1. Bodybuilder Ranks Every Pure Protein Bar
  2. The Best CHEAP Protein Bars | Pure Protein Bars Review
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Bodybuilder Ranks Every Pure Protein Bar

hi,its me brybo and today were going to,be reviewing,every single pure protein bar pure,protein,is like the mcdonalds of protein bars,i can promise you if you go into any gas,station any convenience store nine times,out of ten when you go to the cashier,and you say uh,excuse me where are you protein bars,theyre gonna go,and then youre gonna walk over there,and theyre gonna have one of these,chocolate deluxe pure protein bars i can,guarantee it so i went online and i,bought every single flavor they offer,and i didnt know they had so many,flavors i just have seen only the,chocolate one,and the ch the chocolate peanut butter,one,thats it thats all every single store,ever has but theres a smorgasbord of,many other bars so hey you know what i,got you were going to try them so were,going to start off,baseline with chocolate deluxe,its so gooey and so fudgy its like,bubble gum in my mouth this is fine its,like its got a,really chocolatey fudgy flavor very,decadent,its almost too much but i mean its,just its just super chocolaty i put it,at a,lets start off at a c i think this is a,good baseline c tier,the second one that you will find always,is the chocolate peanut butter,its so chewy and so chewy,i mentioned in my other reviews that,like this peanut butter that they put in,there always tastes like,its like when you have like,strawberries and then you have,candy strawberry flavor like theyre two,different flavors i sound like,protein peanut butter always taste its,like you have normal peanut butter that,you eat out of a jar and then you have,protein peanut butter which is like not,terrible but its just like its a,different its a different breed of,peanut,i dont know what peanuts theyre,breeding these ones they got some birth,defects going on man theres some,inbreeding going on with these peanuts,let me tell you,this is a little bit more interesting,than the chocolate because its,chocolate and peanut butter,so its okay theres also a little bit,of a crunch so its not just pure bubble,gum chew,im gonna have to put this at a c i,wanted to put it at a b but like its,just,im just gonna say see those two these,two are the baseline these are the ones,that youre gonna find at every single,store,now most of these i dont think,lets get wild and funky fresh with it,birthday cake i feel like theres like a,council of elders,that are responsible for all protein bar,flavors because its always the same,like,chocolate birthday cake peanut butter,i want to see some really [ __ ] weird,protein bar flavors,put in like orange mango protein bar,maybe its fruit i dont know no ones,ever tried it got some nice little,sprinkles on there those are fun,wow oh god oh my god,none of this is real food this is the,most artificial flavor ive ever tasted,in my,life you know when you were a kid you,had like dunkaroos or you get like the,funfetti frosting you eat it and its,like sugary and good but theres no,real flavor there other than sugar this,doesnt even have like real,sugar flavor this is just pure chemical,maybe vanilla,but its just they should just not call,this birthday cake [ __ ] they should call,it,chemical they should call this like,gamma radiation,hulk bar this is poof im gonna get,cancer,just from eating this this is d-tier i,dont even know what to say about this,one its just chemicals cookies and,cream,look at this its got like moles on it,look you see how raised these random,bumps are,that is so yucky,these bars are like something out of,fallout theyre just post-apocalyptic,cancer food,[Music],what the [ __ ] dude oh my god,oh,[Music],i cant i [ __ ],[Music],why god i know you probably think im,hamming it up a lot of the time,this is no joke i had to spit this out,this is so,gross i dont even know its not cookies,and cream at all dude that was just,yuck oh my god f tier f minus t f,z tier dude that was so gross it was,like,hard but not crunchy it was just a hard,chew and it was cream flavor but it,wasnt real cream it was like,milk thats been left out for a really,long time and it was like,those nodules that are on there were,just what i thought they were gonna be,dude it was just like,it was just you put it in your mouth,im four bars in and i need a break but,hey now that were taking a break just a,quick reminder please subscribe to,scroll down click that subscribe button,its free you can unsubscribe at any,time and if you do it itll help me out,a lot and youll get to see when these,new videos of me,raiding disgusting horrible protein bars,comes out as soon as they come out,lets go back to our safe place with,chewy chocolate chip,[ __ ] this is a chonker look how much,thicker it is than this one its like,twice the size,damn boy he said,[Music],what the [ __ ] its like laffy taffy i i,already tasted it and i wanted to be,over,but theres so much chewing thats left,holy moses this is like the lady,domesticaku of,protein bars dude it is thick the taste,isnt,bad i would have even considered putting,the taste that may be like a low,b but its so thick its just so much,goo in your mouth its so chewy its,just a lot man,this is these are a lot to handle i put,them at the mcdonalds of protein bars i,feel like thats too high of praise man,cause mcdonalds sometimes you get it,you just know you wanna [ __ ] up your,body youre just like,man i really wanna have some stomach,cramps later tonight,you pick up pure protein youre just a,youre just a masochist,i gotta put it at a c if we can get one,of these at a b,tier i will be very impressed all right,lets get weird,this just seems like the weirdest flavor,they have lemon cake,smells lemony smells refreshing,oh thank you christmas,christ this is okay its way softer so,its,much easier to chew you can actually eat,it without chewing it for 10 years its,got a,slightly refreshing lemony flavor,definitely still,like 87 chemicals it is pretty,refreshing compared to the other ones,when youre chewing it it does taste,like a nice refreshing lemony flavor but,then right towards the end when youre,written getting ready to actually,swallow it it just turns into pure,chemicals,all the lemon flavor is gone but if you,can survive that this is actually,okay its a much better texture its not,just,overwhelming chocolate gunk i would,probably put this at like a b,minus tear i do think that this is the,most enjoyable one ive had so far,which is saying something five bars,remain,in this gauntlet that weve put,ourselves through,i already ive already eaten so much,like,laffy taffy protein goo god its just,its just like here,you know when you eat something and it,doesnt go here it goes its just like,[ __ ] here god am i like my eyes are,watering,this is a lot moving on to the next bar,smores,[Music],i get it now i understand why theyre,called pure proteins because theyre,literally just,protein goo they dont try and switch up,the,chemistry so you can chew it easier as,just if you took,whey and condensed it to its purest form,which is just this chewy block of,gummy gooey gunky garbo and then you put,it you just like slapped some chocolate,on the top and youre like here you go,son im mad because this is not bad like,you can see they have like a,marshmallowy fluff which is very sugary,but its kind of tasty,covered in chocolate which is also okay,but then theres just the the goo,its just so chewy its just so much so,i was eating it and it was like,marshmallow fluff then just heres the,chocolatey,crap that is going to be stuck in your,teeth for the next 10 years and your,dentist is gonna be like what the [ __ ],like if this had a better texture i,would have even put this at a,but it just the texture is so poopy,garbo,dummy [ __ ] poo poo bee tear this is b,its its just [ __ ] get your texture,right you know ben and jerrys everybody,loves ben and jerrys it just tastes,like pretty good ice cream but they,focused on the texture thats why its,good they got the texture in there so,you eat it its creamy,it goes down easy it doesnt have like,crystallized gunk in there,call up ben

The Best CHEAP Protein Bars | Pure Protein Bars Review

whats going on Prescott nation Im here,with the man the myth the legend the,Kino legend that is not today cuz were,doing some carbs,[Music],welcome to price claw so listen up,everyone,might hear with price bow price Vodacom,slash deals is our hot deals page on our,discussion forum forum dot price law,calm we post up the deals that happen,there too and the question is these pure,protein bars always come in for like,launderer 85 cents a pop anybody that,knows anything about supplements you,have seen these somewhere whether it was,like Walmart or wherever right gas,stations like this is the most like,cost-effective like grab and go bar on,the planet is it though we actually I so,we threw one the deals page and they get,up there a lot but are they really worth,having on the deals page thats were,gonna find out today and so lets just,tear right into it were gonna weigh it,out to okay basically pure protein all,whole blend and stuff I dont to get,into all this but there is milk protein,isolate first so if youre sensitive,stomach youre its not going to destroy,you but then after that comes the whey,concentrate then whey isolate end of the,day 17 grams of carbs eight of that is,sugar alcohols which could give some,people a little bit of GI distress 20,grams of protein and 6 grams of fat so,190 calories nice little snack right,there whats the protein blend milk,protein isolate whey concentrate whey,isolate okay so were not looking at,anything like theres not like any brown,rice or something likes likes not like,their protein weird yeah okay cool so so,what my my thing is is like I dont know,if youve ever thought of this but like,I associate this its like the bar,version of those a B be ready to drink,yeah you see them everywhere yeah they,seem everywhere theyre like the fast,but typically like if anythings gonna,like make me like GI distress its like,one of those rtds or something right so,I feel like this is like just always,been associated with me as the cheat bar,right a bowl it kind of is so yeah the,the sugar alcohols coming from mallet,hall which I dont think I have a,problem with so Im ready to rock with,this this is the chocolate peanut,caramel flavor now I was buying you the,cocaine energy drink an Amazon Prime and,I saw that these were available as an,add-on I have like three bucks and so,Ill say alright were getting it too,and thats why were here you know when,youre when youre buying cocaine wine,outlets though,protein bars actly here you go each bar,supposed to weigh 50 grams on the dot so,Roberts gonna weigh it for us right now,and then were gonna do a little tasting,and were gonna side where our deal,price threshold should be at their,leader their little BT bars all right,cool its lets go weigh them out what,is that assuming the rapper is only one,gram I think were gonna be good,all right just take it out if thats,funny yeah so we think the manufacturing,is on point even with the rapper boom I,guess very nice dude look feel how soft,this is dude like its like a lease oh,yeah its actually nice right this stuff,on Amazon Prime is like been around for,10 years or ever its not this one yeah,wait hold on oh nice yeah that looks to,that just like pulled apart that,actually looks really good so the one,thing I wanted to mention though is if,you go way back into our YouTube channel,CJ and I at Big Tex Jam we did a pure,protein powder whey protein powder,review a long time ago and that one,thing that was like loaded with,maltodextrin so were like this is an,exactly pure protein and just because,its 2 pounds doesnt mean its really 2,pots of protein said negative things,that say about that but so far this is,looking positive you know this is,actually looking really good and I mean,again lets all lets put this all into,context,this is a cheap bar were not like were,not really looking for this this isnt,on it quality all right now Im not even,expecting this to taste as good as my,bar or something like that no but this,is better than a lot of bars that are,way more expensive not bad at all I love,it yeah I mean the fact that ok my bar,probe had this like big caramel layer,this has like an incredibly thin caramel,layer thats so nice and it in like the,softness of it like you can eat this in,two seconds not have to chew on it,forever,its enjoyable I dont get a chemical,kind of taste to it like a candy bar and,you get a little whatever the little,crisp in the middle is right there yeah,theres no theres textural contrast,with please really nice theres no,reason to not spend 80 cents on this,block so yeah thats a question at what,price should I email the whole list,about it someone signed up they said yo,I priced off send me some deal alerts at,what price per bar do you want to be,notified god I feel like yall are a,little more,acted maybe with the price points on,bars are bars like most bars are over $1,over a dollar fifty right so I would say,anything under $1 a deal in my book,right I would everywhere the bars were,kind of at so yeah I would agree with,that if its under a bar I mean under $1,a bar then I think that its definitely,to me for sure for 20 grams of protein,in and out up its protein like,its soy or anything yeah right yeah Wow,okay Im very very pleasantly surprised,actually because I was afraid of,spamming people too much I started,lowering that threshold,I might even lift it back up and link,into this video because overall,someones just looking for quick snack,throw these in your car or even like,whatever if it melts who cares its like,good its cheap yeah Im all for it so,guys look I want to tell you this right,now I feel like at least in my little,circle of people that I deal with not,enough people know about the price plow,deals page Im not doing that to be,salesy Im not trying to like this is,like whatever do whatever the you,want you but Im telling you right now,I showed my fiance that Im like she was,asking something about like hey are,there you know like protein deals or,whatever cause shes running out of,something because think if youve never,gone to the price of all deals felt like,Id do this for a living every day all,the time I showed her and shes like,holy look look at this like theres,like bars really theres like seven,dollars for a damn like pack of bars or,whatever go to Christ not a comp or -,deal is what does my shirt say right,there it says never pay there you go you,should never pay retail on protein,because theres always were always,finding crazy cheap protein even like,the pure isolates but the bars here man,Mikes gonna punch me for this but like,honestly like if I had to save something,in my browser window I would save the,deals page not even the price my home,page no like Im gonna be obviously like,thats why I go first,the deals page is actually the reason,why I kind of started the whole thing,and obviously theres a whole other site,around things but the deals page is like,the thing Im most proud of and thats,why Im so like finicky over these price,thresholds I dont want to spam people,too much with the band deal especially,if this protein bar wouldve tasted bad,now Im like okay we can raise this,price threshold and so Im kind of a,psycho over that stuff so Im with you,now keep in mind guys we just tried one,of the flavors but we cant speak to all,the flavors but this one definitely I,think like pass and if the consistency,of the bars is the same I would say like,youre probably safe and,its rare but I think sometimes with,supplements like well have you know,nine of them that are good and flavor so,I apologize if you end up with that one,but anyway this ones safe,exactly all right check out that deals,page subscribe to the channel and well,be reviewing more but I dont know if,were gonna find this good of a deal on,a protein bar for quite a while see you,guys later bye,welcome to price fall,[Music],[Music]

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COSTCO Protein Bar Haul – Which Bars to BUY (and Avoid)

alright Im here in the protein bar,section of Costco now I wasnt planning,on doing a video but I walked on this,protein bar aisle and I see that holy,cow there is just wall-to-wall protein,bars and a lot of them are just total,garbage so to be completely honest I,wanted to do a video to help shed some,light on what you can choose to be the,best option for you,now truth be told you really shouldnt,be relying on a protein bar to get your,protein in its more of just a stopgap,lets go ahead and lets take a look at,some of the ingredients and some of,these things and really try to find a,clear winner so that when you go into,Costco you can at least find that at,least top to protein bars that are,worthy of taking home for at least a,protein emergency so lets go ahead and,lets dive right in but first please do,hit that red subscribe button and then,hit that little bell icon so you never,miss our daily videos all right where to,start for those of you that are out,there that like cereal and still want to,be able to have cereal please do check,out magic spoon okay theyre a new,supporter of this channel but theyre a,product that Ive known for a while,these guys are super super super cool,maybe youve seen them floating around I,just want to throw it out there that,they are the bomb when it comes down to,a low carb high protein cereal okay,these guys absolutely no sugar theyre,utilizing like a whey protein blend to,actually make a protein cereal and,youre gonna get a really good deal on,this stuff by using the link thats down,below so I just want to give them a big,shout out because its totally relevant,when Im talking about breakfast,theyve got chocolate theyve got like a,fruity flavor theyve got a blueberry,flavor theyve got a frosted flavor you,have to check them out youve probably,seen them on Joe Rogans podcasts all,these guys that are reputable within the,health industry talk about them so just,because its bright colored and it looks,fun doesnt mean that its unhealthy,its definitely a good way to be able to,swap out your breakfast so highly highly,highly new legitimately recommend that,you try these guys at least give them a,shot so the links down below in the,description you can check it out after,you watch this video and thank you magic,spoon for making this channel possible,and for helping out so many people with,their health okay this first Im going,to start with is a nature valley quote,protein bar now nature valley is just,kind of a regular candy bar type of,granola bar but it looks like they slap,the label protein on it to try to,capture the attention of well people,that are looking for a high protein,satiating snack so lets go ahead and,lets take a quick look at the,ingredients on this onebut flip the,camera around okay so heres what the,label looks like and then lets go ahead,and lets look at the nutrition facts,like,roasted peanuts thats not too bad to,start but soy protein isolate as the,second ingredient that is pure,adulterated soy okay,pure phytoestrogens which is not exactly,something that we want when you look at,overall thyroid affect when you look at,the effect in the body in general soy is,not a good ingredient especially that,high up on the list chicory root extract,not the end of the world but again this,high up on the list,thats going to be a prebiotic fiber,that is going to give you a lot of,intestinal discomfort that should not be,that high up on the ingredient list so,this ones a little bit sketchy already,but then the big scary one is the,vegetable oils down there okay so in,terms of the fats that were adding to,the mix here weve got palm kernel oil,which isnt terrible then weve got,canola and peanut oil definitely not,something I want to have in there the,bulk of the protein here its coming,from soy protein isolate which is just,not going to be good quality stuff and,not worth the paper its really written,on it so this one of course we also,probably have some sugar added to it yep,oh were some sugar,we have fructose okay remember fructose,goes straight to the liver and doesnt,really get stored in the muscle let me,explain something so heres what happens,with fructose and fructose gets in your,body okay because fructose can only get,metabolized by the liver you can only,process like 30 to 40 grams at a time,which means the excess fructose goes,through whats called de novo lipid,Genesis and gets converted into fat very,easily but its also very easy for it to,contribute to a fatty liver its very,easy for it to cause all kinds of other,effects especially in the world of,viruses fructose directly feeds a virus,so we have to be really careful with,that kind of stuff just in general were,worried about health so this ones a,no-go lets move on to the next frankly,a lot of these arent even protein bars,so I dont want to waste the time these,are just granola bars or peanut bars,fruit and nut bars these grain free bars,are kind of cool but theyre not a,protein bar once again in the world of,bars though theyre not that bad I just,know for a fact almonds pecans and maple,syrup organic honey okay we still have,fructose coming from honey and maple,syrup so you have to be careful with,that still fructose still gonna go,through that same de novo epigenesis,thing but at least its clean,ingredients not something I would really,feed my family but worst case scenario,its probably one of the cleaner ones,now this next one is one that I just,stumbled across now I havent tasted it,or anything so I cant really attest to,to that price it seems a very expensive,its called a ratio bar and $17.99 for,16 of them ethyl I mean not the end of,the world its still pretty cheap but,compared to like the Nature Valley,bars right but those are garbage so,lets take a look at whats in this one,I actually was pretty pleased with the,ingredients Ill spin the camera around,and then Ill flip it back and explain,some stuff in a minute so label looks,like this okay lets go in ingredients,here we got almonds pumpkin seeds soy,protein isolate which is definitely not,something we want as far as the protein,goes coconut oil erythritol whey protein,isolate sugary root extract okay so you,remember how we talked about chicory,root extract this is further on down the,list okay which I appreciate that means,it has less of the actual binding fiber,thats going to give it sort of the,texture but its further down the list,meaning at least prioritize that I like,this stevia extract thats gonna be,really solid I like that its a river,towel thats better than sugar okay the,problem is once again soy protein,isolate alright we have a big problem,there we dont want to use that now let,me explain something with whey protein,isolate which I was pleased to see when,youre looking for a whey protein you,want whey protein isolate not,concentrate it means theyve taken the,protein and theyve isolate X Q Z,theyve taken the way and Ive isolated,the protein out of it so that means you,dont have any to lactose you dont have,any of the milk solids you just have,pure protein now with soy you end up,with a lot of the you know soy,isoflavones you end up with a lot of the,phytoestrogens and everything like that,its a different story,whats funny is they go through the,effort of having a high quality whey,protein isolate but they have a high or,zooming a low quality soy protein,isolates it doesnt make any sense they,go through might as well just use whey,protein concentrate and just use the,cruddy stuff point is if it wasnt for,the soy protein isolate in that ratio,bar I absolutely wouldnt use that I,think its a really clean one and I,think its low sugar so its not the end,of the world its better than some of,the other ones but it definitely doesnt,make the top two this is one that people,love all the time its not even a,protein bar its a protein cookie now,theyve done an amazing job of marketing,but we have to be real here for just a,second because its not a bar and its,still thing of the day just a cookie fun,f

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Protein Bar Review – Best & WORST at the Store Today (2021)

[Music],how do you know what is good,in a protein bar when there are just so,many different ingredients,i think by the end of this video youll,know the few sort of flagship things,that you should be looking for,and the few things that you really,should be avoiding now,walmart doesnt have the most tremendous,selection of protein bars but still,gives us enough to kind of break it all,down,in basics lets go ahead and start with,robert irvines fit crunch,okay this is an interesting one and it,does taste delicious ill give it that,but what we have to look at here is the,protein blend okay whey protein isolate,whey protein concentrate,in the ideal scenario i would love to,have just a whey protein isolate,whey protein concentrate is okay in a,bar but i just again,its not as clean of a protein whereas,whey protein isolate is just isolated,protein,then it has soy protein isolate that is,worthless why would we have that in,there when we have a complete protein,with the whey protein,so we dont need to have that soy ice,lit in there except for the fact that,its a cheaper filler,is that a huge red flag kind of,its more so just a why why would you do,that vegetable glycerin you dont need,to be too concerned with i mean thats,its it sounds like its this terrible,thing but its not like vegetable oils,whereas in this case we have vegetable,oils but theyre using palm and palm,kernel oil,now why is palm and palm kernel oil,better than say,like i dont know some of these other,vegetable oils like sunflower oil or,anything like that,because at least its saturated and its,more stable most vegetable oils are,polyunsaturated theyre very unstable,or they have to partially hydrogenate,them to get them there,im just going to skip ahead because,this one isnt terrible but what i dont,like is the maltitol,okay so maltitol is a,sugar alcohol that is not very fun,okay if you eat one of these bars youre,probably going to feel a little bit of,gut distress and thats generally from,the,sugar alcohol of maltitol this day and,age most brands are going to a different,kind,so its kind of interesting that were,still using maltitol but then we get,into,two percent or less of the following we,have a bunch of interesting things in,there i dont want to go into a lot of,detail,because this is probably in the coding,but it looks like theyre using,sucralose in addition to maltitol,now what i would typically say is use,one or the other,maltitol is bad for the gut because its,a sugar alcohol sucralose is an,artificial sweetener,so theres a little bit of just,confusion here but the biggest piece is,why are you having soy protein isolate,its not going to be,if it was a plant-based bar i could give,it a little bit of credit there,so that one i dont know now lets take,a look at,this metrics bar now this isnt,necessarily going to be keto friendly or,anything like that,but what are we looking for this is a,meal replacement bar so this is going to,have a lot of stuff,but look at the protein blend the first,protein blend is soy soy protein isolate,tapioca starch salt,whey protein isolate milk protein,isolate whey protein concentrate egg,white,so its got a lot of different proteins,in it but it also has,30 grams of sugar so its so easy to,think that all protein bars are going to,be,low carb low calorie and stuff like that,no a lot of them have a ton of sugar so,you really do need to be,paying attention to that some of the,main ingredients you really want to look,for with this,weve already seen them right its going,to be soy protein we dont necessarily,want that maltosol syrup here we are,again,fractionated palm kernel oil is not as,big of a deal as it sounds but i would,still try to avoid it when you can,canola oil something you want to look,for in protein bars so lets go ahead,and just move on those,again hopefully out of this you just,learn what to look for and what not i,dont know if theyre gonna have a,really clean version here for us to look,at,this is a popular brand okay pure,protein,two grams of sugar which is nice 20,grams of protein so i think we need to,investigate it now as far as taste goes,these things taste delicious,but protein blend we have milk protein,isolate partially hydrolyzed whey,protein isolate which is a great one,i would love to see that whey protein,isolate thats good,so the only thing thats a bummer is,they have the milk protein isolate first,which frustrates me a little bit,they put the casein protein in there,because the casein,uh digests slowly,so what do we see here like what do we,have to be careful of i wouldnt worry,too much about the sugar being that far,down,soy lesser than youre going to find in,a lot of things so you know its not a,huge deal but what i dont like seeing,is once again that canola oil there so,weve got canola oil weve got some of,these other things,so in this one so we see its kind of,interesting because stevia leaf extract,has the sweetener so its kind of cool,like we have a little bit of sugar here,and there,we have erythritol and we have stevia so,this is a hair better is this one,perfect,no i mean the protein blend is not great,lets put it this way,the first ingredient is milk protein,youre not getting like a nice,good absorbing protein out of it if the,first ingredient was great protein,isolate id say its a little bit better,but honestly this ones not as bad as i,would have thought especially since they,made the shift over to erythritol and,stevia so pure protein,so far out of all the ones weve looked,at i would probably lean towards this,one the most,one that comes up a lot is this one bar,lets go lets grab,almond bliss lets take a look at this,this is the one bar one gram of sugar 20,grams of protein,look at the nutrition facts there we see,six grams of sugar alcohols,okay protein still milk protein isolate,just because it tastes good so this is,called imo isomalto oligosaccharides,i dont have too much of an issue with,isom uh this whole issue,i mean i dont have too much of an issue,with imo but some people do because it,can cause digestive upset,basically it acts similarly to sugar in,the body but it doesnt but what i dont,like is all the maltitol,and then i also dont like that were,repeating milk protein concentrate again,then we go into uh some of these other,emulsifiers soy less than is not a huge,deal,and then we also have sucralose okay so,when youre comparing,bar to bar although this one looks more,appealing because,a nicer looking box and only one gram of,sugar this ones going to be a better,option,just fyi uh theres lots of good like,protein bars keto bars that are out,there,unfortunately theyre just not always at,like a store like walmart i put a link,down below for thrive market,if you sort by snacks with thrive market,and then sort by keto,you can find all the low carb kind of no,sugar bars,so i would highly recommend you check,that out so there is a link down below,its an online membership based grocery,store theyre a big supporter and,sponsor of this channel so what happens,is,you order from them and it gets,delivered to your doorstep so you can,get all your groceries,you can get all your pantry staples for,keto for paleo whatever,just a huge benefit when it comes down,to the bars and stuff because you can,sort by whats going to work your,dietary pattern,super awesome and if you use that link,down below 25 off a membership,but also youre going to get a free gift,when you use that link so check them out,down below in the description,uh and big thanks to thrive market oh,zone,you know lets talk about the zone bar,for a second because,these are really cool because they like,i like the approach theyre going for,with the whole zone diet,but we havent looked in the ingredients,whoa okay never mind,brown rice syrup corn syrup chocolate,drops,sugar oh gosh i think you can probably,already see the problem here right,okay we have uh sodium case thats not a,big deal soy protein isolate is the main,protein source then we have milk protein,isolat


this bar tastes better than every single,other bar,combined,[Music],coach greg and today instead of having,french toast for breakfast im going to,be trying out 11 different protein bars,im gonna tell you if i like them tell,you if i dont like them or if it,belongs in the trash because its that,bad,we asked the viewers to rank the best,tasting protein bars,on the market were gonna start in no,particular order from 11th place to six,no,order doesnt matter the top five are,gonna be ranked in order okay,well start out with a zone perfect bar,all right so lets see would i even eat,this 210 calories,15 grams of protein 7 fat 23 carb,17 sugar i would never even eat this,ever if i saw this in the grocery store,i would never buy it,but because people said it tastes so,good i have to try and see what its,like,[Music],okay so the taste is not bad im giving,it a 2 out of 3 star,i wouldnt normally eat this but if i,was on a bike ride or something i just,wanted a low protein bar like its not,really high enough in protein,i might eat it the taste is okay its,not going in the trash,its just not that amazing up next phd,smart protein bars okay they vary from,around 230 to 260 calories with 20,21 grams of fat not bad its,its acceptable more protein than the,last one i might eat this,depends on the taste chocolate toffee,popcorn flavor,okay that sounds interesting im gonna,better be good,popcorn,[Music],no all right thats not good thats 260,calories i dont waste my calories on,that,heres a two on three star rating its,not going in the trash,cookies and cream well i always like,cooking cream so,well its not bad i give it a two on,three it tasted better than the popcorn,one,white chocolate blondie okay,[Music],its kind of chewy it takes a long time,to get down but it doesnt,its not good it it tastes like youd,expect a protein bar to taste,not good i mean no i wouldnt waste my,time on that,and just so you know i spent almost 500,on these protein bars,and order them from around the world you,guys are all complaining you cant get,anything,google can send you anything if youre,willing to pay enough money for shipping,salted fudge brownie,[Music],its okay i dont know id probably go,with the cookies and cream but,on average two out of three stars for,all of them,cliff whey protein bar 260 calories 13,grams of fat,14 protein 5 sugar,23 carb they should call this a fat bar,and theres hardly any protein and way,too many calories,well anyway you said it tasted so good,so amazing,all your geniuses out there which are,your morons to,put it in a protein bar category,[Music],this protein bar tastes like garbage,its got garbage macros,its got no star rating for me garbage,food belongs in the freaking garbage,with the rest of the trash,[Music],popular requests for taste here not,quite in the top five but,robert irvines fit crunch never heard,of this,lets see whats the big deal here all,right 30 grams of protein okay,380 calories,what is wrong thats two bars 30 grams,oh its got 30 grams of,calories how you lose the weight eat,this,do you know how much this costs it was,like 70 for shipping,and 70 u.s for the box,its garbage paid enough money im gonna,freaking try this out,this better freaking taste better than,my homemade sport protein bar,for this much freaking money,its a two on three people are you that,foolish so this is whats happening,people 30 grams of protein time 420,out of the 380 calories are protein the,rest the 260k calories,is crap its junk food at kitkat bar,you can eat instead of this and have a,little bit of whey protein,have a scoop of whey protein and a,freaking,chocolate bar and youre better off so,what do i think of this,the actual [ __ ] part of it the junk food,it tastes okay not like a kitkat bar,and then the rest of it tastes like what,youd expect a protein bar so theyre,trying to mask the bad taste of the,protein bar,with the fat and sugar that surrounds,the bar,it didnt fool me i got halfway through,the bar tasted good and the rest was,junk,it is not good but im giving it a two,on three rating because,it could be worse it could be worse at,least it tasted somewhat okay,but for the price of it i throw it in,the garbage but its just too freaking,inexpensive to throw out,think high protein bars okay high,protein all right,20 grams doesnt seem that high,20 grams 230 calories well thats,respectable,22 grams of carbs so it could be called,a carb bar its got more carbs than,protein,and 9 grams of fat okay well its not,bad 20 grams of protein for 230 calories,its pretty decent so,im okay with the macros not too bad,potential if it tastes amazing it could,be okay,creamy peanut butter the first one,second i was like okay its not bad,and as i continued to chew i was like oh,its losing it and its got a weird,aftertaste its getting a two on three,it wasnt horrible and the macros are,not horrible so,its somewhere in the middle in a,two-on-three rating,gatorade recover since when do they have,protein bars,okay whats in this thing,350 calories almost as bad as the robert,irvine fit crunch,350 calories 20 grams of protein,people thats almost no protein for 350,calories are you kidding me,you guys eat these things it better,taste,absolutely out of this world to only,have 20 grams of protein,[Music],okay so taste wise its the best of the,ones ive tasted so far,but of course it is it only has 20 grams,of protein thats 80 calories,80 minus the 350 270 calories of [ __ ],is made to disguise that 20 grams of,protein so of course it tastes good,this is garbage people,all right in fifth place best tasting,protein,bar the build bar,built bar and what we have here,15 grams of protein 110 calories,well thats an excessive amount of,protein for how few calories it is,4 grams of fat 13 carbs 15 protein,okay so whats happening is the rounding,down here a little bit the rounding down,the calories from the fiber okay,theyre not counting all the calories,theres actually more than 110 calories,id say closer to 130. its still,excellent in terms of the macros,definitely a bar i would eat but the,calories are higher than you want,telling you what you need to hear,not what you want to hear you want to,hear its only 110 calories 15 grams of,protein,sorry its not that low but its still,amazing,okay full disclosure here i dont really,like mint,its not really fair but lets see,[Music],okay a bit of a softness to it here some,gooeyness,[Music],now despite the fact that i dont like,mint,i still dont mind the bar it has a very,good consistency,its gooey chewy and its yummy in a,good way its actually pretty good,tasting,so i would absolutely eat this again,even though its not a flavor i like so,imagine if it was,a flavor that i liked how much i would,like it so definitely,its definitely getting a three out of,three star rating as a protein bar i,would eat in the future and we recommend,to other people,up next one bars we have several flavors,of this one okay so the one bar has,between 220 and 230 calories,20 21 grams of protein so thats pretty,good so the macros,not bad on this one but do they taste,good,happy birthday well thank you,[Music],no complaints there i mean honestly it,tastes as good as the junkier bars that,i threw in the trash that were crappy on,macro so,no complaints with that one peanut,butter pie,[Music],it was harder to cut through this one,coach greg thats a good one as well,here im not gonna try them all here oh,the donut will tennis said i gotta try,the donut one out just for you,what would will think lets see what do,you prove,[Music],well cut very easily,[Music],theres my favorite donut of all the,bars ive tried is the best tasting one,great macros not quite as good of macros,as the,built bar but definitely on my,three star recommend list to try,third place kirkland bars ive been,eating these forever,may as well eat one again i like the,chocolate chip cookie dough one,more than the other 190 calories 21,grams of protein,very very good macros,hard to cut,[Music],of course i would reco

Pure Protein Budget Friendly Protein Bar Review | Supplement Review

– no fate channel checking in and I have,just a little bit of variety for you,today as I dive into not one not two but,three of pure proteins pure protein bar,flavors on this episode of the sunday,supplement review,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],this series I review was supplement,every episode to help you decide if it,is right for your fitness goals your,health needs and most importantly that,hard-earned money now speaking of,hard-earned money thats exactly why I,am reviewing pure proteins pure protein,bar today specifically three of their,flavors I got this variety pack at BJs,Wholesale for only $13 that makes each,one of these bars only cost 72 cents per,bar now I do know thats an everyday,price without any coupons on top of it,all so this is actually sold at Amazon,for sixteen dollars every day price and,it has even gone lower than that what it,hits deal of the day as we mentioned in,previous videos protein bars are not,something you really want to be,consuming every day ideally you get all,of your food from whole food sources but,we dont live in an ideal world youre,busy youve got school youve got work,youve got the kids listen life is busy,and it is so hard to eat healthy,especially when you are on the go and,happen to have a time crunch thats why,it is ideal to have these type of,protein bars on hand so that when you,know youre gonna be busy when you know,youre gonna be out and about you can,just throw them into a backpack into a,cooler you have them on hand you dont,have to overpay oftentimes when you buy,these individually you ended up having,to pay through the nose I seen people,pay three almost 350 for some of the,protein bars so its great to have these,72 cents bars on hand just to kind of,get the job done and get you through,that period where youre busy help,bridge the gap between when you cant,eat healthy too when you cant eat,healthy so were gonna go over these,three flavors were gonna go over the,taste the can we already went over the,cost lets just dive right in comes in,three flavors for this variety pack I do,know these pure protein bars come in,like ten or twelve flavors Im gonna,list them all right here so before I,tear open this box and tear into these,bars lets go over the ingredients Im,not gonna go over all three they vary,slightly Im just gonna go over one but,rest assure the difference between bars,is minimal one bar 50 grams of weight,calories 200 calories total fat is 5,grams total carbohydrates now heres,where a little bit of a sneaky thing on,the front of the box on the front of the,packages they list that theres only 2,or 3 grams of sugar per bar but the,total carbohydrates per bar is 20 grams,of carbohydrates,theres,fiber theres three grams of sugar and,nine grams of sugar alcohol Im not,exactly sure how thats gonna differ,from sugar I think its a little bit,better in terms of how your body handles,it but just be aware that if youre,worried about sugar and youre worried,about carbs there are 20 grams of carbs,per box for the protein amount this bar,that Im going over delivers 19 grams of,protein the other ones have 20 and 21,respectfully in terms of the protein,source,it is almost predominantly whey protein,concentrate if you could look way down,on the ingredients label youll see milk,protein and whey protein isolate but if,you are concerned and want to kind of,decide where the proteins coming from,just assume whey protein concentrates,lets dive in to show you what these,bars look like take the taste test of,the two that I have not tried yet and,give you my ranking of these three so,first on the docket is chocolate and,d-lux as you can see this bar is 50,grams not massive like a metrics big 100,but it is hopefully gonna get the job,done and that job is to simply bridge,the gap between when youre on the go,traveling on the run you cant eat,healthy and you just want to bridge that,gap to when you can get to healthy whole,food so theres the inside the chocolate,deluxe is good its not amazing its got,that chocolate cake its got some good,texture when you bite into it it doesnt,have a terribly chalky aftertaste but as,far as the two so far chocolate peanut,butter much much better flavor than the,chocolate deluxe again if you were,buying these individually in these,little boxes of six you probably skip,over the chocolate deluxe nothing to,write home about but in a variety pack,youre not gonna be mad again because,youre getting that savings youre only,paying seventy two cents per bar lets,dive right into chocolate peanut butter,nope we dont like chocolate peanut,butter we want chocolate salted caramel,here we go,the one I have yet to try,so there you go this is also 50 grams,you get a little bit that that caramel,glazing on top,pure protein salted caramel is much,better than the chocolate deluxe it does,have that good texture when you bite,into it it does have some weight to it,which is nice its gonna hopefully,basically hold up that spot in your,stomach until you can get to whole food,as far as flavoring rankings are,concerned salted caramel is my number,one I really like that salt and caramel,kind of then that flavor in your mouth,are kind of get lead leaves you just,just wanting to take another bite very,very good number two comes in chocolate,peanut butter is there been a better,combination with two sides chocolate and,peanut butter I dont know a tango in,cash I I cant name one if you can name,a better combination besides chocolate,and peanut butter drop it in the,comments below and number three again if,you were buying these individually dont,buy this one but in a variety pack,you could definitely make do and take,advantage of the savings to not be mad,about having to get chocolate deluxe,coming in number three hopefully you,found this video informative let me know,in the comments below which protein bars,you were using to help get the job done,when you were on the go and when you are,traveling which one should I be,reviewing in the future and doing a,taste test of also if you came this far,in the video you know what to do,give it a like hit that subscribe button,also on the description below I have put,the Amazon affiliate link to these,protein bars if you use it it helps me,out takes a little bit of money out of,Amazons pockets and it doesnt cost you,anything if you dont use it dont worry,its not that big of a deal as usual,thanks for watching and dont save,anything for the trip back I am,dedicated to helping you dad to be great,parents to your children and still,accomplish your own personal goals I,post tips and tricks to save you dads,time energy and money three things that,are in short supply for every dad out,there

PURE PROTEIN Protein Bar Review

that sounds amazing like this sounds,like a dessert which is a great,price guide or if ive done a workout,like now for example im starving,oh its actually gluten-free as well oh,it looks like a mars bar,i cant believe i get to eat this after,a workout this,this tastes like a chocolate bar,because i am a chocolate lover,[Music],hey guys and welcome to life with mayor,in todays video im going to be trying,out some protein bars which i have never,tried before im gonna do it with you,guys right now im really hungry im,really starving i just finished a really,great workout and i need some protein i,need something to nibble on until i can,get my hands on some lunch so if you,guys want to see me review,and try out these protein bars just keep,watching okay so the protein bars that i,picked up are actually from costco and,they are the pure protein bars this one,right here and this was a bulk pack this,was 21,at costco and you get six chocolate,peanut butter six chocolate deluxe and,six chewy chocolate chip that sounds,amazing like this doesnt sound like a,protein bar this sounds like a dessert,and thats what i love about this i love,that it has the chocolate because,im not eating too much junk food lately,im not eating too much sweets so this,will definitely give me some sort of,sweetness as well however,it does not have too much sugar which is,what i like so lets take a look at the,first one the chocolate peanut butter,has 20 grams of protein with only two,grams of sugar thats nothing that is,nothing i have more sugar in my coffee,than that the chocolate deluxe has 21,grams of protein so one extra gram of,protein and one extra gram of sugar,three grams of sugar that one looks,really chocolatey oh i cant wait to try,it the third one is the chewy chocolate,chip and that one has six twenty grams,protein with three grams of sugar so,each bar is 50 grams,so its about the size of a granola bar,i want to say,and this was 21.99,so youre getting 18 bars so each one is,about a dollar in change which is a,great,price guys if you have ever bought,protein bars some of them go for as,little as three dollars and up ive paid,i think like yeah 375 425 theyre really,expensive they are really expensive and,because its packed with protein and,some of them are actually even meal,replacement bars which have a lot of,carbs as well let me check out the carbs,actually as well because after a workout,you have to have carbs also,so the carbohydrates,in these are,five percent for the chocolate peanut,butter the chocolate deluxe has six,percent and the chewy chocolate chip has,six percent,so pretty good and each of these bars,has calcium has iron has some vitamin a,very little bit but has vitamin a also,has fiber,which is really good,and each bar has from 180 to 200,calories so thats nothing i burned over,400 calories already at the gym and the,more you work out the more you have to,eat as well which is what im trying to,do im trying to incorporate more food,more healthy snacks sometimes i get,really busy and its hard for me to to,manage so im just throwing snacks,inside my bag fruits yogurts so now i,bought these so im able to stick these,in my lunch bag stick them in my purse,stick them in my work bag so that if,ever i you know im feeling tired or,weak i go to a protein bar or if ive,done a workout like now for example im,starving i can just go and have some,protein bars so this has a really long,expiration date actually its may 31st,2022,and im definitely going to be consuming,this way before right so im going to,open this up you guys let me know down,in the comments below if youve ever,tried this as well i believe walmart,carries this brand also but i believe,that theyre a little bit more expensive,at walmart so thats why i decided to,get them at costco cant go wrong with,costco right,all right so im gonna open them up,and okay they come in individual boxes i,like that,so let me pull the first one out so i,kind of punctured a hole in this but,this is the first one this is the,chocolate peanut butter,i love this this is so good like what,im saying is you buy one of these for,like four bucks or more at popeyes at,walmart at superstore at health food,stores anywhere you go that has protein,bars they are selling for at least four,dollars or so so im getting three whole,boxes so this is the peanut butter i,love that it comes in individual boxes i,thought it was just gonna be all loose,inside this big box this one is the,chocolate deluxe this one looks so,decadent and rich look at that,oh my gosh i hope i like that one and,the third one,is,the,chewy chocolate chip oh,looks good right oh my gosh it looks,like a dessert im starving guys im so,starving im sorry if im making you,starving while youre watching this but,oh my gosh i just worked out like i said,and i gotta eat something all right so,im not gonna eat three protein bars,because thats gonna be way too much,protein for me im just gonna have a,bite from each and test them out for you,guys for the purpose of the video and,ill just wrap them up and save them for,later so the first one im trying is the,pure protein chocolate peanut butter and,oh its actually gluten free as well,which is amazing for me because im,supposed to be on a gluten-free diet im,supposed to be but its really hard to,do guys especially i have to do a lot i,have to eat a lot more carbs so this is,the peanut butter one right here let me,take a little minute for you oh,nice oh it looks like a mars bar ah,i cant believe i get to eat this after,a workout this is like looks like a,treat doesnt look like something you,eat after a workout oh my goodness okay,so let me take a first bite here so this,is the peanut butter,um,wow,that is good,chewy moist,soft has a bit of a crunch,like crunchy peanut butter maybe this is,what it looks like inside,oh my gosh,the chocolate is so good,this tastes like a chocolate bar,wow,it reminds me of reeses pieces or,reeses peanut butter cups,and i dont like peanut butter too much,i just started eating it actually as an,adult,my brother used to make peanut butter,sandwiches all the time growing up and i,would always stick with the nutella i,never never liked peanut butter but now,as an adult ive been making peanut,butter and honey sandwiches for,breakfast peanut butter has protein in,it as well so its really great to have,some,instead of like meat all the time or,beans if if you dont have any,but this tastes good im going to take,one more small nibble,oh its so soft,i sort of like i think this part here at,the bottom is whats making it crunchy,mmm,wow,that is a treat guys,oh my gosh,im gonna have to go pick up some more,wow,so this is the peanut butter one,i can only imagine what the chocolate,one is gonna taste like okay,oh my gosh let me just have a sip of,water,it does get,stuck in your teeth though because it is,peanut butter,but really really tasty the second the,second one that im gonna try is the,chocolate,deluxe,look at that it looks like a chocolate,cake,chocolate cake guys,oh my gosh so this is what it looks like,here this one has the one extra gram of,protein and it also has the one extra,gram of sugar,but im not worried about that this is,nothing ive seen protein bars out there,that have 12 grams of sugar or more i,think clif bars not to bash them or,anything i think ive tried them once,theyre the ones that you see the most,often dont get them guys they have a,lot of sugar i think like 12 grams of,sugar per bar,way too much all right so it looks,exactly the same on the outside looks,like sort of like a mars or a snickers,bar let me take a bite into this one now,wow,the consistency reminds me of a tootsie,roll,its chewy,and soft its not too rich i thought it,was going to be really rich,it is sweet,but not too sweet it actually says,that its sweetened with sucralose,maltitol and sugar so its not just,sugar it has some artificial um,sugars in there as well but look at that,it looks like fudge,thats what it reminds me of,a tootsie r

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