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Dog treat review: Crazy Calorie dog treats: Purina Prime Bones review and label reading tutorial

hi everybody welcome back kind of have a,little bit of an impromptu video for you,guys today i wasnt planning this,at all um we had a client come in and,had our exam and all that stuff and she,gave,the pet after after we were done with,everything,this really cool looking like really,beefy treat and ill see if i can find a,picture of it and ill insert it here,somewhere,and so the exam was done she left i was,picking up the table and i noticed the,package so thats the package prime,bones,its got this you know bore on it,supposedly filled with,wild boar it smells,really good it smells like a slim gem if,you like that kind of thing and so,i was just looking through the back of,the package because i always do that,and curious on the calories this is a,big,huge beefy thing she says she gives it,all at once and she does it once or,twice a week and its kind of like a,treat thing she does so,um i looked at this package and,this one treat had 349,calories im going to put that in,perspective for you because its,holidays coming up we all want to buy,our pet streets we all want to do fun,things for our pets but,349 calories is a lot and im going to,show you why,so this dog was 66 pounds,and so if i look in my little handy,dandy book here,there are a bunch of different ways that,you can,calculate how much calories and ill,flash those fancy numbers here on the,screen,but nobodys got time for that so i just,kind of look,when im calculating based on this chart,here and ill insert that so you guys,can have it,and so for this particular dog that was,66 pounds,um it needed kind of a rough estimate,lets just say to be generous 900,calories,okay so 900 calories and this,is 304,so you can do the math there thats like,a third maybe of the daily requirement,so im looking at the package and im,like okay whats in this that thats,making it you know so,such a calorically dense food and so,looking through it nothing major i mean,its rice glycerin wild boar,brewers dried yeast pea protein yada,yada yada okay nothing special,so i go down to read kind of the feeding,guidelines and it says,feed is a treat to your adult dog this,product is a treat,and is not intended to be fed as a meal,okay,then it goes on to say the caloric,intake from treats,should not exceed 10 of a dogs total,daily caloric,requirement all right were just gonna,do that one more time,the caloric intake from treats should,not exceed 10 percent of a dogs total,daily caloric requirement if treats are,given,the amount of food should be reduced,accordingly,okay so just just to do some math and,ill kind of flash it over here,somewhere,if i go to my book and i go to that,chart we were just referencing,and i go to the very last,line on this chart which is for a 200,pound dog,a 200 pound dog should get roughly 2 000,calories per day thats the,total caloric requirement 10 percent of,that,is uh 10 of 2000 is 200,okay so to do a little bit of reverse,math,in order for this treat to only be 10 of,your,pets daily requirement your pet would,need,a 3 000,daily caloric requirement because 300,is um 300 is,10 of 3 000 and so that means you would,have to have a dog,over 200 pounds in order to,uh in order to safely feed this street,so,i dont i didnt make this video to bash,giving your dog treats i want everyone,to do that i want everybody to go out,buy their pet christmas presents buy,their pet,holiday gifts thats fine i just wanted,you guys to know when youre buying,these treats,look at the package and look at the,calories because it really does make a,difference and it really does add up,this is just silly,its okay to do it once in a while um,but you cant do it every day and you,maybe shouldnt be doing it every week,and,its just just pay attention i want you,guys to have fun have fun this holiday,season,treat your pets and i guess ill see you,next time,[Music],bye,bye

Dog Chew Bone Review

hey guys thats weight loss critic,reviews here this is scooby-doo with our,new tote our new bones right here Im,trying to see which ones will last the,longest for him because he tends to just,Chomp Chomp swallow so these are Purina,Bizzy Bone original long lasting chew,well see well see how long it takes,him okay,there you go Im gonna record him well,maybe let him light first,so Mitzi napkin I started tearing it up,thank you,shell usually take a little bit longer,to and stuff up which is good but the,boys on Chloe of course – but shouldnt,have any teeth left the boys just like I,dont know they just dont take I dont,know why I dont know I dont have a,reason for it,excuse the mess the dogs tend to take,things and put them where they dont,belong like my slipper thats cool – I,just noticed that and the snuggy that is,no longer a Snuggie its a holy thats,nothing but for something through dogs,or chew on,alright so were currently at 1 minute,and 14 seconds but that was also my,intro so,lets say my intro lasted about 20,seconds so were just at a minute now,hes been working on it and hes hes,taken well taking longer than usual with,stuff uh-huh oh hi Chloe you want to be,on the video to thank though we did you,out for you this is Chloe 15 year old,Chloe shes been having them some happy,days,well maybe Dante good work on here we,gotta do some landscaping up there,hes still at it this is good he hasnt,just Chomp Chomp swallow but theres the,first big bike he got up,without a good bones could be do exactly,bone like Yama,Im on a mission is that Glee Scooby you,instead bullied over here from sisters,give you one too,[Applause],oh shes drought youre not going to get,one youre too little,hi everybody i jus,stay up still at it,ensuing you could possible you know,fast-forward this after before I upload,it or not I will see stop growling,thats ugly Im gonna take it away,youre gonna be ugly,he was not trying to take it from you,hes just walking around you youre,funny,youre not gonna get one choo-choo Im,sorry Bubba its too big for you,your two-year-old eyebrow bones for you,dont worry,were in the middle of shamefully,shamelessly recording their big brother,because hes a pig,and were trying to see if this will,take him longer to devour,keep holding her she got a little chunk,off already,and love it when they hold it with their,paws like that I think thats – okay,sorry I know I took the camera off you,my bad,Deva,Julie are you talking to the camera what,do you want Baba what do you want you,want the bone yeah did you want to bone,teacher wants a bone so next time you,can get a bone okay all right gotta,treat the wrong but okay this,video is not about you Scooby you still,got some bone so thats um left four,minutes forty seconds,again thats total subtract your 20,seconds for my intro theyre still,working on it,so long-lasting my butt taking him,lesson about five minute hes almost,done with it,because I got him I originally got him,those those ones that have those little,nubby things on to Keeneland you know in,their teeth couldnt turn her off and,everything but he literally like two,bites and swallows like Im not even,exaggerating so I was like well thats,not helping you teeth so I had to get,him something hopefully that would take,him longer to help with the feeding of,his teeth and I believe it is officially,all ingested at five minutes and 37,seconds so – my 20 seconds and it has,taken him about five minutes – the guard,at long last and you so there you go if,you have big tumors like him and this,one has been a Butthead right now maybe,stop it she thinks everybodys out to,get her stuff but theyre both big,chewers I know you already finished your,book so I guess I would not recommend,these as actual luck theyre not long,lasting you watched him devour that in,less than five minutes so while theyre,still probably good for you and their,teeth and all that stuff,its not the long-lasting – that I was,wanting and expecting so there you have,it

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Purina – Prime Bones Review 4K

[Music],okay so welcome back to our Channel,today we have a new product called,Purina prime bones to stick with wild,venison so theres deer in this its a,natural antler shaped dog chew its,rawhide free natural with added calcium,and limited ingredients the four pack,and we got it at Walmart in the,clearance aisle for only $5 its usually,$9 so thats a pretty good deal to me as,four of them in here and says prime,bones is a safe natural naturally edible,treat made to satisfy your dogs,instinctual love of chewing,so it has venison in it the ingredients,are here so its pretty much just,venison and other natural flavorings but,anyway yeah so it says to feed as a,treat to your adult dog and were gonna,try it were gonna try this out and see,how they like them,[Music],we go might be too big for the little,guy theres still one left I dont know,theyre gonna you know Im gonna swim in,Jessie well for sure Brock you probably,though I dont know about Miko hes,guarding it oh its okay yeah make me,bail eat it,hell take a little pride a wild up but,there is no rawhide but its very hard,so Im really curious to see how long,these will last in the description I,will write out a poem that they shoot it,before so you can kind of get an idea of,how long they last but yeah they seem to,like it something new well see how they,do,yeah so I think thats pretty good deal,always check your clearance aisle at,Walmart because theres sometimes they,have dark stuff thats half price and,thats like Purina so theyre called,again crying bumps and if your dog likes,venison like deer that they would love,they would love these so try them out if,you can find them at one of your local,stores and thats it so I hope you,enjoyed this review,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music]

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Dog Treats: Best Dog Treats – Top Dog Chews Reviews

when a dog acts in a way we like the dog,is rewarded for their efforts rewards,can be anything but the best reward as,an edible one the training treat we have,rounded up five top treats that are,great for training your new pup if you,like any of them you can buy through the,link in description number one dream,bone twist sticks dream bone twist,sticks have all the benefits of a,rawhide shoe without the rawhide made,with real bacon wholesome vegetables and,real bacon and cheese flavor for a,scrumptious taste enriched with vitamins,and minerals and easy to digest chewing,helps maintain healthy teeth 50 fun,shaped shoes that dogs love these shoes,are a healthy alternative to rawhide,number two dream bone DBD see large,dream bone Dino shoes have all the,benefits of a rawhide chew without the,rawhide made with real chicken and,wholesome vegetables for a scrumptious,taste dogs love these highly digestible,chews are a healthy alternative to,rawhide helps maintain healthy teeth,these fun dinosaur shaped shoes are,grain free and have a scrumptious taste,number three good and fun triple flavor,twist shoes for dogs a savory,combination of three flavors treats made,from rawhide and pork hide then wrapped,with real chicken natural chewing action,helps reduce tartar buildup the unique,twist shape packs on flavor and provides,a great source of protein for your pup,number four,Purina busy with dog treats bizzy bone,twisted with the meaty goodness of,beggin twisted marrow made with real,Baco 100% rawhide free and no FD&C,colors select from cheese made with real,beef Hydra hide made from farm raised,cattle are easily digestible number five,buffalo range rawhide dog treats,the only thing your dog might love as,much as you is the savory and lasting,satisfaction of a Buffalo range jerky,rawhide with the first bite of this,healthy tasty treat your dog will,journey to a place they were meant to be,Buffalo range inspires a sense of fun,and freedom that is as natural as your,dogs instinct to chew from a land,without boundaries were real simple and,honest ingredients roam free,out here treats are made with 100%,grass-fed Buffalo which is leaner and,tastier than beef we never use dyes or,artificial preservatives only natural,easy to pronounce ingredients so your,dogs get more of the flavor they crave,without sacrificing on what is important,available in twists braids bones many,bones kabobs and now introducing the,bully kabobs there is a size option for,every dog escape to a better rawhide,with Buffalo range,[Music]

Top 5 Best Bones for Dogs in 2022 [Review] Which One Should You Buy?

[Music],if you are looking for the best bones,for dogs,here is a collection you have got to see,lets get started,number one most popular benny bone real,bacon durable wishbone dog chew toy,the benny bone real flavor wishbone,gives dogs who love to chew a real treat,infused with flavoring from real bacon,peanuts or chicken,each bone has a long lasting smell and,taste all the way through even if your,dog likes to dig his teeth in to,encourage him to keep coming back,benny bone offers this bone in three,different sizes so that you can pick the,right one for your dogs size and,chewing habits,the durable nylon material should,withstand months of consistent chewing,even from the most aggressive chewers,[Music],[Music],number two nylabone flavored durable dog,chew toy,this bone comes in various flavors,including dog favorites like bacon and,peanut butter,to encourage your furry friend to keep,his hairs where they belong,thanks to its textured rings and nubs,the bone serves the dual purpose of,satisfying your dogs desire for,different sensations in his mouth and,keeping his teeth and gums clean and,healthy,this bone is also virtually,indestructible by even the most,aggressive chewers and comes in various,sizes to suit the size of your dogs,mouth,[Music],[Music],number three purina busy bone dog chew,dog treats,the bones come in packs of various sizes,and are just over one dollar each per,bone,so theyre excellent for dog owners who,need to curb bored dog mouths without,spending a small fortune,these bones will be long-lasting for,dogs who chew casually,they have two layers for your dog to,chew through and the middle layer comes,with a tasty surprise an,enticing filling made with real pork,since youll get more than one bone in,each pack,you can replace each chewed through one,without an extra trip to the store,spending more money,[Music],number four canine connoisseur single,ingredient dog bones,k-9 connoisseur single-ingredient dog,bones with marrow are all natural bones,that feature a smooth surface free from,cracks where mold can sneak its way in,and pose a health hazard for dogs,the cow bones even hold their original,marrow which can not only keep your dog,occupied for hours but can also give,them essential nutrients and the flavor,they crave,once your dog spends enough time with,the bone to clean out the marrow,you can refill the center with your,dogs favorite flavors like pumpkin,puree,pureed bacon or peanut butter,number five pet stages dog chew toys,it can chew on the wooden leg of your,chair or even on the wooden baluster on,your stairs,taking on this queue is pet stages,whereby the brand came up with a wooden,dog chew toy that they named rough wood,made from natural dogwood a kind of,woody plant known for its distinctive,bark,berries and blossoms the rough wood,offers your pet an entirely different,kind of,bone treat that should be perfect for,mild chewers,the positive thing is that it floats so,you can actually play with it with your,dog in the pool,[Music],for more details click the link in the,description thanks for watching the,video

Purina Busy Made in USA Facilities Toy Breed Dog Bones, Tiny – 60 ct. Pouch

160 count pouch purina busy made in usa,facilities toy breed dog bones tiny,center made with real meat for a taste,dogs crave,100 rawhide free,no fd in c colors,easily digestible,firm texture creates a long-lasting,chewing experience that helps clean,teeth,produced in purina owned,u.s facilities,enthralling shape and texture helps keep,your dog engaged,sized for tiny adult dogs 5 pounds,12 pounds to give them a treat they can,manage,fuel your tiny dogs oversized love of,snacking with purina busy bone tiny,adult dog chew treats,real meat at the center of these chewy,bones lets him know hes loved and each,purina busy bone tiny adult dog chew,treat has a unique twisted shape to keep,him engaged with each reward,watch his excitement as he gnaws to his,hearts content savoring the exterior as,long as possible before reaching the,bold meaty reward in the center,since these treats are made without fdc,colors you can rest assured hes getting,only the best,help him occupy his time and satisfy his,need to chew when you need to get work,done or give him a purina busy bone tiny,adult dog chew treats as a special,reward,made without rawhide these treats,encourage your dog to chew which helps,keep his teeth clean,let your tiny dog know how important he,is by relieving his boredom and keeping,him busy when you cant by offering him,one of these tempting dog treats on a,regular basis,top reviews from the united states,back to work five bag purchase,when my college closed its campus back,in march i cancelled my monthly,subscription to this item,i was working from home my state was in,lockdown many businesses were closed,i give my two docs hunts one bone each,when i leave to go to work,since i wasnt going anywhere except the,grocery store every few weeks i was not,giving them these bones very often as we,were hanging out together daily as i,worked,but i went back to the campus in august,and suddenly a week ago i realized i was,down to my last three bones in only one,remaining bag,i panicked and ordered four bags since,my renewed subscription wouldnt be,coming for a few more days but what,ended up happening is all five bags,arrived on the same day still too late,for the remaining work week,my doxies escort me to the back door,each morning and will actually block the,door with their little long bodies until,they are each given a bone,they absolutely love these bones,these bones allow me to leave the house,every morning as well as any other time,without any histrionics,[Music],you

What Bones Can you Give your Dog? | DOG BONES

hi guys Im dr. Lindsay welcome back to,my channel and today were gonna talk,about what bones you can give your dog I,[Music],made this video because a lot of my,clients come in and ask me what bones,that they can feed their dogs and what,bones are safe for their dogs so when,choosing a dog bone first of all you,want to look at the size of your dog if,you have a big large breed dog like,Cooper here or if you have a small breed,dog like a chihuahua or a Westie or a,Yorkie youre gonna choose smaller bones,for those dogs and then another tip is,you dont want to give a large breed,dogs small bones because those bones,think its stuck in their intestines,become obstructed and then your dog is,that risk for needing a surgery to,remove that phone so lets go through,this bone yard here you get it we have a,lot of bones to go through the first,bone that Im going to talk about is the,Nylabone so this bone is a plastic phone,with flavoring its not to be ingested,so if you dont trust your dog with this,phone and you think that theyre gonna,swallow it whole or chew it in half and,swallow a piece of it you might be,looking at a visit to the vet with the,Nylabone so I dont always recommend,this one and thats what I talked about,earlier is that the nalle bone is its,plastic theyre not supposed to eat it,so you need to watch your dog when you,give them the Nylabone the next chew toy,Im going to talk about is the Kong so a,Kong is also plastic going along with,the Nylabone if you give your dogs the,Kong and you fill it with peanut butter,or dog food or the whiz cheese you still,need to watch your dog when they have,this because its plastic they cant,adjust it and it cant get stuck in,their intestines so we dont want that,so with these two bones just know that,you have to watch your dog when when,they have them that goes along with,these other bones that are the Nayla,bones,these are not to be ingested they look,all yummy like they the dogs can eat,them but a lot of people dont know that,the dog should not be eating these bones,they just need to chew on them theyre,chew toys okay so now were gonna go,into bones that your dog can ingest so,heres some bones that I really like,these little twisty Nayla bones good and,fun sure they have some flavoring on,them these ones I like for little breed,dogs because they can chew on these work,on them during the day and they can eat,that and they can ingest these so thats,nice I think theyre edible and theyre,most likely not going to get stuck in,your dogs intestines as if it were a,plastic touval bone and then lets see,here all these might fall Im trying to,be as careful as possible,the next bone is a bigger Nylabone these,ones are able to be ingested by the dog,so I really like these bones for my,Dalmatians or dogs like Cooper who have,big strong teeth theyll work on these,it might take them two days to chew,these up some dogs can do it in a day I,dont know you guys probably have dogs,at home who chew these up and eat them,in 30 minutes who knows but I do like,these bones they can be ingested here is,a looks like a horse leg or a cow leg,something these look pretty intense,these bones are good for large breed,dogs that can chew on them the problem,with these is that dogs can crack their,teeth so if you have a dog that loves,these bones just watch out they can,crack their teeth on them thats the,number one thing but they do have good,flavorings theyre gonna keep your dog,busy and out of your hair for a little,bit if you need to throw them a bone but,um but these ones can crack their teeth,so you see how thick it is you dont,really want to give these to a dog that,you think cracks its teeth all the time,or if youve already been to the vet for,them getting their teeth cracked whoa,and thats just scary Cooper putting,heres your classic rawhide there is the,classic ride this is what everyone gets,worried about can my dogs eat raw hides,are they gonna choke and swallow arrives,and gets stuck in their intestines so,raw hides are meant to be edible they,work on these they chew them they do eat,pieces of it as theyre going through,the bone but rawhides can still get,stuck Im not saying that these are the,best bones once they get to the end or,they have a piece of it some dogs like,Labradors they swallow these bones whole,and run off and then five days later,they have a stomach ache they have a,fever and theyre in the vet because,they have a foreign body not every dog,is gonna get a foreign body from these I,trust my dogs with them I give my dog,fees which are Dalmatians big breed dogs,but Im Im for the rides I like the raw,hides they keep your dog occupé td,occupied they keep your dog occupied and,those are good bones to give them so now,Im moving to the raw hides that I love,the most to give owners and these are,the dental choose the easy choose and,these are for for teeth thats what,theyre marketed for we make these at,Claymore Animal Hospital Im not just,saying it these are my favorite because,we make them but its because they,dissolve more than a regular rawhide and,they have a less chance of getting stuck,in the intestines or causing an,obstruction so I trust these bones a,hundred percent have not at a problem,with them so Ill put the link in the,bio and you guys can click on it to buy,these if you want them for your dogs I,go through these like water with my,Dalmatians and thats the gentle easy,true rides and they just look like,strips of a ride oh thats what they,look like I recommend these but of,course I went through everything with,the other bones so you guys can always,choose what you want for your dogs and,then I love these small versions for,little dogs I give these to my,chihuahuas it makes their day I dont,have to watch them with it I leave the,house and they work on it no,obstructions Ive been giving these to,them for about three years now,so the gentle easy chews,I really love those bones thank you guys,for watching this video,about what type of bone to pick for your,dog and if you have a bone to pick with,me please leave a comment below and Id,be happy to message you back about any,questions that you have also if you,liked this video or you learn something,like how Nayla bones are plastic and,theyre not to be ingested please hit,that subscribe button share this video,with your friends and also remember to,hit that Bell and youll get a,notification that every Thursday at 5,oclock Ill be posting another,veterinary video and I hope to see you,guys all back here for some more,[Music]

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