1. PXG 0211DC irons review by Average Golfer
  3. How Much Better Are PXGs 0211 XCor2 Irons?
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PXG 0211DC irons review by Average Golfer

right lets start this video off with a,comment down below from yourselves and,the question is very simple what is the,key factor that makes you buy your new,set of irons and how much does value,play a part in that decision because in,this bag behind me i have what i,consider to be the best value set of,irons on the market in 2021,and its not just based on their price,point alone so getting good value golf,clubs right now is difficult let alone,irons driver anything you want to buy,everythings gone so expensive over the,last couple of years and we all know,from the comment section youre not,happy with that we even suggested in a,recent video that you look at the,secondhand market if you want to get,some real value but before i tell you,what my,best value ironies of 2021 lets start,with a bit of a league table and,surprisingly itll be ping thats got,one of the most expensive irons out,there right now that i-59 is 220 pound,and ironwood you believe thats closely,followed by mizunos recently released,the 225 which is 200 pound and iron,weve got callaway apex at 160 p790s 155,titles clubs t300 135 and everyones,favorite brand the other ping g425,is 115 pound,and what im going to tell you is this,my best value iron of 2021 is just 90,pound an iron now i think one important,thing when youre considering irons,right now is sort of what is available,in terms of the range because im also,keen on going right the way through the,bag with the same type of iron and what,i mean by that i mean including wedges,in that choice as well and especially,with this kind of strong lofted set,which this certainly fits into that,category what i like about it is that,they have availability of that sort of,uh right the way down to lob wedge so,youve got a gap wedge lob wedge,pitching wedge so thats key for me as,well to make sure that you can go from,that longer staying in the bag right the,way down in this case to lob wedge and,youve got all the options and again,what i like about the lob wedge the gap,wedge whatever it is they kind of all,look really good,ive often said this i dont know why we,switch from this type of iron and then,into a blade like voki,and this certainly does what its,supposed to do in terms of,getting that ball up and high maybe,thats just a bit too high sit down ball,we just made the front edge but again a,real tick in the box on this range and,again just noticing yet again just how,good the feel is out of these clubs,yeah just leaking a little bit out to,the right i just want to remind you,first of all the title of this video,its the best value irons of 2021 it,isnt the cheapest irons of 2021 and,theres a very big difference in that,because for me what im looking for in,terms of value,i still want great feel i still want,great looks and obviously i want great,performance so to get all that packed,into an iron that is 90 pounder club,then that to me,is what offers great value so before we,get to the big reveal of what this club,actually is well keep the guessing game,going for a bit a few clues so,big one is that this is a hollow-bodied,iron,thats cast,another thing its probably comes from a,brand that we would definitely not,associate with value up until probably,the last 12 months or so,youve got it havent you i think the,other thing theyve done really well,with this iron is that profile thats,appearance the masses i would say so,its kind of from above and from overall,profile soul width its bulky enough to,appeal to people that perhaps want a,little bit of help so looking for that,game improvement type iron but its not,too bulky that put off a lot of sort of,better players if you like and again,this thing is super forgiving in my,opinion and it also creates some,incredibly fast ball speed so like i,said appeal into a number of different,type of player which i think is key to,putting it still for me,all bagging it into that value category,i just grab,grab or grab the bit too much you need,to release the thing for me thats,interesting about these irons is first,of all like i said they look very good i,love the way theyve got this chamfered,top line which is very clever in making,you think youve got a slow slightly,smaller profile in hand than you,actually do,theres a bit of mass behind there but,again very much hidden away youre,perhaps eating some of the longer irons,but the performance out them is really,really good theyre strongly lofted,throughout the whole set,but theres nothing wrong with that as,long as you know youre gapping but its,that overall performance factor coupled,with all those extra things that ive,just referred to that make them great,value irons and youve seen enough clips,by now probably pinch the screen in a,little bit and already spotted what this,club is its from pxg its the 0211 dc,of 2021,and at 90 pounder club thats been the,worst price its been on some of the,deals theyve put out recently its been,75 pound an iron it offers incredible,value and those few things that ive,just listed certainly make it a,difficult club to beat now the bulk of,this video that youre watching was,filmed on the 16th of december and this,clip im filming right now is the 21st,december and ive just noted that ive,been talking about 90 pound these irons,are when in fact theres just been a,sale announced on pxgs website and,theyre back down to 75 pound and iron,so when i said it was the best value,club of 2021 at 90 pound and iron its,now 100,the best value iron of 2021 at 75 pound,and iron and one point to mention,because its often commented on i do not,get one single penny in terms of,promoting these clubs whatsoever so take,it as you will buy them or dont buy,them i couldnt care less but it still,remains an incredibly good value iron,okay so thats a seven iron,really easy to loft were on an elevated,t position dont get me wrong,next shot youll see me overlay is a,five iron from exactly the same t,position and,the thing is,value is no good unless these things,perform incredibly well and what these,irons do is if they got really i say if,youre talking about forgiveness for me,that means ball speeds across the club,face and when an average golfer gets,them in their hand,theyre going to be finding a lot of,that club face and what you dont want,to see is huge drop-offs you dont want,to see all of a sudden you sort of get,one off the bottom grooves and theres a,real loss in yardage,and if you want some real detail about,the 0-11 dc in terms of performance then,go back to my original review and you,can see the kind of numbers that we,produce but ultimately,what ive seen then and what i see now,out here on the golf course is just a,really really forgiving iron and like i,said,forgiveness,performance whatever you want to call,that or whatever that attribute is then,you associate that with value then again,another massive box ticked,right so now you know what my best value,iron of 2021 is and what i want to know,from you in the comments box down below,is have i got this one right or have i,got it wrong and if ive got it wrong,then just put in the comment give me an,idea of,what else is out there thats better,what price its at and why its better,because right now honestly i genuinely,struggle to find an iron that offers,everything that the o211 dc does,and is in that price category thats how,much i think this is the best value iron,of 2021 but i would love your feedback,not to necessarily prove me wrong but as,i always say in the comments it just,guides your fellow golfer they read a,comment they might have heard about the,irony suggestion or they might know,about the price youre suggesting and,that will point them in another,direction as well which is all good for,the golfer at the end of the day anyway,as ever thank you for watching this one,put those comments down below hit that,like button if you have enjoyed this,video if you dont subscribe you want,more of this kind of content so its,reviewing clubs very much from the,aspect of the average golfer then pleas


[Music],Dyess Im down a very drizzly Woburn at,golf club this place is exceptional Ive,never actually been here before and Im,only here to test one thing and that is,the zero to eleven cast irons from pxg,you might see in this video the irony,pxg affordable irons Ive been saying,process math is one of the theaters here,in the UK theres a lot of this stuff,theres a lot of things and what they,can do in the fitting process is second,to none ever that really loose you to,the disc I couldnt believe that is,something they put in the title so,obviously I gave it a bit of a brutal on,this opinion and even though I got very,mixed comments on that video people,agreeing with me people not agreeing,with me theres one thing that I didnt,do and thats actually hit the iron,itself now Im under good authority that,Bob Parsons himself saw that video and,fair play to the man because hes now,organised for me to be down here at,Webern with Matthew to try just that,iron so were going to hit it still,were going to give you my honest,opinion of the cast iron head on pxg,whether its worth getting fitted for it,getting fitted for the forged not,getting fitted for it at all guys you,like this video leave a like as always,please subscribe lets get straight into,it its here the o2 11 Im here with,Matthew now obviously Ive done a video,talking about this iron and to be fair,its a pxg I havent hit the iron so,this is todays testing Matthew very,busy man this guys flat off his feet,and hes going to basically put me in,202 11 and get my honest thoughts,compared to obviously what Im hitting,at the moment and then hitting this iron,head,initially guys I was going to commentate,over the whole club fit but actually,Matt was really helpful answers a ton of,questions and I feel like its actually,better you listen from him rather than,just me talking over it so one go do is,a conclusion at the very end of this,video so if you want to hear my thoughts,on everything kxg then obviously wait to,the end otherwise enjoy the video lets,do it,so talk to me okay 1102 11 give me give,me the give me the spin on it the,lowdown so basically Oh to 11 if like,you said its more of a price conscious,product however yeah I think thats a,key point it doesnt make them to your,budget brand as soon as youve got a,club now that its passed where theres,less time consuming and for all of a,sudden you say a lot going back to the,customer because its taking far less,time to produce however from a,performance standpoint it is exactly but,like my dental face is Gento which is,400 quid a stick and the actual core,inside identity so feeling feedback I,mean the guy I had him before yourself,just cape gent to eyes yeah and,obviously I mean the one thing that,obviously last time that I talked about,was obviously the swing wave like the,heads and everything else so obviously,dont have that option now correct so,thats whats a substantial amount,because to actually create that porting,and to build those ports out even just,to produce the weight yeah its time,timely its costly yeah bad coffee,all of a sudden is not this yes you can,swim way in from a different method,basically just the normal method that,you would normally uses through a port,but not as fine tuning the house,basically Garcia Gento gentle no 311 is,still your all-singing all-dancing,oh yeah I mean thats the end of the day,very fine tune and Ill show the guys,foods I mean youve got a ton of heads,and youve got so much more range I,would say at any other fitting day that,I see and obviously I fit for clubs,myself,Matthew quickly talk to me what Ive got,in my hand so this is a starting point,Ive hit a few good ones and bad ones,and what I got in my hand so OH – 11,7-iron,yeah I have just put you in the same,weight shaft as youre currently using,just a slightly higher balance point,apparently is a see taper 1:30 Ive just,gone s taper to 130 and as you know with,your long drive staff your dynamic lofts,up there yeah and spin the ball no end,as loads of club head speed so as a,starting point Ive gone half inch over,as you play with yours but just come,completely standard lie lets check ball,speed lets check interaction when,youre striking it,lets check spin numbers and go from,there cool lets give it a hit see what,he does,thats interesting because normally my,opinion would be that most people that,come to the PX do ones that got endless,amount of money but thats not always,the case that nice guy I just had yeah,this is the answer is what maternity,leave right but he loves golf,its his escape which I can understand,it in two years by closed and I was,working with guys who flew in on,helicopters for their face and stuff,yeah he was that kind of branding thats,what you go to now that isnt that is in,the case is you just I get a broad,spectrum,okay guys were in weve got the numbers,talk to me so what were looking at in,pink thats flashing at the moment your,own fitted product that you currently,gain yeah as you can see just mmm like,monstrous Club at speed which is awesome,so your club head speed is generating,one hundred and thirty two point eight,mile an hour board but its spinning a,hell of a lot so spinning at eight,thousand six hundred which is high yeah,so all of a sudden your peak height is,really high because it spins up to peak,high 143 feet as well youre going to,hit it high because your dynamic Loft is,always quite higher falls up into the,air so carry their 170 three point six,in todays conditions currently what,were sitting out now which is just the,first first starting point with our Oh,two eleven the ball speed has now jumped,up to one hundred and thirty five mile,an hour spin rate is now down at 7-7 yep,so all of a sudden theyre your peak,height is less because hes a flying,flatter more ball speed carry goes up to,one eighty three and as well weve,actually its not like weve widened,aspersion if anything moved it a little,bit more Central and what currently was,it what is the loft of your o2 eleven,ions at the moment thirty-one okay which,is getting similar not true I think that,tailor-mades going to be similar loft as,well I probably need to get that and,that loft in lied because thats,probably moved quite a few over the,years anyway here online thirty four,degrees loft is why it would have come,as standard now if thats come out the,manufacturer as 34 or over years with me,obviously aim Bulls its going to move,so I dont know the true loft of that,club however I think its definitely,going to be more lofted than the o2,eleven iron so thats potentially a,reason why over sleeper now seeing that,reduction in spin and also the distance,as well lets get back into it,okay new option map made a very good,point these PhD heads actually got the,black which is kind of the prototype so,Ill actually get some images of the,chrome one as well but weve got a,project six point five I am no stranger,to this shaft probably the shaft thats,probably been out there for a long time,but if aint broke dont fix it so lets,see what kind of numbers see how far I,hit this bad boy okay six point five,feeling heavy feeling very heavy but a,man of my caliber strength it was like a,boy only a 0.5 in ages only flushes one,thats good I was good and going back to,your point youre right I probably,couldnt tell if this is difference,between a car so forward head to be,perfectly honest I mean exactly the same,if you put the line Pro v1 in a TP 5 now,again I dont think Im looking that,player realistically and seeing as this,is supposed to be my job what is the,chances of the majority of the public,even though either I do reckon if I told,you that would Forge yes a its a good,for John yeah yeah I would,it will be right so if someone was,coming from war distance what how do you,bring them into depending I mean really,depending on their their delivery but,youre kind of first go to itd probably,be like XF Ive got SGI which means I,could shift it out there but for,playable draw distance Id probab

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How Much Better Are PXGs 0211 XCor2 Irons?

well guys literally last week i finally,got a chance to check out the 2021,editions of the o211s from pxg these,clubs right here which i really,really enjoy down on course,and the next day literally the next day,pxg releases the new 0211,x-core 2s i just happen to get them,lets have a little fun here and see,what is the difference between these two,clubs all right guys these are six irons,just to give you a good idea the only,difference in terms of aesthetically,that i can say because the offset looks,very similar with these two clubs the,only aesthetic difference id say is,that on the right there is the x-core 2,and i would say that top line just a,little bit more tapered a little thinner,a little more players,looking in the back of the bag i think i,would probably have trouble,even knowing which is which obviously,the badging badgings a little bit,different there but if you were just to,look at the shape of these clubs at the,profile of these clubs,very very similar now were going to,analyze the stats here in just a second,im going to hit some shots here in the,simulator studio and show you what the,results are but and on course after,having used both of these sets of golf,clubs i can tell you that the new o211s,have a,better feel to them these new x-core 2s,definitely have better feedback the o211,dcs had great feel to begin with but i,would say sometimes it felt a little,hard or there was a little extra,vibration,these new x-core 2s honestly feel very,close to a forged club feel to me so,absolutely i would give them the win,there based on feel so on looks very,similar on field definitely has to go to,the new xcore 2s so in terms of,workability being able to draw the ball,and fade the ball youre not going to,get super dramatic results out of these,clubs and again thats just the,trade-off of having a very forgiving,club i found the o211 dcs to be,really forgiving great and forgiveness,category but these xcor 2s might even be,better,i hit a lot of thin shots out on the,golf course on the day that i took these,out to play with and,a lot of times my distance was still,very very good i only came up a couple,yards short of where i wanted to be on a,not so great strike so,both very forgiving both clubs not all,that workable though all right so now,lets go ahead fire up the simulator hit,some shots here and then we will break,down the stats just to see how different,these clubs actually perform all right,first shots im going to take here are,going to be with the o211 dcs i found,these to be extremely forgiving,obviously the value incredible i bought,them for 79 dollars per club extreme,forgiveness good distance good feel,lets see what they do here indoors,all right weve got a flag out there,160. that one was a little bit pushed,but again very forgiving club,extremely forgiving club i hit that 156,i definitely have a little bit more in,me,carried 145. first swing of the day,thats going to happen lets look at the,spin there 46.25 so,lets see if we can hit a little better,shot here,there we go,much more online,swing speed wasnt anything crazy but,look at that were on our green thats,what these clubs are capable of nice and,long,im hitting the seven iron here of,course,that one carried 151 rolled out to 166,spin 4400 rpm,you get another one here,by the way these clubs set up exactly,the same that was a great strike even,better than the last one,right online,163 when it finally came to a stop weve,got,clearly some fast and firm conditions,here on the old foresight range brought,to you by playbetter.com by the way im,using my launch pro,that was carried 146 spin down a little,bit 4300 rpm,ball speed 103. so a couple of great,shots there,another good strike there slightly,pushed,lets see if we catch a piece of the,green no were not going to catch the,green,but a little bit more distance out of,that club as i took a little bit,a little bit more of a swing there for,sure thats 165 165,with the roll out the carry a little bit,better there though 153 our spin up,4700 rpm almost 4 800 rpm so a better,strike really there for me,get one more good one here,that one,pretty good but i hit it just a little,bit off the toe but again look at the,forgiveness of these clubs,its really incredible what these o211s,can do,166,were on the back of the green there,our green i set to 160 i would have set,it to 165 because thats kind of my,stock 7 iron with this type of a lofted,club but,carried 150,ball speed leaving the club 105 total,spin 4450. now its time for my first,swings with the x-core 2 and im got to,say im pretty excited looking down at,these clubs beautiful,beautiful players look to them nice and,thin top line even thinner,than the dual cores i would say these,x-core 2s thinner you dont see any of,the back side you didnt see that on,the,dual core either the dcs but that top,line is definitely more tapered here,looks great looking down at it,good weight to the club too but lets,see how it swings,all right similar to our first one i,pushed that one just a little bit so,weve got to make a little ball position,adjustment here in our stance but,not too bad again,these clubs very forgiving on miss hits,just like the dcs were,157,it looks like it rolled out too,and the carry their 146,spin though,51.74 almost 5200 rpm so spin looks a,little better there,that ones similar to my last swing,with the dc so thats going to be a,pretty good apples to apples a little,bit more off the toe there,roll down to 163 youre always going to,get a little bit less spin there when,you hit it off the toe and kind of pull,it,so we got a little bit more,roll 4200,again very close to that other strike,with the dcs but lets get a good,strike in there,and there we go,that one really seemed to,feel great came off the club,really good we almost rolled off the,green there 166,166,the feeling of that strike though,considerably better i would say than the,dcs and the dcs werent bad i mean,definitely werent bad but this thing,feels like a forged club from what i can,tell,all right,4475 rpm so rpns are back down a little,bit there which is fine,carried 161 rolled out to 166 ball speed,there 111 though thats a good number,well have to check our swing speed of,course to make sure were getting apples,to apples but,im trying to be consistent here,another pretty good swing that wasnt,all i had in me though i gotta say,although well probably yeah ooh yeah,we rolled back there to the fringe again,but we did hit the green,when youre playing with clubs that are,a little stronger lofted theyre gonna,roll out more you might have seen me,have the cobra forge tech clubs which i,really loved,a couple days ago here on the channel,those things on a seven iron were only,rolling about a foot on the green and,with my nine iron it was backing up with,these stronger lofted clubs youre going,to get a little less spin a little more,roll,carried 154 total 164.,lets see if we can get one more good,one here,that was yeah not amazing you might have,heard the the contact on the club there,didnt quite hit it in the middle of the,club face,but look again how forgiving that one is,what im going to do here is switch back,for a couple swings to the dcs because,again i want to get an apples to apples,as much as possible and well see how,these two clubs compare,and decent strike there for sure not,perfect but very good,very good,and we rolled out to 154,didnt hit the green though so maybe it,wasnt very good,it felt pretty good though,i think indoors here ive got a problem,like lining up i think i keep hitting,everything right so i gotta adjust my,alignment really,im gonna aim a little bit further left,that was a great strike there,that was a really great strike,and,landed on the green that one seemed to,stop pretty well at least for this,foresight range so well see what the,spin numbers are there but we had a 155,carry total 163 so we had eight yards of,roll,24 feet when were talking about putting,greens,spin 4624 ball speed 108.,that was a go

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now so far we have seen two previous,iterations in terms of this model of,iron im about to test today and those,two models were probably two of the best,overall sets of irons that ive tested,in the past two years,so the question is just how good are,these compared to those other two models,and if they are any good weve got all,real interesting developments in the pxg,iron lineup so for me the 0-11 x-core is,a real ancestral release from pxg,because effectively what theyve done is,put all the magic dust thats in the,latest gen 5 model their top of the tree,iron inside of what is their budget line,what kind of difference does that make,you see the question is just how good,can pxg afford,to make these irons how close can they,get to their premier gen 5 model because,that might become an issue,and we will of course talk about that,issue very soon but first of all were,going to start with something that i,think pxg get absolutely spot on,each time they release a set of golf,clubs and that is of course the way they,look and i think that this iron in,particular will appeal to the masses,whilst the kind of,the style in the look that has been,associated with typical,pxg i call it nuts and bolts i think,people can have an opinion on that they,dont perhaps take to the look and the,styling of it its very unique in the,way it looks this is a lot more generic,in its styling but theyve done it,extremely well very minimalistic in its,design theyve changed the logo on the,back and again i really like what,theyve done there theyve limited this,sort of plastic insert which again just,adds a little bit of bling to it but not,as pronounced as it was in the previous,model which i wasnt a massive fan of,and then you can see on the back side,theres a bit of a satin finish which,again just adds to the quality of the,finish in terms of its look but then,also adds to the way this top line is,chamfered into steel then into that,satin look all gives it a lot more,visual,appeal and address in my opinion and,ill talk about that and how it differs,from the previous model,very shortly,and did you know that ever since pxg,started manufacturing golf clubs they,have produced the,thinnest face in terms of iron,technology and what that gives it is uh,well it gives it a lot of flexibility,but theyve built in in the new gen,fives a little cut out you channel that,youll see close up here and what again,that just aids that sort of spring,effect i suppose gives more flexibility,into that face and thats a key,introduction what happened in gen 5 that,has now gone into o211 x-core then this,x-core 2 what is it well its the,polymer that fills the gap the void,thats inside these hollow bodied irons,and what makes that so great is it plays,a major part in how they sound how they,feel how they perform in terms of,forgiveness so weve got two key pieces,of technology that were in the premium,model of gen 5 that are now in 0 to 11 x,core 2. so is that an issue for pxg,so many of you are wondering right now,what is the difference between previous,generations of 0 to 11 and the new,x-core 2. well theres some technology,differences that weve already talked,about that introduction of that magic,formula inside is the biggest,development and the second one is,visually the way they look like i said,theres a uh a clear move theyve kept,the kind of identity of o211 but theyve,again refined it that little bit more i,love that satin finish theyve put on,the backside of the club i love the fact,that like i said that decal has just,been,lessened visually and the new logo for,me looks different but its the profile,that is a significant change in the fact,that from heel to toe it visually looks,different as does the width of sole but,as does the overall shaping theres a,difference between the wedges through to,the longer irons in terms of the bounce,on the soles and the progressive offset,as well im pretty much sure that was,the case in the previous models as well,so from the top line not huge,differences apart from the fact the new,model is a little bit more compact and i,think hell appeal to the masses whereas,the 0211 previous model just put itself,in that super game improvement category,maybe now were not going to look at,performance in terms of numbers today in,dryball data thats for another day this,is very much my sort of first,impressions first look and well do some,closer analysis of the performance like,i said in some head-to-heads maybe with,some previous models the first,noticeable thing is these are lofted at,the stronger end of the spectrum 28,degrees being the seven iron lets use,that as the barometer but what im,seeing out here on the fairways is they,do pretty much what weve seen in those,strong lofted irons in that the launch,ball flight whatever you want to call it,defies the strength of loft so uh these,things are launching into well as i say,into orbit right now,lets see what we can do with this eight,iron,and see where it gets to,you can see their ball flight is,absolutely towering thats probably the,best strike of it today,oh its just pulled up at the front edge,there the performance im sure you want,to know ive waffled on a lot about,whats inside these clubs and how they,look and all the rest of the things but,my first impressions in terms of,performance is that,the issue that theyre potentially,causing is the performance,it could be too good,now the direct-to-consumer market is,certainly hotting up and it has done in,the last few years and p actually very,much have been a part of that and i,still think where they hold a little bit,of an advantage is the ability to still,get custom fit for their product and in,the uk there are plenty of custom fit,days and in the us theyve opened,numerous stores over this last 18 months,to allow the ability to still get custom,fit so thats a key key factor the other,thing that really drew my attention the,other day when i was researching the,product is that theyre even giving this,sort of 60-day money-back guarantee so,the idea that you can almost buy and try,the product is uh well it takes a little,bit of the stress and concern that you,might have but this whole,model means that and the competitiveness,of that direct-to-consumer model means,that you us as golfers are ultimately,going to get well i think more and more,options and,prices should continue to fall which can,only be positive considering theres,been a lot of negativity in the last,couple of years about some of the price,hikes that weve seen,thats an interesting one because uh,ive hit the ball all right today not as,good as i was swinging it yesterday and,in most instances almost every stuff got,away with it and that one in particular,was right off the bottom grooves and i,always say,its almost better to test these clubs,when things arent going so well and,that being a typical example i just,dont know how that ball traveled to,where it did to be quite honest with you,and irrelevant whether it be,pxg irons today i think the biggest,development in iron technology over the,last few years,has been the ability to get things wrong,in terms of the sentence of our strike,and get away with it and thats,certainly the case there and thats,certainly the case today in general,because like i said i havent been,finding the sweet spot but the ball has,been getting out there and im not,really seeing any great loss of distance,so x-core 2 that flexible u-channel the,thinnest facing golf whatever it is it,seems to be working,in fact im getting another ball,lets see if we can try and do what we,were doing there but get out the middle,right,new swing still a work in progress as,you can appreciate,off my word,that was a new swing working well,that flew out there that was a five iron,by the way,now this seems like an opportune moment,for you to get involved down in the,comments because uh the biggest deal for,me has been the change in perception of,pxg over the years,and uh that mainly been due to the,change in the uh w


when pxg released new golf clubs theres,always interest,whether it be performance price,but with the 0211 range and particularly,irons,so many golfers talking about a,completely different price point,but im always intrigued if something,costs,so much different what could they have,sacrificed,to get this to market,[Music],so ive tested various pxg irons over,the last few years and ive,always been super impressed with how,they felt how theyve performed,but i would say maybe price point has,been a little off-putting,but these ions coming in,in the uk 119 pound an iron now i know,its not,phenomenally cheap but when you think,the new generation 4 irons have just,come out and theyre 360 pound an iron,thats a big difference and suddenly,these become,something that as an aspirational brand,almost any golfer can now afford a set,of pxg,ions so lets put,this iron to the test and see,how good it really is now just before we,start hitting shots and seeing how good,the irons are,if youre new down to my channel welcome,down to ali taylor golf if youre a,returning viewer,welcome back if youre enjoying todays,content you dont currently subscribe i,would love you to hit the subscribe,button,below ring the notification bell then,youll find out whenever i drop a new,video,but for now lets get crushing some,irons,see how good these are so the one thing,ive always been super impressed with,pxg,irons is the feel now this is a hollow,headed iron but it has got,material inside to dampen that kind of,maybe harsh feeling that some of the,hollow irons kind of have,but its a really good looking iron you,put it behind the golf ball,its quite a long kind of blade from toe,to heel,but quite clever on the top how,its quite a thick top line but the way,theyve kind of engineered it is you,only see the,top probably third so it actually looks,very very thin behind the golf ball but,like i said its a super impressive,looking,iron if you look at the soul its quite,a wide sole with a bit of bounce and i,think particularly,for turf interaction that will really,really help and i think as you go,through the set this slightly less,bounce in certain irons so should be,very playable off any kind of lie,now ive purposely not hit any shots,with this,its a 28 degree 7 amp,but ive not hit any in warm up because,i just i want this to be a genuine,reaction,to kind of when i first hit it as to how,it feels and how it flies,so 28 degrees is on the strong side,but cg very low wide sole im still,expecting this,to go nice and high probably be a little,bit low on,spin but 7n,lets go,well that felt quick,and we can see there just over 5,000 spin a little bit out the toe so it,wasnt absolutely,flushed but 176k,carry is good really really good,oh that does feel absolutely incredible,so,flush that one so 126,ball speed smash at 1.42,again kind of just over 5 000 spin,and 184 carry,now be honest i really like the feel of,that it doesnt feel,hard at all it feels very fast off the,face,but doesnt feel hard so i think thats,a really good,looking forgiving name,but also a really nice feeling think of,your name,lets go a couple more just stock ones,again that is absolutely,lovely and some very very impressive,numbers,right so its a very different lofted,seven iron than i currently use,i think my seven iron is actually 35,degrees,so this is actually in my set the loft,on this is actually between,my 5 and 6 am now,i still hit it nice and high i get a,huge amount of ball speed off this but i,actually then get,the same cannibal speed that i would get,off my,probably not quite as much as five iron,and a little,more than six n so this is what we see,with the very,powerfully lofted irons nowadays is,still decent launch angle but lots of,ball speed and lower spin so thats,whats making the ball go,further so let me just hit one more,with this,that felt a little bit towards the toe,but the spin was the same and super,super,powerful on performance,so if we look at some averages there,just of kind of stock shots that you,might be seeing when youre doing a,fitting so 88 mile an hour club head,speed for me,kind of right on the money ball speed at,just under 124 so thats quicker than i,would normally see,predominantly down to the loft of the,iron therefore the smash factor is up,launch is a little bit lower than i,would normally see again,loft related spins a bit lower but,still getting out there at 93 feet,peak height carry 180,and total 190 and we can see on four,shots there,a nice tight grouping and good,consistency of shot,so i think so far this is absolutely,ticked all the boxes,love the look love the feel very strong,performance my only little niggly doubt,is if im hitting the ball into a green,thats firm is the ball coming in a,little flat even from a good height,because of the lack of spin,so ive come out onto the trackman,simulator on to the,17th hole at the pga national so part of,um the honda classic i think it is its,actually been played,this week ive got 185 yards to the,flag over water,lets hit some shots got the greens,not soft so a little bit firmer so were,going to see when the ball lands,how it reacts on the green,that one fell a little bit out the toe,so that one felt a little bit out the,toe bit similar to some of the ones ive,struck before,and that missed the green actually a,little bit left,but the distance was good,so even with one i didnt quite get,there that still got to where i needed,it to get to,okay and again,so thats a really good solid strike,again just turning,im missing the green so still seeing,the same kind of spin,that ive been seeing just need to get,one on the dance floor,so ive hit that more middle of the,green not turning,quite as much you can see a,big bounce you can spin a little bit,lower on that one but you see that big,fiery first bounce,lets go again,again strike has felt good,here it comes again,big bounce but just about hanging on to,the green,lets go one more on here because so far,even though the spin is not incredibly,high you can see,theres enough kind of descent angle,that even on firm greens,this is stop him,but remember this is seven iron i think,a lot of golfers when theyre getting,into those,mid to longer irons might just struggle,to get the ball to land and stop on the,green,but having said that that 7 iron,performs,absolutely incredibly and im pretty,sure a lot of golfers out there,probably all golfers out there wont be,too critical,if theyve got four and five iron in the,bag,if its landing on the green and rolling,through a little bit,but all in all super impressed with that,now then now then i like that i,really do like that i mean certainly at,the price,point of 119 pound per ion,now obviously you can spend a bit more,because you could put different shafts,different grips on it but at a base,price of 119 pounds,for me that is the best,value performing iron,pxg ive ever made and i would,probably say that could be right up,there with being the best,iron ive tried so far in 2021,i think theres an awful lot of golfers,would see benefit in that club,its not necessarily that easy for guys,to try they can go on demo days,few stockists but as a really,good iron looks good feels good,performs well is a great,value club im not going to say cheap,because i say cheap about this and,inexpensive 119 pound iron is not,inexpensive but,that is a seriously good iron,and if you are in the market and thats,in your budget,you absolutely should be trying,the 0211 iron from pxg,so guys hope youve enjoyed the video if,you have like it share it comment below,and ill get back to as many people as i,can if youve enjoyed todays video you,dont currently subscribe id love you,to hit that button below,ring the notification bell and then,youll find out whenever i drop a new,video,follow me on my social media platforms,all on ali taylor golf hopefully catch,up we should be guys down here soon,stay in contact now for me,i actually im gonna hear a few more,shots with,this because im absolutely,love it,

Golf Irons Comparison | PXG 0211, PING G425, TaylorMade SIM2 Max, Callaway Apex DCB mp4

weve got four game improvement iron,sets today from ping,pxg taylormate and callaway got jackie,with us today hit some shots to compare,him on trackman,[Music],hey golfers jeremy holt here with second,swing golf im joined by jackie johnson,a master fitter at second swing and,were outside today on the driving range,testing out some irons,weve got four game improvement iron,sets today were gonna test with,trackman technology,all new in 2021 got taylormade sim2,max weve got ping g425 callaway apex,dcb,and pxg0211 all again new in 2021 so,jackie i know youve been fitting,customers into several of these iron,sets so far this year,a pretty good year for game improvement,iron sets so far in 2021,what do you think were going to see in,these tests today i think theres going,to be a lot of similarities to be honest,but with a lot of them i think its,going to come down to,how much offset theyre going to have,how much loft so,were going to see a lot of different uh,disparities between,launch angle uh spin uh but,all in all itll be interesting to see,kind of which one takes the cake in,terms of,performance so yeah for sure i know i,mean these are again kind of the most,popular brands out there really,we get a lot of comments on our channel,asking for comparisons of these clubs,and so,um were throwing pxg into the mix here,too today which is a little bit,different than weve done on our channel,so,well see how that stacks up but uh,youre warmed up you ready to go its a,little chilly out here but,i know you already hit some shots so,lets get after it,chunky but straight okay so jack you,just hit five that was the pxg,o211 um you know what does that club,look like,at address you know what do you think of,the appearance and then,you know how did it feel both good,strikes and bad strikes yeah i would say,the lookout address is,not bad very similar actually to the,t200s i have like the top line,i mean not as thick as i would think for,a game improvement,club so i like that i like the the,lookout address,um the feel uh a little bit,clicky almost is kind of yeah,interesting so like on my miss its,you know the first one i hit felt really,good yeah and then,the others were i mean they werent,terrible but just,clicky is how id put it yeah yeah and,they werent maybe quite in the center,either so that kind of,probably helped us out a little bit but,yeah interesting there so well just,kind of,quickly go over these numbers here but,um club speed on average was 95 miles an,hour,your ball speed was just shy of a,hundred miles an hour uh spin rate just,over six thousand,carrying it 131 for 142 total on average,so we got maybe one bringing it down the,average a little bit that missed and,carried less than 120 but otherwise,youre in the 130 to 140 range with,carrie uh most of the time so which is,pretty,normal for me for you okay all right so,down pxg well move on lets go with,ping g425 here,all right,i feel like the launch is way higher oh,yeah i guess the loft is two degrees,higher,two degrees more loft on it yeah a,little bit lighter too shaft,all right thats definitely going higher,that one was flush wasnt it just right,short not good miss hit though,that one was really good yeah thats,right at the target,yeah all right so jackie ping g425 so,youve hit,five with the pxg o211 and the g425 each,um just first give me a feeler on how,that club looks comparatively,do you notice the two degrees of loft,difference and then feel as well,yeah definitely new or at address the,loft difference right away,um but yeah definitely hit it higher,yeah off the gate so a little bit more,launch there,um fuel wise i mean feels like a ping i,dont know,yeah but very forgiving like even on my,miss hits they werent like as bad as,with the pxg id say off the gate,um feel wise like a little bit more,forgiving,thats what i would yeah i mean with,that i will say your dispersion with,g425 much,tighter yeah than the pxg o211,your numbers are actually i gotta say,theyre very comparable um you know your,club speed is,well 75-0 with the pxg uh o2 11 and 74.9,with the g425 so thats pretty good,consistency,ball speed is virtually the same just,under 100,your spin did go up 400 rpm with the,g425 likely due to,loft a little bit yep carry distance was,pretty much,identical with both on average um and,then total since pxg got,two extra yards again probably lost or,laid on rollout and whatnot so,numbers are pretty similar then the g425,did go seven feet higher in the air as,we saw,on the launch there so interesting i,mean kind of some of the things you,would expect but uh,it seems like a little bit more,stability with g425 just based on the,dispersion map,kind of your your your miss hits maybe,were not flying as far offline yeah,for sure now we can go to what do you,want to do sim2max,sure lets go,huh a little tug that might be the,farthest one today just based on,yeah it seemed like it popped a little,bit you got a tug on it,thats off the toilet not,very good okay so jackie,taylor made sim2 max that is five shots,with that one,what do you think about that one i know,you mentioned offset when youre hitting,how does the offset compare to the,previous two models yeah um,i mean the offset was the first thing,that i noticed about this one,just on a dress definitely can tell that,its,got some offset in it uh so yeah i was,tugging in a little left,yeah you know more than normal uh,generally my ball flight,is a little bit of a fade so um,those ones that i was talking left,obviously im getting more distance with,those,because of that yeah so your farthest,shot of the day so far actually was,i think the first one with the sim 2 max,um we,totaled i think what was that one uh,you know 157 yards total carry 147.,so that was your father shot again,thats kind of deloshing the club when,you pull it a little bit,but um i mean honestly the again the,numbers are still very comparable with,all three right now yeah,again your club speed right around 75,ball speed just under 100,another jump and spin though with the,sim 2 max which is kind of interesting,uh,67 81 that time so thats about 300 more,than the g425,and you know overall 700 more than the,pxg0211 so whats interesting because,thats,another one of the lower lofted ones,here yeah sim2max is 28.5 degrees well i,think one of the things,is uh the shafts too i mean uh,hitting graphite you know lighter shafts,this one,i really i love the mmt 65 regular its,one of my favorite shafts that um there,is in that ballpark so,i can notice right away that definitely,getting a little bit more spin,okay like just off feel with it so,im not surprised by gaining a little,bit more with that okay,interesting yeah because were kind of,were using sort of graphite um regular,flex just kind of stock shafts for each,of the irons yeah so its not a perfect,apples to apples as well the same shaft,but interesting that you know you point,that out with the spin that could be uh,a factor there yeah but lastly here,callaway apex dcb,all right,that has a little left,thats struck pretty well so the apex,dcb,um same loft as the g425 both 30 degrees,what do you think about that one,appearance wise i think i think so you,mentioned just to go back,you mentioned the pxg0211 had a,kind of a thin top line yeah kind of,maybe this category um,is that still maybe the smallest in,terms of shape so far or,does any of them compare yeah i would,say,right now yeah the pxg is a little bit,more appealing at the top line,for sure um honestly like this one,definitely felt the best,and to me i i cant really see where i,was at but i can guarantee,its definitely more consistent,uh very probably comparable to um,the g425 yeah yeah so i think the,based on this the two smallest circles,are apex dcb,and then g425 yeah g425 actually is a,little smaller but,yeah those are both the smallest,dispersion circles out there,um so interesting i by the way youre a,really good club tester because your,spit your speed,is very consistent throughout so tha


hey golf people good morning i have been,up,literally,since 3 26 is when my eyes opened and,thats because i could not contain the,excitement,for what is in my hands right here ive,got a new set of clubs,were gonna unbox them here were gonna,take them out on course were gonna set,an over under of plus two because these,clubs,i think are gonna be really good the,value,these things present i think might be,right now,the best on the market when it comes to,big name brands let me unbox them here,and show you what ive got heres what,we got the box literally just came,yesterday ive been sitting on these,things,and here you go theyre individually,wrapped,in this bubble wrap,im holding the camera with one hand so,there we go guys,what do you think of that,the o211,this is actually last years model and,the price on these,is absolutely incredible right now 79 a,club as of me making this video,for last years model,thats about as good as golf club buying,gets take out another one here,what do we got there thats the six iron,so this will give you a good idea,tell you what,in terms of a club profile,its not a super thick top end which i,really like and the offset is very,minimal as well,that is a beautiful club,i got the 4 through pitching wedge here,in this set it cost me under 500,that is a steal guys well the golf shop,has just informed me that i will be,playing the pine side here today at,carewood which is really,the shop makers course so its perfect,to test these clubs out first hole is a,shorter par five just over 500 yards got,to carry some water here with the drive,but after a few more good shots we,should be on the green lets do it,oh i kind of tug that one left so well,get a good test if we keep the ball low,because i have to go under some trees,here on the next shot i think hopefully,get us into good position,to make a strike at birdie on this par,five now i did take these clubs down on,the range this morning they felt really,good in terms of distance on the range,tough to tell obviously and well find,out for sure here on course but it,looked really good to me as well now,these o211s as i mentioned before,are the 2021 model there was a model,released in 2019 these were updated pxg,calls these ones dual core so,dc thats what that means inside of this,club its hiding all sorts of technology,its a hollow body design,which weve seen from manufacturers like,taylormade,and mizuno here as well these ones,extremely well priced,that to me is the difference so i want,to see if they perform just as well,lets hit our shot now all right well,that was a pretty poor drive but luckily,it was so bad ive got some room here to,see if i can kind of hook one around and,get us into position im taking out the,five iron ive got,a lot of grass between my club face and,the ball lets see how these things,react and get through the,rough that got through the rough pretty,well even though the swing wasnt the,greatest all right guys weve got 163 to,a front pin here im gonna go seven iron,and see if this club has enough pop to,get us there,push that one out to the right a little,bit and i came up a little bit short so,were gonna have to get up and down well,first things of the day theyre not,completely stellar were gonna have to,get up and down here,but i will say,for a thin shot right there this club,was rather forgiving and it definitely,went on target so well see how we,progress through the day once we hit a,few crispy shots,but in terms of forgiveness in terms of,workability on that first shot,workability getting around that,that limb there that had a nice bend to,it and,forgiveness right there on the second,shot,no complaints thats for sure distance,wise honestly not too bad im about 12,yards short on a very thin shot so i,still hit that 151 but lets get up and,down here the greens are a little bumpy,were gonna have to hit it close so we,dont have to putt it too much,thats a par kind of lucky for as bad as,i swung the club there,lets go to two,well guys ugly par but hey a par is a,par and i am a mere mortal after all if,you enjoy watching golf reviews from,amir mortal hit subscribe if you havent,already man i dont drive at 350 yards,but uh we have a lot of fun and i test,clubs from a perspective that i thinks,a little bit more relatable hit,subscribe im gonna hit my second drive,here,so a real nice thing about these pxg,clubs is you can spec them out to your,preferences and theres no up charge,unless you get into some really custom,shafts so for all of the main things,no ob charge that makes it really nice i,set these clubs up one degree upright,im using true temper elevates these are,stiff flex and 95 gram shafts,ive got medium sized grips because ive,got some big hands,and that gives me a little bit more,control so thats my setup id love to,know your setup too by the way leave me,a comment down below and let me know how,you like your club set up,be interesting especially in terms of,grips who likes their grips,regular who likes some medium who likes,them extra thick and all that kind of,stuff,all right i hit a really good drive here,so were gonna be able to test out the,wedge see if we can get some nice,control with this thing,on that thing is it gonna be enough,oh,just short and i hit it again just a,little thin probably a groove and a half,too thin,nice height though nice trajectory lets,go get up and down,again luckily my chipping game keeps me,in it,so another thing i like about these,clubs being a little bit of a lower,handicap im a five handicap right now i,think 5.1 to be exact,the thing i like about it is that youre,getting a lot of good,feel its very responsive off the club,face sometimes these game improvement,clubs,can really all feel too good at times,especially the hollow bodied one because,you dont really know when youve made,good contact or,when youve made less than good contact,like i have today but ill tell you what,im feeling it right now now its not a,bad feeling in any way its actually a,good thing so i know,where i hit the ball on the clubface,that would be very helpful to you mid,handicappers out there as youre trying,to improve your game all right weve got,170 to the pin im gonna go six iron,here,tell you what still not the perfect,strike but its up there were on the,front of the green we got a putt at it,now if you know this course you know,that i actually skipped two holes here,because im playing now the fifth hole,even though here on this video its my,third hole and the reason is my camera,was completely out of storage and i had,to scramble people are behind me and i,had to scramble to delete some old,videos off here to give us some storage,space so,i will see if i can replay those worst,case im gonna play two extra holes on,the next nine to make up for it so again,i absolutely love the fact that i can,immediately feel the contact on these,clubs thats very very nice,and,again,still pretty forgiving because it wasnt,perfect contact and here i am with a,birdie putt,gotta hit it with these punched greens,okay,off to our fourth hole well guys so for,not hitting them very good were still,managing,to make some pars were still even par,here its time to start performing,with these irons its not the irons,right now its definitely the swinger,all right we got really lucky because i,just,came very close to the bunker but i,didnt go in the bunker ive got 179 to,the hole,im gonna hit a five iron here id,rather be long than short for sure,because theres a bunker short left,lets see what these things can do good,lie as well,[Music],man that came out so nice,i hit the distance,i just was aimed a little right and it,went very very straight so were gonna,be in the bunker there but man that felt,good that was my first really good,contact,and again instant feedback i know i hid,it well its exactly where i aimed i,just uh golf is mental guys yeah there,you go pin high in the bunker just a,little right,lets see what my bunker play is today,you can play with that guys,were

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