1. Public Rec Pants & Shirts Review | Is Public Rec Good Quality?
  3. Comparison: Athleisure Pants (Quince, Public Rec, Rhone, Lululemon, and Old Navy)
  4. Public Rec All Day Every Day Pants Review: More like Jeans…. or sweatpants?
  5. Public Rec Workday Pant Slim Review
  6. Public Rec Workday Pant (Slim) Review
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Public Rec Pants & Shirts Review | Is Public Rec Good Quality?

athleisure clothes that look like work,clothes work clothes that look like,athleisure clothes athleisure wear,clothes that are actually casual wear,clothes in this review i take a look at,clothing company public rec and see,where they land,[Music],hey its kurt welcome to my channel,where i review fitness products do a,cost analysis on them then give them my,own rating to help you decide whether,they are worth purchasing or not,i buy all my products with my own money,and if i dont and theyre given to me,for free by the manufacturer i always,let you know at the beginning of the,video now if youre like me and at home,you wear a lot of athleisure or athletic,apparel like sweatpants and sweatshirts,and joggers,then i think i might have a company you,could be interested in and not only that,but if youre going into the office you,might be able to wear some of their,products in the office as well the,clothing company im talking about is,public wreck and i found them totally by,mistake one day i was checking out some,viori joggers which i liked a lot i,didnt find exactly what i needed so i,started scrolling somehow i got onto,public recs website i have no idea how,i did that its quite embarrassing,actually but anyways i clicked on,something i thought fiore made them i,like these pants and i went all the way,through to the checkout bin when i,finally got to the checkout bin i looked,it up and i said these arent fiori and,i thought who cares these really cool,pants ill go ahead and order them,anyways so thats what i did but before,i go through what i got from them lets,take a look at public wreck the clothing,company and see who they are,where they began and what theyre all,about after digging around on the,internet i did find some things out and,one of the first things i found out was,that they are a athleisure brand that,sells not only online but theyre,actually going to open up a couple,stores this year,it was founded by a guy named zach,goldstein and hes got an interesting,background he actually at one time was,an analyst for jp morgan and the most,recent company he worked for was a,company called shore capital partners an,investment firm based in chicago shore,capital partners basically invest in,entrepreneurs and their businesses so,im assuming zach had his own,entrepreneurial spirit and probably saw,all these other entrepreneurs that they,were funding and thought you know what i,always want to do this why dont i go,ahead and do this im just guessing,because thats probably what i would do,after stumbling upon a podcast produced,by elite quadgrowth marketing zack said,he started his company on kickstarter,back in 2015,and he raised a hundred and eighty,thousand dollars in sixty days and sold,two thousand pair of pants and that pair,of pants were the all-day everyday pant,the exact ones that i had bought they,then branched out and started an online,store on shopify and really began to,grow they started as a mens brand and,now offer a womans clothing line as,well like i said the first pant that,they made was the all day everyday pants,and zach kind of describes it as a nicer,fitting better looking pair of,sweatpants he had the idea of opening a,company that had better fittings,sweatpants and sweatshirts since college,when he went to the university of,michigan and he always thought that he,could make something thats better,fitting for men rather than use baggy,stuff he always had to wear whats cool,about at least his pants is they dont,come in small medium and large they,actually have in seam sizes and waist,sizes so you can buy things that fit you,really well he basically built his own,company solving his own problem if you,want to hear the full interview which i,think is really interesting i put it in,the description box below now lets take,a look at these clothes and see what,they are all about but before we do that,of course we gotta see,whats in the box,i ordered the public wreck clothing in a,very strange order first i just ordered,the all-day everyday pant in dark olive,i just wanted to wear it for a couple,weeks to see if i even liked it to see,if i even wanted to do a review on the,product well i did like the product so i,decided to buy some other stuff so i,thought well let me go ahead and buy a,shirt and another pair of pants i then,ordered the workday pant slim in sand,and the elevate long sleeve shirt in,heather oate then when i got everything,i realized its kind of strange to have,one shirt and two pair of pants so i,then ordered the,weekend crew i figured that made more,sense because instead of just two,outfits id have four outfits also ive,found that when you order athleisure,wear i like to wear the same brand top,and bottoms because the colors go,together well and the materials are the,same it just always seems to look nicer,lets start with the sizing what size,did i order well i am 5 foot 10 and i,weigh between 170 and 175 pounds,depending on what i do that day the big,thing for me was what size was to order,i know this sounds funny but ive been,wearing a size 33 for many many years,and what ive noticed over the past year,after starting this channel and eating,better and working out more,intelligently my waist has actually,shrunk to a size 32 and its really hard,for me to convince myself to buy 32s so,i said you know what i got to start,doing this so i bought size 32 and i,have a 30 inseam i dont know why that,was so scary for me to do it it just was,well lets talk about the all-day,everyday pant first the material of,these pants is very stretchy its made,of 88,nylon and 12,spandex im always surprised on how they,have perfected these textiles because,when i was a kid spandex was not so cool,now i actually like spandex better than,cotton because of its breathability and,also cotton does not look great over a,long period of time since i did wash,these pants i did go ahead and put them,in the washer i washed them on a cool,wash like it says on the directions and,then i put them in the dryer and took,them out when they were still a little,bit damp because i always like to do,that with my clothes it helps to keep,them looking better,longer well the pants have an elastic,waist and drawstring two well hidden,front pockets with zippers and two back,pockets with flaps which i have to say,attracted me to this product in the,first place because i hadnt seen,sweatpants like that before there is,just a small p on the back right pocket,for a logo and its not that obnoxious,normally i dont like front zipper,pockets as i have scratched my hands,when reaching into some zipped pockets,before but the zippers on the public,wreck pants were thin and not super,aggressive and i did not scratch my,hands up the front flap is just for show,and doesnt serve any purpose except to,help with the design the pant leg is,slim and at the bottom its not made of,any elastic material like a jogger might,be and it doesnt hug your ankle theyre,just about right were they made theyre,made in thailand next are the workday,pants and like i said i got this in the,sand color i ordered these in the 32,waist and 30 inch seam as well these,pants are a little bit thinner than the,all-day everyday pants but appear to,stretch just as much they are 90,polyester and 10 spandex i also follow,the directions and wash these pants just,for the heck of it so they were washed,just like the other ones for this review,the really cool thing is when they came,out of the dryer still damp and i hung,them up they looked amazing they look,like professionally pressed pants and,thats a big deal for me because i do,not like to iron at all and i thought,wow if i can wear these to work this,would be great the style of this pant is,very much like slim fit stretchy blue,jeans see the classic five pocket design,with the extra little pocket up front,im not sure what the technical term for,that is maybe somebody can tell me the,inside of the front pockets have a black,liner which i think is kind of cool its,easy to


it was going on guys todays video is,gonna be about these public records that,I received about good two weeks ago I,apologize I got too excited and I open,up the package before recording it I,typically like to unbox these products,and on video so you guys can see my,initial reaction to these products but,hey here it is,so been seen as for these guys all over,social media with the claim that these,are some very versatile pants that you,can wear anywhere I mean the name of the,pants is literally all day every day,pants so I wanted to put that to the,test I wanted to wear the pants for a,full day which my day consists of going,to work and going to gym I know pretty,boring but I wanted to see if this is,workplace appropriate and if I could,easily wear this at the gym as well and,then after that Im gonna go through a,few details of the pants and then give,you guys my final thoughts about the,pants going on guys so first day wearing,these all day everyday pants I am just,initial reaction um,they stretch a lot and they are very,comfortable so Im a tester name all day,every day,ima wear these pants all day my day,consists of work in the gym so right now,Im at work its in the morning time so,ima wear these pants all day today at,work of course I cant record myself at,work but during my break time Ill give,you guys an update on how these pants,feel and then after work Im gonna take,these same pants probably change my my,sweater and my shirt but Im gonna keep,the pants on and taste the shoes that I,got on some chelsea boots right now if,you can see that and Im gonna change it,to some sneakers and Im gonna take the,pants to the gym to see if I can you,know keep the pants on and use these,same pants at the gym so stay tuned,alright guys I am on my lunch break,right now and affected Ive gone half a,day what Ive been thinking about my,pants its a good thing you know usually,when I wear pants Im thinking about how,well it fits me how tight it is insane,areas if its digging into my skin,inside areas how loose it is none of,that you know I,quite a bit of walking around sitting,walking up and down stairs and it felt,comfortable all the way through so so,far so good,alright guys it is the end of the day I,am here at my gym next Fitness still,have on the pants so Im gonna try these,pants out in the gym and see how well,they hold up in there hi guys so just,left the gym today was leg day a great,opportunity for me to try out these,pants and Ill definitely say they are,Jimmu proof absolutely love these pants,in the gym even though they do have that,slick look that youre gonna wear to,work Ill be wearing the hell out of,these at the gym for sure so definitely,love these pants love how they stretch,as you can see I did my squash today it,felt great I love these pants so now on,to the rest of the video now lets start,the most obvious these are hands down,on the most stretches pants that Ive,ever owned I thought my American Eagle,genes were stretchy these blow it right,out of the water,made with idiot percent nylon and 12 of,12% spandex you can definitely feel the,effects of this when youre wearing,theres no movement that my lower,athletic half of my body can do that,will be restricted by these pants it,really gives you that four-way stretch,it can stretch either way and that,stretch in turn translates the comfort,so what are these pants theyre not,jeans its not quite chinos,I feel watching this the best way I can,describe these pans the feel of them,its a cross between sweat pants and,those athletic spandex pants you see,guys wear at the gym I mean from a,distance it gives you that slick chinos,look the type of look that you can wear,to work my job has been known to send,employees home for dressing,inappropriately,however Ive worn these pants a couple,times to work and nothing was said to me,but if you come closer you will see the,casual nature of these pants the zipper,side pocket the drawstring waistband,even the back pockets so I wanted to see,how far I can dress up and dress down,these pants,[Music],so after wearing the pants to the gym I,decided to throw it in the launcher to,see how well it would hold up the care,of the pants are very specific so it,says do a machine wash cold which is,what I did and then when when youre,done with that either hand dry it or put,it in a low tumble dry and the dryer,which is also what I did and when I took,it out it still fit me it did a little,shape it didnt shrink at all so every,other clip that you saw in this video,posted me wearing it at the gym was,actually it post laundry so as you can,see it still fits the price of these,pants are $98 when I look at pants from,different brands theyre kind of in the,same price range so I would say its,competitive and when I look at the uses,that I will get from these pants the,various situations that I could wear it,in as I as I showed you guys we look at,the cost per wear I think 98 dollars is,worth it so you can either pay 98,dollars right up front or they have the,secondary payment option on the website,called after pay now I have participated,in after pay in a previous brand I,havent fully gone through that whole,process but what that offers is four,installments of the overall price so in,this case itd be $98 you do full,installments of believers 24.6 so if 98,theres a little bit too steep to you,know get out of your pockets you can do,those four installments now Im still,doing that process with the other brands,so Im not sure how all that works if,they send you the product after the four,payments or after a couple of payments,but at least you know there is that,secondary option to buy the pants so a,big thank you for public record for,selling these pants,/ when I saw the ads online for the pans,I didnt know what to expect but I was,pleasantly surprised when I received,them and I wore them they feel very,comfortable they stretch very well and I,just generally liked the pants on their,website they have a ton of colors that,you can choose from so I kind of have a,feeling these wont be my last pair and,considering the fact that I wore these,to work a couple times and they went,unnoticed I will consider these chinos,alternatives so those days that Im,gonna give my chinos arrests I can still,wear these and still look slick and,smart as you can see you can dress them,up you can dress them down smart casual,athleisure just straight-up casual I,definitely would recommend these pair of,pants Ill put a link in the description,to this pair – so you guys can check it,out if you found this video informative,please give it a thumbs up in the,comment section let me hear your,thoughts have you tried these brand,before have you tried these upper pants,before and are there any other similar,brands out there that have pants like,this hit me down in the comments and of,course if you have a subscribe already,hit that subscribe button Ill be back,next week with another video same time,same place and as always stay fly,[Music]

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Comparison: Athleisure Pants (Quince, Public Rec, Rhone, Lululemon, and Old Navy)

would you like me to do a comparison of,all the athleisure pants that ive,reviewed thus far,you would,[Music],welcome back to life in my shoes reviews,and such,as the intro indicated and the thumbnail,im going to be doing a comparison of,all of the athleisure pants that i have,purchased to date and have reviewed to,date,to give you my pros and cons what i will,not be doing is telling you,that one is better than the other,because your criteria for evaluation may,be different than mine so i will just,tell you the pros and cons and then you,can make the assessment on,what you think is best for you the pants,that i will be comparing will be the,quince ultra stretch 24 7 smart chino,the public wreck all-day everyday pant,the public wreck workday pant in slim,and straight,the lululemon abc warp stream pant,the rhone commuter,and the old navy go dry built-in flex,performance slim pant,as i provide the pros and cons for each,product i will do a little screen in,screen of,that pant uh showing off how that pant,looks,on,the quince ultra stretch 24 7 smart,chino,first the pros,so as you can see in the link to that,video where i reviewed that product,the price brand new from,quince is 42 which included shipping,another pro is they are very workplace,ready these can be worn in the workplace,uh with a casual dress shoe or with a,dressier shoe,another pro is they have both a,buttoned waist,with a belt loops but also a tie waist,so you can wear them with or without the,belt its of your choosing depending on,how you want to dress it up and down,another pro is it has two zippered back,pockets which is a deviation from most,of the other athleisure that have only,the right back pocket is zippered both,back pockets are zippered,additionally there is a hidden behind,the pocket,front,zippered cell phone pocket where you can,put your cell phone in its own special,pocket zip it up and still then put for,example car keys in your normal pocket,that will not be scratching up the,screen,now the cons the cons are at the time of,purchase when i purchased the quints,24 7,smart chino ultra stretch pant,was that they only had two colors,available they had them in the black and,they had them in gray now what i will,say is since i made that purchase they,have released,khaki they have released blue,uh and they may have an additional maybe,like a maroon im not sure i think there,were three additional colors that were,released now the caveat to that is that,they do not have them in a full range of,sizes so they do not have them in my,size,even available as sold out so im hoping,that eventually they will broaden those,new colors to include,this my size in those new colors because,i really would love some khaki and blue,i am going to be purchasing the gray,soon,another,drawback is,that the front pockets are,shallower,not shallow but theyre shallower,in comparison to some of the others so,the perk is that youve got that,zippered pocket for your cell phone so,you dont have to worry about your cell,phone falling out but if i did not have,that i would have some concern with the,cell phone potentially coming out of the,front pockets,so there are your pros and cons for the,quints ultra stretch 24 7 smart chino,now the public wreck aded or all,everyday pant the pros,these are probably,um the stretchiest of all of the pants,that i purchased these are the single,stretchiest pants that i have thats a,pro and a con,spoiler,but,it is nice it is comfortable ive got,plenty of room they are not a slim fit,so theyve got plenty of room mobility,in them theyre fantastic,along with that a nice perk is that,theyre not only stretchy but theyre,soft you dont get a real,polyester-esque feel to them,you really do feel like almost like,youre wearing pajama bottoms which i,think is how i describe them in my,original review you feel like youre,wearing pajama bottoms or,almost like youre not wearing pants,theyre that soft and theyre,that light and breathable,another thing i mentioned already is the,breathability they are really breathable,there are something that in the summer,months when its warmer and you have to,wear slacks you can definitely do that,and the final pro is that the two front,pockets are both zippered and theyre,immensely deep so phenomenal with the,depth of the pockets they do zipper,which is nice,and a definite perk,so lets talk about the cons to these,pants,in comparison to some of the others i,would say they fit a little fuller a,little closer to the straight not really,leaning into the slim they just,fit a little fuller,in the leg now they do describe,themselves as tapering at the knee down,which is nice but they still are and it,may be a byproduct of their stretchiness,but they do they do feel bigger and um,and and baggier uh they have no belt,loops,so it is a tie only uh elastic,pant line,which,creates another con is that you,are limited in its wearability in the,workplace so i could not wear it with a,button down that had to be tucked in,that would look weird i have to wear it,with something untucked a sweater so it,does limit the workplace,wearability,also,a bummer although you do have the two,front pockets that zipper the back,pocket does not zipper but instead it,has a flap which gives you a slight bit,of added protection but i do love that,zippered back pocket and ive come,become accustomed to that in athleisure,pants as that is almost a standard that,theyre going to give you a zippered,back pocket,and then finally,one of the big drawbacks of these pants,is that they refit retail for 108,dollars,so there you go there are the pros and,cons of the public wreck all day every,day pan,and now the public wreck workday,straight and slim ill be talking both,about both of those at the same time and,will distinguish any kind of comments,that are unique to,one of the fits versus the other lets,talk about the pros they are absolutely,100 percent workplace ready so they look,like a,a khaki they look like a casual pair of,pants you could absolutely get away with,them now i will say,uh the slim,are,broaching that uh because they are,bordering on skinny um but they do have,a styling that is very workplace,appropriate and as i mentioned in,uh the all-day everyday pant as,something that they were lacking,these pants do have the zippered back,pocket which is,awesome ive grown accustomed to and i,almost require it in my pants now,as a place to put my wallet that gives,me that added security when im out and,about that im not going to lose my,wallet,and now lets talk about the cons of the,public wreck workday pant,the slim currently are retailing,anywhere from a hundred and eight,dollars to 68.,um there is a markdown,at the time of filming this video on the,slims that they are 68,i dont know if thats because theyre,going to discontinue those or what the,driver is for that but you can get those,at a reasonable price and then the,straight retail for 128 dollars so,be prepared to pay the money,the,another con is wow the material super,stretchy and accommodating so i bought,them in 36 34 i wear 36,in everything as you may be aware,sizing is different across from company,to company i can have a pair of 36,i.e the lululemon that are really tight,and then i can have a pair of 36s that,are just swimming i.e the old navy pants,these because the stretchy material they,are super accommodating what is not,accommodating,is how the pockets the front pockets are,constructed so theres not enough,material that goes into the pocket so,when,their 36 is probably on the slimmer side,of 36 but with the stretchy it kind of,accommodates me,but when it does that its kind of,pulling and what its doing is the,material that is in the pocket is not,long enough and you start having some of,the inside pocket material exposed in,the puckering of the pockets and thats,happening both with the straight,and with the slim,and so if they would build a little more,material down into the pocket i think,that that could accommodate that,i could size

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Public Rec All Day Every Day Pants Review: More like Jeans…. or sweatpants?

several years ago i came across a,kickstarter for a company called public,wreck they claim to make what they call,the all-day,everyday pants now on we try to hear we,pride ourselves,on giving you reviews of the latest and,greatest products,and i was a little embarrassed to,realize that weve had the public wreck,all day everyday pants for over three,years,and havent done a review needless to,say weve got a lot to say about it,were going to give you our honest,review and i,might even somehow break a,kids slide in the process,lets dive on into our full public wreck,all day,everyday pant review,[Music],now as i mentioned over three years ago,i got my first pair of public wreck,all day everyday pants a-d-e-d pants is,what the cool kids caught,but im so sorry that i have not stopped,to do,a full review because if youre like me,youve probably seen some of the ads,they do a lot of advertising on facebook,and instagram,and they really say that their jeans,feel like pajamas but look,like jeans now its a little tough,when you look at their website to see do,these really,look like some fancy chinos they look,like jeans or they look like sweatpants,and im gonna get to that i promise let,me test,the easy stuff for you first a couple,quick claims,that public wreck makes about the,all-day everyday pants,theyre easy to care for and quick to,dry thing,theyre super stretchy with maximum,comfort digging,and they are very highly breathable,now if youve seen any other ads youre,really wondering do they really look,like sweatpants they look like,jeans or what do they actually look like,well,lets dive into all day everyday pants,review,the look now let me shoot it to you,straight here,no one will mistake all day everyday,pants for jean,or suit or chino pants nobody will but,here is the good news,no one will mistake you for wearing,sweatpants in public either,now the all-day everyday pants kind of,live on this unique line between jeans,and maybe some chinos like the abc pants,and sweat so we made this nice little,graph,just as an example i think its a better,way of thinking about the all-day,everyday pantses,theyre kind of the male equivalent of,womens,leggings yeah i know they make leggings,for guys but thats not the point im,trying to say here,but women wear leggings and theyre,basically sweatpants nobody looks at,them like hey this ladys wearing,sweatpants out in public,like oh shes wearing a nice pair of,leggings thats actually what theyre,saying,thats the best way i can describe the,way the all-day everyday pants look,theyre the dudes equivalent of leggings,and if i had to create a category of,where they lived,thats where i would put them since,i purchased the all-day everyday pants,public rec has come out with a couple,different versions of pants that are,similar,to them theyre made out of a very,similar material they have the stadium,pants which are,even less dressy than the all-day,everyday pant and a more dressy version,called the workday pant,which i hope to be trying here very,shortly,now i typically wear my all day everyday,pants with gray alberts i have the,charcoal,heather colored all day everyday pants,and a mizzen mane henley its one of my,favorite,items i wear all fall winter and spring,long,and if needed i can even put a hoodie,over it and it looks fine this is the,marine layer signature hoodie,another one of my favorite cold weather,items,now styling the all-day everyday paint,is a little bit more difficult than i,thought in 100 honesty,full transparency its rare that i wear,these pants,outside of the home unless this is the,playground to the grocery store,or outside with the kids now i most,frequently wear them though,when the weather gets a little colder,outside and i switch from my,inside work from home shorts to my,inside work from home sweatpants the,single best use,for the all-day everyday pants is simple,they are the best,work from home pants ever that is a,fact if i am going to wear them out of,the home to the grocery store or,just running errands the all-day,everyday pants pair well with their,other public wreck clothes like the,public red,henley and the pelvic rack polo thats,about as fancy as i would go i,they do not go with a button-up shirt,like im missing a main shirt at,all here is the public wreck,all-day everyday pants with a menlo club,shirt and menlo club white shoes,as you can see they really dont look,very fancy,when youre wearing with other clothes,theyre a little bit on the baggy side,and and thats,okay too now a couple other features,that i want to talk about that i,typically dont talk about in reviews,are the things that make the all-day,everyday pants better,than just work from home pants because i,probably wouldnt pay 98,for a pair of pants i just wore working,from home,one of the killer features i never,thought about are the all-day everyday,pants,pockets the fact that they are zippered,in and of itself,have paid for these pants several times,over heres why when i wear sweatpants,or even like some workout shorts in,public,my phone and keys always slide out,especially for some reason on,playgrounds and slides,now im showing you this in our basement,quote unquote studio which is,not a studio its just some lights and a,backdrop,so i decided to show you what its like,to put your,keys you can put your phone your wall,whatever in the pocket you zip it up,and nine times out of ten if i go on a,slide and i dont have zipped up pockets,this stuff comes out now this isnt,really the most like gangster reason for,buying a pair of pants but its a huge,deal recovering lost phone or broken,screens or lost keys,have let these pants pay for themselves,very very quickly,now another thing about the ade pants is,the waistband,now i was a little bit hesitant on the,waistband,just to be 100 honest when i first got,it heres what public rec says about the,waistband on their website,its elastic waistband with internal,drawstring for maximum comfort,but you know how like some sweatpants,can be a little bit loose and they,get even looser over time the all-day,everyday pants have an incredibly strong,waistband listen to this,now sometimes when you you know wear,sweatpants there can be issue with the,waist being too loose,and three plus years later i can,honestly tell you,that the waistband is still super snug,and you will not,have a problem with it its so snug that,if you,like your sweatpants really loose i,recommend you take it a size,up to make sure that they are super,comfortable for you theyre,borderline a little tight but i like my,pants to stay,up and this is a great job you can also,even take it even tighter with the,drawstring,the aded pants have a fake aka foe if,youre fancy,zipper up front now its a little bit,odd but youre the only one knows that,its fake,and they did it to make the pants look a,little more formal not so much like,sweatpants which i get,but ive actually tried to use a,restroom and so freshly i couldnt find,the fly but thats by,design okay what about,the quality public wreck makes some,incredibly high quality,clothes i have had a couple of small,issues with the pockets,on the all-day everyday shorts which,ill do a review of that coming up,really shortly here but i told puppet,wreck about it and they paid for,the price of a seamstress to fix it,which is awesome but thats not even the,most impressive part,the seamstress said that they were some,of the best made clothes,shes ever seen thats pretty amazing,for someone that literally stares at,clothes,all day long,okay public wreck all day everyday pants,the final,verdict if youre looking to replace,your slacks,or your jeans with all day everyday,pants youre gonna have to pass,however if you want an extremely,comfortable pair of pants,that are super versatile wed recommend,you check out the all-day everyday pants,i was hoping just frankly that the,all-day everyday pants would be a,replacement for jeans but the truth is,they do a lot more than jeans they just,dont look like jeans,but

Public Rec Workday Pant Slim Review

whats up guys today Im back with,another clothing review today well be,reviewing the public rec workday pants,in slim so my first public records were,purchased earlier this year in January,and since then I bought three more pairs,because I like them so much so Ill be,trying on each one of them and letting,you know what I think,so now that we tried these on I want to,talk about my favorite things what I,love about them and also the things I,think they can improve on so number one,I love the fabric the fabric is,extremely stretchy it also does not,wrinkle Ive left these in the dryer,like all day before and I mean I can,literally crumble them up and theyre,still not gonna get wrinkled so I love,that theyre really light and also they,have this different material on the,inside its a little bit like softer but,they definitely do have that like tech,feel so if youre not into the tech feel,if you really like the cotton soft feel,Im not saying these are not soft but,theyre you know that polyester feeling,so if you dont like that maybe dont,get these but my favorite part about,these pants is the way that they fit me,I I need to skinny I need slim Im six,feet tall like 165 Im just really picky,about the way my pants fit me now and,Im trying to go through my closet and,if I have pants that dont fit me,exactly the way I want Im getting rid,of them so these I found like fit me,perfectly I love the way they fit,especially the leg hole opening thats,like a big deal for me when I wear my,shoes I want people to be able to see,them I dont want them covered up by,like a bootcut leg opening thats so,ugly to me okay so moving on to the,things that I dont like so number one,is their waistline it feels like so,paper-thin and like just not not 108,dollars worth you know what I mean like,premium quality thats throughout,everything else doesnt match up here,with this waist then and its hard to,explain but like if you were to to have,it and feel it for yourself you know,what Im saying its just,usually the waistband is a little bit,thicker right and its a little stretchy,this one not stretchy at all you think,you can make enough no its like a belt,does but so thats number one I feel,like they really need to make that a,little thicker maybe have a little,stretch to it another thing I dont like,is the sizes seem a little bit off on,the waist the length is fine but for the,waist Ill show you guys my first pair,that I got typically like a 32 but from,them I have to order 31 the first pair I,got the one Im wearing right now the,olive,these are 32 look how Ive never worn a,32 and how to be this baggy its crazy,so thats another thing I feel like,their sizes need to be adjusted a little,bit and Im not sure if its stretched,but it was definitely really big the,first time I put it on too so thats an,issue okay so a third thing is this,little black outline around the button I,dont know it just like again doesnt,seem premium quality Im not sure why,you would need that on offer its for,style or if its so that the the button,doesnt stretch out this whole which it,kind of is anyway heres what the tag,looks like heres their little logo,overall I love these pants those couple,things that I mentioned I feel like they,can fix and I dont think theyre at,their end product yet I think theyre,still probably going to improve theres,gonna be another version hopefully but,anytime I go in my closet and these are,clean this is what I choose because I,wear them to work if Im working from,home which we all are doing right now,hopefully if you have a job but if I,have these available I choose these even,over my sweatpants just because of how,stretchy they are theyre honestly,really comfy and I do love them I would,say if you dont have that like,slim body type these might not be for,you Id probably go with the regular,ones not slim because I feel like they,fit like skinny,I have skinny pants too and these are,more like skinny fit than slim alright,guys I also have a guest appearance,today I promised Id let him in on my,next video so here he is,this is casein this is my son I made a,video three years ago yeah we did we,made a youtube video three years ago was,our first one,so hes like out of the camera we made a,video like three years ago about a toy,review and you know now Im getting into,the YouTube game he wanted to make a,guest appearance so here he is so what,else do you want to say anything no are,you proud of me hmm,all right everybody say bye

Public Rec Workday Pant (Slim) Review

i got some new public wreck workday,pants let me tell you about them,[Music],welcome back to life in my shoes reviews,and such as the intro indicated i have,some new public wreck workday pants and,i wanted to tell you about them using my,normal format i want to tell you about,the purchase of the product,how i acquired them at the price etc,secondly i want to tell you about the,product as described by,the manufacturer and then finally i want,to tell you my thoughts as someone that,is now an owner of the product and is,wearing in this case wearing the product,i will say from the onset that this is,not a sponsored video so just know that,i purchased these pants with my own,dollars so now let me tell you a little,bit about the purchase,about the product and then well launch,into my thoughts so the purchase i,purchased the work day pant,in slim,the size is 36 34 that is my atypical,size in pants,i purchased them in the color slate,and i purchased them for 62,on sale,non-refundable so,basically what happened is public rec,which ive signed up for their emails i,highly encourage you to do that so that,you will be notified of sales and i,received an email that they were,discounting their inventory of the,original versions of the workday pant,because they have the version two coming,out so they were trying to reduce their,inventory,and sell off that old inventory in order,to bring the new inventory so thats why,they were reduced i believe they retail,typically,in,the 100 plus range i think the all-day,everyday are 98 i want to say these are,110 115 right around there but again i,purchased them for 62 non-refundable,so now,let me tell you about the product as,described by uh public rec,so,again a lot of this can be found on,their website but this may be a little,easier for you to consume so a,description of the product these are a,technical pant with a tapered slim fit,designed to bring comfort and stretch to,formal occasions,so from a fit perspective they are slim,its described as a modern cut that,skims the thighs and calves its a,tapered fit from the knee,down,and they recommend if youre between,sizes to size up im pretty typically a,36 so i went with the 36 34.,the materials are 90 polyester 10,spandex,some of the features which ill show,some of these off to you as i tell you,about them so its a five pockets so one,two,three,four,five,um it has a belt loops,so that you can wear a belt with these,this is important to note because that,is one thing that is missing from the,all-day everyday pan,because it has the elastic,waist with the tie string,these actually have belt loops and you,can wear a belt with them,it has a zippered back pocket so the,right back pocket has a zipper so that,you can put your wallet in there and zip,it up for a little added security,again that back pocket is i call that,out as a delta between the all day every,day so on all day every day its a,flapped back pocket that doesnt have a,zipper but the two front pockets,which are side entry and not top entry,have zippers on them so its just some,differences in all day every day these,are not an apples to apples,all day every day is totally a totally,different pant these are designed to be,something that can be worn uh,to work,i.e the workday pant so and then finally,the last thing that they,mentioned is about care they say these,are uh to be machine washed on cold with,like fabrics no bleach or no softener,they recommend a hang dry or a tumble,dry and definitely do not iron,so now to my thoughts,now my thoughts about this product after,having had them for about a week um and,they have gone through um multiple wears,and,a wash,i will tell you about a variety of,categories first off ill tell you about,the fit ill tell you about the style or,looks well talk about what i really,like about them well talk about is,there anything that i dislike about them,then ill give you my general overall,opinion of them,so first off fit what i will do is ill,include a little video in video over,here of me in the pants so you can kind,of see them but what i will say is,theyre definitely slim,so,i wore these,around my wife and daughter both of them,commented that they were,uncomfortably,tight so i would say they are slim,bordering on skinny so its um you got,to be comfortable with it uh i uh,because of the stretchy nature i think i,can get away wearing them,but,my usages for wearing them may not be to,the full potential the pant was designed,for,so that goes to the next one the styles,and look so are these work wearable,i would say,for me um the slim,is probably,pushing the limits of work wearable just,because they are,almost skinny and i am not of the age,that they typically wear skinny uh pants,i wear slim but not skinny so id say,theyre borderline,wearable to work i would say in a,standard fit of my size i would say they,absolutely are they are traditionally,styled the way a,a khaki or a casual pair of pants are,styled so i would say you would have no,trouble wearing them to work,for me,i might be able to get away with wearing,these depending on what i wear them with,again from a styling perspective theyre,all right but from a fit perspective,with them being the slim,that is where it is slightly,not sure about that from a casual,perspective absolutely you can rock,these,as you saw in the video you can rock,these with a t-shirt and tennis shoes or,sweatshirt and tennis shoes,they,do fine with that but again,they are on the skinny side of slim,so what are my likes about these pants,so number one they are super stretchy,much like the uh,the all-day everyday pant i would say,its a little more of a restraint but,still,quite stretchy very comfortable,they provide great mobility and movement,in them,easily feel like i could do a workout in,a pant like this because they have that,much stretch and mobility with them,another thing i like i love the zippered,back pocket,that is just something that has won me,over i love that zippered back pocket it,just gives me that peace of mind that,when im out in public that i have that,added added safety that my wallet isnt,going to be stolen,and then they are super comfortable i,dont think theyre as soft as the,all-day everyday but they are a super,comfortable pant,what are my dislikes,um the,fit being slim,i would say it really is a lot closer to,skinny,the the thing that makes it okay and,makes it so that i can wear with them is,the stretch ability so its not like,theyre,a gene that doesnt have the movement at,least with them being as tight as they,are they do have great mobility so,thats thats okay but they do fit,extremely snug which is again a little,concerning uh i probably will at some,point try their traditional,fit just to see how they are because,they they are comfy i like the mobility,that i have with them i would just like,them if they werent as tight on my leg,so,overall what are my thoughts on this um,again my age my size,uh just my style im probably not suited,to the slim fit,the way it is now i could potentially,size up a size in the waist to see if it,gave a little more bulk to it but i,think in the end i probably am not well,suited to the slim fit for the public,wreck workday pant,its just not,gonna fit for my style for my shape my,frame,its probably just not for me,they are super comfy and again they,allow great mobility and i love that i,will wear these again they were,non-refundable so im not going to give,them away im not going to sell them i,will wear these pants the last thing and,this is on me,is i got the slate gray um which is a,pretty decent color i almost feel like i,should have gone with a better neutral,maybe black,i could have gotten away with black a,little bit better would have looked,almost like a jogger um so i dont know,maybe a different color the slim,wouldnt have looked as bad,in the end,for the price i pay for them i like them,i will wear them,the types of scenarios that i will wear,them in will be limited uh also i think,you know perhaps

Best Mens Joggers | In-Depth Review | Bylt Basics, Public Rec, Thousand Miles Global

hey guys whats up im seth,this is modestly minimal and today were,looking at three,amazing,pair of joggers,[Music],[Music],okay so before we get started i want to,address,one thing,im six one,um when i bought these clothes i was in,the 215 to 220,weight range,and i have lost 15 pounds ive got,another 15 to go,and so sizing right now for me is weird,so if you ask in the comment,section below ill tell you,what size these are,with each clip,and,ill try to help but i cant base,anything right now off where im at,because all of my clothes are a little,bit too big,and i dont know what sizing is going to,be like when i get down to my goal,weight so i really just,im sorry i dont know but the three,brands that were gonna be going through,today,are public wreck,built basics and thousand mile global,all three of these joggers i feel like,have a different purpose,and can be worn at a different time now,thats not me saying that you need to,buy,all three pair of joggers,there are two,that are not my favorite,but i think the quality,are,where they need to be and there is,one clear winner for,an every day,travel,um,super comfortable where in the house,pair of joggers that just in my opinion,ultimately win so lets get into it,okay so first up we have probably one of,my favorite companies,out of all time i love their clothes i,love their shirts i love,their underwear i love their hats,theyve just got it all and they make it,really easy,to have a minimalist closet because,everything just pairs so perfectly,together,and you can build entire outfits around,one pair of pants two pair of shirts,whatever they have literally everything,that is built basics,and these are the belt basics joggers,and,for those of you looking for a full,length whether that be like a 32 inch in,seam to a 34 inch nc in seam thats hard,to say,these are for you um if youre looking,for a pair of joggers,that fit all the way down and will,either cuff over your shoe,or sit right on top of your foot,these are for you,now i do have to say one thing,like i said earlier ive lost a ton of,weight,and these do not fit anymore um,i went with extra large i wear extra,large in every pair of built basics,pants,i got them in,and they were incredibly,too small,so i went up one size to the xxl,and these are way too big even before i,started losing weight these were too big,now,theyre extremely big,so im going to show you these just know,that they should fit just a little bit,tighter,and,for me,the joggers that im going to be showing,you at the end,i just like better i like a shorter,jogger,that sets,you know way up above the ankle about a,28 inch inseam,and so,thats where were at lets uh lets,look at these though because i think,people that like their joggers,going all the way down and meeting their,shoes and not being kind of that crop,look,these are going to be for you these are,an incredibly built,super stretchy,just all-around,great,everyday jogger,okay so here are the belt basics joggers,and like i said,these are just,its kind of odd,but ive got a ton of room up here like,i said these are,these are a little bit bigger than what,i had anticipated um,and theyre longer than what i prefer,so if you prefer a pair of joggers that,go all the way down,maybe meet on your shoes like if youre,wearing a pair of high tops or something,or sandals you know i think theyre,going to look great,i just,im not sold for how they look,mainly because,i prefer a jogger,that fits up just a little higher if,these sat here,i think they would be perfect,um,they are incredibly,incredibly stretchy,and they keep,that shape just perfect i love the,pockets so most of the time our joggers,are going to have pockets that come down,the side right here,but these have more of like a jean style,pocket,the stuff inside is kind of like that um,like their performance blend mesh type,liner,and we have pretty deep pockets i have,an iphone 12 pro max,and it sits in there,perfectly,we do have,two back pockets with the same stuff,and then we also have a little side,pocket,here,that,our thousand mile global ones have a,pocket that goes to the front this one,comes to the back so if youre gonna put,something hard in there just know that,you might set on it and,that might not be the most comfortable,but i really dont know many people that,put anything in this pocket down here so,these are like i said these are just,their sizing is a little odd so thats,where the free exchanges and stuff like,that,come in great because,you got to find your size i have quite a,bit of material left off everywhere,but if youre looking for,a baggier,pair of joggers that like i said go all,the way down meet your shoes,and are really comfortable,these are for you,the,the one thing that im not a fan of,is there a little loud,i know that doesnt bother a lot of,people,but that sound,its kind of like a windbreaker like a,like a windbreaker jacket or like a rain,jacket,so if you dont mind that,i think these are a great pair if once,again youre looking for a little bit,longer pair of joggers that have a,little bit more room for you and arent,as,snug to your legs,okay next up we have a truly,different style of jogger than what i,usually ever wear,these are more of your sweatpant,style jogger,and,i stay hot,anytime im in the house its just,hot,and i have a hoodie on but the only,reason i have a hoodie on is because i,have a road mic kind of like a little,lav mic underneath,and with our high ceilings and,everything its just,its really echoey so i wear this to,kind of dampen the sound but im always,hot and so i dont really wear these,unless its super cold,or,unless were going out and were like,maybe running to pick up like food or,coffee or something like that,and,i just want something warm then ill,throw these on but if you live in a,warmer environment maybe like texas,arizona florida,you know what have you,youre probably not gonna like these,unless you stay cold because they they,are super warm and i definitely think,these are kind of the,luxury brand of,joggers um theyre,they were pretty expensive,i would put these up there with like um,if any of you have like mac weldon,joggers like theyre really nice uh,sweatpant joggers,these are pretty much on that same level,but they do fit great they are super,comfortable theyve held up for like the,last two years and,i think theyre worth the price,but i just get too hot a lot of times to,wear them so if you live somewhere cold,or where the winters get really cold,like weve had days that were like,negative 20. then,these are absolutely for you and lets,try them on lets see how they look i,think youre gonna like these,okay and here we have the public wreck,joggers,these are the kind of sweatpant,like type joggers,again these are a little bit longer,which,i dont know why but for,for joggers that felt like sweatpants,i dont really mind if theyre a little,bit longer because theyre theyre,supposed to be that way i think um they,are,so stretchy,and the material just bounces back a lot,of times sweatpants youll wear them for,a couple hours and they just like,stretch out,and look like,garbage,these dont these keep their shape,really well because i think they are,they are just like super thick,our pockets inside,we have,super durable pockets they are kind of,like a mesh lined but we have this,little like,cell phone pocket or,like slim wallet pocket down inside that,we can stick something in,on this side we do have a zippered,pocket that is super heavy duty,and goes down pretty deep actually,um zip this back up,we do have an elastic waistband with,kind of like the fake flap here,and we do get,drawstrings so if you want to tighten,them up the detail on these are super,super nice the little things at the end,say public wreck,and we do get where is it,a zippered pocket here in the back with,that same mesh,and as much as ive like wore these like,hanging out on the couch or like to a,movie theater or something,i dont feel that zipper in the back,which is a huge plus,w

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