,is engaged in necessarily in terms of,the market i mean,what weve really seen is,that for new investors that are,completely new to the market,uh the the tools and features that they,require,uh are really very different uh than,that,offered by many other players in the,market so on public 90,of our investors make their first,self-directed trade on public,and i think if you look at what a new,investor really requires,its not necessarily all the all the,bells and whistles and the very advanced,uh features that many platforms have be,it you know margin or options trading or,things of that nature,but really more um a community that can,actually help you grow your own,financial literacy,that can present a sort of diverse set,of thoughts around different companies,how to evaluate them,and help you understand uh solid,investing habits,and and what it really means to build,out an investing strategy based on a,diversified portfolio and,and things of that nature,hey yannick its kate good to see you um,you mentioned,when you guys banned hertz that was a,bankrupt stock that got a lot of retail,attention there are some critics of that,decision i talked to the head of another,trading platform who said that they,wont do that theyll take down some,sort of content but theyre not going to,ban,what people can trade how do you draw,the line on which stocks to ban,what content to take down and is there,any risk of sort of over regulating,yeah i think it uh it goes back to who,whos your audience and who are you,really building for so again,on public 90 of investors are new,investors,and so with that we feel a much bigger,responsibility,to ensure that people sort of know what,theyre getting themselves into,um and so in the hurt situation it was a,relatively,unprecedented situation of the time,obviously where you really had,um sort of a a company that was being,traded up i think six seven hundred,percent,um i think in the few days after,immediately after actually filing,for their bankruptcy and i think our,decision to,stop uh sort of to halt the buying of,hurt shares,uh was um was created a lot kind of,generally throughout the industry but,certainly within kind of our user,base uh because the reality is that,everyone doesnt always know exactly,whats going on with all these different,companies,and so the safety labels feature there,really helped a lot of people,um just have a better understanding of,whats happening with that company um,and again the way that works inside,the flywheel of the social networks is,you see sort of indicators of whats,happening,you can then go to the community you can,actually get more background and then,really just make it,more informed decision and i think,thats something that we can all agree,is just a massively net positive if we,can actually have more informed,investors overall shepard smith here,thanks for watching cnbc on youtube

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How to Invest in Stocks with Public Investing App – Public Tutorial 2022

hey guys its sharon from digital nomad,quest and today were going to do a,tutorial on how to invest in stocks with,public if you guys are new to this,channel welcome im all about teaching,how to build passive income become,financially free and design your best,live so if you guys are interested in,that make sure to subscribe and hit the,bell button to be notified of my latest,videos i wanted to talk about public,because it is one of my favorite apps to,investing in stocks right now ive been,playing with it for many months now its,actually been really interesting to use,and there are a lot of things about it,that really set it apart from the,competition its really one of a kind in,my opinion let me go over why so first,off its a commission free stock trading,app so there are no commissions when,youre trading secondly there are,fractional shares which means that you,could buy like a slice of google or,amazon you know amazon price is over,three thousand dollars right now but,with fractional shares you can basically,invest with as little as a dollar and,you can own a slice of amazon so its,really cool in that way and the last,thing that makes it really exciting is,it combines social media with investing,now what do i mean by that it basically,means that you know you can see how,other people are investing so there are,a bunch of public figures on the app,actually you know there are top,investors on the app theyre celebrities,on the app so you can actually check out,how they are trading a lot of people,actually put up their portfolio,they talk about what theyre investing,in they give their investing tips so,its actually really cool to follow,different figures and see how theyre,trading the goal of public is to make,investing accessible to anyone and i,think thats a really great mission and,its on iphone its also on android and,it just makes it so easy that you can,invest with as little as a dollar and,learn from a bunch of these top,investors as well now if you guys are,interested in trying out public you can,use my link below and you can get up to,ten dollars in free stock which is,really exciting you know i love these,sign up bonuses so i try to sign up with,different brokerages that i think are,really cool and that can give you some,free cash upon signing up and the cool,thing is upon sign up you can choose,from a bunch of different top stocks to,get your free stock and itll tell you,how much its worth when you get it so,its pretty fun to get started and its,really easy to sign up for a public its,really seamless im gonna go into the,app right now on screen share so now im,screen recording as you guys can see if,you press the deposit button you can,actually transfer money really easily to,your public account you could even put a,dollar and then you know continue with,this so if you continue this this will,be deposited into your account and you,can actually access your funds right,away which is really nice you know some,brokerages it takes a while for the,money to deposit but they basically,allow you to use those funds right away,once you deposit into your account as,long as the markets are open all right,so just to show you guys ill just put,in 100 bucks into my public account,right now,so were going to continue,press continue,and,weve initiated so as you can see its,initiated itll be in transit and then,itll be settled but you can actually,start using those funds but you want to,make sure that you maintain that balance,of a hundred dollars into your bank,account so that when the transfer,happens youre gonna avoid those issues,right so as you can see instant cash,unlocked you have a hundred bucks,unlocked while your 100 deposit is being,transferred weve upgraded your buying,power by 100 so you can invest right,away so thats really nice that you can,do that so let me just do an example now,so as you can see i had like 1100 bucks,in this account and now its at 1200 so,now you have 200 bucks you can trade,right so if you wanted to you can go,into the explore feed itll have,different things you can look into,theres people that i follow here as,well as some brands that i might follow,or actually have you can see like tony,hawks there which is pretty crazy you,can see the different companies that,have had posted their earnings this week,which is exciting theres also some that,are new to the market theres duolingo,robin hood and all these different ones,so its actually really cool because it,kind of informs you right away in this,explore feed itll also have memes talks,even and you can look through those you,know those are more risky obviously and,they will even give you a warning if you,go into here it says high risk which is,really nice for example if theres low,market cap on some of those stocks it,will give you that warning ill give you,an example here so lets put in this,stock right here that ive showed you,guys see it says low market cap meaning,its going to be a lot more risky so,theyre going to give you those warnings,here you can see what it means too if,you tap it so micro cap stock as per the,sec investing in companies with small,market caps can be risky and you can,even learn more and theyll give you,more information as well so these are,the safety labels that theyre talking,about so basically public has like a,repository of information that can teach,you a lot as well if youre just like,going through the app not just learning,from the feed but they have like a,repository of information,ill link it down below if you guys are,interested in learning more about stocks,and stuff like that from public,themselves you can also see there are,different themes like if youre,interested in etfs etfs are like a,basket of stocks a collection of,securities theyre traded like,individual stocks and usually etfs are a,bit safer because its a little more,diversified when youre investing in,those versus individual stocks one that,i like is qqq so lets look into this,for example right here i could just show,you guys how to invest the way i did it,here i went through the themes but you,can actually just explore and search it,up like i did earlier and also over here,you can look up stocks you can look at,people,tags like they have it all really nicely,categorized and you can look that up but,lets go into etfs again lets go into,qqq basically kukuku tracks the nasdaq,100 its one that i like so lets like,go into this but as a warning,investments come with risk make sure you,guys are doing your due diligence im,not a financial advisor so go ahead and,do your own research so for example if i,wanted to invest in qq right now id tap,that invest button you could literally,buy 25 of it you could even buy like one,dollar of it and then just tap invest if,you wanted to do a limit order instead,you can tap that as well you can go back,so that basically means that if it,reaches that price it will execute but,if you did a market order it would,basically execute at whatever the,current price is but right now its not,available because the stock market isnt,open right now im filming this at night,so thats why you can see its greyed,out right now and even when you go on,the home button you can see at the top,it has like a nighttime the moon and,stars up there and it says the markets,are closed its kind of nice that it,tells you when its closed and things,like that so as you can see thats,basically how you invest another thing i,want to add actually is that public does,allow for dividend reinvestment which is,really cool so if you go to the settings,the top settings icon and then you go,down to dividend reinvestment you can,change it to auto reinvest my dividends,and it will automatically invest,dividends into the company that paid,them out so for example apple does pay,dividends so instead of putting those,dividends into your public account,balance you could just have it so that,its automatically reinvested back into,apple so its really nice that you can,totally do this or you can put

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Public.com Review 2021 | Features, Pros & Cons

do you find yourself scrolling on social,media platforms like tik tok instagram,or twitter well if you do that and you,like investing you might like this app,like it today were going to be looking,at the public investing app which is,great for buying fractional shares and,in long-term investing theres also a,social aspect of this app which makes it,different from other brokerages and,well make sure we look into that,further later in this review theres a,lot of options out there when it comes,to investing and public does offer,another commission free trading platform,that just might be for you,[Music],im sean with the modest wallet were,glad youre here if youre new to the,channel dont forget to hit that,subscribe button click the little bell,so you get notifications every time we,release a new video if you arent new,thanks for tuning in to this video we,hope you find some value as we look to,review the public.com app and if you,missed it we did review the robinhood,app so ill leave a link right here so,that you can go ahead and click that and,you can check out our robinhood review,enough of that lets get into our review,of public.com public is a social,investing platform what this really,means is that investors can interact,with each other using the firms mobile,app it really allows users to share,ideas about stocks or maybe just the,stock market in general think about it,this way instead of just scrolling,looking at posts or videos you can see,what friends are a high profile,individuals are buying or selling in,their portfolios public works is a,self-directed trading and investing,platform that means that users pick the,stocks and etfs that they would like to,invest in without any assistance from,the platform they can buy and sell their,holdings by using the firms mobile app,and the company does not charge a fee,for trades made within the platform as,of this recording public only allows its,users to open taxable individual,brokerage accounts ice clean taxable,income you can buy stocks and etfs,inside of those taxable accounts so now,lets talk about the sign up process for,opening up a public.com account sign up,now,you can begin the signup process by,downloading publix mobile app from,google play or the apple app store then,follow these steps first open up the app,and select get started enter your us,phone number and select next youll then,receive an sms code through a text that,youll then need to provide later add,your name select a username then enter,your email and create a password then,theres the fun part by being able to,select a free slice of stock by picking,a company to invest in,from the limited selection displayed on,the screen the last process when youre,signing up is to pick your interests in,various categories and industries really,to personalize your feed in order to be,eligible for this app youre going to,need to at least be 18 years old have a,valid residential address a valid,government issued id,an existing bank or brokerage account,for account transfers and then theyre,going to ask for some request required,information like a valid social security,number or tax id number,foreign tax id a passport or visa number,if you are not a us citizen or a,permanent resident theyre gonna need a,valid address and an employers name,address and phone number now that does,seem like a lot and maybe its a lot of,information that youre not willing to,give out but that is pretty much the,standard process for almost any,brokerage when youre signing up we kind,of talked about the sign up process now,lets talk about some of the apps,features fractional shares is one of the,core features really that supports,publics mission and vision so,fractional shares really allows the user,to own a portion of virtually any stock,or etf that the firm offers on the,trading platform with as little as five,dollars fractional share really entitles,the user to you know a portion of one,stock fractional shares are meant to,allow investors with small balances to,really,diversify their portfolio this allows,them to purchase holdings in multiple,companies due to increasing share prices,this is very valuable or important to,many investors as ive already mentioned,the social features is another great,feature of this app that stands apart,from most other apps the app allows,users to follow each other you can watch,portfolios you can also share ideas and,insights by using group conversations,once someone invests in a company a,notification will be posted in their,feed and other people can comment on,their investments another cool feature,from this product is the ability to,connect with family friends and,colleagues through the service the app,can integrate your phones contact book,to locate friends or family who may have,signed up with the platform themes are,also an innovative way public classifies,the different stocks and etfs available,within their platform this really,depends on the companys industry or,mission investors can use public themes,to invest in trends and economic sectors,they see as promising,or really that align with their,particular interests some themes include,the american made theme which consists,of us-based firms or the cash cows theme,which consists of businesses that pay,large cash dividends to investors themes,like the cash cow theme can be,particularly interesting to income,investors publics top movers feature,keeps track of the stocks that have seen,the biggest price fluctuations in any,direction during a trading session,investors can keep track of the movers,to spot potential bargains with the,losers row or stocks that are currently,seeing positive momentum which can,translate into further upside in the,near future public does offer automatic,drip or dividend reinvestments to its,users when you have dividends on the,stocks you own you have the option to,choose whether you reinvest those,dividends back into the company or if,you keep it as cash the goal of this,feature is to grow your money faster,through compounding interest lets take,a look at publix fees public does not,charge any fees for trading u.s listed,stocks or etfs through the firms mobile,app they also have no account minimums,so you can start investing with any,dollar amount on the other hand,broker-assisted phone trades have a flat,fee of thirty dollars per trade other,fees include a thirty dollar charge for,domestic outgoing wires thirty five,dollars for domestic overnight check,deliveries and thirty dollars for return,checks ach,wires and stopped payments finally,outgoing acad account transfers generate,a 75 fee public.com is a u.s based,investing platform registered and,regulated by the financial industry,regulatory authority or finra,and the securities and exchange,commission or the sec the firm is also a,member of the securities investor,protection corporation or sip c which,offers protection for investors accounts,up to 500 000 for each account lets,discuss the pros and cons of public,lets start with the pros first public,is a regulated social investing platform,registered with the sec finra and sipsy,in the united states public offers zero,commission trades for u.s listed stocks,and etfs,the firm has an easy-going approach to,investing that allows account holders to,invest in high-priced stocks through the,purchase of fractional shares,public social media like platform offers,a very interesting twist on the usual,individual individualistic and sometimes,lonely path of building an investment,portfolio and finally interactions,within the platform with other investors,can help enrich an investors knowledge,base about finance and investing some of,the cons with public include public,lacks a web-based or desktop trading,platform,theres no foreign stocks or etfs that,can be bought through public although,there is a wide selection of u.s listed,etfs that cover foreign stocks and other,instruments public does not offer margin,or retirement accounts as of this,recording the firm lacks an a

Public Investing App Review – The Stock Market Trading App For Beginners

– So you have commission-free stock trading apps,,and you have investing apps,that let you invest in fractional shares.,But how about a single investing app that lets you do both.,Well today, were going over Public,,a new commission-free stock trading app,,that aims to make investing accessible,to everyone by letting you invest,in small slices of major companies.,(upbeat music),Hey, welcome back guys.,This is Erik of EverydayInvesting.com,And on this channel,,Im all about helping the everyday investor,,like you and I, get started saving and investing.,So as always, if you have any questions,after todays video on the Public app,,definitely feel free to leave,your questions down below in the comments,,Im always happy to answer those for you.,Today we are in fact going over,the new Public investing app,,and Im happy to share with you guys,that Ive just recently partnered with Public,,to help the Everyday Investing Community get started,with a special signup bonus.,So if youre new to Public and would like to try it out,,definitely be sure to stay tuned until the end,of the video, where Ill show you how you can get,a free stock slice when joining the app.,Also guys, just to let you know,,if at any point of todays video,,you would like to jump ahead or jump back,to any particular feature of the app,,Ill be sure to include timestamps down below,in the description box,,as well as a link to my more full,in depth review of the Public app on my blog.,So for starters, what is the Public app?,Well Public is a new commission-free stock trading app,,that aims to make investing accessible to everyone.,Available on both iOS and Android devices,,Public really excels at slicing stocks into tiny bits,so that anyone can afford to own any public company.,And if youre wondering,what commission free stock trading means,,that essentially means that there,are zero fees or commissions,,its a both buy or sell stocks on the app,,nor are there any monthly account maintenance fees.,And while there are already,some popular commission-free stock trading apps out there,,such as the Robinhood app or the Webull app,,the unique thing about,Publics commission- free stock trading app,,is that they also allow you to invest,in fractional shares of stocks,,or what they refer to as slices.,But well go more in depth about that in just a bit.,Now, before we get into the features of the app,,I do want to take a brief second to cover,my experience signing up with the app itself.,Now, as I said earlier, Publics mission,is to ake investing accessible to everyone.,And because of that, not only can you invest,in slices of major stocks, but theres,also no minimum investment required,to open up a Public account.,And for me personally, one of the things,I enjoyed about the actual signup process,,was that how seamless it was.,I would have to say probably within 10 minutes,,I had my account up and running, I was signed up,,I had full access to navigating the app,,and I even had instant access to trading with my funds,that I had just deposited from my bank account.,Now, I really liked that with Public,because not all investing apps give,you instant access to trading with your funds.,Some make you wait a few days for the transaction,to officially clear, but with Public,,you have instant access to trading your funds,,just something I thought Id mention.,Now, if youre wondering what investments,are actually available on the Public app,,Public does give you access to thousands,of individual stocks and ETFs,across the entire US stock market.,And if youre wondering what an ETF stands for,,an ETF means Exchange Traded Fund,,and that is basically a group,,or a theme of related stocks bundled,into one single diversified investment.,Now for all my friends out there,who love stocks that pay dividends,,youre going to love this next feature on the Public app.,I did ask the team over at public,,how do they handle dividends,if you own a stock that pays dividends?,And the way it works is by default,,your dividends will be deposited into your cash balance.,However, you do have the option to ask or opt in,for automatic dividend reinvestment just the same.,So just something I thought Id mention,,if you own stocks that pay dividends,,youll probably really like that feature,about the automatic dividend reinvestment option.,All right, guys, so now were going to get,into the main features of the Public app,that really separate it from the competition.,Now by far, I think the greatest strength,of the app itself is its slices.,And with slices, these are also known as fractional shares,,but they are referred to as slices on the app.,And with slices, Public lets you slice major stocks,into tiny bits so that anyone can afford,to own public companies.,So if youve ever wanted to own major companies,like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Starbucks,,Netflix, FedEx, Walmart, any of these major companies,,but you couldnt afford to buy a full share,,which usually costs hundreds of dollars,,you can now buy slices of the stock.,You can own $5, $10, $20 worth,of any of these major companies,,right into your investment portfolio.,Now at the time that Im filming this video,,Public currently does give you access,to hundreds of individual stocks and ETFs,that you can buy slices or fractional shares of.,And I was also told by the team over at Public,that they do plan on expanding this list,as the year goes on and as time goes on.,So you really will end up with an even more expansive list,of hundreds and hundreds of individual stocks,and ETFs that you can buy fractional shares,or slices of straight into your portfolio.,Now I know what you may be thinking,,”Investing in fractional shares,isnt exactly something new Erik.”,And you would be right.,While there are already popular investing apps out there,,that let you invest in fractional shares,,such as the Stash app and the Acorns app,,neither one of those apps is commission-free.,Both of those apps have monthly user fees.,And on the other hand,,you do have popular commission-free stock trading apps,out there, such as Robinhood and Webull,,but neither one of those apps lets,you invest in fractional shares.,So the unique advantage of Public slices are that,it kind of gives you the best of both worlds.,Not only can you trade stocks commission-free,,but you can also invest in fractional shares.,And as an investor, that gives you a great advantage,,especially if youre just getting started,,so you dont have to buy full shares,that usually cost hundreds of dollars a piece.,Hey, before we hop into the next feature,,I just wanted to ask you for a quick favor.,If youre finding this video helpful,,can you like this video?,Id really appreciate it,if you could hit that like button for me.,All right, lets jump back into it.,Now, if you do want to buy full shares of stocks,on the Public app, you can definitely do that just the same.,And actually by buying full shares of stock,,you actually gain access to a couple,of advanced order types that are available on the app.,And the different advanced order types,Public currently offers are market orders,,limit orders and stop orders.,Now by default guys, the default order type will,be market order and that will buy,or sell your stock immediately.,And if you want to use one of stop or limit orders,,that will actually allow you to set your buyer,or sell price points, and I really like this,because it will allow you to help automate your traits,even when youre away from your phone.,The next feature I want to cover are their investing themes.,Now, if youre new to investing and not sure where to start,,Public does offer a selection of different themes,of stocks for you to explore.,So I want to go over a couple of,the different themes they have on the platform.,Theyre over 50 themes,,but heres just a couple of give you an idea.,So I wrote some of these down for you guys.,Some of the examples of investing themes available,on their platform are tech giants,,the most influential and powe

PUBLIC REVIEW 2022: Best Free Investing App?

– So in this video today,,were going to be looking,at a commission-free brokerage platform known as Public,which is essentially on a mission to make investing social.,The best way I can describe this brokerage,,is its like a hybrid between a social media platform,and a brokerage where you can follow your friends,,your friends can follow you,and everybody can see each others investment activity,,that way you can keep up with your friends,and what they are investing in.,Beyond that, it is $0 commission with $0 minimums,and they do offer fractional shares,as well as some other great features,which may make them a good fit for you.,So were gonna go ahead and review them today,and Im also going to be doing a live demo,of this app at the end of the video,to show you exactly what it looks like.,Also, Public has made an exclusive offer,for viewers of my channel.,If you use my affiliate link down below,,youre going to get a free $10 slice,of a stock of your choosing and you get to choose,from one of nine popular blue-chip stocks.,So if you like what Public has to offer,and you wanna get 10 bucks worth of a free stock,,thats gonna be the top link down below,and for transparency, I may earn a commission,in the process if you do decide to use that link.,But that being said guys, lets jump into the review now,and talk about what Public has to offer.,So Public is a commission-free trading app,with no fees for standard trading,which is pretty common these days,with other investing apps out there,that have largely done away with commissions.,But again, the big difference,between Public and other brokerages,is the social aspect of this investing app.,Now currently, the only type of account they offer,is a taxable individual brokerage account,so at this time they do not offer retirement accounts,or anything fancy like that.,In addition, youre not gonna find a lot of,fancy research tools or advanced charting,,it is a relatively basic app.,However, that was the goal that Public had in mind,when creating this app,,is to make it as simple as possible for complete beginners,while integrating that social aspect,of sharing your investments with other people.,So now lets talk about the different features available,through Public and one of the coolest ones,that they offer is something called investment themes,which are essentially portfolios of stocks,and ETFs that are completely free to invest in.,Now I looked on their website,and they had over a dozen different themes,but I picked a couple here for example sake.,First of all, we have Future Ed,which is essentially 25 stocks,related to digital at-home learning.,Another one they had here was called Stay at Home,which was 41 stocks and six ETFs,that are poised to benefit,from the new stay-at-home culture related to this pandemic.,And another one they have here is the Meatless Revolution,that requires no real explanation.,Thats 12 different stocks involved in the meatless trend.,Now another cool feature they offer,which is 100% free to use,is called the ticker time machine.,I tried this out the other day,,essentially it allows you to put in,a given investment and a given date,and it shows you how much money you would have made,if you just put your money in there and didnt touch it,,thats a really cool tool,if youre looking to look back on investments,that youve sold and determine,if you made a good decision or a bad decision.,Thats completely free for all users,,you dont even need to have a brokerage account with them,if you wanna try that out.,Now in addition, they also offer fractional shares,which means you dont have to buy an entire share,of companies that trade at high prices,such as Tesla or Amazon for example,,by default it is $25 increments,that youre able to purchase shares in,but you can actually buy any amount of the stocks and ETFs,that are supported with this fractional investing.,As far as stocks and ETFs go,,theres over 5,000 different ones to choose from,so there are a lot stocks and ETFs available,as well as these investment themes,so you have options for both the passive investor,and the active investor.,Now as far as the social side of the app goes,,youre able to share your investment activity publicly,if you want to and you can also leave comments and feedback,about why you bought or sold a given investment.,So now lets jump into my phone,and Im gonna give you a live demo,of the Public brokerage app,so you can see for yourself what this app has to offer.,All right guys, so here we are inside of the Public app,and as you can see right off the bat,it gives you notifications about,what is going on with your portfolio.,So I put a $100 in here to test this out,and in a minute were going to buy $25 of a stock,just to show you guys what this can do here.,So I have a notification up top,,my portfolio was down 0.54% today,,Ive lost 58 cents just based on some market fluctuation,and in my portfolio I own, AMD, Apple, Google and Amazon.,And so right here on the main feed,,you have the social platform,where people are able to share different thoughts,and again, like I said, its just a really cool hybrid,between a brokerage and a social media platform,and it seems like this could really be something,that takes off if more people adopt to using this platform,and sharing their investment activity.,And just like with other social media platforms,,you can choose people to follow.,So for example, this guy right here, 4,087 followers,if I wanna follow what he is doing,,I simply click follow,and I can see what he decides to share,in terms of his portfolio and his investment activity.,So right here, we can see that this guy Scott Galloway,has a portfolio of Apple, Amazon,and a company called Lemonade.,And just like with other social media platforms,,you can comment on different investment activity,and see what other people are doing,and gain feedback from other investors.,Now as mentioned earlier,,there are dozens of different investment themes,that you may decide to invest in,if you dont wanna pick and choose individual stocks.,So for example, lets go ahead and pick Green Power,and its gonna tell you about what the holdings are,and what this is designed to do.,You can also send your friends messages within this app,and you can also form group chats,if you wanna start an online stock community,right within your brokerage account.,So at this point in time,,Im gonna go ahead and purchase a stock,and Im gonna buy a fractional share,,that way I dont have to buy an entire share,of stocks that are very expensive.,So its gonna be a stock,that I own in one of my other portfolios,,were gonna buy some shares of Lowes.,So as you can see looking at this,,it currently trades at $167 per share,but thanks to the fractional shares,,I dont have to buy one entire share.,So if I go ahead and click the Buy button,,you will see the options I have available.,I have $25 and 2 cents in buying power,so Im gonna hit $25 and Im going to invest,or if I wanted to do a different amount,,I could literally do $1 and put that into Lowes stock.,But in this case, were gonna go ahead and do $25,,Im gonna click Invest and just like that,,Im gonna confirm,and I now own a fractional share of Lowes.,And this is where you can share,why you are investing in that stock,so Im going to say the global pandemic,is causing more people to do home improvement.,So now I click Post and thats going to show up on my feed,for other people who follow me to be able to see this.,All right guys, so in a nutshell,,Public was designed to make investing as simple,and as social as possible,and its kind of like a hybrid,between Robinhoods commission-free trading,and a social media platform in one.,Like I said, they have that exclusive offer,if you wanna grab 10 bucks worth of a free stock,,thats gonna be the top link down in the description below,if you think this is a good fit for you.,If you are looking for an advanced trading platform,with a lot of research tools,or if youre looking for

Public.com Review 2022 – UP TO $300 FREE STOCK – Pros/Cons

so today were gonna be doing a review,on the public investing app were gonna,be talking about the,pros and the cons when it comes to using,public now,also at the end i will have a video,where youre gonna actually go through,the process of signing up,so if youre curious how that looks like,stick around now im gonna also have a,link in the show notes down below for,you if youre gonna be interested in,getting started with public,that link helps support out the channel,and pays the bills but it also gives you,a chance to get started right away,and gets you a free stock slice now the,first and most important thing when it,comes to using public investing app,is the fact that it is free to use,entirely there is zero fees when it,comes to getting your account,up and running now when it comes to,investing into stocks and etfs,it is also as low as one dollar to get,in which means that there are fractional,shares available,they call them slices but effectively it,allows you to buy in,in dollar amounts instead of full stock,prices which is,really nice for a lot of beginner,investors so one of the big cons when it,comes to using public is that there is,no,option trading so this might be a pretty,big con for some people when it comes to,going on a trading platform,so something to keep in mind now when it,comes to being able to go through the,process and buy and sell your stocks,they have a social aspect to this now,this is partially pro,and con in the sense that you are pretty,much,allowing people to see your purchases,and your selling now you can put this on,private if you want to,but this could be a good thing and a bad,thing for some people based off of,seeing what other people are doing and,maybe being enticed or encouraged to buy,or sell so,something to keep in mind the social,aspect is really cool,its very much like a thread kind of,like on venmo or even just on other,social media,platforms where you can see activity,happening in real time,so another great pro when it comes to a,lot of beginner investors is the fact,that they have themes available for you,and this is a,really great way to find companies that,are maybe in a section that you,really want to focus in on so if you,care about like self-driving cars,or green energy or you know meatless,production you can actually find these,companies,through these themes to make sure that,youre kind of following along with the,type of investing that you want to do,now the user interface is,really nice its very easy to utilize as,far as functionality,its fairly close and similar to robin,hood if youve ever used,that app the biggest downside to the,overall user interface is the fact that,its not available,on desktop as of this recording so,currently it is only available on,mobile devices now aside from being able,to buy,your stocks with dollar amounts which is,pretty much with the fractional slices,you can also actually do other order,types such as,limit orders and stop orders as well so,if youre somebody who wants,different order types available for you,youre going to be able to find them,here on public now a con when it comes,to using public is that you wont be,able to do,a retirement account or even a custodial,account so this is pretty much just,going to be a taxable account for you,which is not necessarily the worst thing,but unfortunately those other options,are not currently available now when it,comes to,actually using your investments and,having your money working for you,public actually allows you to do what,they call a drip and this is going to be,great for a lot of long-term investors,where you can have your dividends,reinvested back into the companies that,paid them out now another great pro when,it comes to using public investing is,the fact that they have instant deposit,to be frank i dont know the limits on,it i would assume its somewhere around,a thousand dollars,but this effectively allows you to,deposit money and have it instantly,available to start investing with so,that way while its transferring from,your bank within those couple of,business days,you have access to that money right away,and for those that are very very new to,investing and maybe,are trying to do different things with,investments they actually have,really nice warnings for you on certain,stocks depending on whats going on in,the market so these warnings really just,give you some extra insight in case,maybe youre not as familiar with whats,going on now the,research and the data is fairly limited,on,this public investing app which is kind,of similar to a lot of other investing,platforms,so i always encourage to get additional,information from other websites so that,way you can make sure that you are,getting all the information you need,from these given stocks,now some other really cool quick,insights when it comes to using public,is that they have a chart where you can,see,how youre doing since you started,investing in a certain stock which is a,really cool feature to have as well as,the ability to separate your long-term,investments from maybe your short-term,investment so you can kind of have a,little bit of a separation between those,two different types of stocks,now a small little con here as well too,for some of those that are maybe bigger,into investing,there is no margin trading at least as,of yet when it comes to utilizing public,now,one of the best pros when using public,is the fact that when you sign up,you get that free stock slice like i,mentioned earlier which i will have a,link for in the show notes down below,and like i mentioned earlier im gonna,have a video right over here to show you,exactly how to go through the sign up,process,for public investing my name is dennis,and i will see you,over in this next video

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