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Walmart Dog Food Review Pure Balance Grain Free

alright guys you know how Ive been,trying out different dog foods to see,like a food that my dog wont react to,and that shes going to actually like I,know this is a keto carnivore Channel,and I talked about you know basically my,life in general but my dog is part of my,life and Ive been trying all this,different stuff out well moneys tight,and Ive been looking for the best,cheaper brand but grain free bran for my,dog and I noticed that hi Tammy,you dont page she loves that stuff I,mean she just she just eats the mess out,of that food and she enjoys every little,bit of it I feed her once a day and Im,surprised because Ive bought the,hundred dollar bag dog food Ive bought,the seventy dollar bag dog food and his,$60 bag dog food and the stuff that they,claim is the best in the world and then,when you flip it around you guys seen,just like a month ago maybe a month and,a half ago I did a review on the most,expensive dog food on the market and,after the first few fish which were,cheaper quality fish in this really,expensive dog food was fish meal all,these different types of meal no grain,but I noticed this here,she has no reaction to she likes it she,eats until shes full and she wont eat,again until the next day around,dinnertime and when they tell you in,this that theres no junk in it and that,is grain free I have noticed that this,by far is the number one most disclosed,brand that Ive seen on what their,products are so on the front of it it,says natural ingredients with added,vitamins and minerals it says no corn,wheat soy or grains no fillers,artificial flavors artificial,preservatives artificial colors number,one ingredient is salmon my dog has got,some hip and joint problems this does,seem to be helping her on the bottom it,says also ideal for puppies and seniors,well see,hes considered a senior she has a very,very very high sensitivity to garbage in,dog food in general it says a man and,pea recipe and it says right here food,sensitivity support healthy vision,healthy heart and this really does help,with her joints,she doesnt limp nowhere near as much,off of this and this is not me making,excuses because Ill go without food,just so I can buy her better food,because shes uh shes my girl,so on the ingredient label it has salmon,salmon meal but theres no more meal,after that the other foods I tried had,multiple types of meals and she would,break out she wouldnt enjoy it very,much she just wasnt a big fan of it but,salmon salmon meal dry ground peas,tapioca pea protein dried plain beet,pulp poultry fat whole ground potato,theres some fish Mill Hill here but,its not compared to the other ones the,other ones had like three four or five,different types of different fish meal,this food,she has no breakdown on her ears dont,get infected her belly doesnt get red,she eats it like she really enjoys it,its got a good amount of protein to it,its got some omega-6 to omega-3 fatty,acids its got a really good balance to,it overall and I have to say since I,bought this food its only like twenty,dollars for an 11 pound bag of this she,loves it she doesnt have any problems,with it she has no reactions to it,she before I used to have it to where,come here come here baby,in her belly area and stuff down here it,would turn real like reddish-brown it,would break out a lot she dont have any,of that going on I mean its just nice,real nice color other than you know her,skin pigmentation right here no more,breakouts nope no more rashes no more,ear infections shes not shaking her,head all the time because shes got a,bunch of buildup in her ear and shes,starting to feel a lot better Ive,noticed that shes got even a little bit,more energy and stuff so I dont know I,mean I know a lot of people prefer,expensive stuff and they want the most,high quality high this and high that,well Ive been trying that with her for,the last four months and none of that,stuff is agreeing with her so about two,weeks ago I put it on this pure balance,which is a third of the cost of,everything else if not less and she has,no reaction to this food at all I mean,she loves it it doesnt seem like,theres any junk in it I know its not,the best quality but for some reason,this blend of whatevers in this food,right here she just doesnt react to it,she does fine with it she just shes,perfect the only thing I dont like,about it is when I had her on an all raw,diet to heal her digestive tract she,just wasnt really interested in eating,but when I put her on a raw diet she,woke up like Im talking raw fish,chicken beef eggs and shells the whole,nine yards and now that shes on this,shes okay with it that raw food kind of,brought her appetite back brought her,moving and stuff again she did very well,off that but I noticed that even with,the raw food she would have some,reactions to certain things sometimes if,I didnt have it blending correctly if I,didnt have enough bone in it if I,didnt have enough calcium and,phosphorus from an egg shell and stuff,in it if I didnt have enough good fats,in it she would react to that so it was,really hard to keep everything on point,every time so I switched her slowly over,to kibble and this is the only thing,that Ive found so far that she actually,really enjoys and doesnt have a,breakout of reaction to so this is the,brand that you see theyre just pure,balance and shes a very finicky dog,shes very picky shes very sensitive to,food in general and I have to say so far,even though this is a cheaper food shes,had no reaction and its been amazing,and I dont understand what it is maybe,its all the different types of meal,that was in the products even though,they said they were you know top-quality,just came out number one on the market,most pure wild and all this other stuff,she still had reactions to it but this,here she does not have a reaction to it,so just food for thought something Ive,been noticing Im gonna keep her on this,for a couple more weeks and just kind of,monitor her and see how shes doing what,I dont like about it though any kind of,kibble theres a lot of by-product when,she was on a raw diet she wouldnt,actually go to the bathroom that much it,was very very little but when you put,them back on kibble theres a lot of,after matter that comes out just like,there would be with any other dog food,and I noticed with this whenever she,goes to the bathroom its not runny its,real nice and solid it seems like she,gets exactly what she needs out of it,and when she goes to the bathroom its,not really soft and goopy like some of,the other dog food she was on this right,here,perfect stool movement every time its,just a little too much for my liking,because whenever she was on completely,raw it was very very very little she,would go as much as a small dog would,shes 90 pounds and she would probably,she look like,you know her her bowel movements look,like you know a twenty or thirty pound,dog she was using everything that she,was eating this here theres still a lot,left over but shes done the best on,this so far and Im glad that Ive been,able look Ive been able to find,something that she could actually eat,and not have a reaction to so I just,wanted to share with you guys

✅ Top 5 Best Pure Balance Dog Food Review 2022

hey guys in this video were gonna be,checking out the top five best pure,balanced dog food,that are available on the market for,their true quality i made this list,based in my personal opinion and hours,of research and have listed them based,on popularity,quality price durability user opinions,and more,if you want to see more information in,the updated price you can check out the,description below and also make sure,subscribe for more reviews okay,so lets get started with the video,starting at number five we have the pure,balance grain free dog food chicken and,pea recipe food for dogs four pounds,this grain free formula is hands down,the ultimate product in the pure,balanced dog food collection,it boasts of organic and simple yet high,quality ingredients that are sure to,nourish your animal whenever they take a,bite,staying on the contents what stands out,for me is the fact that this pure,balance food stuff packs adequate,amounts of protein,thanks to the chicken being the main,content apart from that,this meal has significant amounts of,vitamins and useful supplements derived,from carrots and peas,for this reason this meal is sure to,boost the immunity of your mutt,while also ensuring that all internal,processes within your animal are optimal,as mentioned earlier this is a null,grain dish,meaning that there are no traces of corn,wheat or soy,and if youre still worried about the,integrity of this nourishment,it helps to know that it does not,contain any fillers human-made flavors,or,shades moving on at number four we have,the pure balance grain free formula,natural salmon and pea,if you are seeking a fish-based diet for,your four-legged companion,this salmon and pea variation offers an,excellent choice,it is a dehydrated mutt meal with salmon,as the main ingredient and veggies such,as peas and carrots as the complementary,ingredients,many dog breeders continue to prefer,this line of food because it is friendly,to sensitive dogs,given that it has no grains as primary,contents,this food is sure to provide your mutt,with bursts of energy thanks to the,significant fiber content provided by,the peas,and when it comes to eyesight the,carrots in the food provide useful,beta-carotenes to augment your mutts,eyes,but all said perhaps the best thing,about this meal is that it offers what,your animal really needs without,providing an excess of anything,as such your dog gets all the,nutritional value from this dish without,getting prone to diseases that come with,excessive consumption of proteins,carbs etc,at number three we have the pure balance,grain free small breed chicken and,garden vegetables,if your animal is the tiny breed then,this is the nourishment you need to buy,this grain free formula comes in kibble,form to make it easy for your little,four-legged friend to indulge,its a preferred dish option among many,mutt lovers since it is all organic and,offers tons of vitamins and supplements,its the perfect food stuff to introduce,to your mutts eating plan if you are,keen on seeing them turn out more,muscular and stronger,such results are easy to realize since,chicken a major provider of good protein,is the underlying content in this dish,it is also quite easy to administer,since all you have to do is to pour the,contents into the feeding bowl,at number two we have the pure balanced,chicken and brown rice recipe,this chicken plus brown rice recipe is a,variant of pure balance dry dog food,that is both healthy and flavorsome for,mutts of all kinds,the standout component which is chicken,is derived from true poultry,this pure balance preparation includes,brown rice as its second edition,an item that is well known for providing,animals and even humans,with the much required fiber for a,healthy digestive system,your mutt also gets a healthy amount of,carbs from the peas in this chow,carrots plus a variety of fruits and,herbs make up the remaining compounds,used to make this pure balanced delicacy,this recipe gives your dog everything,they need for a healthy body while,keeping things that arent so good for,them,like wheat and corn out the,manufacturers have also ensured that,this chao is as earthly and pure as,possible,no preservation chemical synthetic dyes,and unnatural flavors are infused into,this food,and finally at number one we have the,pure balance wild and free bison,pea and venison recipe food for dogs 24,pounds,in the category of zero chemical and,grain meals that are abundant in protein,this specially formulated ciao for mutts,competes at the top,this wild and free bison pea and venison,recipe has at least 30,protein and has packed lots of high,nutrient peas,peat fish and chicken meals flax seed,and an array of vitamins,all these compounds are specially,blended to fulfill the nutritional,standards laid down by aafco,the abundant calorie and protein,compositions in this pure balanced chow,make it quite suited to large or highly,active mutts,however pure balance recommends it for,muts of all kinds of stages,while maintaining the naturalness and,simplicity that is synonymous with the,pure balance identity,this one is cooked for somewhat delicate,dogs,try this pure balance product if your,pooch has shown a reaction to most types,of brands,thanks you for watching guys i hope you,liked this video if this video is,helpful to you,please make sure like comment and,subscribe if you have any question,related to this product you can leave a,comment down below,i will get back to you as soon as,possible

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Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List

hi everybody my name is skyler and i am,a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be creating a tier,list of a bunch of different dog food,brands,um and kind of ranking them seeing where,they line up from a,nutritional perspective quick disclaimer,all of the,things shown in this video are my own,opinions based on my experience,as a professional pet nutritionist,im always continuing to do research as,we all should in our field,especially with something so ever,changing as pet food,i have been working with dog food for,going on three years now,and ive specifically been working with,nutrition and consultations,for probably two and a half years i am a,huge nerd and,not everybody cares this much about dog,food and i think that thats,definitely an issue that we need to,address because,i could go into a whole other video just,about all the sketchy things that dog,food manufacturers are allowed to do,but thats not this video were going to,touch on a bunch of different topics,im hoping to just skate by and if you,would like me to go further in depth on,anything that i talk about in this video,please let me know in the comments below,i also just want to point out that if we,were to make a nice happy little pyramid,of whats most biologically appropriate,for your pet,kibble is by far at the bottom like,canned food,exponentially better than kibble and you,should never be,feeding a diet thats entirely kibble,you should always at least be adding,moisture in there somewhere,that being said this is only going to,focus on kibble,because that is the most popular and,most,affordable way to feed your pet so,if youd like me to do a similar video,on canned or,raw diets absolutely let me know i would,love to do that for you,so first of all lets address the tears,so at the very very bottom we have the,pee pee poo poo tear,these are foods that are either,basically,not dog food like this is more suited,for a chicken than a dog,super sketchy practices or,theres something in the food or,manufacturing or branding,that i find scammy tier two we have,yucky,so any food that contains,corn wheat soy or by-products,automatically,cant go any higher than yucky for those,that dont know,corn turns directly into sugar in the,dogs body wheat is the number one food,allergen,soy can cause endocrine disorders and,byproducts or all those nasty parts of,the meat that you dont want in your,food so why put it in theirs,third tier we have cheers these are all,foods that,are fairly clean in their ingredient,panel,there might be a couple ingredients that,im not a huge fan of youre doing great,if youre feeding,in this level it means that youve,probably done your research,but there are bigger and better foods,that you can move up to so these are,great entry level foods number four we,have ohelia,and if youre feeding in that level,thats awesome,you are doing great at that point,you can focus on adding add-ins and,different things to even make their diet,even better,but this is a great level to be at and,above that we have chefs kiss,and this is a very special tier it,doesnt necessarily mean that these,foods,are better than the foods no hell yeah,and i know thats a little bit confusing,this tier is more for,foods that do something very specific,that i,really appreciate or i really think is,cool this is the tier where if i turn,over the bag,and i look at it as a nutritionist,i get very excited because they at least,did something cool,now all of these brands im taking into,consideration,are from the very best to the very worst,and everything in between if i were to,make this just of the super premium,brands,it would look completely different just,keep that in mind so we will go ahead,and start with our very first brand and,thats purina alpo,i feel like i talk about alpo way more,than they deserve,and its because their ingredients are,laughably bad like this food,is laughably bad if you look at the,first five ingredients which makes up,the majority of this food,you got ground yellow corn beef and bone,meal,soybean meal animal fat preserved with,mixed trichophyrols,and animal digest,this particular food also follows the,flavor rule,which means that in order for them to,put beef flavored on the bag,they just need to have something in,their food that they can trace to the,beef,flavoring in this case it would be the,beef and bone meal that doesnt actually,mean,they have to have meat in it this,brands also manufactured by,purina which is owned by nestle so when,you get,higher up bigger companies manufacturing,the food,especially something as big as purina,the ingredient quality,completely depletes because you only get,so much,to go around with all that said alpo,deserves to go into pee pee poopoo,next we have diamond naturals first five,ingredients,of diamond naturals beef meal grain,sorghum,ground white rice dried yeast and egg,product,not too bad of an ingredient panel just,looking at those first five,this food also uses the 25 rule which,means that in order for it to be,beef meal and rice those two ingredients,have to make up at least,25 percent of the food with a minimum of,three percent,this food is manufactured by diamond pet,foods which is owned by shell and camper,inc,so this smaller kitchen smaller,facility than purina for sure,but still and youll see later in this,list still a pretty big manufacturing,company,all that said if youre feeding diamond,naturals you get a cheers,next we have purina beneful and,first five ingredients we got beef we,got whole grain corn we got barley,rice whole grain wheat and corn gluten,meal,this one also uses the with rule which,means that in order to be labeled beef,flavored or have beef in it have beef on,the front,um it needs to be at least three percent,beef with water included,and the fact that its beef and not beef,meal is their first ingredient,leads me to believe that the finished,product has significantly less than,three percent beef this brand is also,made by purina which again owned by,nestle so with the sketchy but totally,legal use of beef is the first,ingredient advertising beef is the first,ingredient,and looking at that ingredient panel,assuming that beef is not,the most by weight,um beneful goes in the pee pee poo poo,next we have hills science diet,and im gonna have to make a whole,separate video about veterinary foods,um but lets just look at the first five,ingredients of hills,so we have lamb meal brown rice whole,grain wheat,brewers rice and corn gluten meal,whats important to note about hills in,particular,is that they actually trademarked the,term,prescription so youll notice that no,other veterinary foods use the word,prescription because they legally cant,because hills science diet owns it that,is an issue,theres also nothing in veterinary foods,that make it prescriptive in the first,place theres no medication,theres no need for a prescription um,so thats in my opinion kinda scammy,especially when youre spending 80 on a,bag of food,that being said hills is made by hills,pet nutrition,which is owned by colgate palmolive,the ownership of the word prescription,alone,that puts immediate red flags in my,brain,hills goes in the pee pee poo poo layer,next we got taste the wild,first five ingredients for this,particular flavor of taste of the wild,is water buffalo lamb meal chicken meal,sweet potatoes and peas,not a bad list of the first five however,this particular flavor is advertised,as being with bison and venison the,width rule,uh means that at least three percent of,whatever is listed so three percent of,each,must be included in the food and when,you look at the actual ingredient panel,itself,bison is number nine and venison is,number ten,so obviously youre losing a couple,points for me for,easily misleading the consumer because,obviously not all consumers know these,weird rules that im talking about,and again if youd like a whole video on,pet food rules let me know,uh that being said taste the wild is,owned by,our friends at

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Best To Worst Dog FOOD |Ranking Dog food brands |Premium dog food to Affordable dog food. (GENERAL)

[Music],sorry if i said something,[Music],when i wake up youre not next to me,guess im missing all your energy,[Music],i want is,[Music],whats up guys welcome back to my,channel if youre new here my name is,carla,and i hope you stick around and like and,subscribe so we can get it going,but yeah guys today i just got back from,walking echo as you saw and eating some,cereal,and were ready for another video okay,guys so for today i really wanted to,start making,some more dog related content on this,channel,um i feel like a lot of people on,instagram has,asked me to do dog related things,in this channel and ive been kind of,skeptical because i know that,the dog community can be quite brutal,with,uh certain things so,i am going to start this video by saying,that i am not,a nutritionist i am not a vet i am not,anybody qualified really to be giving,your specific dog,any kind of advice this is just my,experience,and from having three dogs and from,working,at a major pet company um,just things that i get asked on a daily,basis,in my current job so i really wanted to,bring you guys this video because,i feel like so many so many so many,people,are struggling with this topic and maybe,they dont even know,that they are but i just wanted to give,you the options,and the knowledge of this area,so im sure you know by the title that,were going to be talking about dog food,and dog food brands and im going to be,kind of ranking them in,a hierarchy of price and also,quality so its gonna be a very general,video,about kind of tears of dog food,and basically do with it as you will,but this are just some options for,people that have been struggling,or dont know what to feed their dog or,maybe want to change their dogs food,or maybe have had experienced certain,issues with their dogs like,coke or digestion so,a lot of these things and a lot of these,brands,cater to some of those issues and i just,want to put it out there to let you know,that there is other options,besides just going the prescription food,route which can get really expensive,so without further ado,roll the video alright guys so,if you see me looking over here is this,because im looking at my computer so i,can kind of stay on track and see what,were going to be talking about im also,going to put everything on the screen as,im talking about it,so the first thing i want to start with,is probably the high end quality,almost human grade if not already human,grade,quality of dog food um i feel like a lot,of people,ask this question all the time,especially,working at a major pet retailer company,i get asked this all the time what is,the best food that i can feed my dog,right and most people just want you to,say this is the best brand,that there is on the market and most of,the time,even though it might be the best brand,or,the best quality of food it doesnt mean,that its always right for your dog or,is going to be the best for your dog,so with that said,this question is very loaded and it,takes into account a lot of things that,you need to,kind of consider before really picking,the best,that you can feed your dog but as far as,quality,ingredients and price point this is,going to be,the first kind of set of foods,most of these foods are going to be very,expensive,to the pound so for example like a,champions,brand like origin or akana,um theyre going to be around probably,eighty,seventy to eighty dollars for most,likely less than a twenty pound bag,so if you are considering feeding your,dog,that is a hundred and fifty pounds a,twenty pound bag for 80.,yes it is the best that you can feed,them but,in reality will you be able to keep up,with that and do they really need it is,the question,so i would say no its not necessary to,go all the way to this,price point if you can afford it then,definitely go ahead,and spend the money so for this price,point you do have,two options or maybe even three so you,can go with either fresh food,you can go with freeze freeze-dried food,like stella and chewies,or um chicken or chicken,or the honest kitchen and you can go,with kibble,so if you were going with kibble,something like origin or akana,would be very high-end kind of,quality food um you can tell just by the,first like,five six seven ingredients theyre all,going to be whole ingredients,no by-product no meal nothing like that,so,thats what makes these brands a little,bit more expensive and a little bit more,premium in the market doesnt mean you,have to feed your dog this food,doesnt mean your dogs not getting good,nutrition or good ingredients,with any other anything less than these,foods,but its just an option for those that,can afford it and want to feed,this to their dogs so moving on to the,next one,because i got quite a lot to go through,and i dont want to stick too much,on one subject if you guys want me to,make more of these nutrition videos for,dogs definitely let me know,or ask me any questions below and if i,have enough questions then i will,definitely do another video maybe on a,specific subject like allergies,or grain free stuff like that,so moving on to the next one we have,like the next tier down from,super premium to basically,almost human grade food,so i would say something like landmark,or blue wilderness wellness core,natural balance new low definitely,and taste of the wild have all,a premium section of their brand,so for example landmark is the premium,section of,american journey blue buffalo wilderness,is,the premium section of blue buffalo,basics,so each kind of brand has their own tier,within itself as well,so this is kind of just the higher end,of these these are,all going to be very high in protein,theyre all going to,mostly be limited ingredient or grain,free,which we can get into on another video,but,very good ingredients on these these are,probably gonna run you about,55 to,seventy dollars depending on the brand,um,and also on the size of the bag,so most of these bags are probably gonna,be like 24,pound bags so again consider the size of,your dog,and the breed that you have and how much,you can really afford,to feed 60 pound bag for 24 pounds,so definitely you will be feeding less,because these are such,high in protein but at the end of the,day it will add up anyway,so great brands all of these are really,really awesome quality,really great ingredients they all offer,so many great things on their product,line,so definitely check them out if you,havent seen any of these,i know that i was new to new low and,landmark when i first started,in the industry so definitely,look into that anyway moving on to the,next one,the next one i have for you guys is kind,of like,the higher more normalized,section of dog food um so this is what i,would consider,breeders or basically,knowledgeable dog owners that have,had maybe multiple litters that they,have raised or,i would say mostly breeders will be,recommending some of these foods,so this is like the higher end but also,the affordable end,of dog food which will probably be,around purina pro plan of course which,is their higher end,brand of purina um also,american journey like i said it is lower,than landmark,but in the same section as like purina,pro plan,also we have blue buffalo freedom which,is,um their grain free formula that is more,affordable than the wilderness,um as well as the blue buffalo basics so,a brand like blue buffalo basics,canaday um specifically candidate pure,i would say and wellness complete,uh not wellness core wellness score will,be more on their premium brand,wellness complete though is really great,as well,and solid gold which i recommend,everyone,who has a dog thats struggling with any,kind of skin,sensitivity issues to definitely go look,at,solid gold and earthborn um,i can go on to a whole spiel about those,so im definitely just going to keep it,short for now but if youre interested,in learning more about that then,definitely leave a comment down below,and i can definitely make a video about,it and talk about it some more,but yeah these bran

Pet Nutritionist Ranks PetSmart Dog Food | Best and Worst

hi everybody and welcome back to my,channel for those of you new here hello,my name is skyler im a certified dog,trainer and pet nutritionist today were,going to be doing another installment of,our most popular series pet nutritionist,ranks today were going to be ranking,the dry kibble diets for dogs available,at petsmart this list isnt going to be,an exhaustive list of every single,kibble thats available at petsmart but,i did do my best to go online and pick,pretty much every single brand that i,havent talked about already so if i,miss a brand in this video that is,available at petsmart,its very likely that ive covered it in,my other kibble ranking video before we,get too far into the video i do have to,throw out a couple of disclaimers the,biggest one being this list is based off,of my own opinions and the different,things that i value in pet food which,means that while this could be a really,good resource for you and a great,jumping-off point i do always recommend,doing some more research figuring out,whats going to be best for you and your,pet,everyones an individual,every pet is an individual,and different things are going to be,better for different scenarios different,lifestyles and different budgets so,keeping that in mind getting the best,that you can that works for you is,amazing and a great place to start so i,hope that this video is helpful in,getting you further on that path along,those same lines,these videos are intended to help you,feel more comfortable,looking reading at and analyzing,different things on a bag of dog food,for those reasons we really only look at,the first five ingredients because,thats typically what makes up the bulk,of the food not always but generally and,learning what some of those ingredients,mean what they actually are made out of,how sourcing can interfere with that is,really great information so that you can,take what you learn in these videos and,apply it to whatever food you are,feeding now that weve gotten some of,that out of the way lets go ahead and,look at our ranking chart if this isnt,your first video here youre already,pretty familiar with how my chart works,if youre new here welcome well go over,it so that way we can kind of get a,guide of why different things are going,in different places,i do like to have a lot of fun with my,charts it helps to keep me entertained,as i make these videos some people love,them some people hate them,our very first category is the pee pee,poo poo category the foods in this,category rely really heavily on unnamed,meats meat by products and corn wheat or,soy so essentially the foods in this,category,are very filler heavy and use very low,quality ingredients in their foods a,step up from pee pee poo poo we have,yeki the foods in yucky contain unnamed,meats meat by products and or corn wheat,or soy so while they dont rely on these,fillers and cheap ingredients,you do still have them why dont i like,corn wheat and soy well go into it a,little bit more throughout the video but,in short corn is a very cheap ingredient,its also a common food allergen and it,has a really high sugar content compared,to other higher quality grains,wheat again,very cheap ingredient pretty low as far,as nutrition goes and its again a,common food allergen,and soy is again,cheap it also is high in protein which,is nice for us as people um you can use,soy as a meat alternative if youre,vegan or vegetarian or you just want to,choose,a different protein source,however especially in pet food that soy,can be used to make up for the fact,theres no,however in pet food that soy can be used,to raise the protein to make it,fit the standards of what is considered,the bare minimum nutrition for our pets,which is not biologically appropriate,next up we have cheers and this is kind,of my level of a great entry-level food,option if youre looking to,upgrade or,learn a little bit more about better,sources of ingredients better,ingredients to be using in the first,place and that kind of thing so this is,a great place to start the foods in this,category are completely free of unnamed,meats meat by products and or corn wheat,or soy but either come from a company,that continue to use these ingredients,and some of their other brands or,formulations,they have a significant history of,recalls,or they have less specific sourcing and,ingredient quality than some of the,other brands a good example of this,would be you know pet food a having a,small local independent farm where they,source their chicken and their chickens,are hormone free theyre free range,theyre treated really well theyre,really high quality chickens and because,they are a smaller company theyre able,to source from this smaller independent,farmer and still meet demand,on the flip side pet food company b,might be really really big and if they,were to try to do that same thing it,would make their food more expensive,than their market is willing to pay and,they also just wouldnt have enough of,it so theyre typically going to use a,little bit of a lesser quality chicken,so thats why sourcing and ingredient,sourcing i personally put some value,into its not necessarily the end-all,be-all and if you dont care about,sourcing definitely,dont listen to that part of me talking,about the brand if you really only care,about the ingredients themselves not,where they come from thats totally fair,and valid thats just something that i,personally like to know about and i know,a lot of you do as well next we have,ohelia and this is typically the foods,that i recommend when you ask me what,should i be feeding my pets its usually,going to be foods from this level,so these foods are free of unnamed meats,meat byproducts and corn weed or soy and,they also come from a company with,specific sourcing and ingredient quality,so these are gonna be the foods like our,pet food a in our last example where,they are a little bit smaller they are,able to be really strategic and specific,and ethical often in their sourcing,whereas larger companies might not have,that available to them and last but not,least we have chefs kiss this one,doesnt necessarily mean that the foods,are better than the foods in oh hell,yeah theyre just the foods that have,something noteworthy or special about,them that i want to bring extra,attention to,so the foods when ohelia and chefs,kiss are pretty much interchangeable,often the chefs kiss ones just have,something fun and different that makes,me who looks at dog food and pet food,all the time,go like wow i didnt know they had that,and be a little bit impressed by it so,thats what chefs kiss is now that,weve gotten the ranking system out of,the way we can actually go and look at,the products themselves and were going,to be starting with authority chicken,and rice formula according to afco,labeling rules when a food uses you know,formula or meal or,recipe to describe the flavor of their,food,those ingredients that are listed have,to make up collectively at least 25 of,the formula and none of the ingredients,listed can make up less than three,percent we can use this to kind of gauge,how much of those ingredients are,actually in the food,so in this case its chicken and rice,formula which means collectively they,have to make up at least 25 percent of,the food and neither chicken nor rice,can make up less than three percent when,we look at the first five ingredients of,this food we have deboned chicken,chicken meal brown rice corn oat groats,and then i also put that sixth,ingredient because it is corn gluten,meal and so i wanted to point that out,because it does reflect a little bit and,how this is going to be ranked,um this food is also the petsmart home,brand i love the fact that they have the,deboned chicken it lets us know very,specifically that it is chicken and the,bones have been removed chicken meal,lets me know that its chicken thats,been,processed and ground into a meal which,is fine as well brown rice totally fine,to see,its the corn and the corn gluten meal,t

Pure Balance Dog Food Review with Nina

okay what is up everybody now if you,know who i am and you know how much i,love my dog so today i am out shopping,for her i gotta get her some dog food,and some dog treats i have about a,hundred dollars i can spend on her right,now so thats what im doing lets do,some shopping and see what we can find,so theres a whole bunch of choices for,different dog food items and stuff and,im sure everybody has their own,separate preference,i usually end up buying her this rachel,rays nutrition,but i want to try her on something a,little bit better just to step up you,know i still,want to get her about the same range,this is a good bat because its 34,and its worth it for the 28 pound bag,for 35 thats how i go by you know its,good shes been eating it for a long,time so i ended up picking out the bag,of pure balance uh chicken and brown,rice recipe it says no village no,artificial flavors colors flavors no,corn wheat or soy,so you guys can rest easy tonight,knowing i feed my dog really good its,about 48 here so im getting that im,gonna get her a couple of these uh wet,food too because i know she loves them,hold on lets check them out,yeah these things these rachel ray,nutrition wet foods and the better folds,she likes all these she likes them mixed,in with their food,so im gonna try to pick out a couple of,them maybe two or three of them,you see the prices not too bad,lets get at least one of these thats,two bucks,[Music],lets see what else we got over here,okay i got a few more of these benefits,roasted chicken recipe,theres a beef stew,and this is,rustic duck stew,so thatll go good with that mixed in,all together,okay so now the goal is to pick out some,snacks im gonna grab her a couple of,these the little munchie bones they got,bacon cheese flavors they got chicken,flavors,they got another bacon and cheese,flavored,yeah thats about it,grab three of these and then uh,it looks like they dont have the snatch,they usually like to get so im gonna,get some of these,rawhide five and,try flavored kebabs that was pretty cool,why not,what else could we get her,what else would she absolutely love,i decided to come over and look at toys,and she likes things that you could chew,on and that make noise so i found this,little nerf dog toy thing that squeaks,in the end and also has a rope she likes,to chew on rope she likes to tear stuff,apart and im pretty sure this will be,gone in like a week or two anyway,but uh the rest of these things kind of,look like she tearing apart really,easily like even this is nice but i want,to get a something chew on it and make,noise with so lets do that that looks,like a pretty decent amount totally,worth it she has loved my life so im,gonna go home im gonna well im gonna,pay for this and then well go home and,get her reaction to it,oh thats not bad i said 48 dollars but,this is 34 so thats not bad i think i,might have saved money,im gonna go ahead and bring the rest of,this stuff up guys,okay the total came out to 56 bucks,which means i didnt spend a whole,hundred dollars,okay so i ended up getting some really,good dog food some other real wet food,to go with the dry food some little,treats and stuff that she could have fun,with and a toy over here she was going,to have a blast and shes going to love,it or to go home and get her reaction i,only spent 66 of the 100 that i intended,to spend so uh what im gonna do is im,gonna take 20 of those dollars and,donate it to tmcs today that that,brings the total up to 30 that im,donating so far this year,to tmcs which reminds me for every,subscriber that i get,from now until the end of the year i,will donate a single dollar to tmcs so,above those numbers weve gone up like,10 subscribers since i started this,endeavor so lets try to get like a,thousand subscribers so i could donate a,thousand dollars to tmcs by the end of,the year now lets go home and get,ninas reaction to all this cool stuff,i got you some really neat stuff nina,you want to see it you want to see those,cool stuff i got all these clothes on a,bit here hop down how down how about the,good for me how about,i throw you a bone,look at those cool stuff check it out,check out the new bag of dog food check,it out what do you think what do you,think huh you like it you cant smell,anything because its been in the bag,with that im gonna try that out to see,how much it like,shut this stuff up,put it all on the on the ground,so you can check it out smell it all i,know how much you like to smell things,smell these things,no no,yeah yeah,yeah stop look,yeah theres nothing,a whole bunch of stuff,lets go wrap,oh whats this you dont love this i,made the tag about this real quick,okay i got the tag,check it out check it out hey look at,this thing what the heck what is that,thing oh my gosh look oh oh oh oh oh oh,wait hold on you guys you guys see this,grab it by the way,come on grab it by the end,now squeak it,squeak it yeah squeak it come on bite,down on it right down so it sweeps come,on bite down i know it squeaks,usually keeps going around circles and,it stretches it stretches like make a,squeaky,lets see if this squeeze sort of,followers eat oh she got to squeak,she got to squeak oh my god theres you,guys just,she got the toy this week,shes intrigued,shes intrigued she likes it,she loves her guys,squeak squeak squeak oh snap oh im,going to tear this thing apart i am,going to rip this thing to shreds within,the hour,im going to get that squeaker up out of,there dont worry dad i hear it trapped,inside the toy and i want to get it out,of there,i got it,[Music],yeah yeah look at that dog look at that,happy dog this is the greatest dog in,the world guys i love her,yeah,yeah,okay if you play with that thing,see she loves chew toys and she loves to,whip things around and hit you in the,legs,so thats pretty awesome,so uh,im gonna save these im gonna put these,away these will probably last for about,two weeks and then ill give,one of these,every other day,i spoil her but i dont always make her,fat this is what ive heard over the,years its not good when your dog is,used to a certain food to suddenly,change them,too far from that room and start giving,them something theyre not used to every,single day its good to wean them off of,it and get them used to a different food,so thats what im trying to do she,likes to pure balance his chicken and,brown recipes stuff right here,she ends up liking this stuff,then ill switch it to that if i notice,a change in her coat quality and stuff i,also do feed her meat every once in a,while fresh meat that we eat like beef,or chicken ill mix that in with her,food but like i said i have these things,too now the beef stew right here these,get mixed in with her bowl right here,which i have her one of these things you,guys probably cant see it good in the,light but,its an automatic gravity theater type,deal,so ill mix it all in with that,at least a little bit on the on the,ground level you know ill mix in the,sweat food,and uh mix it up with that yeah so,shell love it she likes that,and all that good stuff so im glad she,likes your toys,its super awesome i love you nina,youre awesome,and i hope you guys enjoyed the video,and ill see you in the very next one,peace and love

Pure Balance Dogfood Review– Dogs that have food sensitivity

you got me jumping like this is Bama,Grammy Im coming to eat guys today for,the 1500 time hopefully this time I,wont be interrupted I have a little,quick review on this pure balance dog,food as most you guys know I have two,small dogs they are picky nieces,one of thems named Kiki and yall have,seen in the previous videos of re that,is Kikis daughter anyways,Kiki is well up there in age,February 14th of 2020 she will be 14,years old she is a very old dog and as,she has gotten older she has developed a,food sensitivity what I mean by food,sensitivity is if I feed her anything,but this she has I dont really know how,to put it the nicest way she has,problems she has like diarrhea and she,will throw up within five minutes of,eating anything unless she eats this,right here if you guys look right here,it says wild free this is Salman and,Pete rice it is especially for food,sensitivities it helps with healthy,vision support and healthy heart when we,changed over to this brand she has done,amazing with it if any of you guys have,a dog that has food sensitivities I,highly recommend this because in the,other dog foods they could be allergic,to you know some of the preservatives or,artificial flavorings as you guys can,see right here it says no filters art no,artificial flavorings artificial,preserves are artificial colors no coin,weight,soy or grains a lot of times its the,soy and the grains that theyre allergic,to are one of these we did switch over,when she started getting all those food,sensitivities and I shes been on this,now for about ten years so,I highly recommend this dog food it is,amazing shes had no health issues since,then so I hope this this video might,have helped some of you guys to be able,to decide if you have a dog with food,sensitivities of course they do have,another brand that I highly recommend as,well I just dont have a bag to show you,guys it is where this is a pinkish peach,color the next bag is going to be black,and it is got lamb in it and its for,all of these as well,its for healthy immune and all that,good stuff so I hope this helps somebody,hope you guys have a beautiful day love,each and every one of you guys this is,berrin girl amy and there is kiki right,there now shes going to run what are,you doing Kiki but theres Kiki the one,that has the food sensitivities hope you,guys have a beautiful day love you guys

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