1. Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Review| How to pass a drug test (2021)
  2. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review and Test
  3. Synthetic urine
  4. Fake urine allows addicts, users to cheat drug tests
  5. Using Fake Urine To Cheat Drug Tests
  6. Official Guide to Using Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine – Complete Directions
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Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Review| How to pass a drug test (2021)

so today im reviewing the quick fix,plus so this is fake piss so you can,pass your drug test right,so i have a drug test in 30 minutes so,basically what i did i just started,doing the direction so basically,you got to prepare your heat packet,first of all so basically all you got to,do is shake it,and it will start warming up you shake,it for a good i did it for a good five,minutes because i wasnt sure if it was,starting or not,but just shake it for a good five,minutes and then youll feel it start,warming up so just leave it like that,so after you shake your back so it can,start warming up you should start,feeling it,which i do right now so im going to,just let it stay for a little bit longer,you remove the lid,and theres going to be a label on top,you know what im talking about,so hes remove that you put it back on,and then you got to just loosen it up,but make sure its on you know what i,mean make sure it wont fall off,so after that i just put in the,microwave 10 seconds take it out,tying it shake it so yeah so what you,got to do now is just,tie the rubber band on the back part,not the front part on the back part they,say for the next five,hours you should be good so were about,to see if thats cat bro,all right so heres the finished product,right here so im gonna let it sit for,like ten minutes,and then im going to bounce and im,going to take yall with me were going,to take the test together,and see if this is actually true or not,all right so i just got here it took me,a while to find it because im dumb,and you know its all good though but so,yeah im here,and before i left i microwaved it,another 10 seconds because i just wanted,to make sure because i didnt see any,like dot you know what i mean like green,dot,that should be green right you know that,should be green,it better be green but like yeah i also,wore cargo pants because i might have,put this board right,here you know what i mean so yeah so in,here im gonna drink water like im,gonna you know like i gotta pee,but yeah so yall come with me and lets,go im all bro also i didnt sleep all,night so like i,i look dead but who gives a [ __ ] but,lets go right now,yeah somebody just slide it like this,like that and we should be good if i,feel this drug test bro,oh my god bro oh my god,please all right so i just finished my,drug test,and it was kind of sketch im not even,gonna lie like she told me to put all my,like empty out all my pockets and stuff,and i was like okay and so i did good,thing i wore cargo pants because i put,them in this little pot you know i,showed you the pocket where i put them,at,and it worked fine but the thing is bro,so as i was dumping the pee in the cup i,started it started leaking,so i was like bro what and i checked the,cup and its like a like a like a its,like a big scratch at the bottom like it,was like,cut open you know what i mean just like,a little bit and it was leaking out a,little bit,so i was like bro she said i needed at,least 30 milliliters bro,at least 30. and i was like bro what,because i dumped the residence of the,toilet so it can make it seem like i,peed right,and then so i told her that the cup was,leaking and then,she asked the other lady she was like i,can use 15 milliliters right and she was,like yeah,so she was like im good i was like okay,bet bro i was scared because like bro,what if i got a retake in him like bro i,just dumped the rest of my pee out,and stuff like that and it went oh the,pee went all over the place the,pee i had to clean it up she wanted to,clean it up i was like no ill clean it,up what,my piss right so i clean it up and,and yeah but if i feel this drug test,brown better be so mad bro like bro,come on bro you know what im saying,well like i said i will keep yall,posted and uh yeah,stay tuned,[Applause],[Music]

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review and Test

[Music],whats up everyone this is drug testing,inside are bringing you insider,information about the drug testing,industry product reviews and more today,Ill be testing quick fix plus synthetic,urine so lets first start by testing,this bottle of quick fix with this 12,panel drug test pour this into here and,seal it and then give just a little,shake get it working in just a little,bit about this product while that test,is working quick fix is manufactured by,spectrum labs and its one of only true,patented laboratory urns on the market,its pre-mixed unisex formula is balanced,for pH specific gravity pre out to mean,urea uric acid and several other urine,characteristics quick fix urine has been,around for more than 20 years and is,definitely the industry leader when it,comes to being as close to human urine,as possible,one thing about quick fix is that it,uses a bio side which protects the urine,and allows it to be opened and reheated,an unlimited amount of times without,bacteria starting to form or grow in the,urine so while this 12 panel test is,finishing working Im going to test it,with the adult rinse test kit so Ill,take this strip dont get down for a,couple seconds make sure its working,there we go the adult reigns test kit,comes back with the normal levels of,creatinine negative for nitrites,negative for glutaraldehyde normal pH,and specific gravity levels and no,oxidants or bleach the truth panel test,is coming back with negative results for,everything so I would say based on the,12 panel testing kit and the adulterants,test kit quickfix enteric urine can pass,any urine test in my professional,opinion when purchasing quick-fix though,beware of purchasing items from eBay,Amazon or other discount sites because a,lot of people are running into issues of,sellers sending expired quick fix or,just a different products altogether,below Ill put links to sites where you,can purchase authentic quick fix your,run from well thats all for today to,see more product reviews Tests tips and,tricks and to get your questions,answered please subscribe to my channel,until next time have fun,you

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Synthetic urine

how far would you go to cheat the system,for in your corner uncovering extreme,links people are going to in order to,appear clean and pass drug screenings,and believe it or not what theyre doing,is completely legal in this special,report Cajuns is finding out how drug,labs and abuse counselors are cracking,down on this problem weve heard it all,before,different types of quick fixes to flush,your system these days anybody can be,randomly drug tested for work sports or,any kind of Club and with more and more,people looking to pass we found out,theres just as many ways to cheat,when desperate times call for desperate,decoys Danny and Matt say theyve seen,it all because theyre afraid I mean,theyre stupid from doing drugs so,theyre gonna do anything to get out of,it,the two friends have been drug tested,before and joke about how their buddies,have managed to cheat getting some,awesome just drinking a lot of water or,vinegar or anything like that but Linda,Mark Lee owner of any lab tests now in,Fort Myers says she knows every trick in,the book we also kind of have to smell,it I know that sounds a little,disgusting but we do smell it from,fingerprinting to blood DNA and drug,testing Linda says her lab covers it,itll tell you its either amphetamines,cocaine methamphetamines opiates or THC,while the test easily detect the drug,Linda says she can also find out if the,urine sample is fake we have had cases,where it smelled like apple juice you,heard her right apple juice Linda says,patients have gotten quite creative,they bring in little pouches bags you,know and they tape it to their leg with,the click of a mouse you can find tons,of ways to pass a drug test some,websites even selling synthetic urine,nothing surprises me anymore,theres a lot of little tools in place,to try to prevent people from cheating,the system that doesnt mean that they,cant sites like quick fix urine calm,offering quote the best sample possible,but their marketing the product for,therapy saying it provides health,benefits or as a great way to prank your,friends the ingredients are illegal so,it can be sold but Linda says they do,their best to spot the phonies and you,see its got the 90 to 100 here she says,the biggest red flag is temperature a,specimen must be between 90 and 100,degrees so if someone brings in a clean,urine sample that theyve thrown in the,microwave before coming in she says its,likely to still be too hot or too cold,Im not going to waste anybodys time or,money if the temperature is off its not,good Linda says her business follows all,us food and,administration rules and regulations,when you head to the lab your hands must,be washed pockets empty and purse put,away inside the bathroom plumbing is,shutoff and toilet water turned blue,making it impossible to dilute the,sample but the only way to know for sure,that patients are presenting their own,urine is by physically observing the,test which Linda says must be ordered by,a parent employer or probation officer,they must raise their shirt so far drop,their pants so far do a complete turn,and then they can do their job the FDAs,website lists how tests are made but not,how theyre monitored while many use,these quick fixes to cover their tracks,it can take people some very desperate,places mental health counselor Nancy,dolphin a with the David Lawrence Center,says for people suffering from,addictions and withdrawal drug tests,could save lives if you think about,holding your breath for a long period of,time,how you would feel when you need to take,that next breath you will do anything,possible to take that breath,I did reach out to the FDA to see if,they think more laws should be put into,place to monitor these drug screenings,more closely Ive yet to hear back Katie,Jones Fox 4 in your corner

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Fake urine allows addicts, users to cheat drug tests

uses not only tragic its expensive,costing billions in health care costs,treatment and lost productivity thats,why so many companies conduct drug tests,on new and current employees but those,tests only work if there is no cheating,tonight Duane Pohlman investigates a,product that allows addicts and users to,cheat the drug tests and shows us why,experts say it could have deadly,consequences it looks like the real,thing but this is synthetic urine its,sad but brilliant spectrum Labs makes,quick fix a leading synthetic urine,based in Cincinnati the company calls,its product a novelty other makers claim,theyre selling fetish urine aa sterile,fetish pee none of the manufacturers,claim their products are made to be used,for testing definitely seen this one,before but drug testing companies like,fastest labs sake addicts and users are,buying synthetic urine for one purpose,so take a drug test inside the box Wow a,bottle of urea that matches the,ingredients pH and gravity of the real,thing they are able to get it pretty,close the instructions tell you to,microwave it heating it between 94 and,100 degrees so it is literally,explaining exactly what we do when were,running a drug test after that the,instructions call for attaching this,heat pack thats included to hold the,temperature it even has a temperature,strip just like the one on the,collection cup at the lab yourself are,able to read it and know when the right,time frame is to go in and take the test,we asked brandy brewer owner of fastest,north Cincinnati lets see how they do,to check whether the synthetic urine,passes for the real thing thats kind of,where the magic is happening the result,the synthetic urine was not flagged and,no drugs were detected negative 16 drug,families temperature and range they,passed,its just reprehensible dr. Laura yard,the director of addiction services at,the Lindner Center of Hope works with,addicts to recover and reclaim their,lives if they relapse how important is,it to know early that that happened very,important thats one of the things that,we use our urine screens for is to let,us know if there is a relapse synthetic,urine doctor yard says could lead to a,deadly outcome so if people decide to,submit fake urine that makes our job,harder and it also this just this person,is at risk for an overdose and death so,this is a life and death issue while the,Lindner Center watches every collection,closely so you do it with camera yeah,Atmos labs theres only a quick body,check,perfect good to go while the individual,produces a sample behind a closed door,you can set it right on the tray out,here that means everyone from employees,to addicts patients to broglies can,cheat the test using synthetic urine it,happens all the time unfortunately at,least 18 states including Indiana and,Kentucky,banned the sale or use of synthetic,urine for drug tests Ohio which is still,suffering from high numbers of overdoses,does not it makes me feel like this,needs to be made illegal in Ohio,Republican state senator Teresa Gaborone,agrees I was surprised at the number of,other states that had already taken,action on this so Senator Gavin,introduced her own bill that makes the,manufacturing selling and use of,synthetic urine for drug tests illegal,my bill makes it a crime to use these,kind of products to you know basically,falsify a drug test and Senator Gavins,bill already has the support of Ohio,Speaker of the House larry householder,thats just pure fraud no one from,spectrum labs the cincinnati company,behind quick fix has returned numerous,calls Ive made and emails Ive said,if Senator Gavin Rowans bill passes,Ohio will finally join a growing number,of states cracking down on people,cheating the drug test Im chief,investigative reporter Dwayne Pullman

Using Fake Urine To Cheat Drug Tests

tonight way thirty ones I team,investigates how some people in the,Tennessee Valley are cheating on,employer drug tests theyre using,synthetic urine from a variety of,manufacturers marketed under a long list,of names here in the Tennessee Valley,though we ran across one specific,product at a convenience store after,another and that makes it too convenient,for some people to pass off fake urine,as their own way thirty ones Greg privet,explains the questionable products and,their potential problems some people who,like to get high are buying a product,that hits a new low that a lot of,convenience stores its called you fast,yeah Ive seen those before what do you,think about that,oh well being someone whos never tried,drugs you know I think that so pretty,bad things,Sara davon takes her business to Dodges,store dodges does not sell any brand of,synthetic urine but across the Tennessee,Valley one convenience store after,another as you past sitting next to cash,registers she didnt I mean youll,always be found out something always,happens and the truth always comes to,the light that cheating Davin mentioned,is happening on employee drug tests its,standard policy for us to to drug tests,off all of our employees Jason Padgett,owns rockstar personnel drug tests are,important employees that use drugs are,about a third less productive than,employees who dont its pretty,important to make sure production is you,know at a high and getting high hurts,more than a businesss bottom line,Padgett told me drug users pose a risk,to everybody the employee will end up,getting hurt on the job or hurt somebody,else inside the box theres more than,the fake urine there are hand warmers to,heat the liquid even a temperature strip,to heat it to an acceptable body,temperature there are ways to cheat the,system but normally it will backfire at,least eighteen states have outlawed,selling or using synthetic urine to,falsify drug tests,Alabama is not among those states the,Drug Enforcement Administration,estimates people switch or tamper with,at least 10 percent of all drug test,samples clinical laboratories that test,for drugs are paying real attention to,the fake urine,sumit Diagnostics warns the most common,way to cheat is now with fake or,synthetic urine,sumit says Labs have traditionally been,unable to detect it and products like,you pass are part of a new,billion-dollar industry to fight back,summit just announced a new validity,screen to prove specimens are real at,the end of the day its not a good thing,for anybody to be using drugs while,theyre on their job a lot of people say,hey these things arent that bad or they,dont do anything but you know any,little slip of the pen you can make a,mistake,Sara Davin says its a serious mistake,to try to beat drug tests in the first,place,youll always be found out something,always happens and the truth always,comes to the light so its better to,just go ahead and tell the truth in the,beginning greg privat way 31 News State,Representative Arnold Mooney proposed a,bill making it illegal to use synthetic,urine to beat a drug test bill fail to,make it out of the latest legislative,session but moody said hell continue,pushing for the ban you may be surprised,to hear some big-box retailers actually,sell fake urine in their lawn and garden,departments but theyre intended to,repel wildlife from yards and they dont,come with hand warmers and temperature,strips so people can fool drug testers,in

Official Guide to Using Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine – Complete Directions

quick fix is a pre-mixed,laboratory-grade synthetic urine,our patented formula is balanced for ph,specific gravity and creatine,quick fix makes for the perfect control,urine sample for scientific experiments,and product testing,each bottle of quick fix has a batch,number,before using quick fix please enter your,number into the batch validator at,urineluck.com,after verifying that your quick fix is,an authentic and current formula you can,proceed with opening the heat pack,for best results open the heat pack 30,minutes prior to heating quick fix in,your microwave,this will give the heat pack time to,activate,make sure to shake for a few seconds to,help with the activation,set the heat pack to the side for now,next we need to microwave the quick fix,in order to bring it up to proper,temperature,go ahead and shake your bottle of quick,fix to make sure its well mixed before,microwaving,remove the lid and induction seal from,your bottle of quick fix,place your bottle of quick fix in the,center of the microwave,set the cap back on the bottle in order,to prevent any spillage and to help with,the heating process,heat for 7 to 10 seconds depending on,the power of your microwave,you want to bring the quick fix up to,proper temperature but not overheat it,be very careful not to overheat the,bottle,after microwaving tighten the cap on,your quick fix to prevent leakage,shake quick fix to ensure its evenly,heated,the temp strip only reads between 90 and,100 degrees if the quick fix is over 100,degrees the strip will appear black,if your quick fix feels warm to the,touch and the strip is black,simply allow it to cool off for a few,minutes,you can now attach the heat pack to the,quick fix,using the rubber band attach the heat,pack to the bottle so that it doesnt,cover the temperature strip,wrap the rubber band around the quick,fix twice to ensure that the heat pack,makes good contact to the bottle,you should verify that the heat strip is,still between 94 to 100 degrees,the heat pack will maintain the,temperature of the quick fix for up to,five hours,quick fix is perfectly balanced for,specific gravity ph and creatine,it is the perfect alternative to human,urine for scientific testing as it does,not present a biohazard for laboratory,employees,for more information on quick fix or any,of our other spectrum lab products,please visit urineluck.com

???? Just Failed A Drug Test ????

[Music],what is good with you it is your boy,travis kinley coming back to you with,another,boy something that happened to me,today and,it kind of made me feel some type of way,let me fix this it kind of made me feel,some type of way,okay so im chilling in the room,with,christina whistling or whatever im,doing,and i get a message,from somebody ima leave your name alone,because i aint that i aint like that i,aint gonna do that to you we aint,gonna do that to you but we gonna do the,rest too you,i get a message from somebody,who is not even my facebook friend,its just somebody,man i cant wait the long guy comes its,just somebody who,has seen my youtube,and uh,its like a whole tractor over there you,need to come over here,whos seen my youtube know me on know my,youtube videos no ive been at prime,probably know im at landstar now,and uh,send me a message talking about hey,um,my friend you know applied for a,trucking company,and uh,you know um something about,you know uh,he got drug tested he failed he passed a,drug test but they gave him a hair test,he failed that,so,just wondering if thats gonna you know,stay on his record i said absolutely,its gonna stay on your record,and hes probably its probably gonna,have an extremely difficult time,getting a job after that,then the dudes say oh man how long it,stay on your record,um bro i said i dont know you had to,google it im you know,but youre probably gonna be there for a,while,now i knew i could have googled it,but sometimes van if youre gonna ask me,a question that you can easily find the,answer to id prefer you just google it,search im sometimes i try to teach,people to get in the habit of searching,for themselves,search for your answer,um,so yall see that right,yeah theres truck i see it right where,we came from,so,i google it after telling him to google,it because i am curious how much trouble,his friends in,and the internet says you know you fail,a drug test its going to take five,years before fmcsa uh drops it off your,record,okay,so,im telling you i was gonna take about,five years,um he says oh man that sucks because he,didnt even smoke,you know he was just in the room with,some people so i just put the emoji like,bro you could tell me whatever excuse,you want to not only do i not care they,dont care um,and uh,i was like yeah man you know that sucks,bro dont know what to tell you,then he start unsending messages right,you know on facebook you send a message,you can unsend it right to uh destroy,evidence that you sent it,so i literally asked him,i said bro,i said why are you unsending messages,like im the one who like you know like,im the one who failed him you know so,why are you unsending messages like im,no i said why are you unsending messages,like i made him fail,you know like you cant trust me is my,point,so why is you unsending messages like,you cant trust me,then he just put okay thanks so after,that i just blocked him right because,then i looked on his profile i realized,were not even facebook friends and now,block them block them all my mess and,youre blocking them on facebook so you,cant even see me you cant even see my,facebook content anymore,okay,so number one im gonna say this then,im gonna move on,if you ask me to be your friend on,facebook and you notice i havent,responded thats why because i dont,like having people on my facebook that i,dont even really know like that we,dont even have no mutual trust between,us you just see me on youtube and you,want to be facebook friends i dont know,you you dont know me and thats why,were not friends on facebook okay,ima leave that right there,i dont have nothing against people,i just aint friends with everybody just,because you you know thank you for,subscribing and liking and commenting,and all that stuff but that dont make,us facebook friends that dont make us,friends in real life that dont make us,friends,just gonna leave that right there,all the real ones know what im talking,about now were gonna move back to the,content of the,video minutes later it dawned on me,that probably aint his friend,thats probably him,you aint got no friend youre not,contacting me on behalf of your friend,you contacting me on behalf of you,and thats when it lit me up a little,bit more,because i remember this dude i remember,being at prime,and this dude asked me questions about,truck and i told him i put him on game,like bro its great its a great,industry you know very profitable wham,you know all the stuff you know all the,lines you can you can make a good living,yada yada yada,and uh,now that we get down the road thats how,he do,like you cant trust me what is travis,going to do what am i going to call the,fmcsa and say oh someone so hit me up,you know,you know they worry about a drug test,bro the worst has already happened,you messaging me aint going to do,nothing,the worst has happened already you,failed,you failed its over dont dont come at,me like you cant trust me you did it to,yourself,weed and trucking okay because its,always weak,its always we,weed and trucking okay,choose one,choose one,they will not coexist,eventually you gonna get caught,choose one,straight up man,this coming from somebody who used to,smoke on the daily,on the daily,used to smoke on the daily this coming,from somebody who doesnt smoke that im,telling you dog i dont spend so much,money on weed dog,this coming from somebody who used to,dodge the drug test who used to show up,at applebees coming in high eating the,garlic bread out the kitchen just coming,from somebody who used to smoke daily,dog,go to school hi used to smoke daily man,blunts on blunts on blunts today oh my,mama dont see this video blunts on,blunts on blunts a day okay,you like you not you dont come at me,trying to trick travis kinley,weed dog,pathetic man i hope old boys see this,video cause that lit me up a little bit,come on man,always keep it 100 with people and you,going to keep it 73 percent with me,thats weak dog that is weak and if you,if you coming into the industry,and you think,you gonna hustle and play the game like,you always have i guarantee youre gonna,get caught man,youre either gonna get popped on a drug,test and ruin,possibly the greatest opportunity thats,been given to you,or youre gonna get in a car accident or,something real stupid and really mess up,your life,that what youre gonna do you really,cause after the car accident drug test,coming immediately after that,immediately,pick one man,pick one choose either the blunt or your,dreams,choose one of those man,just choose one,im not bringing this on no moral level,im bringing this on a level of,priorities,priorities okay so you see everything,behind me you know the trees the woods i,know you cant really see into the woods,where the fence is anything past that,but you see what you see and you see the,yard thats not cut and you see the,house back there you might still be able,to see the truck and everything you know,thats what i bought and thats what im,maintaining,so so so if im feeling tempted by any,anything at all but if you feeling,tempted by blunt you need to look at,what you maintain and say which one do i,want more do i want to keep in this,property you see this is great blessed,okay blessed,blessed man i dont know if you can see,the fence behind the fence if you see,the first fence theres a fence finding,out where the actual line is,but uh,yeah okay and i want this times like,i want this times 10 bro im not in,front with you thats where my dream is,thats where my heart is i want this,time 15,thats what my heart is this is great,for my little family,but my dreams are 15 times larger than,what you see 15 times,so when im feeling tempted i got to ask,myself which one you want more to blunt,or what you see times 15 but you got to,choose one because those two do not,exist in the same world,that is not how this works the blunt,does not exist in the same world as your,dream you must choose one and see these,churn in here,these children want to come in the,t

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