1. Stanley Fast Flow 2 Gallon Water Jug Review
  2. The Best Step In Bindings? We Review The Flow NX2, SP Fastec and K2 Cinch | SNOWBOARD.COM
  3. Flow NX2-TM 2022 Snowboard Binding Review
  4. Quick Flow – Intermediate 1 – 15 Minutes
  5. Quick Flow – Intermediate 2 – 40 Minutes
  6. E61 Flow Control Kits – Worth it?
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Stanley Fast Flow 2 Gallon Water Jug Review

welcome to quick reviews remember to,subscribe to the channel,and hit the bell icon to receive,notification of my,future videos and dont forget to hit,the thumbs up if you do like this review,today we have a quick review of the,stanley fast flow,2 gallon water jug and its part of the,stanley adventure series,this review is a follow-up from the,review that i did earlier,on the three various sizes of stanley,adventure coolers,and i picked this up and thought it,would be a good matching set,along with the coolers so lets check it,out first off,lets point out that it shares the same,sturdy design,as the adventure series of coolers its,made of solid plastic,happens to be available in both this,green color,and white as well i got the green,because i thought again it would make a,great matching set with my adventure,coolers,um so it has a nice lid on top here with,the stanley logo,it has a vent knob to release the air,pressure so that you can use the spigot,without any problem,and it has nice sturdy latches to hold,this lid on the top here and,when you do take the lid off you do have,the gasket here which,seals the top of it from leaking and,as well keeps everything cold for longer,so im just going to close these latches,back up here,all right so im just gonna go ahead and,get some ice and,fill this up with some water and test it,out see how it goes,all right here we go were gonna start,off with some ice in here,and then im gonna pour in some water,got some nice ice cold water from the,fridge so that i can give this a good,test,all right we got one gallon in along,with the ice,and were on to the second gallon here,just gonna make sure i leave a little,bit of room at the top um,you know for the lid and for the gasket,to seal and,um stop it there for right now um you,know it took about a gallon,and two-thirds and probably because of,the ice in there so,let me just get this lid and pop it on,there and,uh you know what i can add a little bit,more just noticing,that theres a little bit more room in,there all right,that ought to do it lets put this on,here,im gonna seal up the heavy duty latches,and im going to make sure that the vent,knob is tight okay,so now that we have this all filled up,what im going to do is just do a quick,leak check here okay the lid is on nice,and tight with the latches the vent knob,is tight and so im just going to turn,this over,and everything seems okay,no leaks and so thats a good thing,now im just gonna get a cup and do a,quick uh water flow test,this is supposed to be the fast flow,two gallon water jug so lets see how,the flow is,so here we go im gonna check the water,flow just gonna undo the vent knob on,top here,and check the spigot operation here we,go,all right the flow is good nice and,quick and,it stops pretty quickly once you let go,of the button,and no leaks,all right so what im gonna do is,this is supposed to keep water cold for,two days iced,and on here it actually says 13 hours,cold,two days iced so do have the ice and,water in there and it was,mostly filled up to the top and so im,going to just try it out over the next,couple days and,you know ill check back in a day or two,and see how its going,all right its been about 36 hours since,i filled this up with the,ice and water and were going to take a,look and see how it did so,im going to undo the vent knob here and,dispense a little water,and the water is,still ice cold and so definitely kept,the water cold,for 36 hours just gonna take a quick,look in the top here,all right so you can see how much water,i used,over the past day or two and all the ice,has melted at this point but,it did keep the water cold its still,ice cold,and so i would say its a pretty good,test of this,two gallon water jug its really rugged,and sturdy,part of the stanley adventure series and,i can highly recommend it,and i also want to add that it has a,lifetime warranty so if you ever have a,problem with it you just reach out to,stanley,and uh you know they would take care of,it for you so,there you have it the stanley fast flow,2 gallon,water jug thanks for watching,remember to hit the thumbs up if you,like the video,go ahead and leave a comment down in the,comments and,dont forget to subscribe to the channel,and hit the bell icon to receive,notifications thanks again have a great,day

The Best Step In Bindings? We Review The Flow NX2, SP Fastec and K2 Cinch | SNOWBOARD.COM

whats up guys Dan are here from,snowboard on and we are testing out,three stepping bindings today in our,step in binding challenge weve got the,flow NX twos the SP fast X and K two,cinches were going to find out which,one of these are the best,[Music],so for this challenge were just looking,at our three step in rear entry bindings,or convenience bindings as they call,them so the flows the SPS and the k2,cinches were not looking at step on,bindings like the Burton step ons or the,k2 clickers because theyre a binding,and the boot combination you cant just,buy the bindings separately with these,ones any boot will fit into them you,dont have to worry lets check them out,[Music],so first off weve got the float in X,tube linings these are brand-new for,2018 theyre a rear entry binding and,theyre using Flos active strap which,is a cantilevered technology that,releases the ankle strap area of the,binding as you lower the high back to,get in and out and this works really,really well full disclosure Ive ridden,Flos for on and off for the past ten,years so I was really excited to try,these out because that ankle strap area,was always an issue with the older model,what theyve done now higher backdrops,down and the whole ankle area is,released moves upward and it makes,getting in and out of the bindings,super super easy the flows differ from,the other bindings because they use what,Flo call their power strap which is,basically a one-piece huge strap that,sits over the top of your boot and what,this does is it transfers a lot of the,pressure out across your foot rather,than having those straps that kind of,cinch down really start those cause pain,in certain areas the flows have full,alloy chassis and canted footbeds that,may also use what they call their power,triangle which is the shape of the cable,as it runs from the chassis to the back,of the binding and this means that you,have a lot power transfer in your turns,down to the board the high back angle on,the flows are adjustable with a little,wheel here so you dont need a tool to,do it but the lateral angle is not,adjustable because of the way that the,but the high backs pivot in place they,cant be adjusted in that direction flow,does make a freestyle version of these,bindings but I would say that these are,definitely aimed more to sort of,all-mountain free writing as they are,quite a stiff binding and when the high,back is up you dont get that much,movement so not really a park riding,binding we havent got any footage of me,riding these bindings because they,actually broke on the second run so I,mean you can probably see here the color,difference of the cables and what,happened was one of the cables actually,came away from its fixing and this was,this was only an hour into the writing,so I mean I wasnt very impressed in,Flos defense Id never had any issues,like that before and they were good with,fixing it theyve got a great warranty,and replacement coverage but that didnt,help me really when I was stuck up the,side of a hill with no work for binding,other than that these were amazing,bindings and as far as getting in and,out of the bindings go these were,probably the easiest that we used next,up weve got the SP fast tech binding so,these are another rear entry binding so,next up weve got the SP plastics this,is another rear entry binding next up,weve got the SP fast X and this is,another rear entry binding its same, you rear entry rear entry so next,up weve got the SP fast X this is,another rear entry binding technology,for these bindings is being used in,canoes bindings and in the volkl,bindings as well which is another,European company this technology kind of,goes across a few different,manufacturers but the technology is the,same its a high back that drops downs,but instead of like flows bindings with,the auto straps they have this auto RS,system which is a buckle release that,unclips when you drop the high back so,thats what takes the pressure off your,ankle when youre getting in and out the,ankle straps on the espys,do have ratchet tightening but the toe,straps do not there are hard plastic,material so you basically set these get,them into position and then,you dont adjust them anymore so you in,Europe the toe of your boot actually,slides in underneath the toe strap so,once theyre in theyre in theirs,tallest adjustment but no ratchets the,high backs on the SPS are adjustable so,you can change the angle but like the,flows you cant change the lateral angle,of the body but unlike the flows there,is a lot of movement so theyre quite a,soft bindings definitely more of a,freestyle centric binding so better for,the park,jibing tricks that sort of thing the one,downside with the SPS you have to raise,the high back when you enter and then,clip back down the autors system so this,clip will release but you need to,manually put the back into place when,you step into the binding so its a,two-step process rather than a one-step,process so last on our list we have the,k2 cinch bindings these ones are a,little bit more interesting they,actually have the chassis separated into,three different pieces the high back the,base and the front of the chassis and,when you drop the high back to use the,rear entry it sort of opens the chassis,up allowing your boot to come in sort of,you know downwards angle the other thing,is these bindings can be used exactly,like a front entry binding so both of,the ankle strap and the toe strap can be,opened up and use it as normal so it,gives you a few different options the,problem with these is because of that,chassis setup they have what you find is,the the binding itself feels a little,bit washy a little bit loose just,because it doesnt have that solid,firmness that you would from a one-piece,a one-piece chassis we werent a massive,fan of the K toes in the office here and,that was purely because of the entry,mechanism the high back and the way the,system works is a little bit clunky one,of the straps that you use to get in the,other bindings actually snapped while we,were using them so another one of the,issues is when we were trying to use the,binding just as a normal winding the,ratchets were not very smooth and the,toe ratchet itself was extremely,difficult to get about to get undone,when youre trying to get in,so for a binding thats supposed to be,calling itself convenience binding it,wasnt very convenient so thats the,step in binding challenge and as far as,ratings go the general consensus in the,office here is the k2 cinch is probably,coming in at third not a highly,recommended binding it still has some,good points but overall we werent a big,fan of the k2 the flows probably coming,in at second this is definitely a very,very good binding look at the flows,theyre really good quite stiff but a,great great option and the winner out of,the three bindings is definitely going,to be the SP fast X this was a super-fun,binding to ride nice and soft and,playful good flex great for the park and,the step in step out mechanism worked,really really well so we really enjoyed,riding the espys check them out if you,get a chance

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Flow NX2-TM 2022 Snowboard Binding Review

[Applause],i have with me here the new nx2 tm,bindings from flow these are their,lighter leaner super functional and more,affordable version of the original nx2,bindings they quickly became a favorite,among the pros over at flo and after,taking them out for a test drive they,soon became one of our test team,favorites too,now rear entry bindings have divided,opinion over the years but the,technology has come such a long way that,really its impossible to fault any of,the performance the functionality and,the comfort that flow bindings offer,let me just start by explaining a little,bit about how they work so at a glance,youll notice many of the same features,as youd find in a traditional set of,bindings youve got your base plate your,high back your straps and buckles and,ladders but youll also find this lever,on the back of your high backs now when,you release it it folds down and it,allows for a quick and easy entry into,the rear of the binding,once the highback is fully released the,straps push up to create more room to,step in and when you snap it back shut,it creates whats known as this power,triangle with the steel cable that you,can see here,flow ive spent years in the process of,perfecting the system but it really is,impossible to feel any difference from a,traditional set of bindings once youre,locked in,[Music],the nx2 tm has a medium to stiff flex,rating and its best suited towards park,and all mountain freestyle riding it,features the same rockered aluminium,baseplate as the nx2 which is known for,being pretty stiff and powerful but the,slightly curved design at the base,allows for a good amount of natural,board flex underfoot theres also a two,and a half degree canted footbed which,allows you to adopt a more natural,stance on the snowboard and still direct,pressure out to the ends of the board,what i really like about the design in,the nx2 tms though is the slip n slide,bank bed which you can see here,this glossy nylon material creates a low,friction surface that makes your entry,and exits in and out of the binding,super smooth even if youve got a bit of,snow building up on the underside of,your boot,now despite that stiffer base plate,things do start to mellow out a little,as you move up the bindings the highback,is built with a lightweight singular,piece glass nylon composite,from heel to toe theres still a lot of,support and rebound on offer and the,asymmetric design works really well to,effectively wrap the back of your boot,and align itself to the natural angles,of your leg,but youll notice theyve really,stripped down on the materials and this,helps to keep the highbacks a little,softer at the sides making them ideal,for switching your writing up between,hard and fast charging with more,creative and playful freestyle elements,of riding,the same goes for the straps the nx2 tms,feature flows exo-frame power straps,once again theres a lot of support and,form-fitting comfort with these straps,but theyve stripped the materials right,back to this injection-molded plastic,that keeps the weight way down,there are two different strap,configurations on offer the fusion,straps are built from a single component,and cover the largest area of your foot,probably a design youd more commonly,associate with flow bindings and they,work best for those of you who favor,that quick rear entry system the hybrid,design on the other hand more closely,resembles a traditional binding strap,configuration with this separate toe,strap component that closely conforms,over the top or the ends of your boot,they might be more suited as well to,riders who prefer a more conventional,strap in option for their bindings,in either case you can securely lock the,ratchets to ensure the fit remains,exactly the same every time you step,into these things and whichever strap,configuration you opt for the same,performance is guaranteed in both,weve been really impressed with these,newcomers from flow this season when it,comes to picking out a quality set of,bindings for your setup less is often,more and the nx2 tms are a perfect,example of this maximum control total,comfort at a super competitive price,point,thanks for watching this video review of,the flow nx2 tms if you guys have any,questions about either of the bindings,and strap configurations then just drop,me a comment down below and ill make,sure to get back to you,in the meantime please do subscribe to,the channel for a whole bunch more of,snowboard product video reviews dropping,this season thanks again see you in the,next one,you

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Quick Flow – Intermediate 1 – 15 Minutes

lets start in Tadasana bring your big,toes together to touch and then let the,weight pour into your heels turn your,palms forward and soften your knees so,you can feel the earth beneath you then,relax your shoulders down your back,start to deepen your breath here,you,irva host asana inhale as you reach your,arms tall softening your shoulders down,your back exhale and swan dive forward,inhale lift halfway up to a flat back,exhale plant your palms and step back to,downward facing dog inhale plank tippy,toe the back feet exhale and lower all,the way down inhale Cobra,lift the chest as you pull the mat back,exhale lower back down chest to the mat,tuck your toes flex the quads to lift,the knees off the ground inhale exhale,back to down dog send your hips up and,back inhale right leg to the sky,three-legged dog exhale draw your right,knee to your right tricep and then lean,forward wide lunge set your right foot,down outside of your right pinky finger,inhale gaze forward,and exhale step your left foot forward,to malasana toes wide hips low,hands at prayer drive your tailbone down,and open up your chests,whyd lunch axe,lower your hands down turn your toes,forward then step your left foot way,back push hands down and keep the right,knee tucked tight against the right,elbow just pluck the right foot off the,ground and breathe in exhale step back,downward facing dog,inhale roll forward plank push through,the hands to round the upper back exhale,chaturanga,lower halfway down elbow sliding against,the ribs inhale upward facing dog tops,of your feet to the mat exhale down dog,lift up from the core,inhale left leg to sky three-legged dog,exhale pull your left knee to your left,tricep and tippy toe your right foot,wide lunge step your left foot outside,edge of your pinky finger inhale gaze,forward,exhale come back to mallanna right foot,steps forward hips sink low hands at,prayer,you,lower your hands to the mats turn your,toes forward then exhale step your right,foot way back wide lunge hands firm into,the mats core engaged pluck your left,foot off the ground,inhale exhale step the foot back,downward facing dog inhale forward to,plank exhale chaturanga lower halfway,down inhale upward facing dog open your,chest exhale down dog lift up from the,core and press back inhale tippy-toes,gaze forward,exhale bend your knees and step or hop,to the top of the mat inhale up halfway,flat back long spine exhale and fold,inhale circle sweep arms to sky advocacy,asana soften your knees and spill,forward,inhale and lift halfway up exhale left,foot back to low lunge inhale high lunge,arms to the sky relax the shoulders down,exhale rotate the palms to face each,other inhale,Superman keep the arms by the ears and,exhale tilt the torso forward pull the,biceps back in line with the ears big,inhale feel the shoulders work deep bend,in the front knee exhale,keep the spine long maybe stick your,butt out to avoid any rounding in the,spine inhale tilt forward a little more,breathe out take one last breath in here,stay for the exhale,chair pose keep right knee bent and,inhale step your left foot next to your,right bend the knees a little deeper,weight in the heels exhale palms lift,higher inhale,and exhale forward fold straighten your,legs and reach for the floor inhale,halfway lift exhale left foot back low,lunge peel your right hand to the sky,find easy twist big breath in rotate the,right hip down to twist exhale reach,taller inhale,and exhale fine low lunge,breath in gaze to the top of the mat,crossed forward fold exhale as you step,your left ankle behind your right foot,pinkie toes coming side-by-side inhale,half-lift here send your crown toward,the front of the room spill over your,legs and breathe deeply,step your feet side by side forward full,inhale to a halfway lift,exhale and step your right foot back to,a low lunge inhale high lunge sweep the,arms overhead deep in the lunge exhale,stretch the arms overhead and Heil,Superman exhale keep the arms by the,ears and tilt the torso forward to 45,degrees inhale pull the biceps back by,the ears long breath out engage the core,lengthen chest forward no rounding in,the spine inhale tilt further forward,breath out,last breath in let the heat bill,stay for the exhale,chair pose keep the left knee bent and,inhale as you slide the right foot up,next to the left exhale fold release all,the way down inhale halfway lift up,exhale right foot back low lunge,easy twist peel the left arm up to the,sky let the heart twist open stay for,the exhale,reach tall inhale,exhale release your hand and return to a,low lunge gaze forward inhale,exhale right foot steps behind left,then inhale half-lift weight in the toes,spine long spill over your criss-cross,legs and breathe deeply,bring the feet together forward full,irva host asana inhale as you reach your,arms tall softening your shoulders down,your back exhale and spill over your,legs,inhale halfway lift,exhale plant your hands and step or hop,back to chaturanga inhale updog,exhale down dog,tippy toes gaze forward,bend your knees and make your way to the,top of the map,find padahastasana slide your entire,palms under your feet inhale lengthen,like a halfway lift and draw the,shoulder blades back exhale bow over the,legs,keep pulling through your hands to,deepen the stretch in your hamstrings as,you breathe here,you,release your hands inhale slowly roll up,to stand as you breathe out to relax the,shoulder blades back and down let the,palms turn forward Tadasana,dancers pose inhale reach back and,capture your left foot with your left,hand,exhale slowly tip forward extend your,right arm out in front of you and kick,the back foot into the hand to lift the,leg up and back kick harder breathe in,soften the shoulders back and down as,you exhale,get strong through the standing leg,breath in,square the shoulders draw the right,shoulder back breath out take another,inhale kick one last time,tadasana float the foot down arms to,sides,dancers pose reach back with the right,hand and take hold of the right foot,inhale as you draw the knees together,exhale hinge forward and kick the back,foot into your hand reach the left arm,long in front kick the back foot into,the hand inhale lift higher stay lifted,breath out,breathe in grow tall press the standing,foot firmly down into the mat,shoulders relaxed down breath out,stay for another inhale kick the back,foot into the hand even more maybe hinge,forward a little more,Tadasana release everything down,inhale reach tall,exhale and spill over your legs,inhale and lift halfway,exhale chaturanga plant your palms and,step or hop back to bent elbows inhale,upward facing dog exhale downward facing,dog,lower your knees down and then slowly,make your way onto your back put your,feet on the mat,bridge pose root through your inner feet,and lift your hips you should feel your,hamstrings and glutes work to push your,hips high maybe youll feel an opening,across your chest,you,exhale and release bring the soles of,the feet together knees open wide one,hand to heart one hand to belly reclined,butterfly,you,bring the knees together and plant both,feet on the map,draw both knees into your chest,take one final long inhale exhale,shavasana lay the legs long let the arms,come down by the hips turn the palms up,and settle in,you,start to deepen your breath come back,into your body namaste,you,you

Quick Flow – Intermediate 2 – 40 Minutes

come to a standing position at the top,of your mat starting in Tadasana bring,your big toes together to touch and then,let the weight pour into your heels,relax your shoulders down let your crown,pull tall and let your palms turn,forward feel the earth beneath you as,you begin to deepen your breath,you,irva host asana inhale as you reach your,arms tall softening your shoulders down,your back exhale and spill over your,legs,inhale up halfway flat back long spine,exhale left foot back to low lunge lower,your back knee down inhale Crescent,lunge,breath out hips drop forward,breath in lean your torso back,stay for the exhale,one last big breath in,low lunge hands to the mat breath out,push their hands and inhale,Hale step back downward facing dog,inhale plank keep the core engaged hips,high exhale lower down to your belly,inhale and lift to Cobra chest high,exhale lower back down chest to the mat,place your hands on the mat right by,your shoulders inhale exhale back to,down dog push through your hands and,sand the tail high tippy-toes gaze,forward,bend your knees and make your way to the,top of the mat inhale left halfway up to,a flat back exhale and fold forward,irva host asana inhale as you reach your,arms tall softening your shoulders down,your back soften your knees and spill,forward,inhale halfway lift exhale right foot,back low lunge Crescent lunge drop the,back knee down and inhale reach both,arms to the sky push the left hip,forward as you exhale tilt back a little,further inhale,breath out slide the left hip back in,line with the right,last breath in reach up and back a bit,low lunge exhale the hands back to the,mat,inhale here,exhale step the foot back downward,facing dog inhale shift forward to plank,shoulders over wrists exhale and lower,all the way down inhale Cobra,lift the chest as you pull the mat back,exhale release back down,plant your hands on the mat under your,shoulders inhale exhale back to down dog,send your hips up and back inhale,tippy-toes,exhale bend your knees and step or hop,to the top of the mat inhale halfway,lift up,exhale and fold,inhale circle sweep arms to sky advocacy,asana exhale and swan dive forward,inhale and lift halfway,exhale plant your palms and step back to,downward facing dog inhale plank shift,forward exhale chaturanga lower halfway,down elbow sliding against the ribs up,dog inhale as you straighten the elbows,exhale down dog lift up from the core,inhale tippy-toes gaze forward bend your,knees and make your way to the top of,the mat inhale and lift halfway up,exhale to fall,irva host asana inhale as you reach your,arms tall softening your shoulders down,your back exhale and swan dive forward,inhale to a halfway lift exhale plant,your palms and step back to bent elbows,chaturanga inhale upward facing dog flip,the feet and roll the shoulders back,exhale down dog lift up from the core,and press back inhale plank,stay for the exhale,side plank shift the weight into the,left hand and take the heels to the left,inhale as you sweep the right arm high,exhale steady the gays,one more breath in lift the hips even,higher and open across the chest plank,pose lower your right hand back down to,the mat exhale chaturanga elbows Bend to,90 degrees inhale upward facing dog,exhale downward facing dog,inhale plank,stay for the exhale,side plank wait comes into the right,hand inhale left fingers reach high let,the breath out find some ease in the,pose take one more breath in keep rain,bowing the hips high shift to plank,lower the left hand down chaturanga,exhale inhale updog,exhale down dog,inhale drive the right foot away,three-legged dog exhale low lunge step,the foot between the palms and stack the,front knee right over the right ankle,reach your right hand toward the sky,find easy twist breath in rotate the,right hip down to twist exhale reach for,the sky inhale,keep the twist just pull your torso up,arms open to the right as you inhale,lengthen tall through the spine roll the,shoulders back and down,exhale rotate the chest to the right,exalted warrior inhale stretch your left,arm up to the sky and bring your right,hand to your left hamstring take your,gaze up exhale deepen your lunge feel,the heat build in your legs breathe and,get long through the left side of the,body warrior two reach both arms,overhead as you straighten your front,leg grow tall exhale warrior two bend,your right knee and seal your back heel,down arms out to a tee breath in reach,through the fingertips,exhale melt the shoulders down,inhale peaceful warrior reached all left,hand slides down the back leg exhale,reach tall breath in,[Music],exhale low lunge windmill the hands down,take a breath in here,exhale forward fold step forward inhale,halfway lift,exhale full,irva host asana inhale as you reach your,arms tall softening your shoulders down,your back soften your knees and spill,forward inhale to a halfway lift exhale,chaturanga plant your palms and step or,hop back to bent elbows inhale updog,exhale down dog,inhale left leg to sky three-legged dog,exhale low lunge step your foot between,your palms easy twist peel the left arm,up to the sky let the heart twist open,stay for the exhale,reach taller inhale,lift your torso up and stretch your arms,open to the left inhale left hip rotates,forward as the torso stays aiming to the,left breath out,ribcage turns even more left exalted,warrior inhale raise your right hand to,the sky,and bring your left hand to the back of,your right leg breathe out deepen the,bend and your left knee breathe in feel,your heart lift up and look beyond your,fingertips warrior two first reach both,arms overhead lengthen the front leg as,you breathe out bend the left knee spin,the right heel down and melt into,warrior two,arms out wide shift the front knee a bit,to the left open the hips inhale and,another breath out lower the shoulders,away from the ears,inhale peaceful warrior left hand flips,and goes up and back slide the right,hand farther down toward the floor,exhale reach a little higher breath in,exhale low lunge windmill the hands down,to frame the front foot gaze forward,inhale,exhale forward fold step the right foot,to meet the left inhale and lift halfway,up exhale fold,herve hasta sana inhale as you reach,your arms tall softening your shoulders,down your back exhale fine Tadasana,stand tall dancers pose inhale reach,back and capture your left foot with,your left hand exhale slowly tip forward,extend your right arm out in front of,you and kick the back foot into the hand,to lift the leg up and back get strong,through the standing leg breath in,soften the shoulders back and down as,you exhale gaze beyond your fingertips,big inhale fire up the hamstring and,lift the back leg up even more square,the shoulders draw the right shoulder,back breath out another breath in kick,hard one last time,warrior 3 engaged the hamstring to keep,the back leg lifted exhale release the,foot and bring hands to heart inhale,bring the torso and back leg parallel,with the mat,exhale relax the shoulders away from the,ears inhale find Cobra in the upper body,move the shoulder blades together and,open across the chest even at the hips,breathe out draw the belly up and in,take another breath in lift the back,heel,warrior one exhale land the foot back,heel down at 45 degrees then big breath,in as you sweep the arms high and,connect the palms grieve out square the,hips to the front of your mat draw the,right hip back breathe in take the gaze,high,but the breath out sink deeper into the,front leg,one more breath in here small back bend,stay for the exhale,high lunge lift your left heel up inhale,Superman keep the arms by the ears and,exhale tilt the torso forward breath in,draw the arms back in line with the ears,long breath out engage the core,lengthen chest forward no rounding in,the spine inhale tilt further forward,breath out,one last inhale,stay for the exhale,chair pose keep right knee bent and,inhale step your left foot next to your,right sink t

E61 Flow Control Kits – Worth it?

today were talking about adding flow,control to e61 group heads it seems like,an absolute no-brainer they are pretty,inexpensive these systems are relatively,easy to install,however,because of some pretty basic physics,they might not have the same operation,or range of applications that you are,currently expecting,is this a deal breaker,lets dig in,before we do so i want to quickly say,this is going to get a little bit,technical however i promise i will try,to bring it around full circle in a way,that is easy to understand as always if,you want to check out the system i will,have it linked down in the description,below lets start by defining the basic,parameters of an espresso extraction,an espresso machine delivers water,through the pump at a defined flow rate,if you then add in a portafilter with,some coffee adding resistance to that,flow pressure will build within the,group head and that pressure is,proportional to the resistance the,coffee is able to put up and the flow,rate of water that is trying to push,through it the resulting espresso flow,rate into the cup is then a function of,the resistance of the coffee puck and,the pressure differential between the,atmosphere in your kitchen and the,pressure built up in the group head we,can see this in action with a normal,espresso shot espresso machine,manufacturers carefully design their,flow rates so that when they are met,with a typical puck resistance the,resulting flow rate into the cup is also,typical normally in the range of one and,a half to two milliliters per second,however because most espresso machines,cannot moderate their flow rate this,will begin to accelerate as the shot,progresses because the resistance of the,puck begins to degrade,because we cant control the resistance,of the puck and how it changes,throughout the extraction our only way,to intervene or profile a shot is,through the flow rate by adjusting the,flow rate we also indirectly have,control over the pressure in the group,head in its relationship with the,resistance of the puck on a true flow,profiled machine you have direct and,independent control of the flow rate,in doing so you can have long low,pressure pre-infusions by only allowing,as much water as can be absorbed by the,puck not allowing much pressure to build,up in the group head and then once you,are up to pressure you can do things,like maintaining pressure by slowly,increasing the flow rate as the puck,degrades or more likely maintaining a,flow rate into the cup by slowly,decreasing the flow rate as the puck,degrades having this kind of control is,valuable because it allows you to adapt,to changes in the puck resistance and,also allows you to treat the puck more,gently at the beginning and later phases,of the extraction the different ways,that machines deliver water to the,pucks surface is a big part of the,reason why different machines exhibit,different flavor characteristics so,weve determined that flow control can,be useful but what about e61 float,control is it even true flow control,well yes but also no,on a true flow controlled machine like,the decent de1 you have full control of,the flow rate independent of any other,variables independent of the puck,resistance independent of your pressure,goals if you say at a certain flow rate,the machine will do it even if it,results in the extraction rocketing up,to 12 bars the same thing can be done on,a lever machine you can add as much flow,as you want and send the pressure as,high as you want,with a mechanical flow control system,like this one its not quite as simple,there is no brain in here human or,digital these flow control knobs use a,variable aperture or in other words they,create a larger or a smaller opening to,allow more or less water to flow through,and when there is no pressure on the,other side this is a pretty direct,relationship think of your kitchen,faucet the wider you open it the faster,it flows however things start to get,more complicated as you build pressure,in the group head,similar to the relationship of the,espresso flow rate into the cup you now,have a similar relationship up at this,valve you have a pressure differential,between the pump and the group head and,a resistance created by the varying size,of this opening,what this means is that you dont,necessarily have direct control over the,flow at all times as you start to build,pressure in the group head the pressure,differential drops between the pump and,the group and therefore the flow rate,will also slow,even if you dont change the position of,the knob,what this means is that while you do,have control over the flow it is not a,direct relationship,think of it kind of as a game of broken,telephone you have a pump pressure,across a resistance,into another pressure vessel across a,resistance,into your cup what this looks like in,practice is that the inputs you give are,not exactly direct and not exactly as,precise as you might imagine when you,see this adjustment right on the top of,your group head,you end up using this as more of a,reactive tool to the flow rate in the,cup as opposed to a proactive tool of,trying to accomplish a certain flow rate,in a certain pressure profile so with,all that being said,are these valves worth it,absolutely yes just because you cannot,have the same precision as a decent de1,or a manual lever machine,doesnt make it a bad investment being,able to control your flow through the,pre-infusion and then taper down towards,the end of the shot is extremely,valuable and it will undeniably provide,you with a more consistent although,slightly more involved e61 experience as,long as you understand that this is more,of a broad adjustment and not a,precision input you will be very happy,with what this is able to provide you,with and i highly recommend anyone with,an e61 to give this a try,so i hope that was not too technical i,hope it was useful and somewhat,educational again if you want to check,out this system i will have it linked,down 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High Flow Tubeless Valve Shootout

valves its an important part to your,wheel set and also an important part to,make your bike run properly but why are,we always talking about valves on this,youtube channel well we are because we,keep getting our hands on extremely,innovative designs today on,bikepacking.com miles reviewed the 76,projects high flow no clog tubeless,valves and if that sounds familiar well,its because reserve wheels use that,exact same language to describe the new,fillmore valve but 76 projects launched,the high flow no clog tubeless valve a,handful of months before the fillmore,valve so if you want to read miless,written review on the 76 projects high,flow no clog tubeless valve thats,linked below or you can also click on,this card here but miles went a step,above and he gathered a variety of high,flow valves and ended up doing an,experiment to showcase which one,actually has the highest flow so in this,video are going to share that experiment,lets do it,[Music],so if you like what you see in our,videos make sure to hit that subscribe,button and notification bell and if you,want to help support us a little bit,more you can do that by signing up for,the bike packing collective the bike,packing collective includes monthly,giveaways industry discounts and of,course twice a year the bike packing,journal the stack of inspiring stories,and awesome photography continues to,grow so if youre interested in signing,up for the bike packing collective,theres a link provided below so i,should be getting a set of the 76,projects high flow no clog tubeless,valves in the not too distant future but,just taking a quick look at them i truly,appreciate the innovative design so,miles and justin of toz bike garage in,powell river british columbia spent some,time designing a pretty accurate way to,compare airflow between different valves,so the valves used in this experiment,were the 76 projects high flow no clog,valves the tursky titanium valves a,standard presta valve that you would,probably find at your local bike shop or,say online and of course the reserve,fillmore valve so what they ended up,doing was they secured balloons onto the,base of the four different valves and,inflated them to an equal plus or minus,five percent size and opened each valve,at the same time to see what balloon,emptied the quickest it was clear that,the fillmore valve was the fastest,followed by the 76 projects valve but,they didnt stop there the basic blue,balloons they just werent cutting it so,miles scavenged the local dollar store,and he found some animal balloons which,actually seemed like a really great idea,for this experiment the animal balloons,allowed for more pressure so this,experiment allowed for more clear,results as you can see with both the,blue balloons and the animal balloons,the reserve fillmore valves evacuated,all of the air fastest followed by the,76 project valves and of course the,turski and regular standard presta,valves its clear in the results that,the high flow valves worked a lot better,than your standard presta valve so,whats the takeaway here well these,newer high flow valves they actually do,have much more airflow than your,standard presta valve more flow means an,easier tubeless setup at home less,clogging and overall a just more,reliable tubeless system but of course,the question remains is it worth the,money the fillmore valve is a 50 valve,the 76 project valves come in at just,under 35 usd more affordable and the one,thing that 76 projects has going for,them is a variety of different valve,lengths to fit a variety of rim depths,anyways what do you all think,as always thank you all so much for,watching and until next time,pedal further,[Music],you

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