1. Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review
  2. The PS5 PULSE 3D Headset Review – Midnight Black!
  3. Why You SHOULDNT Buy The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset! – An Honest Review
  4. I Was NOT Expecting This-Sony Pulse 3D Headset Review
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Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review

[Music],a next-gen console needs a next-gen,headset designed to complement the,PlayStation 5 and its Tempest positional,audio the pulse 3D wireless headset does,incredible things with PS5 games made to,take advantage of the consoles new,audiocentric powers not only do your,games sound Clean and Clear they have a,sense of space and place not often found,in games even with surround sound,lets not shoot each other all right,foreign,[Music],the pulse 3D feels like an extension of,the PS5 its white plastic top band and,black ear cups create the same contrast,as the Black Tower and white wings of,the PS5 Hardware the top band features,two connected but separate parts the,aforementioned outer frame made of white,plastic and a black rubber support band,that pads the headset by minimizing how,much weight falls directly on your head,it also makes the headset adjustable,even though the frame has no movable,Parts despite not having any real,padding on top the headset is,comfortable to wear,295 grams you can barely feel it but,there is a big gap between the support,band and the frame which undermines the,headsets generally impressive aesthetic,perfectly round ear cups which is,uncommon for a gaming headset are well,padded with thick open cell foam covered,by smooth leatherette the cups feel,surprisingly cavernous on the inside,which is always a good sign inside the,pulse 3D Esports 40 millimeter neodymium,drivers theyre smaller than what youll,find in many a premium third-party,headsets but that doesnt detract from,the Precision or power of its sound all,of the ports and inputs on the pulse 3D,are stacked along the back of the left,can from top to bottom you have a dual,rocker to balance game versus chat audio,mixing a microphone monitoring switch a,dual rocker for volume a mic mute button,a USBC port for charging a 3.5,millimeter headphone jack in case you,prefer to set up a wired connection and,lastly a power switch the pulse 3D uses,a pair of built-in noise canceling,microphones to pick up your voice ones,near the top of the left can the other,is in front near your mouth in theory,the Dual mic noise canceling system,should mitigate any ambient noise while,letting your voice come through clearly,in practice the mics offer incredible,Clarity for your voice yes but also for,anything else nearby while testing using,a mic monitoring feature the pulses mics,clearly picked up the low hum of my,Houses heating system in the basement,below it was clear there was some noise,canceling going on but it sounded more,like the ambient noise was being mixed,down rather than canceled out entirely,it works well enough that game audio,will likely drown out any extraneous,noise coming through,still it doesnt offer the same,isolation as unidirectional wired mics,found on many gaming headsets,pulse 3D uses a USB dongle for its 2.4,gigahertz wireless connection,a plug-and-play system with no pairing,required on any platform,after more than 25 hours of testing in a,room full of potentially interfering,Wireless signals a delivered an,unwavering connection,you can also plug the headset into the,Dual sense Dualshock 4 or any other 3.5,millimeter Port wired mode is a,trade-off though on the one hand the,headset draws power from your controller,so itll work even if its out of juice,although the Dual census battery drains,quickly enough on its own as it is,on the other hand surround sound is an,active over a wired connection so you,dont get the full effect,the pulse 3D looks good but it sounds,absolutely fantastic when playing on PS5,the sound of gameplay is not only clear,and vibrant it fills up the cans to,create an incredible sense of space,across its range the pulse Rings true,with full-bodied highs mids and lows it,was especially impressive for its base,tones like explosions in Spider-Man,Miles Morales which deliver that booming,oomph effect without over prioritizing,bass in its audio mix,no,the pulse 3D is made to take special,advantage of the PlayStation 5s new,Tempest 3D audio proprietary virtual,surround sound technology designed,specifically for generating positional,audio for games but Ive only tested it,in Spider-Man Miles Morales and Astros,playroom so far the pulse makes,excellent use of Tempest delivering,nuanced positional audio that goes,beyond whats expected from virtual 7.1,surround sound and headsets,Spider-Man Miles Morales the ambient,sounds of New York feel like theyre,coming in from all around standing in,Virtual Times Square you can hear cars,and people coming and going from every,angle and every distance to Simply,describe it as immersive sells it short,friends or wait a job taking a damn,Subway,the nuanced accurate layers of sound,gives the game World a volume that you,cannot achieve by simply generating a 3D,space it simply makes the city feel more,alive,similarly there are parts of Astros,playroom where youre surrounded by,Astros fellow Bots creating a sense of,life in the world that feeling is only,enhanced by the fact that you can hear,what theyre doing and can track their,position by ear even without tempus the,pulse 3D sounds excellent on PS4 and PC,replaying the opening of God of War the,sound of Kratos lumbering through the,woods came through clean and clear,though jumping to it directly from a,tempest augmented game made it much,easier to detect that the audio was,coming in from a limited number of,directions,the one place where the pulse 3D feels a,little underpowered is well power,according to Sony it should last up to,12 hours on a single charge anecdotally,we found it lasted between 9 and 10,hours of play across two days thats,enough juice that the headset should,last through any single session so long,as you keep it charged but substantially,less than what Ive come to expect from,Modern headsets for PlayStation or PC,taking unique advantage of the ps5s,Tempest 3D positional audio the pulse,delivers detailed and impressive sound,that seems to come from all directions,while remaining comfortable to wear its,microphone is prone to picking up,ambient noise but voices still come,through loud and clear and like the Dual,sense controller its relatively limited,battery life is sufficient but something,to be aware of,the PlayStation 5 era has only just,begun but its plain to see I mean here,that the pulse 3D is something special,for more PlayStation check out our,reviews of the PS5 and the Dual sense,controller and for everything else keep,it locked to IGN,[Music]

The PS5 PULSE 3D Headset Review – Midnight Black!

Hello everyone its SpawnPoiint and welcome back  to another video and this is the official midnight  ,black pulse 3d headset for the playstation 5.  now weve had the official white one since their  ,ps5 launched last year but sony have just  released this new color to go alongside the  ,midnight black controller you might be wondering  if the new color brings any additional settings  ,or features to the headset well the short answer  is no nothing has changed at all just the color  ,but if you saw my original video last year i did  mention i had a few issues with it one of which  ,has actually been sorted via a software update  now if youve never tried the pulse 3d headset i  ,will do a quick unboxing showing you what you get  then ill talk about the design comfort sound and  ,microphone quality ill even do some mic tests to  give you an idea of what to expect i hope todays  ,video is useful and please drop any questions in  the comments and i will try to get back to you,inside the box weve got the headset itself  theres a manual and a quick start guide a  ,usbc charging cable that you can plug into your  playstation 5 a 3.5 mil headphone jack cable to  ,plug into your controller and a wireless usb  dongle thats everything that it comes with  ,okay so here are the new pulse 3ds now these look  great in white but in my opinion they look even  ,better in midnight black they have that minimal  look to them and they clearly look on brand  ,with the black controller if i bring that black  controller in here and show you you can see the  ,color matches perfectly but im not sure if you  can see its not jet black or matte black its  ,got a very slight hint of blue its a very dark  blue which i guess is where the midnight name  ,comes from i have actually got another controller  that i got from colorware earlier this year and  ,this is matte black but you can see the difference  when they are side by side you can very clearly  ,see that one has got a hint of blue and the  other one is a very flat black now looking  ,around the headset it looks and feels really  nice the outer edge is a hard plastic theres no  ,flex here at all but the inner piece here this  is rubber its a really soft rubbery texture  ,now you can see as i move it it kind of flexes  and moves up and down and thats to obviously  ,accommodate your head then the outer ear cups  well these are a very hard plastic again exactly  ,the same as the top the ear cups themselves  well these are made from a foam or like a fake  ,leather material they feel nice to the touch but  i can imagine these may be cracking over time  ,but looking at the headset itself weve got  some really nice details just like before  ,youve got the little playstation icon on both  of the ear cups and then youve got the small  ,l and r logos on the inside of the band so at  least you know which way around to wear it well  ,look at the buttons and the ports in a second  but i think the overall look of this headset  ,especially in black is nice i really do like  the minimal look to it and the shape of the band  ,now all the buttons on the pulse 3ds are on the  left side on the left cup theres the power button  ,and once its on youll see a small led light up  on the side this is the 3.5 mil headphone jack and  ,you can use this to plug your headset into your  controller if you dont want to use it wirelessly  ,its great to see that we still have a usbc port  here something that other headsets still have not  ,adopted the mute button can be toggled on and off  by pressing it and visually you can see its muted  ,by the orange accent and as its popped out you  can feel whether its muted while youre gaming  ,this is the overall volume control of the headset  and here you can decide whether you want to  ,monitor or hear your own voice i usually have this  set to on as it stops me from shouting when im  ,talking is actually pretty useful and finally  theres a button to control the volume between  ,your chat or your party chat and the in-game  sound just by pressing this up or down now when  ,pressing any of these buttons most of them will  actually show up on screen so as youre pressing  ,the volume button for example well this will show  on screen so you can see exactly what youre doing  ,one thing youll notice about the pulse 3ds is  theres no mic arm or external microphone and  ,thats because the mic is actually built into the  headset with these small holes it means it looks  ,nice but it does have an impact on the sound  quality from my testing with it in party chats  ,with friends i have been told that i sound very  far away from the mic as if i have the mic arm  ,flipped up it also picks up a lot of background  noise so anyone talking in the background or  ,if the tv is on that will be picked up in the  chat but i have done some mic tests to give you  ,an idea of what this microphone sounds like and  ive compared it to a few other options as well  ,so this is a test on the pulse 3d headphones  in wireless mode to give you an idea of what  ,the audio quality is like what my voice sounds  like the levels how clear it is and if theres  ,any background noise okay so this is the same  test again but this time im using the pulse 3d  ,headphones but this time theyre wired so theyre  actually plugged directly into the controller  ,and again they should give you a good idea of  what the audio quality is like if theres any  ,background noise and what the levels are like  as well and heres a headset that i use most of  ,the time these are the still series arctis 7ps so  this should give you a good idea again comparing  ,it to the pulse 3ds of what my voice sounds like  the audio levels and just how clear it sounds  ,and just for the sake of testing this is  me talking directly into the dual sense  ,controller so this is using the microphone  thats built into the controller so again this  ,will probably sound quite echoey and the quality  is not quite as good as the other two headsets  ,now i like to use my headsets wirelessly but the  issue that i have for using this mic wirelessly  ,is the fact you cannot mute the button from the  controller the only way to mute this headset is  ,using the physical button on the side for me  that seems like a huge oversight and something  ,that should definitely be supported for the ps5  almost every other headset that ive used does  ,support this and its far quicker and easier to  use the controller but when youre in wired mode  ,the mute button does work but thats because  the headset controls are not being used at all  ,now when i first got the pulse 3ds last year the  white ones i mentioned i did not like the sound  ,as they sounded very flat and had no bass at all  plus the fact you couldnt adjust the levels meant  ,you were stuck with the factory settings i then  sold mine and i bought a set of astro a20s instead  ,well since then sony have actually released an  update that allows you to adjust these settings  ,straight from the console this is exactly what we  needed now this isnt a recent update but since i  ,didnt keep the original set i have not been  able to test it until now so if you now bring  ,up the quick launch menu and you go into the sound  settings you can see the eq settings there as well  ,there are different presets to choose from or you  can create your own and save it plus its quick  ,and easy to do and you can literally change the  eq settings during a game this is awesome as most  ,headsets that come with this feature require you  to plug them straight into your laptop or your pc  ,that means grabbing a cable plugging it in editing  it saving it and then testing on the ps5 at least  ,now you can do it straight from the ps5 and you  can tweak it as much as you need out of the box  ,these sound okay but as soon as you start tweaking  the settings or even just change it over to one of  ,the presets it makes a huge difference during  games like warzone where its really important  ,ab

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Why You SHOULDNT Buy The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset! – An Honest Review

hey what is up you guys brennan here,with digital cynics and today im going,to be taking a look at the sony pulse 3d,wireless headset you can pick this up in,a black and white option to match the,aesthetic of your playstation 5 or you,can pick them up in the all blacked out,option that im reviewing here today in,this video the sensor is going to work,for ps4 ps5 pc and mac and it is only,going to run you about 99 dollars so,its definitely on the lower end of,wireless headsets so lets take a closer,look at this headset see what its all,about,okay,out of the box you get the sony pulse 3d,headset a wireless dongle that uses a,2.4 gigahertz connection a type-c,charging cable and a 3.5 millimeter,audio cable so lets talk about the,design and build of this headset the,headset only weighs 295 grams so it is,definitely on the lighter side of,headsets you can get right now and,personally i think it comes in a nice,stylish modern design that matches the,ps5 pretty well this headset does have,sort of a one-size-fits-all type of,build so ear cups theyre not that,movable,uh they kind of just flex a little bit,on each side,and then the head strap is not,adjustable but there is a rubber band,that can slide up and down so in the,traditional sense this isnt one of the,you know typical headsets you can just,pull out and in uh to adjust the head,strap,it just has this rubber band that kind,of slides up and down you have kind of a,leather at type cushion around the ear,cups it is nice and plush and its,decently thick and then on the inside of,the ear cup you are getting just a thin,mesh cover over it so no cushion there,which could raise some concern but more,on that in a little bit all the buttons,and ports run down the back side of the,left ear cup giving you a good amount of,control without having to pause your,game and go into the playstation menus,so at the top you got the chat and game,combination button below that you have a,mic monitoring switch this basically,just allows you to hear feedback of,yourself talking in the headset you do,also of course get the volume up and,down button,a mute button that pops in and out,a type c charging port and a 3.5,millimeter audio port now i do want to,take a step back for a second and go,over some of the design flaws that i,feel like this headset could have,improved upon,so first off lets talk about this,adjustable head strap here,now without having the actual band,itself being able to adjust up and down,like a normal headset would this does,really limit you to how far this goes up,i mean it probably raises,about an inch so,for people with larger heads it can,cause an issue,so just a fair warning there if you do,have a pretty big head it might get,uncomfortable after a while or it might,just not fit at all next up i do want to,talk about the ear cups here,as you see they are perfectly circular,which is a little,strange uh,i feel like it doesnt fit my ear as,well as a,headset with kind of more of an,oval-shaped wood,which is most of the headsets that ive,used now im not saying its,uncomfortable it definitely has a little,bit of a curve there but it is a little,awkwardly shaped so when i put it on,i do kind of feel it kind of lower on my,neck and its just,it does get a little bit uncomfortable,and it does kind of squeeze my head a,little bit while im using it so ive,noticed i actually get more headaches,using this headset for long periods of,time than others ive used i also do,want to talk about the inside of the,actual headset theres no padding on it,whatsoever so,anybody who has larger ears or ears that,kind of flare out,this might actually cause some rubbing,issues or it might be pushing against,your ears and it may cause some,discomfort after a while and then my,last couple little gripes,now i realize this is a 99 headset so,its not going to feel the most premium,but,i dont really feel that confident in,doing any sort of,extended,movements or,really,pulling this apart that much ive had,headsets that ive been able to,completely bend in half and theyre,completely fine,this i feel like if i was to do that,with it it would snap,so it is on the cheaper feeling plastic,side of things to me which brings me,kind of my final gripe here it does have,a matte finish on it i didnt have this,thing for more than two days before i,had a massive scratch on the ear cup so,that is something to consider and im,actually pretty careful with,my gaming accessories and gaming,consoles and all that stuff so,to come home and see a giant scratch on,this from you know who knows what is,kind of unfortunate,and theres definitely some noticeable,marks that ive gotten since then now,moving on to audio i think overall for,the 99 price tag you get really good,sound out of this,so,kind of going back to my gripes again,with it,with the kind of quality of the build,they obviously put a lot of the,money into the audio so thats good,youre getting the headset for the audio,specifically,obviously comforts important too but,this has really really nice balancing,with the highs mids and lows its got a,nice bass to it without getting kind of,muddy and distorted sounding and its,honestly just overall really nice crisp,audio and i do have to mention sonys,big selling point with this headset is,the 3d audio that you get with it and it,is in fact really cool i did get to try,it out with a few games i tried it on,miles morales i tried it on sac boy and,then astros play room while yes this,features super cool you get really,really awesome 360 sound with really,immersive noises going on,it is pretty limited,to certain games primarily ones that are,sony exclusive sony does advertise a 12,hour battery life on this headset and,after using it for a handful of months,now id say that theyre pretty spot on,here but that being said,it doesnt change the fact that 12 hours,is pretty terrible battery life for a,wireless headset especially when youre,comparing them to a lot of headsets that,are out right now that have 20 to 30,hours of battery life 12 hours is just a,little chintzy to me but i do got to say,at least they were upfront with it and,they said you get 12 hours battery life,and thats typically what you get now,moving on to the microphone this headset,has dual noise cancelling mics on it,although i do have to say this headset,really falls short in the mic category i,constantly have friends telling me they,can hear like every single thing thats,going on around me dishwasher dog,barking people talking,random,heater turns on like it seems like it is,just the smallest little noises that,that people seem to be able to hear and,complain about to me constantly now the,actual mic itself like the voice quality,seems to be getting the job done,perfectly fine i dont have anyone,complaining about that and in fact ive,had friends say that i sound clearer in,the sony pulse headset than i do in my,200 head razor headset that i use as,well so that is a plus but if you are,gaming in a noisy area which i know a,lot of people are you know stuck in,their living rooms or just dont have a,separate isolated gaming space this,might not be the headset for you i did,also want to mention one more thing,about this headset that is pretty,unfortunate and its the isolation of,the sound when youre wearing it,it just doesnt really seem to block out,any noise,so unless youre playing with a game,thats super loud it just doesnt really,cup your ears well enough and seal it up,well enough to kind of make that nice,isolated sound that you want so overall,i would say that the sony pulse 3d,headset definitely has its design flaws,but when you consider the fact that it,is a 99 headset and it does have some,pretty fantastic audio quality,you know you got to kind of choose your,battle here its by far not the most,uncomfortable headset ive ever worn,but then again ive worn much much more,comfortable headsets but honestly this,audio for a hundred dollars it really,does match audio on a much more,expensive headset so im ki

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I Was NOT Expecting This-Sony Pulse 3D Headset Review

what is going on you guys aka 40 kevin,here in the gamer heaven today were,taking a look at the pulse 3d which is,sonys first party in-house headset that,is specifically designed to work with,the new audio engine on board the,playstation 5 to truly accentuate all,the features of that console i did just,review microsofts exclusive headset,specifically for the series snx and now,its sonys turn comparison between,these bad boys coming soon without,further ado guys lets break into sonys,pulse 3d headset and see if it makes the,ps5s audio shine,[Music],all right you guys over here at the,stormtrooper desktop youre new to the,channel this is where we do our,unboxings custom controller and pc,builds and a whole bunch of other fun,stuff so breaking into the box here this,headset does retail for a hundred,dollars just like microsofts offering,which i have to say a hundred dollars is,kind of the sweet spot uh into a good,entry-level headphone,anything below that seems to have,sub-par quality in my experience and,then anything above that kind of really,steps away from the 100 price point and,starts to show some flagship features so,aesthetics of the box obviously youre,going to have a ton of sony blue on,there and it is fine-tuned for 3d audio,on ps5 consoles so this is designed,specifically to work with the,new audio drivers inside of the,playstation 5 to truly accentuate the,sound so we will see how the software,accentuates the hardware here so as far,as the packaging its nothing too crazy,the headphones sit in this little,cardboard cradle here and then in this,little tray right here,you have your documentation you have a,quick start guide which does have some,sony blue branding on there other than,that no color but it has pictures good,font english is the primary language,opens up like a little pamphlet and,shows you how to charge and pair these,bad boys,then you also have a safety and support,guide basically explaining not to use,this as a frisbee,um not to snack on the sides of the,microphone or anything like that,and then the actual headset itself which,is wrapped in this little protective,wrapping here nothing crazy youre not,getting any kind of uh memory foam,youre not getting any kind of,microfiber carrying case or anything,like that dongle for pairing to the ps5,and ps4 and im also gonna test this on,pc as well because if this works with pc,that is absolutely awesome considering,uh most hundred dollar headsets,including that microsoft headset i just,tested requires you to buy a 25 dongle,if you want to make a dedicated 2.4,gigahertz connection yes a lot of these,headsets do support bluetooth as well,but you dont ever want to use bluetooth,for gaming whether its a controller a,headset keyboard mouse there is,noticeable lag latency and delay and it,is just a,uh far less superior mode of dot,wireless data transfer than a dedicated,2.4 gigahertz connection through,something like a dongle so do not use,bluetooth technically only use bluetooth,for pairing to your cell phone to take a,call or listen to music so you have a,pretty good length id say about five,foot usbc cable which is awesome the,microsoft headset came with a like a one,or a two foot so this is kind of nice,not braided or microfiber or anything,like that just a rubberized just a,typical rubberized usbc cable but its,good to see theres a little bit of,length on it now as for the actual,headset itself i will say,aesthetically it looks pretty good its,very sleek very modern and this also,does go hand in hand with the styling of,the playstation 5. so on the black,headband part there is little um,triangles crosses circles and squares,which is kind of cool and i will say the,build quality feels pretty darn darn,good im not hearing any creaks and,moans and groans in the plastic or,anything like that you have an l and an,r on here and then i do like the head,strap design instead of having to,instead of having to adjust head size,with some kind of a ratchet or pulling,mechanism it auto adjusts to your head,similar to the razor ultimates over here,which have pretty much been my have,pretty much been my dailies for,about two and a half three years i use,these on ps4 and pc,as well ear cups feel,phenomenally soft theres some kind of,memory foam in there very squishy,however it is a sealed off pleather or,leatherette material which means,ventilation might not be the greatest,but we will obviously test that here,these do have dual microphones built on,board one is to pick up your voice and,the other one is for noise cancelling,basically to listen to your room fan,noise etc and cut out any of that,through the microphone so there are zero,controls over here on the right ear cup,however on the left you have your power,uh slider which i do like its a slider,not a button so its much less,easily easy to hit and turn your headset,off and its also very far away from the,rest of the controls which i definitely,do like theres a 3.5 millimeter,headphone jack so if you want to use,these wired to a phone or vr or,something like that you can theres your,usb charge port you have your mic mute,button right here,which is actually,awesome it clicks in and out and then,gives you a little orange indicator,when you are muted so thats kind of,nice so its not a slider or a wheel,its just a up and down button which uh,i dont really have a preference there i,think thats a good design though and,then you have monitoring on and off so,if you want mic monitoring you can turn,that on i personally will most likely,leave that off ill test it out for you,guys but im not a huge fan of mic,monitoring and then up here this is your,adjustment for in-game and chat balance,these feel very interesting so theyre,not uncomfortable by any means certainly,not the most comfortable headset ive,ever felt and a lot of that comes down,to the fact that these not the drivers,themselves but the actual housing that,wraps around your ears isnt necessarily,very large so for if you have some big,old ears um they might not really be,over the ear headphones they might be on,the ear headphones it might be kind of,pushing up against your ear there but,because the ear cups are so soft its,not going to make a huge difference i,will say i really do like that auto,adjusting head strap there,they feel pretty good but i can,definitely tell just like the microsoft,headset because this is completely,sealed off and it has no cooling gel or,perforated material,or any kind of ventilation these are,probably going to make my ears pretty,warm pretty quickly but they do feel,pretty good pretty comfortable though,the clamping force isnt very aggressive,however they do stay on your head pretty,well not that you really move around a,lot while youre gaming youre pretty,much just stationary looking at the,screen nice nice,all right lets get these hooked up to,the ps5 and see what kind of,controllability we have in the software,suite,alrighty guys over here in the living,room now getting this paired up is,extremely easy youre going to plug in,the dongle which by the way the,instruction manual does show it plugging,into a laptop slash pc or a ps5 so if,this this dongle does work with both,platforms thats awesome so you plug it,into the front of your ps5 turn on the,headset and it should pair right up now,for the purpose of this review im just,plugging it into the usb port in the,front however since its a rather good,size dongle i would probably use one of,the usb ports on the back so its not,seen kind of,for two reasons one kind of ugly enough,the aesthetics of your ps5 and most,importantly if you have any pets or kids,or just you know drunk friends coming,over its kind of a not a trip hazard,but it could,if somebody bumps into it it would,probably snap it off or cause some,damage to your console you dont want,that so now were gonna turn on the,pulse 3d headset all right as you see up,there now we have a controller with 100,battery life and we have a headset with,a 100 battery life as

PS5 | Do you NEED the Pulse 3D?

– Todays video is sponsored by Popcart.,The PS5 launched,with a bunch of different first-party accessories,,and we actually havent spent,a lot of time talking about those yet,,aside from the DualSense controller,,which I absolutely love.,But what is probably the most,popular accessory aside from that,is, of course, the PULSE 3D headset.,Sonys always been in a bit of an interesting position,when it comes to headsets for the PS5,compared to Nintendo and Microsoft,,in that its really the only one that offers,its own official option.,Xbox and Nintendo might have officially licensed options,that they push more than others,,but ultimately, nothing is being made actually in-house,,at least when it comes to a higher quality headset.,(upbeat electronic music),And having a first-party option like this,is something that is really appealing to a lot of people,because its something that kind of comes,with almost a sort of basic sense of trust.,You would assume that Sony making their own headset,for their own gaming console would be selling something,that is good quality for the price.,As a result of this, it is by default,a very popular choice for a lot of people.,And is very hard to get right now,if you already own a PS5 or trying to hunt one down.,So I really just wanna kind of compare this,to another third-party option, just to get a sense for,how badly you really need to use the first-party one,,whether it is your best choice or not,,and maybe what you should look out for as far as,what it has and doesnt have to offer.,To begin with, lets just talk about,what exactly the PULSE 3D headset is,and what it has to offer.,And on paper, it actually has a lot in common,with what was the mainline option for the PS4,,the Gold Headset.,This is a wireless headset going for an MSRP of $99,,which is not the absolute cheapest,that a wireless headset can get,,but its still a very much more affordable price.,Its definitely on the kind of lower end.,But at the same time as offering pretty good build quality,and sound quality for that price point.,The headset connects to your PS5,through a wireless USB-A dongle,which makes sure that it has a strong connection,that doesnt have any kind of audio lag,and preserves as much of the audio quality as possible.,Like the Gold Headset, it is a very lightweight trim design,that does not feature any kind of protruding microphone.,And in this particular case, it actually makes use,of a pair of built-in mics that work together,to make sure that youre getting,a nice, clean audio quality.,As well as making use of noise-canceling,to help make sure that no major,ambient noises get in the way.,At this point, you might be wondering,whats different about this compared,to the Gold Headset, aside from audio quality?,And theres really two major things,aside from changes there.,One, the physical design is different.,Its not just simply a new shinier look,,but it is a different approach to the headband.,The Gold Headset made use,of just a cushioned to singular band at the top,,whereas this has that kind of supporting rubber liner.,This is a big upgrade over the Golds design comfort-wise,,though I do wish the band was made out of a softer material.,It does give a decent bit,when youre trying to get at just on to your head,,but just something about the kind of hard flat plastic,,Im not as big of a fan of.,What is another big difference though,,is the addition of 3D Audio support.,This is something that PlayStation did mess around with,a little bit back on the PS4,,with their more expensive headset option,,the Platinum Headset.,But now it is a standard baseline option for the PS5,and is now included in a lot more games.,And is one of the kind of pushed features,,as far as something that is new and cool about the system,,aside from the general power upgrades,compared to its predecessor.,If youre wondering what exactly 3D Audio actually is,,well, its the headset simulating the experience of sounds,not only coming from around you,but more particularly, above, below, and at equal height.,So if theres something happening in-game above you,,youre gonna hear like its happening above you.,As opposed to having just one blanketed sound effect,at all heights.,Note that this is not the same thing as surround sound,where youre getting a clear differentiation,of things that are happening,in front, behind, or beside you.,That is a separate thing that is not here.,This is a stereo headset still,,so youre getting left and right,,but it is not surround sound, just that 3D Audio support.,In a void, this is a great solid headset to pick up and use.,But again, what were kind of looking at here,is how it actually stacks up to competition,,whether or not you absolutely have to get,the official first-party option.,And so, what I wanna compare it against,is one of my personal favorite lines of headset options,,SteelSeries, in particular,,there are new options branded for the PS5,,the SteelSeries Arctis 7P.,Now, something about both these headsets,is that they are actually pretty tough to get ahold of,,especially the PULSE 3D.,So if youve been trying to track one down,,its really, really difficult right now.,But something that can help with that,,by the way, real quick, is todays sponsor Popcart.,Smooth.,Do you hate it when you buy something online,,only to find out that just a couple of days later,you could have gotten it,for 20 bucks cheaper somewhere else?,Well, thats where Popcarts free Chrome extension,comes in handy.,It gives you a super-easy way to quickly compare prices,across a bunch of different major retailers,,like Best Buy Target, Amazon, Walmart, and many, many more.,It is so easy to use and set up.,All you have to do is add it through your browser.,And from then on,,whenever youre looking at a listing for something,,like, lets say, “Call of Duty: Cold War”,on Best Buys website,,well, Popcart will give you a little notification right away,saying, “Hey! guess what?,”You can get this for 10 bucks cheaper,”over on Amazon or Walmart.”,Whats really useful about it right now,,especially with how many big gaming things,are just constantly selling out all the time.,Thanks a lot, bots.,Is their genius alert system,,where you can say, “Hey heres this item Im looking for.,”Let me know when its back in stock at a different store,,”or even let me know if its price dropped down,to a certain point because I dont really wanna spend,”that much money on it quite yet.”,So if youre trying to find a PULSE 3D, for instance,,well, you can have a stock alert set up,so it lets you know when that shows up back in stock.,(people cheering),Download Popcart for free today,and start testing for yourself,to see how much money you can start saving,by going to Popcart.com/KevinKenson.,Okay, lets get back to headsets now.,So, what exactly is the difference in experience,between using a third-party option,versus the PULSE 3D headset?,Something worth noting real quick,about this particular headset Im talking about here,,this is actually a more expensive one.,This is the main one right now its SteelSeries,is kind of leaning to branding for the PS5,,but it is a $150 headset as opposed to $100.,There is a cheaper option called the Arctis 1 Wireless,that goes through the same MSRP of 100 bucks.,And the main trade-off there is,its not as solid of a build quality,and it has a detachable mic rather than a retractable one.,But as far as audio quality goes,,it is actually the same thing.,It uses the same drivers.,So thats worth, that as far as audio is concerned,,you can grab a cheaper version of this,that does go for that same price as the PULSE.,Theres also more expensive ones with other fancy features,,but thats outside of what were mainly talking about here.,The main point is using something like this,versus something like this.,First off, lets just talk about the physical differences,between these two headsets.,Now, like I mentioned earlier with the PULSE 3D,,Im not a huge fan of the headband on it.,It doe

Is the PS5 Pulse 3D Headset Worth Getting?

sony is going big with the ps5 launch,not only releasing a new console and,controller,but also a wave of accessories in,addition to a camera,charging dock and media remote sony is,putting out a new gaming headset,alongside its next-gen console sony,claims that the pulse takes full,advantage of its tempest 3d audio tech,but the company has also noted that any,headset connected to the console,will be able to make use of it as well,where this leaves us with the pulse,is whether it can outperform third-party,options in the same price range,for 100 you get the pulse headset a usb,wireless adapter,a usbc charging cable and a 3.5,millimeter audio cable for a wired,connection,youre still able to voice chat and use,the ps5 3d audio when plugging headsets,into your controller so if you run out,of battery when using the pulse,wirelessly you can easily plug it into,your dual sense to continue using it,sony claims a battery life of about 12,hours which just about checks out in our,tests,now the audio experience is excellent,for a headset in this price range,i played through the majority of astros,playroom and spider-man miles morales,while using it,and came away impressed by the,experience it provides,whether i was listening to spider-mans,hip-hop soundtrack while miles morales,walked down the street,or hearing the wind blow through me as,spider-man dived between new york,skyscrapers,the audio was always well defined,providing a vibrant experience that,helped make the ps5s worlds feel alive,the consoles 3d audio tech also pairs,nicely with the pulse,offering a slight boost to the sounds,around you this,is a subtle effect that makes sounds,like cars whizzing past you more,pronounced,giving you a better idea of which,direction each one is coming from,this isnt exactly game changing but it,is a nice bonus to have,regarding the headsets aesthetics the,meeting of the pulses white headband,with its black earpieces,gives it an attractive look emulating,the same contrast as the ps5,however where the black is glossy on the,ps5,its nothing but matte plastic on the,pulse this also applies to its onboard,controls which,consist of nothing but similar feeling,plastic buttons and switches,these are all located on the left ear,and even though ive worn the headset,for multiple charges,i still have issues feeling out which,button is which,however the volume buttons do have a,little tactile dot that makes them,easier to find the pulses inner,headband on the other hand,is made of soft rubber it adjusts upward,to meet your head where it rests,and sits gently on top as you wear it,considering the headsets all plastic,outer shell,the headband feels surprisingly nice the,ear cushions however,take some time to break in they start,off quite stiff giving a bad first,impression,though it doesnt take long for them to,settle in and become discreet during,extended sessions,those with bigger ears may want to,consider a different headset however,because even after the cushion softened,up i still found my earlobes hanging out,of them making for a less comfortable,experience than other headsets ive,tested,these physical drawbacks are,disappointing sure,but the audio quality and price tag push,the pulse from being a good headset to,an almost great one,there are better headsets out there and,perhaps many that are more comfortable,but at a hundred dollars,sony has hit a price that is hard to,beat for the vivacious,and rich audio experience that the pulse,[Music],delivers,[Music],you

Best PS5 Headphones 2022: The Ultimate Buying Guide

there are so many choices when it comes,to choosing the right headset for your,playstation 5. when i was picking these,headsets i looked at some of the most,important features for gaming first its,comfort how well do these feel on your,ears for an extended gaming session then,of course theres sound quality,playstation 5 3d audio is available on,any headset but that experience is going,to vary microphone quality is important,because you want your buddies to hear,you without any background noise and you,cant make a best list without,mentioning the price ive got something,for everyones budget ive placed links,in the description if you want to check,these out as well as up-to-date pricing,with that all out the way lets get,started,[Music],first up is sonys pulse 3d headsets it,should be no surprise that sonys own,headset made my list the pulse 3d,wireless headsets are a solid pick at a,hundred dollars it comes in two colors a,two-tone white to match the console and,you can also get it in midnight black,lets start with design and comfort,these fit pretty secure on my head,instead of telescoping ear cups it uses,an adjustable headband strap i found,that the band felt a bit stiff at first,and it applied a lot of pressure to the,top of my head but after a few uses it,became more comfortable so there is a,bit of a breaking in period the ear cups,themselves are also on the smaller side,and because of the rigid design i found,myself getting fatigued after wearing,these for only a few hours thats mainly,because the ear cups push down on my,ears right where my glasses sat so while,these are super secure they might also,be on the smaller side for some where,these headsets really shine is with the,virtual surround sound youre going to,be able to pick up which direction those,enemy footsteps are coming from the,sound quality is good as well i was able,to clearly hear the high clinks of metal,in astros playroom and i could feel the,low rumble of cars in gran turismo 7.,one nice thing about these first party,sony headsets is that there is a,built-in equalizer right into the,playstation 5 zy you get three custom,profiles and two presets to adjust to,the types of games you play these are,wireless headsets and their battery life,is around 12 hours which is okay i tend,to have longer gaming sessions and i,found that towards the end of the second,day of consecutive use it would die on,me so id have to go charge it it does,come with a 3.5 millimeter cable so you,can plug it into the controller and keep,going i always dock my controller after,every session so making sure that i,charge my headsets is a habit that i,could learn,okay so im here on my couch and i,thought id give you a listen on how the,microphone sounds so im in a party with,my friend booker who is capturing audio,on his playstation 5. so we are going,over psn i have a fan running about five,feet away from me and theres also,another tv that is playing some cnet,videos in the background to see if it,can pick up any background noise my,friends found that my voice is quieter,than it sounds normally and thats due,to the headset not having a boom mic,even if i increase the gain in the,playstation 5 menu i still sounded a bit,distant and you can hear the tv a little,bit and the fan is creating some static,noise,all in all for a hundred bucks you cant,go wrong with sonys first party headset,for the money it offers one of the best,virtual surround sound experiences,but the design is a little bit on the,smaller side,up next is the bear dynamics mmx 150,these come in a gray or black and retail,for a hundred and fifty dollars on the,design and comfort side the mmx 150s do,apply a bit of pressure to create a good,seal around my ear the headband across,the top is pretty rigid but theres a,lot of padding on the top of the head so,its very comfortable and it isnt,providing issues for me during long term,wear the ear cups are very thick so,while it did apply pressure on me i,didnt have any discomfort around my,ears overall i get a great seal that,blocks out noise while still being super,comfortable i had no complaints when it,came to sound quality the sound is very,balanced when i was playing gran turismo,7 i found that it sounded full with a,lot of detail the highs were good the,lows were good and the mids were,excellent i say these give a more,natural sound and not as lush or as,processed as some people would like its,more of a studio type headphone so,youre going to hear a more balanced,sound and not something that is extreme,that makes these really good for,listening to music,the microphone does pick up some ambient,noise but my voice came through clear,although my friends noted that i did,sound a touch distant you do have to be,careful it does pick up things like my,breathing and drinking water can be a,little overbearing for those listening,unfortunately you can hear the noise,from the tv come through the mic and the,fan is also creating some static,one interesting feature that the mmx 150,does have over the other headphones on,this list is that it has an augmented,mode its similar to transparency mode,found on some earbuds that amplifies or,mixes in outside noise so for example,youre waiting on that pizza you should,be able to still hear the doorbell this,mode is only available when plugged in,via usb i found that the mode worked,okay when i had the volume cranked up on,the inside of the headset it was still,difficult for my partner to get my,attention still it is a neat feature to,have do note that the included cable is,about eight feet long and in my living,room the cable wasnt long enough and i,found that it sort of dangled enough,that someone could trip over it for 150,these offer a balanced audio profile,good for both gaming and daily music,listening the microphone is clear and,the extra features are a nice touch that,i think a lot of people would find,useful,if you want a wireless headphone then i,recommend the steel series arctis 7p,plus,these retail for 170 dollars and come in,white or black and offer a 30 hour,battery life these are one of the more,comfortable headsets on the list with,fabric ear pads so they are very soft,and breathable,there is no telescoping mechanism,instead it uses what steel series calls,a ski goggle suspension headband,basically its a strap with some velcro,to adjust the height i found that these,didnt apply a ton of pressure to my,head but i did get some play when i,shook my head these gave me one of the,most complete sounds out of all the,headsets i have here the audio quality,has a lot of depth and it is robust i,loaded up no mans sky and i can clearly,hear the animals rummaging around,spaceships flying through the sky and,the hum of the buildings the world felt,really alive to me the only thing i,would note is that the bass isnt boomy,out of the box however you can adjust,the equalizer by plugging it into a pc,and using steelseries software to add,that base in,the eq will save to the headset and it,will keep the adjustments on the ps5,these headsets come with a usbc dongle,so welcome to 2022. i was able to plug,the dongle directly into the front usbc,port of my playstation but it did cover,the usb a port next to it in the box,there is a female usbc to usb a cable if,you want to plug into the back of the,playstation instead,the usbc dongle also works on nintendo,switch,android phones and ipads,so while these have great sound id have,to say that the microphone on these,isnt my favorite my friends told me,that my voice sounded a bit tinny and,that outside voices are very clear,i have to say that the mic is going to,work best in a quiet environment so if,you have kids stomping around,or playing a shared space your friends,might not appreciate it the good news is,that there is a built-in microphone,monitoring so you can be aware of how,much extra noise is getting in,looking past the microphone these offer,a really great sound that customizable,equalizer is going to allow you to tune,thes

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