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Pushpa MOVIE REVIEW!! | Allu Arjun | Rashmika | Fahadh Faasil

toto i dont think were in kansas,anymore,[Music],hey welcome back to our stupid reaction,im corbin im rick and were in a car,yeah and its raining uh,so if this is weird for you the,the tightness of the shot the the,lighting,uh sorry uh we just went to our first,indian film since the pandemic happened,in a theater,uh experience yeah pushpa the telugu,film starring alu arjun and uh,sprinkling of uh,yeah um but uh so the reason its right,here is because this theater is not,really close to rick or i,and so we wanted to get and its also,late and so i wanted to get to you as,fast as possible and so we wanted to,here so i can just go home and edit and,upload,and that would be it so thats thats,why this is it if this is weird for you,im terribly sorry this is just we,wanted to get to you as fast as possible,but uh since its new were gonna do uh,mostly non-spoilers spoilers no its not,spoilers just uh in case you are going,to go watch it and whatever and then,maybe well get into some non-spoilers,at the end but uh its um i dont know,i dont actually have the imdb in front,of me so i cant actually uh the,director might give directorial,cinematography and all that is uh the i,think his name starts with an ass i do,apologize,um but were very excited uh to see this,uh from the trailers,and uh i could tell you probably safely,that we were both probably pretty,disappointed,rick you feel like that yeah,what makes you say that corbin,yeah um without i dont want to give too,much away although there are some parts,of it i did like and i actually enjoyed,part of the theater experience because,one of the theaters we actually got this,for the first time um like when like,whistling and cheering a little larger,on the screen we had people whistling,and cheering yes they had like when he,did some cool stuff stylish moments that,was so like i probably probably enjoyed,some moments more than we would if we,watched it at home absolutely because,the sound is better in a theater the,overall experience with everybody so,that was really cool and there were some,parts i did enjoy but overall i think,where it fails you can tell me if you,agree is they marketed this wrong yeah,the trailer doesnt even come close you,thought this was going to be like rrrr,like action-packed,id say theres,less than a fourth action in this entire,thing yeah its mostly dialogue or a i i,think a pointless relationship agreed,like right i i agree and im i hate that,i have to say it because i was actually,very excited to see this fight i was too,but i feel like i was thinking that,while we were watching it i was like i,enjoyed the trailer more because i,thought the trailer was what this was,going to be,and this isnt what the trailer conveys,they they marketed it as almost a kgf,right and right actually towards the,beginning i was actually enjoying i was,like okay cool were in for the,yeah first 20 minutes i was like okay,here we go a big action star yep and i,actually got this for the first time,because a lot of people talk about this,with their their favorite starts theyre,very stylish right yes a little arjun in,this,hes nothing but style thats all style,right um and so i was actually enjoying,that and kind of like in kgf hes hes,very stylish in that and he does a lot,of these these over-the-top things,theres no physics nothing yeah nothing,believable but in in kgf,like that its action parry and theres,a story and it keeps you engaged,correctly this thing man it dragged yeah,and i i just won why would you market it,that way and well you could have cut an,hour if not more out of this its three,and feels like five yeah yeah its its,its so disappointing because i really,wanted to enjoy this so did i i was,doing everything i could to try to enjoy,it and then at about the two hour and 15,mark i was just i had given up and okay,so,thats thats the piece its as did the,guy next to me he took three phone calls,during the movie,no joke he did he was done 100,and got up like three or four times yeah,and so thats thats probably the,biggest issue with this film one its,its way,an hour to an hour and a half too long,way too long like they could have i,think because there were some good parts,like there was some good action parts,that i was like okay good lets stick,with this keep driving with this and,they dont they just go to some,different thing either with the,pointless love interest yeah or to uh a,bunch of dialogue that im like okay i,thought we already rehashed this part,like twice already yeah and they just,keep going back to it and like,i just i think you could have cut an,hour out and you could have literally,made it like all fun,jungle defying physics fight scenes save,got heres how you could,save time and money cut all of the,sequences where you used bad cgi for,logs and water,that that happened way too much honestly,you could have cut the entire love,relationship yeah that we didnt need,that even though i thought the actress,was good and but it was like almost,pointless the entire thing and also the,relationship was a little problematic,it was a little bit like yeah it was it,was im not gonna give anything away,because it was the non-spoilers but it,was like a little,strange the way they built this,relationship it was uh,it gave me the feeling and,none of them are this long but like this,will probably be appealing for people,who are just fans of this style and of,him and the same way that like you could,never talk people out of loving uh,jean-claude van damme or jason statham,theyre gonna the fans are dedicated,they love it and if you dont like it,youre a yeah thats whats gonna,happen with this movie yeah i i,definitely say so but i even think some,of the fans that were in there they were,really excited i feel like a lot of them,got bored well god there was a lot of,getting up yeah there was a lot of,getting up,and it was quiet it was quiet for most,of the film outside of a few moments and,i thought we were going to get a lot,more action scenes in this because,thats what it it promoted it it almost,promoted like it was either kgf or rrr,yeah id say of the three hours,there was probably,25 minutes of that of action,yeah and people dont go into john wick,expecting to see a lot of dialogue and,acting from keanu reeves theyre going,to see head shots and some cool stunts,yeah thats why you go into these films,and so i feel like they didnt know what,kind of film they were making and i know,india has these masala films but i feel,like you theres got to be a structure,to it right at least at some point yeah,i mean okay so the things i did enjoy i,thought arjun and what he did i thought,was like he did what they wanted him to,do yeah i thought it could have been a,lot better if they would have shortened,it and made him just a stylistic star,that was kicking ass the entire time,right but they didnt stick to that no,and it was really incongruent too to see,him be this stylish uh kick-ass dude,whos quite boyish with,well i didnt find it to be charming i,found it to be incongruent yeah when,hes around the girl yeah yeah uh and i,thought even though once again i thought,that the story was pointless i thought,the girl did well um and and all that,and i,the songs,they were good they were inc they were,like,but it was like by the heres he was the,issue with a lot of the good parts by,the time they came i was like okay,exactly,exactly,so i was like thats the song with,samantha really sexy song sexy song,great number and a couple of cool moves,in it but by that point youre like yeah,one of the credits yeah and like he had,a couple good uh songs with the girl and,then at the end there was this cool song,that i think if we watched it alone we,were like thats really cool i would,have loved that last thing as a,standalone yeah i think theyre theyre,good good songs yeah um but its like by,the time you get to him youre like oh,my god,i mean at least i enjoyed this five,minutes of the song um yeah cause like,it just drags man and the

I Saw Pushpa Again But Did It Change My Thoughts On The Allu Arjun Film? | Amazon Prime Video

[Music],when i uploaded the review of push pop,on its release there were two distinct,reactions about the film one who value,origin fans who immediately were,invested in the spectacle that the film,was and the other side that just,expected a more engaging film from,sukumar a man who delivered a beautiful,journey through a film like rangastalam,what came as a surprise strictly from a,business point of view was how well the,film did with little to no promotions in,the hindi belt in india everyone,seemingly underestimated the star power,of aloo arjun in the hindi belt a fan,base that he has amassed for several of,his telugu films being huge hits on,satellite as they used to get dubbed in,hindi the film just in its hindi version,was a few crores short of amassing the,same total that 83 did in all languages,in india something that is reflective of,just how especially in the north of,india people have reacted to such a film,the movie became the biggest telugu hit,of 2021 doing double the business of,akanda and also surpassing suryavanshi,that was just short of 300 crores what,has happened in the comments section of,the films review that i posted lately,is of course people loving the film and,not connecting with my review since the,release on amazon prime video this,compelled me to watch the film again and,understand what i possibly missed and,whether there is still merit to my,argument that i made in the first,weekend that the movie released so lets,discuss the same you also let me know in,the comments below what specifically you,think equates to the popularity of,pushpa why it became so successful and,where do you think it could have,improved to possibly become sukumars,best film so there is a clear,distinction that i see when i notice the,reactions of the film and that is the,telugu film audience and by that i dont,mean hardcore arjun fans initial,reactions of the film have not evolved,over time they still believe what they,felt about the film when they first saw,it and that means that the bumps and,cracks that were clearly visible for,them in the screenplay of the film still,hold true whereas the hindi speaking,belt has really celebrated and lapped up,the world that pushback transported them,to this is an interesting topic as fans,who are privy to telugu cinema and,especially sukumars inventor,filmography simply expected a slick edit,and more memorable characters but the,hindi belt presumably craving for a good,mass masala film finally got a movie,that picked every box possible for a ct,marrowing movie experience i dont think,the topic of the pandemic can be brought,up and used as an argument for the poor,performance of 83 in contrast to pushpa,that released during the same time and,still connected with audiences ushpa,connected so much with the audience in,the b2c regions that now they are,willing to experiment and dub avpl as,well and release it to see if fans,resonate with another alu arjun film by,the way a movie that is still the second,biggest hit after bahubali now lets get,to the film so one of the things that i,definitely think that i did not give the,film credit for is the effort that it,did in world building the title of the,film is pushpa the rise which is,essentially going to cover the journey,of the man from a young boy to why and,how he became such an influential member,of the red sandalwood syndicate so the,3r running time almost became essential,for you to be completely invested in the,world for part 2 and that will get into,the action and duel between aloo arjun,and fahad farsel from the onset the,expectation should have already been,that fahad is going to be an essential,component of part 2 and not this movie,what i still consider a valid point in,my review when i look at other films,that were divided into two parts is that,the supporting characters in pushpa were,not memorable enough if you look at the,supporting characters that were,introduced in a world like bahubali the,beginning you had everyone from a,scheming nasser with a defamed left arm,ramya krishnan as sivagami and the,haunting presence of kalakayas in the,conclusion of the film you look at even,a huge ensemble cast like kgf and it,presented a brilliant antagonist like,garuda while still making people excited,for part two you look at gangs of,vasipur i mean everyone from jedi pair,lava shahid khan pangastrapati sultan,koreshi and even yashpal sharma is the,occasional singer these characters,became entrenched in everyones memory,in the supporting cast only the,performance and characterization of ajay,gosh as kondar reidy really shined for,me the other members of the syndicate,were forgettable at best and even the,cop presented as the initial,investigator became irrelevant to,catching hold of pushpa as fahad enters,into the foray making me think that m,ramakrishnas role as the dsp almost,became inconsequential and was just a,pedestal for far to step on and take the,reins world building is no joke and,while i think the movie fleshed out the,story of pushpa the individual really,well the characters around him according,to me still were not distinct or,memorable enough the film is still,poorly edited if you see it again the,music almost ends mid choreography to,transition to focus on dialogues between,characters a comedy back and forth would,abruptly shift to an intense altercation,among characters if you simply see how,the song sami is placed in the edit it,just comes across as abrupt from a,screenplay perspective i still stand by,absolutely thinking that the romantic,angle in this film did not work for me,one thousand rupees for a smile and five,thousand rupees for a kiss never really,is that cute or lovable coating process,that i would like to see in 2021 i think,rashmika comes and goes for the meat,cute in this film and only extended the,running time of the movie then,contribute to the world of pushpa many,people are saying that rashmikas,character might have something more to,offer in the second part but i can only,imagine her to be utilized as bait to,make pushpa vulnerable than anything,else had the romantic angle and songs,been reduced and we focused more on the,syndicate which i thought was the most,interesting part about the movie i feel,like i would have absolutely loved,pushpa oh antawa has become a really,popular song in the last few days and,there was an argument presented in the,comments of my review that really,intrigued me and let me know what you,think about the same raghul,chandrashekhar stated that the song,spends most of the time trash talking,men for being desperate and towards the,end samantha asks is it a yes or no to,which the men reply in chorus why would,we say no its an obvious yes from us,despite all the trash talking about men,they are still shamelessly going behind,her it perfectly captures how some men,are blind to everything when they see a,girl in revealing clothes just like sam,so there is no irony there this is,simply a vehicle to comment about the,problematic nail gears the o antavas,song only is an item song if you see,samantha as an item i think there is,merit to this argument but it is a cameo,appearance by samantha that demands you,to completely think from a social,context in pov separate from the theme,of the film so this is where probably,when i was seeing the film my analytical,mind switched off because i just saw a,scantily clad woman appear and men ogle,at her and assumed it was a,run-of-the-mill act i guess there is,room to understand that there is more,meaning to the song than just be a,regular item song there is no denying,the fact that aloo arjun gave his heart,and soul to this film completely,transformed himself into becoming a rota,and eventually out of shape man,completely contrary to his other,appearances created by credit due for,what he has dedicated to this film but i,still believe that pushpa was an average,film that probably resonated with many,due to its mass commercial elements and,aloo arjun star power but i would

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PUSHPA: THE RISE – Movie Reaction (Part 1) | Allu Arjun | Fahadh Faasil | Rashmika Mandanna

well i woke up this morning from a weird,country hello people i am chaby kuwait,joined by the dope ass sintel kuwait yo,whats crackin baby i love that,introduction man lets go we are,watching pushpa this is directed by,tsukumar and written by sukumar srikanth,visa and madhan karki its starring alu,arjun fahad fasil and rashmika mandana,so uh just so you know sintel because i,know you havent had any experience with,him before fahad fazil is a dope,malayalam actor and uh we watched aalu,arjun uh not that long ago in alu,vaikunthu purumalu yo if youre watching,this on youtube you can see a cut down,version of our reaction because were,only allowed to show you a limited,amount of picture-in-picture however if,you want to watch the whole movie with,us uncut uninterrupted head over to our,patreon page,patreon.com where you can watch the,whole film with us but you will need,your own well in this case amazon prime,video subscription i dont know if this,is playing anywhere else thats where,were watching it and then you can open,up the movie in an adjacent window to,our reaction and its like youre,watching with two of your favorite pals,from the internet and if youre watching,this on patreon already thanks so much,for supporting us here if youre,watching this on youtube please hit the,subscribe button bell icon all,notifications and pretty please vote,this up to let youtube know youre,enjoying what youre watching all right,here we go,the eight lakhs is like 851 thousand,dollars,its precious wood,[Laughter],wow did not see that coming,[Music],now thats an introduction,[Music],so let me give you that one for free,my man is beating the ass,instead he raising the price,[Laughter],whoa oh,yo i like this drunken style though you,know the fluid,hey buddy i see you,one lakh,oh that was unexpected,[Applause],[Laughter],my man got a police escort now,yo that is some seriously valuable wood,[Laughter],all right i like that that was fun,that was fun,the rise all right,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],and principled in a strange way,[Laughter],[Music],a lot of people,the guys reading it out as hes going,along,[Music],thats a cool shot yeah it was oh you,beat me to it man,i was like i like that,so these are those trees huh i guess,its how he learns about it mm-hmm,[Music],hey,[Music],[Laughter],[Laughter],yo the massive set of balls on this dude,[Laughter],wow,i had it in the trees,yo this dude got swag man he carried it,[Laughter],i cant believe,thats alu arjun man he looks so,different,and if youre gonna dream dream big,10 likes thats like a million dollars,damn,my man that looked like what the hell,i mean thats good for two reasons,hes getting hes getting the gold and,hes got a vehicle instead of running by,foot,[Laughter],well i mean he said something in the,beginning he was are you here for the,people are you here for the product,so hes actually saving the people by,stealing the product thats true as well,hes because hes taking them in a,different different path yep,yeah i didnt think about that thats,smart,[Laughter],[Laughter],on his own,i mean its like six of them in there,beating on them good lord,hmm,[Laughter],[Music],huh,[Music],they want to know,[Laughter],hes such a chill character i mean chill,under pressure,thats not bad for the wood i mean its,better than nothing i guess but i i,probably guessed that too,[Music],thats not five lakhs,[Laughter],foreign,[Laughter],facts,you gotta speak with the big man,one-on-one,[Music],thats smart,mm-hmm,seal it up you can still put oil in,there right because thats an oil or,water or at least water yeah or milk,yeah,ah,so when they check it,theres milk in there,yep protect it,[Applause],whats his angle when he does that,well,because youre talking about a,percentage if he grows the business,then,it could potentially be way more than,five lakhs thats true,thats true you are part of the company,now well well played sir strategy,oh here we go,hello,got him,i see you boo,[Music],[Laughter],i liked it,i like that color though with the sky,whats using that,[Laughter],[Music],[Laughter],im a man of pride come on man help me,out,um,[Applause],[Laughter],is,[Music],she has no idea who this dude is scoping,her out for the last like two weeks,[Applause],[Laughter],psycho,[Laughter],um,[Laughter],yo this is the most real take on romance,i have seen in a movie ever,not my job,[Music],that was interesting symbolism,the top dog was out of matches and,pushbook comes in with two matches,one for me one for you good sir,[Applause],[Music],hes gonna make him move to him huh just,a little bit little subtlety,so before they even got there they,buried him alive,thats oh,and,thats pretty gangster,mongolian yesterday,oh that was a flashback,yeah,at least we know the type of people we,dealing with,[Music],theyre pimping their girl,you better go out there and get them,kisses so we can get this dough,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],aint that just the way it goes,[Applause],you

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Jabardasth Mahidhar Pushpa Movie Review

[Música],descripción,i,el,pastor y por espacio de más,impresionante solamente y de boca,tratándonos maestro que utilizaba hasta,la costa en el país de aquí en adelante,tras tomar en barbate las tics,i,d,imaginar la autora perfectamente,al lugar,irwin,mitchell,ale,el,plantel,[Música],[Música],i,el astro de,nuestro,sol,[Música],[Música],al mercado,[Música],en caliente,y,[Música],[Música],un,animal,a,la,hora del parto,cani,y,ya,[Música],de,esta,manera el primer gol inglés con y camper,ganadores de hecho andar aouate porque,está en el rating de indie descripción,lincoln donde dan me escondí

My Reaction after watching Pushpa : The Rise Movie || Pushpa Review

brilliant performance super superb the,way he becomes a sandalwood,leader from an ordinary servant,what a performance man what a,performance each and every,sheds hes just simply fabulous fabulous,terrific performance out and out,allergen show out and out on show,simply simply they have not changed his,title from stylish star to iconic star,because this pushpa raj will become one,of the most iconic characters in alvaro,jones filmography iconic characters,outstanding performance simply superb,the way he will fight,where hell hide the sandalwood in the,dam in the water in the well and,everything the strategies were,absolutely superb after allu arjun ali,arjun was the,main protagonist then supporting,characters also conor eddie was very,good and jolly randy jolly ready that,womanizer was absolutely fabulous that,actor was absolutely too good he was,very good and that sunil comedy and,sunil,he is looking so different hes looking,so different,hes a comedy actor and he has turned,into a daredevil he has turned into,means,actors supporting actors also are,supported pretty well now talking about,the film first off was terrific yeah,terrific the way from servant he will,turn into a,gang member and gang member how hell,turn into a,shareholder that is brilliant the,tactics hell use for the sandalwood to,hide the sandalwood that police chairs,and everything sequences and all,screenplay everything is tight it just,keeps you engaged in the second half,that bike sequence that bike forest,sequence where unloads will be,blindfolded that sequence is the,highlight moment after that they put in,romance then they put in uh this thing,where hell become rice then from there,there is no highlight or anything first,off the way that excitement was there,second half it dips down a little bit it,dips down a little bit,but in the climax after fahad fossil,enters,fossil with his eyes hes acting here,with his eyes,just with his eyes that charisma he has,brought in was absolutely superb and the,climax the climax was so,refreshing climax it was not like a ma,doom damma damaka climax it was like a,battle of the two egos like one film i,have seen of kerala ayapanam koshya,movie the battle of the two egos like,that climax second was so the climax,after the climax it picked up so im,very curious to know what happens in the,part two now coming to the music,by devishi prasad in fact i call him,digital signal processing dsp thats it,because in my childhood i have learned,more about digital signal processing in,engineering by listening to dsps music,viewership research music than textbooks,thats why his name is digital signal,processing and talking about the music,the songs,[Music],so the songs were good songs were good,but the background music sorry to say it,didnt process in my mind this time,digital signal processing nothing worked,the background music was absolutely,urine it was not at all effective some,some background music was good but other,background music it is not carrying up,the performance of allure chun it is not,carrying up the personality of allure,and it is not suiting some of the scenes,it is awkward really,the background music the songs are,better than the background music,background music was mostly important in,this movie in this kind of movie when,youre making two parts movie background,music is very very important but the,background music was very very,disappointing urine level back,background music that one was another,aspect of the movie i didnt like is the,link,in google it is showing 2 hours 30,minutes this movies but it is a three,hours long movie three hours long movie,some of the romantic scenes between that,rashmika mundu and allurjun seriously,was not at all required,what is that giving thousand rupees and,you just stare simply and give a smile,and what is that giving five thousand,rupees and that,rashmika mundu will come and uh kiss,allah character really i dont,understand what is the baseless,meaningless romance that one was these,all romantic scenes could have been,cutted these are romantic scenes simply,extending and stretching the screenplay,and the movie runtime honestly speaking,this movie,had the potential to become a,masterpiece but from a masterpiece due,to this background music and due to the,length running length and some of the,unnecessary scenes from masterpiece it,has become a very well made film thats,it it has become a very good film thats,all it couldnt become a masterpiece i,expected a masterpiece from director,sukumar because director sukumar is a,very very very very good director very,good director he makes simple things,looks wow like mangastalam its a simple,uh means if it was a trailer its like a,simple concept simple concept not very,high budget or anything but if you watch,the movie no youll be like wow wow then,nanaku premature fathers revenge that,one was,that movie also story is simple but the,screenplay on the execution is so,brilliant that you will be like very,good yacht heart touching brilliant,youll be like this movie,story and everything is very good but,the direction some of these unnecessary,scenes and this background music and,overall it doesnt make you go like wow,except for allu arjun you know so my,ratings for this movie is 3.5 out of 5.5,out of 5 as of now this movie is not yet,over hopefully in the second part sukuma,does a magic,and,make,people go wow people go wow in the part,two hopefully he has the potential he,has the potential and he has the actors,he definitely has an actors like father,and lords in this movie he has proof,that hes a brilliant brilliant actor,not just a brilliant dancer and a screen,presence star or anything hes a very,very good actor he acted very well the,mannerisms and everything he has deeply,went inside that role of pushparach,in the part two i expect,first things is that these are,unnecessary scenes should not be there,and second thing is that,marketing,the marketing of this movie was,absolutely nonsense especially in the,hindi belt what type of nonsense is that,one day before the release everybody is,coming for marketing and giving a press,conference and coming off the marketing,was not at all good yeah for a pan india,movie the marketing was not at all good,people today without any marketing,70 occupancy in north india 70 occupancy,in my theater today after suryawanshi,and spiderman this was the third after,all the movies i have seen this was the,third in north india means only because,of allu arjun people are flocking inside,the theaters they are coming in the,counters of the theaters and purchasing,the tickets yes in advance booking it is,less,but in the counter they are purchasing,by seeing the posters and the walls and,everything allude to arjun allu arjun,means that is the caliber of,star power

Pushpa Movie Box Office Collection Exposed Bollywood | Deeksha Sharma

2021 की सबसे बड़ी फिल्म कौन सी है ये,शायद आज का सबसे इजी सवाल होगा,बच्चा-बच्चा जानता है जब दूर-दूर तक कोई,भी थिएटर खाली पड़ा होगा और usmein अचानक,से भीड़ ए जाए तो समझ जाना वहां पुष्पा,पधार चुकी है अल्लू अर्जुन फिल्म जिसको,डराने की झुकने की दबाने की खूब कोशिश हुई,लेकिन पब्लिक इस डी किंग जनता का प्यार,मिला तो फिल्म ने स्पाइडर-मैन के खजाने,में भी छेद कर दिया लेकिन पुष्पक हिट होना,सिनेमा लवर्स के लिए भले एक गुड न्यूज़,होगी पर बॉलीवुड के लिए ये शायद आज तक की,सबसे बुरी खबर है बेड न्यूज़ खतरे की घंटी,जिसका असर 83 जैसी मेगा बजट फिल्म पे सांप,देख सकते हो आप अब देखो पुष्पा से लड़ना,इजी तो है नहीं सामने से ladoge तो अच्छी,फिल्म बनानी पड़ेगी दमदार कहानी खतरनाक,डायरेक्शन और सबसे जरूरी एक्टिंग करने,वाला एक्टर जो बॉलीवुड के लिए सबसे लास्ट,में आता है यहां तो रिश्तेदार ही काफी है,फिल्मों में हीरो बनने के लिए टैलेंट गया,नवरत्न का तेल लगाने अब घी जब सीधी उंगली,से ना निकले तो उंगली टेढ़ी करनी पड़ती है,सुनाई होगा आपने तो बस बॉलीवुड लड़ाई,लड़ने की जगह बीच का रास्ता ढूंढ रहा है,पूरा किस्सा घूमता है अल्लू अर्जुन की 20,की ब्लॉकबस्टर फिल्म अल वैकुंता puramulon,के अराउंड जो नहीं जानते बता डन फिल्म में,काफी ज्यादा कलेक्शन किया था इंडियन,मार्केट में ₹200 करोड़ से भी ज्यादा और,तो और इंटरनेशनल में भी फैन में कमाई के,नए रिकॉर्ड्स बना दिए द प्लस टोटल 10,अवॉर्ड्स मिले द इसको jismein बेस्ट,तेलुगू मूवी का टाइटल भी शामिल है,ओवरऑल अल्लू अर्जुन की फिल्म 2020 की सबसे,बड़ी फिल्म बन गई थी बस जहां पैसा वहां,बॉलीवुड तुरंत फिल्म का हिंदी वर्जन,अनाउंस कर दिया गया जिसको आसान भाषा में,आप रीमेक बोल सकते हो जो आजकल बॉलीवुड का,आइडेंटिटी कार्ड बन चुका है फिल्म में,कार्तिक आर्यन को कास्ट किया गया है इन,प्लेस ऑफ अल्लू अर्जुन जिनके साथ कृति,सेनन इसका गिटार बजाते हुए नजर aaengi इस,जोड़ी को पब्लिक कितना प्यार करती है आप,लुका चुप्पी के टाइम देख चुके हो अब देखो,ये जो अल्लू अर्जुन की फिल्म है इसका,ओरिजिनल तेलुगू वर्जन आप ijili देख सकते,हो नेटफ्लिक्स पे लेकिन हिंदी वर्जन अभी,तक मार्केट में नहीं आया है अब आज के टाइम,पे जब अल्लू अर्जुन इंडिया का सबसे,पॉप्युलर फेस बन गए हैं आफ्टर डी सक्सेस,ऑफ पुष्पा तो गोल्ड माइंस जिनके पास अल,वैकुंता puramulon के हिंदी डबिंग राइट्स,हैं वो फिल्म को फटाफट यूट्यूब पे रिलीज,करना चाहते हैं ताकि ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोग,उसको देखें और अल्लू अर्जुन की पापुलैरिटी,फिल्म को यूट्यूब की सबसे बड़ी हिट बना दे,बस यहां आता है कहानी में ट्विस्ट दरअसल,फिल्म की हिंदी डबिंग अगर यूट्यूब पे ए गई,वो भी फ्री में तो समझ लो इंडिया का बच्चा,बच्चा उसको देख लेगा पुष्पा के बाद लोग,वैसे ही तगड़े फैन बन गए हैं अल्लू अर्जुन,के स्पेशली नार्थ आर्डिनेंस फिल्म का,हिंदी कलेक्शन इस बात का सबसे बड़ा प्रूफ,है इससे सबसे ज्यादा नुकसान होगा फिल्म के,हिंदी रीमिक्स को अरे भाई हिंदी में देखी,हुई फिल्म जो की फ्री में यूट्यूब पे लाइफ,टाइम अवेलेबल है उसको थिएटर में 500 ₹600,खर्च करके कोई क्यों देखने जाएगा तो बस,बॉलीवुड ने खतरनाक चाल चली है दरअसल गोल,माइंस को अच्छा खास पैसा ऑफर किया गया है,ताकि अल baikunta puramulon का हिंदी डब्ड,वर्जन रीमेक आने तक यूट्यूब पे रिलीज ना,किया जाए खुद सोर्सेस की बात माने तो,गोल्ड माइंस को हिंदी में का को,प्रोड्यूसर बनने तक का ऑफर दिया गया था ये,सबसे ज्यादा अनफेयर है ऑडियंस के साथ,सिनेमा लवर्स जो अच्छी फिल्म में देखना,चाहते हैं ओरिजिनल एक्टर्स के साथ और उनका,पूरे दिल से इंतजार करते हैं उनकी ummidon,पर तो पानी फेर दिया गया साथ में अल्लू,अर्जुन का टैलेंट जो ज्यादा से ज्यादा,लोगों तक पहुंचना चाहिए उनकी फिल्म के,थ्रू उसको पैसे की ताकत से दावा दिया गया,अरे भाई साहब आपके पास किसी दूसरी फिल्म,के रिलीज को रोकने के लिए पैसे हैं तो,उसका इस्तेमाल अच्छी खासी ओरिजिनल कहानी,लिखने पे क्यों नहीं करते यह रीमेक,banaake कब तक लोगों को पागल बनाओगे मुझे,लगा ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगों तक इसने उसको,पहुंचाना बहुत जरूरी है वर्ण ये सब पर्दे,के पीछे चलता रहेगा और हम bevkufon की तरह,पैसा उड़ते रहेंगे बाकी समझदार को इशारा,काफी है आप कमेंट मार के फटाफट बताओ ये,पूरा जो केस है इसमें कौन सही और कौन गलत,फायदा किसका हुआ हम सब जानते हैं लेकिन,नुकसान आपका भी हुआ अगर ऐसा लगा तो बताना,जरूर बाकी वीडियो में कुछ पसंद आया हो या,फिर कुछ शिकायत करनी हो तो मैं आपको,इंस्टाग्राम पे भी मिल जाऊंगी वर्ण थोड़ा,सा इंतजार करिए मिलूंगी आपसे अगले वीडियो,में ठीक है बाय बाय

Pushpa Trailer REVIEW | Deeksha Sharma


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