1. Reviewing & Comparing all 3 purple pillows – (Plush/Original/Harmony)
  2. Purple Pillow Review – The Most Supportive Pillow Of 2022?
  3. Purple Pillow Review: A 10-Pound $100 Pillow?
  4. Is the Purple Harmony Pillow Worth It at $160?!
  5. Purple Pillow Review & Comparison – Original vs Harmony vs Cloud
  6. NO MORE NECK PAIN!? Review of THE Purple Pillow
  7. Cushion Challenge! Egg Sitter vs Amazon Best Seller vs Purple

Reviewing & Comparing all 3 purple pillows – (Plush/Original/Harmony)

[Music],hey youtubers mike foreigners with the,mic quartz channel thank you for,watching in todays video we are,comparing the purple pillows,the purple plush pillow the original,purple pillow and the purple harmony,pillow,lets pull up our sleeves and get,started all right youtubers in front of,us now,are the three purple pillows and,starting with the left hand side that is,your purple plush pillow,in the middle is your original pillow,and on the right hand side is the brand,new purple harmony pillow so lets dive,into this lets start with,the purple plush this is your most,standard type,traditional style pillow and is the,least expensive out of the three it,starts at 49 and this is a very friendly,pillow and has a couple cool features,number one its made of fluff whatever,that means thats what the website says,however on the sides,you have adjustable extensions and what,i mean by that,is each side of the pillow has a zipper,and as you zip this side closed it,tightens the pillow or makes it more,firm,and those zippers are on each side so in,the event that you want a,softer pillow you will unzip both the,left hand side of the pillow as well as,the right hand side and if you want the,pillow firmer,youll zip both sides up in the event,that you want anything,in between a firm pillow and soft pillow,you can have one,undone as we do right now the right side,is unzipped,and the left side is completely zipped,up an additional feature about this,pillow which is,a fan favorite is this entire pillow is,washable meaning you take it out of the,box you put it in the washing machine,you wash it you take the entire pillow,out you put it in the dryer,dry it and then pull the pillow out and,it is ready for a pillow case and to be,slept on which in most cases,a lot of people like now lets talk,about the original purple pillow this,pillow has been around the longest it,was the original pillow design,and it mimics the mattresses and i say,that because,the internal grid technology as you can,see it has,a triangle shape when you push on your,pillow with your hand,your fingertips as well as the palm of,your hand you can feel that internal,grid technology and this is the same,grid technology that is built into the,purple mattresses,and as far as the shipping process it is,a little different than the purple plush,pillow this comes in a box you just pull,it out and,its ready to go after you wash it the,original pillow,this comes compressed and wrapped up in,a bag,the exact same way that your mattress,does however in the much,smaller miniature version so a couple,things about the purple pillow again it,has that purple grid technology built,into it,the cover is machine washable and a,stretchable mesh as you can see here,however the internal grid technology,pillow itself that,is not machine washable nor machine,drivable,do not put this in the washing machine,and try to wash it this is hand wash,only and then when it comes time to dry,it you need to lay it flat and allow it,to dry for 24 to 48 hours,because you have several air gaps in,this grid that need to properly dry out,prior to putting a pillow case on it and,sleeping on it and as far as the price,of the original purple pillow it is,99.50,more than your purple plush pillow in,addition the,internal portion of this pillow,underneath your grid technology are,two boosters one booster is thicker than,the other and that will allow you to,change the height of this pillow right,now its about five inches however when,you take those boosters out you can get,it down to about three inches and some,may like that some may like the,thicker pillow and what i will do is i,will unwrap this and show you the,internal portions here shortly be,patient ill show you that in a second,now lets talk about the,purple harmony pillow which is the newer,pillow that was recently designed and,this has the brand new hex,technology grid as you can see when i,apply pressure,the hex grid kind of looks like a,honeycomb shape,as you can see there and it is,very comfortable and the hyperelastic,cover,is also machine washable however you,need to,lay it flat to dry do not put this cover,in the dryer you will destroy not only,the hyper elastic portion,but the brand new hex grid thats inside,this cover just dont do that again,machine washable but lay it flat to dry,now as far as the purple harmony pillow,it comes in two heights this is the six,and a half height which is pretty high,compared to your,original purple pillow however it does,come in a larger size up to,seven and a half an entire inch higher,than the six and a half,and as you can see here thats a pretty,bulky pillow,however very soft and compressible which,may be something you like when youre,laying on it an additional feature with,the purple grid technology whether its,the hex or the traditional type,is its a durable proprietary material,and that helps keep the shape for long,periods of time,and as far as the price of the brand new,purple harmony pillow,a little more expensive than the two,pillows we just talked about it has a,starting price of 149,per pillow so if you want two youre,spending over three hundred dollars for,pillows and thats pretty steep what i,want to do now is talk about,a couple unique items that differentiate,each from the other and starting with,the plush pillow again this is made of,smart fluff just a standard or,traditional,fluffy pillow and onto the original,purple pillow,what sets that apart is its weight,believe it or not that is a,10 pound pillow thats a heavy pillow,and while i was reading the website i,did come across,a statement or recommendation that they,say this is not recommended for pillow,fights thats pretty funny and as far as,the purple harmony that sets it apart,from the other two,its the very first pillow with the hex,grid technology or that honeycomb shape,grid,and it has an internal latex core and i,will show you that here,shortly at this point ive got the,original purple pillow as well as the,harmonic purple pillow flipped on its,opposite side because i want to show you,the zipper,ive got the harmony unzipped however we,are going to start with the original,purple pillow,not much to talk about from here with,the plush were going to dive right into,the,original its got the zipper that goes,all the way around,and again this portion machine washable,lets talk about these internal boosters,as i mentioned earlier one is thicker,than the other,as you can see these are not machine,washable they recommend,hand washing this and do not put these,in the dryer,take the boosters out and youve got the,bottom portion of the grid what i will,do,is i will take the mesh cover all the,way out,and ill flip this over at this point,youtubers ive got the purple,pillow completely removed from the mesh,cover ive removed the boosters,and on the bottom side you have this,fabric here acts as a base for the grid,and there as you can see is the shape of,the grid kind of a swirly,triangle shape and it is,really cool as you can see and here when,i compress this or,apply pressure you can hear suction,sounds or airflow,and that is one of the engineer designed,attractions,of this pillow it is breathable which is,going to help,your pillow stay cool as you sleep on it,and for me,thats a huge bonus and from here the,purple harmony,this is a unique cover and again the,internal,pillow itself has a latex core,and the purple hex grid,is not like the original pillow as you,can see,its a good three inches thick and its,all grid however,with the purple harmony it is just this,little,teeny layer of hex grid thats built,inside the cover itself and when we were,first,looking at this pillow we thought the,entire pillow,was this hex grid similar to what the,original pillow was however as you can,see here,thats not the case and one thing i want,to add some people,dont actually like the height of this,latex core pillow so what they will do,is they will take this pillow out and,they will purchase a lower profile type

Purple Pillow Review – The Most Supportive Pillow Of 2022?

hey everyone elissa here with mattress,clarity,if youre looking for an incredibly,unique pillow you cant do much better,than the purple,unlike other pillows that are made with,feathers or fluff,this one is made from a squishy gel grid,the result a super supportive pillow,that will last you years,and best of all it comes with boosters,so you can easily adjust the height,but is this the right pillow for you to,help you find out ill go over its,firmness,feel and unique construction you ready,lets get started,[Music],before we dive into the review if you,want to take a look at some of our,top picks for pillows head over to,mattressclarity.com,there youll also find in-depth reviews,for mattresses,mattress toppers pillows bedding and,more and youll find some great,deals on the purple pillow now made with,their proprietary gel grid purple makes,some of the most,recognizable bedding products on the,market it feels both squishy,and firm at the same time so youll,never need to worry about it sagging,purple has several different pillows on,the market you can learn more about the,purple plush and the purple harmony in,our previous reviews,but today were specifically looking at,the original purple pillow,you ready to see what its all about,lets take a look at its construction,around the purple pillow youll find,their moisture-wicking,breeze mesh cover it is super stretchy,and breathable which provides great,airflow,and it easily conforms to the gel grid,underneath,when you flip the pillow over youll,find that theres a,zipper on the bottom and inside,youll find two boosters one of them is,a half inch thick,the other one is a full inch thick and,this will help you get the pillow to,your perfect height so no matter your,weight or body size youll be able to,get it to where you need it to be,and underneath this youll find the,proprietary,purple gel grid as you can see it,provides plenty of room for airflow,so it wont trap heat and it feels,squishy and,firm at the same time again you wont,find this material out there,anywhere else it is super unique so you,might be wondering,what does all this construction mean,well first lets talk about the height,also known as its loft as you saw this,is a customizable pillow,so you can get it to three inches all,the way up to four and a half inches,tall,and if you tend to sleep hot at night,the purple pillow is a great,pick it has several cooling features,built in like the breeze mesh cover on,the outside,and the grid itself allows for plenty of,airflow so it feels super breathable,and finally lets talk about how it is,to clean the purple pillow,the cover is machine washable so thats,super easy to maintain,if you need to clean the gel grid,underneath youll want to do that in,warm water by hand,and the pillow boosters will also need,to be washed by hand,but you can tumble dry them on low so,now were going to talk about,firmness and feel so right out the gate,when you get this purple pillow youll,notice it feels,super firm when your head rests on it,itll sink,in slightly but youll still get plenty,of support thanks to the squishy gel,grid,and speaking of the squishy gel grid,that is what makes the purple pillow,feel unlike,anything else out there youll notice,when you first touch it it feels pretty,soft,but as soon as you apply pressure youll,get that firmness,and support that you need and of course,weve got to talk about sleeping,positions,now when you get a new pillow you really,want to make sure that it helps you,maintain,a neutral alignment what this means is,that side sleepers will have their ears,aligned with their shoulders,and if your back or stomach sleeping,youll want your chin to be in line with,your sternum,so on the purple pillow this is a great,fit for most,back sleepers lightweight people might,want to add a half inch booster,larger people might want to add the one,inch booster but again youll get the,proper support that you need in the,sleeping position,side sleepers will also find this pillow,very comfortable because its not going,to sag as you apply pressure to it,throughout the night,so you should still keep your ears in,line with your shoulders throughout the,whole,evening again depending on your height,you might need to add a booster,lightweight people might just need a,half inch while larger people might need,one and a half,however stomach sleepers this pillow,isnt going to be a great pick,for you if youre a stomach sleeper you,want to rest on something that is almost,completely flat so even if you take the,boosters away from this pillow its,still gonna be three inches,thick which could crane your neck out of,alignment and cause pain over time,lets look closely at the pros and cons,of the purple pillow,starting with the pros this is gonna be,a great pick if youre a back,or a side sleeper because it has the,boosters at the bottom you can easily,adjust it to the height you need and get,that support,its also a great pick if youre a hot,sleeper,this nice gel grid allows for plenty of,airflow,so it wont trap heat and its a very,durable pillow this is going to last you,for a long time,the purple pillow does have a few cons,though if youre a stomach sleeper,youre probably not going to reach a,neutral alignment on this because its,three inches thick,so youre going to want to find,something a lot flatter also this is a,much,pricier pillow than others youll find,on the market so if youre on a very,strict budget,you might want to choose something else,and last but not least this pillow has a,very,unique feel so if you really prefer a,memory foam pillow or a down,pillow this isnt going to be the one,for you this feels both squishy,and firm at the same time before i wrap,up,im going to touch on some additional,information about the purple pillow,first of all they do offer free shipping,and free returns,theres a 100 night sleep trial period,a one year warranty and different,bedding accessories are available,well thats about it if you need any,more information about mattresses,pillows and bedding,head over to mattressclarity.com there,youll also find some of the best deals,on the purple pillow,if you loved this video we have tons,more just like it on our youtube channel,so make sure to hit that like button,and subscribe,[Music],you

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Purple Pillow Review: A 10-Pound $100 Pillow?

this is the purple pillow a 10 pound 100,pillow can it possibly live up to the,price and the advertising hype thats,what ill find out in todays review,[Music],this thing is heavy,it actually feels more like a mini,mattress than a pillow he didnt really,see any instructions with this but im,going to open this up,it supposedly has adjustable boosters,but can change the size of the pillow so,lets check that out im going to start,with them both in and then if its too,high for my taste i will take these out,lets take it in the bedroom and see how,it works 11.6 pounds,that is just when its in the box though,so its going to be,pretty heavy even out of the box well i,was going to go test it out in my,bedroom but once i put it on my bed and,gave it a shot i realized theres a,really bad smell with it it smells like,gasoline flavored plastic so the company,says to get that smell out you can rinse,it out with some warm water and,detergent,and wash the pillowcase so im going to,do those things because before i can,really test out the purple pillow ive,got to get rid of the purple stench,some of the youtube videos ive seen,show a white powder in the bottom,um,im not really seeing a white powder,supposedly its there to,help this from,prevent this from sticking but im going,to wash this anyways,this is going to go in the washing,machine,and this supposedly im just going to,wash with some warm water and detergent,hopefully that smell comes out im going,to leave it outside because its pretty,bad so ive got some warm water and,detergent this bucket i think im just,going to pour them over the pillow maybe,shake it dry let it dry outside for a,while and see if it helps,now im going to get some clean water,and rinse that out ill take these off,too,i got the purple pillow sitting out in,the sun drying out from rinsing it off,ive also got that the inserts over here,kind of drying out as well i wish i,didnt have to do this to use the pillow,but theres no way i could sleep on that,with my face,directly against that smell its just,too strong hopefully this helps a little,bit and i can get started with my actual,review theres a lot of videos out there,talking about this white powder on the,purple pillow well the white powder is,polyethylene which is used in all kinds,of products from makeup to food,packaging its a pretty common material,im not too worried about it in fact,when i rinsed it off to get the smell,out i really couldnt detect much white,powder left anyways plus some of the,earlier videos ive seen seem to have a,lot of white powder the one i received,had very minimal i could barely even,detect it on there so im not really too,concerned about that mysterious white,powder people talk about the purple,pillow is now dry now what i wanted to,see if any of this mysterious powder,that people keep talking about,actually still shows up on here after,ive already rinsed it out with warm,water and detergent and let it dry,outside and well see if anything else,is on here so i have this clean black,towel as you can see its,theres nothing on it im going to kind,of rub it around there maybe stick it in,some of the,openings and see if i can get any white,powder to appear in here,just do something like that,stick my finger in there,looks like a little bit of residue if,you can see that or not,very little bit if there is some residue,its actually very faint okay there,could be a little bit there,again i dont i dont think its as bad,as some of the other videos ive seen on,this pillowcase has been washed it came,out nicely no smell the smell is gone,from the pillowcase thats good i still,smell that chemical smell on here um it,doesnt seem as bad as before so im,gonna try to sleep with it tonight and,see if i can handle it i might have to,go outside and wash it one or two more,times before that smells gone these are,the two included boosters,they still have a smell too they,actually may smell worse than the the,pillow do im gonna leave these off,number one because of the smell number,two because,i i like thinner pillows so im gonna,leave these out sleep on the purple,pillow tonight and see how it goes all,right so tonight is the night im gonna,test out the purple pillow for the first,time a few things about this this thing,is a,behemoth i mean its a 10 pound pillow,its also pretty,rectangular,and very flat now one thing is a lot of,people dont like thin pillows i love,thin pillows so thats already a plus in,my book its very cool to touch as far,as my head goes,the material is very cool now as far as,the smell goes like i said its not 100,out i might have to wash it again,tomorrow or even the next day its out,of the pillowcase i think bearable,tonight hopefully if i wake up melonite,and it smells bother me im gonna have,to get rid of it i like the thinness of,it and the material is different i dont,know how to describe it its kind of,what i expected from the pictures but,its still weird to put your head on it,i think some people like this pillow and,some people dont i guess well find out,which camp i fall into after tonight,alright so ive been using the purple,pillow for about four nights now and,heres some my observations after that,much use,its a,obviously its a heavy pillow youre not,going to turn this over because only one,side is usable,it feels very cool at first but it does,eventually warm up,its,pretty thin which i do like but its,pretty firm which i dont like ive also,realized that if you put your shoulders,and your head on the pillow that,they dont really compress the pillow,enough to create support,where your neck is at if you sleep high,in the pillow like this you know i dont,really feel as much support under my,neck as i probably would like because my,head and my shoulders arent pushing the,pillow down as much as i would have,expected if you have your shoulders off,the pillow which means in my case i have,to lay with with my feet farther down,than im used to it actually feels,pretty good,because it goes from my shoulders on the,bed to my head being supported side,sleeping works pretty well when your,shoulders are off the pillow,not so much when your shoulders are on,the pillow because im kind of doing,this,most pillows kind of have a taper where,theyre smaller on the sides,you know and theres a contour like that,this pillow is really completely,straight all the way down,so that kind of thing affects,maybe the way youre gonna sleep on it,it takes some getting used to im still,dealing with the smell,im putting it outside to air out every,day they told me to air it out to their,credit they did tell me that if i,couldnt get the smell out they would,send me a new pillow which i think that,its getting better to the point where i,probably wont need them to do that,but its kind of inconvenience that i,had to deal with in the first place,apparently not everybody has that,problem but i had that problem on the,purple pillow website it has a four star,rating on amazon its got about a 3.1,star rating ive noticed a lot of the,older reviews on amazon tend to talk,about the inflatable booster which is,not even included with the product,anymore so,take that with a grain of salt when,youre reading some of those older,reviews because thats a feature that,doesnt even exist anymore they used to,have an inflatable insert which you had,to blow up like a pool toy theyve,replaced that with two foam inserts you,can use one or both together to boost it,up if the pillow isnt quite high enough,for you my pros would be that it,actually does stay cool,and it doesnt require any fluffing i,think the purple pillow is pretty well,made the customer service i think was,pretty responsive they actually respond,to my question and they even offered to,send me a new one if i couldnt get the,smell out they also have a 100-day,satisfaction guarantee and the shipping,was free i also like the fact that its,because its so heavy that it doesnt,really shift around at night while,youre sleeping now if you want to talk,about

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Is the Purple Harmony Pillow Worth It at $160?!

so many of you guys were heated that i,didnt talk about this sooner so here it,is this is the video this is my favorite,pillow that ive ever used its the,purple harmony pillow i showed it to you,in the mattress review i didnt get into,it in depth enough as it pertained to,the pillow so here we go im inviting,you to come with me right now to my,bedroom upstairs,so we can talk about it lets go pillows,are one of the most important pieces of,furniture in your home they offer you,support and comfort while you sleep,without which a good nights rest is,impossible but as im sure you already,know not all pillows are created equal a,few months ago i did a video on the new,purple hybrid premier mattress im still,using it and still loving it during that,video i briefly mentioned the pillow,saying it was comfortable and used the,same material found in the purple grid i,didnt go much further into it because,you know it was a video about the,mattress well in the comments and even,in text messages i see you mike epson,heart i had people saying wait a minute,i need to know more about this pillow so,ive teamed up with purple one more time,and in this video im telling you all,about the purple harmony pillow if,youre interested in checking it out for,yourself ill have a link down in the,description below now its important to,understand that there are certain,characteristics that we expect from any,pillow that we are using when we go to,sleep they must provide support and,comfort by creating a cradle or hammock,for your head to rest in and they must,be able to adjust to your individual,sleeping position if they dont do that,then youre in for a trash night of,sleep as you can see ive got several,purple harmony pillows here ive got the,low medium and tall height versions in,both the standard size which is this one,and the king size models which are a,little bit longer youll choose the size,that best fits your bed so unless you,have a king size mattress and want the,extra width save yourself the extra 40,bucks and go with the standard now what,matters more though is the height low,height pillows are usually more,comfortable for stomach and back,sleepers and people who have a small to,medium build medium height pillows work,best for side or combination sleepers,who sleep on their backs and higher up,in order to put more space between the,shoulder blades then theres the tall,height pillows which are perfect for,people who sleep on their stomachs,offering more support for the head and,neck now im personally a combo sleeper,who can easily go from back to stomach,to side and i found the medium height,pillow to be incredibly comfortable for,me but the main question a lot of people,will be asking is why should i spend a,hundred and sixty dollars on a pillow,and thats an extremely fair question,because for just about everyone the,purple harmony pillow will be the most,expensive pillow theyve ever bought it,has to really perform and you have to,really like it in order to make it,worthwhile now luckily the same policies,that apply to the purple mattresses also,apply here namely you get a 100 night,trial thats over three months to figure,out if the purple harmony pillow is,worth it to you or if you ultimately,want to return it for a full refund and,returns are free as well you also have a,one year warranty on top of that for me,it comes down to a few things first the,no pressure support the purple harmony,pillow has a flexible latex core along,with the purple grid gel layer that,works together to cradle and support,your head and neck so when i say no,pressure support i mean it doesnt feel,like the pillow is pushing against you,in an uncomfortable way that makes you,have to re-fluff it next the purple,harmony stays cool all night i am never,having to flip the pillow to find the,cool side or waking up in the middle of,the night hot because of the heat the,pillow is retaining back to the purple,grid its a temperature neutral material,and the honeycomb layout creates 2 000,open channels along with the fact that,theres a moisture wicking mesh outer,material all that combines for a pillow,that allows for airflow and a cool head,all night lastly theres the fact that,the pillow doesnt go flat it just will,not go flat i mean you press into it and,let go and it just springs back up you,lay on it and then get up and it returns,to form the purple harmony just springs,back to life whenever you arent,applying pressure to it so going back to,what makes the purple harmony pillow,great youre paying for a product that,the company stands behind so much that,if it doesnt give you a restful nights,sleep doesnt keep your head and neck,supported doesnt keep you cool and even,if it doesnt keep its shape theyll,allow you to return it after one of the,best trial periods out there for any,product if you want to try out the,purple harmony hit the link down in the,description below and if you have any,questions drop them down in the comments,and ill meet you there for further,discussion thanks for watching as always,guys i appreciate your support im andru,edwards and ill catch you in the next,video

Purple Pillow Review & Comparison – Original vs Harmony vs Cloud

Howdy there! Its Amelia from Sleepopolis, and  today Im putting three pillows head to head to  ,head in a Purple pillow showdown. Im a certified  sleep science coach, and I review sleep products  ,for a living. So im here to give you the lowdown  on all these pillows Ive individually reviewed:  ,the original Purple pillow the Purple  Harmony pillow and the Purple Cloud  ,pillow. And you can find all of those reviews  on our Youtube channel or on Sleepopolis.com.  ,So im here to give a thorough comparison  of all three to help you find the right  ,Purple pillow for you. Now hit that subscribe  button and lets get into this comparison!,Let’s kick this review off with a look at  Purple policies and prices. Cause no matter  ,how much you think a pillow is right for  you, you gotta read the fine print first! ,First, Purple offers free shipping on their  pillows within the contiguous United States.  ,Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will  have to pay an additional shipping fee. ,Second, Purple offers a 100-night sleep  trial on these pillows, which means you  ,can test your pillow out at home for a 100  nights and if you decide its not a good fit,  ,you can return it within that trial period for  a full refund. Finally, Purple offers a 1-year  ,warranty on all of these pillows. Now, for the  prices. The Purple Cloud is the least expensive  ,of these three pillows, at $49 for a standard and  $69 for a king. The original Purple pillow comes  ,in one standard size, priced at $109. And the  Purple Harmony pillow is currently $159 for a  ,standard size and $199 for a king size.  But keep in mind that prices can change  ,often — not to mention there are seasonal  sales — so head over to sleepopolis.com  ,for the most up to date pricing information.  And we’ve got some coupons on there as well!,Now lets take a look at the construction of these  three pillows starting off with the Purple pillow.  ,The original Purple pillow is made from the  hyperelastic polymer Purple grid, the same  ,material used in Purple’s mattresses. This is a  super durable material that maintains its shape  ,well, as well as allowing for lots of airflow. The  cover is a breathable mesh and the pillow comes  ,with two foam boosters that can be added under the  Purple grid to heighten the loft of the pillow. ,Now, the Purple Harmony pillow’s core is Talalay  latex, which is a naturally bouncy and cool  ,material. The foam block is also perforated to  allow for even more airflow. The cover of the  ,pillow is a breathable mesh and sewn into it  is the Purple Grid Hex, a lite version of the  ,Purple grid. This Purple Grid Hex gel pad also  has lots of air channels to promote cooling. ,Finally, the Purple Cloud pillow is  filled with silicone-covered gel fibers,  ,a down alternative that doesn’t go flat or  require as much fluffing as traditional down.  ,Its cover is made of 300 thread count  cotton, which is also a breathable material. ,The entire Purple Cloud pillow is machine  washable, whereas only the covers of the  ,Purple pillow and Purple Harmony are  machine washable. However, you can  ,handwash the Purple grid in the Purple pillow. Additionally, the loft of the Purple pillow is  ,3 inches before adding the boosters, which  are an inch and a half inch. The Purple  ,Harmony is available in a low, medium, and  high loft, which are 5.5 inches, 6.5 inches,  ,and 7.5 inches. We’ll come back to loft  though in our sleeping positions section!,All right lets compare how these pillows  feel. Now i personally tested all three of  ,these pillows out by actually sleeping on them but  keep in mind that feel is subjective, so you might  ,have a different experience than me. First, the  Purple pillow. I thought that overall, the Purple  ,pillow was firm. While the grid feels kind  of squishy and jelly-like when you touch it,  ,the grid actually keeps your head very elevated  when you lie on it, with just a bit of contouring.  ,Next, the Purple Harmony. I thought  this pillow had a medium firmness.  ,The combo of latex and the Purple grid makes  it super bouncy and supportive, but it also has  ,enough give that you get nice contouring around  your head and neck. Finally, the Purple Cloud. I  ,also rated this pillow’s firmness as medium, but  it has quite a different feel than the Harmony.  ,The Purple Cloud’s gel fiber feel gives it  some of the softness of traditional down,  ,but it keeps you much more elevated.  It also reforms really quickly,  ,so it’s not as moldable as traditional down. Now as far as cooling, I thought both the  ,Purple pillow and Purple Harmony  were excellent at maintaining a  ,cool temperature. The grid used in both does well  to stay cool, as does the latex in the Harmony.  ,I didn’t notice the Purple Cloud staying  particularly cool, but the gel fibers and  ,cotton cover allow for lots of airflow, making  it more of a temperature neutral pillow.,Now lets talk about how each of these pillows is  going to work for different sleeping positions.  ,Most of us sleep on either our back our side our  stomach or some combination of those positions,  ,unless youre a giraffe and  you sleep standing upright.  ,Although, honestly Ive been there  sometimes you just get tired.  ,But anyway, let’s start with back sleepers. Back  sleepers generally want a medium firmness and a  ,medium loft to ensure spinal alignment. I thought  the Purple Harmony was the standout option for  ,back sleepers, as I felt perfectly comfortable  and properly aligned sleeping on it. The original  ,Purple is also a solid choice for back sleepers,  especially if you like a slightly firmer feel.  ,However, I didn’t think the Purple Cloud was the  BEST for back sleepers, as I found it to be too  ,lofty. Next, side sleepers. Now side sleepers  generally want a firmer feel and a high loft. The  ,standout option here for me was the Purple Cloud,  which has a high loft that’s ideal for keeping  ,side sleepers’ head and neck in line with their  spine. The Harmony is also a great option for  ,side sleepers, particularly in the medium or high  loft. And the original Purple can also work well  ,for side sleepers, but I’d recommend adding  the boosters to get a bit of extra height!  ,Finally, stomach sleepers. Y’all are tricky when  it comes to finding the right pillow, as you want  ,a soft, low loft pillow to prevent your neck  from craning upwards. Honestly, the only pillow  ,out of these three that I thought worked for  stomach sleepers was the original Purple pillow,  ,without the boosters added. It is firmer, but  I found that it did a good job of keeping my  ,neck well-aligned. The other two pillows were  far too lofty for comfortable stomach sleeping.,All right Ive thrown a lot of information  at you So let’s recap and go over who should  ,consider buying each of these pillows. First,  the original Purple. What I love about this  ,pillow is that it works for every sleeping  position, so it’s a great choice for combination  ,sleepers. The boosters also give you some  flexibility to alter the pillow’s loft to fit  ,you better. I also love how cooling this pillow  is. And I think it’s a great option for those  ,who like a firmer feel from their  pillow. Next, the Purple Harmony.  ,Now I’ll be honest with you all, this is my  personal favorite of these three pillows.  ,I’m a back sleeper and I found this pillow to be  PERFECT for sleeping on my back, so I’d recommend  ,it to all my fellow back sleepers, in either the  low or medium loft. Side sleepers will also find  ,it comfy, in the medium or high loft. I also found  it to be the most cooling of all three pillows,  ,so hot sleepers, this is a great choice for  you. However, it is the most expensive of  ,all three pillows, so it’s not the best  budget buy. Finally, the Purple Cloud.  ,If you’re a strict side sleeper, this  is definitely the pillow for you.  ,It’s also a great option for those who have  allergies or just like to keep things super clean,  ,as the entire pillo

NO MORE NECK PAIN!? Review of THE Purple Pillow

[Music],hey guys its victor here,and today were about to review,the purple pillow now,i got this thing a little while back i,actually got it as a gift from my,girlfriend,um because i noticed that she was,getting some neck pains,um i wanted to hook her up with a foam,pillow or like a better pillow,thatll help her alleviate that one of,the main reasons that people experience,neck pain is just due to their sleeping,habits so a change of posture,could really help that and a lot of,people online really recommended,foam pills specifically and i took a,look at a couple different,brands that are out there i looked at,casper i looked at purple and i looked,at a couple other ones that were,actually just,available in the us and i even thought,about purchasing them but,the further i investigated now that,were in canada at least i realized that,those options were just going to be way,too expensive after id taken,the currency exchange as well as the,cost of shipping so my last few,options that i ended up picking were,between the casper,and the purple pillow and well do,another video about the casper,further on but i wanted to talk to you,guys about my experience,with the purple pillow this company i,thought,was really interesting because theyve,produced mattresses as well thats kind,of what theyre known for but they,started doing a line of pillows more,recently now they have,two main pillows right now thats the,purple pillow which is what i have in,front of me in this thing,as well as a harmony purple pillow and,thats only available in the us,unfortunately right now so that kinda,put a wrench,in my plan because that one actually got,really fantastic reviews,this one still got really good reviews,online so i was kind of holding my,breath i just wanted to buy it to test,it out to see how it went because i was,really curious,about the membrane structure of the,pillow,which was a little bit different so its,not really a foam pillow and ill show,you guys what i mean well,open this guy up it comes in this handy,dandy package pretty compact once i open,it up,youll see that the whole pillow comes,encased in,kind of kind of just rolls out onto the,table right so here it is,and this is what i mean i bet youve,never seen anything like this before and,like when i show you this you would,definitely not think the pillow right,so here it is kind of rolls up one of,the things i noticed,especially when i first opened the box,was this thing is,quite heavy this thing is i would say,its like a five pound pillow which is,um not exactly what you really,want or expect when you have a pillow,so right off the bat that was kind of,like kind of a bit of a con for me,purple as a company i found them really,interesting because they also created a,mattress that was,made of the same cell i guess membrane,um to help support your sleep support,your posture,ive seen a lot of ads for purple in the,past you know,it sounds like your typical tech company,has a really cool succinct name to it,purple,all their branding is purple its its,really fun right so i really wanted to,give these guys a chance just because of,the branding,im actually a sucker for marketing so i,really love their approach with their,color,really differentiated them and the brand,itself seemed really cool,upon receiving this filling actually,kind of testing it out over the past,two months i would say that im a little,bit disappointed by the results of this,first of all the price point this was,definitely on one of the more,premium sides of the pillows at least,the ones available in canada,it came out to after tax about 190,canadian,shipping included it came really quickly,actually so i ordered it it came in,about,six days it was really quick although,the only place i could really find it,was either through,a purple retailer a lot of retailers,were still closed at the time when i was,purchasing this pillow so i was just,kind of calling around to see like hey,is there any way,i could try this out i wanted to kind of,see the product for myself before,ordering it but unfortunately,um maybe because their main demographic,is the us i wasnt able to do that so,that would say thats one of the cons,was that,this product was a little hard to find,in the canadian market from there,i want to get into the fact that the,price point,is really premium so i really expected,like a really luxury premium,experience and although this was a,really interesting product,still kind of freaks me out i dont know,how to feel about this design i thought,it was really cool and really different,but also,like kind of gives me the shivers you,know kind of like gives me like kind of,like a tripophobia,kind of kind of vibe here you know and,um,when you see all these dots kind of,freaks me out but,luckily for us thats not how youre,gonna use the pillow it also comes with,a little pillow case holder thing so,i wasnt really sure if uh this guy,was meant to just cover the pillow and,youre supposed to just use it,or if youre supposed to put an,additional pillow cover over top of it,instead,i kind of played around with both and i,actually kind of decided that i would go,with just using this as the pillow cover,uh it seemed to be like a perfect fit,for this pillow uh keep in mind i got,this in a king size,it does come in a queen as well but we,have a king size bed so i wanted to king,size pillow as well it was really,form-fitting onto the actual pillow,itself ill show you guys what that,looks like in a sec,so its kind of like a compartment with,a little zipper here,all i have to do is unzip this guy,open it up and kind of just encase it,let me let me flip it over for you and,here ill show you the back side of it,as well,in the process the back side is just,this weird little,fabric that i wasnt huge fan of,personally because i feel like it kind,of cheapened the product it kind of felt,like a little afterthought,like that they didnt really bother to,cover this up it kind of seems like an,unfinished,product when presented in this view at,least right front is really,nice but the back kind of ugly not to,lie,im going to put this thing over the,pillow,as you can see it fits on there really,snugly actually i like,its kind of satisfying how snugly it,fits,now were going to just zip it over i,feel like its kind of like a sleeping,bag,kind of reminds me of that okay so cool,so now weve got the,pillowcase cover on there um and there,that looks like just a regular pillow,from this angle you can,kind of really cant tell whats going,on underneath there,and it still has this a bit of a you,know,do you hear that,every time i push down on it kind of,like shoots out a wave of the,wind quite cool so anyways heres the,purple pillow as it appears and,i guess as i tried it on my bed so,honestly this purple pillow i really,wanted to give it a chance,if you really want a pretty firm and,sturdy pillow,that doesnt really have much of a give,and even lets say if i,put my face in it,it doesnt really doesnt really sink so,its very supportive so if youre i,guess someone thats,looking specifically for a orthopedic,pillow,that has really firm stability this,product might be right for you but for,me,i actually found that to be a drawback,because i like to sink into my pillows a,little bit,thats why i originally was looking at,foam pillows but,in this case i uh you know didnt really,get much of an opportunity to sink down,into it,and if i put my head on it it kind of,just sticks there and its,a little firm im sure its pretty great,for my,posture but in terms of actual,comfort just didnt really do it for me,one of the main drawbacks that i can see,right here,as you can tell even with the case on,and ill put on another pillow cover on,top instead why dont we do that right,now so,ive got another pillowcase here um ill,just put it on,i know a lot of households they dont,want,a white pillow covering exactly,depending on how your sheets set up um,so you know what,were going to put on this covering just,to show yo

Cushion Challenge! Egg Sitter vs Amazon Best Seller vs Purple

– Hey guys! Its James White from Freakin Reviews,bringing you As Seen on TV product reviews and more.,Now, today Ive got yet another comparison video.,Ive got three popular seat cushions.,Ive got the Egg Sitter which I reviewed a few months ago.,Ive got a very popular Amazon gel enhanced cushion here.,And, Ive got the Ultimate Purple Cushion.,Its gonna be a three-way grudge match to see who wins.,Lets get started.,(rock music),All right. Lets start with the Purple Cushion.,Lets see how big this thing is.,Its pretty big. Its 22in,by 18in,by almost 3in.,Its as large, very large cushion.,Weighs almost 8 lbs.,Let me see.,Faint smell. Not like the pillow was. Its just a very,like a new item smell. I wouldnt say its,an offensive odor to it.,I just wonder if its gonna be small that I can fit,on my chair because the size of this thing,,its, its massive!,I mean compared to the Egg Sitter.,I mean the Egg Sitter like just,it, it pales in comparison.,Speaking of, lets measure the Egg Sitter out.,All right. This seems puny in comparison.,Lets see what we got here.,16in wide,,13in deep,,and about little over 2in high.,So, Ive been using this one for quite a few months,,so I already have quite a bit experience with this one,to compare it to.,This one I think only weights about maybe 2 lbs.,And, it never really had a smell that I could recall,,although it may have had a kind of a new smell,when I first opened it.,This is the ComfiLife,gel enhanced seat cushion from Amazon.,Its got a really high rating. I think it has,4.5 stars in 2,500 views. Its pretty solid.,We open it up here, you can see,its got foam on the outside,and a gel on the inside. It has a cool feeling to it.,This is a very light cushion I think its under 2 lbs?,A little bit different, but itll be interesting,to see how it compares to the others.,I was going to say there is kind of a smell,on the ComfiLife thats not very pleasant.,Worse than Id say the Purple Cushion.,Thats not unusual for new products, but lets see how,goes over a couple days of use.,Its interesting that the Egg Sitter,and the Purple seat cushion have very similar,covers that come with them.,Purple Cushion has a contoured groove in the back,that supposedly helps your spine.,The ComfiLife has a cutout in the back that also supposedly,helps your spine. And, the gel cushion has a certain,angle to it that supposedly also helps your posture,and support. So, without further ado,,lets get to the comparison.,Let me see at first use of the ComfiLife.,Its pretty firm. I do feel its slowly sink down as I sit,on it though.,Its definitely firmer than the Egg Sitter.,It has kind of a memory foam feel to it,where its,,you sit on and then it slowly compresses like that.,Not bad though.,All right. Lets try is the Egg Sitter next,which I sat on many items before. Okay. It is certainly,softer than the ComfiLife to the point where I almost sink,all the way down to the bottom.,It, it also compresses and then slowly continues to compress,after that, but it goes a much farther down.,It also has a cooler feeling even with the case on there,,it has a cooler feeling than the ComfiLife does.,All right. Now, for the Ultimate Purple Cushion.,Its so big it hangs off the edge of this chair.,It makes a nice pleasant strange sound when you sit on it.,(mushy sound),You can actually hear air being pushed out from the sides.,This one I feel like I sink about half way down and then,it seems like the underside,seems to catch a little bit more of my weight,,so it sinks down partially and then not all the way,,kind of how the bed works. The bed works the same way,than that.,Its pretty comfortable.,And, Im kind of aware of that groove in the back also.,So, thats my first impression.,Lets put on some chairs and see how they work there.,I should point out there are several other types,of Purple Cushions. This is the Ultimate which is one,fot he most expensive ones they offer.,There are less expensive ones which I did not try,for this review.,So, what Im going to do next is me and my kids,are each going to take a cushion and use it for day,or two, and then rotate them and compare when were all done.,Because a cushion is a very subjective thing,,so we might all have different opinions of which one is best.,I also want to point out that one of the chairs,being used is the one, the one that Im using,,is kind of an old beat-up chair which is definitely,a real-world situation. Thats the kind of chair,that you want to use a cushion on, so laugh at my chair,if you want, but thats the kind of chair these cushions,will be used on a lot. So, lets get started.,All right. Next up is this pathetic-looking desk chair,,It really isnt that all. Its just this dust,coming off of it. Its just kind of cosmetically ugly,,but lets see if the Purple Cushion even fits on there.,All right. It does fit. It barely fits.,It doesnt hang off,the front.,It barely fits.,Thats pretty comfortable and its not gonna slide around,because it fills up the entire chair.,It might be ridiculously large,,but it actually seems to fit pretty well.,I might actually enjoy using this.,All right. Chair number two is gonna be using the Egg Sitter.,This is my sons chair.,You can see its significantly smaller,than the Purple Cushion.,You have a seat.,See how, see how it feels.,First, first impression?,- [Brandon] Thats a cushion.,- [James] Pretty small. – [Brandon] Yeah.,- [James] Yeah, I have a problem with it sliding around,,but well see how that does for you and well report back,tomorrow, I guess?,All right. Chair number three. This is a gaming chair,that my daughter uses. Shes not here right now,,but Im gonna put the ComfiLife cushion on there.,And when she gets home, she will try it out.,So, were each gonna take turns and all three of cushion on,and report back in about a week.,Okay. I want to show you how the cushions all look,with my car seat. Lets check that out.,So, even though the Egg Sitter doesnt want to fit,in my desk chair very well, it does fit in my car pretty well.,As you can see here, it doesnt really have any room,to move side to side.,All right. Heres the ComfiLife.,It also fits in my car. Ive tried it in here.,I feel like I sit a little bit too high with it.,So, it does work pretty well and it does fit on the seat.,I dont know if it fits quite as well as the,Egg Sitter though.,But, the ComfiLife unlike the Egg Sitter, it can be used,in the car without worrying about it being damaged.,The ComfiLife might sit a little bit higher,,but its the safest to use in a hot car.,Lets try the Purple Cushion.,Yeah. Thats not,,thats not really-,I could never get this even,to fit in my car.,Definitely not designed for a car, I wouldnt think.,They have cushions that are designed for a car.,I dont think the Ultimate which is what this one is,,Ultimate is definitely too big for the car,,and it cant be left in a hot car.,None of the Purple Cushions can.,So, thats also a difficulty with that.,As far as the hot car goes, it says if its,above 105, it could permanently damage the seat cushion.,So, if youre using any of the Purple Cushions,,you dont want to leave it in the hot car.,Same with the Egg Sitter.,So, really the ComfiLife is the only one that can be used,in the heat of the summer.,All right. Its been about a week since we all started using,these three cushions.,And, here Im ready to deliver the results.,So, what Im going to do is each one of us is gonna rank,these cushions from 1st through 3rd.,The first ones gonna get three points, the second one,,two points, and the third one, one point.,Were gonna tally them up and see which one comes,out on top.,First up is my three choices.,My number one pick is the Ultimate Purple Cushion.,I found this to be very comfortable. I like the way,that it is kind of two sections where it sinks part,of the way down, and then it doesnt continue sinking,too much after that.,Its large, so it doesnt move around on my chair.,I do like the Purple Cushion.,Potential cons would be that

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