1. Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review (Watch Before Buying)
  2. ???? Purple hybrid premier 3 review: 1 year with @Purple ???? [282]
  3. ONE YEAR LATER Purple Mattress FULL, HONEST Customer Review *not sponsored* | Purple Plus Mattress
  4. Purple Mattress Reviews – Purple Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress (UPDATED!)
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  6. Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress Review: True Comfort!
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Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review (Watch Before Buying)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video we have a review of the,purple hybrid premier mattresses so,purple as a brand is one of the biggest,in the online mattress base and these,are their most high-end options,available and if you clicked on this,video im guessing you just want to know,what these beds are all about and thats,exactly what were going to be covering,in this video were going to talk about,what these beds are made of what they,feel like how much they cost and why you,might want to get one for yourself,i think this video will probably be,everything you need but if you want to,learn more we have a lot more,information linked for you down below in,the description full written reviews,about purple comparisons to other,mattresses best lists just a lot of,stuff down there to help you out with,your mattress search including any,discounts we can find on these bets give,this video a thumbs up if you find it,helpful we put a lot of time and effort,into these videos and subscribe to the,channel wed really appreciate that as,well lets get into the general policy,information youre going to get with,purple this is stuff like shipping,returns trial periods and warranties,even though purple did send us all their,beds for free so we could review them,and then tell you about them should you,get one for yourself youre going to get,totally free shipping they show about,your door inside of a big bag so you,just drag it inside open it up rip off,the plastic and then watch the bed,expand its a pretty fun process once,the bed shows about your door you get a,hundred nights to try it out in your own,home to decide if its really the,mattress for you if for whatever reason,it isnt you can get totally free,returns within that trial window but she,decided to keep it purple backs to all,their beds with a 10 year warranty i,should mention that purple does give you,the option with the hybrid premier,mattresses to spend up a little bit to,get in-home setup and this can be kind,of nice because i will say that these,beds are very heavy you can move them,around ive done it a bunch of times but,its definitely not going to be your,favorite thing to do so you might want,to look into that optional in-home setup,so thats all the policy stuff when it,comes to purple they go with the usual,online mattress standard and we think,its all pretty consumer friendly lets,move over to the construction of these,beds now which will give you a pretty,good idea about what theyre going to,feel like so both these beds are hybrids,which means they use coils for support,as opposed to foam and this is going to,give you a few different advantages,first off the purple hybrid premier beds,are going to be solid options for,heavier people we pretty much always,recommend anyone in the 250 pound range,to spend up to get a coil mattress just,because they provide a bit more,long-term support and durability that,youre going to want and these pocketed,coils are going to be a bit better than,your traditional inner springs instead,of being one big interconnected unit,where motion travels through the,mattress really easily theyre actually,individually wrapped and then lightly,woven together so youre gonna get,basically the same level of support as,inner springs but without as much motion,transferring through the mattress above,that layer of pocketed coils you have,what makes purple beds so interesting,which is their purple grid its made of,a material called hyper elastic polymer,and its actually similar to the stuff,you might find in like a dr scholls,insole its unlike anything youve,probably ever seen on a mattress before,its really soft stretchy and responsive,it can actually stretch way past its,normal resting state and one of the cool,things about it is that it gives purple,beds a very unique feel purple likes to,say their beds are soft and firm at the,same time and theyre almost right when,you lay down on your back or your,stomach on one of these beds it almost,feels like youre weightless like youre,just floating on top of the material but,when you switch to your side its going,to conform to the shape of your body,nicely while still offering plenty of,support its just really interesting we,like to say that purple beds have a,gel-like feel and i should say that it,is a bit off-putting to some people,pretty much everyone who lays down on a,purple bed for the first time has like a,woe sort of feeling and people either,love it or they just think its a little,too weird for them and the real,difference between both versions of the,purple hybrid premiere is just simply,how much purple grid you actually get,you can get it in a three inch model or,a four inch model and this is just going,to increase the intensity of that,feeling that you get from the purple,grid by going with the four inch over,the three inch the purple grid is also,going to give you some advantages when,it comes to temperature regulation if,you look at it from the top down you can,see that it has virtually no surface,area so it just has a ton of room for,airflow and the fact that theyre both,hybrids means they have coils and coils,improve airflow as well so both of these,beds are going to do a great job at,staying temperature neutral while you,sleep,and the hyper-elastic polymer material,just doesnt really retain heat like,some other foams can now the purple beds,arent really going to actively cool you,down they dont have a cooling cover,some beds do if youre an especially hot,sleeper whos interested in a bed like,that well try and link some other,options for you down below in the,description so thats the construction,and the feel of both of these beds and,its pretty unique as far as online beds,go thanks to that purple grid but what,about their overall firmness level,thats also pretty important and theyre,both going to be around a medium on our,scale which means theyre going to be,very accommodating for back stomach side,and combination sleepers,we will say that the 4-inch model is,going to be slightly softer than the,three inch but its not a super,significant difference if youre looking,for a firmer mattress you might want to,check out the regular purple hybrid,thats around a medium for minor scale,and its going to be really good for,back and stomach sleepers before we,start talking about the pricing of these,beds lets take a quick second to cover,our monthly mattress giveaway we give,away a brand new queen size bed to one,lucky winner every single month on this,channel and if you want to know how you,can win all the details are linked for,you down below in the description its,pretty quick and easy to enter best luck,to you there but lets get back into,this video talking about the pricing of,these beds now theres no really getting,around the fact that both of these beds,are in the more luxury tier when it,comes to online beds the three inch,model is around 2300 bucks for a queen,while the four inch model is around 3,000 so its pretty expensive purple,rarely offers cash discounts on their,beds sometimes they will around major,holidays but more often than that,theyll usually throw in something like,free pillows or sheets make sure you,check in the description for whatever,able to find on it pricing and discounts,do change pretty often for online beds,but i think no matter what youre going,to be spending up quite a bit to get,either of these beds and thats pretty,much it when it comes to both versions,of the purple hybrid premier we do think,theyre going to be good options for,couples as long as you can agree on the,feel that can be kind of a sticking,point,but they have really good edge support,and despite the fact that theyre so,bouncy and responsive they actually,isolate motion pretty well so if you are,a light sleeper i wouldnt have any,worries there but i would say look into,getting a purple hybrid premiere if,maybe you have the flagship purple and,you just want to upgrade or if you just,want to have something totally new in,your n

???? Purple hybrid premier 3 review: 1 year with @Purple ???? [282]

its hard to believe that its already,been a year,since my very first purple mattress,review,i know a year has gone by and i know,its gone by because i just made my,final,payment 12 months interest-free purple,mattress so,this review what im going to do is im,going to walk you through my experiences,over the last year let you know whats,up now,then well wrap it up lets get started,this is jeff,with jeff reviews for you my channel is,dedicated to reviewing mostly as seen on,tv items,i look at some consumer gadgets other,household items once in a while i do a,little bit of a diy,just because i like to if that interests,you i would love it,if you would subscribe to my channel and,click the bell below,that way youre notified every time i,release a video just,like this one one more thing dont,forget to check down the description for,my social media,instagram facebook and twitter i would,love it if you would follow me there too,i just took delivery of my purple,mattress and you know how you have that,sense of excitement or anticipation well,then it gets here im going to show you,something i was kind of disappointed in,this thing is disgustingly felt filthy,look at this clorox wipe,all over this bag you know how you like,youre looking forward to something the,guys like,hey just so you know these are covered,like this when we get them um,the guy was real nice when he delivered,it but that was kind of frustrating that,this thing is just,nasty after unrolling,the bed i have this now vacuum sealed,now to cut it open and see what happens,wasnt that pretty sweet here it is,purple king-sized mattress,all right so lets just look at this,real quick its got this nice textured,top right in here is the purple grid i,have the purple three as you saw,so its three inches of that purple,stuff all the way,around except for the very border here,this border,about i dont know five inches is not,part,of that purple grid but here is the,first look,lets put on the mattress cover that,came with it,all right so this protector fits on,really tight i did want to show you that,this is a,stretchy material which is pretty cool,and fits snugly on the mattress i really,like how the sheets tuck under there,really really far,so theyre not going to pull out in the,middle of the night theres nothing,worse than when the sheets pull out,and you have to tuck them back in so,great thinking purple,so its been about one week since i,started using the purple mattress and,im going to be honest with you,my neck is sore so im trying to think,about the differences that have happened,one i got a new mattress,right and it definitely is comfortable,but i also got a new pillow this is the,purple,the tall 7.5 and ive been using the 6.5,so im thinking maybe this is too tall,for me so im going to switch,back to the 6.5 to see if that helps,because i definitely feel a strain in my,neck like this pillow is too tall,for me i just want to give you a one,week into,the purple three its a comfortable,mattress definitely,worlds better than my last mattress that,i got rid of but,im still waiting for that complete,comfortable feeling,and maybe not a sore back or a sore neck,ill keep you updated,so the next day right after that scene,was shot i went right back to the 6.5,inch purple harmony pillow the 7.5 inch,was too thick now i liked how wide it,was,because the 6.5 is smaller but 7.5 was,too thick for me now lets get back to,seeing,how things went on my journey i noted in,week one,my neck and week two my i could feel,different pressure points and pain in my,back,nothing that i couldnt tolerate it,didnt immobilize me i just had to move,a little bit and thats just something i,had to deal with by the end of week,three and thats where i am right now,i am enjoying this mattress its funny,because i dont know if it was,psychological or what,but once i read 21 days is how long it,takes to acclimate to a new mattress i,was checking the calendar what day is,this is this,19th day 20 21 days and it feels better,its really funny um it could just be,all in my head i dont know but i just,wanted you to know,that over this process it has gotten,better for me,and i really do enjoy this mattress we,are gonna,skip ahead to the six month mark because,things went really well,but then something happened,lets find out together i know what,youre thinking,why does jeff have all those water,bottles on his bed he has lost,his mind well im going to show you a,way to,test the dip in your bed or at least how,deep it goes its still called the water,bottle test,and all it is is you get some gallon,water jugs and line them up,and you can actually see the dip in the,mattress and ill just show you that i,didnt push these down this is just the,way,they went let me go adjust them all,right so theyre all lined up and its,hard sorted to see,you can sort of tell that theres a dip,in the bottles here but let me show you,when i put this piece of wood across,there i got the bottles to,cooperate with me it is kind of,challenging because they tend to want to,fall over,but you can absolutely see an inch to an,inch and a half gap,right here in the middle on the end its,tight,in the middle its not and even going,down to this side it looks like its,going to start to dip again but you know,what i dont have enough water bottles,there you have it,during the first six months and its,actually right there at the six month,mark,my mattress developed a terrible,indentation they call it a body dent and,it was greater than one inch i remember,waking up one morning,thinking man my back is so sore i cant,do this i dont like it im not sleeping,on this bed anymore i,immediately emailed the company they got,back to me and said all right,if you want to file a warranty claim we,need three things one send us a picture,of your entire mattress and thats why,its important to have a mattress pad so,the mattress still looks protected,two set us a picture of the you know,that tag that youre not supposed to,tear off mattresses they wanted to see,the maid or the created date and also,send us a picture of your,base and thats important too i happened,to purchase the purple base to go with,the purple mattress,and i sent those things to them and then,well see together,what they did for me now that ive,hauled away,my old purple mattress you ask yourself,now what,well heres what they sent me a,replacement,mattress so lets start this whole thing,all over again all right so now im,going to unbag it,and let it inflate after i cut the,plastic,and were going to start from scratch,now that we have the plastic off it is,expanding remember from last time it,takes almost a day to fully expand,from its vacuum state but here it is the,purple,three hybrid premier mattress and that,brings us to our one year mark,or should i say our second six month,mark because thats more appropriate,so what do i think of it well you know,what i love it my back feels great my,neck feels great i sleep comfortably,i love the mattress so whats different,well one i took off a few of those,quarantine pounds,two i rotate the mattress it was,recommended by someone and i thought man,thats a great idea i sure wish purple,would have,recommended that to me rotate every,month just so the mattress is in a,different position,and that helps so listen to this so i,referenced earlier about the sheets,and i didnt really like the purple,sheets and the reason i dont like it is,because i dont like the material its,that jersey,shirt or jersey material i just dont,care for it you may like it i just,wanted you to know,why guess what my one year with the,purple mattress is over,im done we had some ups we had some,downs,but you know what it ended up being,successful,that leaves me open to review another,mattress now dont get me wrong im,gonna keep this one but if you had a,mattress that youre thinking man i,would,really like to know about this let me,know down in the comment section below i,may,look into it this is jeff with jeff,reviews for you,as alwa

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ONE YEAR LATER Purple Mattress FULL, HONEST Customer Review *not sponsored* | Purple Plus Mattress

[Music],so youre in the market for a new,mattress and youve seen the purple,mattress all over your youtube ads but,at this point youre looking for a real,life customer non-sponsored review and,maybe even a review of somebody who has,owned a purple mattress for a full year,hi my name is matt dingle and i,purchased our purple mattress a little,over one year ago and i am here to tell,you the raw the real the ugly about our,purple mattress experience after one,year of owning it and if its even worth,your money overall but before we dive,right into it if you guys are new make,sure to hit the subscribe button because,we upload lifestyle content here every,single monday wednesday and sunday,everybody give this video a big thumbs,up because it helps me out a ton all my,socials are linked down below in case,you want to follow me over there and,without further ado lets get into it,im first going to touch on our initial,experience and thoughts so if youve,already seen my six month review and you,want to skip this part heres a time,stamp that you guys can skip to so first,off we purchased the purple two mattress,which is now called the purple plus,mattress there were only three models at,the time so we went with the one right,dab in the middle that claimed to be,more breathable more responsive all that,jazz we paid a total of about 1600,after taxes when a queen of the mattress,that we were getting was 16.99 starting,but we purchased it during one of their,holiday sales which saved us like one to,two hundred dollars i want to say and,since we are in the full swing of all,holiday sales all of the holiday,shopping all of that stuff im sure that,they are doing a massive sale or at,least some sort of sale on bundles so if,you watch this review and you do want to,pull the trigger i will leave a link to,my exact mattress that i have down below,because theres like all these different,models and stuff so if youre wondering,the exact one that we have i will leave,it linked down below if youre gonna,pull the trigger on it trust me just,wait or do it during the holiday sales,it saves you so much money next up was,the delivery and unboxing which i was,super impressed by nobody had to come,into the apartment to deliver it we,didnt have to schedule a delivery it,just came like any other package you,would order online there were clear-cut,unboxing instructions right on the,packaging and it even came with a safe,cutter tool to make the unboxing as easy,as possible,all of this made for a seamless and,actually fun unboxing experience now for,the first impressions,first off i want to say that we went,into this mattress experience with all,positive vibes i was ready to love this,mattress i wanted to love this mattress,i had just spent 1600,on this mattress so i went into this,experience very open and willing to love,this mattress and guys,i hated it,but do stick with me because there is a,twist coming at the end last night was,our second night sleeping on our purple,mattress and it was a second very,restless and almost sleepless night i,wanted to lie to myself i wanted to,pretend that everything was good i,wanted to ignore any faults because,everyone freaking loves the purple,mattresses this is the second night,where i have not slept that well and,last night in my fury of not being able,to go to sleep i started noting the,things that i was truly bothered with,there are things that i could be picky,about but these are the things that are,really bothering me personally but im,stuck with it for 21 days the purple,grid like the little holy thing that,like you guys saw what its made out of,on the top you can feel the holes on top,of the mattress like the grid itself is,what you sleep on so you actually feel,like youre sleeping on a grid of like,rubber but really soft rubber it is soft,i will give them that but you feel it,you feel that you are sleeping on a grid,of sorts and thats just like i can,ignore it but if i think about it its,just kind of annoying you know i feel it,underneath my feet i feel like on my,back like one of those princess and the,pee moments you know you could ignore it,but i do feel it the other thing is its,kind of cold you guys know when you,sleep on air mattresses the air itself,obviously takes on the temperature of,kind of the surrounding area and we like,to sleep in a colder temperature room so,that we can like snuggle up underneath,our blankets and things like that so i,love the air around me colder than like,what is underneath the blankets its,just very cozy we dont overheat that,way its just like how we like to sleep,so we actually keep the windows open,kind of in the winter time at least just,like a little crack so its like nice,and cold but because the top layer of,the purple mattress is just a grid like,a honeycomb type of grid pattern its,full of just air like theres just air,going through all the grits its like a,very airy thing versus just like a plush,top mattress so the air within all the,grids is taking on the temperature from,around the room so the temperature,around the room is chilly how we like to,sleep we like to sleep in the chili the,match is underneath you you feel that,its colder so its actually kind of,difficult to get like nice and warm,under the covers when the thing that,youre sleeping on top of is kind of,colder in nature so thats number two,and i think number three is the number,one thing that i think i will get used,to i hope i get used to all the other,stuff too within these 21 days that,were supposed to trial it it is so,flat like it is just a very like theres,no dips theres no it dips to your body,dont get me wrong its not like,sleeping on cardboard but i was so used,to my dip in the mattress but this is,like super flat so that is my current,rant about the purple mattress i,obviously am stuck with it for 21 days,so if i have 21 days of kind of,sleepless nights youre not gonna have a,very happy dingle on your hands but of,course well keep you updated watch me,love this map like watch me just love,this mattress in 21 days and be like i,am so sorry that i complained but i just,want to give you guys like a real no bs,review as we go along is 21 days so,purple does indeed give you a 100,full refund if you do not end up loving,their mattress but they do have you go,through a 21 day trial period first,because they recognize thats how long,it might take a body to get used to a,fresh new supportive mattress after,sleeping on something that may have been,eight plus years old lumpy bumpy,indented that type of thing because as,you saw from those first impression,clips i was ready to turn in my mattress,day one and even after the first full,week of sleeping on this mattress those,21 days could not come fast enough i was,so ready to march down to my local,mattress firm and just pick up a normal,plush type of mattress that ive been,used to all of my life but guys,when it came time to decide to keep or,return the mattress after the full 21,day trial period,we decided to keep it and heres why my,husband jack has some back problems due,to a slipped disc injury during high,school football and so hes had a couple,back issues and throwing out since then,and i have some hip issues from running,high school and college track and field,so basically were both falling apart,before the age of 30. after the 21 days,jack had fallen completely in love with,this mattress because it had helped his,back issues so much and i honestly,couldnt believe it but my hip issues,were also greatly reduced after sleeping,on this mattress for 21 days and now,that brings us to today after one full,year plus one full year plus of sleeping,on our purple mattress my husbands back,issues are still greatly reduced he,hasnt had a back twinge or a back throw,out in over a year now and he doesnt,wake up with his back feeling tight like,it used to on our old mattress my hip,issues are also still greatly reduced i,used to have hip pain nearly every night,going to sleep on our old mattre

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Purple Mattress Reviews – Purple Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress (UPDATED!)

hi everyone im madison from sleepopolis,and today ill be reviewing,all three purple hybrid mattresses,ill be covering the original purple,hybrid then,both the purple hybrid premiere models,so stay tuned to learn more about all of,these beds,[Music],so you might be interested in purple,because of its special purple grid,system,which is a totally unique way of,relieving pressure,its also fun to play with it,the grid is also the only difference,between the three purple hybrids the,original hybrid uses two inches of that,grid the hybrid premiere offers a three,inch and four,inch grid model but what does this grid,actually feel like im going to describe,it in this review so stick around to,learn more about how,all three purples are constructed what,they feel like,and more and you can also find a more,detailed written review of these beds,great discount codes and a link to,purples website by clicking the links,in the description below,i want to kick things off by going over,the materials,used to make the purple hybrids this,will give you a better idea of how these,beds are similar and help me decide,whether or not theyre high quality,well-made mattresses all the materials,in the purple hybrids are non-toxic,and hypoallergenic which are great signs,right off the bat,and im going to go ahead and start off,by talking about the cover of the purple,hybrids all of them are covered with a,stretch max cover and,it includes some breathable side panels,youll see that in the gray right here,its a really nice perk for hot sleepers,and then right below that is going to be,the purple grid layer,there are two inches of the grid layer,in this mattress here it is the original,hybrid,the purple hybrid premier 3 includes,three inches of the grid and the hybrid,premier 4,includes four inches of the grid this is,a really unique material and that you,can feel it,moving with your body as you change,position so its really going to cradle,you throughout the night which i really,really liked,and the more of this grid there is the,more pressure leaving the bed is going,to feel overall,and then there is a little soft poly,foam right here and,just below that to help ease you down,onto the coil layer below there,are pocketed steel coils in this,mattress but,the bed is surrounded by edge support,foam to help,you feel even more stable on the side of,the mattress so you cant see them here,and i do want to take a second to,emphasize here that all of the purple,hybrids are super,cooling because the grid doesnt trap,heat the way traditional foam would,and the coils inside of this film are,all individually wrapped which,really helps to encourage airflow,throughout a mattress,so overall i was really impressed with,the materials in these purple hybrids,these mattresses look really well made,to me,but before i make my decision on their,overall quality i like to test out edge,support,this is a measure of whether or not,youll be able to sleep all the way on,the side,of a bed and still feel supported so as,i mentioned before,these purples all have some edge support,foam surrounding their coils and i think,they all had,nice edge support you do feel the grid,kind of collapse,under your weight when youre on the,side of the mattress but the foam and,pocketed coil layers below that stay,nice and firm and supported,surprisingly i thought the premiere 3,had the best edge support of the bunch,but,you should be happy on any of these beds,if you like to sleep on the side of your,mattress,so based on all those quality assessment,results i would estimate that any of the,purple hybrids should last you about,seven to ten years,keep in mind that you can expand the,lifespan of these beds by rotating them,180 degrees,every few months but dont flip them,they are mattresses built from the top,down,and you wont be comfortable if you,dont sleep on top of,their grid layers which is the whole,point of these beds in the first place,so next up lets get into what youre,really curious about,how these mattresses feel keep in mind,that feel is subjective so someone,lighter or heavier than i am,might experience the mattresses feel a,little bit differently,im going to kick things off with,firmness since thats the best indicator,of,overall feel so starting with the purple,hybrid,which uses a 2 inch grid im sitting on,it right now i gave this bed a 7 out of,10,on the mattress firmness scale the,industry standard for medium firmness is,6.5 which means this is a slightly firm,bed,just running through the sleep positions,quickly i felt really great on this bed,on my back i found it really comfortable,i also found it really comfortable on my,stomach but keep in mind im a bit,lighter weight so if youre a heavier,stomach sleeper,you might want something with a little,bit more support but in general light,average weight stomach sleepers i think,youre going to get the support you need,from the purple hybrid,and then on my side i did feel that,there was a little bit of pressure,building up around my shoulders and hips,so if youre a side sleeper,who spends the entire night on their,side this bed might not be for you but,if youre a side sleeper who alternates,between your side and other positions at,night,the purple hybrid could work moving on,to the purple premiere with the three,inch grid i gave that bed a 6.5 out of,10 that means it is a truly,medium firm mattress and running through,those sleep positions i felt the best on,the purple premiere 3 on my back i felt,really comfortable a great balance of,pressure relief,and support on my side i did find that,the mattress was a little bit firm for,my taste but i think,some side sleepers could be really,comfortable on the premiere 3,and then turning onto my stomach that,mattress was just a little bit too soft,for me i could feel my hips,sinking into it creating a bend in my,spine that can lead to pain over time,for stomach sleepers,and finally rounding things out the,purple premiere 4,i gave this bed a 6 out of 10 on the,mattress firmness scale this means it is,a medium soft to,soft mattress and my favorite position,on the purple premiere 4,was on my side i felt a ton of great,pressure relief felt really really,comfortable its actually one of my,favorite mattresses for side sleepers,that ive tested so far,and on my back i also felt comfortable i,think i felt a little more comfortable,on the premiere 3 but back sleepers,should also be happy on the premiere 4,especially if they like a soft feel and,then on my stomach the premiere 4 was,much too soft for stomach sleepers i,think youre really going to sink into,the mattress,create a bend in your spine and create,some back pain over time on the premier,4 so stomach sleepers should stick to,the original purple hybrid,and another really important feel factor,is bounce,how bouncy a bed feels determines,whether youll feel more on top of the,bed or,hugged by your mattress so to test out,bounce i use a steel,ball also sometimes jump on the bed to,test out how bouncy a mattress is,so all three of these beds are really,super bouncy,and theyre also really easy to change,sleeping positions on,the original purple hybrid is actually,the bounciest mattress ive ever tested,so i think combination sleepers across,the board should be really happy on any,of these purple hybrids,if you switch between your back and your,side at night youll probably be more,comfortable on one of the premier models,and if you switch between your stomach,and another position at night youll,probably like,the original purple hybrid and bounce is,closely related to,motion transfer if you sleep with a,partner this is a measure of whether or,not youre going to feel disturbed when,they roll around,and change positions at night or maybe,get up to go to the bathroom so to,measure motion transfer i used a,seismometer and i also had,my friend hop in bed with me so i could,see how much motion transfer,i felt when she rolled around on the bed,so based on these tests,all of these beds have pretty hi

New Purple Mattress Review: 30-Day Test!

Hey guys! This is James White with Freakin Reviews,where I specialize in As Seen on TV product reviews.,This is the Purple Mattress, and Im giving you my,30-day review. Lets get right to it.,(mindful music),All right. So, Ive had the Purple Mattress for 30 days now.,And, I want to show you how the entire process went,from the time I got it to how its going today.,So, heres a look back to when I first got the,mattress delivered.,(mindful music),So, there is the Purple Mattress and this is the,.3,So, when they delivered it yesterday, the platform had not,arrived yet to put it on, so they suggested leaving it,in this state, because they said its over 200 lbs!,So, they said that itd be easier to put it on the platform,,and then take it out of the packaging.,Hopefully, the platform arrives today,,and I can get that set up and get started using,my Purple Mattress.,I thought that pillow was a behemoth.,This is like a double behemoth.,Even Bailey doesnt know what to do about that.,Bailey? What are you doing?,Well, the platfom finally arrived today.,So, now Ive got a symbolist,,and put that big Purple Mattress on here.,So, Im ready to get started, have a good nights sleep.,Last night, I had to sleep in the guest bedroom.,Wish that bed really didnt do too well for me,,so Purple Mattress easy coming through and give me,a good nights sleep tonight.,So, here we go.,Purple Platform assembly.,(mindful music),All right. Got the Platform assembled.,Its a bit of a pain. A little bit of more Allen wrench,used that Id like, but its there.,Now, I just got to get someone help me get,the 200-pound mattress onto the base, and back up,against the walls.,So, as soon as someone comes home,,hopefully I can get it put on there,and get started sleeping on it.,All right. So, here it is. I finally got it on the platform.,I had to have one of my sons friends help us,,because its 200 lbs.,This is how it looks.,I dont know if youre gonna need to be able to use a,bed skirt, dust ruffle, whatever you call it,,on there because look how much of a gap there is,between the ground and the platform. That is if you use,the platform.,The other thing is that I went from a queen,to a king-size bed.,And, the mattress has arrived before my sheets,that I ordered with it, so,I have no sheets for the bed yet.,Not too much of a problem. Thats my fault,,but I was gonna suggest that when youre ordering it,,maybe try to set the delivery of the mattress,for after the sheets in the platform arrived, because mine,arrive before the platform which was a pain. So,,ideally youd had the platform, the sheets arrived,before the mattress.,Well, this actually feels pretty nice so far.,I mean Im just laying off the first time here.,But, I like the way it feels. What I also notice is that,the camera is not really moving as I bounced the bed.,Watch this.,I meant the cameras barely moving.,It doesnt seem like it transfers energy around the mattress,too much, it seems like its kind of isolated.,Thats kind of a good thing.,So, tonight is the first test of the Purple Mattress.,Im going to give this a 30-day test before I post my review.,So, Im going to be very curious how this works out.,This is the Purple Pillow. My 10-pound behemoth pillow,which Ive grown to like over time, but anyways.,If you remember this review, there was a really foul smell,,very chemical smell in there.,So, the first thing I was wanting to know is if theres a,smell on the Purple Mattress.,(sniffs),I would say there is a very slight smell.,Not as bad as this when I first got it, cause this was,,it actually made my whole room smell like,kind of a bad chemical smell. I had to rinse it off,outside a few times.,But, the mattress I smelled a very faint smell.,I mean if you get a new mattress, its gonna have,a smell too. So, I dont really think this is out of character,for getting a new mattress. Its certainly not,as bad as the pillow was.,But, Im gonna have to kind of make due,I have some sheets coming for this,in a day or two, so Im gonna have to make due,with what Ive got,,because I dont want to buy new sheets,since I have new ones coming.,So, tonight is the first test,of the Purple Mattress.,(squeaking sound),Oh!,It feels pretty good.,I kind of want to see underneath here. Im gonna have,to figure out how to open this up and look inside.,All right. So, Ive pulled back the case around the mattress,to take a look inside, and theres another cover inside,,but you can see clearly that heres the Purple material.,Theres a layer of foam around the edge. And, down here,you can see this is where the three inches,of the Purple material is at.,With the rest, memory foam right there,,so thats kind of how the mattress is configured.,What I like about it is that when you lay on it,,you sink down, but you dont keep sinking because,this is a little bit firmer. So, the mattress is definitely,not too soft or too hard, really.,Thats the Purple material that youre laying on.,Its a little bit different looking than the pillow.,You can just see that its the same kind of design but its,a little bit larger on the mattress or,seems looked a little bit farther apart.,Same idea, though.,All right. My Purple Sheets finally came in.,Lets crack this open.,(mindful music),Ah!,First up, we have the Mattress Protector.,They say that it stretches, and it does seem to stretch.,Here it is. Lets open this up and put it on.,Kind of smells a bit like Elmers Glue.,(crinkling sound),Next up, the Purple Sheets.,Ooh!,(mindful music),All right. Got the sheets on there.,Theyre very high quality feeling.,Its a different texture that Im used to in regular sheets.,Theyre kind of like a, almost like a spandex kind,of material. Theyre very stretchy.,Ill be interested to see how this- Theres also,a coolness to them. I almost thought they were wet,when I put- to pull them out of the box,,because it was so cool.,Interesting. They look very well made,,so I cant wait to see how they work tonight.,I dont have a king-size comforter yet, so Im just gonna,throw my queen-size on there for right now.,All right. I already had one night with the mattress,but without the sheets. Tonight, were going,in the sheets and the mattress.,Its been already about 10 days,since Ive had the Purple Mattress. This is kind of my,first update.,All right. Time out. One second here.,I just realized while editing this video,,that I wore the same shirt on day 1 that I did on day 10.,Thats a rookie mistake.,I guess I kind of like that shirt.,But, no. Those were not film at the same time.,But, feel free to make fun of me for wearing it twice.,Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.,So far, Ive to say Im pretty happy with it.,Im usually wanting to have a lot of lower back pain.,And, surprisingly I havent had any back pain,since Ive been using this.,Im not saying the bed is completely cured my back pain,,but I do have less than before.,So, maybe my old mattress was causing a problem.,This one certainly isnt.,I was gonna do something else also.,I notice in the advertising, theyve got sumo wrestlers,jumping on there, and they say that the platform,could handle 4500 lbs, 4400 lbs, something like that.,Let me try to jump around this bed and see how it holds up.,I used to yell at my kids for doing this.,Its holding pretty well.,(screams),(grunts),Its kind of hard to really,demonstrate the softness of it.,It definitely feels softer than-,It was a couple of inches, and then it,kind of stops.,My cat used to knead my stomach like this and now,Im kneading my bed.,You see theres a softness. It does go down.,a couple of inches.,After couple inches, theres a thicker memory foam,,firmer memory foam below that.,So, you can only go down so far before the memory foam,kind of stops the softness.,One thing thats kind of interesting is the advertising,says something like choose your level of comfort,,2, 3, and 4. But, when I called them to get my mattress,,I was kind of asked, my weight and my sleeping position.,I just sleep in my side and I weigh

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress Review: True Comfort!

this video was sponsored by purple,whats going on tech squad andru edwards,here and today were taking a look,at some bedroom tech and no it doesnt,have,a battery or plug into a wall but the,work thats gone is developing,purple mattresses in general and the,purple hybrid premiere that,ive been using in particular is pretty,impressive,purple reached out to send over their,hybrid premiere 3,and the first thing i thought was well i,dont know that my mattress really needs,to be replaced,so i looked up best practices and it,turns out,that under normal circumstances we,should be replacing our mattresses,every six to eight years my previous,mattress was about seven years old,so i said lets do it what arrived was a,long,plastic wrapped cylinder containing the,mattress,prompting me to do three things unwrap,unroll and unwind now the mattress isnt,light,its made up of dense high quality,materials so be sure,to get help moving it to your final,destination now as i talk about this one,if youre interested in checking them,out for yourself,i will leave a link down in the,description below to,purple mattresses before we get into it,be sure to hit that like button if you,want to see more videos like these,and subscribe so you dont miss any,future,content now getting it out of the,packaging and ready to use,was actually very quick i assumed it,would need,a few hours to inflate itself but it,really took no time at all,and right away you can get a sense for,what makes a purple mattress,unique its all about the purple grid,the purple grid is a material that is,engineered,to cradle areas of your body like your,shoulders and hips,while also supporting the natural shape,of your back,this is purples approach to a,comfortable nights sleep,versus something like memory foam which,can be inconsistent with support,and sleeps pretty hot i should know that,was what my last mattress cover,was made of on the purple hybrid,premiere 3 that i have here,i get a three inch layer of the hyper,elastic purple grid over responsive,support coils but you can also go with a,firmer,two inches on a purple hybrid or an even,softer,four inch version of the hybrid premiere,according to purple the more purple grid,you have,the more it feels like youre floating,so use that,as your guide for me and likely for,everyone else in the world who,sleeps i want my mattress to just be,comfortable,after all we basically spend about a,third of our lives,asleep before we get into that though,look at this this,is the purple pillow this is made from,the same material the purple grid,its a dense pillow its a heavy pillow,but when you actually put your head on,and sleep on it it is super comfortable,purple grid by the way heres some,samples they sent over these are many,purple mattresses but the grid as you,can see look at that you can squeeze it,it conforms to when you let go it goes,back to its original,shape this bed here has three inches of,the purple grid,at the top for comfort so what are the,things that are important to me,in a mattress first i want my mattress,to stay,cool heat retaining material will have,me throwing the blankets off in the,middle of the night in a,fit of rage because im not trying to be,hot the purple grid,passes that test because it stays cool,thanks to the air channels that you can,see,are integrated into the design in,addition to the fact that the material,itself,is temperature neutral and wont capture,your body heat and radiate it,back at you next i wanted to do what it,says itll do and that goes for any,product,purple says that the grid will flex,under pressure,so going back to your areas like your,shoulders or hips while,also providing the support your back,needs now after using the mattress,for a couple of weeks im happy to say,that it delivers,its comfortable and gives you support,without that sinking in,feeling that makes it hard to move,around like i would get on my previous,memory foam mattress topper last and,this one has,less to do with comfort and more to do,with value,as i mentioned earlier its recommended,that you swap,out your mattress every six to eight,years that means you should reasonably,expect your mattress to last that long,purple has made the grid with,hyperelastic polymer that it says,matches the average lifetime of an,ordinary mattress and even outlasts them,and they back that claim with a,10-year full warranty okay so a couple,of things that i like the mattress isnt,just comfortable for sleeping but,also for sitting up and watching movies,or playing games in bed the other thing,i noticed,if you have someone else in bed with you,the design of the purple grid,system makes it so its very hard to,feel their movements,so if someone is tossing and turning on,one side of the bed,or theyre getting up out of the bed the,person on the other side,remains undisturbed all in all im happy,with the purple mattress and the work,thats gone into developing it,does show youve got a comfortable,mattress that sleeps cool it supports,your pressure points,and supports your back and is backed by,that 10-year warranty,again if you want to find out more be,sure to hit the link down in the,description,below any questions you have about,purple the purple mattresses,or the purple hybrid premiere in,particular drop them down in the,comments below and i will meet you there,for further discussion thanks for,watching as always guys i appreciate,your support,im andru edwards and i will catch you,in the next video

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review – Best Hybrid Mattress??

[Music],wow,nice,oh hey guys martin here from mattress,clarity as you can see i am here with,the purple hybrid premier mattress,purple makes some of the most unique,mattresses on the market and this is,their nicest model but i have all the,info you need to find if its the right,mattress for your situation,dont forget to head over to,mattressclaire.com for more in-depth,reviews and money-saving coupons,[Music],[Music],weve already got the mattress unzipped,so lets take a look at the construction,of the purple hybrid premier mattress,starting off on top and then working our,way down so first off on top we have a,stretch match cover you can see it is,stretchy as the name suggests and very,breathable as well its also quite thin,the main idea behind that is to make it,easy to get down to the most important,part of the purple hybrid premiere the,purple gel grid here now with the,different purple mattresses you get a,different amount of this purple gel grid,and this is the three inch model so you,get three inches of this material with,the four inch model you get four inches,but what exactly is this material well,super unique it has kind of a squishy,like gel like feel but its designed to,stay flat and supportive until you apply,enough pressure and then that area,and that area only will collapse and,also as you can see a lot of room for,airflow a very cooling material,surrounded by a foam encasement here,beneath that a foam transition layer now,we have foam around the outside here but,behind that are individually wrapped,coils very supportive good for heavier,weights like myself also with coils a,lot of room for airflow so with the top,here and the coils here air flowing,throughout this entire mattress overall,a cool sleeping option,lets chat about firmness and feel in,terms of firmness i put the purple,hybrid premiere at a 6 out of 10 a,little bit softer than average thats,because you can see again its firm at,first but easy to press my hand in i,will note though that im a larger,person im 270 pounds if youre a,lightweight person you might not be,quite heavy enough to collapse a gel,grid it might feel firmer to you than it,did to me but for me a 6 out of 10. now,speaking of feel it does have a very,unique feel a bouncy feel overall as you,can see bounces back into place very,quickly but it has kind of a squishy gel,feel its also firm at the same time but,to further test out the bounce i have a,lacrosse ball here and test it out here,that is,some really good bounce as you can see,its kind of bouncing all over the place,not too surprising so lets me know,shouldnt be too hard to move around on,the purple hybrid premiere,[Music],lets talk about how i feel in different,sleeping positions on the purple hybrid,premiere mattress starting off on my,back this is a great match for me a six,out of ten a little bit softer than,medium firm but great option for back,sleeping good balance of comfort and,support my hips are sticking in just the,right amount good lumbar support good,overall support moving to my side as,well excellent pressure relief on my,shoulders and my hips im sinking in,feeling almost no pressure in those,areas almost getting a weightless,feeling as well i do want to note though,again im 270 pounds if youre a,lightweight person like under 150 pounds,this mattress might feel firmer to you,it might feel firm for sight sleeping,but moving to my stomach a great,supportive option for me again even,though its a six out of ten a great,option for me as a stomach sleeper good,support under my hips good overall,support excellent for stomach sleeping,so ive been giving my subjective views,on the purple hybrid premiere mattress,if you want a more objective view lets,turn to science with the pressure map,basically i lie down on my back side and,stomach you see anywhere from blue for,no pressure all the way up to red for,high pressure now lets take a look at,the results for the purple hybrid,premiere mattress first off were,looking at back sleeping here this is,looking really good overall blue across,most of my body a little bit of green,good overall support and also some,decent pressure relief across my entire,body then im moving to my side here,its exactly what we want to be seeing,for side sleeping no red on my shoulders,and my hips just some yellow and some,green so for me side sleeping very good,and with something sleeping pressure,relief is not quite as important but,again were seeing mostly even blue,across my body good results for stomach,sleeping,when youre looking for a new mattress,its always a good idea to do some,comparison shopping lets do that right,now lets compare the purple hybrid,premiere to the purple original mattress,so first off there are some construction,differences with the purple original it,is going to have foam in the base layer,with this mattress here youre going to,have supportive coils in the base layer,you also get much more of the material,right on top of that gel grid so gives,it a softer feel than what you get with,the purple original mattress now the,feel though overall very bouncy with,both mattresses but again a more deluxe,mattress with the purple hybrid premiere,but because of that its more deluxe it,is going to cost more than the purple,original so who should get one and who,should get the other well in terms of,who should get the purple hybrid premier,mattress if you want something more,deluxe more luxurious and longer lasting,take a look at this mattress i think,also a better option for heavyweight,sleepers and those who want something a,bit softer now in terms of who should,get the purple original mattress i think,a better option for lightweight sleepers,and those who want to save money,[Music],if you sleep with a partner you also,want to think about motion transfer,basically this means if youre lying,down on one side of the mattress your,part moves around on the other side are,you feeling that motion transfer to your,side of the mattress so motion transfer,now to test this out i use a glass of,water place it in the center here kind,of make a disturbance around it trying,to,disturb that water you can see it,shaking just a little bit but,surprisingly not too much the jokers,doing a pretty good job of cutting down,on that motion transfer then also test,out the motion transfer on this mattress,i laid down on one side and robin moved,around on the other side he changed,positions he got in and out of bed i,didnt feel too many his movements come,to my side of the mattress overall,surprisingly good handling of motion,transfer,[Music],so if you sleep with a partner or you,just like sleeping towards the edge of,your mattress you do want to think about,edge support now as the name suggests,this basically means do you feel,supported near the edge of the mattress,when youre sitting or when youre lying,down,now first off here i am sitting down,near the edge of this mattress,collapsing just a little bit under my,weight but not too much i felt a lot,worse i do feel very secure in this,position i could lean over and tie my,shoes with no problem,now lying down on this mattress im,rolling around really close to the edge,here its not collapsing too much under,my way actually some surprisingly good,edge support when im lying down overall,for sitting and lying down good edge,support so now lets talk about the pros,who i think the purple hybrid premiere,might be a good fit for first off its a,great option for hot sleepers the gel,grid on top just leaves a lot of room,for airflow so do the coils so overall,very breathable a good cool sleeping,mattress i think its also a great,option for back sleepers a really good,balance of comfort and support with this,mattress with the gel grid your hips,sink in just the right amount but good,overall support across the rest of your,body and last but not least if you want,a durable luxurious mattress you,definitely get that with the purple,hyper premier mattress overall some very,nice materials some very dura

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